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    Hi valucre, I miss you dearly. Just another few months. Time goes by so slowly. Love, Cody
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    Is this . . . another world?

    Oh nice, this sounds really cool!! Everyone else that's responded so far looks a lot more experienced than me so low-key intimidated, but if you'll have me I'd love to throw Grak'ni into this
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    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    (SERA AND KHAKI) "Sera, one question." "Fucking what?!" "If we can fly, why didn't we use it earlier? I mean, all it takes is a basic flight spell, right?" "Khaki! We don't talk of such things!" "But...but..Sera..I-" "Goddamnit, Khaki! Drop the fucking subject." "If..if only we brought the penguins. It would have been so much easier. But the Oracle's exact words where 'MFSOAB! These dev's are getting on my nerves now. No more penguin pets, they said. Ban all penguin builds, they said. Just because it was specc'd for utility. JFC! They just want to nerf my guild. Let's just wait for the next patch. The devs might unban them if we complain long enough." "Fucking Oracle. Talks a lot of shit and no one understands can understand her shit. Why do oracles have to talk in gibberish? She gives us so much bullshit, I can prolly make another bull out of all that shit." "Umm...I don't know how to respond to that. But hey Sera, I can see the cave now! Caaaaaaavveeeee!" -------- After making use of flight spells, the duo managed catch a glimpse of the cave the Kirin ran into. While still far away, at this rate, they may reach the others if they hurry. However, until they can enter the cave, these two are useless. Not like they had been useful this whole time, but they could at least try, right?
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    Break had been hiking for the better half of last night and today during the hunt. After being stripped of his new friend Khaki he had little to do with himself. So an early start to the hunt seemed like a good choice for him. He didnt have much for way of weapons he could hunt with. But as for the few tools he did own, they were well suited to this particular. He sat posted in the snow. Entrenched in the power of ice and sleet. His core keeping him warm enough to not freeze while being posted for the few short hours he spent on the mountainside. His Verpine rifle being the only visible part of his entire setup. He watched as the rest of the team corralled the Kirin in his direction before suddenly turning into a large spacious cavern. "Code Fraking Dammit!" he cursed himself for not simply taking the shot early on to at least wound the beast instead of a guaranteed killshot. Quickly he jumped to his feet over 6 inches of snow covered his body and his joints felt brittle and sore. The durasteel skeleton was not meant for low temperatures such as this and he knee better than to do this. So he would have to slowly make his way to the other side of the cave to head off the beast.
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    The Doctor


    Well hello folks. Back for now. Have some things I might be looking into writing again here soon. But I make no promises and I tell no lies. Things have certainly changed around here, and for that reason I'm excited to explore again. To the RP elites that are still around and reading this with bated breath. I'm here to write with my friends and have a good time. Don't get in my way.
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    Steeped in Moonlight (Artifact)

    Silence greeted her words as the pressure picked up. At first he wrinkled his nose and sneezed off to the side. Her words went in one ear and out the other visibly so to the point his optics flickered several solid colors as her power multiplied. In some case one might say the effect of her artifact was nullified to a degree where the child only took note for her press for his compliance. He was reduced to a slightly hunched position where his head turned slowly in her direction. “It’s not nice to push your presence on others..” His voice ripples like a droplet on water. “All I wanted was the trench coat, however if you’re saying we will have more fun and mutilation I do not mind.. Just don’t be as boring as these little sheep..” The lad said pointing at the fallen body, reaching back out for the trench coat he grabbed the sleeve and walked forward. The woman could either follow or be dragged as he felt the material for feelings sake. Offering up his weapon filled hand he placed all of it in her hand. Weapons first of course then he placed his hand on top and commenced his own comically humor. “Fight!! Fight!! Fight!! Fight!! Death to all who oppose!!!” He chanted his charisma surged as his eyes glowed a pure white. With each word he bounced up and down as if it were a team rally cry. When it was done he threw his hand in the air with the daggers and let out a demonic beastial cry. The vocals rippled the air before the energy faded and he accepted the mark. “Gimmie..” His attention was back on the trenchcoat as he frowned deeply. The summoning behind him went purely unnoticed for the time being and for the best honestly. The boy was feeling excited and as he waited for the jacket his body trembled making the dagger click together every now and then.
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    No problem, just let me know when you have a final decision! Excellent! Feel free to post in the Wild at Heart thread, that's where all the hiring is happening!
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    The Devil You Know

    In the hearts of the masses, the means justified the end. There were societal rules to be followed, no matter the consequences, ethically admitting what actions one had taken to reach a certain goal. This was a surefire way to remain on the path of righteousness, possessing a distinct sense of honor, and respecting not only the individuals around oneself but also the whole of society. Rubens had his doubts about the masses, about righteousness. In the eyes of the masses, a person who publicly acts for the good of humanity while highlighting their subjectively 'good' actions surely stands apart from those who seek to hinder their fellow men through criminal acts, shady business deals, and enrichment at the cost of the lesser social classes. However, the selfsame person could be a criminal behind closed doors, basking only in the light of righteousness to create and construct a specific reputation in the gaze of those trapped in a hole of their own making. Simply put, righteous was he who merely appeared as such. Disgusting did not even begin to describe how Rubens found this situation. One could even call him naïve for this point of view; however, it took men with a unique mindset and an unbiased view of the world to change the 'Fate' of an universe, regardless of its size. It was an impossibility to be fully objective in such a vast subject, and yet one could get fairly close, provided all the relevant variables were analyzed. All these thoughts and more coursed throughout Rubens' mind once the individual responsible for this gathering stepped into the lounge and took the center of the stage, with quick yet calculated words escaping his lips. It was clear Quinton was gauging the interest and character of the lady in black, the man with the journal, and the Chess-loving philantropist as much as the three of them sized their host up. It was not before long that Quinton's secretary, Odette, reached his location, holding up that ominous black case. There was a slight moment of ponderance as Rubens stared upon the surface of the skull ring. "You know the game, and you know the rules." The words echoed in Rubens' mind, sapphire eyes fixated upon the golden ring for what appeared to be an eternity to him. Time, as it were, looked as though frozen in the confines of his brain as he analyzed the current situation. Chess is rarely a game of ideal moves. Almost always, a player faces a series of difficult consequences whichever move he makes. In life, as in chess, forethought was often the defining trait between winning and losing. What he saw right here, in this room, were not four pawns but four players, each with their own assortment of pieces to play with. There was a plan in motion, a strategy, even if this was merely the birth of what was to come. And even if the opening of such a plan turned out badly, there was always hope for the middle game; in the unlikely scenario that the middle game also turned out badly, it all came down to the end game - the moment of truth, so to speak. It was only after considering all the possible scenarios to come that Rubens reached forth to pluck the ring free from the red velvet confines of the black box, a mere three seconds after witnessing the artifact, only to don the adornment upon his right hand's ring finger. Impassive as always, cold and calculating even when his visage radiated friendly warmth, Rubens chose to remain silent for the time being in order to gain more insight about Quinton's plans, given Abbot had just inquired upon them. Regardless of what required to be done, and there would be plenty to do, there was no turning back from this point onward. Rubens was prepared for anything the days to come would bring. For, you see, in the souls of the elite... ... The end justifies the means.
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    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    After the thrilling car chase, it seemed like they had run out of vehicle accessible road, and would now have to continue on foot. John took the opportunity to head to the back of the jeep and open up the back end, eyes lighting up like a kid on Christmas morning when he saw what was there. A grenade launcher, more ammo and a companion for the submachine gun up front, and a nice shiny combat knife. Taking what he wanted, he walked around the front of the jeep, tossing a submachine gun to Nigel as he went, followed by a few magazines. "Probably best you wait here friend. Wouldn't want you to get eaten by some nasty critter and have to find a new driver!" Nigel gulped, and nodded, "Can't argue with that! I'll keep the heater on for you!" John tossed a wave over his shoulder and hurried after Blonde.
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    "If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this that disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it. And it is in thy power to wipe out this judgment now." -Marcus Aurelius
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    Whisper of the Wyrm

    BANG - went the warning shot, and down went Ares. At first, she was confused as to why. Tommy asks, "You dead?" before realizing their ship was being raided, that her good old friend adrenaline was booming unconsciously in her blood. She whistles - at first seeming like a hoot to bring attention to her, but is actually a call of magic that releases the bindings on a keychain dangling from a belt. The chainsaw held in her right hand is puppycat, painted pink and decorated with stickers. Donning a furious face, Tommy pulls the handle and let's er' rip. In comparison to the rougher, meaner, tattooed mercs in the Wet Dog, Tommy was freckled and short, a sweet little half-elf with a candy bar sticking out from her back pocket. But hey - looks are deceiving. She's gotten in street hustles before, so delinquents and no-good goons are outta the question. But what are pirates? Well, Tommy thinks they're no-good goons on boats. "Oi!" She stumbles, on Ares's legs. "Back the fuck up!" In her right hand, puppycat growls for blood, for carnage. If Ares didn't get knocked out with a bullet, he would've held Tommy back - he would've said something like; You see that red hair? She looks just like my aunt Rox. But meaner-lookin' - cruel and cold kinda feelin'. Wanna know why? The half-elf is drawn to the woman's taunting gaze - stares at it as if looking into a pitless abyss. She's the captain of the goddamn Siren's song.
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    Gathering Materials [2/3]

    Men and women always keep like company, slaves and masters and equals like themselves. (Why old wisdom is passed through genealogy, and why power consolidates). Although she had never met them she had watched the Omatagoki from afar, and they always worked thus, sharing traits alike however different they may have been in origin and personality. Brazen, frightful, confident in their supreme swagger. Fearing nothing because they were the ones to be feared. Koji’s dogs wouldn’t be his if they didn’t have a little bite and a good helping of possession. Dove should have been infuriated, but Alena only giggled in response. She twirled before Ben, showing off the flaring cloak and the shiny clasps. “Why, thank you! Attention keeps the complexion smooth, don’tcha see. But see, little one, some of us are meant to show. And others — “ she jabbed a gloved finger into the man’s chest, “ — are meant to hide.” She spun around again and scrunched up her expression, reciting old wisdoms: “From each, his ability; to each, his desert. Render from thyself the capacity for the duties rendered upon thee.” “Who said that?” She squished a thoughtful finger into her cheek. “Probably some commies from Bronte Academy or somesuch. But it sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? Hold on; listen up!” Io came and gave her whole practiced spiel. At the very end, Alena chimed in. “Now listen here y’all. We’ve got a great plan. Lots of booms and kachows and that kinda fun! Good weekend fun. Family fun. We’re all family here, aren’t we?” She looked around at strange, hostile faces leering back at her, each more lethal than the previous. “Well, we’d better be by the time we hit the road. Things will be bonkers hard if we don’t have trust going on here.” The woman pointed an accusatory finger at Ben. “You, I know you. Enough of you, anyway. So you two fellas in the back — “ Here, another finger at Middy and Khaki “— we’re gonna have a nice long talk you and me. Best start thinking ‘bout what your favorite animal is, and why it’s ducks.” She laughed uproariously, and slapped the desk once or twice. “Now here’s the real deal. Wondering what we’re gunning for? It’s Exalta. We all know what that is? Big shinies? Sparkly crystals? Kind of thing my ex-wife would kill for? Good, good. That’s what we’re after. Help yourself to the stuff in the other three, but that’s ours. But don’t ask me why. Lady’s got her secrets, you know. Rude to ask.” She winked and put a finger to her lips. “Just so you know what to look out for.” “Now, Doroth — uh.” She paused. “Keanu. Right? Right. That’s a great plan, Keanu. If you could really do that, be real fine. It’s a real touch-and-go affair and you know, in the old days, pirates weren’t really much for killing people. They had a code to them, honorable fellas. And we’re a piratical bunch, if you fancy thinking like that. If it’s a distraction you want, though…” She grinned wide. “We’ve got that in the trunk, no worries. Just be careful kicking your feet around while we drive.” “Now, if it’s drinking you like then I’ll indulge you,” she called to Ben, “but if you don’t like it, let’s play darts.” She held an elbow out, awaiting Io to take it. “Regardless, we booked the nice places for a reason. No reason not to have fun before the real fun, eh?”
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    Cult of Power

    Being a Paragon What is a Paragon? A Paragon is a character which has sworn absolute loyalty to the Commander and has obtained her Loyalty Brand. They have all, therefore, had their base power increased by what is ultimately a canon backed item. In the face of characters without such weapons, Paragons stand superior in physical and arcane prowess. Actions of disloyalty toward the Commander will become impossible for a character under normal circumstances. Enough divine magic or intervention can weaken the contract, but it may never be broken without significant costs to a character's health. The sole requirement to being a Paragon of Power is absolute obedience to the Commander. There is no code among brethren that must be respected, nor is there a formal hierarchy that must be followed. That being said, a new Paragon who demonstrates the desire to fight an older Paragon may find themselves killed if there is a difference in strength between the two. The longer a Paragon is loyal to the Commander, the more powerful the Lunar Mark's amplification effect is. As is the cult's foundation, it is the weak who perish and kneel before the strong. Conflict between Paragons is just as pervasive as bonding due to the power hungry nature of those who give up their free will for strength. In essence, there is no responsibility, ties, or obligations pushed upon Paragons upon receiving the Commander's mark, other than their fealty. In times of crisis or conflict, a Paragon can be called back to the Commander: the mark will relay information to the Paragon like a compass pointing toward her. When an order is given from the Commander, all Paragons must answer regardless of the place or situation they are currently in. They may not agree with the command but such is the price of obtaining power beyond one's normal means. There are, however, other Paragons that will choose to stay by the Commander's side. Just as a Paragon is allowed to follow their desire continents away from her, so are they allowed to serve directly by her side. Those serving and proving their loyalty at her side or on her direct orders will have Lunar Marks of increasing potency because of the ever-increasing solidity of their loyalty to the Commander. A Paragon whom has gone inactive may become active again by contact me and starting a thread with the character. Paragon Benefits A Paragon who swear loyalty, obtains the power boost, and then wonders off the fulfill their deepest desires with newfound powers have the benefit of near complete freedom despite the increase in power. Other than a specific call by the Commander herself, this type of Paragon is chained by nothing. They are free to wonder Valucre causing mayhem, saving lives, or doing nothing but sipping tea. What they do has little impact on the Commander, so long as they are mindful of the loyalty contract. The Paragons who swear loyalty to the Commander and choose to follow her, obeying her commands and aiding in her ventures will all eventually be granted with even more power. Each Paragon who follows the Commander will be given at least one artifact from the cult's many artifacts. The strength of the artifact will depend on the Paragon themselves as well as their loyalty to her. At times it will require actually hunting down the artifact, while at other times it will simply be handed to them. However, any artifact obtained and/ or given by the cult belongs to the cult. If a character breaks their agreement by either betraying the Commander or destroying the mark, they will not only suffer the pain of losing the mark but will also find their artifact has returned to the cult. Only a Paragon who bares the Loyalty Brand may wield an artifact of the Cult of Power. Using Paragons in Player v. Player within a Canon Setting Being a Paragon does not guarantee or promise an automatic win in a combat scenario. The mark, through awakening a character's potential, will give them an power advantage when against a regular enemy. This is something backed by canon and cannot be otherwise argued because the mark counts as a canon backed item. In some cases, however, the opponent may outsmart a Paragon or wield an item of equal power. There are many ways to still lose. But there are so many more ways to win now. Don't underestimate your opponents and remember. You are a now a Paragon. Make them kneel. Non-Paragon Followers @Zashiii | Middy Alter Active Paragons (oldest to newest, list does not include NPCs) First Generation Paragons @danzilla3 | Ankou Lethe @Zashiii | Black Sera | Khakina Khatun | Natalya Frigadotter | Others of the Black Spear Cartel @ourlachesism | Samael @Chappu | Caelian Miles @Rin | Esben Djinn Valentin Sychron @Veloci-Rapture | Vetiver al-Lient @Tyler | Shane Haydes @amenities | Sephys Isigdril @AngryCacti | Cerin Talmoré @Archeos | Circe Yaan @Die Shize | Khaedal Second Generation Paragons @Djinn&Juice | ??? Third Generation Paragons N/A Inactive Paragons @Piperpie | Ziva (First Gen) Ex-Paragons
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    Escape Velocity Resurgence

    Chapter 2: Regular Space Jockey === Current Date: November 23rd, 1177 NC System: Tichel Port: Planet Viking --- Ryncol. Amongst the strongest of liqours, hailing from the world of Rynn, illegal in some places, highly regulated in others, and an excellent way to celebrate. Now, if only RJ could remember what he was celebrating. If the room would stop spinning as well, that would be great. There was the distinct smell of ammonia and disinfectant, along with the stink of bodily functions. Was he in a restroom? Not a good look really, although he had a good few months since he had first started in July. RJ had managed to join a merchant convoy, and he obtained a few relatively easy contracts as a result. The pay was less of course, in between having to give a cut to the agents and company who headed the trading convoy, and having to work on their schedule and ship or ferry whatever goods or jobs they were given. Still, there was safety in numbers, and with each run completed he built his own rep as a reliable trader who could always be counted on getting goods from point A to point B. Savvy businesses hired savvy traders to ship their products after all, and a trader without good credentials could only count on being lowballed or given the shadiest of contracts by the the most miserly of patrons. That, or work as a military contractor, but lowest-bidder syndrome was in effect in quite a few many places throughout the Federation. "Hey wake up!" The groggy space jockey pulled himself upright in response to the call. Dull lights throbbed behind his eyes, as he tried to make out who was addressing him. Firstly, he tried to ascertain through blurred vision if the caller was even real. Ryncol was known to cause hallucinations, after all. Somewhere faintly in the back of his mind, he recalled that he did pick up his first crewmember, the chief (and only) mate two weeks ago. Space travel was often an isolating affair, and humans were gregarious creatures by nature. A trustworthy partner just made everything easier. As he blinked away the spots and tried to focus, he had to try to recall exactly "who" the chief mate and partner was. This really wasn't a good look for him.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Sure, no problem. Lilith in is three threads at the moment, so you're welcome to jump in one of the current threads! If you'd like to have a new thread, I'd like to ask we wait a little bit to see if any one else wants to join! That way we can do it all together. More fun that way ? Also, you guys, what do you think about having players associated with the cult use the crescent moon emoji in their signature? I really like how the Dead has those images. I like my Lilith image too much though, hence the emoji suggestion lol ? or ? or ?
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    Cult of Power OOC

    If this is wrong to post here, you can remove it. I'd just want to inform I sent a pm to throw one of my characters to the wolves of the cult ?
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    Cult of Power

    General Information Name: Cult of Power Leader: The Commander Followers: The Paragons Doctrine: The weak will always kneel to the strong. Goal: Absolute and Insurmountable Power Heraldry: A golden crescent moon. Location: Unknown Public Status: A religion centered around self-empowerment. The Commander's true identity is unknown except to those few close Paragons. About The Cult In a world where the weak are forever the punching bags of the strong, the Cult of Power seeks to overturn this seemingly normative structure. Even a weakling by birth can become a mighty pantheon of power when granted The Commander' mark. As stated in the group's name, this is a cult which revolves around the obtainment of power. This can be done in various ways, ranging from collecting artifacts to ruling over territory. The cult is not, however, an organization with any true structure to its name other than the Commander being at its top. Despite that Paragons have, in the past, formed de facto hierarchies based on seniority and current levels of power. The more power one has, the more highly they tend to be regarded by other Paragons. There are Paragons throughout the lands of Valucre, each grasping and fighting for their own individual desires. Just because a Paragon is a member, that does not obligate them to actually follow the Commander. They must obey her orders and heed her call, but otherwise are given free will to do whatever they desire. Therefore, there are Paragons stretched across the lands of Terrenus, Genesaris, and Tellus Mater. Paragons can be recognized by the crescent moon mark somewhere on their bodies. The color and location may differ from member to member, but each will have a distinct lunar mark that, upon the Paragon's will, exude Lilith's magic signature. The Crescent Mark The mark a character attains upon agreeing the Commander's contract holds the power of a canon based artifact. Although weaker than a Terrenus Artifact or Legend Class item, it nonetheless gives a power boost to whomever wields it. Instead of granting them new powers or giving them a bit of the Commander' own energy, the mark actually unlocks a character's potential so that they can bring out more of there own strength. In essence, the crescent mark fulfills the role of a power amplifier. In certain circumstances a Paragon may find themselves with multiple lunar marks. This has no actual affect to the achieved level of amplification. Becoming a Paragon of Power There is no one who cannot become a Paragon of Power. The Commander, does not care who who your are or what you've done. The only things that matter are what you desire to have and do. If you want power and access to a global network of unnaturally powerful characters, join the cult and become a Paragon by simply requesting entry through the cult's OOC or a private message. Accepting the Loyalty Brand The Loyalty Brand, or Lunar Mark, is an exchange of equally valuable attributes. In order to attain a lunar mark, the character must first swear a binding oath of loyalty to the Commander. By giving up their ability to disobey her and restricting their own free will, this allows them to be granted greater power. This is due to the equal exchange law of magic on Valucre, where to gain something must cost something of an equal amount. Thus by giving up part of their free will, they gain power equal to the loss. For the contract between the Commander and the character to become official, the character must grab her hand when it is offered to them. NEW Paragon Generations It has recently been discovered that Paragons are able to spread the mark on their own. The process is still the same, but the younger generation Paragons must swear loyalty to their marker as well as the Commander. In return for being marked by a first generation Paragon (those directly marked by the Commander), the second generation is slightly weaker. The process is similar to that of vampires or werewolves, where the lower on the chain a vampire is, the further their power is from the originals. That being understood, it has also been uncovered that aside from their loyalty to the Commander, a Paragon may increase their power by spreading the lunar Mark on their own. The more second generation Paragons marked by a first generation Paragon, the stronger the first generation Paragon becomes. The same applies for second generation Paragons marking third generation Paragons. So on and so forth. Once give the Mark by a Paragon, a newly ascended Paragon by choose to "upgrade" their mark by meeting with the Commander and having the her override the Mark with her own. There is no difference between the Lunar Marks of Paragons except for the power the exude.
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    Just wanted to let you all know I am alive. That wedding last night was fucking lit. Scored a lot of alcohol.
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    From within his own fortress, sealed in such a way to conceal him from the outside world. Something slowly crept forward. Disturbing was to him, as his goals were almost finding their culmination. For years within the shadows he crept, fulfilling the original goals that were sought after. Time would prove to be otherwise, as one of their own finally breached the gap into a conclave. From that intrusion came a realization. The past will always be something to rediscover, and old dogs don't lay down for long. It was time for Kataki to rejoin the fold. And to claim the control that was necessary for Entropy to thrive. It was time his years of research finally became useful. Originally, Kataki was tasked with a single favor. A request given to him by his long time friend and ally Itazuki. "Please, my brother. If at all ends, find the legendary weapons of lore. And help me rid this world of war." This was asked as Kataki thought his brother on his dying bed. In truth it was just the beginning. And so he hid himself away, researching, or rather just searching. Only after long did Kataki realize his search for the legendary weapons wasn't just for Entropy. But to bring his lost brother back. A feat he wasn't sure if he could accomplish. So for the second time, he hid himself away. Constantly searching for a way, a method. By then he had already heard about accolades pertaining to Itazuki. But Kataki knew deep down that was not his true brother, just a facsimile. Something his brother had just become. Not their true nature. Tirelessly he worked to obtain the exact information he needed. Living in the shadows, no contact with anyone was necessary. Years devoted to a single goal, to obtain the items necessary. And even in his expansive time, all Kataki could do was locate them. Though able to obtain one of the legendary weapons. Kataki as a living weapon himself found no use in it. Much rather he give the weapons away than to keep them. But that was the very reason Itazuki trusted him to collect the weapons. And now after all this time, he had identified nine of them. Now he just needed a team to procure them all.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    It really depends on the character. Their swearing of loyalty to Lilith doesn't have a direct effect on their mind or attitudes. However, having your free will taken away might do something to how a character thinks. Also, say for example, if a good hearted character becomes one of Lilith's Paragons and is commanded to massacre a village of people. The effect on their state of mind will probably take a big hit since they are basically forced to do something against their will. Basically, depends on character and situation. The mark itself won't force a descent into madness, but the commands have the potential to if the character is weak minded.
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    Wild at Heart

    Well, this was excellent timing. Thurgood and Aveline had just gotten back from Andelusia with a bunch of shots of paperwork and key profiles from the City Guard post to sift through and reproduce, and John set up some interviews with potential new key members, and as a part of this unnamed crime organization, he feels he needs to be a part of the process as well. So, with the drone of a diesel engine he announces his presence at the Hydra's Head Tavern. Thurgood steps out of the cab wearing his normal gray jeans, boots, and his black Mil Dot polo. Nigel directs him to John's office where he sits and waits for now, taking a long dring of a plastic watter bottle with "METHANOL" in large letters on it with a skull-and-crossbones symbol to warn those without a tolerance and biological resistance to this simple alcohol to not drink it. If John does bring up his ideas for names, Thurgood definitely has a view on the matter: without a name, this organization DOES NOT EXIST.
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    Courtesy Visit [closed]

    The Empress bows her head, thanks her for her candor, and Varda does not acknowledge the knee-wobbling relief rushing through her veins. “Aᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ, ᴛʜᴇ sʏsᴛᴇᴍ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴏʙʟᴇ ʜᴏᴜsᴇs ʀᴜʟᴇ ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ᴏᴡɴ ᴛᴇʀʀɪᴛᴏʀɪᴇs ᴡɪᴛʜ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇ ɪɴꜰʟᴜᴇɴᴄᴇ sᴇᴇᴍs ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴡᴏʀᴋɪɴɢ ᴡᴇʟʟ. Hɪʟᴅᴇʙʀᴀɴᴅ's ᴅᴏᴍᴀɪɴ ɪs ᴍᴏʀᴇ ɪɴ ᴛᴇʀᴍs ᴏꜰ ꜰᴀʀᴍʟᴀɴᴅ, ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜ, ᴄᴏʀʀᴇᴄᴛ?” Varda nods quietly, her gaze tracking the teacup as the winged woman places it down. From the Empress’ previous words, it seems House Hildebrand continues its good standing in the eyes of the Taen ruler. That, if anything, makes her content. "Iꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ᴍɪɴᴅ ᴍᴇ ᴀsᴋɪɴɢ, ᴡʜʏ ᴇxᴀᴄᴛʟʏ ᴅᴏ ʏᴏᴜ ᴛʜɪɴᴋ Uʀsᴀ Mᴀᴅᴇᴜᴍ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ? Aʀᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ɴᴏʙʟᴇs ᴇɴᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛᴏ ᴘʀᴏᴠɪᴅᴇ ɢᴜɪᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ, ꜰɪɢᴜʀᴇʜᴇᴀᴅs, ᴏʀ ᴇᴠᴇɴ ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀɪᴛʏ? Pᴇʀʜᴀᴘs ʏᴏᴜ'ᴅ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛᴏ sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛ ɪᴍᴘʀᴏᴠᴇᴍᴇɴᴛs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴜʀʀᴇɴᴛ sʏsᴛᴇᴍ ᴀs ᴡᴇʟʟ. Wʜᴀᴛ ɪꜰ Uʀsᴀ Mᴀᴅᴇᴜᴍ ᴡᴀs ᴅɪᴠɪᴅᴇᴅ ɪɴᴛᴏ ʀᴇɢɪᴏɴs, ᴀ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ ʀᴜʟɪɴɢ ᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴇᴀᴄʜ ᴏɴᴇ? Pᴇʀʜᴀᴘs ᴘᴜᴛ ᴛʜɪs ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇʀsᴘᴇᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴀɴᴀɢɪɴɢ ꜰᴀʀᴍʟᴀɴᴅ, ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ sᴀᴋᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴀɴ ᴀɴᴀʟᴏɢʏ." The reference to managing farmland brings a faint smile to Varda’s face. “Perhaps you already know, my Lady, but there is division among the ranks of the nobility, and a divided house cannot stand strong.” She knows this firsthand: if the Hildebrand children had not stuck together, a unified front against the wave of immeasurable grief and the turbulent process of her ascension to the headship—well. She is not certain of a favorable outcome for the house if it had come to pass. “As for the noble houses ruling certain regions, it—it does seem quite advantageous,” she hums, tilting her head as she considers the idea, turns it around in her head. “But—will it not lead to some sort of rivalry between the regions? I dislike the idea of strife caused by economic differences, as I am sure some will arise.” Varda clears her throat before proceeding. “And most of the houses are located in Corinth. What of the other islands, and the houses that may stretch themselves too thin handling a big region?” Suddenly, she realizes just how forward she is being, and the words dry up on her tongue. “I—forgive me, my Lady, for all my questions,” Varda says, her cheeks stained crimson.
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    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Huh. Turns out I never remembered to change the thread to 'closed.' Welcome to the latest member of the journey, @fiery Would you like to share a bit about your character with us, and get caught up on the thread so far?
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    ? Been a great day, celebrated my gf's birthday, cooked her dinner, even baked her a cake and passed my mBLEX, once my paper work is done I'm a licensed massage therapist ? As for posting, I'll attempt to get in some owed posts either tomorrow or monday.
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    In an interview thread! You can be in the same one as Twitterpated or you can have your own. I'm not picky!
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    Awesome! Where do I sign up? ?
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    Cult of Power OOC

    The first custom art honestly speaks to my soul, black is good and beautiful ❤️
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    The New Kids' Party House

    That's interesting. I'm actually reading a web comic called Unordinary were in a world of super powered people, there are some that have no powers. Called Cripples. It's cool that you see being normal as a superpower instead of the implications the web comic pushes! Well, if you ever find some time let me know! I'm a bit busy myself but even if I can't fit in another roleplay I can always give you a hand in finding one ? My board Ursa Madeum is history (medieval) and fantasy! If you ever feel the urge, you're more than welcome! Nice answer! I was actually thinking that "superpowers" would be designated toward those who have stronger powers.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Link me the thread. Searching on a phone is hell. The bestest of friends ❤️
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Cool! Then about one where all our characters are in a cave and hunting down a Xer queen!? (Like a big humanoid bug thing). There are a bunch of traps in the desert cave, so it's completely plausible Esben just kinda falls in lol
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Ooohh moony ??
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    You provide goods and services, customer owes money, dude goes and takes what was given. If what was given can't be recovered, it's dealers choice. You want the customer tortured, maimed, killed? Loved ones or personal affects as collateral. This is your general purpose dude. It's what my character Bishop did for a man called The Giver until him and his brothers established their own gang and paid that dude off. But man was he good at it.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    I do, I would like to do it in a thread if that's okay. Also thanks for the likes ❤️
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    Official AFV until 9/25. EXAMS.
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    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    @Fierach @ourlachesism @Zashiii @danzilla3 @Bureku Engines once more were pushed to the brink. The cold and bitter wind hit the windshields of the magitech vehicles and whipped through the cabins to chill the passengers as they gained altitude. The mountain path that Blonde had decided to push up was vehicle accessible but only for the first kilometer or so. With every other vehicle following behind her, they quickly reached their waypoint. A small mountain pass where the rocks and snow closed and narrowed. They would have to move through it in a small line, meaning they would be vulnerable for a time. There were other dangers lurking up in these mountains other than the Kirin. Quickly dismounting from her vehicle, Miss Blonde loaded another clip into her rifle and awaited everyone else to exit their respective rides. Pressing a few buttons on her comm unit, Blonde activated a few features within her suit to help keep her warm. ”Everyone be careful up here. There are pitfalls, dire wolves, maybe an owlbear or two. Danger is everywhere.” Blonde said over the comms to her team. ”I’ve highlighted our rendezvous point. Double time it there but watch your back!” And just like that she was off. Blonde may of been small and at times rather paranoid, but if there was ever a job or heist that needed to be done she always lead from the front. So through the narrow path she went, the other people in her group could find their own way to the checkpoint. As for Isaac and friends, the Kirin had taken a few more shots on its way up, but with its skin hardening due to the electricity coursing across its body. Most of them either only bruised the creature or bounced off entirely. Truly it was a magnificent beast and would serve Blonde’s purposes beautifully. Leaving a small trail of blood in its wake, the beast let out a loud whinny and bounded it’s way up the mountain slope with ease. Issac and his team of hunters were not far behind. The Kirin itself was still on track to head towards the intersecting pass, but it was still in fighting condition. Issac and company would need to slow it down and perhaps injure it some more in order to give Blonde and the larger group time to arrive and set up. When the small band of hunters would reach the top of the hill, they would be confronted by shin length snow, jagged and dark rock formations, and a set of Kirin tracks showing that the beast was moving like a bat out of hell to escape the man. If Isaac was fast enough he’d see the tail end of the beast turn the corner of a pathway and into what the map had labeled as a rather spacious cavern with a few tunnels that lead out to the the main path.
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    The Devil You Know

    The Machiavellian absorbed the ire of his journal in silence— though with assiduity to the world around. The cynical debonair was as ubiquitous as he was esoteric. Suffocating. Ineluctable. Perhaps it was this charm like vermilion that elected him forth. Still when Reuben spoke his response was a genuine smile, though this only came after Mira had requested red wine. Sophisticated tastes were expected among those of their paradigm, though many things amused the businessman, owner, and prince. Once implacable it seemed the the perfidious poet had once again found the relaxed cold within his heart that he so desired. Another page of animal parchment was turned before the light withdrew from the world about them and requested their humble attention. Ever cautious his journal was removed from sight and his posture adjusted, a single leg crossed perpendicular over the other, and his index finger along his right hand wielding the cup of tea as a precious amenity. It was then that the devil of the hour stepped into being. His very appearance lived in dichotomy to the ostentatious. While it lacked the visual grandeur of Reuben’s own, it held about it a stoic empowerment that demanded respect. Silently he walked into the room studying his watch as Abbot would his journal and it became clear what few parallels existed between them all meant for their union here. It was then that he began a monologue, one that intrigued Abbot nonetheless. The ambiguous prince remained silent throughout the affair, calculating the measure of Quinton’s words like the scotch that he so much missed. All of the matters he covered were obviously important in their own merit, but there was one in-particular that left the then introvert piqued. While his smile had faded upon the meeting’s inception, once again he found himself smiling when Odette made her rounds and approached him with the fine case. Was it wise to be reluctant here? Many would have weighed the odds, perhaps before their arrival even. Abbot, however, was impetuous; willing to brave the risks to conjoin in the narrative that partially aligned with his own desires. What were they any way? Impossible to tell then, only an iota of what was the harbinger of black could be seen in the way he smiled deviously, just as the ring slipped itself onto his finger. Upon contact a premonition filled him, and while compelled to document it within his journal, he held the grandeur of his thoughts at bay. While his eyes studied the ring for a time his attention always remained well-balanced between the intricate trinket, the tattoo that Quinton revealed, and his words. Fervent was the heart enamored by the cold of his own soul now enabled by those perhaps similar. The devil once beaming returned to his usual temperament, atleast by appearance, and folded his hands along his abdomen. “Impressive...never heard of magical relics of such capacity. You’re more serious than I surmised…” the prince complimented Quinton eloquently, his voice feminine but dangerous, it carried with it a hoary frost that could separate a weak soul from its body by its very allure. “I suppose you already have an archetype of plans in-place for us?”
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    ♦ CHARACTERS ♦ the triumvirate dynamic liir kessarin ✔ | darya kessarin ✔ | jal fiachra ✔ house hildebrand varda hildebrand ✔ | jasper hildebrand ✔ | aspen hildebrand ✔ | nairne hildebrand ✔ | esme hildebrand ✔ | merelese hildebrand ✔ kalika hildebrand ✔ | suri hildebrand ✔ iyalon izora ✔ | shirin izora ✔ cyril desmon ✔ | lynae hildebrand ✔ | strom hildebrand † toxicant míra andronov ✔ | belladonna syfel ✔ | lycoris romanova ✔ | hyacinth vasilika ✔ | iris soroko ✔ house c'zirqonia celestine felsic ✔ datsuzoku empire yanaihara kōharu ✔| kiriyama erina "enenra" ✔ | takatsu renjiro ✔ arcane + supernatural kestrel hyperion ✔ | 'samael' ✔ | iomhar lorcáin ✔ | pintura ✔ | andraste líadáin ✔ | frey soloveiv ✔ hesperid+lycia ✔ | ascytale+aeolis ✔ ardís valkyrja ✔ | diana d'angelo ✔ the fey jorahel of the ishia tribe ✔ | curious hummingbird "birdy" ✔ the silver screen [here] jude sinclair ✔ | thea beaumont ✔ the andelusian high tea society dahlia chamelis ✔ | niko zanderiel ✔ | marceau zanderiel ✔ | gareth scipio ✔ | emmaline lafiya ✔ | kellen cordaro ✔ house kholin ikora loch ✔ the mundane eirene valakis ✔ | sólja rumnaheim ✔ | wynonna sinclaire ✔ non-player characters / one-hit wonders viridia ✖ | koru ✖ | rami barzegar † | auntie luca ✖ | ephah ivanenko ✖
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    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    This here is the OOC Thread of Not all Threads Involve Water Feel free to use this space to talk amongst yourselves, share resources (including Character Sheets and Area Maps) If you're not already enrolled in this thread, feel free to post in here, and see if we have an opening of some kind! We may use your help if the Skaven threat proves too great! @Bkfootball @Neondragon7 Also, on that note: A Warm Welcome to Neondragon7 for joining rather spontaneously! Have you got a character sheet and stuff you'd like to throw our way?
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    Escape From Madness

    Chapter One ~ Do not eat rubies The days were mercifully warm as they trekked their way through the countryside of the wilds. Each day was lit by warm sunshine, only the lightest hints of the fall rolling through the company, turning leaves from a deep green to shade threaded with hints of copper. Flowers began to die back, leaving the last of the summer’s bounty littered along the paths. Ripe berries here and there, nuts and bushes filled with nature’s graces were ripe for the picking along their sneaking fingers. Since any purses seemed to have abandoned their cause or lost the trail, the company was able to relax a little, following the straight and easy paths of the well-travelled rather than stumbling through the undergrowth. Thankfully so, Pildor had gotten his tail catch o enough brambles and other thorny enemies to have cause for travelling the easier routes, even if they meant meeting a few travellers here and there. So far none had given them trouble, a polite nod and their relative transport or feet carried them past. The weather turned to be mild at night, allowing the company to sleep under the stars within the need for much beyond a tiny fire in the tiny but growing darkest hours and perhaps a large cloak. Other than that, the odd light shower here and they were positively merry. Glanduil took it upon herself to ride along with Rhia, talking to her and showing her all the different points of the forest. From the patterns in the sky to the earth beneath their feet, there was little she could not say. Pildor, on the other hand, entertained them with stories around the fire at night, in addition, offers to train with Rhia should they run into trouble. Xore seemed to have little say in the group, occasionally his heads would twitch this way and that. Or, his face would grow so intense it looked like he was contemplating the very thoughts constructing of the universe. Persephone was Persephone, eager to be pleased and to please the others in her company. Chattering. Laughing. Sometimes disappearing but always with good reason. Seven turns of the moon and sun later, Xore approached Rhia for the first time since they had begun their trek to speak to her in a slow rumbling voice. “Do not eat rubies.” He gave cryptically, then lumbered back to his spot in the line without another word. Pildor catches up with Rhia since the event, even Persephone cocked her head round to see what Rhia’s reaction would be. “Has Xore given you a prophecy?” He asked, curious but not invasively. He had the manners of almost courtly bearing, head cocked curiously as Heartwood reached his head forward to in a small wavy to pick his ears at far away creatures in their surroundings.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    That's interesting. So my good natured character Arashi might become a villain cause of that.
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    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    The metal is no longer in gaseous form but that’s a little bit more accurate thank you it’s a really simple calculation at standard density they is one cubic meter of metal in the air to find find area of arc double integrate r then with respect to theta then set cross sectional area and it’s depth x equal to one to see thickness of sheet but I’m eager to see what happens
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    Marishi was dazed by the events. One moment she was to duel a holy knight the next she was atop a plateau watching the deformity of her wife sweep over her body. She was scared and repulsed. This was too much. Things had gone too far. Suddenly memories of her life not yet lived crammed into her head causing her brain to swell and hemorrhage causing her nose to bleed. She remembered what was to happen. She remembered saving their world, for an awful price. She had died on that field of snow and was turned to ash. She watched Francmage’s arm shatter and rend with detached interest. She was still processing what was happening. What was to happen. What had happened. The sword in her hand felt heavy. Far too heavy to lift. Her wounds bled freely, blotches of red dripping on the white snow. She was ashen and weak. Watching Francmage dash for Rae gave her strength to move, even though Marishi wasn’t sure if that was even Rae anymore. He was on top of her, his hands around her wrists. Marishi wasn’t fast enough. She wouldn’t make it. Then she saw Fenrir slam down on his head and decimate his face. She stopped dead in her tracks. The next she knew was Rae was on Fenrir, the keeper of the moon and teller of the future. Rae screaming to Phoenix and the firebird imbuing itself into her katana. The Sugari No Ontachi it was now named. Fusing with Phoenix its obsidian black blade gave off a fire aura. She heard the command to pin him, but there was nothing to pin him too. Suddenly time lurched forward half a second then froze again. The mountain heaving before stopping. The only way to pin him was to physically hold him until time unfroze. She walked to the twitching body of the seemingly dead red mage. She looked up to the fleeing Rae and her hound. Marishi smiled her bittersweet smile at her. Dark splotches drenching her clothing in red. “It has to be this way.” She whispered, not knowing if she heard her. She lifted her sword and drove it into his chest digging itself into the earth. Marishi waited for time to resume and her life to end. “How? What is happening? How is this happening?” Tenzen questioned in awe looking around. They had been pulled from the time lock together. Tenzen, Kagero, Gilgamesh, and Arcelia. They had been taken away from the mouth of the cave and deposited on a nearby flat, safe from harm. Kagero was the first to recognize Marishi and Rae’s silhouette. “We have to help them!” Kagero yelled. “I thought we were already!” Gilgamesh roared. They watched as the avatars swooped in to assist their masters. They watched as the hound tore apart the man size object and the small figure meld with the wolf. Tenzen’s eyes misted over with tears as he saw Phoenix, his Phoenix swoop down from the heavens and bond with a sword not his own. “How is this happening?” He asked. “She’s not going to make it. She’s not going to make it! Marishi! Run!” Kagero screamed. This was enough to spur Gilgamesh into darting for the doomed plateau. “Gilgamesh, no! You can’t save her! She’s too far!” Kagero grabbed his arm. “Then what in hell are we supposed to do?! Sit and wait for her to explode?! Let me go, Ninja! If I chose to die, then let me die as I chose!” He tried to break her hold. He wanted nothing than to join Marishi. To take her place. To do something. “You can let me go, lass. The panic has passed.” He said quietly. He knew he wouldn’t make it to her. Her fate was no longer in his hands. Perhaps it had never been. “Pray.” Was all Kagero said. Marishi’s consciousness was pulled from her body and hovered in darkness as if in a dream. She saw all that had gone before her that she loved all in one place. All smiling at her. She was ready to go. “No, you’re not. You’ve still much left to do.” Her father said smiling. “Don’t think you would get off that easily, my love.” Her mother’s voice chimed and a small laugh. “I have failed. I have failed to protect those I love. Instead I hurt them. I push them away. I abuse them. This should be my penance. This should be my payment.” Marishi said quietly. “Listen to yourself. Do you know how you sound? You sound like a selfish self-indulged brat who has spent too long wallowing in self-pity. When will you wake up? When will you understand that it’s harder to live than it is to die? When will you understand that a life of servitude is just that. Your death means nothing.” Her father sternly chided her. Marishi looked away ashamed. “Do you think dying will ease your wife’s pain? Do you think she doesn’t need you? Stop thinking about you. What about Rae? Kagero? Tenzen? What about Gilgamesh, Marishi? What about him? He loves you so fiercely. They all do. They would lay down their lives if it meant you would live. But they don’t at the drop of a hat. They all know that life is sacred. Sometimes Sacrifice is nothing more than running away. Stop running. Just stop. You don’t have to run anymore, little Marishi.” Her mother said compassion and love in her voice filling Marishi till she would burst. “Good. Now, finish the job. End what was started and begin life anew. The scars you bear, you’ll carry them the rest of your life. But you don’t need to carry the weight. This journey is nearly over.” Her father’s voice said fading away. She blinked. She was holding her Katana, shoved into the earth pinning the healing Francmage to the ground. Even after a devastating injury, he would not die. He gripped the blade, lacerating his hands on the razor edge trying to pull it up. Marishi looked to Rae, she was screaming something, she couldn’t hear. There was fear in her shrill voice. She was out of range of the blast that would go off at any moment. “Rae …” Gurgled Francmage, one hand reaching her way. “Phoenix … help me.” Marishi said letting go of her weapon and sinking to her knees next to her foe. She closed her eyes and made peace with the world. Time shifted like a mirage and started again. The explosions on the mountain were catastrophic. Explosion after explosion after explosion went off in a row the balls of fire clearly seen malms away. Kageo, Tenzen, and Gilgamesh all gasped at the sheer destruction being wrought. Marishi smack in the middle. The Gigaflare activated and blew the entire side of the mountain off sending rock and snow down into the valley to cover it over. Nothing could survive that. Anything near it would have been vaporized. Fenrir stopped his dash and turned around. “I cannot feel her” He said. The flames and energy released was unlike anything before seen on Vana’Diel. There had never been destruction of this magnitude in written and oral history. All the cause of one small girl, that couldn’t even call this star her own. Gilgamesh fell to his knee’s tears forming in his eyes. He had lost her. Again. His mind running through visions of his daughter and Marishi. They both had the same sad smile and the same heart-breaking look. “Look!” Kagero yelled. As the flames reached their apex a bolt of fire could be seen breaking from the host and flying at high velocity into the air. “What was that?!” Kagero asked? “Phoenix. It was Phoenix.” Tenzen said openly crying his hands on Gilgameshes shoulders. Fenrir arrived at the small party to be greeted by the three warmly. Rae’s body beginning to turn to normal. Kagero helped her off the wolf, clearly seeing Rae’s concern wasn’t for herself, but for Marishi. The dart of fire arced from the sky and slammed into the ground next to the four. As the dust and snow cleared, On the ground in a ball almost as if asleep, lay Marishi. Damaged, but whole. Breathing light. Asleep. A faint smile on her face as if in a pleasant dream. Her hair no longer auburn, but red, like the pinions of a firebird. The shockwaves dissipated and the destroyed mountain slowing and stopping its crumbling and the sound echoing away.
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Yasssss @danzilla3 @Chappu what do you guys think?
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    accretion. (3/3)

    Summary: Two people enter Yh'mi with the stated mission of delivering a letter to a band of gypsies who had gone searching for a family artifact said to be buried somewhere in the hard country. In reality, the two are searching for the Gypsies for reasons of their own. Upon encountering the Loveridge family, who happened to incur the wrath of a Gutterfiend near the Ercaniron fields, Dove and Noi broker a deal with Ochre, the matriarch of the clan; in exchange for saving their lives and guaranteeing their safety back, the gypsies will smuggle a large amount of Ercaniron out of the country for them and supply the duo with a family guide towards mining Starmetal in Ponkapoag Lake. IC Materials obtained: "Guide to Starmetal" (to be used later in this thread), and several tons of Ercaniron metal.
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    The Devil You Know

    There is a painting among the numerous works in the foyer that speaks to her predilection for beautiful things, and Míra finds herself enthralled, dark heeled boots slowing in their stride to stand before it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and value even more so. This one, an oil painting of a dark-haired woman with flowers Míra recognizes as oleander, holds both in equal measure. Fleurs de la Mort, for Allaire, the near-indecipherable scrawl at the bottom right of the painting says. The bold strokes on the canvas strike a memorable impression, the passion of the artist evident in the details of the woman's fair features, the haunting expression in those painted emerald eyes. How fitting a picture, she thinks, for the matriarch of the princesses of death. Míra gazes upon it for a moment longer, then turns to make her way into the lounge, choosing a chair a short distance away from the two men already seated. She is not an individual so easily summoned. It has been months since her last jaunt beyond the comforts of her own territories, and the fact leaves a faint, unsettling feeling in her stomach. Her gaze passes over the opulent surroundings, and the unease fades. If anything, this is the type of environment she is well-versed in. Perhaps there is not much to be worried of, after all. “Refreshments for our guests?” Smoothing down the sharp lines of her little black dress, Míra allows the men to list their preferences before she speaks her own. “Red wine,” she murmurs, voice smooth and deep, her thick accent rolling over the syllables, “would be much appreciated.” She does not specify the quality she expects, because surely it goes without saying. When the glass makes its way to her hand, Míra takes a sip—crisp, elegant, a pleasant bouquet. She is not disappointed, and so she turns her attention to the other occupants in the room. Míra is yet to make their acquaintances, but perhaps there is something to be said about their host’s grandeur, his attention to detail and his apparent fondness for art. To be invited to such a gathering as this perhaps indicates an individual to be exceptional, by some means. Listening to the men banter, she remedies her line of thought. The exceptional and the eccentric, then. Míra nurses her wine and leans comfortably against the cushion of her chair, fingers quietly tapping against the glass as she waits for their host to make his entrance.
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    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Cutter followed Persephone as she slowly retreated into view of the window. Such was his focus that he didn't realize he'd been tricked into a bad position until he noticed her glance at the window itself. His own eyes and head turned to follow, as it just now occurred to him why the vampire woman had blurted-out words into thin air a moment ago. How could have already forgotten the gun-toting Welander and his magictech earpieces? He quickly tried to leap out away from the window and out of the sniper's line-of-sight, but he had been a second too slow and a bullet came shattering through the glass and striking his lower abdomen. The leap turned into a tumble as Cutter went flailing to the floor, away from the window but also with a gaping wound in his side. Somehow though, he managed to power through it and rise to his feet again, recovering one of his dropped knives and readying himself again to resume the fight with the would-be assassin. By now, Wenig had a good head start, but he knew well enough that the vampire could catch up with him quickly enough. Hissing like a wounded animal, Cutter slowly tried to inch his way deeper into the room, away from the window and still position himself between Persephone and the door. But despite his supreme effort in staying on his feet, he was now severely wounded, and no doubt that was blood in the water for a vampire...
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    Expand or Die (Part Two)

    "Milord, my ship was nearly rammed to pieces by one of those damned cargo ships!" "My lord, those sailors are a menace to our community. One had the audacity to try and pay my daughter for her virginity!" "My lord, my garden has been ruined once again by wild boars! If this goes on I fear they will become bold enough to attack my children while they play." "Milord! Please end this dispute I've been having between meself and this merchant trying to trick me out of my gold!" Every single one of them had problems, and they all expected their gracious Lord Uldwar to solve them. He was as much a surrogate father for these poor sods as he was their ruler. Not a one of them cared about what he had gone through to earn this power; what he was willing to do to keep it. All they cared about was receiving their boons, asking for so much while giving back as little as possible. They were all so entitled, so spoiled by the generosity he was forced to hand out, knowing their approval of his family would count in the long run. Oscar handled each of their cases carefully, making certain they were satisfied without compromising his work schedule. The bigger picture needed to be seen, but none of these people had the capacity to see it. Life for them was too difficult to see past tomorrow, or even past the next year. Only he had the vision needed for them to thrive and to go into the future for the better. It was hours before he was finished dealing with their complaints, knowing there would be plenty more come tomorrow. This was the price to be paid for power of this scale, for the continued right to rule over these lands under his banner. His mind was taxed to its limits, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, closing his one eye to try and relieve the pain in his skull. Tonight at least he could relax, and perhaps continue trying to put back together the pieces of his marriage. "Where is my wife?" Oscar asked one of his servants. "She is in the library, my lord, reading to Lady Hanna." Oscar nodded, getting up from his chair to begin walking towards the library. With his guards flanking him, he made his way towards his wife and his daughter.
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    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Post going up very soon. The last couple days have revolved around getting my house cleaned and catching up on my drawing. Though it's a poor apology, please take this bizarre, unfinished six-legged mammal as payment for my tardiness.
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    Valucre music thread

    This darn thing actually made me watch Attack on Titan when I had little interest in the series previously: Also, high five to @Alexei, because Sabaton is fucking awesome!
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