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    Samael follows the Commander’s gaze as she scans the cliffsides, a portion of his focus firmly affixed on the towering creature in the middle of the dark crevice. As of now, the group is split between those on the swamp side of the pit and those at the forest side of the pit, and so perhaps the only course of action left is to— Lilith pushes him away from a Nightmare’s furious path, and he watches from the sidelines as she punches the monster and flings it into the crevice, Samael looks to the Commander and pointedly does not sigh. That glint in her eyes as she gazes into the pit speaks volumes of what she is about to do. "Shout or throw something up if you live." There is nothing else to it; Samael is thrown off the ledge, greedy fingers of darkness crawling up his diminutive form as he spirals down into the abyss, wordless in his descent without nary a scream of terror. For a few breathless moments, he is suspended in vertigo, weightless by air and weighted by gravity, and just as he’s wondering where the fatal drop ends and he goes splat on whatever hard surface he is to meet at the bottom of the cliff— —harsh and cold waves envelop him, sucking him down to the depths of a lightless sea. Not for the first time this day, Samael wonders if he is about to die.
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    As soon as the first shambling hordes began to arrive, the Watchers drew their swords and went right into it, hacking, slashing and slicing through them with single blows. Though it need not be said they all were veteran fighters that had survived countless trials, this time, they moved perfectly in sync with each other. Far removed from the time when they battled individually, they organized and combined their attacks, one striking, the other defending. As per Nathan’s plan, they grouped together into a wedge formation. He and Max took point, blasting aside or incinerating corpses with lightning and fire respectively. The Morn twins took each flank, dispatching corpses with their spears. Gale brought up the rear with his water, which had been blessed beforehand, doing additional damage to the enemy. Geisers of steaming hot water erupted from the ground and pulverized rotting flesh. One step at a time, the Watchers cleared each street they came across. At any time they came across a larger cluster of the dead, they combined their attacks to devastating effect. To any watching them fight, it became clear these men wielded foreign magics. With a flash, Nathan conjured a lightning storm; clouds and electrical energy crackled about his fist and his sword. Any foe caught in it was vaporized. When combined with Gale and Max’s water and fire Magic’s, the three created a whirlwind; a torrent of scorching heat and steam that obliterated every enemy caught in its path. ((Meant for this to be longer, but I didn’t have the time))
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    Want to join a noble house?

    It's been over a month since the bump in the last thread of this nature I posted and am posting a new one to take advantage of the widget House Dali is my noble house in Ursa Madeum. I have a lot of plans for it, some already done, some in the process, and some still just aspirations. Everyone is pretty engaged so the answer is, get more people! You can learn more about Dali here: https://www.valucre.com/topic/40402-lost-house-of-dali/ Some previous accomplishments, to give you an idea of things you can do which benefit both your character and the overall House Arranged marriages and / or formal trade agreements between other noble houses or external entities Aided a noble house in investigating a suspicious death - the Wyrmalkers of House Dali are experts in intelligence Established Faux-ton fast travel posts between Dali estate, Casper, Biazo, and have now connected Andelusia and Misral via their estate connection and a connection in Qrill (a town in Misral) Established a vineyard in Biazo Established a museum and art gallery in Misral Trendsetted some fashion standards and social networking at high class events And the stuff that I'd like to do and need help with: The vineyard is a business - make it more successful Gain an additional 5 square miles with another expansion thread Forge more alliances inside and outside of Ursa Madeum We have a lot of transmutation characters but could use more for the other guilds: Abjuration, Enchantment, Divination, Illusion Replace Tansy Wyrmwalker - in this case the existing character would transfer to you as a player rather than making a new character I'm specifically looking to grow the Dali house so your character would either be a Dali from blood or marriage, whether recent or long past. You would also pick one of the sub-families/branches to be a part of (Wyrmwalker for intelligence, Goldcourt for fashion, etc)
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    I mean, really now

    "Shit, she's right..." Erin thought as she turned and looked at Xavier, or rather, looked up at Xavier. She had to figure the hulking man was used to getting his way with people, and even if Erin was above average height for a woman, she still definitely felt like an insect when compared to the giant orc. Technically, the logical choice, and the more team-centric one at that, would be to let him take the other suit, as he was likely the most capable defender in the real world. But Erin was not about to surrender her physical escapability lightly. The last thing she wanted was to be left defenseless or impaired if some hostile entity decided to barge into their room here. "Seems we have a bit of a dispute, then." she stated, crossing her arms, "And I called the suit first, so you'll need to give me a good reason to surrender my claim to you." The moment Xavier actually turned to look at her though, she realized it probably wasn't the wisest idea to antagonize the big guy. "Though..." she quickly backtracked as the stern expression evaporated from her face, "The fair option would be to leave it up to random chance." Reaching into her pouch, she produced a copper coin and held it up so the man could see it. "Uhhh, heads or tails?" she asked with a nervous smile.
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    I mean really ooc

    Don't mind one bit! Look at us being all organic and spontaneous and shit
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    There was one person who hadn't responded, hadn't moved, and hadn't done much of anything, really. That was a young woman, in her early 20s. She had light brown hair which leaked out of her loose hood like water dripping from a faucet. The ends of her hair were stained red with some mysterious substance, giving her hair the illusion that it was shifting from red at the very ends to light brown at the top. Her eyes were closed, and she wore a midnight black traveler's cloak that covered her body, leaving only her boots exposed. No one who did not possess mind reading could tell anything about the conversations within her head. Two distinct trains of thought were running simultaneously in her head as she bobbed her head back and forth, back and forth, as though asleep. Thus Syderia Ereina Iranai, the group's supposedly dedicated healer, prepared herself mentally to jump. Raya Erei Irai, the man in her head, continued annoying her until the command to jump came, as he normally did. They were already physically ready. They just needed a command to get up and run.
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    Want to join a noble house?

    Id be interested in making a character for your house. Possible to pm and talk about specifics of it?
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    Star Wars: Project Zeta

    Hello and greetings I’ve recently been accepted here and am in need of practicing for possible para rp. This will be my first time doing such a style.What I need is just a small amount of character info and a picture if you are able.Name:Age:Hight:Weight:Eyes:Race:Alliance:Force talents:The primary focus in the beginning will be to see to it that as certain someone gets off Kamino for each of our characters to survive. “Mayday.. mayday... A cloacked man rascally coughs up a little more blood and gasps. “mayday.. calling the Kamino system for.. for emergency medical..” he coughed a bit more. “support.. turning on auto pilot..." A bright red light flickers as he flips a few switches. Upon landing on the platform in the dark and stormy night blood from the wounded male rushes with the water and off the platform. Before passing out from wounds mixed with the damaged armor and the salty rain water he looks at Y/C and asks "and who.. are you?". The worrier collapses and is taken to emergency care by 2 clone troopers.I apologize if if this is really shallow I did come from a Facebook page.
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    I mean really ooc

    There we go. Man, and to think I had retired Erin prior to the Elendaron thread. She might be my most fun character to write right now, just because I don't take her seriously!
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    Genesaris AMA.

    They're extremely volatile. There's a high chance that they would explode inside said character, killing them.
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    Cataloging the Wilds [Quest]

    ((Sinder is a female)) Sinder looked at Bela and Arashi with a pleasant smile. 'Unique people. I like them.' She looked at the two and bowed slightly. "My name's Sinder Alkest. Nature Lady is what some people call me. However you guys can call me Sinder." Being an incredibly awkward person she sat there silently. As everyone was getting ready to leave, she heard another voice. She turned as they voice was close. Really close in fact as they fourth person was already next to them all. "Oh. Hello Gwyn. Name's Sinder. This is Arashi and Bela." As she introduced the late arriving member she pointed to the name to their respective person. Before they were about to leave she looked at Bela. "Oh by the way. I should mention the guitar on my back is meant to calm the moods of everyone around." She then lifted up her sleeves, revealing dark green vines marking that closely resembled tattoos. "And these vines represent my affinity for plant magic." As to show what she meant by plant magic, she raised her hand from her side as a large flower sprouted from the ground to reach a solid three feet high. "This is just the bare minimum of what I can do." She lowered her hand, letting the plant go back to the ground as it was in an unnatural habit for itself.
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    OBELUS General Discussion

    Maybe they can't keep up with our imposing brainpower. But, like I've been speculating, I believe these pages are just context clues rather than actual puzzles. You never know with ARGs, tbh.
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    Patience is Power [Artifact Quest]

    “W-who are you?” Rune doesn’t answer the boy. He’s bleeding bad from the deep gash on his thigh, spilling his lifeblood into the snow. The soft powder drinks it greedily, turning a deep shade of red. “Wha… what do you want?” The boy—and he is most certainly a boy, with no hair to his face and a young, thin frame that made slicing his artery easy work—is too delirious to scream, leaning in and out of consciousness. There are others around him, another group of five he’d put down before they even realized what was happening. It’s just a few minutes later than the boy lets his head sink into the snow, eyes open. Flecks of snow fall into his irises, giving the dark brows a cool, glazed sheen. Then they’re covering his face, his body, and in moments he’s hidden beneath of thin blanket of white. The moment stretches longer, and the bodies around him vanish, as well. These people have been here for so long they’ve started families, rearing children, breeding their own soldiers so they needn’t wait for reinforcements. It doesn’t bother Rune. All men must die – young, old, it doesn’t matter. He stalks his way down the heart of the ruins, slashing, stabbing, and breaking those that happen by him. He’s cleaning his blade on his sleeve when a baby’s cry catches his attention, bleating out into the wind from a hovel nearby. The work continues. Rune follows the sound to silence it.
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    From Nothing We Start; To Ash We End

    If asked, Iblis would admit to feeling a bit conflicted as he watched the city of Everrun and its people be destroyed by the Cult. He had put quite a bit of time and effort into them after all, and now it would all be reduced to ash; scattered to the winds and erased. Part of him was even angry with himself that he didn't live up to the trust and love that the people of this city had placed in him. But he had always known that he would have to let them down one day; unless he planned to play the patron deity to a city for the rest of his life. He also took some comfort in knowing that they were not dying in vain. Those that died this day would increase his power, and help him in his goal to push humanity towards its full potential. Upon hearing Lilith speaking to him, he zeroed in on her position, and landed in front of her. "Once you have payed the price, I will summon what you have asked for. Unfortunately, I cannot do so beforehand. But you needn't worry; as we have made a pact, and I am bound to fulfill it."
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    I mean, really now

    lycoris romanova "Who's getting the other suit and who's taking the halo?" Lycoris waits for a moment, letting the others speak their mind about the situation, and really, it’s all for the best: it rather seems like control suits are becoming the fashion everyone aspires to nowadays. Both the other woman and the hulking orc state their preference to use the suit, and Xavier even has the brazenness to throw her in the other direction in favor of using the halo. She is not overly concerned where she is positioned in this endeavor; her poison will be quite enough protection for herself, at the very least, and her compatriots seem rather able-bodied. She does not quite know them yet, so she’ll have to give them the benefit of the doubt. What to do with this impasse, however? “I don’t mind taking a halo.” Lycoris nods at Eldwine, then turns to the others, a slight edge of amusement embellishing the curve of her lower lip. “One of you, however, will have to concede to use the other halo, as our leader,” she gestures to Eldwine, “has already determined that he’ll be taking one of the suits.” Lycoris moves to sit at the sofa and takes a halo between her gloved fingers in wait of the group’s final verdict.
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    I commissioned some custom, original artwork for the kitty... https://imgur.com/gallery/mGAPfDN
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    The Pulchritudinous Priestesses of Coth

    "Eleanor..." Constans whispered as the woman, always so merciless on herself, pledged to run heedlessly into the precisely wrong direction for the sake of their God. "We can agree that the Brothers of Hedon aren't what you and I consider good men, but they are no longer the ones in possession of the virgin girls. We are Cothites, priestesses, and when given the choice we will always save the innocent before we punish the guilty. The Brothers of Hedon have left the virgins with this Warthog man, and it from his clutches that they must be retrieved." he explained. In many ways, these priestesses were still only just beginning to understand how to serve God and, like he himself had been at the start, they could occasionally be overwhelmed by the magnitude of their duty. Yet even still their enthusiasm inspired him. The woman whom god had sent him had the capacity to be the matrons of all of Coth one day; a body of wise and powerful servants of God and of his people. It was his responsibility to shepherd them into a full understanding of their role in Cothic life. "We will deal with the Hedons afterwards. They are cravens and diplomats, unlike the brutal knight Warthog." He looked down his arm at fervent Eleanor and her protective sister Isabelle. Their beauty turned to pain in his eyes. He, like Isabelle, would do everything in his power to shield them from all harm. They were his sisters, his daughters, his wives, his friends, his followers, his peers. They were his family. "My darling, know that they will all-- the brothers and the knight-- face the consequences of defying God's law on God's own soil. Whether by persuasion, politic, or fire. I promise you. But for now, you must focus on getting these virgins back from Warthog by word or deed." he said, and then looked up to Eirene. "That is the task I place upon you, my holy consorts. That, and one more: to survive under any circumstances. To come back to me, my loves; to come back to your home in this temple, in this town." He returned his gaze to Eleanor. "So if you have an idea, speak it. Together, we will discover the path God wishes for us to walk in saving these poor women. Say not that you will leave us and throw yourself at them alone, however. I would never permit it."
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    Cataloging the Wilds [Quest]

    Arashi smiled wider than he had been, finding the younger girl's attitude enjoyable. She was seemingly full of life and that was a refreshing change of pace as opposed to the personalities he had crossed in his adventures. In addition, seeing her uncertainty promoted him to reach up and cup his chin with his hand. "Let's see, I'm... Well I'm not sure if I'm Arashi or Sinder." His yellow eyes traveled to their third companion, a certain amount of mirth twinkling in them as he hummed to himself softly. "Or maybe it's Arashi or Sinder that's late and I'm the one you think you're waiting on. Quite the dilemma. Well, I'm sure it'll solve itself sooner or later." He closed his eyes and lifted his arms with a shrug. After standing there a moment he cracked one eye to stare at Bela before chuckling, a sign that he was only joking as he crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm Arashi, it's nice to meet you Bela, Sinder. I hope that you're as excited for this, ah.... 'light field work' as I am." A piece of Arashi's curiosity made him want to ask Bela about the device she had used, but he determined that there would be a time and place for that and currently they had plenty of time. "I'm ready to move out on command." He added in an absent minded manner, realizing that his thoughts were wondering and that he didn't want to have his companions waiting as he got lost in them. With that his gaze left Bela and landed on the other female of the three person unit, a soft smile still present as he waited for Sinder to speak.
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    GIF association

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    Lilith Brings War to Nu Martyr

    Also, if everyone could put what city they're in and whether you're attacker/ defender at the top of your post from now on, that would be awesome. Makes it easier for people to track who's in what city lol
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    GIF association

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    The sight of a young boy perched above while cleaning rifles distracted Soryn a bit as it was jarring and…well…odd. Soryn had almost forgotten that there were at least three children who had joined them in this expedition and while he was not ageist in any sense, he did question why the Order allowed them to take part. The weary reporter was no babysitter, however, and it was clear that they survived this last ordeal well enough to warrant their positions here. “Hmm.” That was all that was said under his breath in between gulps of this tasty soup. The floating device that he had been talking to earlier slowly made its way to capture the kid and then moved over to Fidelitas just as the knight removed his helm. Throughout the chaos, it was unclear how much Fidelitas actually contributed to their defenses. He made a mental note to witness how well the knight could hold his own when they encounter their next inevitable challenge. The silence that Vlad offered was more than enough for Soryn, Celeste, and his trusty floating utility device to pick up on several other things such as the shadowy figure that appeared before Selena and the troubled stance she held afterward. All of these things would likely be reviewed before he decided to tuck himself in for the night and would inform his future interactions with all involved. “What can you tell me about the Spires?” Vlad’s question caught him just after he had finished gulping down some water. Eyes shot over to Fidelitas soon after before motioned for Vlad to shift himself so that the knight could not make out what was being said lest he have superhuman hearing. “You need to be careful with questions like that around here.” Soryn would shift himself a bit closer and lean in so he didn’t have to project his voice too much. “I know only what little has been recorded and a whole litany of rumors but I will try to inform as best as I can.” A glint in his eyes denoted that Celeste was sifting through data and the minute of silence that followed was Soryn trying to make sense of what he could. “That area lies to the southwest and is home to a being called Lun’silth that has been rumored to be behind some of Yh’mi’s most horrible events in the past years. The spires and mists are rumored to have been catalyzed by some mysterious entity with even more mysterious motives. Knights such as the one over there will tell you to steer clear of them and try to actively prevent any expeditions there.” Soryn moved to take some water and take a large gulp before continuing. “All I know about the mists are that few have ever returned alive and those who have endured hardships that I am still trying to uncover more info on. There was a scientist named Buford Atwater that catalyzed a large scale phenomenon that saw spires and mists all across the continent before it was resolved by some brave souls. He somehow was gifted with the ability to create portals and use the mists to his advantage. Who or what equipped him with those abilities is still up to question apparently." Soryn caught himself then and seemed to decide to end his information transfer to Vlad then...at least for now. "Such impactful events are par for the course when it comes to Yh’mi. I personally believe there is just far too much mystery throughout that area and the unexplored to take the one-sided approaches that the Order has taken but if you plan on uncovering any of it then make sure you are adequately prepared. You’ve just seen what a whole group of us had to endure. I’d imagine you’d face much more harrowing circumstances alone.” Soryn’s face attempted to evince warning but that did not mean he thought Vlad incapable. Terrenus was full of people defying odds from all of his experience reporting for the Daily Weekly so he would never believe someone incapable without good reason. Of course, that did not make anyone impervious to the truth of their own abilities nor the bitter truth he now saw in Yh’mi. He who traverses Yh’mi courts death or travail. @P.N.See
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    Cataloging the Wilds [Quest]

    Bela waved and gave a cheery smile to both of the approaching persons. "Hi, I'm Bela. Nice to meet the two of you." She pulled a neatly folded paper similar to the ones held by Sinder and Arashi from a pocket on her pack. "You two must be... Arashi—" she pointed towards Sinder without looking up "— and... Sinder?" now raising her gaze to meet theirs. She looked back and forth between the two of them for a moment, then squinted slightly. Or maybe I've got that backwards... She gave a bit of a nervous laugh before scratching her head a bit in confusion. "I had heard there was also supposed to be a fourth member joining the expedition, but I'm not sure..." A high pitched beeping began to emanate from Bela's pack. She slung it down off her shoulders and unzipped a compartment near the top, reaching in and quickly pulling out a device with what appeared to be a lens and some kind of screen attached. The object looked bulky and somewhat dated, but the hard casing protecting the components inside was free of wear and scuffs, giving it an unused appearance. She used a dial and button interface on the side of the screen for a moment, squinting at the small text that appeared. "Well, they're not here yet and we're burning daylight, so to stay on schedule we'll have to see about meeting up with them when we get back for the day. Today is supposed to be light field work and getting to know the local topography, so we shouldn't be too far from this area in case we want to come back and see if they've showed up. Early bird gets the worm!" She tucked the device back into her bag just as quickly as it had come out, and zipped it back up before hoisting it back up again. It was really almost comically too large, considering "light field work" was what it was needed for. She took a moment to study the eyes of both her travelling companions, unusual colors not unlike her own. She resisted the urge to ask questions, just yet, but figured there would be plenty of time to get to know the fellow researchers once they were out in the field. "Are we ready to set out then?" She looked excitedly between the two of them, with a growing nagging feeling that she wasn't as sure of which was which as she thought she was.
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    Connor stood on the palace balcony with one arm folded behind his back, verdant eyes watching the dark and unnatural cloud sweep its way across the sky--blotting out the sun like the ill omen it truly was. “Hahaha! A skull? Nice touch.” He said his voice holding amusement, despite that the PRIME and his little trinket were in danger. “All of this, over a petty crown to rule the masses, hm?” He mused aloud, he found it almost comical. Though he was not afraid to use his own trinkets, something like that crown spoke a lot about the leadership abilities of the PRIME and those who have come to take it from him. They lacked natural charisma. “The crescent moon, eh?” He said, meeting those eyes with his own. “I suppose what will be coming next is shock and awe, no?” As if to prove his words correct, black streaks of unnatural smoke descended upon Keto. “Shame that they landed there, they could have done more damage landing in the center. Suppose their confident enough to work their way here.” He thought for a moment, before chuckling in the face of their displays or necromantic energy, taking the lives of hundreds, if not thousands. “Ah yes, there she is. The shock and awe.” He said with a clap of his metal clad hands. He wore his full regalia the Odysséas Light Frame armor, striking a glinting silver figure, monochrome light chasing along the myriad of High Kadic text that was engraved into the metal. Two rings of great power occupied his index and middle fingers. Ring of the Alchemist, and Ring of the Saint Prince. His long black hair had been pulled back and high into a bun, his face free of the metal helm, so that he might taste the breeze against his skin. He finished off the glass of wine in his hand. Despite the death and despair already filling the city, he seemed largely unconcerned. Certainly they were the people of his ally, yet they were not his people. His interests here were political, to maintain the trust between Kadia and Renovatio. It could be said he was, by far; more pragmatic than even his father. “The Cult of Power, hm?” He asked aloud, tossing the glass from the balcony. “Whose power, I wonder. We should test these...Paragons. Lets see if it is their own or borrowed power.” His tone became amused, though his expression darkened shortly after. “All of this over some crown, politician for his people, feh.” He said, though it was true his was not overly concerned for the lives of Renovatians, he was disappointed in the PRIME called Ardon Dallas. He shook his head, it was best simply to focus on his job, making sure things didn’t get too out of hand. Well, at least he’d make the attempt, he wasn’t going to risk his life overmuch for something and someone replaceable. As he was about to turn away, he felt a powerful gaze from the epicenter of destruction in Keto. He shot his own gaze, full of amusement and perhaps even pity; out into Keto. Such a gaze, though holding no animosity; whispered of the primeval fear deep within the non-human and unnatural. For Anathema stood unconcerned in the face of such things. “The bait is ready, lets see which one of you lot nibble first, yes?’ He said, chuckling as he stepped back into the palace. “Let’s go see how the worm on the hook is doing. Perhaps cast a few nets about him, hm?” He stepped with grace and purpose, smoothing his amused expression into one of seriousness. Besides, if he didn’t at least make a show, his mother might be hurt that her own son would not at least make an effort.
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    She doesn’t want to be saved. She wants the fodder. For her cannon. Which are also knights? Cannon knights? BUT ALSO CANON FODDER