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    I don't mean to be inconsiderate of threads you guys, but the holidays are kicking my ass. Might have to wait until after Christmas to post........... I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
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    Hi. I'm Scuffle and this is my obligatory introduction post. I'm mainly making this thread for a simple "hello", to meet any friendly people who hang around he new person forums (since I'm sure those kind of people exist), and to see if anyone wanted to help me find a thread for a mad genius psychic gunslinger that will be my first character. Moving right along, I'd simply like to say hello and I hope my stay here is enjoyable.
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    @Lord Satin, question! Would it be more likely for a Marhjan or a Terran to be appointed to lead the auxiliary force? I can see advantages and disadvantages to both choices. For example, the nomads would likely be less hesitant to follow the orders of one of their own, and it would be a diplomatic move to give such a high-ranking position to a nomad (demonstrating a lot of trust). However, having a Mahrjan general would probably create tension with some in the native House Rhodos ranks who still distrust their recent allies, and other officers may be unwilling to cooperate with the general and/or look down on him. Alternatively, with a Terren/native House Rhodos officer leading the nomads, the situation would essentially be reversed. Tension may crop up among the Mahrjan at having to follow orders from an outsider, and it would be far easier for them to see this as a stranger's war and thus lose motivation to fight in it. However, the other officers and Rhodos troops who are still wary about the Mahrjan and unsure of their loyalty would feel safer and more confident having a Terren command the nomads. New allies tend to be met with distrust and hesitation by many, especially those without say in the decision to ally with them, so this choice could be made to placate that fear. I'm probably thinking too deeply about this, but I like contemplating the political implications of stuff like this, and a general is a bit of a big deal. Either way sounds fun and like something I could work with, so I thought I'd ask for your input before I make a final decision. Whether the general is Marhjan or Terren will also have an impact on his values, devotion to the cause, mindset, pretty much everything relating to this rp, so that's something I need to figure out first. I've got pretty clear characters for both a Terren general and a Mahrjan general (almost everything except for a name, names are hard), and I love both of them, so I leave the coin flip up to you.
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    The Wrong Path

    What would you do if you stumbled upon a land completely untouched by mankind? A few weeks ago a giant clash of magic ripped open a gash in space, revealing numerous portal like wormholes scattered across the Blue Hills between Ignatz and Casper. Step through a wormhole and enter Valucre's newest land, home to never before seen creatures and countless waiting adventures! Taen Empire Now, you're probably thinking something the lines of "Okay, great. A new land. Most of Valucre is pretty much new to me anyways." Good point. Come roleplay in Taen anyways. We have cookies. Double chocolate chip. All the other boards have some vanilla crap or just normal chocolate chip. I'm liking this green font. Very foresty. Right now, I'm in need of a group of characters to hire as mercenaries or just good hearted samaritans. Taen's first city, Lunaris, is only in the beginning stages of creation but already is plagued with challenges. To the citizens of Lunaris, the main problem arises with the original inhabitants. The Xer-orians. No matter how fast the people build, there just never seems to be enough combat power to completely protect the village. The hope was that over time Lunaris would grow to be able to encompass enough people to create a militia of sorts, but the bug problem is stopping them from advancing that far. In addition, a guild of thieves from Hell's Gate, the Guirks, has made its way into Taen. Lunaris, the first city, is starting to head down the wrong path. Your character, should they fall into at least on of the following categories, is being asked to help in Taen by Titus Demetrius. A man who envisions great things for Taen but who does not have the power to, alone, enact change. Hiring Combatants and those experienced in defensive/ offensive technology. Not looking for evil characters. Yet. More looking for a small group, but I'm flexible if I get a surprising number of volunteers. Mission 1: Repel the incoming wave of Xer-orians. Mission 2: Kill or remove the Guirks from Taen. Titus would prefer removal but isn't opposed to killing them should the need occur.
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    Daily Weekly


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    Just a bit of randomness for my return. So how's everyone been?
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    Greetings, Fellow Writers, Hooligans, Pancakes, and Tacos. I am Bagelsworth. I was unable to find any indication of account name restrictions, so I did an OOC one for now - that said, are account names supposed to be character names, or does Valucre use a different system for managing characters? I prefer making separate accounts per character since that opens up profile and signature customization on a character basis - just my preference xD Anybutts, I've been a writer, more or less, since I was 5 - so about 20 years now (not that I'm particularly superb at it in terms of being able to get my points across quickly and concisely). I prefer writing mostly fantasy or science fiction in a variety of chronological settings (Medieval and Modern being two of my more go-to settings). Currently, I am attempting to be the Lead Writer and Project Head of two different visual novel projects - both of which currently have character artists, but nothing else other than my writing. It's a slow going process, but I'm keeping at it despite being a budgetless writer xD I'm also a bit of an autistic. High-Functioning, but still. I have difficulty understanding things without having it explained to me multiple times after I've worded all my questions a few different ways. While you probably won't notice it much on here, I'm also very bad with handling other people when I don't know them. I can't talk to them very much at all and I avoid eye-contact at all costs. However, once they're no longer a stranger, and turn out to be someone I quite like, I'm pretty much a Jim Carrey-esque nerdy loon that is notorious for making intentionally awful puns and random phrases or noises. What do you call a fat martial artist? Snackie Chan. :^) ------------------- In terms of Valucre, I have a couple other questions. Question Number Apples: Is there any sort of real-time ooc chat thing? Like a cbox? It's not required, but it does make it a lot easier for me to communicate with people since I'm absent-minded and tend to forget to peruse OOC Forum Threads unless I've specifically got something to add to one. Question Number Butter: How does Valucre handle player-made events, exactly? Like, for example: I make a character named Icklebod Spandor, and he is a penny-pinching merchant seeking adventurers and their ilk (other players, if you will) to help him uncover the treasures of a recently discovered (by him) ruin. It would be an extensive plot that could potentially unearth an entirely new civilization. Is this sort of event allowed, as it could potentially add some ancient history to Valucre as a whole? I read a bit on how much freedom players have to create and stuff, but this particular subject is still a bit unclear to me. Question Number Charlie: Are there such things as Player-Made Factions other players can join? Thank you for answering these if possible. If I have more questions, I'm sure I'll figure out how to ask them later on. Also, I should note that, over the past couple years, I've been really quite slow with posting. Not because I don't like to write or anything, but because I'm not very confident that what I do write is very enjoyable, so most of my enjoyment in written roleplay like this is sapped out of me. I have been (rather unsuccessfully) trying to regain that motivation, so bear with me. I thought joining a new site might help me. Anyway, I apologize for the lengthy introduction, but, despite my absolute disdain for essays, I tend to write such lengths if motivated or inspired to do so xD
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    "Sure, there's a," He paused and gave a slight chuckle at the irony of the words he was about to say, "There's a tavern down the road. I stayed there a lot when I was dispatched to Hell's Gate. It can be kind of... shady, but mostly everybody just sticks to themselves." Jacen returned as he slouched on the horse. His eyes were tired, he was hungry and any adrenaline he had was gone. He felt completely weak at that moment and frowned. "We may have to put our task off for a couple of days. It might be a while before I'm ready to go again." He paused, contemplating his own words before shrugging. "That doesn't mean that we can't ask around though." (OOC: No problem! Hit me up any time, I have more characters than just Jacen so I'm pretty flexible on being able to rp)
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    Seyumi Kaikou [Orochi]

    [Formal -- Informal] SEYUMI KAIKOU PRIESTESS OF FALIS Seyumi is a 5'0" human with a slim and petite build, but with a sort of smooth runner-body touch to it. The gowns and robes she wears of her faith tend to make her seem "taller" than she is, which is the intended effect. Her hair is midnight black and usually worn falling against her back in medium length. When in formal meetings, she wears them in buns on each side of her head. Seyumi has light grey eyes, but when viewed from specific angles, the colors tend to change between bright silver, blue, or gray. Her chest is considered modest, no bigger than a B-Cup for those who are curious. Even then, she doesn't display them explicitly, if but with a little cleavage. Being a woman of religion, she dresses as one expect. Even then, one would be more attentive to the medallion hanging around her neck by chain with an emblem of her religion's god, a dragon, on its front. The accessory is entirely blessed She has asian descent in her, so her skin tone tends to have slight hues of yellow and her face shows the same distinction with asian-like features. She is part of a religion known as Falis, a religion that is based off the god known as Falis, God of Eternal Light. They follow several main precepts: Protect All Life, Show compassion toward all living beings and reduce their suffering, and Rid oneself of anger, greed, jealousy, and unhealthy attachments. As such, one would consider Seyumi a devout woman, who is moralistic to the T. She has had a history of being selfless, even to those her faith views as abominations (vampires, undead, the like). Though despite this, she has recently grown more "mature," and has culled her kindness for a more professional attitude due to her pursuing a higher position. She wishes to one day bring her faith to a large amount of people and to redefine the faith of Falis to include all living and dead beings, as previously she has been an outcast to the church due to her "blasphemy" actions, such as choosing to be an adventurer while neglecting Church duties. Sey is considered "The Chosen One", so it has been enforced on her for a large part of her life to follow the strict teachings and life that her higher-ups put her through and to be the shining beacon of light that all followers should look up to. But through her questioning the church's actions and believing in her own path, she has angered the members of her faith immensely, and has led to a large disconnect between her and the rest of the faith. Nevertheless, Seyumi is not without people who believe in her, both friends she met over her travels as an adventurer, and members in the Falis church who believe she is innocent despite the Main Branch's prosecution. As of this moment, Sey has a company of two apprentice priestesses, and five paladin guardians. Due to donations given to her forth by an increasing follower base in a foreign city known as Durem, and the backing of a certain vampire that she believes she can save one day, she has came forth to Terrenus to attempt to spread her faith and word to as many people as possible, while offering her services as a healer and supporter. Capabilities Seyumi, being a priestess of light, has the power to heal and use supportive abilities using balls of light she can form. They can also take on offensive traits, bringing harm and damage to those she wills it to. They have greater effect, obviously, on the undead or dark beings, and she tends to not be able to heal any of them by life-supporting healing. However, there is another side to Seyumi that most do not know, save for the vampire that supports her and a coincidental accomplice. And this side has the power to use negative energy, much like a necromancer or a death knight. She only uses it when in private circumstances that will not spill out into the public. With these powers, she can do a lot more destructive or dark magics, such as empower the undead or summon minions. For both pools of power, no one knows how extensive her repertoire of spells are, but it is clear she has been growing into a more potent white mage over the last decade. Significant Equipment [Platinum Medallion] - Around her neck, Sey wears a chained medallion with an emblem of her god on the front of it in the symbol of a dragon, thus it is a dragon god of light. This is a blessed accessory and is proof by the Church that Seyumi is "The Chosen One". [Dragonhide Boots] - A pair of dark gray Dragonhide boots (Ref. Picture [x] Boots would be hidden by skirts, as shown) fastened with 4 silver buckles on the lateral side of the boot near the top of the shoe. They reach up about 3/4 of the way up her calf. [Platinum Staff] - The staff appears like platinum, but this mostly more for name than for the material its made out of, which is actually some kind of enchanted dragon bone. This staff enhances her power and control over her mage powers. She carries it like a normal traveling staff, though she can desummon it and summon it away at will. If she is disconnected from her weapon, she can choose to have it return to her as a small ball of light. ------------------------------------ Special Bodyguard: Sir Kazamaru Her best bodyguard happens to be an armored man from head to toe. He is severely devout to defending Seyumi, and considers it above his own life. Aside from his heavy plate armor, which shines with magical power of light, he also wields a large greatsword on his back that is around five feet minimum length. It is clear that no normal man could not wield such a weapon, but Kazamaru is no normal man. Various Appearances
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    Giving the horse a light kick, Tavia guides them into the main city gates and attempts to find the nearest place to rest. She knew she needed to get Jacen back together whole and allow him some rest. "Do you know a good place where we might rent a room?" she asked, a slight hint of concern in her voice. Her eyes gazed upwards at the large structures that lined these streets and she couldn't help but feel in awe. The architecture was rudimentary but efficient. What was truly marvelous was just the sheer numbers. They towered up and seemed endless. (OOC: Thanks for joining us and making it unique! Look me up anytime. :) )
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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    In most circumstances, Swiip had a keen eye and few things could avoid his notice. Sadly, his current artistic endeavour was one of the strongest exception to the rule. As a result, Swiip jumped like a little girl at Arashi's questions. In a split second, his mind jumped from panic to surprise while stopping by the angry status and a toppling of shame towards the end. It was not like him to make such a rookie mistake, he should be more careful in places where everything was unknown to him. Still, it was quite the surprise that someone would start a conversation with him. Most people would just pass him by in every villages. Considering the most unusual things he had already seen in such a short time, Swiip thought it quite remarkable to even be seen in this crowd. Of course, it could just be that this place was not used to such a simple man, maybe he was too normal? Swiip forced his mind to stop thinking endlessly, a bad habit he seemingly could not take care of. With all this thinking he was half expecting to find no one sitting next to him anymore. Surprise seemed to be the flavor of the day however for he found the owner of the arm with the scales he had spotted earlier. Swiip's mind had always been obsessed by people, observing them constantly in all kinds of situation. Since leaving the farm, that had been one of the most interesting thing about his travels: people were incredibly different. The farther he went, the stranger people became. It was all fascinating really and Swiip rather enjoyed watching others - from a safe distance of course - going around their day . Strangely enough however, he had absolutely no clue what to think of the curious person sitting next to him. He would always make eye contact to get a feel for a newcomer, but the new arrival had a hood obscuring all distinctive part of his or her face. Swiip had a feeling it was a she, but he was not too sure considering the scales. Maybe some sort of middle ground? For some reason he started to have this weird idea that the dragon outside had decided to play with him a bit in human form. A foolish idea surely... A ridiculous notion for certain... Surely dragons cannot transform to human form without at least making some noise or light effects no? It was not a very good start for a conversation really, and Swiip was particularly bad a starting those. Chit chat was not his forte, he simply found it boring and a waste of time. But the stranger seemed interested in his drawings, one of the sure ways to get Swiip to talk fast and long. He angled the sketch book slightly and pushed it a bit towards the newcomer. "Yes, I am indeed drawing. Gesture drawing training more precisely, the aim being to focus on the motion and not focus on the details at all". That was the theory anyway, but Swiip still had trouble with it. He always ended up focusing too much on shapes and failed to capture the full intensity of the motion. The drawings were a collection of nondescript characters in various poses, some of them male and some female. All appeared to be naked, although there were very few details as the focus seemed to be on the shapes and movements. It was not the work of a master by a long shot, but the poses were clear and some of them were beginning to show a real sense of motion. "I am afraid I am not that good yet, but I am steadily progressing. Plus it is rather fun really." Swiip could not help a bit of a smile, he was rather fond of drawing to be sure. "My apologies for not seeing you earlier. I tend to have a very high focus, but this does lead me to some weird situations sometimes... It was quite rude..." Swiip was not too sure what to say now that he was not talking about drawing anymore. He angled his head on the side slightly and decided to simply be polite. After all, his mother had always taught him to properly present himself. "My name is Swiip. It is an honour to meet you." It might have been a bit too much really, but Swiip still remembered the scales he had seen earlier and the dragon outside. He figured some extra politeness could not hurt.
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    Planet Waves

    Outcast Town

    In the meantime, as the girls mill about the town, a form peers through the grass, staring with intent, and hunger. Wilbur, who has exited the inn, has untied his horse from a post, and hauled himself onto the saddle, and had no stirrups to slip his feet into. He looks around from atop his mount, and briefly considers joyriding to north of the town. A nice, open space to do some horseback silliness where no one would bother him. Wilbur often pretended to be a knight, using a branch to strike down soldiers that were not as lucky as he to have a horse. He tends not to do this at the farm, as one incident where he was watched by a neighbor dropping off some manure left him humiliated. Wilbur and the horse remain still. "..." He sniffs the air. "Wuzzat smell..?" Wet dog. He stares ahead of him. A dog was being washed off of some dirt it was playing with, by its exasperated owner. ...but it was too far for him to smell that from here. The wind wasn't even coming toward him..! The stench was behind him, and became even more severe as the source stood, and sauntered from the sagebrush growing in the alley next to the post, between the stables and the doctor's. The Outrider casts his line, and pulls Wilbur off his horse, and tosses the poor man behind him, where Wilbur howled, careening onto the wooden roof, a fall much like the one he took in the inn. "ISSA BOGEYMAN! THE LOUT-TIDER, TH-THE ROUTE-HIDER! NO, HE'S THE OUTRIDER!" The menace was indeed 3 meters tall, and bulging with muscle, rounded with fuzzy, oil black fur, greasy with sweat, wearing metal armor, grafted with the breast plates of armor that would fit a normal man. The beast had them tied around his forearms and knees/shins. And, as if he was trying to look civilized, wore a long, doublesided loincloth, fastened to a leather belt. Tattered...but not dirty. An odd sigil decorated the cloth, a black series of two 'humps' joined by a pointy 'mountain', and at the midpoints of all three shapes, spires going upward. Hiding his face was a helmet, perfect for his size. The sallet had no mouth or neck protection to mention. The visor's slits for sight seemed to match the sigil on the Outrider's loincloth, and two more rusty sheets of metal covered his cheeks, and the back of his skull. Out from behind his helmet, a shaggy mane, and two, long, furry ears were spiked up at the ends, like they were also limbs, poised to attack. With a single, savage slice, the Outrider cleaved most of the horse's head off, the first blow sending the horse dead before it hit the ground. The beast man would call down a second, then a third blow. Separating head from body, as onlookers fainted, screamed, or went for their weapons. The town guard, must of whom were on break, fumbled to leave the inn, as the Outrider shoved his entire right forearm into the horse's stump. Heaving it up, using it like a glove, or maybe, using its insides like a handle for the carcass, put it down over his shoulders, and sauntered back off into the sage, then breaking into a quite silly run as some guardsmen fired muskets, to no avail. A steely silence cut into the townspeople, who were all pale. How long had they been ignorant of this real threat?
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    Amin accepted the hand and settled back into his horse. The gates of Hells Gate were in view, reminding him that he needed to get back to his group. "Hopefully we can meet again. If not in this life, in the next." He veers his horse to the left, heading for his forest home (OOC: I really love that guys! Thanks for letting me join.)
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    The Wrong Path

    this is a gr8 excuse to motivate me to make that character sheet for that dude whose sheet i have been too lazy to make professional exterminator incoming
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    I like your thinking. Depth is something I can appreciate very much, and this is a clear example of depth. Yes, I think both choices would lead to some unpleasant circumstances. However, there is a pretty clear winner, and that is the Mahrjan officer. Let's think about it. Those who took over the Retreat did so because they did not trust the Mahrjan. They were mostly city folk, yes, but there were definitely some noblemen among them. Therefore we may say that those who distrust the Marhjan in any significant way have already abandoned House Rhodos, while those who remain loyal to Georan and his cause have returned to support him. Therefore, and that's the final therefore, none of the current officers would be highly suspicious of a Mahrjan officer who has proven his worth. This way, the Mahrjan will understand the language their leader speaks, and it will also build trust between the two nations. Names are really hard, I agree. I usually just use an existing name and fiddle around with it. For example, once I named a business-oriented Star Wars character Pmurt Dlanod. It has a Star Wars vibe and it is easy to come up with.
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    Easing the horse into a gentle trot, she smiled over at Amin. It was uncommon for her to smile so openly, but the elation of success was too much to conceal. Not only did they disrupt the bandit operation, but they also saved the lives of a large number of prisoners. Though that was mostly due to the efforts of Amin. Bowing her head slightly to Amin's words, she said nothing in return. Instead, she continued to hold the smile that was on her face. Jacen was better with words in situations like this. Looming up ahead of them was the large metropolis of Hell's Gate, growing larger as they drew near to it. Soon they were passing through the outskirt homes and farms. The freed prisoners were likely going to need to be dropped off somewhere safe, and then they would part ways with this Amin fellow. And at some point, Tavia needed to get Jacen and herself some food.
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    Amin looked behind to see Tavia and Jacen riding along. A smile creased his face. It wasn't often that missions went as successfully as this but this one did and it made him elated. Slowing horse to a canter, he pulls out a piece of jerky and munches. Already the sun is slipping over the horizon, it's pink and orange rays dancing idly with the clouds. It was beautiful. "Nice work guys." Him and Tavia's horse were side to side now. "Thanks for coming... I wouldn't have made it out of there without your help." It wasn't often that Amin said things like this, but when he did, he meant it.
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    ToA Genesis OOC

    Too bad boy'o. Every fight has a different emotion for me to take into it. Rest assured, neither ego nor malice enter this one. Instead.. It's pity. Out of my immense kindness.
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    Vaan Gwaelon

    [General] First Name: Vaan Surname: Gwaelon Nickname: None Location: Ashville, Terrenus Alignment: Lawful Neutral Race: Half Human, Half Vampire Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 17 Status: Citizen/Student Job Class: Wizard/Magitech Engineer [Physical] Voice: Ray Chase Eyes: Almond shaped with midnight blue eye color. Complexion: Young Male Complexion Height: 5’6” Weight: 148 lb. Build: Slim with hints of muscularity Hair: Short, Dark Blue, Comb Over Hairstyle Defining Features: Recent scar on the right hand where one of his magitech experiments went berserk and attacked him. A good lesson and reminder on making sure the programming is correct the first time. Left eye is a lighter blue hue due to a recent transmutation. Story is currently rumor based as he never revealed on what happened. [Mental] Nature: Curious, Loyal, and Independent Hopes: Breakthrough to further the use of magitechnology, Understand more clearly how magic itself works, and of course hopes to understand the world of Valucre more. Fears: Valucre becoming more unstable as technology becomes more advanced, Abusing magic for war purposes, and most abnormal creatures. Likes: Science, Technology, Magitech, Magic, Birds, Myths, Riddles Dislikes: Animals, Sociology, Arrogance [Gear] Head: Headband Torso: Simple white short sleeved shirt with a black cloak that comes with a hood. Legs: Cloth, baggy black pants. Feet: Brown Leather Boots Hands: Protective Leather Gloves [Weapons] Magitech Prototype Gauntlet: It is a gauntlet made from steel engraved with runes which magically enhances the durability of the gauntlet. Not to where it is indestructible, as it was used when Vaan had defend himself against his berserk creation hence the scar on his hand, it got broken after an adamantine axe bit into the gauntlet. It can receive more punishment than normal steel can endure, but with the technology circuits can be found laced into the joints of the fingers and wrists. Which is powered on by magic energy by pouring Ether into the gauntlet where the magic processor will generate power into the gauntlets. Allowing it to briefly deliver shocking attacks upon touch. [Magic] Transmutation: Vaan has more training in transmutation related magic than the other types of magic. By calculating the usage of Ether and having an imaginative mind. Vaan can temporarily alter the materials into a different one provided that it has the same dimensional size as the previous item. For example, Vaan can transmute his skin into scales of steel because it is affecting the skin. Of course the weight still applies, but with the appropriate strength Vaan can utilize freely like a regular arm. Limited Lightning Manipulation: Vaan is limited when it comes to lightning magic. Limited to the point where it only works upon touch. Limited Summoning: Tapping into the summoning side had Vaan learning more about creatures that he’s never seen before or was thought to be a myth. He only recently discovered summoning magic, and he can only summon creatures he has personally seen before. The powerful creatures are an exception as Vaan needs their blessing. Which is more or less like a contract he has to forge in order to summon them. [Abilities] Strength: Vaan’s strength is about equivalent to the average human. Capable of lifting up to fifty pounds with effort and can push objects that weigh up to one hundred and fifty pounds. Twice the amount if the object has wheel-like motion to make it easier to move. Reflex: The reflex is more like instinct on Vaan’s body. It is a system where his mind lets go and resumes into a blank yet focused state. Letting his body follow the motions as if he’s just breathing air. However it only activates to its maximum potential when he’s in danger so it doesn’t activate whenever he wants it to. Strategic Intellect: The sharper the mind is how much easier it is to learn their mistakes, analyze their failures, and correct them accordingly. Vaan has an easy time on forming plans as it is more in his expertise. Memory and learning processes prove to be of no problem to him. However names are sometimes forgotten especially when he hasn’t heard it or read it in a few months. Faces however he can always recall with little to no effort that’s not a year old. Magitech: Vaan is still experimenting with Magitech as he’s never gotten a completed project yet. Hence is why he is being schooled into the university under the Magitechnology courses in particular. The current one is the gauntlet and it is just a prototype. Immunity to Disease and Poison: If there’s anything that his vampiric blood does for him is that Vaan never gets sick. At least not by normal as he can be vulnerable due to long exposure to the sun, but that’s about it. [Lineage] Nothing of Importance. [Family] Varithia Gwaelon: Vaan’s mother and also a vampire who hails from the Orisia Isle. She is the connection to which Vaan is able to use magic at such an early age. Currently her whereabouts are unknown as she returned to Orisia when Vaan was only 8 and never came back. Leith Gwaelon: Vaan’s father and is an engineer at Ashville. Specialized in working with technology and invention. Leith tutored Vaan into engineering which led to Vaan’s growing expertise with Magitechnology. Currently is living with Vaan and has a simple cottage that is secured into the ground. Vaan is indeed a half vampire from birth, however because of that it’ll be impossible for him to become a full vampire even with a bite from one. The curse still affects him, but it doesn’t have much of an impact on him as it normally does for vampires. Leith was actually unaware that Varithia was a vampire until nine years into their marriage. Where he witnessed his wife suckin the blood from a local that was under a hypnotic stasis from staring into the vampire’s eyes. Outraged of what she really was all along, Leith divorced her almost immediately and gain complete custody over Vaan despite his heritage. From the heartbreak as Varithia had done her best to keep herself under control even to the point where she nearly starved to death from lack of blood. Varithia disembarked for Orisia Isle and disappeared. Now Vaan barely remembers his mother’s name, and can’t even conjure up an image of her face due to the fact that Leith destroyed everything that was connected to Varithia. In truth Vaan actually frowns with annoyance for his father’s actions especially after he had done some investigation of his own regarding about his mother. More importantly, he heard the tale of what had transpired as Leith refused to say anything about the matter. Varithia was actually taking a day to spend some time with Leith’s younger sister, Cecilia Gwaelon, who is like a good friend to Varithia and actually already knew what Varithia was. Vaan came under the conclusion that Leith overreacted in a very hostile method and thus resulted in kicking his now ex wife out of the door and practically sent her far away from them. Leith had tried several occasions to find someone who would be more like a mother to Vaan, but Vaan refused to acknowledge any of them as a mother. Now Vaan actually wants to take some time off in order to attempt to find his mother somehow. If she was alive, then that’ll be great for him, but then again he hasn’t heard from his mother for almost ten years now. During this time Vaan has been focused on his studies in the Gaian Academy and becoming more familiar with how magitech works. Which so far has been going rather smoothly, but recently Vaan was at the final stage on one of many projects he was doing. A human sized golem that was supposed to be more like a shield guardian to absorb damage. Instead the golem ignored its preset commands and the magic within it caused the golem to do the exact opposite task it was given. Luckily Vaan was the only one injured, but still many are now whispering rumors that he’s trying to raise an army of golems. Vaan ignores the rumors, but still he can’t shrug the feeling that these rumors are going to get out of hand. [Property] None (At least under his name) [Purchased] None Character Quotes: ”Imagine the wonders Valucre has to offer. If only we can figure out what each wonder truly mean before we try to populate it with creatures that consumes it.”
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    Project files available here To follow this tutorial, you will need either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for the creation of the character and After Effects along with Duik 1.5 (free) for the animation and character rig. We'll be making a fully functional, basic template of Finn from Adventure Time: Duik is perfect for this style of cartoon and makes for very easy click-and-drag animation, once you finally have it set up. Each of the above Finns only took about a minute each to animate from the template and it has the ability to be infinitely re-used and refined. This method of rigging a character would work for any similar images, characters, and styles from Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar programs. I intended for this to be a private tutorial (which might help explain my overall tone and lack of urgency) but figured it might help someone or spur interest. In case you get impatient, I start actually using Duik at 4:00 and on, use the Auto-Rig feature at 12:43 and on, and begin playing/talking about rigging with Duik overall from 15:00 until the end. Minor discrepency: the files included in the source do not include leg layers as they're merged into the torso, the puppet pins are the same but done on the torso layer.
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    Damin exhaled sharply into the air, wisps of white rising from lightly steaming needles and slowly numbing lips. He wouldn't stop. He couldn't. Damin had to keep going, even if his eyes chilled shut and the wind bit through his bones and his magic left his core entirely as a writhing mass of invisible, molten light. They were coming. They were... Damin's body folded in to the tune of memories and creaking ice, magic expanding in massive spikes, alighting his faded form in abandoned power. Mind fizzing with possibilities and equations, the magic swirled uneasily around the body, billowing around like a sphere of white smoke, while the body collapsed inwards. Damin's adrenaline and delusion filled trek had caused the last of his strength to drop away, leaving his mind completely open to all the stimuli it could take in, to make up for the loss. It backfired upon him, and if it weren't for the fact he'd sunk into restless unconsciousness his dtomach would've already vacated itself on the frosted grass. As it were, his magic stayed and flowed about and began to finally repair him, at the same time acting as a thin veil of protection that wouldn't hold up to much more than the cold and internal attacks. (Look I did it finally it's crappy but there) @Kingofgames12 @Alexander the Black
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    Better than the other stuff... Absinthe is just horrid, worse than vodka. Pure stuff, really popular in my country, but still awful. Never tasted it, but the smell and composition is enough to tell. By the way, that up there is my sense of humor, for anyone who might have been wondering. I certainly hope nobody gets drunk on methanol, and I certainly hope Santa won't be distributing it to kids either.
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    Santa's special brew... Absinthe. Ho ho fuckin' ho! Let me bring my ethanol! Not methanol, you say? But is it not so much better to be blind?
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    [Quest] Black Destiny

    Tunnels The fallen knight got into position, and would have gotten the upper hand on Catherine, had the shadowy orb not struck him in the side. He had assumed that both enemies were close-range fighters, and as a result, did not even see it coming. He attempted to raise his shield to block, but it was too late. The force of the blow threw him against the wall of the tunnel, raining more rocks and debris on him and the nearby Catherine. The mighty warrior's axe swung at him, almost cleaving off his left shoulder and cutting deeply into his chest. Ruby blood poured forth, indicating that the knight was not undead. He did not seem to feel any pain however, springing to his feet immediately, his left arm dangling gruesomely. Using his other arm, he swung his sword at the female warrior, but the extensive damage to his body made the attack weak and easy to fend off. It would be a mercy for Catherine to kill the former paladin and end his misery now, or she could ignore him; he would be dying from blood loss in minutes regardless. ---------- Broken Plains Whatever the figure riding on the spider-like creature was doing, Remissio was not interested. At first, they seemed to be heading back towards Inns'th, which would have made no difference to him, but instead, they had stopped in front of him. "I call parley." The female shouted. It was an amusing thought. "There is nothing you can offer me," he answered back. "I have a mission, and I will carry it out myself. You are not my target. If you are smart, stay out of my way, and you will be unharmed. Your life or death is of no consequence." Remissio's steps did not slow. He continued on his path towards Inns'th. He did not order his troops to attack, but once the creatures got close enough, they would kill the two even without his specific orders.
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    Beautiful Simply beautiful
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    Clopping of horses trotted along the ground as its riders looked upon their destination in the distance. The earth was rotten. The air smelled foul. The sky was painted with gray and green, the atmosphere having been encroached by necrotic activities that had invaded the living world. Walking onto this land was no different from walking into Hell on Earth. The air roared with unnatural lightning with that citadel of death in the center of it. Clouds were twisting above the center of unlife that perpetrated this side of Terrenus. A single hand from the leading person, whose hair was long and red, gave signal to stop. They stood there at the edge of a cliff that looked down upon the land rife with the denizens of this remote nation known as Arnim Tor. To the rest of the world, it was known as the Forbidding Hills. A long time ago, a being of necromancy took it upon himself to unleash an attack onto the citizens beneath, a civilization of drow. Since then, he had risen a city made of nothing but the nightmares that plagued mankind. Ghasts, zombies, undead, cursed beings, mindflayers, everything that was both once living or part of the former Underdark belonged to the person that forged his power across this land. And yet, no one had chosen to confront or put in check this civilization since. The leading rider spoke, her voice rich and ripe, but her words slightly emphasized as if the common language was still new to her: "There are two choices we have here. We either cut our way to our target...or we surrender now." She turned her head back toward the ones that accompanied her on this daring quest, Vicious Trinity's red eyes staring at them with their wild, psychotic look that went well with the unnatural whiteness of her skin. "Which will it be?" @Misty @Robbie Rotten @V1L3 VILLAIN ---------------------------------- ((We'll have a three day time limit on posts. When you do not post, your turn will be skipped and the next person will be able to go. After the first round of posting, the turn order will be established. Since we're all cooperating in this rp, some people may puppet your character if they are needed to do something to progress, such as moving them along physically or etc.))
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    Planet Waves

    Stone Ocean - Let's Go Hunting!

    @Beep Inn'sth was a sanctuary. A true stepping stone for Catarina's daring, and nigh-suicidal mission into the wastes, to encounter an entirely new creature. Her goal was the Furthest Point, to investigate rumors of something not quite a Twistling...but something that changes shape! Eyewitnesses have reported it had changed into sleeping versions of them, but these sleeping forms tirelessly slid silently across the rocks to follow them. It was only until they ditched a certain item the thing went away. Catarina felt strongly that she would embark, and return back over the wall from the mountains. This was more than courageous decree, it was part of her becoming stronger, in body and mind. Armed to the horns with proper hunting equipment, and a couple lucky charms. Also equipped to her head was an item of great importance to her journey--the Arcane Lake Rune. Like a miner's lamphelm, but rather than a lightpiece, an odd stone with the etching of a circular form with an infant fish within. Tied around her head, this rune would redirect harmful psychic attacks, through means of constantly emitting 'bad vibe dampeners' from it. Lying on the wooden platform for her feet, was the folded Scale Stripper, a rifle with a peculiar quality--the questionable ball ammunition, of quicksilver. Blessed quicksilver could be infused with a certain 'proficiency', and so, she had commissioned the Order of the White Hand to supply her with Shell Breaking Quicksilver Bullets from Ashville. She rode practically side be side with it during the week long airship voyage. These bullets were naturally better at breaking carapaces and layers of scales. Other provisions, like food, fire-starting kits, extra Arcane Lake Runes, and assorted goods such as guidebooks to Yh'mi, eating utensils, survival tools, and lastly, a trusty shovel, were all stored in a rucksack, stored in the back of the Travel Chair, a much tougher, larger wheelchair. Catarina could manipuate a series of levers to 'spin up' the wheels, and set it to move forward a certain distance, and even speed. The complicated Travel Chair was perfect, although it seemed anyone who had to operate it would have to be feverish in their movements. There were no questions on Catarina's mind on if what she was undertaking was smart, or if she'd live. No questions if she had enough for the travel. No doubts on her ability. The only question was... Who could point her in the right direction?
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    Outside of Ebony Walls

    The cold bite of winter's breath cut through Welfrick's light armor, penetrating what little warmth he had left in his body. He was haggard, and would have loved to stay inside of a nice cozy inn inside of the city walls; however, that was sadly not an option for him. There he stood outside of the black rampart, a barrier separating monsters from people. He gave a small smirk as he realized there was little difference between him and the beasts that prowl the wilderness. "How pitiful," he thought. He came to this town to search for a cure to his ailment -- something that would begin taking hold of him very soon for yet another lonesome night. The most talented psionics in all of Terrenus were gathering in this new settlement. Surely, one of them would be able to provide a solution for him.... Seventeen years.... Seventeen years since the death of his father... Seventeen years since the malediction of the shadow beast befell him... What cruel words must have been spilt in feral tongue when Welfrick plunged his sword into the elder beast that was before him... A curse that would last until the end of days if he didn't find a solution. The raven crowed as the sun began to set. Sooner or later, the moon would be up, marking another sleepless night. Giving a weary sigh, Welfrick took off his dark bow. The weathered grip of the bow felt like ice, smooth and cold to touch. He removed his sword from his side, letting the cold black blade fall on the grassy terrain. After unbuttoning his cloak, he tossed the green piece of fabric to the side alongside his satchel. His leather armor was next -- a tedious task given that it is well secured on his body. He sat on the dirt, and unlatching many straps, belts, and buckles affixing the worn armor to his body. Finally, he tossed it all to the side, and took off his chainmail. He got back up, this time more hurriedly as the day's light began to fade. From his satchel he removed an assortment of fetters, chains, and manacles. He removed from his pants a small twine necklace with a single key dangling from it. He walked to the black stone walls that towered over him, and chained his feet first. He took the butt of the sword, and hammered the chains into the wall with an iron spike. Clang, Clang, Clang, went sound of the metallic ringing as the spike was driven into the bulwark. The sound reverberated throughout the silent forest, loud enough to scare away a small murder of crows. When his feet were sufficiently restrained, he hammered in another spike above with more chains. He put the key around his neck, silver glistening in the sunset. As rehearsed on numerous occasions, he restrained his arms, shoulders, and neck with chains so that he was hanging from the wall. He then maneuvered the final manacles around his wrists, and with careful dexterous movements, locked the manacles around his wrists as the sun began to fall. He closed his eyes as he prepared himself for solitude. There he was, in fetters and chains hammered into the great ebony walls of Predator's Keep. It was better this way -- at least he wouldn't hurt anyone tonight... as long as the chains held him fast against the wall.
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    We could organize a game of Forum Werewolf... But we would need more people.
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    Yes? :D -crosses fingers-
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    Daily Weekly

    Adobe Tutorials

    Most are novice/beginner level, each are 5 - 10 minutes: Blend Tool Layer Options Palette Pathfinder Basics Pen Tool Pixel Art Shapes Shapes (Abstract) Stroke Basics Why learn from me when you could check out ECAbrams, Mt. Mograph, After Effects with Mikey, and the people who I learned from? Character Rigging with Duik 1.5 (20 mins) Color Expression Controls (12 mins) Character Rig Troubleshooting (48 mins)
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    “Apex Predator,” Pilot had said, “Following the eat-sleep-mate paradigm common of large predators.” There was a peculiar process that most nearly all sentient beings of all cultures underwent in the course of their aging toward maturity. In childhood, it was an instinctual fear of the instinctually terrifying – the large, the loud, the sudden. As they grew, however, it morphed from those abstracts into more grotesque, visceral forms. Monsters, demons, the stereotyped undead, ghosts; they feared creatures of horror, creatures of fear, of the unknown. Once into maturity, however, the sentient acquired a sort of conceit for their sentience. They said that the most horrifying thing to face was each other, for intelligence remained the most fearsome weapon of all. It was a comfortable routine to walk into the dark freely, without fear, mind instead preoccupied by conflicts politic. Questions of social discord, of civil disharmony, were the enemies. There was no space left for the beast, the vampyr. They were trifling matters. Finn swallowed as Pilot continued to present his findings. Instinctively, the intern relaxed upon hearing that their enemy was a mere animal. A creature hell-bent on food, on sex, and nothing else. Instinctively, his mind categorized their target as a lesser being, a thing of lower intellect. So were the Chitten and the Cyclopes, as a matter of fact. He paled slightly. An animal was the thing that put a hole in Pilot, who wore an armor that seemed right out of the cutting-edge labs of the military. Reparadigmation of worldview would be necessary. Finn let the right amount of fear slip into his bloodstream. Any less, and he might really get himself killed. There were still things left in the world to fear. Yh’mi, for one, had not lost its edge. Pilot had finished up his summary. “An anomaly with my instruments. And also the peculiar sensation of being watched?” Finn remained quiet as he digested the data. Nothing stood out as a fact that could be weaponized. It was dangerous to assume lack of intelligence, he realized – it was dangerous to assume many things. Behavioral patterns could be broken, presence of arcane powers could be lack thereof or vice versa; but it was necessary to narrow down the plans. And just perhaps, he was overthinking things. But that sensation of being ever-watched… That, if nothing else, hinted at a sinister design. Was the creature ever-vigilant, or were there other creatures in symbiosis? Finn felt that this was a key piece of the nature of their target. “Pilot, about the data that we have. What…do you have any plans from here?” Finn stared down at his hands, clasped in his lap. Thinking. “Instinctively, the sensation of being watched is a dangerous one. I don’t know to what extent we can trust our instincts in this place, but if you could sense that – I wonder if the specimen has a bond with other creatures that watch?” “You were attacked the first time you came here. Previously, you,” Finn winced, a bit nervous of the disrespect that may come from his words. Then he recalled the nature of the Handymen. Chances were that they knew no such thing as pride except in their work. “You came out on the losing end, didn’t you? An apex predator does not seem the type to lounge back and watch a defeated prey come around its lair again. Evidence points to another enemy.” Finn tried to recall what he had studied of Yh’mi, flipping through the identified specimens of the encyclopedia hurriedly. It was not a long list. “What do you think?”
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    Taen HQ

    @Ataraxy Couldn't finish lore today, busier than expected, sorry (_ _) @FirePenguinDiscoPanda Actually just keep in mind that 1. Taen plant and animal life is not the same as that of Earth, but 2. Things you'll find in the Jungle quadrant will generally be similar to things found in Earth's tropical rainforests. Think of Avatar's Pandora. Feel free to create whatever you wish with those two things in mind ^_^ Also, there's nearly no sunlight under the forest canoy, and most of the flora and fauna have some form of luminescence, or glow in the dark. :D That's all, really
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    Well good morning *.*
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    Elenwen rode slightly up ahead of Trinity, looking back and forth over the lands laid out ahead of them before turning back to Trinity with a confused look on her face, the horse whose soul her shades had "borrowed" for this trip matching her macabre aesthetic. ".....Surrender? We're not even at war yet! Wait! Are we? Ughh, you're talking weird, red lady. You're lucky I'm wearing this big robe to honor the Dread Margrave, or I'd put your red-haired-ness to shame!" Again she scanned the haunted hills ahead, apparently still unable to find whatever it was that she sought. "What's the 'target,' besides? Do we just run into all the zombies and start yelling that we're in charge now? I've tried that one before! It works sometimes! Oh, I've got a better idea!" The sorceress pulled back one of the voluminous sleeves of her robe and showed the back of her right hand to her compatriots. A black rune sat carved into her porcelain flesh, looking like it was burned through her skin with smoldering ash and ember. The ugly thing pulsed with a life as its own, a pulse that grew stronger with every step that Elenwen's horse took towards the place known as Arnim Tor. She looked down at it lovingly, caressing it with her unmarred hand, and cooed something softly to the mark as though it were her child. She definitely would've born the child of the man who gave it to her, if he would've had her. "I don't think Alexander is here. I should be able to feel him if he were. That's such a shame, I wanted to see him again! Aghh! Well, anyway! Follow me! The mark will let them know I am a friend. They should let you guys come too because you're my friends, so it's like, friends of friends by friends! I think!" With that, Elenwen tore off down the path into Arnim Tor, not waiting for anyone else to respond to her nor looking to check if anyone was following. Her words were half true. The abominations and monsters that stalked this land would leave her be, as she was marked by their King, and so they saw her as one of their own. The other Horsemen had no such protection, so they would either have to find a way to keep up with Elenwen despite lacking her protection, or simply wait for her to return of her own accord.
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    Kaantus Hunting OOC Thread

    I'll try and post tomorrow. My laptop hasn't been working recently, but I'll have access to a computer soon.
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    The Road's A Dangerous Place (Quest)

    [Quest Completed] Summary: On a normal day outside the city of Tazarek, a transport ship arrives to pick up some cargo. As a surprise the pilot is convinced to take aboard three dwarven missionaries on their way to Ignatz. Things appear to be going as planned, until disaster strikes and the pilot is forced to land his ship in a vulnerable area. Little did he know this was only the beginning of his troubles. As soon as the ship lands, they are surrounded by a gang of mercenaries called the Firebirds. Their leader tells the pilot they plan on killing everyone on board and taking the ship for themselves. While the pilot puts up a valiant defense, he and the missionaries are forced to flee from the ship as the Firebirds pursue them. During this they encounter a tiger turtle that attempts to maul them, but thankfully they are able to use it instead to attack the mercenaries hunting them. With the main forces taken care of, the four decide to go on the offensive and retake the ship. Part of their plan involves using one of the missionaries as bait to lure one of the Firebirds out in the open. The plan is successful, and they are able to procure a disguise for the pilot to use to trick the others into believing he is one of them. Through this disguise the pilot learns that the rest of the men found this mission too difficult and abandoned the leader of the Firebirds. As the leader tries to talk with the pilot to further discuss his plans, one of the missionaries tries to attack him from behind. This proves unsuccessful as the leader of the mercenaries discovers him and attempts to end his life with a pistol, but is thwarted thanks to the quick action of the pilot. Now with the crisis averted, they can return to their mission and deliver cargo and people alike to their destination. Short Summary A delivery mission turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse as the pilot is forced to tangle with a deadly gang of mercenaries. Opportunities With the missionaries arriving at their intended destination, what will happen when they begin to preach the word of Thundermar in the city so devoted to Gaia?
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    Vaan Gwaelon

    Can't ask for anything more than a start! We all gotta start somewhere! Let's blow this Popsicle stand.
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    Taen HQ

    Hello hello I am the official unofficial lore person of Taen. Feel free to ask me things about the grass and the animals and the air quality index and others if you need details. I'm working on a possibly ridiculously-detailed version of Taen's lore, and am honored to be here with you all ^_^ Happy writing! So nice to see the board flourishing with life :D
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    The Construction of Lady Winterdew

    Hargrove honestly couldn't be happier. Dwarves were legends of the engineering world; if there was a great machine, there was likely an even greater dwarf behind it. He grew up hearing stories about their contributions across the world and even gained his true passion for engineering and steampunk from A Dwarf in his village. He felt like he wanted to cry he was so happy. Hargrove being escorted by the guards, and while he didn't have time to really go over all the wonders he was seeing...that didn't stop him from looking over the things he passed. It was like an engineer's machinated dream come to pneumatic life! The sounds of steam and metalwork, the clanging of hammers and the sounds of hearty men having good times despite the threat of war at their doorstep. The lycan even hearing speak of Sparkforges giving another 'demonstration'. Oh he wished he could see that; Instead he was taken to what was called The Great Lift. An elevator that took to the different levels of the kingdom and it certainly had earned it's title...If he didn't have a mind for mechanics he would say it was witchcraft, although he couldn't help but feel bad that he was quite the tall and lanky individual and hoped this didn't off put the dwarves...they were a hard people, but their height to be somewhat of an insecurity compared to other races right? Making sure to keep his tail from hitting their faces as he kept it as low to the ground as he could, nearly causing it to touch the floor as he was suddenly met with robed Dwarf named Builder. It looked like all the hair on his head had moved down to his beard! It was quite a sight to see. The Lycan quite respectful and bowed to his elder "Thank you so much Sir; It is my home as well as my workshop heh...so long as it is safe you don't have to go through the trouble of bringing it in; it's kind of rickety because I can't afford the parts to fix it" He said rubbing the back of his neck "It's an honor to meet you sir; I'm Hargrove, most people that know me just call me Grove. Just a common engineer heh." He followed Builder's instructions and stood on the platform next to Builder, watching as the machinery clicked and activated...his eyes distracted by the tapestry of gears and machine. It was an absolute thing of beauty. His mind returning to Builder as he looked at him with curiosity "If you don't mind me asking sir, but...Why do you need me? It said in the letter that it was urgent?" He asked as he rubbed his hands nervously.
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    Deus Ex Aizen

    Outside of Ebony Walls

    It was the damnedest thing! By now the light of her crystal had drawn the attention of another pair on patrol, yet Raven had not yet noticed them. Her brows were knit in concern--the man that seemed so still had become disoriented, lethargic and wilted. She could feel it, though, the vitality rampant within him. Something was wrong, she decided--it didn't add up. Where his pulse should have slowed, it only seemed to race. It were as though his body--for it's state of disarray--couldn't slow down. Then she heard it--the sickening crack. Raven recoiled and stepped back with a gasp of shock. From her peripheral she saw the pair now--they were running for her, drawn by her visceral reaction. The sickly pale moon seemed to highlight the change, accenting every grotesque and painful aspect of the metamorphosis. Air rushed from her lungs as she stumbled back, the palm of her right hand resting over her heart. His pain rocked her to the core, her chest heaving. It had taken only that accidental brush to make the psionic connection. Whatever curse this man held, she had her own to contend with. Voices called out to her in alarm--drawing further attention. Heads turned and stares lingered, but Raven held her hand out in a warn, "NO!" She called to them--it was Johari, his partner Dafina in tow. They slowed and stopped several feet further from where she stood. Unlike the Psions native to the city, and those who had traveled to make Predator's Keep their haven and home, many--if not all--the members of the auxiliary forces that made up the Enforcers were magi. Dafina's hands teamed with an electric current, flickering and dancing between her slender fingers. Johari was an immense silhouette of a man, stalwart and unique in his ability to negate the ethereal and psionic. He reigned in his power, for it seemed Dafina's use of the element would come handier for the beast they saw before them. "Don't come near--he's a Shifter." If the two Enforcers had been tense before--they were visibly so now. They knew the term, what it meant, and why their commander requested they stay away. It was the damnedest thing. Raven was intimately familiar with the sound of shifting bones--the way new formed and old ones broke. She knew every ripple of power from muscles, every fine thread of humanity torn and tattered to primal fury and the unquenchable thirst that came with the instinct to survive. Oh, how she knew these things. He was dark now--darker than the night. A shadowy taint to her eye. Scaled glinted, the metallic sheen a particularly alluring aspect--alluring in the sense that danger radiated from his changed form. A key dangled around his neck, taunting and teasing her--daring her to try and relinquish him. "Do not engage him," She spoke lowly, calmly--and to her subordinates. "Ponsky, I need wood for fire. Dafina, stay with me in case he breaks his chains. I don't know how well these Obsidian walls will hold." Especially with a tail, she narrowed her gaze in the dark and ground her teeth thoughtfully. The burly Enforcer moved briskly, giving a wide berth to the chained man and his commander. "What is it?" She knew Dafina wouldn't be able to help herself. "He," Raven corrected automatically, as if offended. Perhaps it was because of her own tainted lineage, her compassion as an Empath. She never took her eyes from the creature as he snarled and lunged--his shackles the only thing keeping him from tearing her open, "And I don't know." She replied, the stress of the situation and her lack of familiarity with Terranus' wild creatures left her as uninformed as her Lieutenant. "I hoped to move him to the other cell, but now...now I just don't know. Be ready. I've no mind to place my trust in those chains. The further he is from the city, the better." The creature roared at her then, and Raven winced. She understood his mindlessness. She could feel the ephemeral humanity slipping through her ethereal fingers like mocking sand. Every fiber of her being screamed to run, that this was dangerous--that he was dangerous. It was the damnedest thing, what she saw in this stranger. Raven wondered if the universe enjoyed playing these little jokes on her. For all the fear that electrified her blood and set her nerves on fire and whispered in her ear of the imminent danger she was in, she did not move. Her hand steadily gripped the hilt of her dagger as she waited impatiently for Johari to return. Her mind churned at the chances of how badly this could end, she made a decision, "I'm going to give him a reason to focus on me and draw him from the city. If I can get him to the woods..." That was about as far as her logic got her--whatever was left of it. What she was suggesting was not only stupid, but suicidal and a jeopardy to the city. She recognized sentience, but knew how fleeting that could be. After all, she and this man--whoever and whatever he was, was not so different. A dawning realization crossed Dafina as she realized the intent behind Raven's words, swearing profusely under her breath. It was all crazy! Still, Raven had to do something--and fast.
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    What did you get drunk on?
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    the Golem

    Amidst the throng of fleeing patrons, a lone figure moved forward. Akin to some mythic siren moving through the waves unmolested, the girl advanced unimpeded. Make no mistake, a way was not made for her--frightened men had a way of denying anyone an open path, least of all a slender young woman. No, as is often the case in such scenarios, she made her own way, her body slithering and weaving in and out between the raucous crowd. It was not an overly long ordeal; they were, after all, headed one way and she another. The cool air of the tavern might have been a welcome respite to a normal passer-by, but for Sugi the temperature was of no concern. She stood at the doorway, garbed in a black cloak--it's dark fabric embroidered with small red clouds. She unfastened the outerwear and hung it over the crook of her arm. Sugi was tall, if a bit slender, but with soft features in the right spots that made her sex difficult to conceal. Blonde hair framed her pale face, but did nothing to hide the gold eyes and serpentine pupils that marked her as something more than hume. She perused the bloody pulp that once been a man, the tender, and the giant construct. "Ark PD will be a'roun, yo' know. I been cover'n yo' fer a while na'o... but on'na these times, they gunn' bounty yo' ass. N'stop killin' mah' Tella'Damn customers! "If you're still serving," she said, stepping into the establishment and interjecting into the conversation. "I'll take a Cactaur Spine, with an extra twist of lime..." Regardless of the man's answer, Sugi moved to the pulped remains and prodded at them with an outstretched finger. "They never look like you'd expect them to." She said, glancing sideways at the Golem. "People forget that they're all nothing more than wet sacks of meat hanging on bone and wrapped in flesh." Shaking her head, Sugi wiped her finger on the dead man's trousers--finding a clean patch only after a long searching look. "I'm guessing you did this." It wasn't a question. The man had been turned into paste by something and she doubted the tender had that type of strength resting in those pudgy digits. "He's not wrong, you know?" Sugi said, moving to the bar and placing shapely hips onto a stool. "Arkadia PD are out in spades, it's only a matter of time...minutes probably, before they come looking for you. That crowd isn't exactly inconspicuous." Leaning towards the construct, Sugi tapped the bar and rolled her eyes. "One little patrol is easy enough to deal with, but when they get a look at you, a...er...uh...well a non-hume that thinks for himself and has a violent streak...well, they won't try to keep whatever spark you got burning." Turning towards the Golem, Sugi leaned her elbow against the bar. "I've spent the last few weeks evading Ark PD and believe me, when they are out in full force it's not something you want to face alone. Sentry Drones, Power Armor, Chimeras...it's not pretty." Folding one leg over the other, Sugi turned her gaze to the door. "I'd be happy to help you." She said, her voice sultry and low. "The organization I work with would, no doubt, find you indispensable. We could offer you protection and a purpose...that is, unless you prefer waiting on inferior beings--" her eyes darted to the tender and a small condescending smile played across her lips. "No offense." Folding her hands in her lap, Sugi waited or a brief moment before adding. "I'm afraid I'll need you to answer quickly. I can fill you in on the go, but I wasn't bluffing about Ark PD being minutes away, I saw several patrols on my way across the district and I'd prefer to get a head start on them."
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    The Road's A Dangerous Place (Quest)

    "Trust me," Ferdinand nodded to the pilgrim as she healed her friend. "The chance of me returning there are as slim as dealing with Derkolimin Dwed." He looked at the magic the she-dwarf (or was it dwarfette?) used to mend Mar Olfstead. He was never a fan of magic. Mag-tech? He had no problems with it, but pure magic was far too mystic and uncoprehendable for his rational mind. Still then he was not a stranger to magic users. After all he had a trickster magician for a passenger once. The magician was more of a stow-away but he did provide Ferdinand with some entertainment as deal for not being thrown away into the open sky. "You know, I could do with some healing too!" Ferdinand laughed as he exited the holy dwarve's quarters. In the next room, he nodded to Thun Bulf. The dwarf nodded back to him. Ferdinand did not think an exchange of words was needed to express their gratitude for what they have accomplished. Ferdinand lumbered up the ladder to his control room. He flicked switches and found that most of the systems were still intact. The sound systems were a bit damaged causing his announcement of their lift off to be broken up. He tried to communicate with their Airship port in Hell's Gate, but his communication systems were only met with white noise. The Firebirds' hacking of his communications badly damaged his radio. But at least the Sonar was still working well. Once they have reached the the cruising altitude, Ferdinand planned to attempt fixing the radio of his ship.
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    A lantern in the night

    Gillian made short work of one of the two skeletons assigned to her cleanup detail. The second ceased its lifeless motion the moment that her mace turned its skull to a litany of fragments; the first, like others of its ilk, was tireless, felt no pain, so was on its feet and ambling towards her the very next moment. The blue skeleton's strength dazed Jacunda. It was not more than she could handle, of that she was confident, but it was well outside of the normal range of her expectations for crude simulacrum. It caught her off-guard. If she had come here alone as her ego instructed her to, she might have died tonight. Gillian's cry grounded Jacunda, who stirred underneath the rubble and shed it from her body like fur. A corona of white light surrounded Jacunda's head and obscured her facial features with the shadows it cast. Her features were angular and did not evoke thoughts of warmth or kindness; now they depicted only nuances of persecution. Jacunda came up behind the remaining skeleton and laid a hand on its shoulder. It turned to ash at her touch. "Erindel won't be strong enough to face that thing down himself. Hurry. We have to help." On the first floor, the blue skeleton unhinged its jaw. Erindel had to squint his eyes against the force that the skeleton exerted with its dirge. The cone of sound trained on him was forceful, pushing him back as if at the behest of a great wind. Erindel dug his feet into the floorboards to keep from moving. This was the most powerful dirge he'd ever personally faced, and could feel its unnatural lamentations penetrating his mental defenses, creeping down to his core and chilling his insides. The mist Erindel surrounded himself with dampened its effects just enough to keep his resolve intact. Just enough to keep him from breaking the line, from turning around and running away in gibbering panic. Erindel's reprisal was composed of two attacks. The first was a panel of earth meant to slam into the skeleton from behind, a simple shunt to send it careening forward in a manner identical to what it had done to Jacunda. But the slab stopped dead the moment it hit the skeleton and the skeleton itself did not budge. Then the slab crumbled, and fell around the skeleton in clumps. That was just to test its defenses . . . which were more complete than Erindel hoped. The second attack was from the front. Three spikes erupted from the wooden flooring of the ruined estate. They strategically passed through Erindel's holy mist, strands of the brume spiraling around the spikes' shaft as they raced towards their target. Perhaps it was too slow to react, too stupid to think of it, or too confident from the ineffectiveness of the last strike, but the skeleton did not move as the spikes sought it out. They touched the skeleton on the ribcage, the sternum, and the femur. The first contact interrupted its dirge. Erindel could focus better now. Could think ahead. The second caused it to cease its advance. The third sent it back one step. The results were not overwhelming but they did bolster his courage. Erindel kept the spikes in contact with the skeleton's body and urged them on, kept pushing it back. The skeleton lift its glass sword, and with one pass, cleaved the spikes in twain and rendered them inert. "Good Gaia . . ."
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    Lord Satin


    Holy hell, what happened there?
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    pay dues and make moves

    Okay, Amalia. You rose from the sea. Let’s see what rose with you. Mr. Rose, while libations and victuals of the feast flowed freely in the valley of the so-deemed Amalia, sat among the ruin of Ichthys in a dead man’s suit, bare feet hanging over the mountain’s crescent edge. Behind him the altar, the remnants of its marble runway and the forest of crystal trees, all gleamed a ghostly sleepy yellow that visibly crowned the mountain looking from off over the curve of the horizon. To his left, warping from one side of the altar and over the mountainside, bent pieces of the arc reached out like arms grasping eternal tomorrow. To his right sat an infant in a loincloth without a mask on, diamond spearhead lodged into the ground comfortably within reach. “It’s been a long time,” Cain said aloud to the gas giants in the sky. He relished the cold air against his skin, being so near the clouds, so close to the cosmos and to falling- not simply having distance from the ground, but having every implication it carried- and finally, only alone in these high places, appreciating the fact of his being so small. He felt alive, right there. It has, Ginger god. The infant’s back was slouched, left leg bent up so left elbow could rest. The pudgy right forefinger drew circles in the dirt. If Cain disliked the moniker the Ulway had given him, a mockful pandering to his younger self’s petty inner wants, it did not show on his face. What ends and beginnings you have wrought upon this place.. the mental pause was tangible, and Cain devoured every last bit of it. The Ulway are thankful for freedom from the Centipede, from the Spider and Viper, let that be the bell’s first toll. The second though is of remorse and terror of this new world. What has become of our air, Ginger god? It stings cold in my lungs. What has become of the water around us? This oooh-shan the shadow girl speaks of? What is that? We are not free from it but now feel prisoner more than ever. The breakdown of Aidni’s atmospheric gyro as it approached ocean’s surface meant a change in the island’s projection of atmosphere- namely in that it would no longer be a manufactured atmosphere but San Yara’s naturally tropic atmosphere. Not incredibly different for flora or fauna, but both breath and movement met surprisingly reduced resistance when released from Aidni’s prosthetic atmosphere. Furthermore, few Ulway had ever been outside the water and those that were had been just peachy on expedition with a prior operative of the Dead named Artist Dove, whom Cain had come to admire greatly. The point was, they had never been trapped quite in such a visible manner for themselves as upon this island they could see but not yet traverse beyond. “Don’t worry kids, you're gonna be just fine,” Cain, having been all-too-well introduced to the Ulwayan manner of thinking, had come when referring to any Ulway to regard them in plural form. This habit he employed now with an indignant dripping of obviously fake indifference. “We’ll get you some of the pretty boats Artist came on. As soon as you tell me what was in this garden.” I suppose if I elected not to tell you, you might just dig down and find out yourself? “You’ve come to know your Ginger god so well.” Cain and the consciousness of the Ulway talked all night of distant things, the future within which they resided yearned for all along by the reaching steel arms of the arch to his left. Despite the adrenal flow of their journey, it had taken nearly a full day’s eastward travel for Aidni to reach San Yara; and both the Ulway and the man on the mountain anticipated company in no time at all. When it did come, however, the ones on the mountain were the first to see its pioneer sails billowing over the arch of the world. The feast had only ended an hour and a half earlier, most of the Ulway remaining in a deep state of rest, and so only Cain and the sentry rose to the envoy. After a short exchange of ideas, the Ulway race felt a piece of itself slip out of its control and the sentry raced off and Cain sat back down. Peter would see the toddler-like creature standing on the shore as soon as such a sight was visible within the normal range of human vision. The diamond spear Peter and his accompaniment would soon recognize as customary to all Ulway was again lodged into the sand beside it; it stood with feet shoulder-width apart, wearing a brown grass loincloth and holding an indigenously decorated mask in its tanned left hand. This it would extend as Peter disembarked with his crew, gesturing with its free hand to put it on. I am told you are likely to have come from Terrenus, one would hear after donning the mask. Shaman sat upon a large, square cushion in the back of his hollowed out trunk. Something smoked in a bowl on a small table to the far left, grass had been combed and knotted into surprisingly soft carpeting, and as the sun pinned diagonally down through the Ul forest’s canopy it became apparent that what appeared to be random knotholes in the tree-quarters were actually windows strategically placed to adequately illuminate Shaman’s quarters. There was a cushion identical to his before him to which he gestured for Leila, between them upon the grass carpet two bowls of steaming tea and one larger one of green paste; Shaman indulged in the former, half as often taking fingerfuls of the latter and smearing it on the nearly healed wound ringing his leg. Feel no remorse. Feasts of the Ulway are joyous and celebrated occasions on Aidni. You did not even sleep for long, only two suns. Now come, sit. We have much to discuss. First, he said, shifting in his own seat like an excited toddler, leaning forward. First we find it appropriate that Aidni be born into Amalia. In a world that has changed among a forest that has blossomed to the true sun, so too have we grown and must we continue to grow. He dipped his finger into the green paste again, rubbing it on the scarred line where once he had worn a severed leg. Second, upon Amalia we have harvested a plant for as long as we remember our generations spanning back. It is as long as we have been under this oh-shan you speak of, he minced the pronunciation of ocean with surprising deftness. It is called Ptolmy’s Ichor, and has healed many an Ulway. I have seen your black friend, he cleared up any confusion by making stitching motions in the spots where Leila’s wounds were, patching you back together in the night. This is like that, very very good. Next. This oh-shan, is it the water all around us, yes? Tell me, he would go on after she told him what the oh-shan was, of these things we can do for one another can you give me, can you give the Ulway, boats?
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    Soldat Tenaille

    Feral [Complete]

    ??????????XXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀XXXXXXXXXXXXxxNAME ▐ ??????? XXXXXXXXXXXxALIAS ▐ Feral XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAGE ▐ ?????? APPEARING AGE ▐ 10 XXXXXXXxxxRACE ▐ Wood Elf xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCLASS ▐ Feral Child XXXXXxxxHEIGHT ▐ 4'9" XXXXXxxxWEIGHT ▐ 97lbs XXxxxEYEXCOLOR ▐ Green XxxxHAIRXCOLOR ▐ Brown ???????????XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Feral is true to his name - he speaks no known languages, can neither read nor write and is reclusive, skittish and curious. Like any wild predatory animal he is potentially dangerous if cornered or threatened, and communicates primarily with auditory outbursts and body language. ?????????XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Feral was born in the Blue Hills of Terrenus - his parents the victims of roving bandits. Hidden under his mothers corpse the bandits did not notice the two day old child, and for two days and nights young Feral cried out. It was then by chance a family of Striped Fox, a small fennec fox variant, stumbled upon the battle scene. Whatever their reason, the fox freed the babe from the clutches of its mothers corpse and raised it. Feral grew up understanding he was no fox, but despite that he never left their care and lived and hunted for an unknown amount of years as if he was one such creature. During a routine hunt Feral stumbled upon a small band of merchants, and for a few days he spent time with the group while constantly being refereed to as 'Feral' due to his nude appearance and wild, animal like mannerisms. Initially they attempted to take Feral, hoping to return him to society - but his rather violent reaction made them think better of their choice. As a parting gift they clothed him and the Elven guide the band employed even taught Feral to make a bow, arrows and other such tools of the woodsman. Feral does not know how many years ago that was, but it was many. A Wood Elf by birth, Feral is likely somewhere between fifteen and twenty years of age despite his child like body, for elves mature at a much slower rate then men. ??????XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ xxxxxxxxxAnimal Feral is more animal then humanoid, and as a result he bears many of the skills predatory animals possess. Totally silent in wooded areas, a master of camouflage, master of keeping his scent upwind and beyond. It would not be incorrect to say that Feral is a master woodsman almost without parallel. From tracking to what one can and cannot eat, all of it Feral understands intimately. xxxxxxxxxRanger Feral was taught many years ago by an Elven guide to make a bow, arrows, clothes and other essentials. Years of practice has made him a master of using animal hides, horns, tree sap and any other bounty of the Blue Hills to create anything and everything any wild humanoid would need. xxxxxxxxxArcher Years of practice where survival was on the line has taught Feral to be a skilled archer, capable of hitting a moving target as small as a chipmunk at fifty yards on a consistent basis. However, Feral has zero combat experience and is unlikely to be able to remain calm when facing down an armed humanoid. ????????? XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ xxxxxxxxxGourd A small dried gourd used to hold water, about 17oz in total. It is decoratively painted using the unique pigments of the Blue Hills. xxxxxxxxxLeather Pack A handmade leather pack worked from a single piece of deer hide and treated with various fats and plants to make it weather resistance. Much softer then a production pack the flexible leather has not undergone a true tanning processes. It is quite large for Feral's size, holding any and all things he could ever want. Much like the Gourd it is decoratively painted using the various pigments present in the blue hills, giving it a distinct appearance. ??????? XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ xxxxxxxxxHandmade Bow & Arrows A bow made of regional blue hills wood and deer horn it has a sinew and wood fiber draw string and a draw weight of about 30lbs draw weight. The arrow shafts are made of dense deer horn with a flint knapped stone broad head and various small bird feathers as fletching. Fatal at 30 yards on large game (deer, etc) and 50 yards for small game (rabbits, squirrels, etc) - has never been used against a humanoid, but would likely be effective on an unarmored target at 30 yards. xxxxxxxxxFlint Knap Knife A bone hilted stone blade knife used to skin animals, it is far too fragile for anything beyond light work and has nearly no practical combat value beyond being a pointy rock. ?????? XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ xxxxxxxxxHandmade Poncho A leather and plant fiber poncho hand made by Feral and patterned using the unique pigment of the Blue Hills. Due to the leather being raw and untanned it has been treated using a thin layer of clear animal fat and various plant oils to give it a weather resistant finish while remaining incredibly soft and comfortable. The interior retains the deer fur present on the skin, working as insulator to the cold. The hood of the poncho is the most elaborte piece, sun treated a bright orange with a teal pigmented pattern around the lip. xxxxxxxxxHandmade Clothes Simple leather clothes, treated identical to the poncho but without the pigmentation. They are loose fitting and tied tight with fibrous cord in various places to keep it snug on the body. ???????? ?????? XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ [Note - these are double dated - in bracket is real life date the RP took place out of bracket date is IC date. If any fellow player disapproves of my IC date please PM me.] [Dec. 5th 2016] Dec. 1st 27 AO - Escape from the Blue Hills - Feral is falsely accused of raping and murdering a Lord's daughter. He narrowly escapes the Lords men, hellbent on his death - meanwhile a Diviner in the employ of the Lord learns a dangerous secret about Feral. This secret clears Feral's name and the Lord finds the true culprits. However, the Diviner still pursues Feral, his depraved desire unclear. Meanwhile, Lord Duwall orders his assassin to kill the Diviner, seeming to desire to adopt Feral. Who will find Feral first? What is the secret about Feral? What does the Diviner want with the young Wood Elf? [Solo - Complete] ??????? XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ xxxxxxxxxLord Duwall [NPC] The stern looking Lord of House Duwall, Lord Duwall is a strong built man in his twilight years. Feral witnessed bandits rape and murder Lord Balthazar Duwall's daughter, Laira Duwall. Initially believed Feral the culprit, but after learning a secret about Feral he now seems to desire to protect and potentially raise the wild child as his own. ??????? XXXXXXX▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ xxxxxxxxxThe Diviner [NPC] A thin, unpleasant looking man in his twenties and a skilled diviner briefly employed by Lord Duwall to find his daughter's murderers. Through deep divination he learned a secret about Feral which has driven him to pursue the Wood Elf for some unknown nefarious purpose.
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    ii"My office, is where we are." He has his hat and coat were off. Dick, to remark on it, as the writer hadn't before...was quite an impressive figure. Tall, and muscular, and not in the lithe way. He was large, sure, but not burly and bulky either. Surely, not the mark of aristocracy to be a picture of health and dexterity. Out of his fancy man persona, he was manly looking. On his exposed neck, a scar is visible on the back. It's small, like a bird's talon inflicted the wound. His face was hard, completely different from his smug self he usually presented. "Consider it home. Wash yourself up." He didn't turn from the window. That is, until Richard moved to the desk, and pulled from behind the contraption, a newspaper from the current date. The headline is; Meteor showers incredibly frequent throughout Terrenus! "As freak accidents pile up throughout several cities and landmarks in Terrenus..." Richard began, anger coming off his voice, "The common thread seems to be 'meteor showers' before the phenomenon ceases, and moves elsewhere. The 'animal tornado' two weeks ago may be a part of this, experts say. Civillian going by the name 'Ten Monday' had this to say: "Whatever's goin' on seems to be a big stroke a' bad luck." While luck is left up to interpretation on whether its real, a lot of witnesses of these accidents attribute it to bad luck." "I've followed all these events to here. She has to be here, Damin, and we have to find Dorhys before she causes any more trouble. Casualties in the hundreds are because of her..." "You heard my story involving her, didn't you?" Richard paces back to the window. "We'll find her. Kill her. Let them rest in peace. End her killing spree." "...You won't have to kill her. I'll do it." Richard sighs, opening the blinds, as the last of the sunlight begins to dither away. "Will you help me?" @Kaia_Leia
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