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    I don't mean to be inconsiderate of threads you guys, but the holidays are kicking my ass. Might have to wait until after Christmas to post........... I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.
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    Hi. I'm Scuffle and this is my obligatory introduction post. I'm mainly making this thread for a simple "hello", to meet any friendly people who hang around he new person forums (since I'm sure those kind of people exist), and to see if anyone wanted to help me find a thread for a mad genius psychic gunslinger that will be my first character. Moving right along, I'd simply like to say hello and I hope my stay here is enjoyable.
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    @Lord Satin, question! Would it be more likely for a Marhjan or a Terran to be appointed to lead the auxiliary force? I can see advantages and disadvantages to both choices. For example, the nomads would likely be less hesitant to follow the orders of one of their own, and it would be a diplomatic move to give such a high-ranking position to a nomad (demonstrating a lot of trust). However, having a Mahrjan general would probably create tension with some in the native House Rhodos ranks who still distrust their recent allies, and other officers may be unwilling to cooperate with the general and/or look down on him. Alternatively, with a Terren/native House Rhodos officer leading the nomads, the situation would essentially be reversed. Tension may crop up among the Mahrjan at having to follow orders from an outsider, and it would be far easier for them to see this as a stranger's war and thus lose motivation to fight in it. However, the other officers and Rhodos troops who are still wary about the Mahrjan and unsure of their loyalty would feel safer and more confident having a Terren command the nomads. New allies tend to be met with distrust and hesitation by many, especially those without say in the decision to ally with them, so this choice could be made to placate that fear. I'm probably thinking too deeply about this, but I like contemplating the political implications of stuff like this, and a general is a bit of a big deal. Either way sounds fun and like something I could work with, so I thought I'd ask for your input before I make a final decision. Whether the general is Marhjan or Terren will also have an impact on his values, devotion to the cause, mindset, pretty much everything relating to this rp, so that's something I need to figure out first. I've got pretty clear characters for both a Terren general and a Mahrjan general (almost everything except for a name, names are hard), and I love both of them, so I leave the coin flip up to you.
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    Daily Weekly


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    ToA Genesis OOC

    Too bad boy'o. Every fight has a different emotion for me to take into it. Rest assured, neither ego nor malice enter this one. Instead.. It's pity. Out of my immense kindness.
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    Vaan Gwaelon

    [General] First Name: Vaan Surname: Gwaelon Nickname: None Location: Ashville, Terrenus Alignment: Lawful Neutral Race: Half Human, Half Vampire Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 17 Status: Citizen/Student Job Class: Wizard/Magitech Engineer [Physical] Voice: Ray Chase Eyes: Almond shaped with midnight blue eye color. Complexion: Young Male Complexion Height: 5’6” Weight: 148 lb. Build: Slim with hints of muscularity Hair: Short, Dark Blue, Comb Over Hairstyle Defining Features: Recent scar on the right hand where one of his magitech experiments went berserk and attacked him. A good lesson and reminder on making sure the programming is correct the first time. Left eye is a lighter blue hue due to a recent transmutation. Story is currently rumor based as he never revealed on what happened. [Mental] Nature: Curious, Loyal, and Independent Hopes: Breakthrough to further the use of magitechnology, Understand more clearly how magic itself works, and of course hopes to understand the world of Valucre more. Fears: Valucre becoming more unstable as technology becomes more advanced, Abusing magic for war purposes, and most abnormal creatures. Likes: Science, Technology, Magitech, Magic, Birds, Myths, Riddles Dislikes: Animals, Sociology, Arrogance [Gear] Head: Headband Torso: Simple white short sleeved shirt with a black cloak that comes with a hood. Legs: Cloth, baggy black pants. Feet: Brown Leather Boots Hands: Protective Leather Gloves [Weapons] Magitech Prototype Gauntlet: It is a gauntlet made from steel engraved with runes which magically enhances the durability of the gauntlet. Not to where it is indestructible, as it was used when Vaan had defend himself against his berserk creation hence the scar on his hand, it got broken after an adamantine axe bit into the gauntlet. It can receive more punishment than normal steel can endure, but with the technology circuits can be found laced into the joints of the fingers and wrists. Which is powered on by magic energy by pouring Ether into the gauntlet where the magic processor will generate power into the gauntlets. Allowing it to briefly deliver shocking attacks upon touch. [Magic] Transmutation: Vaan has more training in transmutation related magic than the other types of magic. By calculating the usage of Ether and having an imaginative mind. Vaan can temporarily alter the materials into a different one provided that it has the same dimensional size as the previous item. For example, Vaan can transmute his skin into scales of steel because it is affecting the skin. Of course the weight still applies, but with the appropriate strength Vaan can utilize freely like a regular arm. Limited Lightning Manipulation: Vaan is limited when it comes to lightning magic. Limited to the point where it only works upon touch. Limited Summoning: Tapping into the summoning side had Vaan learning more about creatures that he’s never seen before or was thought to be a myth. He only recently discovered summoning magic, and he can only summon creatures he has personally seen before. The powerful creatures are an exception as Vaan needs their blessing. Which is more or less like a contract he has to forge in order to summon them. [Abilities] Strength: Vaan’s strength is about equivalent to the average human. Capable of lifting up to fifty pounds with effort and can push objects that weigh up to one hundred and fifty pounds. Twice the amount if the object has wheel-like motion to make it easier to move. Reflex: The reflex is more like instinct on Vaan’s body. It is a system where his mind lets go and resumes into a blank yet focused state. Letting his body follow the motions as if he’s just breathing air. However it only activates to its maximum potential when he’s in danger so it doesn’t activate whenever he wants it to. Strategic Intellect: The sharper the mind is how much easier it is to learn their mistakes, analyze their failures, and correct them accordingly. Vaan has an easy time on forming plans as it is more in his expertise. Memory and learning processes prove to be of no problem to him. However names are sometimes forgotten especially when he hasn’t heard it or read it in a few months. Faces however he can always recall with little to no effort that’s not a year old. Magitech: Vaan is still experimenting with Magitech as he’s never gotten a completed project yet. Hence is why he is being schooled into the university under the Magitechnology courses in particular. The current one is the gauntlet and it is just a prototype. Immunity to Disease and Poison: If there’s anything that his vampiric blood does for him is that Vaan never gets sick. At least not by normal as he can be vulnerable due to long exposure to the sun, but that’s about it. [Lineage] Nothing of Importance. [Family] Varithia Gwaelon: Vaan’s mother and also a vampire who hails from the Orisia Isle. She is the connection to which Vaan is able to use magic at such an early age. Currently her whereabouts are unknown as she returned to Orisia when Vaan was only 8 and never came back. Leith Gwaelon: Vaan’s father and is an engineer at Ashville. Specialized in working with technology and invention. Leith tutored Vaan into engineering which led to Vaan’s growing expertise with Magitechnology. Currently is living with Vaan and has a simple cottage that is secured into the ground. Vaan is indeed a half vampire from birth, however because of that it’ll be impossible for him to become a full vampire even with a bite from one. The curse still affects him, but it doesn’t have much of an impact on him as it normally does for vampires. Leith was actually unaware that Varithia was a vampire until nine years into their marriage. Where he witnessed his wife suckin the blood from a local that was under a hypnotic stasis from staring into the vampire’s eyes. Outraged of what she really was all along, Leith divorced her almost immediately and gain complete custody over Vaan despite his heritage. From the heartbreak as Varithia had done her best to keep herself under control even to the point where she nearly starved to death from lack of blood. Varithia disembarked for Orisia Isle and disappeared. Now Vaan barely remembers his mother’s name, and can’t even conjure up an image of her face due to the fact that Leith destroyed everything that was connected to Varithia. In truth Vaan actually frowns with annoyance for his father’s actions especially after he had done some investigation of his own regarding about his mother. More importantly, he heard the tale of what had transpired as Leith refused to say anything about the matter. Varithia was actually taking a day to spend some time with Leith’s younger sister, Cecilia Gwaelon, who is like a good friend to Varithia and actually already knew what Varithia was. Vaan came under the conclusion that Leith overreacted in a very hostile method and thus resulted in kicking his now ex wife out of the door and practically sent her far away from them. Leith had tried several occasions to find someone who would be more like a mother to Vaan, but Vaan refused to acknowledge any of them as a mother. Now Vaan actually wants to take some time off in order to attempt to find his mother somehow. If she was alive, then that’ll be great for him, but then again he hasn’t heard from his mother for almost ten years now. During this time Vaan has been focused on his studies in the Gaian Academy and becoming more familiar with how magitech works. Which so far has been going rather smoothly, but recently Vaan was at the final stage on one of many projects he was doing. A human sized golem that was supposed to be more like a shield guardian to absorb damage. Instead the golem ignored its preset commands and the magic within it caused the golem to do the exact opposite task it was given. Luckily Vaan was the only one injured, but still many are now whispering rumors that he’s trying to raise an army of golems. Vaan ignores the rumors, but still he can’t shrug the feeling that these rumors are going to get out of hand. [Property] None (At least under his name) [Purchased] None Character Quotes: ”Imagine the wonders Valucre has to offer. If only we can figure out what each wonder truly mean before we try to populate it with creatures that consumes it.”
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    Project files available here To follow this tutorial, you will need either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for the creation of the character and After Effects along with Duik 1.5 (free) for the animation and character rig. We'll be making a fully functional, basic template of Finn from Adventure Time: Duik is perfect for this style of cartoon and makes for very easy click-and-drag animation, once you finally have it set up. Each of the above Finns only took about a minute each to animate from the template and it has the ability to be infinitely re-used and refined. This method of rigging a character would work for any similar images, characters, and styles from Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar programs. I intended for this to be a private tutorial (which might help explain my overall tone and lack of urgency) but figured it might help someone or spur interest. In case you get impatient, I start actually using Duik at 4:00 and on, use the Auto-Rig feature at 12:43 and on, and begin playing/talking about rigging with Duik overall from 15:00 until the end. Minor discrepency: the files included in the source do not include leg layers as they're merged into the torso, the puppet pins are the same but done on the torso layer.
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    Damin exhaled sharply into the air, wisps of white rising from lightly steaming needles and slowly numbing lips. He wouldn't stop. He couldn't. Damin had to keep going, even if his eyes chilled shut and the wind bit through his bones and his magic left his core entirely as a writhing mass of invisible, molten light. They were coming. They were... Damin's body folded in to the tune of memories and creaking ice, magic expanding in massive spikes, alighting his faded form in abandoned power. Mind fizzing with possibilities and equations, the magic swirled uneasily around the body, billowing around like a sphere of white smoke, while the body collapsed inwards. Damin's adrenaline and delusion filled trek had caused the last of his strength to drop away, leaving his mind completely open to all the stimuli it could take in, to make up for the loss. It backfired upon him, and if it weren't for the fact he'd sunk into restless unconsciousness his dtomach would've already vacated itself on the frosted grass. As it were, his magic stayed and flowed about and began to finally repair him, at the same time acting as a thin veil of protection that wouldn't hold up to much more than the cold and internal attacks. (Look I did it finally it's crappy but there) @Kingofgames12 @Alexander the Black
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    Better than the other stuff... Absinthe is just horrid, worse than vodka. Pure stuff, really popular in my country, but still awful. Never tasted it, but the smell and composition is enough to tell. By the way, that up there is my sense of humor, for anyone who might have been wondering. I certainly hope nobody gets drunk on methanol, and I certainly hope Santa won't be distributing it to kids either.
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    Santa's special brew... Absinthe. Ho ho fuckin' ho! Let me bring my ethanol! Not methanol, you say? But is it not so much better to be blind?
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    [Quest] Black Destiny

    Tunnels The fallen knight got into position, and would have gotten the upper hand on Catherine, had the shadowy orb not struck him in the side. He had assumed that both enemies were close-range fighters, and as a result, did not even see it coming. He attempted to raise his shield to block, but it was too late. The force of the blow threw him against the wall of the tunnel, raining more rocks and debris on him and the nearby Catherine. The mighty warrior's axe swung at him, almost cleaving off his left shoulder and cutting deeply into his chest. Ruby blood poured forth, indicating that the knight was not undead. He did not seem to feel any pain however, springing to his feet immediately, his left arm dangling gruesomely. Using his other arm, he swung his sword at the female warrior, but the extensive damage to his body made the attack weak and easy to fend off. It would be a mercy for Catherine to kill the former paladin and end his misery now, or she could ignore him; he would be dying from blood loss in minutes regardless. ---------- Broken Plains Whatever the figure riding on the spider-like creature was doing, Remissio was not interested. At first, they seemed to be heading back towards Inns'th, which would have made no difference to him, but instead, they had stopped in front of him. "I call parley." The female shouted. It was an amusing thought. "There is nothing you can offer me," he answered back. "I have a mission, and I will carry it out myself. You are not my target. If you are smart, stay out of my way, and you will be unharmed. Your life or death is of no consequence." Remissio's steps did not slow. He continued on his path towards Inns'th. He did not order his troops to attack, but once the creatures got close enough, they would kill the two even without his specific orders.
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    Beautiful Simply beautiful
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    Kristall Verloren Lore

    A Member of the Seelenauge overlooking Kristall Verloren Located in Elendaron, in the forests of Seinaru Forven, Kristall Verloren is a city made entirely of crystals, typically surrounded by snow. The cloudy skies and white flakes keep the city mostly hidden and one would not happen to just stumble upon it. Kristall Verloren has no set religion, but most of its residents worship the Moon Goddess. This is due to a few reasons. First, Kristalloreans connect the moon with water, and by an extension ice and snow. Second, they believe that the moon is able to charge and give power to their crystals. Third, they believe that the moon not only increases their magic, but enhances it. Kristalloreans base the idea of magic around their seven Chakra points. This leads to them spending most of their lives honing these points: The Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. They believe doing this increases their magic and gives them more control over it. This practice has lead to families developing specific abilities unique to only their blood. Crystals themselves are believed to be Divine. Residents of Kristall Verloren embue their chakra/magic with crystals throughout their lifetime. This practice is believed to imprint the memories and experience of that being into the crystal for future generations to live and experience. Due to this, it is also believed that the soul of the being is forever connected to the crystal so that it may watch over and protect Kristall Verloren. Kristall Verloren is ruled by the Kristall Pharoa, currently Emperor Deval IV, and his Seelenrat, a council of three trusted advisors. Pharoas are known to rule for long periods of time before a successor takes their place. Once the Pharoa becomes forty years old, every year after on their birthday they are put through a series of tasks, both physical and mental, that ensure they are still fit to rule over Kristall Verloren. If they fail a new successor takes their place within the week. Not all Pharoas are men. The most revered and respected ruler of Kristall was Queen Pharoa Kimerlea I, who ushered in an Era of intelligence and prosperity they had not known before. The Pharoa operates the military of Kristall Verloren. Families enlisting their children into the Military Academy of its sector by the age of six. If they are not enlisted by age six, children are enlisted in civilian academies and will grow up to live mundane lives doing civilian jobs. Kristall will sell its military to other nations for specific assignments. The military itself has no set uniform, but different preferred armors depending on sectors. Alternatively for those not enlisted in the military, they may become mercenaries for both Kristall and outside nations. However, operating from within Kristall means that they must pay to keep their services available. Military members or Mercenaries that become rogue residents are blacklisted and are hunted to keep Kristall's secrets to itself. Alongside the military, the Pharoa operates his own small unit of warriors who act as his or her right hand. Consisting strictly of seven, the Seelenauge is made up of the greatest warriors, regardless of age, race, genderor any other factor, that reside within Kristall Verloren. Though they each have their own expert trade, they are considered to be all around jack of all trades. The Seelenauge operate under the code of Integrity, Respect, Heroic Courage, Honor, Compassion, Honesty and Sincerity and Duty and Loyalty. Failing to uphold their code causes a swift dismissal from the Seelenauge. Like the normal military, the Seelenauge has no uniform, but the Kristall Verloren Insignia is Tattooed somewhere on their body as a sign of loyalty. While the city is entirely made up of crystals, it is home to many materials and minerals with special properties. As such it's residents create weapons that are unique as they wield special abilities hard pressed to be found elsewhere without the same materials. These weapons are typically made for specific military or mercenary units and are not found outside of their operatives. Those looking to craft such weapons can find the crystals, minerals and materials in Kristall Verloren's market place. Depending on Kristall's current Pharoa it is either a peaceful nation or one seeking war. This is due to the different mentality running it. Some believe that peace will allow them to grow and prosper out of other nations public view. Others believe that only through growing and expanding by domination will Kristall ever reach its full potential. Despite this, Kristall has always remained within a general size and within its own territory. Kristall is split into seven different sects to keep its military balanced. Those sects are magic, bladed combat, hand to hand combat, ranged combat, Medical, Espionage and Interrogation. Each sect is still trained in all forms, but specialize in the main focus of their sect. The hierarchy of the families is split into three different branches. Nobility, Medial and Low. While marriages between different families of different branches is not unheard of, it is not a practiced habit. Historically, nobility marries nobility and so on. This has lead to tension between different families who, under supervision of Kristall, are allowed to operate their own law enforcement for family matters. The Insignia of Kristall Verloren, a representation of the moon cycle. Quest: The soul crystals of Kristall Verloren have become corrupted, and the Seelenauge have fallen in an attempt to discover why. Kristall Verloren is in dire need to discover and correct what is corrupting their crystals. Seven adventurers of Kristall Verloren must travel to and return from correcting this. If successful, they will be knighted the new Seelenauge and given one of seven new artifacts.
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    Twin Skies

    When Welfrick first opened his mouth, there was at first silence. The night was pristine, sky clear of any clouds, showering the heavenly radiance of a thousand stars onto the earth below. Oh how the mistress that comes at day's end was mysterious, yet captivating in all of her beauty. The moons, like the eyes of of some astral being, mirror images of each other, danced as they moved across the skyline towards the horizon. Daybreak would be coming soon, and Night's somber veil would be uncovered. This land was peaceful, like the smooth surface of untouched water. Then like a dewdrop falling into a still pond, a harrowing sound boomed across the mountainside. With all of his fury, the beast screamed into the night, letting out a deafening black shockwave of sound and magic. A beam of darkness jutted from Welfrick's mouth in the direction of the tree; however, when the hunter finally stopped firing his barrage of shadows, his prey was nowhere to be found. Had the man fallen off the cliff? The power of the hunter's shriek damaged the objects at a spiritual level, not at a physical. Its power tears away at the very soul of those caught within its focused blast. The tree that was hit by the blast grew as gray as stone, alive, but dead at the same time. Such a insignificant plant had no will of its own to withstand the blast. But the question was, just where was the bandaged individual? Moments felt like hours to the hunter as his time slowed down for him, his senses heightened due to all of the pain he had just experienced. He could feel his heartbeat grow faster and lungs fill to their maximum capacity. His vision sharpened as he looked for the man in a frenzy. There was no one to his left, or right, in front of him, behind him, or above him. He turned his head back and forth. Did he just vanish into thin air? Then he caught his scent. The man was still present... very close in fact, but just where? A black nose pointed itself upward into the air, trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. His eyes darted forward again at the one location he had already looked at: The tree. That was when he noticed the bandages wrapped around the base of the aged oak. The hunter saw the branches of the dead tree shudder as the silhouette of a man rapidly appeared from below the cliff in a burst of autumnal colors. The leaves of the dead tree fell as the bandaged man rose, and when individual came to the apex of ascent, Welfrick could see the true thorns of the rose he had been trying to pluck. The long strips of rune inscribed cloth surrounded the shadow in the sky, and then like snakes with fangs bared, each came hurtling at the hunter at breakneck speed. Despite registering the attack long before it actually arrived, Welfrick was now in a daze. The control of the shadows comes at a hefty price -- blood sacrifice. Normally, such a spell would not harm the beast; however, he had already lost too much blood from earlier. His vision grew hazy at its periphery, and Welfrick could not see much at this point. He gave a contemptuous growl as he could do nothing else. No longer could he move freely with his leg in the shape that it was in. What a series of unfortunate events. Being impaled in the leg, injuring one's back, and now blacking out due to a loss of blood. All Welfrick wanted was to have a nice meal for the night. Maybe took on more than he could chew, let alone swallow. He tried clawing at the bandages as they rained down on him furiously, but in the end, it was futile. Whatever was going to happen to him was now in the hands of this strange creature.
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    Vaan Gwaelon

    I am SO into this character thus far! I have a feeling my character would have quite an interest in Vaan! My door is always open if your looking to start somewhere that will definitely make him grow as A character~
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    Taen HQ

    Oh it's alright! I'm just used to traditional rping, that is all. Usually, each roleplayer sticks to describing only their own characters' actions, so I was kind of confused when you started describing what Welfrick was doing lol
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    Twin Skies

    Seraph realized that his words fell onto primal and unnatural ears; his eyes trained on the monster before him and tasted the blood in the air. Welfrick's blood staining one of his bandages and with a flick of his finger rose it up to his nose and taking a deep inhale before giving it a taste....immediately grinning "My words are falling short in your ear?: Perhaps this is a sound your primal mind will soundly hear" He said as he cracked his knuckles. His magic was all but useless in this bound state of his but even the mages he once ruled had their limits; It was hard killing a Litch afterall. This creature wanted to fight him and with it's movements and pacing....It had to have sentience of some sort. Was this the guardian of this world? Not much of a god if it bleeds. Seraph' own wounds producing sand instead of blood...one of his punishments being the removal of the blood he sacrificed in life for greater power; this sand drifting in the light breeze that picked up as a storm of unnatural occurrences....A swirling maelstrom of black and blue thundering down heavy bright purple lightning strikes; one of which striking the tree Seraph stood under and setting it ablaze. Seraph couldn't have picked a better setting for a fight...the glow of the ever consuming fire giving Seraph a hellish glow around him as the wind whipped his brindings from the left to the right as he took two steps forward. Seraph was able to pick up the sudden magic pressure coming from a distance but unfortunately the wind made it near impossible to track and figured it must be another of these mongrels...it certainly felt just as lustful for his blood. They would have to get in line. Seraph focusing on Welfrick as his muddy red eyes locked with Welfrick' murderous own. Shadows began to suck toward Welfrick as the area became progressively darker...an Umbramancer? Strange ability for a beast to have...Seraph looking behind him to the cliff overhead and a terrible lightbulb flickering in his diseased skull. Seraph feeling the pain the runes brought as he even barely attempted to tap into his magic, A swell of purple flame beginning to lick at his hands as his magical pressure grew; the bindings around him beginning to tighten to try and stop him, but he chewed through the pain as sand poured from his face and other points of tension the bandages caused. He suddenly clenched his fist and triggered something as his bindings erupted in black flames....Seraph managing to gain some of his power back as he shot his finger toward the tree's trunk and one of the bindings followed it's order and immediately wrapped around the tree while the other hundred or so curled outward and faced toward Welfrick... The burst of magical pressure and wrought black magic emanating from Seraph felt by Marik aswell as he forced it to return to him despite the unyielding pain. Seraph then doing something unspeakable as he suddenly leaped back off the cliff face to obscure Welfrick's vision of Seraph, hoping to completely evade his attack...the sound of physical tension heard as the bandage that was wrapped around the tree strained and became taut. Seraph swinging from side to side over the cliff before kicking off the rock face with a great force. and Welfrick saw him shoot into the air over the cliff and nearly 18 feet into the air as the bandage around the tree released itself and now Seraph being suspended in the air with an angled advantage above Weldrick's shoulder as he fired his volley of bindings that acted as tethered spears; aiming to skewer him like a kebab. the midnight flames surrounding his form glowing against the pale night and being visible from marick's perch as he watched the fight between them.
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    Taen HQ

    Feel free to start your own thread or join in on @Autholius's thread that just started :) Just don't forget to at least skim the lore!
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    Unruly Elves [Quest]

    The effort to make his hand meet Emilia's required more pain than it should. He let out a muffled grunt as the female soldier pulled him up. As fast as his strength allowed him, he retreated back into the sedan. Iedomee lifted his shirt and examined the wound. He quickly pulled out a thick roll of cloth bandage and disintectant from his pack. Iedomee looked at his injury. He felt around his waist. The arrow did not seem to have hit anything vital. Despite the very slowly subsiding pain, Iedomee was calm enough to be impressed with the Elves' hit. It was as clean as his when he would incapacitate an animal. He wondered why the elf had not just killed him straight away. He was wide open when he had thrown the ambassador through the gap. He decided to think about it later, as he finished wrapping his torso with four rolls of the cloth bandaged he felt the coagulant agent from the cloth sealing up his injury. He thought of giving Tara a call to thank for the bandage she had gotten him but decided against it. If she found out this injury, she would probably kill him for being too careless. For now, he had to catch up to Ambassador Admos and his other protector. "Thanks for the save," Iedomee said to the private as he rotated his shoulder and waist to see if he was fit to move. The bandage worked its magic. He was feeling ready to spring back into fray again. Iedomee felt the hear from the seemingly crazed teenaged mercenary. He was preoccupied lobbing pure fire at the enemies: and strangely enough, the fire-guy seemed to enjoy himself burning the elves. Emilia seemed to have taken down one of the duo-elves that closed in on them. There was another one just around them, probably skulking around for an opportunity. A blur caught Ieodmee's eye. It was the second assailant. The elf held a strange circular device and was getting dangerously close to the car. Using his bow inside the car was not an option. He pulled out a normal pistol and fired at the elf hopping through the branches. The elf proved to be agile and used the foliage as cover from the bullets he fired. Emilia did say she did not want the elves closing in and starting a blade fight with them. Iedomee agreed with that. He was far better as a ranged attacker than a close-combatant. At least his fire seemed to keep the second elf at bay. He let out a little smirk. These elves were not the only ones at the paramount of their long-ranged tactics. He himself became a renowned ace hunter above many in Terrenus. He did not have to tell anyone, there was just bound to be someone who would recognise his face, just like that burning kid said. "Come on!" Iedomee said to Emilia as he kept the elf at bay with his gun fire. "They're preoccupied with the burning-man. We can use him to retreat."
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    Lots of brandy -__--
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    Nero's expression revealed nothing as sixteen TEMPLARs arrived to his location outside the main gate. They were armored head to toe, and despite their near seven foot bulk they moved with a shocking display of speed, grace, and purpose that would shock even the most worldly of individuals. In their hands was the polybolos equivalent of a gatling gun. These large weapons were highly destructive and due to the amount of recoil only a TEMPLAR could wield them. It was a weapon that would make the main gate a lost cause for the insurrectionists. The superhuman soldiers did not come alone. "Greetings, Lord Primark." Came the rasp of a voice. It was an Inquisitor the raven and skull motif on his customized power armor acted as a badge of his rank. On his right ring finger was the identification ring that sanctioned the use of his abilities. "Report, Inquisitor." He commanded crisply. The main gate was secured, now was the time to capitalize on this. His blue eyes bored into the cold green of the inquisitor's own. "We have traced their mental presence in the Princess' room. They used one of the secret passages to enter like rats. This particular one leads into the sewers." The cold face of the Inquisitor turned into an expression of contempt. "I have sent ahead ten TEMPLARs to secure the route for you. I Will track them for you. "They were sloppy and arrogant. It seems they know little of our resources." The agent added, a simple break down on their mentalities. It was the only thing the agent allowed to be communicated on vox. He cut comms then. "Lord. As you have noticed they are using a magical substance to confuse our sensors. Given their obvious ignorance of imperial resources they must have tapped into our communications somehow, allowing them to counter or traces." He had his own ideas on how they achieved it, it simply no longer mattered. "Use inquisition vox channels from now on. I have sent the codes to Captain Caelius' HUD." He said. Nero was not only impressed by the agent's initiative and his sharp mind. It was a trait that would be pivotal to the tasks ahead. "TEMPLARs, secure this gate, kill anything that tries to move past our perimeter." He turned to address the Inquisitor. "Primark, we also have images of the one we believe to have released the magical smoke." He said, holding out the data slate for him to view. The images were clear enough to show the masked individual appear in several places unnaturally quickly. "Given his lack of direct action I believe he is acting as support and is the one who accessed military vox channels." The man shrugged. "It is all I can infer from what information I have gathered. "Look at the other picture. He is there again. This time with a woman we believe responsible for the magical flux Lord Desmond alerted us to. He retreated soon after the arrival of the Captain." He tilted his head thoughtfully. "This is only a guess, but I believe this man plays an important role." Nero nodded. "I am beginning to draw the same conclusion." He agreed. It was too coincidental that this man appeared at important moments and oddly right after his conversation with Desmond. "Desmond, use this Inquisitorial channel only, military vox has been compromised." He connected Caelius to the conversation immediately. "Change in orders. Eliminate the beast, then capture this woman. The Inquisition will tear the information from her." He sent the photo of the woman wielding guns along with the masked man. "You encounter this man, kill him with extreme prejudice. Remove him from play and the rest will have no support." His order was absolute. "Desmond, use the agents find this rat's nest, secure our sister and then destroy it." _______ "Confirmed, Lord Primark." He said over the new channel as he connected his squad to it. He had arrived, and with him were five TEMPLARs. They too carried the large guns of that those under the Primark's command carried. They did not hesitate to open fire on the beast. The large bolts slammed into the beast's flank, detonating against the already weakening hide. This level of fire power would damage the beast severely. Caelius would use the beast's lack of sight to his advantage. His team aimed at the barbed tail. His rifle roared as he rapidly pulled the trigger. The rounds smacked into it, quickly chipping away at it. His team did not stop moving, the TEMPLARs also moved, making sure to maintain fire and distance from the rampaging creature. Legionnaires took up positions as drones poured out to take care of the fires closest to the gate. The fresh soldiers also opened fire on the beast, renewing their attacks on it's eyes. It was clear now that they would kill This beast unless it retreated. ______ The Inquisitor swiftly left, making his way back to the command center in the second ring. Over the secured vox network he ordered a counter offensive on the eastern ring through the posters gates. Elite Kadiakin immediately began flanking the mutants. The TEMPLARs began pushing at their center. It did not take long for the rabble to be crushed and dispersed. It made it all the more easy with no major players there. They immediately began to fortify the area as forward scouts eliminated threats building by building and block by block. It was now from here that soldiers poured from the gate. The moved with purpose around the walls to slam into the backs of those laying siege at the western and main gates. Each force was led by five TEMPLARs. The enemy may have tapped their communications, but a storm had been unleashed from their weakest position. With all their concentration on Nero and Caelius they exposed their flanks.
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    Planet Waves

    Outcast Town

    "Uh...thass me, miss." He wipes some saliva off his chin, the punch just inflicted not hard enough to draw blood, but his mouth was open at the time of impact, forcing some spit out. "Forgive me, missy, ahm a little stunned..." Norton figured that he had to explain what troubled him, and dozens of other farmers, who had chosen to suffer in silence, and go sleepless nights watching the barn doors, clutching muskets and hatchets. But Norton knew this was bigger than his own skin. No simple man, nor friend of his would survive going toe-to-claw with the Outrider. Norton explained quickly to Raven, that the Outrider was a hulking beast using a hook-shaped instrument, with the strength to haul a cow over his shoulder, and walk off with it. The anomaly had so far took no interest in devouring humans, but seemed awfully fond of smelling females. Worries of women being kidnapped alongside livestock also moved Norton to finally make a cry for help that would persist. The farmer was concise, cordial, and polite to Raven, and tried to explain the best he could, as he was no speech-write, or someone with a literate tongue. (But, he did know how to pronounce 'telephone'.) Though, he was still on the floor, and even if Raven offered a hand in getting up, this man was not about to give up his dignity in front of the other men, and got up himself, in spite of the pain of flying into a notice board, to prove himself. He made a tiny groan of pain the entire five second voyage to a seat, and cradled his painfully bruised elbow and shoulder. With Norton's further explanation to Raven, she'd need no more questions, as she had all her info; The Outrider lives far in the east. It likes women. It's strong, and knows how to use weaponry. It fancies livestock as its choice of food.
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    pay dues and make moves

    Okay, Amalia. You rose from the sea. Let’s see what rose with you. Mr. Rose, while libations and victuals of the feast flowed freely in the valley of the so-deemed Amalia, sat among the ruin of Ichthys in a dead man’s suit, bare feet hanging over the mountain’s crescent edge. Behind him the altar, the remnants of its marble runway and the forest of crystal trees, all gleamed a ghostly sleepy yellow that visibly crowned the mountain looking from off over the curve of the horizon. To his left, warping from one side of the altar and over the mountainside, bent pieces of the arc reached out like arms grasping eternal tomorrow. To his right sat an infant in a loincloth without a mask on, diamond spearhead lodged into the ground comfortably within reach. “It’s been a long time,” Cain said aloud to the gas giants in the sky. He relished the cold air against his skin, being so near the clouds, so close to the cosmos and to falling- not simply having distance from the ground, but having every implication it carried- and finally, only alone in these high places, appreciating the fact of his being so small. He felt alive, right there. It has, Ginger god. The infant’s back was slouched, left leg bent up so left elbow could rest. The pudgy right forefinger drew circles in the dirt. If Cain disliked the moniker the Ulway had given him, a mockful pandering to his younger self’s petty inner wants, it did not show on his face. What ends and beginnings you have wrought upon this place.. the mental pause was tangible, and Cain devoured every last bit of it. The Ulway are thankful for freedom from the Centipede, from the Spider and Viper, let that be the bell’s first toll. The second though is of remorse and terror of this new world. What has become of our air, Ginger god? It stings cold in my lungs. What has become of the water around us? This oooh-shan the shadow girl speaks of? What is that? We are not free from it but now feel prisoner more than ever. The breakdown of Aidni’s atmospheric gyro as it approached ocean’s surface meant a change in the island’s projection of atmosphere- namely in that it would no longer be a manufactured atmosphere but San Yara’s naturally tropic atmosphere. Not incredibly different for flora or fauna, but both breath and movement met surprisingly reduced resistance when released from Aidni’s prosthetic atmosphere. Furthermore, few Ulway had ever been outside the water and those that were had been just peachy on expedition with a prior operative of the Dead named Artist Dove, whom Cain had come to admire greatly. The point was, they had never been trapped quite in such a visible manner for themselves as upon this island they could see but not yet traverse beyond. “Don’t worry kids, you're gonna be just fine,” Cain, having been all-too-well introduced to the Ulwayan manner of thinking, had come when referring to any Ulway to regard them in plural form. This habit he employed now with an indignant dripping of obviously fake indifference. “We’ll get you some of the pretty boats Artist came on. As soon as you tell me what was in this garden.” I suppose if I elected not to tell you, you might just dig down and find out yourself? “You’ve come to know your Ginger god so well.” Cain and the consciousness of the Ulway talked all night of distant things, the future within which they resided yearned for all along by the reaching steel arms of the arch to his left. Despite the adrenal flow of their journey, it had taken nearly a full day’s eastward travel for Aidni to reach San Yara; and both the Ulway and the man on the mountain anticipated company in no time at all. When it did come, however, the ones on the mountain were the first to see its pioneer sails billowing over the arch of the world. The feast had only ended an hour and a half earlier, most of the Ulway remaining in a deep state of rest, and so only Cain and the sentry rose to the envoy. After a short exchange of ideas, the Ulway race felt a piece of itself slip out of its control and the sentry raced off and Cain sat back down. Peter would see the toddler-like creature standing on the shore as soon as such a sight was visible within the normal range of human vision. The diamond spear Peter and his accompaniment would soon recognize as customary to all Ulway was again lodged into the sand beside it; it stood with feet shoulder-width apart, wearing a brown grass loincloth and holding an indigenously decorated mask in its tanned left hand. This it would extend as Peter disembarked with his crew, gesturing with its free hand to put it on. I am told you are likely to have come from Terrenus, one would hear after donning the mask. Shaman sat upon a large, square cushion in the back of his hollowed out trunk. Something smoked in a bowl on a small table to the far left, grass had been combed and knotted into surprisingly soft carpeting, and as the sun pinned diagonally down through the Ul forest’s canopy it became apparent that what appeared to be random knotholes in the tree-quarters were actually windows strategically placed to adequately illuminate Shaman’s quarters. There was a cushion identical to his before him to which he gestured for Leila, between them upon the grass carpet two bowls of steaming tea and one larger one of green paste; Shaman indulged in the former, half as often taking fingerfuls of the latter and smearing it on the nearly healed wound ringing his leg. Feel no remorse. Feasts of the Ulway are joyous and celebrated occasions on Aidni. You did not even sleep for long, only two suns. Now come, sit. We have much to discuss. First, he said, shifting in his own seat like an excited toddler, leaning forward. First we find it appropriate that Aidni be born into Amalia. In a world that has changed among a forest that has blossomed to the true sun, so too have we grown and must we continue to grow. He dipped his finger into the green paste again, rubbing it on the scarred line where once he had worn a severed leg. Second, upon Amalia we have harvested a plant for as long as we remember our generations spanning back. It is as long as we have been under this oh-shan you speak of, he minced the pronunciation of ocean with surprising deftness. It is called Ptolmy’s Ichor, and has healed many an Ulway. I have seen your black friend, he cleared up any confusion by making stitching motions in the spots where Leila’s wounds were, patching you back together in the night. This is like that, very very good. Next. This oh-shan, is it the water all around us, yes? Tell me, he would go on after she told him what the oh-shan was, of these things we can do for one another can you give me, can you give the Ulway, boats?
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    Saoirse smiled and wormed her way into Katie’s side, wrapping her arm around her waist and leaning in close. “Very peaceful. It’s like the Heartwaters on the moon … ” Look into the waters, and they’d look just as surely into you, reflecting the truth whether you wanted it or not. Looking into the waters now, all Saoirse could see was quiet contentment and longing for her bed. It had been quite the day, and she was ready to put it aside. She slowly pulled away from Katie after a moment of quiet thought, looking up at her with a smile. “I’ll help with the rigging. That way we get to bed quicker, and sleep even quicker still.” She nudged Katie with her hip and jumped over the railing of the crow’s nest before Katie could even accept her offer. It was a given that she would, anyway - Saoirse was the quickest climber aboard, after all. It was good sense.
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    Die Shize


    The Greasemonkey As Saoirse got situated, Katie could only do the same, feeling a smile on her face getting wider and wider to the point that it could go no further even though it wanted to. She loved a good story from beginning to end, but her favorite part was the anticipation of being told one. As Saoirse told it, Katie nodded her head, “Uh huh’d” and “Mhm’d” at all the right moments, and still her smile somehow managed to broaden. Little gasps and sniggers escaped alongside, till everything combined and the sheer spectacle of being told a story by Seer became as a volcano in eruption and took the form of Katie’s own hands clapping together as a tremendous roar of laughter escaped her chest. It might have taken its own form of a high-pitched chuckle, but the humor was entirely genuine. It wasn’t the first time she had heard this tale, but it wasn’t the hundredth either, and hopefully it wouldn’t be the last. “Oh, I might pee my pants! That’s too rich! You’ll have to point it out to me when we see her next, just in case I still don’t notice! Though after that, I’m probably gonna think about nothing else all night!” As the laughter died down, Katie found herself gazing into the descent of darkness, smile still plastered on her visage, thoughts bubbling from comedy to complications. For one reason or the other, images of Saoirse, Aine, Wolfwood, Dawnwood, Tranquility and Miss Demarius reflected upon the deep blue to gaze back at her. Gradually, her lips curled back inward to form a rigid line with concern layered in between. “Getting late. I suppose I should check the rigging before we hit the sack. So peaceful up here, though, hey Seer?” Katie sought agreement and expected nothing less, her mind slipping more and more into a world of its own as her eyes remained locked with the gently clashing waves down below, the breeze of night’s coming tickling her skin. Peaceful. Tranquil. I love our ship. I just hope we haven’t picked up any cargo that might threaten it. It was a silly thought. Demarius was hardly the worst-looking fare that Tranquility had offered passage to, but there was something unsettling about her. The more Katie thought about it, the more she realized that it wasn’t Demarius at all—no aspect of her character or trace of her background—and it wasn’t the all the too innocent Andersen that went with her, but it was whatever secret mission she seemed to be on, like an omen traveled with her. Somehow, it spelled doom. Or, maybe, Miss Katie, you’re just thinking too much. It wouldn’t have been the first time, and it probably wouldn’t be the last. The Dodge Captain Mal sat there smiling with cup to lips, knowing his amusement of his guest’s eye-roll would be known, the chance to challenge her maintained attention all too evident on his features. It wasn’t as though he was trying to break her placidity, such as it was, and at this point he probably wasn’t even trying to get her to spill any beans. Hopefully that wasn’t literal, either, because the last thing he needed in his galley was seasick on the floor, on account of a gentleman sailor having already done so hours earlier. It had taken two just to clean it all up. Nasty business. “Disloyal? Why, I’m shocked and hurt.” Mal crossed his brows and stiffened his lip to show that he was shocked and hurt. The truth of that false look and his tone of voice might have been as evident as his aimless words. “I’d have you know, Miss Demarius, that my ship boasts the kind of crew that would jump overboard to save a kitten from drowning.” Awkwardly, he recalled utterly no one jumping overboard to save her little friend alongside her. He cleared his throat in the hopes of masking that little detail. “Once you get to know us, you’ll find us to be pleasant enough, particularly in regard to fresh fares and their faces. I would just stay away from James, if I were you.” He took a sip, pausing long enough to receive another raised brow or a word as to why. “He’s only pleasant to be around . . . “ He trailed off, looking at a wooden wall and the picture of a rusty anchor for support before looking back. “ . . . Well, never, really. That one’s like a lost puppy barking at everyone for its mommy. The drooping ears of his hat might prove thus.” Mal shook his vision to shake himself back to the conversation at hand, such as it was, wiping away a black ale-mustache with a finger. He knew he could be a good liar, a great one on occasion, and even as the complexity of “good” and “liar” scrambled his brain, he couldn’t help but wonder if Demarius was beginning to realize that all this pointless talk was, in part, just his way of dodging something more important. The kid. Coincidence? That simple? He reckoned not. There was something oddly coincidental about the tip he had received and the timing of woman and child begging to board his boat. Well, maybe it wasn’t so much of a public begging, but if this pair of fares was who he thought they were, then they might have needed Captain Mallister’s discreet service more than they were letting on. Amid the absentminded turning of his cup and the ogling at the depleting liquid nearer to the bottom of it, footsteps followed up with a man standing beside the table. Mal looked up to receive that man, spotting the familiar smile and the innocence behind it. Cook, the cook, stood before his patrons with a bowl in his hands that he held up until the moment that eyes would behold it before he set it down in front of Demarius. “One order of goodbelly, madam, as promised.” Inside the bowl was a special concoction of boiled and cooled water, seaweed, nettles, ginger, lemon, peppermint and whiskey, all combining to form an aroma that didn’t quite differentiate one ingredient from the other, and didn’t quite sit in the nostrils as all of them combined. “It’s as much a dish as it is a remedy, and should sit well both on the tongue and in the stomach. “Goodbelly”, indeed.” With that, Cook bowed his head and paced back into the kitchen, hands held behind his back and all. Mal watched him walk away before diverting his gaze to the bowl of goodbelly and the woman sat in front of it, smiling at her knowingly. If and when she finished smelling the remedy and dissecting it with her gaze, and finally put the first spoonful in her mouth and swallowed, he sought to clear his throat with a too-late interruption. “Did Cook happen to tell you . . . “ He looked from her to the bowl, back at her, and blinked. “ . . . Ah, never mind. It’s not important.” Mal lost his smile, or at least half of it, narrowing his gaze to offer Demarius everything that was suspicious about it. That bowl of goodbelly would take away her sickness almost as soon as she finished drinking it, going down quick and easy and tasting palatable enough, but what captain, cook and crew had neglected to tell her was that it would also make her as drunk as a drunk celebrating independence day, almost as soon as she finished drinking it. Mal intended to remain sitting down to experience that and, in part, that was why he had been hanging down here with her long enough, talking about pretty much nothing. It wasn’t Cook’s idea—he was just forced into Mal’s little prank of sorts—but Mal understood that a person was more likely to spill the beans when they were intoxicated. It wasn’t as though he was going to take advantage of the lady, probing for just a few details here and there, nothing too personal. Just, ah, something along the lines of why, exactly, you’re heading to the lands of House Dawnwood, and whether or not you’re running from something in the process? Plus, it wasn’t as though Demarius had sought more information about this seasickness remedy, which surely made it her own fault. Finishing his ale, Mal held his expression, honest enough, at least, to give his fare the opportunity to figure this all out on her own. He wasn’t so much banking on the play working as he was banking on the play itself. There was easily the chance that she’d down the bowl and go pass out in her quarters, but where was the harm in trying? “I’ll take as much heat off you as I can manage”, he had told his closest. “It’s not that I don’t trust her,” he had continued, before every member of his deck department had interrupted him in unison with the words “It’s just that you don’t trust her”, to which he had pretended not to hear. If this works, she’ll not only wake up in the morning hangover-free, but wondering what exactly she told me the night before.