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    Huge thanks to Demios04 for this picture! Due to role plays taking place at separate times, make sure you know what part of Antique's timeline you're concerned with. This first sheet is for anything taking place before Small Steps and Unseen Wings on her timeline below. Everything after should refer to the sheet at the bottom, which has the differences in bold. Species: Edian Angel Given Name: Kaiaea Family Name: Miri-Lephka Titles: Siwaili, Angel / Edian Angel Taken Name: Antique Hair Color: Charcoal Hair Details: Falls in spirals, usually worn up Eye Color: Golden with rusty flakes Complexion: White, neither pale nor tan. Age: 3,303. Appears to be in her twenties. Height: 5'5" Weight: 119 lbs. Body Build: Average, graceful. Voice: Feminine. Average range, West-American accent (modern world). Special Abilities: Strength of a strong man, not superhuman. Social Status: Wanderer Clothing: Variable--usually either very masculine or very feminine. Armor: Usually none. Weapons: A dagger worn at her waist. Artifacts and Magical Objects: None History: Antique has nothing but vague, piecemeal memories from before she found herself in Palgard, Terrenus. The last thing she can remember with more than dream-like images and feelings is walking in to the Rabbit Hole and asking for a job. From what teases she has from her past, it seems like she must have lived at least more than one hundred years, for those things seem so separated. She remembers living on an island in the sea, which was eaten by it, and at another time, much earlier, she remembers laying on a sandy beach, half submerged in water, with the tide washing over her face. Antique remembers the view of an expanse of land from a mountaintop, which was a forest of rusted, crumbled ruins. This was even earlier than the beach. And, among the countless others, the excruciating pain of being gored by a minotaur, and the ache of loss, pain, and sadness at the death of faceless friends. These are the sorts of memories she has. That is her past. Thinking about those things has brought her to tears on multiple occasions, and she's never been able to say why. She's often frustrated with the fragility of her emotional state, how she has so little control over them, and how they have such control over her. It's too easy for her to come to tears, too easy for her to be so sad, and too easy for her to show weakness where she feels there should be strength. Pending revision/modernization List of other characters she has met: Avvercus, Cia Sha, Soris, Red Itil, Qin, Larque, Thelan, Umbra, Irene Gabriela DuGrace, Varros (DeathLess Ghost), Astenta the Hound, Venn Silencia, Trace Broughton, Number 343, Stricken (Grimshar), Riforte, Red (Carmen), Leila (Noko), Florica (Song Sprite), Maira Xanathi, Rin (Rin), Doc. (Dr. Crazyeyes), Amy Bullet, and Saej (Beefmoopie). Details and Notes: Has a brass pocket watch with a gold chain, engraving on the back reads, "Antique, With Love".
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