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    Hi valucre, I miss you dearly. Just another few months. Time goes by so slowly. Love, Cody
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    Is this . . . another world?

    Oh nice, this sounds really cool!! Everyone else that's responded so far looks a lot more experienced than me so low-key intimidated, but if you'll have me I'd love to throw Grak'ni into this
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    "If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this that disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it. And it is in thy power to wipe out this judgment now." -Marcus Aurelius
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Sure, no problem. Lilith in is three threads at the moment, so you're welcome to jump in one of the current threads! If you'd like to have a new thread, I'd like to ask we wait a little bit to see if any one else wants to join! That way we can do it all together. More fun that way 😄 Also, you guys, what do you think about having players associated with the cult use the crescent moon emoji in their signature? I really like how the Dead has those images. I like my Lilith image too much though, hence the emoji suggestion lol 🌙 or 🌒 or 🌘
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    Cult of Power OOC

    If this is wrong to post here, you can remove it. I'd just want to inform I sent a pm to throw one of my characters to the wolves of the cult 😆
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    Cult of Power

    General Information Name: Cult of Power Leader: The Commander Followers: The Paragons Doctrine: The weak will always kneel to the strong. Goal: Absolute and Insurmountable Power Heraldry: A golden crescent moon. Location: Unknown Public Status: A religion centered around self-empowerment. The Commander's true identity is unknown except to those few close Paragons. About The Cult In a world where the weak are forever the punching bags of the strong, the Cult of Power seeks to overturn this seemingly normative structure. Even a weakling by birth can become a mighty pantheon of power when granted The Commander' mark. As stated in the group's name, this is a cult which revolves around the obtainment of power. This can be done in various ways, ranging from collecting artifacts to ruling over territory. The cult is not, however, an organization with any true structure to its name other than the Commander being at its top. Despite that Paragons have, in the past, formed de facto hierarchies based on seniority and current levels of power. The more power one has, the more highly they tend to be regarded by other Paragons. There are Paragons throughout the lands of Valucre, each grasping and fighting for their own individual desires. Just because a Paragon is a member, that does not obligate them to actually follow the Commander. They must obey her orders and heed her call, but otherwise are given free will to do whatever they desire. Therefore, there are Paragons stretched across the lands of Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. Paragons can be recognized by the crescent moon mark somewhere on their bodies. The color and location may differ from member to member, but each will have a distinct lunar mark that, upon the Paragon's will, exude Lilith's magic signature. The Crescent Mark The mark a character attains upon agreeing the Commander's contract holds the power of a canon based artifact. Although weaker than a Terrenus Artifact or Legend Class item, it nonetheless gives a power boost to whomever wields it. Instead of granting them new powers or giving them a bit of the Commander' own energy, the mark actually unlocks a character's potential so that they can bring out more of there own strength. In essence, the crescent mark fulfills the role of a power amplifier. In certain circumstances a Paragon may find themselves with multiple lunar marks. This has no actual affect to the achieved level of amplification. Becoming a Paragon of Power There is no one who cannot become a Paragon of Power. The Commander, does not care who who your are or what you've done. The only things that matter are what you desire to have and do. If you want power and access to a global network of unnaturally powerful characters, join the cult and become a Paragon by simply requesting entry through the cult's OOC or a private message. Accepting the Loyalty Brand The Loyalty Brand, or Lunar Mark, is an exchange of equally valuable attributes. In order to attain a lunar mark, the character must first swear a binding oath of loyalty to the Commander. By giving up their ability to disobey her and restricting their own free will, this allows them to be granted greater power. This is due to the equal exchange law of magic on Valucre, where to gain something must cost something of an equal amount. Thus by giving up part of their free will, they gain power equal to the loss. For the contract between the Commander and the character to become official, the character must grab her hand when it is offered to them. NEW Paragon Generations It has recently been discovered that Paragons are able to spread the mark on their own. The process is still the same, but the younger generation Paragons must swear loyalty to their marker as well as the Commander. In return for being marked by a first generation Paragon (those directly marked by the Commander), the second generation is slightly weaker. The process is similar to that of vampires or werewolves, where the lower on the chain a vampire is, the further their power is from the originals. That being understood, it has also been uncovered that aside from their loyalty to the Commander, a Paragon may increase their power by spreading the lunar Mark on their own. The more second generation Paragons marked by a first generation Paragon, the stronger the first generation Paragon becomes. The same applies for second generation Paragons marking third generation Paragons. So on and so forth. Once give the Mark by a Paragon, a newly ascended Paragon by choose to "upgrade" their mark by meeting with the Commander and having the her override the Mark with her own. There is no difference between the Lunar Marks of Paragons except for the power the exude.
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    Just wanted to let you all know I am alive. That wedding last night was fucking lit. Scored a lot of alcohol.
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    😄 Been a great day, celebrated my gf's birthday, cooked her dinner, even baked her a cake and passed my mBLEX, once my paper work is done I'm a licensed massage therapist 😛 As for posting, I'll attempt to get in some owed posts either tomorrow or monday.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Link me the thread. Searching on a phone is hell. The bestest of friends ❤️
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Cool! Then about one where all our characters are in a cave and hunting down a Xer queen!? (Like a big humanoid bug thing). There are a bunch of traps in the desert cave, so it's completely plausible Esben just kinda falls in lol
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Ooohh moony 🌙🌘
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    You provide goods and services, customer owes money, dude goes and takes what was given. If what was given can't be recovered, it's dealers choice. You want the customer tortured, maimed, killed? Loved ones or personal affects as collateral. This is your general purpose dude. It's what my character Bishop did for a man called The Giver until him and his brothers established their own gang and paid that dude off. But man was he good at it.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    I do, I would like to do it in a thread if that's okay. Also thanks for the likes ❤️
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    Official AFV until 9/25. EXAMS.
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    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    @Fierach @ourlachesism @Zashiii @danzilla3 @Bureku Engines once more were pushed to the brink. The cold and bitter wind hit the windshields of the magitech vehicles and whipped through the cabins to chill the passengers as they gained altitude. The mountain path that Blonde had decided to push up was vehicle accessible but only for the first kilometer or so. With every other vehicle following behind her, they quickly reached their waypoint. A small mountain pass where the rocks and snow closed and narrowed. They would have to move through it in a small line, meaning they would be vulnerable for a time. There were other dangers lurking up in these mountains other than the Kirin. Quickly dismounting from her vehicle, Miss Blonde loaded another clip into her rifle and awaited everyone else to exit their respective rides. Pressing a few buttons on her comm unit, Blonde activated a few features within her suit to help keep her warm. ”Everyone be careful up here. There are pitfalls, dire wolves, maybe an owlbear or two. Danger is everywhere.” Blonde said over the comms to her team. ”I’ve highlighted our rendezvous point. Double time it there but watch your back!” And just like that she was off. Blonde may of been small and at times rather paranoid, but if there was ever a job or heist that needed to be done she always lead from the front. So through the narrow path she went, the other people in her group could find their own way to the checkpoint. As for Isaac and friends, the Kirin had taken a few more shots on its way up, but with its skin hardening due to the electricity coursing across its body. Most of them either only bruised the creature or bounced off entirely. Truly it was a magnificent beast and would serve Blonde’s purposes beautifully. Leaving a small trail of blood in its wake, the beast let out a loud whinny and bounded it’s way up the mountain slope with ease. Issac and his team of hunters were not far behind. The Kirin itself was still on track to head towards the intersecting pass, but it was still in fighting condition. Issac and company would need to slow it down and perhaps injure it some more in order to give Blonde and the larger group time to arrive and set up. When the small band of hunters would reach the top of the hill, they would be confronted by shin length snow, jagged and dark rock formations, and a set of Kirin tracks showing that the beast was moving like a bat out of hell to escape the man. If Isaac was fast enough he’d see the tail end of the beast turn the corner of a pathway and into what the map had labeled as a rather spacious cavern with a few tunnels that lead out to the the main path.
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    The Devil You Know

    The Machiavellian absorbed the ire of his journal in silence— though with assiduity to the world around. The cynical debonair was as ubiquitous as he was esoteric. Suffocating. Ineluctable. Perhaps it was this charm like vermilion that elected him forth. Still when Reuben spoke his response was a genuine smile, though this only came after Mira had requested red wine. Sophisticated tastes were expected among those of their paradigm, though many things amused the businessman, owner, and prince. Once implacable it seemed the the perfidious poet had once again found the relaxed cold within his heart that he so desired. Another page of animal parchment was turned before the light withdrew from the world about them and requested their humble attention. Ever cautious his journal was removed from sight and his posture adjusted, a single leg crossed perpendicular over the other, and his index finger along his right hand wielding the cup of tea as a precious amenity. It was then that the devil of the hour stepped into being. His very appearance lived in dichotomy to the ostentatious. While it lacked the visual grandeur of Reuben’s own, it held about it a stoic empowerment that demanded respect. Silently he walked into the room studying his watch as Abbot would his journal and it became clear what few parallels existed between them all meant for their union here. It was then that he began a monologue, one that intrigued Abbot nonetheless. The ambiguous prince remained silent throughout the affair, calculating the measure of Quinton’s words like the scotch that he so much missed. All of the matters he covered were obviously important in their own merit, but there was one in-particular that left the then introvert piqued. While his smile had faded upon the meeting’s inception, once again he found himself smiling when Odette made her rounds and approached him with the fine case. Was it wise to be reluctant here? Many would have weighed the odds, perhaps before their arrival even. Abbot, however, was impetuous; willing to brave the risks to conjoin in the narrative that partially aligned with his own desires. What were they any way? Impossible to tell then, only an iota of what was the harbinger of black could be seen in the way he smiled deviously, just as the ring slipped itself onto his finger. Upon contact a premonition filled him, and while compelled to document it within his journal, he held the grandeur of his thoughts at bay. While his eyes studied the ring for a time his attention always remained well-balanced between the intricate trinket, the tattoo that Quinton revealed, and his words. Fervent was the heart enamored by the cold of his own soul now enabled by those perhaps similar. The devil once beaming returned to his usual temperament, atleast by appearance, and folded his hands along his abdomen. “Impressive...never heard of magical relics of such capacity. You’re more serious than I surmised…” the prince complimented Quinton eloquently, his voice feminine but dangerous, it carried with it a hoary frost that could separate a weak soul from its body by its very allure. “I suppose you already have an archetype of plans in-place for us?”
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    RECALL | vielle's personal tracker

    ♦ CHARACTERS ♦ the triumvirate dynamic liir kessarin ✔ | darya kessarin ✔ | jal fiachra ✔ house hildebrand varda hildebrand ✔ | jasper hildebrand ✔ | aspen hildebrand ✔ | nairne hildebrand ✔ | esme hildebrand ✔ kalika hildebrand ✔ | suri hildebrand ✔ iyalon izora ✔ | shirin izora ✔ cyril desmon ✔ | lynae hildebrand ✔ | strom hildebrand † toxicant míra andronov ✔ | belladonna syfel ✔ | lycoris romanova ✔ | hyacinth vasilika ✘ | iris soroko ✔ house c'zirqonia celestine felsic ✔ datsuzoku empire yanaihara kōharu ✔ arcane + supernatural kestrel hyperion ✔ | 'samael' ✔ | iomhar lorcáin ✔ | pintura ✔ | andraste líadáin ✔ | hesperid+lycia ✔ | ascytale+aeolis ✔ ardís valkyrja ✔ | diana d'angelo ✔ the fey jorahel of the ishia tribe ✔ | curious hummingbird "birdy" ✔ the silver screen [here] jude sinclair ✔ | thea beaumont ✔ the andelusian high tea society dahlia chamelis ✔ | niko zanderiel ✔ | marceau zanderiel ✔ | gareth scipio ✔ | emmaline lafiya ✔ | kellen cordaro ✔ house kholin ikora loch ✔ the mundane eirene valakis ✔ | sólja rumnaheim ✔ non-player characters / one-hit wonders viridia ✖ | koru ✖ | rami ✖
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    Not just area, but distance [closed]

    Summary Although much given to excess and ennui, Ampelos has seen his fortunes fade and his fortune dwindle; motivated by necessity, he comes up with a plan to secure funding and, better still, bring glory to House Dali Ampelos pitches the outline of his plan to the Transmutation Guild's bursar to secure initial funding. Uses this funding to travel to Tia, where he enters into an exclusive contract with a Faux-ton provider, and convinces them to build an outpost at the Dali vineyard in Biazo Isle while he takes posts back to Ursa Madeum. Back in Ursa Madeum Ampelos gives a presentation to a small council of the Guild's elite and the rich among the Dali bloodline. There he illustrates his intention not only to connect Ursa Madeum to the mainland, but to further connect Ursa Madeum with itself, constructing, as he terms it, 'bridges of light which will make three islands into a unified empire'. He goes on to highlight the benefit which must come from their existing relationships with the other Houses and how they would thrive with access to other parts of the kingdom; Hildebrand in Thrace and the Tankreds in Misral, most notably. Ampelos intends to see Dali as 'the spokes that hold the wheel together'. His presentation is a smashing success. Ampelos immediately begins construction on the Faux-ton terminal and transports himself to Tia the moment the first connection is established. From Tia he travels to Casper, and in Casper he arranges a business meeting with the current owners of Floracle. He proposes a two-fold business arrangement. First, that Floracle and Dali's Transmutation Guild work together to create, refine, and most importantly patent, a process by which they can create a transgenic hybrid of prized wine grapes from the Dali vineyard with the fast growing properties of bamboo, allowing them to triple their production of that particular cash crop; Floracle would receive a percentage of the profit for their white labeled wine, and would also have a controlling share of the patent. The two parties enter into a cautious but eager partnership and so lay the foundation for future work. Consequences A contract for an exclusive customer relationship with a Faux-ton producer in Tia Faux-ton connections from House Dali to the public terminal in Tia; from House Dali to a private terminal with Floracle in Casper; from House Dali to the public terminal in Biazo Isle; from House Dali to their privately own vineyard in Biazo Isle The connection to the land in Biazo Isle is what provides the justification for Dali's growth A business relationship between House Dali and Floracle to fabricate and refine a process for transgenic hybridization of the Dali vineyard grapes with fast growing bamboo A plan to reverse-engineer the Faux-ton posts so as to be able to manufacture their own and a plan to unify the disparate islands of Ursa Madeum using them
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    Name: Marigold Ravenspire Affiliation; Ceyana' Safety Location: Arriving at the docks Conflict had been brewing to a crescendo, and now it was spilling forth onto the very seas it seemed; his eyes scanning the ships that were being assaulted by horrific abominations. They must have come from these portals as well; there was a knot in his stomach as the device attached to his skull began to pulse with intensity amidst the fearful chattering of the survivors around him. Orbiters and more angular abominations stalking the streets with ill intent. The sound of latent screams hanging in the air with hope shriveling away in these poor souls around him. Xerxes crashing into a close building and reeling Marigold back into the fray. The Render his capable canine had been fighting centering focus on the dozens of prey that were that before his insatiable claws. Albert staring down this foe with a wave of nausea that boiled up from his stomach and burned at his esophagus; That voice he had been forced to endure since The Registry had been destroyed; Marigold pressing his fingers against his temples as he tried to counteract the unfortunately timed side effects of his deal. It was more than the usual nagging. This felt...purposeful. The usual violet irises dwelling within his skull twisting vibrant and green. He tasted the air with a different unknowing depth, the scent of the blood soaked city around him almost overwhelming. A familiar sensation combing his heightened senses; his eyes swiveling towards the sea. Xerxes colliding with this terror as Marigold felt as though he were seeing the world in such peculiar detail. Together we could be unstoppable doc; Can...you feel it? The potential? the freedom? The power? It's just so endless! I mean why does anyone reject such a gift? Madness should be embraced! Not Institutionalized. He felt this voice that had once been so centralized in his head...flowing through his blood. It practically bled into his system. It was a feeling that he was all too familiar with. His eyes scanning the sea as he felt this a pull, something within himself yearning through this overwhelming power. Why couldn't he find this source? His manic gaze pouring through the depth of the ocean seemingly endlessly as several of the paranoid souls around him began to regret their choice in savior. Several finding their own ways toward the sea and trying their chances alone whilst Marigold seemed to search for this source. There is nothing out there but desolation and death; you must grow this power if you are to ever break from this mortal shell! You must Feat upon this creature's sanity! Do it Orion. Your father had sought my gifts and possessed the courage enough to let go! HAHAHAHA The damning voice echoed through his very bones, reverberating and intensifying with each pass from his toes to his ears, but this sudden surge of unknown power had given him the foresight into something purposeful here. There was something here. Someone. He couldn't place it due to the ever-growing voice enrapturing his form. It's crescendo trying to overwhelm his senses. This entity was beginning to fight for control. He had to fight back or he knew it would be all lost. His chances at redemption, and chances at any life better than the one he had been scraping together for the past four years. He had to stay in control...but what was this...sensation? His heart quaking as though it knew something he didn't. His body froze in place; The voice grating against his skull silencing immediately. eyes of shimmering, caustic green reverting to a shocked violet. He was a man of science at heart, and if he hadn't experienced the wild adventures and tribulations he had suffered through these past few years. He would have honestly believed he had gone mad, but...the aura...the sensation...the smell. It had all been just out of his grap of remembrance before his eyes had caught sight of her. The woman who he had come here to bury. The woman he had lost his mind for and a force who he had thought dead. There she was...in the flesh. He couldn't believe his eyes, and still wondered if this entity had already taken over. the device had grown silent, no flashing or glowing whatsoever. it had been suppressed by the surge of overwhelming emotion that still calcified him where he stood. Xerxes was still fighting this formidable foe without ceasing; several of his plates damaged, but still moving efficiently and with lethal intent. The chaos of this city fading away as he could only now think about the dream that had sent him. The wealth of stars and planets surrounding him and The Lily of his dream. Had she been real somehow? Guided him here on purpose? What was she doing here? How did she survive? Tears threatened his vision; his body paralyzed amidst the danger he was still surrounded in. It all felt impossible, yet he had seen things only recently that broadened his horizons on what was possible. Logic and hope warring within his quivering chest. This burial was to be his peace. This was to give her memories to Orisia and allow them to bloom in hopes that she could still do what she loved...help Orisia thrive. He felt angry at this notion, perhaps it was merely some illusion capable of surface level mind reading. One didn't have to dig deep into his mind to find her likeness. Could it Really be her? "Could it...truly...be you Lilly?" The sound of grinding and barks breaking his unfettered turmoil; His glasses lighting up with critical warnings as The Render spearing into Xerxes and sent him into the ground . Pieces of metal and oil spattering across the road. Marigold swearing as he looked back toward Lilly, but the vision he had been granted from the entity making her near impossible to see now, but she was there...he hadn't imagined that. His dreams were accurate to all her details due to his idetic memory, but...her eyes were a beauty his mind's eye couldn't have ever replicated, yet...there they had been. Solemn... Marigold swiveling back towards the fight and barking out a single command. He knew it was risky as it was still in the prototype stages, but he didn't have much of a choice. He had been distracted by such unforeseen complications and allowed Xerxes to take unnecessary damage. They were meant to work as a unit, and that was why he had been destroyed last time. Gabriella didn't quite understand the loyalty he could possess at times. It was time to make him him a weapon, not a tool. He had ceased his senseless war with the magical and supernatural forces that populated the world, but he would no longer be terrified of them. His thoughts over Agony.....Rodan...Roen....Raphael....Raphael.... " Registry Modulation Restriction: Disable!" A pulse rippled through Xerxes with an immediate reaction. The Render caring little for such unknown anomilies. His claws slashing at the ground with intent to end Xerxes once and for all. Sparks erupting from a volatile reaction of steel clashing against steel. A clawed hand wreathed in steel with sickly green and red energy swelling into small tanks along his form, altering his entire body. His entire form swelling several feet taller as he hunched into a far more humanoid form. Metal meeting with strange energy based flesh that coexisted with the machinations of circuitry and steel. Xerxes' eyes of beaming red focusing upon this render now, and slashing with a ferocity Xerxes had never quite felt before. He had never quite liked anything like this either, aside from Marigold. Xerxes slamming him into the ground, and ripping him apart. The evolved creation howling to the rupturing sky covered in ichor and a new emotion altogether: Victory. "Aggression levels definitely need to be adjusted it seems..."
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    To Command Despair [S-Class Artifact]

    "BLASTED XER QUEEN! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" The Mistress shout echoed through the cave as her body plummeted downward. That bitch queen really wanted them dead. Why can't monsters just roll over and die like in thevstories? This must be the day the Mistress would develop an intense hatred for pitfalls. She's had enough of these damned traps for the day. With a snarl, the woman finally unsheathed her weapon. The dplain bastard blade gleamed as the Mistress's feet kicked at one of the larger falling rocks. The action allowed her to move closer to the nearest cavern wall where she would slam her blade hilt deep into it. And just like that the Mistress would slide down the wall cursing at the insect queen. Now that she has secured her safety, the Mistress scanned the area in search of Lilith and Little Sammy. She doubt that such childish traps would outright kill the necromancer. In fact she might just be annoyed by the sudden drop. With this failure of a pitfall, the Mistress lost all respect for her opponent. Such poor use of heir abilities. The bug should have know by now that her opponents are already monsters by their own right and such distractions are merely viewed as delaying tactic. There! A few feet lower than her, the Mistress finally spotted Lilith cradling the little boy in one of her arms. It didn't take long for the pair to reach the end of their drop. Sighing in relief, the Mistress pulled her blade out of the rock and leaped downward- -and was suddenly met by the sudden wave of necromantic energy Lilith released that was supposed to kill just the Xer. But for some reasons, the necromancer must have forgotten her other allies have not landed yet. The Mistress could only scream as the necromancer's overwhelming power washed over her.
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    The Devil You Know

    Where Quinton’s gallery was one of opulence and grandeur, the man himself was quieter, simpler; a man nondescript both in appearance and action. There was no dimming of the lights to herald his approach, no announcement from the staff or Odette, who stood at the entrance of the lounge dispensing orders, no dramatic flair to engrave this night in their memory. Quinton quite simply walked into the room, left hand pocketed, the right leveled as he studied his watch. Like his suit, freshly pressed, black on black, and sharp enough to cut, its superior make was visible to the trained eye, though it lacked the glamour and luster. There were business suits, and there were business suits; watches, and watches – Quinton wore the latter like a second skin, a silent testament to the fact this was no chance. This was his life and had been for quite some time. “Punctuality,” he said approvingly, glancing at his three guests as he made his way to the center of the lounge. “Along with ambition and loyalty, punctuality is one of the more important qualities I look for in business associates.” Had any of them been even a second late, the lounge’s occupancy would have been considerably thinner. Of course, Quinton saw no reason to mention the fact. Waiting for the staff to finish serving his guests, Quinton studied the men and woman before him, giving each their due appraisal. “Thank you for coming,” he said. “I hope you’ve enjoyed my gallery. But as I do have other matters to attend to, as I’m sure you do, as well, I will do you the courtesy of being brief.” Time was the most valuable resource any of them had, and Quinton loathed to waste it. “We all know why we’re here in this room. And while our personal goals and ambitions might diverge at some point, here,” he said, pointing to the floor of the lounge, “they converge. As I’ve conveyed to each of you in private, I have no interest in employees. I’m looking for partners, collaborators, equals to help me shape and create. That will require a great deal of wealth and power, and I can assure you, there will be more than enough of both to go around.” Half-turning, Quinton waved Odette into the room. The woman stepped into the lounge and presented a sleek black case to the others. Opening it revealed three golden rings on a bed of red velvet, ornate skulls engraved set deep into the face. “You know the game, and you know the rules. If you see as I see, feel as I feel, and would seek as I seek, then claim your ring.” Odette stepped forward, approaching Mira first, lowering the case to her delicate hands. Whether they took or rejected his offer, Odette made her rounds, visiting Abbot, then Ruben, finally closing the case when she once again stood at Quinton’s side. “This ring is both lock and key,” he explained, revealing his left hand – decorated with a beautiful tattoo of a Rosinderian tarantula, so realistic it looked as if the creature sat on the flesh – which brandished the trinket on his ring finger. “Should you choose to walk alongside me, it will help protect your most valuable asset, your anonymity, in the times to come.” The shadows would be their sword, their shield, their dark path to success. “Safeguard it with your life.”
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    To Command Despair [S-Class Artifact]

    Samael gapes at the transformation of the Xer, marveling at the power his Lady is displaying, feels the reins of the undead insects tie into his consciousness, his very own to command. "I apologize for my absence, friends. I was delayed." He is about to greet the sand woman when his world tilts on its axis as the Mistress grabs him by his shirt and drags him up to the air, his bare feet dangling and limp. "TIRED? DONE? DO YOU THINK THE BUGS WILL WAIT FOR YOU WHILE YOU REST BOY?" The boy cringes under the severity of the woman's lecture, closing his eyes as if to ward off the verbal blows. "THEY DON'T FUCKING CARE. THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE TIRED AND THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE DONE. EVEN IF YOU PLEAD FOR YOUR LIFE THEY WILL NOT SHOW YOU MERCY. NO MATTER HOW TIRED YOU BECOME, NO MATTER HOW BATTERED YOUR BODY IS, YOU WILL PICK YOURSELF UP, RAISE YOUR CHIN AND KEEP ON FIGHTING." Wide-eyed and shaken, Samael stares at the woman's strict features, turns his gaze to the lunar woman's disapproving eyebrow. The Lady and the Mistress are not satisfied by his actions. His bottom lip wobbles minutely, and he bites into it hard enough to bleed. If they do not want a display of weakness, then he will not show them weakness. He will prove himself worthy of their tutelage and protection. This body he has been given, this power he has been granted: he shall hone them to perfection, make them his own weapons. He shall show them that their gifts were not misplaced. As Samael clenches his fists and nods firmly at the women, head bowed and mouth silent, a spark of green flashes through his gaze. Just a little.
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    Artifact Creation: Viessan Eggs

    The seven Viessan Eggs are masterwork pieces of artistic vision, crafted from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, and porcelain, and encrusted with jewels. There are many legends and rumors surrounding the origins of these magnificent and beautiful creations, the most common being that an elven woman named Viessa crafted them in honor of an ancient king in a series of events that eventually led to tragedy. Each egg is clearly hand wrought with extraordinary skill however, and all radiate a sense of tranquility. Each egg also possesses the ability to play a music box song, and rumors say that if all of the eggs are brought together, then something truly magical would happen. The exact event is unknown, although theories range wildly, from playing a magical song, to granting a wish to the collector, or somehow creating true peace throughout the world. To damage them gives one a strong feeling of guilt. The Eggs miraculously restore themselves after a day, unless they are completely destroyed. No Egg has been destroyed before, although it has been surmised that it would thrust the being who did it into a state of despair. === 1. Egg of Blue Empathy Song- Simple and Clean --- 2. Egg of Caged Song Song- Black Apple! --- 3. Egg of Crystal Castle Song- 1925 --- 4. Egg of Ebon Eternity Song- Come Little Children --- 5. Egg of Green Carousel Song- Eight Melodies --- 6. Egg of Pale Grace Song- Tori no Uta --- 7. Egg of Red Grief Song- Heir of Grief === I am planning to scatter this set of eggs across Valucre. They will be obtainable through various quests, tournaments, or adventures, and more then a little of both luck and skill will be needed. They're just pretty baubles (or are they?) but they'll lend an undeniable amount of class to anybody who owns one.
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    Not All Floods Involve Water

    Vance took several deep breaths, and counted silently. His vision narrowed--nay, tunneled as he stared holes into the back of the man's head. The tentacles emerging from the back of his head were in the way, but that didn't matter. He was one, two...three steps out of range, and going for his spear would take too long. Regardless, if he had to, he was confident that with a single good swing he could put down the 'don' where he stood. His breathing continued, even as the wolfman supposedly relaxed, his tentacles vanished, and he patted Lars' head. That was enough. He took his first step forward, and his second. His hand pulled back; his other arm reached forward to grip the asshole's shoulder. Just behind Xylex, Lars saw him making his move, and his eyes widened in shock. There was the faintest ghost of a head-shake: a sign to stop. To hell with it, Vance wanted to snarl aloud. To hell with this clown, and to hell with his attitude. "Excuse me!" Another voice cut him off. Vance's arms dropped immediately and turned to face the interloper. Next to them, no more than two guards had come to investigate. Both were well-armed, as would befit Hyperion soldiers, but neither seemed to be terribly concerned. Their hands didn't linger anywhere near their weapons. He waited for them to confront the wolfman, but was startled when they turned towards him first, hands raised as if to push back a crowd, just as he'd been doing a few moments prior. Vance, to his great shame, finally realized the aching in his clench fist, and realized he'd pulled his sword instead of winding up for a punch. "Sir, you're going to need to put that away." Their tone was still relaxed, but the first guard spoke slowly and clearly. It said a lot about what he thought about the situation, what he thought about Vance. The old guard both hated it, and understood it. He complied without incident. Their stance didn't change, but they did both give him a nod of thanks, for making their jobs a little easier. "Not sure what this is all about, boys, but let's keep it civil, alright?" The first guard said, first looking at Lars, then at Xaga and then at Xylex. He looked the wolfman over, and raised an eyebrow. He didn't say much; whether he recognized him or not wasn't clear. "We know that tensions are high right now, but the last thing anybody needs is a brawl breaking out in the marketplace. It'd be a bad scene not just for us--" "But for merchants, too. You want to leave today, right?" He asked Lars, gesturing mildly. "It'd be a lot easier for you if you didn't make a scene and get locked down." "Yes, sir." Lars looked more relieved than annoyed at their intervention. Both guards looked their cart over and finally seemed satisfied to move on. Vance was grateful for their dedication to their work--by sticking around for longer than necessary, they made it impossible to harbor any real tension in the area. Instead, they left the scene with the last coals of a fire stamped out neatly, and too much of a pause in the action for anybody to say anything about it. "So, it's settled then." Lars broke the silence at last. He flashed a hopeful smile at Xaga, and patted his cart. "Shall we get going?" The roads out of Hyperion were mercifully well-kept, and the small group had no issues getting started. The sun rolled lazily, going at its own pace overhead as the four of them rode along at a less lazy pace. The cart was thankfully big enough to sport three of them at a time, with Lars sitting behind the horses, Xaga at his side (at his insistence, of course) and Vance walking alongside. Xylex had a plenty comfortable spot near the rear of the wagon, and there was certainly enough room for the old guard on the wagon, but he'd refused to ride alongside him. The excuse he gave was 'having one person ready for anything, anytime'. The reason he really didn't sit down was 'I refuse to be murdered by an asshole wearing fur'. Lars, in the meantime, was eager to show off for his newly found company. "So! This is kind of my first time making a voyage like this." He began, speaking loud enough not only for Xaga to hear, but for both of their other companions as well. Vance said very little, but Xaga didn't seem too disinterested, so he pulled out a map of the region, to better explain what was going on with this route. He showed it to her. "We're right about here, now." He spoke, thumbing a particular region in the south-eastern segment of the map. He took a moment to briefly reflect upon it; how quickly it'd changed, and what that meant for them all. it was a dangerous new world; who knew what horrors awaited them in the coming months? Years? Days? "And this," He pointed at a more recent note, 'Nesthome.' "Is where we're trying to go. This used to be a forest, but a while ago, the Skaven supposedly moved in." He said supposedly, as nobody had yet to meet any of the ratmen on the road, or the few they did encounter weren't from the small group rising to power in the woods. That was going to change, if he could do anything about it. "As far as I can tell, nobody has managed to pass through those woods when they were still around. Some kind of faerie magic or something. But if the rats are in the woods, they're probably cutting down trees and stuff so they can move around. Maybe we can work something out with them." Now it was Vance's turn to talk, for a change. "Why would you want to work something out with a group of savages in the woods?" He asked, irritably. Lars shot him a pained expression, clearly saddened that his trusted escort thought so little of his plan. "If we can work something out with the Skaven, I could be one of the first people to set up a trade route through those woods." He tried to explain, though it was evident he wanted to fall silent now. "It'd be huge for business, and with the ratmen guarding those woods, we'd save so much money moving supplies around. It could be good. Better than good! It could be great if it worked!" He looked to Xaga, and tried to give her a winning smile. It was, at best, a runner-up smile. He looked uglier when his attitude wasn't so sunny, as did most people. "Of course, first we need to get there, and then we can figure out the details."
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    Rin embraced Raven, placing her head into his chest as he pulled her into his arms. They couldn't get comfortable just yet while their enemies were still around to destroy their building of a new land and people. She looked up at her beloved as they stood near the waters of the beach. It was her favorite spot because you could see the sunrise and sunset the best here. How she adored her new king. Wanted to bask in his sight and glory. Her dead heart beating only with devotion and love for the nan before her. No longer able to be freewilled, she longed to make this kingdom, land his home. Rin looked up to gently kiss his lips, her body tight against his as she wanted to devour in his love right then and there. Our new world is coming into view. The people can sense the war coming but cannot stop us. I hope as well, as it is a newly made informant. But we will be successful either way. These waters like to draw in the past of many. I think it is to help them make less mistakes than the last time. I know, something not dreary, tell me of you. I feel I wasn't told much by my father when he bethrothed us. Rin smiled leaning her form into his. Kissing his lips once again as she hungered for his form, desired to taste his flesh once more. Will I get to meet your family? Get to meet other Sithis that grace your name? ---- Sayndar made his way back as he had thought something shady was going on with Atlas yet he didn't feel safe discussing anything important with the eyes of the knights. As he entered the hideout, Cid appeoached him with a stern look on his face. Hoping the hero of Lyonesse hadn't been followed. Sayndar looked at Cid. "Sayndar, we have a problem. We couldn't bring Vex back in that body he used. In our investigations and trying to bring him back, we foubd out this isn't Athenthian magic that burnt him to a crisp. And so our revival magic won't work. Not on that body anyways. We'll have to go with plan B." The man sighed as he listened to Cid. "Figures. Every time that stupid demon hunter runs off to be brave and save that princess he gets killed. This is the third times he died and we had to rebuild him from scratch. Pain in the ass." Cid raised an eyebrow at his words. Seems Sayndar was use to this. The two decided to get to work on rebuilding from scratch the fourth version of Vex. They had more than enough dna and spare bodies laying about. --- Atlas eyed the woman then as he noticed the elf had made a name for herself in the short time she was here in Lyonesse. And he was not wise this woman was the one infiltrating the knights and formung them to Raven's and Rin's side. The woman approached Atlas and smiled, almost entrancing and hypotnizing the young elder. Yet Atlas couldn't look away as the girl approached with such danger. It has been awhile my dear Atlas, as you have grown. And Sayndar seems to still not trust you. I have a way he cannot refuse us. Atlas remained silent as the elf woman only known as Opal came nearer him, her hungry eyes piercing through him. And he couldn't resist her like the knights. Opal had been corrupting the knights to the side of the pair of Raven and Rin. "Opal..." Atlas breathed. "You are the one behind--" Before he could speak, Opal closed the space between them as she corrupted the elder. The plan was going as planned, the elder now stood with nothing in his eyes, dulled and empty. Opal chuckled as she called into Raven telepathically. My dear master, it is done. The elder is under our power. He will now be riped to use as a puppet to draw out the resistance. Opal then disappeared into the shadows, her mission done.