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  2. What would greet the intrepid Emissary would be tall walls, strong and faultless in its ingenuity, large gates showing the workmanship and great detail that Aelindrian architecture is known for. The guards, in their military uniforms and bearing the latest magi-tech weaponry would stop, check him and then allow him on through. Of course not without some guidance with directions. A job they often found themselves doing. “If you are looking for were the council is located follow the main road, it will be the largest one in the city, or you can take one of the cabs there.” One guard said, pointing towards one of many civilian airships parked. “It’ll be the largest building in the center of the city.” The guard motioned for the man to continue on, though a little suspicious of the masked man they had no need to be worried. Aelindra itself did not boast a civilian police force, rather it’s military personnel patrolled the streets, keeping citizens safe from any ne'er-do-wells. “Also the market is along the main street, there will also be signs that will guide you if you decide to go on foot, though you could take the tram or as before a cab.” Once past the main gates the masked Emissary would see the trams, along with the parking area for the cabs, on the main road the more terrestrial vehicles were going back and forth primarily spellcycles. Pedestrians were in droves, a sea of people moving to do their business. Whatever the new arrival decided he would have plenty to see and do. Aside from the civilians military personnel could be seen patrolling the streets, they had the look of professional soldiers further proven by the hardened looks in their eyes. The city itself was quite something to behold, skyscrapers of glittering gold and polished glass, rising up into the skies as if to defy even deities. It is an example of both wealth and deserved pride, should he take to the cabs he would even get to see the cities splendor with an eagle eyed view. @Twitterpated
  3. Hey guys! So sorry for not posting earlier! I was caught up in the management of my other threads that I'm the leader of. Plus I'm putting some focus on my own personal writing project. Add on the fact that my wife is expecting twins and is gonna be due soon, so that took some attention away as well. Again, my apologies. I should have said so earlier. 😞 But of course, it hasn't dulled my dedication towards this thread! I already have a draft in my head and I'll be have a post up in 12 hours or less. 😊 Anyway, with regards to the salamanders I'm fine with staying the course with playing the quest out. Maybe once our party gets through the farm, we can stage the setting for the mines?
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  5. Koltira smiled at the young Human as he said, "As you Wish Young Master. It's a habit I have from before I met the Captain to call those I work under Younger Master or Mistress. But It'll be Cadence from now on. As for how long I've served on the Justiciar. It's been years since I signed on. But I've fought with the Good Captain for a few years prior to him acquiring the Justiciar. I've seen the command staff come and go. Even no command staff have left and been replaced. But the Captain remains the same. As for the Adventures I've had I've had a few. One such the Captain, Lady Amelia and the Captain worked with a group of Mercenaries to defend a Kingdom from a Dragon. Twas a Mighty battle. And if I may be bold to say even in the everyday life there are a myriad of Dangers you face. Especially as a Freighter Pilot. Especially on such a small but nimble Airship. Sky Corsairs plunder innocent traders and Freighters all too frequently. One of the Justiciar's primary function is an Escort for Vessel like yours. One shouldn't be afraid to follow their dreams. That is something the Captain tells us constantly." The Ground team cut their way Northwest, the Steady hum of Cadence's Airship never too far away as Amelia fired off the flares guiding Cadence and Koltira forth. They would Trek until sundown. Richter would motion for the ground crew to halt and said, "Let's make a camp here and clear an area for Cadence's Airship to land." Richter began tracing runes on the ground to create a Protective ward around their Camping Grounds. Amelia began to set out to knock down some trees for a landing zone for Cadence and Koltira
  6. Ugh sorry for the wait everyone. Im trying to catch up with all my Posts
  7. Bored? I've just been waiting for @Vetanoob to post, is all! That said, it is rather clear that we are in need of moving towards a new story beat. So, if you want to plot out how the mine adventure goes--and how we encounter the Salamanders--feel free to do so! I'd love to have more user interaction in the thread, and having you plot out a point is a great way to do so. If we're not a fan of fighting the Salamanders, and just want to move on, we can discuss that too.
  8. Rabbit

    A Lost World

    Asura followed behind Sebastian, her little legs struggling to keep up. As the group got further into their journey the humidity dropped, something most would be thankful for. The little halfling greatly enjoyed the cold, the chill cooling her off. They approached a campsite, its remnants tell a clearly story about it being abandoned at a moments notice. There didn't seem to be much of value left behind. "understood." She stuck around the camp, looking at the nearby shrubbery and rocks. Something appeared to have grazed around the area, but based on this she couldn't determine much. Looking back at camp, Asura noticed the rock face had large abrasion marks travelling across the side. Whilst she couldn't assess when or what, it was clear that the marks were not the result of weathering. Something big had repeatable passed through, causing the markings. They resembled spikes or claws, potentially a predator grooming their claws or an armored creature simply being clumsy. Either way, a good start. "Sebastian, I think I found a clue. These markings could be a good start. Something big has been passing through on repeated occasion, but it's hard to say what."
  9. Group 3: 5A-20B ◄◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] ►►►►► It was unclear whether Vlad's plead was heard or it was just the urgency of the situation, but the white-haired woman (a younger one <@Thotification> ) had decided not to cling to wall away from fire, but to rush toward the exit. Vlad counted that as a signal and hastily followed her, leaving giant toy soldiers and the other white-haired woman behind. He had a slight worry about them, yet he manage to assure himself that they would be fine... probably. The visage of the crimson tentacle was still imprinted in his mind, and he tried to just forget about it with no avail. At once Vlad found himself at the narrow passageway, out from the oven mostly unharmed. The engineer was about to step aside to clear the group's only escape route, when suddenly he stumbled upon the familiar young boy <@ChaosLord>. Bleeding and barely standing on his feet, he was struggling against yet another cadaver. The only difference in its appearance was a huge blood-soaked cleave. Vlad noticed how the zombie raised the weapon, as if it was about to chop the boy's head off... "...HANG ON!" - Vlad shouted. *chk-shk* BOOM! ◄◄◄ [HP] === ARMED BURNING ZOMBIE === [??] ►►► The zombie, already mutilated by someone else's shots, had crumbled with its hand still gripping the cleave. Vlad rushed toward the boy to help to get up. But he wasn't responding... "Kid." - Vlad spoke. - "Snap out of it, kid! We'll patch you up, just hold on! Where's the hea---" He hadn't finished the sentence, for he stood still, terror-stricken. There was another armed zombie just right ahead... and the crimson tentacle crawling toward them. Vlad could almost hear the last tubes spitting its flames behind him. Yet he could not move away from the passageway. Death was everywhere.
  10. It can be understood that she maintains her role and we can take care of advancing the company's influence accordingly with her assumed blessing.
  11. "Nya!" With wisps of smoke rising from her body Alice Prime would hit the dirt as Santa's energy wave swept the area and laid waste to everything in its path. The cat girl would rise to her feet as she glanced over her shoulder at her body doubles, who seemed to look - for the lack of a better word - like they've just been run through a garbage compactor. And considering the devastation Saint Nick had wrought, it wasn't really quite a metaphor. "Give him... hell..." Alice Beta croaked, lifting a hand in Santa's direction before she went still, her arm flopping limply to her side. "Ha, easier said than done," Alice Prime muttered as her body doubles all faded away in a cloud of glowing white particles that lingered in the air for a few seconds before dispersing. It seemed that she'd burned through even her reserves this time, as she found that she could no longer summon any more body doubles. "Well, too many cooks spoil the broth anyway," Alice shrugged. As Palmer and Shishi made their moves, so too would Alice join the fray as the right side of her torso would once more light up with orange arcane symbols as she conjured a pair of pudding bombs - one in each hand. Leaping into the air, the cat girl would toss the first bomb under her feet to launch herself into the air from the explosion and go sailing towards the red-clad terminator. "Death from above!" Alice yelled as she spun around in midair to send the second bomb hurtling towards Santa; and regardless of whether her projectile attack worked or not, seconds later she would burst through the pall of dust and smoke created by the aftermath of her explosion, hoping that Santa might be preoccupied with Shishi and Palmer to realise that she was attempting to land behind him. "He can't possibly handle attacks coming from every direction!" Alice shouted to her allies as upon landing she would spin around to perform a roundhouse slash with her claws, hoping to catch Santa in the back while he's busy with fighting two other combatants.
  12. So Tenkai is your main character? And would that fight be its own thread or? And who is Zashii? Like would this be a big thread or separated threads where you use your character with the katana to battle them individually?
  13. That definitely works. TBH I’m not too concerned about profiles. General descriptions to see if we’re on the right track is good enough. It’s not like this is a competitive thing with judges and all that, so there won’t be intense vetting of kits. As long as no ones trying to throw around black holes like Oprah gives out cars, we’re fine.
  14. Not immediately. I’m still trying to see how Nu Martyr goes. Otherwise I’ll try to pull Ataraxy aside and see if we can straighten out a potential post mortem of Tenkai vs Lilith so that I know what to write. Then I imagine I’ll start with Zashii, and then go in order of who is ready after that, weaving in everyone who’s interested in playing.
  15. @folie a deux All of the Dublin Murder Squad books are so so good, but The Secret Place gets a little weird. It adds a secondary genre to the story, but it does introduce my favorite character, who is the main character for the latest book in the series. I think you’re at Faithful Place, which is probably the best in the series so far.
  16. Perfect. Keep your quantity and give me the ones that burn bright on review! The Long Way sounds interesting, and it is highly favored abroad as well as by The Wade. It's on the list! I've read a handful of books lately but only 2 of them were standouts and only 1 of them was fiction. Benefit by the sweat of my labor - Three-ten to Yuma and Other Stories It's a collection of western stories, which isn't something I specifically sought out. I sought out Leonard after reading his praise by a few other people and reading up on his page as to the stories he's made and finding out which of those have been made into movies or remained popular. Three-Ten is a given but he also wrote the story which lead to Jackie Brown and Get Shorty. His stories also led to the show Justified. He later switched from westerns to thrillers Much like Vicious, you may or may not like it for the western themes, but it's the excellent writing that carries it regardless. He’s hailed for his dialogue especially but it’s all very polished
  17. Post is up, as promised! =D @Sanonymous Lets begin round one, shall we? Mmmm, tie us up tight, Daddy! Assuming of course, you get that far.
  18. As the scientist left, Dan followed. He utilized his considerable stealth skills, and followed undetected. However, he lost sight of the scientist when he was mentally mapping out the insides of the ship. He was about to fan his senses out further to find him, when he felt an energy spike, one that matched the scientist's energy signature. He silently made his way toward it, only to feel it yet again a few moments later. He turned the corner, and saw a guard dutifully standing watch by the engine room. Dan started to reveal himself and ask if the guard had seen a scientist come by the area, when he noticed several things. One, the guard was standing outside the engine room as one would, but he felt two energy signatures inside the room. Both VERY close together. Two, referencing the previous point, this guard was clearly terrible at his job; there was only supposed to be an engineer in the engine room, no one else. Normally, this wouldn't be so out of place, except for one thing: Luz may have been a bit of a blowhard, but Dan could very easily tell that she was not stupid, nor was she inept. There wasn't a chance in Tartarus that she would have hired someone THIS bad at guarding, and certainly not someone so bad as to let someone else in when he was RIGHT in front of the door. Unless they were a scientist. However, the forms in the room did not appear to be moving. All of this would have just been chocked up to weird happenstance, and maybe Dan would have staked the room out a bit, if not for one final thing. Three. The guard outside the room had precisely the same energy signature as the scientist, along with the exact same scent. Both of which individually were impossible, both together at once was simply unthinkable. Which meant... Oh ho ho... THAT is a neat trick. Dan walked down the hall, casual and nonchalant as you please, before stopping halfway past the guard. If the guard mentioned that he was not supposed to be there, Dan would ignore it entirely. "Hey. You're a guard right? In good with Fuzzy Luzzy? Do me a favor will ya? Tell her later that Joker gives his compliments to the ones who made that second engine. I dont wanna tell her myself, or she might get an even bigger head. But, I am rather impressed with it. And I am rarely impressed." Dan would then use his speed, and be right in the guard's left ear. "But never fooled." With that, Dan would vanish entirely, dissolving his body into air. He slipped under the door, and re-materialized on the other side. He immediately noticed the box on the engine. While he knew of many forms of tech and magictech, this engine was entirely unfamiliar to him, and he had no reason to think that the box was a problem. Except that his demigod instincts were screaming 'Trouble! Bad! The scientist was out there for a reason!" And his thief instincts were screaming, 'Out of place! Trap!' To silence this, Dan pulled out his smartphone, one he always used for recording and classifying the monsters he hunted, and snapped two pictures of it. One far away, showing the whole of the engine he could fit, and one close up on the box. If there was a problem, Fuzzy Luzzy would be able to identify it immediately. It was then that it dawned on him. The two figures he sensed in here were not present. He looked around briefly in confusion, only to have his air senses pick up deep breathing. Two sets. In the waste chute. Without a moments hesitation, Dan yanked open the chute, and immediately turned his purification filter, for lack of a better word, on. Essentially, he would change the contents of the air in his immediate vicinity to normal air, hence, should there be an aerosol or gas trap present, it would be entirely ineffective. And when he saw the two sleeping bodies in the chute, one of the engineer, and one of the guard, both sets of his instincts sounded every alarm possible. Not that it was needed. Dan knew sabotage when he sensed it, having done it many times himself. Wait till Fuzzy Luzzy gets wind of THIS. Aaaah, I see what you did there.
  19. Wade

    Cool books - 2019 YTD

    This is hard because I basically read a book every 1-2 weeks. Vicious by V.E. Schwab has easily become one of my favourites. Perfect if you're into antiheroes and superpowers, but the real standout feature is the top-notch writing imo. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff also soars to top of my list. I almost wish I hadn't brought it with me on vacation because all I wanted to do was read it when I should've been enjoying the sights. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers was a nice jaunt into sci-fi slice of life. Travelling through space, a cool crew, and a refreshing take on alien culture.
  20. I’ll be checking in as I work through the body of work but by no means should people feel this is strictly for discussion with me or anything like that. You and Wade seem to have both finished the series and both want to say something to someone else that has finished the series! Unless you two know each other and have already explored that I mean
  21. Hey guys. Sorry for the double post. But it's clear we're either all busy or all a little bored - things have slown down considerably! Just wondering if I can do anything to help us get more motivated? If you want I can set the scene for the mines, @jotnotes. Alternatively we could just skip to our trip back to town, having said goodbye to the kobolds and having been victorious. Then look for another job and try not to get so sidetracked, lol. I want to get back to helping Priscilla's business get off the ground 🙂 . Thoughts?
  22. since you haven't finished the anime nor the movie yet, i'm just gonna say ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ strap in for the biggest goddamn ride of your lifespan
  23. About six episodes in now Their framing and set pieces are still gorgeous. The pacing and handling of their exposition is still damned graceful. I didn’t see any repeated scenes until the most recent episode, which shows you how much work goes into it, and the repetitions here were used for story parallels and not simply written off as a product of expenses / a bottle episode The foreshadowing is also not too clumsy
  24. Good thing you put lame in quotes. You look at how much money Pokémon makes and try to tell me it’s the lame horse in the race! Also that guy took a bad bet. Ideas are cheap. Execution is where it counts!
  25. I need a bit more time to get a profile up, but I have the general character down. He's a swordsman possessed by a cursed blade that won't let him die, so he seeks out new opponents in the hopes he'll find one who can kill him.
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