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    Finally, spring is among us and the Regent of Port Caelum is hosting a flower viewing festival in celebration. Come walk the gardens of her estate, taste sweet delicacies inspired by the variety of blooms, and enjoy sweet wines and yokai sake. The Regent, Akako, isn’t one to typically host any sort of event. Preferring to stay out of the limelight and interacting in small groups. With recent events including her untimely demise, the port went through a lull in activity. The economy, while flourishing, had capped off rather than continuing to grow as it was while the Lady of the Void pulled strings. Lady Akako decided enough time had passed and it was time to encourage people from all of Valucre to come to her little corner of the world. Political figures across each continent received personal invitations to attend the event. In addition, word was sent in mass to the citizens of Valucre that held no title to speak of. It is a casual event to include fireworks, tea ceremonies, and other localized events within the port. There will also be vendor stands outside the Lady’s estate where you can buy demonic trinkets and souvenirs. Join the festivities to celebrate the arrival of the new season. See the regent in person and the yokai in her care. Enjoy the atmosphere and treats that will be offered for free. Rules: - + This event will be hosted in one thread for the most part. Other threads can be created for the event, but please make sure to include [Hanami] after the title and tag me in the first post so I can follow along. - + Please adhere to posting order within your group. Also, be sure to communicate with other role players to make sure that you can join groups that are already interacting to find a good time to step in. - + As per usual, do not engage in violence without permission from other users. - + If you are planning to up-end my event, talk to me first. Depending on purpose and plot points, we may reach an agreement. Although keep in mind there will be several beings at this event that allied and will be hard to overcome if they ban together. Character deaths aren’t permitted without consent as well. - + Most importantly, have fun. We are OPEN! I anticipate I will have a thread started next weekend (April 7th) unless I am hit by a bus. In that case, I will task @Red the Ambivalent to carry the event forward. Feel free to message me privately or to respond to this thread with questions and/or ideas.
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    Dancing on Moonbeams!

    In the Presence of Greatness. @Garion @Aleksei @Twitterpated @Rin Prostrate yourself before the Great One. Life up your Heart, Offer your life! For I am no more than a Mere tool.. A tool that will carve the way for the Future. As they approached the steps, Dominic did not bother gaze at the figure whom the crowd swirled about. Reaching back he hooked his arm with Lady Rin's to serve as a escort to both ladies. Hooking his arm with Lemoine he smiled down at her and watched her eyes wonder as they ascended the steps. As they approached the the main section the people here stood upon many casts in life. Dominic could tell just from the smells of the perfume and gleaming of precious jewels that adorned armor and outfits. The number of helpers serving food and refreshments was grand no doubt but still seemed to be overwhelmed with the many new faces to their home. Renovatio was coming alive and many wanted a piece of the land for themselves and gathering of information no doubt. Violet hues glinted with one solid goal in mind; find the Great Kommadant and introduce himself and his intention of restarting the Zodiac Knights. No doubt he would have to recount the moments he last saw Elijah to those present, there wasn't a single Renovatio who did not know of the Galactic Knight. Clenching his jaw tightly the man chuckled as he peered over most of the heads in the crowd as well. There were few who either matched his height or trumped it entirely. The Nelrosis wrinkled his nose as he took a moment to embrace the overload of vibrations greeting his horns. "Dearest Lemoine.. Lady Rin.. I have found the Great Kommadant.. I shall guide us there. Please stay close." Dominic said loud enough for the ladies to hear him speak before he began pushing his way through. He had one direction and that was forward, slowly but surely the crowd parted bit by bit to allow the trio through eyeing the adamant expression of Dominic's face. At the same time he stuck out like a few others, it was not often people met a Nelrosis in public here in Renovatio. Some often mistook them for demons or even creatures lacking of the hume trait; yet it was quite the opposite but not many would hear that information either. With his head held high Dominic kept his arms bent perfectly hooking the ladies with him, he did not drag them along instead traveled at a pace that made them quite comfortable. His violet hues locked upon the woman and the Serpent who had taken over Oo'Xora, there was a hint of anger that touched his mood but he quickly brushed it aside. There were questions to the mans intentions with his homeland, but Dom would ask those questions later. Whispers and hushed gasped came left and right as they drew closer to the Great Kommadant. Moving over to stand just besides Koji and Laxus he looked to spread them apart and allow Lemoine to greet Laxus her relative first. An Rin would be in the fortunate spot to be the next to speak with the Great Kommadant being on Koji's left. As they halted the male observed his dress attire once more and frowned slightly, having seen the youth in his armor he now felt foolish for dressing in a suit. Slowly letting the ladies go he ushered them forward before his aura kicked in. The blackish purple shifted and burned away from top to bottom; burning the suit away his armor took over in its blackened appearance with Legion seated upon his back. The Fell Knight exhaled slowly as he placed a hand over his heart and stepped forward as well to greet the Great Kommadant. "Long life and Eternal Peace to you My Great Kommadant.. I am Dominic Ku'Zar.. I served under Elijah Elohim during the forging of TESA. I am at your service." Dominic said in a resounding voice his aura sparked out of the Left Hand Path. Keeping his head bowed he waited to be told he could look at her presence. In his other hand there was a small looking pen device in his grasp; it was a gift for the young baby in the coming future of his growth.
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    Join me for a quest!

    I’m open to most quest-lines, but particularly interested in those that advance Anouks military career. Im not concerned about the moral compass of any potential partner. There are plenty of reasons a person like Anouk might find herself working with a morally questionable person. Also, mixed views on morality among characters can make for an interesting dynamic. I’m not officially here today, my friend, but I will look into this as soon as I’m officially here tomorrow. Much appreciated. ?
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    Ike was sitting in the shadow of the crystal where he hid, watching everything unfold and scoffing "Silk is so mean, it's just a baby! Sure it's a giant, flaming baby but a baby nonetheless!" He slowly got up and tip toed his way to the Tree of Life going behind it, almost out of sight of everyone else 'Maybe the little guy is just hungry.' Ike thought to himself and turned back in his normal form in the same flashing light as before. He took the fur pelt off his shoulders and started looking around for freshly fallen fruit, putting them in the makeshift bag that he made, occasionally throwing in another crystal in the kit bag. If the fruits won't come in handy at least he can eat them himself, it was a win win for everyone...as well as an excuse to get ahead of everyone else in crystal gathering.
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    "Dark eh. I guess that's not a bad description . Ordinarily I would let you handle this beast however this is something far beyond a beast . For this my compatriot is a phoenix . Very ancient and powerful creatures in my old group we used encounter the adult versions... They were a menace . They proved to be an opponent which we couldn't simply take their head off . I can start a fire of sorts but.. not to the scale you're thinking about plus fire would have no effect onto this phoenix nor magic . In days of old we would usually pierce it's eye's out so it couldn't see us however to a young chick as young as this one it would be pointless . We either have to gain it's trust or.. subdue it . I vote for option B . " Silk explained reminiscently , and with that he caused shadows to swirl out from under his cloak all around . However t'was no normal shadow , this shadow blocked the light out , blocked heat and even blocked air it was so dense . With this smoke he shot it towards the bird at speeds immeasurable even if the bird used fire to move the smoke it wouldn't work for fire needs Oxygen and if the shadow blocks the Oxygen . Poof! , basically a useless chicken . Silk's goal was to surround the bird with the smoke so that it would pass out from lack of oxygen and then he could probably put it in one of his anti magical shells where he kept a variety of magical beasts. To @Strycnine he said matter of factually " Make sure you don't get hit by fire . It can burn." . Shadows seemed to melt of Silk as his body faded into smoke his form seemed to dissociate and sway with the wind and one could tell Silk seemed to become more dangerous.
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    “Come on, little dude. Time for bed.”, she spoke in hushed tones at the toddler writhing in her arms chanting no. “I promise you’ll thank me in the morning. Plus tomorrow is Saturday and we are going to see B.B. and Pop!” “B.B., Pop?” “Yes! Gonna see B.B. and Pop tomorrow. So you have to get some rest because I bet you won’t take a nap.” That last part was completely unintelligible to Enzo, but he seemed pretty pumped about seeing B.B. and Pop. Brittany settled him into his toddler bed with a few false starts before he finally relaxed. She remained at his side, slowly running her fingers through his hair and humming softly. Every so often Enzo would reach out and touch her to make sure she was still there. After about 45 minutes of soothing him to sleep, she planted a kiss on his cheek then crept out of the room, careful not to trip over any landmines that he happened to lay out for her. Finally, Brittany settled in at her computer desk with a glass of wine and wasa crackers, mustard, and cheese. Last snack of the day seeing as she completely missed dinner. With a sigh, she opened several windows; Word, Spotify, Valucre and Grammarly. Earbuds were jammed in her ears and she tapped her keyboard a minute while eying Discord. To open, or not to… Squinting at the app a moment longer she decided that avoiding socializing might help her be more productive. Turning her attention back to Valucre she began opening tabs to all the threads she owed a post to. Just as she was going to transition over to word to begin writing, a notification popped up at the bottom of her screen. She had a new PM. A little thrill ran through her and being as easily distracted as she was, she clicked back over and opened the message. Gaia has declared you worthy. Do you accept? | Yes | or | No | Tilting her head, she regarded the message for a moment. With a light shrug, Brittany selected No. “Haven’t roleplayed on Gaia in years… what the hell.” Returning to Word, Brittany set to task again. Another PM interrupted and as per usual, she was derailed from her train of thought and clicked over. Please accept this offer! This is your chance of a lifetime! | Yes | or | No | Brittany narrowed her eyes on the screen and finally, with an exasperated sigh, she clicked Yes. This was probably Michael’s doing… or maybe Hunter. Probably Hunter now that she thought about it. He was tech-savvy enough to pull something like this. Glancing back to the word document she had been working on, Brittany felt exhausted. Eyes burned and she yawned mightily before resting her forehead on the desk. “Maybe I should just call it a night… I didn’t even eat my snack.”, she realized belatedly. Not a moment too soon, she fell asleep, weariness clinging to her like a warm blanket and dragging her under the tides of sleep. . . . . . Brittany hummed and curled on her side not quite ready to wake up yet. When she shifted, she realized that she wasn’t in her bed… or even the couch or her computer chair. With a start, she shot upright, blue eyes wide. She turned her head left then right as panic began to set it. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Forest, trees as far as the eyes could see. There wasn’t a forest like this near where she lived. Quite frankly, she’d never actually been in a forest. Meaning she was somehow teleported somewhere? Kidnapped maybe... which might have been worse. Either way, it was bad, really horribly bad. “Enzo?” No answer. Her throat was suddenly very dry and her eyes glossed over. This has to be a dream. I’m dreaming! It’s fine. I will just go back to sleep and wake up at home. Deciding that was the wisest thing to do, she lay back down and closed her eyes. She waited and waited and waited. With a choked sob, Brittany still curled up on the ground, eyes closed as the stark realization hit her. She wasn't dreaming and she was far away from home. She lost her son and now she was stuck somewhere she didn’t know. Brittany was undeniably alone, worst fear come to life. She could feel the bile rising in her throat unbidden. I'm gonna be sick... this isn't real. My sweet baby... What am I going to do? If there is a God please please please let me go back home. It was paralyzing. There was no Red, no Cody, no Tyler, no Frank, no Mom or sister, no friends from work, and most importantly… there was no Enzo here. Her son wasn’t here. Tears streamed down her cheeks, peppering the dirt. It took a long while for her to settle down and accept her fate. Listlessly, she stood and patted her pockets down. No cell phone… probably still on her desk. She was barefoot, but thankfully she was still dressed from work that day; jeans and a business causal grey tunic blouse and most importantly, her bra. Thank the Gods that she was at least wearing a bra. Her hair was shoulder length, black and worn down. It looked a mess though like she needed a brush or comb to get it back into some semblance of order. The joys of almost curly hair, not quite curly, but not exactly wavy either. In her silence, she heard voices some distance away. Maybe someone could tell her where she was and maybe she could bum a ride home. Which was horrifying. Padding toward the voices, Brittany stepped into a clearing to see several others. None of which she recognized. Biting her lower lip, she lingered at the edge of the forest a bit, not really comfortable with strangers unless she was at work. Her nose was still a little red from her earlier crying. She was short, 5'2 and heavier set, but didn't look obese. It was also obvious how anxiety-ridden she was. Her gaze was cast down, fingers worrying the hem of her shirt, nails picking tirelessly at the thread. Name: Akako (Brittany) Age: 28 Ability: Illusion manipulation Rank: Yokai Queen Title: Otherworlder
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    The face Omnicide made was expected, he is young. Or at least, he appears that way. Perhaps not much older than the man that dropped her off? Maybe older by a few years, and from what interactions she has had with him, certainly not as mature. ‘Dae would like to tease this one.’ The observation brought a slight smile to herself, her eyes following the man around as he questioned the possibility of the security increase. Her people defend all they consider their own, but she has learned that it is not the same for many of these people. While his lack of concern of the security did bother her, the annoyance wasn’t voice and she brushed the issue away. She continued to watch as she went about her own business, nodding idly at the Babel question. “Babel has given me the space and the funding to continue what I was doing at home—in addition of a team to collaborate with. I must say, the weapons your people use are complicated, but very interesting. We shall see if Babel will regret their choice to let me learn about them in the years to come. “ The threat was there, but for now it was an idle one. There had been rumors roaming about the few floors she traveled between that she held disdain for the company—some say even having screaming matches with some of her direct superiors. Were they true? For now, it seemed partially so. With the addition of a third, her eyebrow raised. Omnicide’s reaction was.. interesting, and she made sure to take note of it. Perhaps he wouldn’t like Dae. She returned the task at hand when Omnicide began speaking to his subordinate. While she could hear him, she had no input on the matter—at least not right now. Instead she was focused on the body suit she finally recovered from her suitcase. A loud, deep near purr rumbled in chest when she set her eyes upon it. It was one of her favorites, light, but protective and one she could wear under her Exosuit if she needed to, all black with no external markings it was perfect for this time of day as well. She needed to keep a hold of her assistant, he was certainly worth whatever it was she argued for him to have. With her prized clothing item found, pants were shed and soon her top. She made no attempt to hide herself, or even acknowledge the fact that she was undressing in the middle of the room. She had spent enough time in labs—and among her own people to feel comfortable with her own body. And from what she had seen of other women in the company she did not posses anything that they did not. Besides the extra arms. “While I am unsure how much you have read of my file, for your assistant’s sake I will offer the warning I give before I work with anyone. I can get.. excitable in combat. I have some tranqulizer patches which I suggest you take and apply should I become unmanageable – “ She paused, wiggling ever so slightly as she shifted to pull the suit to slide her arms into the sleeves and over her shoulders. “Just put them on open flesh and all will be well with the world. As much as I would love to tell you to put me down, my dearest Dae would be alone in this place and very likely to take my place. Which I cannot have. “ As she spoke, she slid the zipper up from her belly button to her neck, idly shifting around in place to make any adjustments. The suit looked as though it was made of maybe wet suit material? Slightly shiny, and likely doesn’t breathe. With the black material, the armoring in between the fabric was difficult to spot, but sometimes the light would catch it. It covered the vitals, and appeared to be broken up to help aide with movement. “Any questions?” Silver eyes moved to the new comer, the question obviously for him. The eye contact was brief, her eyes tipping down so she could put her boots back on her feet and move to the weapons case. “You are also welcome to take part in what has been brought, I simply ask that you do not lose them.” She motioned towards the case before reaching for her own, signature pair of axes. She hummed approvingly at the weight in her hand.
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    Unbroken Seals

    Rafael looked the crimson queen over with a critical eye, his expression pensive, though a hint of confusion broke across his features. “I have no need for the Port’s military in these affairs, my sweet Red,” he explained softly, unable to hide the amusement in his voice. “Your men – you – are needed here, where it is safe. Do not forget that all of this is the result of one lashing out at you and those closest to you.” Approaching the red-eyed regent, the Elder placed two phantasmal hands upon her arms, thumbing her shoulders in that slow, thoughtful way of his. “I would have you somewhere safe, away from what is to unfold. The both of you.” His sharp, piercing eyes looked her over once. “Pressing matters are on your horizon, aren’t they? The likes of which shall make this game of thrones pale in comparison. I have lived for more than a thousand years, and yet still, I find myself feeling unprepared for it.” Suddenly, a great deal of distance found Rafael’s gaze. Even in the infinite black of Sitra Ahkra, Rafael saw his beautiful cousin, swollen and heavy with child. He could feel the curve of her stomach against the crescent of his palm, the kick, and excitement of the babe whenever he was near. Gabriela had robbed him of his dreams, but in doing so, presented another. It was far from ideal-- but what in their life was not? He would go to them immediately when this business was sorted, the Elder decided. It was then that he blinked back to their present medium, more aware than he had been moments prior. “No, you will stay clear of this, Red Yusuke,” he said with a father’s sternness. There was a strange intensity to his eyes, one Raveena and Lucia saw rather often, one even Gabriela had glimpsed years before when their relationship was but at its beginning. “And should any trouble befall you-- any trouble at all-- you will travel to Umbra and take refuge there. This is not a request. Do you understand?”
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    Hah! So that title interested you, huh? Huh? HUH? What if one day you went to sleep after a really long and stressful day. The real you. Not who you pretend to be on Val, but the actual you. In the real world. You who's reading this. You lie down in your bed. Or couch. I don't know what's going on in your life. You close your eyes. You fall asleep. And suddenly... Your eyes snap open because you heard something. Something that should not be heard inside of your room. You look around and see a group of other people, similarly confused. You all just stand there. No idea what's going on. And that's when you guys a dragon flying through the sky, chased by a group of soldiers. Was that a plane? One of them stops by your group. He asks what you all are doing in the wilderness. You just look at him blankly, until he points you in the direction back to Casper. Casper? There's no place near you called Casper? A definitely no city with that name. Then again, there's no dragons either. Finally, one of you looks around, a thought in their eyes. And they say the words you all were thinking but didn't believe was possible. "Are we in Valucre?" The idea behind this would be pretty simple. Whoever is interested just lets me know and we play out a situation where everyone is transported to the world of Val in some way. I gave the example of falling asleep, but it could also be a variety of other things like reincarnation or maybe you jumped into a pool and popped out in a Val lake. In the end, the only thing preset is that we all find ourselves in the same area, a couple miles from Casper. Once we get there, we each get 1 element ability like fire, ice, water, earth, etc. And none of us know how to use it. Since, well, we don't have powers IRL. Each of us have a unique ability where we can see a sort a virtual box identifier that allows us to see information about whoever we look at. It would sort of look like: Name: Your Username (or real name if that's your poison). Age: Doesn't have to be your real age as there's no way from me to really know either way, but lying about it kinda ruins the point of the roleplay lol Ability: This remains unknown for PC until it's seen, but is filled in for NPCs. Rank: Your rank is whatever is written as your rank on your Valucre profile. Title: Let's you know where they stand in the world of Valucre. Also, I want to put an emphasis on this. Your character should literally be you. Act like you. Look like you. Otherwise it's no fun! When we get attacked, act like you would if you got charged by a group of sweaty men in armor in real life lmao You can add other stuff to the Virtual Box Identifier that's game like. Just let me know if you have an idea for it. Although you can introduce yourself with your real name, I know that some people don't want to reveal their name so instead of having your real name, the name slot will be filled by your User name. So, for example, instead of saying Alex, the name next to the Name Identifier when you guys look at my will say Ataraxy. Basically this is what your character will see when they look at my character. Name: Ataraxy Age: 22 Ability: (IDK maybe) Fire - You can gain abilities as the roleplay goes on just like in a video game. Can be any kind of ability. Maybe you see an ability and pick it up. Maybe there's a scroll. Maybe you get hit by an attack and it gets added to your ability list! Rank: Freedom Seeker Title: Otherworlder (we all have this cause we come from another world lol) That's pretty much it! Let me know if you guys are interested or have any input!
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    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate

    Now that House Uldwar has established itself with a new city on the island of Misral, there are many challenges left to deal with. One of the more pressing challenges is the local populace, around one thousand approximately, who are aggressive towards the newcomers to the island. The reason they are angry towards them is thug House Uldwar was once aligned with the Tyrant King Damien before the invasion of Taen. Many times they were sent out to pacify and to subjugate the native people on the island, with many atrocities being committed under the current Patriarch, Oscar Uldwar's, direction. These tensions have flared up in many of the surrounding villages refusing to trade with the people of Port Mars, to more extreme cases of violence being committed to those trying to settle on the land itself. If things aren't taken care of soon, an open revolt is bound to happen, and rumors suggest the natives have access to an old supply cache of weapons leftover from the oppressive regime. Efforts to make peace with the natives so far have not gone well, but the eldest daughter of House Uldwar, Illyana Uldwar, believes her plan will finally create peace. She has commissioned a small convoy of food, medical supplies, clothing and clean water to visit the major villages on the island to help with their needs. It is her deepest hope that this will help foster a more supportive relationship between the ruling government and the local populace so that things can run smoother on the island. However in order for this to work she will need help in protecting the caravan, which is where you folks will come in. I am looking for a small group of people to work with on this writing prompt. In order to make things more interesting and challenging, there is also a no killing rule in effect on this thread. Slaying any of the natives or anyone else in the area that Illyana finds out about, then your character will be fired from this mission and asked to leave immediately. Should Illyana die during this quest the thread will immediately be considered a failure and drastic consequences will be written out as to how that will effect House Uldwar. The turn order is going to be loose because I don't like to keep people in an order. Everyone will post once in a round before I start the next round with a post of my own. The goal of this thread is to reach at the very least three pages, but a minimum is not being enforced. Those that succeed will be rewarded greatly for their services.
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    OOC: Feast or Famine

    Asari and Manah are still in the inn. Well, regarding to post from Harlow, I just amplified the cold scenario. If you want Hollow, you can continue with me in keeping it at bay or regroup with the others outside.
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    Makiel was glad to take his place at Kalmuli's side. A wide grin crossed his face as they wandered down the hall. Lenix took point at the rear guard, his shield, with swords in their place, was being carried in his left hand. He took the shield handle and was holding it by handle alone. He had a place on his back for the shield to fit on, however he preferred to keep it in his hand. "After knowing how those two are, that doesn't surprise me. You'll forgive me if I'm tense, I'm not dis-trusting of you, I just keep an eye and ear out. I know of 5 people who can slip past your defenses, luckily you are on good terms with at least 2 of them." After getting the unpleasantness out Lenix cleared his throat, "However, I have to say this place is fortified well enough, the guards seem to be trained well enough, and the court is rather well decorated. No a lot of places that don't go unaccounted for. I'm a bit surprised to see a place that focuses on natural wildlife and building materials over lavish and gilded. It must have taken more time but the design choice is well appreciated." The elf relaxed his guard a bit more, having times like these were rare, not unpleasant but rare none the less. It was a bit hard to take in at times since Lenix hadn't quite discovered what piqued an interest in him but he could at least admire handicraft in something he had done before. The time and effort it takes to construct a court, let alone out of natural materials. Before being here, Lenix had built a long-hall with the orc tribes, that was out of lumber and metal but still an ordeal. Makiel smiled, "A bit excited to stretch it's legs I see. Well the tale is a bit long. A lot of talking and planning." Lenix spoke up, knowing it was not going to be a good tale for Kalmuli to hear, "Mak...it's best we save it for after she's settled for the day. Too much excitement can really be an issue." His body language gave off that it was not a good tale. "R..Right..It was a beautiful place. Quite a bit of things happened, I got to witness the real Ardesians fight." Makiel had a bit less stride for a moment before picking back up. The both of them were hiding something from her and they would rather not speak of it for a while.
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    "Don't worry all, I don't want to kill it at all. Keep on task if you like but I'll take the attention away for you all so we can still get paid for this. I don't mind being first so come on little guy, let's have some fun and if you win we will all know your a strong one worth being here" Strycnine yelled as he jumped back from the flame and sheath his dagger. He knew he needed to get it closer to the ground or he would not be able to do much. He left most of his things at the tavern thinking this could be achieved with his dagger alone. "Dorcha means dark, just as sionnach means fox. Never got names so I just went with what fit best." He searched around for anything of use, he could use the water but need to force it towards the water and didn't have much to work with. He knew he could not touch the creature but he could get something to make it move it the direction he wish. "Question to the group, anyone know fire magic? I have flint and can use my dagger but I think it might take my dagger as bad given of much people enjoy hunting anything of value. A net could be useful too." Strycnine kept an eye on the bird but looked for anything to make bolas as well as gather some food to try first." He looked at the small bird in the eyes "Tine Bródúil, why not come here and eat? We can fix anything that is wrong if only you calm and let us see what is the issue." He knew it might not understand him but tones was more important than what he was saying.
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    Here's a few questions just to get the ball rolling - since the event is meant to be a cozy get-together, how would a perfect stranger, which I imagine will be the characters of most people happening on this interest check, hear about this and what would draw them in? If there's a poster going around I don't imagine that it'll say "come to this dinner and get rich quick by helping me manipulate currency" so if you provide a more clear avenue I think it'll give people a better idea of how they can introduce their characters here and what their motivations might be Also it might help to specify the kind of random stranger you're looking for. Even if the doors are wide open to all and sundry I imagine a banker or some other kind of royalty would be more welcome than a thief or a beggar and it may help to specify detail like that
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    Yeah, That actually IS a good idea, I was going to have them meet her during our current thread, but this might just work alot better.
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    Will be there, with flowers!
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    "Hey, cut it out. We've already trespassed it's territory unknowingly and now you're trying to make it worse?" Theodore tried reasoning things out before things got out of hand. As he had lived his life in a praerie, he was quite experienced when it came to animals and knowing how to respect them. Of course, there were those wild and rabid ones such as the Fire Rat he had encountered back at the tavern which was starting to be a pest but those types of wild animals are different than the actual wild ones. "We should just focus on the task given to us and not get side-tracked with a problem that's unrelated to us." Theodore felt the intensity of the flames from the little bird and immediately judged that it was far more deadlier than the Fire Rats he encountered.
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    The Anima Imperium

    “Me? Why not you? You should talk to him!” “Because you’re the mayor, Hedia!” “Will talking even work? If he is able to cut down a whole patch of forest in a day?” Hedia wrung her hands in worry. She had long heard of these incredible heroes who could fly, conjure fire, or bring down rain, but she thought those stories only occurred in large cities. Little did she expect that one of them would arrive in her small town, but instead of behaving like a hero, he was like a villain who tore down the forests near them. Forests that provided the town with precious wood to use and sell. Hedia was a woman of forty-two, hailed as one of the most intelligent persons in the town of Knoles. This situation , however, was far out of her hands. However, it was true that she was the mayor, and such things fell onto her shoulders to solve. Bringing three people from the town’s police, who had their favoured weapons with them but undrawn, Hedia arrived at the half-built structure of the Anima Imperium. She walked around the steel foundations that had been constructed, to see if the rumoured man in the lab coat was around. If she didn’t see him, she would call out, “Hey there! I am the mayor of Knoles, and I wish to speak with you.”
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    Where the Skeletons Dance

    Caliben stood underneath a tree that sheltered him from the constant rain they have been blessed and/or cursed with these days and nights since they had left Union City. He channeled The Fire, taking in the view before him. Noticing the intricate beauty that is the night he used to be blind to before. The life that emerged from the safety of night, and the prospects of hunt for some, was nearly breath taking. But, Caliben had no time to take in the beauty, as he spotted many possibilities before him. An occasional fox tip toeing to it's prey, letting it's nose guide him. While the wild cat sits atop a branch, listening for movement within the grass below. Caliben was a new pioneer, and the nights before have proven that a certain approach was different in this world as opposed to the one in the daylight. As he studied the field, he saw movement within the grass. A deadly mistake. Caliben readied his dagger, awaiting for the right moment. And it came, a Owl swooped in to catch it's prey grasping it within it's talons. Caliben flared The Fire in his eyes, burning the image into his vision as he switched to Aether, slowing down time so that he can take aim at where the owl will fly too. With all his strength, he flung the dagger into the guessed position, and heard the screech of a bird of prey fall to it's soon demise. Caliben positioned his body to where the owl had fallen, guessing where it was by sound alone. He switched to The Fire once more, and walked straight to his kill. Still an opportunist, not achieving anything with my own hands. Relying on other's success to move up, and make something of myself. Caliben sighed, gripping his hand into a fist from the criticism of his own self. Knowing he still is taking the easy way out, not trying to exert himself to be anything more than what he is. You have no where else to go, you are only using Aeylria as a compass. A tool for your own selfishness, to fill in the void that engulfs you. Caliben shook his head, trying to be rid of the thoughts that dagger into his neck, but when one in shaken, another is stabbed in further. You have nowhere to go, you are nobody. Caliben cursed under his breath, as he pushed forward, looking still. And you'll drag her down with you, into an abyss. "No, I won't." He said aloud. awaiting for a retort from his subconscious, but silence was what replied. Which somehow struck just as hard as anything else that could've been said. Caliben breathed out with a long breath, and saw the owl before him on the ground. And beside it, a wild dog that had awoken from the sound and was curious of the smell of the kill. Caliben narrowed his eyes, and walked closer. The dog hunched over, too afraid to bite without it's pack, and skittered off from where it came. Caliben knelt down, and picked up the owl, pulling the dagger out of it's body and placing into his belt. He smiled to see the rat was still clutched within it's talons, as well as his stomach, making a rumbling in agreement. He turned to where the fire should have been, and made his way back. Maybe she'll need my help starting the fire once more. Caliben smiled, happy to see his use of fire magic was as useful as he had hoped out in the wilderness, and in combat. He trudged through the grass, varying in size from his waist to his ankles, praying to the gods to not be bitten by a snake or stung by a spider or scorpion as he made his way through. He started to dry pick the owl, pulling out feathers to prepare it for cooking when he returned. He made his way closer, and noticed the campfire finally became ablaze. The light's intensity attacked Caliben as he channeled The Fire, and switched to Aether for the time being. As Caliben finally reached the campsite, he whistled a familiar tune, to let Aeylria know it was him returning, and not a would be thief. Although, if one did come around, it would waste it's time as their provisions were becoming scarce. Aeylria turned her head to Caliben as he came into view from light of the fire, and placed the owl into the pot they were luckily able to "borrow" as well from the farmer they had borrowed the horse. In which they did send it back on it's own. He collapsed to the ground, his feet remembering the travels they had done the day before nightfall. He reached forward, rubbing his soles, sighing in the relief it brought. "I don't see why we couldn't borrow the horse just a bit longer, all this walking is a pain. Literally." Said Caliben. Shortly after, he pointed towards the owl in the pot. "Lucky for us, I found a two for one special tonight. So, we'll eat a bit more comfortably." Caliben continued to massage his feet, his shoulder still ached, but the walking had proven a good pain reliever. He looked at the fire, and back to Aeylria. "Oh, and good job on the fire. Must've been difficult how wet the wood must've been."
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    Consider the roots of a tree [quest]

    “These mountains are beautiful! You know?” Flickers of a scene from a memory. "They are for now. But I sense a storm coming in..." The old cloak around her shoulders heavied with a brooding unrest. She followed her two companions, bringing up the rear of their group, drawn lancet in-hand. Mae lifted the blade into her view as they walked, absentmindedly thumbing its sharp edge as her mind wandered. Without giving the outward appearance of such, Mae knew precisely where all of these lingering feelings originated, and fought with herself over addressing them. "Storms always pass." Why do you show me this? She silently asked the memory, brow furrowing as she slipped backward in time; the rolling mountains of Genesaris’ countryside entered her mind, consumed her focus. Mae recalled how the snow used to collect in large clumps along the hemlines of her clothes, and how it felt when the soothing heat of a campfire would warm them away. "Fire.” Shaking away the echoes of another time, Mae looked up from the mindless fiddling of her weapon and noticed their path beginning to widen to a nebulous landscape of stars. Or maybe windows. Lights? She slowed her pace and paused at the edge of the reveal below them, jaw ajar with awe. Her response was almost too simple, eyes lighting up in astonishment. “Wow.” " . . . I'm afraid the Mother has seen we are capable, and has given us a challenge suited to our strength." Mae glanced at Yates out of the corner of her eye but briefly. “We could only hope to serve Her in this way. By that measure, there should be no cause for fear.” She responded kindly, trusting that her words would not be taken as naivety. She observed Kai’s line of sight as he spoke of the altar and statue in his view, “That could be worth a closer inspection later.” Surveying the grounds for viable pathways ahead, the elf gave pause to his question on what should come next, “I’m not sure walking straight into the center is such a great idea. We might want to try and find a way to be more covert-” "Fire. We need to light this place on fire -” Mae’s words stopped at hearing another notably invasive echo of a memory, as if she were being interrupted. She knew the others wouldn’t have heard, and made an effort to stifle an outward response, “Excuse me -- more covert. I wonder if there’s a less obvious way of getting to some of those structures. Or if we can somehow figure out what this place is; the layout might make more sense to us if we know what it's doing here."
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    Tiandi Wushu School of Martial Arts

    Ren smiled back at his student; happy to see he had not been discouraged by the ease with which he had countered his opening gambit. The will to push forward after encountering a setback was a vital part of a martial artists attitude. On his own road to mastery lay a great many failures which he'd had to find the will to go on after. Perhaps the hardest part was learning to recognize such things as the opportunities to learn that they were, and not merely a waste of time. That was something he hoped to instill in his students right away, but for now Mensa was back on his feet, and ready to continue. Ren rose from his crouch and assumed a relaxed stance, sending an invitation that the young man was all to happy to accept. The young pyromancer came in more cautiously this time; moving carefully forward before launching a flurry of flaming punches. Ren blocked and dodged the attacks, skin turning the same protective black from earlier when the flames came close enough to burn him. It was a magnificent offense; well trained punches that would inflict damage even when blocked. As the onslaught continued the master noticed that the mage seemed to be leaving his body open. A mistake? Or perhaps a deliberate opening, tempting Ren to exploit it. Either way, he decided he would oblige the young man, and see what followed. The last two punches that Mensa threw would be caught by Ren, hands black as coal to protect himself from the flames. He pulled the boys arms apart and pushed off the ground to launch what would be a devastating knee to his stomach if it wasn't countered somehow. @Grim Wolf
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    This looks fun! Perfect for a new character of mine
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    Ike was laughing so hard at Silk's predicament "He tries to be tough but he's a funny guy." He was enjoying every moment of this, it was a really nice day outside anyway. He was jumping around, picking small crystals and throwing them in the bag no matter what color, since the bag rejected the ones with the wrong color anyway and only the right ones were left behind it was more or less a sorting system, but of course Ike didn't think of that he was just too lazy to bother picking the right colors and couldn't really tell them apart anyway since foxes are colorblind. After picking as many tiny ones as he could he started chiseling some medium ones, he was surprised how brittle these are and how easy they break off, 'What are these for anyway?' he thought to himself, not that he cared all that much but curiosity was his biggest flaw. Suddenly something hits him right smack in the head "Ow! What the-" he looked down on the ground and realized an apple hit him in the head, he picked it from the ground and looked up at the branches and just noticed how many types of fruit there are. He looked around for the pixie "Hey Fey, think you can knock down any of those? They look really good....and the lady didn't say anything about not eating fruits right?" he said with a shrug.
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    "You have yourself a good challenge there Mr. Sionnach, I'll take you up on that but I can't speak for him" Strycnine yelled back as he looked around for a crystal cluster close to the color need. "So, where you think is the best place to start looking for these things? Oh hand me one of those bags and here is a set of those tools" he said as he crouched down to look at the ground. "Names Strycnine by the way, still got to say you did a good job with the rat." He found a dark set and unsheathed his dagger, he tapped the tip of the top one to see what it did. "You know much about magic and what not? These things have to have a set draw to the color or something."
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    [Ravenspire] Assembling The Pack

    Wordy, like most veterans she ran across. But she supposed if or when she’d see the sort of action the old Wolf had, she could do the same. She tuned him out, and filed away the key words that mattered. Celine was different compared to the old man. She simply wanted a cause to join, a direction to find. A thing to which she could lend her talents and solidify her beliefs. She liked the Old Ways, sure. But she also had value in her ways. Oh, that she were a rebellious one. Her sarcastic sense of humor and quips were deeply frowned upon, but it was who she was. She paid attention when it suited her, because knowledge was power and too often people like these two were talking entirely too much. She crossed her legs, the creak of leather sounding. In short, the old Wolf says. Celine chuckled, a velvety, muted sound. Her eyes closed for a moment as the ghost of her smile remained, her temple resting on a fist with her elbow propped. Despite the itchiness of her wool cloak, she refused to relinquish it upon entry and remained blanketed by its warmth. It was the third among them that was short and to the point. He was steadfast in his ways, it appeared. It was a pleasant reprieve from the long-winded speech had had endured. “Stability.” Was her sure reply, eyes opening once more.
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    District 102

    Fight or Flight The Adventure Continues "We seem to have woken this places guardians per say, or escaped experiments on the other hand.." Roman remarked with a slight chuckle which might cause one to question if he really was fearful for the outcome of this interaction. With a shift of his posture the man chuckled as he bounced upon the balls of his feet once more. An emotion of joy washed over the area of the Gold King's influence, flexing his fingers he jabbed out two powerful punches. The blows hit hair which swiftly warped and shimmered before two power air bound pressure bullets struck home to the first creature. Knocking it back it forced the claws and venom to miss their mark yet he stepped back a few paces narrowly avoiding the acid which soared through the air to hit him. "Tsk.. You almost ruined my outfit dear fiend.. I do not appreciate such actions." Even as he spoke Dr. Icona was nearly done with the door undoing the machinery and forcing the rusted doors to open. Due to having himself move back the man had no choice but to embrace the next strike to avoid Dr. Icona being struck. When the second creature advanced Roman drew his right arm back allowing the mana to manifest in his knuckles. When the claws came again he unleashed the pent up force upon the beast. Slamming downward he pushed to and through the claws forcing the beast to crash down into the floor as well under the weight of the blow. The acid itself burned a bit of his flesh off but it bought them time. As the sound of her pleading voice came to his ears the male backed up swiftly one foot behind the other till he was at the space. It was small but he would make it work wedging himself he pushed forcing the doors to open wider before pulling Dr. Icona and himself further inside to avoid the next strike. The claws dented the doors causing them to dead bolt shut, there was another way out however they would have to find it if they wanted to leave. "I am glad we left your guards behind.. It would have been a slaughter.." Roman slowly dusted off his clothing ignoring the pain in his right hand the smell of melted flesh becoming apparent to the duo. Taking a long look at the hand he merely shook his head and began buttoning up his shirt once more. Adjusting the tie into place he chuckled lightly looking around the area for something to wrap his hand in. "Just a small flesh wound. I probably should not have punched it but hell, it bought you the time needed to save our lives. It was worth it!" Giving her a feeble thumbs up with the same hand a gently smile crossed his face. "Come Dr. Icona we must be on our way, there is still much to do." Another bang rounded as the creatures screamed in frustration. @Aziella
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    The Golden Jackal

    I will work on starting us off after I check my work schedule for this weekend, I might have to work tonight and tomorrow. But for now, err'one should gather their characters and head on over to the Cut and Jib to introduce themselves and form an attack plan. That way Radioactive and potentially myself can catch up without actually starting off immediately.
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    Maybe it's time I quit lurking?

    Nupe. Yer gonna RP with me and we're gonna tear up the town, and then Frank will frown at us but secretly approve.
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    The erosion of Gabriela’s solid stance had not been what Agony initially had strived for. The deprivation of a true answer to the question he had reformed and uttered in a variety of different ways to her angered Agony to levels that might have urged him to attempt to extinguish the captive they had worked so hard to obtain. He had quickly concluded, whether erroneously or not, that she did not have the answer he desired. This depression plagued her and continued to twist its sharp hooks into the delicate balance of her mind. He had attempted to batter her psyche cruelly amidst the oppression of her own feelings, attempting to provoke her to act for herself only to see her resist and deflect. The responses she had delicately offered were meant to keep him at the perimeter…away from a truth that he was not sure she could properly formulate. All he felt constantly thrust at him was confirmation of this woman’s low self-esteem and an ironic desire to constantly remind him that he had likely angered others because of his accomplishment. If only frankness had been the baseline for this dialogue. Agony’s expectation after his last question had been that she would attempt to leverage whatever discomfort she had and attempt to see if her captor had any sort of scruples. Instead he witnessed her answer his question rather plainly. The speculative reply along with the frantic response that he had witnessed during the coronation reinforced his assumption about the scarcity of control she had on Orisia or the forces that held it together. What was advertised as a haven for those seeking asylum or those wishing to live in harmony had been reduced to a discordant world ruled by a queen tied by strings he knew little about. It was abundantly clear to Agony that Orisia was vulnerable in every sense of the word, split into a duality in many fronts. Some called for peace. Others called for war. Some pledged allegiance to the Carmine Empire. Others held fast to the Black Queen of old. Humans clung to the promise that they could coexist with others far more powerful than they were while other species, mainly vampyres did not hold the same sentiment. This broiling chaos was ripe and ready for the consumption of any one intelligent enough to take advantage and profit from. Agony had already done so and the fruit of his efforts now stood before him but would the investment of this effort be a failed venture serving only to torment an already tormented woman and leave him only with the consolation that Malice had provided before? “You said I could buy my own freedom. What is the price? I can offer you wealth, I can offer you land, I can offer you and yours the security you’ll desperately need once this is all over because, as I said before, by kidnapping me you’ve managed to piss off some very uncharitable characters.” She now bargained for her freedom, keeping her golden gaze and alluring face away from him. What price would she pay to free herself? She offered riches. She offered land. Then she offered shelter. All things that many of his companions would accept freely and yet Agony felt they were not enough. The conventional ransom may have satisfied the petty but he searched for something more…eternal. “Those outside of this room will surely take any wealth or land you have available to provide them for their efforts. I will not pretend to believe that you can provide me with any security from those who wish to act out their vengeance for what has brought you here.” Agony shifted suddenly to the right, his mass resting oddly against the wall. The black ooze slid down the wall and pooled at the floor, bubbling randomly and lethargically. The appendage he had used to speak to her still jutted outward and kept itself at the same level of her own mouth. “What I want is uncontested dominion over any of Orisia’s resources whenever I arrive upon Orisian shores” The ludicrous request was delivered with a monotonous tone, severely undercutting the weight of what he was asking for. Would she question the legitimacy of the broad request or simply accept it so she can be free of this nightmare of her own making?
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    The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli looked Makiel's face over as he listened to him speak. Something seemed...familiar in an eerie since. She managed a smile, easing Klaue down to the floor. She moved over to Lenix, putting a hand on his shoulder. She could sense he was uneasy and it showed in his shoulders. "I don't doubt it...but I do mean what I say. In the mean time, Altissium is a wonderful place. Beaches, fish markets...I'm sure the sailors themselves wouldn't mind a brawl. I found the cliffs to be a challenging climb."She suggested. "But of course dinner with you both would make my evening." The elf broke into a grin, easing back to flop out unqueenly like on the couch with a heavy sigh. She felt she could relax with them around. Kalmuli looked up at the ceiling through her bangs. "They'll be fine...They change shifts often. I'll finish my work up here and we can have a nice seafood dinner..."She noted and Klaue chirped in a response to the food. Kalmuli chuckled before getting up off the couch and easing over to the desk, sitting in the heavy wooden chair with a sigh. There was a still a fair stack of paperwork to be finished, her thumb flipping through them as she checked it over. Kalmuli perked an eyebrow up, reaching into a drawer and removing a clean piece of parchment. She scrawled a brief letter, folding it and firing up a quick spell to warm up some seal wax, pressing it into it. Getting up, she crossed the room again, gesturing for Makiel to join her. "Why don't you both accompany me on an errand? I want to send a letter off to Ingrid let her know that Aldorto is coming and that you both made it here safely. There's a court courier on the top floor and I wouldn't mind a walk to stretch a bit. I have some instructions to give to staff as well."
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    Lenix simply shook his head in acknowledgement, "I cannot rush someone in your position, it would do me no good. I would have to find something to entertain myself and brush off some steam in the meantime." The young elf stood in the doorway, he would have this place held down for a good long while if the guards allowed him. 'Hmm...perhaps a nice jog once I am freed up. Yes, a good jog along the rooftops. Maybe some push-ups..I could do with stepping out of the armor...' Lenix was lost in thought for a moment, it took him some time before he answered the remainder of her response. "I would not mind the accommodation, I doubt Makiel would either." Family, that word was fragile in his mind. All he had left was his father and the few in the brotherhood he assumed treated him as one of their own. The word carried weight, "Heh..family..I suppose my father is good at that. Well stay on the Ardeisan name's good side and you are bound to have perks with us." The second phrase came out halfheartedly. Her knew his father was generous but he didn't know much about what he could do to provide the same other then being a sword for hire or his bit of healing services. It didn't bother him at first but the weight of it came down as he heard Kalmuli speak of family. He tried to brush it off and stand tall again the doorway. Makiel beamed a smile, "Well that would be a fine arrangement for the both of us to stay here. I suppose if all else I can keep my hands busy working on your guards if they don't mind. Standing in one place all day can take it's toll after all. This will let you get back to work and as long and Lenix can keep it up, I can work on the guards." Makiel sat back with his leg's crossed. It was a good feeling being finally freed of Salvine. He could focus on who he was now instead of who he wanted to be. The light shined brighter on his attitude and his disposition then from his appearance, this was due to enchantment magics that were in place which made his eyes stand out more. The wanderer was glad to have his freedom, although, one would not be mistaken to say the resemblance between him and the gambler was not striking. One would almost confuse them as brothers.
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    Fennis Ursai

    [MT1:2] Aldorto vs Jack

    The sand was a rough fall, it was a bit rougher then he guessed but not terrible. Listening to her ridiculous 'hype' made him laugh, "Just like beris." He scoffed from under his breath. Aldorto waited for a moment before rolling in the sand using a hand to pivot then his feet to move his body. He flipped over as he turned, once in a position where he could make an advance Aldorto pressed his other hand into the ground and got his other foot into position where he pushed off the ground into a leap aimed right at his opponent. He wanted to see what he first thought was, if all else failed he would have to manipulate her perception. "To hell with the crowds, this fight's for my amusement!" He felt a rush of his werewolf blood wanting to come out and fight, he was almost dead set against it at the beginning of the fight, however, after taking the hit to the ground as he did, the decision was slowly changing to where he might use it if need be. For now he would remain as an elf, fighting with what he had until the moment became right to use his werewolf. He didn't have the strength game on his opponent, however he would have her in speed and experience. If he could continue to come at her with quick speeds he could wear her down enough to go into his wolf from and overpower her. This was his game plan, to use what Darius had taught him about how to fight using low effort and watch his opponents moves for habits, signs, anything that was her tell. He was no fan of not having watched his opponent first but he would manage.
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    Finally releasing a breathe of anticipation. Something he's been holding in since the start he'd figured. It's over he thought over and over again. After exhausting his arcane abilities he was glad he was able to do something right with them. Its been a long and gratuitous adventure with its own twists and turns. The mage finally collapsing to the round after finally able to rest. "Hoo..It's been such a long ride." he said, his voice raspy and modulated. A slew of emotions risen through him. "Feels like we done saved the world or something. The scale of it is pretty amazin'." Gathering himself he would pick up his staff and using it as a walking cane to heft himself over to the two, Nikki and Ferris. "Is he okay? How ya holding up there friend?" Worried as much as Nikki would be, he's been through a lot. Too much he would say, Walker knew Ferris was strong and would pull through. He hoped for the best that they all can walk back in good health. it was a long, fought battle and he wouldn't hope for something good to have came from their efforts.
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    OOC: Feast or Famine

    I will! Just getting through the school week first lol
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    The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli tilted her head. So it was just Lenix that needed something...or maybe Makiel did as well? She mused at the possibilities. She thought about, moving back onto Makiel's lap and let Klaue slip onto his shoulders, curling up around him like a warm neck cushion. "I would appreciate a little bit more time...I realize you are in a rush but my mornings are relatively free. If you stay here in the Palace, it will make having an early meeting much easier. That and the breakfast they serve here is quite tasty."She offered. "Otherwise, there are several inns around the bay that will accommodate you. I'd rather if you both stayed though. Aldorto, Makiel and yourself have almost become like family around my home." Kalmuli looked back to Makiel. "It'll give us much more time to catch up at least...And my room here has the best view of the sunrise."She hinted.
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    Lenix chuckled, this responses bared no meaning to him but he took the moment to return back to his duties. He knew a few things she didn't and he would hold them at bay, as to not disrupt the situation. He took his place at the door, his eyes and ears keeping track of things as they came and went. Makiel felt along Kalmuli's spine, poking and prodding his fingers where he felt knots and rough patches. "I can get some of this tension out of you, thought you'd have to take a recess for a little while. Perhaps later in the day when you are not needed at post?" Lenix scoffed once more, "I am not to be your guard all night, if you wish to stay then my boots are touching ground on the morrow, so you best be ready." Makiel chuckled, "I don't think Salvine will try that a second time Lenix, you can relax. Besides you did give him the ultimatum so he can't do anything even if he wanted to." "Don't count on that. He's resourceful, however if you think you can handle it without my help then I shall leave you to your devices."
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    The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli could feel the change...but as far as how it much it changed him, she could only find out more in private. Right now the timing and the place just weren't right. She beamed a grin, relaxing into his touch. The constant bending over a desk with the paperwork and keeping proper posture was killer on her lower back and she groaned. "Trust me, I don't miss it."She sighed. "The current Queen Regent is pregnant...but I assisted with a major disaster in Predator's Keep. I thought it was a fairly low key project but it caught the attention of the Red Queen and ultimately, the Regent in this area."She said, raising her arms up and giving a long stretch. Her back gave an applause of cracks. "Believe me, after this I'm going to take my time and enjoy myself with a nice long vacation to the South Sea." Lenix's comment made her furrow her brow a little. So the old Al was now running free. She managed a little bit of a smile but of course, she remembered how aggressive he had been coming out the first time. If he was trying to find Ingrid, there was something that he wanted...but Ingrid could hold her own. She proved that with the Archmage Exam. "Ingrid can hold her own. After all, to pass the Archmage Exam you've got to beat me at near full strength. That itself is a dangerous task."She said with a shrug. "Considering now she's passed, how she handles herself is no longer my problem until it does."
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    There was something else a miss about Makiel, his essence pool was now primarily primal essence however there was some raw arcane in him now as well as more in his divine reserves. He flashed a smile as she moved to get more comfortable. "Aww, you're too kind. It's refreshing to see you smile again. I can assume this place has you stressed out some. Following protocol, holding face, dealing with less desirable folk with a fresh elm up the ass, it's gotta be draining." When she got situated, Makiel ran his hand against her back to rub and sooth some tension their might be. Jobs like this were stressful, he knew this, and having his memory back fully, he knew that feeling. "Trust me," Lenix pipped in from the far side of the room, "If it's a woman he's interested in, we all better hope nothing has hurt her or taken her into discomfort....I've heard that story told a few times...it doesn't end well." Once he finished talking, Lenix drew his blade to inspect it. It was a gift from Darius, improved by Kreigstad, and imbued with runes from old man Kotelek. Though it seemed stupid to inspect it as often as he did, if he didn't check it for dings, dents, dullness, or a slip in the runes, he'd walk into a bad situation one day. He was pragmatic by nature. "That said, I know he'll be fine. It's everyone else you'd have to worry about. Now that he's back in his body and gotten a new wind in his sails...yeah, not going to be a pretty sight for anyone foolish enough to try and tell him no."
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    Makiel sat back with a wide smile, "Thank you. I missed you too. I'm just glad I made it. Got worried I wouldn't make it out of there." He moved a bit in his seat to lean forwards. "Aldorto found you. He sent me out this way to see you, said you might like to see me...he also said something about going to see Ingrid for a while as well." He turned back to look at Lenix by the door, "You go.." "I'm fine. Just don't forget I'm partially here on business." Lenix took off his shield from his arm and used it to lean on. "And trust me miss, there's nothing that 'can' get through this door with me guarding it." He spoke not in jest or in cockiness, when he spoke Lenix believe every word he spoke. He'd been trained that way, going through the rough training that his 'uncle' Darius had put him through to become a hardened warrior. This included many different styles of fighting with different weapons, including hand to hand, great swords, grand-clubs, war hammers, great axe's, axe, mace, sword, spear and shield techniques. Lenix was trained to identify weak points and to harness the areas he was strong in. Though he displayed much in the way of youth, he still bore the mark of great strength. He carried around primal essence as well, earth, fire, ice, wind, along with a bit of divine essence as well. Trained to fight as a one man unit. "I'm just letting you have your chat is all."
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    The young blonde was the first to step in, ushering for his charge to enter. "Well come in you bundled mess." From behind him a familiar face stepped in, the wanderer who had left in order to deal with the Ardesian fiasco. "Well, well. This is where you've been? How's the official life treating you." Makiel stood there for a moment, hands in his side pockets. He was still dressed in his usual tattered 'rags' of cloth. "If you don't sit I'm going to kick your ass to a seat." The younger man burst out, ready to raise his boot up to kick against Makiel's back side. "Christ you're like my father when he get's lust driven." Makiel moved to sit on a nearby chair. He bore a few scars, the two most notable being scorch marks in the shape of bullet holes. Something was different about him, he seemed a bit more energetic, more free then before. Less laid-back as well, he bore a smile on his face and his eyes had lost some of their shine. They were a dull brown hue now. His body looked more tone as well, his arms and legs being slightly more muscular, however his guard bore far more muscle. "I'm going Len, calm yourself. Haha, you're too impatient." The younger guardsmen shook his head. as he moved away from the two for the moment, taking a place by the door with the other guard. He shifted an elbow at the door guard. "Hey, take a breather, I can take post for a moment. Standing around all day is a bore as is. My legs can take some time for you." Though it was spoken lightly, his demeanor was that of a well hardened warrior. His appearance was a bit young, being on the upside of maturity for elves, however he bore a look that was shared by those who'd spilled blood on a regular occasion.
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    The New Queen in Town

    Kalmuli raised her head up, her pet Peacock Cat raising it's head from it's spot on the windowsill behind her. She sat back in her chair, sighing and rubbing the back of her neck. There was a guard on the interior and another on the exterior, protecting the doors. Kalmuli would have rather have the solitude but having the extra protection was necessary. She was only a stand-in but she still held authority here. Rising, she gestured to her guard and he would step away from his post to open the door. He was large enough to block the doorway, looking to the two men who were outside. "Let them in. It's not like they can get past you and Herald outside."She said, getting up from her chair and shifting her gown about so she could move around the desk. She moved over to the couch on the right that was part of the informal meeting area. She sat down, giving herself time to stretch and make herself presentable. "Come in gentlemen." The large guard sighed, stepping aside to reveal the two strangers outside of her office door and Kalmuli stood only to greet them, her familiar joining her around her ankles, winding through the sheer, slinky material of her gown before climbing on the couch to rub against her hip.
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    Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    There came a knock on the door. On the other side, two men, one with shaggy dark hair and a beard that started from the hairline and made it's way to a goatee, to his side, a younger appearing man in light fitting half-plate mail wielding a solid kite shield and a longsword. The older man tipped back a water-skin while he waited for a response, there was a bit of shakes to him, mostly from anticipation. "Oh..my god..relax, you look like an alcoholic looking for a new fix." "Shut up, you don't.." "You're really going to try and tell me I don't have any idea? Really?" "Oh..yeah..sorry.." "Just..ease up a bit man. You shouldn't have an issue with your nerves anymore, so just take it down a bit." "Yeah but.." "No but, really think looking shaky is a good way to look?" "Haha, I suppose you're right." "I am right, no center and focus yourself...god and to thing 'you' were a mentor.." There came sounds of long breathing from the other side of the door as the older gentleman began to focus his mind and ease his nervousness.
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    Madness Loves Company

    Dismal though the streets may have been, Antique knew more pasts than present with her hand hooked on the arm of the many men of one who brought her along. That is, when she looked at him, walking in the myriad of environments she perceived, she recognized him as many familiar people, but couldn't find his name. Those golden eyes, dull where once they had shone, rested on the man until a pretty figment dragged her attention away. Nothing anyone else could see, but it was more real to her than the cobbles beneath her feet. That woman, who shuffled blankly alongside Yelstadt seemed empty of emotion, blank of thought with her hair a tangled, frayed mess that dangled all the way down to waist. He knew her as his uncle's ex, but what danger had brought her to such a nearly inert state that she could hardly walk on her own, let alone communicate? He was leading her through the streets of Inn'sth, carrying her belongings and contemplating where and how to stash her while he gathered his horse and wagon. However, a little girl made an obstacle of herself. Bright blue of hair and eyes and stern in a way that would be disconcerting anywhere but in Yh'mi. She stopped in front of Kaia and produced a weapon from her palm. Yelstadt reacted, but Antique was fascinated with that blue hair. It was so vibrant it dragged her away. Off to cerulean skies and bright waters. Until she was jostled of course. Then her mind grabbed at the nearest relations and urged her to act. In a motion of alarm, she reached out. The Shield son placed himself between his escortee and her potential offender, even drawing his sword, but before he could make the dangerous-looking child aware of his stance on the situation, Kaia's grip on his arm tightened. So much so that it hurt and she shouted, "Derrin!" With eyes wide and shining like a waning flame. Perhaps she had recognized the familial relation cognitively, or maybe he just looked like his uncle had when she'd known him, but he refused to falter over it. Hardening his glare he stated, "You threaten a veteran of the Terrenus military and his charge. Stand down, child."
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    nce upon a time Rize wrapped his pale fingers around a child's neck and gradually intensified the pressure until it snapped— Wait. That was yesterday. “I see you've made yourself at home. Quite an...interesting choice, Omnicide. I assume you have something to bring me up to speed?” The mastermind of Cide VII was always a step ahead of their objective and the will of Babel Corporation's primogenitor, Ilos. However the past few days had provided a distraction that he couldn't pull himself from. After receiving his psychomatic evaluation through cymatic scan the doctors came to realize that while the hue of his stress levels was low, his penchant for death and his belligerent disposition would eventually cause some trouble for the organization. Not that they had say. Pathetic, all of them. They were nothing more than scum who deserved to have their warm throats ripped out— Rize rubbed his right temple gingerly. Somehow his mind always followed a complicated train of thought. Her words had brought him to think of the doctors and what they'd warned him of before he set out to Cosanastre to fulfill the first of his many obligations. “The route to Sector 0 has already been secured. All of the fake identification and uploaded biometrics are already complete as well. There's a possible deviation from our original assignment though...” Rize announced, his eyes still staring out the dank window as she slammed her suit cases into the dilapidated wood beneath them. “One of SANCTUM's own is actually here in the city. Worst case scenario is that we run into one of them...if so, we need to make sure we've extracted the information and made contact with The Crystal before then.” You didn't answer her question something rang through his cyberscape. Whether or not it was Radonic actually communicating via their wireless ULTIMA Cells communication or it was his mind imagining the PHOBIA around as he usually were, spitting his usually retorts, Omnicide sighed. “...all I did was kill people for the past three days. You going to complain about it like the doctors do?” Novicide (or Nova) wasn't exactly familiar to him, but overtime he knew they'd eventually find some form of synergy. There was still a question on the fringe of his mind he wanted to ask, but he knew the time would come sooner than later and dared not to rush it.
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    For the Greater Good (Justice)

    @Knighto The interviewer blinks, not once but several times, at the first answer. Bored easily could be a sign of an attention disorder or self importance. Self importance seemed probably, if only because of the self admitted overconfidence. A few notes are taken on the notepad, her eyes never departing the winged woman. Glancing at her other notes, as the second question is answered, it occurs to her that a lot of people seem to be strangely comfortable with just abandoning someone that isn't useful. How strange that none of them considered finding a different line of work. Surely an accountant wouldn't be helpful in a fight, but might prove beneficial in a different area? The edges of her lips dip into a frown as she makes a note about leadership potential. "From my experience, complicated systems are much easier to break than to fix." She finally speaks up at the end of the third answer. "Usually there are multiple points of failure created by one process being dependent on several previous to it. Stopping most things is as easy as removing any beginning or intermediate piece necessary for the process. Cutting a fuel line stops an engine, removing a spring stops a watch. Breaking things doesn't really take any real skill. Children break things all the time, without a comprehensive understanding or knowledge on the item they are breaking. Would you like to reconsider your answer?" There is a pause, a moment for Sonia to make a decision. Regardless, the interview must continue. Or maybe it shouldn't? Her lips purse for a moment at the answer to the fourth question. "Birds terrify me, one flew into my hair when I was child. In fact, all winged creatures fill my heart with terror, it was a very traumatic event." Her voice is flat, expressionless, empty of anything that might hint at emotion. "Right now my blood pressure is elevated, my heart is racing, and I can say that looking at you and your wings is terrifying. Does that make you evil?" The answer to the question is documented with the others, her pencil scribbling a shorthand that only she'd be able to read. Although it was worth noting that her response was egocentric, there wasn't much clarification needed on the fifth response. Although, it did make the interviewer wonder.... what sort of awful things could Sonia have done to another person, and never realized it? By all accounts the sixth response yielded very little. At least nothing new anyway. Sonia's ability to impact the world, appeared to be lost to her. Or, she simply put material possession a tier above the well-being of other people. "So the seventh and final question then." Unique personalities generated unique questions, these typically yielded increased insight into the person. However, in Sonia's case she was dancing very close to the edge. "How many lives are you willing to trade, in order to keep your wings?" The question is asked without the interviewer bothering to look up from her notes.
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    For the Greater Good (Justice)

    [LOCALE - LAST CHANCE, SOUTHERN QUARTER | MISSION - GRIGORI] All the good things in life – art, love, music – are, humbling though it is to admit, nothing more than coincidences of nature. The thunderheads on the horizon had grown tired of looming. If there was a unison among them, it was made in silence; without a word, they’d begun their march, and it was not until the wind came that the city heard the threat of rain. The wind upon the ground was meagre and rasped its message with litter against roughshod pavement. It roared through the streets, through the cramped gaps between buildings, with all the impatience of traffic. Hawke felt it too, atop the skyscrapers, but he felt it snap at the hems of his robes, as if he was an unwelcome guest. The wind moved quickly in the heights, where it was most at home; proud, it would slow for neither men nor their monoliths that stuck up like daggers into the sky. So it blew: through the maze of struts, through fences of exposed rebar, around windows and brick. It rattled the metal and whipped the unfeeling concrete until it began to feel. The loose wires thrummed. The chimney pipes shook with harmonics. A hollow B-flat, a whispered F. Hawke winced and leaned back with another great heave, the wires in his hands thrumming as he sawed at the antenna that swayed back and forth to the tuneless tune. Noise. Grigori Langiller did not own a restaurant, but one would be forgiven for thinking so. It was Gregor Langiller who had the passion for being a restaurateur in the family. (Grigori was an accountant, and never forgave his parents for their names.) Of course, it did not help matters that the restaurant was named Grigori; this was primarily because Grigori, being an accountant, had earned the money to fund his brother’s dream, and Gregor was charged so full of emotion that he decided on the spot to secure his position in the family pantheon of “needless obfuscators.” Grigori, one should know, loved his brother very much. He did not have many dreams of his own, but he liked watching Gregor smile. It was this that drove him to throw away what little, pointless vestiges of dreams he once had (not as if he’d ever become an astronaut, anyway) and bankroll Grigori; it was this that drove him to, throughout childhood, beat his brother’s bullies to near-death. Of note, Gregor’s awful, cheating, but extremely attractive ex-wife ended up drowning in a shit-filled sewer in the slums, but Gregor never really knew, nor cared, what happened to her. Grigori did not have many dreams of his own, but he found that he was perfectly happy so long as his brother was, and so long as there were problematic people left in Gregor’s life that he could remove. The man stifled a giggle as he watched Lyr struggle, one which turned into a snort as she nearly toppled onto the ground. Removing a glove, he extended a hand to the woman on the ground. “There are better places to eat than off the ground, you know. Did I hear that you were looking for the restaurant Grigori?”
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    For the Greater Good (Justice)

    [LOCALE - LAST CHANCE, SOUTHERN QUARTER | MISSION: GRIGORI] She had accepted it without too much thought, more bent on the flare of embarrassment brought on by having waived around a drumstick sword. A silver token presses against the flesh of her sternum having been wound with wire and tied with a leather string into a long necklace. The cool metal, stamping that skin with the scales adorned engraved on that specific side. Lyr deigned to follow the Angel. Her curious nature as deeply imprinted as her appetite for food at random moments. Rather than take the aloof approach, much to the expounded scrunch of Hawke’s face, hers takes on a thoughtful expression. The deep courses of the afternoon only added to the shadows of deep mindfulness plaguing her simple psyche. Ashton had made a point, and now she would have to extend her line of responses into palpable actions. Knowing what she is supposed to be doing versus doing what she does do, are two very different things when a stomach becomes poorly famished. Words twist into distorted imaginings where all she can do once she no longer has Hawke in her sights is ask everyone she sees on the street. “Have you ever seen Grigori Langiller?” “Do you know where Grigori Langiller is?” “I think Grigori Langiller has the best food in town, so I’m told… Can you please point me in the right direction?” By the time her stomach flops, she is said to have repeated that particular name no less than a hundred times. Certain eyes watch her with astute observation as she places a palm to the wall beside her. Lyr being in dire need of the support, of the emptiness distressing her center. As with all those who grieve, there is a belted wail of approbation and distress that echoes down the nearby alley’s and streets and permeating open windows. “DOES…ANYONE KNOW…WHERE GRIGORI LANGILLER’S IS…I AM SOOO HUNGRY—Y—Y—Y--!!?!?!” The biscuits in the pouch at her hip had long since run out. Crumbs already having been dumped down the back of her throat a mile or two before becoming bewildered by the pangs of hunger she felt from all that walking. If she cannot find this restaurant before nightfall, she will surely perish for there is no true food in sight. Just too many eyes with fearful or hard questioning lines smeared across their faces. “PLEASE…PRETTY PLEASE…I CAN AFFORD IT…I think.” With nothing less than a crowd hurriedly leaving a great berth between themselves and the belly-acher, Lyr is left with little else to do but continue on. Questioning away and asking for the Grigori Langiller place in as many different ways as possible, in order to get the answer she so desperately want. How hard can finding one place be?
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    A Pirate's Life Ain't So Bad

    I'm trying lol I really am. I'm still doing college work. All fucking day fml
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