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    Terrenus Landing Page

    Terran Calendar: The current year is 29 AO = 597 WTA. All new threads happen during the current year unless otherwise stated by the creator. Setting elements cannot be ignored or manipulated City maps are guides and not authoritative sources ✪ = City | ✦ = Landmark | ✿ = Independent territory ✪ Ignatz ✪ Casper (Primary sea port) ✪ Martial Town | Hubs ✪ Last Chance (Secondary sea port) ✪ Hell's Gate (Primary sky Port) ✦ Langley Keep ✪ Blairville (Secondary sky port) ✦ Biazo Isle | Bi'le'ah | ✪ Aspyn ✦ Weland Gorge; Day River ✪ Dougton ✦ Scudder Forests ✿ Selemath ✦ Hills of Noddendody ✦ Blue Hills ✦ Moonwood ✦ Ponkapoag Lake | Gaian Academy; Haunted Glen ✦ Timber Creek ✦ Great Pine Barrens | No Man's Land; Witch's Cave; Herbie's Bed; Peaceful Woods ✦ Forgotten Wood ✦ Black Ridge ✦ Hidden Valley ✦ Dark Forest | The Cedars ✦ Forbidding Hills ✦ Shawnee Glacier ✦ The Wastelands | Badlands; High Desert; Dead Peaks ✦ Blaurg Mountain ✦ Coconino Marsh | Labyrinth Forest; Coconino Creek ✦ Hills of Lost Hearts ✦ Barnstable Coast ✦ Southern Sea ✿ Predator's Keep ✿ Amalia ✿ Yh'mi ✿ Taen | Ursa Madeum ✿ Norkotia ✿ Coth | Temple City ✿ Chesterfield | Aligoria ✿ Nesthome | Anima ✿ Everrun Announcements Newer information at the top; keep up with the latest in the Updates thread. During the events of Civil War - Phase 3, a number of those factions which established themselves in the Wilds have grown in size and successfully established sovereignty over their lands. Notable stewards of their respective regions are Chesterfield and COTH Breaking news from the Symposium Against Doom - body snatchers and volatile loci Visible to the entire continent, the sun burns green for ten minutes. During the events of the Civil War - Phase 2, a number of different factions have established themselves in the greater Wilds of Terrenus and are poised to become enclaves with sovereign leadership. This has added new territories to the map: Aligoria, Chesterfield, Everrun, COTH, Temple City, Nesthome, Anima. Due to the events of the Civil War - Phase 1, transportation across the nation of Terrenus has been crippled and magical availability has been concentrated in the Shawnee Wastelands. Geography Located in the north-east of planet Valucre, Terrenus is approximately twice the size of the North American continent and has a citizen population of approximately 300,000,000 (three-hundred million) as of 24 AO. Climate A dense arcanosphere has resulted in sections of unpredictable climate and terrain. The fluctuating levels of magic also lead to random side effects on plant and animal life, and has been noted to render gunpowder unreliable in greater Terrenus (this is meant to prompt creative alternatives to basic firearms). The tip of Ponkapoag Lake will be used as the central marker for description purposes. The area enveloping Ponkapoag Lake and Coconino Marsh is characterized by warm, dry summers which average 66°F with low precipitation and cool, wet winters which average 25°F and moderate precipitation. Evergreen and deciduous trees, fig, walnut and citrus trees, and bay rosemary herbs thrive in the area. North of the central marker the weather increases sharply in temperature and vegetation becomes sparse as grassland and forest biomes turn into desert, which average around 100°F with pronounced dry periods. The desert biome is expansive but is at its north-eastern section is abruptly interrupted by arctic tundra. South of the central marker, the climate features warm summers and cool winters with a narrow annual temperature range. There is no dry season in this section, precipitation ranging from moderate to heavy, and the forests are temperate, especially in the Great Pine Barrens. In Amalia, Ursa Madeum and Biazo Isle, year round temperatures are consistently a humid 75°F and are dominated by precipitation, especially during monsoon season. Flora and Fauna Terrenus has plant and animal life recognizable to most characters, such as: flowers, trees, dogs, horses, crabs, salmon, etc. and so on. In addition to this standard there are a number of animals and plants unique to Terrenus. You can read more in the Terrenus section of the Terrenus Creature Codex, the Terrenus's Herbology Index and Herbalism 202. Note that users aren't limited to what's included in the present material and are free/encouraged to come up with plant and animal life as long as they adhere to the Mild Powers rules. Users can also make bestiary submissions if they want to formalize information about their creations and make them available for public use. Cities, Provinces, Territories Terrenus has ten megacities (originally 12, two have been lost to major ruin or a shift in politics) and numerous disparate villages, towns, baronies and lordships around the nation. The major cities are population dense and, thanks to magi-tech introduced with Odin Haze's sweeping regime, vary wildly in setting and tone. Outside of the major cities the Terrenus wilderness is mystical, savage and untamed. It is not uncommon for the citizen or amateur adventurer striking out on their own between the cities to find death as to find fortune. Culture Terrenus Quest Index Terrenus Artifact List A citizen living within one of the megacities is literate, adequately versed in magical theory to make use of Terran magi-tech, is aware of common metaphysical phenomena (ghosts, rituals, telepathy, charms, hexes, etc), and is often capable of using magic as a result of scholarly pursuit and understanding. A native from one of the towns or villages is less likely to be literate and have empirical insight into arcana and magical phenomena. Instead, their knowledge of ability to use magic is a result of hereditary traditions and cultural myths. Their understanding of magic is intuitive rather than logical, making them more susceptible to charlatans and superstitious fears. But, with generations of experience springing from tradition, the villages produce more young people capable of wielding powerful, ancient magic. A Terran from any part of the nation tends to be physically robust due to Gaian religious practices and Terran diet. They have a special love for music, having considered music the universal language before they discovered mathematics and magic, and as a consequence also enjoy indulging lavishly in food and dance. Terrans celebrate not just their history, but their art throughout their ages as well. Language Terric is the primary language of Terrenus. It is spoken in all megacities and most towns, though becomes rare in isolated villages and islands, where a pidgin form of modified Terric of varying names (Terril, Terrin, Terrie, etc) is usually the norm. Terric's primary dialects sounds like Spanish (users should treat this as a plot device and are not expected to learn how to write Spanish). Other dialects sound close to Romance-influenced language, such as Italian and French, but will also deviate into Germanic-influenced languages. The rarest language in Terrenus is Oldspeak, which is practiced by less than 1% of the population. The language requires line of sight and has no verbal components, instead communicating complete ideas between speaker and receiver. Magic The Terran federal government has published a white paper on the Terrenus laws of magic, an authoritative perspective on the laws, principles and terminology of magic as they apply in Terrenus. Also note that with events between the Wastelands and Shawnee loci during the Safeguard riots, magical availability in Terrenus has been reduced everywhere except the new boundaries of the Shawnee itself. Religion Gaianism: Quick Reference Guide Bible of Gaia The Gaian Church Gaianism is Terrenus's major religion, constituting over 79% (down from 83%) of the total population. Gaianists consider nature, the universe, reality, magic and mathematics to be mortally comprehensible expressions of an inconceivable deific form. Gaianism advocates peace but not blind pacifism, leaving violence as a final solution and a mechanism for self-defense. The notable exception of this rule are Unnatural (any offspring of dark necromancy, such as vampires, zombies, liches, and occasionally Outsiders). Gaians attack Unnaturals on principle unless the Unnatural has taken pains to prove themselves righteous. The Cothic church is a small but growing religion, numbering approximately 5000 faithful. The Cothic religion was born in Coth, in the land between Dougton and Blairville. The Cothic church is a breakaway sect of mainstream Gaianism with worship of a new deity and populist ideals. The Cothic church seeks to underscore the weakness of any mortal being aspiring to power and instead advances taking up a permanent covenant with the Cothic god. Technology and Development Technology in Terrenus is highly advanced, arguably some of the most advanced on the planet. Although this fact not immediately grasped by foreigners accustomed to development in the form of electrical and mechanical contrivances, Terrenus is the historical pioneer of magi-technology on Valucre, democratizing and automating a great deal of otherwise obscure and hidden knowledge. Terran tech is rooted in cores of abstract knowledge, interlacing philosophy, natural and conceptual science, and magical theory to pioneer the current paragon of magi-tech in Valucre. Terrenus has sentient golems where another country might have "robots", rock satellites powered by runes and divination lattices, and crystal-based tactile computing systems instead of console based computers one might find elsewhere. In this sense "technology" is something learned and understood rather than picked up and used. For this reason education, especially developmental and postgraduate education, is of vital importance to the government. The newest generations of children show an adept knowledge of magical theory, a strong grasp of complex mathematical concepts and explore unconventional modes of thought. Like with telecom availability (see below), technology and magi-tech is the most advanced in the cities and attenuates as one goes into towns and then villages. Communications General Information Following the introduction and proliferation of magi-tech in Terrenus, economic concerns shifted to prioritize three new markets: Energy, Information and Transportation. With the explosion of communication methods, primarily in the form of crystal storage devices and photonic relays, came the immediate concern over authentication (assurance of claimed identity), integrity (assurance data has not been altered), and confidentiality (assurance that none but specified parties can read a piece of data). To those ends, Terrenus also pioneered the fields of encryption and hash algorithms, non-repudiation practices with digital signatures, and now with the advent of the Crook, the Public Encryption Cipher System (PECS) to allow civilians and citizens the same capabilities. Military technology and ciphers are known to be highly advanced, though private and public technology is catching up as corporations invest in the Information market. Terran military-grade communication systems use quantum entangled encryption to prevent interception. Systems create entangled photons, beaming one half of each pair to the receiving system, and made secure because the "observer effect" will change the quantum state of the key pair. This would make any interception obvious and also would modify the key, making it useless. A notable outlier demographic to the conventional communication methods in Terrenus are those that are fluent in Oldspeak (.7% of the population), who are limited by line-of-sight but require no material channels for relay. Telecom Availability As with other gifts of the Empire, the most sophisticated technology and methods tend to exist in the megacities and attenuates as one radiates outwards towards the smaller, more numerous towns and villages. One notable exception are the twinned crystal relays created and distributed by the government to any signification population center. These allow for easy, long-distance audio communication between any parties with properly tuned crystal fragments and without the need for complicated training. These simple but effective radios have drastically reduced missing persons reports and increased cultural exchange. Villages: Tribes and villages use magical means to communicate where possible. Examples of this include telepathy, oneiromancy (dream-walking), divinatory practices with water, smoke and mirrors, and shamanistic practices like reading tea leaves and animal guts or bones. Where these means are not available, visual communications rely heavily on beacons, smoke signals, and flags and audio communications rely on coded drumbeats and whistles. Towns: Towns use copper and nth wires run over natural ley-lines, piggy-backing on their natural radiation to power the communications. With this method towns are able to communicate with equivalents to telegraphs and telephones. With the advent of Tia's faux-ton relay system, towns are now able to communicate with line-of-sight-limited laser communications at millisecond speeds. Cities: Communication systems in the megacities make full use of magical theory and the technological capabilities of the nation. Three-dimensional holographic arrays (holo-arrays for short) are used primarily for relay on politics, economics, weather, and criminal activity. These relay systems make use of the military satellites and are capable of radiation communication (radio and microwave). The World Fair introduced three new pieces of technology which greatly influence communications in Terrenus. The first is the LIES (Luminal Illusion Entertainment System), an immersive storytelling platform which is having a notable growth effect on the Entertainment sector. The second is the 'logical' Crook technology, which allows for the lossless interlinking of disparate crystal computing systems. This allows for the creation of ad-hoc, large-scale networks and what is being termed 'nebulous' storage. In tandem with The Storage Movement's efforts to digitize all written information, the Crook is widening information availability and increasing literacy. The third is the Faux-Ton, a materials transportation system invented by the Tia government which allows for the movement of objects at speeds many multiple that of the Lightning Rails, but limited by line-of-sight. Transportation Transportation varies between cities depending on their magi-tech saturation and biomimicry level. Below are standards found across the nation. Animal Propulsion Often used for inter-city travel. Often ridden alone or attached to a cabby. The maintenance and upkeep of a living transport makes this a largely inefficient form of inner city travel, but because a large percentage of a given city's population are short-term travelers from abroad (international foreigners, inter-city adventurers, non-natives that live elsewhere on the nation, etc), animal propulsion is still fairly common. A lot of infrastructure continues to supports this form of travel. Horses (ground), Imperial Drae (aerial) and Rider Dragons (aerial) are common mounts. Mechanical Propulsion Often used for inner city travel. Automatic wagons with steam-engines produced in Tia and gyroscopically rotating spheres with a stable core produced by Gaian engineers in Hell's Gate are the two most common examples. In densely packed city infrastructure, powered zip-lines are occasionally employed between buildings. Sea-ships and air-ships are common for travel around and between nations. Submarines, which Terrenus invented and introduced into the world as a counter to the Siren menace, are predominantly used to the military but are becoming more popular among wealthier merchants. Magical Propulsion Inter-city travel used to be served primarily via Rail and Gate, until consequences of the civil war combined with supernatural phenomena to cause catastrophic damage to both and bring them offline for several years. Tia's Faux-ton system is growing in popularity but has limited application until more pylons are built, able to serve only Tia and Biazo Isle at the moment. Lightning Rails - used to be magnetically propelled trains capable of traveling several hundred miles an hour. Currently offline. Tracks are used by slower, simpler, privately owned carts and trolleys for now. Warp Gates - used to be stabilized portals and the only reliable method of teleportation in Terrenus. Currently offline. Faux-ton System - Tia patented technology that converts matter to energy to achieve subliminal travel speeds. Currently online but limited in presence. Government and Politics Odin Haze is recognized as the Saint of Gaianism and King of the Terran Empire. Odin's rule is one of enlightened absolute monarchy, and his administration embraces logic and expertise as the driving force for fiats and policy. The arts, sciences, education and social welfare all flourish under Odin's regime, a near polar opposite to the dark ages of King Levas and Zengi. Though Odin Haze rules Terrenus as a whole, the megacities under him are ruled over by individual regents that interpret federal law and administer local policy. Some are federally appointed, some are democratically elected, some are rulers by heritage; political states are a very fluid dynamic in the megacities. Each megacity also has a PeaceKeeper, a high-ranking military official to add balance and division of labor. There are also present in the massive Terran continent enclave baronies and kingdoms, which are independent governments. Examples include Taen, Predator's Keep, and Amalia. The Gaian Academy is a national research university located on Deepview Island, an inland island and part of the Ponkapoag Lake Archipelago. It is the premier education center in the nation, some say even globally, and has also begun to establish itself as a competitive research facility. Law Author's note: I don't have a full legal system written out and likely never will because the complexity of that endeavor doesn't interest me. In terms of what's legal reference real bodies of law for basics, so imagine that things like theft, assault, perjury, slavery, murder and so on are illegal. Each city has a local police force to operate within its limits and the military employs federal investigators who are able to enforce law anywhere in the nation. The Safeguard Act - Prohibits the use of unlicensed magic in specific cities. In each city there's a congress, which is made up of majority and minority leaders from each city. The majority leader is the elected official of a city (usually but not always), and the minority leader is usually the one who lost the elections but still represents a significant portion of the electorate. The king decides on issues which affect everyone. If regents are in conflict about any change, the king is the final word and can supersede any motion. The king also appoints chief of staff for various departments, such as the head of the military, the bureau of science, internal investigations, as well as determines who makes up the supreme court out of nominees put forward by the congress. In criminal investigations Terrenus law enforcement makes use of various forms of divination, in particular retrocognition and psychometry, as well as Gaian candles of truth and clergy to compel honesty. Each megacity has at least one maximum security prison to house the most dangerous local criminals, such as terrorists, political prisoners, the excessively violent or those with gang affiliations. With Terrenus penology skewing towards rehabilitation rather than deterrence or retribution and treating most criminal offenses as mental health issues, the megacities also have a larger distribution of minimum security prisons for non-violent offenders. Minimum security prisons populate the city at the ratio of 1:15 compared to libraries, hospitals, and schools. Terrenus also has one super-max prison in the Dead Peaks, aptly titled the Dead Peaks Prison. The Dead Peaks Prison is the most secure level of custody in the nation, purpose-built towards providing long term, segregated housing for inmates classified as posing a threat to national health (a classification that designates one a danger to people or life rather than to information or infrastructure) or international security risks. Recently the Dead Peaks Prison has gone offline with the loci event that saw the Shawnee Glacier covering most of the Wasteland. Terrenus exercises capital punishment nationwide for criminals that pose an unmanageable threat or show no potential for reform. Military Terrenus Military (Overview; Personnel; Assignments) Terrenus Military is made up of ~2% of the population (approximately 6 million). Odin Haze, as King of Terrenus, is also its Commander-in-Chief, exercising total authority over the military. Edward Brown (5-star General and PeaceKeeper handler) is Odin's right hand man and adviser, the highest military authority other than the King himself. He is involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining the military, government, and nation. The complex that stores and relays information, innovates military technology and strategy, and is responsible for national security is known as Central. Despite its name Central has no central location. It has a manifold presence throughout the nation, and those few offices that are permanently stationed and open to the public are often underground. Note that this enigmatic and transient nature applies to the most secure aspects of Central and do not apply to the various local agencies found in the cities such as Immigration, Sanitation, Education, local Law enforcement, and so on. The path to citizenship in Terrenus requires a 2 year service in the military (or ranking to Sergeant) and bestows the ability to vote for officials and own and pass down land. Foreign Relations In regards to foreign policy Terrenus is an autarky and practices a modified form of isolationism, declining to enter into alliances and international agreements, and generally attempting to make their economy as self-reliant as possible. Where Terrenus deviates from traditional isolationism is in their support of free trade, travel, and certain, limited, trade agreements with other kingdoms and nations. You can read more about Terrenus political relations in Terrenus Military - Allies and Enemies. Economy A large part of Terrenus's internal economy is dungeon based, with adventurers taking on the high-risk work of crawling dungeons for the high reward of prized cultural artifacts and items of power; although this has led to some legal conflicts regarding ownership of artifacts, these disputes are generally handled in the courts after the adventurer has been paid for his or her legal reclamation efforts. Some towns and cities pivot around this, specializing in crafted weaponry, armor, and healing potions. Others are known to offer tours through cleared levels of dungeons and vaults for tourists. Because the task of increasing the nation's food security was the first and foremost priority of the Haze regime, understanding that one cannot create if one is starving, Terrenus focused its considerable resources on agronomy and crafted several techniques and tools for high-yield farming. This has greatly increased Terrenus's ability to self-sustain without foreign aid even when its economy falls. Terrenus exports a great deal of utility (i.e. non-combat) magi-tech and magical and scientific knowledge to other countries, and supplements its national income with submarine exploration of natural resources throughout the large tracts of Valucre which are underwater. Terrenus's economic and market systems revolve around precious metals. Crystals and other minerals are valuable as spell components but are not fungible. Copper, silver, gold, and platinum are the most common precious metals traded and used for purchase. Value is determined by weight and type, not by design or origin, allowing travelers and immigrants from other countries to more easily integrate. 1 oz of Tin = .25 USD 1 oz of Copper = 2 USD 1 oz of Silver = 10 USD 1 oz of Gold = 50 USD 1 oz of Platinum = 100 USD 1 oz of Rhodium = 500 USD. Each metal currency comes in fractions as well, such as half-ounce and quarter-ounce coins. These prices are not an accurate reflection of real world costs. You can read more about special metals and materials in the Terrenus Materials List. History Condensed Terrenus Timeline Major Historical Periods These events are from most recent to oldest.
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    The Hummingbird


    Setting elements cannot be ignored or manipulated City maps are guides and not authoritative sources ✪ = Capital City | ❖= Megacity | ✦ = City | ◇= Landmark | ✿ = Independent territory ✪ Union City ❖ Mezthaluen ✦ Valjer Town ✦ Port Caelum ◇ Abyssal Enclave ✿ Arlais Isle ✪ Aelindra City ❖ Strider City ✦ Vdara ✦ Slaver's Enclave ◇ Bloodstone Marsh ✿ Nymeria ✪ Umbra ❖ Raven's Landing ✦ Crystallo Stella ◇ Cold Mountains ◇ Bloodmage Mountains ✿ Antigone Island ✪ Shrine City ✦ Dragonsoul Summit ✦ Kethlerin ◇ Mt. Fulgur ◇ Shienvar Mountains ❖ Joran City ✦ Wicker City Prison ✦ Sunset Way ◇ Cavern of Blades ✿ Orisia Isle ❖ Mageside ✦ Reyer City Prison ✦ Port Kyros ◇ Umbridge Isle ✿ Open Space ❖ Coastal Grande ✦ Stormward ✦ Alethea ◇ Velhatien Desert ✿ Stonehaven Announcements This area will be updated with major events that either affect entire regions or the continent as a whole. Geography Located in the north-west of the planet Valucre, Genesaris is approximately the size of the Eurasian continent with a population of approximately 218,000,000 in the current year. Climate Genesaris is divided into a total of six massive regions, these being: the Great North, the Cold South, the Rising West, the Southern Swell, the Arcane East, and the Midlands. Each region has its own climate, which varies according to the season and specific locations within each land. In the north, the calm waves of the warm sea extend well beyond the northern shores. Summer is nearly eternal here, and the citizens rarely know the hazards of snow and hail. Grasslands, forests, and gentle hills provide a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere, which in turn has made it one of the most densely populated regions on the continent (with some of the largest cities in all of Genesaris). To the south, one finds the antithesis of warmth and hospitality. The south is dense with thick, untamed forests and bitter mountain chains, shrouded in an icy fog and nested in banks of snow that do not melt. The savage wilds of the south are considered some of the most dangerous in the world, filled will all manner of beasts. These harsh conditions have made the south unfit for living, spare for the hardiest of people. The eastern lands find themselves at the foot of the Cold Mountains, which runs the entire length of the coast. From this footing, a seemingly endless sea of green and golden grasslands reaches out to the west, dappled with mighty forests and woodlands throughout. However, in spite of its richness in beauty, this is a land plagued by violent magical storms and naturally dreadful winters. In the west, one can find a myriad of seasons and climates throughout the year. These have given rise to the scorching Velhatien Desert and the cool, lush tropics of the Bloodstone Marsh. The mountainous chain directly to its south rises high and large, thick with trees, woods, and natural resources. The sea cuts deep inland, providing coastal temperatures for those that dwell there. It is at the heart of the continent (the Midlands) that all of these climates and geographical differences meet. Here, one experiences all seasons from soft snow in the winter to gentle rains in the spring. No season is known to naturally overpower the other, and a collage of natural landmarks and scenery provide all the beauty of Genesaris in one location. Flora and Fauna Genesaris has plant and animal life recognizable to most characters, such as: flowers, trees, dogs, horses, crabs, salmon, etc. and so on. In addition to this standard, there are a number of animals and plants unique to Genesaris. Be sure to check each region's bestiary and herbology index for region-specific entities. Note that users aren't limited to what's included in the present material and are free/encouraged to come up with plant and animal life as long as they adhere to the Mild Powers rules. Users can also make bestiary submissions if they want to formalize information about their creations and make them available for public use. Cities, Provinces, Territories Genesaris is comprised of four distinct territories, each with their own capital city. These are: Aelindra City, Capital of the Rising West; Shrine City, Capital of the Imperial South (Cold South & Southern Swell); Union City, Capital of the Midlands; and Umbra, Capital of the Carmine Dominion (Arcane East & Great North). While these are undoubtedly the most important of the continent’s megacities, they are only a few. Many of those inside the cities live with luxuries and the many benefits of magitech, thanks to the prevalence of both magic and technology taught throughout the lands. Between these cities are a number of disparate villages, towns, ports, baronies, and lordships. Even so, there is still a considerable amount of land that remains wild and untamed by expansion, beckoning adventurers and explorers with the promise of fortune. The islands of Genesaris, most notably Antigone Isles, Nvengaria, and Orisia Isle exist under their own government and rule, independent of Union City and the other mainland governments. Culture It is rare for any citizen within the capitals or megacities to be illiterate. They are a well-educated people in the traditional sense (maths, sciences, and liberal arts), with a pension for the occult, as well. That has been a great cultural investment in the arcanum since the beginning of the nation's existence, which has expanded into the inclusion of blending the metaphysical with current technology. This is more prominent in some areas than others, such as with the Imperial South and Carmine Dominion, which thrive on such unification. Those who live in smaller towns and villages are less likely to be as finely educated in the traditional sense, but are still likely to grasp simple-to-moderate concepts (middle school to early high school education levels). It is, of course, not unheard of for mages and other spellcasters to have taught themselves their special art, coming into contact with their magic through intuition and unique talent. Most civilians are as prominent Genesaris’ peoples are often magically inclined, capable of sensing the arcane. A long history of bloody civil wars between regions has, for many years, made military education a priority for many of the nation's cities and people. This has led to a significant number of military academies throughout the nation (at a 2:1 to traditional education academies), and a cultural sensationalizing of gladiatorial events and war games. Standard battle training is generally available to all who seek it, either through the local or federal governments. Language Genesari is the primary language of Genesaris. It is spoken in every megacity and in most major establishments (smaller cities, large towns, villages, and baronies), and is considered the national language. It is also referred to as common, trade tongue, and sometimes genspeak. Genesari's primary dialect sounds like German (users should treat this as a plot device and are not expected to learn to write German). The are other predominant languages throughout Genesaris, namely in the Carmine Dominion and Imperial South. In the former, the predominant language - among the pious and imperial nobility - is Sitraic. In the latter, the preferred language is known as High Kadian and is spoken by both nobles and commoners alike. Magic Nearly all of the Genesarian population is aware of the existence of magic to some degree, and throughout the generations, most - if not all - people native to the continent have developed a "sixth sense" which allows them to sense the arcane in its various forms (from spells and wards all the way to psionics). This has led to a number of edicts and bylaws over the years that seek to control the spread of magical use, limiting the dangers. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are a number of institutes dedicated to the expansion and further study of the arcane and its many uses. Two of the most prestigious establishments joined in this cause are Bronte, the Academy of the Arcane and the Mage Academy located in Mageside City. Religion Genesaris: Religion Overview Carmine Dominion: The Sitraic Faith Imperial South: The Corvinite Ecclesiarchy There is a great abundance of religions throughout Genesaris, with many different regions worshipping a variety of gods and goddesses. Generally tolerant of open ideas and religion due to its size and diversity, Genesaris has many bibles and holy texts and art dedicated to all of these deities and celestial lords. Of them all, the three primary religions of the nation would be the Trinity of the Cold Mounts (High Lords), the Altus Arcantium, and the Sitraic Faith. While this trio all have their own pantheons and tenets, they hold the largest congregations by far, with influences reaching from coast to coast. Technology and Development Until the current century, the majority of Genesaris operated on early-to-mid Renaissance period technology. There was a significant lack of telecommunication, self-powered vehicles (with the exception of airships), and sophisticated operating systems (computers, surveillance, or radar). However, with the continued growth of Joran City and Antigone Isle, along with the rise of the Imperial South, Genesaris has developed small pockets of highly-advanced territories, arguably some of the most advanced on the planet. The pushing of this hard-technology boundary has bled into the nation’s more ideal magi-tech fronts, leading toward something of a technological revolution over the last one hundred years. This is more prominent in some areas than others, yet the national importance cannot be overstated enough. In most cases, magic - whether raw ether channeled from the atmosphere or various manifestations, such as crystals - plays a vital role in almost all of the nation’s technological advancements (spare for regions like the Imperial South, which have dedicated themselves to hard-technology paths, such as legitimate machines that operate on non-occult power sources). This has led to the nurturing of the idea that technology is something that is learned, understood, and developed further, not picked up and used (with a heavy emphasis in the educational curriculum). Like with most privileges of rural versus suburban areas, technological advances and availability are more bountiful in densely populated areas (megacities, capitals, etc.) as opposed to smaller towns and villages. Communications Modes of Communication Despite the continued proliferation of hard-technology and magi-tech throughout the nation, there still exists a great number of areas in Genesaris that lack these advancements (and the desire to have them). Coupled with the fact that beyond the Rising West and Midlands, the Carmine Dominion and Imperial South operate autonomously as independently governed bodies, there can sometimes be disparaging differences in advancements. Detailed below are just some of the methods of communication available throughout Genesaris and its regions; this is not an all-inclusive list. Tried and true, the messenger system is still a thriving communication network in Genesaris. While boasting a larger presence in small towns and villages than in the magi-tech abundant megacities, the Genesarian courier network is actually quite extensive (and similar to today’s mailing service) and encompasses both humans and well-trained avians. Despite advanced security measures taken both by clients and the courier system, troubles with interception and authenticity remain an issue. As such, these are rarely used for matters of importance, and best reserved for more casual correspondence or deliveries. In the Carmine Dominion, there has been an increased significance placed on communication since its annexation of the Great North territories. The need to correspond sometimes vital information over great distances has led to a focus on authentication (assurance of claimed identity), integrity (assurance data has not been altered), and confidentiality (assurance that none but the specified parties can read said data). Through mega-telecom corporations like Mormont and Sons (CG) and DRAKE Technologies (CG), the Dominion is rapidly becoming a defining force in the field of military-grade encryption. As part of the Kadian Empire, the Imperial South utilizes a wide array of communications technology, allowing the vast nation to maintain lines of communication needs both civilians to administrative. Radio Waves are used for much of Kadia’s ranged terrestrial communications, the empire has spared no expense in its advancement. Electricity and light are another two prime examples of how the Kadians have advanced their technology and applied it throughout all innovations. An optical fiber is often used throughout the empire and allows for far faster and more reliable communications; especially in the development of laser communications. Laser communication is often used off-planet or to send important of classified information quickly and securely, utilizing orbital and extra-orbital satellites and ships. Transportation Transportation varies from city to city depending on their magi-tech saturation and biomimicry level. Examples of common transportation methods will be included in the lore articles of each city. Below are elaborations on those methods. Animal Propulsion Whether ridden by themselves or attached to a cabby. The maintenance and upkeep of a living transport make this a largely inefficient form of inner city travel, but because a large percentage of a given city's population is travelers from abroad, a lot of infrastructures still supports this form of travel. Mechanical Propulsion Powered by magical crystals known as Exlata, airships are the most popular form of travel. For a small fee, most can ride on a large airship that flies to and from various cities. All megacities and most smaller cities have stations, bays, and areas where airships are able to land. Almost all airships carry weaponry and shields to protect against air pirates. For travel by sea, basic seaships are used, which vary in size and carry weapons for protection against sea pirates. Currently, Spellcycles have been created, similar to motorcycles with a futuristic/steampunk design. Powered by the magical crystals Exalta, these are expensive rides and can only be bought in Joran City and straight from Antigone Isles, the home of their creation. Magical Propulsion Inter-city travel is served primarily by smaller airships and Crossroads. Crossroads are generally gateways that provide instant travel throughout a city and often to and from cities. Crossroads are keyed to certain areas and the side effect is nothing more than mild disorientation that passes quickly. Guarded by soldiers, Crossroads are cheap, easy, and effective to transporting goods and civilians alike. Sometimes, magical creatures pass through from realms beyond, in which case the soldiers must deal with them. Generally, however, the Crossroads are kept safe and steady. There are found in every megacity and are currently online. Government and Politics With the formation of the Imperial South and Carmine Dominion and their continued growth, the Genesarian political landscape has shifted quite noticeably. While the High Lords are still regarded as the supreme rulers of Genesaris, they rarely venture from their mountains to associate with human matters. More recently, they have been said to have retreated further from the mortal affairs of the world, with some whispers claiming the three great entities have all gone into stasis. Genesar Remnants In what remains of Genesaris proper (The Midlands and Rising West), all things concerning the law or government proceedings are handled by the High Court, a democratically elected council of 15 individuals from the West and Midlands. The council's grand meeting chamber is located in the Hall of Justice, which can be found at the heart of Union City. The High Court is seen as the place of wisdom, Union City itself a respected neutral city. Entire wars, ceasefires, alliances, and treaties have been declared at the High Court. The Carmine Dominion In the Carmine Dominion, the current emperor, Rafael M. Bartolome V, is recognized as both the absolute monarch and prime deity of the Sitraic Faith. His rule has been described as an enlightened theocracy with strong elements of authoritarianism. From birth, citizens are indoctrinated into absolute subservience to the Lord's throne and his agents, sometimes at the cost of their personal freedom. The arts, sciences, education, and social welfare all flourish under Rafael's regime, a near polar opposite to the dark ages of warring tribes and inter-region isolationism. As the Dominion was host to a number of independent city-states and self-sustaining establishments prior to the rise of the Empire, it was decided to allow these kings and queens of old to retain control over their holdings. Because of this autonomous manner of ruling, there is a great deal of variation in the regional governments within the Empire. So long as these Lords fulfill their duties to the broader Empire and operate within the Imperial Edict's boundaries, their rules will generally be accepted by the higher authorities with little or no interference. The Imperial South LawAuthor's note: I don't have a full legal system written out and likely never will because the complexity of that endeavor doesn't interest me. In terms of what's legal reference real bodies of law for basics, so imagine that things like theft, assault, perjury, slavery, murder and so on are illegal. Each city has a local police force to operate within its limits and the military employs federal investigators who are able to enforce law anywhere in the nation. Military Prior to the separations of the Cold South and Arcane East from Genesaris proper, and the annexations of the Southern Swell and Great North, respectively, Genesaris had a unified military of ~6.25 million, with over 800,000 reservists (a potential total of 7.08 million). This daunting number was once scattered across six separate regions, though could be unified at the command of the High Council of Union City, facing national a crises. Since then, this number has been fragmented between the three prime factions with the Dominion obtaining the largest section due to acquiring the North (42%), then the Imperial South (38%), and the Genesar Remnants retaining all that remained (20%). In the realm of the Dominion, their emperor also serves as their Commander-in-Chief, exercising total authority over the military. The empress, Irene Gabriela DuGrace, is Rafael’s chief advisor and possesses the highest level of authority - military or otherwise - other than the emperor, himself. They are both involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining the military, government, and nation. There are a number of military outposts, bases, and depots located throughout their lands. The most secure of these are found within Umbra, the Red City, and Coastal Grande. Foreign Relations Pre-schism, due to its size and a war with Terrenus, Genesaris practiced isolationism, suspicious of other lands. Traces of this practice can be seen in the Carmine Dominion's foreign policies, which practice an alternate form of isolationism. While prioritizing their own ends over that of the world, they are firm believers of free trade, travel, and in some instances (namely those that are significantly beneficial to the empire either politically or economically), have been known to enter loose trade agreements. Economy The currency of Genesaris Proper is simple and is as follows: 1 chip [Zinc Alloy] = 1 Chip 1 Rosy [Manganese]= 5 Chips 1 Kite [Bronze] = 2 Rosies 1 Raven [Zirconium Allloy]= 10 Kites 1 Merlin [Silver] = 10 Ravens 1 Hawk [Gold]= 10 Merlins The Chip is made of cheaply made pot metal , easy to cast and easy to gather from the streets, typically a majority of zinc with alloyed with other scrap metal. When one is used up, it is collected and recast into a new chip coin. These are the most common coins, used for everyday small purchases. A single pot metal can buy you a couple of eggs or half a loaf of bread. A Rosy is made from an oxidized manganese, its color a silvery pink. It bears a picture of a Finch, its namesake. These are uncommon but exist in circulation. A Kite is made from bronze. It has the picture of a Kite (bird), its namesake. These are common coins. A Raven is made from a zirconium alloy, making this coin almost jet black. If one looks close enough, they can see a picture of a Raven etched in. These coins are uncommon, but do make their way around. Some people collect them. A Merlin is made from silver. It has a picture of a Merlin Falcon etched upon it. This is a common currency for bigger purchases. A Hawk is a gold coin. It has a depiction of Aletheiar in his Golden Hawk form. These are commonly used in expensive transactions, such as buying property or an airship. They are rare in smaller purchases. Jewels, gems, and other valuable metals can also be used and traded among the shops and merchants of Genesaris. Due to inflation, wars, and other variables, the value of any currency may heighten or drop to reflect the times. History
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    Might as well make this thread to keep people updated on my random appearances and disappearances. 02/27/2018: Alright my lovely peeps, this is a heads up that this week is going to be RIDICULOUS for me and my family. I am currently working on two projects that require my absolute attention. I've been a lazy fuck about them and while I'm steadily riding a 98% total grade in both classes, I could do better if I wasn't playing with my dick and being a lazy butt. A 95% on my annotated bibliography is great, but the issues my professor pointed out were issues I already knew about but I wanted to chase butterflies instead of fixing them ~ Secondly, the last month Mr. Roberto has been preparing for his very first amateur MMA fight, YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!! 8ish years in the making After so many life changes, fights falling through, and other shit, it's finally happening this Saturday. Friday are the official weigh-ins, and they're about a hourish away and after that we will probably be celebrating the first of two steps into the cage. I'm so proud and excited I could hella explode. This week I have intended reviving the Renovatio Discord and posting up the edited articles for Renovatio and the new Kalopsia. Everything is ready to go but this week has kind of caught up with me rather quickly and I will not have the time to be involved in these major changes. I haaaaaaaaaave to be diligent with my course projects and not be half assed about it. I also need to be there for Avalynn and Robert while dealing with all this. None of this is extremely detrimental to what is going on in Renovatio, I just don't want any of you all thinking I'm being lazy and pulling your dicks after so damn long. I've made promises and haven't been able to act on them in the timely manner I've wanted. My life is ridiculously busy all the damn time <_< I don't know why I give myself time restraints when I know .... anyways I will still be posting in some of threads, a few I need to get caught up on. I have time for these little side projects, they're actually what's helping my fried brain work through this random little moment of complacency I have going on. As for the articles, I will have those up and going probably in like a week or two, depends on how hard and fast I can get these projects done the right way. No I won't hand the articles over so you can see No I won't give you clues or ideas or thoughts about the changes No I won't tell you what is going to happen to Kalopsia I say no to those things because I don't want anyone getting their hopes up on one thing, when there's a chance I could edit everything again and all plans go up in smoke. I will say that the integrity to everyone's hard work done in Renovatio will be credited and acknowledged. <333 Not much of a surprise here but I'mma be slow for the next few weeks, bromatos. Pray for me ; ~ ; 1/2/2018: Merry Christmas (belated) & Happy New Years (kinda belated)!! Well, I've been busy as a mofo and I want to apologize for not staying in communication with you guys during the last 2 weeks. As always there are ways to get a hold of me if you need me to answer any and all questions concerning Kadia, Muhir, and Renovatio. @Alexei has my number and has been awesome (he's such a good work husband, js if anyone is looking for one) enough to let people know if they need me, he'll shoot me a text to let me know. Here is the basic low-down on what's going to be happening this year: I called in for a transfer today so I'm (hopefully) going to be transferred to a store that is only 10 minutes away from our house instead of 20-25 minutes away. I'll probably know in a few days if it's possible, and I'm crossing every finger and fucking toe that it'll happen. I really like my job and I'd like to keep working as long as I can - quitting is not an easy option. I'm going to be a college student soon. Going to put my big girl pants on and shoot to become a CMA, and maybe at some point a CPA. Depending on how soon I can get things done, I'll either be starting February though it's more than likely going to be in April. That's college piled on taking care of the little goop (whoisbecomingaheathenomgsomeonehelpterribletwosarereal) and taking care of the big goop (Roberto), and working a few days out of the week. WOOOO! Rob is also going to be a college student soon! He is going for nursing, and that means full time school and full time work for that bromato - I'm not envious of his choices. His poor brain is probably going to be melting out of his damn ears and I'm going to be the one holding the bucket to catch it. Roll those two things together and there's a chance I'm only going to be active a few days a week, and that's just me assuming that our workloads are going to be heavy as fuuuuu- and our time will be completely dedicated to Avalynn, work, and school. !I'M STILL GOING TO BE HERE! I'm more than likely going to have to be a little more restrictive on stuff and I'm okay with that. FOR THOSE PEEPS DOING STUFF IN RENOVATIO AND MUHIR: Keep being awesome and keep doing what you're doing. You're welcome to shape Muhir in any way you wish (within reason of course, if you're uncertain about something, don't hesitate to reach out to me). Renovatio is being pumped full of activity from you all just adding something to Reno, and I couldn't be more appreciative of that <33 I know some have asked permission to do things and I give my full consent to do what you need to to start your area/city/kingdom in Muhir and in Renovatio. I've read through all your things and so far you've all shown me you're awesome to go on your own for a bit. KETCHUP: Alright, much to my (not) surprise my work schedule for this week is not at all what it should be, so I have to work to get that fixed and I don't know what my next week schedule brings. I will be working on catching up on some things BUT KEEP SKIPPING ME NO MATTER WHAT. I will catch up more than likely by next week (110% no posting on weekends for me at all, whatsoever, never again). 2017 Shenanigans
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    Terrenus Laws of Magic

    Introduction In the ten or so years administrating Terrenus, this is my first public attempt at a cohesive, semi-organized "system" of magic. The first private attempt was in 2013, which was a lot less organized but discussion between desolate, lastlight, and Off Topic (among others) prompted me down certain paths of thought. It's pretty bare right now but I think there's enough here to work with and try out. In the future I'm hoping for something immersive and engaging to which this will be an index or an appendix. So long as it adheres to the Mild Powers ruleset, Terrenus is agnostic as far as metaphysical systems are concerned. This means that members can feel free to adopt or adapt whatever system lends itself to their creative expression. That said, the below is the official system of Terrenus magic. It is recognized as the mainstream cosmological view of the world in Terrenus. Keep in mind that like any field of study, the laws presented below are subject to improvement and modification as new information is found. Science is not math, meaning that scientific knowledge, even or especially about magic, is tentative and provisional, with nothing being final, and the accepted explanation being "the best among all available alternatives". To say this is subject to change for reasons in-character and out is an understatement. Update - a number of the laws were accepted as the universal standard by all the board leaders. Those are in green. The stuff in black applies only to Terrenus. Laws and Theorems of Magic A law is the description of an observed phenomenon. A theory is the explanation of that phenomenon. A law tells us that something is, not why it is - a theory attempts to explain it. Below are the laws of magic as they are currently understood in Terrenus. Law of Origin: All magic comes from the Spirit Realm and is regulated by various layers of genius loci. Law of Chaos: Even with proper observance of the Laws, magic is chaotic and dangerous. Spells can go awry. Spell Permanency is a new and specialized field that can only guarantee longevity to within an acceptable margin. The longer a spell goes on the higher the chance it will go awry. Law of Method: Methods for manipulation of magic so far include written words and symbols (including glyphs and runic formulas), spoken words and rhymes, color theory, music theory, hand symbols and gestures, esoteric components, and direct energy manipulation. These are all considered means by which a caster can negotiate arcane intent with a genius loci. Law of Equivalent Exchange: All magic carries comes with a cost. This is usually seen as the consumption of material spell components but can also be seen as physical damage (bruises, cuts, disfigurement, etc), intangibles (sanity, memories, emotions, and in particular secrets), accelerated aging, and in extreme cases even death. Casting magic in a group mitigates this effect. Law of Arcane Inertia: With rare exception, spells that are cast will remain cast as long as the Loci supports their existence. A fireball will burn out with lack of fuel but will not randomly disappear. A curse will remain until its neutralized (or its respective energy source runs out). Contrast against Law of Chaos. Law of Parallel Symbolism: "Like produces like" or "an effect resembles its cause". It is easier to produce a fire effect from a spell focus related to the base element (coal, a phoenix feather, etc) than an unrelated or neutral component (earth) or diametrically opposed component (water or ice). Law of Contagion: Objects in contact become entangled and the contact persists over distance but attenuates with time. This law is commonly applied in voodoo, allowing a magician to perform spells on an item and produce an effect on a person or place. Contagion is affected by tangible variables like how many people contacted the item, for how long, and whether the item is part of the target (hair, skin, blood provide a stronger link than clothing). Intangible factors like sentimental attachment and emotional trauma are also a factor. Contagion links can also be semantic or metaphorical. Theorem of Many Worlds: Both the Real World and the Spirit World are infinite in nature, and in an infinite universe all things that can be eventually come to pass. TMW theorists posit that all instances of different worlds, dimensions, realities, and planes are either spatial distortions that link disparate parts of the infinite universe, or spiritual nexus that join parts of the physical world with parts of the irrational spiritual world. General Principles and Terms Arcanosphere - Like the magnetosphere and the stratosphere, the arcanosphere is a planet-wide atmospheric phenomenon that accounts for concentrations of magical influence and force (or lack thereof), and the ease with which magical forces can be accessed, harnessed and manipulated. There is a known heavy concentration over Shawnee Glacier and a known thinning over Dead Peaks. After the events in Blairville, however, the Arcanosphere concentration has shifted. The Shawnee loci has overtaken the Wasteland loci, resulting in much of the desert being frozen, and magical availability in general has lowered everywhere except in Shawnee, where it has risen. Epicoramine - Abbreviated as EPC, epicoramine is the only known arcane neurotransmitter in existence. EPC is a monoamine transmitter with excitatory properties. It can be found in minerals and foods that have been irradiated with, or subjected to, prolonged exposure to arcane energies. The presence of this mineral transmitter in food and water has led to magic-based mutations in various species, most notably in, but not limited to, humanoids and hominids. Genius Loci - During the reign of Levas, the 'genius locus' was defined as 'the protective spirit inhabiting a plane'. The post-Zengi age, during the Oligarchic reign, sees the genius loci understood as the basic foundation from which an area's magical rules spring, thus defining the basic means of arcane operation. Genius Loci can "onion", meaning one can exist within another and alter the rules inside of a localized area. This explains why ritual magic works better in Blairville, magitech is more functional in Hell's Gate, and neither are fully functional in the Dead Peaks. The influence is uniform from core to edge rather than attenuating at the periphery. It is not uncommon to come across references to the loci in ancient texts as "the gods of magic" Spirit Realm - Terrenus cosmology posits only two planes of existence or realities. The "Real"/Material/Physical world and the Spirit/Other world. The Spirit world is one of infinite complexity and scope (in Gaianism this is thanks in large part to the augmented Wyld presence here) so it contains the various other "settings" that most people interpret as being alternate realities. For instance, those that physically visit "hell" dimension(s) are visiting pockets of the Spirit World as are those that visit various "heaven" dimensions, and so on. Tripolar Synapse Junction - The TSJ is a cluster of specialized tripolar neurons located near the base of the pons, bordering the medulla oblongata and spreading both into the midbrain and the brainstem. The TSJ is unique in that it is a source of the EPC neurotransmitter and belongs strictly to mutated species capable of innately manipulating magical energies. Species with the TSJ mutation account for less than 5% of the national population. A TSJ is not required for knowledge-based magic, which accounts for a majority of the world's magicians. Disclaimer: 'Innate' ability does not mean 'superior'. This is just my personal attempt at exploring the 'sorcerer vs wizard' angle.
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    Bloodwatch Base OOC

    "United we stand, divided we will fall." Interest check: Roll12 rules Post summary to track things To keep easy track of things, write a summary at the bottom of your post. An example would be: (*Note: Monster players, do this for each of your monsters too! Name them as well, e.g. xxx A, xxx B, so it would not be confusing.) Posting order You can post multiple times, but you can only roll dice once per round. Extra posts can be used for narrative purposes. But don't put up spitfire posts! The round ends when everyone has posted, or when reasonable time has passed. You can post before the first monster post too, but that would be a narrative post, and you will still need to post again later for your attack. IC thread: Summary of everyone's positions and statuses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w6oi2m7C7JDcY1iJE6R31ukrGqhX_Tsj8ZvqX46Pcao/edit?usp=sharing
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    Valucre is back online

    In case you couldn't tell! In short, a 500 error on the host side prompted me to reboot the server. This reboot crashed the search_index table in the SQL database. Attempts to repair the table failed because we found out, later on, that the table in question was approximately 800MB in size and the tmp directory it wrote to when repairing was 1000MB. Basically it wouldn't complete. Ultimately the issue was resolved by increasing the tmp directory (not simple) and then dropping the table entirely, which is why the Search index is being rebuilt currently and any searches done on the site will be slow/incomplete until it's done. Special props to desolate for working on this issue with me despite heaps of OT at his actual job, and to Tebo for quarterbacking the resolution to the end-zone tonight. Thank the heavens, Valucre is back.
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    Lilith Reiter, Commander of Death

    Lilith Reiter || The Unsung Horror || [BASICS] First name: Lilith Surname: Reiter Nicknames: The Unsung Horror | Commander of Death Alignment: Neutral Evil Race: Marzanna Profession: Witch | Necromancer Affiliation: The Cult of Power Hometown: A small, unknown village in the Wilds of Terrenus Gender: Female Age: 28 | 29 | 30 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Smooth with a rolling accent Eyes: Blood red Complexion: Unnaturally pale Height: 6' 0" Build: A very fit hour glass shape Hair: Milk chocolate brown; Let loose, goes down to an inch above her shoulders Scars: There is a scar line going through the crescent moon and another going down her right eye Mark: There's a mark of a crescent moon on her forehead [MENTAL] Demeanor: Cold and self serving Hopes: Hopes are for the weak and the sleeping Fears: Not likely Likes: Power and absolute obedience Dislikes: People obstructing her way [GEAR] Top: Light weight, fit to form material Bottom: Leather wrapped in runic clothes [WEAPONS] DeathBringer: When this sword delivers the finishing blow or is near when the character dies, it traps their soul in the blade. The more souls in the sword, the more powerful it becomes. At the same time, the captured souls become slaves to Lilith so that when she plants the stolen soul into a corpse, the being will rise once more but this time they'll be chained to Lilith forever. Soul is how Lilith refers to it but what is being stolen is more like life essence. Deathbringer, while shaped like a sword, can be transformed into a staff upon Lilith's command. The staff itself shifts appearance depending on its specific usage or will of Lilith. Approximate Canon Souls Absorbed (through her own kill count and that of her immediate followers. Numbers are estimates and not meant to be exact): 18,160+ 5,000 in Casper by Lilith and Ankou 250 in Dramfort by Lilith 300 in Mork'Outh village by Venus 30 in MoonShatter Town by Ankou and Zuruk 50 in Casper by the plague's initial spreading and by Lilith killing Casper law enforcement officers 30 in Random Town by Ziva 400 in the Forbidding Hills by Lilith and her Paragons 2,000 in Everrun by Lilith and Shane 10,000 in Tia by Lilith, her Zombies, and the Church of Three's trap Zengi's Right Gauntlet: Obtained in Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet - This is an S-Class Terrenus Artifact which acts as an extremely potent necromantic foci. It's use in combination with her own power has been shown to overwhelm even Terrenus Peacekeepers, especially in 1 on 1 battles. Heartbane: Obtained in To Command Despair - This is an S-Class Terrenus Artifact, a spadroon type sword, that exudes an aura of corrosive empathy. Each cut and injury by this sword causes a specific type of internal horror in its victim. Handed off to Samael in Breaking An Egg To Make An Omelette [Everrun]. [SKILLS] Necromancy: The ability for Lilith to commune and control the depths of death and life themselves. Raising of the Undead - This ability is rather cliche and self explanatory. As a necromancer Lilith can reanimate corpses. One form of reanimation is that of mindless, zombie like creatures that have feral and uncontrollable temperaments. They think nothing, feel nothing, and are nothing but the remains of the deceased wishing desperately to end their own pain but not knowing how to. So instead they attack anything in sight with the hopes of final death. Undead Servants - Like a puppet master, Lilith reanimates the dead and controls their every movement. This can be done by either shifting her senses into the Undead by giving it mental/ verbal commands. These servants can have a will of their own, to an extent allowed by Lilith. Power Sourcing - When Lilith reanimates the dead, she can also bestow upon it its full potential that it could have attained while alive. This usually means that upon being reanimated by Lilith, the undead becomes many times more powerful than it had been during its lifetime. Life Energy - Similar to what some may consider as a "soul," life energy is something innate to all living creatures. Lilith has the power to draw out the life energy of her victims and store it within DeathBringer. Later that life energy can be entered into any corpse she desires, be it beast or person. Chains of Life and Death - Anything being that is reanimated by Lilith or that has had their life energy captured by her and reentered into a corpse, is bound to Lilith. They can't disobey or lie. They can only follow. With a snap of her fingers she can release the chains, leading to the instant collapse and annihilation of the Undead. Raw Necromantic Energy - Being a powerful necromancer by nature, Lilith has the ability to utilize the most pure form of necromancy and wield it as raw energy. Although it would take a massive amount of this energy to culminate into a grand blast of sorts, it can create shields and an extremely oppressing pressure around her. Loyalty Brand - When Lilith makes a "contract" with another living being, that being is then marked with a Crescent Moon on some part of their body thus tying them to Lilith. Through the contract, the other entity will experience a massive increase in power as their potential is amplified and unlocked by Lilith's own. In return for that power increase, the other is unable to physically or otherwise harm Lilith. Although it does not guarantee complete obedience, it does form something akin to a master-follower link. Melody of Despair - The souls trapped by Lilith and those brought back to life can be forced to sing a melody, so incredibly haunting that it strikes fear and despair into the deepest parts of a man's heart. Those not strong enough will easily succumb to the sung, drowning in their own horrors. The longer one listens, the more one is affected. The effect is exponential. Lunar Empowerment: During the night, especially those of full moons, Lilith's power experiences a sudden surge. Due to her status as a Lunar Daughter, Lilith was actually born of moon rays colliding together over a large amounts of wild necromantic energies. Therefore, with half her being having been constructed by moon rays, she is able to absorb the rays with various results. Lunar Healing - The moon's rays is able to heal Lilith's physical wounds in little overall time. The more of the moon is out, the quicker and more efficiently Lilith is able to heal. Enhanced Condition - Lilith's physical abilities increase, allowing her more speed, strength, and durability. Lunar Empowerment - When under the moon Lilith's other inherent powers also increase in effectiveness, namely her ability as a necromancer. Lunar Manipulation - When the moon's rays are shining on her without obstruction, Lilith can draw on them in order launch a powerful blast of lunar energy. Such a blast would have various impact results, depending on the phase of the moon, but so long as a bit of rays are occurring it would have enough power to knock a fully armor man a couple meters back. At its strongest, ripping through the armored man like a knife in hot butter. Lunar Daughter - Being not just a daughter of the moon but also a daughter of necromancy has resulted in Lilith' being born as a Marzanna. She is a being that is bound to always linger in the limbo of life and death, always in both and never in one. She cannot die for you cannot kill something that is not alive or undead. Even if she was hacked into a million pieces, the moon's rays would eventually heal her, albeit over perhaps hundreds of years if at a natural pace. To permanently stop Lilith, one would be required to capture her indefinitely. [HISTORY] When Lilith's being was first birthed, the moon's lunar rays shun on an area radically corrupted by large amounts of powerful necromantic energies. It's rumored that this area was were Zengi was killed by Jason of Lions, thus explaining why Lilith's necromancy is so powerful. This, however, is simple speculation among the Cult of Power's Paragons. Found by an elderly woman, Lilith was brought back and raised in a backwater orphanage. Since she was young, Lilith has always struggled with normal human emotions like empathy and compassion, love and sympathy. The emotions were there, certainly, but it wasn't always obvious. At the very least they were buried under other, more violent emotions like rage and a desire to be indomitable. This, in turn, has caused Lilith to find herself in many dangerous situations that generally involved local authorities. Before Lilith turned eighteen, she had very limited access to her Lunar powers and had no a single lick of necromancy. It was hidden away, deep, deep within her. So, at most, her childhood was filled with average powers, though she honed them quite skillfully thanks to the whispers of her past lives: the previous Lunar Daughters. The moment she turned eighteen and came of age was when everything changed. The raw power within her exploded and what had been more akin to a small puddle roared into a giant oceans- perhaps something even larger. The power was overwhelming and suffocating. And suddenly the whispers of the past Lunar Daughters were no longer whispers but screams, drowning her own thoughts and twisting her mind into something darker. More sinister. Thus Lilith Reiter, the Commander of Death, was truly awakened. It wasn't long before bodies began to drop in her wake. She used those bodies to experiment with her new powers, sometimes bringing them back as full Risens. Other times mindless zombies. Her first act was to burn down the town that had raised her. No one could know about her from before the awakening. And so the little town went up in flames. Just as Lilith was about to leave the area, she ran into a powerful man who tried to recruit her for some organization called the Cabal. She fought him for the insult of believing himself superior to her. But he was someone powerful enough to give a permanent scar to her right eye- one that not even regeneration could fix, and she was inexperienced. Young. One day she would get revenge against him. After that she continued to wander around Terrenus. It took a while for her to start really grasping the full extent of her abilities. She couldn't die when stabbed, poisoned, or shot. In fact, Lilith wasn't able to find a single method of dying. Pain would still be felt, but even that was more of a tingling sensation in the damage area than true pain. Some call her a vampire. Some call her a lich. Most just call her an Undead. But the truth, is that Lilith is a Marzanna- a being that is always to linger in between the realms of life and death, always in both but never only in one. [PERSONALITY] Those in the know about powerful necromancers wandering Valucre will have probably heard of Lilith at some point. Her infamy is rather deep in certain circles. Rumors of Lilith pin her as the the Commander, the Witch-Queen, the Desolator, or the Lunar Daughter; but those that truly know of the horror that is she, they know of the infamous Lilith Reiter. Unlike most of her creed, she has little wish for a massive following or to spread her name. Lilith's only interest is in doing whatever she wants and having enough power to crush those that are in her way. This lust for power has proven to be contagious, however. And despite Lilith having no desire to have her name spread or to garner followers, her spread of power to those who seek it has down exactly that. Eventually forming the Cult of Power. When confronted with those who don't seek power or are not Paragons within her cult, Lilith kills nearly all she meets unless they show absolute obedience. Towns and villages have been reduced to rumble and corpses in her wake. Though Lilith is only 30, as a Marzanna she retains memories of all the daughters before her. In essence, making her a young woman with centuries old knowledge to further her own enormous power. Lilith does not set out to kill others. It is not her intention to murder. This would imply that there are lives important enough to warrant her attention. The squashing of a sentient life, to Lilith, is akin to stepping on an insect. Not worth her time and barely even a minor inconvenience. [FAMILY] Lilith is a Lunar Daughter. Thus, she was born of energy cast down to Valucre from the moon. She has no family or relatives. [THREADS] Chasing Zengi's Gauntlet [S-Class Artifact] - Completed (Obtained S-Class Artifact Zengi's Right Gauntlet) To Command Despair [S-Class Artifact] - Completed (Obtained S-Class Artifact Heartbane) To Grab a Ghostship - Completed (Obtained a Ghostship) A Great Plague Comes to Casper - Completed (Let loose a very fatal and contagious plague in Casper) A Levee to Stop the Flow - Ongoing (Fighting Peacekeepers over powerful relic Odin's Circlet) Steeped in Moonlight (Artifact) - Completed (Helped obtain S-Class Artifact Lunar Scythe for Ankou) Destruction des Morts - Completed (Tracking down where Zengi's Armor is, finding Zengi's chest plate, discovered new about Reno artifact Crown of Asteria) When a Cult Absorbs the Fallen - Completed (The Cult of Power absorbs an organization called the Heralds of the Fall) From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End [Everrun] - Ongoing (Lilith and co. burn down the city of Everrun in order to summon an ancient relic) Breaking An Egg To Make An Omelette [Everrun] - Completed (Lilith breaks Samael down to rebuild him into a true warrior) Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest] - Ongoing (Lilith and multiple Cult members travel to the Bloodstone Marsh of Genesaris to get the Soul Cornerstone) kick names, take ass [Airship] - Ongoing (Lilith and Winter track down the ancient and enigmatic Genesaris Airship Clockwork Grind) The Crown of Asteria [Relic Quest] - Ongoing (Lilith and other Paragons investigating/ searching for the Renovation Artifact Crown of Asteria, Circe joins the cult) (ARTIFACT) A Master of Space and Self - Ongoing (Lilith leads Circe and Ankou on a hunt for the space stone against James and the Order of Force Majeure) dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same - Ongoing (Lilith and her Cult declare war on and invade the province of Nu Martyr for the Crown of Asteria) bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle [CoP Hub] - Ongoing (Hub thread)
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    So, I didn't just want only generic wedding photos. We took the photos ourselves (using a tripod and self-timer, lol!), and I edited them myself! Some are actual locations shot at parks, and some are studio shots. It was a lot of effort, and I'm proud of the results. It's a cosplay of our Val characters, Dawen and Dyloceus ?(they're not a couple IC though haha) I knew @sorainvoked before I joined Val, but I still want to thank the Val community for giving us a chance to play with you all!
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    Valucre's world map + TM too

    I'm utterly delighted to announce, after a long time spent building off of words alone, Valucre has a world map. The person that made this map wanted to stay anonymous so I will respect their wishes but the gratitude I feel and hope everyone else shares is beyond words. On that note I'll also extended the deepest of thank yous to @Song Sprite for putting in a lot of initial effort in a thread full of chaos and bedlam, which is where I got a lot of the base information from. So without further ado I present to you Valucre's new map as well as a map for the Tellus Mater region specifically. A few notable changes are: Genesaris has moved from the north to the south, Tellus Mater has moved from the extreme east more to the west to be between Terr. and Gen., and the Tellus Mater territories have increased in size. These changes were made in the spirit of making a more visually balanced map and the consequent lore will be adapted to fit now that we can actually see what things look like. You can find higher resolution images in the respective lore articles. Map 2.0
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    Valucre Discord Server

    NOTE: Posts on Valucre are what increase our post count. Posts and post count are how new members arriving on the site take a gauge of how active Valucre is in comparison to other sites and helps them make a choice to play here or play elsewhere. The Discord is here for your use but please make an effort to port back any meaningful conversations (networking, plot-related conversation, worldbuilding, etc) or activity to Valucre and help us keep growing. For those of you that haven't been around long enough to know, Valucre used to have a chat that we ultimately got rid of it because it was too much work to maintain, and have been without any form of a chat for many years. However in those years a lot has changed. The community that frequents Valucre, the standards in this hobby we all engage in, the OOC interactions that foster them, and the technology that supports all of this, have all changed. I think all for the better too. So with that in mind, I think another chat is a worthy experiment. I looked at a few options, including an open-source client that could be installed on the server that currently hosts the site, as well as a plugin for WordPress and a Discord server. The one that takes the least amount of time to install and maintain with the least impact on resources and offers the most functionality is a Discord server, so that's what we're offering. This might change in the future but as Discord offers the same features as the server software I scoped and requires quite a bit less work to spin up, it was an easy decision to start with Discord first. "Experiment" here means this is something we're trying out. The experiment can fail, at which point we'll revert back to the standard that has brought Valucre to the point it is now. Because it is real-time, it will have specific chat mods to allow for the chat to be moderated actively. Because the chat is peripheral to Valucre and not a part of its core offering, it will also be moderated more strictly, with mods instructed to ban first and ask questions later. For any issues the first point of contact is the chat mods, then the glomods, and then the admins, going up the chain only. Please note that in line with Discord best practices, upon entering the server users will only be able to Read messages until they are manually sorted into a Members group by a chatmod. !!ATTENTION!!: IF YOU WOULD LIKE ACCESS TO THE DISCORD SERVER YOU MUST DIRECT MESSAGE/PRIVATE MESSAGE @Acies ab Vesania @Paroxysm @Avvercus OR @Praetorian WITH YOUR VALUCRE USER NAME AND THE DISCORD SERVER NAME YOU ARE USING PRIOR TO BEING ABLE TO POST. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL PREVENT YOU FROM BEING ABLE TO POST IN CHAT!! Here is a link to the Discord: https://discord.gg/8Fcrs36 You can download the application, or access the browser version at: https://discordapp.com/ What you can do with it: Chat with community members in real time about lore, worldbuilding, or general, friendly chatter. What it'll help us accomplish: Foster a stronger and more active community and make it easier for new members to become a part of that community. What it should not be used for: A primary point of contact for administrators. The Valucre PM system and Valucre email, valucre@gmail.com, remain the preferred points of contact. !!ATTENTION!!: IF YOU WOULD LIKE ACCESS TO THE DISCORD SERVER YOU MUST DIRECT MESSAGE/PRIVATE MESSAGE @Acies ab Vesania @Paroxysm @Avvercus OR @Praetorian WITH YOUR VALUCRE USER NAME AND THE DISCORD SERVER NAME YOU ARE USING PRIOR TO BEING ABLE TO POST. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL PREVENT YOU FROM BEING ABLE TO POST IN CHAT!!
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    Mickey Flash


    Elendaron is a place of magic, danger, and mystery. There are many different lands, underground, underwater, and floating in the air. The creatures residing there are just about as diverse as the land, and each one has made their area fit their lifestyle. It is ruled by a queen, Queen Malia. She is a new ruler, young, and elven. She must prove her worth with the wildness of the land, and against the strength of her enemies. Elendaron Quests Geography: Topography: The land of Elendaron is surrounded by water on almost all sides. In Elendaron there are massive amounts of forests, a few mountains, some desert plains, caves, and gentle rolling hills. Jungles are not unheard of, nor ice lands. Climate: Different areas of Elendaron have different climates, due to magical disruption or location. In the north the climate is more mild, with only rain storms and a possible tornado or two to be disruptive. In the South there are plains and mild weather as well. In the West there are desert lands and jungle. In the East there is snow and wasteland. In the very center of Elendaron there is the Great Forest that has acquired aspects of all the areas climate. Demographics: Population: 50,000,000 50.7% are female, 49.3% are male Species - There are a variety of mixed species in Elendaron. The majority of them are elves, dwarves, human, vampire, demon, and fae. Culture: Having to deal with wildly different climates and environments depending on where they are located, the people of Elendaron are a hearty and enduring people who are as familiar with sailing as they are with making their way through a jungle. They are a henotheistic culture, which means that many different parts of the populace will adhere to one particular god without discounting the possibility or existence of others. The Elendaron people are known for their enchanted gems and jewelry, as their land is covered with crystals known to have magic properties. Until the recent reign of Queen Malia, education in Elendaron has been focused mainly on textiles and subsistence farming; they are now focusing on engineering and magic to poise themselves to enter the global stage. Economy: The trade is fairly good with Elendaron. It’s resources are magical and unique. The crystals that litter the land and inside the mountains have magical properties, as well as can be used for energy purposes. There are flora and fauna found nowhere else in Valucre. Government: Elendaron is ruled by a Monarch. Queen Malia is the new ruler of Elendaron. She has inherited the title after the death of Queen Nylam, her distant cousin. Military: Each area has their own regiment of military soldiers, but they are all loyal to Queen Malia. She can request their services for war time at any time she deems necessary. Some areas have more military than others, and the queen also has her own personal protectors on hand. She also has a special forces unit made up of some of the most dangerous and skilled individuals. Some are public figures, while others wish to remain out of the public eye. Foreign Relations: Elendaron is allied with Athentha, Alterion, and newly allied with the underwater city of Adain. Education: Queen Nylam had always enforced a desire for higher education for her kingdom, and Queen Malia reinforces her cousin’s wishes. The areas are stressed to provide the best forms of education available to them, and education programs have been specially set up for relief for each area that requires it. Transportation: There are many forms of transportation. The most popular is the Obsidian Tear, which is a magical hover train that can transport all over Elendaron. There are also more modern areas in Elendaron, which allow for motor vehicles. And some areas still use horse and carriage. Some magical portals have also been found in or around Elendaron, natural warp gates that can take you to different destinations. These gates move continuously, and are not easy to find. If found the exact destination can not be determined, so most locals never use them. History: (From past to present) Dragon Wars - Long ago, there was a conflict between dragons and the rest of the species. A war broke out, and left many dead upon the earth. The dragons began to take heavy losses and were either slaughtered, or went into hiding. The dragon population had been scarce ever since. Some think that the dragons had died, or their bloodline had been weakened. Others say they are still hidden in Elendaron, in the mountains, or underground. Rosinder Takeover - Rosinder was a great kingdom, built in a savage time and a savage land. The people were warriors. No one knows exactly how the people were conquered or where they disappeared to. One day in the midst of another in a long line of wars, they vanished, and all that is left is the Elendaron you see now. Queen Nylam’s Reign - Queen Nylam began her rule after the Dragon Wars and the Rosinder Takeover. She was a fair ruler, kind and considerate of her people. She was well loved by most she ruled. Queen Malia’s Reign - Present day. Areas of Importance: Seinaru Forven - This is an area abundant in magic and dragons. There are giant crocodiles and hidden magical cities. The elven queen was born here, and many political endeavors take place in this area. Vechynacht - This is a land of darkness as well as cold. You can find horror as well as a comedic nonchalance among its people. Death is not done here, and you might find walking talking clothing items. Draco South - This area has a steampunk theme, with a more modern twist than the rest of Elendaron. Organized crime is common, and it has political conflict due to the distance from the queen’s home of Seinaru Forven. Nar Oeste - This land is harsh and wild, part of it being desert while the other half is jungle. Though as abundant in different species as the rest of Elendaron, Nar Oeste also boasts of a large population of vampires. Athentha - Floating mountainous islands decorate the sky, and its name is Athentha. They are allied with Elendaron, and are populated by a majority of demon species.
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    The Hummingbird

    Whispernight Quests

    All quests are repeatable and subject to failure and success alike. You do not need to post for permission, just pick one and post! Have fun! Valinde The glorious city of Valinde was home to wealth and art unlike any other city, and it was also home to powerful magic. Tapestries of ancient historical events litter the floors of the ruined streets and roads, along with the remnants of small airships used for transportation and the carcasses of animals used for the same. Museums filled with priceless artifacts lie in ruin, but one holds more than just archeological prizes. A stopwatch that slows down time within a 10 foot radius and grants supernatural speed to the user lies in wait in this city. It is worn around the neck of a wailing banshee, whose cries invokes bad luck and death. Overcome her curse and remove the stopwatch from her neck and use it for your own devices- but be warned, the banshee’s cry is a dangerous thing to tamper with. There’s said to be more than one, but they lie scattered throughout the city’s towers. Talix-Egine A city run by gears, including a central gear that operated the entire city on a wheel of science and architecture seen nowhere else in Valucre. Home to more math and logic than magic, Talix-Engine’s near impenetrable headquarters that operated the entire city was overrun by doppelgangers and evil spirits. The city was in the end toppled. This ruin is one of the most dangerous, overrun with undead creatures that seek nothing but to destroy all that is left. Everyone who was gone here has died at the hands of violent geists. Led by a league of vampires wielding ancient, powerful swords capable of nullifying and reflecting magic spells, be the one to defeat the horde and free the city from the curse of Whispernight. Kuratel This leader in innovation left behind an airship filled with magically-enhanced rifles among a ruin of stone, steel, and dead bodies. Two dragons guard the city against intruders hoping to do good, one a Red Dragon and the other a Black Dragon. Both are lich lords and highly intelligent despite rotted brains, though they are more animalistic in nature and can barely talk. The airship was known as Heaven’s Mercy and is still operational. Warriors from afar have discussed grabbing the ship and fighting the dragons in the sky, suing the hsips; powerful firearms to kill them both, then flying away with the ship’s army-full of rifles and guns in hand. The problem is fighting their way through the horde of geists that surround the airship base itself. There are other airships – Warrior’s Soul, Paradise High, Hellion Sky, and more – yours to keep if you can down the guardian dragons and their army of undead. Port City This city is awash in water and the undead. Once it sat on the coast of Genesaris, proud and fierce and the head of seaships that ruled the oceans. Now it is submerged in evil and waste. The shield that guarded it from tsunamis is shattered, making this city a danger in nature as well as the undead that lurks here, unaffected by the natural disasters that now plague this city. One crashed seaships off Port City’s docks is rumored to harbor the treasure of a pirate captain, full of gold and jewels worth a great king’s weight… not to mention a few Exalta Prisms, paralyzing enchanted swords, and books full of black magic spells. All of this is guarded by wicked liches and hags, but a powerful enough warrior might be able to break through. Kaurilia This minor city was yet known for its love of culture and nature. Now even the roots have turned evil and the trees themselves attack visitors. A crossroads gate still lies in the center of the city where unwary travelers have wandered in and out off, most of them returning wounded and traumatized to the crossroad’s twin in Aelindra City. The gate is closed off, but that doesn’t stop many would-be heroes from entering anyway. An undead dragon roams the skies, breathing poisonous smog and blue fire. Within its belly is an Exalta Black Prism, a powerful version of the crystals that power airships and the mighty technology of Genesaris magic. The dragon is known to venture from its claimed home in Kaurilia. Find and kill it, and burn its remains so that it never rises again. Claim the crystal from its ashes, and use it for your own plans. There are also weapons said to be made of the shards of Exalta Prisms, each containing massive power. Telerian This leader in airship technology was blown out of the skies by a lich dragon. While it was killed, now many smaller dragons, wyverns, and drakes wander the skies, wreaking havoc on each other and the wasted city below. There are said to a few survivors who scratch out a living underground, refusing or unable to leave. Telerian prized its ownership of the antiquated but powerful war airship Godfury. Said to be huge in size and outfitted with warp speed and a massive armored shell, this ship is overcome with vampires. Slaying them would be difficult and highly risky, but the prize of taking the airship itself would make it worth it. Tie former airbase of airships, if you can’t get to GodFury, one of the many others are free to take too. Testerossa Named after a sea capital, this city also lies along the ocean line. Seaships line the bay in disarray and destruction, and the great buildings of the city are in equal disrepair. It is said that here also there are survivors, fighting an everyday life against the risen ghosts of pirates and dead seafaring folk no longer content to stay in their graves. Antique seaships that are also capable of sailing the skies lay adrift near the shore. One is said to evne contain the treasure horde of a slain dragon. If you get to one, matey, it’s yours to keep. Ballard Bay The Southern Swell’s capital city is no more. Once having an artifact museum that was the best to view ancient magic and forbidden areas of darker spellcasting, the entire city reeks of evil and taboo. Once this city proudly displayed army shields powerful enough to heal those closest to death. Those shields are now lost, and fiercely guarded by the presence of golem made out of blood-soaked chains. Towering twenty feet high and capable of spreading out their own bodies in wrathful ropes of whipping iron links, these golems are highly dangerous and show no remorse for their numerous victims. Avoid or destroy them if you can, and claim one of the shields. Some of them are wielded, somewhat ineffectively, by the undead. Lanternway This once beautiful city is overrun by geists who wield blades stolen from the Cavern of Blades and have figured out how to use them. The stonework of the city is still beautiful and the nature resplendent, while out of control. Some of the nature is possessed by ghosts, and work againt those who try to explore the city. Endless magical weapons lie in the destroyed Cavern of Blades, now sunk deep into the earth. Spears, swords, axes, polearms, knives and more containing great power are there for the taking, but beware – monsters of Whispernight have been drawn to the Cavern of Blades. Destroy what stands in your way, and take the weapon that calls to you most Talthanus This leader of famous hallucinogens and drugs lies, and it’s actually still populated by hippies who declare the Whispernight almost over. Talthanians were never much for treasure or the likes, but the drugs here are topnotch. The undead are at a minimal here, and some brave souls make a living killing a few, stealing some drugs, and selling them to safer cities Cobran Small and more of a shanty, at first it appears Cobran was left empty after the bulk of Whispernight haunts vanished. It is actually populated with white werewolves and a few humans who survived after the disaster. The humans who continue to live there have adopted the harsh lifestyle of fighting every day to survive, hunting and being hunted by the werewolves and natural white wolves who are just as fervent about eating anything that can be killed. Massive alpha white wolves live in the ruins of Cobran, commanding a warpack of 100 wolves each. Immune to magical weapons and spells, these alpha wolf pelts are said to grant the wearer the ability to call, tame, and communicate with any wolf, as well as the ability to shapechange into a direwolf. Vintel Vintel used to grow cocoa beans and valued nature. It is now filled with poisonous plants and the living spirits of evil trees. These distortions of the beautiful dryads are unwelcoming to any and all who are living souls. A mysterious plant grows in the center of the city, glowing with the light of a god’s blessing, or so they say. Save the life of anyone with this plant’s miraculous curative properties by picking its berries and feeding it to your friend or family member… or the enemy you want to continue to torture.
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    It's been almost 4 years since I signed up for this forum and honestly it's been one of the most life changing almost-4-years of my life. I know this may seem sudden, especially since my "return" a couple of months ago, but it's that time. I will still wrap up some things and be in contact with people through off-site means, but this is my goodbye. But first, some words of special thanks in the form of a very, very bad poem: Firstly, thanks to HimJL, Yhmi, and Gohrick Trisona for being my very first partners in writing, and to Totalitarian, princeben07, Black Magic, and susitsu for being in my first created thread, Silent Night, most frightening! (I told you it was bad, okay.) To Acies ab Vesania! Ever the knowledgeable, for being a voice of reason, and to supernal for showing faith in my work by helping me start a monster nation. Thanks to Arcanist for being a co-conspirator in funny times, (and we do still have many, funny times) and to Off Topic for being a tour de force, with animation and rhyme. Thanks to Malum for drinking wine out of a jug--that I don't think I'll ever forget-- as well as everyone else in those unval chats and to blood soaked earth, too for being a nerd, and having me push my brain past the absurd. Then there's Syncopy who's always been of support, and Vintage's NightWalker children of dubious rapport, like vasanti and Sorano and various other sorts who traipse through the nights with blood on their shirts. More thanks to King for being one of the best co-brains in the land, as well as Noko and with their villainous plans, and to Paroxysm for his stories about blueberry pies, and Song Sprite with hope and stars in her eyes. Thanks to the friends I've made through Nich'e who wrote its world with me: From Kiva and the Big Gay Cockatoo to The Ceron and Scaevitas, too to Devil, Helrica, Japhetic, and Shamash you've all made this journey one hell of a blast. (And Lucky, to you, I give a special thanks for inspiring a love that no other can match.) Oh Gryfyn Industries! Oh comrades in trade! Thank you for all your work this day, But Elisbeth Winkly must part ways. Keep on with the customers, don't scare them away! (And should your name be missing, do not fret. You, too, on me, have made an impact, in being here with all the rest-- this "poem" is simply far too long, I will not forget.) And here we are at the end of this a dragged far too long reminisce Like many others that have come and gone, so, too, will I but with one last song:
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    Useful Writing Resources

    So today I was struggling with finding a name for a type of architectural structure when I stumbled upon Wikipedia's Glossary of Architecture. I thought other people might find it useful when they write, so I encourage you to post whatever helpful information resources you can in this thread for others to learn from. This includes writing tutorials, description aids, various how-to's (e.g. blood spatter analysis, surviving in the wilderness) and other neat information you think will help others with their writing. RULES DO post helpful resources in any form, whether it be through video, audio, infographic, pdf, or website link. Don't be afraid to recommend books as well. Feel free to also request help to find resources to aid in your writing or character building/development. DO feel free to ask for particular resources (in addition to posting a resource) or respond to other user's pleads for assistance with their writing! If the conversation should last longer than a couple posts, then please move to PM. DO NOT turn this thread into a circlejerk about "things you hate that other writers do" and instead work on providing solutions. If you want to correct someone on an incorrect resource they've posted, provide an alternative resource and leave a brief comment notifying them of their error. DO NOT litter the thread with chatter! If you have something you'd like to discuss with another user, PM them! CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE COMPILATION DOCUMENT UPDATE 12/18/15: You can now access a fully compiled document of all the resources posted in this thread. It will be updated with every new full page that gets added to this thread.
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    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Fidelitas looked over at the bustle of activity with some satisfaction. Finally, the severely limited defenders in Inns'th were saved from the brink of annihilation. It had been a month since Chastity returned from Ursa Madeum, after signing the alliance with the Allied Nations of Terrenus. With it came the promise of troops and resources. Sure enough, men started arriving from Ursa Madeum under the flag of Uldwar, and another sizable force arrived from Norkotia in a separate arrangement. Dried provisions were provided by Patia to support the growing community. The megacity had also transported stone and lumber for the Order of the White Hand's upcoming venture. Additional funding from the Taen empire had allowed them to put up calls for warriors all over Terrenus who lived on risking their lives for gold. The paladin pulled on the rope securing food and building tools onto one of the wagons, ensuring that its integrity. A group of warriors had been chosen to be the first to set off towards the Furthest Point. These warriors, led by Fidelitas, would lay the foundation for the rest of the defenders to follow. A smaller force was more agile and speedier than if they brought everyone along. What the Order of the White Hand had also strategized, but had not shared with the rest, was that the smaller numbers meant that if their minds were overcome by the corruption of Yh'mi, the rest of the majority who were defending Inn'th could hunt and strike them down. No force so large had been sent in before, and the Order had to take precautions. Especially after the corruption of Remissio, who many of the paladins had looked up to as a role model. He had been turned against them with devastating effect. Fidelitas, his full armour glinting in the morning sun, strode to the front of the line. He raised his battle hammer to catch everyone's attention. "Today, we take the first step into Yh'mi. Tomorrow, we take the whole blasted land!" The rallying cry was meant to unite those who were setting off with him; thirty fighters with various backgrounds, and with four wagons in tow. The gates of Yh'mi swung open. The vast rocky plains lay in front of them, fraught with unseen dangers. Fidelitas set off in a straight-line march towards the Furthest Point, a hill easily visible in the distance, a full day's march from their location. They proceeded in a square formation, ready for threats that might strike from any direction. - [OOC: At the bottom of your post, please choose which position your character is taking within the square formation: top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right.]
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    A Csl & Vielle Christmas Card

    I and @vielle go to universities on opposite ends of our country, so when I went home for the holidays we decided to take an IRL pic of ourselves and make a Christmas card for the fine people of Valucre because it seemed like a cool idea. So yes. From these two Asian college students who've been using this lovely site to keep in touch and help get through the torture suffering challenges of our first semester in higher education: Merry Christmas! ❤️ ?
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    Do you want to die? Do you want everyone to die? If you answered "No!", then you should probably attend a round-table to discuss surviving the inevitable apocalypse. The Terran Empire is calling on citizens and their allies who have the means and the wits to discuss solutions for problems facing the modern Terran: the Unnatural Dilemma, the Body Snatching Menace, the Genius Loco, and more. Join us at SAD today, or you'll be really sad tomorrow! If there is a tomorrow. SAD will be held at the First Temple in Ignatz. All high-ranking members of the clergy and military will be present to observe the conference. IC Link: Symposium Against Doom. Thread has started and is closed on a case-by-case basis to future attendees. Hi everyone. ? I'm looking for characters that might be able to help solve many of the crises facing Terrenus today: diplomats, scientists, engineers, wizards, soldiers, neutral foreign nationals who want to survive, etc. SAD will be a dialogue driven thread. Since dialogue should keep moving, we're going to follow brevity rules (300 word max, 3 day turnaround) and characters should have something to say about the topic on every turn. The Terrenus government will implement sweeping changes based on the points raised at the Symposium. The way I imagine it proceeding: a Terrenus official will open with the ?dire? facts of life in Terrenus, and we'll circle through the round-table to present experiences, theories, thoughts, concerns, questions and most importantly how to deal with it all. Be prepared to be famous or infamous depending on what solutions you suggest. Disclaimer: any hostile or evil creatures that come within 10 miles of Ignatz during SAD will be destroyed. Attendance List: 1. Grubbistch - Elsera Elludoria (Diplomat - Terrenus) 2. Lilium - Capria Belvardi (Diplomat - Terrenus) 3. Ataraxy - Saturn (Reporter) 4. Tenkai Matsumoto - Tenkai (Order of Force Majeure) 5. Deus ex Aizen - Raveena (Regent - Hyperion) 6. supernal - Evelyn DeLamprey (Engineer - Handymen) 7. Paroxysm - Renata (Peace Keeper - Terrenus) 8. Grimmholt - Audric (Count - Grey County)
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    Daily Weekly


    eMotion 1 Special We had to stop ourselves at 75 and @jaistlyn deserves 500% of the credit for starting the idea and being such a driving force behind it all. To do this, we needed to build a template: @HERO@Mickey Flash@supernal@The Hummingbird@Acies ab Vesania@Jesus Negro@BackToBackBear@Armada@Rin@desolate @Paroxysm@Refrigerator@Fix@Die Shize@bigfatcat@Noko@Witch@Kiva@Ampersand@Lisinka@Csl@Sav@Song Sprite
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    Elendaron’s genius loci has perished in spiritual warfare against the rest of Tellus Mater in its bid for dominance. This catastrophic event manifests in the following ways: Aesthetic Elendaron bleeds color and slides towards grayscale Elendaron has physically fractured into the spirit world. Part of it remains visible, but more of it is being consumed by black and gray vortexes pockmarking the landscape These vortexes do not draw matter in but any matter which passes through their event horizon fails to return Environment The floating islands of Athentha are pushed into Renovatio airspace Spontaneous, intense, and long-lived natural disasters: tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes rampage the countryside Crops wither and buildings erode with no apparent cause Effects Magically induced mutations - Infants and the elderly are the most affected. Effects range from the odd and relatively benign, horns and transparent skin, to the dangerous, spontaneous combustion, uncontrollable teleportation, and an outpouring of prophets so seized with the power of their visions they go comatose Spontaneous animism - everyday objects come g to life. People are killed by hordes of scarecrows, eaten by their houses, and giant amalgamations of metal equipment roam the countryside Major Arcs Is this another world
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    HaelReview :: It's on The Spectrum.

    Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec.... "Why are you doing this Hael?" "I dunno. Bad life decisions mostly. I should've gone to a trade school or something." Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec.... Fithos... Lusec.... Wecos.... Vinosec. Excitate vos e somno, liberi mei.. .. Cunae sunt non. Excitate vos e somno, liberi fatali - ... Somnus est non!! Surgite.. ... Invenite. Veni hortum veritatis Horti verna veritatis!! Ardente veritate! Urite mala mundi! Ardente veritate! Incendite tenebras mundi!! Valete liberi Diebus fatalibus --- DNDNDNDN. THE FOLLOWING REVIEW IS CANON. Ah yes. Quesadilla. I tend to buy those from the local "Mexican Restaurant" despite the owner blatantly being Italian. TUTORIAL THE FOLLOWING REVIEW IS SUPER COOL. AS SUCH, IT HAS BEEN BROKEN INTO TWO FORMATS. ONE WILL BE "IC," SWITCHING OUR PROTAGONIST FROM ROEN JAEGER THE CRYBABY DEVIL TO CORVINUS ANUS THE ELITE SWORDMAN. THE OTHER WILL BE "OOC," FOLLOWING THE GREAT AND MIGHTY HAELIKOR THE DETECTIVE IN HIS BIZARRE ADVENTURES. GIVEN THE CANONOCITY OF THIS REVIEW, WHICH IS VERY HIGH, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED BUT LIKELY NOT UNDERTAKEN. STARRING... Roen Jaeger was a devil in a foreign land, rubbing himself against vines and beating up wildlife like small birds. Something about an "O'o?" I dunno, that's stupid. Let I, Haelikor the Magnificent Spoony Bard, spin you a more succinct take of the pre-fight. So some chick got married, which happens every 5 seconds in Valucre but is still somehow a world shattering event of vital importance to the entire universe, and so people decided to be thugs and throw down. People kept using the term "O'o" which is a legendary bird you find in Pokemon that was foreshadowed in season one when Ash Autism saw it fly by and his Pokedex decided to fuck with him by lying about what it was. Some random chick named Rou decides to waste magical woowoo energy to blast the shit out of the Pokemon and kill it, because she's a member of Team Rocket. This seems petty as shit but oh well, that'll happen sometimes. But as the bride questioned why a demon devil balloon monster was frolicking around with a prostitute and woodland critters, Cornivus appeared- psychically summoned by his wife because plot convenience. Cornivus is a swordsman that is triggered as shit how this "Rou" killed his wife's birthday bird. I'd be pretty god damned mad myself if I got a legendary Pokemon and then some random harlot pooped into the area and went "Nothing personnel kid" and assassinated it. Ahw man. I'd annihilate her into oblivion. But instead for reasons unknown, Cornivus decides to divert his attention to the stoner devil rubbing up on plants instead of slicing down the thot that murdered his wife's bird. They then have a really boring talk. It's boring. And it keeps using the term "O'o." I think they like typing that. Like a fucking Japanese emoticon if you look at it right. The entire first page is worthless. It tells you nothing. Except that this "Rou" should be gutted and dumpstered somewhere. Seriously, you get the inkling all of these characters have some backstory and history with some animosity concerning wars, landmasses, relationships - but not her. She was female Shadow the Hedgehog, ran in and torpedo'd the bird before contributing nothing further of note. What have I gotten myself into...? The second page and therefore the fight is only six posts long as writing this! And yet it's lasted since January 28th and has 95 edits! THE DETECTIVE SAGA OF THE GREAT HAELIKOR Roen-01/28/2018 Chosen Ruleset, Mild Powers, Hael as judge. "Nani..?" Hael queried, spitting out his burritos and tacos. Oh boy! A fight to review! Chosen Ruleset, eh? He'd have to ... dig into that some. It sounded Chosen. And mild powers! Well gosh golly, that just sounded more moderate than High Powers now didn't it? Alexei, henceforth Alex Bubblebutt because his name is weird to type, decided "Nah kid. Hael can judge but I want a judge too. A judge that can stop Hael if he's biased." Hael spun in his computer chair ominously. A judge to judge a judge? Judging a fight that's full of judgements. Yes. This sounded excellent! It would be a judgeception. Haelikor in his infinite wisdom couldn't possibly see anything wrong with another judge; anything they disagreed with Haelikor on would be patently wrong, and so it'd be fucking hilarious! And with these two accomplished adult men having themselves a quick story based tussle, what could go wrong!? THE SHITTER CRYBABY SAGA OF "SWORDS" AND BALLOONS TUTORIAL IN HAELREVIEW, COMBAT IS SCORED POST BY POST. ESSENTIALLY, A POST CAN NET YOU: +2 - massive advantage. +1 - minor advantage. 0 - neutral or no real change. -1 - minor disadvantage. -2 - major disadvantage. THIS WILL FACTOR IN ALLLLLLL SORTS OF THINGS! AT THE END OF THE MATCH, YOUR SCORE WILL BE TALLIED, AND IF THERE IS NO DECISIVE WINNER IN CHARACTER, THESE SCORES WILL DO THE WORK FOR YOU! CAREFUL. THERE ARE FURTHER WAYS TO GET NEGATIVE SCORES, LIKE BEING CAUGHT CHEATING. ALSO, IF YOU HAVE A HIGHER SCORE AND THEN LOSE ANYWAY, THAT'S FUNNY AND YOU'RE BAD. Corvinus gripped his big sword. It was bigger, heavier, and longer than other swords. I'm not even making this shit up, this is how he leads into the fight. Ranting about how he has a tight grip on his big sword. It's also silver, like most anime swordsmen and their weapons. Woah. What an honorable guy. Attacking someone while they're speaking. Truly the height of a warrior's decorum! Also, he already got 3/4ths of the way into the word "kill," I don't think taking off that extra L is gonna really help you get the massive time edge you think you're getting. This post ends with Corn Bootyhole honorably swinging his sword with reckless abandon at Roen's yapping form, intending to wreck his shit with CONVENIENTLY the perfect material to counteract Roen's (presumed) healing abilities. There's also apparently some bullshit obelisk nearby that ebbs out woowoo antimagic so that's a pretty good situation for Cornivus. Overall this post nets +1. It's an opening fight post so nothing of importance will result from this no matter how unlikely that might seem, but! He starts off establishing a variety of potentially useful resources he has available to him and takes the initiative. Well then, she's useless. Stop thinking about her, you're getting sworded. Also useless then. Sounds like Roen has a habitual tendency to involve himself with worthless women. Still not 100% sure why you two aren't postponing this to just behead Rou real quick. I bet Cornivus and Roen could become best buddies if they just sliced the shit out of her on the dime. Meat of the post is just Roen crying about how much of an underdog he totally is because he doesn't have all of his resources or woowoo magical artifacts handy. Boooohoooo! Because it turns out Roen Jaeger is not a devil human man, but some kind of dumbass alien Godzilla skeleton monster crammed inside a flesh bag. Given he's technically undead, this also makes all of the women who consort with him necrophiliacs. An unpleasant thought. "What an honorable duel, ahehehe!" Roen cackled as he basically turned into the Devil version of a Super Saiyan. Thus far, we have no idea what this thing is capable of, except it has woowoo claws, a doom tongue, and is super hard and shit. It's as bad as the Nintendo Powerglove. Cornivus, generously speaking, seems to be an animu swordsman with some woowoo relic nearby he's accidentally taking advantage of. Roen is, self-described, some kind of Lovecraftian horror capable of withstanding being in the vacuum of space. What a- what a fair and balanced duel ladies and gentlemen. Why did you agree to this Alexei. Why. I'm giving you a +2 for this post, but not because I found any technical skill at hand in your vaguely defined chitin poop plates catching Cornhole's sword mid-slash. No, I'm giving you +2 because you demonstrate succinctly how zesty hot "Mild Powers" are, and that the low and even mid sections of MP are night & day differences from the high end of MP. I am only one round into this and I am already absolutely floored how much of a shitfest this is. I'd buy it's a plot battle to help soothe how noncompetitive it is but then you guys basically ignored someone pissing on the gift of high nobility, both internally monologue she is your enemy, then went "but eh? Take care of her later, this fucker in front of me be squaring up and shit." Ah but wait! To be fair to Roen, I dunno if he's just being hyperbolic in his writing. May- maybe his character's actually reasonable for this battle. Yeah! I'll just ask him for his profile! Just like he said. "Hey. You deviline fucker. Give me your profile." Hael yelled, kicking down the doors to Red Yoozookie's Discord (TO FIND OUT WHO RED YOOZOOKIE IS, SEE THE FIRST HAELREVIEW!) - and pointing his index finger like a phallic sword at the devil. "wuh.. oh man. i would hael? but I don't even got it? my PMs are like.. disabled. and red has it. heeeh. have red send it to you." "Hnggg.... alright. Red. Red! Send me his damned profile. Wait. You store your profile in your private messages? Who the fuck does that?" Hael frowned. Red Yoozookie began crying about Windows 10 not being activated, and said she'd be home from work in 195 bajillion hours. H'wat an idiot! Hael didn't have time for that. He went to the great Googles. Googles always knew what he needed. "roen devil profile jaeger shit terrereneeusus" Perfect search terms. Quickly, Haelikor got results. Accurate results that told him just what he needed. "Bahahahahahahahahah" Hael cried with uproarious laughter. Still, sadly that wasn't the profile. That wasn't the profile at all. Haelikor was no closer to finding THE TRUTH than Red was figuring out how to make dinner. He would have to wait. Suddenly, a shadowy figure crept up to him. "sssststsstttssttsts" "Ah!" Hael started with horror, falling backwards. "got some dirt mother fucker. this is a dirty fight." "Well duh." Hael replied indignantly as he regained his posture. "Roen is playing the final boss of DOOM. Look at that bullshit." "uh... no... not roen. he is totally fair and legit i promise. the other guy. look. a photo. i think you'll be intrigued at who." The masked cloaked horror handed Hael quite the photo indeed! Hael's eyes widen. "What the fuck? Who are you!? How'd you get access to that clearly confidential conversation where Alexei said if everything was rigged, he'd lock and delete everything and then shit his pants or something?!" Hael shouted out. But they slithered sway, "SS SS SS SS". Hael kicked his chair over. "God DAMN it! This fight is DIRTY! Who knows what else I might uncover.." Just then. Haelikor's roommate opened his bedroom door. "Kelly, are you okay?" "Huh what? Oh yeah. I'm fine. I just uh... I was watching the local sports game and the team I was rooting for lost or whatever." Just then, Praetorian fired a private message at Haelikor that loaded instantly on his amazing computer, THE RED COMET. Hael and his roommate exchanged an awkward silence for a brief period of time. "... Well." Hael clapped his lips finally. "That'll happen. Sometimes. Oh shit! That looks like them in drag. Haha!" The awkward silence intensified. SHITTERS TRY TO THRUST SWORDS OR SOMETHING Yeah he did. Incidentally there was an argument on Discord about how far off Roen had removed his pants when transforming into the main antagonist of a Shin Megami Tensei game but that's neither here nor there, it was time to thrust thrust thrust thrust THRUST!! It was a pretty simple post from Alexei. "That's cool bro but I was already there. My sword was on your cock or whatever so bakoosh. Saw your hands get all woowoo kid so I dodged your arm spikes and sliced you open. ggez" Now I'm a country boy from some backwater parts of the internet regarding T1 so you guys'll have to edumacate my ol' plain self. But if you retcon details of the same action, keep taking that same action, and then use each further clarification post to add more preps to it, that's retarded right? I think it's retarded. And that's what my boy Cornellius here is was is doing? I dunno, they edited and deleted posts like 95 times. Getting more preps in the same general timespace for reasons. What even is being prepared further? God only knows. Still, a solid +1. It's basically an argument of timing which I can buy he had the jump on. "Nah kid. You can't play me like a bull, I never even used a charge- you just misread my glorious poetry of my sorrow over my O'o." A noble "NO U," Roen. Meat of the post is: -With his Lego rotating limbs, he easily reapplies one to cockblock the sword. -His other super doom claw whips out to rip Cornhaul's body apart. -He was prepping. And in spirit of how detailed these two guys were on their preps, Roen's no slouch. Oh man Roen. Pure purple prose. You seduced me with such a rich tapestry of images there. +1. It's essentially just reversing the circumstances against Corvin if you delve past the flavor text. "Nah, your attack ain't so slick, you gonna suck this dick." I'd call foul on a number of things here but the two agreed to some stupid parameters. Like Roen's mystery profile. So while I'd normally weigh this higher to a +2 given the earlier post implied a hilariously slanted match, I can't at this time give that confidence. Ah, about that. RED FIGURES OUT HOW TO OPERATE A KEYBOARD BOOGALOO "...Simply astounding Red." Haelikor muttered as he gazed over the highly efficient method of Red saving Roen's private message copies of his own character profile. However, nothing prepared Hael for what he saw next. WARNING WARNING CLASSIFIED INFORMATION To protect Roen's profile and its EXTREMELY niche weakness you could only figure out if you had the profile (bullshit), we at HaelReview can't show you it. We can however, create a vague facsimile of it! Exact in how nonexact it is. Please look forward to it! ROEN is immortal. Both kinds of immortal. His species is Edgelord. He's like Imperfect Cell in structure- a bug humanoid but with rotted Kirby flesh all over and covered in that chitin plate light armor you can get when you first start out in Morrowind if you wreck people. It has two massive doom wings that let him fly around probably I dunno. It has four long fingers + a thumb per hand, the middle fingers of which are retractable 8" long doom blades- the rest are "a fraction of this length" but Roen saw it fit not to tell me how long. Skillful. It has the head of the Cyberdemon from DOOM. It has doom fluids in its skull to prevent any actual damage and doom teeth, all the better to eat you with my deary. It has a bladed blood sucking doom tongue that's four feet long (Roen could actually outreach Corvin's sword just with his tongue if he wanted to). It has doom spikes all over its body that poop out as necessary. It has three eyes, all of which can vacuum wrap themselves like those shitty Tuna dinners you can buy at convenience stores. He has no spine. His tail, which has a doom arrow head that is functional and can rip through whatever, is a mere 16 feet long. He is over 8' tall and weighs more than E. Honda. His flesh has some kinda supernatural fear effect or some shit. Roen is capable of withstanding pretty much any temperatures and environments ever. Roen decides to compare himself to a creature that withstand 6,000x Earth's atmospheric pressure, endure 1,000 times the lethal radiation a human can, and can become immune to any form of deadly toxin- but the wording implies he is greater than this creature and Roen has decided not to even stipulate what his parameters actually are. So generally if you're on Earth and just walking around not underwater and not in particular areas, you have about 1 bar of pressure on you. Roen casually can passively withstand an undefined number higher than 6000 bars. 6000 bars is 87,022 PSI. His skin can by default handle a quantity greater than that. Now he has to really flex to get there, but still! 87,000 PSI is what they crank pressure cookers up to in order to stop the cellular activity on large blobs of crayfish. Life cannot exist there. And yet Roen can. Roen has a number of hearts, none of which serve the purpose a heart traditionally does. It is implied if you impaled all of his hearts, he'd still not be grievously wounded. Roen has a weakness I can't tell you, but good fucking luck ever getting there! If you delimb him or behead him, his limbs or head can keep on functioning just fine for hours. He can shrug off electricity. Beyond that, he can chill in a lightning storm and if electrical discharge strikes him dead on, go "eh." He can feel pain but none of the "negatives" of pain; basically "pain doesn't inhibit me mentally or otherwise, I'm just aware something hurts." He can suplex elephants to death casually in a second. He has Shenanigan Eyes in disguise, letting him see fast and see what you do before you do it because blah blah blah. He has 90 bajillion lungs which again, misnomer- don't do what lungs traditionally do but instead let him hear super good. His 16' long tail can annihilate trees. His tongue can choke a warrior out, fire blood torpedos, and a lot of other dumb shit. He has 8 billion natural weapons made of doom chitin. You can fire bullets at his wings and he'd go "not good enough, kid!" If the wings catch you, you basically lose because they can snap you in two like a Slim Jim beef jerky stick. Also, he constantly emits Devil Crying which you can't consciously hear but it makes you dizzy and shit if you're human because you're garbage. If he's closer than x yards (hint: less than 150, more than 60), you'll start vomiting and going blind. At more than 3, less than 15 yards (you guess!), he can just rupture your ear drums and annihilate your eyeballs whenever he feels like it. Casually. He's also got magical mucus semen gushing out of his body at every point. This magical ejaculate does everything; super poison, can't be healed even by magic because Roen Jaeger knows all forms of magic I promise, unstoppable bleeding, and acts like Ultimate Tier Super Glue that could halt a pickup truck with all wheel drive from departing if you smeared some onto its tires. There's more to this but I really don't want to get too deep into Roen's mysterious goo. A famous Japanese manga writer was so enamored with Roen, they even made a hit series about him as the main antagonist of this one part, FIGHTING HABIT or something. Truly a fair duel ladies and gentlemen, Supernal should sticky this fight in the Announcements forum so newcomers can see what a balanced T1 match is. I can only give Alexei this OOC advice. Run. This is a farce, you're fighting an end arc anime boss. WOW, THIS DOESN'T SOUND FAMILIAR AT ALL Corvinus tries to employ "logic" and "spacial awareness," which is unfortunate. You see, he makes the folly of thinking this is like battling a standard humanoid opponent who may have fumbled where they placed their arm in trying to block a sword strike, which makes perfect sense and would be a valid route to travel down were he fighting a standard humanoid opponent. He is unfortunately in melee range of The Ultimate (un)Lifeform with limbs that can snap around 360 degrees on all of their joints, least to say nothing of a standard make. Furthermore, and this is truly depressing because it shouldn't be a thing- because Roen has 8 bajillion lungs and none of them matter worth a fuck except for doing bad things to people, even if this attack went off without a hitch (which given the circumstances and this being T1, it won't) - it would amount to nothing. Literally nothing. Except maybe getting Corvinus perilously closer. He makes a cases in his prep section about interrupting Roen's preps which- even if he could get this off, I think would still trigger what the lungs are prepping for. Like someone inflating a balloon with literal dog shit, and then you going "ahHAH!" and popping it with a needle while your face is right next to it. +0 because this isn't changing the situation in any meaningful way. Roen is big. Roen is full of death goo. Roen has fucking Lego death limbs and two other entities that are essentially limbs which at this stage of the game can curl around and do moronic things. ...and sure enough, Roen has his Woowoo Screaming Body Annihilating Garbage Attack Deluxe. Basically, he makes a noise. It really sucks. The noise sucks so bad your eyes and eardrums start to explode. Le sigh. +1. Haelikor kicked down the door to Roen's house, interrupting the man from inhaling marijuana. "Hael? What- I thought you were judging our fight, I-" But the great and wise Haelikor threw a knife at the ground. "Allow me to cut through those words!" "....What?" "Roen, you "won" the fight but lost the war! This is it! You're guilty!" Hael proudly proclaimed, grinning arrogantly even as Alexei, Red, a dog, some homeless people, and others as well also walked on by. Roen sweated. Oh no. "Firstly, you made the thread Caesura in order to taunt Alexei. You knew he would get involved, and battle you. He represented ... others. Other people that you wanted to attack but could not do so directly. But then! You needed to pull a fast one. You'd never fought a fair duel in your life, you weren't about to start now." "You proposed the absurd Chosen ruleset... because you knew if you could trick Alexei into responding to you a few times, you could get him to agree to borderline retarded stipulations like that you wouldn't show your profile until a third party asked for it after the fight had already began. A cunning strategy. However, you needed to keep Alexei flustered.." Haelikor then procured the [EVIDENCE OF ALEXEI "CHEATING"] "So you began roleplaying as a woman named El Passionate Burrito. And El Passionate Burrito you immersed yourself into, to seduce Alexei into admitting he was going to cheat. However! Alexei is garbage at cheating, and only managed to lock the thread for a few before reopening it. H'wat an idiot!" "HAEL. What the everloving fuck are you talking about?" "But that's not all! Because then. You - wait. No that is it. Uh. Your character's broken as shit Roen. Alexei's only options are to run like a bitch, get outside help, or suddenly reveal to me he is a walking demigod capable of firing just under MP busting ki blasts." END END END Verdict: it is borderline impossible for Alexei to win this. This is through no fault of his own. What a ghey fight. Stop giving me shit fights to review! We did it everyone. We're there. The thread may still continue but honestly, it'll just be them arguing. Roen "won." There's no doubt about that unless you're a potato; his character doesn't break MP but is so god damned close that it's not just unfair to have someone adhering to MP guidelines fight him, it's boring. But his character is literally waltzing around the post-wedding of national enemies of his as a Lovecraftian horror so he's probably going to be metaphorically gunned down in the streets like the degenerate his character most certainly is. And remember. There's an O'o ... in us all. ...and someone please kill Rou, that character sucked to read!
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    Wonderland Resort, Grand Opening!

    You know what sucks more than sitting around doing nothing? Standing around doing nothing at large events! That's why, for the grand opening of Wonderland Resorts we have activities out the wazoo! What is the Wonderland Resort? Thanks for asking! The great entrepreneur and philanthropist Ross Edmund noticed that there just weren't any super hip party spots in Terrenus and decided, "Man, this is wack." So with a generous investment from a vigilante organization, some hefty tax breaks, and a massive loan, he built the ultimate great escape! Situated in a Northwestern mountain range, Wonderland Resort features several attractions for peo...vam.... creatures of all ages and size, including all year around artificial snow! Now, I'm not going to bore you with a long drawn out description of each setting. Only because I can do that in the IC thread. What I'm going to tell you about are the super awesome crazy activities! The main event will be taking place at the jointly located Contrarier Ski Lodge and Venin Tavern and Grill. It's a super sweet Murder Mystery game, check out the details below! Fastidio Water Park is a series of wave pools connected by lazy rivers and water elevators (yes that's a thing!) Here you'll be able to enjoy the Amateur Comedy show and the Dunk Tank. The Verargem Ski Slopes make up the majority of the resort and will be hosting the super scary, super intense Ski Maze Obstacle Death Race of DOOOOOM! But that's not all, if you are brave enough to venture into the Supplice Spa you can get your fortune read! By now you might have noticed something about tournaments and ETT and some other stuff, and I'm sure you are wondering what on earth that could. Well, it wouldn't be a proper event if people couldn't punch the ever living crap outta one another. So, I figured the most appropriate place to hold a T1 tournament would be Chapel Mensonge, because nothing says worship like bloody knuckles and a broken face! If you're interested in participating in one of the events, let me know! Because @Mag is running the murder mystery event, he has asked people to to PM him to sign up. In order to simplify this so that there are minimum gaps, please include me in the PM. With regards to the other events, you can list what you'd like to do in the PM or also just volunteer in the thread. Basically just get the information out there and I'll consolidate.
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    Deus Ex Aizen

    Hyperion - The High Kingdom

    Hello Valucrians, it is about that time. I've been with Valucre for a little over a year now, and I have decided to try my hand at an interactive CAW submission. What I am aiming for, is to involve the community as much as I can in the form of IC interaction, to improve OOC writing and communication skills. Imagine it like this: When you sign up as a new user, you are directed to the Tavern of Legend. This is to help you adjust to the setting and community ICly and be comfortable enough with your skills--whatever level they may be--to start making friends and crank out RP and lore. I've noticed that people do seem to struggle even after the fact, or feel a need to improve but don't exactly have a designated place to go or turn to. I want the Hot Spots of Hyperion to be that next step a person can take to improve their skills and writing, but done from an IC perspective for a hands on experience. So, I'm going to break down my CAW concept, and invite users to show their interest, ask questions, leave comments or ideas. If you're not comfortable with voicing them here, don't hesitate to PM me. I wont be submitting an official finalized concept until I am satisfied that this is a legit, committed thing people are willing to work with me on, so. I appreciate any and all effort, and I hope you'll find Hyperion to be a place of interest for you. If this is TL;DR, you can skip to the section at the bottom. ---- Backstory premise: A mystical civilization was famous for its spirituality, prosperity and culture. It was gradually destroyed due to a civil war. The idea is to create a city--and eventual Kingdom and possible Empire based on the foundation of liberties (think American amendments). This is a city that doubles as a haven for those who are looking to escape oppression/slavery/abuse. They learn a trade or craft, and can contribute to the economy, take up teaching, join the military force, etc. This is aimed at creative users who can create unit value of content (marketplace), new users who aren’t confident in their RP skills or need something different and storytellers who want to create conflict for those wishing to ruin the city (because drama!) ---- Idea Hyperion is based on the notion that the remnants of the Empire Rae's family led were enslaved following a civil war that destroyed the Empire. Setting off to liberate her people and create a new world for them, she realized that there were people across Valucre who could benefit from recuperating from such a life, learn a valuable skill that gives back to the city (create content for the market), join the local militia until they are trained enough to join the Terrenus Military, or make a living responding to quests all throughout the city. The main building would be a tower that is the center of the city (The Iron Stronghold). This allows for 360 degree view in the case of an invasion. Surrounding the main building, there would be designated buildings—an area for the market and crafting items. An area for training and combat. An area for an academy (Where interactive weekly discussions will take place ICly [ I.E: Psionic abilities and how to perceive and combat them!]). A town hall (where users can contribute ideas on how to expand on the city ICly or discuss problems that arise), local taverns and restaurants (Socializing!), or religious gatherings (Gaianism and at least two others). Beyond there, a research and development facility for the artificial meridian technology (AM Tech Corp) that Raven is developing as the main export. The target audience for it is mainly politicians, regents who wish to outfit their military forces with it. Riding off the DeSeer’s businesses and investments, it would jump start the campaign to raise money for hiring and construction, allowing the city to start small and work its way up to full functioning city. The militia forces would be the surrounding, outter rim—mostly to give them room for their testing and training, and also as a defense for the city itself and to grant passage into the city for merchants and travelers. ---- Personnel The Order of Orion - There will be a separate interest check for filling these slots. The OoO serve as a royal Vanguard to the city. The Peacekeeper would hold command over these nine individuals. This will serve as the main military force of the city. It generally falls that Rae serves as Commander, the Peacekeeper as a General with nine Captains and their forces. The Ar'el - The Queensguard. Four personal bodyguards, confidants and friends to the ruler. They are aptly named for their valiance and courage in the service to their Queen. The Enforcers - exclusive to Raven. Many of the original Enforcers from Sigil City followed her to Valucre when she was promoted to their General and later Commander. Enforcers are volunteering Civilians who wished to have basic military and policing training to keep the streets safe. I would like to actively recruit a small group of PC Enforcers to handle small scale plots and conflict. Mercenary Forces - Rae has two employed to her services, though details about that will emerge later on. The AM Technologies Corp - Shared between Raven and the DeSeers since their funding gave birth to it, thus they have their rights to it. Despite entrusting Raven with all of their estates and affairs, Raven will have placed their dormant bodies in safe keeping and set aside a share for them should they resurface, out of fairness and thanks (and also in case Roan decides to come back). Taverns, bars, restaurants would all have managers to keep the place in order from rowdy customers. ---- Hotspots ( I went a little crazy here ) Study of Knowledge – A vast, public library that was supplied by the late Thomas Bravot, Master Librarian that was better known as the Count Zantara. As his Parabatai, Raven donated all of his books and findings to an expansive library where various subjects in various languages from across the Multiverse can be found. || Consider this a form of AMA, where a user ICly can RP reading a book on a certain subject, and my response being the text they read. This is still a work in progress, but the core of its purpose is to provide user information. I have also considered it being restricted to a very special book where, the user ponders their question, and the book--seemingly blank--begins to answer the questions being thought about. Again, still a work in progress. Refuge of Sigils – The designated meeting place for regents, rulers, and the public. Considered neutral territory, it is where things war and peace related can be discussed between parties. It also serves as the town hall for public meetings concerning the city. Violence is not allowed. || I'd like this to be a hot spot for anyone wishing to consider war or peace with another territory. Third Party Mediators will be on hand to help the process run smoothly and ensure that both sides are satisfied with terms before making an official agreement. If no terms can be made within a reasonable time frame, both parties will be asked to leave until they are prepared try again. Gallery of Blades – Raven has an impressive and extensive armory, many of which is on display at the Gallery of Blades museum. Here people who need inspiration can read about various weapons and armor, how they were built, what their components are, and can ask for additional information on where to find such components to create their own. || This is predominantly for character ideas, and for furthering a user's knowledge about weaponry and armor--it's important you know what your character is dealing with! This is also to inspire users to take small level quests to obtain a weapon or armor piece of their own. Atrium of Lights – A beautiful open arrangement coveted by the breath-taking string of lights that lend a magical ambiance. This is where balls, parties, and major events take place--no violence allowed unless it's an exhibition match. It can be rented out for the right price! || For social events! If you want Hyperion to host an event for you, it can be arranged. Just message me details and we can chat about it, including any sort of fighting you may have planned if its for plot purposes. Gray Dungeons – Lawbreakers get caught, and this is where they are housed. Criminals and N’er do wells will find their new home to be a little…gray. || This is strictly for IC interaction. Pavilion of Prayers – A cluster of smaller buildings and temples where people of different faith can go to worship or pray. Predominantly of Gaian faith, the Pavilion is also home to the Sacred Mind Sisterhood, who seek enlightenment through Psionics; the Society of the Illuminated Truth, a small group who take part in conspiracies and exchange theories. This group is closely monitored; The Circle of the Living Star, a growing group of people who believe that Raven is the avatar of the Matreyan sun god Arun’daeraa. || This is also geared towards story tellers and plot conspirators. Liberty Academy (sometimes referred to as Hyperion Academy) – Where students of any age are welcome to learn a new trade that allows them to sustain themselves or their family. By their graduation that are welcome to create a new business in the city, go into politics, join the militia, or contribute to the academy itself. Subjects range from learning to craft weaponry, armor, technology, merchant practices, or a specialized field for Mages, Psions and Otherworlders. || Here I'd like to focus on the weekly interactive 'class' and conversation. Here we can discuss people's ideas or takes on the subject, questions to be had on how to confront or deal with the subject. I invite topics of interest or concern to be presented at the Refuge of Sigils. Likely this will take place closer to the weekend, with a poll for the next topic in place to be voted on. After gathering four or five popular topics, it can be voted on what will be discussed the following weekend, and we will try to cycle through until topics are addressed. There will be a sign up sheet and post order for those interested in that topic to avoid having too many users participating and posting at once, though don't worry if you didn't make the sign up, you can obviously still read the topic and hopefully gain insight from it. For instance, Trist and I had a conversation about a fight against a Psion that did not end well for him. We discussed the psionic ability, and different ways it could have been handled ICly, and how to address confrontation OOCly if there's a breach of mild powers. Not only does this help your character, but it helps you as a writer be more aware of writing content, and be able to identify these nuances that could help turn the tide in your favor be it for plot or combat purposes. The fun of it is, this will all happen through IC interaction, and as a reward all participates earn post credits that they can use in the marketplace, or elsewhere. If you signed up but could not make it for the event, you will not receive post credits. The Order has a separate branch of the academy that trains students looking to hone their combat and military skills. Other subjects such as Mind, Body and Soul training is designed to curb PTSD developing in and post combat, and to create well-rounded soldiers. Job opportunities concerning city security go to military graduates and those in training first. || Think of this as specialized--if you know you want your character to go in a more military/combat route, this is the place to dip your toes in before you run off into the Valucrian world and become a dictator. ---- Opportunities The Cut and Jib Tavern – Visit to get a feel for the local life. Find companions, build relationships and set off to take the city by storm. || This is your place to get comfortable, figure out where you want to go, what you want to do. Think of it as a Tavern of Legend 3.0, but on a city scale. The Iron Stronghold – The epicenter of the city, and the main hub for quest-seekers and politicians. This also houses the Study of Knowledge. The Iron Stronghold is where people can complete “jobs” (read as quests) for items, monetary value, or components to build an item they seek. || This is the bulk of where you will find your quests. If you need guidance, you can visit the Study of Knowledge (AMA) for direction. All Active and Inactive Quests and Lore will be added here. Hyperion Market – Where crafters convene to bring their latest and greatest. There are alchemists, magi, and a house forgery where items are conceived, then brought to life. Many workers require components be gathered—some can be bought locally, others must be quested. Here the technology ranges from potions, to maps to armory, weapons to vehicles. || As an incentive to get your dream artifact, there will be "re-purposed" quests--though no two re-purposed quest will be ran alike--to acquire weapons, armor, artifacts to be made. While it's not official, YummyBiscuits and Seyge are interested in providing the weapon/armor/artifact you are questing for. Specs will be provided--including components needed to make the item and possibly a sketch of the artifact itself. Anyone else who is interested in contributing to inventions for the marketplace--be it idea, description or design are welcome to PM me to discuss further. --- Anyway, the point of this CAW is to encourage confrontation and deal with OOC insecurities about writing strengths and weaknesses by hands on IC interaction. I just wanna throw out a major thanks to @supernal for letting me pick his brain and deal with my OCD over this whole thing. Your patience is infinite. xD @Red the Ambivalent for inspiring me to take the leap and do my own thang after P.K.'s wild success. @Seyge @YummyBiscuits @Avvercus @Art in Music @Ike @TheWilySpookster @Jotnotes @Csl @bigfatcat @PandaHat @Ghastardly @Big Boss For all the support and ideas. You guys are the best. I love you dudes. @Fierach because your girlfriend is hair-brained and hellbent on success and you patiently pat my head and tell me whatever helps me sleep at night. --- Now I invite the rest of the community to give this a look over and see what you think!
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    The Hummingbird


    It has come again. The mysterious destructive source known as the Whispernight has awakened, bringing with it death and devastation the likes of which has never been before seen. Swarming through cities and villages, its wreaks havoc on the living and the undead alike, devouring the souls and spirits of all it touches. All things wither before it, and terror grows as it spreads throughout Genesaris at a rate untold and unknown before now. This is Whispernight: Ragnarok. The cities are in the midst of mass evacuation to the safest cities in the region. The rest are being abandoned, but in the midst of this evacuation those who feed on destruction and death arise. Are you one of those who feast on evil? Are you one of those who bring the grave to the living? Are you one of those who live to see civilization fall? Do you want to be a legend of the world ending? Become it. Be it. Bring your worst. This is serious folks. We’re working to clean up Genesaris and erase the cities that no one uses. The following are the cities that are not to be touched: To destroy a city, you can be anyone. You have until the end of May to destroy the city. The rest will be destroyed by Whispernight. If you can do it in one massive post, do it. If you want to do it in the tradition 3 page, 15 posts each, do it. If you want to do it by yourself, do it. With a group? Do it. Explosions? Welcome. Plague? Go for it. Other means? Be my guest. All you’ve got to is title it [City name: Ragnarok] Thread Title. These are the cities you can kill: Valinde Talix-Engine Kuratel Port Town Kaurilia Telerian Testerossa Ballard Bay Lanternway Talthanus Cobran Vintel Post here if you want to destroy some shit, discuss, plan, or have questions. Then… go for it. Have fun.
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    So, this is something that drives me pretty crazy in general. This is something that occurs not only in RP forums, but in pretty much every community that exists from Gaming to Reddit to Facebook, and in fact the strange entity known as Real Life. What's frustrating is that it is something that only takes a moment to do, yet it produces a massive signal boost for everyone that is involved while prompting others who might be interested in the subject to have the chance to see it. If you think someone is cool, interesting, novel, or anything that evokes some level of emotion beyond, "Meh," respond to it. It honestly does not take much to give the creator a level of motivation to keep doing what they are doing. It could be as simple as writing, "Hey that's cool," or clicking the Like button if you honestly feel you have very little to add to the conversation [seriously though, a sentence of acknowledgement can mean a ton]. Maybe you don't have time to join the event/thread/discussion, but by providing a tangible viewer to it, you produce an environment that will attract more individuals. The absolute worst thing that you can do to anything online is to allow it to exist in silence. For Facebook/Reddit, this is absolutely the kiss of death for a discussion/event/group/page/post. This has to do with the algorithms that are used to push out content to those that may be interested in it. Facebook decides how many people see a post by interaction rate. What I'm trying to say is that the decision to not provide positive input, or encouragement leads to a stifling of activity and awareness in the sectors of your life that you care about. Even if it something that you don't particularly desire, you can provide people respect for the effort that they put in. Just close your eyes and think about how little it takes in a compliment to provide you with the motivation you need to continue doing what you love. Encouragement is free, yet it is the best investment tool. Use it.
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    Daily Weekly


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    Pasion Pasiva

    [Irene Gabriela DuGrace]

    Visual. -- identification: Irene Gabriela DuGrcace. moniker: Black Queen. -- apparent age: Twenty-five. [25] -- actual age: Three-hundred and twenty one. [325] -- race: Vampyre. -- gender: Female. -- lineage: Atitlan Royalty. -- nature of attire: Dresses according to her status, location, and situation. Favors Black. -- physical: · hair: Dark brown, nearly black. -- worn: Long, braided, and sometimes worn loose. · eyes: Golden. · complexion: White Porcelain. -- markings: None, impeccably clear completion. · height: Five feet, three inches. [5'3"] · weight: One-hundred and fifteen. [115 lbs.] · build: Petite, feminine, soft and curved. Linage. -- mother: Isabella Morcia Bartolome. moniker: n/a. -- father: Luca Bonifacio DuGrace. moniker: n/a. -- maternal cousin: Raphael Bartolome. moniker: n/a. -- paternal cousin: Desmond Ellesmere DuGrace. moniker: n/a. -- son: Lucis Angelus DuGrace. moniker: The Black Prince. -- daughter: Dollya DuGrace. moniker: n/a. -- daughter: Raspberry DuGrace. moniker: Bratberry Princess. -- adoptive mother: Kalicity Saflicia. moniker: The Dark Goddess. -- adoptive sister: Malaysia Nightreaver. moniker: The Fallen Angel. -- adoptive brother: MorceLa'Kai. moniker: n/a. -- fledgling: Vivian DuGrace. moniker: Viv. -- fledgling: Allan Barette DuGrace. moniker: n/a. -- fledgling: Hunter Ryan DuGrace. moniker: n/a. Professional. -- vocation: Governance. -- titles: · Supreme Sovereign of Orisia · LaRuta's Child · The Black Dove -- location: The Capital City of Versilla -- political abilities: · Supreme Executive Powers · Supreme Legislation Powers · Supreme Powers of Appointment · Supreme Judicial Powers · Absolute Clemency · Royal Prerogative Supernatural. -- race: Pure Blood Vampyre. A pure vampyre is a rare creature. Rather than having been sired or turned, Gabriela was born into the dark blood. While being a pure blood has granted her particular abilities that the more commonplace vampires lack it has also cemented a particular range of weaknesses. Simply put, Gabriela is a living creature and while her strength and stamina are well outside the range of a human she is still subject to conventional things such as asphyxiation, severe trauma, and even some diseases and illnesses. A pure blood vampyre is even susceptible to old age, though no vampyre has actually lived long enough for an adequate life-span to be determined. -- physical abilities: On a scale from 1 to 10, with 3 being the top level of performance for a normal human. · Strength---xxxxx · Speed------xxxxxxx · Senses-----xxxxxx · Stamina---xxxxx · Agility-----xxxxxxxx -- supernatural abilities: · umbracraft -- A gift granting mastery of the shadows, allowing the wielder to manipulate and/or conjure them as seen fit. Such abilities run the gauntlet from offensive to defensive and all possibilities in-between. · abysm shift -- A power piercing the veil between this world and the void's embrace, resulting in a vacuuous funnel into the realm beyond. · void sovereignty -- A rite giving dominion over the denizens of Tenebre’s abyss; creatures to be summoned at will who have no choice but to obey the call to service. · shadowstep -- The ability to travel across great distances, nearly instantaneously, via the abyss. Due to the planetary restrictions of Valucre, this sort of travel is extremely draining and not completely reliable—especially for world-wide travel. Personal. -- personality: Gabriela is tortured but incredibly composed. There is an easy charm to her that goes hand in hand with her seemingly regal nature. Empathetic to a fault, Gabriela has allowed a number of violent crimes against her own person to go unpunished something that has earned her the respect of some and the ire of others. Mostly, Gabriela simply believes in the duality of the individual and therefore tends to champion for the lowest of the low believing that everyone is capable of changing for the better. -- recent history: Please see Orisia’s Timeline
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    Destruction des morts

    Thickly gauzed between wake and sleep, Tia tossed in tense slumber. In the way one does the night before their death sentence, in the way an insect does on the spider's axis, it turned. Leather gloves groaned over thick hands and in bands around bridles and the horse’s quiet blow. Some smatterings of dusty shops and barns on the outskirts of Tia formed a desolate ghost town in the advent of its war. All that traveled here were scavengers and those in a hurry to get out. From afar, the village could be assumed haunted with the specters of future and present. Venture closer in the silent dusk, within a grey barn, and a specter from the past could be found. Clouds of dirt strayed from one of many paths to Tia and lurked among the bobbing cattails; among the buildings; among the Dead. Within the barn there were four carriages, black shawls concealing the eight heads of their steeds. One carriage would be a little cramped. The others, not so much. Cain was wearing a black jumper with several loops and pockets and had two backpacks strung over each shoulder, but no mask. Tossing back half of a potion and slipping its vial into a pocket, he turned to address the Dead. Had he become something less human yet, in the span of a million stolen experiences? More? Times like this, when pins and needles danced down his desensitized spine, made him wonder. He unshouldered the bags and placed them before him, appraising all the masked figures before him with a subtly pleased expression. All of the masked figures had a black circular sticker planted somewhere on their bodies which allowed telepathic communication between the circles. The doors to a carriage behind Cain swung open to reveal the barrels from nights before. “The fact that they don't know we're coming does not make you impervious. The masks are important. Concealing your identity is important. Victory, is important. Each bag has a Maleficence antidote in a syringe for each of you, one faux-ton pair and one MAL bomb. Hope you’re not scared of needles. Inject like so,” he stabbed a needle into his forearm and squeezed in the plunger with his thumb, throwing the needle aside. "We're the only ones with this antidote, so the waterborne illness won't get you. The plant's pheromone is stronger though; it will start to affect you after a few hours. Make you crazy. “Remember, plant one half of your faux-ton receiver at the shaft control center when you first arrive. Descend to the negative fifth level and find the incision vent to secure your charge to. When you receive the signal that Schrei and I have unloaded our barrels into the WAK irrigator, you get back to the elevator shaft, faux-ton yourself back up to the control center and get the hell out of there. If for some reason we fail, I will tell you, in which case we’ll make a scene at the WAK so you can still get into the shafts where security is minimal. I’ll remotely blow your charges when everyone is clear or they’ll blow themselves after a three minute timer. Make sure you beat that. Any problems are to be reported immediately, as I will you, though if we get off two of the charges we’ll still meet quota.” Members of the respective teams had been shown diagrams of the shafts they would infiltrate, so with rigorous studying their knowledge of entry and exit would be about two-thirds as thorough as a shaft employee. The features of the red-haired First Officer began to warp as he spoke via telepathic connection, gesturing in odd quiet at this and that. They never stopped warping, causing his face to become a constantly shifting anomaly. Eye color, jaw shape, nose, always different than the prior moment, turned from the line of individuals. “Schrei, you’re with me. We’ll go on ahead, the rest of you should leave in five minutes.” He paused while getting into his carriage, looking back on all of them. Though his features were in a constant state of melding into something else, one thing was uniform across all of the features. Concern. “Today is a terrible day. Be cautious.” In a black tower outside of Tia, where fateful happenings had once unseated Cain, sat a jagged throne of animal horns and hides. Upon it sat the Patriarch of Tia, Serafino Dolos. Some twenty-four feet to his left sat a giant cage embedded into the wall. Inside that, on a scraggly tweed chair, sat a perfect likeness of Cain; Nica Sero, the self-aware clone he’d once used to lord over Tia. Serafino didn’t sweat; his stomach didn’t churn; but he felt off. Aside from the dress, which could be reasonably mistaken for part of a funeral procession or just some emo, horsedrawn carriages without drivers were quite common in Tia. As a matter of fact, some high-faluters used mechanical horses powered by steam to drive their vehicles. As their two-horse carriage pulled into Tia amid the waking yawn of the kingdom, the Cain of many faces looked at a masked Schrei. “Are you ready?” he asked as the carriage rolled along with eerie smoothness down the WAK avenue. There were two other masked figures in the carriage who sat silently.
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    There were some things about the world of the land-dwellers that could not be explained through lessons. There was the song of the birds; There was the taste of freshly cooked meat, and the warmth that a fire provided during the cold, lonely nights; there was the scent of wild flowers, fragrant and seductive, tickling one’s nostrils ever so lightly; And there was the arrogance of the land-dwellers, who thought themselves entitled to the world around them and never took a moment to value how easy their existence was… But most of all, the King on the Waves thought as he looked up, there was the Sun. How could the sun be explained to those who had lived a lifetime without it? How could books explain the gentle, lover-like caress of sunlight, or how life for the land-dwellers was ruled by the Sun’s rise and fall? But most of all... How many generations had paid for his father’s mistake and had never known the warmth of the sun, or held their loved ones under a tree as they basked in the sweet comfort of sunlight. Without thinking, Rxychra wrapped his fingers around the delicate golden necklace he always worn around his neck and sighed as memories of his lost love flooded him. He had been alive for nearly four centuries, but there were certain memories that stood out more than others. Memories of her. He had long accepted that he had to live on for his people. Long accepted that the weight of his mantle meant that he had to put aside the grief that always darkened a part of his heart. But… It had been in one of those warm, sunny days that he had asked Myra to marry him. Not for the first time the man began to question his actions, but banished the thoughts from his mind with a steely resolve. Today was a day for celebration. After ten years of watching the land-dwellers, it was time to come home. Rxychra Alrandwe di Firdana, the King on the Waves, was finally returning to his people after a decade and he could feel the warring emotions rising in his chest as the thoughts of his subjects, friends, and family flooded his mind. Closing his eyes the man felt the salt-scented breeze as it caressed his skin, embracing him as if to welcome him home. He felt a small, muted smile play on his lips as he opened his silver eyes and gazed at the blue horizon before him. It had taken no small amount of coaxing for the merchant vessel to deviate from its’ route, but in the end Rxychra had gotten his way. The King liked to think it was his charm that had led them to change their hearts, but… But he had glimpsed himself in a mirror before. Standing at 7’0” and heavily built with muscle, Rxychra had garnered his fair share of looks in his travels. Whether it had been because of his odd, silver eyes, or the multitude of blue hues in his hair, or the countless scars on his bared chest and arms, men and women had looked at him often enough in suspicion, curiosity, and even desire. Clad in simple black pants mostly covered by the heavy mithril, steel, and electrum net that was always in his person, the man had elected to forego shoes and shirts, bearing most of his torso saved for that which was covered by the hand-wrought leather pauldron he wore over his left arm and the thick matching leather glove, while his right arm and shoulder emitted a constant seafoam green light of its’ own as the tattooed design seemed to ebb and flow with the ocean’s tides. Sitting in taverns at night, he had heard more than one hushed inquiries as to who and what the man actually was. Ironically enough, the most outlandish humor was the closest to being true: According to one drunken, filthy man, he was a traveling runaway slave who had killed his master and now sought his place in the world. Normally, Rxychra would’ve taken note of the man and imparted choice words upon him… But his story had been so near accuracy that he found himself laughing instead. There were a couple of things to be said about the soft, craven minds of the land-dwellers: As idiotic as they were, their tales were quite creative… And they made fine, fine ale. It seemed that no matter where his feet had taken him in his travels, those two statements were held as truth. He had seen much of what humanity had to offer in his travels, and it left a sour taste in his mouth. It seemed that since the demise of his empire, humanity had sunk as far as the Nymerians had. Devoid of honor, loyalty, and courage, the dregs that lived in the world above thrived on backstabbing, plotting, and deceiving one another. Cooperation was nearly inexistent as they attempted to get ahead of one another, unless it served their own purposes. Ruled by their currency, people’s days seemed to rise and fall in search of more coin… And their rulers. Their Kings. The filth that saw themselves as fit to rule over others had enraged him more than anything else. Weak, arrogant, and unable to look after themselves, they placed their needs ahead of those whom they ruled over… And after observing blood being spilled over and over again over petty squabbles, Rxychra had come to a conclusion: If humanity’s avarice was a symptom, those who ruled over the weak cattle that roamed the lands were the source of the disease. And that left Nymeria’s purpose clear. Broken out of his mental reverie by the cries of the sailors below Rxychra began the descent from his perch at the mast, attempting to find the source of the threat. He watched the sailors scramble around him, seeking their harpoons and mumbling incoherently about a beast tailing their ship. Arching an eyebrow, Rxychra wrapped his gloved fingers around the vajra that hung beneath his net and began to head toward the back of the ship, where the sailors readied themselves to fight the ‘beast’. For a moment, he felt himself slipping back into the old warrior mindset… Until he spotted the “imminent threat” that had the entire ship in such a commotion, and he found himself smiling once again as he slipped his vajra back into place. Rising from beneath the waves was a familiar fin pierced by a golden ring. Belatedly, he watched as one of the men pointed his harpoon toward the approaching figure, and he sprung forward, grabbing the sharpened tip with his gloved hand and throwing his elbow back toward the man’s face, hearing a satisfying crunch upon impact. “Cease. The shark will do you no harm, boy.” Rxychra said quietly, silver eyes challenging them to do otherwise as he moved to stand between the creature and the harpoons. Nodding toward one of the sailors that he had come to trade stories with, Rxychra reached for the bag of golden coins he had kept beneath the net and tossed it to him. “Fetch my effects. I fear we will be parting now.” Moments later the man returned with a large pack, approaching Rxychra carefully and handing them off without looking him in the eye. Snorting quietly to himself, the man placed his belongings against his back and stood atop of the edge of the ship. Nodding toward the sailors, the King on the Waves jumped into the water, satisfied by the sheer amount of gasping sounds he left in his wake as he swam toward the hulking figure they had been so alarmed about. Reaching with his right hand, the man felt the rough skin of the shark’s nose beneath his palm and touched his forehead to his affectionately. “Hello, old friend.” Rxychra said gently as he pressed his lips to the shark’s forehead, feeling the vibrations coming from his old companion Pyxiz. Through their bond, he could hear his companion’s excitement at their reunion and found himself equally pleased. After a moment, the King moved to the side as he felt the shark submerge once more and position himself beneath the king. Holding fast against the shark with his legs, and wrapping his right hand against its’ dorsal fin, Rxychra was pulled under as the shark began to dart forward… And he realized how much he had missed the ocean. He felt the air in his lungs replaced by the water, the saltiness of the ocean around him and for the first time in ten years he felt himself again. Being connected to his domain once again felt like a second breath of life. Exhaustion he had become accustomed to, years of aches and pains that had riddled him, and the disquieted palpitations of unease his heart had felt from being separated from the ocean seemed to be washed away by the currents even as his eyes readjusted themselves to the darkness beneath the waves. He was almost home… And with home there came a host of people he had not seen for nearly a decade. He was sure of what awaited him when he reached the city, because of the reaction he had received from his brother upon sending word of his return: In true Nymerian form, his family sent word of a Festival that was to take place with his arrival. Which worried him. Immensely. It had been a long time since Rxychra had seen those who he called family in either blood or at heart… And he had hoped for a more private affair, despite the traditions of his people. He had always found joy in the… Primal aspects of Nymerian parties, but after a decade above land the only balm he sought for his tired soul was the company of those who had fueled the spark in his soul that kept him walking forward. There were his siblings, with whom he had corresponded with most often. There was his son, who despite his racial differences had turned out to be more Nymerian than many people he had met. There was the albino beauty that headed the Meraki Clan, and with whom he had found he shared a bond of interest in the arts. There were his soldiers of the Land Invasion Legion… And then there was Juni. Juni, who had cared for him when he was wounded. Juni, who had stood by his side as a friend when he needed, a confidant when his burdens got too heavy to bear alone. Juni… Who had presented him to his mate. With the ghost of the crooked smile that was a constant companion to his features and a small, mischievous glint in his eyes, Rxychra gently tugged at Pyxiz’s fin, directing him to change its’ course toward away from the main citadel and toward the peripheries of the city. It had been years since he had last laid eyes in the city, but he recognized it like the back of his hand. Ten years might have been a long time while traveling amidst the land-dwellers… But for his people, ten years were almost the blink of an eye. For all the time that had passed since he was gone, it seemed that aside from a few minute differences in landscape and the ever-growing addition of more lodgings. In the back of his mind, the King noted all of that as the warring feelings of nervousness and excitement overtook him once more. The Faliga still stood where it once had been, a majestic collection of large tents that had housed the Healers away from the city’s busy throng for centuries while they trained. After training was complete, he had learned, they were free to find other lodging as they saw fit… But Juni had never left. Dedicated to her craft, and one of the youngest Nymerians to have become head Healer at that, she had always resided in the same spacious, abnormally colorful tent. Pushing himself off of Pyxiz, the king placed a hand against the animal’s head and nodded toward him. “I’ll see you at home, old friend. Go let my siblings know that their wayward king is back.” He muttered quietly as he shouldered his pack once more and began to swim toward the collection of tents. Without looking back, he felt the shark poke its’ nose against his right arm again with something of a concerned expression on its’ face. Chuckling quietly, the king turned around and touched his forehead against his old companion’s. “No, Pyxiz… I won’t be gone for long again. I promise. Go on, now.” Appeased, the shark pulled its’ head away from the King on the Waves and began to make its’ way toward the capital. For a moment, Rxychra smiled after Pyxiz and remembered a time long ago where the shark had been gifted to him by his son. Not longer than his forearm, the shark had taken to following him around no matter where he went. In many ways, Pyxiz was as much his son as Q’myha’myha… With the only difference being that he had gotten to actually raise this one. Throughout his travels and his battles, he had never been parted from the shark for so long, and his reluctance to leave was almost endearing. Watching the familiar figure fade as it approached the old alabaster Wall of the Ancients, Rxychra turned back toward the collection of tents and resumed his swimming. Landing at the edge of the precipice that house the collection of tents where the Healers resided, Rxychra began to quietly make his ways through the tents. It had been far too long since he had even written to Juni, so he was unsure of what would be waiting for him in her tent. Had she found a mate? Had she grown to resent him for being gone for so long? Lost in his thoughts, he was surprised when his feet had taken him exactly where he had meant to go. Hesitantly, the man pulled back the curtained entrance to his old friend’s abode and stepped through. It took him a moment for his eyes to adapt to the change in lighting, but it seemed like some things remained the same no matter how much time had passed. Brightly colored and spacious, Juni’s tent was a true testament to the woman’s personality: Vibrant, full of life, and extremely welcoming. He brushed his hand against the soft, crimson satin walls of the tent, decorated by neat embroideries and lined with her sparse belongings. He felt no small amount of joy in seeing the gifts he had sent her over the years displayed on the far wall from him. Quietly, he made his way toward the wall of gifts he had given her, brushing the first totem he had ever carved reverently with his fingers. He shook his head in disbelief at the fact she had kept it for so long… Hearing a rustling from his right side, Rxychra spun around in search of the intruder only to be faced by the sleeping form of his friend. He felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips as his friend twisted in her bed, turning from the wall and facing him as she slept. For a moment Rxychra was hesitant to move, afraid of waking her. So he settled for looking her over. Light skinned and boasting of delicate, well-hewn features Juni was a sight to behold even by Nymerian standards. With hair as dark as her skin was fair, the healer was commonly sought after by hopeful suitors. Built tiny and oftentimes underestimated, Rxychra had watched a fair share of people attempt to take advantage over her, only to be utterly shamed when they realized they had bitten off more than they could chew. There were not enough words to describe what she meant to him, however. She had been his rock, his healer, his friend, and for a brief period of time she had almost become the one whom he had chosen. But it had not been meant to be. For a moment, Rxychra was conflicted in between waking her up or not… But in the end, he knew how tiring her job was. He knew how much of herself she put into it every single day. With his decision made, the man shrugged off his backpack and placed it gently on the floor beside him before sitting down and sighing. It had not hit him until then, but after nearly twenty-four hours of traveling he found that weariness had finally found him. Tilting his head toward his friend’s sleeping frame, Rxychra watched her for several hours before his own eyes became progressively heavier. Dimly, he remembered with no small amount of amusement that the last time he had managed to get a good night’s sleep wasn’t much different than this. Finally losing the ability to rationalize, the King on the Waves slipped into a deep, relaxed sleep with one final thought. He was home at last.
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    Die Shize

    Taking my leave

    Wow. I considered tagging people I'm roleplaying with and such, but that'd be a lot of people to tag. I'd have to find them first, and I've always been something of a laze haha. I guess, somehow, those that this message directly pertains to will come across it. And OOC thread announcements would also be too numerous. So I'll just settle for this one thread. I've done this before. A while back I said I'd be leaving due to personal problems with myself. I came back quickly enough. It's different this time. It's not about me this time. I won't get into what it's about, but I'm leaving Valucre, leaving roleplay, for something pretty big that has recently entered my life. I believe I've been trying to deny the impact of that something (I'm not being mysterious for the sake of being mysterious; I just don't want to announce what exactly has happened, though it's not negative), but for whatever reason, the reality of it lit up like a light bulb in my head tonight. I have to leave, and the chances are I won't be returning. Wow. Valucre. Ha. You're almost a living entity yourself, you. I have had just...gah, I can't put it into words. Writing here, roleplaying here, joking around here, socializing here...living here...it has been a wild ride. I created so many things here, things that carried onto Microsoft Word documents, notepad text documents, or just plain in my head, things that may never have come to light on Valucre, but that just means the effect of this place has not been limited to this place. I'd drive to work with music to set the mood for imagining this place. Hmm, this song goes well with a House Dawnwood roleplay. Hmm, I bet my character would listen to this one with her earphones. Hmm, dogs. This site has ventured beyond its borders, like a mind drifting beyond its skull. I swear, I tell you truly, I could bombard you with paragraph after paragraph of how much I have enjoyed my time here. I've always been one for places like this (though there is no place like Valucre). I'm a loner at heart. I used to be very socially awkward, so I kept myself to myself, but now, honestly, I just prefer my privacy. I'm not really the awkward me of the past so much as the me of the present who just likes the company of me. While I might go for a drink every now and then, march around work joking with people, most of the time I am most content with kicking back at home with a cup of tea and a book in my lap. Valucre has given me both. I won't forget that. There is an inherently selfish element to this message, and that is the fact that I am abandoning active roleplays that I am in. I don't do that lightly, and I can't stress that enough. It hurts. There have certainly been occasions where I'll become inactive in an active roleplay, perhaps because I didn't realize I didn't have it on follow haha, or I just struggled figuring out how best to make my post, but for the most part I like to believe that I've tried to keep coming back at you guys with post after post. For all my nagging at other people's not posting, however, that's not what has influenced my departure. It is not. I have gotten more enjoyment out of three active roleplays than thirteen inactive ones at the same time. I have also considered trying to wrap up those threads I'm currently in before I leave, but all I can say is that I am in no position to do even that. I want to. Man, I am so tempted to delete this entire post even as I type it, and I know I'll be tempted to come back to Valucre and see what's going on. What's become of my threads? Who's messaged me? What are the latest comments? Who's cooking up some new coolness in Water Cooler? What kind of mindless chatter can I drop in Mindless Chatter to satisfy my random urges to be utterly random? Who can I spar with to satisfy my need to fight? Oh man, it hurts. I'm about to face off with Praetorian, something I've always wanted to do (except offline, where he put my ketchup-on-Philly-cheesesteak to shame). I'm in a writing competition hosted by Alexander the Great, something I've never done before. I'm helping create a noble house that I utterly love love love, and have pledged my attention to it, my imagination, heart itself. Valucre itself gave me this sense of creativity, of creation, but credit goes to the members who make Valucre up, and the staff that oversee it, and the supernal who attends to it like a shepherd. I've gotten so used to this place that every now and then I'll recall how I got here, because it's kind of crazy. I didn't even want to join. When Off Topic preached how awesome Valucre is to me, I laughed him off and said something like "Valucre? Ha. Sounds like Velcro." Well, it still does sound like "Velcro", but it's every bit as awesome as it made him (not that you weren't always awesome, brah). It's every bit as awesome as I have come to see it. And now I have to leave that awesomeness behind, and it hurts. Gosh, it hurts. I'm not the kind of person who just drops out of something, especially something I said I'm committed to, especially something I enjoy. It might even frustrate you that the only explanation I can give is that I have to leave. It's not a question for me. It's an answer to a question I've already asked. I can no longer reject that answer. Valucre. Valucre. Valucre. If a new world ever takes over our current one, and I survive this one to enter that new world, I hope I'll be able to carry one word into the next: "Valucre". I would raise mountains with all sorts of wonders filling it, from forests to rivers, castles to villages. I'd name this realm Valucre. For now, I have to leave. Thank you all for writing with me. Thank you for encouraging me to write with you. Thank you for enduring my attempt at a dramatic departure haha. Most of all, though, well, thank you. Can't put it more simply than that. Dream high, and write well. Good bye!
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    Die Shize

    The Cyberpunk City

    "Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled with a breakdown or radical change in the social order ("punk")" —TV Tropes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Martial Town Terrenus roleplay project Where the neon lights are as bright as the hope for the future is dim. "The key pillars of the cyberpunk genre are advanced technology, dystopian society, and trenchcoats." —Jane Douglas, Outside Xbox Profoundly Discriminating Reading Theme "I never asked for this. They say they saved me, but I'm not sure 'saved' is the right word." —Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain." —Roy Betty, Blade Runner "Welcome to the desert of the real." —Morpheus, The Matrix Shall we plug our minds into the machine and wander this world together? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Martial Town. A city that never sleeps, and a city that never sleeps never really wakes. During the day, Martial Town looks as dry as it feels, with a sprawling mess of mismatched buildings alongside street lamps locked in a lattice, like the twisted limbs of barbed wire. Against a bustling backdrop that suffers no silence lingers a blur of smoking vehicles and pedestrians lost in a fog of drudgery as they grind themselves into the grave. Laundry is thrown over the power lines, hungry dogs bark in the alleys at the cats that stalk the rats, workers toil for the corporate crown and crawl the streets like ants without a colony. Cyber cafes pulse with energy, shopping malls thrum with activity beneath the drums of greed that beat consumer desire into their hearts, while the harlots join the denizens in the drug dens to prepare themselves for the night's lust. Shining over it all, as though laughing from a throne so impossibly far removed from the tiny clutter beneath it, the warm sun bathes the boiler as a golden liar that hoards the gold from the poor. At night, however, when the sun goes down and the moon rises to replace it, the city of Martial Town takes on a brighter light—but perhaps a far less hopeful one. The dry and drab buildings are overshadowed by the glow of a myriad of brilliant colors. Neon lights transform the city into a whole new world, illuminating the streets amid lamps suddenly alive with vigor and the need to shine. Corporate advertisements are painted with smiling faces, their voices echoing into the alleys, as though the gods of the galaxy had been erected to remind the citizens that they were not alone. It is all a lie. A marketing deception to keep those citizens under the thumb of the true rulers of the night: Dystopia and Moral Myopia. The arcades and the bars and the clubs pulsate with a million drums of music. The drug barons and the body-sellers and the body-snatchers stalk the darkness for their next victims. The criminal organizations seek to assert their organized crime on the populace, and the black market opens after the shopping malls close, selling a cybernetic limb to the worker who lost his first one in the factory, and a pair of eyes to a thief who just wanted to replace his good ones with ones that could see in the dark. The skyline of Martial Town is lined with stone structures between metallic towers that scrape the sky. These are the constructs cast off from a dying Palgard that refused to stay down, and that serve all hours as a creeping reminder of the city's dichotomy. In the day or the night, the center of Martial Town, called the Core, is its own town within the city; a military district where the music of marching boots join the chorus of piercing whistles in a symphony of security. This protection, however, comes with a price. As far as the arms of the armed can extend, the eyes of the all-seeing can see, and the biggest threat comes from the defenders themselves. Like a mini-police state, living in the Core of Martial Town means spending many moments wondering if there might be a knock on your door, and if the people who knock on your door might just inform you that they are there for your safety and the security of the city and they will now show you this personally if you will please come with them and ask no questions. The outskirts of the city, meanwhile, are like lava surrounding a volcano. Where the thumb of the military can press down and press hard, so hard that it may as well be a boot stamping on a face forever, the gangs and clans and tribes in the peripheral parts, in the slums and the neighborhoods and the forgotten gutters, are their own power and authority. In the corporate towers that loom over the city from its core, conversely, the outer rim of the crooked circle is claimed by crime like a cancer. However, the disease is slowly spreading all over the city, seeping forward like a black ooze each time the armed forces clash with the outlaw elements. In Martial Town, nowhere is really safe, and no network is really secure. The question is, then, is there a cure? Will you find out? Will you adventure through the day? Will you journey into the night? Will you pull yourself from your familiar lands and your known realities and enter the virtual space of the Cyberpunk City? Will you plug your mind into the machine and wander within this world? The choice is yours. All you have to do is make it. Like a decision between a red pill and a blue pill. All you have to do is swallow it. But you can only swallow one. As you contemplate this choice, then, heed the words of Morpheus: "You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." The choice is yours. Choose. "The future is already here—it's just not very evenly distributed." —William Gibson The Cyberpunk City is a roleplay project currently underway for Martial Town, located aside from Palgard, Southern Terrenus. This is a "roleplay project" in the sense that it is in its early development stage, with potential updates to the lore page of Martial Town itself alongside IC canon/non-canon growth and progress. To begin this cyberpunk adventure, one and all are welcome to join me in what will serve as a 'hub' setting of sorts. Shown below, but not limited to this scope, are a small handful of locales that you can, effective immediately, participate in. Set up stories and write those stories out to your heart's content. Maybe your character is a cyber ninja. Go jack their brain into a plug in the CyberFunk Cafe! Just be home in time for dinner or mama will spank you for turning your brain into jelly. Or is your character a private detective, and you're seeking some hardboiled film noir? If you heard that the MTPD was only employing its own officers, then somebody doesn't want freelancers like you investigating them! Perhaps outside of the law is a better fit for your criminal ways. Pal's Guard is something of a private retreat for scum of all kinds, and you're sure to pick up a beer and a lucrative job there, assuming that you make it out alive... Feeling jazzy-funky-dancy-wunky? Better skip the CyberFunk Cafe. You'll find all manner of wild partying in The Purple Penguin, but don't take the wrong pill or else you might see a purple that you didn't know existed, before you pass out and never wake up again. Sometimes, however, things do go wrong and a little too crazy. You might wake up from a drunken stupor to find that your hand was chopped off by a Bessho-kai corporate samurai. Have no fear! Visit a GRAFT clinic, open 24/7, and just get a new one! Then again, your character might prefer to don suit jackets over trenchcoats. A business type, eh? A corrupt corporate executive, maybe? Well, you won't find any company headquarters listed right now, but that's awesome, because you can make one and add it to the hub! YAY! You can view the hub here. IC thread(s) listed below! 1. [MTPD] Tears in the Rain Stay tuned, folks. Turn on your telescreens, flip out your AR phones, switch on your VR housewife, put your earphones on and listen to that deep AI manly voice, because sooner or later Martial Town, The Cyberpunk City, will be hosting its very first public event! The black market, every criminal's favorite trade show, every crime fighter's biggest headache. When it comes to the government and certain corporations, they might fall somewhere in between. No place in the world seems totally free from a black market's plague but, when it comes to Martial Town, illegal commodities are booming. For the right price, a customer can get the right weapon. More than that, they can get a whole new right arm without having to go through GRAFT paperwork. They can even get a new brain. Some, however, go through a whole transformation that calls into question whether they still exist as an entity of flesh and bones and, if so, one with the same soul. Cyborgs are a growing force within Martial Town, and "force" is a correct term here. Mechanical augmentations usually make you stronger, faster and tougher in a number of ways. And not everyone likes that. More to come.
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    Get Started FAQ

    The below has been replaced by thew new member guide What is Roleplay? How do I roleplay? Paraphrased from the Roleplay FAQ: Can you explain Valucre in three sentences? Valucre is both the name of the forum and the name of the planet that hosts most of the roleplay. The different continents and areas are represented by named boards. You basically pick an area you want to play in, like a city or a forest, create a thread in that area, and you have a roleplay thread that you can invite people to or advertise in the Water Cooler. What if I'm a total newbie? You'll probably want to visit the Tavern of Legend. The ToL is watched over by staff and appointed ToL Mentors, and is a great place for new members to write and roleplay meanwhile they get accustomed to the site. There are usually a lot of pages in the tavern of legend thread but since it is a static setting you don't have to read all of those pages, just the last few posts to see what's going on and then you can hop right on. Since the Tavern of Legend is limited to members that have been on the site for 3 months or less, it's also a great place to fraternize with other members new to the site. Roleplay Based Approach (Action) If you want to get directly into the roleplay and read up on the lore as you go, then visit the water cooler. The Valucre Twitter also has curated interest checks and events. A number of members have had some success in making characters new to the world, so they can learn about Valucre as they roleplay. The Water Cooler is where members post advertisements for their Valucre roleplays. Quests, artifact hunts, plot-lines created by members, by board leaders, 1x1, group roleplays. You name it, that's the best place to either find it or to let people know you're looking for something. If you're itching to write right now, aside from the tavern of legend, any of the threads listed in the Open Roleplays is a thread looking for people to join. Open Roleplays is an aggregate list of all the threads that are tagged as Open. Tagging a thread as Open is a conscious decision on behalf of the thread creator to announce they want more people. If you see something you like, jump in. Lore Based Approach (Research) Keep this in mind: the lore is here to enhance your play and immersion, not to create obstacles between you and the page. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of lore, start by writing in the Tavern of Legend, and read the lore at your own pace. Valucre is the name of the in-character planet. On the Valucre planet there exists major continents: Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater, each of these hosting a number of nations and territories within their borders. You can learn more about Valucre the planet and its nations in Valucre - An Overview. Most people pick a location they find interesting and roleplay in a specific section/continent of the site until they get more familiar with the world. Then they branch out. In the Overview article you'll find links to the articles for the various nations, to the Mild Powers article, and the Ask Me Anything threads so that you can ask questions directly to board leaders. Do I have to read all of the lore to be able to play? Nope! Valucre is a planet. If you want to roleplay in a forest or a mountain, you'll want to know a little about that setting so you can describe it accurately, but you don't need to know about the history, culture, language, and so on, of every country or nation that makes up the planet. Very often members make characters new to the world of Valucre and set them to explore through roleplay so that they can learn about the world as players at the same time their characters do. What if I want to play something outside of the Valucre canon? We have something for that too. The Alternative section. In Alternative, you have nearly unrestricted freedom. You'll still need to follow the Code of Conduct, but you'll be able to create any fictional world or internal rules that you want, or play in areas that don't exist on Valucre. What if I have more questions? The Valucre FAQ was written for those members who are new to the site but not new to roleplay and answers Valucre specific questions. If you have any questions you can contact administration via the Contact Us Form. If you have questions about the different locations you can contact board leaders directly or post in the relevant AMA
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    Due to the complexities of my personal ambitions with this multi-phase plot, the below is a "living document", which means subject to radical change Want to rule over a piece of Terrenus? Introduce your own lore, culture, and influence to the continent as a whole? Here’s your chance! As a result of the tumult of the civil war and the far-reaching consequence of the events in Blairville, Hell's Gate, and Tia, the Terran nation is divided. The federal government's influence has radically centralized, resulting in burgeoning regions throughout the Terrenus landmass vying for permanent independence. These multiple regions will each house multiple factions in turn. Referencing the map above, only the regions which are colored in can house factions; the rest are off-limits, as are existing properties (no one can challenge for Selemath, as anr example). The previous government still maintains control over the center; the Shawnee region is inhospitable and will not support large, organized structure; Biazo, Patia and PK, and the Yh'mi regions also cannot be used to establish a faction at all within the scope of this event. The remaining 4 regions are in a state of flux with no clear leadership. Phase 2 is about players using collaborative roleplay to establish control of a faction in that region and plant the seed of their authority, which will be watered and flowered in Phase 3. When the civil war event is complete after Phase 3, these factions have the potential to become player-run enclaves. It could be a base of operations for a group(s), a seat of power for your character, etc and so on. Factions will be inside of towns, and represented as the town themselves for the purposes of organization. This is to standardized variables like landmass, population, and resources, which will have no bearing on the stories created now but will be controlled factors in the next phase. Players are free to establish the aesthetic, culture, etc of their faction without having to worry about the "math" of advantage. Think of this as running a plot to claim, or outmaneuver, or destroy a guildhall or company or official (for example) in a town, and by consequence of that, gaining control of the town yourself. FAQ Which region is the starting point?: The red region, in the far east How many factions can be made in reach region?: A maximum of four Is this first come, first serve?: No. I'll be hand picking players based off of their capacity for collaboration and general reliability. That said I'm also willing to take a chance on new members with no track record. I reserve the right not to pick any player for whatever reason How do I claim a faction?: Through collaborative roleplay. More on that in the section below. What happens after phase 2?: Phase 3, where factions can compete with one another for control of a region. The system for competition is, as yet, undecided. More detail will be provided at that point I already have a group/club/guild. Can I still claim a faction?: If you have what I'll call a "high level property", such as a board or point on the map, then you can't participate for a faction but you can help someone else do so. I want to share the wealth, so to speak. If you have a group but no high level property then you're welcome to claim a faction How much influence can I have on the lore of a faction and town?: As long as it adheres to the general lore of Terrenus or you can reasonably explain any extreme deviations, then no functional limit (except for MP, of course). Faction resources will be standardized in Phase 3 and so players are free to experiment with their town's lore, aesthetic, culture, etc, with that in mind How close can I be to an existing property?: Factions shouldn't start any closer than 50 miles to an existing property and it is recommended that they start further out Claiming a faction To start, these towns will be 25 square miles, a little bigger than Manhattan's 22. This is settled land and doesn't account for any farms or mining or whatever may be required to support the aesthetic and culture of the town Complete and canonize (summaries required, consequences and opportunities can be left out) 2+ pages of roleplay detailing the shifts in power Example plotlines can include the below, and can start anywhere in the potential timeline of the story (at the start, near the end, anywhere between). These are suggestions and players are not limited to these options - if they can think of another way, they're welcome to play that out: Criminal: Weapons, contraband, and drugs are being trafficked through town. You don't mind the criminal activity, you just want to make sure you're coming out on the rosy end of things. Find the biggest game in town and take their seat. Industrial: There has never been a major disruption that hasn't also resulted in rampant opportunity for profit. If someone has to get rich, why not you? You're neither criminal nor upstanding citizen. Just someone that sees a need around them and wants to make a market out of it. That's what the town is for. National: You remember the golden age of Terrenus, when magitech was at its best and brightest, the economy at its strongest, and the standard of living was unparalleled. You might even remember the dark, sad times before that. All the more reason to want to take Terrenus out of the muck and into the limelight again. You claim this town in the name of the nation. Registered players list now moved to factions OOC thread
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    Access issues this weekend

    Valucre was inaccesible over the weekend through no fault of our own. The host was having an issue with their storage network and our server was in the affected area. I maintained contact with the host until the issue was resolved a little earlier this morning As a note, I was updating the twitter regularly with updates, so Follow us or bookmark the page for instances like this: https://www.twitter.com/valucre
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    As a result of the on-going civil war in Terrenus, three major cities (designated as "starter" locations for the civil war's initial phase) are experiencing radical shifts in the social temperature of their cityscape. Although criminal activity has always been a possible venture for members, these shifts provide an unprecedented opportunity to get up to all sorts of business in these three cities in particular. So check them out, start up some new threads/ventures, and capitalize on the growing bedlam. I'm not looking to GM anything outside of what I already am, just pointing the way towards cool stuff Blairville Hell's Gate Tia
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    The Islands of Ursa Madeum

    Geography Ursa Madeum is a small archipelago off the south coast of Terrenus. It’s three main islands – Corinth, Misral, and Thraece - are set in a vaguely triangular formation, with several islets located in between. Corinth, the largest island at approximately 4,000 mi­2. It is in the west and holds the capital city Andelusia. It remains the most populated island of the three, as most of the noble houses’ estates are located here. Most of the cities in the center of the island, however, are deserted. Thraece, the second-largest island at 2,200 mi2, is in the southeast. Only a few coastal towns on its eastern coastline remain inhabited, with the population barely reaching a thousand. The presence of House Senaria’s Port Kyros has helped bolster Thraece’s fading economy, though the western parts of the island remain largely unexplored. It is rumored that a city of pirates and bandits exist in the far west. Misral, northeast of Corinth, is the smallest of the three islands. The smoldering peak of the volcano, Mount Egon dominates Misral’s landscape. Despite its harsh, mountainous terrain, Misral is rich in mineral resources and is home to a healthy metalworking industry. Cityscape The once-populous kingdom has been reduced to a scattering of settlements clustered around the estates of the Noble Houses. Most of Ursa Madeum's population began migrating to the areas surrounding the nobility’s domains, seeking the stability and protection provided by swearing fealty to a Noble House. These estates are now the emerging centers of trade and commerce, especially those located along the coastlines. The areas in the middle of the islands, however, are dotted with empty villages and ghost towns. Nature is slowly reclaiming these ruins at a rapid rate, boosted by the strange life magic from Taen that now permeates Ursa Madeum. Travelling between cities is dangerous, especially since the gangs of thieves and bandits that flourished during the Tyrant King’s reign remain numerous. Climate Ursa Madeum experiences a subtropical climate due to its location near Valucre's equator. The weather is fair year-long, the temperature peaking during the new year (June). There tends to be heavier rainfall from November to April and a dry season from May to October. Or is there more to it? Since the disappearance of Queen Decamron, the already hot temperature has steadily increased to sweltering levels Notable Locations Corinth City of Andelusia – Ursa Madeum’s capital city and current seat of the Veluriyam Empire Decamron Academy – a school for children aged 13 to 19 on the outskirts of Andelusia Dermont Estate – the residence of House Dermont Dali Estate – House Dali’s estate Gold Harbor – a port town, House Karradeen’s estate Hildebrand Estate – the residence, farmlands, and woods of House Hildebrand The Free Marshes – House Mythal’s estate Thraece Pirate’s Cove – a city of bandits and pirates, center for smuggling and illegal activities in Ursa Madeum. Port Thea – House Senaria’s estate and international trade port Misral Mount Egon – a massive volcano located on the western coast of Misral Port Mars – the thriving port city that houses House Uldwar’s estate Tankred Estate – House Tankred’s homestead, castle, and observatory Government Ursa Madeum is an aristocratic monarchy under the authority of the Veluriyam Empire. As there is currently no ruling monarch or royal family, Emperor Titus Demetrius and Empress Rozharon Paralios stand in as the Royal House. Ranked directly under the royalty are the Noble Houses - a class of prominent, influential families in Ursa Madeum who hold considerable land and authority. Most of the Houses are old and deeply rooted in the kingdom's history. Many attained nobility through wealth, power, or military strength, though there have been cases where nobility is honorary and bestowed by the royalty, as is the case with House Singlance and House Senaria. There are two ranks of nobility – Major Houses and Minor Houses. Major Houses are those who have the most authority as recognized by Veluriyam. They are seen as representatives of the people, allowed a say in national matters, and are given considerable freedom in ruling their territories. Minor Noble Houses are ranked lower than the Major Houses. While still allowed to own land and authority over their estates, they are subject to direct rule from the Royal House and not allowed representation in national gatherings. The heads of Major Noble Houses hold the titles of Duke and Duchess while Minor Houses, Count and Countess. Titles vary between Houses, though, with Lord and Lady used more commonly to refer to nobility. While not nobility, there are also prominent families that hold significant social and economic power, usually in the form of land. These compose the Aristocracy, a social class directly below the Nobility. The heads of Aristocratic Families hold the title of Baron and Baroness. In some cases, a family of the Aristocracy will choose to pay homage to one of the Noble Houses, swearing loyalty to them and them alone. These are referred to as Vassals. After Queen Decamron's disappearance, many Houses turned to support the Tyrant King and the abuses under his rule in desperation to retain their status. These Houses were either exiled or executed after the Veluriyam Empire overthrew Damien. Shortly after, the Veluriyam Empire granted noble status to two foreign houses: House Singlance, and House Senaria. Ursa Madeum’s Noble Houses and their vassals are as follows: Major Noble Houses House Uldwar House Mythal House Hildebrand The Taira Clan House Suffolk House De’Laire House Sheathe House Dali House Senaria House Singlance Minor Noble Houses House Karradeen House Tankred House Kholin OPEN Aristocratic Families Dermont Family History In the days of old, Ursa Madeum flourished under the rule of Queen Analea Decamron. Ursa Madeum prided itself on its culture heritage and education exemplified in institutions such as the Andelusian Opera House and the Metropolitan Library. Despite the existence of occasional internal conflicts between the noble houses, Queen Decamron kept peace between parties. Alas, the golden age of the islands did not last. In the year 591, Queen Decamron vanished. Without a head, the royal house was thrown in turmoil, and what peace the queen had brought to the islands was quick to crumble. Too soon, the throne was seized by Damien Gillick with his army of black-armored knights. These figures wielded weapons far advanced than any the kingdom had previously seen, and it was with this force King Damien took the islands under his full control. These would eventually be known as the Black Knights The following six years were the darkest for Ursa Madeum. King Damien quickly gained the moniker of the Tyrant King, exacting heavy taxes on the people, implementing forced labor, and demanding a share of all goods be turned over to the government. The once-prosperous kingdom became destitute. Many of the noble houses sided with the King, gaining his favor, riches, and avoiding the abuses inflicted on the commoners. The few that chose to fight suffered. Many became victims of the countless public executions that the Tyrant King was so fond of. Still, the Tyrant King’s hunger for power remained unsated. Despite his iron grip on the islands, he remained paranoid that an outside nation would put a stop to his madness. A year after his coronation, a Damien sent the Black Knights to round up every non-human on the islands – elves, pereds, and shifters – and sacrificed them in a magic ritual. This created a nearly-unbreakable blood barrier that enclosed Ursa Madeum, preventing anyone from getting in or getting out. Despite various efforts from the outside world, none could enter the islands to put a stop to the Tyrant King’s madness. However, rumors tell of the Suujali, smugglers who used a rare material to help refugees escape through the blood barrier and to Terrenus mainland. But not all refugees made their way to freedom: some were sold underground slave rings as part of human trafficking operations. In the year 595, the blood barrier weakened when the pocket dimension of Taen anchored itself to Terrenus. The interdimensional nature of its portals destabilized the blood barrier, allowing a group of refugees to escape. Once Emperor Titus of Taen received word of Ursa Madeum’s situation, he led his army to the islands, found the barrier weakened, and shattered it. In 596 WTA, the Taen military entered Corinth in secret and began invading the island. After a six-month campaign, Taen broke into Andelusia, overwhelming the Black Knights, and charged for the castle. The Tyrant King learned of Taen’s presence too late; he was decapitated by a Taen general and burned to ashes. The Taen Empire took control of Ursa Madeum, immediately distributing resources to the commoners and sending an influx of citizens from Lunaris to help rehabilitate the kingdom. The land of Taen’s influence began seeping into Ursa Madeum as well. The islands’ wildlife seems to grow supernaturally fast, resulting in bountiful harvests and empty cities growing into forests. Blue worldrift portals began appearing, tearing holes into other worlds, only to vanish as soon as they arrived. The Taen military’s Argonaut 002 now also protects Ursa Madeum, keeping the peace. Recent History // Canon The events below are arranged from oldest to most recent. To see the full canonized history of Ursa Madeum, see the Ursa Madeum Timeline The Veluriyam Empire, then known as the Taen Empire, takes over Ursa Madeum Emperor Titus Demetrius hosts the first meeting of the Allied Nations of Terrenus in Ursa Madeum’s capital, Andelusia The Veluriyam Empire holds its first Reverie celebration in Andelusia Ursa Madeum is a territory of the Veluriyam Empire Taen | Port Sun *Based on original UM lore written by @broken wings *Rewritten work of @Ataraxy's revamped UM lore *Credit for writing and organizing this goes to @Csl *Edited (slightly) by Ataraxy
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    Halls of Tazarek - Obsolete 2017-03-27

    In the mountains directly south of Hell's Gate. Geography Topography: Mountainous, with difficult terrain with large crags and great chasms that go on for miles. Cityscape: Climate: The climate outside of the mountain is usually cold, with the occasional snowfall carpeting the mountain tops during the winter seasons. Inside, the air is at a constant cool temperature of around 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Flora and Fauna: The Special Fungai Demographics Culture: Economy: Major Companies and Institutions: Dwed's Shed of Trading: After profiting for months off of the natural resources of Tazarek, Derkalimin had a large advantage over the other trading company's that sprung up in the wake of Tazarek's minor reversal of their isolation. Through Derkalimin's aggressive and sometimes shady business deals, he has put himself on top of the rest. Dwed's Shed of Trading can be found on the first level of the city, nestled close to the city's entrance. Krazdran's Pit: On the south side of the second level of Tazarek, guards, soldiers and warriors all train in Krazdran's Pit. There are three sections of this pit, measured by the depth and amount of light. Tarazek Nar Dverga: On the third level, the people of Tarazek decided that this would be where they have their capital building. Right in the very middle of their deepest floor, stands the seat of their government. It is here in this massive, square building, that dwarves can openly discuss ideas and interact with their leadership. Tarazek Nar Dverga is a large square structure, so large, that it actually touches the ceiling, supporting it as a symbol of how the government must help support it's people. Six towers of varying height are connected to this colossal structure, each one housing Tarazek's elected representatives. There are ten floors to the Tarazek Nar Dverga, each one approximately eight feet tall, with the tenth floor used as the representatives forum for discussion on how to best guide the people. The Tazarek Taphouse: On the opposite end of the First level lies the Tazarek Taphouse, a three story building dedicated to drinking and merriment stands. It is here that people come to chat, celebrate and share news. Those of ill repute will usually offer their services in the dark corners of the Taphouse, whispering in hushed tones and conspiring to potentially break the law. The building is famous for it's ale, an interesting concoction made up of roots and herbs found around the mountain, it has been dubbed Nogaak Ale and is considered quite good to the dwarve's palate. The Clodkul: On the west side of the second level of Tarazek, there is the Clodkul, a minor prison used to house anyone that breaks the law in Tarazek. The Fungi Fraternity: A group of the most successful farmers in Tarazek, those that have distinguished themselves in their field of cultivating the cash crop known as the Moonglow Mushroom. They swap their recipes for compost, discuss the best cycles for growing and reaping the fungus. They collaborate on the best times to bring their crop to market, with the top dwarf, the one who has become most successful in their craft, being named the Top Moss. The Fraternity holds regular functions and high class parties to celebrate their success, with all of it being located in the Third Level of Tarazek. Tazarek Inventor's Guild: A guild of inventors under the employ of the government. These men and women pool their knowledge in order to help further advance Tazarek's technology. This is headed by Representative Builder and has been at the forefront of innovation for the dwarves of Tazarek, with a smaller training facility known as the Tazarek Junior Inventor's Guild to mold young minds in the way of Magi-Tech. Parks and Recreation Wizened Old Warlocks: The Wizened Old Warlocks is a trio of old wizards who enjoy passing the time playing games of Tempest with each other. The Spirit of the Mountain (Church) Landmarks and monuments The Lift: A marvel of dwarven engineering, the Lift is a large 65 foot platform, on a repetitive course of going from the first level, to the second, to the third and back to the first. (It used to go to the fourth, but has been adjusted for safety reasons.) It can support up to six thousand pounds without buckling, and has safety measures in place for if the Lift were to ever fail, allowing hidden nets made of Moonglow Mushroom thread to catch it before it can crash to the bottom. The Spirit of the Mountain: In the center of the first level, there is a white marble monument made by the fledgling religious group the Mountain Callers. They put up the marble statue of a large broken mountain as a reminder of how the progenitor of the dwarven race came to be. They say he has no name, only that he was King of the Mountain, and sprang to life as lightning carved his body from the top of a mountain. Battle of the Faith: In the courtyard near the entrance to Tarazek, there is a statue of a dwarf just about to strike at an unknown enemy. The stone dwarf is Ingmarn, a paladin of the Church of the Spirit of the Mountain, and he stands as a reminder of the terrible attack set forth upon Tarazek by an extremist force that meant to destroy everything the people love about Tarazek, including the city itself. Government Local government Republic: The dwarven people that founded Tarazek did so on the basic belief that their king had failed them. With this basis, they decided to form instead a Republic, with equal representation across all occupations. They elected seven others to represent their society and to guide them to prosperity. The commitment is so great, they must renounce their names and adopt the new ones given to them, relinquishing their title, their land, and their wealth so that they may be without prejudice or bias when leading the people. Federal government Education Formal schools only educate dwarven children until they've reached adolescence, then they are given an aptitude test, which determines what career they'll have and who they will apprentice under until they've reached the age of maturity, then they are released from their apprenticeship to either start their own business or to take over the business of their master if they choose to retire. Many decide to simply continue working under their master, but are elevated as an equal in terms of competency (not by skill). Transportation Roads and Highways: Yes Rails/Subways: No Riverways: No Cab (mounted horse, etc?): horse and wagon Private: Usually by wagon, though the more higher up citizens have their own ponies to ride around town. Notable Residents The Shrooman: A mysterious, reclusive dwarf who has mastered the mystical arts of phylokinesis, with a great focus on mushrooms. After being aprehended by the Government of Tarazek, the Shrooman has henceforth been unofficially tasked to continue his experiments on mushrooms, especially in making mushrooms that are highly explosive in nature. History Canon PastFlag: Alliances:
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    House Hildebrand of Ursa Madeum

    i. overview ii. members iii. estate iv. the hinode clan v. house kinclaith vi. house cardona vii. house penderyn viii. vassal houses ix. the arborum x. threads
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    September 20, WTA 597

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    The Official Aleksei Fan Club

    So I had a brief conversation with a friend (@DarkHorse) in kind about a certain roleplayer on the site, in which I had no idea she had written with her before, and it dawned on me just how many folks have experienced and love the hell out of @Aleksei! So I says to her, "wanna start a fan club?", and she responded that she thought it was a great idea, and that Aleksei might enjoy it. And so here it is folks! The Official Aleksei Fan Club! This thread is open to any and all players that had had the pleasure of meeting, talking to, and/or playing with Aleksei and have an undying love for her like we do. Join us in the act of recounting the wonderful times we've had with her, as well as swelling her hubris with compliments!
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    Claiming the Furthest Point

    The group was truly diverse. There were some proper soldiers from Ursa Madeum. They were decently equipped, even if some of them were rowdy. These were the people that Fidelitas had high hopes about; something different from the gold grabbers that the White Hand had been using for a while. Those unloyal bastards had run at the first major sign of trouble. If they had stayed and helped, Diligence might still be alive now. But the Order couldn’t get rid of mercenaries just yet. This was evidenced by the jolly group behind him to his left. Women… and children, dressed inappropriately for travel. Who let them in anyway? He heard someone congratulating a “god-killer” among them. He knew that you couldn’t really judge by appearances, but this was bordering on ridiculous. They would have been warned about the dangers of Yh’mi though, so it was their choice if they didn’t heed it. He wasn’t going to mother over anyone. There were two people he recognized. Gormaric, whose role in repairing the wall was significant. There was no doubt about his fighting prowess, as he led forces to fend enemies away while the repair was ongoing. Fidelitas respected the dark knight and his willingness to continue to join them in this fight. The other was Aryssin, the healer who had helped in the aftermath of Remissio’s attack. He hadn’t interacted much with her, but her skills would be useful indeed in the coming months. He also knew there was a Knight from the formidable Force Majeure, but he couldn’t identify him or her within the group. The one that Fidelitas was truly doubtful about was the presence of the journalist. Chastity had allowed him to join them, saying that it was time for the world to see the true threat of Yh’mi. But Fidelitas never trusted the media and their selective truth. The man had better not get in their way, or he couldn’t be responsible for what happened to him. Going forward at a steady pace, the walls bordering Yh’mi gradually became a fixture in the distance. And yet nothing had happened yet. “Keep your alert up!” Fidelitas addressed everyone. “The enemy can hear us. They can come from any side!”
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    The Battle for Last Chance promo

    Battle of Last Chance Introducing for all of you haven’t heard of the us. Legion, aka The Legion of Doom!! So a month or so ago I dropped a thread that said “I am here to burn your world.” Now when I say something, I mean it. SO! Allow me to drop Legion’s first macro level thread. The sacking and burning of Last Chance. We here at Legion have decided for our first foray into the larger parts of the game is to be a raid. Rather than the large and intense three part invasion to take the city, which lets be honest. Sounds exhausting. We want to deliver a more intimate and character driven thread than the large scale chess and tactics game that detracts from a good story. We want to keep our focus on the characters rather than the battle itself. How will this work? The thread itself will have various objectives and storylines laid out for people to join or to simply do their own thing. All of which will be laid out in the official OOC thread when it drops this weekend. All characters are encouraged to join an objective and work together to weave a story that will not only be a great read, but will allow yourself and your opponents to have fun. While you can go off and do your own thing around the battlefield, we do recommend working with your fellow writer. Also anyone is allowed to join. You don’t need to a part of the factions who are fighting. Combat & Troop Movements So as far as macro level troop maneuvering goes, all of that will be background noise which will be decided by faction leadership. This is to provide everyone with a fluid sense of a shifting battlefield and setting from an official source rather than five different guys with thousands of troops between them all doing different things. We want to provide a very seamless and cinematic experience when it comes to the macro combat for the thread. Characters will be allowed to command two squads of NPCs each for flavor and fun. Rules 1: Wheaton’s Law aka don’t be a dick 2: Treat your opponent with respect 3: All OOC squabbles need to be settled via a pm. Don’t drag your drama to the OOC thread 4: If an agreement can not be reached then faction leadership will decide. 5: If faction leadership can’t reach an agreement then and ONLY then will site staff will be involved. These people have better things to do than deal with our disputes. 6: No writing damage, character death, or mass NPC death in your post as a fact without the express permission and consent of the other writer 7: Doing a power move that can violate the Mild Powers ceilings is fine. We all love a dramatic moment. But doing so needs to come at a cost. Losing all your strength, injury, death of comrades, etc etc. pay to play baby. 8: All are welcome to partake 9: Really, just please don’t be a dick. Details We will be dropping all the official OOC thread this weekend and possibly the actual thread as well. Faction leadership will be working together to create the best experience for everyone.
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    Good Evening, my fellow Valcreans, and Merry Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Perhaps even Festivis, Saturnalia, or some form of indescribable eldritch celebration of the Great Old Ones in all their sanity-breaking glory. Tonight I continue my time-honored tradition, one that has lasted since...well, last year, of talking about how much I appreciate Valucre, it's people, and the inevitable likes I'll get from mentioning as many people as possible, and harvesting their good will by exploiting mine. All jokes aside, I would like to briefly(or not so briefly) express my gratitude for this site, and the wonderful people I've met here. To say I wouldn't be writing if I hadn't found Valucre is in no way inaccurate. Before I stumbled my way over here, all I ever really wrote were essays for school. Rarely, friends of friends would convince me to RP with them, but that never lasted long. So a year and a half ago, sometime in July, I found myself growing bored. So I started skimming online, for games or sites that might allow for me to contribute to something. I didn't initially think of RP, but that's how it ended up. So I joined, I made a character, and joined some threads. A couple months later, I started writing short stories. And boy, were they horesehit. But it was a start. Flash-forward to today, I now roleplay, erratically work on my own fiction, and hope that eventually I'll be competent to be an author. That's all cause of Valucre. As great as that all is, fuck all that, it doesn't matter. None of that is why I'm as happy to have come here as I am. The fact that I've met some of the best people I know, many of whom I value more as friends than the ones I know personally, is amazing. And of course, there's the big man himself, Carlos. I don't think there's much I can say that wouldn't be retreading whatever it was I said last year, so I'll just say, you're great. It could be that I'm writing this all on a phone while I spend time with family I see once a year, but I can't think of anything else to say. Except for the obvious. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! @Mickey Flash@supernal@Jotnotes@Seyge@Ghastardly@Big Boss@Misty@Ishenaelyr, the Scaled@Deus Ex Aizen@Fierach@Eagle-77@Trexasle@Rin@bigfatcat@PandaHat@Tristwich@Fae@Csl@Robbie Rotten@Avvercus The Ghost of@B2BBearPast
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    To Topple a Giant

    Please don't?
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    one thousand posts! ? truly a personal benchmark! perhaps this means that I am here to stay for good. ❤️
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    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Once the Norkotian squad ceased their nonsense and started to pay attention to those in their column, the presence of two attractive female knights became quite evident to the band of ruffians. A couple of old school wolf whistles were heard as Sheryl approached, while a couple men adjusted their hats to get a better look. The mix of reactions probably seemed outdated and chauvinistic to the two lady knights, but these men were not sophisticated city slickers who'd grown up in a world of social sensibility and liberated thinking. These men were old-fashioned rednecks who'd lived and thrived in the semi-arid rural wilderness that surrounded Norkotia, so expecting them to know better than to be inappropriate or offensive was wishful thinking. "We'yall, the scenery in this 'ere expedition juss got a whole lot better." one of the men remarked. "Ah'll say." Murray agreed, "You ladies are in for a treat when you get to see us at work! The major picked us for this here excursion because even an stiff with a stick up his ass like him knows real talent when he sees it! Yeah, I reckon he's back there in the camp, preparing his speech for when he decorates us all with medals! Hell, seeing as our army doesn't even have any medals yet, he's probably making plans to name medals after us!" Meanwhile, in the Norkotian encampment... "The expedition is moving through the gate now, sir." Krieger stepped away from the tents so he could get a view of the coalition force as it left the safety of the walls and entered the hellish landscape beyond. His face remained ever hardened as he watched the Ranger squad trot out the gate on their horses, none of the men seeming to be taking this situation seriously. "Those fools are going to embarrass the homeland with their undisciplined nonsense." the captain continued. "Perhaps, but they will serve as an adequate gauge of the enemy's strength. If they die, they will serve as an example to the rest of the men what fate befalls those who forget their training. If any survive, they will provide us with the important intelligence for when our main force enters wilderness." He paused as both men watched the White Hand guards close the gates behind the expedition, cutting off visual contact between the column and those within the walls. "However, I do not anticipate their survival." Even with the additions of the other armored knights, the Norkotians showed little sign of shaping up. Though, some of their horses (and even a few of the men) were made restless by the massive wyvern that Gormaric had brought into their section. That didn't mean they were totally put-off by it, however. "Whoa-ho. Nice mount ya got 'dare." one of the Rangers, a scrawny man with a baseball cap instead of a cowboy hat, and an inner-city accent instead of cowboy-like ones most of his comrades had, "Can I pet it? It ain't gonna bite my hand off, is it?" Between all the yammering, it was perhaps surprising that at least a couple men did have the sense to pay attention to the ebon knight as he attempted to brief the section on the nature of their foes. Despite his bluster, Murray was one of the only men present who had seen the supernatural in action, and while he was confident in his abilities to adapt to whatever it threw at him, he also knew it was capable of things unfathomable to minds of people never exposed to it. While it wasn't that these monsters were supernatural, this whole region seemed to be intoxicated with a haunting, otherworldly presence. The further from the safety of the wall they went, the more it became apparent. "The rest...?" Murray began to question as the Gormaric trailed-off. The sound of a distant rumble was now becoming more prominent, drawing the attention of not only Murray, but the others in his squad as well. "Heeey, what da heck is that?" the baseball cap Ranger blurted. "Shut it!" Murray barked, trying to listen to the approaching thunder. The sound was rapidly getting louder, while a murmur went through the column. That murmur suddenly erupted into a series of shouts and cries as the two creatures that looked like bizarre, oversized deer came crashing into the formation. Norkotia had a fair number of deer and antelope species that roamed the highland plains, as well as some bison and big-horned sheep in certain areas as well. Thus, nether the creatures, nor their behavior, seemed particularly abnormal or unheard of to the Rangers. The difference here was that these beasts were way faster than a charging bull, yet seemingly much heavier and more powerful than a common ram. Even so, these babies looked like potentially wondrous trophies to adorn somebody's cabin back home. "Weapons out, boys!" Murray barked, "Get ready!" "Ha ha! The man who delivers the killing shot gets the head for mounting!" another man, a rather overzealous former big game hunter (who had been put in prison for repeated pouching and other hunting law violations), proclaimed, "And that man is me!" With that, he spurred his horse forward toward the squabble, his lever-action rifle ready to fire. A couple more men, their competitive nature inflamed by the hunter's words, quickly took-off after him. Murray suddenly found his squad fracturing at the first sign of contact with the enemy, something he had apparently not anticipated. "You men, get back here!" he shouted after them, but was not heeded, "Shit! The rest of you stay together! We hit as a group!" Abandoning their quadrant, which was relatively well-defended at the least, the Rangers were soon riding full-speed into the battle zone. Focusing on one of the two creatures, the Norkotians readied their weapons to join the already impressive roar of gunfire from Challara and the Uldwar forces. Ironically, every single one of them was using Norkotian ammunition. The Homeland would be proud.
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    House Hildebrand of Ursa Madeum

    i. overview ► NAME House Hildebrand, the Queen’s Chalice ► CREED “For Peace and Plenty” ► HERALDRY A silver chalice entangled with ivy leaves. The silver chalice represents House Hildebrand's control over Ursa Madeum's food supply, and the bountiful trade that flourishes under their watchful eye. The ivy leaves represent eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, as well as the strength to survive and thrive in even the harshest environment. ► ORGANIZATION House Hildebrand is an intimate sort of family: to be included in the hierarchy of power, one has to marry into the family and take up the Hildebrand name. Very rarely do Hildebrands marry into other families or houses, as these matches are usually for love or for desperate alliances. The House only takes a select number of foreign families into their fold, and these families in turn serve the Hildebrand family for generations upon generations as branch houses under their noble liege. ► AFFILIATIONS Allies: the royal court, the merchants and farmers of Ursa Madeum House Dali, House Tankred, House Uldwar, House Karradeen, House Senaria, House Mythal, House Singlance Enemies: N/A Neutral Parties: House Kholin ► BACKGROUND/HISTORY Since its formation from the ruins of a war-broken family, House Hildebrand has been loyal to the Queendom and the people of Ursa Madeum, enjoying their prosperity under the rule of Queen Analea. With the disappearance of the Queen and the rise of Damien Gillick, however, the House had no choice but to bend to the will of the king in order to survive. Despite their best efforts to smuggle provisions to the starving population, most of Ursa Madeum's food supply made their way onto the opulent tables and lavish dinner parties of the royal court. House Hildebrand rejoiced with the people as the Veluriyam Empire overthrew the old regime, embracing the idea of a new foreign ruler over their tyrannical king. With the downfall of King Damien, the House is poised to help guide Ursa Madeum to another era of peace and plenty. However, a few shadowy members within the House may yet have plans to take Ursa Madeum's throne into their own hands.
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    Hello, Valucre! It happened much later than I originally anticipated, but Book|Ends now has an official hub thread. It is located here. I'm far too much of a bloody hipster to write about a gala event as I once planned, and so Book|Ends is hosting a Read & Mead event. What is a Read & Mead? Well, my Val pal, it simply means that there are a lot of books to read and a lot of drink to mead. Mead to drink. What were we talking about again? This is a casual thread, meant for character interactions and networking. You can also use it as a place to snag one of the quests detailed on the Book|Ends organization page, or to suggest one of your own. Appropriate advertisements will be made for any mercantile character seeking work. Drop a comment here or send me a PM if you wish to join. Or not. Seriously, you can just hop in. Enjoy! Welcome to Book|Ends. If you have found this pamphlet and are reading it now, congratulations! You, my friend, are literate. As a literate person, perhaps you have found yourself longing to exercise that literacy. Do you ever find yourself longing for illustrious literature or lingering over illuminating lyrics? Do you ever whisper to yourself, "Wow, if only there was a place where I could conveniently purchase an out of print manuscript of Arsen De Bellfry's Sonnets of the Frost Maidens, a top novel on the Hell's Gate Best Seller list, AND a grimoire that could forever damn the souls of my enemies to an entirety of pain1!" My dear literate friend, Book|Ends is the place for you! New and exciting adventures await! As we are currently located in what remains of Ashville and surrounded by impenetrable wards, we highly recommend setting an appointment through the Book|Ends crystal communication hotline. Other acceptable methods of communication are via smoke signals, ritual sacrifice2, messenger imp3, and postcard. Employment & Partnership Opportunities Now Hiring: Essentially Everyone Entry Level Qualifications include basic arithmetic, knowledge of the alphabet, and decent hygiene No Murderous Rampagers need Apply Partnerships: Do you lead a small government, faction, or organization in desperate need of information and culture?4 Book|Ends board leaders are currently accepting new members, investors, and business partners. Our contact information is inscribed below. 1 Book|Ends and its associates are not responsible for its clients' actions regarding soul damnation, purgatories of pain, or related ritualistic behaviors. 2Small unfriendly animals only. We're not monsters. 3Must be well trained, will be eaten if not. 4Of course you do. We all have seen how you dress. Book|Ends, a purveyor of fine literature and beyond, is ready to get back into action, but it needs a little help to get back on its metaphorical feet. Employees are needed, as well as retrieval specialists. Threads through Book|Ends will run as such: Employees will be given a task to complete with each thread. The tone is casual, with a focus on character development. Retrieval specialists will be given quests to obtain a tome. Danger levels vary depending upon the item in question. I'll give you the setting, and the rest is up to you and your partners. Partnerships with factions are always welcome, and will give your organization access to Book|Ends' resources. This is here to sniff out some interest. Please feel free to ask any questions or send a PM to brainstorm. @TheWilySpookster
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    user detected access node 41053-0B (biazo) machine code 1AC-FC-1553.2 (name: 'inquirer') authentication required username: ft090815 password: *************** retinal_scan: validated query file terrenus/trsm/known/tracked/336.nfo >>>>PROCESSING... >>>>PROCESSING... >>>>PROCESSING... >>>>PROCESSING... security auth: clearance level maximum **CLEARANCE LEVEL INSUFFICIENT FOR DISCLOSURE OF FULL INFORMATION** **PLEASE CONTACT [access denied] FOR FULL ACCESS** >>>>DE-ENCRYPTING FILE [clearance level "maximum"] >>>>RETRIEVAL SUCCESS >>>>PLAY: 1This as a side note: there have been suggestions of historical synchronicity with a "Ludovico Mariner" who lived approximately 600 years ago as a sorceror-general under the reign of Levas; records indicate Mariner disappeared without a trace two months prior to Levas's assassination. Rumors of the time were that Mariner had later become a lich, although no official documents support the claim. Another thing: a reminder that any historical coincidence should be taken with a grain of salt, and is only a point of interest, not of relevance. 2See "Abilities" section for justification of classification. 3Again, should the correlation between Dove and Mariner be of real value, it can be assumed that Dove is 600 years of age and male. Not, again, that we can make such assumptions, or indeed that it even matters. When talking of Liches, age has little relevance to anything.
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    Jaistlyn AFV August.. too

    I'm making that big move to North America on 17 Aug (26-hour flight, including transit! Omg ) . Before my classes start, I'll be travelling around Los Angeles and San Francisco for a bit, then taking some time to settle down in Vancouver. This means that I'll probably not be around on Val most of the time in the coming weeks until Sep 3 or 4. I'll prioritise the Black Destiny thread, Maddening Mists event and Yh'mi over other things so as not to keep large groups of people waiting! Please send me a PM if you want my attention on anything :) I will reply to my outstanding threads before I leave (Whispers Bind, Illusions of Malice, Little Lamb), and for group RPs, if it comes around to my turn when I'm AFV, please skip me! For 1x1s, unfortunately there's nothing to skip, unless you want to continue posting yourself LOL :P I've heard that the first semester of my course (Sep - Dec) will be 'super busy' according to the previous cohort, but I'm not sure how busy that actually is, so I have no plans to abandon ship on any of my RPs. Hopefully I won't have to at all!! *Takes a deep breath to mega tag* @Rin @supernal @~Harlow. @Acarteus @Jalal @Song Sprite @CodieneAngel @bigfatcat @Trexasle @Abstract @Suta @Throne @spacegy4 @Reinholdt @Aleksei @CATZ @Grizzly @Ayumi Shinozaki @Diravek @EpicRome23 @Disturbing Demon @sorainvoked @Veloci-Rapture @HELLruler @Silver Thunder @Artisan of Soul @amenities @PandaHat @Off Topic @Ataraxy
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    Mickey Flash

    The Festival of Seven (OOC)

    @Jotnotes @FMPuppet @Seyge @B2BBear @Mittens @Avvercus @Ghastardly @PandaHat @KittyvonCupcake @-Lilium- @Zenthaur @TheWilySpookster @Rin @Animal @paradigm @Jesus Negro @Syncopy @Reign @Red the Ambivalent @King @Song Sprite @SylverRose @supernal @The Hummingbird @Acies ab Vesania @Paroxysm @Off Topic @Azure Day @Veloci-Rapture @Underdark Rises @Iwajira @Fae @Misanthropy @Karelian Echorider Some names are of those in Tellus Mater, some are not. Some are friends, some are acquaintances, and some are new members I saw in the Tavern of Legend. I couldn't list everyone's name, so I'm sorry if you aren't added. If you don't want to join, no need to say so. Just feel free to pop in if you feel like it. Everyone is welcome to come to the Festival of Seven. Invite your Val Pals and come join the fun! The festival of Seven is an event celebrating the traditions of Lothrei, sort of like how the Highland Games celebrate Scottish traditions. It is held in Dash, the capital of Lothrei. There will be dancing, art, singing, booths selling all types of exotic wares, and carriage rides through the streets. Costumes are not unheard of, and an awesome fireworks show will signal the end of the event. This is where you can ask any questions about the thread, and make any comments. You can jump in and out of the thread at any time, and there is no posting order. I only ask that minimal damage be done (if at all) to the town. If many people join, which may not, but if they do, I ask that you tag the person you want to address in your post. And if something happens in your post where everyone needs to be notified you can please place that information here, in the OOC chat.
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