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    Hey ya'll!

    You can call me Mel or Kween! I'm 20 years old from the USA. I'm super excited to meet ya'll out there in this new environment! I'd love to get to know some people for some quality RPing! I hope to bond enough to maybe start an online D&D group because I think that'd super fun! But, thanks for reading, I hope to interact with many wonderful people!
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    If there is a reincarnation of this later on or a spin-off sign me up. This thread sounds like a wet dream gone wrong. I'll definitely be watching to see what you guys create!
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    Lord Satin

    Hey ya'll!

    Welcome to the site! If it's the community you seek, then you've come to the right place. I can safely say that Valucre has one of the best RPing communities on the Internet. I don't know how experienced of an RPer you are, but since you enjoy D&D, I assume you've done this before. Still, I'll send you the guidelines, Valucre FAQ and RP FAQ. These are very useful articles. Next, I do believe you should (but it's probably not crucial) read up on the basic lore. Here is a link to the world page. Contains pretty much everything you need to know about the world. You can read up on the continents as well if you want. Characters are posted in the profile database. You can pretty much let your imagination run free, but there is one rule. Mild Powers. Your character shouldn't be too powerful, but since you play D&D, I suppose you already know that. You can read up on the specifics in one of the FAQs (don't know which one it is ATM), but it's not very strict. Most of it is common sense, really. That's pretty much all of the preparation you need! After that, I think you're good to go! There's two places you can go, either The Tavern of Legend - the new member zone (really good place, highly recommend checking it out), or straight to normal, member-created RPs. That's in the Water Cooler. Or, alternatively, you can complete quests with other people. I think that's all you need to know! Write with enthusiasm and have fun! If you have any questions, ask away. I might not be the most qualified person to answer, but I'll do my best. Asking stupid questions isn't stupid; not asking when you need to ask is. At least that's what our old elementary school teacher taught me.
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    Charli Foxtrot

    The Sissoneth

    Summary: The Sissoneth are a species of highly intelligent snake people, possibly in the same family as nagas. Since no one has done a taxonomic survey as yet, it is unknown whether they are a subspecies of Naga, a relative, or a result if parallel evolution. Types: There are three recognized types of Sissoneth, which form the basis of their caste system. These types are Royal Sissoneth, Highborn Sissoneth, and Lowborn Sissoneth. Description: All Sissoneth in their natural form are female human from the waist up, complete with secondary sex characteristics, usually of a slightly exaggerated nature. Royals have six functional arms. Highborns have four, and Lowborns only two. From the waist down, they have the bodies and tails of thick-bodied, constrictor type snakes. The patterns and colors of the scales are highly variable, just about anything is possible. Due to their strict tradition of eugenics, there are no ugly Sissoneth. Lowborn Sissoneth can shapeshift into humaniod form, with legs, and are indistinguishable from a member of their father's race in this form. In their true form, they retain facial characteristics of their paternal genetics, such as pointed ears. See Reproduction, below. All Sissoneth are cold-blooded. Displays of emotion and facial expression are conscious choices always, as a way to conserve energy. Typically, Sissoneth will appear with a flat affect which can be mistaken for boredom or disinterest. All Sissoneth in their true form have venomous fangs. The potency of the venom increases with higher caste. --Hair: All natural human colors are possible, and also electric blue and violet. --Eyes: All natural human colors are possible, and also electric blue, violet, and yellow. Red is possible, but rare, and only occurs in Royal Sissoneth. --Length: Sissoneth range from 10' to 15' long, and half of that length is usually carried upright. The human portion of their bodies is always perfectly proportioned according to typical human standards, so the additional size is always in the snake part. Royals and Highborns tend towards the upper end of the range, and Lowborns rarely exceed 11'. --Weight: Densely laden with muscle in their snake half, adult Sissoneth weigh between 200 and 300 pounds. --Gender Demographics: All Sissoneth are female in appearance, but Royals and Highborns are technically hermaphroditic. --Lifespan: Lowborn Sissoneth typically live between 250-350 years. Highborn, 600-700 years. Royal, 1100-1200 years. Habitat: The Sissoneth live in an advanced society hidden in the tunnels deep beneath the surface, near hot springs and other geothermal activity. They often contest with the Kharn for territory. Diet: Royal and Highborn Sissoneth are true carnivores, deriving no nutrition from vegetable or plant matter of any kind. They can eat such things without harm, but it will not do them any good. Lowborn Sissoneth have more versatile stomachs, and can eat just about anything, including carrion, but fresh or cooked meat is still preferred, as it gives the most energy per meal. Bloodwine, beloved of humane vampires everywhere, can be consumed by the Sissoneth to some marginal benefit, but it's closer akin to junk food for them. In their cities, nutritional needs of the people are met by ranching subterranean creatures, primarily different varieties of giant bats and giant centipedes. They also send hunting parties to the surface, and are not picky about what they return with. Some Royals even keep stables of intelligent surface dwellers much as we keep cows or pigs, and their meat, while controversial, is considered a delicacy. Nectar: All Sissoneth can choose to produce a thick, sticky, translucent fluid from a gland just below the tip of the tail, called Nectar. Nectar is a potent psychoactive drug which, when absorbed through the skin, greatly amplifies transmission of both pleasure and pain signals to the brain in that area, for up to five minutes per application. If ingested, it creates a powerful feeling of lust, which cannot quite be sated by any form of sexual activity during its duration, which can be from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the tolerance of the user. It is also described as tasting like honey, and is highly physically addictive. Withdrawal symptoms include tremors, nausea, dizziness, and suppressed sexual desire. Eventually, repeated exposure can cause the user to become aroused only with the aid of Nectar. In humanoid form, Lowborn can chose to secrete Nectar from their fingertips. Nectar is a highly valued commodity on the black market, used by brothels and sold as a street drug. Lowborn Sissoneth are routinely captured and enslaved to produce Nectar for sale. Reproduction: There are two means of reproduction available to the Sissoneth. In Royals and Highborns, the tips of their tails serve as ovipositors, injecting unfertilized eggs into each other through a cloaca located at the very base of the tail, approximately where human genitals would be. This cloaca is covered by hardened scales that only open when the Sissoneth is sufficiently aroused, and snap closed violently if she becomes frightened or angry. It is not possible to rape a Sissoneth in her true form through this orifice. This method produces Royal Sissoneth when Royals are mating, Highborns when Highborn are mating, and a 50/50 chance of either if one of each is involved. Only one Sissoneth in a pairing will become pregnant, and none know why this is. Since the ovipositor is under conscious control of the Sissoneth, mating does not necessarily result in a pregnancy all the time. All Sissoneth posses these structures, but Lowborn do not have the internal testes that allow them to fertilize an injected egg, and the eggs they inject are not able to be fertilized by the structures inside a Sissoneth of a higher caste. Sissoneth can also inject their eggs into humanoid females. These eggs will supplant the female's natural eggs, and remain dormant until fertilized by sexual activity with a humanoid male. This process produces Lowborns. This is the only reproduction method available to Lowborns. It is supposed that a Sissoneth could mate directly with a humanoid male, but this had never been confirmed. No verified instances of such a coupling exist in record. Hierarchy: The Sissoneth are structured into a strict caste system. Royals just what their name suggests, they are the highest nobility. They occupy all of the executive and judicial positions. Highborn occupy the highest levels of commercial enterprise, and also all legislative positions, and the House of Laws is the center of their world. Lowborn are, obviously, the lowest caste. They occupy the laborer positions. Clerks, messengers, construction, and small-time independent merchants. Lowborn cannot own real property or operate a business with greater than a certain annual profit. Lowborn are further divided into two sub-castes: Surface Lowborn (or “walkers”) that live in the surface world and carry out the Sissoneth agenda under sunlight, and City Lowborn, who live in the cities underground. It’s difficult to say which is higher on the power structure, and it may be that the distinction is made purely among the Lowborn themselves, since both types seem to look down on each other equally. Politics: The political system is as complex as feudal Japan and as cutthroat as Machiavelli’s Italy. Outsiders have very little hope of understanding the subtle and seemingly capricious motivations behind the maneuvers each Royal family performs to hinder or aid each other. Alliances and hostilities seem to shift on the steam, and it’s impossible to tell whether or not the Sissoneth are capable of holding grudges. That said, their incredibly long life spans mean that long-term planning is the order of the day, ten, twenty, or a hundred steps out from the present, so who knows if being helpful now is a setup for a coup a century down the road? As best as can be determined, there are twelve official houses, and every Sissoneth regardless of caste belongs to one of the twelve. A thirteeth “house”, the house of outcasts, exists; it is populated by those who have been disowned by their families for some reason or another, primarily criminal. They have no power or standing, and an outcast Royal is lower than a housed Lowborn in the official hierarchy. Of the twelve houses, four are considered Prime. This is an unofficial designation, as the law on paper treats all houses as equal. These four, however, wield much more clout than the rest and its members occupy the highest leadership positions. Technology: Magi-tech is almost nonexistent. All such technology that does exist is stolen from the surface. Their own technology is all steam-based, thanks to the geothermal activity in the areas they live. Magic: Magic is not unknown to the Sissoneth, but is not practiced or studied extensively. Some of the Surface Lowborn have taken up the craft, but due to the suppressive effect that the depths of Valucre has on such energies, even they are limited when they report back to their superiors. Royal and Highborn Sissoneth, however, do practice various types of psychic powers. They aren’t born with psychic talent, it must be learned the hard way, so no individual Sissoneth has a full range of psychic abilities. Most specialize in mind-reading and anti-mind-reading, to give themselves an edge in the political arena, but telekensis, spirit-mediumship, and divination are also not uncommon. Religion: The Sissoneth worship and enigmatic snake goddess named Sissona, who is believed to be their creator and guide. Little else is known about their religious practices, except they are heavily expansionistic. Goals: The Sissoneth believe that they at one time ruled both the surface and sub-surface realms, but were driven out by the newer races in a rebellion. Their ultimate goal is to return to power in both realms. They use Lowborn as spies, saboteurs, and terrorists, to blend in to the local populace and use any means at their disposal to cause fear and instability among surface governments. It’s not random, but it appears to be due to the long view of the Sissoneth leadership. Surface Lowborn are also constantly on the lookout for surface females who would pass the strict eugenics standards to breed other Lowborn, and use their charm, Nectar, and occasionally the truth to convince these women to participate. Lowborn Children: Lowborn at birth are completely indistinguishable, by any means, from a normal surface baby of the father’s race, which could raise a few eyebrows if the parents were expecting a half-elf or other mixed-race child. They behave just as normal children, except they rarely cry or laugh, and as they age may be seen as cold or aloof. They are also warm-blooded during this time. Once puberty sets in, the snake-like characteristics begin to manifest. Cold-bloodedness begins to develop, and the child may occasionally find herself randomly displaying parts of her true form. If she has no guidance, she will likely be confused, frightened, and ultimately cast out of her community. Typically, however, all Lowborn children are followed carefully by other Lowborn spies, who usually insinuate themselves into the child’s life disguised as a teacher, nanny, or other caregiver so they are in a trusted position to provide guidance at the right time. Conversely, sometimes the potential humanoid mother, especially if she is a willing participant in the process, will be escorted to one of the undersurface cities, where she will be treated with honor and deference during her pregnancy so that the child can be educated from birth among her people. That’s not to say that they are perfect. Every so often, record-keeping fails and a child falls through the cracks...
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    Charli Foxtrot

    Feedback Request

    Hi everyone, I have a quick favor to ask anyone who has the time. By request, I compiled my notes on a race I created and posted it into User Lore. I'm not sure, however, if I have correctly translated my notes from something I can understand and my girlfriend can muddle through into something that's readable and accessible to everyone else. Could I have a few people read over it, and let me know if it's well organized, if there's any information missing or if there are any questions that are left unanswered? Thank ya'll so much!
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    Marina Caldwell - Character Sheet

    Marina Caldwell Name: Marina Dahlene Caldwell Nicknames: Mari, Princess. Age: 24 Ethnicity: Terran. Race: Human. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Gender: Female. Class: Bard. Languages: Terran, Elven, Sylvan, various older languages she dabbles in. Hair: Honey-blonde, wavy and loose. Reaches just past her shoulders. Eyes: Hazel. Height: 5'4" Weight: 132 lbs. Voice: Feminine and raspy, a slight French lilt. Build: Petite and curved. Condition: Healthy. Clothing: Lace Red Undergarments. White Cotton Undershirt. Red Arming Doublet, Low Cut, Intricate Stitching or Red Silk-Trimmed Tunic, Low Cut. Dark Brown Leather Girdle. White Cotton Breeches. Dark Brown Cloth Leggings, Dark Brown Leather Lacing. Maroon Short Cape. Silver Brooch. Black Leather Knee-length Boots or Black Leather Ankle Boots. Black Leather Gloves. Black Cavalier Hat, Red Plume. Skills: Sleight of Hand- Marina's time with the caravan has given her plenty of experience in subterfuge, ranging from petty thievery to full scale cons. Pick-pocketing. Concealment. Trap-finding/Disabling. Perform- Marina's passion for music and entertainment rivals that of her love for writing and philosophy, she has received formal training in dance, acting and various instruments. During her time with the caravan she was known for her performances. Traditional Dance. Acting. Lute. Rebec. Harp. Recorder. Vocal. Storytelling. Spellcraft- Marina possesses a curious talent for the use and creation of alchemical items, which she further pursued during her time on her own. She is well adept in the creation, maintenance, and repair of these items, despite not having much magical ability of her own. Alchemy. Charms. Miscellaneous- Marina has many other areas of interest she has pursued throughout her life, those of which she studied during her time with the caravan, and those she pursued at her home, on her own time. Poison-craft. Book-binding. Carpentry. Herbalism. Athletic Prowess- Marina enjoys instigating and is not very good at fighting, so, as a result, she's veeery good at running away. Inventory: Leather Backpack Thin Bedroll. Waterskin, Iron Pot, Bolt Cutters. Soap, Perfume, Cosmetics, Essence of Mint, Hand Mirror, Hair Brush. Sensitizing Oil, Navian Tea Leaves (Makes women infertile for up to 3 days.) Courtesan Dress, Entertainer's Gown. Leatherbound Journal, Ink Vial and Pen. Beltpouch Marbles, Caltrops. Chalk. Disappearing Ink. Lock Picks, Oil Flask, Open-Ended Calendar, Thin Blade, Jimmy Bar, Screwdriver Set, Small Vial of Metal Dissolving Acid. Spell Focus (Baton)- Can produce what can best be described as a flare, after 30 seconds of focused charging a small orb is launched up to 15 feet with the intention of either being used as a signal, or to temporarily damage the target's vision. Functions up to 2, possibly 3 times a day. Spell Focus (Wand) - Can launch small objects, up to five pounds, 100 feet in the direction the user targets, mostly used to launch flasks. Functions up to 2, possibly 3 times a day. Medical Salves, Small Acid Flasks, Grease Flask (Produces a small 10 foot square oil slick when dropped onto surfaces where this is possible), Alchemist Fire Flasks. Rebec, Recorder- Enchanted instruments in which Marina can use to play previously 'recorder' songs on their own. The recorder itself also has the ability to project a previously recorded clips of Marina's own voice, in which she normally uses to perform duets with herself. Gifts from her sister. Dagger- Standard. Rather useless in her hands, she'd be more likely to stab herself than anyone else. Family: Percival Caldwell- Father Fleur Caldwell- Mother Charmaine Caldwell- Older Sister Personality As the youngest daughter to a wealthy father and prestigious family name Marina had a lot to lose by becoming the disappointment of the family. Despite being heralded as a child prodigy, social development setbacks and manic depression turned her into a strange, lonely and isolated girl, with a deep seeded desperate urge to "escape". Music and writing, the performance and the creation of keep her grounded, as does the search for something deeper, though more of a concept than a concrete goal. Quick-witted, spontaneous, day dreaming, Marina is searching for her muse, and a story. Biography “True magic lies in the hope you manage to hold onto” Marina Caldwell was born to Percival and Fleur Caldwell, their youngest daughter and, briefly, the light of their life. She was a sickly little thing, pale and frail. But, with bright blonde curls, wide eyes, and a toothy smile, she had burrowed her way deep into their hearts. As Marina grew older, social developments came into play. The girl would throw fits, unable to react appropriately around crowds or pick up on the social cues to interact with other children. That, paired with her poor health, gave her parents an excuse to keep her contact with the outside world as limited as possible. But she lived a privileged life, spending most of her days of her youth between the pristine white walls of room, putting on plays and performances for her toys, drowning in her own thoughts. The onslaught of the disease of her early childhood plagued her for many years, but Fleur's approval of illegal treatments kept things manageable, despite the dark claws that now gripped the child's mind and subconscious. As an exceedingly bright child, Percival spent plenty of money hiring the best tutors. Anyone he could find that would keep his daughter stimulated, and challenged. She learned quickly. Almost too quickly. As she approached adulthood she grew beyond writing fiction to studying reasoning, a theoretical base of knowledge that she was all too eager to explore. And after finding that her sister, despite their deep relationship, had no interest in speaking about such things, she took matters into her own hand and went about taking secret visits to their local library. It was during these visits that she caught the attention of a young man by the name of Andreas Petrescu. A pretty young thing at fourteen, it had been easy to strike up a conversation. She fell for him quickly, and by the time she had sung him the first song she had written for him, he had fallen for her. She was gone before her fifteenth birthday, outside of the city walls and with Andreas' family, nestled among the caravan he traveled with. By the time she was sixteen, she and Andreas had married, and she fit in well with those she traveled with. She taught the people mathematics, how to read, and write. She told stories, fantastic stories. She sang for them, danced with them. She put on street performances that would enchant crowds, the ethereal ring of her voice, the fluid movements of her hips. All the while, Andreas picked their pockets. They taught her that, too. How to smile in someone's face and lie. How to run cons, how to trick men and women, young and old. They taught her about change, how to respect herself, and her own wants and desires. Not that she desired the blade that sank it's way into Andreas' belly. Or the soul clenching emptiness that followed her from that bar all the way back to her home,and into her father's arms. "I was kidnapped, I'm so sorry. I tried so hard to find you," It was so easy to lie to them. To look her mother in the eye and tell her that she missed her. But it wasn't easy to pretend like it never happened, even though she tried. And she did really try. She continued her studies, only lasting a few semesters herself before dropping out, scandals surrounding her name. She continued her craft, occasionally even holding performances in their home. She wrote, mostly. Stories, poetry, and lyrics. Until she decided it was time to try her hand at her own philosophies. To create her own take on what it meant to think and be. "Marinism". "Man exists to further himself, foremost, and once he can fully define himself, he can then swell into the earth. Once fully ingrained he can act as one of it’s branches and not only give meaning to his own life as an individual, but aid others in defining their own meaning as well. " She eventually grew tired of trying, after years and years of it. She was back within those pristine white walls, moving nowhere, getting nothing. Everything was dull and numb, and she could feel the days rolling into one another, meaningless. Charity, church, alcohol, sex, all nothing within the next few hours. Black fingers sank into her subconscious and dragged her down with it. She didn't bring a thing with her when she left this time, as empty-handed as she came. "Marinism begins with you. You can’t aid others until you help yourself. Once you understand yourself at your core, you can fully devote yourself to helping other people do the same, as you should, once you figure your answer. I think of it as an equation. You must figure out how to solve the equation, and fully understand it, not just plug in the formula, before you can successfully teach it to someone else. Sure, you can just give them the formula, but if they don’t understand how the formula works, how will they be able to apply it later when the equation isn’t as straightforward?" Marina had no idea her parents had hired Alec Selbourne to bring her home. Broken eyes and a firm mouth were what kept her there, as they traveled back, despite the copious amounts of infuriating, pretentious, cutting edge bullshit that spewed from those same lips. He was a soldier at one point, she could tell from his hands, the way he carried himself. He was shattered and valiant, a knight in sour armor. In the middle of his story. "We were gifted with a state of awareness, the ability to control our own minds and fully understand what it means to be awake. But ....we don’t have the answer as to what to do with this sentience. It would be nice if it’s purpose was geared towards pursuing a greater good, but, if so many of our decisions are rooted in subjective meaning... then there really is no rational end goal which we can perceive. We need to solve the equation ourselves, it is unique to us, our own individual journeys." He was horrible, really. A foul-mouth fuck who worked on her last nerve every time she was around him for more then ten minutes, often only pausing his torment of her to drown himself in alcohol and women. But, she had never written more in her life. Never had inspiration gripped her so tightly and squeezed. A natural flow, a sense of meaning. A story to finish. He had brought it to her. And she knew, as he was leaving her parent's doorstep, that she might never get another chance to taste enlightenment. Even if it meant hovering around a little punk while he buttered up the tavern girl, smelling of ale and whatever he had rolled in earlier that day, that she could not let this go. So, she went after him. He didn't like it, sure, but they had traveled together, ever since, leaving tavern brawls and heart-broken men and women in their wake. "Pursue your definition of happiness. Then help others find their own."
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    Alec Selbourne - Character Sheet

    Basic Profile Name: Alec "Stormbreaker" Selbourne Visual Age: Thirty Years. Ethnicity: Terran. Race: Half-Elf. Alignment: Neutral Good. Gender: Male. Class: Elemental Knight. Languages: Terran, Genesarian, and Elven. Hair: Dusky-brown, just above shoulder-length. Eyes: Light-Blue. Height: 6'0" Weight: 183.2 lbs. Voice: Low in pitch and suave; often employed for the use of seduction and witty remarks. Build: Slim and muscular. Condition: Healthy/Fit. clothing White Cotton Undershirt Dark-Brown Leather Vest Chainmail Tunic Black Leather Overcoat Dark-Brown Leather Gauntlets Dark-Brown Denim Leggings Gray Cotton Undergarments White Linen Socks Black Leather Boots With Steel-plated Toes and Heels Red Linen Belt Sash Black Hemp Cloak skills Veteran Swordsman (Short-swords/Curved Swords) Veteran Martial Arts (Kickboxing) Elemental Enchantment Affinity (Electricity) Advanced Wilderness Survival Training Advanced Vehicular Training (Terran) Advanced Tactical/Strategic Training (Terran) Advanced Tracking (Humanoid/Beast) Journeyman Cooking Advanced Marksmanship (Magi-tech Projectile Weapons) inventory Steel Electro-Coil Sword - Allows Alec to channel electricity through the blade via the handle to harm foes. Requires a brief period to charge up. Blitzschale - A unique projectile weapon developed by one of Alec's former partners, this pistol-like weapon grants Alec the option to fire bursts of electricity at varying levels of strength ranging from shocking, stunning, or killing the target. Requires a moderate period to charge up before firing. Steel Cudgel - A blunt weapon through which Alec can channel electricity. Used primarily to subdue a target. Requires a brief period to charge up. Military-Grade Medical Kit - A high-grade med-kit Alec has carried since leaving the Terran Military; contains a store of bandages, salves, and medicines that he frequently restocks whenever it is utilized. Leather Coin Pouch - Contains a moderate amount of Terran coinage from several mercenary contracts performed over the last few years. Stormbreaker Fists - The signature fist-weapons of Alec Selbourne, these steel-plated gauntlets are integrated with magi-tech amplifiers which allow Alec to perform short-ranged shock blasts when fully charged. However, each use temporarily overloads the amplifiers and require a down-charge period. Can be used at a maximum of three times a day (approximately once every eight hours). Biography "Who are we, but blades shaped for a purpose? Humanity has this delusion that peace can come freely. But we know otherwise, do we not? War and strife come from men themselves.There will always be those who exist to bring harm to those around us; those who would commit grievous sins in pursuit of their own goals. Those who would step over the corpses of their comrades and innocents alike, just to obtain that which their hearts desire. But that leaves us hollow, in the end. Which is why, with you, I want to instill something different. This is why I decided to bring you both here, to Terrenus; the people here understand that peace is the ultimate aspiration...but in order to claim it, one must be willing to fight for it. Alec...Esthyr...never forget what I have taught you. And remember the Oath...cling to the bond you two share." - The Last Words of Calvysa Selbourne, Mentor and Guardian of Alec Selbourne. Alec Selbourne's origins are a mystery even to himself. Having been raised as an orphan under the watchful eye of a foreign sword-mistress known as Calvysa Selbourne, Alec knew nothing of his parents nor his true birthplace, other than the fact that he is partially of Elven descent. Despite this blank period of his history, Alec has never been concerned with his life before being taken in under his guardian. For the majority of his youth, Alec was raised alongside his adopted brother Esthyr, constantly on the move due to the work of his adoptive mother always taking her to towns and cities all across Terrenus. From a young age, he and Esthyr both undertook self-defense and swordsmanship lessons from Calvysa, who was intent on handing down her ideologies and aspirations to them both. While his family was small, Alec had never felt as close to anyone else in his life; while Calvysa was strict and hard on them, she was never scared to show her softer and more motherly side when the time called for it, and Esthyr was always ready to brighten up a dark situation with his wit and sly smiles. Unfortunately, such things never last forever... As Alec and Esthyr approached adulthood, Calvysa had been struck by a violent, horrid illness, one which prompted the brothers to take her to Ignatz for a cure. Calvysa did not survive to reach the great city's gates. For weeks, Alec wallowed in the sorrow that came with the loss of the only mother he knew, and it seemed that nothing Esthyr could do would lighten his mood. Until one day, when he witnessed a pair of off-duty soldiers save a child from the clutches of a kidnapper when no one else decided to act. It was a short experience, but a profound one for him; it left a lasting impression, and a vision of himself one day being in their shoes. Shortly after that event, Alec enlisted himself with the Terran armed forces, looking to put the skills his mother taught him to use and to serve the Terran people; his brother Esthyr followed alongside him, as he always did. While Alec was a quick learner and a keen fighter alongside his fellow recruits, he was brash and swift to make the first punch when it came to squabbles and petty battles during his training, thus making him quite the nuisance for his superiors. Despite this, he was often the first to repair relations with those with whom he had fought, having felt as though the spats had strengthened his bond with his fellow recruits. However, there was one that held a grudge; Eremaeus Veltari, a fellow recruit and one whom had painted a target on Alec's back from the first day. Throughout Alec's training, the two of them would bicker constantly, with the only one keeping them from fighting being Alec's brother Esthyr. This feud never ended from their days as new soldiers, and continued to fester as the years passed. In the years that followed, Alec and Esthyr made names for themselves amongst the enlisted troops of the Terran forces; a pair of Elemental Knights, whose coordinated skills involving their Electric and Metal affinities made them a fearsome duo both on the ground and in vehicular combat. They were bold and courageous; the two of them a stalwart shield for their fellows, or the fearsome spearhead of a charge. Many of their comrades and superiors foresaw a bright future for the blood-brothers, for they displayed the valor and selflessness that represented the Terran armies. However, they were one day placed under the command of Alec's former rival, Eremaeus; a man who had ascended beyond an enlisted ranking to that of a Lieutenant and now ran his own sortie. Under his thumb, Alec and Esthyr were reduced to the most menial of tasks, which only grew the indignation that Alec felt towards his new superior. It wasn't until the final days of his military service when Alec and Eremaeus' feud reached its apex, when Alec and Esthyr had been sent forth on a retrieval mission to obtain a resource critical to the upper brass. However, a horrific accident had occurred during their trip; someone had tampered with the vehicles within the unit, causing them to either cease function or even explode from technical errors; among the ones that blew apart was Esthyr's. With so many injuries amongst his unit and even his own brother, Alec called for a full retreat back to their command post, to tend to the wounded and regroup. As a result, the resource had been lost. Esthyr had fallen into a coma due to the severity of his wounds, leaving Alec to fend for himself when the predatory gaze of Eremaeus settled on him. For failing to fulfill his mission and having a list of infarctions fabricated by Eremaeus, Alec was stripped of his rank and discharged from military service. His brother passed away shortly after that, unable to awake from his comatose state. "I want you to remember this day, Selbourne. This is the day where I take everything from you. All the years you put into your career, all the service you have done for our nation...has all amounted to nothing. Even now, your brother draws his last breaths. You should never have made me your enemy. I told you, I would see that you will suffer. As far back as our training, I wanted to see you break. My hatred for you has no limits, and it drove me to place myself above you so that one day, I could see to it that you will fail. And at last, I got my wish. Enjoy life outside the service, Alec...I believe it'll be a lonely one yet." - Parting Words of Lieutenant Eremaeus Veltari, Alec's Former Superior. Alec was never the same since that fateful event. With the last of his family gone and his goals crushed at the hands of his worst enemy, Alec drifted away from his former comrades within the service and vanished into the world. He became a mercenary for hire, wandering from one contract to the next just to live, even though that life was without purpose. Whenever he felt that dark emptiness that threatened to swallow him, he'd drown it away with liquor, women, or sport, just to hold back the twisted thoughts that would occasionally assault his psyche. Thoughts of vengeance, thoughts of despair, thoughts of guilt...whatever reprieve he found from these feelings was enough for him. He went on this dreary path for some time, alone, before he one day received a contract from a wealthy merchant family known as the Caldwells. Their daughter, Marina Caldwell, had just gone missing, and they were offering a substantial reward for her safe return. It was not the sort of mission Alec enjoyed taking, but he accepted the task due to his current lack of funds. It was not long before he eventually found the girl, capturing her and forcing her to return to her parents' home. But this turned out to be quite the mistake, for it seemed as though the young woman had taken an interest in him. Immediately after he left the Caldwell residence, Marina had followed after him. The following weeks included numerous attempts by Alec to convince or force the girl to return home, but she was stubborn. Eventually, Alec had given up on attempting to rid himself of her, and became saddled with a new, unwanted travelling companion. To this day, he still travels with the Caldwell girl, but as of late his thoughts have drifted to another possibility; perhaps it wasn't so terrible to have someone like her around. She was entertaining enough, even though she was as helpless as a newborn fawn, even though Alec had to play "guardian" for what seemed like every single day, even though...she brought with her some color back to the world that had turned gray in his eyes. Whatever lay before them in the future, Alec knew one thing for certain... ...He would not fail again.
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    Dread Island OOC

    Don't be mad, Ema, your pants still love you!
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    "I fight not for a lord nor deity. I fight for my mentor so that I may show her how much I honor my teachings. I listen not to elves, as many have proven to be traitors before me." Zahana explains, drawing her khopesh and twirling it about casually, "The only better that exists is my mentor, all other demons are meaningless until she deems otherwise. I will believe that there is a reward when I can have the ability to see it, and might I add that deceiving a fey is...less than desirable." The demon would sheathe her blade, crossing her arms as her dress moved with her rather slender form, her white hair trailing behind her, flowing freely like the sea. "I have few things that you can give me that I would want. I would leave it up to you to guess what these things are." Eventually, she would sit back down, brushing her hair back over a pointed ear while she waited for her concerns and questions to be addressed by the rather strange beings. However, as long as she had what she desired, she would not care.
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    Body Switch 2

    ^ essentially Felix at this point
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    while the rat was leaving, Kal watches him for a moment and waves. "Bye Mr. Scratch" She said and then turned to the elf and watches him. Soon the young girl moves in her chair and it whine under stress, which is soon revealed when she stands up and out of the chair. From there she moves to the bar to look at the other two in the room. It didn't take long for a third to show up. Kal's head moves quickly to the door and sees Yidda and her friends. "Hello!" Kal calls out to her and walks over to her and sniff the air around her a moment. "You smell like a Druid, are you?" She asks and looks up to Yidda with a smile. Her attention shifts to her master when he addresses her and walks over to him. "Yes sir, alive. Got it." She said and nods to him. Her attention then shifts to the other two and listens to them. "You both are so hostile, why?" She asks and looks confused, tilting her head like a cat. "This isn't a hard job. Just capture the captain. Put him in a sack and drag him down here. Should do it when he is defenseless so he can't fight back as much. Maybe when he's using the bathroom might help.
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    Assassins Guild.

    Noted! Leoa will be as she is then until the very day she dies. And in death she will simply become Death personified. I would lovelovelove to have Yonatan actually stay in Renovatio, since I believe most of my characters have filtered out of there and into other places. I'd like to have someone close remain home for the most part! And she can simply be a happy ucissore, just as long as it's in Renovatio. And Ezio probably can't do Kadia just because that sucka is going to be stuck in Renovatio with Primera being as she is Kommandant there and that's her boo, yo @Alexei And you make me blush with all this praise Couldn't do half the stuff here if you weren't so awesomesauce of a person my luv. You have been fantastic with everything and deserve all the gold stars there are.
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    Jesus Negro

    Glory to be had.

    Just like the Herald of the Sky and Light, Cross seemed peaceful and honorable, although that was his initial thought, as Cross continued to speak it didn't take long for Elijah to pick up on the honesty and conviction within the words he spoke. "At ease, Squire." Elijah nods to Cross, for he has heard much about his endeavors in Renovatio but he hadn't the chance to ever bump heads with Cross. There was a file on him, so many decades ago, so the information was their stored in his mind, just all to vague to conjure at the moment. "I am elated to have you all here. Unfortunately I must cut this meet and greet short, for we must regroup with Hector and the Emissary." Renovatio had a gift for the Queen of Vdara Kingdom, a kind gesture one she'd surely appreciate having done some thorough research on her, her people, and her land. Though now wasn't the time to present it. "Dominic, take my horse and catch up to Elise and Hector. They shouldn't be too far ahead. Once you've located her, rendezvous with us at the Cave of Ordeal. Do not enter the cave, just wait for us. Make sure she is fed and warm." These were Dominic's orders, and when Elijah issued such, he'd turn to the Queen and to Cross who'd rather be called Ventus, smile and began his walk in the same direction as his allies who had already went on ahead. "Unfortunately we have to walk to Montagana Rossa given all of the security measures both man made and those created by Mother Nature." Elijah started to brief them of the current objective not knowing if they were already privy. "We'll be escorting Emissary Elise there, then we're off to Vdara Kingdom." Having watched the Queen in all of her glory, it made him think of his long lost wife who too was an able-bodied warrior, exceptional at that. Beautiful and magnificent no matter the season, conditions, or situation. It was hard to take his eyes off of her for her presence alone cast Elijah in a realm of eternal bliss akin to the Essence, where he could enjoy the company of the one he loved forevermore. Although his heart sank from his chest into his stomach, his expression remained wartorn, though a smirk started to emerge as said happy thoughts soothed his weary soul. ▰▱▰
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    I know, right? That's ok. I'll share my 8-ball.
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    Rin. Her mentor. She missed Lady Rin so much but here she was, having come along to greet the group via her red gaze. To so many, she had been known as the one who carried out Rin's requests with a high success rate and with deadly precision yet when her mentor wasn't here, Zahana often fond herself bored and would often spend her time staring down tourists, her gaze being quite predatory, as if she looked forward to hunting each and every one of them down systematically and murdering them in front of one another. But as long as Rin didn't tell her to...she would not do a single thing to harm them, may it be directly or indirectly. Even though she was an immortal being, she did fear the much stronger demon who was her teacher, failing her was something Zahana wouldn't dare consider if she had the choice to do so to begin with, even though she didn't have said choice.
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    Valucre T1 Tournament Lounge

    Let's not get ahead of ourselves by speaking to me directly. We don't want the other peasants thinking that's socially acceptable. I work on a pretty high standard of social elitism, and I'd like to maintain that. We're in public, for Odin's sake!
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    Way out here.

    -Day 3- (Before Present Day) -Keeping the mind sharp- It had been two and a half days since they brought him here; His hostility and unwillingness to comply to local authorities had landed him in a much more secure location. A prison of sorts; more than likely a for profit detention center meant for those whose countries did not wish to deal with. He was stilled injured from his initial capture; The men that had gotten a hold of him didn't like the look of the Nelrosis scars on his skin. They of course beat the difference out of him; Perhaps turning him black in blue would have proven their point. The surroundings smelled of putrid body odor and the collective waste piled together by the toxic mix of people and beasts in this place. He sat alone on the floor of an empty cell with his legs crossed, staring at a puddle in the doorway. The sounds around him were easy to pick out and filtered into his mind; Screaming of other prisoners being abused and beaten, The squeaks of Nelrosis rats of which he felt more attached to than the people he shared this prison block with. However out of all these sounds echoing off of the walls left and right in this impenetrable fortress of a prison, One particular sound stood out. *Drip* The small splash of water could be heard on a steady repeat at least every 7 seconds; landing square in the center of the puddle he had been staring at. *Drip* Zenaku took a deep breath and closed his eyes a moment, placing his arms tightly at his sides with forward pointed out as if he were receiving a gifted blade. This motion was ended quickly as he took a breath in and moved to cover his side in a sudden flinch of pain. "For ever bruise on my body, I will carve flesh off their bones to match my bruises in exact patterns to the originals." -Day 9- (Before Present Day) -Practice makes perfect- *Drip* The sound continued in the same interval as it always had, As if it was being regulated by some outside force that had an OCD knack of water drops. *Drip* Zenaku sat once more staring at this puddle; Examining the ripples in the water and listening to each drop hit, Counting the seconds between each drop. Over and over again he did this until the pattern was lodged in his brain, Until he could see the water dripping in his mind and time his imagination perfect with the sound. Placing one of his hands at his sides as if drawing from the sheath of an imaginary sword. He waited and closed his eyes, Imagining each drop falling in real time poising himself to strike. Finally the time came to test this patience he had been drilling into himself, He could imagine the drop of water falling now saw it's glistening beauty clearly as he quickly brought his hand forward from its imaginary sheathed position. Ending the building insanity with one swift blow, The side of his hand hit the drop of water perfectly and flung the moisture to the side rather than in the puddle. He did this repeatedly Striking every droplet of water dead center; He kept his mind trained and his motions fluid with this exercise. They gave him very little to truly keep himself in shape in this place; this forced him to do what he can to train his mind and his body. After all, He was never given a date of which he would be released. -Day 22- (Before Present Day) -A rat named Nelly- *Drip* Zenaku sighed as he lay sprawled out on the floor of the cell; Laying in who knows what in order to make his body feel even slightly comfortable against the cold hard floors. He however was not alone on the floor at least; A squeak could be heard and a small weight on his chest as he leaned his chin to look down. The most fearless rat he'd ever seen, Also the creepiest by far; The Nelrosis had not done this creature any favors. He however couldn't help but wonder as to maybe that was why it showed so little fear to him, It saw him as a big overgrown Nelrosis rat. "Hello there little guy." *Drip* Zenaku spoke as he sat up and watched the rat bound from his chest, then to his knee and finally the floor just in front of him. *Drip* It was an energetic little creature; Surprising considering it was still what the Cell Block considered day time. Usually the rats didn't choose to roam freely until later in the night. *Drip* "Lets call you Nelly" *Drip* Not the most original name; Nor did he know for sure which gender the rat was, So it was a safe choice nonetheless. He let a small smirk come across his before before loud screaming could be heard once again from somewhere in the Cell Block, This screaming of course; Scared Nelly back into a hole in the wall that Zenaku assumed she had emerged from in the first place. "For fucks sake; It's every night with this, Just give it a break!" He yelled from his cell in a deep and angry tone; It was hard to get any sleep at all when 50% of the time you were too busy listening to yelling and screaming from the rest of the block. Let alone the other 50% of keeping one eye open to make sure no one picked a fight or worse with you. -Present Day 56- (All Up To Speed) -Blurred lines- *Drip* A slowly repetitive banging sound could be heard from Zenakus cell, He was punshing the walls. Hardening the nerves in his hands and trying to keep his body as fit as possible with the rations they were given by the prison. It had been almost 2 months entirely now and he had avoided conflict for as long as could bemanaged; Most speak threats and told him what they'd do but never fell through with it. It was the ones that actually had the balls to work by their words that he found himself readying for now. A small squeak could be heard and small pressure pulling at his left pant leg as the small Nelrosis plagued rat once again climbed it's way onto Zenaku.*Drip* He however had just accepted it as normal behavior and living at this point. Giant cursed rat your only pal in prison? To any normal person, That would sound like he had lost his mind. However in this special set of circumstances, He held it as a higher standard for sanity than anything else. *Drip* "Almost time for them to take me to the fake garden bullshit."
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    Kuo's eyes flicked over to the loud one who had flung open the door, before returning back to the room, where it seemed like discussions had finally started. His eyes roved over each of the people in the room, judging combat strength as he passed over them. The demon concerned him, but he was host to a demon himself and therefore didn't much care for the demon, though the lack of any realization by Killidia concerned him greatly. As the mission report processed in his mind, Kuo leaned forwards onto one arm. "So, if I am understanding this situation correctly, you want us to assassinate or capture this captain with no traces from either us or him with about zero intelligence on his patterns, routine, or bodyguard defense? If you have some I would love to hear it, but I'll handle this job. If any of you others would care to come along..." Kuo said menacingly, his eyes roving round the room. "Don't slow me down." He then proceeded to the door, leaning against it, waiting to hear the reactions of everyone else.
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    Way out here.

    Something's wrong ... something's been wrong for awhile now, but she has been unable to put her finger on what exactly. Besides the obvious lack of Baruch and Atticus, the difference held an extreme feeling of loss, almost as if the two aforementioned never existed. Was she suspended in some pocket of time she's never visited before? Was someone on the outside world probing her mind while she plays victim? How long has she been kept captive? The woman attempts to flex her fingers, knowing no relief will come to her aching digits struggling for air against the solid restraints she cannot see. The only freedom she feels currently is the craning of her neck from right to left, while her eyes remain shut (she assumes as she can see nothing). Could this wrong be shutting down her abilities bit by bit? The possibility was not in the realm of extremes, it has happened before, and she guesses it was bound to happen again. It would make sense as she has reached out to Baruch and has received absolutely nothing in response, causing the bud of fear and loss to blossom in her heart. What happened? Where am I? It's silly to ask such questions, for even in the prison of her mind someone is listening intently, and whenever she throws a question to the air a shock of extreme pain is forced in her veins. She feels her body struggle against the shock, her lungs try feebly to find air, and her throat releases a scream she is unsure it even belongs to her. This horrible torture was not to get her to speak, but to keep her quiet, to confuse her mind so she can't reach out to the two constant stars so suddenly out of her reach. It is her duty to make sure Baruch and Atticus remain feeble in the world of Valucre, yet it is becoming increasingly clear she had failed. The restrains around her ankles tighten, along with those around her wrists, as a warning that she best keep silent. The taste of blood keeps her senses tingling with life, warning her that she is closer to a death she is not ready for. The only person allowed to snuff her out is Baruch, the person behind her current torture will not be blessed with the opportunity to dispose of her - she will not bend to these threats. And to show her defiance she again throws another line out into the darkness of her mind, hoping that Baruch will at least feel her calling to him. The shock to her system causes a mild seizure; everything is doused in a fire she can't put out. Good, she thinks to herself between twitches. The more they press her body to succumb to the pain, the more her will returns to keep her line to Baruch alive. Eventually he will feel her, and eventually she will get her answers.
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    Jesus Negro

    Way out here.

    [ Zatvor Raj ⇆ Heaven's Prison ] ▰▱▰ This construct is one of many that orbits Haven and was designed to imprison the uncanny and extraordinary criminals plaguing Valucre. As it stands now, Zatvor Raj is a temporary holding, high tiered facility where allies under the Earth and Sky Alliance may place their prisoners of war, war criminals and such until their permanent homes elsewhere, have been decided. Renovatio follows no planetary code established by Valucre that prevents the acts of torture and murder of prisoners. ▰▱▰
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    Hiya mates! Name's Ferdinand. Pockets are running thin at the moment. A man's gotta eat too, ya know! So if you got anything for me to bring from one place to another, I'm your man. I got meself a big hunk of a carrier! My Stormtusk can fit and carry a Terrenus-grade military tank in it. And if any one of ya don't know what that is, all you need to know is that it is REALLY BIG and REALLY HEAVY! I should know, I've handled one before (and maybe transported one too, ask me the full story later!). I transport ANYTHING *wink*. Payments ONLY through cash because I don't have time for that credit card stuff the elites handle. Costs can be 'discussed about' too. That's my offer: Guaranteed delivery. Cheers laddies! Ferdinand Whittle, Pilot extraordinaire!
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    Evolution of Evil (ooc)

    I love it when they have big plans.
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    Silver Thunder

    Evolution of Evil (ooc)

    @Trigger2Red, @squid peanut, Okay everyone, I'm not trying to be a tyrant, but I must ask you give it a little more than just a line or two... If you're not interested in this RP, there is no need to stay on board. You can leave at any time and I won't get offended, but just try to give it a little more effort than that if you want me to take your character seriously. I might not kill your character, but if they aren't really making a difference there, I'm not above god modding and ruining their days... permanent like (Ejecting them from the RP in a colorful fashion). I like all the characters we have assembled for this, so please take it a little more to heart.
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    Bohemian Eagle

    Rise of Anarchy Pt.2 (OOC)

    Kasia is breaking... Also, your post, @Tilde-0001
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    Valucre is smitten - The Smite Thread

    Isis is super overdue for some dev attention, imo. Two years ago I saw her a lot, now she's just faded into obscurity.
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    "If he squirms even slightly, I will make his blood boil." The little demon stated, drawing the human's attention. "I expect nothing less. It is far more imperative that we remove him from the field. That takes priority over capturing him." The human replied, just before she spoke up again. "In all honesty, for creatures of lightblood, you are quite stupid..." The elf rolled his eyes before giving a slight chuckle. He once again groped one of the women at his side, causing a giggle as he stood up and stretched. "Oh little one," The elf said while stretching, looking towards Zahana. "You seem to have me confused for a dirty mortal. I suppose it's common nowadays for lesser demons not to recognize their betters, I'll forgive you this time. Well, should you succeed in bringing him back alive, you will have the blessing of not only our own lord, but that of the at least one of the chaos gods. Certainly a gift to be watched by the god of sin and lust, I'll ensure she sees you. Then again, I know you might not have respect for the gods, so along with your monetary reward, after I am finished... interrogating him, you may do with him what you please. I can also guarantee all of you holdings in our lords land, I suppose that's worth mentioning." As Kal began walking over to the elf, he slapped both of the women on their behinds. Without question they promptly left the room, leaving the seats beside him open for his student. He pat one of the stools at the bar for her to sit. The human narrowed his eyes as he stared at the elf. Before he could reply, the final participant entered the room. He turned to view her, just as Kal identified the druid. "Welcome, Druid. You're late, I was beginning to think the birds didn't listen to the ravens. At any rate, we've been expecting you. You haven't missed anything pertinent to your duties. You will accompany Silverfang today to the surface, I suggest you become acquainted. As you are familiar with being new to cities in your own way, you will be helping her cope and maintain herself during her first outing to the city interior. In the event of something... catastrophic, I expect you to use your talents to solve the situation. In return, we will provide you with robes for a disguise, temporary housing down here for your companions, and of course protection for your little 'hidden' kingdom you send all those animals to. Any questions?" The elf just sighed as the human greeted the druid, Yidda. He pat Kal on the shoulder. "Just do as he says today dearest Kal. Bring the captain back alive and we'll have him for another special training session." "So, if I am understanding this situation correctly..." Kuo interjected. The human turned to address Kuo; he dawned a slight grin, but quickly suppressed it. "Unfortunately we have little information on the captain. He changes his name on public reports regularly, making it difficult to identify or watch his movements. The officer assigned as district captain is registered as Redemptor Varus, last seen at the district city center speaking with local militia recruits as 'Gold Wald', Redemptor Varus' office is reported to be located in the district armory according to public records. He's tall, light skinned, perhaps in his early forties with a light scar across his left cheek and with brown eyes. Use caution, he is a former paladin of the black templars; perhaps he still carries a black cross over white on his uniform. That's all we know at this time." The elf scoffed at the human. "Are you finished? I doubt they want to hear such boring details. You two are demons, just find an officer and convince them to tell you where he is. Keep grabbing officers off the street torturing them, you are bound to find the right one."
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    Charli Foxtrot


    Hey, folks. I'm going to go ahead and call a kind of AFV for the moment. My new meds are not only causing some persistent slow-thinking grogginess, but also are playing hell with my attention span. That's making keeping up with posting difficult. I've posted in Illumad, and will be posting in Biazo Isle and Taen Empire in the next day or so. Those are the three threads I'm going to try hard to keep up with, the rest I may have to put on hold or drop out of. I say "the rest" because my brain isn't in high gear and I can't easily remember where I'm supposed to be posting. I've got a doctor's appt next week to evaluate my dose and probably tweak it, so we'll see what happens after that. That ya'll for your patience. @Fae @Ataraxy @supernal @moonbay @pandahat
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    Vex didn't get that last sentence but as he saw the shaman be thrown it was their chance to run. And so he followed the young man. The demon hunter never saw anyone reject the ore before. And for how long? It was still in him, and he could not hold his defense long. No one ever did. "What the hell?!" He yelled as they ran. "Kogal is one of them?! How? When? This is getting out of hand. We need to go farther into town to find the temple. It could help--" He stopped as he looked around the city. Everyone was falling to the ore. Sitting there eating it without a care about anything else. Matted rotting corpse they were almost. And they continued to eat. Vex was shocked. Unsure of what they could do. --- Esben grinned as he heard Crescendo speak. Sitting up he pulled the demon hi up. Standing her up and dusting her off. She was his now. And he had plans for her. While they sent the half breed to be occupied, the two would indulge in the land. He picked her up and carried her out of the room without dressing her. He walked down the long hall with servants following until they reached the throne room. Esben placed her gently down in the chair. "Now my dear, we must get you ready to be presented to the townspeople." He lifted her chin then. "As their ruler, you must look the part my dear puppet. They must think you are the half breed." The servants then went to work. They prepped and prepared Crescendo with the upmost care. They worked for hours cleaning and changing most of her features with a touch of magic here and there. When it seemed like time had passed a lot, the servants left. Esben grinned at the finished package. She looked almost like the half breed. Except for her hair and eyes. "Perfection." He purred. "Soon you will become the darkest of all creatures. A beast of legend. And then it will begin. What Miach started I will finish. The land will fall to me." ----- Vex pushed open the temple door as the two made it without trouble. He had no idea what was going on but he and Rodham needed to find out. He had seen the two knights who had come to help become like the citizens. And it frightened him. If they could fall so easily how safe were they? Closing the door behind him, he looked at the young man. "We might have to go to Lyonesse to get help. Especially if this is true the slaver is behind this. And if he is, he might be trying to finish what he began as Oisin. I cannot believe this happened." He slumped down against the temple door as he looked around. No one was here. And it was quiet. But the temple was safe. Safe from the evil out there. The ore however burned in Rodham. It would not easily give up. It fought against his protection. The charm was strong but it would falter in time. All it had do was chip away the defense. Vex looked at Rodham then. "Are you alright? I figure that was a bit traumatizing. I don't understand what is going on. Seldeth helping Esben why? And the Lady Rin is missing too. Athentha is crumbling." He sighed. ---- Esben looked upon Crescendo with such malice. He had twisted the girl into the maddening darkness that was his mind. She was crafted as his weapon, enslaved to him forever. How he loved this corruption he was spreading. He lifted her chin then as he spoke, softly toward his new puppet. "My dear Rinoa," he cooed calling her the half breed, "you are nothing more than a doll." Esben leaned in and kissed her forehead as he was making her into the princess of the land. A doppelganger of the real thing. He then pulled her up and into his embrace. He loved Crescendo. It was this he was doing to make her a whole new being. His weapon of destruction. He then placed her down on the chair as he pulled out a tome. "Esah dru ka. Ruth bu wyhn. Ayhu da Kuhn. Thyu Gah Suhn." With this Crescendo would feel a tight pinch as her form would swell out to match the half breed's own figure. Her breasts hips and legs larger than before as she became the girl herself. He placed false memories within her mind and heart. The clothes on Crescendo ripped and tore as she became a full figured girl. Of course she would lose her left eye and her other eye was red orange. A marking of ankh appeared on her forehead before disappearing. As he closed the tome, he held out his hand to the girl. "Welcome home my Rinoa. Princess of Athentha, my bride to be." He then held out the rainbow ore to her. "Consume and become my glutton monster again. When you feasted upon the world." Esben then pulled her to him and lifted her chin. Crescendo would play the part perfectly. He was making her into something of a legend under his control. Esben then looked down at the girl, she would probably question why he was turning her into Rin. Well it dealt with the hours before his death, before he lost control of the beast. "Once you fully take on this role my love I will explain everything. You must play the princess if you wish for us to be one again. He took you from me that night. You are Rin, my Rin. The ruler of Athentha, the demoness witch of old magi." He then placed the crown on her head. He looked at her adoringly as he placed his hands in hers. She was his weapon. She was his. In the end, Athentha would be the old land of enslavement to the girl before him. And she would obey his orders. He then looked at her, knowing if she took on this role she would sit down and eat the ore. She would do nothing more but eat until she burst into a demoness of desire and lust. Wanting to serve only her Lord, him. He waited to see how and what she would do. "I will restore what your father stole from you. Our union of darkness. Our union of love. You are Rin. Only Rin now." He then looked down at her naked form. She would not wear clothes for her form would become a powerful demon unable to fit any piece of clothing. Esben then kissed her lips. It was the beginning of the end.
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    Flowers Don't Grow on Battlefields

    Win goes to Tristwich by fatality.
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    [Quest] Black Destiny

    The impact that Aryssin expected did not happen. She felt a tug at her tummy, as she felt herself being lifted off the floor, barely missing the horns of a charging saevion, which caught on to a small portion of her pants and ripped a hole in it. Looking up, she saw that Catherine had been clensed, so thoroughly that the grime on her armour was cleaned out, leaving the shining that she remembered from her previous encounter with the woman. Catherine had braced for impact, and even after the saevion had crashed into her armour, Catherine stood tall against the impact, barely bending. She tried to add her own weight to her savior, pushing as hard as she could against the impact of the saevion. Finding that her own strength was negligible, she decided to do something that she knew how to do instead. Grabbing her bow, she notched a black arrow onto the bow string and pulled. However, summoning her magic was a different thing altogether. She felt her magic coming in sputters, unable to coherently infuse the black arrow with her magic. Getting desperate, Aryssin decided to try something, hoping that her magic would be somewhat helped. Thumbing her sword, she felt a small warmth flow from her thumb throughout her entire body, and started to feel her magic flow freely once again. Trying once more, she infused her black arrow with life energy, and shot it into the floor. Small sprouts began to seep out of the place she shot at, slowly filling the bottom of her sole. Soon enough, a small tree emerged, and began rocketing upwards. "Grab on," she called to the other two people with her, as the branches and tree trunk started to thicken and grow upwards.
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    Exceed one's grasp OOC [handymen]

    Fuck the handymen! I do want the pictures as long as none of them are like RIGHT when he's born and he's still wrinkly and gross, but a little while after when he's been cleaned and is newbabycute. Congrats to you and yours man :)
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    Assassins Guild.

    I'm pretty interested in having a character I'm making a part of this guild. Her name is Vargas, an cold-blooded sniper who has a tattoo from which she can summon monsters from. She prides herself with taking out the target from an undetectable distance. Is there a chance a rifle-sniper wielding lady would fit into your guild? Below is a picture of how I imagine her appearance is like.
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    Hi @Tilde-0001! I'm interested in the RP you are planning! I have a character that is not in use at the moment, Allen Hayes. He is a courier who can absorb kinetic energy and convert it to superhuman strength and speed. If you want to check out Allen's Info, his character sheet is accessible through a link in my signature below. I also am active in Valucre checking it almost everyday and also hosting my own RP Storyline thread here as well. Let me know if there is still space for me to join in! Cheers!
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    Hey ya'll!

    Thanks so much! @Lord Satin, this information will really help out haha. I'm trying to read up on so much but this helped find the stuff I needed!
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    She watched as the team argued among themselves about whether or not she was really a major. Her facial expression soon soured as she pressed a palm to her forehead. As Mason explained the tank, she suddenly became intrigued. "So people are afraid of this where you are from? Tamashi, imagine this. Granted, not really able to navigate a street that barely fits two carriages." Maira was appraising the vehicle, thinking of its possibilities. It was the cannon that intrigued her. Maira nodded slowly as if to confirm something. Maira smirked. "I can tell you about this, no problem." She waved her arm around, as if to show off the range of motion. "The problem is figuring out how to get you back and in the same timeline as you were in." She pressed a finger against her lips. "That's going to take some deep understanding of physics." She said softly, while thinking quietly to herself. How was she going to safely put them back on their world? There wasn't a lot of information about mage storms as it was. And the information they had was mostly useless. It was also mostly from Genesaris, as most people that arrived in mage storms, arrived in Genesaris. She tilted her head slightly. "We'll have to discuss that later. There's a lot more to it than simply sending you off in a ship or something." Tamashi would receive a reply from Teruko rather quickly. Yes, Tamashi. What is it? The engineer flashed Tamashi a big grin. "I wanna shoot something." She said, her tone darkening slightly. "Not here, of course. My aunt will murder me if I do that. If that thing takes out as many enemies as you say... Hell... I haven't even seen anything like this here. Most vehicles, you'll see, run on some source of mana for energy. Weland Gorge is a hotbed of this sort of energy. Mana is sort of like... a fuel for magic." She tilted her head slightly. "Is Teruko ready?"
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    [Halcyon] Run, Run, Run

    Lemoine was thinking about how many times in her life she's been this scared to death. There was the one time when Merida decided to become a Zodiac Knight, and all Lemoine could think about was how such a lifestyle would only lead to her only death. Of course when the news came to her that Merida had passed and her daughter, Lemoine's niece had disappeared. Absolutely when all the weight of Renovatio's success fell on her own shoulders while everyone else ran to find Primera, the one and only heir to Renovatio's throne. And then now, as they run through the hordes of beasts and undead determined to take them down. Each and every event had their own rating on the fear scale, and every one of them are etched on her heart, and will be until the day she dies. Before all this she had lived a rather complacent life, and would of stayed that way if all would of stayed on course. Selfishly she took advantage of her life so pleasant and plain. Now she clings desperately to Dominic while prompting him forward, while trying to keep together and not think of the possibility of failure. The fear invading her veins, flowing freely about her body, keeps her determined. The Lemoine of yesterday's lost has been replaced by another who shares the same name, yet she is unclear if they are the same person. She felt the pillars react to her presence (though it could have been hopeful thinking) and in a blink they are transported inside. The air in her lungs is squeezed out; her nerves are set aflame; her thoughts are jumbled; and darkness replaces the light and freight of their flight forward. It had been easy transporting them inside - strangely enough. Except, when ease is concerned, there are consequences to their blessing. A weakness hugs her body from the forced concentration on Dominic, and the abruptness of their transportation. Little droplets of blood fall from her nose, and her ears feel as if she's pressed them against the ocean floor to hear the constant movement of heavy waves. She had been thrown from Dominic's shoulders, and with that realization underneath the fuzziness of her confused mind, she tries to keep her eyes closed. Instantly she can tell that he is not in the same room as her, and that fear from earlier freezes her. Inside, silence and abandonment. A feeling of loss and sadness permeates the stale air. Clearly left to fail, chairs are scattered about with desks decorated with scribbled notes and forgotten memos. Here and there one can see that inside was not left alone by the beasts outside; speckles of blood stain the floor and walls, and there is a scent of death peppering the air. Something besides Lemoine and Dominic is inside the building, and it was just aware of them as they are to it. And it's unkind, strong, and not at all pleased that it has been disturbed.
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    Lost In Translation

    The glow certainly caught her off guard enough to cause her to pause and look at the creature in pain. If it really wanted to hurt her, it would of done so by now. Like any frantic beast under the influence of pain, they will attack and do what they can to protect themselves from hungry predators. It's completely obvious that she could easily fall underneath a swipe of his hand, and there would be nothing she could do about it. Why couldn't life just give her a good set of cards for once? She's been studying, doing her best to stay on track, proving herself to the people around her and to herself that she can be the best, or one of the best. It's hard as all hell to be the best when life likes to just throw wrenches in all her plans. And this problem? She isn't even thinking about what she's going to do afterwards. All she knows for sure is that something will be done, because she can't just leave him out here. 'Damn, damn, damn, damn it!' Working half assed in the dark was not helping him any. They needed to get to her place where there's enough light to see, and maybe she has something to get the bullet out. Anywhere besides the middle of the damn park is better; she needed to get him somewhere safe before they're discovered. At the idea of other people being in the park, Seyge cautiously looks around, a frown painting her features taught with panic and worry. 'I'm sorry.' He had said something, and again she was lost in the syllables. Figuring out a language is not that difficult, but when you're working under such pressure. she's lucky she can think. Once they're somewhere safe, she will have to figure out a way to speak to him. With no other choice, she draws in a deep breath and forces her nerves to settle so that she may do what is possibly the most difficult change she has ever done in her entire life. It's likely not the safest thing to do considering that he's injured and obviously in a sour mood; this could spark another bout of abrupt anger and fear. What if he ends up hurting her? Frowning against her cryptic thinking, her body begins to slowly shift into the more feminine representation of him. One intake of air, her chest expands; another, and her face grows forward. She takes her time so that she can make sure she gets as close to his appearance as possible, and so in case if he decides to freak out, she can stop and make a ready escape of her own. She's seen herself shift many times and can understand that it can be frightening, so she tries to consider the feelings of others and goes slow. Hopefully he'll appreciate her kindness and stay calm.
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    Travis smiled as Nicala took his coat and shirt. He was glad to see she wasn't too proud to reject his help. He turned around and waited. After about a minute he turned to see she had but on his clothes in the way he had described. "That was a pretty nifty trick," Travis thought to himself. Ema come over with a plant; apparently some sort of healing item. Travis raised his eyebrows, impressed. It seemed like Ema had a lot more to her than she had shown. He wished he could have seen more of her potential and helped it grow. But that would be up to her now. As Travis reached out his hand to her, he saw hesitation in her eyes. Internally, he worried that all the progress he had made as her friend would be pointless. But she took his hand and he helped her up. He smiled proudly at her. Ivas then came over to help Travis support her. He suggested taking her to an inn. 'I agree,' Travis said preparing to move. Travis smiled again at Ivas's praise. 'It was no problem,' Travis said kindly. But before he began to move, he noticed that though Ema had supposedly finished her business, she walked rather slowly down the road where they had all came. Travis then shifted his arm and tightened his grip on Nicala; not to cause pain, but so that he could support her by himself. He then lightly nudged Ivas off. 'You know, I think I can help Nicala myself,' Travis said. 'Perhaps... there's something else you can take care of.' Travis's eyes moved to Ema's figure, to make sure Ivas got what he was hinting at. He began to make the slow steps down the left road from the music shop, when he turned back around. 'Ivas,' Travis said, his tone suddenly serious. 'We are kindred spirits, you and I. You already have all the makings of a hero, and I know you shall only become greater with time.' Travis hit the bottom of his right fist against his left heart. He would have done the other, but this was a more Valucreian way to do it. 'May your blood flow throughout the course of time.' Travis's hand went back to his side. He began to turn and spoke one last time: 'And make sure to watch that excellent sword of yours.' With that he turned and began to move slowly down the street. 'Now lets get you some rest,' Travis said to Nicala. People might have wondered why Travis was so willing to go all out for strangers. In truth, he had found that items only got you so far. It was the invisible bonds that you made with people. That's what mattered. These people had become friends to him. And what kind of friend would he be if he left now? Also, he was gonna need his jacket back.
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    A New and Unknown Land [OOC]

    Okay, sorry Noctus, but next post a bug is gonna drag that armor clad body into the deep fog. I ain't gonna spend this whole thread unable to fight, due to hands being full. RIP Noctus 2k16. Maybe he'll get thrown out of the miasma, who knows.
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    Press Play

    Fluorescent green eyes tracked his movement and the lines of his body as Feydan first leaned forward to tuck away the sleeping kitten, then followed him upward as he stood. Unconsciously she cocked her head as he spoke, listening with intent as he explained away his actions in an offhanded fashion. He was not so much giving an excuse, but expounding upon his own reasoning. She blinked at the unexpected revelation and then a slow, but genuine smile curled her lips. For once Kestra understood what thoughts flashed behind those silver eyes and it was an opinion that she could appreciate, because there could never be a more trustworthy companion than an animal. People were fickle and self-serving creatures that held only a modicum of loyalty at any given time, something they were apparently in agreement on. Think nothing of it, she almost said, but then stopped. Kes didn't want to insult him by refusing his thanks, which was something she doubted he handed out on a whim, so instead she quietly said, "You're welcome." Movement a short distance away drew her gaze and she was keen to observe the gathered crowd, the rake of their eyes and judgement palpable. It said vast amounts for how backwater this village truly was, because in Mageside City it was hardly a rare occurrence to witness feats of spellcraft far outstripping her unwieldy healing attempt. Kestra started to turn away from the gawkers when the woman pressed in amongst them caught her attention. It was easy enough to catch the whispered insult, clearly flung at Dan, and for some reason Kes felt a flush of hot anger. She narrowed her eyes into a baleful glare and wasn't above letting a spark of arcane energy flash as she leveled it at the woman, who flinched and began to scuttle away. A surge of dark satisfaction soothed her vexation, it was only then did she catch Dan's words. Juice? Mmm, it sounded just the remedy for her piqued condition. As her hand folded around his she blinked at the now dried blood still streaked on tan skin, when had she forgotten about that? Once they reached their destination she would need to clean it off, it was an admission of weakness she could not abide. Despite her exertion the young arcanist rose from the bench with the same poise she normally possessed, pausing only to flick dark strands over her shoulder. A little spellwork would never exhaust a Ferathis, at least not to where anyone else could see it. One last cursory glance was spared to the grey cat, but she restrained the need to scoop it up and take it back to the shop. Oren disliked just about all small creatures and used the excuse that he was allergic to pet dander, a fact that she knew to be false, but it wasn't worth the argument that would ensue. The little thing would just have to persevere on it's own.. it wasn't like she could take it back to the Magic Academy with her anyway. Suddenly the hair on the back of her neck prickled and stood on end, then a shiver crawled it's way down her spine. She could feel eyes on her, but not the one's of the crowd or those milling about the festival. No, the gaze she felt was intense and mocking. Her eyes flicked furtively about the dark corners and alleyways, even onto the roof tops, but she beheld no laughing face watching them. The sensation was unsettling and she turned to meet Dan's eyes, her expression guarded when she could see that he had noticed it too. Either their watcher was extremely stealthy or they were quite adept with magic of their own, both options made her wary. Her fingers tightened around his hand and this time she began to lead the way, tugging him after her in her haste to be rid of the unsettling sensation. Once they had joined the flow of the crowd and he fell into step Kestra relinquished the lead, instead drawing close so she wouldn't have to shout over the crowd to be heard. "Are you often spied on? Because I doubt whoever is watching us is out for me, I haven't been home in nearly a year." There was no accusatory tone in her voice, only curiosity. It didn't take long for the narrow lane to broaden before opening up into a square featuring a circular fountain and a smattering of large shade trees. Here the cacophony of the festival reached a crescendo, as it was the central avenue for the stage featuring a bard and his merry band, a few performers juggling or spitting fire up into the sky, and the condensing of vendors. The stalls became larger and were featuring items of increasing wealth, these were the merchants that had traveled from neighboring cities to visit and sell their wares. By now the sun was beginning to creep downward and lanterns were being strung up in preparation for the coming hours of dusk, it would only be a scant few hours before the nightlife began to stir. As they passed an odd sight caught Kestra's attention, her head swiveling around before she gave a tug at her companion's sleeve to alert him. Beneath the shade of a tree was a wizened man bearing deep-seated lines of age weathering his face; he probably was well into his fifties, which was elderly when considering the normal lifespan of men in this era. He was settled on a bench with his cane propped on the trunk of the tree, the twisted deformity of one leg stretched before him. Absently she wondered how the leg had come to be mangled, by accident or from birth? Settled on his lap was a portly woman, the swell of her breast and voluptuous figure the evidence of either multiple children or a life lacking menial labor. They were a couple at odds with each other, but their presence posed a question for Kes. Would she rather bed someone of large girth or a cripple? Her wicked gaze swept back to her companion and she shot a vicious grin at him. "Which one would you take to bed?" She purred. "I would take the large one, personally.. what good would a cripple be to me?" Kestra added innocently enough, pretending that she couldn't feel the crippled man's lascivious eyes watching her pass by. With Feydan's guidance it was a simple enough pursuit to find a tall glass of peach juice with tantalizing droplets of condensation sliding down the smooth surface. Kes eagerly slapped down the coins on the vendor's counter and wrapped her hands around the cool exterior of her treat before taking a greedy gulp. It was heavenly! The heat of the day only seemed to intensify the sweet and tart beverage and a few stray drops dribbled down her chin, when she came up for air she licked her lips in appreciation. Almost beaming with pleasure she rubbed the moisture from her chin and neck, feeling rejuvenated by bounds and leaps. Maybe venturing out of the shop hadn't been such a bad idea after all, if only for this hard earned pleasure.
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    Valucre T1 Tournament Lounge

    When people are like, "Hey Cody." And I'm like, "Who the fuck are you and why do you think you can use my name?" The nerve of people! Back in my day, people knew better than to make eye contact. The nerve of these children. (I wonder if there are people who really think like that?)
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    Valucre T1 Tournament Lounge

    In my experience, clean victories (esp. those where people don't just stop posting when they are losing for example) tend to be the minority percentage
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    Glory to be had.

    It was terribly cold. Shifting weakly in the snow, Elise moaned as her consciousness returned and tried gather the bit of memory she had prior to this instant. Cyan hues surveyed the environment momentarily, her vision nebulous and unhelpful. However, it did not take long to realize that she was forsaken amidst the snowy expanse, a colourless sea that became more frigid and arctic with each fleeting second. Her head rose, the movements causing flakes of snow to dance off her hair and eyelashes while making the attempt to call out to the others but nothing was produced. Mustering the strength to get up and rest on her knees, the lone emissary looked heavenward. What happened, exactly? After her horse was forced to gallop away from the fray, she recalled heading in Hector’s direction until her stallion was feared into a different path. Yet, Elise could not remember what transpired thereafter for the sake of her. Falling off a cliff was not the result for, as she peeked over her shoulder, it was still flat land beyond the horizon. Foot and hoof prints could not be seen and if they were there, the snow had already covered up whatever tracks that may have been made. She sighed, crossing her arms over her chest and stood up. Glancing around the surroundings once more, her nose wrinkled in disdain and refused to be the damsel in distress no matter how true that currently was. Thus, Elise trudged forward in the snow and hoped to hear some sort of commotion from afar, but naught was heard other than the groaning winds. The emissary could have sworn that the ground shook underneath her feet, but all she could think about was, “How could you get yourself into this, Elise?” and persisted to belittle herself as she walked ahead.
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    Yidda had mixed feelings about cities, especially after the clock incident, on one hand, DOGS, but on the other hand, swords. Yidda hated swords, they were the worst invention ever, right after pots (what dummy thought metal and food went good together?!) it was as if swords were invented just to gross her out, Yidda cringed just thinking about them. but Yidda was willing to try out this city since it looked like it would have a high Dog to sword ratio and she had heard from some travelers that there was this thing called smuggling there. Yidda didn't fully know what it meant, she and her friends could gather it was like trading but special and on a need to know basis, which made Yidda very interested very fast, also it honestly sounded adorable, and so Yidda set out to find out just what the activity called "Smuggling" really was. This mighty quest began with a 3 hour walk and then the city, when Yidda got to the city she saw this big gate and an even bigger wall, Yidda approved of the wall, not so much the gate, also armored guards, Yidda was not a big fan of armored guards. So Yidda took the sewer instead. Honestly next to dogs and parks and birds, city sewers were by far the best development of urban technology. it was like a fusion between a river and a cave, on top of that they always had the nicest animals, in fact, just a minute ago she had met this super nice alligator who gave her an apple which she was enjoying greatly as she walked along the sewer side, making sure to share with all of her friends that were feeling a bit peckish, not just the bird ones mind you. Actually, Yidda had yet to meet some sewer rats yet, usually their all over the place but here they just sort of weren't. 'oh wait here comes one now' Yidda thought, watching as a rat walked along towards her on two legs continuously looking back and seeming just irate and holding his back in one of his paws. it was also large, like a fourteen year old girl hugable size large, 'what a specific size' Yidda thought and then shrugged. she then swallowed the last bite of the apple before tossing it into the water and saying "Hi there Mr. Rat, I'm Yidda, and these are my friends, nice to meet you! :D" Yidda than waved and so did most of her friends who had poked their heads out. "oh god, not another one" the rat said, lifting his head up to see yet another weird young hairless girl. "You here for the job?" "A job, I don't know what you-" one of Yidda's birds whispered in her ear. "He's talking about smuggling, just say yes and we're in Yidda!" Yidda's face beamed more than usual. "I mean yes, of course I am totally here for "the job", *wink *wink, where should I go for it?" "second passage on the right first door on the left you can't miss it" the rat pointed back to where he had come from. "wow thanks!... I mean, wow thanks. I will go right to that place right now" Yidda stood up completely straight and marched in the direcitons she had been told, as her animal friends scurried around excited, anxious, but all suprisingly energetic, except for the cat, she was still judging the rat's hairstyle. The Rat just kept walking, tired and still with a full work day ahead of him. Yidda followed the simple directions, was right in front of the door, opened it, and proclaimed joyfully. "Hello, my name is Yidda and these are my friends we're here for the job!"
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    Way out here.

    Atticus sat at an odd angle, so as to accommodate his tall frame in the small room. It was nice as cells went, really. The former Bravada, and current lollard/heretic had "vacationed" in worse, yet less secure prisons. He like Baruch used meditation to stave off starvation and dehydration by slowing his metabolism. He might have been mistaken for dead if not for the advanced servailance. His stay was uneventful to say the least. No King of C-block to annoy him. He was rather fond of this predicament, it allowed him to find his balance and structure his thoughts. This could only temper his patience and his willpower. The guards thought to break him. The would find the effort to be akin to climbing the highest Renovatian mountain with no gear. It would be amusing, if in the effort to break him, they would break instead. He smiled a chilling shark-like smile. His thoughts once more stilled.
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    Cat started strolling toward the woods in a very nonchalant manner. She supposed that if they were going to find this thing, then they'd need to head in the woods to do so. She didn't even stop to think about whether or not her classmates would follow. She was almost all out of ideas as well, but then she had a thought while she was daydreaming about cats and puppies. Cat turned around to look at her group. "If it's snowing a lot his tracks might be covered up?" Cat said, not really looking toward Felix at all. Then she immediately switched topics. "So you can change into animals and stuff?" Cat said, pointing at Seyge, "So maybe you can change into a dog of some kind, and sniff out the wolf?" Cat was never too good with ideas but she felt that this one was pretty decent. Cat decided it's be best to make the net later, so that the rope was easier to carry until they needed it. It wouldn't take too long to make the net anyway, just a few minutes. Cat remembered that it was like weaving to ropes through each other like when you make a pie crust. But Cat hoped they wouldn't need to be too forceful with the net, because she didn't want to hurt the wolf thing, even if it did try to attack them. But animals don't have a moral compass, so what it's doing is all instinctual, not evil or good. Whereas what they do to catch the wolf could be considered good or bad, because nearly all humanoids have a moral compass. Regardless of what the others try to do, Cat wouldn't let them kill the beast. Even if that meant letting it escape, or hurting them a little bit to avoid death of any kind. Cat didn't want to witness another death anytime soon. So, in preparation for anything, Cat pulled a throwing knife out of her boot and continued to walk into the woods. She still had no idea what she was getting into, but she hoped it'd be either enjoyable or educational. Well, she'll find out soon.
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    Way out here.

    -Seven Days Ago- The guards were what one would expect from a Renovation prison. They were well trained that spoke of their military training. Though Baruch was not impressed by their lack of manners. Especially when it came to their betters. When they had taken Atticus to C-Block he was not terribly surprised after all that would have been the same thing he would have done No matter, Atticus could take care if himself. Things only got Interesting as he continued to be escorted towards D-Block. The screaming graced his ears before the foul odour reached him. The screaming certainly came from men. One would not think so. Their screams were high pitched like that of a pig out to slaughter. Only interrupted by the booming laugh of the man who called self the King of D-block. He knew he'd reached his new yet humble abode when the guards gruffly threw him into his hole cell. "Tch." The cell was small extremely so. Standing hunched he watched the guards leave each chuckling and making bets at his expense before all went dark. "Now we play the waiting game." Knowing that the filth from the toilet would not be going away, nor would the stench he sat down grimicing all the while. The guards thought themselves clever. He knew what they were going to do next. They placed him here to break him. They would starve him of food and water. They would hope sleep deprive him for D-block was the worst to be transferred to. A smirk touched his lips, he would wait it out. Eventually they will come, perhaps he would get his chance to break this King of D-block. Baruch's fists clenched involuntarily at the thought. He did not need anything but his strength. Anything else would be unnecessary, not that he could use it. So wait he would. Closing his eyes he cleared his mind of the stench and the screaming. His weeklong meditation began. -Currently- The sound solid boots hitting the floor in uniformed and mesured steps, told him a group was moving towards his cell. Baruch's eyes did not open there was no need for thr cell was dark. It would be disadvantage once the doors opened he wanted to be able to see clearly. Having meditated hauched he was still relaxed. He did not have the look of someone who had gone without food or water for a week. Everything had slowed during his meditation allowing him to conserve energy. "By my count I've been here for a week." He had to admit the conditions here weren't so bad. At least he got to rest for a whole week. Alas now the time to rest is over. If his guess was right today he would get to meet the King of D-Block. He hoped so, for he would get to let out his rage. He wondered what the guards will looked like when he tears this so-called King limb from limb. The sound of his cell being unlocked told him he wouldn't have to wait long. As ever he couldn't resist that ever so sly smirk from appearing.
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    Knight Seeking Order

    I'd be remiss were I not to hark again on the fact that you would not be the first, and I hope nary the last, to strike out their own small group and grow that group in size and prestige through their written word and action. Our world is expansive and storied enough to allow near any (but not strictly every) permutation of imagination that one could conceive! As has been mentioned already, Yh'mi would be a good place for paladins, though the fact that you've been personally approached by member Inkinhart should not be ignored; a foot in the door I daresay. I can also say that the zodiac knights of Renovatio (Jesus Negro would be the contact for Renovatio) sound up your alley as well and in Renovatio there is Kadia (Alexei for that one) who have knightly orders though I know not of their religions inclinations, Further in Terrenus (myself, if interested!) there is a Gaian faith that could use more people to spread the light against the darkness. I hope you are not paralyzed by the wealth of options available to you mine good sir and if nothing else I say sample about and see what lights the fire in thou heart. /welcome to Valucre also I like this thread
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    It's been almost 4 years since I signed up for this forum and honestly it's been one of the most life changing almost-4-years of my life. I know this may seem sudden, especially since my "return" a couple of months ago, but it's that time. I will still wrap up some things and be in contact with people through off-site means, but this is my goodbye. But first, some words of special thanks in the form of a very, very bad poem: Firstly, thanks to HimJL, Yhmi, and Gohrick Trisona for being my very first partners in writing, and to Totalitarian, princeben07, Black Magic, and susitsu for being in my first created thread, Silent Night, most frightening! (I told you it was bad, okay.) To Acies ab Vesania! Ever the knowledgeable, for being a voice of reason, and to supernal for showing faith in my work by helping me start a monster nation. Thanks to Arcanist for being a co-conspirator in funny times, (and we do still have many, funny times) and to Off Topic for being a tour de force, with animation and rhyme. Thanks to Malum for drinking wine out of a jug--that I don't think I'll ever forget-- as well as everyone else in those unval chats and to blood soaked earth, too for being a nerd, and having me push my brain past the absurd. Then there's Syncopy who's always been of support, and Vintage's NightWalker children of dubious rapport, like vasanti and Sorano and various other sorts who traipse through the nights with blood on their shirts. More thanks to King for being one of the best co-brains in the land, as well as Noko and with their villainous plans, and to Paroxysm for his stories about blueberry pies, and Song Sprite with hope and stars in her eyes. Thanks to the friends I've made through Nich'e who wrote its world with me: From Kiva and the Big Gay Cockatoo to The Ceron and Scaevitas, too to Devil, Helrica, Japhetic, and Shamash you've all made this journey one hell of a blast. (And Lucky, to you, I give a special thanks for inspiring a love that no other can match.) Oh Gryfyn Industries! Oh comrades in trade! Thank you for all your work this day, But Elisbeth Winkly must part ways. Keep on with the customers, don't scare them away! (And should your name be missing, do not fret. You, too, on me, have made an impact, in being here with all the rest-- this "poem" is simply far too long, I will not forget.) And here we are at the end of this a dragged far too long reminisce Like many others that have come and gone, so, too, will I but with one last song:
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