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  2. Currently, she's still a sovereign ruler under the Scarlet Empire. Things have already been put into action in the Hanami thread that will motivate her to break away. Good stuff. Much excite.
  3. Great question. Yes, Akako will be separating from the Scarlet Empire with Rafael's blessing.
  4. It was not the priest standing amongst the fallen stones that decorated the ruined floor of what was once the church’s interior sanctum when Xildara opened the door, but an elf with ink stained fingers and a pen in her hand. It hovered above a creamy page of vellum in a leather bound journal, poised as if it were a cobra waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike down upon its prey. While Xildara and Mateja made their ascent up the hill, Ioreth Rhavon exited the study, already bogged down by the prospect of this morning’s work. Stacks upon stacks of Constans’s writing scrawled along the piles of parchment cradled in Ioreth’s tattooed arms. Scrolls enclosed in slim tubes painted with ornate sigils bumped along her hip with each footstep up the stairway. Corners of envelopes peeked out from the satchel slung over her shoulder, each letter to be sent and decree to be announced jostling each other for room over the weighty tomes and spare writing tools that settled to the bottom of her bag. Meetings at dawn between the Father and the scribe were common. As his day began, hers was winding down towards its end before she fell into a slumber fragmented by the interruptioning noise of Mythandriel stomping in and out of the cabin or Viscerex hammering dead deer against the door. Today, however, her time with Constans was brief. There something unspoken pressing its weight on him, and Ioreth felt it best to grant him solitude and rest. Her own questions could wait for a later time. One could often find Ioreth in the skeleton of the church, perched atop a large fragment of the fallen roof in a corner untouched by dawn’s warm light that came to serve as her preferred place for quiet reflection as she puzzled over drafts of the Cothite god’s messages. This morning was no different. She placed her journal and pen down upon the stone and rose to her bare feet, her belted robe of rich blue whispering of silk rustles as she moved. In the sunlight, the pupils of her upturned violet eyes constricted to thin slits. “If you came to see Constans,” said his scribe in a cold voice tinged with a smoky accent, “he is occupied with other concerns. What is your business here?”
  5. Q u e s t i o n. o.o Is Ako usurping Red and taking the city for herself and expanding or expanding on behalf of Red? Your intro suggested one over the other! This will help in decisions depending on Koji's response.
  6. You guys have the chaotic nature of a seventh-grade debate club. I love it.
  7. Na man. I don't want no federal government. It's either Monarchy or bust for me.
  8. In the pub, besides the usual rabble, sat a muscular woman wearing blue war paint. Having already entered the city, she figured it was best to relax at the local tavern, and possibly see about finding a place to stay. At the moment, however, she was enjoying a glass of ale along with some bread and cheese which she had bought at the market and offered to share with the guests around the table she was sitting at. The newcomer to the pub did catch her eye as he entered. Based on the trench coat, she figured he wasn't a regular, or one of the assassins. One of the first things they taught newcomer assassins was probably something like, "don't wear a trench coat. It will have the opposite effect you want it to have," as noted by the warrior woman, and most likely many others, taking notice of the guest's suspicious choice of attire. She soon noticed the rips in the back, as well. She knew he had something to hide, but for the moment, she took another swig of her ale and tossed another hunk of cheese into her mouth. Every once in a while she looked back over to him, but focused on the table she was at, and continued telling the story she had begun before she got in, about the great lengths she once went to in order to catch a fleeing bandit.
  9. I'll post as Aveline, and her proposal is this: split Ursa Madeum up into states, with each noble house essentially is the government of the ones they occupy, with the new ones decided by the residents. The federal government would have three branches... ...and it's a slightly modified form of the United States government, with elections for president, representatives based on population, and whatnot. This means that the states would compete with each other for residents.
  10. Interesting... Very interesting... How would you think the local populace would react to a very very VERY inconspicuous, suspicious organization, happening to have the letters V, C and F in that particular order, having never ever involved themselves in the city suddenly purchase a good lot of land and donate a good amount of money to the city and it's denizens to keep lips shut and turn the other way? Maybe some bolder, more investigative citizens or individuals would want to delve deeper into the mystery of this... "Site"? What do you think? 😄
  11. "When others blindly follow the truth, remember, nothing is true.Where others are limited by morality, humanity or law, remember, everything is permitted.We work in the dark to serve the light. We are The Foundation." -Valucrean Containment Foundation The VCF is a foundation that is tasked with the containment and if need be, concealment, of mystical, physical, supernatural or anomalous objects, beings, artifacts, relics, weapons, creatures, fauna, flora, etc that may/will/has the potential to harm any living sentient being, directly or indirectly. The Foundation has no ties with any government, country, nation or entity meaning that it cannot be prosecuted under any law whatsoever. The Foundation protects the Valucrean world from dangerous things, ranging from the individually dangerous to end of the world extinction threats. Sometimes the Foundation is not able to contain these threats and employs on help from others, lest for the world's sake than their own. (I am aware that this organization/foundation is very similar to the SCP foundation and it is indeed intentional. Imagine it as this universe's SCP foundation) Founder: [REDACTED] [REDACTED], circa [REDACTED] - Present day (Age known to be +200 years old) Current Leader: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Staff count total: +- 132 000 (Terrenus) +- 104 000 (Genessaris) +- 79 000 (Renovatio) +- [REDACTED] (Alterion) Facilities and sites: Facilities Facility 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 are located in Terrenus, Genessaris, Renovatio, and Alterion respectively, each in the near center of the respective continents with the exception of Facility-05, located on the far northern coast of Alterion to monitor the Vortex constantly (see CS-1). Each facility acts as an administrative center for the sites that are scattered throughout the regions themselves. Each site contains a CS (Containment subject) and the sites are built to be able to contain such threats. Facility 01 to 04 was built in numerical order, each facility remote from civilization and disguised to blend into the environment and the regions themselves. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Sites Each site has a similar layout to assist in constant transfers of staff members throughout different sites but is built differently to contain the threats within said sites. The sites are all of the same layout except for a key few (Namely Site-19, site-239 and site-876). They all are built as a groundscraper, reaching a depth of 1.5 km, divided to the HCU, LCU, and CCU which takes up 20%, 70% and 10% of the depth of the groundscraper respectively. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Background: [REDACTED] See incident OS-92
  12. Today
  13. Please feel free to reach out to me directly as well if you have questions or want to run an idea by me. 😄
  14. Idk man it doesn't feel like it'll happen. Dali and Kholin legit will not take a king. We know Kholin will separate if they don't get their way. Well two can play at that game.
  15. Other shows definitely have better stories but OK KO makes me laugh quite a bit
  16. I don't think it'd change any more than it would with a straight monarchy, based on what I'm seeing of the options. Main difference I suppose is a straight monarchy could take it away even more willy-nilly than a republic could. Depending on how people post in the next day or two, I might have Abigail be the one to suggest the compromise (which would include both the monarchy, in sort of a hybrid between the British "figurehead king" and the American "president/executive branch", and the republic, as Dali proposes). But I'll see what people do first.
  17. Hmmmm, we'll see what happens when we put it up for a vote. Right now we know for a fact that Kholin and Dali want a republic and Uldwar wants a Monarchy. It's safe to say this is very much going to determine not just the future, but the shape of UM from here on out.
  18. Sounds great! Thanks! Really gives me insight on how to give my first interaction 😄 I suppose all we can do now is wait for Garion to make his post 🙂
  19. Could you imagine runners in the Olympics legitimately getting their gold medals by kicking other runners in the knees? Hilarious but yeah, I'll bury you buddy Per the above post w/ Tyler about people keeping their holdings, I don't necessarily see that being the case. But if it must be so then I imagine something like rather than having to acquire new land again and duplicating your effort, your stake for land would just be moved laterally to a new, nearby location so everyone can be happy and stable But yeah I think it'll be chill
  20. On a serious note though, doing the whole Republic thing would mean giving up all the land I worked for to the Feds since I did it to expand Port Mars. Since Port Mars would be part of the Federal Government instead of in the Uldwars name, that would mean that technically Uldwars don't get that land and would have to start acquiring land elsewhere for them to own privately instead of just in terms of territory in a feudal system?
  21. Sorry m8, but when you expand the market for anyone to have power, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the edge, even if it means tripping the other guy up.
  22. I don't know how this has or would have worked in the really real IRL but this is a great example to me of going with what makes sense for the players too and not just the characters. I have zero interest in dwindling existing holdings because hey, we all earned our land man gtfo me. I don't think any single player has more than two dozen square miles, which is pretty substantial but nothing that would destroy UM or alienate the NPC citizens imo. So that should remain intact Governance of their territories should as well but under a "federal"/republic umbrella. Which is to say you remain the de facto head of your house and territory, your resources and personnel, but if you wanted to say indiscriminately kill or torture people, the fact that you're doing it on your land is no longer a safety screen LOLs aside from "history repeats itself", I will say that this kind of thing would be a mix of good and bad. It'd be fine to start and fund private schools as a way to gain/retain a competitive edge but actively working to keep funding down in public schools would be a violation of the (imaginary) charter since you would clearly be working against the public interest by doing so. So focus more on pushing yourself to excel, and less on trying to cut other people's feet out from under them, and you should be fine
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