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    Acies ab Vesania

    The Valucre Photo Album

    Since the old one got locked... Here is where Valucre members can show off pictures of themselves, or their wee ones, as so many of us now have made those. To kick it off, here's an old goofy pic of me.
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    Branigan tips her hat to Wisp. “Aye, I be Brannigan, I see you make a habit of dropping in.” She elbows the girl a bit, a making a bit of a physical display in her humor—what can she say, she’s been hanging out with pirates for several years now. When wisp details her concern about offending the boy, Brannigan offers a shrug. “I can’t speak for’em. I think he just doesn’t like being tied down is all. Lot of young men like that, ha!” More elbowing before she turns to walk back to her perch overseeing the docks. She knew she should be out swabbing some decks and checking the rigging, but the goings on here entertained her far more than the menial chores she performed day after day. Sure, the foreman would come calling after her soon enough, making threats to get out his whip if she didn’t get back to work. She would get back on it then as she always did, pushing her luck to the furthest limit she could before she knew she had to turn herself around. Ah, but the boy stormed off down to his quarters and the others dispersed, leaving her out in the open and vulnerable to the watchful eye of that blasted supervisor. If only something else interesting and distracting would occur, so she would have a good excuse to shirk her duties some more. Speaking of, it occurs to Brannigan that someone is going to be responsible for cleaning up these vines. If she’s spotted near the mess, no amount of declaring it someone else’s problem will get her out of having to remove the weeds and toss them overboard—that seemed even less appealing than her usual set of tasks. “Right, best I get out of here.” Brannigan slips away, making herself scarce before she gets roped into additional duties.
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    ALARICK RADOLF MERCIER He only had to look back once in disgust; the elfling was trying to apologize? His expression boiled, and whatever words the woman had for him were naught but a wasted effort. It was too late for apologies: the damage had already been done. Nothing anyone said, or did, would make him want to talk to anyone on the ship. Alarick paced down further down the hallway, past the engine room and past two others, but still the woman followed him. Increasing his pace, he was still being tailed by the incessant woman. Down he went through the humid, hot coordiors of the lower-deck sleeping quarters, hurrying to his small closet of a room. At least there, he could be alone. Still, the steps behind him continued, like a stray dog trying to find its beloved owner. Finally, when he could take it no longer, he turned to face her. "What do you mean, there's no need to apologize — you were right!" he screamed, strangling the doorknob to his room in his right hand, face painted with anger. "It isn't a good idea for a monster like me to be roaming the ship!" And with that, he slammed the door to his room shut, locked it, and sat back turned to the steel doorway, hiding head in knees.
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    MARION A. D'GRAUSS He had to run back to his room just to confirm it just because he couldn't believe what he had just calculated. Grabbing papers off the shelves, sweeping books to the side, D'Grauss frantically read through and analyzed the various bits of data the ship had collected over the course of the week. Taking out a shard of chalk, the mathematician began scrawling equations and calculations on his blackboard, trying to make sense of his findings. The smooth manifold that was the arcanosphere had shown perturbations, the kind of which were caused by an entity of great proportions. Only a skilled eye could pick up such a reading from the white noise of other signals; however, it was indisputable. Nibbling on the end of the writing utensil, the man muttered to himself like a madman: "Flux, flux, flux... come on, what about the changes in flux.... Factoring in recorded albedo, myst density, carry the one..." Fist slammed on nearby desk; the math was incorrect. In one motion, he knocked papers off the table and grabbed a parchment. "Come on Marion..., this is supposed to be a conservative vector field... that can't be right, it can't be right. The locations don't match up, and these readings... what the hell are these readings...." A bead of sweat rolled down his face as he redid the calculations; however, solving the differential equations only led to the same conclusion. "Oh, fuck...," he cursed, biting his tongue, "Shit... shit, shit, shit." Holding the paper up, he reread it all. With a double-take to the chalkboard, he felt a pit in his throat as brown eyes widened. He wasn't wrong. With haste, he nearly tripped over his own legs as hurried out of his room without even shutting his door, and bolted towards the captain's quarters, scraggly sienna hair bouncing with every frantic step. The Dragon's Circle was much closer than he had originally anticipated, its radius reaching much farther out than was originally surmised. Worse yet, only two knew of the dangers of the region: himself and the Captain; however, it seemed to Marion that he was the only one to understand the gravity of their situation. When the mathematician last checked in, he had informed the Captain that they still had time before reaching the location. Oh how wrong he was. He should have payed attention to the signs. There was a reason why other skyfarers dare take flight in the area: it was a new hot spot for unprecedented disaster. If they crossed the threshold, who knows what would happen. They had to land. Now.
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    Ruin has come to Ashville

    You guys are nearing your limits, I think! That's perfectly fine. Let me take a minute to tell you all that you guys have been friggin' instrumental in this thread's success. Y'all are dedicated, creative, and patient. You put up with several rounds of not-much-fighting, far too much flowery exposition, and too many mysteries. My biggest regret in this thread, in fact, is that it's coming to an end very soon. Hopefully you guys enjoy the finale.
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    Samuel had followed the boy when he took off; not about to let the matter drop until he had the answers he needed. He wasn't blind to the Alarick's emotional distress, and he regretted that he was causing the boy such stress; but he couldn't help himself. All his life he had assumed he and his family were the sole survivors of a once great band of mercenaries. They had taken pains to go unnoticed, fearing that old enemies might still be looking for any survivors from the decimated Order. As a result, Samuel had never had many friends growing up; as he couldn't take the risk of being found out. Often times he would dream of the Order restored; and of having so many friends that he would never feel lonely again. Now the Order had been restored, and it was possible that the Gareau weren't the only ones who had survived. He arrived in time to see the boy slam the door on the woman who had called him a were wolf; nodding in acknowledgement as he moved to sit down against the wall opposite the boys door. Without waiting for her to leave, he began to speak. "My father used to tell me stories of a splinter group within the Mercier family," he said, voice loud so as to be heard through the door, "Who wanted to replicate the Knight-Alpha ritual used to create a stable werewolf." "The experiments they performed were brutal, nightmarish. Eventually they were discovered and wiped out by the rest of their clan, but I guess some of them must have survived. Probably went to ground and continued their experiments." He let that hang in the air a moment before asking, "But I'm guessing you already know most of this, don't you?"
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    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    He had every intention of clashing upon this foolish creature before him and rending the flesh from his bones, but he heard the call of his new interest. This dredge. An arrogant creature with a means to roll hi thumb across the country. A chaos this prophet was meant to follow in, so he shall. The patchwork creature taking a few steps back from the corpse and his potential prey before vanishing around the corner. Honor and warrior code meaning nothing to one such as he. He shifted through the streets, through fire, dismay, and agony. It was kept him alive; to suffer was to excel. He had gathered a great deal of food supplies and used those slimy little creatures to do with them as Dredge pleased. He was interested in taking a few souvenirs. The sounds of a low cry catching the sixth sense his djinn blood gifted him; his ears sensitive to secrets and quieted behavior. It was a sign of fear. He sniffed about as the invading forces were pulling out; his beacons of vison scanning the streets for the source before stopping before a door. The sounds of uncontrollable movement and youthful cries painting a picture within in his mind. This was a child. Did such innocence deserve to die? Did any of them really? Children a subject that the demon felt a strange pang in the empty void where a heart should be. He didn't know what to make of these little creatures, but there was one behind this door. His long knived fingers groping the doorframe, pressing his forehead against the door as he listened to the room within. A grin creeping along his shaded features. It was a girl, a helpless little fleshy thing so full of uncontrolled emotion. Could he take a child? Did the prophet like children souls? Elightenment striking him like a holy bolt from the heavens. He never had a child make a wish before. They would ask for some easily twisted...but such a thing would be short lived. This was a golden opportunity to outshine the demon scum he despised. The vermin who mocked him, and tortured him in those pits all those years ago. This had to be different. Natasha heard the sound of the door creak and groan before there were several loud crashes at the door. The sounds of snarling and slatherimg heard on the other side before she saw a glossy blade pierce through the door. A screech of pain heard in response; the door exploding with splinters and wood flying everywhere. A goblin sliding through the door frame with a sword through it's chest. There in the doorway stood a robed figure. Swaths of greens,blacks,and oranges decorated the fabric. Jewelry and dazzling gemstones hanging from his neck akin to stars plucked from the universe. He pulled back his hood and revealed a beautiful face of mocha skin and vanilla eyes. His brown hair falling into tufts around his neck as he brushed an earring with a lazy finger. He moved toward the corpse and pulled free his sword; his eyes fallimg upon the sudden movement from the girl and widening his eyes "A child? Oh my. Are you alone? We have to get you out of here! The town is in ruins. I've evacuated as many as i can; its not safe here" He said. His knee resting upon the ground before her as he met her height "I'm Sydney" He introduced himself warmly, but with urgency "I don't know when more of those creatures will be arriving but we must leave soon." He said, stretching out a warm hand.
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    The Diplomatic Arrival

    [LEXDORD CAPITAL CITY] It was a nice day in the kingdom of Lexdord, as the morning breeze echoed itself throughout the land bringing clear clean air along with it, it was warm as the sun rose from its depths of darkness. The king had been awake an hour before, as he was prepairing to meet with some diplomats. In his floating castle made of gleaming marble he was measured and had talors fabricate a thinner more fit clothing for him. "How does diplomacy work again? Its still kinda a funny subject to work with" The informant merely said that to be friendly with others and by agreeing to neutral grounds to gather freinds is of an upmost importance if this kingdom was to last. Lewis however had diffrent plans, he wasnt thinking about staying forever for eventully when his crew find out where they are in the cosmos they would set off immediately back home. At least that was the current plan of course making some friends wouldn't hurt. Laying around the table were the other surviving members of his crew and the city mayors, meny whom have not been properly introduced. The chatting was going around as reports came in through telephone networks and screen showcasing the latest economic status of the kingdom, the one type of product that was still slugging behind was food, and agriculture products. "Lets hope that these nee comers offer food" The royal adviser whispered. And was quiet awaiting for the guests to arrive. (Its not too short is it?)
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    And because Frank's a helpless beb who can't post his picture...until I link him. AND CARRIONJACKAL HERE.
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    Etched In Stone

    Chateau De Choisel

    ~ "My name is Lady Cariella Hightower," she said. "And I am a simple Reaper assigned to watch over the Choisel house and collect any wayward souls. I managed to find my way thanks to Dr. Quin." While lady Cariella did possess some form of nobility rather, or mannerisms and etiquette towards the Master Choisel his Dead body untensed as he leaned over exposing his pearl fangs in a flourish and light gesture of a smile. Outstretched both his hands from their prior resting positions as they placed to form a series of short applause. The awe and amazement from his eyes reverted to their lackadaisical, half-lidded marbles of ancient unknown origins. Him had pardon himself without acknowledgement from Cariella. "If that's the case, welcome to Chateau De Choisel. Just don't stray off too far by your lonesome, for even these Castle Wall's have eyes to watch when I'm not looking. Yet, enjoy ma'lady Cariella." Words flowed from his mouth almost carefree in tone, yet it was typical of Leinhart's character to be so … Unenthused in monotone emphasis. The shift of sudden footsteps emerging from the crowd even in a Hall filled with people; trailing off from the corners of his glimmering eyes, his attention caught the tail-end of Quin's Kimono reflecting from the dimly lit area. Might of even been the only one to have seen her exit and while he was waiting for the others response on their upcoming journey to so-to-speak, he couldn't up and leave to chase after her to find out what was happening or why she so abruptly left just like so. Sending Martis or Okbar off to figure things out was more appropriate for this matter. His right hand opened for Tatia to come to his side with his shifted attention now back on the woman in the Blood Red gown. The next words that came from Cariella Hightower told him she too, felt something up with Quin. For the Pureblood who did not panic when he could no longer hear her heart beating and whom promised to keep her safe in his words, he held himself almost too composed in this scenario. "Okbar, Martis. Go with Cariella, check on Ms. Nash. Please, make haste."
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    Think I'm going to extend the poll by a few days. Also, if the genre suddenly shifts into space horror, its all Pygmalion's fault.
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    The Shell of Great Sins

    Damien bristled. "Easy there. Not everyone here is Choisel." Admittedly, Damien had been paying less than full attention to what was going on. Things were currently unspeakably boring, so his focus had been waning. He seated himself as a hostess came to them. She said something about a performer? And then, of course, Old Man Leinhart started listing his various titles that Damien was 100% sure that no one outside of Choisel cared about. How well this guy and his father would get along was almost scary. He could almost see them throwing back crimson goblets and going on and on about how children today were and how things were so much better in the old days like, gods knew how many thousand years ago. Ugh. When the hostess looked at him, it took Damien about 4 seconds to realize that he was supposed to place an order. "Umm, you wouldn't happen to have the blood of a liar, would you?" Damien was really feeling like liar tonight. As he usually did. Though, he was on occasion known to take the blood of thieves. But they had to be DAMN good thieves. He had cravings for other kinds as well, but those were his two mains.
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    Aurora stood just before the throne her eyes focused on the massive chair that would scream 'Here sits the Queen,’ the very thought of it scared her to the bone. Having begged her father at his bedside not to pass on, screaming in anger at him for leaving her not ready for this title. Only the memory of his calm demeanor remained an image in her mind, the smile he gave her with reassuring words that he taught her everything and she could do it. She was ready. The familiar touch of Souji’s magic made her smile as her green eyes caught the silver insects flashing, lighting her way to the chair that would define her status to the world who stood around her waiting. Although not sure if she was to expect the mischievous mask he often wore, Aurora felt herself exhale a breath she held in. With the courage sucked back into her lungs Aurora finished the trek towards the throne that awaited her, along with the precession of Priestesses and priests who awaited to crown the new queen of Crystallo Stella. As Aurora moved towards the throne the High Priestess moved forward to greet the redheaded fae so elegantly dressed, her hands meeting those of the queen’s. Bowing her head towards the Queen leaning to kiss her hands, she led Aurora the rest of the way to the massive chair. Another priest moved towards the crown that sat on a table near the chair, his fingers wrapping around the delicate wiring of the headpiece. Standing by the High Priestess, the priest began to chant in an old fae language. Joining in with the High Priestess and the other priestesses, the people who were from Crystallo seemed to be singing a prayer to their beloved goddess Gaia. While they all sang the prayer to the mother Gaia, Aurora sat as straight and still as a statue in a garden. Emerald green eyes stared forward, her eyes seemed to pierce through the very time and space around her. The man who was doing all of the announcing took his side near the other part of her family who awaited the coronation of the new queen to commence. The coronation wasn’t like most others in the vast royal houses across Valucre, it was a lot of chanting and singing by the very servants of mother gaia. The taste of the fae magic they held touched the air with a shimmer, the vines around the chair grew and tightened around one another. The priest handed over the crown that would announce to the world of Crystallo Stella their new sovereign, the Priestess graciously took the crown with a nod to the other servant. Turning as if in slow motion the Priestess chanted another prayer over the crown, her arms reaching it down to the floor and up into the sky above. Turning around once as if to present the crown to the people as her witnesses, the Priestess took the few steps to close the space between Aurora and herself. Sitting so still her Emerald eyes fell to the priestess before her holding the crown, a slight overwhelming could of nervousness shook its way through her body before she relaxed as the crown was lifted up over her head. Feeling the weight of the crown being placed on her head became the notification that the weight of her nation was on her shoulders, their happiness in her hands. Having closed her eyes as the crown was sat on her head, she opened them in time to watch the priestess bow and step backwards far enough to step into the crowd of Gaia worshipers. The priests and priestesses changed their song, soon they turned and shouted together “All Hail Queen Aurora!” With that Aurora stood from her seat in the throne looking over the crowd, bowing so slightly with the relief of the ceremony finally coming to an end. Straightening up her posture, she would look over to the fae who awaited to continue the music. A very sing song voice echoed over “You may continue the festivities! And I with you!” A beaming smile broke over the face of the new queen, who watched as the crowd eased back into the conversations of before. Still standing before her throne her mother would greet her along with her sister soon to disappear in the crowd, Aurora would be left before the throne ready to meet the faces who dared come to the portals.
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    For All Your Insurance Needs...

    I've been toying with the idea of an insurance company that protects their clients in a variety of ways. They don't just provide indemnification after a loss, they recover what was stolen. If a customer is killed (and that customer paid the right price) they'll bring them back from the dead. I'm thinking it goes even further though, like a city can take out a policy and the insurance adjusters (representing the company) will protect it (best case) and pay for any losses (worst case). Think of like Wolfram & Hart from Angel with less Evil intentions. They're not necessarily good or bad, they're fulfilling their contract, regardless of what that might be. Right now it's just something I'm toying around with, hence the rambling, curious if anyone else would be interested in catching/stopping some bad guys. Notes: Hawke, Owll & Ravensley Insurance Society An international and interdimensional Insurance Firm with offices throughout Valucre. Their home office is located in Cosanastre, Alterion. HORIS is the largest Insurer in the world and specializes in both Property & Casualty Insurance as well as Life & Health Insurance. Since its founding HORIS has been serving its clients by providing a wide range of support services. HORIS clients don’t just expect design and execution of their projects. They expect a partner that can guide them through the design, regulatory, approval and implementation processes. HORIS clients can rely on expertise to support them in their processes from the beginning to its continued . The road ahead can be full of unknown obstacles. Place your trust in those who have walked the path thousands of times. Our team brings centuries of experience and expertise to your doorstep. HORIS doesn’t just provide financial security for their customer’s losses, they offer loss prevention as well. HORIS isn’t a by-the-numbers organization, they’d rather see your property whole and returned to you than offer a functional equivalent. To its premier elite members HORIS offers a number of services including: asset protection and acquisition, corporate and industrial espionage, healing and necromancy, legal services, Real Estate, Voodoo, Entertainment, Science, Research and Intelligence, and Interment Acquisitions, Product development, Rule, form and manual filings, Advisory services, Regulatory relations, and insurance operations.
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    Speaking of old pics and throwbacks...found pictures of me back when I did welding stuff.
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    Beneath Midnight's Cloak

    "I could ask you the same damn thing!" Before the tense exchange could continue, Welfrick was crashing through the woods as his mother ran after him. An irritated sigh escaped his lips as she disappeared into the brush; reminding himself that his mother had gone through a traumatic change recently, and that he should have more patience with her. Still, she wasn't making anyone's life any easier by insisting on pulling this lone wolf crap. He knew that she resented him for shadowing her when she went off on these little jaunts into dangerous situations; that she felt that because she was a powerful, experienced warrior she didn't need anyone's help. Of course, powerful, experienced warriors got killed all the damn time; but of course she would be the bloody exception! Now he had to make a decision about whether to let her pursue the hunter alone, or see what he could learn from the corpse of the dead Enforcer. Of course, from what he could see what had transpired seemed obvious, but there was only one way to know for sure. Besides, from what he had been told of the hunter; this attack seemed out of character. Besides, he didn't really want to deal with his mother right at this moment; and maybe she might get some of her anger out of her system. Grant walked over to the corpse and knelt down; noticing first the obvious gaping wound in the mans torso, and the lack of internal organs. It was clear that the wounds were inflicted by claws and teeth instead of a blade, and that the creature had then devoured his organs. Mercifully, it looked like the man had died before being devoured, and the trail of blood leading from the sewer suggested he had carried the guard here. Something caught the Knight's eye, and he reached down and pulled out a few red threads from the edges of the mans wounds. They were a different type of fabric from the cloths the Enforcer wore... and there wouldn't be any civilians wandering the sewers. Welfrick must have found the Red Cloaks before or after transforming. The one question that still troubled Grant was what had caused this transformation in the first place. It had been daylight when Welfrick and his escort had gone into the sewers, with sunset still hours off. He could only assume that something in the sewer had caused the transformation; though he would need to look around to be sure. But for now he felt he had learned all he would from the corpse. Running to catch up, it wasn't long before he came to the scene of his mother standing over an unconscious Welfrick, an arrow sticking out of his arm, and blood pouring from a head wound. "Holy shit." Moving to stand beside his mother, he knelt down to examine the wounded man, "We need to get him back to the city. That head wound looks nasty... and the arrow in his shoulder isn't doing him any favors either."
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    The Wolf Masquerade

    Dan came speeding back up into the attic. "No one's here. Like at all. There was this weird-ass noise in the basement, but no one there either, from what I could tell. Looks like we're on our own. Do any of you guys know where in Ares' tiny dick everyone went?" Dan realized after he had said it that he mentioned Ares. As if anyone would know who the hell he was talking about. But that was only being brought to the front of his mind to divert attention away from the fact that everyone else was fucking gone and they were under attack. Seeing the window himself now, Dan saw someone else bleeding out in the snow. So, Dan manipulated the wind, and brought his ivory pebble out of his bag. He further commanded the wind to carry it down to the guy, and nestled it on him. Maybe Trellis could cast a healing spell? Dan started to turn to air and exit the window himself, but instinct stopped him. Then common sense caught up and immediately agreed with instinct. This was unfamiliar territory, he had no proof that the obvious furry was the only one out there, and the rest of the crew were in various states of who the fuck knows. Until a need truly arose, Dan would stay in the secure area.
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    Mapping the Depths

    Dan pouted slightly. Apparently, these guys didn't like the idea of him killing a hostile beast. Fine then. It was clearly wounded already, which worried him. Something else was in here, and Dan did not like that one bit. But, if that something was worse than the deer monster, maybe they wouldn't mind him killing that one. He looked at Jinsoku. He knew he was responsible for that. He used some psychic bullshit or something to knock his stab off course. He really didn't want to for something so minor, but Dan couldn't stop the Dislike-O-Meter from going up a bit on him. Looking further ahead, he noticed something. Something that made Dan wonder if he was in real world Minecraft or something. Some portal thingy. After what had brought him to Valucre in the first place, Dan had a distaste for portals. They were weird, unreliable, and unpredictable. But, he knew that they had to go through it, sighed, and walked through it after Jinsoku.
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    Trey chuckled to himself at how easily Ren halted Jinsoku's attack, and at the fact that Ren chose to counter a kick with a kick. "It was just like I said it would be, wasn't it? Oh well, let's just get this over with." Trey rose to his feet and sighed. He took off his hoodie, tied it loosely around his waist with the sleeves and made a run at Ren. Midway through his charge, in a single fluid motion, he quickly removed his hoodie from around his waist and tosses it at Ren, hoping to briefly distract distract him. A simple trick he knew, but one that had worked for him in the past. Trey judged his moment and raised his left leg into a straight, high kick aimed at Rens face.
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    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    MIDDY OCHRE The man moved his thumb from his lips as if finally done with his thoughts. Slowly, he undid the clasps from his cloak, taking off the garment to reveal the cartel's coat hidden underneath. Next he undid the coats buttons as well, muttering words of power after undoing one. Soon he was removing his cartel coat in front of the little girl. Disturbing as it may seem, he was only doing this with his best intentions. Donning the worn out leather garment over the kid's shivering shoulders, Middy knelt before her ensuring their gazes are at the same level. "Natasha, sweetie, listen closely. I need you to be brave for me. I'll be going out first to lure the goblins away from this place. I need you to wait until the sounds of fighting are away then run away from us. And wear this coat, this will keep you hidden from prying eyes. Don't take it off no matter what. It will keep you from harm. I will find you after this." At his words, the little girl only responded with a brief nod, unable to mask the frightened look on her face. Middy affectionately placed his hand on her head as he gave her his sweetest smile as possible. "Be brave. I will keep watch over you through my coat. If you ever meet the purple haired lady we saw form you gun earlier, give my coat to her. She will understand." He returned the gun to her and stood up, heading towards the rooms entrance. He was confident the little girl will survive, the Black Head's protection will keep her safe from any harm. Smiling bitterly, Middy exited the room, knowing that he might not survive this night.
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    Have bounties, need hunters

    Yup! Oh, actually, I realize there's still some IC time before the next LoD thread starts, and Cassandra's going off to be on her own for a while before officially joining them. If you could pick a good location in the Wilds of Terrenus for her to be hunted down, that'd be great! Places with notable themes/influence from genius loci give her interesting ways to exercise her power ?
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    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    After a light, feminine chuckle, her coffee and Persephone's tea arrived. She seemed thrilled as she smelled the coffee, then she tasted it. A soft wince and she ended up dumping more sugar in her coffee. As she seemingly mindlessly scooped sugar into the hot beverage, she just nodded slowly. Dumb and tedious, it was. Without looking, she began to stir her sugar loaded coffee. Now, if there was any sign that the being that sat across from Persephone was not human, this was it. Her coffee thickened to almost a syrup. Gisela took a sip, then nodded. She understood what her next course of action would be. There was nothing to debate. Their planned was laid out beautifully. "Well, it would be a shame to cause a fuss. We will start figuring out what we can find out about the leadership of the town. If anyone could give us some wonderful appeal to this city, it would be their leadership after all." Gisela took another sip of her sickeningly sweet beverage. She turned, looking for the waitress. When she spotted the woman, Gisela made eye contact with her, then looked back at the menu in her hand. The waitress walked up, looking down at the pair. "What would you like?" The waitress asked with a false sense of friendliness. "Ahh... I'll take..." And Gisela started naming items off the menu. A variety of items and the waitress gently waved a hand. "Are you sure, ma'am? This is a lot of food." Gisela thought for a moment. "We have some people that have just arrived in the city." She said softly, then she lit up as though she had some sort of inspiration. "How would you like to be a part of a worldwide broadcast about places to go that are sort of off the beaten path? Everyone will see it. Even people in Genesaris...Alterion. Everywhere." She smiled. The waitress hesitated, then leaned in. "My boss would fire me." "You could be famous..." Gisela tilted her head, raising an impeccably groomed eyebrow. "What do you say??" "Well, aw.. I've never been on a broadcast. I guess it's okay. We just have to go somewhere else." "How about we film out front? Get this place some publicity." She grinned. "Sure!" The waitress seemed enthusiastic enough. She turned to Persephone. "Would you like to order anything?"
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    The smell inside the fleshy cavern was something mythic. Tears welled up in her eyes as it seeped into her wrinkled nose. When the suggestion came to leave the dragons behind, her heart sank a little. A glance back a Nethious showed that he agreed that he wouldn't fit much farther inside, even with his smaller size compared to the others. He nodded, turned and lept back into the air to defend the opening lest they be cut off from each other. The fireball held by Reyna gave her a little comfort but it was still too dark for comfort. With her bladed arm at the ready she followed the other two, eyes trained to the rear of the group. It was hard to distinguish what was flickering shadow and what was some creature poised to jump out and slaughter their little group. Damn if only they had some more light, she thought to herself. As the thought came to her, a blue light begin to emit from her arm. Looking down she saw that the magitech circuitry imbeded in it had begun to glow a cool blue. "Didn't know it could do that." It wasn't much more light, but it was something. A crawling feeling spread across her skin suddenly as she heard Luther's voice, something didn't feel right. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard Luther give a warning and saw the mass crash down between him and Reyna. Blades drawn she began to run towards the creature but felt her feet being tugged at. The same as Luther she was held fast by fleshy tendrils grasping at her boots. Unlike Luther though, she had weapons which weren't as unwieldy. Freeing herself took only a moment with her razor sharp blades. With her feet constantly dancing around she began run towards Luther while avoiding being grappled again. This floor was going to make things difficult for them. Her mind spun back to her time in the Military. On one particular mission they had been ordered forward to clear and prepare a site to move to. Along the way they had to cross a stretch of land that had become filled with thick mud. Their small party was able to find a path but that wasn't going to help the main force as it moved across. With no time to wait for the mud to dry, they had their mages use whatever they could to burn and harden the ground in from of the force. Liandri called out to Reyna. "Sear the flesh of the ground!" Leaping to the side she was able to skirt the charging beast and put a gash down its side with her bladed arm. She knew the damage she had done was minimal but it might be enough to pull its attention to herself and away from Luther long enough to get free.
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    [QUEST] Night at the Museum

    Early in the morning, the twins went out for a lovely little stroll to the docks. Since Candie absolutely loathed being woken up in the morning, and Sunny dosen't need to exactly sleep (and was an annoying morning person), they stopped at a little candy stand nearby to buy a tiny bag of sweets. Once a lollipop energized the grumpy blonde bedhead, they set off for the docks -- with Candie's spirit slightly lifted. Then they ran into Teddy, of course. Flattered he was kind enough to join them on a walk despite his unexplained paranoia around the two, they gladly conversed with the gunslinger on the way to the docks. While Sunny thought of him oddly familiar, the two blondes expressed their fondness over guns, as Sunny expressed her fondness over Teddy's overall anatomy. The lively undead excitedly shook her sister back and forth, admiring the cleared blue sky and bright street littered with adorable shops as the ocean breeze brushed her hair back. Candie, obviously, couldn't care less. She yawned without a care in the world, lollipop in her teeth as she did so. She was just glad she wasn't wearing that ridiculous skirt anymore. Comfortably changed back to her usual attire -- stylish black leather clothing that nicely matched with her sister's more elegant fashion. A peculiar rosary hung from her neck, silently basking in the sun as she fixed her gloves. When they arrived, they watched Teddy run off to Edgar, which gave them some time to talk together. "Did you remember your bag?" "Mhm." "I got a feeling he's got it bad with women." "Mhm." The U-Boat arrived, Sunny basked in awe, accidentally smacked her face on a wall, and set their bags down in the tiny bathroom. A minute later, the younger sister eventually found Candie's kryptonite. The root of all evil, the bane of her existence, the very thing that still haunts her til' this day. Holy water. And without a care in the world, began running around with a bottle. "BEGONE, SPAWN OF SATAN!" "DUDE, STOP-" "BACK TO WHENCE YE CAME!" "I dont know why that hurt but I SWEAR TO GOD YOU PUT THAT DAMN THING DOWN--" "THE POWER OF GAIA COMPELS YOU!" "OW! WHAT THE--" "REPENT!" "DUDE." Eventually, the evaporating older sister snatched the vicious bottle away from the hands of this nuisance, deeply growling as Sunny twinkled her eyes innocently like a smug puppy. Before the blonde could have her vengeance, the alarms blared, a clear indicator that the U-Boat will begin to dive in a moment. As the undead listened, Candie immediately catches her off guard. SPLASH "MY EYES!" "Thats how it FEELS!"
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    Lirrey Lines

    “Awww,” Lunara said, kind of disappointed when Karuna declared that the ridiculous amount of time that Agony allocated to her was sufficient. She had hoped some kind of argument would ensue. Even though their path here had been fraught with danger, it still felt as if nothing exciting had happened. A lump of shadow rose up next to Lunara. Even though the doctor’s pet was a small bundle the size of a human child, it still towered over the faerie. Her dimensions were closer to the magnitude of the rat that was being held by black tendrils. “I was hoping there’d be a fight between them. You too, didn’t you?” She didn’t expect the shadow to understand, and furthermore, it seemed to be preoccupied with its supper. Lunara scooted away uncomfortably when a drop of the rodent’s warm blood spattered onto her arm. It was kind of disgusting, but you wouldn’t chide a wolf for eating a raw rabbit, so the faerie saw nothing wrong with the pet gnawing away at the rat. So long as the cretin didn’t mistake her for food. She had no idea what the pet was, but then again she wasn’t exactly sure what Agony was either, and she had never been bothered about it. Looking at Agony’s back as he surveyed the land, she wondered what it was about the blob that had made her stick with him for so long. He was abrasive and selfish, just borderline tolerable. But for some reason, he always shielded her. At the same time, there were expectations of her that would never fade. It was an unspoken understanding between them that if she were to fail him one day, he would destroy her with his own hands. Well, if such a day were to come, she would be long gone before he realized it. But there was no point thinking these thoughts. She was a doer, not some kind of old philosopher. Ten minutes was almost up. Lunara yawned and stretched her wings. It seemed like they would be trekking through the whole night.
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    Little House in the Mountains

    Apart from its shock at her wings, the wolf didn't seem hostile. Carina continued to hold her neutral stance, stiffening slightly as the creature nosed her back. As it gave her hand a lick, she relaxed completely. Well, it seems friendly at least The wolf walked off, seeming to want Carina to follow, which she did. The dense jungle undergrowth made the going difficult, especially as the canopy shrouded them from what little light the open sky provided. Still, the wolf seemed to know where it was going, and Carina didn't want to risk startling it by flaring her wings or losing it by pausing to get a flashlight from her pack. There was also still the mystery of where the creature had come from. Its black-grey pelt didn't seem to match the jungle quadrant; perhaps it came from the mountains? That quadrant was poorly-explored, Carina knew, especially with that new black peak that had plopped down from that silver sky portal. 6What if it's a monster from there? The researcher dismissed the thought. Most of the creatures from the dark peak were extremely hostile, explorers had reported. Besides, aside from its size, this thing looks like a completely normal wolf. Soon, they emerged into a clearing. Carina squinted, eyes adjusting to the starlight, then watched as the wolf crawled into a bush. Turning around, it revealed some pieces of cloth clamped its jaws. Then, the sounds of bones creaking assaulted her ears. Carina took a step back, staring as the creature before her warped, its skeleton distorting with a painful cracking sound. Oh, Gaia, what if it's one of those dark mountain beasts? What if it was one of those things that laid eggs in other animals, only for the young to burst out of its host when it hatched? She summoned her wings once more, ready to take flight. Still, curiosity kept her grounded, and the more she observed, the more... human the form the wolf was taking appeared. Soon enough, a woman stood before her. Oh, thought Carina with growing amusement, she's a werewolf. Of all the queer, otherworldly creatures she'd seen in Taen, it was vaguely comforting to see something as familiar as a werewolf in this place of portals and natural disasters. "Hi," Carina replied. "I'm Dr. Carina Gomez. I'm a researcher." Here, she paused for a moment. Technically, she wasn't working for Aurelium anymore, and had resigned a while after that whole mountain ordeal. Perhaps she'd join the Terran military, but for now she was merely publishing her work in the public domain. "I work for the government of Lunaris, the human city west of here." She paused, eyeing the woman for any reaction. She ventured a question. "Do you live around here?"
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    Diplomatic relations anyone?

    I think it will always be the case that you can add a little more. I don't know if that's your best work and I'm not going to discourage you from putting effort into your writing going forward. Just that for the purposes of setting/advancing a story and giving your partners something to respond to, I think the post is just dandy
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    Harsh Training (Tiandi Wushu)

    With the movement of his body, his arms remained on guard without a opening that gave Master Ren an easy target. As his kick was deflected, Jinsoku secured his balance on his one foot on the ground, ready to react even before he withdrew his previous kick completely. His arm bent at the wrist and met the kick's force with the force an elbow strike. Not only did he aim deflect the kick, but also to damage the arch of the foot as to promote a lessening of one's mobility. While Master Ren was a practiced artist, Jin had to assume he was vulnerable to the same weaknesses as most men. The one's that just couldn't be helped. Then again, what did he really know of Master Ren and who or what he truly was? As if on queue, Trey chimed in with a perfect distraction. Jinsoku let the fabric sail at Ren as he recovered from his attack and counter attack. Suddenly he lowered his body before executing a leg sweep. Regardless of the outcome of the sweep, Jinsoku's next method of attack had been determined. It was one that offered big risk, with ever bigger pay out.
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    Beneath Midnight's Cloak

    WELFRICK JAGDHUND The sunlight filtered through the pine needles will crisp green hues, passing by the hunter along with columns of aged bark. Every step he took through the forest litter, every breath of the clean air — they were all familiar aspects of the great forest he knew; however, now that he only remembered through written word, every entrance into the woods felt like a new experience. The sky struck a deep blue, with wisps of clouds visible through the pines overhead. While he would have said the view took his breath away, that was not the cause of his sudden gasp: a splintered shaft cleanly embedding itself through and through, resting partly in and partly out of his now-bloodied shoulder. For that instant, he screamed, tripping over his feet, rolling — doubling over in pain. Sure, his sprained leg was something of a hindrance to him, but being shot at put him over his pain threshold. There was a boom and a cracking sound of shattering wood behind him. The hunter surmised that it was the arrival of a new pursuer, one who was also coming for him as well. The Enforcers were ruthless. Like he would be able to follow that command, the inertia of his desperate attempt at escaping preventing him from halting. Still, he rolled, and continued to do so down an inclined slope. Then it came: a rocky ramp, the collision with such flinging Welfrick's body up and over the side of a ledge. The hunter flew up and over, landing back first on the grit and dirt below the level his pursuers were on. The collision was enough to knock the breath out of him; however, the fall was not the end. Mangled, the hunter found himself rolling downwards, arrow cracking within his arm as he spun and rolled over it. There he went, back towards the wall of slate he flew over, hitting his head on its layered stones with a thud. Vision escaped him as a blurred world turned black. He couldn't even scream — the agony in his shoulder was incomprehensible; however, that was the very least of his worries. What was more shocking was the lack of feeling in his entire arm. Did the accursed arrow hit a nerve? He couldn't move it — not a single finger. As consciousness fled from his body, he could only give brief amusement to thoughts of what punishment lay in store for him. The leader Raveena — she would most surely take his head for his crimes. She already took his arm. 'Nineteen years...,' he thought. 'Guess... this is it.' Then, in an instant, he was out. Cold.
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    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Eh. Either or. But, if we DO wait, this is gonna get buried in my notifications.... But then, if Cacturne posts, it'll be front and center again... What I'm saying is, I'm fine either way. I would like to finish it, but...
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    Ruin has come to Ashville

    I'll leave it up to @HollowCipher and @Bkfootball Folks, would you prefer we advance the story? If I am being honest, we are between 2 and 3 rounds from the end of it all. We can wait, if you want to.
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    Sleepy Seal

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    bRO. That was awesome except- mY cHaRaCtEr Is rEyNa. nOt fLiPpInG aThArI. xD @Spyfox31 You’re up ? it should be much easier now
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    Shell of The Great Sins (Tia)

    Ima be honest, I kinda forced this one. Nothing was coming and I didn't wanna hold up anything. If I need to address something else, tell me and I'll fix it.
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    It seemed like Akiris was still a bit asleep, but definitely responsive to the knock on the door. "All righ', I'm up. Give me twenty minutes and I'll be down." He said. Enk headed down to the lobby where he was looking forward to a breakfast. It didn't seem like that was going to happen, at least not there. The hunger from last night was definitely coming back to haunt him, and although he knew some of the locals went outside to hunt for their morning meal Enk definitely wasn't much of a hunter. But in his mind rung celebration in a new town was where his mind and belly were headed. Maybe it wouldn't be a glorious road there, but a steady uphill plains shouldn't be much of a risk to them. They were going to be on the main road for the most part, a smooth path to their destination. For some reason twenty minutes felt like more than that, but his time-dial certainly wasn't deceiving him. When he checked it wasn't more than that, but perhaps wondering of what he might await made it seem like a lot more. "Sorry I took a bit longer that I thought it would but I'm ready." Akiris said, with his backpack strapped up. Enk imagined the bulk of the bag was probably his helmet and cape, but he has seen some people pull some pretty questionable things out of what seemed like thin are. "Alright then. Do you want to stop anywhere before we head out of town?" Enk asked, just to make sure that nothing was forgotten. Although there was plenty of supplies they could get here while they knew it was available Enk didn't feel like starting a pack-rat mentality again. @Akiris
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    Yep! We've been chatting in PMs about routes to go, and just making a whole story out of it and incorporating the dice system into the main confrontation. We're both p-excited. x]
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    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    The church doesn't really practice espionage but there's an above board and below board method they'd use to involve themselves in potentially concerning cases. And keep in mind I'm just fabricating here Above board would basically be inter-departmental cooperation. They would send a request out through proper channels and get proper authorizations to oversee an autopsy. Their necromantic and clerical knowledge would qualify higher rank church members for sure imo Below board would be some small radical or splinter type faction within the church that either doesn't want it to be known they're investigating or they don't trust the military or they think it'd take too long etc etc etc, any one of those reasons would give them reason to avoid the above option. Something like that having or making use of spies would be fine by me it just wouldn't be an overall like church sanctioned scheme
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    Tabletop games 30 day challenge

    Day 1 - how you got started In my freshman year of university a group of people on the dorm played Anima Beyond Fantasy. It was a steep learning experience considering the way the rule sets functioned. I slowly but sure picked it up and explored it on my own. Now I run my own campaign in Anima with my own story which I'm always very excited to do. Day 2 - favorite (playable) race Humans are what I play the most. I'm definitely interested in playing other races, but I haven't tried enough of other races to make an informed decision. In Anima there are nephilim which are somewhat human hybrids with other races. The nephilim of the Daimah race seem like my first choice if I were to choose one. They seem really happy, fun and outgoing. I haven't done enough characters with that sort of nature so I'd like to give that a try. Day 3 - favorite (playable) class In Anima Beyond Fantasy classes have little bearing on what a character is able to do. The class choice is at most a minor specialisation. Warrior Mentalist in the Anima Beyond Fantasy system is a lot of fun. I like the mentalist because there is the possibility for great power at lower levels at great consequences in the event of failure. For example an early level character with the right focus could shoot devastating laser beams, or fire pieces of metal with a railgun attack. Should that character fail the check he or she could totally exhaust to the point of collapsing or self destruct from internal injuries. I like the warrior mentalist more than the mentalist because I prefer a character capable in physical attacks and abilities that uses the supernatural powers to compliment that. Day 4 - favorite game world Battletech. I've always been fascinated by the complex world of mechanized bipedal fighting machines. I've played the tabletop war game for a while and like closely examining the lore details associated with it. I have plans to run a tabletop campaign in the future using the Battletech RPG system and the tabletop war game system for mech battles. Day 5 - favorite dice / individual die My most frequently used die is a D100. The unfortunate reality is that I don't actually have a 100 and roll 2 d10s to achieve the number. Maybe one day I'll get a real D100. Day 6 - favorite deity I'm aware that a system for deities exists in Anima, but I haven't tinkered with it enough to have an opinion. Having a deity in Anima is far from mandatory. Day 7 - favorite edition I'll hazard a guess that you're referring to DnD. I've only played 2 sessions of DnD 3.5. It was fun, but I haven't played any other editions. Anima Beyond Fantasy didn't get any new editions per say. It wasn't popular and Fantasy Flight Games opted to sweep it under the rug and hope people forgot it existed. Unfortunately this was after they promised Gaia Beyond The Dreams Volume 2 and never printed it. It was supposed to include a bevy of new setting information and fill a number of plot holes. Day 8 - favorite character you have played I only have a couple original characters that have a ton of depth to them so this choice doesn't have a lot of competition or depth in it for me. My favorite character I've made exclusively for my tabletop campaign game would be Mika. She's a traveling mercenary whom owes a massive debt to an all female organization that kidnaps/takes in and trains assassins and other mercenaries on a remote and secretive island. Her fate is somehow intertwined with the party's and she could be involved in any number of capacities depending on what my story dictates. Original artwork for the character if you fancy a look Day 9 - favorite character you haven't played Nothing specific yet. I'm looking forward to creating characters for my new Battletech campaign, and am on the way to creating new characters for my existing Anima Beyond Fantasy campaign.
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    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Luther nodded to Athari at her suggestion. Though it made him feel vulnerable without Kenthu at his side, the logic wasn't faulty. His eyes peer back down the tunnel as he hops of his dragon, dismissing his friend. Kenthu would leave, but remain close just in case he was needed. The knightly man spoke once more as he started a slow advance down the flesh-like tunnel. "The Princess of Vdara has troops targeting the Sky Terror's defenses while we engage it's core." The hand on his sword tightened as he stepped to the edge of Athari's fiery light. His eyes were narrow and pinned to the furthest edges of darkness. "Deep down here, somewhere, should be an opening with the creature's heart." Luther's explanation continued as they stepped further and further into the fleshy beast, going downward more and more. Heat flooded the cavernous hole they walked down with an unnerving pattern, making each step harder and heavier - as if the creature exhaling could be felt upon their faces. "If they fail to lower the defenses around the heart, we may be forced to retreat." Just as he says this, a shadow of claws and talons fall from the very ceiling that Athari warned about. Luther narrowly dodged it as the mass of the eldritch beast slammed down between Luther and Athari. The creature's form was broken and torn as the light from Athari's fire wasn't even strong enough to distinguish its very being. The only thing distinguishable, was that it stood nearly fifteen feet tall and five feet wide with white claws and eyes floating somewhere within. Only when Luther gained his footing, he would cant his sword and prepare an attack of his own. Getting ready to step, Luther was stuck! Flesh like tendrils wrapped Luther's feet to the ground, trapping him as the shadowy eldritch beast began to charge him once more. Luther would swing his sword frantically at the tendrils sticking his feet. But unless the others helped him, he would have to brace for impact.
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    "No?" The belated response was barely more than a yawn, but after a moment the sound of movement could be heard beyond the door. "All ri', I'm up. Give me twenty minutes and I'll be down." Rolling out of bed Akiris rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and glanced about the room. He'd got a decent amount of etching done last night and had mostly replenished his supply of usable ammunition. It had come with the loss of some sleep, but he'd look a lot more if they blew his arm off. Satisfied that everything was in place, Akiris trudged his way over to the bathroom. There was one thing that could not be delayed nor denied. One downright glorious leak later..... Armor strapped on and backpack secured, Akiris meandered down the stairs and waved to Enk. "Sorry, took a bit longer than I thought it would but I'm ready." @Enk Razorwood
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    Fallen Joy

    Beyond the Mysterious Beyond

    They traveled behind the shadows of abandoned and forgotten luggage. Once there the demon turned swiftly, black waves of hair spreading like a raven's wings over her shoulders so her bright eyes could inspect the young ferryman as narrowed his gaze at their withdrawing forms. “You certainly have my attention, please, enlighten me to your idea.” At first Arikara didn’t respond, her stoic expression piercing the attendant until their eyes made intimate contact. For a fragment of a second she dropped her shy performance, going from nervous lamb to ravenous lion and hunting for something deep within his shivering green eyes. Instantly he averted his gaze , perhaps not to be rude or just escape the predatory tunnel she trapped him in. There was reasoning for her behavior. She shamelessly continued to glance at him after her bold and clearly demonic challenge, once more scrutinizing his demeanor. His boots ruffled through the moist dirt like a deer grazing for buried grass, and his forehead glistened despite the chill rolling into the late season currents, and there was a curious tension in his trousers. This all oiled the whirling gears surmising an idea for their future success. “And hurry, I imagine we do not have much time before out luck runs out.” The demon gradually blinked, the sharp edges of her demeanor crumbling into that esoteric forest of apathy. She turned back to the vampire. “There are many lore of vampire, I know not of which you are but there is one I've heard that may assist us. Both in your need to feed and our need to blend in.” She shifted her head with a cant to indicate the fidgeting attendant. “He acts like a spirit lured into the Pariki’s antlers. There have been times where I've watched them intentionally impale themselves for the sake of experiencing the sweet smell. Vampire have…humans that do the same thing too, yes? “An intoxicated attraction to become one of you, arousal from being fed upon and longing to serve until vampirism is granted as award.” She paused, perhaps trying to gauge if her partner understood the implications of what she as suggesting. Then all at once made it very clear. “Can you see his fascination?” She leaned back to the luggage, opening Persephone's view to the attendant. He was writing on his clipboard with a fine tremor within his fingers, his eyes constantly shifting up towards their location. He seemed to completely ignore the others around them. He shifted foot to foot, his shiny boots now muddied from the task. The demon bent close to the vampire, whispering delicately into her ear to preserve their secret. “Can you make him your servant?” A denizen obsessed with vampirism, pleasured by being feed upon, and thus unconditioned loyalty would be incredibly helpful. He would know the land, have a sense of authority, and provide them with an endless supply of blood until they deemed him unnecessary and finished the job. However, the demon realized that if she was wrong and they revealed their identity to him without the required arousal from the truth, they’d risk having to prematurely terminate him and create more trouble and suspicion. They could even completely dismantle their plans. However the way the demon spoke and behaved, there was no hesitance. Be it overconfidence or just a feature of her apathetic nature was to be seen. The choice would be Persephone’s. The vampire would be tasked with converting him. Some vampires relied solely on the art of seduction, others could control men mentally, and some used the addictive sweet taste of their own blood to influence humans into living blood bags and slaves. Either way, she’d have to do it. The demon stepped back away from her, waiting for her to turn around and give her the answer.
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    Brevity exercise OOC [a wrinkle]

    @supernal Would the Church ever have spies or informants monitoring the Terren Military? I want to say that some senior theologists in the Church were so ruffled by news of "Gez" that they had their own undercover men monitor PETAL's autopsies of Ronda's Lot. That being the true reason why the Inquisition was called in to clean up the mess... I like the messy jurisdictioness of it, but I want to run it by you before I take those liberties.
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    Old Man Jean

    Learning the language. [Open]

    The man's clumsy antics and awkward nature were quickly wearing Itylra's guard down, her recent experiences had caused her to be exceptionally cautious but it was becoming increasingly clear the man before her was perhaps more helpless then she was. Itylra wasted little time with the water, drinking it without hesitation or worry that it may be poisoned or otherwise. She took long swigs doing her best to quench her thirst as quickly as possible, not worrying at all about how the desperate speed which was drinking made her appear. Itylra was once an artist and writer from a world which favored culture pursuits over all, and etiquette and physical appearance were paramount to her people's culture - but Itylra had never truly fit in with her people, and perhaps feeling the freedom of her separation from the demi plane dwelling Star Elves her true character had begun to bleed out more and more with each encounter she had. Of course, incredible thirst played perhaps a larger role in her willingness to throw aside dignity. Once the bottle was completely empty she returned it to Thalacrel. Hoping to avoid the awkward silence that was sure to follow Itylra motioned toward herself. "Itylra." She declared, her face doing it's best friendly expression through caked blood and the dirt of the road.
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    The Wolf Masquerade

    FRYGG FYNNVARTHR Eyes shot open when he was kicked by an unfamiliar boot. "Rifle," he said as he sucked in a breath in surprise, turning instinctively towards the gun he had laid beside his sleeping bag. Hands closed around air: who took his rifle? Panic seemed to be in the air as the drunken woman with the strange penguin leaped from the window, followed shortly by the sound of Dan calling everyone to arms. Looking up, he saw the tawny-haired man holding his gun, barrel smoking from a fresh shot. "What the hell is happening?!" Frygg said, still trying to rub the grime from his eyes.
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    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    In which case you'll be up next. Just because I don't want to keep @LightningBolt on hold any longer, plus I'd like to get moving on advancing the mission, I'll be time-skipping at least a little bit as soon as each of you (Abigail and Panda) have had a chance to post one more time.
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    She had been there—had been there the whole time, truthfully. Though she would normally be artfully dressed for the occasion—the occasion was not hers to dress for. She wore a flowing gown in peridot green. Her hair had been styled by the fae wildlings: an intricately pinned bun of tiny braiding and small white flowers, a dainty crown was pinned in place around it. As ever, she was a woman to make a statement by not wearing heels to such formal occasions, lending to her petite stature. Raveena had learned from Rowan how to blend in, and so she had. She had remained aloof and watchful, disengaged yet not so disengaged that she stood out apart from others. Perhaps she was a cousin of Chizuru? A step-sibling, maybe? She heard murmurs and wonder from those who had never laid eyes on her before. That was the common misconception one stopped trying to correct for the sake of her mind. A little black curl brushed along her cheek and she smiled faintly. Much had changed since the Kaess Festival. The death of a deity—her patron deity, as it were. The jumbled, disjointed memories—many, she discovered, still had not returned in full. But also, her demeanor; she was reserved, as of late. Somber and serious, though she still managed a smile, Raveena was hardly the laughing, smiling woman that her newfound family and friends knew. The Enforcers showed less surprise over it. This was the woman who they served and trained with. This was the General that they remembered. Grant shadowed her—and while she understood it, she didn’t condone it. Of anyone in Hyperion, Raveena was—by far—the most dangerous. She twisted a ring around her right middle finger, simple and silver that it was. It had been passed to her, and so she intended to pass it on further. There was no better gift wrapped than one of neatly packaged with sincerity and earnestness. She was proud to see a female monarch reign in the Rising West. Between her father in the Arcane East and Emperor Corvinus in the Imperial South—Aurora was a brilliant beacon that said, “I too am here.” Aurora and her kind were unique—and Raveena found the magical world more and more in danger. Souji was a step ahead of her as usual, and she smiled. It was a fascinating way how they came together. When Aurora’s procession made for the throne, Raveena—like many others—bowed or curtsied deeply in respect.
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    Venus Sprite

    Small Town Mysteries

    Torie lifted her head groggily, gnawing on the stringy flesh around a pig's trotter. Most of the hundred pounds of offal were gone, save for the bones and four trotters, and she looked down, wondering where it had all gone. Then she remembered Valkyr's voice. "Oh... coming!" she said in her deep growl, then dropped the trotter and gave her head a shake to clear it. It didn't work. Still she stood on her front legs and then, with effort, raised her back legs. A hundred pounds of food shifted inside her, pressing against her diaphragm and her lungs. She took small breaths as she waddled ever so slowly outside the back doorway and made her way around to the front of the store. Once outside her dopey orange eyes widened considerably. "Oh my..." Torie waddled up and sniffed the deer's nose. "You bought a whole one back, for me?" She grinned at him sideways and then pounced, or rather toppled over sideways onto Valkyr, planting two plate-sized paws onto his chest and licking his cheek with a big scratchy tongue. "You." Lick. "Are." Lick. "The." Lick. "Best." Lick. "Hunter." Lick. "Ever!" She was careful not to crush him, however, but made sure he couldn't move. "And you taste good, too! Salty, like... beef jerky." She licked him again, then laid her massive head on his chest and closed her eyes. "I am very blessed to have such a... a friend in my life. Even if he is a trained killer."
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    Enk could sense a bit of skepticism that Akiris had with the food, considering that the place hasn't been tended to for a while. Even though there were other places that probably offered better service the Rebellious Rose was definitely in a convenient part of town. Not very busy, and close to the edge. It seemed like getting his hunger was turning more into exhaustion, with anticipation for the next days to come. He declared his exit, and went to his room to enjoy a bit of cleansing rain and restorative unconsciousness. Enk woke up rather early, with it still being dark outside. He had doubt that Akiris would be awake, but he planned to prepare what he needed before even checking on his fellow traveller. Perhaps it was the considerate thing to do, after all. Outside he walked to the back of his cart and opened the bottle. It was still filled with the water from the day before, probably at whatever the ambient temperature was. He usually didn't empty it out until he was about to refill it since the inside sometimes would catch the musty smell of the ox and the odor would just fester into a vile stench. He poured the water out onto the stone pavers and watched as the ebb and flow from the jug. There was something pleasant about the gulching sound from the bottle emptying out. He walked back into his room with the jug and realized that it was much too big to fit into the sink. He had a cup that he could use to manually fill it, and he thought it would have to do since the jug was definitely too large to fit into the sink. He turned the faucet on and started to filled the cup, then carefully pour it into the ceramic jug, as to not spill it. He repeated that a few times, just having an idle mind. Minutes passed. After a few cups his arm grew a bit tired, filling it about half way before he realized he could've used the bath tub. It was already about half way full, which probably was where he would've stopped anyway. He lifted the jug and made his way back to the cart with a slightly awkward waddle from the weight. Filling the jug was always a nice way to start the day. Almost like a workout with a purpose. Enk checked on the jerky and the spare bottle, which still was in good shape. With all in check, he was ready to head off. Enk headed to the room which Akiris was in and knocked on the door. "Akiris, are you awake?" He said. He had a feeling he could be heard, seeing as how last time the people he was with was able to respond rather quick. "We have a bit of a way ahead of us, but you could get some good rest in the cart." Enk assured. Afterall, the whole back end of the caravan was empty now. @Akiris
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    Sleepy Seal

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    Reyna dismounted immediately. The feeling was icky, stepping on living, moving flesh. She felt the ground give in and sink beneath her feet, as if standing in one place for too long would cause her to be swallowed up by the ground. “Perhaps we should send the dragons back. Their size may hinder them from following us into the heart,” she said to Luther. As Athari waited for his directive, she slipped her glove on and conjured another fireball in her palm, barely giving them some vision in the darkness. It was oddly quiet at the mouth of the heart. Did the creature not even attempt to defend itself? Or was it just baiting them further in? The possibility of an ambush lying around every corner was nerve-racking to say in the least. “Watch the ceilings. They could come from anywhere.”
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    Once the report of a mysterious gate popping up near Casper had reached the military, it was only a matter of hours before Terrenus's best scientists and engineers were on the scene, furiously measuring and prodding the massive marble structure in attempt to unravel its secrets. Maya Zapatero was also present, though her analysis was directed toward the messenger who had walked through the arch out of thin air. Unsure of the stranger's language, Maya tried Terric, and was met with a halfway decent understanding of her native tongue. Still, the man's message was a little unclear, and she had the feeling that some key items were being lost in translation. Noting the stranger's heavy accent, she switched to Genesarian after and had far better luck. Typical of Zapatero, she and the messenger made fast acquaintances once the language barrier had broken down, and their conversation soon developed into exclaiming and smiling and even some emphatic hand waving. It wasn't long before Maya was excitedly tapping on the shoulder of her superior officer, fingernail making an insistent click click click click click sound against the corporal's brass. One look at the diplomat's face was enough to let the corporal know that they had found something big. A sigh on his lips, the man slowly reached for the twin crystal communicator on his hip. Only a few days later, Maya was standing in the most cavernous ballroom she had ever seen, heels clicking on the myriad of rainbows beneath her feet. The floor-length, Terran sky blue gown she wore seemed dull in comparison to the rich colors around her; even the flowers crowning her set of curling ram horns were ashen, almost sickly in appearance despite being picked that very morning. It all felt like a wonderful dream. Maya had half-expected to meet the void when she stepped through the ornate gateway back in Casper, but if this was what death felt like, she wasn't complaining. The woman admired the crystalline windows of the ballroom, reaching out to touch the cool, glassy surface with just the tips of her fingers. The light reflected off of her hands as she did so, giving them a rosy, ethereal glow. This was not human architecture, she mused, peering back over her shoulder to admire the opulent hall. Given the abundance of minerals and ore, and the natural incorporation of stone used to fortify the fixtures, she guessed Dwarven involvement, but it was hard to tell. To the best of her knowledge, dwarves weren't known for their delicacy. Elves, perhaps? The lack of available information frustrated Maya. The military had sent her here with little to no briefing on this 'Crystallo Stella,' a nation emerging from the shadows to take its place in the political landscape. This trip was meant to honor the new regent while also gathering intel on this mysterious country tucked away beneath the mountains. Maya found it hard to believe that an entire culture had been hidden away for so long; surely there was another story here. It was her task to find it. She continued to scout the ballroom, watching as native inhabitants chattered with one another, joy plain on their faces. There were no common features among them save the purple and gold clothing, which seemed to be the theme of today's coronation. It was possible that this was a nation of refugees, but the space did radiate with a rich, unified culture. Although her own face masked the uncertainty stewing below with the grace and skill of a well-trained diplomat, Maya did wear a genuine smile on her rouged lips. She did love a challenge.
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