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  3. "A magic fog, you say?" Von Hensch's eyes narrowed. "Oh, I believe you. I don't know about any base, but I'll wager it was the same damned mist that overtook my men and I while we were ballooning off the southern coast!" He turned his head first one way and then the other, examining his surroundings in a new light. "I'd thought this was some unexplored island that I'd happened to fall upon... but it seems there's something stranger afoot." As soon as Ilene produced the green liquid, the Baron snatched it up and downed it in one gulp, tossing the empty vial back into her hands. "Now, I suppose you'll be wanting to get back to that base of yours, and I need to find my men. What say you we join forces, and find a way out of here together?" He extended his hand once more, and met her eyes with a dry smile. "Well? Am I green enough?" And indeed, his face was starting to take on a faint emerald hue! Whether or not this Baron was telling the whole truth, he definitely wasn't a Twistling.
  4. bfc

    Feast of Blades

    Can we choose our teams for the group events? (And if so, anyone wanna form a badass Swornblades trio?) I'd also be interested in entering a character in the Trueblade event, and/or playing one of the beasts in Wildblades.
  5. I just woke up from a dream about Dick Grayson (first of the Robin's, and the wing of night) performing acrobatic maneuvers through an oversized house while running from a T-rex and making quips. It was both slightly thrilling and mildly humorous.  

    I'm not sure why I'm dreaming about this.

    1. bfc


      I'm pretty sure something like that actually happened in the comics.

  6. Gachi returned to the back alley of the bar earlier than she had anticipated. The salmon clouds reflected on the horizon were a good omen. She disassembled a plywood crate and arranged a six-board teepee for later use. She hauled the remaining lumber nearby and ran a trickle of rum over it as lighter fluid. She took a sip and plugged the glass bottle with a cork. soon a loose circle of girls had gathered nearby and were exchanging gossip and news about their children. Karla darted in and out of the social circles. “He was an asshole. Now, he’s just a lonely old man with a penchant for sweets. Gumdrop?” Offered a skinny girl with a bag of candy. A plump blonde fit a cigar between her molars and retrieved a titanium grill hidden behind a row of wine barrels. Some girls joined. A group of sluts rolled hemp into cigarettes. Karla needed to keep her wits about her. She smoked a roll of regular tabaco instead. The same blonde lit the fire and they all relaxed in the warmth. Karla passed around the bottles of rum and malt she’d taken from the meeting. The infected girls smudged the brim of the malt container with lipstick. No more sick. Relaxed, the girls slipped off their wedged shoes and loosened the ties on their corset. The door crashed open and the ease transformed into delight. The girls shrieked as Louie entered the back alley carrying a large satchel. A scrawny busboy skirted past his side and the jungle of lady's skirts and set a pot. He burned his finger on the grill and yelped. Too late—He tried to suppress a yelp, but the shout was heard by the women. Their maternal instincts kicked in and the trampled him over with coos and scolds. Karla took the chance when she saw Louie alone. She pressed herself against his arm and murmured, “You been working out, handsome?” He pasted a huge hand on her face. “Urrrgh! You had blood on them arsehole!” “No games, Birdy. Help me with the crabs.” “Peroxide and Apple vinegar.” “The crabs in the sack, smartass.” “Sack?” she repeated, “Louie you give me too much material.” The skeletal girl dragged three crates near the firepit. One to sit on and two for a table. She opened the satchel. Small blue crustaceans clicked their pincers in menace. Karla clamped her teeth in mockery of their bravado. She snatched the most ferocious beasty by the hindlegs and pinned him to the butcher's block. She wedged the knife through the abdomen, and between the eyes. She tossed the still-moving carcass into the bubbling pot of carrots, potatoes, celery, and onion.
  7. Carina slammed into the vampire. Moving to offer support, Liir pivoted, twisting like a dancer as he guided the blade towards the man’s throat, the levity of his words juxtapositioned by the snarl on his lips. “I would stop this nonsense by now, buddy.” Even through his bloodlust, the vampire seemed to recognize the danger he was in. With one last snarl, he darted away, clutching his arm to his chest. Carina watched the Unnatural run away. She rubbed her face, releasing a loud exhale. “That was- that was intense.” I am not a combat person. She turned to face Liir, then the girl. “Um. Are you guys all right?”
  8. Yau saw the vampire fall and took her chance. The girl ran towards the unnatural, brandishing her gauntlet. The metal flowed over her palm, stretching into a razor-sharp dagger. She brought her hand down, and metal sliced through flesh like it was butter. The vampire let loose an ear-shattering shriek as his arm fell to the ground, severed. Yau backed away as the vampire turned on her, his eyes burning with rage. “You.” he growled. In a single movement, he had her by the neck, holding her in the air. Yau gasped, legs kicking in midair. She clenched her right hand and her gauntlet responded, growing spikes on her knuckles. The vampire tightened his grip. Yau cried at the pain. Her lungs screamed for air. Her throat- There was a blur, and suddenly, she was on the ground.
  9. From the corner of her eye, Carina saw a shadow dart from the cart to the forest. “Did you see that?” Carina asked. Liir narrowed his gaze, gazing into the shadows the trees cast. “Another one?” Carina didn’t get to respond as the vampire took another swing. “Unnaturals are so damn fast.” she grumbled. The vampire didn’t seem to be tiring at the least. If anything, he seemed faster and more agile the more time went on. His skin was pale, almost colorless, and Carina did her best to avoid his hungry gaze. Even the two bandits seemed unwilling to distract him or call him away. After another whispered conversation, the two men kicked their horses, riding back to their cart. “Hey!” Carina shouted. They just ran off like that? I’m mildly offended. A pair of screams echoed from the direction the bandits had taken. The vampire hesitated, turning around. The shadow. Carina thought. Impulsively, the flung her branch at the vampire. It collided squarely with his head, and the unnatural stumbled back.
  10. Yau flexed her fingers, watching the metal patterns on her gauntlet morph. “Okay,” she whispered to herself. “Okay.” Yau took a deep breath, then wrapped her cloak tighter around her body. The girl crept out from behind the cart, squinting at the scene unfolding in the distance. There was a woman with glowing wings holding a staff - tree branch - a tree branch. There was a man with a sword. There was… a strange boxy transportation machine. A flare of the woman’s wings illuminated its shape- wheels and a transparent window and doors. Oh Wyld, it’s a car! Yau shook her head. Focus. She darted towards the trees.
  11. Yeah, it really is a lot about what you were raised on. I've noticed this with a lot of movies when talking about them with friends, there just tends to be a nostalgia bias. So whereas I'm far more critical of Star Trek in many regards (well, mainly it's TNG that I don't like; I enjoy TOS because it doesn't take itself so seriously, and William Shatner's "acting" is... something special), I'm pretty touchy about defending my beloved classic Star Wars. That said, Rogue One was a bad-ass movie! I honestly put it in my top 3 Star Wars movies, despite the rest of the Disney-verse Star Wars being mediocre at best.
  12. They came from the shadows that splayed as the day wore on. From the shrubs and trees, under quaint wooden bridges. The air’s temperature dropped a few degrees as a pair of large white wolves stalked into the open, their wary, intelligent eyes searching—their heads dipped low. An unfortunate gust of wind knocked a child over, a yōkai giggling at the sight until it too had been knocked over rambunctiously. A troop of impish Spriggans danced nimbly out of hiding, trailing at the wolves’ heels. It was an interesting clash of culture—a strange mix of magic and demonology; Yōkai and the Unseelie were threads of the same tapestry yet woven differently. They came for their Queen, who felt the nausea splash along her like a cresting wave. It was something she had nearly forgotten—and yet, couldn’t forget the moment it hit her. Your auxiliary security detail is here, young queen. Jesta’ dryly announced. Her tail flicked irritably. She was an ancient creature, but a magical one. The air was permeated with an uncomfortable essence. Or perhaps it was the lack of one—which made better sense in the mind than to speak out loud. The anti-magic-like feeling made Jesta’ less than appeased. The white wolves bowed in a way that only animals could, with a strange sentience that was unbecoming of animals. Jesta’ was a rare exception, for only the truly advanced and gifted could see her. It made her comfortable with insulting those around them. Closer now, Raveena could see the fur of the wolves was hardly fur at all—but thin needles of ice and snow. They nearly came to her chest at full height—and though she was petite—they were not. One wolf took a long, hard look at Jesta’, who sprawled comfortably at the end of the table and bench. He says he does not understand his King’s decision to swear fealty to the Sun, but they have come to you to Ældra if trouble arises. “Escort me? Why do you hear them, but I don't?” Raveena looked down at the Spriggans. They were far more dangerous than the wolves, this she knew. Though they peered shyly from between the wolves legs like impish children, she had seen their devastating power in action and was secretly thankful for their presence. Because you’re not listening. The Daemon replied crisply with disdain. Though one wolf’s gaze focused on the disruptive behavior, the one that stared at Jesta' now turned his eyes on Raveena. They exchanged a moment of silence and—despite the brewing trouble not far from them—she nodded and swallowed her nausea before speaking with some measure of conviction, “Flesh still burns in the winter, because the sun wills it.” There was a long pause of silence before Jesta’s voice floated into her mind again. He says he may have underestimated his King’s decision after all. The corners of her lips twitched into a faint smile. She thought—for a moment—she could hear the soft cracking of ice, a sigh of cold air, a faint wintry voice that was alien, cruel and beautiful all at once. She could tell from the way her retinue hovered close to her—and each other—that they were intrigued and equally terrified of these creatures—as well they should. Even the sun could be eclipsed and shrouded in darkness. She ruled two sides of the same coin; her life was becoming a strange duality. The UnSeelie were ruthless, cunning and deadly. Her attendants had every right to be afraid.
  13. Yineffe considered Gao Hua's offer. She certainly welcomed the help, but she did not know the level of danger involved with her little wayward quest. The dragon-lizard-man did appear intimidating and capable. The thought of facing him in a fight was quite unnerving and she was glad for his civil attitude. Suppose she did run into trouble, more then she could handle, having someone watch her back was a sound idea. Absently, Yineffe brought her finger tips to her collar. She surveyed the pattern of scales on his forearms, wondering if he found his own skin uncomfortable.... After a moment of internal debate, she gave a light smile. "I'm heading east, I believe. You may join me if you wish." The pair strolled together passing by the shops and stalls. Yineffe made some rather energetic small talk with her new companion. She was curious of his origins, his homeland, what he hoped to master at the academy. As they walk she apprised his large clawed feet with prudence. The world beyond her desert was odd indeed. Together they came to the distillery address. It was a narrow building tucked several streets behind the district square. They stood on a shady back road lined with shipping crates and soggy boxes, glaring up at the shop. There were three rows of windows, suggesting three stories, each boarded shut. The faded green paint was flaking off the brick facade and the left outdoor sconce was absent. Stone steps lead up to a tall wood door that was framed in several elegant glass panes, many of which cracked. "It appears abandoned," she thought aloud, carefully ascending the steps to the door. She cupped her hands and squinted through the glass but could not identify anything through the layer of dust and dirt. She tried the handle. It was locked. She jiggled, yanked, and pulled, but to no avail. Heaving a sigh, Yineffe glanced over her shoulder. "So, Gao" she said, quirking a brow. "Can you pick a lock?"
  14. "When she wakes up," Thurgood says, "but for now, I'ma keep cleaning." Thurgood does not know what standing he has in the Veluriyam Empire now, but he figured before he didn't have any. Aveline had some because she helped dispatch the rampaging hydra, but he didn't, and before he started improving the roads in Ursa Madeum, he really didn't think the Veluriyam Empire gave a positive amount of fucks about him.
  15. I am freaking ❤️ the Abrams-verse, although I'm so easily entertained that it's hard not to enjoy all of the fast-paced, action-packed, lens-flare blinding awesome-sauce that is Nu-Trek. My experience was opposite of yours!! 😛 I grew up on Star Trek and didn't watch Star Wars until later in life. If I'm honest, the only movie from the series that I'm a hardcore fan of is Rogue One. I'm looking at my beloved Sandtrooper action figure while typing this. 😄 I suppose any remake or adaptation with a hardcore fan-base is bound to have a few critics. Am I right, or am I right?!
  16. Huge thanks, Obelus 🔥👌 This whole thing was super duper cool. The writing, the atmosphere, the creativity, it was all there and you did an awesome job of running the game. I’ll make sure to have some feedback for you tomorrow, right after I finish work. And like Jaistlyn said, I’m looking forward to what you have in store next 🤙
  17. xiii. May 10th, 596 AO "I'm glad to hear that things are going well," Milo said with the briefest of smiles on his face. "Five days in and progress is reputable. We've had to rearrange a few minor things, but overall adjustments have been agreeable." Milorian closed his eyes against the cool breeze sweeping through entwined limbs and stacked leaves. He could hear the hustle and bustle happening around him; the very last steps of the burial being prepared for the week to come. Tomorrow the rest of his family will arrive, leaving their tasks behind for another day as they come to celebrate the lives of their loved ones long passed. Responsibility will certainly be straining said celebrations, with so much needing to be tended to and finished. "It will take months to complete." "Well, of course! We don't have the necessary means to just produce walls from thin air, you know." Austere's terrible attempt at humor made his brother laugh. Four months is a long time to completely rebuild the walls that had once surrounded the smaller portion of their home. The end result will be worth it as they will be reclaiming some safety and comfort for their people while giving the Mythal home an appearance of strength. He did not want to force himself in the faces of their enemies, nor did he wish his House to appear heavy-handed, but it was time to stop appearing weak and beaten. The walls of their home were the first things to be destroyed by the Tyrant King, he knew that they were a threat to his power and image. In Milo's opinion, it showed how terrified the King was to any semblance of a threat to his power. It will be a triumph to have Eluvian pieced back together. "With Primera helping, there is a chance that time can be lessened," he said with a tinge of hope seeping into his words. "Primera, ey? And when did you and the Grand Kommadant become so friendly?" "When she started writing me love letters!" There was a minor pause in their conversation; enough of one to say someone was going through things they shouldn't be messing with. Milorian knew that the Grand Kommadant was teasing, a sign of friendship and - he guesses - kinship. At first, it had been offputting, a human enjoying his company - so unheard of! Being cautious towards almost everything, it took the elf some time to grow accustomed to Primera's charms. "I will be leaving everything in Delaney's capable hands," Austere said, after finding the incriminating love letters. "Good. She is probably the only person who can put Wyne and Ronan in their place and come out unscathed." "Thankfully, yes. For the last three days, she has taken over while we prepare to leave for the Emerald Graves." Their confidence in the woman will not be marred by uncertainty. 
  18. Shuyi released Nana's arm and placed her opposite hand on the girl's shoulder to apply slight pressure to let her know to kneel again. Nana did so without complaint while the eldritch horror merely smiled as Katiya continued. Eventually, her head tilted to the side as if she was mystified by the vampire. What Shuyi knew was Katiya wasn't enough as she was now to inspire Koji to be the force of nature that he would eventually become. He needed more, needed her to be more, but Shuyi had seen that Katiya wasn't as manipulative or as ambitious as the void kitsune had been. Kimi was the daughter of Akako after all. There was something in her lineage that demanded extremes. However, the Seer's visions hadn't altered as of yet, which was promising. The Plague had chosen her words carefully, knowing that they would shape her relationship with the newest concubine and herself. Everything was deliberate. While the vampire likely deduced that the archdaemon was petty, there was more to it than that. Perhaps the Emperor was intelligent enough to know better considering he had interacted with her several times, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was how Katiya viewed Nana and how she remembered Kimi. Shuyi allowed the silence to fill the room as the Emperor and Empress shared a moment. When they disengaged, Shuyi's lips cracked open as she grinned, which looked more like she was bearing her teeth than smiling. She bent at the knees and bowed her head. "I shall take my leave, Heika." Then she turned, and the pair of monsters that were at her disposal followed along with her leaving Koji's guards, Nana, and Katiya behind. Nana thought it would have made her anxious when Shuyi left; however, she found herself oddly calm. His voice came again, and the mute lifted her chin as if she was trying to see the face that belonged to the sound. Her right hand stretched out and didn't even need to feel around the air. It was as if she could see precisely where his draconic limb was. Her fingertips quickly found his palm and slid across the scales before she rose to her full height and placed her left hand beneath his to cradle his knuckles in her palm. Her right hand lifted and away from his before she touched her index finger to his palm. Her given name gave her pause, and she lifted her chin again, lips parted in wonder. Kimiko. No noise came out, but eventually, her lips closed and upturned into a kind smile. It sounded so familiar and gave her such a sense of fulfillment that she stood still for a long moment before moving again. Finally, lowering her chin again, the mute drew a single character in his palm. To see. Then she waited. The voice that was ever present cooed in her ear, and she smiled gently, more to herself than to anyone else.
  19. Minerva listened to the man explain the reasoning and the usage behind the bowls. To many the discussion of dinner ware would certainly not entertain them but to the somewhat childlike mind of Minerva it intrigued her a lot. She had more questions, mainly about the chopsticks. She read about them from where she came from some countries but has never seen them in person. Salem wasn't a town for people like her as her curiosity about certain things could've ended with a punch to the face and being left in a puddle of rain in some mud in a corn field. Thankfully the people from this planet were more full of kinder souls. As she saw a woman sit down on the other side of the man she figured she'd let them talk while she ate some of her food as by now it had cooled down. The food tasted oddly pleasant. Not poisoned for once. It was odd to have normal food and not wild berries and the animals from the woods. It wasn't until now that she realized she had a very unorthodox life style for someone who appears as a teenager. With a shrug she kept eating until she heard the man speak to her. She realized that he spoke two different languages both of which she didn't understand naturally but artificially she did. If anyone paid attention to her eyes as they spoke to her they'd notice her marked eye would glow ever so slightly as if a force was helping her understand and being able to speak it back. It wasn't easy to spot if to a very observant person it could be noticed. Quietly she spoke back to Leo. "Nice to meet ya Leo. I'm Minerva. I'm from Salem, Massachusetts." She paused and by now she looked a bit embarrassed as probably zero people on this planet knew what that was. "Sorry. Forgot that's an outside place that no one here has heard of. Anyways, it's a pleasure to meet ya." Quickly she went back to eating and her eye glowed a bit brighter as a demonic voice spoke to her telepathically. "No one here understands what the Salem witch trials were. Why do you keep bringing up Salem?"
  20. Aww that's sweet of you to offer :3 It's wrong of me to say I'll never use. It's really a matter of "will this information help or hinder a readers perception of this character?" And for that answer I think I'll just have to test it out and see. I'm winging it, don't-cha-know!
  21. I actually rather like the Abrams version of Star Trek. lol It's a bit more Star Warsy, and thus more in my comfort zone! (I was raised on Star Wars, I only watched Star Trek far later in life.) Though admittedly, a lot of it makes no sense in the context of the existing canon (personal transwarp drive... what?), but still... Into Darkness was fun! Then again, the JJ Abrams/Rian Johnson Star Wars continuity irritates the heck out of me, so I guess I know what some Trek fans feel. I just don't feel it for their series. lol
  22. Lithist nods and sighs a little. At least it wasn't entirely what it seemed. That's always good news. He smiled slightly and motioned to Pallas as he left. "Hope you heard him right. I can't tell if you're stuck on your thoughts of it. Either way I can definitely make some guns for you guys. Shouldn't be too hard, it'd just take a few dismantling and rebuilding to get the craftsmanship in my mind but that shouldn't be too hard." He looked back at the hallway and realized Aveline hasn't heard the news. "So when are you telling Aveline?" Hopefully Thurgood wasn't too busy thinking about what lies ahead that he missed what Pallas said.
  23. That sir sounds amazing. May I suggest perhaps a place called Alethea? It has a multitude of different races including humans like lizard looking dragonborn, bird people arrakoa, hyena people gnolls and so much more! This could be a great place for your character to arrive to, crash landing right in the middle of the city, causing quite the stir and experiencing all kinds of confusion as he lands in what seems like a world where humans and monsters are coexisting peacefully (to an extent) which could also give your antagonist a good place to take cover and track down your character, since it's very unlikely he would warrant any attention in a city full of nonhumans.
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