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    It's that time of year again! Port Caelum is hosting its annual Spring Festival to attract visitors from all over Valucre. Finally, spring is among us and the Regent of Port Caelum is hosting a flower viewing festival in celebration. Come walk the gardens of her estate, taste sweet delicacies inspired by the variety of blooms, and enjoy sweet wines and yokai sake. Political figures across each continent received personal invitations to attend the event. In addition, word was sent in mass to the citizens of Valucre that held no title to speak of. It is a casual event to include fireworks, tea ceremonies, and other localized events within the port. There will also be vendor stands outside the Lady’s estate where you can buy demonic trinkets and souvenirs. Join the festivities to celebrate the arrival of the new season. See the regent in person and the yokai in her care. Enjoy the atmosphere and treats that will be offered for free. Rules: - + This event will be hosted in one thread for the most part. Other threads can be created for the event, but please make sure to include [Hanami] after the title and tag me in the first post so I can follow along. - + Please adhere to posting order within your group. Also, be sure to communicate with other role players to make sure that you can join groups that are already interacting to find a good time to step in. - + As per usual, do not engage in violence without permission from other users. - + If you are planning to up-end my event, talk to me first. Depending on purpose and plot points, we may reach an agreement. Although keep in mind there will be several beings at this event that allied and will be hard to overcome if they ban together. Character deaths aren’t permitted without consent as well. - + Most importantly, have fun. The thread will be posted on Saturday, May 4th. Look forward to playing with all of you!
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    OOC Nightmare realm 2A (zack's)

    Dungeon map: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1nlcjPTghpnjLEsbcNlxixSV4ljXk6P7_CqM3OzIZ26s/edit Main rules should still be referred to at the main ooc here: Updated character statuses for this realm: https://www.mindmeister.com/1256513557?t=XLpFybfaJI Characters Leo Manville @Veloci-Rapture Sheryl @Fierach Khaki @Thotification Sera @Thotification Middy @Thotification Cynthia @vielle Noah @ChaosLord Frederick @EpicRome23 Gormaric @EpicRome23 Hensch Men @bfc Challara @notmuch_23 Vlad @P.N.See Norkotian squad @Tyler Ed @Akiris Lort Kingston @[AW] Grubs Nim'Ruin @SelenaNichole
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    Main rules should still be referred to at the main ooc here: Updated character statuses for this realm: https://www.mindmeister.com/1257088843?t=UTmFU9DcJT Characters Charlie @zackrobbman Iskandar @Roen Jack Murray @Tyler Ehlan @SelenaNichole Selena @SelenaNichole P.U.D. Celene @Dolor Aeternum Soryn @Dolor Aeternum Von Hensch @bfc Turret "Tim" @P.N.See Barristan & Junia @Fierach Surus war elephant @EpicRome23 Ilene Cantu @EpicRome23 Dan Palmer @HollowCipher Fidelitas @jaistlyn Aryssin @sorainvoked
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