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  2. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I've been toying with the prospect of staging a communist/socialist revolution in Hell's Gate for awhile now, but I don't know if plots of that sort would be well-received. Automation has already driven a wedge between the working class and the upper class in Hell's Gate, so a communist/socialist movement (Operation: Red November) would probably gain quite a lot of traction in a short period of time. Such a plot would involve propaganda, violence, and espionage, but I'm concerned that it might be too much too fast. I haven't kept up with the thread supernal is running for the civil war in Hell's Gate, so I don't know if the situation has improved or deteriorated from what was indicated in the social temperatures post. If y'all want to do something in Blairville, I'm all for it. A couple of other locations in Terrenus (Weland, Tia, and most of the subboards in the Locations of Terrenus subforum) also have quests advertised that might tempt the members of this organization. I'll offer to run special quests for this organization once we're underway. I don't understand the characters well enough to manufacture psychological horror scenarios for them yet.
  3. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I'll have to read up on the event to see what you mean. I'll see if I can do that a bit later.
  4. (DA): Let’s Start a RIOT

    GM Post “Confirmed contact, please prepare to jump code DOUBLE TROUBLE.” Hovering in the clouds above everyone the (DA) helicopter banked hard to the right, before settling in position for a HALO jump. Onboard were twin girls dressed fashionably cute, dolled up, and prepared to destroy boys hearts even though late. @SweetCyanide
  5. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Well someone has already jumped in with a character that is part of the Terrenus Military. Would be quite interesting if we could surreptitiously snatch the artificer after their character is done. Perhaps Rodan and Agony can let them do all the work and then kidnap again lol.
  6. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I do believe Blairville is actually quite close, relatively speaking. Edit: Just checked, it is the closest major city to Patia.
  7. [Grindstone] The Dragon

    The young draconian sighed as he looked over at Ashenfire. "I knew Arashi spoke highly of you but I didn't expect you to go and do a sucide mission. You'll put the whole camp in danger by going there. I have seen many people that have urged peace with them, they all get tricked and cut down or enslaved. If I were you, I wouldn't do this. There is literally over an thousand troops there. I don't think Arashi would be happy if you ended up dying. She used to be the leader, why don't you ask her about the camp?" He seemed concerned about the Dragonborn, not wanting him to run into possibly his demise. Arashi would be upset, he would be concerned about her if Ashenfire was killed by going on some mission to get peace. "To be honest, Arashi has this same amount of recklessness that has gotten herself killed a few times from these type of missions. Don't do this, sir." He said, trying to convince Ashenfire not to go and get himself killed. Arashi would wake up in the morning, concerned on where her younger sister was. She would have to introduce her to her new companion after all, the laid-back Beefly. Fluttercup was extremely laid back and maybe a little too friend compared to his siblings, often wanting to not take things seriously. The beefly seemed to have wake up too, looking up at Arashi with his concerned eyes. "You hungry Fluttercup?" The draconian asked, looking down at him. "Yes...super hungry." The beefly said, communicating via type of telepathy that allows him to talk like a normal person would. People would able to hear him if they were near him. "Why am I not suprised? You're always hungry. I wonder what Annabelle is going to think of you." "Speaking of which, where's that draconian friend that was really good at baking and hunting?" Fluttercup asked. "Oooh, him...truth be told, I haven't seen him since I fled the camp. Been a while." Arashi replied back with a frown on her face. "Those assholes would be tearing each apart probaby over a box of candy by now, knowing how Wolf treats everyone. I don't know who's damn idea it was to put that crazed barbarian in charge of over me of all people."
  8. Blairville chaos event - first come first server

    Yes it can Also no need to tag me here. I'm following the thread and get notified on replies
  9. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Blairville Chaos Event Its events like the ones posted by @supernal that we can take advantage of and warp to our benefit. (For example, we can help the goblin artificer just to get her to join our ranks. If the goblin refuses, we make her kidnapping permanent) I'm not saying we have to take this event or anything but if enough people want to go for it then we could take advantage of it. Not sure how far that is from Patia or how we would hear about it but these are ideas I would like people to jump on.
  10. Blairville chaos event - first come first server

    Ooooh! Looks fun! @supernal If I use Vita the Inquisitor as my character for this one, can the Quest be counted towards her Terrenus Military Rank progression?
  11. A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    I'm good with it.
  12. running on sunsets

    There was the sting of salt and the grit of dirt digging into the scraps and cuts littering the small expanse of her body. Those small things she can still feel, but the heaviness and their hatefulness are lost to her, just like many other things are lost to her. Beyond the stone walls that have imprisoned her for the last however many years she knows there’s water and she knows that there’s a beach and she knows there are birds, waterlife, and a rising sun. The seals covering her eyes kept the darkness in and the light out; the shackles binding her wrists and ankles dug into her flesh, keeping her awake and aware that there’s still blood coursing through her veins. They’ve made sure to the take the simplest of pleasures away from her, like the sunlight and natural darkness, like taste and most of her feelings, leaving only memory and natural awareness to keep her grounded with the knowledge that she is not a puppet - human, still. Outside her rocky door stood an army of men and women bound by secrecy to keep their prisoner secure and alive. Many times she has fallen victim to the pain of her imprisonment, leaving her scarred wrists and arms to tell the tale of her weaknesses. What was living, though, when bound by seals and chains? What did it matter when what little you had was taken from you? While revenge is a dish, it’s not one to sustain life. Her hair shaped a dark curtain around her pale face as she leaned forward (nose touching the cold stone floor) with legs curled underneath her. They kept her naked, fearing that she will use anything she can get her hands on to help with her escape - they’re not wrong. After dwelling on her loses, losing her will to live and then regaining, she found herself increasingly angry and volatile. After many attempts of escaping, they have learned to keep her locked away with nothing but her thoughts to keep her occupied. Something was wrong though. While drowned beneath a heavy influence that dampens her own abilities, she can still feel a change in the thick air. The large army beyond her reach shivers and quakes and paces for a reason she is most uncertain of. All the fear in the world died when he did, so there is no reason for them to be so. Danlim knows well enough they fear her enough to not kill her, that would mean no shackles and no seals to keep her bound tightly, them safe. In comparison to the deceased, she is nothing but a nuisance.
  13. running on sunsets

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  15. Looking to start again.

    Thread is up! @Letherius
  16. Draconian Heights

    Writing as Akni Otria At first, Akni simply wanted to challenge herself and tackle her fears. She wanted to become stronger, better, honoring the draconian blood flowing through her veins. As a dragon of heat and flames, she was naturally weak to the cold, something she ought to fix. As such, going through a gauntlet by hiking the Cold Mountains region of Genesaris seemed like a good idea... until now. "Ha... fuh..." Lacking oxygen, shivering, and rather lost. The sheer cold seeped through her winter clothes, biting her skin, shortening her breaths into painful gasps. She winced as mists covered her goggles, ears hearing nothing but the blowing winds. Her lips slightly ajar as she hissed yet another curse. The redhead grunted as she stubbornly continued, the elements merciless against her petite frame. Even taking a single step forward was a struggle on its own. The draconian prided herself on her agility and acrobatic abilities, but here, she was reduced to a crawl. No matter how hot her flames burned, they couldn't melt a whole mountain... Well, Arkanist would say otherwise but the redhead wouldn't let that narcissistic dragon bitch to take control. If she must conquer this self-imposed challenge, she must do it as herself, as Akni, not through some artifact. Speaking about that, she still needed to remove the white choker from her neck. Her efforts so far proved fruitless but who knows, maybe this trip would do the trick. Thus, the fiery redhead moved on, one heavy step at a time, the blood of the dragon refusing to give in under the frost. Not even a blizzard would extinguish her resolve! Still, a cup of hot chocolate would be welcomed right now... @Letherius
  17. You can find details around the chaos event, including what goals to hit to complete the thread and the rewards your characters can expect on doing so, in the thread below If there are any questions feel free to ask them here. Participants can use this as an ooc thread
  18. Note: I am not participating in this thread, merely structuring it and offering it up on a first come, first serve basis. The thread will accept no more players after 5 join or after 10 posts, whichever comes first Event name Safe riots and kidnapping OOC thread Reward 1x forged magic license 1x flash mask (hide face from electronic and visual surveillance) 1x Object class starmetal (multiplies impact force) Requirements 1 page for 1 player; 2+ pages for 1-3 players; 3+ pages for 4-5 players Content As a consequence of the civil war, riots in Blairville over the Safeguard Act continue to escalate in violence and scope. Pro-magic and pro-safety guilds are in constant battle for dominance, and both parties find themselves in conflict with the Constabulary, Blairville's local police force. Two sizable guilds, the Crimson Ledgers and the Bronze Crescent, have recently disbanded their Blairville chapters due to the loss of life and the depletion of magical items in their most recent skirmish. In the disorganized confusion that followed, Bruga, a goblin gypsy artificer which worked for both guilds as a contractor, has been kidnapped by parties unknown. Goals Rescue Bruga from whoever kidnapped her Once rescued Bruga will reveal she was working on plans for a negabjurium amplifier. To complete her work she needs the lungs of a gargoyle. She has information on such a creature rampaging in the Unterholm On returning with the gargoyle lung, protect Bruga while she prepares her item – basically defend her against one meaningful attack, however you define this in the thread
  19. When Paths Cross | A Run in with Genesarean Slavers

    It was the different scent in the air that caused heavy lids to try and lift. Blurry images danced around as a sharp pains spasmed across the females temple. Iron and lots of it was the first true scent to register in the brain. Then the coppery twang that accompanied it. Blood, blood was the only thing that gave off that smell. Slowly those eyes began to focus on the nearest object around her. Shadows stopped dancing for a moment as eyes swept the area in hopes of finding something familiar. Nothing. Chest lifting and falling in a hard rhythm of air in take. Mind trying to draw up any memory of what might of happened to her. Nothing came out of the blackness and try as she might to recall what could have happened her mind gave nothing. Hot tears pricked at the corner of the eyes. Burning to be released and yet she held on. Slowly a seductive whisper floated in that blackness revealing a name. Kita. The utterance of the name caused a ripple in that black fog, slowly golden eyes flecked with green peered out and slowly they moved. The black peeled away enough to allow the black panther to slip out, lips pulling back to expose sharp bone crushing teeth. A low deep growl exited the big cats mouth. It was like an electrical shock to the system and Kita flew into a sitting position. Ignoring the screaming muscles and cuts that reopened on her arms and sides. Kita had barely understood the image before she locked eyes on the metal cage she was placed in. People on the outside pointed and laughed at the female as she awoken. Questions formed in the mind but when she tried to speak her throat was too dry. Voice cracking slightly while feeling like glass was being swallowed. Why was she in a cage and who the hell were these people? Ears strained to listen to them as they spoke, pointing out something on her. Eyes, skin color, pattern. Words that didn't really mean much to her as she tried to adjust herself. It was in that moment the feline noticed her lack of clothing, what ever clothing she had on was gone completely a few rags remained in the corner of the cage. "Look at her skin it's like caramel and those spots on the side of her face, not to mention she can change shape! Just think of the price she will bring. Beautiful and deadly a combination that they will pay huge money for" Fear was a nasty emotion that gripped at her heart and held it in icy hands. What ever trouble she was in it was big and it looked like...oh God did they get Evan too? Shifting around her nose inhaled sharply for a scent that wasn't there. It eased some relief but not much. She had to get the hell out of here. But, being naked didn't offer a lot of help she needed to shift and it looked like this box would allow her to do such a thing. It would be tight but it would work. Bones snapped and muscles changed as the change took place. It wasn't a glamorous thing to happen. Skin pulled and stretched as she fell on to call fours, claws sprouted from nail as hands reformed into paws and black fur began to cover skin. As painful as changing was it only took a few minutes before a large cat replaced the female. Lips drawn back in a snarl as a loud growl echoed out.
  20. Serphus Aluminum; The Neverend

    After secretly smuggling out a sample of the ore’s antidote, Rodham had split up with Vex in Lyonesse, on the pretense of scouting the extent of the ore’s influence. He had taken a detour to meet up with Rin, though he had not expected to find her in this small town. Nor did he expect that she would send him back to where he had came from, to Vex’s side. It was probably logical to head back to Lyonesse. He was probably still there in the city, or if not, people would know of his whereabouts. He stood at the corridor of the inn, looking towards the room that Garnet was in. Did the man know what was to happen to his companion? Did he not care, or worse, did he send her there? The road to power would be a hard and dangerous one, he knew. But it was better to ally himself with the winning side of this war. Rodham left the inn, saddled his horse, and set out towards Lyonesse.
  21. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Rolynight @Trevor Wisegem Slatheok nodded her head. ''Well good to meet you. I would give my name gladly but I cant remember it really. Truth to be told I cant remember who I am aside the bad memories of death that haunt me. Cant remember my family if I had one or my home. All I know is I woke up somewhere near a little village what turned out to be called Blairville or something and from there I have travelled far and wide. Altough I did meet a strange men on the road near the village gate. Looked like he was in a hurry or something but behaved strange. I also have my loyal horse Icera who'm I saved from bandits who mistreated her badly. Due her mistrust in strangers she only allows me to ride her since she knows me the best. Still a loyal horse and my best friend. '' Slatheok paused for a moment and thought before speaking again. ''Anyway this man here calls me Slatheok so I guess what you can call me altough I am sure that is not my real name. But what is this about a divine spirit? I never heard of such a thing before. I am not really one to believe in gods or divine beings you know so I find it quite hard to believe a divine spirit is watching over me.'' She rubbed her hands and stared at the flames. ''Do divine beings exist?''
  22. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Slatheok "My name is Rachel... Rachel Amber, pleased to meet you.", she said, trying to be as polite as possible."And.. the spirit said it's guarding you, so I don't really think it's a demon.", she specified, "Divinity's Reach, I guess you taught me one thing right..", she thought in her mind, but she quickly stopped thinking of anything,remembering she had to be careful. @Trevor Wisegem "Well I am alright at the momment, thank you!", Rachel titled her head away, there was no way she'd make business with a demon, even if... even if she'd wish for things to solve, but she couldn't let the desire fool her, and she knew that pretty well.. even if it was hard.
  23. Rolls Royce is there if you’re interested
  24. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Slatheok The demon looked at her with an smile. This wasn't a devilish smile however, this was a smile of excitement. He greatly accepted the challenge of being strong, for he knew he was. Strong in strength, intelligence, and magic. However, he had to admit in his head, his rein of destruction was on hold for the time being. He simply had one goal: Find and make Trevor suffer for what he did. @Rolynight A'rrazaah looked at Rachel. "I didn't read your mind at first, I simply just looked at your eyes. They hold a lot of information, I simply read your mind to help fill in the blanks. I hope you don't mind. And I may be a demon, but believe me," he started speaking slower. "I can help you with whatever you so need. I can give you anything."
  25. [Ravenspire] Finally.

    @Praetorian In the blink of an eye, the room became a war zone, all sound and fury. Farkis had transformed, giving the host of vampyres and Kadians and Inquisitors a glimpse of what truly lurked beneath his handsome facade (and attacked Emily in the process); the Legionnaires responded to the violence with hostility of their own, swords raised high as muzzles barked, flashed behind and between their ranks. And yet in the heart of all this chaos, this noise, Rafael's world remained calm, quiet, and serene. Lifetimes of training came flooding to the forefront of his mind, and the second of the Titan's two clocks raced to completion. Contrary to Kadian belief, humanity was not the foundation of life in all existence—far from the first, further still from the truest potential of the prime material. Where the Legionnaires, Inquisitors, and even royal ilk needed to modify themselves with armor and technology to achieve their glorious ends, the elder was born with all those resources – and more – within him. He was the lion prowling the high-grass fields, the wolf stalking the dark, wintry forests, the shark ravenously patrolling the ocean depths, and the great eagle that swooped down upon its unsuspecting prey and rent them asunder them with talon and beak. He was the shadow primordial man had first built fire to flee, the mighty storm they built shelter to survive. His kind were the true apex predators of this realm, and he showed them now. In spite of a staggered start, the elder surged forward in a burst of speed that would leave even the keenest of eyes scrambling to find him next. Gabriela was safe, he knew, and Emily as well (no doubt from his wife's intervention). He all but danced through the hail of gunfire, weaving here and there, as he crossed the insignificant distance separating him from the Titan and collided against his left flank—an impact that was felt and heard by all those in the room, but not seen—with all the velocity of a runaway freight train. Still shrouded in his impossible momentum, the elder clutched the Titan firm in his arms and carried him away; the window opposite to them exploded a heartbeat later, as did the wall mounting it, as the pair ejected through it. They fell for a long moment, and when they landed in the outskirts of the garden, Rafael crushed their combined weight and all the pull of their fall into Farkis' center mass. The earth greeted them with a loud thud, and the vampyre rolled and flipped away as he recoiled from his enemy, landing a handful of meters away. He was slow getting to his feet - not from injury, but surveying their position. It was spacious, teeming with all manner of exotic flora. Better they tear up the land than the palace, he reasoned. “I told you I would repay you for this nonsense,” Rafael muttered in a low, irritated voice. His red eyes, nearly black with ire, cut through the thin mist of dust sifting between them with ease. Then he started toward the Titan, slow and unhurried; unbuttoning his cuffs, rolling up his sleeves. The gunfire had ceased, the indoctrinated shouting an eerie symphony to the coming battle. “Let's see how you fair. It's been a long time since I've gotten into a fight.”
  26. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    So something like lets take for example a character who has airmagic but must use some kind of object to direct it like a staff?
  27. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    The magic people used were a mixture of both. My only restriction is no dark magic (for players anyway), other magic just needs to be relatively weak, as magic itself was forgotten and so teaching it was difficult. However, you can still use a high powered attack, but it would draw a lot of attention and would make whoever did it weak and slower, as they'd be out of energy.
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