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    A Csl & Vielle Christmas Card

    I and @vielle go to universities on opposite ends of our country, so when I went home for the holidays we decided to take an IRL pic of ourselves and make a Christmas card for the fine people of Valucre because it seemed like a cool idea. So yes. From these two Asian college students who've been using this lovely site to keep in touch and help get through the torture suffering challenges of our first semester in higher education: Merry Christmas! ❤️ ?
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    Die Shize

    The Cyberpunk City

    "Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled with a breakdown or radical change in the social order ("punk")" —TV Tropes ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Martial Town Terrenus roleplay project Where the neon lights are as bright as the hope for the future is dim. "The key pillars of the cyberpunk genre are advanced technology, dystopian society, and trenchcoats." —Jane Douglas, Outside Xbox Profoundly Discriminating Reading Theme "I never asked for this. They say they saved me, but I'm not sure 'saved' is the right word." —Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain." —Roy Betty, Blade Runner "Welcome to the desert of the real." —Morpheus, The Matrix Shall we plug our minds into the machine and wander this world together? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Martial Town. A city that never sleeps, and a city that never sleeps never really wakes. During the day, Martial Town looks as dry as it feels, with a sprawling mess of mismatched buildings alongside street lamps locked in a lattice, like the twisted limbs of barbed wire. Against a bustling backdrop that suffers no silence lingers a blur of smoking vehicles and pedestrians lost in a fog of drudgery as they grind themselves into the grave. Laundry is thrown over the power lines, hungry dogs bark in the alleys at the cats that stalk the rats, workers toil for the corporate crown and crawl the streets like ants without a colony. Cyber cafes pulse with energy, shopping malls thrum with activity beneath the drums of greed that beat consumer desire into their hearts, while the harlots join the denizens in the drug dens to prepare themselves for the night's lust. Shining over it all, as though laughing from a throne so impossibly far removed from the tiny clutter beneath it, the warm sun bathes the boiler as a golden liar that hoards the gold from the poor. At night, however, when the sun goes down and the moon rises to replace it, the city of Martial Town takes on a brighter light—but perhaps a far less hopeful one. The dry and drab buildings are overshadowed by the glow of a myriad of brilliant colors. Neon lights transform the city into a whole new world, illuminating the streets amid lamps suddenly alive with vigor and the need to shine. Corporate advertisements are painted with smiling faces, their voices echoing into the alleys, as though the gods of the galaxy had been erected to remind the citizens that they were not alone. It is all a lie. A marketing deception to keep those citizens under the thumb of the true rulers of the night: Dystopia and Moral Myopia. The arcades and the bars and the clubs pulsate with a million drums of music. The drug barons and the body-sellers and the body-snatchers stalk the darkness for their next victims. The criminal organizations seek to assert their organized crime on the populace, and the black market opens after the shopping malls close, selling a cybernetic limb to the worker who lost his first one in the factory, and a pair of eyes to a thief who just wanted to replace his good ones with ones that could see in the dark. The skyline of Martial Town is lined with stone structures between metallic towers that scrape the sky. These are the constructs cast off from a dying Palgard that refused to stay down, and that serve all hours as a creeping reminder of the city's dichotomy. In the day or the night, the center of Martial Town, called the Core, is its own town within the city; a military district where the music of marching boots join the chorus of piercing whistles in a symphony of security. This protection, however, comes with a price. As far as the arms of the armed can extend, the eyes of the all-seeing can see, and the biggest threat comes from the defenders themselves. Like a mini-police state, living in the Core of Martial Town means spending many moments wondering if there might be a knock on your door, and if the people who knock on your door might just inform you that they are there for your safety and the security of the city and they will now show you this personally if you will please come with them and ask no questions. The outskirts of the city, meanwhile, are like lava surrounding a volcano. Where the thumb of the military can press down and press hard, so hard that it may as well be a boot stamping on a face forever, the gangs and clans and tribes in the peripheral parts, in the slums and the neighborhoods and the forgotten gutters, are their own power and authority. In the corporate towers that loom over the city from its core, conversely, the outer rim of the crooked circle is claimed by crime like a cancer. However, the disease is slowly spreading all over the city, seeping forward like a black ooze each time the armed forces clash with the outlaw elements. In Martial Town, nowhere is really safe, and no network is really secure. The question is, then, is there a cure? Will you find out? Will you adventure through the day? Will you journey into the night? Will you pull yourself from your familiar lands and your known realities and enter the virtual space of the Cyberpunk City? Will you plug your mind into the machine and wander within this world? The choice is yours. All you have to do is make it. Like a decision between a red pill and a blue pill. All you have to do is swallow it. But you can only swallow one. As you contemplate this choice, then, heed the words of Morpheus: "You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." The choice is yours. Choose. "The future is already here—it's just not very evenly distributed." —William Gibson The Cyberpunk City is a roleplay project currently underway for Martial Town, located aside from Palgard, Southern Terrenus. This is a "roleplay project" in the sense that it is in its early development stage, with potential updates to the lore page of Martial Town itself alongside IC canon/non-canon growth and progress. To begin this cyberpunk adventure, one and all are welcome to join me in what will serve as a 'hub' setting of sorts. Shown below, but not limited to this scope, are a small handful of locales that you can, effective immediately, participate in. Set up stories and write those stories out to your heart's content. Maybe your character is a cyber ninja. Go jack their brain into a plug in the CyberFunk Cafe! Just be home in time for dinner or mama will spank you for turning your brain into jelly. Or is your character a private detective, and you're seeking some hardboiled film noir? If you heard that the MTPD was only employing its own officers, then somebody doesn't want freelancers like you investigating them! Perhaps outside of the law is a better fit for your criminal ways. Pal's Guard is something of a private retreat for scum of all kinds, and you're sure to pick up a beer and a lucrative job there, assuming that you make it out alive... Feeling jazzy-funky-dancy-wunky? Better skip the CyberFunk Cafe. You'll find all manner of wild partying in The Purple Penguin, but don't take the wrong pill or else you might see a purple that you didn't know existed, before you pass out and never wake up again. Sometimes, however, things do go wrong and a little too crazy. You might wake up from a drunken stupor to find that your hand was chopped off by a Bessho-kai corporate samurai. Have no fear! Visit a GRAFT clinic, open 24/7, and just get a new one! Then again, your character might prefer to don suit jackets over trenchcoats. A business type, eh? A corrupt corporate executive, maybe? Well, you won't find any company headquarters listed right now, but that's awesome, because you can make one and add it to the hub! YAY! You can view the hub here. IC thread(s) listed below! 1. [MTPD] Tears in the Rain Stay tuned, folks. Turn on your telescreens, flip out your AR phones, switch on your VR housewife, put your earphones on and listen to that deep AI manly voice, because sooner or later Martial Town, The Cyberpunk City, will be hosting its very first public event! The black market, every criminal's favorite trade show, every crime fighter's biggest headache. When it comes to the government and certain corporations, they might fall somewhere in between. No place in the world seems totally free from a black market's plague but, when it comes to Martial Town, illegal commodities are booming. For the right price, a customer can get the right weapon. More than that, they can get a whole new right arm without having to go through GRAFT paperwork. They can even get a new brain. Some, however, go through a whole transformation that calls into question whether they still exist as an entity of flesh and bones and, if so, one with the same soul. Cyborgs are a growing force within Martial Town, and "force" is a correct term here. Mechanical augmentations usually make you stronger, faster and tougher in a number of ways. And not everyone likes that. More to come.
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    September 20, WTA 597

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    The Official Aleksei Fan Club

    So I had a brief conversation with a friend (@DarkHorse) in kind about a certain roleplayer on the site, in which I had no idea she had written with her before, and it dawned on me just how many folks have experienced and love the hell out of @Aleksei! So I says to her, "wanna start a fan club?", and she responded that she thought it was a great idea, and that Aleksei might enjoy it. And so here it is folks! The Official Aleksei Fan Club! This thread is open to any and all players that had had the pleasure of meeting, talking to, and/or playing with Aleksei and have an undying love for her like we do. Join us in the act of recounting the wonderful times we've had with her, as well as swelling her hubris with compliments!
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    A gateway to infinity - world change

    Note: the portal can deposit you anywhere in the planet and not just nearby itself Late last year I announced Elendaron's spiritual death, or "Spirit Wars" (coined by @Mickey Flash) which is much more fun to say, and how this physically manifests: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40860-elendaron-changes-a-spiritual-death/ Elendaron has been open for play since this announcement with those canon changes in mind, but I also intended to run a series of GM'd threads in parallel. I GM'd the first one, which concluded just this week: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40970-what-do-you-know-closed/ There are more in the pipe, but with the first one completed comes with what I think is the most interesting and exciting development - a permanent gateway into the "spirit world" If you visit the world article you will now see Elendaron replaced with a portal graphic (thanks to @jaistlyn!) and Elendaron removed from the body of the article as well: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/world/valucre-overview/ So what does this mean? My intention is to have the portal as an in-character, lore-backed plot device through which people can enter and exit the Valucre setting, so as to have whacky and zany adventures of all sorts in Alternative: https://www.valucre.com/forum/75-alternative/ I'm playing hardball with the Many Worlds Theory here and basically saying that this is a gateway into infinity, into any number of settings a user may want which Valucre doesn't support. This already exists with Alternative but now characters can travel back and forth between the worlds and have a rationale for it To enhance the play setting and give people options, I even made a thread encouraging members to create settings people can take and run with, which is a still open initiative: https://www.valucre.com/topic/41469-persistent-alternative-settings/ If leveraging one of these persistent settings it's important to note your character(s) should still conform to its limits. If you bring your divine character to Valucre they adhere to mild powers - if you bring them to a reality-based setting, then same thing But the best thing about this whole infinity concept is that you don't have to use someone else's setting and can make your own, and do whatever you want with it (adhering to the code of conduct naturally). You can even take a persistent setting and go "okay that + supernatural" and have a situation where your divine character can do divine things in Detroit, or whatever I'll be adding tags for specific settings as they develop but for now have added a "spirit world" tag to Alternative basically mean that you're taking advantage of this plot device Okay have fun discussion thread
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    one thousand posts! ? truly a personal benchmark! perhaps this means that I am here to stay for good. ❤️
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    Summarized results from RP Survey

    Let me start off by thanking everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Thank you Internally we're still discussing some of the finer points of the data, and I've separated the long form text responses into a separate discussion which involves more standardization so as to make the data anonymous (or near enough) as well as easily digestible (more signal, less noise) You'll see more updates on that, and the graphs for the below will be released separately to increase engagement, but here are the summarized results to share a great deal of the data in a fashion (I think) conducive to conversation (without the burden of expectation to engage in conversation) Based off 42 responses Most people (41%) take 30 minutes to post; the second largest group (26%) takes 1 hour Most people (29%) come here for the IC (a 1); the second largest group (21%) come more for the IC but also lean OOC (a 4) Most people (50%) access the site on PC; the second largest group (45%) on mobile Most people (98%) think Valucre loads quickly (according to their subjective experience) Most people (62%) find Valucre's lore has the answers but requires effort to get to those answers; the second largest group (38%) finds the answers easily Most people (52%) think Valucre's lore is unique; the second largest group (38%) think Valucre's lore is familiar but uncommon Most people (60%) like to read fantasy; the second largest (14%) like to read sci-fi Most people (62%) like to write fantasy; the second largest (12%) like to write sci-fi Most people (67%) prefer groups 3-5 in size; the second largest (26%) prefer one-on-one Most people (75%) have roleplayed on forums/bulletin boards for more than 2 years; the second largest (10%) for 1-2 years Most people (52%) have roleplayed on Valucre for more than 2 years; the second largest (16.7%) for 1-2 years Most people (69%) prefer collaborative combat; the second largest group (24%) prefer turn-based combat Most people (83%) enjoy character interaction the most; the second largest (14%) prefer exploration Most people (36%) heard about valucre through word of mouth; the second largest groups tie at 26% and are Search Engine and Topsite list
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    Csl's Art Box

    In the rare moments between the drudgery of college requirements and frantic post/lore writing, I, Csl, do art. Here is a thread for me to stack them all up and display to the Valucre community. Might do commissions in the future if people are interested ^_^ House C'zirqonia Family Portraits Finished the base drawings in the blessed school-less days of Christmas break, cleaned up and added backgrounds this week. Krita + Photoshop. 2-3 hours each for the base drawings. Base drawings Final output Carina and Friends
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    Ogre Assault Mechs

    Overview Ogre Assault Mechs, traditionally known as Ogres, are heavy armour robots primarily deployed by the Terrenus Military. On average, they stand at about 20 feet tall, and possess roughly humanoid proportions to a varying degree. All units, with some exceptions, are powered by a single Exalta core, typically secreted away in the spine or somewhere along the back. They are piloted from a cockpit housed in a fortified torso, with an ejection mechanism installed to save pilots from an emergency. Pilots are outfitted with a specialized suit that establishes a direct neural interface with the mech. This link enhances their spatial awareness to match the Ogre’s bulk, in addition to lending an intuitive sense of how to operate its systems. A supporting AI permits Ogres to behave autonomously, though its true purpose is to facilitate information transfer between the pilot’s brain and the machine. Should excessive data feedback occur, pilots can suffer permanent brain damage. Profuse nosebleeds and muscle paralysis are reported as common symptoms. All Ogres, as a rule, trace their roots back to the original OAM-N (Neutral) Frame. This is to ensure equipment compatibility throughout generational development. As a result, most Ogre technology can be equipped interchangeably, with exceptions based on frame-specific requirements. Base Frames Ogres usually come equipped with a primary and secondary weapon, followed by an optional melee weapon. Sensor arrays are located on the chest, shoulders, and in head-like devices, which offer a variety of vision options, including thermal and infrared. Further equipment customization is solely dependent on personal preference. AI personalities can be modified to suit the pilot's needs. They range from vocal to silent, and anything in between. Limited Victory ASI modules provide supplementary functions. These include logistics management, communication assistance, biometric monitoring, and remote telemetry. OAM-W (Warrior): The Warrior is by far the most prolific design to have ever been produced. It is flexible in its armaments, a jack-of-all-trades, and is both sturdy and agile without excelling in either department. The frame stands at 24 feet, boasts a pair of twin auxiliary thrusters, and is a respectable choice for any aspiring pilot who aims for versatility above all else. OAM-S (Scout): As its names implies, the Scout specializes in speed and stealth. It is one of the smallest frames available, in both height and mass, peaking at 18 feet with thin, lightweight limbs. It sacrifices protection and firepower in pursuit of unparalleled mobility, frequently compensating for its frailty with auxiliary thrusters. In battle, the Scout is best suited to hit-and-run tactics, with a strong preference for medium to long-range weaponry. On the same token, more daring pilots will take advantage of its mobility to engage in close quarters. This is somewhat of a rarity, since many consider the tactic an unnecessary risk. OAM-T (Titan): Heavy, large, slow, cumbersome, the Titan was built to take a beating and give an even bigger one in return. Standing at a menacing height of 28 feet, its thickly armoured frame towers over every other model, with excessively destructive munitions being the bread and butter of its design. The Titan actually requires two Exalta Cores to operate, and can even be manned by two pilots simultaneously: one as its gunner, the other as its primary operator. Its function as an artillery unit makes it an invaluable asset on the field, but it can fill a variety of roles depending on its overall kit. OAM-C (Caster): The Caster is one of the rarer frames currently in service due to the steep production costs of its advanced magitech systems. It is best defined as a 21-foot-tall arcane artillery unit, relying on destructive spells in lieu of ballistic weaponry. It comes equipped with light armour to keep it mobile and to minimize overall energy consumption. Older models tended to deplete Exalta Cores very quickly, so engineers were forced to repurpose the majority of its energy systems. Now, the Caster is rarely a front-line unit, preferring distance where it can safely dish out damage. OAM-J (Javelin): The Javelin is similar to the Scout, in the sense that it’s small and lightweight. It reaches 18 feet on average, but a select few frames have undergone alterations to their base build. Every inch of its body has been streamlined for aerial combat, featuring stability thrusters in its hands and feet, the main engine being located on its back. The biggest draw of the Javelin is its ability to transform into a high-speed aircraft. Most frames take the form of a fighter jet, leaving bombers and helicopters in a very niche minority. External weapons, such as rifles, are not compatible with the Javelin’s transformable nature. As a consequence, its offensive capabilities are limited to built-in machine guns, rockets, and retractable blades. With flying being a vastly different experience from ordinary Ogre functions, military pilots must first graduate from flight school before enlisting in the Javelin’s unique training program. OAM-E (Experimental): Experimental frames are exactly that: experimental. There is no baseline for their design. Each frame’s properties are unique to themselves, almost always in the goal of testing new capabilities. Hybrids are not uncommon. As are non-humanoid prototypes. In terms of experiencing live-fire combat, however, Experimentals rarely see the light of day. For one, they are expensive to fabricate. Two, they are rarely suitable for practical application. There is also the investment of their singular design, which may be difficult to replicate should the frame be destroyed. Many Experimentals seen on the field are, in fact, previously retired units. They’re usually deployed during emergencies, or the common case of a pilot begging to be special. Pilots Thanks to the Ogres' neural interface, extensive knowledge is not required to effectively operate a frame. In spite of this, a year-long training program is mandatory in the Terran Military. This program will see participants spend 1000 hours in a simulated cockpit, then an additional 500 hours in a variety of basic training mechs. Once a pilot has graduated with their full certifications, they will be awarded an official callsign, as well as the opportunity to pair with an Ogre of their choosing. They retain any rank held prior to graduation, and may continue to work in their assigned department. Outside of the military, very few private companies manufacture their own Ogre frames.
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    2/28 - Since we now have what seems to be three ARGs, supernal has kindly given us a club to puzzle things out. Check the ARG Club for future updates! *dons deerstalker hat* VALUCRE HAS AN ARG Y'ALL First off: what's an ARG? Well for those who don't know, and ARG is an alternate reality game. According to Wikipedia: I kept close track of the Overwatch Sombra ARG (despite never playing the game). Since then I've loved them and am thrilled to see one pop up on my favorite site. So far I haven't seen much public discussion about this aside from status updates. I figured I'd post a thread detailing everything we know so far, also to catch up whatever newbies might be interested. I might not include all the info because I arrived pretty late to the game and I'm writing this late at night when I'm supposed to be sleeping, but feel free to point out any things I missed to fill in the blanks! WHEN DID IT ALL START? This thread: An account named @Grand Mainframe joined Valucre earlier this week and posted that cryptic interest check in the Watercooler. It seems to be acting as an AI/robot/computer program. In the watercooler post, it linked two things: a website called desecrator.me/ and another account named @OBELUS DESECRATOR.ME OBELUS I'm not a cipher person but following all this has been super interesting. Personal observations: GM seems to be mostly involved with Terrenus, referencing bits of Terran lore like the Saint-King Odin, Zengi the Witch-King, the Desecrators, and the magitech pioneer Eustace Monroe. Its theme seems to be more along the lines of AI, computers, technology/magitech, and such. More of the story's probably going to show up once the countdown on desecrator.me ends in... around six days, as I write this. OBELUS seems to be running a different ARG altogether, and Mainframe's confirmed they're not working together. It's reference Elendaron, and it's zeitgeist in the west hidden message seems to reference Genesaris, so it may take place in a different place than Mainframe's story/plot/whatever. It also has something like a deadline on it's About Me page: May 2019. I guess there's not much to do but wait and watch artificer and the rest of the Mainframe Access Gang try to solve its puzzles (you're doing great, dude) Anyway, that's all for now! I hope this caught up those people out of the loop and I hope we as a community can band together and... solve whatever puzzles these two mysterious individuals throw at us ❤️ Or we can sit by and relax and eat popcorn, as I myself have mostly been doing. Again, feel free to point out stuff I may not have included in this list. The game is on! UPDATES @Ampersand has decoded the file name of the OBELUS image to be "thekeyisdeath" @elixir used the word "death" as the key in a Playfair cipher to decode the text in the source code of the gif in the original status. It reads: "ti me to wa ke up" Grand Mainframe has replied to @Fierach's status with "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU ASKED YOUR MAGITECH DEVICE FOR CONSENT?" This phrase also shows up in the alt text of the image in its reply to my status here OBELUS Diary Entries Pictures so far:
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    Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout the thread. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
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    You don't treat us like real people. You never let us win. You don't care how many die. Big Mother is watching You. We've been watching You. We've been following You. Who hangs the hangman? desecrator.me
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    Ardon Dallas In the nights since The Commander had declared war against Nu Martyr a blanket of still silence had enveloped the province. Each night fathers locked the doors and shuttered the windows, mothers hurried their children home in hushed voices. Fearful voices. Children, to young to truly understand the depth of their situation, remained ignorant to everything butt the occasional quiver in the voice of the parents. Nor were they oblivious to the ways the eyes of strangers darted around anxiously, yet never made eye contact. Those few that did quickly looked away, not wanting to chance the potential of doom. In all manners of the phrase, Nu Martyr had sunk into a state of waiting. Waited to see what would come. Dreaded the approaching calamity. But even the least of them could sense the near tangible aura of death permeating around them. It was there. And they could fear it. Hate it. Run screaming in terror into the night. But it was coming. She was coming. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. The sense of foreboding was prevalent not just in the outskirts or the smaller cities scattered through Nu Martyr, but also in the Capitol City itself. The Commander's threat had not failed to spread into the province's heart, poisoning and corrupting its way to even the PRIME Ardon Dallas. The man found himself constantly stopping to take in deep breaths, failed attempts in lower his heartbeat and arresting the small trembles that shook his arms. Even pouring himself a simple bourbon was a struggle. He was a politician for Tellus Mater's' sake. Not a soldier or a general. He was ambition, sure, but a politician nonetheless. Oh gods, what if She breaks through the city defenses? Ardon sighed, pouring himself another glass after downing the first. The thought was a useless one. He'd prepared the best that any PRIME could. Military at the ready, generals called back to help plan, and war schematics sorted out until they'd all been worked to the bone. He was ready. There was no way She would make it to him. Nu Martyr the city was itself huge. A powerful city-state within the continent of Renovatio. But when combined with the help sent from the Allied Nations of Terrenus, Kadia, and every city in the Province? The PRIME shook his head in disbelief. If the cult's Commander could fight against that much fire power, surely the entire world would have been after her already. He put down his cup and beckoned a man through, tilting his head in acknowledgement. "How are the defenses looking?" Lilith Reiter The evening sun had barely begun to fall when the citizens of Keto were shrouded in literal darkness. In moments that sun had been blotted out by a black cloud or, rather, a cloud of dense black fog that moved at inhuman speeds. As if born from the cloud, the fog formed a dark skull. A golden colored crescent moon shining from within each of the sockets as streams of that black smoke shot out from the cloud and skull down toward the city. At first people were surprised, though not overly so. After all rain clouds were quite usual considering they all but lived int he clouds. Then panic slowly started to set in as it became obviously apparent that the cloud was not of a natural making. And the skull appeared. People panicked, taking off in all directions for shelter or just in simply helpless retreat in the face of something overwhelming. It was the crescent moons that set in place who it was. What was happening. The Commander had arrived. Hundreds, if not a thousands, of those streams of black smoke slammed into buildings and city roads. Infrastructure collapsed at nothing but their entrance, not withstanding even long enough to be directly dealt with. Paragon after Paragon landed in Keto, clearing the way for Her. In moments the Paragons had wiped out every other living life within a mile of their landing zone. Buildings fell to their combined might, being swiftly decimated into dust until the land was completely flat. The hadn't needed to or been ordered to do so, but it was a show of loyalty. Of respect. For some, even of worship. A final surge of black burst from the skull of smoke, causing it to grow formless. This one, however, was levels darker than the others. A palpable corrupted around it that could strike fear into the most righteous or the most villainous without a care for their alignment. It was a primal authority raised even further by the corrupted powers She wielded with the ease that a blacksmith might a hammer. Lilith Reiter landed in Keto, rings of dust exploding outward from the force of her arrival. The necromancer motioned toward the nearest Paragon without bothering to so much as look their way. "Grab a few others and begin preparations for the Summoning. The magic circle will not have any mistakes, is that understood?" The Paragon nodded. "Yes Commander." Ignoring the Paragon her red eyes stared into the distance, though not into the nothingness of an unknowable beyond. No. She stared toward the Capitol City of Nu Martyr. The force of her gaze perhaps even sparking a primal alert of danger in anyone within its path. Deathbringer sheathed at her side beat a steady purple glow, as if excited for all the souls it would soon consume. Despite its number of souls already being enormously high, this meal would dwarf it all. Its apparent excitement leaking into even her, adding an equivalent purple glow to her eyes as well. The purple energy surged through Zengi's Gauntlet and the Genesaris Soul Stone, white and black lights joining with the purple. And then an aura of necromancy soared for hundreds of miles in every direction, claiming Keto as hers. For war was not coming to Nu Martyr anymore. It was already there; and all around Keto the screams of opposition rang out like dying chirps of squashed insects.
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    Valucre humor (and memes) thread

    Here's a place to dump funny stuff you see around the site, and memes. I'll bring up two of my favorites quotes The entirety of this thread: Memes. I'm sorry, most of my initial stock are in the context of Ursa Madeum. can't deny this. No longer very relevant but I loved the fashion war yes
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    The Uaos Compendium.

    Table of Contents First Volume, Creation Second Volume, Formation Third Volume, Ruin Fourth Volume, Cosmic Peace The Beginning Boljimir, the All-Creator Lailah's Demise Rumination Foreword Habitation O████ Incineration Expansion Glossary Iao, the First Ojurian Speech Eclipsed Nurture Sacraments Karael League Sofiel’s Awakening Elysium Welcome, reader. Call me Evalise. I am knowledge and history in its comprehensible form, and I am the creator of this compendium. Here you will find all there is to know about us, the [REDACTED]. Please be advised that whilst we coexist with other divinities in this vast universe, they will not be mentioned in this collection. We respect their creation, theologies and followers. They have their own domains, and this is ours. Reader, this compendium is to help you understand us. My precursors are not easily fathomable, and therefore, I will make them as such with the best of my ability. My fellow kin is complex but soon you will learn that we not enigmatical as some claim us to be. You shall see that our tales parallel your own. Clarity: this is my gift to you.
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    Do you have a criminal character you want taken seriously? — No, like, you want them to be taken REALLLYY SERIOUSLY? Then I have a proposal for you. A mysterious criminal syndicate digs its claws into the entirety of Valucre. As it grows, it swallows entire territories one by one. The means by which we achieve our dastardly ends are not always brute force. While power is a staple of our existence, we like to use finesse to solidify our legacy wherever we go. Join a decade+ legacy by trying out in this thread to join the mysterious criminal syndicate. The Tryout Mission: You will be assigned to attempt an assassination on Sebastian Heiliger, governor of Lunaris, Taen. As part of an initiative to rid the world of select rulers, the mysterious syndicate reaches out to your character for this deed to be done by them. Damage will be decided by using a version of the Narrative Damage System. It's very simple. Every time there is a conflict, you roll a d6 in the Dice Rolling Thread linked here. 1: No damage 2-3: Minor damage (cuts, bruises) 4-5: Major damage (breaks, major lacerations) 6: Mortal damage (lose a limb/eye, noticeable scarring for life) Looking For: 1-2 players who want to try out for the Dead by attempting to assassinate Sebastian 1 chaperone from the Dead @danzilla3 to play a couple Sebastian Heiliger posts Your Reward: Membership in the top evil organization on Valucre! Access to cool weapons on your character's request. Access to the the Dead artifact vault, carrying all the best gear gathered by Dead operatives! Great opportunities to advance your criminal character on Valucre — I will work with you to make your character better in whatever direction you like! @Djinn&Juice @bfc @Rin @Ataraxy @Tyler @Die Shize @Aleksei @-Lilium- @vielle @Thotification IC:
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    May I offer a meme in these trying times?
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    Is your character’s name from another language? Is it a pun? Is it an obscure reference to something? Does it have a special meaning? Share it here! ? I’ll go first - Lunara’s name comes from the Luna moth, and also from lunar, the moon. That’s because she’s a Winter/Unseelie/Dark fey, usually associated with the night. I also imagine that her wings are exactly like a luna moth’s, just purple. Darah is a Malay word for blood. It’s fitting because she’s a ruthless killer, (and the word itself sounds like a legit English name). Matahari Chaya is from Malay as well. Matahari means Sun, the literal translation being mata = eye and hari = day (eye of the day.) Chaya is adapted from cahaya, pronounced as ‘chahaya’, which means light or shine. Matahari is one of the four manly men bodyguards (read: harem) of a Kalopsia princess. I thought the name was poetic for the setting!
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    Greetings folks! If you happened to click on this introduction, thank you for taking the time out of your day! I'm a horror movie fanatic and I have a passion for writing that has waxed and waned over the years. I've known about this place for what seems like forever, but never had the ambition to jump in and stick around. I'm looking for hobbies to get back into because my life has become filled with monotonous work since moving out of my parents place five years ago. Video games, books, webcomics, netflix and food are my whole life. Now let's get down to brass tacks- I want to make an effort to get into many different genres. I usually tend to gravitate towards high fantasy and romance but to become a better writer I need to get outside of my comfort zone. I believe that it's important for me to let you guys know I post kind of slowly (though I'm not sure if you all will consider it 'slow' since we're not a chat site, but a forum). I want to make quality work and my life can get hectic, so it just takes time. I'm really excited to create interesting stories with you all! Happy Writing! -Annabelle
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    Aaaand we have them! Like - Oranges! They come in a pair, even numbers are supposed to be more "wholesome"/lucky. @supernal Thanks - Firecrackers. Bangbangbang! Confused - It's the legendary monkey king lol. They always broadcast the monkey king movies during new year XD What - Lion dance head! Legend goes that a monster goes to a village once every year during new year to eat people, so the lion dance was invented to scare the monster away. Superlike - Piggy! It's the year of the pig. Haha - God of fortune. He's almost the equivalent of Santa Claus, but instead of giving gifts, he gives money lol. Think - Lilith with adorable twin buns! @Ataraxy Sad - Angsty Samael in traditional garb. Let's hope he cheers up in the new year! @vielle
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    Die Shize

    Sounds of Stories

    Hello, Valucre! I had this wacky idea just now that came to me after gallivanting on what I've since brought forth as a fellow writing resource for fellow Valucreans. The idea is about getting an idea of what to write about. As some of you may know, I tend to write with music and/or ambience in my ears. More often than not, I find myself quite unable to write without something coming out of my speakers. Well, my idea surely does involve music and ambience when it comes to writing and roleplaying, so here we go: https://tabletopaudio.com/ That link will take you to a site which offers quite an extensive list of music and ambience tracks focusing on atmospheric settings, like dungeons, forests and cities, to immerse oneself in a given activity. In our case, that's roleplay. I propose this as a general writing resource for those among us who like to and are able to write with noise, because not everyone is that person and what works for me may not work for you. That being said, the Water Cooler idea here is that you pick a track from the site and make a roleplay out of it. You can either have a setting in mind and select the appropriate track or the other way around. Once selected, pop a notice in this thread of what the track is and a link to the IC thread, if for no other reason than reference purposes. Then, get to roleplaying! Tell us how you got on and share your experience! If you are like me and you listen to stuff when you write, then you're all set. If you've never tried it before, give it a go! We're all different so we write in different real life atmospheres so it may not be your thing. However, even if you can't write with noise in your ears, you can still find a track's setting, read its synopsis and, if it appeals to you, well there's an idea for a new roleplay! Or go crazy and pick a track/setting at random. An example of all this nonsense is the first track on the top row from the left called "Waterkeep". The track's image shows a beautiful castle described as "the fabled jeweled city of the north, a hub for trade, commerce and culture". So, there's your setting, all you have to do is make a roleplay out of it—listen to the track as you write or don't! If this idea gets enough attention, then later I could even make a game/challenge out of it, assigning a track/setting randomly to individuals/pairs/groups for them to only then make a roleplay out of it. So what do you all think? (Rest assured that I will edit this OP as my awfully verbose self just can't seem to properly translate my ideas half of the time. By all means, you won't insult or embarrass me by replying to the thread with advice on how to better articulate this idea and clean up the OP. In fact, I might just buy you a drink for it, pardner.) (Also, did I post on the right board..?) THANKS MISTER
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    The Official Aleksei Fan Club

    YOU. GUYS. STAAAAAHP! Seriously though, you dont even understand how much I genuinely love this! AND how I absolutely enjoy you all for letting me be part of your role-play fun, because seriously, without you guys I wouldn't be here. It really comforts me to know how understanding and patient you all are with my crazy life. I don't ever feel stressed about getting in touch with anyone or you all getting impatient with me. I try to keep everyone in the loop because I always want to make sure you guys understand how appreciated you are. AND I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH ; ^ ; My first year of college has granted me my Accounting Certificate, and this time next year I will have my Associates Degree (God, Allah, Cthulhu, Flying Spaghetti Monster willing) in accounting. I'm going for my Masters because I like crying over T Graphs and business expense reports =D! I know I said it in my status update but I'll say it again here too - SEE U SUCKAS ON WEDNESDAY! I've been keeping an eye on everything to make sure I'm staying up to date with things ❤️
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    I just want to reach out and thank everyone I am writing with to let you know a few things. Firstly, how much I appreciate you. Your continued patience with my slow-moving writing whilst I chase my career dream, leaves me eternally grateful to you all. School is getting tougher by the week, which means more hours of homework and studying. Truly, I thank you and hope you know how much I appreciate you and your support. Secondly, due to an unfortunate act of nature in the real world of life, I will be gone from Dec 26th until Jan 2nd. That, of course, doesn't include Christmas Eve and Day. I will not be reachable by phone, email, discord, or Valucre PM during that period of time. We will be taking a very necessary trip to visit family and will be spending every available moment with them. Thank you guys for your understanding. ♥️Lili P.S. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!!! XOXOXO
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    Interest check for a little run-and-gun adventure in Silver Harbor, thread to start in a few days to maybe a week. Background: The sleepy little harbor has been a major dock for smugglers for years, at the town's detriment. Avarice Lynch has recently arrived in town, and is marshaling allies to seize the biggest smuggling ship of the lot: the Iron Queen, when it comes to offload its cargo. To that end, he's recruiting outside help from Silver Harbor and beyond. Looking for: Adventurous action fun. The thread will start with some planning with Avarice and the volunteers, followed by a giant run-and-gun as the Queen comes into port. Any and all are welcome, there will be plenty of chaos (and hidden objectives) to go around. Combat: I like to run a narrative combat, rather than anything crunch-heavy. So really, you're pretty free to do as you like and show off some cool stuff as you like, in keeping with the Rule of Cool. If you'd like to face down a major NPC or something suitably dangerous, I am all about that business, so shoot me a PM beforehand and I'll set you up with some gnarly smuggling sorts. Some minor dice rolls may be in order to determine degree of success/embarrassment. Hit me up with any questions, and start the countdown to the demise of the Iron Queen! @Saerwen Talmiel @Dizzy00
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    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    Shall we go to war once more? Long ago in times of strife and conflict long forgotten, a crown was lost. It wasn't a crown of royalty or a tool to demonstrate a particular bloodline. Rather it was one forged of blood and fire, thousands of lives falling or rising at its will. Though the crown itself could not be destroyed despite hundreds of powerful sorcerers and intellects working laboriously to decimate the relic, they weren't able to inflict so much as a scratch upon it. So they hid it away, deep in the underground where not a single person would ever be able to hear of it, much less find it. Or so it was believed. For centuries the crown was guarded by a secret group in Renovatio that spread throughout Nu Martyr and beyond. The faction, originally sailing to Renovatio from Terrenus, was the Church of Three; a near cult like religion which believes in worship of all three gods: Gaia, Time, and Space. It was always their solemn belief that, unlike in Gaianism or the preachings of Odin Haze, these three were merciless gods. An ideology said to be deeply influenced by the religious conflicts of Tellus Mater. Those who are part of the Church of Three but of Renovation ancestry view the God of Time much the same as they would the All-Creator. One in the same, in fact. Thus when those in charge could no longer bare the risk of having Asteria's crown fall into the wrong hands, they turned it toward the Church of Three. With the Church's extreme secrecy and unwillingness to bend before those they considered Heretics, such a godly relic was considered safe in their silent possession. It was a common belief that the Church of Three was an indomitable group throughout history, a stance recently challenged in modern Terrenus by a necromancer named Lilith Reiter and her cult of power hungry warmongers. The necromancer's desire to obtain lost pieces of armor previously belonging to the Witch King Zengi proved to be the Church's downfall in Terrenus. Upon retrieving the chest plate of Zengi's armor from an underground labyrinth hidden under the city of Tia in Terrenus, Lilith Reiter also took a single living prisoner with her; one who ultimately was unable to resist her power and told of their most valuable treasure. The crown of Asteria However, Lilith was not the only one who has heard of the crown. In fact, news of the Asteria's crown being found has spread throughout Valucre like wildfire. It's corrupt power infamous for the destruction it brings in its wake and the monsters it makes out of those who wear it. Upon hearing the news and its rumored location being within his land, the PRIME of Nu Martyr, Ardon Dallas (character sheet TBD), led a small army to the Church of Three's location. After a few small skirmishes, he came out with the crown. Ardon Dallas, PRIME of Nu Martyr, now has enough power to act on his ambitions. He may have even turned his eyes upon the Grand Kommadant, his ambitions were so grand. But then another word spread. This one striking fear in even Ardon, bearer of Asteria's crown and PRIME of Nu Martyr. "The Commander is one her way to Nu Martyr for the crown. All who stand in her way will perish." Will you stand in her way and risk death for glory, or join her for power and glory? OOC Do you stand with Ardon Dallas to protect Nu Martyr (both the province and the city), or do you join the attacking party for riches, wealth, and power? Let me know so I can mark you down and keep track of all the sides! I don't have a specific player limit in mind and I don't know how many people this will attract (don't wannt be cocky :p) but I'll definitely cap it if I start feeling its getting out of hand. You CAN do miniature T1 fights, but I don't have time to settle random cat fights. So make sure you have character sheets, an agreed ruleset, and a judge before you start doing it. Narrative fights are preferred. What happens to the crown is already more or less established (PM me and Aleksei if you want to challenge my claim I guess), but the fate of Nu Martyr relies a lot of on character interactions and decisions. While the actual city of Nu Martyr is limited to a few buildings of damage (don't want to ruin a major city my first real time RPing in Tellus Mater lol) the province itself and outskirts of the capital city are essentially war grounds. As are little towns surrounding it and whatnot. So what YOU do and what YOU decide will have a major effect on how this thread plays out. I will be GM, so keep me in the loops of character interactions such that I can best orchestrate stuff within the thread. @Aleksei being the BL of Renovatio, however, will have the last say on anything she decides need her attention. I'm new to TM so if I'm doing something you guys know goes against some part of the lore or rules I missed, let me know ASAP. THIS WILL BE A BIG BATTLE. It's not a little skirmish. The crown of Asteria is a hella powerful Renovatio Relic that used to belong to the daughter of a Titan who was powerful enough to defeat a past Grand Kommadant. It's very important and PRIME Dallas isn't going to give it up easily. Nor should he. To give an idea, I'm thinking there will be about a million "soldiers" one each side. More or less. No idea how many threads this will be. Most likely one because this is sort of Lilith's/ my introduction into Renovatio so I don't want it to be too long. But a few threads will hopefully result from this. If @Aleksei is up for it, I'd like for her to take up the PRIME role for this fight. If she's too busy (cause busy busy bee she is), I can double unless someone else wants to step in. You are also allowed to "join" the attacking forces without necessarily being on Lilith's side. An example of this would be if the Dead or the Legion of Doom wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to bolster their infamy. *There shouldn't just be ONE large clash. Nu Martyr is a huge province. Make this story fun. Communicate with the other side and set up fun scenarios. Don't be afraid to lose a battle because there's more than one in a war. Clashes between player forces should be talked about before hand and planned accordingly. ? Let's affect some lore you guys! TO WAR! Defenders of Nu Martyr @Alexei @Djinn&Juice @Fierach @Hurttoto ? @notmuch_23 @Tenkai Matsumoto @Twitterpated ? @-Lilium- ? Attackers of Nu Martyr @Ataraxy @Thotification @Die Shize @Metty @Archeos @danzilla3
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    OOC notice (March 3, 2019): This is a hub thread for the base being set up at the Furthest Point, a hill in the middle of the Broken Plains. For now it serves as an interaction point for the players involved in the Furthest Point battle threads, but it will eventually become an open thread for anyone who stops by the fort after it is built. They had survived. The night was deceptively calming, the crackling of the fires driving away the unnatural silence of Yh’mi. Normally, adventurers in Yh’mi would avoid building numerous fires, in case they drew dangerous creatures from far and wide. However, this time round, Yh’mi already knew where they were. Cutting down their own visibility would only make it more difficult to spot enemies. At least the fires would keep the Wispered at bay. Those tiny insects invaded the bodies of unwary travellers, devouring them from the inside out. Under the warm glowing light, the two surviving wagons were being unloaded. The dry rations and first aid materials came off first, then the tents and sleeping bags, the group needing to replenish themselves and rest up before the hostile land made their next move against them. The Order of the White Hand had made sure that each wagon carried a variety of food, medicine and building materials, to maximize their survivability if they got attacked. They had a routine of hoping for the best and planning for the worst. Fidelitas portioned out the food, just barely enough to keep the fighters from going hungry. If they had managed to keep even one more wagon from falling, their resources would not be so tight, and perhaps they could even have stripped the Saevion meat and barbecued that for a satisfying meal. They were all going to suffer for their failure, but he would tolerate no complaints. When the next morning came, they had to start to build the foundations of the base, basic walls and traps to fend off any hostile creatures. The next dispatch of warriors from Inns’th would bring the mercenaries their gold for completing the mission, if they survived till then. The silver lining was that the group had felled one of the most dangerous creatures known in Yh’mi, the Chhitten Magnus. That was telling of the battle prowess of the team that was amassed. By a stroke of luck, the colossal creature’s foul gut spilled a variety of sturdy weapons and armour from previous unfortunate adventurers. Fidelitas himself had picked up a fine spear that had not been too damaged by the Magnus’ acid, and had wrapped it with cloth. It with this package that he now headed towards one of the fires, and took a seat beside a dark knight. “That was impressive fighting,” Fidelitas told Gormaric, while unwrapping the spear and starting to clean it up. “Your blade, can I take a look at it?” The obsidian-coloured sword had stood out among the rest, and it intrigued the paladin. @EpicRome23
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    Sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps (caps with bunny ears preferred)! It's time to start planning your entry into Valucre's first annual Spring Writing Contest! This year's topic, as determined by popular vote, is: REDEMPTION! Someone please tell me how to make that bigger. Anyway. What does that mean? Here you go! Redemption doesn't have to be big or totally transformative, but it does imply a moral shift in behavior or perspective. Your main character doesn't have to go from being a devil to an angel in 2000 words, but someone should probably become at least a little less awful for at least a small, significant moment. The rules for submissions are as follows! 1) Submissions will not be accepted until April 1st, and the deadline is April 29th at midnight (EDT)! You have plenty of time to plan and perfect your story! 2) Maximum length is 2000 words. There is no minimum requirement; if you have a killer redemption haiku send it on in! 3) I really hoped that "Humor" would win the vote, but it didn't. So the stories don't have to be funny. However, if you want to make your story funny, please do! 4) Entries must be original, unused work. Do not plagiarize, and definitely don't plagiarize yourself! Why? Because you've probably become a better writer than you were when you wrote that other redemption story you posted on your MySpace or BlogSpot back in 2006! Don't handicap yourself! (Plus, there's no good way for me to prove you're the real author when I stumble onto the same story on a GeoCities website from the Dark Ages.) 5) YOU ARE SWORN TO SECRECY! Don't tell anyone else what you're entering! Your submission needs to be a secret shared only between you, me, and the fence post. I mean, honestly, do you really want your "friends" to vote for a story just because you wrote it, rather than because they actually liked it? They wouldn't do that, you say? Are you sure? Can you ever be sure? Really, really sure? Do you really want to lay awake at night for the rest of your life wondering if you're really a good writer, or if people just like your personality? Of course not. Don't risk it. 6) You get ONE submission. You can revise it right up to the due date, or even switch it out for a different story if you really want to change horses in mid-race, but you only get one story. 7) Please double-check your formatting. I'm not going to edit your work for you, I'm only going to try to fix those weird copy/paste errors that sometimes crop up. 8 ) NO SOONER THAN APRIL FIRST, submit your work via PM to me. Put "Tales of Redemption" in the subject line so it doesn't get lost in my in-box. I will respond when I have seen it (probably within 24 hours, but life being what it is, please don't pester me until it's been at least 72). PRIZES: The prizes are still yet to be determined, but they're going to be based on the number of entries. The more people who submit, the more prizes there will be! Details on prizes will be available on the day the contest opens (April 1st! and no, I'm not going to April Fools you about the prizes, cuz that's super mean). If anyone has anything they'd like to donate for a prize (a character sketch, editing services for a story, or some suchlike thing), please PM me. If it's just up to me, I'll probably be putting a couple Amazon gift cards in the pot and calling it a day (because I have no cool skills). But again, details will be announced on April 1st in the official contest opening post. WORKSHOP THREAD: I'll be opening up a workshop thread here in the next couple days, where hopeful participants can share writing knowledge and tips and work on polishing the edges of their skill in the days leading up to the contest. Don't ask for opinions on specific passages (that'd violate rule 5), but I (and hopefully others) will help with questions or confusions about general things like dialogue, describing action sequences, sentence structure, and suchlike. Look for that thread round about Monday or Tuesday, in this subforum, wherein I will have a more detailed list of DO's and DON'T's in the opening post.
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    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    the beast of palgard It just had to be her own fucking luck; another Mask is encroaching on her territory and she hasn’t even done anything valiant or untoward yet, not even to lift a finger in assault of the men crawling out of the woodwork with guns blazing and violence drawn. They are not her primary concern, after all. The Beast watches from the shadows, gaze considering as she observes Apex’s methodical dispatch of the feds streaming in from the lab beyond the double doors. She’s heard of him through the network, but had never had a pleasure of meeting the other nor the chance of running into the other in their own jaunts around the urban landscape. Palgard is a wide, wild playground, after all. But— She has no time for this nor a fateful meeting with whoever-the-fuck, truly. Plans revised on the fly, the Beast rolls away from a stray bullet, swivels around to move in the other direction, turning a few corners with the help of her goggles to locate another entryway into the area, through a deserted hallway littered with lifeless corpses. The lab is a wide expanse of technology and gurneys and worktables, which should shield the Beast from Apex’s eye or any of the other intrusive elements in the room for a brief moment of time; it’s all she needs, anyway. She moves towards Doctor Maria Trevalyn: a skinny blonde woman with giant rimless glasses and a too-long lab coat. “Doctor, I need you to come with me,” she tells the woman, who jolts a near-feet into the air at the Beast’s sudden arrival. What follows is a series of half-hearted denials, crumbling excuses of being tied to her duty, to her work on the cure. The Beast does not particularly care for them. More sounds of chaos filter in from the outside, and even under the smattering of gunfire from all sides beyond the lab, the Doctor is still stoic, still composed as best she can, with a minute quiver and flushed cheeks. Perhaps now, the woman realizes just how fucked up the situation is. She is not the only one with the means to make the cure for the parasite; any other doctor here is suitably equipped to formulate one with the right resources, and so the Beast could have gone to anyone else and save them instead. She has no bargaining chip, no final factor to point to her intrinsic value: there is no extricating herself from the matter, not without outside help. Not without the Beast’s help. “Well?” Maria Trevalyn breathes in deep, apparently steeling herself for whatever comes next. “I—yes, yes I am.” The Doctor grabs a few vials from the worktable, tucks it in her satchel. “Lead the way,” she says, her lower lip trembling, and the Beast can’t help but smirk. “I think it’s rather more hold on tight,” the Mask says, hauling Maria into her arms and into a fireman’s carry, ignoring the startled yelp spilling forth from the woman’s lips. With no time to spare, the Beast races out of the lab and into the hallways beyond.
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    Humble Beginnings

    Hi there!? My name is Asu. You see, I've been obsessed with the idea of roleplay for a while since I'm a HUGE fanboy of stories and characters. I've ALWAYS dreamed of being in these stories for as long as I can remember! Unfortunately, I've never really tried roleplay since I've been intimidated by the "play by post" mechanism for so long, even though I've always wanted to try it. I've been looking at the other RP forums, so far Valucre seems the most preferable to me. Yesterday, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and made an account. I'm so excited, but I have so many questions. It's gonna take me a while to get settled in. I've heard this site has a lot of supportive members, so I feel like I'm in good hands. Please! I emphasize "please"; Answer all the questions that I may come up with and help me get out of the "newbie" phase asap. I hope we can get along and hopefully even become friends! ?
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    Alrighty then, as many of you know I have this thing called school that takes up both RL and RP time away from me. Here is my schedule for the next 5 weeks. My class times vary but are generally from (I leave home at 1620) 1730-2230 (get home around 2300/2330). That is because tutorials run until 2230 on Tues & Thurs, I will more than likely attend them because...extra knowledge is always acceptable and appreciated. I will continue posting, but please do not expect me to post more that twice a week for the next 5 weeks. If I am slowing you down, please do not wait on me and just keep going. If I am able to catch up, I will if you'll allow it. If not, it is still going to be alright! You can expect to see posts on Fridays, and possibly Tuesday/Wednesday mornings. I thank you guys for your continued support! @Aleksei @Fierach @Die Shize @EpicRome23 @Rin @Fallen Joy @amenities @P.N.See @Thotification @vielle @danzilla3 @Ataraxy @Garion @Alexei @Twitterpated and everyone else!! ❤️
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    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    diana "deedee" d'angelo The morning light breaks through the clouds in strange ways; almost refracted, almost torchlike, almost light bending through water, murky and faint. Everyday, Diana climbs up to the top of her apartment with a cup of coffee in tow, just to watch the sunrise blaze brightly over the sprawling cityscape of Palgard. In this illuminated scenery, the urban view looks miles away from what it really is, the dark elements lurking around abandoned street corners and smoky alleyways running off to hide from the sunrays, before they can be seen. It almost makes one forget what truly lies beneath the surface, that nebulous shadow beneath the fray. She stretches her limbs, the long sleeves of her faded hoodie carefully pulled over any telltale bruises, any incriminating injuries on her person. It is also definitely hiding the evidence of one brutal kick to the chest from a particularly violent thief armed with rocket-fucking-boots, hard enough to knock her into a drywall stunned and gasping. Her bones had felt like dust the very next morning, but without fail, she had jumped back into her suit, had strapped into her boots, had flung herself face first into the abyss once more, night after night after night. Suit up and save the world, stopping one crime at a time, rinse and repeat. This is what heroes do. Diana finishes the last dredges of dark caffeine, throws the paper cup into an alleyway dumpster on her way through the concrete jungle. The bitter taste on her tongue does not go away. the beast of palgard The Beast is relentless. “Please, please—!” The plea gurgles blood-red from the man’s throat, bubbling up through his gritted teeth, and goes unheard as she pushes her boot down further into that fleshy throat, bared and gleaming in the moonlight. There can be no mercy where thousands of lives are at stake. “Answer me,” the Beast monotones once more, almost as if casually picking up the phone expecting a friend, or reciting the fucking alphabet. The command is punctuated with a grinding noise emanating from the gangster’s lungs, air punched out of his throat like a jab. “Palgard General,” he chokes out, wildly writhing in pain as the pressure on his neck begins to build, threatening to snap his head off. “Doctor—Doctor Maria Trevalyn.” Gunshots ring out from the alley on the other side of the building, and the Beast unfolds herself from her crouched position, stands tall and imposing for a moment in consideration before neatly severing the man’s spinal nerves with one well-placed stomp of her boot. She raises her gloves to her line of vision, opens her fingers to reveal the strange black insect she had removed from the gangster’s compatriots, their corpses littering the small space between this building and that building. One thorough scan with her goggles reveals the information that it is some form of parasite, one that burrows below the skin and creates an unquestioning, mindless puppet out of the host, further confirmed by the peculiar movements of the King Spiders she had just eliminated. “Maria Trevalyn,” she tests, and a quick search through the public database reveals that the woman is in fact a doctor at Palgard, and may even have some ties to the Silver Serpents by way of heritage. Interesting. There is not much left for her here, and the sound of bullets is closing in. The Beast pivots on her heel, uses the grappling hook to pull herself up into the rooftops and out of sight, heading towards Palgard General.
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    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    diana "deedee" d'angelo If there is anything of permanence for Diana in this ever-shifting, fickle hellscape of a city, it’s the Palgard Panthers: best fucking hockey team this side of town, no matter what the big leagues say. “What, cat gotcha tongue?” Roscoe’s face fills her vision, all dishevelled dark locks and cocky crow’s feet eyes, fully obscuring the ice rink from where she sits on the bleachers, lost in thought. “Ain’t heard a single word from ya for two seconds; you’re getting me worried over here.” Diana snaps out of her reverie, gaze narrowing as she swats the intruding limbs away from her personal bubble. The boy is lucky he’s such a skilled center forward, or she wouldn’t be putting up with his shenanigans for too long; two years too long, in fact. No matter how shitty Palgard gets on the worst of its days, she has her team to come back to. Who cares that her parents had jumped ship to Martial Town, that they left her with a hollowed corpse of a house and only her dog Duke for company? She has family here, where she had stayed. “Was feeling grateful, is all—where can I find some damned respect,” Diana mumbles, bending down to untangle the shoelaces of her ice skates, slender fingers making quick work of the task before Roscoe can even find the right words to reply. Further out on the ice, Jax and Trent make tight, precise circles around fire-red cones, and the sight brings a warm balm to her chest. She doesn’t get to see them everyday, not since the riots had begun. Mama Gatsby rules their household with an iron fist; of course she’d want to keep her precious younglings safe. Which is too bad—they’re fantastic defensemen, if only to help keep the pressure off her as the goalie. Mama Gatsby cares not for little leagues, and it’s a damned travesty which Diana pays the price for every other week, when she's stressing over lineups for the scheduled games. When she turns back to Roscoe, he’s tilted her head as he looks at her, having finally dredged up a reply. “Piper’s havin’ a free-for-all at Sharpmate’s later on, if you’re up for noodles?” “Piper’s fucking poor; how the hell can she afford that?” The boy counters with a grin, jagged and sharp. His sparkling personality makes it easy to forget Roscoe is a bumbling baby vigilante, if only when it comes to stealing money from hellish shopkeepers and giving them away to beggars on the sidewalk. The Beast can overlook that, really, no big deal. “How the hell do you think,” he questions her, and when Diana responds with a blank stare that demands further explanation, Roscoe acquiesces. “Did some work six blocks from your place last night.” Diana’s lips tighten into a thin line at that. The elvish ghettos are not the right place to be in, late in the evening darkness. “So are you up for noodles or not? I’m a hungry bastard who needs to be fed immediately.” The thing is, she’d love to join up for these kinds of gatherings, but the Call rings out loud and clear every night: the Beast needs to secure its city. Diana stands, shoves her skates into a locker as Roscoe trails behind like a persistant puppy. “Tell Piper thanks, but I ain’t looking to get blubber in me before the big game next week, alright? The Raviners need to be taught their fucking place, and I won’t jeopardize it with inconveniently timed noodles.” She smirks at the disappointed frown this declaration inspires, then ducks out of the skating arena into the urban jungle beyond. Her cousin had pleaded, begged, even threatened her to come join them in Martial Town, but Diana has made her peace with her life long ago. Palgard may be a cruel, dark mistress where people make their beds with monsters every night, where the light rarely pierces through the gloom, but this; this is her city. Palgard is her fucking city, and she looks after her own. Her nose itches, the way it always does when trouble comes knocking on people’s doors in the slums, and Diana scrubs a hand across it, grimacing with mild distaste. Damned bloodhound of a sensory organ. One thing is for sure: the Beast is going on a hunt tonight.
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    PLEASE READ THIS BOTH CAREFULLY & THOUGHTFULLY. This is merely a poke in the shrubs to see who's out there. I will answer questions about the [less than] current thread already in existence and how to proceed from it, pending the interest of you fine fine people. Genesaris: An Expedition in the Past. This is for a roleplay story taking place in the early years of Genesaris. A time when magical technologies are up and rising and where the land is still so very young and holds a lot of secrets to discover. A group of scientists [and travelers/guides] wants to use the newest of technologies [airships/steampunk tech] to transport themselves quickly across the land in order to follow up on leads about special plants, animals, and people. The time span the characters will face will most likely consist of years [for them]. During this time frame, they will be able to witness the birth of a new age in Genesaris. They will be able to experience the change in atmosphere and society, as well as traverse untouched lands that will eventually become more civilized as time goes on. With these things in mind, a lot of the more powerful plants [powerful as in the abilities provided by such plants] may go extinct and become very rare, so that in the present timeframe of Valucre [? AO] they will be very limited and extremely hard to come by. [Also, please take note that during this early period in the young Genesaris’ life, that it has not made itself known to the other continents of Valucre, e.g. Terrenus, Tellus Mater, etc. Also, keep in mind that weapons like guns…are nonexistent or extremely rare in this time. Advanced technology will not be used or even referred to, as it does not exist either.] This RP will fall in line with the lore of Genesaris, but will give whoever’s character, the ability to witness history as it happens. You may have free reign [with approval from King] to help create plants, animals, and old landmarks no longer in the existence of today’s Genesaris. [Approval must be made before posting any changes, new things made.] A list of preapproved plants is already in existence, and when we come upon them, I will explain what type of plant they are… And all or some of our characters [pretty much whoever chooses to] can be the first ever to try them out. We won’t know what they can do to anyone ICly….unless we experiment a little first…right? All the plants are going to be written out in the same [older]format created by OffTopic, and can be viewed in Herbalism 101. Please keep in mind that our characters will not have access to most of these plants, due to having no connection with Terrenus and other continents[Tellus Mater, Terrenus, etc.] during the timeline we will be writing in. I’m pointing them out as a reference, so you can get an idea of the design and presentation used after discovery to describe the plants, and hopefully create more new ones in a group effort by us. This also encompasses older civilizations and tribes, unknown areas and landmarks of Genesaris, and animals and creatures no longer seen in Genesaris today. When I say that, I really hope that people not only want to RP out this idea, but help to build on it by creating more flora and fauna, and can help generate great scenes of the young Genesaris. This will be a creatively fun RP, where your contributions do and will count. CURRENT Thread[Thread One]: Early Genesaris: Expedition in the Past. [cont.] Thread Two: Early Genesaris : Time Stamps This thread is optional, and is merely meant to be used as a journal for each individual. Here they can ‘write’ about their experiences, what they’ve encountered, etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a journal either. They can write letters to friends and loved ones as well. Old Thread as a Reference for Newcomers: EarlyGenesaris: Expedition Here is where most of the traveling and discoveries will take place during the entirety of the story. This is also where I will explain what the plants look like, and we experiment to find out their effects. A lot of them are poisonous and deadly, I will let you know beforehand whether or not it is safe. For your character. Mind you, I may warn you about the plants, but I will not warn you about the dangers being faced while traveling through the youthfully wild lands we will be in. Everyone will be at risk, including my own character. Characters/People: Looking for 3 people to join Die Shize and I as we continue our gloriously haphazard adventure. Lead Herbalist/Scientist: [The early and original] Doctor Lilium Concordia [yes…She is friggin' old, and you’ll get to see part of why in this story and your characters [if you so choose] may experience this phenomenon for themselves. And a lot of it has to do with another story not included here. Sorry.] Our Main Crew: 1. Die Shize as Dr. Jikol 2. -Lilium- as Dr. Concordia 3. Rin as Claudette Virga Von Ja'Guthra Talia 4. Thotification as Lord Ruler Suzerain, King Emperor of All Creation [Suzy] 5. Flame Hero: Endeavor as Potential Cameos: Vielle [Guinea pigs provided] NPC Guides NPC Travelers PLEASE, if you are going to join, feel free to share any ideas you may have. Don't be afraid to speak up. I like plots and ideas. Especially if they make the story more fun! If you're worried about receiving credit, don't be. Whatever contribution you come up with is your own, as long as-first and foremost-it is approved by King. ****There will be a 3 day post limit. What this means, is that if you do not post within three days of it being your turn, you will be skipped, but that’s not to say you can’t post later. You’ll just be skipped in order to keep the flow of the thread going. If you have stuff going on and are busy, that’s understandable, just let someone know what your post time may possibly be.**** I am a fan of posting order, mostly because it is less confusing in my mind. That way there aren’t two people interacting back and forth in ten posts before anyone else posts, which can deviate from the story. Important links: Genesaris Lore Herbalism 101 If interested please reference these posts: 1. Introduction - Notes about the mission. 2. Movement - Parachuting to the ground. 3. Current locale - Forest in search of whaaaaat?! PLEASE TAKE NOTE: A new thread will be created as Die Shize and I are going to break away from the old one to start fresh from where the last one ended. Please make yourself aware of this. Boon: Depends on what you contribute. Discover something awesome! Help to create new plants, artifacts, animals…etc, etc. If you have in-depth questions you don't feel like asking here, feel free to contact me via PM here on Valucre or drop me a line on Discord @Lilium#8636. ALSO, I would like to invite those people with older Kingdoms set in Genesaris to ponder the idea of guest appearances depending on the location of our troop. For those of you who would like to add to the background of your rich lore while it may have been in its youth, this could be a fun and interesting way to do so...? Or even hint to me, things you would like to have been seen, discovered, or noticed about your areas in this RP's past time frame of setting. @King @Die Shize
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    to everyone i'm writing with—i must ask for your utmost consideration and your unfailing collective patience ? i'm currently in the throes of midterm exams, and i must wrangle my wayward project groupmates and my unruly monkey brain to focus on what needs to be done; hence, my posting speed for the next week might be considerably slowed, but it should pick up again once i finish the bulk of my requirements ❤️ thank you, i love you all ?
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    Emperor Titus Demetrius Men and women of all status' parted ways as two Imperial Guards made their way forward, their path an obvious line to the frantic Uldwars and helping Dalis. One of the guards was a man, tall and heavy set, his foot steps causing a soft thump against even the warded floors. At his side was a woman of equal height but slimmer in stature, though the set of her eyes gave no doubt as to which of the two was in charge. Their armor clanked as they walked toward the group, excusing their way through the crowd as politely as possible without having to ask twice. Though not required too, both Imperial Guards granted the group with clipped bows of respect. It was the woman guard who spoke first, her voice neither commanding nor curt, but stern nonetheless, "Luis Uldwar. Follow us to the Emperor. His Majesty await you in the Courtyard." The man clarified, if only slightly. "He simply wishes to speak to you. Away from eyes that might pry into business not theirs." It was the only comfort he could provide the boy, especially as the Emperor's desires were beyond the guard's station. Whether it would just be a talk was up to the Emperor. If Luis came with them of his own will, the woman would turn on her heel and head toward the gnarled tree without hesitation. The man would wait for Luis to start, then follow behind the boy so as to protect him. Or trap him. The difference, in that case, was negligible. A stronger hand would be necessary if he were to resist, wards flaring up to restrict his movements as the male guard proceeded to heave the boy onto his shoulder. The former being the preferred. But an order from the Emperor was absolute, regardless of whether it pleased the guards or not. *** Access to the Courtyard had quickly been cordoned off, Imperial Guards stationed at the entrances as others combed the surrounding areas for Oscar Uldwar. Even a handful of Imperial Knights were lounging near the gnarled tree, their green armor flashing in the sun's setting light. Standing directly in front of the tree was a large, broad shouldered man. His tall stature dwarfing those of lesser heights while his strong frame shamed the strongest of knights. Graying blond hair sloped down those solid features in a complimentary fashion. The man would have been handsome had there not been a jagged scar tracing the side of his face, from ear to chin. A rough beard and the stern set of his mouth giving way to a commanding presence, mitigated by the warmth which swam in his cool golden eyes. With his hands clasped behind his back in traditional curiosity, Emperor Titus Demetrius tilted his head upward to get a better view of the tree's over all might. As a gust of wind shivered the branches, his eyes narrowed. Thinking. Connecting. Wonderment obvious on his face at the rather sudden appearance of a tree on his land. Further off it may have gone unnoticed, but one so close to the mansion had quickly garnered the attention of an Imperial Guard who'd then went off to alert his Emperor. Titus turned toward the approaching Uldwar child, his expression one of both concern and interest. Though the Emperor had a habit of inducing neither fear nor absolute authority in his subjects, such was the nature inherent to his being. Even without his position Titus was a man whose simple presence and demeanor demanded the respect of others. "Tell me what happened, child of Uldwar," the Emperor said, the timbre of his voice gentle. Much the same tone he might use to question his own daughter. "Why is there suddenly this tree of bad omens on my land?" @Grubbistch @KittyvonCupcake @vielle @LikelyMissFortune
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    There was nothing about the next few moments that one can consider to be objectively good. All anyone can say was that within the events of the night, tragedy compounded tragedy, as the spectacle of the looming calamity. None knew more about this terrible sadness than the one at the very center of this raging vortex, the man who had caused as much of his own heartache as well as others. He has felt the fiery cut of many names, but will always be first known as Oscar Uldwar. Standing there, with his feet on the ground and the stars above him, he could feel the weight of his actions crashing down around him. There was no escape from this, no getting away from it, all he had now was himself, and the cold steel he had brought to this damnable party. It alone could provide him comfort in this time of confusion and chaos, the only ally in a sea full of enemies. "Father?" "Luis" Turning, he saw his son, wand at the ready, but confusion clouding his face. "What are you doing out here?" He took a step forward, but found his own son held fear for him and tentatively stepped back. "Why do you have that dagger?" He asked, and Oscar finally realized he was now holding it in his hands. The weight was perfectly balanced, a simple design, with a well sharpened blade and a comfortable leather handle. At times he loved his weapons more than his wife, more than his children, even more than himself even. Oscar could relate to a weapon, he could feel comfortable around it, for it did not require anything from him, except for the requirement for blood. Perhaps tonight this one would be lucky enough to give the cold kiss of death to his own throat, before he was to face the consequences of his actions. All thoughts were swept away when he looked once more to his son. "The same reason you have your wand, my son. Neither of us can be without our weapons, it's just who we are." With a sigh, he looked to him, and said. "Do you know why I'm here?" "I thought someone hurt mother, and you were chasing them, but there is no one else out here, is there?" Oscar looked to one side, then the other, the answer as plain as the moon above them. "What did you do to mother?" "She said she wanted to leave me, so I threatened to gut your little sister like a fish if she did." The sheer shock upon his son's face, contrasted with the cold exterior of his father, was disturbing to say the least. "I thought you wanted to be a man, Luis. Men speak freely with one another, they aren't afraid of the truth, and the truth is, without my family, I fear being lonely, so very lonely." Taking another step, he found the wand his son held pointed straight at him. "One of the first things you learn as a man, Luis, is that you never hold a weapon you aren't ready to kill with." Before Luis could even speak, his father was right in front of him, with a flash of gray following. His arm erupted in terrible pain, and he screamed out, trying to pull back his arm, but not before Oscar took hold of it. "Let go of me!" "Look at it. LOOK AT IT!" The sleeve fell, and to his horror, Luis noticed the magic seal keeping the black mana in check was broken by a red cut. "They want to lock you away from your darkness, but you are an Uldwar, and an Uldwar always faces his darkness." Whimpering in pain, Luis tried with all his might to wrench his arm free, the whispers invading his mind as his father spoke of things he didn't understand. "Our family is cursed, Luis. So long as the blood of our founder runs through your veins, you will always be cursed." "Let go of me!" Shutting his eyes tight, Luis tried to block out the rising orchestra of aberrant thoughts and feelings. "I don't want this!" "None of us wanted this, my child. I had dreams of becoming one of the greatest archers in history, but the curse took that from me. It's all in the curse." It was almost as if he were preparing him for something, trying to teach him some eldritch piece of knowledge that didn't make any sense. "An Uldwar will always hold power, an Uldwar will always hold the sword they stole, and an Uldwar will always hold suffering in their heart. You've heard it, haven't you, son? That one word which guides you to the worst possible outcome, causing you nothing but pain and hardship. We can't run from it, we can't lock it away, and we can't hide from it. Sooner or later, it comes for all of us, and it will take all of us to our graves. Luis I'm so-" "I said let go!" With so much blood coming from the wound on his arm, Luis was able to slip free of his father's grasp, with just enough space to hurl a spell straight at his own father. There was a blinding light, then the whole world went into darkness. Luis was unconscious, laying down with a deep cut in his arm, next to a tree that was not there just a moment ago. It was a gnarled, black husk of what might have been a great and powerful oak once, but now it stood just outside the palace, forlorn and silent. If one were to stare within the knotted hole in the middle of the leafless tree, one could almost swear they heard the tortured screams of a man in that oppressive darkness. Vesper would arrive just as a group of Imperial Guards did, the scene looking odd, yet telling of what happened. "The boy's been cut." One of the guards said. "Lord Uldwar must have done it before running off. We need to find him, and quickly." "Wouldn't the wards have caught him before he made it off the palace grounds?" "In theory, yes, but he likely has something that negates the effects of the magic, which means he has to be armed with more than just a blade." It was the only logical thing they could think of, even in a world full of magic and oddities. "You two, report to the Emperor what happened, another two will head into the woods to search for Lord Uldwar while I keep watch of his son." As the guards went about their work, the lead guard looked to Vesper. "There's nothing else for you to see here. Head on back to the party." He said casually, unaware of her true reason for being there, he turned his back on the sea witch, keeping watch for anything suspicious coming his way. @KittyvonCupcake
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    I am lathered in mustard

    Hello and what's popping to whoever is reading this. I have been role playing for a few years now and am really excited to join this community! I love to write and create anything fictional and this seems like the perfect place for it! Some quick facts about me: - I performed a rap about cornbread at my university and now that's all anybody calls me - I wear knee high socks pretty consistently and there are rumors of people seeing me wear the same pair twice, but it has not been confirmed yet. - The title has nothing to do with this post I plan to take sometime and read the lore of Valucre but once I feel that I have a decent understanding of its current position, I will be fully ready to dive in with you all!
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    Alright, after that lengthy disappearance and all.... I will be dropping a few severely owed posts later on this morning, and from then on will be Sunday nights and Thursdays for my posting days until after finals (May 1st). (My class schedule changes every 5 weeks). If I owe you some writing, please send me a PM if you would like me to continue there. I do have a list, but it's going to take me some time to go down it and read every thread it contains to see how things are going in them. Thank you guys.
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    ya girl turns 19 today, a step up from barely-legal status 😂 it's progress!
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    WELCOME TO THE REVERIE BALL! On the night of December 25th the castle of Andelusia opens its doors to all citizens of Valucre, far and wide, to come mingle and dance! The floor of the castle and the courtyard outside are all available for public usage. In all rooms there is music playing, each room playing a different song. Perhaps even a different type of music. Spectacular food is served in every room, though the Dining Room is where the most magnificent food rests. From snacks to full meals, everything someone would want lays upon the table. Despite the main food on the table is from Ursa Madeum and Taen, the side food comes from throughout Valucre. Those who participated in the ANT conferences would recognize the castle. However, this time, every room was decked in blue and green decorations. At least one unlit cauldron had been put in each room, some surrounded by wrapped presents without labels. The same day an announcement was sent out to the public and to those allied with Taen Empire. It stated that starting from the 25th of December, the Taen Empire would no longer be referred to as the Taen Empire. As of now, the Empire is switching to the name Veluriyam Empire. Although not known to the public, those with connections in Veluriyam Empire might discover the Veluriyam is a Mork'Outh word for Open Sky. Within the hour of opening the castle filled. Emperor Titus stands in the Sun Room, a glass of wine in his hands as he leans against the wall while he speaks to some Renovation dignitaries. The Ballroom is where Princess Teresa finds herself, dancing with one of her guards but keeping an eye out for someone not on her father's payroll. Someone not lame. Green means open; red means closed. @Tyler @Eternity @supernal @KittyvonCupcake @notmuch_23 @vielle @LikelyMissFortune @danzilla3 @Sleepy Seal @Grubbistch @Alexei @Witches Brew @Praetorian
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    Want to join a noble house?

    It's been over a month since the bump in the last thread of this nature I posted and am posting a new one to take advantage of the widget House Dali is my noble house in Ursa Madeum. I have a lot of plans for it, some already done, some in the process, and some still just aspirations. Everyone is pretty engaged so the answer is, get more people! You can learn more about Dali here: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40402-lost-house-of-dali/ Some previous accomplishments, to give you an idea of things you can do which benefit both your character and the overall House Arranged marriages and / or formal trade agreements between other noble houses or external entities Aided a noble house in investigating a suspicious death - the Wyrmalkers of House Dali are experts in intelligence Established Faux-ton fast travel posts between Dali estate, Casper, Biazo, and have now connected Andelusia and Misral via their estate connection and a connection in Qrill (a town in Misral) Established a vineyard in Biazo Established a museum and art gallery in Misral Trend-setted some fashion standards and social networking at high class events And the stuff that I'd like to do and need help with: Create a magical lie detector off schematics and a non-functional prototype made by House Tankred The vineyard is a business - make it more successful Gain an additional 5 square miles with another expansion thread - always open; one pass completed by token! Forge more alliances inside and outside of Ursa Madeum - WIP with token, supernal, and minuet! We have a lot of transmutation characters but could use more for the other guilds: Abjuration, Enchantment, Divination, Illusion - turquoise made a divination character! Replace Tansy Wyrmwalker - in this case the existing character would transfer to you as a player rather than making a new character Become a head of household / family sub-branch and lead yourself, your branch, and the Dali family tree to greater glory I'm specifically looking to grow the Dali house so your character would either be a Dali from blood or marriage, whether recent or long past. You would also pick one of the sub-families/branches to be a part of (Wyrmwalker for intelligence, Goldcourt for fashion, etc)
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    Thread Movie Trailers

    Cult of Power Note: Other characters will be added at a later date. I got tired and the song ended, so I'll have to mix in a new one to keep it going lol Hope you enjoy! (Let me know if you see any mistakes lol)
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    Limited or Expiring GM Services

    The idea is basically as follows - I think that a lot of people enjoy orchestrating aspects of story but on a smaller scale than it takes to be an immersed and engaged GM. On a forum a storyline could cycle through a dozen players and span months, if not years, before reaching resolution. This can be daunting, especially for people that just want to dabble in it and aren't sure if it's something they'd enjoy doing on so long a term Solution? Smaller scopes and shorter terms Basically that the GM would offer to GM but only for a set number of posts, or a set number of pages, before they hand over anything they may have planned out to another GM or to the group of players themselves to do with what they will - follow it or jump off the rails or some combination of the two I plan on doing this myself over the next few weeks or months to see how viable it is and how fun it is for me as a GM and for others as players, but figure the more the merrier Is this something you would offer as an experienced or inexperienced GM? Is this something that if you came across you would participate in as a player?
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    Mr. E General Discussion

    It’s not exactly encryption, it’s hexadecimal encoding (hence 6). Encryption is used to hide, but encoding is just used to represent, as well as to compress data at times. It’s a more human-readable way of representing data presented to the computer, including letters (which otherwise, 'a' looks like 01100001). Each character is represented by 2 digits (0 to F). The message is ominous: How did I know this: I've just seen enough undecoded text in my work to suspect hexadecimal when I see it. Still have no idea what the keys are though.
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    Die Shize

    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    Music Image Image The Patron of Palgard It was midday when the door opened and silence gave way to thunder. The feeling never faded each time it came; a nagging thorn in the flesh, a constant reminder that there was always noise to be heard and that he was never really alone. A surge of activity fumed on the other side of the door, a storm welling within every level of the office building, and it took but one turned handle to let the foul air inside an otherwise clean sanctum. The rains would follow. Sitting on his lonesome though he was, surrounded by still figures—ornaments, statues, a glass chessboard and an antique globe—there was a world outside just begging to be heard. Today, that world was Miranda Smith. “Sorry to disturb you, sir, it’s just that I—” “You didn’t knock.” The voice was flat, deep and destined to flatten any woman in a pencil skirt and, if not, then a grey-green gaze of iron certainly would. This, however, was no ordinary woman. “Sorry, sir. I didn’t knock.” Miranda cleared her throat, paying the formality while clearly wishing to disregard it and get on with it. When the man she had bustled in to speak with smiled as though the interruption had never occurred, she straightened her stance and lifted her bundle of binder and tablet as though she had just walked into the CEO’s office for the first time in the last ten seconds. “I’ve just received word that SteelStreams’ stock has all but plummeted. Intel highlights that this result is due to the recent shift in the delicate power balance of the Four Families. It’s as we—as you—predicted.” Kolvern Rikalsky listened intently as his secretary revealed her latest, divulging it all so matter-of-fact in an Ignatz accent that dripped with refinement. “Result”. Perhaps what she meant to say was “good news”. His lips settled even if he might have meant to remain smiling. He sat back in his chair, feeling the firm leather collapse into his muscled frame through a black dress suit, while his brain went to work like a calculator with hidden buttons. “I see. Thank you for informing me. One more branch swept away by our Cyclone.” Miranda smirked, though it was apparent that her lips were being fought against from spreading any further. “Yes, sir. Some entities have yet to learn who and what they are up against... This one was quite the thorn in your back.” Kolvern held up a finger. “A simple singularity. The thorn that they posed for me, one man, was a web of barbed wire for the people of Palgard. Even in the sorry state of this city, companies like SteelStreams have continued to bleed their consumers dry as they force feed them their greedy creeds.” He raised a brow and leaned forward, staring into the very pupils of his secretary. “Never forget who we are and why we are here, Miranda. We might eliminate the competition and grow stronger for it, but we exist to serve the people of this city—so that they in turn may grow strong from our strength.” Miranda’s chest rose with the air that her instructor had just breathed into her. On her countenance, Kolvern could almost catch a trace of self-disappointment. “You are right, sir. Of course. What was it you once said? ‘Cyclone brings the storm, and the storm brings the rains, so that the rains may wash out the filth while bringing the water to the thirsty’.” Kolvern paused, studying his aide, his student, before smiling with a shrug. “Something to that effect, perhaps. The less I remember of my speeches, the better I’ll sleep! Now,” he looked about his desk, eyes roving over computer, laptop, lamp, phone and riverboat. “I seem to have forgotten just what on Valucre I was working on before you barged in here, so...if that’s everything..?” He sat waiting for the right response. She knew it. “That’s all for now, sir. I just, well, I just wanted to tell you right away.” He knew, but said nothing as she turned to open the door and exit. She stopped at the doorway and turned back. “There is one more thing, sir…” Kolvern didn’t budge. Bad news always follows the good, or else it’s the other way around. His raised brows spoke in place of words. “Some of the public, perhaps prodded by some in the private, I admit, have been more openly expressing their appreciation for the hard work that Cyclone has begun accomplishing for this city.” Finally, Miranda smiled, her lips spread wide. “They’re calling you the Patron of Palgard. Sir.” With that, the secretary closed the door, leaving the CEO to sit back in his chair and gaze up at the ceiling, just as he had been doing before the door had first opened.
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    Enough Dilly Dallying Around

    Hullo hullo. Mooooooostly new fella' who's spent an unfathomable amount of time uhm'ing and ah'ing about throwing himself into the fray that is Valucre. Finally decided to do something about it, so here I am. Been a roleplayer for a fairly lengthy amount of time, started on forums but moved away from those towards more real-time affairs. Want to get back into forums (HAVE wanted to get back into forums) for a long time, and Valucre came up on my radar uh...a few years ago? But flip-flopped on it for ages until finally, well, this happened. That all being said, I'm looking forward to roleplaying with, hopefully, a great number of you. Please treat me kindly. Or don't. I can take it. Nice to meet you!
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    It was a relief, to see Cassandra Uldwar pull herself back from the brim; gaining a fraction of the calm, poised lady- no doubt, weighing the pros and cons of her offer with the dangerous logic an entrepreneur would be envious of. Whatever it was, the unease of facing her formidable rival was much preferred to the dread of watching one fall. It's better to be seen as removed from anything resembling a person; people were weak, and these weaknesses result in destruction- one way or the other. 'Tis a far better thing to forget mortality, hide it away. Become as distant as those kindly Queens in tales of the past. So, when Duchess Karradeen joins the sad little party, full of faces so devoid of cheer- it was only Evienne's duty to dip into a curtsy, greet the Duchess and drive the thoughts of the supposed founder of Taen out of her mind. She gazes at the simple movements of the man, and can't help the smile ghosting over her lips, the inexperience shows- and she is determined to claim a dance. But, she feels the stares subjected at her, probing nobility wondering what on Earth had happened to the Lady Uldwar; and what part Evienne had in her state. A needlessly worried glance, towards Merida- towards Dahlia, allows her to, atleast, confront the analytical gaze of Lord Hildebrand. Evienne grits her teeth, smiles as pleasantly as she is able to- and dips her chin in return. How she burned from it all. "Thank you, everyone for your offers. Lady Evienne. It would be an honor to take refuge in your home, so that I may keep my children safe from the madness my hushed suffers from." The lady Cassandra finally says- her voice resounding, resilient; the tone of prideful dignity is enough to expunge her mind of other matters. "My Lady, let us know when you want to retire for the night." Evienne's smile is wry- dry as the humor around them, "You've been through quite the ordeal." She did hope it wasn't too soon, this departure, despite the warmth of her words. There was still business to be attended to, and she loathed neglect any of her duties in favor of the other. "Mother, what's going on?" The voice, announcing Illyana Uldwar's presence released Evienne of her current duties with matriarch. It is seized, with a shallow curtsy; to both ladies, and a hooked arm around Niko- in a fashion that quite resembles when Miss Dahlia had dragged Mr. Cayne off, she persuaded the Tea House employee to a small stand of sparkling liquor and Lemon Cakes. Much, much, much quieter than the conspiratorial whispers of the nobility. They still followed her movements, most of all Lady Ship Skirts and her sister, but, then, so did a maid- of about fourteen. Or perhaps, they were staring at Niko? Atleast, here, she could think- with the help of a glass of champagne, and, then another, and, one more, and just another afterwards, to put a stop to it, Evienne gnawed as to the whereabouts of Luis and Vesper till her head spun, and an alcohol haze just clouded her vision. "I do appologize," She started, a giggle bursting aimlessly from her lips, finally paying attention to the captive employee. "I didn't quite mean to hold you for ransom among the dreadful drama of these nobles, it isn't what you imagined, Mr. Zandriel, and I do... Apologize for that." She punctuated her words with a flicker of her fan, and a hiccup, cutting her off-- rather rudely, in the middle of her words. The taste of lemon cake filled her mouth, she isn't quite sure when she had grabbed it, but, the taste is delightful- just as she bore witness to Illyana Uldwar, a blur through the crowd and out on to the courtyard. Her mother, pleading after her not to leave. To her chagrin, the scene lightens the alcohol haze, and reason forces her to tail the Lady. Evienne focusses on keeping her steps straight and steady, fanning herself as though the flush on her cheeks were due to heat and not the sparkling glasses of champagne. "Lady Illyana!" She called after the Lady-turned-priestess, scowling at how fast she walked. "Lady Illyana, 'tis dangerous outside! Let me accompany you, at least." Despite herself, the cool winds of the courtyard felt delicious against her hot cheeks- finally reaching the errant Lady. "Lady Illyana, please, allow me to accompany you to Vesper, atleast. My cousin is a far better combatant than I." @KittyvonCupcake @vielle @Grubbistch @Witches Brew @Ataraxy @Tyler
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    Abigail had been left alone as Grant elected to abandon her to go speak with Aveline, the person Abigail had originally be attempting to approach. Instead, she'd been denied that opportunity when Lord Knight intercepted her, then he left her high and dry to go talk to Aveline himself. By now though, it wouldn't have been a secret that Singlance and Senaria were in cahoots with one another, which left Abigail to suspect that maybe it was an intentional effort to keep her out of their clique. Fine, if they wanted it that way. Neither house was anything more than a puppet of a greater power, after all, not legitimate noble houses. At least, not of the true Ursa Madeum. So instead she turned her attention elsewhere, observing the numerous groups of people who were moving to and fro. There was House Dali, whose relations with Karradeen were woefully outdated, with neither party having conducted business with one-another since long before her father fell ill. That would likely need to change if Abigail intended to return her own house to prominence. A smart businesswoman does not put all her eggs in one basket after all. Speaking of that basket, House Uldwar was also present. While Karradeen did not have extensive relations with Uldwar itself, they were still closely connected by dint of their common ally in Norkotia, though Abigail couldn't help but feel that Joseph Tynes favored the warrior family over her own. Though House Karradeen had been Norkotia's conduit into the islands, it seemed to be Uldwar that got the Grand Executors attention to most lately. Perhaps this was just due to the current military operations being conducted in Yh'mi, which Karradeen only supported through supply transportation, but did not participate in directly. Uldwar and Norkotia did participate directly, however; so perhaps that cooperation was why the military-minded Tynes did not deal with Abigail directly much anymore. As if on cue, Jasper Hildebrand and his family moved into sight. This was yet another family that Norkotia was attempting to build connection with, though it seemed those efforts had yielded more blood than profit. A bold assassination attempt had been launched against both the Norkotian leader and the siblings of House Hildebrand during a diplomatic visit at the latter's estate mere weeks ago. The attack had taken the lives of several servants, though the primary targets escaped alive. Even so, Joseph Tynes had been forced to remain in Ursa Madeum, at the Hildebrand estate no less, to receive medical attention and healing. It was a situation Abigail had followed closely, though she had little reason or right to involve herself in it. Even so, she felt it would be proper to offer greeting to Jasper and ask about how his family was holding up. However, the mob that suddenly enveloped the representatives of Uldwar and Dali caught her attention before she could reach him, prompting her to stop and watch in disgust, confusion, and even a little amusement. How pitiful were these people to treat nobility in such a way? They were fortunate she was not among those they were groping and harassing, for more than one would find their hands burnt beyond use by the time it was over. It was probably worth noting that Abigail's own dress, a simple but elegant piece colored in rich burgundy with gold trim, happened to be made from a heat-resistant material, at her own request. She dared not wear something that could burst into flames from her own magic. In any case, the mob dispersed as soon as it had appeared, leaving those it had victimized in a state of dazed confusion. The expressions on many of their faces were subtly amusing, but not those of the Lord and Lady Uldwar. Even if she did not know Oscar Uldwar particularly well on a personal basis, she knew him well by reputation, for he had been often spoken of by her father. And if her father's words had been even partially true, Lord Uldwar was not a man to be frazzled or frightened by minor affairs. Yet, there he was, looking like he had just seen a ghost, then grabbing his wife and dragging her off to the washrooms. What could possibly have happened that would affect a man like him so? Or perhaps the legend of the great warrior lord were exaggerated after all. Finally through with observing that scene, Abigail approached Jasper rapidly, noting that his wife and child had split-off to follow the Uldwars. "Ah, Lord Hildebrand, it is pleasing to see you in good health." she addressed him as she approached and curtsied, "We were most concerned when news of the incident at your estate reached us. I do hope the rest of your siblings are recovering well and that the cretins who perpetrated this crime have been caught and appropriately punished." @vielle
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    There was not enough dust on the dancefloor to trip over in response to being referred to as a fresh man, so Alistair settled with a noise in his throat that was meant to be a questioning hmmm? whilst in reality it was a distressed hurrrk! Thankfully for the young Mosgrove, his flustered vocal twinge went unheard due to Lady Cassandra’s approach. The attention shifted, and he felt himself able to breathe through both nostrils and even managed to slow his owl-in-the-lantern-light blinking to a regular rhythm. Intriguing, he thought, this contrast between Dali and Uldwar garb. It was a line of thought inspired from an education at the Academy that, while centered in classical music, provided Alistair with a foundational skill in admiring the arts that he found himself eager to exercise, as his ventures into figure drawing were dreadful and his sculptures all drooped in the heat. Sleekness on one side, ornate on the other. All in all, however, they both looked dreadfully expensive and he was filled with the sudden apprehension of treading on Lady Merida’s glowing skirts or bumping into one of those floating ribbons behind Lady Cassandra. He reached for one of the cakes, praying to any god within earshot that a delicate dessert would provide a soothing balm for his nerves. Vesper’s mind did not wander upon aesthetics or the monetary repercussions of accidentally destroying Ursa Madeum couture gowns, though she shared a similar desire for lemon cake. To be ignored entirely by Oscar Uldwar suited her as his presence invoked murderous memories. A flash of steel gleamed somewhere in the distance of her peripheral vision and she recalled how her elder brothers perished at the hands of Damien’s troops. Lady Cassandra spoke of fields and snakes and Vesper felt the chafe of her Witch’s bone mask raw on her face, all crimson on Misral’s beach at her feet. Kiva with a lance in her belly, red water against black hair. Had anyone stood nearby with a drink in their hand, they may have noticed the liquid within their glass swirl with agitation. “You foreigners can be so strange! But absolutely marvelous at parties.” Ghosts of the past have a way of robbing one’s senses from the present, and this was perhaps why her Rosiderian dangersense gave a warning that something was amiss too late. The tide swept her along with the rest of her companions. Hands snaked out to grasp at the edge of her cape when she would swat away hands that reached towards her waist to feel the stitching of her vest. “Is this velvet?” “What fine embroidery!” They mussed her hair, pinched at her thighs, and made the mistake of grasping at her boots for a hidden blade sliced one’s finger. Her forearm became acquainted with someone’s nose when attempts were made to grope the poor Mosgrove boy’s doublet. Tragically, the tiny lemon cakes did not survive the stampede. Smushed, dejected remains of fluffy pastry and powdered sugar smeared across the floor. Damn Uldwars. Alistair peeled himself away from the confusion and stooped over Merida, wrapping his long fingers around hers and offering a supportive hand at the small of her back as he gently pulled her up from the floor. “Are you okay?” he asked quietly, glasses askew. His hands retreated from her to adjust them and pass back her cane from Evienne. Vesper caught his eye and granted him a nod, the gesture sealing the transfer of Merida’s care from her hands to his. “I-I could get you something to drink. What about you, Luis...or Mister...Lord? Um. So. Yes. Drinks?” Evienne would not find herself alone on her walk to find the washroom. Vesper strode alongside her, her face set in grim frown. Strands of blonde swooped over one eye, accentuating the feverish gleam that burned within them. “Evie,” she said, voice low with intensity, “had I expected the game of fashion to grow so hands-on, I would have offered you a rapier that matched your dress. The Uldwars appeared as surprised by that strange assault as we did. It does not sit well with me.” @LikelyMissFortune @Witches Brew @Grubbistch
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    Endless Worlds Alternative Setting

    Endless Worlds Astonishing Space Adventures Welcome! Endless Worlds is a ever-expanding sandbox roleplay setting, one in which players will create, explore, and destroy in a galaxy of adventure. Endless Worlds is focused on creating new settings, not dwelling on old ones, so while the purpose of this original post will be to provide a starting point for Endless Worlds, the descriptions will be brief. Like so: The year is 20XXX Life has spread among the stars. In the 10th Millennium, a galaxy-wide empire made from a thousand Tribes of Sentients fell to a foe beyond comprehension. From the ashes of that empire Sentients rose again, reclaiming a fraction of their former technology and reawakening the rare, spiritual arts so few can comprehend. There are so many worlds to re-explore, most of which we no longer know anything about. Having re-learned the science of spacefaring, millions have taken to the far reaches of space in search of wealth and adventure. Who Are You? While there were many Tribes of Sentients in the old empire*, thousands of years of genetic decay and environmental destruction have wiped out the vast majority of life in the galaxy. Even still, many Tribes clung to life during the dark eon of the galaxy. They have now found each other once again and restarted the galactic space age. You may choose from any of the below to begin your adventures in Endless Worlds: Omanoids of planet Urd I, Urd II, Urd III, and Urd IV This Tribe of artificial life forms, successor race to a now dead species called "Omans", are still plentiful in the galaxy because the catastrophe of the 10th millennium was easier to bear for their metal bodies. However, many Omanoids suffer unpredictable programming issues as a result of severe physcho-computational stresses inflicted upon them during the catastrophe, which they were present for. While most life forms have begun to evolve back into their pre-catastrophe forms, Omanoid bodies have remained exactly as they were 10 millennia ago. Back then, they were virtually immortal, but now the damage to their mechanical brains require them to wipe their memories every century or so. Until the science of artificial intelligence can be restored, the Omanoids will remain a declining race. Betans of planet Beta I, Beta II, Gursh C, Rhskan, Tolort, Reme I, Reme VIII, and Battlestation X Betans are a Tribe of extremely large and strong bipeds. They have two to four arms, scales, tails and snouts filled with long blunt teeth. These slightly simple creatures are always eager to please and make for good friends and stalwart allies. For many years, other Tribes celebrated the universal benevolence and helpfulness of these creatures until one day, scientists performing mental tests on the Betans learned, to their horror, that Betans possess no shred of sapience, the defining characteristic of highly intelligent life. To understand the Betan brain, one must imagine a very, very observant pet who has learned to speak, perform tasks, and even follow laws not because he can understand language or can even begin to understand why laws exist, but because speaking languages and following laws allows him access to civilization's benefits of food, shelter, and companionship. Debates raged as to whether this species deserved the right to be called a Tribe at all, but in the end they were allowed to keep their Tribehood because they were considered too useful to discard. They are an inferior race in all but name. Starshadows of the Sunless Space One of the worst catastrophes inflicted by the unknown destroyers of the old empire was the simultaneous detonation of one- million stars. The countless victims of this heinous attack were instantly evaporated, yet their spirits somehow remained. These spirits existed as a single tortured collective for eons, more a single unconsciousness roiling in fear and pain than a true living, thinking entity. Yet recently, individual minds have emerged and pulled together wisps of energy to form new bodies. They appear as colorful plasma blobs and seem to have great control over electricity and other energy sources. They cannot, however interact reliably with physical objects as the effort to make their plasma bodies harden causes them terrible pain. They are known for being excellent orators and thinkers. Their bodies can power devices in emergencies. Cimex of Cimex I, Cimex II, Cimex III, Cimex IV Cimex V, Cimex VI, Cimex VII, Cimex VIII and Cimex IX. The Glorious Tribe of Cimex are a race of formidable bug-people. For an unknown reason, Cimex planets and technology were relatively well preserved against the catastrophe of the 10th century. The Cimex credit it to their fearsome ancient warrior kin fending off the enemy. It is a difficult assertion to disprove because there is almost no memory of the catastrophe, though there are other theories. Cimex are four armed, two legged, slender creatures covered in tough chitin, they decorate their impressive mandibles with metal enhancements and often wear valuable goggles to enhance their somewhat poor compound eyesight. Their backs are covered in extra-thick chitin and they can spit acid that can punch a hole through a ship's hull. Cimex will eat the flesh and drink the blood of any creature they legally can. Because of this, Cimex only approve Tribehood for new species if they consider the new species more useful than food. Lamians of planet Light Well, Star Basker, Crystal Drop, Sun Lance, and God's Planet. With their rich orange skin and green eyes, Lamians are a handsome race of powerful bipedal women and crafty men. They have almost solely revived the spiritual arts, and can project thoughts between minds. Female Lamians stand around eight feet tall. While not universally muscular, many women take great care to stay physically fit. Males rarely grow taller than six feet, and compete fiercely with one another unless presented with continuous work or a common enemy. While their matriarchy makes other races nervous, Lamians' ability to connect minds has proven time and again that they are an indispensable people, and one to be feared. Strangely, they practice religion and worship a light god. How to Play Endless Worlds is about exploration and discovery. If you play a race detailed above, your character is responsible for taking a space-ship, gathering a crew, and sailing for the stars to rediscover the galaxy. What you do on the way is your business! Encounter new life. Kill strange aliens! Shake down settlements! Defend the innocent! Because the play setting is so large, there is no end to the stories you can tell and the settings you can create. If you create something and like it, write a sentence or two summary and send it to @Vansin to have it made canon. Invent new races, places and technology, and keep it strange and fantastic! Just keep two things in mind: 1) Endless Worlds does not take place in the Milky Way galaxy. Humans and other common fantasy and science fiction races do not exist here. When creating a new race, create one at random, or in a way that has never or has rarely been done before. Races can exist which are human-like, or human-shape, but try to create huge differences in culture and appearance so that they aren't just different shades of humans. Or better yet: make crab people. Make gender-swapping bird people. Make rock people. Make parasite people. When it comes to making new races, go weird or go home. 2) This setting takes place in a fantasy universe, not a real one. Real world physics and science do not apply in Endless Worlds. Use frequent techno-babble and never let real science get in the way of the story you want to tell. As a personal request, I would also ask that you focus your time in Endless Worlds telling stories about small groups of people, hopefully mostly other Player Characters. In an unlimited universe, you could conceivably begin play, or even eventually work up to, positions of extreme and unchecked power. While there is no rule against it, I would suggest instead enjoying Endless Worlds for its fleeting, frenetic adventures and sense of constant newness and discovery rather than for its potential to amass personal power. This roleplay is rules-light to allow you to do whatever makes you happy. In the end, as long as everyone is having fun then this setting is going in the right direction. Messages An interesting feature of space-age roleplay is the ability to communicate over great distances. Use this in your posts to carry on conversations with other people in other threads and storylines. While blasting your way through an asteroid field, you might add a: tag for a friend and include an IC voice-message. That message would transmit over subspace and arrive during the receiving player's next post. I mention this because a second goal of Endless Worlds is a sense that most characters know most other characters. In an infinite universe it might seem strange, but allowing many characters to know of one another, talk about one another, intrigue and cooperate together, will give the setting a close-knit feel that I think can make the entire experience more fun. So even if you write a whole thread with just two people, send a message to another thread or another player IC and quote them, so they can do the same back to you! If you need more clarification on anything here, PM me! [All art in this post must be attributed to Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, "Moebius"]
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