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    To everyone I'm writing with ❤️ Robert has a possible fight on Nov. 3rd, so that means a few things: There is a 90% chance no posting will happen next week and very limited posting this week due to me getting all my homework for this week and next week done/prepped. The fights are about 2 hours away from where we live; we will be leaving Friday 2nd for the weigh-ins and then fights happen on the 3rd, so we won't be leaving till Sunday the 4th. I know there are a few important threads I need to get to, which I will later this week (probably Friday). If anyone needs to reach out to me, hit me up on Discord =D I'll be hanging around!
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    Destruction des morts

    “Listen,” Echo said, “Protocol dictates that you give me something to work with, else we work you over. I don’t think you want that.” “Once upon a time, prophets were treated with reverence.” Dove sounded wistful. She drained her glass. “Alas.” “Profit’s still treated with reverence, lady.” “Smart. Very smart.” “How I get my job. So, how’s it going to be?” Echo looked over the rim of her wineglass critically. A Very Large Burrito lay on the table between them, almost entirely vanished except for two stray jalapenos and a smattering of chicken; a beginner’s magic trick that the hungry inventor was particularly fond of. The two were seated across from one another beneath the sodium lamp of a second-floor interrogation room. The shuttered window was closed against the waning sun but wisps of blue twilight seeped through the gaps, making the light cold. Dove had at some point along the prison march produced a bottle of wine and a bag of Taco Harp. Echo had a world of questions and none of them worth horses or gifts. The staff-room had a few glasses lying around, and the blondie hadn’t seemed like she was planning on going anywhere. She picked at a jalapeno. “Going to come cleanly? I’m sure you think your time is very important, so I’m not really scared to waste it. Start talking straight intead of loops and you’ll find the world isn’t so loopy.” “Do you think nooses are loopy?” Dove breezed forward without waiting for an answer. “That’s the slim aperture through which we’re looking at tomorrow.” “Grim.” “Tia has a black mark on the date. You want specifics but I have nothing. The Sight is cloudy but absolute. Looking at a supernova through prescription glasses. Some terrible thing is about to happen. I could see that blind.” Her voice had the sort of edge that was unused to being turned. “Yes, certainly. Blind as a bat. Terrible things! You want some detail, don’t you. Don’t you think you’re the only one who’d like some detail? And here I am going to the government for help, because they might even be useful for once.” Everyone learns self-control sometime in their lives, some people twice, even. Dove had seven hundred years of that bottled up and she was about ready to throw a table through the window. She wouldn’t because she checked herself, but also because it would accomplish nothing. So it went. Every so often something came by that nobody would have seen coming, except the screeching prophets, and which nobody had the individual capability to alter. Really, she was starting to doubt her ability to accomplish anything at all. Well, now that the thought was on the table, why not throw the table? “That’s it. Really. I was coming with a warning, but if you want self-interest: I’d like to know, too. I like this city. Do you remember the uprising a while back? I was there.” Echo drummed her fingers along the length of her arm. “Command isn’t going to buy into this wishy-washy shit. I’m going to tell them what?” “To keep an eye out. To scramble the jets. Glass the city. Hell if I know what protocol is.” “The diviners would’ve said something.” “Your diviners have their eyes buried up their ass, along with the rest of their head.” “Point.” Dove leaned over the table. “Proposal. You’ve got Command’s ear, don’t you?” “The implication that governs our current power dynamic, yes.” “Come with me. I’ll lose you your bet in person. We’re going to see wonderful things, and we’re going to all be miserable as it goes to pieces. And if nothing happens, then I suppose Taco Harp will be standing afterwards, too.” Echo considered it. “Bet.” They went outside. As of yet nothing had happened; as of yet, all was quiet. The Tia into which they strode, the streets that they crossed beneath the brilliant pink-purple setting clouds. That was what they called tension; when the beauty of autumn set in with the chill of winter, the sort of weather in which first snows would fall, the crossing of some set threshold by unknowing actors that would look back on the day and wince to have not seen it so obviously. Dove muttered curses under her breath and Echo drew her jacket closer around her. “Cold, isn’t it?” “I lost the ability to feel temperature sometime in the 2nd century.” They made their way to the complex’s garage. "So how’s this gonna work?” Echo twisted the ignition until the car was idling up a whole cloud of fumes on the curb. “You got a map, I got some darts, let’s throw?” “Smart to make bets, yeah. Smarter still to win them.” Dove made a couple adjustments to the dial, then slapped the radio until it started squeaking. "—zzZZ—that’s signal 0 at the WAK, over—we’ve got what looks like a 10-33, officers to remain on standby—“ “That is – that’s just plain lucky timing.” Dove stabbed the map with a pen right through the WAK into the plastic of the dashboard. “Drive.” @amenities @Wade @bfc @SweetCyanide @Stumbler
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    The T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative

    RIGHT! Now is the time for THRIVE to start in earnest! For Phase One of the Initiative, I'm offering three quests for all you wonderful people! They are as listed below: GOING VIRAL At the request of the Queen of Hyperion, Doctor Silas Harriden has developed a targeted virus that will eliminate the oxygen stealing algae that are causing the dead zone in the coastal waters. The virus is almost complete, but he has requested permission to hire on a few freelancers to help complete his work. Any persons with knowledge of virology, or even just knowledge of biology in general would be most helpful. There will also be work available for those able to handle themselves in combat. HARSH TREATMENT During the reign of the Tyrant King, the people of Ursa Madeum began to grow discontent with the inefficient, and often ineffective waste management system in the cities. Eventually, even the King could ignore the problem no longer, and ordered the creation of a water treatment plant, where all waste would be sent for decontamination. In reality, the facility was never even close to operational, waste water sent there was simply dumped into the surrounding ocean. Eventually this would lead to the nutrient poisoning that would cause the algae bloom that now strangles the coastal waters. The facility needs to be shut down, and brought up to operational status, but there is a problem. Remnants of the Tyrant Kings army have holed up in the plant, and have barricaded themselves inside. Grant Knight, Regent of Port Thea is leading a small detachment of Enforcers to retake the plant, and then get it operational. Mercenaries are being hired to bolster their ranks, and anyone with engineering knowledge would also be of huge help. GONE FISHING While the waters immediately surrounding the coasts are now practically devoid of see life, the larger ocean beyond is still teeming with oceanic fauna. A different kind of fishing expedition is being mounted, with a special ship being deployed to catch and transport live sea life back to Ursa Madeum. Once the dead zones are restored, they will be released back into the coastal waters to help speed the repopulation of the depleted areas. Unfortunately, there have been reports of pirates active in the area, and the vessel cannot be sent unprotected. Freelancers are being offered a tidy sum to protect the ship from any who would do it harm. Men and women of the sea are also invited to help pilot the vessel.
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    Tenkai Matsumoto

    Symposium Against Doom

    Tenkai listened as those who came after him spoke, and the more he heard, the more it became apparent that these "Enrele" were by far the most pressing matter facing Terrenus at present. Dredge was still at large, but after driving back his siege of Last Chance, it would undoubtedly be a while before he mustered up the forces needed to mount further assaults. Whether or not the symposium would come around to the issue of the Legion was not as important to Tenkai in the long run, given the nature of the threat the Enrele posed. There was a time and a place for everything. Still, there was something that struck him as odd. Namely, the freelance journalist by the name of Saturn. Rather than focusing on any one issue, she had instead tied them all together through the common thread of border security issues. It came off as strange to the monk, who knew that nothing less than a fully armed bastion at several points surrounding Terrenus would have delayed a force the size of the Legion's. After all, Dredge had attacked by sea, but the threat he posed originated from within the continent. For that matter, focusing on conventional defenses and methods to deal with an unconventional foe like the Enrele felt counter-intuitive, and suggesting that Terrenus' governors were inadequate because of these issues wasn't exactly helpful at all. There was something particularly strange about this one. There was something about the look of her soul that made the monk suspicious, as if something unseen was at play here. Of course, this was Terrenus, and there was already quite a number of strange things about the souls of everyone present. It was not something he wished to distract himself with, but he would not forget it nonetheless. The monk pored over the data provided to him by Noel. These "Enrele" did not sound pleasant in the slightest. The rate at which they had grown in number was staggering. Over 22 million people claimed by an alien parasite? Was there any way to reverse such damage? For the most part, the suggestions from the rest of the symposium ran the gamut between practical and pragmatic to the most predictable "we shall defeat this alien menace!" zeal. There was much talk of fighting the threat like any other enemy in war, while also ideas about following the trend of infection, sterilization, inoculation and other means of preventing these creatures from spreading further. Yet there was virtually no one speaking about a way to save those already taken by the parasite. When the one named Audric spoke of striking down suspicious groups, was he speaking of the Enrele alone or of their hosts as well? Hopefully not. After all, what good was a surgical strike if whole clusters of people were now hostile targets to be killed? For a brief moment, Tenkai's eyes fell upon Raveena. No doubt this situation reminded her of the same thing. After all, Tenkai was there as well when the so-called "Infiltrators" had struck, at a time that felt like almost a lifetime ago. Neither of them were strangers to the thought of having to kill innocent people who were too far gone to be saved. That was why Tenkai would not be satisfied until he was all but certain it had come to that. When the baton came to him, the monk made his thoughts brief. "Rather than speak of what I think should be done to deal with the Enrele, I have some questions to ask in order to gain a better understanding of the situation. Namely, has there been any instance of reversing the infection in an individual or safely removing the parasite from them? Additionally, has the Terran government or any concerned parties involved sent any psychics or psionically-capable operatives to deal with this threat?" Being a relative stranger for the most part, Tenkai needed to know these answers before he could speak further. For all he knew, his questions could open up an entirely new angle of thought for those present.
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    Deus Ex Aizen

    General chat thread

    Caught up with posting like
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    Deus Ex Aizen

    The T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative

    After the fall of the Tyrant Regime, the Taen Empire and it's noble houses established themselves across the islands of Ursa Madeum. The island of Thraece is in dire need of arable land and healthy water to rebuild business and establish Port Thea and it's Consulate ties to Terrenus and Genesaris proper. As the only noble family on the island, House Senaria is spearheading a Conservation alongside the Thean Consulate to help restore the land, and protect and preserve it's ecological integrity, as well as provide an institute for studying, collecting, and breeding new flora and fauna across Ursa Madeum. Certain to be quite the task, she's enlisted the help of other Taen nobility and beyond to assist her in Thraece's renaissance. Thus she proposed THRIVE. Thraecean Headquarters for Rehabilitation and Innovation of Vital Ecology Phase 1: Restoring Coastal Integrity - The coastal waters are rife with dead zones. As areas suffocate from a lack of oxygen due to explosive algae growth triggered by nutrient poisoning from the mainlands, flora and fauna alike either die off, or relocate beyond ideal reaches, a notable reason for Thraece's economic suffering. Extract these suffocating sea beds and help revive the oxygen levels in the water. Introduce new species of floral and fauna (open invitation for lorecrafting!) so that the biome and begin to balance itself out! QUESTS FOF PHASE 1: Phase 2: Restoring the Mainland Integrity - Stripped of nutrients and life, Thraece is practically barren, but holds enormous potential. Having made a deal with the local leyline, Raveena is keen to make the land arable again. Introduce new flora and fauna with the help of House Hildebrand, House Senaria hopes to revive the agricultural business for Thraece, as well as the future Port Thea's economic boom. Phase 3: Building the Conservation - Once the land and sea have been returned to a healthy state, the Thrive Conservation will be built as an open Hot Spot for Port Thea. People will be able to study lore, create lore and invent new species of flora and fauna to contribute or borrow. I like the idea of an IC think tank, where people can study for medicinal purposes whether it's to heal someone or poison them. Of venturing to Port Thea for a quest to find or breed a unique species that is a key component to something else. Of finding the scale of a rare fish for artifact creation. I personally have an apothecary I'm adding to the city so I'll personally get plenty of use! I think the possibilities are limitless, and having everyone's ideas pooled in, invites a wealth of knowledge and information sharing. One component of Thrive will be something like a group that is responsible for traveling outside of UM and collecting species, studying them and reporting back and if any would be vital or may thrive in UM. Some may be quests, others may be Slice-o-Lifes. I'll flesh out more details based on interest. I thought it'd make for a really great project that people could help contribute with. Anyway! Look forward to more details on that once I get caught up with posts I owe.
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    Sleepy Seal

    Devourer of Flames

    “That’s James Eredas?” Reyna pointed to the silhouette of a man being struck by lightning in the distance. He was hit three times and still stood his ground. “Yes, Lady Reyna. And that is one of the Legion’s leaders,” Reece, in turn, pointed to the hulking fire giant that was beginning its retreat onto one of the stolen ships. “They say he’s come to rid our world of suffering by ending all life on Valucre. Oddly enough, it makes sense. If there’s no life, there won’t be any suffering.” The pair were alone in The Frozen Pelican, a barhouse in Blairville owned by none other than the Duchess Senaria. The doors were locked and spells were cast on every window to ensure that not a sound would leave the room. At a table they sat, facing one another, a holographic sphere display between them. The sphere depicted the point of view of an unknown fighter running along a coast at what seemed to be the battle for Last Chance. Reyna raised her eyebrows as the point of view snapped around a hundred and eighty degrees to reveal Jinsoku Hayabusa hard in pursuit of the person recording. A gauntleted hand appeared in the corner of the display, firing a green coil of sickly energy at Jinsoku seconds later. Just as the coil was about to hit him, he took a dive into the sand, the death coil sailing over his head. “How was your fight?” Reyna eyed Reece thoughtfully. “I had him on the ropes,” he joked, “He’s lucky that I stubbed my toe on the way there or he would’ve been finished.” “You’re full of shit, Reece,” Reyna teased, but even as her lips bore some semblance of joy, her eyes were distant and sad. Sensing that something was bothering her, the Duchess’s squire decided to give her the space she needed. “I should take my leave. I need to get back to base before my master starts to get suspicious,” Reece grabbed the jacket that hung on his chair and proceeded to unlock the door of the barhouse. As he pushed it open and waded out into the daylight, he cast Reyna one final glance. She was still deep in thought, staring expressionlessly at the holographic sphere in front of her. Not even a goodbye for her most loyal servant. Reece sighed, as he shut the door quietly. She was alone at last.
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    Destruction des morts

    The drive to the WAK had the stiff reek of doom and gloom - a peculiar sensation Echo hadn’t experienced since the dark days of university. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t miss the smell. It reminded her too much of Professor Jindal. The sheer amount of stress she’d racked up in that old bastard’s class should’ve made 100 mph hours a very trivial joy ride. “That’s definitely a dragon,” Dove said. “Yep.” The Humvee thundered down the exit ramp, took the corner on two wheels, and hurtled down the road in a fit of useless honking. “Makes you wonder if it’s German too.” Dove held onto the dashboard like it was a lifeline. “What’s a German?” “Were you not listening to the radio?” “I’ve been busy trying to avoid getting a concussion, thank you.” The Humvee swerved just in time to narrowly dodge the front end of a taxi. “So, what is it?” “Oh, I have no idea.” Echo started fiddling with the radio dial, flipping through channels. She settled on HOT 59.5, where the familiar anthem of the Gee Bees washed over the jets shrieking overhead. “All I know is that they mentioned something about a giant who keeps screaming things, like, ‘ICH BIN SAUER’ or ‘FAHR ZUR HÖLLE’. Really aggressive stuff. One of the cops - said he was Canadian, whatever that means - thought he recognized the language as German before having some kind of emotional breakdown.” “…Alright, then.” “Yeah, poor guy really wanted to go home.” Echo drummed her fingers against the steering wheel. She tried to ignore the rhythmic flashes of orange lighting up the horizon. Everything was happening so fast, too fast. It almost didn’t feel real. The fact that the night unfolded the way it already had made the gun at her waist feel just that little bit too small, too frivolous, like she’d brought a super soaker to the end of the world. Fortunately, there was a potential fix for that. Taking one hand off the wheel, she fished her iCrystal from her left pocket. She tossed the device over to Dove, who caught it with a nimble swipe. “What am I supposed to do with this?” Dove said. “Put your number in it,” Echo replied. “Seriously though, go to my contacts and call Carter Riggs. Make sure to put him on speaker.” Dove nodded, then began tapping away at the screen. Eventually three rings filled the car, and a gruff voice answered on the other end. “Echo, thank god! Are you- wait, are you listening to ‘Staying Alive’?" “HOT 59.5 always knows how to get the mood just right.” She turned onto a side street while Garry Bibb felt the city shakin’ and everybody breakin’. “Listen, where are you right now?” “Don’t worry, I’m already aboard the Casimir. Klavier’s on his way too, along with a few other ship hands.” The pilot paused. “You coming?” “I’m actually on my way to the WAK with my new friend. She does palm readings and tarot cards. Dove, say hi.” Dove opened her mouth to say something- SCHREEEEEEEEE -before nearly slamming into the dashboard. “As you can see, she’s very shy.” “Mmm.” Carter knew something was amiss. He always did. “Do you want us to meet you there? Could take us close to a half-hour before we’re ready for launch. I still need to swap out the Exalta prisms, and Command’s all over the place with sign-offs.” Not what she wanted to hear but it would do. “That’s fine. Head over soon as you’re able. I’ll give you a call if anything changes.” “Roger that, Cap. Stay safe.” “You too.” The Humvee came to a halt in front of the WAK gates. Both women stepped out at once, breathing in the cold autumn air. Echo thumbed the safety off her pistol as they drew past the first dead body, which happened to be missing the top half of its head, unlike the second, which was missing the entirety of its head. “Wow, I really don’t want to go in there.” @amenities @Mag @bfc @SweetCyanide @Stumbler
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    Well, at least I managed to post before the weekend ended lol. Sorry if it’s not great, I’m a bit out of practice. But I am ready to get this baby rolling again.
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    Relic Quests

    Brief: Investigate if Kadian settlements have managed to survive the Harrowing, and if there are any forces of Corruption residing in them. Item: Personal All Terrain Vehicle A small ship of Kadian design, used for exploration and scouting by both soldiers and the civilian Kadian settlers--who are cultivating the land deep into the island. These ships are incredibly mobile and cover ground far more quickly than horses. Capable of suborbital, and limited orbital flight, and can easily be modified with weapons. Soldiers and civilians alike take to holding recreational races, much to the chagrin of high command. Class: C Pages: 1+
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    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    I'm sorry for being so slow, I've been busy lately because I'm traveling to the US alone very soon *Tomorrow in fact*
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    Desolation (Hell's Gate)

    SUMMARY: A mysterious killer known as The Apostate commits another grisly murder, and sends a video of it to Channel Ten news. Detective Alexander Hawk is brought on to the case, but struggles to make sense of the seemingly random killings; but quickly ascertains that The Apostate is a member of the organization of serial killers known as Canon Diabolique. When Channel Ten fails to broadcast the tape sent to them, The Apostate infiltrates the news station, and unleashes a poltergeist formed from his last victim; which proceeds to slaughter two anchors on live television before the specter is stopped by Hawk. Going over the evidence again, the detective finds a clue that points towards a militant order of the Gaianist Church known as The Order of Thorns, and finds that all of the Apostates victims were members. Using this information, he succeeds in getting to the last victim in time to stop the killer from claiming his prize. After a brief confrontation, the Apostate flees the scene, though not before Hawk realizes that he was once a member of the Order. SHORT SUMMARY: A brutal serial killer known as the Apostate stalks the streets of Hell's Gate, as Detective Alexander Hawk races to stop him. CONSEQUENCES: 1. A serial killer is active in Hell's Gate 2. His victims all belonged to a Gaian sect known as The Order of Thorns 3. The killer has been revealed to have been a member of The Order of Thorns @supernal
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    Venus Sprite

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    This sounds very interesting. I would very much like to join. Not sure about a character yet but if it's ok for me to join I'll think of something!
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    Canon Updates to Yh'mi

    Completed thread The Grey Gateway link Summary: Nearly 200 km south of Lirrey, a silver portal opens up in the skies. The Unknown Territories released their hold on a volcano, replacing it with a smaller green mountain. The despairing aura of Yh'mi wasted no time and coalesced with the mountain, sucking away whatever unique life-magic inhabited the structure. A group was sent to investigate, warned about the dangers of venturing into the Unknown. After losing more than half of their members during their journey, the group discovered creatures that were not native to Yh'mi, but rather seemed to be gross mutations of animals such as bears and wolves. The group decided to turn back after collecting the corpse of a mutated wolf pup. It was too dangerous to proceed without having a clue of what they were facing. After analysis of the pup's remains, it was determined that the creature originated from Taen. Similarly, reports came in of a silver streak over the skies of Taen, and a black volcano that appeared out of nowhere. This incident triggered the head of the Order of the White Hand to travel to the neighbouring Ursa Madeum islands to attend a symposium hosted by the Taen Empire for leaders of independent nations in Terrenus. Effects: Updated the map of Yh'mi and locations - Doomed Steps, Netherpeaks, Narrow Pass and Taen Portal & Mountain. @King @Wanderlost
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    Not a great day mental health wise. Helps to write it down and talk to people about it, but sometimes I tend to make hasty assumptions about how people feel about me, which convinces me that alienating myself from them is better than actually bothering them about how they actually feel about me. It's not a healthy way to live my life though, and I hope that as I grow and learn that I start to change that mindset. If someone doesn't like me or what I do, then I can't change that and I shouldn't waste energy worrying about it. All I can do is try to be my best and hope that I can show people the best part of myself because the bad parts of me I don't like a lot. Yeah so that's been my head space for the day. Hope everyone else is having a better one than I.
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    Destruction des morts

    Just like the sultry princess, there are other individuals who are more or less interested in entering the elevator as well. There were in fact a child or two. Giggling, these kids were happily running to and fro all around the city just after managing to escape their guardian. Well, at least they tried to as the aforemrntioned guardian was on their trail, while carrying two more kids in either arms and one latched onto her back. The two escapees were too busy running away that they did not notice what the sulty woman did, nor the orc entering the elevator. Just two children enjoying their out-oftown vacation in Tia. But perhaps misfortune happen even to those who were already unfortunate as this kids and their nanny may have inadvertently entered said elevator to accidently stand together with the mysteriously provocative woman as they all wait for the elevator to change floors. The kids are stubborn especially now that it was their first time riding an elevator. None of them would want to go out of the giant metal box that goes thummmmmm and makes their tummy flutter. In fact they would have wanted to keep on riding it, much to their nanny's dismay. The nanny too knew that once these little buggers are dead set on something, she would have no choice but to indulge them for a bit. These kids would tire of it soon enough. The problem is, when? ---- "Nanny! Nanny! That woman is slutty!" One little girl blurted out, then covered her mouth as she realized she spoke something bad. While "Now, now, Natalya. It's not good to point out the obvious, especially with strangers. A cute little lady like you must not grow up like this woman. It would be bad for your reputation." "Yes, nanny." Natalya earnestly nodded in assent. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with enlightenment. As soon as the nanny's watchful gaze left her, Natalya would stick her tongue out at sultry woman. "Nanny! Nanny! Did you see outside?" Another child chirped, this time from one of the boys. "Not yet, Vadin. But I would love to hear all about it." "Nanny, outside was awesome! There as this huge guy wearing armor and he has flames like he's in heat! People keep calling him "fur kong" and I wanna grow up to be a Fur kong! Cause he looks really badass!" Vadin's words were met with 'ooohhs' and 'aaahhhhhs' from the other kids not from what he said but because of the intensity of his words. "Now, now, Vadin. It's bad to make names especially with strangers. I believe that man was Feurerkönig. But you should stay away from him cause he's a stranger and what do we do with people we don't know?" "Don't talk to strangers!" They all answered in chorus then burst out in laughs and giggles. Their nanny could do nothing but smile at their childish antics. She hope that their little tour would not be met with mishaps.
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    Jumping in on the semi-AFV train for at most two weeks, as I'm headed out of the country for some much needed R&R ❤ @everyone I'm writing with—will post to all my active threads waiting on me before I go! Posting may be extremely slow while I'm away, so if I can't post by a certain timeframe, please do feel free to skip me! ?
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    [Wind Court] To the beyond

    Today the wind made it seem the countless flowers in the courtyard were arms reaching up to the sky and waving to greet the giant ball of flame. Jale was watching the spectacle from inside the mansion while eating and drinking ale: alone in the room enjoying a bit of time away from all the politics and mundane tasks that being a groom of a Padsha included. She’s been off somewhere doing something for the past 4 weeks, he couldn’t be bothered to remember what, for so much went on in her life that it was difficult to keep track. When he wasn’t politicking and the like he spent his time speaking with the staff of the estate, trying desperately to figure out where he would fit. Thus far he has felt like a puzzle piece that is trying to find a place to fit in an already completed puzzle. The estate ran like clockwork; however, after 4 weeks of talking to the staff he found that wasn’t the case. Maids, guards, cooks, they all had their stories ranging from Nesoi’s seemingly endless list of needs to the maiden’s pickiness. Discussions went well enough, yet he couldn’t help but overhear the barely audible whispers regarding his vitiligo when his back was turned. This would be an unfortunate reality that he would have to get used to, for this was no longer the brigade where no soldier was scrutinized for such factors. Jale often pondered if the Padsha would have personally chosen him and what she actually thought of his appearance, but he was honestly afraid of what sort of outburst he would have if she said anything negative about it. Some of the others were already intimate with Nesoi before the marriage; meanwhile, he was chosen by the abilities he displayed in the games alone. They thought that “A man with the initiative of an ox would be useful to the Padsha”. His feelings toward his new wife feel less like love and more like undying respect, he just wishes she could stop being so regal for just a moment, so he could figure out what she is really like behind all that responsibility and nobility. Perhaps that truly was all that she was. It was in the middle of this thought that a maid that he knew as Sylvia knocked on the door, saying that his wife had finally come back from her week-long business trip. It was finally time to lay eyes upon Nesoi. Hastily, Jale got out of his seat and made his way to his lady’s quarters. Two had gotten there before him. “How was the trip, Nesoi? I’m sure you encountered no problem during the negotiation.” He kept his voice firm yet friendly. He stood at attention and patiently waited for a response
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    Moon Owl

    House Dermont

    _+_House Dermont_+_ “Even in the darkest of nights, we shall remain ever vigilant.” Crest of the Enlightened Few The traditional emblem of House Dermont is the wise Owl and the glowing Moon behind it, representing their self-proclaimed duty to stand vigilant watch even during the darkest of nights, offering their knowledge and insight to all whom they deem worthy. The Banishment of House Dermont Even in their golden age, House Dermont have never really been considered a martial resource to any of the other Noble Houses of Ursa Madeum, however whatever they lacked when it came to the battlefield they made up with proving themselves as brilliant strategists. Many times their highly progressive way of thought and sometimes unortodox methods have turned the tides of war from certain defeat. However their cunning minds proved a double edged sword, for it did not take long for the Tyrant-King to take note of their accomplishments. Fearing that they would someday plot against him, he used his political power to slander and tarnish their name and in turn brand House Dermont as traitors and outcasts from the royal court. Following their banishment from the royal court, the majority of House Dermont accepted their exile and departed for the last that had cast them aside to seek new fortune in other lands. All but a few remained, determined to endure the hard times that they knew awaited them. Impoverished and dishonored, their desperate pleas for aid with other Houses that had previously called themselves friends to House Dermont was met with deaf ears as the house slowly began to fall into ruin until their name was nothing but a distant memory to those remaining within the royal court. "But no matter the circumstances, we shall never forget nor forgive their betrayal." - Arnau Échelot Dermont The Many Faces of House Dermont After their banishment, those who had served House Dermont became separated in three different factions, divided largely between the three different branches of lineage within the House. Although the majority of the members in different groups remained loyal to their former fellow house members, some of them developed rivalries between each others, mainly due to differing morals and agendas for the future of the House. Even though it has been years since their banishment, internal struggles have proven to hinder any real progress to reclaim what has been taken from them. Corinthian Vex Crows Consisting mainly of traditionalists that decided to remain in the shades of the great Capital. While most of them struggle to scrape by even on a daily basis, they do their best to remain true to the old virtues of House Dermont. Lead by the remaining members of the Échelot linage from the heart of their beloved nation, they are determined to ensure that Ursa Madeum will never suffer again at the cruel hand of a Tyrant. As cunning thieves, they only take from the rich and the elite, who in their eyes has grown fat on their own gluttony while the poor suffer for their insatiable greed for too long. "Revolution awaits in all those who have suffered by the hands of those who would put themselves above others." - Arnau Échelot Dermont Thraecian Marauders Left without other options, in their desperation many of the warriors that had served House Dermont decided to take refuge within the Pirate’s Cove. Although reluctant at first, in time most of them decided to take up arms to take what they need by force if they have to in order to survive. They make up the bulk to what remains of the quite meager martial might. After their banishment, the Béchardieu linage stood up and took charge when others had fallen into despair and have since then shepherded their now fiercely loyal flock. "If you want, you can ask the dead if honor matters. History is written by the victors, never forget that. We all have blood on our hands." - Tristan Béchardieu Dermont Misral Windrunners Their choice was simple, embrace the untamed wilds to hone their skills of hunting to perfection, or find themselves perish at the hands of their deadly prey. While they have adopted a more nomadic culture they remain bound by blood and in turn honor bound to their ancestors to seek vengeance for past transgressions. Because of that, it is their ambition of one day returning to the streets of the Andelusia. Isolated on the island of Misral from the events that branded them as outcasts, the d'Lamonac linage had no other choice but to lead those strong enough to survive the dangers of the wildlands of Misral away from the prosecution fabricated by the Tyrant-King. "Our scars does not signify our failures or defeat, but rather they serve as a reminder of our determination to endure, adapt and overcome. Wear them with pride, for you have all earned them with blood." - Eleanor d'Lamonac Dermont Linage of House Dermont While perhaps not as renown as other Noble houses, the linage of House Dermont goes back far and their roots runs deep. Perhaps it has been due to their ideology that the more power you attain, the closer you become to ruin. Throughout the ages, they have witnessed great leaders emerge to later find themselves ruined at the hand of their own ambitions and achievements. "For it gets lonely on the top, therefore one would be wise remain in the middle where it is easy to blend into the crowds." - Cedric Échelot Dermont Noteworthy Members of House Dermont 11th Generation_ 12th Generation Reservation for changes
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    General chat thread

    Oh. I need to set up invasi--I mean a party there sometime. When I have stable access. Yes, a party I mean. Nothing sinister at all. Whistles
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    Glad you enjoyed it! Oh, one correction though... Shane didn't actually chain Club Euphoria's doors shut. That was part of the flashback to his original crime that got him exiled from Norkotia. Since he figured the bomb would pretty much kill everyone instantly and leave little room for escape (unlike a fire, which would take a while) he wouldn't have felt the need to do anything to the club's doors. Not to mention he wasn't carrying around a chain. lol
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    Black And Red (OOC)

    Sounds delightful, I'll have one by the end of the night!
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    @Tyler loved the post! Glad we got to see it. NOW I'm gonna close it
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    Reflections (PM to join)

    Middy had followed the others into the car as silently as she could. She could already feel it, could sense what was about to come. From their looks and questionable actions earlier, Blond and John had something going on between them and Middy already understood from the beginning. There was no place for her between the two. As soon as they dropped her off, Middy chuckled bitterly. John had chosen Blonde leaving her all alone, dejected and depressed. The moments she had shared wih the man was nothing more but a fleeting memory but she would treasure them deeply in her heart. The memories she and Taen's crime lord had shared. She had always said it was only business but it seemed she was the one who didn't understand her place. Now that John had found something else, someone better than this poor excuse of a woman, Middy now regretted her choices. She was but a disposable tissue, easily gained and easily discarded as well, especially after she has been thoroughly consumed and soiled. once Perhaps if she had more courage, things would have been so different. Lighting the cigar she fished from her coat pocket, Middy would look back at Blonde's retreating ride, her eyes gazing longingly at the silhouette of the man she once knew and the woman she looked up to. They looked perfect for each other. Biting back the stinging tears, Middy inhaled deeply from her cigar, the tobacco's rich taste was her only solace. Perhaps this was her fate. Even now she still envied her late mothee for at least having Dredge before Middy ended her. But it seemd Middy was the one who lost, as she was the one who had nothing left in the end. Exhaling the smoke together with the pent-up feelings inside her, the Mistress began her long walk home, the wisps of smoke trailing in her down her sorrowful wake. It was painful, but the Middy simply accepted her. She was just the Mistress after all.
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    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Of course it’s okay for you to join! this is getting a great turnout! ?
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    Two scores of wolves bounded through the forest path, their padded paws muffling their steps, their soundless lightning trek. They were a blur as they pass through shrubs and thickets, clambering over huge boulders and fallen tree trunks, and leaping past thin streams and crevices on the ground. These wolves vary greatly from their lesser counterparts in the mountains. They are better, larger, thicker, faster and harder than any wolf that ever existed. And leading them was the hardest wolf of them all, Greyfur. Greyfur sniffed at the air in an effort to track the forest's intruders. There were a score of two-legs, almost all of them are filled to the brim with power. He knew that it will be a brutal battle, one that would inflict heavy casualties to both sides but Greyfur would persevere. He cannot let these two-legs trample on his home. He will defend it to the death. Soon they'll meet the Mistress and her crew. Soon, there will be blood.
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    Canon Updates to Yh'mi

    Completed thread Accretion link Summary: Two people enter Yh'mi with the stated mission of delivering a letter to a band of gypsies who had gone searching for a family artifact said to be buried somewhere in Yh'mi. In reality, the two are searching for the Gypsies for reasons of their own. The two found the gypsies near the vein of Ercaniron that had been uncovered earlier by prospectors. They had incurred the wrath of a Gutterfiend. The two brokered a deal with the matriarch of the clan; in exchange for saving their lives and guaranteeing their safety back, the gypsies will smuggle a large amount of Ercaniron out of the country for them. Effects: Updated the quest description for What's Mine is Mine to include discovering the clues about the smuggling of the Ercaniron ore. @Mag @Chappu
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    La Bruja (Private)

    @danzilla3 Not wanting to be outdone, Patricia took her cocktail which was in a rather decent sized Colin’s glass, and downed what remained of it. The small woman had quite the tolerance to alcohol despite her size, in all honesty since arriving in this world she had been drinking a little too much. But that wasn’t something she wished to think about, it was a date and she was here to try and have fun and not wallow in any feelings of despair. Placing the glass on the bar, the more than attentive bar tender approached and awaited instructions. ”You’re gonna love it, trust me. It’s the most authentic and similar cuisine from the planet I used to live on.” Patricia hadn’t just let that information slip, she was always a cautious person. But they had to talk about something. She’d then turn her attention to the bar tender to order. She’d be sure to give the man the full experience. ”I’ll take four Paloma’s right now, then two more after that ten minutes from now. Then after that a bottle of your best red and we’ll be ready to order. Also be sure to take care of my friend Jack here with whatever he needs.” Patricia of course did not intend for herself to drink all that by herself. Hopefully John could keep up with her. If there was one thing she did keep from her days as a kid on a non stop party planet. It was her ability to drink and cut loose when the time called for it. ”You’re not going to make a girl drink all that by herself are you?” She smiled once more at the man and could hopefully strike up a conversation. It had been months since arriving on this world since she had genuinely had a conversation with anyone without her mask on, without the commanding aura about her, and certainly not being in a situation where people were dying left and right. She didn’t want Jack to think she was boring, and while she had just ordered a fair amount of alcohol as if this were a mixer. She was confident that the man had the constitution to get through the drinks and then on to dinner, and hey if things went well than perhaps coffee back at her bar. For now the bartender would get the first two cocktails up. A beverage that smelled of cactus or agave based liquor mixed with a pale citrus juice that gave it almost a light green hue to it.
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    Role Expansion! #1: Terminal Gates

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    “Well-met, foreigners. The captain agrees to your boarding under the terms that you come alone and unarmed. Should you find these requests unreasonable, anchor on the starboard side, and you may discuss terms from the comfort of your vessel.” “They must be out of their minds if they think we will allow our Light to board alone. Scheming dark creatures….” “We didn’t choose to be dropped into their world. If they want to make those demands then maybe we should have let them dock our land. We are not relinquishing any advantage to….them…” With a spit of disgust and majority agreement, the men made the assumption that their Light was in agreement but Raylon simply stared out into the watery abyss before him, furrowing his brows and bringing the pad of his thumb and index finger just above his right eye as he juggled his possible options within his burdened mind. It would be foolish of him to blindly trust anyone on that vessel and place himself in a position where he would be forced to defend himself. The men behind him continued to work to keep the vessel afloat, tweaking several subsystems to maintain buoyancy and power should they need to activate any defenses. The captain of the vessel spoke plainly to his leader. “So what are you going to do my king?” The struggle of maintaining strength when debilitating guilt and anguish aimed to drag him down made Raylon hesitate as his silver eyes stared blankly at the Black Swan as if he could extract answers from staring alone but he did not. Instead, he dug deep into whatever reserves he had and relied on instinct to provide his next option. He regretted leaving Luz back on shore now as her particular set of skills would have been all he needed to mostly comply with their demands. His only other regrettable option was to rely on someone he would rather leave suppressed than ever allow any agency to. <“Just board the ship whelp. You know you have the strength to make them regret any underhanded tactics. I will ensure your survival.”> There wasn’t a hint of care or protection laced within the words Havoc provided then and Raylon immediately became suspicious of the deity’s willingness to place him in danger as if he knew what might happen already. Raylon turned to his men and finally delivered his directive regardless. “I will board the ship alone. Stay vigilant and follow your captain’s orders…” The captain, wide-eyed, immediately objected. “I cannot let you do this alone. Let me come with you. They cannot possibly deny at least one person…” A hand firmly landed on the captain’s shoulders. “We have invaded their home. No matter how much deniability we know we have, they cannot possibly know that we have not come to declare war. I will do my best to ensure you and all of our people do not suffer any more than we already have. We must approach with humility…not arrogance. Now bring us closer.” The captain clearly disagreed but followed orders regardless, slowly bringing the vessel closer before beginning the boarding process. Several of his men darted angry glances over to whatever crew was visible on the Orisian ship, wary of all of them no matter whether they were vampyre, human, or any other race. Raylon decidedly left Raikoh on the Illyrian vessel, the staff humming and then shaking uncontrollably as if it disagreed with its wielder as well. The Illyrian Robe that he wore vibrated violently, especially as it came closer to Marcellus or any vampiric crewmember. He rose to a point where he could finally see most of those aboard the ship and then found his lips parting in surprise at the one person he had not expected to see so soon. “Irene…” His eyes began to water significantly and then his gaze became downcast for a few brief moments before he breathed in deeply and finally stepped foot on the Black Swan. He lifted his head and then his silver eyes never lost sight of the golden pools he remembered so vividly though her countenance denoted a gap between them thick with confusion. If she kept her gaze on him she would notice the absence of that familiar smile that had never wavered in their previous meetings. This confrontation was something he had begun to dread ever since he arrived in what was previously Antigua that day. He had tried to prepare himself for it, but the sight of her small frame battered him to the point where it was simply a struggle not to allow the pain and sadness he felt for her people lay waste to him right then and there. He could not speak right now for fear that his voice would evince how utterly unprepared he was right now. His mind struggled to find out how to approach this but he feared he would not be able to adequately prepare for this no matter how much time he had to collect himself. There the Illyrian King stood, staring helplessly at the Black Queen of Orisia, mouth parting occasionally as if he wanted to speak but he just couldn’t for what seemed like eons. She deserved better in this moment, however, so it was after a few moments to gather himself that all he could muster were these next few words…. “I am so sorry Irene….”
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    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Huh, something to keep in mind then. Anyways, so maybe this might be a bit presumptious of me, but I am guessing you are very much interested Hurttoto. YOu got a character you already made to throw at this you wanna link, or you planning to make a new one? I tend to be an extremely curious person. Also, some notes: The clothes you see in Momo's picture is essentially the school uniform. Grey shirt, black shorts/skirt, green tie. However, the shirt usually has sleeves, while for some reason Momo's shoulders are bare, while he has seperate sleeves on his arms that are black and just not connected to anything, although they do have a tech interface. Although obviously not allowed, there is still some bullying that goes on, especially on the smaller and weaker looking students. (like Momo, who is smaller then some girls his age). New students tend to be unable to avoid getting some sort of hazing...of course, the method and the result depend on who is doing it, and who is recieving it. Lets just say, if that new student is an expert at karate and knows how to disable someone without leaving mark, it tends to be light or non-existant. And after such an incident occured, no to almost no hazings have occured that resulted in permenant mental scarring or trauma, or even anything beyond extreme levels of embarrassment and discomfort. (And to this day, new students still thank that Karate prodigy, and the Karate class is always fully booked) Students are asked to keep themselves clean and presentable, and are required to use the showers in the lockerroom after Gym class, or the emergency shower in the Experimentation room if something goes horribly, horribly wrong. Students that have special conditions or situations will be accomodated accordingly. This ranges from medical conditions, to having amnesia and taking periodic trips to travel the world, to all sorts of things. Cheating will have SEVERE consequences if caught. Incidentally, cheating has evolved to new hights among the most successful of cheaters. Just some ideas I came up with, maybe will spark some ideas? Changes may still occur before we start, and I am open to suggestions if anyone else has ideas they want to ask about!
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    Rotwell had always wanted to visit an island that had infact been scarcely charted by those who sought discovery. The island itself was particularly small, had a lack of useful resources, and no natural magic. It was merely a blank small island surrounded by islands where anomalies were a regular occurence, he thought the surrounding islands are most likely the cause of the island being like this.... So I presume this is the island? And whats this project on about? As he stepped off his small air craft he approched one of the strange structures known as a Zerenith "so whats thats main purpose?"
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    It seems the cartel also had the same idea as Dan. Even under the assault of such a powerful enemy the ladies of the cartel had held fast. Ignoring the damage done to their bodies, the cartel plunged through the enemie's blast of power, losing chunks of flesh in the process. They never feared death for they knew as long as the Mistress is alive, they too will keep on coming back from the dead. Blades flashed as the charging mad women unsheathe their weapons for the first time. And as one, they all ran a little bit slower than Dan's speed, reaching the enemy half a heartbeat later than Dan. In complete coordination, they aimed their blades at various parts of the entity's body. The Mistress on the other hand simply watched from the sidelines waiting for the enemy's-no- the god's reaction. If Havoc is around here watching, he should show some more interest in lower beings like us. But it seemed the god had yet to notice that the Mistress is the agent of a self-proclaimed fertility goddess. And her ladies are also agents of a self-proclaimed god of death. She too is curious how well they will fare against a real god. If they survive that is.
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    Dan was a touch upset. Not only did this thing have the nerve to not be the perpetrator of this whole disaster, but a robot instead, it also had the audacity to try and match his speed, and then on top of THAT, ran at him, and veered off to punch the vampire. Unacceptable. Dan could feel Him slowly clawing into his consciousness. The aggravating arrogance this robot seemed to have combining with the irritation of this whole thing turning out to be NOT fighting the mastermind beginning to mount and multiply itself inside Dan's mind. No. Not yet. He wasn't needed for this. Dan and Sanguine had this well under control. And if they didn't, the cartel and their Gunters would be more than enough help. Smothering His influence as best as he could manage under the stress, Dan ran to the robot at the same speed as before, and right as Sanguine went in to drive his sword into the robot, Dan slashed his own sword horizontally at its waist, aiming to cleave it in two.
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    Retreating inside shortly after Alistair's departure, Maryanne decided not to immediately hunt him through the halls. If either of them was to do the chasing, she was just not in the mood for it to be her. Instead, she would head for her bedchambers in favour of a hot bath. Perhaps an odd thing for a cold-bodied vampire to desire, but it was perhaps little more than a lingering sentiment from her previous life. Besides, when you brew up a bath of scented oils or fragrant plants, it's a wonderful, pampering experience that she thought she deserved after her good deed. Unfortunately, however, she was stopped on her way by a very distracting commotion. Peering around the half-open door to seek out the source of the noise, she noticed three red-faced servants breathing heavily, one armed with a broom, the other two dual-wielding pots and pans. Chairs had been toppled over and it seemed one of them had tripped on the upturned corner of one of the Master's fine rugs. Stepping silently into the room, she addressed the three, each posed in different positions similar to poorly formed fighting stances, all of them glowering at the, indeed grand, grandfather clock ticking rhythmically against the wall. "What madness is this?" Startled, they all turn to her, lips flapping wordlessly like surprised fish. "Well-" One of them started, finally finding their voice. But before he could continue, something small, furry, and brown skittered out from under the clock, and over the round woman's foot. She shrieked and kicked reflexively, sending the small mouse flying a few feet through the air towards Maryanne. Now, even immortal vampires are capable of having irrational phobias, would you believe? And I ask, can you possibly guess what phobia Mary could potentially have, out of the vast, expansive array of them? Why mice, of course. Letting out a loud and undignified yelp of her own, Maryanne flung out her hand to shield herself, unknowingly drawing every drop of moisture from the creatures body out through its skin until it tore open and its eyes shriveled in its skull like little raisins. The liquid she defensively extracted hovered over the dried and shredded corpse like a cloud, until she quickly drew back her hand and it splattered onto the rug. Maryanne cringed. Hopefully The Master never found out about her less than scary-vampire behavior, or, the stain on his rug which she hoped the, now rather green-looking, servants could remove. Ignoring the fact that in a residence full of vampires and other spooks, someone was bound to have heard her yell, she instructed the staff to keep quiet about the unfortunate ordeal, leaving the room on legs that felt as though her marrow had turned to jelly. Once in her room, she shut the door perhaps a little harder than she had intended, causing it to rattle in its frame. Rushing to the bathroom, she filled the tub with hot water and began pouring in moonflower oil and jasmine scented pearls that would quickly dissolve turning the water an opalescent white. Letting her dress slide to the floor to turn into a puddle of night sky, she stepped ouver it and into the claw-footed tub, sinking up to her neck in the now clouded water. Scrubbing her body thoroughly with a lavender body wash, even though she hadn't touched the vermin, she felt unclean. When her skin finally stopped crawling, she lay back and closed her eyes, ready to relax when another commotion outside reached her ears. Hissing through her teeth and fangs, she submerged under the water so she could no longer hear the sounds of unidentified roaring and violent crashing. Just one moment of peace today, that's all she's was asking for. Mary hardly thought that was unreasonable.
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    Not All Floods Involve Water [OOC]

    Thank you for the lovely post @Bkfootball. I really like your character, or what we've seen of them so far. She's a delight, and it looks like you probably have a lot of fun writing as them. Next post will be going up within the next couple of days here. I have Tuesday off, so my next post will be up then. If anyone else wants to post, they have until Tuesday to do so.
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    Symposium Against Doom

    In the remembrance of previous endeavors, Capria finds herself selfishly grateful that the currently gathered have been fortunate enough not to have their minds overthrown. Then again… When a pamphlet is given she tends to it. Ambered globes reviewing it detail by detail whilst listening to others speak in turn. An ample amount of the information provided is raised into consideration. The addition of visual schematics via the illustrative diagrams bringing about more self-reflective questioning. Why Doughton and Tia…? What do these two cities have in common? And what do the populations infected have in common? Which sex of each species is most affected or is there a balance between them? Retrospective review commences, nearly incumbent upon silent thought. Her vacant expression knitting together something more furrowed in the process. And it isn't until the chilled end of the baton makes contact with the flesh of her palm that she opens her mouth. “To build on the statements of all, maybe...we should treat them like a virus. Granted the information may be tainted, each hive should technically continue to spread by the same means and is consistently physiologically weak. Were we to somehow disrupt their ability to reproduce, it is possible to lower their rate of population growth to a significant degree. Instead of infiltrating the unpredictable terrain of such a vast hive mind. It may be better to cut them off by more physical means than mental or magical. If we can use VICTORY (a respectful nod of appreciative recognition to Audric) to figure out the physical states of the affected populations and find out what they have in common compared to those still uninfected by them...maybe we can produce a trend that tells us who is more or less likely to be infected and why? To better explain, some hosts are more applicable to particular viruses and symbiotes than others. With information like this, we may possibly use it-to add upon what that gentleman and Lady Renata suggest-to conquer one hive mind over another. Maybe even by more than one specific option. Sterilization of and a potential vaccination against.” The baton is momentarily used as a pointer dedicated to Evelyn/Erol's direction. The words spoken by the being linger at the forefront of her mind ‘your star system’, 'your', 'your', 'your'… then suddenly 'I' and 'we'… It isn't unusual to come across otherworldly beings in this day and age... and rather than allow any illumination of such thoughts to grace her once more empty expression, she turns to another. Passing the baton.
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Destruction des morts

    Yet again, Xavier arrives at the chaotic scene of yet another hostile attack upon a city full of unsuspecting individuals who would not be able to withstand the imposing machinations of the opportunistic and the sadistic. Lucky for them Blob Boss was not present here and instead chose to send him to investigate a city rumored to be struggling due to the fangy folks taking over. The orc care little for the politics of it all but the Blob Boss man insisted that there was something to be attained from the oppressed and needy here. So it was with this mindset that he had travelled here to Tia with a bit more freedom than previous outings where he had to conceal himself and sneak around as if he were unwanted. They all didn’t know how much he hated doing that despite being innately good at hiding himself from all sorts of scanning thanks to the gift Blob Boss gave him. What he ended up stepping into was just a fancier version of what he had witnessed at Tormo, with large beasts laying waste to the structural integrity of the city while all sorts of fangy folks took advantage of the commotion to feed or loot around. Xavier snorted at being forced to be evasive yet again, maneuvering his way around any situation that turned too heavy or too annoying to bother with. Rounding the corner of a very large building quietly, veiled by the shadows around him despite his massive size, he arrived in time to watch a beautiful woman exit a carriage and walk seductively while the moonlight glazed over her features in an alluring display that froze Xavier in his position. If Xavier had a weakness, it was for the beauty he saw in moments like these where racial differences mattered little and one could simply appreciate the present without the annoyance of being judged. Those auburn locks…that little black dress…the curves that aimed to confine such vibrant beauty! It was almost worth all of the trouble it had been to arrive here on foot given how far inland this city was from where he had left his ship. The orc continued to watch only to feel his nose scrunch up in confusion at the sudden shift in her gait and how she fumbled herself into the arms of the guards in front of the control center. Xavier had been just as fooled in that moment as the poor man that had gladly helped Belladonna and felt crushed when she just blatantly kissed the man. The orc didn’t know why he felt a sting of betrayal in that moment as if she had just dealt him a treacherous blow. Then, he saw the man touch his lips before falling limp to the ground. He contemplated deeply in his dark vantage point now as if calculating some extensive formula in his brain but what churned out of his mind was not as complicated. Beautiful lady….poisonous. Got it. He continued to observe how she disabled the other man and while he couldn’t make out what they were saying, it looked fun and flirtatious until she jabbed the blade straight into that man’s skull. Xavier blinked before feeling a rush of curiousity and attraction that was far more than that pretty leafy lady he had seen with Cedric at Tormo. She seemed poised to enter what looked like an important building that had important things in it so Xavier made the executive decision to follow her, waiting until after she dumped the bodies and the first receiver to begin his movements. The black ichor present on his body in the form of thin metallic armor rippled to help him hide his bulky frame within the shadows and remain out of sight even as Belladonna turned to the elevator. It wouldn’t be until the elevator opened and the woman was poised to enter that she would likely notice his massive frame cross the threshold of the control center where he lifted his massive hand and just waved. He loved surprising beautiful women! @ourlachesism @Zashiii
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    [Wind Court] To the beyond

    Felix Steiner-Davion was showering when the call to assembly came. He always did so after a rigorous training session. Although he was married now, he was still considered by many to be the Noble of the Rajput Brigade. At one point he was an Agnivanshi, a Rajput commander, but now he was wedded to Nesoi Leifa, a beautiful, powerful, yet spoiled lady as one of her grooms, both consort and protector. He was an older warrior, though he still appeared extremely handsome and young, with silvered hair and keen, regal features, a result of both fair luck and the curse of the Calling itself, granting him feminine features that would not be out of place on a boy on the cusp of manhood. Had it been purely his choice, he would have preferred to remain in the Rajput and win his own accolades there, but it was not. Politicking was something Felix disdained even though by all accounts and mannerisms he should have been good at it, though it was politicking that had led him to his life as part of the military elite as it was. There was no helping it. He was still bound to his fate, and as he finished the shower and dried and dressed, Felix put on the ever-present mask of nobility that had never been cracked before, even in the heat of battle. At the very least, he could still keep his famed prodigious sword skills honed and his body tempered, as much as for his own sake as it was for that of his honored wife. Soon, he stood across from Lady Nesoi, and next to another one of her grooms, Sanguine he believed his name was, and bowed to his lady. He was dressed in red and gold robes, and his signature dual curved falchions lay belted to his waist. "Welcome back my darling" he addressed her politely and warmly. There was no need for anything else. She would direct and speak, and he would follow.
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    ethela penna

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    Destruction des morts

    Belladonna is, despite all signs to the contrary, in a rather blissful state of nerve-wracking anxiety. Goes to show she is not the same woman, deep down, as three years ago before her return to the nest, thanks for nothing, Mother Crow. Her fingers brush against the circle hidden on the skin of her upper thigh, then caress the needle with the Maleficence antidote. She places the sharp point against her skin, injects it, and sighs as the formula pools itself into her veins, protecting her from the worse of the dastardly effects of the catastrophe they are about to unleash on the unsuspecting townsfolk. Sweeter than any kind of high. The carriage comes to a stop earlier than she had expected it to. Her fingers dispose of the syringe and come up to fix her hair in an artful manner, then straighten her dark mask. Deep breath in—one, two, three, always three, Bella, wait no no, don’t think about them—deep breath out. She digs her nails deep into her thigh and grits her teeth against the pain, all unnecessary thoughts flying out the window of her mind. Belladonna cannot afford any distractions today, not if she wants to make it out alive. She supposes it may be a sort of test, or perhaps a show of faith, to be sent in alone without a fellow operative by her side, when everyone else seems to have one at their back. Of course, she is most effective working by herself, but the thought of it stings, a bit. Just a little. She’s a professional, for Gaia’s sake. She is about to leave when the stream of new information about the Kriegsreise filters in through the telepathic channels. A new threat? Well, she won’t even have to come face to face with it if she does her job swiftly and silently. It is all that matters. Belladonna steps out of the carriage, the smile on her face sensual, the sway of her hips calculated. The moonlight casts shadows against her features, the tilt of her red lips, the auburn locks spilling over her little black dress. The darkness is comforting. It’s enough for her to change her strategy, just a little. Instead of going in guns blazing, she stumbles into the control center, the picture-perfect image of a drunk partygoer, and takes note of the two surprised men standing guard. Her giggles sound breathless even to her own ears. The first man splutters as she collapses into his arms, tries to push her away. “Gimme a kiss, sweetie,” she begs, before forcing him to lock lips with her, poison bleeding into his mouth. As he falls down, the other—clearly the less experienced one; Belladonna almost feels pity—fumbles with one hand on his radio and the other hand going for his gun. “Oh no, you don’t.” She kicks the radio out of the man’s hand, swivels to draw her knife from her thigh, and slams her body into his bulk, sending them hurtling to the ground. She comes out of the scuffle on top, of course. Belladonna crouches with the blade pressed against the man’s throat, watching the trickle of blood from his crimson mouth with faint interest when the radio bursts to life. “Ramesses Control, check in.” The guard hesitates, prompting another query from the comms. “Tell them it’s alright, darling,” she breathes, the knife pressing harder but not yet enough to break skin, and the man keens wordlessly, his pale hand reaching for the radio and tightening against it before responding. “This is Ramesses Control.” He gives her a shaky glance and continues, “all is well.” Belladonna smiles. “Very good.” She runs a comforting hand through his hair before jabbing the blade straight into the base of his skull, holding the body still as the life bleeds out of the man’s eyes, his head slumping down lifeless. “I’m sorry.” Empty words, but they make something in her unclench all the same. She throws the corpses down the dark shaft, installs the first faux-ton receiver, then turns towards the elevator, her steps liquid and controlled. All things considering, her anxiety is gone, replaced by an unsettling sense of satisfaction. A glass of wine will be most appreciated after this. @Dolor Aeternum @Zashiii
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    I'm better at T1 than you!

    Lightning struck, only to strike again a moment later. The thunder that rumbled in the wake of the illuminating streaks brought with it someone, or perhaps something. His charcoal eyes narrowed on the mysterious figure some 25 meters away. He couldn't tell some of the finer details from this distance, and surely some would remain hidden even in closer proximity judging by the excess of billowing fabric draped upon his body. A sense of dread forced chills to run up his spin, fear encouraging larger bursts of adrenaline than anger could ever hope to inspire. His heart began to ache, it was beating so fast. Goosebumps prickled across his tan skin, as a visible tremble found his body. Despite the other several symptoms, the trembling was actually a reaction to his excitement. There was always an underlying sense of excitement found in him when it came to fighting, regardless of opponent and even of reason. A smile crept onto his face before a snicker escaped his lips. He couldn't see the dying environment near the figure, though he sensed it none the less. His electrolocation easily caught the sudden appearance of a perimeter blooming around the figure. He smiled greater, though this revelation was clearly nothing good. He smiled though because he was right. It was just another way he could compare himself to his Master before him. That and of course the confidence he carried with him as a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure. Whatever, or who ever this thing was, Jin was its hunter, its venom, its bane. His immediately responded by pooling his Yoki; With his right fist clinching onto the shaft of his halberd more harshly, his free one closed tightly as well. His body became accented in likeliness of the dark clouds above, with random flashes of electricity dancing across his form. (1) "I am Sir Jinsoku Hayabusa, Knight of the Order of Force Majeure!" He beckoned as he lifted the end of the shaft of his weapon ever so slightly from the ground before allowing the head of the weapon to descend before him. The weapon became horizontal as he brought the tip of the spike above the ax head to point directly at the figure. Finally, his smile faded and his expression was left to compliment the crazed look of the half mask he wore, matching the rest of his Bronze man armor that only covered the left side of his body. Patiently, the Slayer continued to observe the figure.
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    "You proven me right all these centuries, dearest Tatia. Your Resurrection, though these bodies are only semblances of our former selves, it's taken me far and long to accustom to the New World. You are my Countess ... I cannot deny assistance any longer. This moment, I am in need of you more so than ever ... if I am defeated by the Benefactor, you are the only true remaining heir for Head of Choisel." Leinhart had much to say in what felt so little time. His apathetic facial expression showed a contrasting difference from his words. He grew to become who he was, but Tatia's presence brought to him a warmth he had not felt in centuries. To what the Humans considered romance a shared moment of feelings associated with love, the term amongst Vampires wouldn't be any more unique. Affection was a quality not all Undead had the capacity to acquire, in fact the first Human woman that came across Leinhart's path contrasted his believes and displayed to him what it meant to care for others. It may been difficult to express such sentiments, but ever so occasionally he reminded Tatia her irreplaceable worth to him. In itself, words went needless to explain. It was their blood instinct to comprehend such she was his soon to be second-wife. He cracked an out of nowhere frisky grin and snatched forth a lock full of hair with his right hand as she intertwined her legs around his waistline after allowing his entanglement. The white hand loosened it's grip to slide down for her thigh, stretching from behind she was busy with tending him. He groped once firmly mid-way the crevice of her blue blouse. Fingers pressed forth upon her thigh in gentle caress as she took hold of his shoulders; lean and lithe in frame, beneath the shirt he actually packed some heightened form of physical fitness. Her nails punctured his fleshy cheeks that rode all the way in a trail slowly down to his chest gliding towards destruction, it was fortunate that Leinhart enjoyed every passing second with his mistress sister. The scrapes on his face as any other part of his body she marked for her pleasures would already began to sew itself back together one strain a time. He raised both hands out of impulse or either forfeiting himself to end the rest of the eve, his golden swirls told an entirely different story from what he just mentioned. Still with her wrapped with legs around him he was unable to face her directly and maintained his focus playfully ahead at him. "Okay, I surrender. Now .. Enchant me. Or I've seen it all?" @Eternity
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    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    It is not fatal, it’s just gross and causing a fever. So if it’s cleaned out she should be fine in a few days.
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    Pasion Pasiva

    Mother Dearest

    It was good to steer away from such dense and dark conversation. Like it or not, with or without her memory, Kalicity had a way of drawing from her truths that she was not at all prepared to examine, much less understand. She kept telling herself that she was playing a game -- the devil’s game. That she was pretending to be everything he wanted her to be out of fear. But one question lingered and loomed over her. This question tormented her to the point that she instead turned her back from it and refused to acknowledge the validity of the points it raised. What was she afraid of? Roen would never harm Philippe. She also knew, without a doubt, that he would never end her life nor could he put her in a position to suffer horrendous torture. Roen shared many similarities with her cousin, Raphael, but sadism was not one of them. There was nothing to fear save the ever growing potency of her feelings. She loved the Devil, but something kept her from admitting it. Perhaps it was the stigma she was certain to face? It almost seemed easier to simply allow the world to continue believing she was not exactly where she wanted to be -- and perhaps it was even easier to believe that herself. If there was one thing that Roen knew how to be, it was the hero -- for he took the weight of everyone else's’ doubts and became the thing that people needed him to be. How he could be both champion and villain was a marvel, and not one that was lost to Gabriela. He had returned her crown and her throne, he had formed a family for her, though she would never admit to wanting it, and now his presence provided her with the sort of security that had ever only been imagined. But she was too jaded for a happily ever after, she knew this -- and Kalicity’s words weighed heavy on her mind as she rose from her seated position. You cannot escape the chains that bind you until you acknowledge that the chains exist, and only you have the keys to unlock yourself. She offered the Dark Goddess a tight smile, one that did little to reveal her wandering thoughts -- or the possibility that her words had taken root within her imagination. The mere thought that she was not somehow already aware of her bondage, and that by extension she could end her own bondage, frustrated the Black Queen nearly beyond words. But maybe it was just the truth of the idea that rubbed her the wrong way. She pushed herself forward, and past her bitterness. Then, Gabriela adjusted her fitted jacket and motioned with those pale, lovely hands of hers. “This way…” Gabriela’s private study was adjacent to her rooms, and by extension, Philippe’s rooms. And so it was a short walk through an ample hall, and then through at least three sets of double doors, through rooms that were sparsely but elegantly decorated. Eventually, they came to a nursery -- a lovely space of light blue walls with sponged painted white clouds above a vaulted ceiling. There was a collection of beautiful toys, all tastefully set around the room, but at the heart of the space sat a circular crib, and from within both women would hear the cooing of a very young and very small infant. Immediately, Gabriela’s face melted into a genuine and loving smile. “This is him,” she said, her voice a whisper of awe and tenderness. She came to stand besides the crib and peered within at the small child who lay flat on his back, with his small hands set before his face -- he was talking to them, to his little fingers. He was making small fists, which he promptly set within his mouth to bite and suck on, all while casting a suspicious look at the Dark Goddess with stunningly bright eyes, green in their entirety with floating specks of gold and copper within.
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