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    Hi. I’m Csl. I’m looking for players to create characters for Significant, Important Canon Positions for two cities in Taen, essentially acting as OOC and IC lieutenants for these places in the board + a handful of other opportunities for this newly-revamped location. This is Taen: Taen is a world within a world, a spatial peculiarity tucked among the folds of Terrenus’ Blue Hills. It is a land of unknowns, a paradoxical mingling of strange, old magic and new phenomena from distant, alien worlds. This vastness of untamed, unmapped wilderness is rife with mystery. The forest paths double in on themselves, and the trees change places when you blink. Take a shovel to the desert sands and you’ll soon hit spacecraft metal. There are dead stars in the mountains and sleeping behemoths in the swamps. This is the corpse of an old world. Its dreams are wild, hungry creatures. Its whispers call forth feral things from beyond reality’s horizons. This is the crossroads of the wild and wondrous, a convergence for all things strange and surreal. Taen’s settlements resemble frontier towns in form and culture— small bubbles of civilization surrounded by the wilderness of a new world. Travel is rare (and often dangerous), and it’s necessary to band together against Taen’s dangers, creating tight-knit communities (Think Stranger Things crossed with Gravity Falls, Welcome to Nightvale, and a heavy dose of the Cthulhu Mythos.) Taen just got a brand new lore article, four brand new cities, and several boatloads of fresh, delicious opportunities waiting to be snapped up by eager writers. Let’s get to the specifics. Canon Positions There are three "major" cities in Taen: Lunaris, Arcturon, and Kuiperal. While under the authority of the Veluriyam Empire, each is ruled independently by a governor. I’m looking for players to play the Governors of Arcturon and Kuiperal. This will entail some IC and OOC responsibilities, but also carry a few perks! The governor character should be a resident of their city. Arcturon is your typical urban metropolis with a Suspicious Science Research Facilty at its outskirts. Designed to be Taen's main research hub, Arcturon became a haven for scientists, inventors and other like-minded individuals. Opportunity abounds for those who seek to understand the land’s strange phenomena and develop technology — organic, modern and magical — to benefit its inhabitants. Kuiperal is a small military outpost-turned-adventurer-town. It was founded as a lookout for Xer’Orians and other dangers originating in the mountains. Over time, a small town developed around the outpost: a rest stop for adventurers and explorers heading westward. Playing a governor character would entail the following perks and responsibilities IC Your character gets included as a Notable Individual in the lore article of their city You’ll be able to build and create on the foundations of the city’s lore - holding events, passing laws, etc. Post your own quests Character becomes a notable individual in the Veluriyam Empire OOC, you’ll be partially responsible for driving activity in your city. I’m looking for someone who’s (reasonably) active, proactive and very open to collaborating with others. Post below or PM me if you’re interested. New and old members alike are welcome to apply! I may update this with some sort of audition system, such as posting a one-page thread with your governor candidate, depending on the response this check gets. not interested in becoming a Governor? Worry not, dear friend, for there are plenty of Other things you can do in Taen See Opportunities in Taen for a full list of things to do. I like long-term storylines and player involvement- if you have any ideas, don’t be shy to reach out! Find refuge from the chaos plaguing mainland Terrenus! Plagues, the destruction of entire megacities, body-snatching aliens-- Terrenus isn’t a great place to live in, these days. Migrate to Taen, where refugees are welcomed with open arms, food shortages are nonexistent, and the government is headed by a black-eyed Empress who may be more ancient and horrifying than the land itself. SUGGESTED ROLES → Explorers pursuing knowledge of the land → Mercenaries, sellswords, and soldiers → Merchants, entrepreneurs and establishment owners → Organic technology mages and engineers Start a coffee shop in Lunaris! Murder some psionic wasp-men in Kuiperal! Join the City Watch and take on quests, keeping your hometown safe from the faceless dangers that lurk in the woods! You can also take things to the next level and create an organization/establishment such as the firearms shop Mil Dot Lunaris and the drug-dealing crime group, the Wild Hearts. Explore and discover lore! Taen is an open-world setting designed to support nearly any lore element-- just make sure to run ideas through me before trying to canonize anything huge! Trek to the blank places across the map, push the boundaries of our knowledge, and have your name written in history. Examples of setting elements you can canonize include: → Landmarks and geological features - Taen is full of mysterious, marvelous places. → Cities, settlements, and buildings - build them, found them, discover them, drag them in from other worlds → Plant and animal species - Include your findings in the Taen Book of Beasts → Metamaterials - alien ores, fossilized skeletons, magic-infused minerals, dangerous glowing rocks, and more. Get funding for your research project of questionable ethics! Khartes is the Veluriyam Empire’s research and development institution. Their headquarters, Site Coeus, is located in Taen’s Arcturon city. They’re quite generous with research grants, backing everything from moss processing techniques to solar-powered weapon systems. Site Coeus currently houses the following research centers: → Sansiuk Research Center (SaRC) – studies worldrift magic phenomenon, currently running a project that aims to develop a program that can predict the appearance of worldrift portals. → Talika Technology Development Center (TalDev) – aims to further understand the mechanisms of creating organic technology through wildlight. → Taen Exploration Committee (TEC) – a group that facilitates expeditions to properly map Taen, catalogue its flora and fauna, and understand its anomalous properties. It also promotes understanding of Taen’s Genius Loci. Have a research project you want canonized? Want a scientist character to work for a mildly threatening government research facility? Reply below with your ideas, or pm me for more private conniving :)) Start a plot! Have some grand, long-term storyline you’d like to set in motion? Want Taen as the background of a lovecraftian nightmare, an alien invasion, or the return of an ancient civilization? Taen is a setting that can support nearly any genre and storyline, from sci-fi to steampunk to dark fantasy. Plots have a better chance of approval if they: Encourage user participation (e.g., it gives other players roles to fill and events to join) Generate opportunities Does not conflict too greatly with Taen’s existing lore Take up a Quest! Check the Taen Quest Index for a list of spicy new quests. Here’s a few particularly interesting ones: ▸Age of the Triassic Reports have surfaced about reptilian behemoths living in a rocky fernland in the north, between Sierra Ossa and the Wetlands. Investigate, catalogue whatever species you encounter, and report back to Khartes. Requirements: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 1+ players Reward: Be the first to discover a new creature-- Saurians. Further rewards negotiable - PM Csl for details. Status: Available ▸Suspended in resin A half-submerged mound of amber has been discovered deep in the Wetlands. Peering into the golden rock reveals unnerving shadows trapped within. The Taen Exploration Committee is paying adventurers willing to unearth the amber secrets. Requirements: 1+ page (16+ posts), 1+ player Reward: Obtain a significant amount of a new metamaterial, mycenic amber. Further rewards negotiable - PM Csl for details. Status: Claimed by @Godspell Feel free to drop any questions or PM me about any of the above ^_^ Make sure to include @danzilla3 in any pms that are to be sent. EDIT: Danzilla has added an addendum about Totenborough below --> click here to be redirected to his reply or read the quote below.
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    Tookie's Tantalizing Tales

    Now you see, Tookie was a masterful storyteller. His one and only book, Tantalizing Tales, has stayed atop the bestseller charts eons before they existed. It tells tales of a world horrible and beautiful, it fables the monsters that have come and gone and will come again in due time. The future and the past of the world has already been inscribed into its pages. But unfortunately, it seems the world has forgotten of it’s essence, at the word of 80 year old bearded virgins. Though if one wishes to drink of Tookie’s wisdom, It is never too far. It sits on the shelf of any child worth their salt, clad not in leather but in magic in awe. So are you ready to discover the wonderful world of Valucre through new eyes? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -x- I want to create an official in-world book full of fairy tales. We can do this through an assortment of roleplays throughout all of Valucre (mostly in the past). We can experiment with timelines, races, settings etc (eg: Create a floating town 500 years in the past inhibited by walking tomatoes) We can add to the lore or build and strengthen existing lore. We can create fabled characters in Valucre canon! (WOOOAH! Have you heard about the treasures of Dudely the dudewrecker?!) Any genre goes. We can have lots of fun. Once we’re done with each thread, we will water it down and glorify it’s events and turn it into a nice little fairytale or a really dark one! Who knows? And though I can’t promise if I have the time I will do some cool graphics for it. This is an all out experimental endeavour, I want to break the conventional rp structure and see what else can we do. All ideas, questions and criticisms are welcome! I’d like to start off the first tale with 3-4 other people. Anyone interested in helping with the overall project is also welcome and should DM me. *Name of the book is subject to change. Let's go! :D
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    "WTF KARINA!" I know, I know. I say I'm going to come back and then completely drop off the face of the earth and for that I am mucho sorries. Things kind of got a little hectic for me and my attention was drawn to other things. I applied for about 1000 jobs and out of those I got 999 interviews, where one job forgot about the interview and tried to push it two days later, wasting my time completely. The rest went well, I interviewed and dazzled them with my brilliance. One job hired me on the spot and the rest I was waiting for my background check to clear and see what they have to say. All in all, I was stupid busy with job hunting and I started orientation this week and worked my first shift yesterday. On top of that amazingness that's all titties, school started for me. I have two classes this round -sob- that request I write about 4 essays each for the next six weeks. I don't know why, I guess it's because the college supplies the Professors pay with students tears and frustration, I dunno. My hard work has paid off there though, my graduation date changed from February to TADA! DECEMBER of this year. Cue panic/excited/exhausted/omg mode. I have a job now, but that won't change my soon-to-be activity here on Valucre. I only work 15 hours a week and they're morning shifts to boot, plus Avalynn has been in daycare for about three weeks now and that has freed up my Monday thru Friday from 630am-5pm. I get my schoolwork done ASAPRocky and have some hefty free time on my hands. THAT SAID, I won't be reappearing until late next week. I am getting acclimated to my upcoming work schedule and working out how it'll jive with my schooling. I miss you nerds tho, so have this heart <3 to hold you over until I get back.
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    something heinous a w a k e n s. . . Hello everyone, Vielle here (representing @Wade too!) ❤️ Anyone up for a little D&D-style dungeon delving? As stated before, I’ve made quests for Vanora and wanted to try my hand at GM-ing some of them. After bouncing ideas back and forth with Wade, I figured this particular quest would be the one to start things out, and so here’s a quest to be co-GMed by myself and Wade 😊 I won’t lie—I’ve been greatly inspired by @OBELUS's CYOA-esque thread and its story mechanics, and also by @Jotnotes’ fabulous dungeon-threads, and so will be borrowing some elements from them as well as from the love of my gaming life Dungeons & Dragons in order to create this system of play-writing. The premise: A collapse in the streets of Vanora reveal a hidden underwater grotto with an extensive cave network. City officials are willing to pay for the exploration of the caves after an initial search of the shallow areas has recovered some long lost treasure from the era of the Queendom. The party’s objective is to explore the grotto and bring back whatever treasures and information they can find. But of course, nothing valuable is so easily given, and something is stirring in that musty darkness. . . The rules are simple: Speed is da wae. Brevity rules ftw! I don’t mind if people take some time to post, but I’d definitely appreciate a little more speed for this one 😊 Two days before skipping is in play here, unless circumstances prevent posting, in which case let us know in the OOC thread! Be curious. This is most definitely an exploration-focused adventure quest (with a dash of combat on the side). We won’t be giving up clues all willy-nilly, and so proactive interaction with each other and the environment is key to success. Who knows what mysteries and shiny things you’ll find? 👀 Roll to determine success. When it comes to traps, perception checks, and certain event triggers/prompts, we’ll be asking for dice rolls to determine what happens to your characters. Fate is unpredictably fun that way 😉 One last thing: This quest is part one of the A Darkness Beneath narrative questline, and so the events of this thread will be the foundation for the upcoming quests and plotlines that will spawn from its completion. You can choose to stick around for whatever comes next, or go on to continue your tales elsewhere: whichever floats your boat! 😊 Optimally, we’re looking for 2-4 writers to join us! The IC and OOC thread will be up by Wednesday next week, after which recruitment will be closed. If anyone is interested, please let us know here or in a PM! ❤️ . . . in the darkened world b e l o w.
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    Acrophobia (Nightmare Realm 2:2B)

    Fidelitas did not back away from Barristan’s challenge; in fact, he leaned closer and glowered at the other man. “Can you fly?” he spoke, in a mocking voice. “How about you?” The second statement was issued to Murray. “No? I reckon not.” He snapped his head back towards Barristan. “You didn’t see how closely they were barricading the other end of the bridge,” he said. “It would have taken seconds for them to cut the rope. Seconds.You kill one, another two would take its place. You’d be dead even before you had a chance to reach the last man there,” he pointed at the Norkotian who had brought up the rear of his squad. “And what could you do if you reached? Throw your sword twenty feet at them?” It was ridiculous for them to accuse that he had ruined their chances. They had none in the first place. “I would think I have ensured your standing here right now rather than lying in pieces at the bottom of the valley.” Did they think he liked to negotiate with the foul creatures? It was to give them a possible way out than to condemn them all to wasteful deaths. He would have said more, but Ilene’s rational voice cutting in had a somewhat calming effect. “I doubt they would have waited for us to send an arsenal over,” Fidelitas replied, “but I agree that I could have sent the message earlier.” The shimmering in the air, and the fact that the harpies did not respond to Ilene’s plan, indicated that Volke’s magic seemed to be working. Fidelitas nodded to Ilene. “Exactly. I was thinking that whoever is allowed to cross the bridge goes back to bring help, but if your war elephant and Shadow Guards make it across, it will be ideal if we can end this now.” The thought did briefly cross his mind that Ilene might abandon them once she crossed the bridge, but he shook the thought away. Gormaric was trustworthy, and his associates must be so by extension. Nevertheless, he turned to Murray. Whatever the cowboy was, a disloyal leader he was not. “Murray, I would like you to go with her. Fight for your men; fight for all of us.” Next, the paladin motioned Charlie over. “You’re going to be useful now. Go with me to as the ‘tribute’, and we’ll burn down their precious nests.” His gaze then fell on Barristan. “You wanted to charge them? Now, I’m giving you an opportunity to prove yourself. Come with us, and we’ll see how much of a fighter you are.” “Dan Palmer,” he addressed the young man, “I’ll be counting on you to find another way out if we fail. The rest of you, standby for a signal to cross the bridge to join us in battle.” “I have one more request,” Fidelitas’ eyes swept over all of those present until he found the machine that followed Soryn. “You, journalist - sorry I forgot your name - will you let your robot follow us across and record everything? I will find an opportunity to open the door on the other side to let it through. In the case that none of us make it..” he paused gravely. “At least someone who finds it will be warned about what happened today.” “Any objections?” he asked.
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    desolate milkshake

    Is Valucre Flat?

    No, it's flat. Don't listen to this Rounder propaganda.
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    Meraxa's Gallery of Commissions

    I have a bad feeling about this...
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    Garden of Nede

    -:- Geography -:- Nede is a floating island divided into 5 sections with four of them making up the outer shores of the island, while the fifth is landlocked at its center. Each section maintains a separate environment that is dictated by the Demon Tower. The River of Eden flows throughout the entire island, dropping off in a waterfall fashion down to mix back into the ocean below. No one as of yet understand where the water in the river originates from, but myths of the island say it is from the well of eternal youth. Section 1 - Desolation: The first second is a barren wasteland containing nothing but small mountains and burnt forests. When one arrives in the land of Desolation, all you see is sand for miles on end. It was once the home of Dazir, the god of destruction and creation. The one who rules the Demon Tower of Desolation will be able to use those powers to take and add to this divine desert. Section 2 - Oceania: The second section of Nede is a large lake with multiple small islands spanning it's length. Underneath is the lake is a maze of tunnels that lead to and around the section's Demon Lord Tower. Sea Monsters of varying strength live in the large lake, with increasing strength the closer you get to the Demon Lord Tower. Section 3 - Ice Nation: The third section is an arctic with no living creatures in its territory. The creatures that wander the land are all undead, corrupted by powerful ice magic. The closer you get to the section's Demon Lord Tower, the cold it becomes until finally hitting -80 degrees Celsius. It's rumored that roars can be heard from those who tempt the Ice Nation of extraordinarily strong Ice Demons that hunt, kill, and then eat any intruders. Section 4 - Draconia: The land of ancient demon dragons. Although the land itself is rather normal, maintaining environments you'd see in every day life, in this section it's the creatures themselves that try to kill you. At the top of the food chain is the Demon Dragon Lord, the one who rules and executes. Both of it's mountain ranges, the north and the south, are home to thousands of dragons, all waiting to feast upon the flesh of mortals trespassing on the divine lands. Section 5 - Avarice: The King's Land. While the other sections have a Demon Lord Tower, Avarice has the Demon King's Tower. Them who rules the King's Tower, becomes the Divine Land's Avarice; "the creator" in the language of the divine. It's unknown what lies in the King's Tower, but in order to enter it, one must have obtained control over at least one Demon Lord Tower. South of the Demon King's Tower is an old city, now ruins, that used to be the home of gods and goddesses long before Tellus Mater and Gaianism were thoughts. There many suspect lay the homes of equally ancient artifacts and weapons, though none of have been discovered as of yet. Nede is located a few hundred miles north of Nehalen, hovering above the oceans at approximately the same height as the country. Although it is roughly a fifth the size of Nehalen, it is completely empty of mortal life. The only signature coming off the island, is that of divinity and undead. *Disclaimer: The size of Nede is currently undefined, but is considered to be part of Renovatio. Also Nede is not to scale. Just general placement. -:- Religion -:- Avarism: The belief that the Avarice is the one true God and that the Avarice is somewhere among the populace of Nede. They simply must be found. Many prayers will also go to Abel, the one God thought to have survived the divine massacre eons ago. Some, though rarer, will still pray to Adam and Eve, believing them to still rule and watch over them in a world above even the upper worlds. Government -:- Avarice: The Demon King or Queen. The Creator. The one who stands above all others. The one who controls the Demon King's Tower has override control of the Demon Lord Towers and has full control over Nede to do with it what they will. In other words, a God. Demon Lord: The second most powerful beings in Nede, Demon Lords are either generals to the Demon King or are candidate Demon Kings. A third is possible, though unlikely, where someone becomes a Demon Lord in order to destroy the other Demon Lords. This third option is only possible while the Avarice Seat is empty. Demon Seconds: The right hands of the active Demon Lords and the ones who inherit the Demon Lord throne under any circumstance in which the Demon Lord is no longer able to maintain their position. This can be a son, daughter, friend, stranger, anyone they choose. The Avarice does not get a Demon Second. -:- History -:- In a time before recordings or memory, Nede was a continent millions of acres long. It stood in its own plane, Gods and Goddesses moving in and out of dimensions in order to manipulate and rule lesser beings as they pleased. It was considered Divine. Untainted and incorruptible. Two beings ruled above the rest; beings of power so mighty that their existence shaped the workings of billions of lower world faiths. The God was Adam and the Goddess was Eve. Adam and Eve had three children: Cain, Abel, and Lilith. One of the Gods, Michael, was jealous of Adam as he'd long since coveted Eve for her power of creation. In anger he attacked their children, but failed in his attempt to kill them. Instead Lilith and Cain were launched out of Nede and into a lower world, never to be seen from again. Abel, on the other hand, grew in the shadow of Michael's hatred. In the presence of a tainted, mortal emotion. As he grew into his immortal power, his mind was corrupted into that of a mortal and the distinction forced him into madness. The Gods and Goddesses of Nede were killed off one at a time by the hatred in Abel, until finally there was no one left in Nede except for Demons- malevolent entities which bore existence from the hatred of Abel and the terror of the dead divinity. Then, recently, the Grand Kommadant of Renovatio declared an evisceration of all their gods and goddesses. An ambitious goal. A difficult goal. But one that she accomplished nonetheless. However, the Universe must have a balance of good and evil. Of right and wrong. Of weak and powerful. So what happens when a world loses its gods and goddesses? Something equally dangerous comes to town.
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    Technically the term is aristocrat but same banana. Changes are sweeping Ursa Madeum. No longer under the rule of a foreign empire, the nobles have taken back control of the kingdom, creating a council and crowning a new monarch. Some say this is a step away from the time of kings and queens, where power is wielded by one and easily abused. At the same time, a new Queendom rises in the North-- once-House Hildebrand has separated from Ursa Madeum’s new rulers. Tensions are high. Some whisper the nobles have simply been waiting to seize full power of the kingdom all along. Some murmur about the new elvin king - didn’t the old Tyrant King have good reason to order the massacre of that race? The island of Misral remains devastated by the eruption of Mount Egon. Pirates continue to plague the waters, and now strange reports of sea beasts cast fear on coastal folk. Amidst the tumult of the new government finding its footing, the spotlight moves to a different group - the aristocracy. Richer than the commoners, less powerful than the nobles, it is perhaps the aristocrats who have most to gain in these times. Two noble houses have fallen - two power vacuums, perhaps even two seats to be filled in in the fancy new council. As the Great Houses’ game of thrones come to a lull, the “lesser nobles” take the stage. The fight for power, security, or riches continues, in whatever form it takes -- trade deals, poisoned wine, arranged marriages, blackmail, cursed blades, and more. Perhaps some wish to claim their place as nobility. Others may wish to ally with one of the great noble houses, becoming a loyal vassal. Yet others may bear grudges against the king, or against the Noble Houses in the council. The wheel continues to turn. Welcome back to Ursa Madeum. BECOME AN ARISTOCRATIC HOUSE To apply as an aristocratic house, fill out the form below and PM to @Csl and @danzilla3 for approval. Name: Overview: Brief description of the family, what goals/plans they have, where they stand in UM society. Members: Include the head of the family. Estate, domain, holdings: Where do they live? What properties (land, resources, businesses, etc.) do they own? History: Important periods are the time of Queen Analea, the reign of the Tyrant-King and the Veluriyam occupation. There will be 5 slots for aristocratic houses for now. I may add more if there’s enough interest. Two (or more) of the accepted aristocratic will be granted noble house status after a period of time. This will need to happen in-character as well, and may be stopped depending on IC happenings. If you have any ideas for plots unrelated to aristocratic houses, feel free to post below! JOIN AN EXISTING NOBLE HOUSE → House Dali - Want to join a noble house? → House Karradeen - PM @Tyler →House Kholin - PM @King → House Hildebrand / The Queendom of Svanhild - PM @vielle OTHER STUFF → Opportunities in Ursa Madeum → Ursa Madeum Quests Notably, a ghost ship is up for grabs in a quest for any aspiring pirates. Check it out!
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    Spurred in by a discussion in the chatbox, I was thinking we could perhaps discuss, concoct, and create an idea as to what sort of literature pervades the world of Valucre, from its great epics to scandalous erotica, and deep (though questionably researched) histories to eye-watering satire. Whether or not such a thread had already been done, I know not, so let's begin! As an example: The Fool's Guide to Surviving as a Creature of the Night: A handbook first printed in Tia some decades ago, widely sought after in vampiric circles the world over. It ascribes methods and handy tricks for all manner of bloodsucker, allowing them to adjust and adapt to both their state of being, and the world they inhabit, where it may not always be so readily welcoming. A Holiday in Orisia: Among the most widely sold works of adult fiction in the known world. It is, ironically, absolutely banned in its supposed setting, though not for the fact it depicts it with nothing regarding accuracy whatsoever. Rather, for the fact that it contains an unsolicited - and rather salacious - depiction of the island's Queen, even if in a secondary role. Rumours abound as to the exact inspirations for its lead characters, given such.
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    The Skar Clan, newcomers to Terrenus proper, and the official denizens of the Forgotten Woods, have finally flushed the faefolk from the woods. Now, with room and food, their numbers grow fast--terrifyingly so, and their underground tunnels grow far and deep now. However, the Skaven are not along in this development, as a small trading town has erupted just above the tunnels--and this town is only growing larger and larger as more folk attempt to settle there. This poses problems for the Skaven and humans alike, as soon they will not be able to sustain the entire population. While they wait for farms to develop and produce, the Skaven and their companions must make do with what they can find--and steal. Of course, raiding and conquering is potentially profitable business for all involved. So, when Lars--the Quartermaster and Mayor of Nesthome--put out the request for scouts, word spread quite quickly. What kind of word? Well, all sorts. Some declare this an act of war, as the Skaven make preparations to invade the rest of Terrenus. Others believe this is a grand opportunity to explore. Regardless, there's a good bit of coin involved, for those willing to bloody their hands for a rapidly growing swarm of ratmen. This thread will focus on a small group of companions, with an equally small company of skaven taskmasters. These ratmen have been instructed to scout the world beyond the forgotten woods, identify ideal targets to sack and raid, and mark them somehow. Adventurers are encouraged to help however they can, be it through raiding the towns themselves, trying to scare off the folk living there, or whatever they see fit. Adventurers will be compensated for their efforts, which will also dramatically shape the scope of the Skaven's territory from here on in.
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    Really silly hypothetical...

    From a thing I asked in the chat room. Thought it was worth making into it's own thread: So imagine if every Val user was suddenly teleported onto Val, but with this caveat: They get turned into whatever their avatar depicts. For most of us, this will just be our characters. Like I'd be Erin. And nobody would be able to tell the difference IC... But there are a few of us who would be far more... interesting. A few examples... Supes would be a statue. (Damn man, that sucks...) Jotnotes would be an anime girl with an ever shifting face and a drooling problem. Die Shize would be an archery target... thing... Amenities would have have his consciousness split between a wolf and a mouse. That'd get complicated quickly. And Dolor would just be a mass of blackness with a pair of beedy little eyes in its midst. Sorta like this... I mean uh... Anyway, alright community, let's see what ya'll would be!
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    I've been in and out in the RP scene the past two years after a lengthy run. However, lately after my very first D&D experience I've gotten a strong urge to dive back into roleplay and every time I think about a community to reside in, Valucre instantly comes to mind. So with a fresh character, my little Mephistopheles Tiefling, I wanna jump back into the adventurous fray. Feels good to be back. 😆
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    House Morlog of Ursa Madeum

    Name: House Morlog Overview: House Morlog stands low on any list of influential houses. They are a poor, half-forgotten lineage. Years ago, they were rejected as pariahs on account of a terrible curse in their blood. Nowadays the curse is mostly forgotten outside of their family estate, though its dark shadow still looms over the family's current head, Lamius Morlog. Members: Lamius Morlog, head and only surviving member of the house. He is staffed by 30 or so attendants. Estate, domain, holdings: House Morlog is based in a small mansion at the foot of the mountains in central Corinth. They live alongside ~200 villagers who serve the house in a feudal manner. History: House Morlog was never a great house, but it was certainly more powerful in its past than it is today. Many years ago, Morlog men were consider to be skilled soldiers and warleaders. Through the many phases of regional history, Morlogs led armies on behalf of less martially minded noble families, navigating through the complex webs of alliances not with guile, but with loyal service and efficacy in battle. Because they tied their fortunes to more powerful houses, they rose and fell frequently and rarely held sway for very long. Their ultimate doom began during the reign of the Tyrant King, when the head of the house, Meduron Morlog, butchered a family of mystics who had spoken against the royal family. Meduron was struck by the dying curse of one of his victims, and became instantly blinded with rage. He turned on his own men and was killed by them in the field. His curse quickly passed to his offspring, each of whom grew appallingly cruel, angry, confused and violent. The Morlogs were quickly written off as an insane family, and were cut off from high society. They retreated back to their lowly village to lord over their unfortunate smallfolk as local villains. And so, in the perils of the Tyrant King's rein, the Morlogs were all but forgotten. Yet now, the family's last son emerges, still caught by the evil curse which destroyed his house. Whether he will prove a benefit to his country or merely a bloody end to his line is yet to be determined.
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    SOOOO! I finally cosplayed for the first time ever and I had THE MOST AWESOME TIME at Florida ComicCon! I went as my elf Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisiton. I'm hoping to reappear at DragonCon ❤️ Here are a couple pics of me and some of my favorite cosplayers. There were TONS of Kingpins, but this was my favorite one! Childhood right here I saw this and laughed! He was a great dude.
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    Public AFV Thread

    Without going into too many details, we had an armed robbery at our store earlier this evening. To say I'm okay would be a hilarious, bold faced lie. Going to be taking the next week off to...compose myself, for lack of better words. Next level terror has wrecked me in ways I didn't think was possible. @SteamWarden I will hopefully get that IC for Kyros up by the end of the week. @King Obviously take your time in responding, I am definitely not going anywhere. ❤️ @danzilla3 I will get to your reply first next week. You've got the boss cap on till I get back. @Twitterpated @ODSTDRAGON @Akako Akari @Trexasle I will do my best not to fall behind with Jade and Kirena. @Infernal We'll stay in touch, promise.
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    Public AFV Thread

    Unexpected irl stuff came up. I'm going on hiatus starting today. I was already planning to take a break from Valucre for a while but it looks like that's happening sooner than expected. I've learned the hard way in my first year of college that it's hard to juggle a serious creative hobby like val, personal wellness, and good grades. My class starts again on August 6 and I'll officially be on valcation (heh) then. How long the cslhiatus will last, I'm not sure- two weeks at least, until December at most. I might drop in occasionally for board leader responsibilities but I'll be very gone for the most part. Until Aug 6, I'll try to be check val on mobile and will do my best to finish the following before I disappear completely: Ophiuchus godslaying thread Port Sun revamp Ursa Madeum watercooler post Allied Nations of Terrenus lore article Veluriyam military article Please forward all Veluriyam/Taen/UM canonization requests to @danzilla3. Remember to tag him in canonization posts! Vielle will inevitably update me on what's going on in valucre so I might reappear with a fire axe in case of emergencies. I might work on lore and thread storms offsite, ( @Malintzin Kasnivale has not been forgotten!) and will try to be reachable through discord-- though no guarantees. Csl will return... eventually.
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    With a grunt and sheer force of will, Leo dragged himself out of the nightmare visions caused by the banshee screams. He took in the situation; everyone was in a grim place, but none so grim as the one facing the Norkortian SQUAAAD. They were the only people capable of securing the path away from the horrible buzzsaw monster, yet they were surrounded by disgusting flaming corpses. A quick calculation ran through his mind as he determined how he could best aid his compatriots in their survival. The answer, of course, was to take his shirt off. Nothing else really occurred to him. "Friends!" he called out to the Norkortians, "Let the beauty of Gaia inspire you!" He struck a pose, intending to let his rippling muscles escape the bounds of his vest and bring hopefulness to the embattled soldiers. Sadly, his muscles had cooled off during his lengthy period of inaction, and he hadn't properly stretched again. What is this, you ask? Stretching? Does the mighty lion of the savanna take time to do stretches before it chases and pounces upon the tasty gazelle? Of course not. That's why the incidence of back and groin sprains in lions is so high. A hot, tearing sensation laced its way across Leo's shoulder. "OW! FUCK! Seriously??" he groaned. Alas, he didn't have time to dig out his ice pack. The SQUAAD was doomed if he couldn't pull through. Gritting his teeth against the pain, he tried again. He flexed like his life depended on it -- ignoring the searing agony in his deltoid -- and his vest shredded under the pressure of his expanding muscles. He posed, his face a stoic mask in spite of his injury, and he could see the light in the Squaaad's eyes as they beheld such an awe-inspiring spectacle and lifted their weapons with renewed vigor. They'd be fine.
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    desolate milkshake

    Is Valucre Flat?

    Look at that Rounder demagogue dare to call danzilla3 "untrue," when he is the most untruthful of all. Such brazen proclamations of anecdotal, alleged space travel to silent innocent advocates of authentic planetary science cannot go unpunished. I say we round-up all of these inciters of heresy and flatten them before it's too late.
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    Is Valucre Flat?

    I heard the globe was faked in an art studio.
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    Jungle Pig Kill Fest

    Nobody knows exactly how, but pigs have invaded the pocket dimension of Taen a long time ago, and have since adapted quite well to living in the Moss Forest. In the past, Rixnaurs, Garanthas, Mork'Outh, and especially Zkriz'kas kept their numbers in check. Did the settlement of the dimension by sapeint humandoids, the Xer-Orians, or something else allow their population to explode? Who knows? All I know is that they're now a fucking nuisance and need to die! Jungle pigs are doing the same thing more "normal" pigs do everywhere else: destroy crops, damage property, and ravage native life. Jungle pigs though, have camouflaging fur and can climb trees, so they're also devouring native tree fruit like a fat neckbeard at a buffet, and are mean and aggressive enough to fight, and collectively take down rixaurs, garanthas, xer-orians, and are in a vicious territorial war with the Zkriz'ka population; the pigs currently have the upper hand. The very ecosystem of Taen could be at stake! Now that the problem has very visibly hit Lunaris, Thurgood and Aveline Singlance, owners of the Mil Dot Lunaris, are sponsoring a massive, no-illusion-of-a-limit-whatsoever, pig hunt, offering prizes for the most dead-jungle-pig weight, specials on arms and ammunition, and food made from the jungle pigs (including smoked sausage, thick-cut smoked bacon, barbecued ribs, pulled-pork, all sorts of ham dishes, etc. Let the hunt begin!
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    a world below [ooc]

    a world below The OOC thread for the Vanora quest A World Below. Follow this thread for discussions, help, and out-of-game GM prompts! ic thread The premise: A collapse in the streets of Vanora reveal a hidden underwater grotto with an extensive cave network. City officials are willing to pay for the exploration of the caves after an initial search of the shallow areas has recovered some long lost treasure from the era of the Queendom. The party’s objective is to explore the grotto and bring back whatever treasures and information they can find. But of course, nothing valuable is so easily given, and something is stirring in that musty darkness. . . the cast: Bretakollr [@Jotnotes] Rhys Vollerkries [@danzilla3] Coco [@sheep] Khakina Khatun [@Thotification] Molly Wolfsoul [@Infernal] Captain Elliot Kessler [@Wade] Here are the rules again! Speed is da wae. Brevity rules ftw! I don’t mind if people take some time to post, but I’d definitely appreciate a little more speed for this one 😊 Two days before skipping is in play here, unless circumstances prevent posting, in which case let us know down here! Be curious. This is most definitely an exploration-focused adventure quest (with a dash of combat on the side). We won’t be giving up clues all willy-nilly, and so proactive interaction with each other and the environment is key to success. Who knows what mysteries and shiny things you’ll find? 👀 Roll to determine success. When it comes to traps, perception checks, and certain event triggers/prompts, we’ll be asking for dice rolls to determine what happens to your characters. Fate is unpredictably fun that way 😉 For posting order, methinks we could go for a loose one? Anyone can post whenever but not more than once in one round? 😊 Everyone can get their first posts in to establish the loose posting order and then we can be on our way~!
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    a world below [quest]

    a world below ambience ooc chat Never before has Ser Alfred imagined he would see the day that a proper adventuring group should assemble again on the shores of Vanora, and in his own lifetime, of all things. “Praise the gods, I suppose,” he mumbles under his breath as he strides closer to the people assembled around the gaping hole in the city streets, armor clanking as he walks, silver gleaming under the hot tropical sun. The bricks crackle under his footfall, broken chunks left from the aftermath of the street collapse a few days ago. It is not an isolated incident; they’ve had plenty of similar instances during the construction efforts to expand their borders. What is strange about this particular one, however, would have to be the treasures they’ve unearthed from the depths. The Council had been curious enough about the possible wealth lying squat underneath their very feet that they’ve called for a proper expedition party to map out the caverns below and search for more relics. The collective standing at the ready here had been the ones recruited for this very quest. He would’ve gone into the caves himself, but alas, his duty remains here at the surface. Alfred is not one for regret, but he finds he feels something very close to it at the moment. “Aye, so here we are, sirs and madams,” the knight greets the group, nodding to each and every individual gathered. “We’ve some ropes and torches here for you to use, along with other paraphernalia you might need down there.” Alfred gestures to the makeshift carts the Orchid knights have prepared, smothered with polished weaponry and wicker baskets full of adventuring tools. “Anythin’ particular we could get you before you go on your merry way?” Looking down into the hole, the sunlight streaming into the darkness reveals an underground pool. Jagged stone walls rise around the pool in what seems to be a natural cavern, hidden under the very streets you stand upon. Three thick ropes tied to nearby structures spiral down into the cave, most likely the remnants of the first group’s initial exploration. Along the edges of the hole, you can see the remains of a spiral stairway leading down the shaft. Squinting hard enough reveals the rest of the staircase in broken pieces underwater. Further ahead, you see a rocky shoreline and three stone archways leading to whatever lies beyond the darkness.
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    In the land of Taen, strange reports have been coming in from the north. Reptilian behemoths have been sighted in the region; a previously unknown species. Khartes is now in need of volunteers to investigate and catalogue any new life forms. Now, I'm not saying that you could get a dinosaur mount for completing this mission... but I'm also not, not saying that.
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    a world below [quest]

    KHAKINA "KHAKI" KHATUN The trip down was more uneventful that she had expected. Khakina's general disgust for mundane objects only made her unable to compromise with the rope thus leaving her to descend through less ropy means. Thankfully, she manage to keep her descent a tad tamer than expected as the hole has not yet collapsed on her and her companions. As her feet touched the ground, she vowed to herself that she's gonna bring a ladder next time. Jumping down the whole way is clearly not a good idea, especially to her tiny girly legs. Now that she's down in the dark with the other explorers, she found it prudent to study her surroundings. A most curious cavern but she found nothing of note yet. Perhaps it would be best if she stepped back and let others do all the work. Surely, they would not expect much from a little girl? If they do, then Khaki might have to contact this region's version of child protection services. When the others began to grumble where to go next, Khaki decided to voice her own opinion. 'You know, we could split into groups. There's more than enough people here to make two groups. More groups means we'll have more ground to cover. I presume anyone present here can hold their own. If not then we might have to send a few people back up."
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    I don't have any kids, but here is a pic of my husband and I! He is my everything and my world ❤️ And here are some pictures from our trip to Italy last year! The Roman Forum The Colloseum Island of Capri and the Mediterranean Managed to get a shot of some jelly fish too off the island of Capri..
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    a world below [quest]

    Rhys stepped off the platform and then recalled it back into Circus; the steel disk seemingly melting back into the wristband. Looking around, it seemed as though they were immediately presented with a choice between left and right. He didn't have any particular preference between directions, and so let the rest of the group decide. After the wolf tried some kind of divination without much result, it seemed they were no closer to a decision. The lioness offered a plan to keep them from getting lost, and that was when he chimed in. "I can help with that." With an effort of will, a small bead with a tiny hole in the middle flung itself off Circus and into a nearby wall. "I can track any rings I make with this. I can find our way back so long as it remains here. Since they don't disappear unless I will them to, we'll always find our way back."
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    It seemed to be the end of the line. The zombies were drawing in, and each member of the Norko team was desperately trying to reload their various weapons. The slimy remnants of Grunt were dripping off many of them, and poor Private Knox was quaking in fear at an almost comical level. Yet, all was not lost just yet. The zombies were moving slowly, perhaps briefly stunned by their previous attacks against them. "Okay knuckleheads, I'm in change again!" Deckel declared, "Let's do dis! Load and fire!" As if they needed him to tell them what to do. But at least at first, it appeared that their revived efforts were bearing fruit, as their repeated fire continued to slow down and weaken the sturdy zombies, most of which now looked like it would take only a single good blow to finish them off. But their looseness with their ammunition now had some of the members running dry, and requests from one man to another for a few spare rounds soon began to fly more than the lead did. This seemed hopeless, and the Norkotians were on the verge of despair, when a voice called to them from the hallway behind them. Were they to look back, they'd see the halfling standing beyond the zombie that blocked the door, flexing his impressive muscular physique. "Let the beauty of Gaia inspire you!" were his words, though the handful of Norkos who did believe in Gaia believed in a much different one than Leo believed in, and the rest were godless heathens who had abandoned faith and morality for the sake of their own selfish ends. Even so, what was being displayed to them was a very impressive muscle-per-inch-of-height ratio, and this prompted a variety of responses from the Norkos. Some was jealousy, some was inspiration, some of the female persuasion was just a little bit of something else we won't describe here. But regardless of whether the emotions it evoked were negative, positive or provocative, it was what SQUAAAD needed. The men (and women) steeled themselves, those who had close range weapons drew them out, and those who didn't prepared to use their guns as clubs, or their fists in the old-fashioned way. But whether they knew it or not, another form of aid had come their way, in the form of Ed's shadows. They wrapped around the battlefield, slowing and sapping at the zombies, or curling around the arms of the Norkotians and enhancing the strength with which their blows were delivered. Rotten heads, arms and legs were hacked or bashed off, while the hot, flaming bodies were beaten down into submission. To their great surprise (and probably everyone else's too), the Norkotians found themselves to be the last ones standing, while all around them was strewn gore and ash. Some of the Norko's were too dense to realize Ed's contribution, like Deckel who promptly began flexing (his non-existent muscles), but others did, and as the shadows retracted they traced the source back to Ed. They'd owe him a drink or fifty after this was all over. If they ever all got out of this hellish place alive, that is.
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    Do you prefer DMing or just RPing? Why

    For those who don't know, GM's are Game Masters. DM's are Dungeon Masters. Dungeon Masters are a somewhat downsized version of the same thing. A Board Leader might be a GM, running that whole setting and determining what standard their areas are held to. A Dungeon Master (DM) is the person running your particular story, but they can also be called GM's depending on semantics. I have a question for you. Do you like being in control of a story, determining the ebb and flow of awesomeness and letting others run wild in your world? Or do you prefer just participating and letting your character be the representation of your awesomeness? I'll give some semblance of an answer first. I love DMing! In no way do I claim to be the best at it, but I don't think there is such thing (Although we can all agree @supernal throws a great shindig). But I, as many RPers do at some point, decided that I enjoy building RP settings and coming up with interesting stuff to throw at RPers who might come there. On top of fun stuff to throw at the RPer though, I struggle to make it palatable. I enjoy something I constantly have to work at, but I also get worn out after extended periods of effort lol.. So while I enjoy the DM game, every now and then I enjoy chilling out and just RPing. If you prefer RPing, or have been deterred from/intimidated by DMing, then why?
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    Hey all. I go by Kaane. As some of you might be able to tell by the title, I'm a bit of a DnD and MtG nerd. But I've recently been missing forum roleplay, which is where my love for fantasy began...so, here I am. I'm writing a novel off and on, but honestly I find that collaborative storytelling is a fantastic break from doing it. It's nice to get outside your own head for a little bit! With all the interesting lore, talented writers, and the more freeform plot structure here, this seems like it's the perfect place to kick back in a literary sense, and I can't wait to get started! Thanks for having me, and pleased to meet everyone ^^.
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    a world below [quest]

    Exploration had always been a passion for Rhys. It was during one such jaunt into the unknown that he had acquired the mysterious artifact that was now permanently bonded to his right wrist. His penchant for adventure had landed him in trouble more than a few times, but he would never stop. The thrill of the unknown was like a siren song for him. So when a notice was sent out for people willing to explore a previously unknown underground ruin, he had jumped at the chance. On a more pragmatic note, the news of the treasures that were being discovered at said site were also quite intriguing. Gotta make a living somehow after all. While he had brought his own gear, it pleased him to see that his employers had come well prepared. The weapons didn't interest him, and neither did most of the other kit; but he did pick up a torch. He had brought his own light source, but it never hurt to have a backup. A mental command caused Circus to ripple, and a ring floated off the wristband, and then its edges expanded inward until only a tiny circle remained at the center. He stepped onto it, and willed himself into the ruin below.
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    a world below [quest]

    When Bretakollr had arrived, she'd arrived early. With nowhere else to be, the lioness had spent the majority of the day prior exploring the various marketplaces, farms and wherever else she could before showing up, sightseeing for the glory of sightseeing. She'd indulged in the height disparity between her and the other folks, occasionally gladdened to be challenged, dwarfed or matched by another wandering stranger. She'd wandered into taverns and shops, just to see what she could see, soaking up the surrounding environs. By the time she was done with all that, she wandered to the designated meeting area, where she'd ended up being the first on the scene, and acting as a sort of make-shift rally point. She wasn't hard to miss, tall as she was, and her muscled, squarish physique stood out among the waiflike folk around her for the most part. Her stern-looking flat facial-features reminiscent of that of--indeed--a lioness. By this nature, she had a while to pick over her options, and found to her great dismay that she'd probably need to either be heavier than she liked to be, by carrying more supplies, or less prepared than she'd like to be. The goods offered were of fine make, and bountiful, to the point of exaggeration. Breta grabbed a few empty vials, a mortar and pestle, and filled her belt pouches with a few important herbs she could identify from her notes. However, she quickly doubted her actions, grabbing also a length of rope, a ball of twine, and a climbing axe, but before long she doubted that choice too, and nabbed a serrated survival knife, a roll of cotton bandages, and a torch. By the time Breta had taken everything she would have liked to, she quickly realized she would be in no position to carry all of the things she'd have liked, and travel at a fair pace. To compensate, she ended up leaving behind much of it, taking only what she felt she would absolutely have to take. So, by the time the rest of the party had arrived, she had two empty bottles, the mortar and pestle, and a smattering of useful-looking herbs. She held on to the twine and bandages, but forsook the rest of her supplies in favor of a spare torch and a few day's rations. She didn't anticipate that their travels would demand too much food on their part, so she didn't try to overpack. She grabbed dried meat, and a few loaves of bread. The rest of the party made their selections too, and Breta took note of what everyone had, and whom everyone was. The wolfish woman she liked a good bit--she grabbed plenty of essentials, lots of food, and a few potions, even. That made her easy enough to look after, and one less body to worry about. Breta flashed her a dazzling, roguish grin as they passed one another. The other one, the smaller girl, was a little harder to predict. She felt over everything, touching it all as a very small child might. In the end, however, she only grabbed some rations, and a few emergency supplies, fulfilling Breatakollr's self-imposed role of Group Mom. She'd keep an eye on the little, just in case she got hurt. She waited for the others to make their way through the selections and to the ropes, before following suit. Once the party had descended, Breta ensured she was the last one down. How odd, she realized, that she'd been the first to greet them all at the station, and had yet to speak a single word. She decided to keep that silence unbroken for a bit longer, then.
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    a world below [quest]

    Back to the good old days of exploration and travel. It has been a while but the little girl is bursting with excitement. She haven't been to a dungeon in ages and as such the prospect of entering one so soon brought a lot of energy to the little thing. The little girl, was Khakina, explorer extraordinaire althought her status as a little girl can be quite questionable considering the stuffs she has seen with her adorable round eyes. At the very least she still has that childish demeano r presence of kids at that visual age. Her trip here to Vanora was at the behest of her student, the Lady of the dying House of Sheathe. If only the poor Lady Sheathe would swallow her pride and have those crippled legs fixed then the poor noblewoman could go back to adventuring. For now, Khaki would have to work in Lady Sheathe's stead. She peered over the other woman and smiled. Seeing such enthusiasm only brought nostalgia within Khakina. It's been so long since she had brought any adventuring gear. Back then, her old master would have just dropped her, Middy and Sera in the middle of nowhere and they would have to survive on their own. Now she has the luxury of bringing any gear she wanted. Which she did. There's rope. But she's a good climber. There's torches. But she can see in the dark. There's paper and graphite. But she does not forget what she has seen. There's chalk. But she could more or less draft a mental image of the dungeon's insides. Binoculars. In the dark. Food. Well she gets hungry all the time. With her backpack mostly filled with food and other stuffs she considered unnecessary, Khakina moved to one of the ropes that lead downwards. "Here goes nothing."
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    a world below [quest]

    This was it, this was going to be her first adventure. Molly was equal parts giddy and nervous at the same time, trying to play it off as nothing so she didn't embarrass herself in front of the others. Everyone else looked like real adventurers, so she didn't want to seem like too much of a greenhorn. Fortunately she was taught a great deal of how to be an effective adventurer by her sisters. Looking over the supplies, Molly made sure to pack the rope and torches into her bag. After that she took enough rations for at least five days (you never knew with these things) a few sticks of chalk, some rolled up sheaves of paper, binoculars and three healing potions. "I think that's all I need, thank you." It was difficult to think of anything else, except. "Oh! A grappling hook, yes!" Taking the iron object she packed it quickly, then readied herself on one of the ropes that lead down into the darkness. "I'm ready now!"
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    I've got a research publication! A scientific perspective on the quadrants of Taen Citation is: Bright, J. M. & Gomez, C. O., 595 WTA The first "work" in that page is also a separate publication, The Otherworlder's Guide to Taen I also have the Taen Book of Beasts
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    hello stinkies

    My name is Harmony (you can call me Cac/Cactus/Harmony/dumbass/etc), I'm 20 years old, and I'm a writer, painter, and sculptor. I write a lot of fantasy and sci-fi based works. I love cats, we have a stray in our yard that just managed to hide kittens from us for a month and I'm excited. I like voice chatting and playing Stardew Valley when I'm not being creative. 😎
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey, I'm Typhon. Though I'm named after the monster other monsters call "dad" I'm actually quite nice and friendly. I hope to meet lots of people here and roleplay with all of them! Most of my roleplay experience is with tabletop, Dungeons and Dragons specifically. Also, I dabble with writing as a hobby. I used to roleplay a long time ago on a site called Islands of Elements which google tells me no longer exists. I liked that site because it had a really good community and snooping around here has shown me that you guys seem to have a really good community too! Looking forward to meeting you all and getting back into text roleplay!
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    a world below [dungeon delve]

    Yes, you may! Who are you bringing? 😁 Fabulous! Send us a character sheet please 🙏 Okaaaay 😂 So looking at it, we've gotten the optimal party size already! 🤣 4 players + @Wade seems like a good number 👌 I'll give it another day to see if there is more interest, but I think we'll be capping it off at 6 writers 😊 that means one last slot! P.S. Would just like to remind everyone that Vanora is in Ursa Madeum, which has a low-tech/high-magic setting, so please plan your character choice accordingly! 🙏
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    Le roi est mort, vive la reine

    Full summary: A funeral is held for Emperor Titus of Veluriyam at Caer Loeren in Taen. Family, close friends, allies, and members of the Allied Nations of Terrenus are present. Sebastian Heiliger, Aveline Singlance and Roen give eulogies, while the Order of the Force Majeure and Zatrikion serve as the honor guard. Titus is buried, and wildlight magic is used to grow a tree from his coffin. After the burial, the guests gather in a hall in the castle. Empress Rozharon speaks with the Norkotians, inquiring about the assassination attempt on Joseph Tynes, and learns about the Dead. Later, Pallas strikes an agreement with the Norkotian representatives to further discuss supplying Norkotian weapons to Taen. Rozharon then speaks to Emperor Koji, who asks Veluriyam to accept several hundred Tian refugees under Datsuzoku's care. Meanwhile, Lenore and Empress Raveena get an update on the Yh'mi expedition to the Furthest Point from Volentia of the Order of the White Hand. Raveena pledges THRIVE's assistance in rehabilitating the Furthest Point, as does Lenore with Veluriyam's resources. Diric Redbridge and Aveline Singlance discuss the possibility of a business partnership involving the Singlances and Norkotia. Volentia and Lenore discuss the Taen-Yh'mi mountain exchange and the construction of a port near Yh'mi with Veluriyam's assistance. Minor summary: The funeral for Veluriyam's Emperor Titus is held, attended by family, close friends, and members of the Allied Nations of Terrenus. After the burial, several issues are raised and several deals are struck between leaders of nations. Consequences: The Dead's role in the assassination attempt of Varda Hildebrand and Joseph Tynes is made known. Possible weapons deal between Taen and Norkotia It is agreed that with the assistance of Emperor Koji, a new settlement populated by Tian refugees will be built on Veluriyam territory. Allied Nations of Terrenus updated on progress of Furthest Point expedition; help pledged by Hyperion's Empress Raveena and Veluriyam's Prince Lenore. Possible business partnership between Singlance and Norkotia A port near Yh'mi will be constructed with heavy involvement by Veluriyam Opportunities: (loosely connected to this thread, but highlighted by the discussions here) The Dead is now linked to the attempted assassination of two prominent political figures; investigate similar cases Pledge assistance to the development of the Furthest Point in Yh'mi Backdate: June 1 @danzilla3
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    Really silly hypothetical...

    I’m actually just wearing my Stoneskin in that avatar it’s fine
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    General chat thread

    I introduce to you, my newborn daughter, Molly Elizabeth!
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    M.E.R.I.DEATH’s head proved an excellent conductor for electricity. Her grey curls frizzed straight as the lightning coursed through them and the rest of her body. The ricocheting stream of bullets coming from her arm gatling gun spun off to the side as her arm wriggled with generated excitement. Her rubber treads grounded her just enough not to be fried by design, but her processors were supercharged by the explosive charge. Chad would have enough time to round the corner and enter Radiology, but now M.E.R.I. was empowered and enraged. What’s more, her thermal sensors spotted a concealed assailant heading down the same hallway toward Security and Administration. Those nearest the blasted bot were Vito and Nikolai, currently residing in the cafeteria. Her scanners moved this way and that as she roved down the hallway, spotting the keeled over bodies of the guards who had allowed the civilians all to enter Emergency. Next, scanning to the left, she noticed the tied up bodies through a thin wall using her thermals. Noting Vito and Nikolai next as she moved near the cafeteria entrance, Merideth opened fire in a controlled spray across the cafeteria, over the fallen guards and workers but around waist level to Nikolai and Vito. Inside Radiology, Chad would find almost nothing. Abandoned beds, blankets strewn about, open plugs where any portable equipment could be moved— everyone here had already made their way into Emergency. He was, essentially, safe from M.E.R.I.DEATH for the moment, though. A black silhouette in the locked Security room had finally found his coordinates. After three jingles over his crystal comm device, one grey hand wrapped around the telephone device and the other drumming beside a complex keyboard that ran the hospital’s surveillance systems, an operator answered. “Last Chance dispatch, how can we help you?” “The Mausoleum,” said the voice of the black silhouette. Dispatch would know exactly the place. A well-manned hospital that can continue being profitable even after switching continents doesn’t drop out of the sky without the nearest city knowing about it. “It’s under attack. There have been innocent and security casualties. Our main security systems have all been deployed. Requesting backup.” “Backup is on the way, sir. Don’t worry.” That was when Remus wheeled around in his chair, grabbing a 4-foot long iron bar that was leaned against the wall and heading for the door. On his way, however, a red light on the corner of the surveillance display alerted him to turn around. It was the M.E.R.I.DEATH cam, showing the heat signature running down the hallway, otherwise undetectable. Remus grimaced, wondering what he should do. “10 butts, ah-ah-ah” counted Regulus, in the Morgue, imitating an episode of Stonehaven Street his children used to watch. You know, before he was teleported across the world... “11 butts, ah-ah-ah. 12 butts…” Meanwhile, Mans’ hand relaxed on the hand cannon he held underneath his desk, prepared to blow Farkis away when the man undoubtedly lunged for him in some freakish, alien manner. Mans’ imagination had run wild in the moments since this man had entered the room. At first Farkis had seemed a possible hire, and then a serial lunatic; but now, Dr. Marisante appeared a genuine venue to safety and perhaps, in the future, a step toward normalcy. — But here’s the thing. Mans’ trigger etiquette was awful. His forefinger was still wrapped around the trigger of the darn thing so that, even in his most docile moments he was still, if only accidentally, dangerous. From Farkis’ hand came as fluid an attack as possible. Even with Mans’ heightened awareness of the situation, his (probably) inebriated senses had scarcely even comprehended something was re-amiss before he was flung wholesale into the wall with a map of Elandaron on it. Regius was neither as slow nor as lucky. Farkis would see something resembling duty flash blatantly on Regius’ face before he made to dive between Mans and the oncoming psionic onslaught. Farkis’ estimation was almost right. As Mans and the black laptop were blown into the wall, the flying body of broad Regius sandwiched them both between him and the wall. Except they wouldn’t be crushed, they would plow right through the wood veneer into a secret brick hallway. Regius had absorbed most of the blow and Mans was spared by the cushion the false wall had provided him. The laptop, however, shattered very unlike a laptop would. It shattered between Mans and Regius like glass, a green USB-like device clattering to the ground before Mans’ somewhat dazed form. Regius stood not quite unerringly to the impact, bloodied and bruised, but his greater faculties largely unaffected. He was unlike Mans, unlike the patients here, in the most Unnatural of ways. Behind the hulking shadow, eyes clenched shut to hold back a suddenly roaring migraine, Mans uncrumpled his beer gut to reach along the cold ground. The tassels of his shirt pulled against his neckline, stretching the fabric taut against his throat, but the choking was now the least of pains he had felt today. Sliding his hairy, fat hand through the black glass, Mans wrapped his fingers around the familiar object. Don't forget to move your markers! https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1ikccFj4WlAja6S9Mife8K0Wlnwfuuk_DaZUljsj8eRk/edit Last Chance police arrive in 5 posts (from me)!
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    [OOC: The harpies are just watching y'all real close until someone does something that affects them; I'm having a hard time coming up with an IC post which reflects that and still sounds cool and literary. This round, I'll hold their response until it's dramatically appropriate. Commence what will probably be the last round of the nightmare!] [ @jaistlyn I thought this was the OOC too]
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    Meraxa's Gallery of Commissions

    Not technically anything for here, but since you guys seemed to like the previous bot:
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    Acrophobia (Nightmare Realm 2:2B)

    "I suppose I could have taken some initiative and had my forces start advancing up the bridge a bit earlier." Ilene strode in among the group surrounding and talking to Fidelitas. "We would have been able to make it to the other side before they could cut the bridge, and between my Shadow Guards, the elephant and its archers, and the turret, we would have had overwhelming power that would assuredly have been able to hold the far side of the bridge." She turned toward Fidelitas and wagged an admonishing finger for a moment. "That said, you should have sent a runner back here as soon as you saw the bridge's far end, to call us forward. We were unaware of a second plateau on the other end until just now, and thus had no reason to abandon our position as the rear guard and start onto the bridge. But there's no use dwelling on what we can't change." She looked around at the group. "The way I see it, we have two options now. First, we keep it straight and play the game of these winged beasts. We give them what they want, and pray to the heavens above that they don't see fit to go ahead and kill us all anyways." Ilene paused for a moment, then turned to one of her Shadow Guards. "Volke, if you please, make sure that what I say next is unable to reach unwanted ears." The Shadow Guard nodded silently, then turned toward the bridge and drew an arcane symbol in the air. The Inanis flowed forth from his arms, and a field of black shimmered in the air for a few moments before fading from sight. Ilene hoped that the spell would prevent the harpies from hearing her if they were eavesdropping. Nevertheless, she stepped close to the group and spoke as quietly as she could while still being able to be clearly heard by the group. Hopefully the precautions would be enough. "I think that's putting too much faith in the honor, or lack thereof, of these fiends. That leaves the second option, where we play along until the point where we can turn the table back towards our favor. We need enough time to get a force to the bridge's far end that could hold it down until everyone can get across. So... we carefully choose the six we'll send across. The three 'mates' will have to attack the nests and divide their forces and attention, while the three that are supposed to go through the door will hold the end of the bridge until we can get the rest of our force across. If we can connive them into letting Surus across and they count him as one, that's a war elephant plus ten archers and an automated turret that we'll have over there. I too will be part of the door crew, as my Shadow Guards should be able to cast cloaking spells and follow after me without attracting the attention of the harpies. As for the third, and the second if we can't get Surus through, I leave that up to you. Oh, and also... you could ask them if I would be able to bring that strange plant on the plateau there with me as a souvenir? I am quite enamored by it." As she said that, Ilene looked over toward Von Hensch and winked, a gesture concealed by her mask to most on the plateau aside from the intrepid and camouflaged adventurer. "Oh, and as for the 'mates', they're going to have to fend off attacks from crazed and angered harpies until they can join the bridge-holders. I recommend that they start a fire in the nests for extra damage and distraction, though I'm not sure how feasible that is. Nevertheless, that's my idea for what we should do, take it as you will."
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    Meraxa's Gallery of Commissions

    A new addition to the lot: KURUSH OF THE DRAGON'S BLIGHT
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    So hey, howdy, nice to meet you. My name is Sivrhea, please call me Siv. I am an avid rper, I LARP as well. I love to be a creator and to write, I am also an artist. I rp to keep my mind active and to help me think or deal with my anxiety. I often play "hidden jem" characters, that start out small, commoners often, I love to build them into something strong and with, haha, character. So if you're interested, come tap my shoulder and I can introduce you to my characters and in turn help me with this new and diverse world? Thanks!
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    a world below [quest]

    “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Eli pivoted to face the little girl, towering over her in his shellplate armour. He couldn’t help but agree with his squadmates in that moment. Whose idea had it been to bring a child to a dungeon? “We don’t know what’s down here,” he said. “Let alone how big this place is. Splitting up could be dangerous if we run into trouble, especially if said trouble happens to be bigger than any one of us.” There was also the matter of getting lost, but Eli wasn’t going to lecture her like a schoolgirl in the middle of class. He might’ve been in charge of his own mercenary outfit, but that didn’t mean he had any authority over these people. “Until we get a better feel for this place, we should stick together as a group,” he continued. “Caves of this sort make good homes for drowners and Naghu hounds. Anything that likes to hide in the dark, really.” Lifting his lightstone, Eli peered deeper into the leftmost tunnel. He couldn’t see much, no more than a few meters ahead, but he wouldn’t have to worry about it going out like a torch. “First things first, though,” he said, veering his gaze towards to the rest of the group. “If we’re going to be working together, we should probably get to know each other on a first name basis.” Eli turned and lifted his helmet, just enough so that everyone could see his face: narrow, slightly boyish, with a morning's worth of stubble speckling his jaw. “I’m Elliot Kessler, Commander of the Naho Raiders. But call me Eli. Only my mom calls me Elliot.”
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    Recruiting Nefarious Soldiers

    Hello all, I've recently made a new aristocratic family in Ursa Madeum and I am looking for characters of a warlike disposition to act as servants and soldiers for the family's leader: Lamius Morlog. The sort of character who would fit this role well is one with military experience, flexible morals, and a desire to lead. Through a series of threads, I intend to position house Morlog to become a burgeoning military power with a privateer mindset. Via Lamius, characters serving house Morlog will have the cover of legitimacy as they raid and agitate nearby neighbors and nations. Our first campaign will involve the following: -First, engage a small group of pirates which have been plaguing UM’s seas. GMed by me. -Second, fight off cultists occupying a ghost ship and claim it as House Morlog’s flagship. GMed by me -Third, sail up the Terrenus coast northeastward and commence raids against the fallen city Hyperion. GMed by me or @Malintzin -Fourth, on the trip back to UM, encounter skaven during a land excursion. PvP vs. @Jotnotes At the end of these four maneuvers, the fleet will return home, hopefully laden with plundered riches with which it will repair and enhance its fleet and prepare for the next campaign. Thank you to @Malintzin for help plotting this course. Her character Corvus is officially the first officer to sign up for this expedition. Hopefully others will join too so we can mix up a few personalities in this drama! participants: First: @Thotification, @Malintzin, Second: @Malintzin Third: @Malintzin Fourth: @Jotnotes @Malintzin
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    Disclaimer: This is a literal checking of interest for an upcoming project of mine. It has no set release date, but I'm planning on unrolling it in the next couple of weeks after my final exam. What this means is that the information down may or may not change. Location: Renovatio In the past, most of my projects have revolved around Terrenus, if not completely isolated in the continent. I touched upon Genesaris as well during my early Valucre years, but I never really immersed myself in Tellus Mater. There were a variety of reasons for that. Mainly, however, it was because there was still stuff for me to do in Terrenus. But I reached my goal with Veluriyam and did what I wanted to do. That show, for me, has ended. BUT I love spin offs. My image of Valucre's continents have always been something like this: Terrenus = Adult = sort of modernized fantasy Genesaris = wide-eyed child = high fantasy Renovatio = angst-ridden teenager = dark syfy-fantasy Obviously there's overlap, but that's how it's cemented itself in my mind. True or not lol Because this spin-off show relies more heavily on the Cult of Power than on Veluriyam or any of my Terrenus stuff, the dark, grizzled atmosphere of Renovatio is looking to suit it a lot better. So yeah. Moving to Reno people. Synopsis: Everyone dies. It doesn't matter if you're a mortal or an immortal. A dog or a god. No people understand this better than those of Renovatio. From the Commander's War, to Halcyon, to even the Harrowing in Kadia death is becoming something of a nonplus. An everyday occurrence. The land has become thick with it. Millenniums have passed since a land in Valucre has been so flooded with corrupted energy. Not even the evil reign of Zengi in Terrenus or that of Blood-God Raphael in Genesaris has resulted in so much consistent terror and death as the culmination of the modern Renovatio. Under orders of the continent's Grand Kommadant, Renovatio goes even further. They kill their gods. Though not all are destroyed by her command, each and every one of them, eventually found their future at the grim reaper's blade. No one knows what kind of repercussions such a deed will have in the coming days. But one thing is clear. Something will happen. The death of Primera's chosen, E'na ripped a hole in the space between the world of gods and that of mortals. From this rip dropped a land, at first, lush with apple trees and shrubbery. Even a healthy ecosystem from insects to snakes. And down it fell, each foot sinking deeper into the thickness death; corrupting the island just a little bit more each time. Until finally, it stopped, hovering steadfastly a few hundred feet above Nehalen casting a large shadow over a large swathe of the land. It was no longer that lush land from before. Instead it had mutated. Been distorted. A land of the gods should never have fallen to those of mortals. At the islands center, deep underground, was a cavern of magic veins that extend and reach throughout its every inch. A young girl was there as well among the veins, curled up into herself. Trapped, unmoving, unseeing, and unknowing within a length of chrysalis. A dim light beat from the chrysalis as if to match the girl's heartbeat. That light, dim and white as it was, became clear as it reflected off the magic veins. As it reflected off her wings. Coming Soon The Garden of Nede
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