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    Hey guys, First of all, I just wanted to apologize for my unannounced absence for the last to days. For those in my quests, I know its probably hypocritical of me given that I am always hounding you guys about the "one-post" a day policy, and communication being key; however, just the other day, I was met with bad news. One of my dear friends had just passed away. I hope you can understand why I dropped suddenly for that period of mourning. Anyways, I'll be throwing some reply posts later today, and get these stories rolling ~
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    Old Man Jean

    Clara Takasaki [WIP]

    Characteristics • GENERAL INFORMATION • Name: Clara Takasaki Nickname: None Position: Relief Pitcher / Shortstop Race: Human Age: 14 Class: Middle School Baseball Star Affiliations: Dougton Agriculture Middle School Baseball Team, 'Dougton Fury' Alignment: Neutral Good Religion: None • HISTORY • Place of Birth: Dougton, Terrenus Current Residence: Dougton, Terrenus Reputation: Local Middle School Baseball Prodigy Primary Profession: Student Secondary Profession: Baseball Player Health: Excellent Appearance Complexion: Tan Height: 5'9" Build: Sporty Eye Color: Light Brown Hair Color: Black Description: WIP Personality Demeanor: Confident, tomboy, aggreesive. Hopes: Win the Terrenus U-15 Baseball Championship before she isn't allowed to play with the boys anymore. Fears: Losing her only passion baseball due to her gender. Likes: Baseball, baseball and baseball. Dislikes: Softball, being underestimated. Description: WIP Skills • PITCHING • Type: Four-seam Fastball Speed: 78mph Control: Full, can efficiently pitch with speed to anywhere in the strike zone. Type: Two-seam Fastball Speed: 72mph Control: Full, can efficiently pitch with speed to anywhere in the strike zone. Type: Split-finger Fastball Speed: 72mph Control: Average, while she can't pin point it's placement left to right it is rarely a ball. Type: Cutter Speed: 76mph Control: Poor, it's speed and release window often mean it simply turns into a four-seam fastball, often with an easy to hit trajectory. Background WIP
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    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    "Suck it." Novaculi continued its twining path above the fixed point where the black-armored man had been. Cassandra Gestalt scowled, adjusting her veil, unconcerned about the two goblins that had managed to grab onto her mount. Stupid things. Apart from its head, Novaculi's entire body was composed of a continually-moving river of debris whirling through its form at a speed that could easily strip flesh from bone. The creature simply adjusted the angle of one of its fins, reducing a goblin into a tattered mess of red cartilage, its jump arrested. It did the same to the other one, all the while continuing to move in its lazy, figure-eight loop. Gestalt watched with irritation as the black-armored figure moved away, following its army of goblins. She watched with irritation as the tiny girl in blue launched herself at the lady with the gun with those oily black tendrils. She watched with irritation as a fireball launched itself through the air, landing at the place where she had seen the golden woman. She watched as the long-tailed, gore-crazed creature ran amok, leaving strangely-arranged bodies in its path. She wanted to laugh at the chaos - no, the disorganization, of it all. A raid, she thought spitefully. Is this all this is? Within the rules set on me I can build beings that can reduce civilizations to dust, and... this is this first group I come across? Still, Gestalt clung onto the irritation. It was better helplessness of knowing she was completely, utterly alone. It was better than interacting with shadows, static and ghosts. It was better than walking a blank canvas, better than automation and tired tropes and basic conventions of travelling and convenient interactions. It was, admittedly, far more interesting. Still, bloodshed and chaos had never been quite her thing. At her signal, Novaculi swooped towards the demon that was running around creating grostesque art installations. Gestalt dropped off her mount, landing besides a handful of humans impaled against a wall. Novaculi flew off, shredding and absorbing any goblins that neared as its creator did her work. This would take more of her than last time. Gestalt scrutinized the bodies - some still alive, twitching in pain. White bone protruding from skin made a contrast against all the red. Thankfully, the demon had given her quite a fair amount of biological mass to work with - and a very strong symbolic impression on things in general. I suppose he has a very consistent aesthetic, Gestalt thought wryly. Blood and bone and body fluids. Pain and violence. Wild brushstrokes, sloppy, yet purposeful in the things in broke and spattered every which way. This was the essence of this entire ordeal, really - uncontrolled chaos. A bunch of monsters let out of their cages, let loose to topple this stupid excuse for a town, the unfortunate target for this overblown raid. Disproportion - the powerful crushing the weak with little effort, overblown, near-caricatures of evil tearing through this paper town, a bucket of bile dumped onto a stale soda-cracker house. Balance. The idea was a breath of fresh air, the sharp scent of sterilized tools in a slaughterhouse. What else to bring to this festering stage than order, than a paragon of surgery, of blades slicing away rot and gangrene and cauterizing wounds, of terrible light and lung-scorching chemicals- disinfected, aseptic, cleansed. What else to counter to this mess of noise and light than silence, stillness, quiet. This one would be less corporeal than her previous creation - more concept than creature, designed less for destruction and more for... nullification. Gestalt stood before the bodies - twenty-three, if she counted correctly, and inverted the ideas that were sown through the reality of this playing field. The bodies began curling inward at a fixed point a few feet away from the wall they were pinned to. The girl merely watched; her powers required no theatrics. She watched as bones reshaped themselves into graceful, hollow rods. She watched as skin sloughed off like silk, folding themselves together as they slid over a coiling skeleton. She watched as blood began spooling from every surface it had been spilled on, knotting every drop within a ribcage that soon disappeared under a fully-formed shell. The girl let out a heavy breath. Her shoulders slumped as she eyed the gigantic, ten-foot-tall egg, its rough, chitinous surface a pale red color. The ecstasy overshone her exhaustion, even as she sat on the ground, grinning, oblivious to the destruction around her. She glanced at the sun, then in the direction of the demon. "Take your time," she muttered under her breath.
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    The summer solstice is one of the most celebrated times of the year, a time where the people of Crystallo Stella celebrate the fertility of Mother Gaia. With the passing of King Valerio, the people of Crystallo Stella have been anticipating the coronation of his daughter Aurora, and the promises of a new beginning for the hidden nation. With messengers dispatched across the world of Valucre, portals opened temporarily to the massive gate that leads into the Wicker Mountains. With the distortion of the portals popping up in the key lands of every nation in Valucre, the shimmer of them couldn’t be ignored by those who witnessed the messengers appearing through the rip in time and space. Each of those messengers delivered invitations to each of the cities in the lands of Valucre, posted where all could read. Even the noble houses and high ranking merchants were hand delivered invitations, which gave detailed instructions on how to arrive into the newly revealed underground nation. With the promise of a new nation opening their borders to the outside world it gave way to new adventures and diplomacy missions, and of new citizens of the crystal nation. The guests who took the invitations to Crystallo Stella would follow the instructions to find the portal that became erected in their lands, stepping through the rip in time they would step through into a half moon of doors that lead to each of the different places the invitations were taken in Valucre. Turning back to those doorways they could see their worlds being reflected back to them like mirrors with their own reflections. The beauty in the magic that opened these doorways left a sense of awe, a tingle on the skin after emerging into the hall of doors. Waiting just outside the doorways to Valucre men and women dressed in purple and gold stitched uniforms awaited to direct the guests towards the ballroom. Each of the staff would take the invitations presented by those guests, leading them down the open hall towards the crystal ballroom. Other servants take the the lead from there on, each bowing and swooping down with an arm out to reassure the new guests of Crystallo Stella that they’re to continue till they enter the largest crystal ballroom the nation of Crystallo Stella knows of. The mini tour towards the ballroom was breathtaking, a pure show of the dwarvin touch to the architecture of the castle and through the view of the hall over the city itself. The lighting of the hall itself was unique to the land with each orb carved of quartz crystal reflected the energy they absorbed as light, some were pink from the rose quartz and others darker from the smokey affect they often had. Music could be heard throughout the hall as it leaked from the massive carved archway into the crystal ballroom, the sounds of the cello was so deep and entrancing as it was the lead of the song currently being played by the group who was so elegantly dressed in their gowns and tuxedos. It was obvious the nation didn't just house fae, but those who were lucky to grow up or discover this place for themselves. Although word of this mystic place was left to the wind, nothing but whispers were ever carried out as legends or stories told to children like fairy tales. As the guests walk through the doors into the ballroom they find a very open structure carved from the white stone of the mountain, the windows were made of a crystal like glass which made it easy for the lights to be reflected through them with the help of the prism style flooring. At the far end of the room a throne of white marble set on top of a purple and gold runner, vines and calla lilies weaved in and out of each other around the arms of the throne. Beside the chair sat a table that held a crown of gold with red gems adorning each point, specially made for the new queen to take the throne. Standing beside the crown guards in armor stood at attention protecting the right of Aurora Aequliter-nebula, not only stationed at the throne guards took up positions around the room standing as still as the trees of the land. ( OOC Thread found here )
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    Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary - Grand Re-Opening OOC thread Though it was barely 7:00am, Valentine Marie had been awake for hours. Her morning had consisted of coffee, sweeping, floral arrangements, coffee, dusting, re-arranging the flowers, coffee- and though the Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary was spotless, sparkling, and splendid, Val just knew she was forgetting something. The young woman's tawny red hair burned in the sunlight streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows as she stood in the center of the shop, staring around her with uncertainty. The counters. Of course! The counters needed to be polished. Again. Valentine swiped a polishing cloth from the supply cupboard and began to knead the old gnarled counter with furious circular motions. She had been at it for at least ten minutes when the sound of the courtyard door creaking open drew a wild look from those sky blue eyes. Her polishing grew in intensity as she called out, "I'm so sorry, but we open at 9:00am! Come back lat-" "-Haven't you heard of the 'early bird' special?" Valentine's ears perked up, her lips cracking into a wide grin. In an instant she had leaped into her twin's arms, holding his head in something akin to an affectionate vice grip. "Caspian!" she shouted, her voice carrying the shrill excitement of a person who has been reunited with their best friend. To his credit, Caspian did not immediately drop his sister after receiving a scream directly to the eardrum. He wouldn't have succeeded even if he'd tried; Valentine's arms were still locked around his neck with surprising fierceness for someone of her size. The scholar tried to choke out a 'hello,' but only managed a strangled gurgling sound. Blissfully aloof to her brother's suffering, Valentine held on for a moment longer before loosening her grip to hold her twin at arm's length. "My, you've grown so much taller since I last saw you!" Her bright blue eyes twinkled as she beheld his stylish scholar's uniform. "The academy has turned my baby brother into a handsome young thing!" By now, the botanist's hands were squishing her twin's cheeks together in a comical, fish-lipped expression -much to his chagrin. He batted weakly at her hands, though was eventually able to force them down and away. "It's been two weeks," the mage said, hefting an exasperated sigh. "Two weeks. And you're only older by, what, 20 minutes?" Valentine barked out a laugh, watching as her brother took a look around the colorful, splendorous shop. "You've really cleaned up the place. He left way more stock behind than I remembered." The main shop area was bursting with floral blooms, most of them native to Terrenus, but a few hailed from lands as far as Aelindra and other temperate regions of Genesaris. A spell of longevity would keep the beautiful blooms intact for weeks longer than ordinary flowers; indeed, though imperceptibly different to the untrained eye, older cuts were mixed into the fresh blooms spread throughout the shop. Part of the purpose behind this grand re-opening was to purge the store of older stock to make way for newer, more exotic flowers. It pained Valentine to think that the last flowers her grandfather had cut before his death would be gone after today. His death hadn't been unexpected, but the weight of his old silver secateurs still felt heavy in her pocket. She offered her brother a slight smile. "I actually grew most of this in the past week or two." His head swung sharply in her direction. "You did what? All of this?" The woman nodded, sticking her hands in the pockets of her light blue skirts. "Have you slept, Valentine?" The botanist shrugged, swiping her polishing rag off of the counter to continue the fretful chore. Caspian noted the slight bags under his sister's eyes, watched her hands tremble a little as she worked the soft cloth in methodical circles. He ran a hand through his mop of red hair. "You know, one of the most important things they teach at the Academy is not to overexert yourself," he said, his voice careful but not without the note of haughtiness typical for a recent graduate. "Casting too many spells in so short a time can be especially taxing for someone without formal trainin-" "The shop looks beautiful, doesn't it?" Valentine stared up at her brother, though her hands continued to polish the old, gnarled countertop. "After today, we can slow down. But you were the one who told me we needed to make an impression." Caspian stared at her for a second, his mind whirring behind those leaf-green eyes. After a moment, he removed the round-rimmed glasses from his face, polished the lenses with a corner of his tunic, and replaced them on his head. "Alright," he spoke, shrugging the jacket from his shoulders. "How can I help?" One would find it difficult to pass by the Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary on this particularly sunny, breezy morning without at least admiring the rainbow of flowers bursting from dark wooden stands lining the sidewalk. The storefront itself was characterized by elegant, floor-to-ceiling windows, letting the golden light flood into the shop and accentuate vibrant blue floor tiles. Upon entering, one was immediately accosted by a heavy floral scent, though pollen was kept at bay by a clever containment spell crafted to accommodate customers with allergies. The shop itself was simply adorned, with a few ribbons and banners marking the re-opening celebration; the flowers themselves were the main attraction, with blooms lining the walls in layers and layers of color and texture. Display stands were strategically arranged throughout the shop, with different categories of flowers featured in each spiraling column. Every stand had been handcrafted in a dark, heavy wood by the previous shopkeeper, mimicking the bark of a tree. The shop was clearly a valued, well-loved heirloom, with hand-carved floral designs embedded into every visible wooden surface. The only thing not hand-crafted was a small bulletin board to the immediate right of the main entrance, displaying various flyers and advertisements for other shops around Casper. One bold sign spelled out the words 'ROOM AVAILABLE FOR RENT: CONTACT VALENTINE MARIE' in a sensible green font. Further back into the shop, one faced the option of either ascending a grand staircase up to a balcony overlooking the main area, or entering through a set of glass sliding doors to another room. The upper level balcony featured a forest of ferns and other tropical plants, with lush vines and leaves spilling over the railing. This curtain of green partially obscured the windows of the room below. If one chose to pass through the glass sliding doors, they would enter a room with dried herbs and ingredients in neat glass containers lining shelves along the wall. Other ingredients were strung from the ceiling, necessitating particularly tall patrons to mind their step. An island in the center of the room allowed the resident apothecary to advise customers on the best spells and ingredients to suit their needs; if the customer so chose, the apothecary would mix the ingredients before their very eyes to create charms and tinctures, then package the goods in a brown paper parcel tied shut with a string. On the righthand side of the apothecary's room was another glass sliding door, this one leading to a greenhouse made of shimmering, green-tinted glass. Though normally inaccessible to the public, today the greenhouse doors were unlocked and awaiting visitors. Upon entering, one would find rows and rows of pots of every shape and size growing all manner of plants. Aided by a spell cast with love, it was possible to watch the sprouts lengthen, produce leaves, and bloom before one's very eyes. Hanging plants dripped leaves from the ceiling, and the bright sunlight glittered against an artificial creek trickling across the greenhouse floor. Another swinging door allowed visitors to exit the greenhouse and enjoy the quaint courtyard beyond. The courtyard featured several tall, proud trees that were already bursting with apples, oranges, lemons, peaches, and every other fruit imaginable- often several different types of fruit could be spotted growing on the same tree. The thick branches provided some shade for visitors who rested at modest tables set up throughout the yard, or for those content to meander the space, admiring the well-manicured garden. A picket fence nearly hidden by twisting, nimble vines separated the courtyard from the sidewalk, though all were welcome to stop and enjoy the garden- even if they did not seek the Floracle's business within. Another swinging door connected the courtyard to the shop; the entire lot was arranged in a roughly square 2x2 grid so that the courtyard was directly adjacent to the main shop. Valentine busied herself in offering pastries and coffee to incoming guests (the food had been catered from a local bakery, though Val wanted to incorporate a full-on coffee shop at some point in the future). Patrons were often surprised at her habit of suggesting just the right flower for their situation, and the shop soon swelled in warm emotions and wonderful smiles. Caspian stood at the apothecary's counter, offering his advice (even when unwarranted) to customers who sought something stronger than flowers. His advice was good, and his manner was friendly, though the young scholar had a habit of excitedly spouting information at even the slightest prompting. A simple spell handled the packaging of ingredients and charms, leaving Caspian free to peruse the shelves at his leisure. As the activity began to pick up, Valentine took a moment to gather her thoughts and gaze around the shop, inhaling the scent of her home with a slight smile on her face. A new chapter in their lives had begun.
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    My schedule is going to be hectic until next week, when regular posting will resume. 🦄
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    Pieces of Us

    It had occurred to Wren that his former ward must have told her big brother about their situation, though, in Wren’s mind, there wasn’t much to tell. They had danced. He had dreamed. And then, having been caught floating with his head in the clouds, he had been dismissed. It was very possible he would be rejected by the Maharaja, but the effort had at least been worth a try. Regardless of Desmond’s opinion of him, the gentle man was unable to ignore the struggles of his former friend. “I have no use for would-be warriors, Wren.” The broken man did not break his gaze with the Maharaja, for even if he had relatively little to offer, he also had little to lose, least of all pride. The weeks following his encounter with the dragon Valjer had been a drug-induced haze of hands touching his body, cleaning his shit, having water poured carefully between his cracked lips. Even earlier in his adventures, he had been mocked for his disabilities, questioned on his choices, and judged for his friendship with a dragon; beaten, broken, and continuously cast aside by his would-be comrades, Wren had just about scraped the bottom of the barrel. Still, his time wandering had brought a new sense of clarity to his troubled mind, and so he was able to keep Desmond’s gaze as the powerful man limped toward him. “What I need are helpers.” Desmond clasped his shoulder in a way that was not unfriendly, and Wren nodded with a surprised but grim smile. “Tell me what I can give you to prepare you for our cause?” Wren wanted to ask for news on something -someone- somewhat removed from the debacle at hand, but he swallowed his desires. “I would like any information you deem relevant to me, Your Grace.” His right hand squeezed the quarterstaff he used as a walking stick; the sensation of only four fingers responding to this nervous impulse was still new and uncomfortable. “I realize that stories told ‘round a campfire may not have given me the most accurate idea of what’s actually happening.” It was then that the veteran noticed that Desmond’s eyes were a deep, jewel-tone blue- had they always been so blue? Caught off-guard, he continued with uncertainty in his voice. “I know that a great plague has suddenly appeared throughout Kalopsia. There are healers working on finding a cure, but in the meantime, the island has been closed to outsiders. I hear the Grand Kommondant has sent aid in some form.” Wren paused, staring at the Melisende prince for some sort of confirmation.
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    Old Man Jean

    Terrenus Baseball Association

    The Terrenus Baseball Association is the governing body of all baseball amateur and professional in Terrenus. It oversees the rules, runs the tournaments and helps spread the sport of baseball to every corner of the nation. The TBA does not run a league, instead using a single elimination style twice yearly tournament - this tournament is broken into three divisions. The Professional Invitational - a tournament containing those teams which are considered professional it consists of twelve teams total, often associated with a major Terrenus city or region. A draft is held at the beginning of every year where the teams acquire new players from other divisions. Most teams have walk on try outs as well. Terrenus High School Open - the largest division of the three tournaments the High School Open allows any Terrenus scholastic organization to enter High School age boys as a team. The tournament is broken into regionals until only ten teams remain, these final ten teams compete in the fabled Weland Baseball Stadium, Koshien for the title of champion. U-15 Open - The U-15 open is a mixed gender tournament that allows any team of children under the age of 15 to enter, from local clubs to school run teams to a group of friends. Generally a more light hearted league in recent years it has become much more serious, with High School teams directly scouting from these players to form power house teams. Like the High School tournament it is broken into regionals until only ten teams remain, where they then play in one of the 12 professional teams stadiums for the remainder of the tournament. (This is a fluff piece, feel free to use this to add depth to your characters backgrounds.)
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    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    Mayumi wasn't nearly as strong as she was in the goblin mountains. The goblins, while low quality in terms of what she needed and gathered much more ichor that black blood, were in such quantity that she was able to gather so much strength that it became rather boring even with the games she invented to make it more interesting. Though, that was when she was beserked and out of control, and it was much easier to control herself this way. As she flew over the burning, screaming town, jump by jump she could see countless piles of corpses littering the streets. The small elf's 'stomach' growled, and her whole body seemed to want to stop to feast on the higher quality dead. It was always much "tastier" when they were alive and fully of agony, but Mayumi never really liked killing much herself after her long years isolating herself in the wilderness. Mostly she was set on seeing what dredge wanted to do. One more jump, and she arrived at about where Dredge was before, and seemed hopelessly sad that he wasn't any where in sight. Charcoal tinted tears poured down her face as she started looking like a crowned lost child. Confused and lost, she let a scream out into the chaos, " Dreeeeedddggeeee???" Mayumi, of course, got no answer back. Her blank, pupiless orange eyes scanned down to her new and ruined blue robe stained with black with holes all in it. Where was Dredge? Her eyes closed, and she opened with a new expression, her cheeks wet and a small, dopey smile on her face. He was probably going to the bathroom! It was the most obvious conclusion that she came up with, and she laughed to herself on the empty, blood-stained field around her. With prospects of the festival having been lost in her broken, corrupted mind, her new goal was to sit outside of the town in the empty field... And wait for Dredge to... Come back from the bathroom...
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    The factions are coming OOC

    Both of the remaining faction leaders have posted in the last week, so this is more of a nudge than a reminder @FirePenguinDiscoPanda only two more rounds and a summary canon post and you're done! @danzilla3 already on page 3, whoo! just needs the canon post whoo! I'm hoping by this time next week we'll be in phase 3, whoo!
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    The Hummingbird


    Coastal Grande has been updated. Check it out here!
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    After carving his face into Blaurg mountain and issuing an edict declaiming his new title as Valkage of Patia the City Hidden in the Mountains, he will quietly resign the position to a younger generation and wander off, eventually passing into legend as one of the greatest shinobi that has ever lived. But only if James Eredas doesn’t kill him, first. In that case, their battle would last seven days and six nights, and culminate in the creation of two statues of the men astride a waterfall, one weaving gang signs, the other making a vulgar hand gesture. It will be beautiful and serve as a reminder that grudge matches make the world a better place.
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    “What has gotten into you, Rae? We aren’t just going to run off in some random direction only to find ourselves surrounded by some hideous monstrosities that will draw and quarter us.” Marishi pulled her hand away from Rae. She didn’t like how she was speaking. Almost feverishly. Unable to stand still, being drawn to something In this long forsaken, tortured land. Marishi didn’t notice as everything happened so fast, but there was a sharp pain in her right leg. She looked down and found it causes. She reached down, grabbed the wooden shrapnel that had pierced her armor and pulled it out with a small yelp. It wasn’t deep or life-threatening. It was just another chunk out of her that had been seared away by those that, at this very moment, were in pursuit. Marishi smirked to herself at the irony. The hunters become the hunted. Rae was eager to be off. Wringing her hands at the delay. Marishi cast her a worried and irritated glance and turned toward the terminal. “I can read this terminal in the Allagan language. I don’t know how, but I can. I think I might be able to operate it. It’s a kiosk of sorts. It contains information as well as limited Administrative control over the facilities.” Marishi said. She never learned the Allagan language. None fully knew or understood it. Marishi was perplexed as to how she could not only read it, but interact with it. A few swipes of the monitors brought up what appeared to be a debug menu of some kind. The terminal blipped at her “Authorizing. Authorizing. DNA sequencing complete. Welcome back $###$@@!. Please specify the parameters of execution.” Marishi stood a moment, then began to work the terminal flipping the console screens rapidly, looking for something. Finally, she found what she was looking for. The machine requested confirmation. “Confirmation required. Are you sure you want to remove Aetheric links between Alpha and Beta Quadrants?” “Request confirmed. Execute parameters specified.” Marishi spoke to the terminal. “One moment. One moment. Apologies for the delay. Please wait. Program complete. Aetheric link between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants is no longer functional. What else would you like to do Administrator?” The monitor responded. “A map of this Quadrant and points of interest. Search database tables for all information under Beta Quadrant and return relevant results.” Marishi commanded. The terminal flickered and pulled a map of Azys Lla for display. They were on the island west in a chain of islands tethered to the machine hovering in the middle. They came from the Alpha Quadrant and arrived at what she translated as the bio combination sector of the area. “Specify. Return values of the Beta Quadrant including historical notations.” Marishi said. “The Beta Quadrant is the Empires bio-weapon proving grounds. Here, different organisms are fused together at the atomic level which results in new species. ADVISORY: biological combined species are confirmed hostile. Caution is advised. The Beta Quadrant houses the Recombination Labs where project “Lamia” is underway. Melding humanoid women with that of reptilian snakes. The Biomass Incubation Complex is used to speed production of all bioengineered species including the Empires greatest splicing. The “Chimera”. Mutagenesis is the flora and fauna research area where gene splicing is regularly performed to create new strains of flowers and plantoids. End of query string.” Disgusted and horrified, the area’s function began to dawn on her. They were splicing different parts of different animals together in the attempt to create a monster they could weaponize. One they could grow in vats for mass production. These things were on this island right now, shuffling around, being forced into eternal slavery. “Terminal, what was the year this Quadrant came online?” Marishi asked. “Data partially corrupted. Unable to fully return query string. Year of origin unknown. This facility has been online for 5,432 years, 245 days, 16 hours, 24 minutes, and 10 seconds.” The machine returned. “five thousand years of torture being forced to undergo splicing, turning what sentience they had to rage and aggression. We cannot stay here. I’ve severed the link of the Islands, but I fear that will only slow them down. They will arrive eventually. I don’t know what they want. With me. They won’t get it I can say that.” Marishi said to Rae, who appeared to not be listening. Marishi was worried. She was being overcome with something. Marishi knew all too well the symptoms and sings having been subject to the same malady. Sighing, she turned to the terminal one last time. “Plot and display the shortest and most safe route from current location to next waypoint.” “Please wait.” The terminal beeped. “Partial data corruption. Waypoint plotting complete. Due to maintenance related issues, waypoint currently under repair. Waypoint will be unable to teleport Administrator and User to Gamma Quadrant. Calculating. There is a 41.23% chance that waypoint will deliver users to codename ‘Flagship’.” Low odds Marishi thought. “Specify the second scenario and provide information regarding ‘Flagship’. Marishi commanded. “Second likely scenario. Waypoint will teleport users to location undesirable which will result in death. Calculating. Access denied. You do not possess Super User permissions. Access to codename ‘Flagship’ is unavailable.” “Great. This keeps getting better and better.” Marishi muttered to herself. “There are a pair of heretical killers hunting us, my wife has all but gone insane, we have to cross a biologically ruined island filled with atrocities that want nothing but death, and there’s a 60% chance we’ll be teleported to nothing but the world below.” Marishi sighed heavily. “Thank you for using the Allagan Empire’s information center. Have an enlightened day!” The terminal blipped as Rae and Marishi began their trek across the twisted and hellish landscape. The terminal flickered and went dark. “Rae, stop moving so quickly! The ground isn’t stable and we don’t know what’s around us. The smell. Gods the smell is nauseating! It smells like decomposing corpses, blood, and acid.” They walked on land, though it was spongy and moist. Almost as if skin or a central nervous system had grafted itself to the rock. Rae was moving a little slower now. Perhaps beginning to understand their situation and how dire it was. Marishi looked up above the chaotic and toppled mountain on the Island. At the top sat the largest tree Marishi had seen. She gasped as she looked at it causing Rae to stop and look up. The tree appeared to be a maple tree in autumn, its leaves blood red in color slowly falling from its branches. The roots of the tree wrapped around the mountain, cracking the rock and wedging itself into every crevasse. It would have been beautiful, but something was wrong that Marishi couldn’t at first figure out. The limbs of the tree seemed twisted upwards in agony. A hand futilely trying to claw its way out of its grave. The bark had a slick and reflective like coating, like sap, but not. That’s when Marishi realized that the tree was sap was blood pouring from it’s diseased and rotting wounds. The tree was the source of the smell. Marishi put her hand to her nose, coughed and kept her head down walking forward. Soon they came upon the Incubation Complex. Twisted deformities of what were once animals gnashed their teeth and shuffled their limbs into movement. Some appeared asleep, while others appeared on the verge of suicidal rage. “Hold on Rae. Hold it together. We’d be slaughtered by these things. We can’t hope to fight them. We’re going to have to sneak by them.” Marishi said gripping Rae’s arm. Hard. She seemed to understand Marishi’s instruction and fell behind her a pace or two. Slowly, the two edged around the macabre troupe of twisted and reviled creations. They were erratic and their path nonlinear. They were completely unpredictable. Marishi and Rae crept on, pushing themselves against the cliff side on their right trying to make as little noise as possible. After what seemed a lifetime, they cleared the throng of beasts and the teleporter could be seen. They arrived at the unit where Marishi booted up the kiosk and prepared to execute the only program she found it its file system. “Confirm destination. Confirm teleportation.” Blipped the terminal. “Destination confirmed. Override safety protocols and unlock governor. Confirm teleportation.” Marishi commanded. “Request confirmed. One moment.” The blue light enveloped Marishi and Rae as they were broken down to a molecular level for travel. Akin to traveling via Aetheryte, though riding the lifestream via Aetheryte meant almost certain death to those without the blessing of the Echo. They dispersed. The atomic bindings of Rae and Marishi began to manifest and reform on what appeared to be a massive landing pad. Marishi looked around. They appeared to be on the central floating control center. The ‘Flagship”.
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    Have bounties, need hunters

    Did someone say bounty hunters?😃🤩
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    The sun had risen on this day much like any other. The crisp morning air was rolling in off the fields and the cool night air was making its slow retreat back into the woods. It was one of the joys he had found living just on the edge of the forest. Nevermind one rarely had to worry about salesmen or lost wanderers. People rarely came to the forest for money or shelter, and that was precisely how he liked it. Quiet, serene, majestic, nature was all around and most of folk rather live in cities surrounded by technology and all manner of magical and electronic distraction. Thorn grimaced as he collected himself so to take leave of his home. Part of taking his rites was living as a relative hermit, moving away from his kin and being self sufficient. Of course, this had only been part of the task. The great majority had involved study, exploration, and the helping and healing of others, of strangers. He enjoyed all of that just fine, but in his mind, the densely populated parts of Terrenus and greater Valucre could keep their cities. “Well, I suppose I should be on my way then. There is much ground to cover and I do not envy the hustle and bustle of Casper once all have woken from their slumbers.” Thorn idly bit at his lip as he took the first few steps of his day’s journey. To Casper, by way of the fields full of blossoms, smelling sweet of the blooms and lush, green grasses. He smiled, savoring the sweetness and the warmth of the sun. It was not for several minutes that he realized his lodestone had begun to glow about his neck. --------------------------------------------- What had begun as a leisurely trek into town turned into a full panic as Thorn scrambled through the streets of Casper, evadinging a barking voice and unearthly racket that seemed to follow him regardless of his movement. He was intent on trying to resolve his situation as simply as possible, but the man with the matching lodestone was often anything but possible. It was for that reason Thorn was tearing through the city. “Now Flower Patch, it really won't be an inconvenience. You'll hardly notice me there!” The voice assured him as all manner of books were being thrown and dropped into stacks in trunks. Alchemy sets were banging and clanking as they, too, were marched into enchanted trunks. Thorn had to find an answer. There was no way on Gaia’s green earth that Leandros Kostikos was moving into his cozy, little piece of rest. Nearly out of breath, Thorn had to rest. He needed at least a moment's respite and perhaps an hour without the wizard’s voice bellowing into his eardrums. His anxiety was becoming rather self-evident upon his tanned and weathered features. The brown hood he wore did little to hide it either. He was a doomed man, cursed. His existence would quickly come to an end with that certifiable maniac under his roof. As he took pause, he came to rest against a sturdy brick wall. While he rested and thought to himself, he crammed the loadstone deep into a robe pocket, to disappear until he had formed a plan. “That damn wizard…” Thorn slowly shook his head, the look of frustration burned across his features. However, after only a few seconds more of a boyish smirk pressed across his lips. A soft chuckle followed as the druid began to smile. His friend would be ‘coming home.’ The headache would be worth the return of his most valued comrade from the modern world. To that end, he must succeed on his new errand. But first, old business. Thorn was either truly blind, or so truly distracted that he failed to realize he had already arrived at his destination. As he rested with his pack against the stone wall the fresh, spring scent of wild flowers tickled his nostrils. It took him a moment to realize only one place in Casper could possibly smell so sweet and free. With a triumphant grin, he pushed off the wall and saw the brilliant stands of flowers and the familiar sign that hung overhead, Floracle Flower Shop and Apothecary. Thorn had been devastated to hear of the owner’s passing, but equally surprised to hear that two young relatives would be taking charge of the shop. For that reason, he was eager to stop by the shop and meet the new management. By no means was Thorn old, but a grizzly, wandering druid he was through and through. Among his folk, he was still a young man himself. Collecting himself amidst his brown, bark colored robes he made for the entrance, unsure of what to expect. As any fair druid, or herbalist for that matter, he had a good sized hide pack and a number of animal hides and trinkets adorning himself. In his seemingly bear size paws, he carried a great ironwood staff crowned with stones and feathers tethered by sinew. As he entered he looked about the shop. Nothing was different. He exhaled a breath of calm. The flowers, the staircase, the counters, it was all the same. His eye was quickly drawn in by a sign on the bulletin board. ‘Room for Rent,’ the posting read. It was posted by some Valentine, he would be sure to ask. It was turning out to be a fortuitous day after all. But it was at that point his luck betrayed him. He was quickly greeted by a charming and fair, young woman offering pastries and coffee. The man had already found the honey trap. “Uh..uh.. I… I mean. I am called Thorn Blackfeather, madame. I was fond of the shop under your elder relative. I am very sorry to hear of his passing, but pleased that you would continue his business… of course I would love a pastry and coffee.” Hermit druid he may be, but the man was a glutton for the world of modern cuisine. Nettle tea and bark soup only could only go so far. He was gracious and content to be back in the familiar shop. Thorn was also very eager to hear the plans of the new managers. Perhaps they could benefit from his knowledge, as he had benefited from the former manager before them. “Oh, and about this room!” Thorn motioned to the bulletin board already trying to not inhale the offered pastry. Thorn awkwardly pulled his hood back in haste; he had forgotten it was still over his head. As he moved the material away, it exposed his sun-kissed skin, and warm chestnut hair. His face appeared to still be wearing a few days worth of stubble. Yet his smile was warm, and his vibrant blue eyes, kind.
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    Looking for a Cold One

    Dominic insisted on paying for the meal and her drinks, a tradition it seemed for him. A must have sort of thing to do for the new faces he so eagerly greeted in the city, especially one so high up in the sky. Smiling, she would nod her head towards him. “I appreciate the gesture.” Just leaving it at that, Eira noticed that the bulletin board was filled with bounties and other this’ and that's’ for people to take on. “Makes a lot of sense to me.” Watching as the waitress returned with their drinks, she smiled to the woman as she set the ale down in front of Eira. Reaching out with her right dominant hand grabbing hold of the drink, she would bring the mug to her lips for the first taste. Feeling the froth of the ale touch her upper lip, pulling the ale away her tongue wiped away the foam from the draw. It was interesting for her that he noted the medic part of herself, the fact that is what she did primarily. Yes, she was also a warrior when war is a thing, but she preferred the delicate touch of healing on her hands. Swimming through her thoughts back to reality, she would smile. “Well I am simply traveling, but as I do so I wish to find herbs and other ingredients to add to my collection for healing.” Still holding on to the ale she would take one last sip before abandoning it on the tabletop, her eyes following others moving throughout the establishment. “I find it fascinating that you are so eager to greet new people, do you ever worry that they make take up arms against you?” It was obvious to her that he could handle anyone who dared to start a fight with him, but his positive energy was a near loss to her. @Chappu
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    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    -thwip- ... -thwip- ... -thwip- ... -thw- A hand lashed out, and grabbed the Exotic ID license before RJ could launch it into the air again. "Stop that" Barry chided gently, to which the young Captain looked slightly apologetic. The two of them were on edge as the Cardinal Virtue traversed hyperspace toward the Alphara system. The navcomp was calculating their exit of hyperspace to anywhere within the next five minutes, and both men's nerves were grated from a combination of the worry over the danger of the locale they were now headed to, and from the incessant complaining brought upon by one of their fighter pilot passengers. The rookie pilot was in the process of seducing some bright-eyed bar waitress when the recall back to the shuttle had came, and the wanna-be Casanova was no doubt angry about the missed notch on his belt. As a bit of petty revenge, he had begun critizing every step of RJ's actions, every inch of his ship, and made enough nuisance of himself that even his fellow Federation servicemen were about ready to strap him down and shut him up. "I should've left his luggage on the docks" RJ recalled telling Barry. The universe didn't work like that though. A Captain's word was his bond, and he had promised to ferry both goods and men to Spacedock III. Even if the other Federation personnel approved of such an action, provable abandonment of his full mission involving even a rookie pilot could quite significantly impact his livelihood and future job opportunities. "Keep your eyes open" Barry murmured, looking over the younger man's shoulder. Normally he wouldn’t be verging on backseat flying, but this was a special case. During the first Auroran invasion more than two centuries ago, Alphara had been the location of some of the fiercest battles, battles repeated not just two decades ago in the second Auroran invasion. The system possessed an immense amount of natural dust clouds, providing for extremely hazardous navigating conditions with low visibility and severe sensor interference. RJ didn't know what it was that tipped the more experience spacefarer off, but the look in Barry's eyes grew intense as he stared out at the shimmering lights of hyperspace and announced, "We're here" A moment later, RJ cursed, " By the 'Verse!" As proximity alarms suddenly sounded, and an ancient fragment of burnt hull then bounced off the Cardinal Virtue's shields and rocked the small shuttle, it was clear that the added wreckage from the untold numbers of battles past had not improved navigation in the system any. "Shields still holding" RJ spoke, just as much to reassure himself as his passengers. Hands tightening over the controls, RJ made ready the maneuvering thrusters and combed over the navcomp for hints of direction. The Federation had put navigational beacons in safe lanes of travel to guide both commercial and military vessels through the dust clouds to Spacedock III. Of course, in Alphara, safe only meant "safer" as there was no guarantee of debris cooperating with keeping the lanes open, and the beacons also drew the attention of Auroran and pirate raiders alike as likely locations to plunder traders. "Can't see a damn thing out here" he seethed in frustration. "Yes, That's Alphara for you. Deadly hard system to navigate, no natural star or planetary body. Still extremely important however, one of the main space lanes into the heart of the Federation" As he was unfamiliar with the system though, and with how basic the shuttle's sensor suite was, RJ had no choice to lock onto the faint signature of one of those navigation beacons slowly coasting along its guidance in the direction of the Federation battle station, and making whatever adjustments he could to avoid more collisions. He resolved to have his ship's sensor systems upgraded if he had to come back to Alphara again, as it was now, he was practically flying blind. Then he saw it. Ahead where the dust cloud and debris let up slightly to reveal the guiding location of one of the beacons he saw something massive. Not on his sensors, but visually, a hulk of ancient vessel some one thousand meters ahead of them was smashed apart by the solid rectangular prow of an Auroran Cruiser. The savage race's vessels featured poor shielding compared to that of Federation-style ships, and on a whole their technological level was inferior to that of the Federation, but they more than made up for such disadvantages with numbers, skill, and fortitude. The cruiser seemed completely untouched by the massive impact, its heavy armor barely scratched. Flanking it were a number of fighters, a mix of Firebirds and Phoenixes, the former being the main Auroran dogfighter, and the latter being a fighter-bomber better at making runs on capital-class ships. RJ would have to make a decision and quickly. They had likely not detected him yet; Auroran sensor tech was terrible, but there was no ruling out the military vessels having something better and that they wouldn’t see him soon. If he powered down the shuttle and let the Cardinal Virtue drift, he might pass for another derelict and be ignored. Of course, the shields would be off, and the shuttle would be vulnerable to any collisions with debris. There would also be complications if they saw the shuttle and tried to board anyway. He could also try gunning the engines and making a run for it. It would be extremely difficult if not impossible for the cruiser's turrets to target him in the dust cloud, and although the fighters might have better luck, chasing a fleeing shuttle would still be a dangerous prospect for them. There was also the option of preempting any hostilities and hailing the Aurorans. Credits were universal, regardless of empire, and a bribe might help convince the savages that this freelance trader was a lone, pitiful thing and an unworthy target.
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    Have bounties, need hunters

    I have some extra free time coming up this week, so I could potentially be interested in hunting down someone. I'm still a little confused regarding how the Dice Roller interacts with MOBS in the Bounty thread. In the MOBS tournament going on right now, the only element of chance is a coin flip determined by you around Round 9. Is that what you mean by Dice Roller?
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    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    THE LADY BLACKHEAD (UNVEILED) Finally unveiled, the woman- no the illusive Lady Blackhead giggled at Dredge's, the angelic sound of her voice drowning out the noises produced from all the hauling and gathering of the hobgoblins. The Lady's eyes seemed to twinkle at the large amount of money, the eyes of someone who already had everything but still wanted more like the gluttony of a fully fed glutton or the unquenchable lust of a used up nympho. As her giggle died out, the Lady lifted a dainty hand, extending her index finger to point at the collected wealth of Tormo. "Dredgey sweetie, you are, as always, a large disappointment. Your extreme lack of efficiency and civility is insufferable. At the very least, when will you be capable? I've lain with better men than you and yes, they are not as useless as you are. Now allow me to show the difference between us. Specky, honey! If you may!" At her gesture, the Lady's little monster surged forward, its black tentacles whipping about, knocking back the scuttling hobgoblins as if dissatisfied with their inability to collect. Then the mass of darkness flew to the center of the room and spread itself, its smoky figure stretching over and over again until it's shadow covered the room then from its center opened the large gaping maw, the same mouth which gorged on the remains of all those poor townspeople. Its large purple tongue darted back and forth as it slowly and methodically tasted Tormo's wealth, clearly relishing at its rich flavor. Without ceremony, its mouth devoured everything in the room. Only the hulking Dredge, all the goblins and its lovely master remained, everything else was settled quite comfortable in its belly. Feeling full, the creature once more dissolved into misty darkness to pool at the Lady's feet. Its groping tendrils crept upward all over the Lady, her face flushing at the exchange before assuming the form of an elegant gown whose long skirt grace the ground and ended with tentacle-like protrusions that seemed to have a mind of its own. Her innocent and pure voice once more filled the room. "Oh dear me! I may have done all the work and left poor little Dredgey standing around, twiddling his thumbs. Dredgey darling, now that our business is done, I won't keep you any longer. Be assured I'll be holding on to our funds for the time being. Knowing all you boys, you're just gonna squander it on childish things." Turning provocatively, she headed for the bank's entrance, taking a few puffs from her pipe. Without looking back she continued, "How wonderful! We both have our own little appointments to keep. Meet you later at our after party. Toodles!"
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    Itylra didn't wait for Dredge's minions to finish their speech, the rifle in her hands roaring as it took dozens of Goblin lives in what amounted to mere moments, their still forms falling like puppets with their strings cut. "Go fuck yourself." Itylra spit, flashing the corpses a rude gesture before turning back to the people in her charge, each of them looking more and more frightened with each moment. "It probably isn't safe with me, follow my coin it will guide you all safely through the forest!" She yelled, sending her divination coin away - the divination coin would guide the people through the burning maze into the forest while perfectly avoiding any goblins or other horrors with relative ease. Itylra had little doubt her outburst meant Dredge was going to be retaliate by targeting the civilians and so it was for the best that they were separated from her. Whatever horrible magic Dredge possessed her coin would notice it before he was able to act on them, guiding them carefully; and at the that same moment Itylra was on her own journey. Without her coin to guide her she instead focused on her natural senses as she sprinted through the burning town, her large ears and prestigious vision allowing her to avoid ambush fairly well as she made her way away from Dredge and the bank his little friends were at. The town was lost and she knew it, pointless heroics of going to face Dredge and his minions would only result in her body joining the rest. She did what she could for those she had encountered, given them their best chance with her magic - that was all she could do, now it was time for her to leave and get a report out to the authorities. Her dead sprint eventually had her hit the forest line, her horse a mere mile or so away. With her back to the horror that befell Tormo Itylra ran, her anger boiling and her convictions set. Next time she saw Dredge, she'd put two bullets in that cliche helmet of his and be done with it and sate the bloodlust that he had awoken, but that was for another time and at another place.
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    Fingers wrapped around the barrel of the pistol, Middy swiftly slid his palm over Natasha’s mouth. It wasn’t a forceful move, but one that was gentle yet assertive. “Shh… Don’t make too much noise. There are monsters outside,” he whispered, gentling stroking her forehead. “Put the gun down.” The initial fear in Natasha’s eyes was still there, but as she looked Middy back in the eyes, her emotional barriers collapsed and tears began to fall. She was terrified. The weapon clattered to the ground. Middy nodded, running his palm up her quaking body. She was scared. He waited until she had calmed down a little before taking his hand off her mouth. “What’s your name sweetheart?” “Natasha.” “Agent Hephaestus.” The sudden presence of a third voice turned both heads around to the gun. When Natasha had dropped the weapon, something had popped out. Middy picked the strange item up. It was some sort of holographic projector. Feeling around the edges, he found two dials that represented the audio feed and visual feed. As he slid his finger across the visual feed dial, a three-dimensional image popped up before him. He knew this woman. Although her purple hair was now tied up and her choice of formal lady’s wear, there was no doubt in his mind that this was the woman he had battled. Throughout their fight, she had never spoken once. And now, he heard more of her voice than he ever expected to in his life. “…Our facial scanners seem to suggest that the Fae man you have been tracking has vanished off the surface of Valucre. We suspect that he is either using some sort of appearance scrambling magic to conceal himself. How he would’ve known that he was being watched remains a mystery.” There was a pause as the purple haired woman dragged a large printed image into view. Middy gasped. It was Natasha. “Regardless, the Queen has reassigned you to a different task. This child is an orphan living in Hyperion. We need you to take her to an isolated area within Terrenus, and observe her for six months. Report your observations to me as appropriate, and we will decide what to do with her.” The image flashed. A date appeared on the screen. This next feed was apparently more recent. “We have figured out the source of her gift. The girl is to be brought back to the Isles at once. Ensure that no harm comes to her. As your superior, I must warn you of the consequences of failure at this stage in the mission. But as your friend, Ania, thank you for taking this upon your shoulders. I’m not supposed to say this, but please come back safely. Antigone isn’t the only country that could have use for such an individual, and they may come for her. We’ve just beat all of them to it. Godspeed, sister.” The video feed cut off. There was silence in the room. Middy pressed a thumb to his lips as the irony of the whole thing sank down over him. @Zashiii
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    Things were going quite well thus far. The Djinn had done a spended of creating his gore nests throughout the streets, pillars of pain mounted around the rooftops in sobering display. Corpses a decoration the demented demon had expertise in. There were several new arrivals he would love to toy with and as his eyes fell upon the elf girl. He was tempted to. Dredge' influence mocking the frail creature. It seemed he had it under control. The patchwork djinn crawling across the rooves and toward the larders and store houses. "A world of excess breeds weakness, foolish demons obsessing over such bleakness" He muttered, his tail smashing into the roof, and using it's spines to saw through the roof; creating a sizable opening. His tail smashing into the ground from the roof, and creating a bridge with his spines that the goblins clambored up, and reached the roof along with the djinn; the group pf seven immediately leaping into the room and taking everything, nailed down or otherwise. Kru'Gorah lifting out large sacks of grain and food supplies; the goblins soon finish looting everything they can get their hands on before they were lifted up onto the same roof. The demon and his troupe skittering and leaping from structure to structure before reaching the outer wall, lowering the goblins down (dropping them with insidious cackles) with the food supplies His head raising, sniffing the air for further objectives to complete. He could only hope drede would be pleased "He will be pleased with this one, my destiny and his intertwined as one" He breathed, catching a whiff of an unusual scent and shifting towards it. Bono hearing the sounds of metal against stone overhead, and seeing a cloaked creature sprinting across the rooftops. A angular sharpened tail trailing behind him with impossible length. The creature standing atop a corner only a block from him, raising his head to sniff the air. A horrifird villager shambling through the streets in confusion "Gotta get..help" he muttered insistently. The creature jumping in the immediately and landing upon the poor soul. Talon lile claws upon his feet sinking into his shoulders and bringing him to the ground with a fountain of blood. His tail whipping violently behind him. "This is not the one i seek..." His hooded raising from the bloody mess underneath him. His feet weren't feet at all...but rather large clawed hands...they were clenching and churning in the wounds as his white pupils bored into bono' fearures. Drinking in all that he is, was, and ever will be. "It is you who faces my cull of the meek" his voice emanating from underneath the shadowed hood, incredulous and inhuman. @martialarts>magic
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    Ellara Archiates

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    A thin frame approached the Tavern from the normal roads. The building seemed used to travelers, abound with signs of use and welcome, from the indented steps to its still-squeaky, well-oiled hinges. Violet eyes traced over the wooden structure at a peculiarly lengthy distance. ‘I don’t need to stop. I have enough provisions, and if I want a warm meal I can make it myself.’ The figure turned away from the road and started to the forest, disappearing into the fog. She walked with no particular place or goal in mind, as someone that has no particular loyalties left is want to do. Her eyebrows knitted as she mused over whether or not she had enough alchemical supplies to skip another town, and suddenly she came crashing down to the ground with an obvious thud. Bracing herself upwards, her dark hair flew aside as she swiveled back to look at what had tripped her - a lonely bucket of water, now soaking the ground and rapidly muddying her clothes. Embarrassed heat crawled into her visage. She scrambled up and away from the object, swatting at her clothes in an attempt to clean them. Her back met resistance, and she turned to realize she’s at the backside of the same building she’d left what she’d thought was moments before. ‘I don’t remember looping back here...’ A quick glance at her now wet clothes and the shiver slowly building pace within her told her exactly what she didn’t want to hear - she would need to go inside. Edging to the front of the place, the human peered inside from the corner of the window, her already wide eyes looking about to burst out of her head at the sight of so many strangers. ‘Okay, this is fine, you’re fine, you just need to sit by the fire for a bit, maybe trade for some new clothes.’ With an air of uncertainty, she gripped the door handle and pulled hard, only to realize that it was a push door. She felt her whole body flush with a fever-like anxiety as she pressed against it and slammed into the room. Despite having wanted to do exactly the opposite, her entrance drew looks from several patrons, though most went back to their business quickly. She sighed with relief. Noticing a place for weapons, she sidled over, keeping her back to the wall and both eyes glancing around the room, trying to monitor if anyone was still watching her. It was only when she went to remove her quiver that she noticed a probably pretty blond man standing next to her destination, an overdone smile stretching across his face. “Can I get you anythi-“ Ellara would have jumped out of her shoes if she hadn’t laced them properly, her equipment clattering to the floor, and a near-inperceptible hissing sound emanating from within. “I’m sorry,” she screeched, though whether that was to the man, the bar, or the weapons was unclear. A dexterity and precision she had not had while anywhere near this establishment returned as she began rapidly pulling out arrows. She squinted helplessly at each before she resorted to turning them over in her hands. Eventually she found the source of the noise, a silver, bulbous-tipped arrow, with white feathers that almost seemed to shine in the light. Cupping her hand around the ammunition, she shoved her way back to the door, liquid dripping between her fingers as she ran outside, where she threw it with effort into the dirt nearby. It erupted in a moderate amount of light and a cloud of glittering mist, which quickly mixed into the fog and disappeared. She sighed and returned to the tavern proper, a dour look marring her refined face. It wasn’t until she was nearly done packing her quiver back that she noticed the same boy was speaking to her, seemingly apologizing for scaring her. She turned empty eyes to him, unwilling to talk to him, and was startled to see him get slapped on the arm by a red-haired woman. Her voice was commanding: “I think you’ve bothered this lady enough, why don’t you go do some work?” With the help of the woman, Ellara stood and made her way to the fireplace, where she sat on the floor in a dejected heap. She pulled her cloak tighter around herself, mulling over the possibility of finding holy water and blessed silver again, and then panic crept into her grip as she tried to recall the processes and spell needed to make those arrows again. Did she need a personal belonging of a saint, or just the blessing of an arch-priest? Was that holy water magically blessed or just blessed by someone of strong faith? A gentle hand tapped her shoulder and handed her a chip, and the woman explained she could reclaim her equipment with it. Ellara thanked her fervently before she fell back into her moody musings. Eventually her clothes had dried enough that she realized they were going to be stained permanently. Fashion wasn’t a priority for someone whose sole goal was survival, but sometimes survival around sentient creatures hinged on appearances, which was perhaps why she avoided them more often than not. At base, Ellara knew she was attractive, but the amount of effort needed to remain attractive universally was more than she was willing to put in. With a brief sigh, she stood and picked her way to the bar counter to see if she could purchase some clothing. At the slight distance, she gleaned the stance of a merchant in the man behind the bar, and realized no winning personality or well-placed sideways glances would win her any favors with him. All the better, because she really couldn’t work her way through those things. Still not near, she scanned to see if there were any listed prices. She recognized a few numbers, but none of it was helpful because they were all associated with letters of some sort, and a not-particularly-hidden curse was spat to the air as she recognized them to be most likely words. Pushing herself along tables and past patrons, she made her way to the counter and politely inquired about clothing. The man sent someone else to look, and while he was gone, the kind stranger queried about the hubbub when she came in. Normally Ellara did not feel comfortable talking about herself with strangers, but she found herself explaining that she was a magical artificer of little means or status, and that arrow had been extremely valuable to her since it had been crafted from holy water and blessed silver, and she wasn’t sure when either would be available again to her. The man listened to her story, and she found herself frustratedly blurting our her tale of arrival at the place, while he kept expertly tending the bar. When she was almost done, the other returned with a set of clothes, and said they would probably be slightly too big. “Quite alright, you learn to sew quite well when you have to do it all yourself. I’ll take them.” She placed coinage on the counter to cover the items, then collected them into her arms and turned to the weapons counter. Before walking away, she called over her shoulder, “Thank you for your help and kindness,” then waded awkwardly through the room. She was about to leave when a man burst out of a door, being pursued by three others that must have come in while she had been musing at the fire or talking to the barkeep. Her skin crawled looking at them, though she attributed it mostly to their weapons they still had on them. She sidestepped the man’s rushed exit, and as his pursuers went by she studied them. What a curious lot. And then they piled outside, only to find nothing. One of them turned back and shouted at the doorway, “Where did he go?!” Ellara shook her head honestly. “You got me. I don’t know either.” The men seemed frustrated, and one approached her, putting an arm on either side of her and leaning down so close to her face that he was spitting on her when he spoke. “Where. Is he.” Scrunching up her face, she turned away. “With the amount you’ve slobbered on me, you’d think we’d have been making love. I told you, I don’t know.” The person in front of her seemed to only become more frustrated, but one of his comrades jerked him back. “She’s telling the truth. Let’s go.” The man snarled at Ellara as he exited, and Ellara kept her face cool until his back was turned, then stuck her tongue out at him. ‘Jerk.’ Collecting herself and her things, she waited until they had disappeared before stepping outside and looking around. Some sort of magic had been used here. Reaching up, she felt for the leftover threads, then tugged a shimmering piece of the air down and wrapped it around her wrist. It may have been her fault that the man had disappeared, if her holy water had acted as a catalyst for some sort of magic. She had nothing better to do, so she might as well catch dinner nearby, and if he wasn’t holding up, perhaps she would share it with him. She inhaled sharply, a light rain began to drizzle, then she closed her eyes and turned her wrist and it was all gone.
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    I see you've already found the tavern - great! If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. I'm part of the Outreach team on the site, so "happy to help" is an understatement
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    King lewis will probely die cuz of an 'atomic' accident Or mabye by the hand of koji Dont know which will come first though.....