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    To everyone I'm writing with ❤️ Robert has a possible fight on Nov. 3rd, so that means a few things: There is a 90% chance no posting will happen next week and very limited posting this week due to me getting all my homework for this week and next week done/prepped. The fights are about 2 hours away from where we live; we will be leaving Friday 2nd for the weigh-ins and then fights happen on the 3rd, so we won't be leaving till Sunday the 4th. I know there are a few important threads I need to get to, which I will later this week (probably Friday). If anyone needs to reach out to me, hit me up on Discord =D I'll be hanging around!
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    Tenkai Matsumoto

    Symposium Against Doom

    Tenkai listened as those who came after him spoke, and the more he heard, the more it became apparent that these "Enrele" were by far the most pressing matter facing Terrenus at present. Dredge was still at large, but after driving back his siege of Last Chance, it would undoubtedly be a while before he mustered up the forces needed to mount further assaults. Whether or not the symposium would come around to the issue of the Legion was not as important to Tenkai in the long run, given the nature of the threat the Enrele posed. There was a time and a place for everything. Still, there was something that struck him as odd. Namely, the freelance journalist by the name of Saturn. Rather than focusing on any one issue, she had instead tied them all together through the common thread of border security issues. It came off as strange to the monk, who knew that nothing less than a fully armed bastion at several points surrounding Terrenus would have delayed a force the size of the Legion's. After all, Dredge had attacked by sea, but the threat he posed originated from within the continent. For that matter, focusing on conventional defenses and methods to deal with an unconventional foe like the Enrele felt counter-intuitive, and suggesting that Terrenus' governors were inadequate because of these issues wasn't exactly helpful at all. There was something particularly strange about this one. There was something about the look of her soul that made the monk suspicious, as if something unseen was at play here. Of course, this was Terrenus, and there was already quite a number of strange things about the souls of everyone present. It was not something he wished to distract himself with, but he would not forget it nonetheless. The monk pored over the data provided to him by Noel. These "Enrele" did not sound pleasant in the slightest. The rate at which they had grown in number was staggering. Over 22 million people claimed by an alien parasite? Was there any way to reverse such damage? For the most part, the suggestions from the rest of the symposium ran the gamut between practical and pragmatic to the most predictable "we shall defeat this alien menace!" zeal. There was much talk of fighting the threat like any other enemy in war, while also ideas about following the trend of infection, sterilization, inoculation and other means of preventing these creatures from spreading further. Yet there was virtually no one speaking about a way to save those already taken by the parasite. When the one named Audric spoke of striking down suspicious groups, was he speaking of the Enrele alone or of their hosts as well? Hopefully not. After all, what good was a surgical strike if whole clusters of people were now hostile targets to be killed? For a brief moment, Tenkai's eyes fell upon Raveena. No doubt this situation reminded her of the same thing. After all, Tenkai was there as well when the so-called "Infiltrators" had struck, at a time that felt like almost a lifetime ago. Neither of them were strangers to the thought of having to kill innocent people who were too far gone to be saved. That was why Tenkai would not be satisfied until he was all but certain it had come to that. When the baton came to him, the monk made his thoughts brief. "Rather than speak of what I think should be done to deal with the Enrele, I have some questions to ask in order to gain a better understanding of the situation. Namely, has there been any instance of reversing the infection in an individual or safely removing the parasite from them? Additionally, has the Terran government or any concerned parties involved sent any psychics or psionically-capable operatives to deal with this threat?" Being a relative stranger for the most part, Tenkai needed to know these answers before he could speak further. For all he knew, his questions could open up an entirely new angle of thought for those present.
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    Deus Ex Aizen

    The T.H.R.I.V.E. Initiative

    After the fall of the Tyrant Regime, the Taen Empire and it's noble houses established themselves across the islands of Ursa Madeum. The island of Thraece is in dire need of arable land and healthy water to rebuild business and establish Port Thea and it's Consulate ties to Terrenus and Genesaris proper. As the only noble family on the island, House Senaria is spearheading a Conservation alongside the Thean Consulate to help restore the land, and protect and preserve it's ecological integrity, as well as provide an institute for studying, collecting, and breeding new flora and fauna across Ursa Madeum. Certain to be quite the task, she's enlisted the help of other Taen nobility and beyond to assist her in Thraece's renaissance. Thus she proposed THRIVE. Thraecean Headquarters for Rehabilitation and Innovation of Vital Ecology Phase 1: Restoring Coastal Integrity - The coastal waters are rife with dead zones. As areas suffocate from a lack of oxygen due to explosive algae growth triggered by nutrient poisoning from the mainlands, flora and fauna alike either die off, or relocate beyond ideal reaches, a notable reason for Thraece's economic suffering. Extract these suffocating sea beds and help revive the oxygen levels in the water. Introduce new species of floral and fauna (open invitation for lorecrafting!) so that the biome and begin to balance itself out! QUESTS FOF PHASE 1: Phase 2: Restoring the Mainland Integrity - Stripped of nutrients and life, Thraece is practically barren, but holds enormous potential. Having made a deal with the local leyline, Raveena is keen to make the land arable again. Introduce new flora and fauna with the help of House Hildebrand, House Senaria hopes to revive the agricultural business for Thraece, as well as the future Port Thea's economic boom. Phase 3: Building the Conservation - Once the land and sea have been returned to a healthy state, the Thrive Conservation will be built as an open Hot Spot for Port Thea. People will be able to study lore, create lore and invent new species of flora and fauna to contribute or borrow. I like the idea of an IC think tank, where people can study for medicinal purposes whether it's to heal someone or poison them. Of venturing to Port Thea for a quest to find or breed a unique species that is a key component to something else. Of finding the scale of a rare fish for artifact creation. I personally have an apothecary I'm adding to the city so I'll personally get plenty of use! I think the possibilities are limitless, and having everyone's ideas pooled in, invites a wealth of knowledge and information sharing. One component of Thrive will be something like a group that is responsible for traveling outside of UM and collecting species, studying them and reporting back and if any would be vital or may thrive in UM. Some may be quests, others may be Slice-o-Lifes. I'll flesh out more details based on interest. I thought it'd make for a really great project that people could help contribute with. Anyway! Look forward to more details on that once I get caught up with posts I owe.
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    Sleepy Seal

    Devourer of Flames

    “That’s James Eredas?” Reyna pointed to the silhouette of a man being struck by lightning in the distance. He was hit three times and still stood his ground. “Yes, Lady Reyna. And that is one of the Legion’s leaders,” Reece, in turn, pointed to the hulking fire giant that was beginning its retreat onto one of the stolen ships. “They say he’s come to rid our world of suffering by ending all life on Valucre. Oddly enough, it makes sense. If there’s no life, there won’t be any suffering.” The pair were alone in The Frozen Pelican, a barhouse in Blairville owned by none other than the Duchess Senaria. The doors were locked and spells were cast on every window to ensure that not a sound would leave the room. At a table they sat, facing one another, a holographic sphere display between them. The sphere depicted the point of view of an unknown fighter running along a coast at what seemed to be the battle for Last Chance. Reyna raised her eyebrows as the point of view snapped around a hundred and eighty degrees to reveal Jinsoku Hayabusa hard in pursuit of the person recording. A gauntleted hand appeared in the corner of the display, firing a green coil of sickly energy at Jinsoku seconds later. Just as the coil was about to hit him, he took a dive into the sand, the death coil sailing over his head. “How was your fight?” Reyna eyed Reece thoughtfully. “I had him on the ropes,” he joked, “He’s lucky that I stubbed my toe on the way there or he would’ve been finished.” “You’re full of shit, Reece,” Reyna teased, but even as her lips bore some semblance of joy, her eyes were distant and sad. Sensing that something was bothering her, the Duchess’s squire decided to give her the space she needed. “I should take my leave. I need to get back to base before my master starts to get suspicious,” Reece grabbed the jacket that hung on his chair and proceeded to unlock the door of the barhouse. As he pushed it open and waded out into the daylight, he cast Reyna one final glance. She was still deep in thought, staring expressionlessly at the holographic sphere in front of her. Not even a goodbye for her most loyal servant. Reece sighed, as he shut the door quietly. She was alone at last.
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    Not a great day mental health wise. Helps to write it down and talk to people about it, but sometimes I tend to make hasty assumptions about how people feel about me, which convinces me that alienating myself from them is better than actually bothering them about how they actually feel about me. It's not a healthy way to live my life though, and I hope that as I grow and learn that I start to change that mindset. If someone doesn't like me or what I do, then I can't change that and I shouldn't waste energy worrying about it. All I can do is try to be my best and hope that I can show people the best part of myself because the bad parts of me I don't like a lot. Yeah so that's been my head space for the day. Hope everyone else is having a better one than I.
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    Destruction des morts

    Just like the sultry princess, there are other individuals who are more or less interested in entering the elevator as well. There were in fact a child or two. Giggling, these kids were happily running to and fro all around the city just after managing to escape their guardian. Well, at least they tried to as the aforemrntioned guardian was on their trail, while carrying two more kids in either arms and one latched onto her back. The two escapees were too busy running away that they did not notice what the sulty woman did, nor the orc entering the elevator. Just two children enjoying their out-oftown vacation in Tia. But perhaps misfortune happen even to those who were already unfortunate as this kids and their nanny may have inadvertently entered said elevator to accidently stand together with the mysteriously provocative woman as they all wait for the elevator to change floors. The kids are stubborn especially now that it was their first time riding an elevator. None of them would want to go out of the giant metal box that goes thummmmmm and makes their tummy flutter. In fact they would have wanted to keep on riding it, much to their nanny's dismay. The nanny too knew that once these little buggers are dead set on something, she would have no choice but to indulge them for a bit. These kids would tire of it soon enough. The problem is, when? ---- "Nanny! Nanny! That woman is slutty!" One little girl blurted out, then covered her mouth as she realized she spoke something bad. While "Now, now, Natalya. It's not good to point out the obvious, especially with strangers. A cute little lady like you must not grow up like this woman. It would be bad for your reputation." "Yes, nanny." Natalya earnestly nodded in assent. Her eyes seemed to sparkle with enlightenment. As soon as the nanny's watchful gaze left her, Natalya would stick her tongue out at sultry woman. "Nanny! Nanny! Did you see outside?" Another child chirped, this time from one of the boys. "Not yet, Vadin. But I would love to hear all about it." "Nanny, outside was awesome! There as this huge guy wearing armor and he has flames like he's in heat! People keep calling him "fur kong" and I wanna grow up to be a Fur kong! Cause he looks really badass!" Vadin's words were met with 'ooohhs' and 'aaahhhhhs' from the other kids not from what he said but because of the intensity of his words. "Now, now, Vadin. It's bad to make names especially with strangers. I believe that man was Feurerkönig. But you should stay away from him cause he's a stranger and what do we do with people we don't know?" "Don't talk to strangers!" They all answered in chorus then burst out in laughs and giggles. Their nanny could do nothing but smile at their childish antics. She hope that their little tour would not be met with mishaps.
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    Jumping in on the semi-AFV train for at most two weeks, as I'm headed out of the country for some much needed R&R ❤ @everyone I'm writing with—will post to all my active threads waiting on me before I go! Posting may be extremely slow while I'm away, so if I can't post by a certain timeframe, please do feel free to skip me! 😃
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    [Wind Court] To the beyond

    Today the wind made it seem the countless flowers in the courtyard were arms reaching up to the sky and waving to greet the giant ball of flame. Jale was watching the spectacle from inside the mansion while eating and drinking ale: alone in the room enjoying a bit of time away from all the politics and mundane tasks that being a groom of a Padsha included. She’s been off somewhere doing something for the past 4 weeks, he couldn’t be bothered to remember what, for so much went on in her life that it was difficult to keep track. When he wasn’t politicking and the like he spent his time speaking with the staff of the estate, trying desperately to figure out where he would fit. Thus far he has felt like a puzzle piece that is trying to find a place to fit in an already completed puzzle. The estate ran like clockwork; however, after 4 weeks of talking to the staff he found that wasn’t the case. Maids, guards, cooks, they all had their stories ranging from Nesoi’s seemingly endless list of needs to the maiden’s pickiness. Discussions went well enough, yet he couldn’t help but overhear the barely audible whispers regarding his vitiligo when his back was turned. This would be an unfortunate reality that he would have to get used to, for this was no longer the brigade where no soldier was scrutinized for such factors. Jale often pondered if the Padsha would have personally chosen him and what she actually thought of his appearance, but he was honestly afraid of what sort of outburst he would have if she said anything negative about it. Some of the others were already intimate with Nesoi before the marriage; meanwhile, he was chosen by the abilities he displayed in the games alone. They thought that “A man with the initiative of an ox would be useful to the Padsha”. His feelings toward his new wife feel less like love and more like undying respect, he just wishes she could stop being so regal for just a moment, so he could figure out what she is really like behind all that responsibility and nobility. Perhaps that truly was all that she was. It was in the middle of this thought that a maid that he knew as Sylvia knocked on the door, saying that his wife had finally come back from her week-long business trip. It was finally time to lay eyes upon Nesoi. Hastily, Jale got out of his seat and made his way to his lady’s quarters. Two had gotten there before him. “How was the trip, Nesoi? I’m sure you encountered no problem during the negotiation.” He kept his voice firm yet friendly. He stood at attention and patiently waited for a response
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    Anyone feel like taking up a random and sort of unique role for a one time role play (with the potential of becoming a long term character in Orisian Politics)? It's for a thread that King and I are working on. PM for details!
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    Relic Quest added to the list, nothing too impressive but it counts as part of the Harowing and you get a neat ship. Expect more to be added.
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    Deus Ex Aizen

    Two Horny Men Meet Wet Women

    Rahab nodded thoughtfully. She thought of what Nymeria could do for Port Kyros, for Genesaris and perhaps even Terrenus as a whole. They were guardians of the sea at best—a naval branch that could assist in times of crisi—as Raveena indicated over time that there may be several across their lifetime. Does it truly matter? Did the affairs of Land Dwellers really matter to the lives of Nymerians, who existed for so long beneath the water? Yes. It does matter. It was time for a change, Rahab had long decided. It was time for Nymeria to stop hiding in the depths of the ocean, seething and hating that which is stayed so far away from if need be. She already knew that her brother had his plans—surely they all did. The Nymerian Princess would handle it all straight away. She looked to Raveena expectantly and nodded, and the Hyperian Queen nodded in return before producing a dossier of Port Kyros. She had it delivered around the table to Capria, “Everything you’ll need to know about the schematics for Port Kyros are there, as well as my own modified notes for Nymerian coexistence.” Rahab sat back in her seat and exhaled slowly, but answered honestly, “I will sign what I must to ensure we can reach this educational stage. It is the most critical point for this to transition to go smoothly. I firmly believe our futures depend on it.” She gave her brother a knowing look—a look that spoke that she had long-since made up her mind. The black sheep of the Nymerian royalty, Rahab had always been quietly branded as a traitor to her people—though her brothers, who loved her so fiercely, would never allow such slanderous words to surface. They knew better than anything what Rahab’s true nature was like. She was a lover of life, whether it came from the land or the sea. “You have my backing on this.” Raveena replied quietly, though she watched the entirety of the entourage carefully.
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    The Silver Screen

    "Who? Her?" Wally jabbed a thumb Thea's direction, sparing her a passing glance and nothing more. "That ain't no star. I don't ever see her reading anyway, but hmm, I say hmmm." His right hand held the half-a-ham against his face as his jaw worked it over with mechanical precision, a chew every second like a metronome, and his left hand came up to stroke his chin in an awkward pantomime of a human expression for 'interesting, interesting'. He's still doing this even as Thea targets them and makes her way over, detaching from her scowling satellite to orbit near some other stars. "What?" Wally pulled the quarter-of-a-ham away from his face and wiped the viscous strands of drool and honey which connected one to the other. "I'm paying you right?" Wally asked the question of no one in particular but looked out over the crowd, scanning the mammalian faces for a sign of his operations manager, who was probably off somewhere punching spreadsheets to make sure the numbers didn't get out of hand. "I'm pretty sure this shindig is for employees. If I'm paying you it means you have something we need. Doing your job like you mean it is all the thanks I need." Wally reached out a menacing claw, his every intention to clamp it down on the woman's shoulder and shake it to convince her of his goodwill and recognition of her service to the company. In that split-second before Wally could gift Thea with an accidental shoulder wound, as he had gifted many of those who worked for the Silver Screen, Dash swooped in and stole her away. Wally brought the ham back to his mouth and addressed Baxter while watching Dash half-drag, half-glide across the dance floor. "I guess he can dance. What do you think? About him, about her."
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    Scion's Bastion

    INTRO Name: Scion’s Bastion Location (image): The Falcon’s Hring, the Principality of Varlond, the Varlond Mountains, the Great Mountain Range, the Arcane East Northern reaches of the Cold Mountains North of Umbra; East of the Abyssal Enclave; South of Orisia; West of the eastern coastline Predominant Languages: Kalmori, Gensari, Imperial Abstract: The city of Scion’s Bastion is the brightest beacon of the Kalmor of Varlond. This more so in its symbol of strength, unity, and perseverance, while the architectural design, with buildings erected from rock to be drenched in snow, camouflages the settlement from a distance. Constructed upward alongside the Varlond Mountains, the royal palace of the House of Caranthir towers at the top, so that its owner may see from afar. Current Ruler: High Prince Haegon I Caranthir Successor: Prince Iredail Caranthir [Son] Population: 20,000 Scion’s Bastion is the seat of the ruling House of Caranthir, the capital of the Principality of Varlond, and the most populous settlement of the Kalmor who inhabit their region of the Cold Mountains. At a view, the city is much more practical in design than aesthetic—a distinct difference from the home that the Kalmor of Varlond had since left behind. Having bid farewell to sun and grass to find themselves in the harsh, wintry mountains of a foreign land in an alien world, the Kalmor relied on quarrying the stone that surrounded them and harvesting lumber from the trees at the mountainous base. The result was a strong and fortified city that could endure; the capital of a principality that would last. Amid a castle complex built into the rock of the mountains themselves, accompanying structures were risen with the wind, while stairways lead down to satellite villages and harbors that connect to form the greater city. The city is governed first and foremost by the Provost of Scion’s Bastion, High Prince Haegon I Caranthir, who also serves as the Jarl of the Falcon’s Hring and the Prince-Protector of Varlond. Beneath him, day-to-day management is delegated to the Mayor of Scion’s Bastion, while Haegon’s brother and second in command of the Kalmor, Prince Kaldr Caranthir, function cooperatively as the Seneschal of Scion’s Bastion—its head of defense. LAYOUT Beginning at the base of the Varlond Mountains, bastions in their own right amid the Cold Mountains, a visitor would first be greeted by three villages in close proximity to one another. This low to the ground, a minor warmth of Genesaris can still be felt, where minimal but workable grassland meets woodland before the water is touched. The village of Hardland serves as a farming community, further to the village of Snowwood, which provides lumber, and finally to the fishing village of Longjarl, that also functions as a harbor. Past the shore, the narrow Blueblood River winds a jagged path at the water gap between Ark Mountain and Mount Victor, while the river itself runs along to greet the lake west of the mountain range. However, the feat of craftsmanship that marks Scion’s Bastion may be seen well before any fishing vessels. No simple matter of crossing the river, one could only gaze up from a harbor at the castle of Winterhold that rests at the peak of the smaller Ark Mountain. The great citadel is directly governed by the Lord of Winterhold, Prince Kaldr Caranthir. It is only upon rounding from the flank, where Longjarl resides, to the more or less accessible mountainous face of Ark Mountain that the sleek wall of snow can be seen, draping beneath the fortress as a curtain of solid stone. Within these constructed walls dwell many of the city’s citizens, where the higher elevation leads to colder temperatures—and where a labyrinth of mines may be accessed with ease. At the base of Ark Mountain, just before this great pyramid and its Winterhold, lay an assortment of lesser but no less important buildings. Lodges, barracks, watchtowers and other such are as durable in design as any other pebble of Scion’s Bastion, though residential communities are fewer. Accessed from the villages only via a chokepoint—a series of gatehouses beyond a narrow stairway—is the only viable entrance to the scope of Mount Victor beyond a manmade bridge at the back of Winterhold that breaches the mountain gap. At the peak of the neighboring Mount Victor, soaring above the citadel grounds to stab the sky, rests the palace of Starspear. Here is where the Lord of Starspear and the Prince-Protector of Varlond resides. Haegon I Caranthir watches over his city with a falcon’s eye. The subjects of Scion’s Bastion, in turn, bathe in their monarch’s vigilant gaze, for without such leadership that he provides, without such protection that his walls muster, the Kalmor could quickly find themselves an extinct race amid this Valucre that is their strange and uncertain home. INTEREST Starspear Winterhold Reaper’s Lodge Silversteel Mines
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    Sleepy Seal

    Devourer of Flames

    [Three Days Later] Reyna stood outside the door to her Hyperion apartment. She hesitated for a good five minutes, weighing the consequences of the potential failure of persuading him. Suddenly, the door opened. She almost squeaked in surprise, coming face to face with Grant’s beautiful green eyes. “Reyna, why are you waiting outside...?” he gave her a puzzled look. “I uuh- I-” she tried to respond, but no words came out. Taken by surprise, she was too shocked to reply. He cocked his head to the side, still largely confused by the way she was acting. “Well, are you going to come in or not?” an amused smirk was etched on his face when he stepped back to invite her in. She went in blindly, heart racing as she settled down on the couch. Her mind was in a flurry. All was chaotic in her head until Grant sat down on the couch opposite her, his eyes meeting hers once again. “Is everything alright?” All the noise in her head disappeared. For a moment, all that she saw was his beautiful green eyes and a worry for her that she didn’t deserve. She wanted to leave. She didn’t want to burden him with her troubles. Her people’s troubles. But in that moment of weakness, she cracked. “I need your help, Grant,” her lips had already moved, it was too late to take back what wasn’t meant to be said. “You know that I’ll always help you with anything that you need, Reyna,” he nodded his head to comfort her. She fiddled with her fingers on her lap, “I’m creating a failsafe. A weapon that can be used to wipe out threats to the world you and I can’t handle on our own.” This, in turn, piqued his interest, “A weapon? What will it be used against?” Reyna sighed. She paused, staring into space for a moment as if reminiscing a recent event, which in fact she was. Avoiding his gaze, she began her story, “I was present at the battle for Last Chance. Not in person, but from the eyes of a familiar. The battle showed me something. There are superpowers in the world, one-man armies that can annihilate entire fleets of ships or regiments of soldiers on their own. They can lay waste to villages, burn cities, bring down a nation with the power that they wield. Such individuals are of a great threat to the balance of the world. Such individuals need to be kept in check.” At that moment, the fireplace in Grant’s apartment began to crackle. Startled, she cast her hand in the direction of the fireplace, an ice bolt shooting towards the fire within. However, as the ice touched the flames, it rapidly melted, vaporizing before it could do any real damage. “Reyna...” Grant called. He looked at her in bewilderment when he saw that her eyes were wide and that her hands were shaking. “Reyna.” “I’m sorry,” she shook her head. She was still able to recall the bloodshed. The dying screams of Barbie and Ken. The burning torch that cauterized the wound. The burning torch. “I’m building a weapon to deal with fire-based threats in Valucre. It will be one means of terminating the likes of the Fire King Feuerkonig and James Eredas, should they ever become a threat in the future.” Grant rubbed his chin as the information sank in, “Yes... That would be useful. Edgy Fire Knight is a genocidal maniac, so no issue there. Wait, why would you want to kill James?” Reyna put her hands up defensively, “I don’t. It’s a failsafe against him if he ever becomes a threat.” “If you’re afraid of Eredas, I will always be there to protect you. But how will he be a threat?” his words were sweet, but Grant’s tone became forceful and irritated. “Human beings are human beings. They have agendas and agendas can change. James may be a good person now, but will he always be? What’s to stop him from doing potentially catastrophic things to protect the things he loves?” “By that logic, what’s to stop anyone? My mother will never agree to this,” Grant was taken aback. He stood up, no longer feeling the need to rest on the couch. This was precisely what she wanted to avoid. All her life, she knew herself only as a curse. An affliction that was entirely accidental. She didn’t deserve to be treated this way. Her people didn’t deserve to be treated this way. Grant didn’t understand that, what was at stake for her, for them. She loved him dearly, but she loved her people more. He loved her and his mother equally, if not more so his mother. She had wished that he would understand, that he would empathize. But she was wrong. Her tone was both bitter and distraught, “Your mother doesn’t need to agree.” Without warning, her hand flew up, closing into a balled fist. A black portal appeared on top of the couch, swallowing her whole as she fell backward into a pocket dimension. Her hands still shook as she curled up into a ball. She screamed. She screamed loudly into the void where nobody could hear her cries. She was alone. Again. @danzilla3
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    Retreating inside shortly after Alistair's departure, Maryanne decided not to immediately hunt him through the halls. If either of them was to do the chasing, she was just not in the mood for it to be her. Instead, she would head for her bedchambers in favour of a hot bath. Perhaps an odd thing for a cold-bodied vampire to desire, but it was perhaps little more than a lingering sentiment from her previous life. Besides, when you brew up a bath of scented oils or fragrant plants, it's a wonderful, pampering experience that she thought she deserved after her good deed. Unfortunately, however, she was stopped on her way by a very distracting commotion. Peering around the half-open door to seek out the source of the noise, she noticed three red-faced servants breathing heavily, one armed with a broom, the other two dual-wielding pots and pans. Chairs had been toppled over and it seemed one of them had tripped on the upturned corner of one of the Master's fine rugs. Stepping silently into the room, she addressed the three, each posed in different positions similar to poorly formed fighting stances, all of them glowering at the, indeed grand, grandfather clock ticking rhythmically against the wall. "What madness is this?" Startled, they all turn to her, lips flapping wordlessly like surprised fish. "Well-" One of them started, finally finding their voice. But before he could continue, something small, furry, and brown skittered out from under the clock, and over the round woman's foot. She shrieked and kicked reflexively, sending the small mouse flying a few feet through the air towards Maryanne. Now, even immortal vampires are capable of having irrational phobias, would you believe? And I ask, can you possibly guess what phobia Mary could potentially have, out of the vast, expansive array of them? Why mice, of course. Letting out a loud and undignified yelp of her own, Maryanne flung out her hand to shield herself, unknowingly drawing every drop of moisture from the creatures body out through its skin until it tore open and its eyes shriveled in its skull like little raisins. The liquid she defensively extracted hovered over the dried and shredded corpse like a cloud, until she quickly drew back her hand and it splattered onto the rug. Maryanne cringed. Hopefully The Master never found out about her less than scary-vampire behavior, or, the stain on his rug which she hoped the, now rather green-looking, servants could remove. Ignoring the fact that in a residence full of vampires and other spooks, someone was bound to have heard her yell, she instructed the staff to keep quiet about the unfortunate ordeal, leaving the room on legs that felt as though her marrow had turned to jelly. Once in her room, she shut the door perhaps a little harder than she had intended, causing it to rattle in its frame. Rushing to the bathroom, she filled the tub with hot water and began pouring in moonflower oil and jasmine scented pearls that would quickly dissolve turning the water an opalescent white. Letting her dress slide to the floor to turn into a puddle of night sky, she stepped ouver it and into the claw-footed tub, sinking up to her neck in the now clouded water. Scrubbing her body thoroughly with a lavender body wash, even though she hadn't touched the vermin, she felt unclean. When her skin finally stopped crawling, she lay back and closed her eyes, ready to relax when another commotion outside reached her ears. Hissing through her teeth and fangs, she submerged under the water so she could no longer hear the sounds of unidentified roaring and violent crashing. Just one moment of peace today, that's all she's was asking for. Mary hardly thought that was unreasonable.
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    Ursa Madeum Noble Houses OOC

    Well then, color me impressed by how stylistically consistent you managed to get them all! lol
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    Symposium Against Doom

    In the remembrance of previous endeavors, Capria finds herself selfishly grateful that the currently gathered have been fortunate enough not to have their minds overthrown. Then again… When a pamphlet is given she tends to it. Ambered globes reviewing it detail by detail whilst listening to others speak in turn. An ample amount of the information provided is raised into consideration. The addition of visual schematics via the illustrative diagrams bringing about more self-reflective questioning. Why Doughton and Tia…? What do these two cities have in common? And what do the populations infected have in common? Which sex of each species is most affected or is there a balance between them? Retrospective review commences, nearly incumbent upon silent thought. Her vacant expression knitting together something more furrowed in the process. And it isn't until the chilled end of the baton makes contact with the flesh of her palm that she opens her mouth. “To build on the statements of all, maybe...we should treat them like a virus. Granted the information may be tainted, each hive should technically continue to spread by the same means and is consistently physiologically weak. Were we to somehow disrupt their ability to reproduce, it is possible to lower their rate of population growth to a significant degree. Instead of infiltrating the unpredictable terrain of such a vast hive mind. It may be better to cut them off by more physical means than mental or magical. If we can use VICTORY (a respectful nod of appreciative recognition to Audric) to figure out the physical states of the affected populations and find out what they have in common compared to those still uninfected by them...maybe we can produce a trend that tells us who is more or less likely to be infected and why? To better explain, some hosts are more applicable to particular viruses and symbiotes than others. With information like this, we may possibly use it-to add upon what that gentleman and Lady Renata suggest-to conquer one hive mind over another. Maybe even by more than one specific option. Sterilization of and a potential vaccination against.” The baton is momentarily used as a pointer dedicated to Evelyn/Erol's direction. The words spoken by the being linger at the forefront of her mind ‘your star system’, 'your', 'your', 'your'… then suddenly 'I' and 'we'… It isn't unusual to come across otherworldly beings in this day and age... and rather than allow any illumination of such thoughts to grace her once more empty expression, she turns to another. Passing the baton.
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    Destruction des morts

    Arashi wasn't a soldier nor was she experienced enough to take this job on. This was a job at the end of the day and it was her duty to do it. After the guards followed her and she went to deal with the assassin, she ended up missing and hitting the dead inquisitor. Then they thought she was the one that killed him. The pain that was felt when the bullets went into ger back and somewhat into the bsck of her head was just bad, she clenched her teeth together when she was struck. It was painful. More painful than any human or monster could ever hope to endure. She turned around, her eyes now glowing a bright red at the guards through the visor of her helmet. Arashi was not to be messed with if she aas pissed off and this one guard thought it was a good idea to shooting at her. Pitful. Humans will try anything if they get their own way, even if it meant showing force. "Try that again, I dare you. Next time you do, your arm will be broken in multiple pieces. I'm not warning you again, scum." She said at the guard that shot her. "It'd be against Peacekeeper Michael's orders to attack you anyways, as you are not even a threat to me. If you knew who I was, you wouldn't of pointed a weapon like that at me and fired. Do you know how much that hurts?! I asked you for help and you just freaking shot me instead?! I ask of you to stand down by the Peacekeeper's orders or this will go downhill fast." Arashi shot a glance to Koji, noticing his appearance and making a comment. "I wish we had to talk more but I have more pressing matters on hand than to deal with an Emperor." @Ataraxy @Twitterpated @Tyler
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    [Wind Court] To the beyond

    In the days and nights that his bride was away, Sanguine had made himself as useful as he could. Minor chores were no match for his expertise, as he expertly made certain that the rooms were as tidy as could be. Fearlessly he braved some of the most grueling tasks indoors: dusting, organizing the book shelves, even going so far as to checking on the pantries to inventory their stocks of food. While the support staff found his efforts...less than amusing, he was certain that his bride would see the love he and Dux Gravis put into these tasks. Caw! "Yes, I do believe this is the more proper way a room should be cleaned. The maids will surely thank me for-" "What are you doing in here?! Didn't we tell you to stop doing our jobs?" Cried one of the more irate maids who managed the cleaning of these immaculate rooms. She was but one of many who felt that Sanguine was not qualified enough to assist them in their daily chores. "I was merely trying to assist you in your duties." Caw! Caw! "You and your filthy little bird do nothing but force us to do our work over again! Either get out now or receive a thrashing you shall not forget." Her face was scrunched up into that of pure annoyance, prompting the vampire to make a hasty retreat. "Yes well...I shall be off then. Good day to you." With that, Sanguine evaporated into shadows, Dux Gravis leaving with him as he made his way out of that situation. Even after facing off against some of the most vicious monsters in Valucre and beyond, those maids still unnerved him to a degree. Something about the way their blood pumped angrily made him want to keep his distance. Before he knew it though, the twice dead warrior found himself standing just across from his bride, almost as if his powers guided him to her. "Ah, hello there, my dear. Was your trip back home well?" Caw! Caw! Caw! "Hush now, Dux Gravis. There's no need to overwhelm her with questions at this point." He bowed to her, the seemingly direct opposite of who he was as a person. Darkness and light, the living and the dead, all mattered little when it came to how he felt about her inside his cold heart.
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    Destruction des morts

    Waiting was his stature, he wanted to see. What the city looked like before it would be destroyed by several organizations and armies. As for anyone that ask him he would never give away his birthhome nor its name, infact he'll say that his home is not on this world, even if it was a lie it would be some what convibcable, even if they were able to figuar out where he came from they wouldnt know its name nor here its exact location is because for some odd reasons not even he knows that(memory wipe). For whatever secret purpose they were here for, his was to exterminate the vampiric population as his country severy dispises them. He was sent as a special operative to sabotage the city at first, but he changed that slightly as soon he was to go on a clensing frenzy. "Tick tock little city your time's running out soon you shall know what happens when your sins are heard. " He thought that repeatedly as he made his way over to the A shaft. When the first titan poured through the walls with its flames and skin of metal it was terrifying enough to cause panic, and dangerous enough to cause commotion. And as people were distracted enough to ignore the smaller details. He rushed to the shaft with a stake at hand. And stabbed anyone on the way, he was quick and percice to kill, maby one or two noticed but ran anyways filled with fear. He then started his decent into the shaft. @Grubbistch @danzilla3 @spacegy4 @-Lilium- (Wip still)
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    United We Stand [Norkotia]

    Minor Summary After a failed attempt to assassinate Chairman Joseph Tynes, Norkotia devolves into anarchy as anti-government rioters take to the streets. In response to both the chaos at home and the rising threats elsewhere in Terrenus, Joseph Tynes announces the implementation of a never used provision on the Norkotian Constitution to declare himself Grand Executor and establish the first-ever Norkotian military. Summary Desiring to be seen among the people, Chairman Joseph Tynes attends a major football game being held in his hometown of Millersburg. During a big play, the crowd rises to its feet in celebration, providing cover for a fanatic to draw out a hidden firearm and attempt to assassinate the chairman. However, the bullet does not kill Tynes, instead causing major damage to his arm and shoulder. The would-be assassin tries to finish the chairman as his bodyguards drag him to safety, but is apprehended by stadium security. Tynes is taken to the hospital where his condition is stabilized. In the ensuing days, anti-Tynes students and faculty at the Norkotian University take to streets to demand the chairman resign. Riots break out, while assaults against pro-Tynes citizens and business spike. In order to bring the violence to a critical mass, Tynes instructs his advisor Diric Redbridge to secretly encourage the violence. Subsequently, the chaos spreads across all of Norkotia for the succeeding days, with the existing law enforcement staff unable to contain it. Nearly two weeks after the assassination attempt, Joseph Tynes makes his first public appearance since being shot. Using the violence at home and abroad as justification, he invokes the never-before-used Article 6 of the Norkotian Constitution to appoint himself as Grand Executor of Norkotian Law, giving him the authority to establish an army. In addition, he announces that the existing confederation will be reformed into a more centralized union, in order to provide better security for the member cities. Tynes's declaration is met with resounding approval from his supporters and most of the Norkotian population. Notable Consequences Joseph Tynes is hospitalized after a disgruntled student attempts to shoot him. Tynes's right arm is subsequently crippled as a result. Norkotia falls into civil unrest as anti-Tynes protestors spark riots and looting, as well as assaults and murders against Tynes supporters. The violence eventually extends both ways, however. To reestablish law and order, Tynes declares the formation of the Norkotian Union and implements Article 6, granting himself the authority of Grand Executor. Tynes orders the establishment of a Norkotian military, spawning a sudden and rapid arms build-up.
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    United We Stand [Norkotia]

    “And that brings us to the heart of the matter.” the chairman’s voice elevated as he neared the main body of his address, “The attempt on my life may have left me scarred and crippled, but it has also strengthened my resolve… and given me perspective.” His confidence and enthusiasm grew with each word as the chairman looked back and forth across the chamber. “In recent months, we have all watched in horror as violence has escalated across the entire continent, from the civil war wreaking havoc in major Terran cities to the recent invasion of the port of Last Chance. While those events may have seemed far away and inconsequential at first, the chaos has gradually spilled into our own backyard. First it came in the form of bandit raids in the outer regions, but now it has been joined by riots and assaults in the very heart of our civilization!” There were a number of nods in agreement from the audience, although most didn’t need reminding of what was already very apparent. Nobody was safe anymore. “Many years ago, our forefathers formed this government, which provided us with a framework that has allowed people to prosper over the past two centuries. But even back then, those same founders foresaw the day would come that it wouldn’t be enough to rely on our isolation alone. And so, they wrote into our constitution a provision that would provide a leader among their descendants with the necessary power to safeguard the nation of the future. For two hundred years, we have been able to look at the provision and say: There may come a day when we need this, but it is not this day…” He looked intensely into the audience directly in front of him, as well as into the main camera that was broadcasting this speech all across Norkotia, even outside the jurisdiction of the government. “My fellow citizens, I fear that day has finally come. In order to prepare our nation to face the challenges ahead, I have concluded that it is necessary to invoke that very article our forefathers so wisely placed into our founding document. Effective immediately, I implement Article 6 of the Norkotian Constitution, and hereby assume the office of Grand Executor of Norkotia Law, and relinquish my duties as Chairman of the Norkotian Council to Councilman Roland Stracht. And as my first act in this new office, I shall commission the creation of the first Norkotian Army, to safeguard our nation and counter the threats of today, and those of the future!” Another round of applause went through the auditorium. Though not all in attendance approved, those that did easily drown them out. Even the people who had been against the chairman before were coming to realize the government needed to respond to the dangers spawning all across Terrenus. “Furthermore, in the coming days, the council, the new chairman and myself shall finalize a plan to reform our current government into a stronger, more stable alliance. I will not rest, nor will my administration, nor will the council, until this new coalition is prepared to deal with whatever the world may throw at us next. We will protect our people! We will protect our civilization! We will ensure Norkotia continues for another two hundred years, and a thousand more beyond that! Yes, my fellow citizens… this is that day! This is the day we declare the birth of the first... Norkotian... Union!” The crowd cheered, many rising to their feet as Tynes’s eyes blazed with conviction. All that he had worked his entire adult life culminated in this moment. This moment, when his people would finally be unified. This moment. This day. “Today…” he trailed-off for dramatic effect, “WE STAND UNITED!”
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    I'm better at T1 than you!

    Lightning struck, only to strike again a moment later. The thunder that rumbled in the wake of the illuminating streaks brought with it someone, or perhaps something. His charcoal eyes narrowed on the mysterious figure some 25 meters away. He couldn't tell some of the finer details from this distance, and surely some would remain hidden even in closer proximity judging by the excess of billowing fabric draped upon his body. A sense of dread forced chills to run up his spin, fear encouraging larger bursts of adrenaline than anger could ever hope to inspire. His heart began to ache, it was beating so fast. Goosebumps prickled across his tan skin, as a visible tremble found his body. Despite the other several symptoms, the trembling was actually a reaction to his excitement. There was always an underlying sense of excitement found in him when it came to fighting, regardless of opponent and even of reason. A smile crept onto his face before a snicker escaped his lips. He couldn't see the dying environment near the figure, though he sensed it none the less. His electrolocation easily caught the sudden appearance of a perimeter blooming around the figure. He smiled greater, though this revelation was clearly nothing good. He smiled though because he was right. It was just another way he could compare himself to his Master before him. That and of course the confidence he carried with him as a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure. Whatever, or who ever this thing was, Jin was its hunter, its venom, its bane. His immediately responded by pooling his Yoki; With his right fist clinching onto the shaft of his halberd more harshly, his free one closed tightly as well. His body became accented in likeliness of the dark clouds above, with random flashes of electricity dancing across his form. (1) "I am Sir Jinsoku Hayabusa, Knight of the Order of Force Majeure!" He beckoned as he lifted the end of the shaft of his weapon ever so slightly from the ground before allowing the head of the weapon to descend before him. The weapon became horizontal as he brought the tip of the spike above the ax head to point directly at the figure. Finally, his smile faded and his expression was left to compliment the crazed look of the half mask he wore, matching the rest of his Bronze man armor that only covered the left side of his body. Patiently, the Slayer continued to observe the figure.
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    Pasion Pasiva

    Dragon's Fire [Stonehaven]

    He felt like a ghost. A spirit, freshly freed from the bondage that kept it tethered to flesh and blood. And in this way, hollow and transfixed by the memory of a human face shattering away under the weight of his fist, he follows as he is moved. In this moment, hand in hand with Lyrae -- covered in the drying blood of a man who he may or may not have killed -- there is something childlike about him. He stands no better now than the small abandoned boy who was left behind, or rather given away, by his mother. The thought that she might see him this way, or worse yet, discover the reality of his entire existence shakes him to the core and so, before long, he catches up and rather than allowing himself to be led, he walks hand-in-hand with her -- by her side. There’s a manic sort of relief in the words that she has just uttered, words that he repeats to himself like some sort of mantra -- you are no longer alone, you are no longer alone, you are no longer alone. She would never know how much he yearned to believe that sentiment. He felt himself a failure for needing the company, for falling apart into such a pathetic state without it. Alone -- he didn’t want to be alone. “Please sit for a moment, and gather your thoughts.” She was standing there -- beautiful Lyrae, a vision of peace amidst a sea of chaos, of hurt, of confusion. He could only stare at her, perplexed for a moment, almost as if he could not make sense of her words. The mist of violence that had overtaken him just moments before was still dense and heavy, though he could begin to see some outline of reality. Her voice and her presence, he trusted these things above all else, and so -- even without the certainty that she had actually meant what she said before -- he did as she asked and he sat upon the edge of the fountain. Somehow he was aware that they had come a short distance. A few blocks perhaps, but not far enough to escape the now distant sounds of screaming. There were still people crying out in the street just outside the nightclub, and now, added to the symphony of madness were a series of sirens, which cried out in shrill pitches of alarm. He was sitting upright, his golden eyes narrowed and glaring at the end of the street, from where he expected an army of enemies to suddenly manifest. It wasn’t until he felt the cool touch of water on his knuckles that he awoke, jolted into this precious and fleeting moment by the careful treatment being issued by Lyrae. “I think I killed him,” came his whisper -- his confession. He was calm now, his eyes were downcast upon the bloodied knuckles she was trying to clean. His flesh was torn open, having been pierced and cut by the jagged teeth he had broken within his victims mouth. Lucis could see it again, the man’s mouth a bubbling fountain of crimson. He swooned and reached up with his free hand to hold his throbbing head. “I murdered again -- there’s no washing the blood off, Lyrae… there’s no redemption for me.”