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    Splash!! Even as others arrived by Ghostship the lone Paragon child arrived by means of his own devices. Being one of the last to arrive obviously he had slept far too long when the departure was called by Lilith. THankful he knew where to find her even if he wasn't right next to her. Moments after the ships had made their cozy departure, the waves of the oceans began to swell and churn as if a storm were coming to swallow the beach. The moisture in the air increased as the weather itself slowly became cloudy and windy. The sand upon the beach whipped about forming into faint cyclones with no power to them. Waves receded before coming together in a large bowl shape over the surface; it was almost as if something were trying to break through to the current world itself. After a few heartbeats, the water exploded as a large Leviathan came from the water throwing someone into the sky. Water rained down as if a monsoon had just landed upon the shores. The dragon roared at Caim before curling in on itself and diving back into the ocean. Down Caim fell before flipping forward landing like a superhero. The sand beneath him erupted slightly upward as he held his Fangblade in the left hand. The right hand held a half-eaten sammich which he continued to eat silently. He was clad in the Black Cartel jacket he had first obtained when becoming a Paragon his only taxing request from Lilith. Grunts and slight moans left his small figure as he had foodgasms for days. From beneath the hood, his rainbow optics looked directly at Lilith before he spoke with his mouth full. "Sorre-- Munch munch I'm lat--Mmmpph ." A satisfied burp left the boys lips as he smiled at the group. "Who are we killing and how many? Is Samael here?! There Ankou the cheeky man." Laughing lightly Caim was ignorant to the fact that not only did he make it rain on all of them but he was also late on top of it. @vielle @Ataraxy
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    It was dark. Cold. Claustrophobic. Without dying, without knowing whether this was still life or indeed had become death, he awaited the time he might shed these chains and this Terror; Sephys awaited the time he might shed Kasyrga for a powerful mantle anew. Immutable as he had always been, he dreamt he would be, and when the Terror left he was free. Sephys Isigdril, the Terror of Kasyrga of Shawnee and the veritable blue Valucre centuries ago, was free with the shedding of his mutated son. Poor Henry, now the true "Terror." Sephys took responsibility for the giant horned beast that now roamed Shawnee and had once terrorized a kingdom at his hand. It was, afterall, his son. Henry, once a great general of king Sephys, was experimented on for the purposes of becoming a great weapon of war. Instead, he had become a warped mountainous creature with no will to fight— no will to survive at all. Dredge's assaults on a harbor in Shawnee had awoken and risen the Terror, who was once chained to Sephys and his castle and plunged into the depths of the ocean. The Terror absconded into Shawnee, Sephys' chains broken, the terrible king came forth to wrought terror on Valucre once more... Only to find that it had changed entirely. Who roamed these lands now were men and beasts and all between with power ranging from infantile to immortal in degrees of awesomeness. So it was that Sephys decided he must collect all his great wares of war with which to wield warily with whorling... you get it. Now, Sephys roamed the countrysides in search of his various swords and shields and whores and what have you. Now, much to his dismay most of the whores had died after 297 years— what bitches!, the giant knight thought, trudging through swampy waters. Bugs didn't even register him as a source of blood— fish didn't even swim away from his glomping steel glompers in the swamp. There was a ship some ways off. There were always ships some ways off, thought the stircrazy tyrant fresh out of centuries-old hybernation. Ripples of marsh water 'V'ed away from him, rolling toward the discussing party. Sephys' utterly insane musings through the maw of his helmet would be at first more and more audible, then less and less audible as he trudged right past them. He was rotating his hands before him, looking at this gnarled stick protruding from the ground and that tuft of bushes that looked like it may conceal something from him. "Always ne'erdowells, never my damned polearm. It was right here, no over there. Is it this? No. This? Curse you to the chamber pots, Gaia!"
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    Taking a break + family event. Fully AFV until February 18.
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    The Light, Extinguished

    andraste líadáin From what she has heard on her travels, Aligoria occasionally shrouds itself in a dark haze, a veil that separates the city from prying eyes on the nights when the moon disappears. This one trait had attracted her like a moth to a flame; privacy is an elusive thing to the khenra, and she is not one to let go of something so advantageous. Andraste steps into the False Ship, moves along the edges of the room to conceal herself further. It is all too easy, shifting her stance into the shadows cast along the walls, turning her body just so to hide behind a larger patron. She does not take off her hood as she shuffles across the tavern floor, eyes dancing to and fro in search of the employer that had contacted her through a dream weeks ago. It had been a chilling experience, not quite because of its invasive nature, but rather—dream sharing brings the thought of bad memories, is all. Amongst the crowd, a sudden flash of pink skin draws her attention, and her gaze flickers towards its owner: the pig seated on a chair as if having moved there on the basis of a superior mind of its own, the Warpgolem standing tall in the corner beside the animal. She watches as a few more individuals step up towards that corner booth, and it becomes all too clear: that is the direction she must go. Andraste pulls her coat tighter around her, hiding the scars she still bears from the battle in Shawnee, and moves quietly towards the group, paws whispering over the floor. “I believe this is the special group I’ve been looking for, am I correct?” The khenra steps into the light, just slightly beside the seated hooded woman with a glass of wine in her grasp. “I believe so,” she drawls in response to the woman making the query, casting her gaze upon the mismatched collection of individuals gathered about the corner table: the towering hunk of steel, the pale-haired Drow, the young girl, the peculiar little pig. Despite what is perhaps their employer’s best efforts, the group certainly isn’t one for blending in, not with the diversity they are displaying so openly. “But in case I am wrong,” Andraste inclines her head in the direction of the seated woman, lips curling in faint amusement, “then forgive me. I’ve been quite—excitable, in recent times.”
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    eirene valakis Freshly washed, lavender and citrus perfuming her skin, Eirene changes into a airy gown of green and gold, Coth’s serpent fashioned into a clasp holding the fabric together across her shoulder blades. It is not quite the ritualistic garments of the priestesses, but one that denotes her status within the clergy; it is a dress that one wears when visited by the head of the Church. Mari and Rhea had returned just moments after she had sent them away, glowing brightly with childish pleasure and gaiety. As they had stepped forward to bathe her in oil and honey, they had regaled to her what had occurred: Mother Eleanor had called for Eirene to join the priestesses, and Mother Isabelle had guided them as they had presented their acquired knowledge in the presence of Father Constans. The two girls had accompanied her out of the bath and into the changing rooms, and from then on, she had sent them to serve the other worshippers of the temple. Voices drift from the doorway at the end of the hall, and Eirene catches the last words of Mother Isabelle, spoken in a tone that invites further explanation for something yet unclear. "We shall hear your request, the Fidei Lena will not stand by while innocents get hurt. How shall we help, Father?" Striding into the main hall in graceful and measured steps, she stops short at the sight laid before her: the Father of their faith, flanked by god’s priestesses, holy and anointed: a most blessed sight. It is beauty beyond mere measure framed in ethereal sunlight. Eirene has the sudden urge to raise a hand and shield her eyes, slightly overcome. “Blessed Father, Favored Sisters,” she greets the others, inclining her head and allowing her crimson locks to spill forth from her shoulders. “Forgive me for my delay, though I believe with the joyous shrieks that have echoed through our hallowed halls mere moments ago, I was not quite needed yet.” Her lips curl into a beatific smile, and she tilts her head as she observes the curl of Father Constans’ mouth; it is not quite as worried as she had assumed it to be, but perhaps they must hear him out before any sort of judgement can occur. “I’ve heard mention of a request you ask of us, Father. Do tell us more, and how we may help, as Mother Isabelle has said.”
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    There were a million things in the back of Cain’s skull unworthy of existence on the planet Valucre. Human lives twisted too far in the wrong direction and then assimilated into himself, parents he’d killed before possessing kids and knowing exactly how it had felt. Love lost; love found. All of who he had once been, was it gone? Had he ever known his name? A form weathered by the cold steel of harsh experience and softened by months of drink gone suddenly awry led his Dead to Chister. Chister was the rainy village up to which the rainy path led, and Cain walked worldless with a feeling of vague nausea. The nausea wasn’t driven by his withdrawals— well, it was kind of— but mostly by the sensation that something was off. Not the cries of women and children both innocent echoing from the city in the rain; that was totally commonplace to Cain. What felt off was the fact that such darkness could permeate a place that claimed to hold The Lion’s Lantern. No, there was nothing holy at all about what they came up on. Scents of wet grass were soon muddled with the scent of iron, of blood. The sounds of rain bore a deeper undertone, until the deeper undertone became the rallying shouts of men and monsters. The wet sand path, grainy and giving beneath their feet but (hopefully) adjusted to at this point, streamed intermittently with rivulets of water. The rivulets now ran red. The grasses now parted. The cries now overcame the rain. Cain turned, red brows furrowed over yellow eyes. Despite the rain he appeared very dry, and palpable warmth emanated from him even from feet away. It hasn't stopped raining for a year, came his voice from beneath yellow eyes and a mask. The level of Unnatural activity in this city doesn’t make sense for the Lion’s Lantern being here. He lifted his black-gloved hand into the rain. Now that they were beneath the clouds of darkness, looking up, it was hard to perceive them. That was because, now, they were within the farthest reaches of the black obscenity extending from the mountaintop. Behind them, yawning above in the downpour, was the series of pointed buildings that was Chister. A terraced building stories taller than the others was visibly either a city hall, the dwelling place of the highest noble in Chister, or both. In the distance, though the rain veiled much of what happened too many meters off, could be seen running citizens and creeping figures of large and dark stature. Despite the constant sky’s wet issuance, despite the smoke drifting from their masks and lips, a stillness could be felt reaching into the city behind Cain. He pointed to the terraced building, half-turned between the city and them. We fight to the noblemen. Ask how this happened here. That might give us a clue where the Lantern is. The team went down an alleyway leading into the city. The exiting mouth of the alley went into a marketplace. On the other side of the square were a few more blocks, then the tall terraced house. Cain was running before them through the alleyway leading up to the marketplace when the walls on either sides of them bloomed into splintered chaos. Shards of wood splashed against Cain’s back as he was cut off from the others by two giant bruisers of unnaturals. Both were upwards of a dozen feet tall with horizontal stature to match. One of them had a six-sided gear protruding from its face, the hole in the middle the place through which one might guess its sense of sight to come from and a giant hammer for a right hand.The other had one giant putrid, yelllowish-brown eye and long clawed appendages. Both of them appeared once to have been village people, their mundane clothes torn at convenient angles to conceal their private parts. What Cain burst out onto was a disgusting sight indeed. Had the entire village been murdered? No, definitely not, he thought, counting the corpse parts. There had to be some left. Surrounding the mound of burning corpses was a crowd of demons. They hadn’t beaten the main assault by any stretch of the term. Beyond the marketplace, Cain could see a wall had been erected around the noblehouse. The eruption of walls like fabric in the wind had alerted the skeletal, horned menagerie to look back. Cain backed into the alleyway, turning so he faced the back of the centaurian monsters facing the other Dead. He ripped the mask from his face and roared. Fight to the manor! Approximately fifty-six rays of black shot from Cain’s back to impale various incoming targets even as he turned, a staff tipped with a devastating blue spear manifesting in his hand as he turned. Closer to the burning pile of corpses was a blackened figure in a hooded robe. From the hood extended deerlike antlers.
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    Lirrey Lines

    "Deal." Karuna chimed in, not entirely sure if Lunara was within earshot. She followed suit, looking back at the portal in blunt curiosity. were they suppose to go through that? Like, a victory to defeating the big bad boss? The thought was amusing, but it may very well be the case. Also what was up with Armor guy's response? Not that you particularly care or anything, but she most certainly heard a little emotion in his tone. As much as she would love to rub it in, she isn't too sure how he would react. And she's not exactly in a fighting mood right now. After a few flights of stairs, they were back out in a now, relatively safe Town square. Karuna forcibly smiled at a particular individual who greeted her, inquiring if she had gone to the harbor. She remembers slaying this one. She really isn't sure how she should feel about any of this to be honest. She murdered these people, do they even remember? What was gained from this? She convinced herself that it was a valuable lesson, albeit one tainted in blood... that at the end of the day, she has unfinished business, and nothing was going to stand in the way of that. Not even her own morality. She was not sure how far down the rabbit hole she would go, but when the torrent of guilt, anguish, and remorse settles, she will most likely, never be the same; as are most people who travel this far in the plains. Perhaps not now, too soon to really process, but eventually she would come to terms with her 'selfish' desires to survive at least until she can resolve her unquenchable thirst for revenge. But for now, those emotions will be kept to herself. For now, it didn't happen. Repression. yes, that always leads to healthy results. Good thinking. She shook her head, realizing she took pause for a bit longer than she should. She looks back up at Lunara who was assumed to be watching Karuna expectantly. "Sorry! Right. the spell. Um..." she ponders mumbling out loud. " Well...Fae beings usually have an affinity for magic, but seeing as you has this newfound Eldritch power, I'm not really sure what spell to give you that wouldn't blow up in our faces immediately... Then again, I almost blew you up so..." She paused for a moment her arms crossed in contemplation. "I guess it would only be fitting to teach you that spell then huh?" She takes a few steps out in the open, still within earshot, but enough for her spell to be cast. She turned to Lunara, removing her robe, leaving only a burgundy crop top to cover her upper body. She tosses it between her, and the party. "So the trick to this spell, is to focus on a particular location or object. The stronger the input of magic, and I'm assuming you understand how magic works since you can cast illusions, the larger the flame, but the more focused, the more deadly. Ensuring you properly pronounce the spell is important too. Mispronouncing can lead to...shenanigans... Keep your eyes focused, Know your intent. Do NOT take your eye off the target while pronouncing this spell I cannot stress this enough. a-nd..." She raises her hand towards her tossed robe. "Inferno!" Her voice echoed with the magic she imbued into the spell. the space the robe inhabited began to glow red before it combusted immediately into a torrent of flames. As if the air around it was the fuel to the controlled, yet deceptively wild flame, the flame did not relent, scorching the ground as the cape flopped wildly in the gusty fire. the flame immediately ceased the moment she lowered her hands. Though the area was scorched black, the robe remained without scorch, only sizzling along with the crackling earth around it. "Give it a try. Your arsenal could use some offensive magic, I think."
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    Qro Miser_13

    Hello and good evening

    Hello all its lovely to meet you. I am looking to get my rp itch scratched. This site had a very user friendly set up and the community looks very friendly. I have an imagination that never shuts off which is a blessing and a curse. Other than that I am a boring person. I like video games, walking, hiking, exploring, long walks on the beach, writing, etc. I am curious about this board posting rping. I have always done live chats or chat room type rps so i am excited to try this new system. A side note I can not stand grammar nazis, I come to these web sites for the fantasy and escapism. I hate it when I get corrected all the time for what there I use or I misspelled one word in an rp. I hope I can make some friends and get immersed in the world which this web site has created. I will be on my best behavior here and hopefully I won't offend anyone. Well I'm really bad at these things. Have a good day!
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    Iomhar rubs his chin in thought when the knight explains the prior situation with the reformed bandits. It is quite a shock that they had changed their minds so thoroughly on the matter of their own moral compasses over the course of one battle, and even moreso that they had been inspired by a relative stranger they had been fighting with, a knight though he is. But no matter, it is ultimately a good thing, and so the tabaxi merely nods in reply to Cerik. "Well, by my reckoning, we're actually a bit ahead of schedule. We could leave now, if you'd like. Could also wait for the, ah, more sane ladies of the trio to arrive and then leave, like I was thinking of doing. Or, if you really want..." Iomhar watches with an amused grin as the knight points towards the screaming woman clinging to the griffin in the distance. It is all too dangerous, that wild grapple Sera is engaged with, but it seems she has the situation under control for now, with the giant beast screeching in pain and frustration. Mostly frustration, Iomhar guesses. "We could take the time to wait for her, and hope she's let out all her anger on that griffin before she gets back here. I mean, I doubt even a prolific gambler would bet on that one, and she'll catch up to us anyways unless that griffin manages to kill her off. But it is an option." “Like minds think alike, my friend!” The tabaxi gives the knight a thumbs up, tugs his mule closer towards him as he continues. “I believe we could simply—” A sudden cry of pain streaks through the clearing, and Iomhar turns his head just in time to see the body of the griffin enveloped in a brilliant electric light, sparking up like a clumped mass of lightning bolts. He cannot see Sera, but it is rather obvious that the show of power had come from her. “Bravo! Bravo!” He claps his paws together; the show of magical skill that so resembles his own power over electricity is a sight to behold. The griffin hangs in the air, suspended for a brief second, before it begins plummeting down to earth, a woman following its descent to the ground. “Well!” Iomhar turns to Cerik and shrugs, mouth slightly open in disbelief. “Perhaps we needn’t wait too long for her after all.”
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    ardís valkyrja Ardís does not speak for some time on their journey, but then again, no efforts to converse have been turned her way either, so it is all well and good. She does not particularly care for idle talk right this moment, with her mental reserves diverted towards ignoring the biting winds, the stinging cold. After a while, the winds soften into a murmur, and Ardís watches the work of the magestorm, the snowflakes floating down from the heavens and entangling in her ivory locks. The sight brings a slight ache to her chest, dulled from constant rumination— A howl pierces through the quiet, soon joined by an increasing multitude of answering cries, the promise of bloodcurdling violence audibly razor-sharp. The dwarf and the blonde woman just a few paces beyond her turn to gaze at their surroundings, and the declaration is punctuated by a startlingly loud yip. "I believe we're here." She watches the man with the arquebus prepare his weaponry as he suggests that they seek shelter, watches the dark-haired boy unveil his pitch-black shortsword as the wind howls around them, punctuating the distant growls in the grey. Ardís follows suit and pulls one of her swords from its sheath strapped to her torso, the angelic runes etched upon the cool gleam of the metal glinting as she raises it up, falling into a familiar combative stance. Without a moment to spare, she turns her focus to the whitewashed landscape for any peculiar moving shapes against the snow. "But, what if they already know we're here, and are tracking us? Would shelter not give them the perfect means to corner us?" “We must be prepared for a fight either way,” she murmurs almost absently, low enough for only those within the group to hear. Without waiting to see if anyone responds, Ardís untangles herself from the rope tied to her waist and surges forward to place herself as a vanguard at the head of the caravan. @Artificer @Fierach @HollowCipher
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    TOL mentor

    Frequent but short posts. Someone who possibly lurks but isn't so very tied up with other IC endeavors 🤔
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    No worries at all, just checking on folks
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    TOL mentor

    *nervously raises my hand* I have interest as well. Not sure how many you may need since you have ODST and Vielle wishes too as well.
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    Atarawr Art Store of Chibis

    I'm calling this an "Art Shop" but it's basically more like "I'll draw you stuff cause drawing is fun and if you wanna be nice and feed me I'll take some money" LOL Hiya party people! So some of you may have witnessed or still be witnessing as I learned to draw with pen and pencil. As of a few days ago, I bought myself a drawing tablet. A $500 Samsung Tab A 10.1 to be precise. And, uh, well that was like a months worth of food for when I'm in law school this summer... lmao... so I figured I'd start this up for whatever people are generous enough to give. For those of you who don't know me or been keeping up with my drawing, my name is Ataraxy and well, I'm learning to draw hahaha That's not to say I'm bad at drawing, I'm just no, uh, well I'm not a Micheal Angelo lmao I guess you'll see in the reference photos down below 😄 1. Number One! The first thing you can ask me to draw for you is what I like to call a SuperChibi. Essentially you direct me to a character (please have a reference photo, drawing from words is a lot harder) and a Superhero of you're choosing. If I'm not confident with that hero or the costume is to difficult, I'll let you know! How much? Um, well, I'm not super sure but I'd like something around 6 dollars for 2. Price can be changed whenever I want but if you strike a deal with me for a certain price and I change the price, you get the price pre-change. Man of my word so if I say 6 bucks to you, that's what you pay. Pay is up for negotiation though. I know there are other poor, poor college students on here like myself so I'm also down for like, art trade or maybe even you gimme something IC. Grab me an artifact and I'd certainly draw you some fun lil' chibis lmao *Pay should be done through Paypal but I'm open to other venues for real life cash haha 2. DINOCHIBIS! Your character in a cool dinosaur suit. These are really fun to draw lmao Be warned that I usually use pose references/ templates cause I'm still learning how to draw proper anatomy and all that. Price is the same as a the Supercheebs 3. Another type of chibi. I'm up to try anything, but fair warning, if I've never done it before I can't guarantee normal quality. I'll certainly, as I always do, try my best. Like the others, price is negotiable and I'll really just take whatever you're able/ willing to give me lol though because these are harder i'mma say I'd prefer something closer to 5 dollars each for these. No examples of these yet lmao sorrrryyyyy
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    [Silver Harbor] Iron Queen

    Tana listened impassively to Avarice’s speech, moving only to tip her hand in a casual salute when he referred to their agreement. The four goals he presented were a good foundation for a plan. Silence the guns, destroy the backup, retrieve the log book, and sink the ship. She appreciated the simplicity. Personally, she would have rather slit the throats of the crew while they were sleeping, but this approach worked too. She could tell he was being less than transparent with the group. It was subtle, but there was something in the way a few details never lined up or in the way he spoke that tipped her off. Tana didn’t care. In a meeting like this, it was expected that some truth would get left out. Besides, she herself had not been truthful with him. She made no reaction at the mention of smugglers except for a slow, lazy blink. This was not the first she had heard this information nor was it the first time she had heard of the Iron Queen. Any smuggler wishing to operate through the port did business with the Iron Queen’s captain at some time in their career. And thus the reason behind Tana’s involvement. It does not pay well to compete with the leading trust in the smuggling business. Tana’s boss had made her position on working beneath the Iron Queen crystal clear. The thief had paid little attention to the lecture- something about a “power vacuum“ and “good riddance”- so much of the politics fell on apathetic ears. She took what she needed to know to complete the job and moved on. Now, seeing the objectives of the group laid bare, Tana took interest at the mention of the log book. There was scant detail, but her employers had been emphatic about Tana’s retrieval and/or destruction of certain documents kept aboard the ship. The log book sounded like a good place to start. Of course, she would give the book to Avarice. Most of the book. Out of the corner of her eye, the thief caught a glimpse of the wine woman smiling at her. She had introduced herself a Tara. It was a tragically common name to fit the woman’s tragically common face. Her interest in Tana’s entrance had not gone unnoticed. While a glance and smile from a girl usually meant good things for Tana, the smug, knowing undertones of this grin caused her to rethink her earlier assessment of the alcoholic. Dangerous? Yes. Wise enough to keep to herself? Apparently not. She turned her head to meet Tara’s glance with eyes that remained sharp and cold. Tana didn’t much care if Tara knew too much, but if she was foolish enough to think that it would be funny or advantageous to use said knowledge to interfere with Tana’s goals... There would be problems. Problems that could be easily resolved with a sharp enough knife. The glance lasted only a fraction of a second before Tana schooled her countenance into a playful smirk and blew a silent kiss to Tara. The rest of the speech passed without incident. The dhampir took care of the Red Venom problem and Tana waited for Miss Pirate Mysterioso to finish stating the obvious. Tana slouched in her chair, running a finger along the grain line of the back. These people weren’t idiots. She might even deign to call some of them intelligent. “I have no objection to any plan so far,” she started in her usual drawl. “Now if- Tara, was it?- can actually stand on the claims she served us, then by all means, let her take out the defenses alone. However,” She paused and swept a glance across the meeting, “Two heads are better than one, especially pretty little heads like ours. We take out the cannons in twice the time and get an extra person on board in case anything drastic happens.” It was a courtesy suggestion. Agreed or not, Tana would be on board that ship. She preferred not to have to fight two parties. “If there’s someone else who’s good at not being seen, a third person would be beneficial as well.” She glanced at the other woman in the room. “If not, we’ll need a diversion at some point.”
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    Write with Me

    @Die Shize @zackrobbman Im really sorry for how long it’s taking me to reply. It’s been difficult to reply since my workload for school practically takes up all of my time. I Don’t think it’s fair for me to make you guys wait so long, and I haven’t been giving it my all into my posts because of the lack of time, so I think I’m going to have to drop. I really enjoy roleplaying with you guys. Your posts are amazing, and I wish I could do more to contribute to the story. Im really sorry.
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    Heroes and Villains

    I feel like this would be great for an episode similar to how certain anime do things. Example? The entire Black Butler season of random ass stuff. Just an entire season of the heroes and villains doing weird things together.
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    Die Shize

    [Chat] How was your day?

    Today I woke up. I drank coffee. Said no to the shower. I opened my door. It was morning. There were trees. I entered my car. It has a steering wheel. Someone is named Fred. I never met him. But someone is named Fred. Left work, had lunch, spotted clouds, turned around and thought about chicken it was the best day ever the end.
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    [Chat] How was your day?

    Today was pretty awesome. The weather in CO is really looking up (we hit the 60's F today, ha @ all you midwestern and notherners!), so I went on TWO—count em— TWO walks! As I was walking I was like damn I could be really productive today and try to take care of this dead brake light on my car during lunch. Remember, my day is still going well at this point. I eat my lunch really fast so I have like 40 minutes, then speed to the auto parts store (not TOO fast, chill). I don't take my jacket 'cause it's nice out, and google what bulb I need and I'm like k boom. Get there, pick out my bulb, am walking up to pay, and I FORGOT MY WALLET IN MY JACKET AT THE OFFICE! So I go back to the office after apologizing profusely, don't even wanna go back to the same auto parts store I just made a fool of myself in, and my time is dwindling. At this point, my day has begun taking a weird turn. Now I've told my coworker I'm going to go change my bulb so when I run back into the office out of breath to grab my wallet, he's like "wow that was fast" and I'm just like "No," and leave. I've got my wallet this time. I get to A DIFFERENT auto parts store (I have embarrassed myself out of the other one) and pick out my bulb. This genius gentleman at the counter looks at it and goes "Oh for your car I'm pretty sure you actually need this one!" And I'm like okay car guy, sure thing! He says "You might want to look though just to be sure before you open it" I'm like "Okay" while thinking (yeah right I don't have time) Get back to work, pop open the back casing for my tail light, and IT'S THE WRONG LIGHT. Long story short, I've resolved to just have a dead tail light for a few more weeks and my day is dumb now.
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    Khepri was poised between the two, touch still light on Tobias and body tense. She was as possessive and protective as a lioness, torn between two loyalties. While their banter was relaxed, she was not, she likely wouldn't be until her Tobias was well again. "We need to rebuild." Khepri said, "If you long for battle you can help the women out at the guard posts, there is plenty of fighting out there. We do not actively seek fights and war, we merely defend the temple....though we are in need of Priestesses, and often bloodshed is needed to free them and bring them here to sanctuary. You can join that team if you wish." Carefully climbing over Tobias she stood and stretched for a moment, extending her hand to let Phillip sniff it and give his ears a scratch. "A much more personal mission of mine is to help Tobias." She said, "He is not well and I need to find a way to repair him...." Her worried eyes turned back and looked at him. He was in bad shape and she didn't know if he could even be repaired - the very thought filled her with dread. Not again, she didn't want to go through that again.
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    Die Shize

    [Chat] How was your day?

    I sense that I am about to pass your test like a victim of goja-moja juice passes urine. Black. No cream.
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    Heroes and Villains

    I'm committed to this to the very end; I've still got some more stories to tell in the deep dark depths of Palgard! ❤️ A roleplay only goes on for so long as the members are interested in it and are willing to make things thrive even in the rough patches 🙏
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    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    "Artificial irrigation," Thurgood says before taking a drink from his pop, "I was thinking if we could dam the Symarron, it would provide a store of water, a source of electricity to move it, and control any seasonal flooding. That alone should boost agricultural yields, but we could also monitor and correct soil chemistry naturally until I can start a petrochemical industry." "If I read correctly," Aveline says, again to Varda, "your house does a lot of work with agricultural and horticultural science. Maybe you could engineer crops that are resistant to disease, pests, and require less resources overall, with an eye towards making them easier to mechanically harvest." If Thurgood and Aveline can help House Hildebrand modernize their agriculture, it would be able to feed a growing population and introduce it to technology at the same time.
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    My Favorite Academia

    Had to wait until a convenient time to type this up... LOL you didn't know what you were getting into. My favorite academia is communication and rhetoric studies. I discovered it early in my undergrad, and it's the area I got both BA and MA in. :3 There's a social science branch to Comm studies which is where we study things like, applied communication skills in the workplace, how do we talk about grief, how do we manage our identities and and mitigate identity threat in stressful situations, how has social media impacted the way we understand each other, how are social scripts created and invoked to create societal and individual behavioral codes and conformity. The social science side is much fun, and in my MA tenure I was equally interested in both. I focused mainly on internet communities as a site for identity management and fulfilling belonging needs. But I consumed everything. (To be continued....)
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    THE PRETTY PARAGON As the first ghost ship touched the sandy shore, there came a second. This new ghost ship was quite similar to the first one but possibly different too. Within it was a pack of figures, all dressed in varying long coats. These figures are one and all soldiers, warriors supposedly devoted to the necromancer Lilith. For what reasons have this vile party appeared right here and right now? What reason do they have to infect such precious, pristine and virgin land with their vile and perverse presence? Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear, they are all on shore leave as one by one the passengers all jumped out either through the port or starboard side of the ship, their boots landing quite haphazardly against the sandy beach with nary a concern for whatever island life that may have stepped on. Within such a party was a little girl, her body hidden underneath that long hooded coat of hers. Her leap down was quite graceful, her landing rather succinct. One could say she was the epitome of childish beauty, of that edgy, forbidden allure that was supposedly reserved for those young in both mind, body and soul. Her tiny boots half sunk into the sandy beach as she joined her group in trudging towards the denizens of the other ship, towards the woman called Lilith, the woman the group called their "Commander." The girl had called herself the Pretty Paragon, one that fits the enchanting glamour of her youthful visage. Yes, she was pretty but so too was the price of her head. But she was not one to care for such trivialities. She had always directed her concern elsewhere, towards the whims and desires of her new master, her "Commander." Finally, her steps had led her to her final goal, in front of her esteemed Commander. She nodded then to acknowledge the presence of other beings but her eyes were fixated on that solitary figure of her Commander. So she spoke then, the words gushing out of her mouth with reckless abandon. "Commander, fancy meeting you here. Khakina, the Pretty Paragon, at your service."