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    Akako Akari

    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Flower Festival - OPEN It was that time of year again and the city was alive with activity even as the sun had barely peeked over the horizon, painting the port in a pretty display of warm colors. There was no need for decorations as the port seemed to be cascaded in pink and white flower petals from various blooms. The Regent's presence could easily be felt anywhere within the city; her yoki thrumming gently, coaxing flowers to blossom in the morning light with celestial magic. Lanterns were hung throughout Caelum in anticipation of nightfall because the festival would not end until warmed sake was sipped and the sun fell behind the horizon again. The streets were filled with vendors sporting various goods to sell that ranged from fruit to weaponry. Outside Lady Akari’s estate, there were yokai vendors with specialized items. Kitsune had toys for children that could either play music, perform some magical trick, or be manipulated with their yoki (yokai spirit energy) or chi (spirit energy). In addition, moth yokai had demonic silk and thread for sale, and next to them was a spider yokai with kimonos woven from that same thread. It was sturdier than the human stuff and self-repairing. There was also a vendor with demonic armor; however, the person manning that cart was human. Within the estate, servants moved about setting tables outside while the kitchen was in overdrive. Desserts made to look like art were being prepared for the day and left the estate smelling sweet with an obvious floral aroma. There seemed to be a parade of demons and humans alike that came into the large estate to set up for various things ranging from tea ceremonies to traditional arts. Dancers, singers, and storytellers were all making their way into the demoness’s home ready to perform for thousands of curious citizens. This was only the second year that the daiyokai hosted this event. The entire purpose was to force her kind to interact with other species and vise-versa. With recent happenings, Akako had was even more determined to show various other creatures that yokai weren't necessarily frightening, and coexisting was feasible. In addition, the Regent wanted to build relationships with various other nations to increase trade that would boost the economy. This festival wasn't intended for business though. It was intended to build something grand. The festival was a time to learn and build foundations of friendship. Beverages: - Hibiscus tea - Jasmine tea - Green tea - Oolong tea - Rose tea - Peach wine - Plum wine - Blackberry wine - Moscato - Chardonnay - Sake (warm or cold) - Yokai sake (warm or cold) Desserts: - Variety plate (Strawberry pudding, hibiscus-infused mousse, vanilla cupcake) - Blossom mochi - Éclair - Cherry blossom mousse - Raindrop cake - Matcha mushipan Activities: - Sword Dancing - Drum Dancing - The Art of Storytelling - Floating lanterns: This is a city-wide event that will start an hour after sun-down where everyone writes down what they wish for on their lantern then lite the wick and let it float into the sky.
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    Have you ever met someone that only lives in the moment? They never think about the past or the future, only doing what makes them feel good at the moment. As a result, this lack of thinking blocks them from understanding life lessons, many of which involving responsibility, compassion, and empathy. They do not chastise themselves for their actions because they’ve forgotten them the moment they commit to them and don’t care to think about what it will do to the world afterwards. This lack of guilt and self-examination results in a psychotic personality, from which true evil and horror stem. Cause all it takes for someone to do something truly horrible that may last for eternity is just a moment of time where they aren’t thinking. When their mind is blank. Good people sometimes make such decisions, and they often grow to regret them far too late. But people that only live in the moment? Well, their mind is constantly blank. This creates a very basic being, one that is nothing more than a selfish, uncaring, animal that everyone typically wishes was dead. One that is incapable of dealing with themselves, so they just keep living in the moment, looking for that next fix to help them forget the notion of thought itself. This traps them in a loop of moral decay and people like this are easy to hate, but even they have reasons for being the way they are. A thought, or lack there-of always originates form somewhere. In this case, that place is not very nice. The fog surrounding the camp becomes thicker by the second, enveloping the group and making difficult for them to see a few feet in front of them, let alone each other. The deathly silent veil emanated a feeling of true dread. Yh’mi already accomplished this with its general atmosphere and local inhabitants, but the fog intensified it to unreasonable levels, making the defenders feel somehow exposed and completely vulnerable. As if their every fear and weakness was bearing down on them in a final test of integrity and strength. They were left wondering if they were ready or if it were even possible to be ready in the first place. Perhaps their judgement was an inevitability. Perhaps there was no point in fighting at all. The bustle of noise around them was gone now. Yh’mi didn’t produce much sound other than the skittering and thumps of the horrors within, but now even the wind seemed to fade from existence as if it were never even there. The air also began to have a scent to it, like that of something burning. Wood, stone…flesh? It was hard to tell, but it was definitely there. And it was getting stronger. Eventually, it became grating. Like if you breathed in too much of it, the inside of your lungs would be coated with a layer of soot that would never go away no matter how much you coughed. A layer so thick that it’d weigh you down and completely ground you. Ashes began to appear, silently falling from somewhere in the murky, hopeless sky like black snow. Every petal of ash that struck the ground would begin to change it, killing off blades of grass and turning the floor blacker than the places between the stars. The ashes seemed to glow with darkness, like a hungry void that erased anything it touched. The malignant darkness crept closer to the group, encircling them and closing in. It was a slow approach, but there was nowhere to run. The decay’s arrival was inevitable, making any efforts to run pointless. But people are desperate right? They get a kick out of confrontation, even when defeat is the only option. They want to show that they at least put up an effort so that others may be inspired to fight and someday prevail. But here in Yh’mi, obscured by the fog, insanity, and decay, their sacrifice would mean nothing. They would die and no one would know what happened to them. They merely entered and did not leave. Instead of inspiration, their sacrifice and martyrdom would only serve as a warning. A warning to not even try. The ground began to tremble as the scorched earth neared its victims. It sounded as if the earth below was cracking and giving in under their weight, unable to support the resistance they attempted to pose. It became difficult to stay standing as the quake intensified. Although their vision may have been limited and shaky, those who were attentive would have noticed figures approaching them far out into the fog. Their approach was slow and their steps light and soundless, almost as if they were just apparitions. Their black silhouettes were as dark as the ground they stepped upon, creating a contrast with the fog that eventually made them easy to see. While their forms were dark, they appeared to be people. Their features were shrouded in ashes that fell to the ground and joined with the rest, unsupported by nothing but cruel gravity. While lacking in any detail, just their shapes were recognizable to the group. Each person would be able to pick out someone that had a familiar shape, the bundle of decaying forms approaching them seeming to take the shape ones they knew. Friends, family, enemies. It could have been any of them. Or maybe they were just seeing things in the ashes? There was only one form that could be recognized, and only one person that was able to see it. Standing just a few yards out of their dwindling circle of safety, a small, young girl stood atop the ashes, staring at Gormaric. Her skin was a deathly pale, so white that it remained completely unaffected by the decay she stood atop. Her white skin seemed to radiate light that felt cold just to gaze upon. Her eyes were grey and lacked any sort of emotion. Her clothes were raggedy and covered in scorch marks, as if she’d been involved in a fire. Her hair was a pale brown that hung down passed her shoulders in an un-groomed heap. Her feet were bare, but one of them looked noticeably frailer. She was supporting herself with an old, wooden crutch to keep pressure off of the appendage. The crutch looked like it was made by someone who had no idea what they were doing, each piece looking rickety and poorly carved. While it was better than nothing, one could be sure that she could’ve found a better one lying in a dumpster. Still she held onto it tightly, the only coloration on her skin being on her knuckles where she gripped it. Something in her pocket began to flutter in a weak wind that blew from behind her. The object eventually caught and flew from her pocket billowing over into the circle and landing at Gormaric's feet. It was an old, wrinkled sheet of paper, something drawn on it in crude, childish crayon. If one were to examine it closer, they’d see a picture of a group of people drawn as stick figures. There were three of them. A girl was drawn in the middle, smiling and holding a crutch. Another, much taller girl was drawn to her right, wearing what appeared to be a beanie. She too was smiling, and she was holding what looked like some gold medal in her left hand. The left side of her face was shaded in black crayon. To the left of the little girl was drawn someone else, but Gormaric would not be able to make out who, for the head was missing. In its place was a charred hole in the paper. The only thing that stood out about this stick figure was a drawing of what looked like a plume of fire on one of its hands. Then, as if on cue, the earth cracked and gave out beneath them. Immediately the air was filled with screams of agony so shrill that it made their eyes feel like they were about to bleed. Any who used magic or any other means to climb back up or fly were at a loss, for they descended no matter what they did. The hole they fell from was just getting smaller and smaller, as if receding away or closing up to spite their efforts. The longer they fell, the louder the screams got. Anytime they looked down, they’d see faint flickers of fire in the darkness, coming up to greet them. It looked as though they were falling into hell itself, their own cries of agony soon to be joining with the rest. They fell faster and faster, as if some force below were pulling them down with a ferocious fervor. Soon the darkness gave way to a sinister, orange, light concealed by another mass of fog below. It seemed to be where the screams were originating, but there were other sounds now. They found out what they were once they fell into the fog. They suddenly landed upon something wet and mushy, beginning a slide down a mountain of cold, decaying, body parts that made them slick with blood. The air was scalding hot now, almost hot enough to sear their skin as they continued their descent. Fiery bumps of bodies were everywhere as they were sent cascading to their doom, the fog just thick enough to conceal what awaited them at the bottom and what was immediately coming up. They’re reflexes would be tested, as numerous traps jutted forth from the mound of bodies on the way down. An orange-hot saw blade would jut up from the mound of bodies and quickly make its way up towards them. A wall covered in searing hot spikes would erupt from the slope to catch them if they avoided it. Burning hands would then reach up to pull them under, the force of their grip strong enough to crush steel and hot enough to melt it. Any attempts to slow their slide were met with failure, forcing them to keep picking up in speed as the traps became more and more frequent. If they weren’t working together to keep each other safe by this point, they were hanging off one of the spikes far behind as hands reached up to tear them apart and join their lifeless remains to the pile they slid upon. The orange glow that was providing them sight was fading now, the bottom of the hill approaching. The fog dispersed to reveal a massive line of whirring, orange-hot blades that was easily dicing apart the limbs falling into it as if they were made of air. They’d need to jump pretty high to avoid a grisly but fortunately quick death. How they manage that, is up to you. Assuming they didn’t perish there, the mountain of bodies fell off into another dark chasm. They’d fall once more, but this time the bottom was clearly seen. Something very bright was below them, and they could already feel their skin peeling from the excruciating heat, as if thousands of radiant spiders were crawling underneath and chewing at them. Their outer layer was being peeled away to reveal their inner self as they fell into the scalding light. It was impossibly bright, so bright that it felt as if your eyeballs would melt if you didn’t shield them. They fell.. All... The way... DOWN Until they felt nothing. @EpicRome23 only Gormaric would awaken to the sound, smell, and sight of fire. He was laying on the ground, staring up into a night sky that was obscured by the flickering flames surrounding him. He could feel everything too. The ground on his back was hot and he could already feel the fires nipping at his body. Every natural impulse would be coaxing him to get up and flee, but his body did not respond. For it was not his. He was merely an inward observer. Involuntarily, he rose off the ground quickly, letting out shrill yelps of pain that were not his own as he flailed and shook in agony. He could feel bruising and burns all over his body. Now that he was upright and standing, he could see that he was in a burning house. His breaths became more and more frantic as the panic began to set in. Fire was everywhere and he couldn’t see a way out. The wooden floor beneath him creaked from his weight and the heat nipping at them from the floor below. He was in a burning hallway, and he noticed that he was much shorter now, probably not even four feet tall. A shrill scream came from behind and his head whipped around. He saw that some of the roof had collapsed down on the other end, and there was someone trapped underneath the glowing hot shingles. A woman. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, most of her body already on fire and burned away. Whoever Gormaric was inhabiting wasted no time in sprinting to the screaming woman. Despite increasing heat and ever increasing groans from the floor, Gormaric’s host reached out with burned arms to grab hold of one of the woman’s arms. Her skin was slick and blistered from burns, her screams now guttural and gravelly. Her head shot up to look into his eyes, and Gormaric could see the fear within them. She appeared to be moving her mouth up and down, as if trying to make words through her screaming. But this person he was within paid no heed to it, only pulling harder. Some of the flames on her arm were now creeping up his hand, but he didn’t let go. He pulled with all his might. Right until her arm came off. He fell backwards with the burned appendage grasped tightly in his arms, landing on his back. He looked up from the floor to see the woman’s face contorted in horror, her body shaking violently as her screams began to die in her throat. She fell limp, here eyes still wide open and bloodshot. No blood leaked from the stump of her arm, the flames having eaten at it until there was barely anything keeping it on her. Gormaric’s vision became blurry with tears as he gazed upon the now dead woman. Then he started to scream as he felt the flames from the arm he was holding catch unto his clothes and the rest of his body. He shook violently and tried to get back to his feet, but the pain was too great. He collapsed to the floor, his outstretched arms covered in fire. His hands contorted and shook as he saw and felt his arms blister and shrivel. His uncontrolled screams echoed out above the flames as he watched his skin quickly burn away right down to the bone. They were not the screams of a man, but of a very young boy. The last thing he saw before blacking out was his muscles and tendons glowing brightly as they began to piece themselves back together. Gormaric awoke alongside the others, still very much alive save for any bruises, cuts, or burns they got from earlier on the mountain. Thankfully, or rather I should say hopefully, no injuries they sustained were debilitating or fatal. They were all still one piece, but another problem would present itself once they got coordinated and woke up. They had no idea where they were. The area was black, and the floor was wet. Had anyone elected to create a light source, they’d see that floor was covered in a thin layer of blood. They’d also realize something else. There weren’t as many of them as before. They'd been separated.
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    There And Back Again

    Union City Skydock Central Genesaris 597, Modern Era “Allen? Allen! Wake up!” An annoyed, short-haired brunette growled as she attempted to shake the figure huddling inside the Captain’s chair “Mmf... Goway.” Allen groaned as he shuffled, trying to shuffle himself deeper into the chair. “Grrr…We take off in a couple of hours! You need to get up!” “Leemeelone.” That’s it! A tick mark appeared on her forehead. Deciding enough was enough, she pulled out a mean looking wrench from her tool bag and tapped Allen on the head. Hard. BONK! Which sent him flying out of the chair and crashing onto the floor and rolling comically back and forth. “Owowowowow! Dammit, what was that f-?! Oh, Jenny! It’s just you.” “Just me?!” Jenny huffed, arms on her hips. “What is that supposed to mean?” “Uh... Nothing?” Allen replied sheepishly. “Well I’m just glad its you who woke me up.” For some reason, a dusty shade of pink spread across her cheeks. “R-really? Did you want to see me that badly?” She asked meekly. “Oh! That’s not it.” Allen gave a goofy grin. “It’s just that if you were Sebastian instead, he would’ve doused me in cold water then sentence me to one-on-one personal training for the whole voyage!” The chief mechanic deflated and rolled her eyes. It seemed that her remark flew over his head... again. “Yeah… I guess so.” she sighed. Then turned to exit the Captain’s deck. “Anyway, I’m going back to the engine room. Powerplant needs some calibrations. Come see me when you got some time yeah?” “Sure thing! See ya!” Allen waved goodbye as she shut the door. Somehow, he had a feeling that he disappointed her somehow. No matter, he would find a way to perk her up again! Allen exited the room and stepped out onto the top deck. The sun was shining brightly, the birds were singing and the breeze was gentle. As he looked out from the side of the Kingfisher he admired the skyline of Union city; the centre of Genesaris the melting pot of all races, cultures and creeds. It had only been a week and a half since they docked here, but Allen was already tiring of the place. His life was tied to the sky after all, Allen wasn’t one to keep his boots on solid ground for too long. He breathed in the fresh air blowing in from the plains surrounding the city. “Ahhh! You were great Union City. But it’s time to say goodbye and say hello to Aelindra!” Captain Allen Arno Dorian, Owner and leader of the Kingfisher and its crew, pulled out an old photograph of his parents and admired it; his fingers tracing their faces affectionately. His mother had passed on when he as young. But it wasn’t too long ago that his father died a year before to a pirate attack on the ship. However, he managed to find the courage to see past their deaths and carry on their legacy. “Its another day, another voyage mom, dad. Please watch over us as you always do.” He kissed the photo and placed the photo back into his vest. “Talking to yourself again Master Dorian?” A low, rugged voice called out from behind him. Allen turned around and saw the only family he had left: Sebastian. Dorian Family butler and the Kingfisher’s first mate. “Ah! Sebastian! How’s the crew? Everything going smoothly, I hope?” Allen smiled. “Everything’s ship-shape and Bristol fashion, Captain.” The old soldier returned a grandfatherly smile of his own. “Same as always… just enough food and supplies to get us to our destination and a tad more for emergencies. Our account’s just a little over the red, though… again. You sure you don’t want to increase or ticket prices just a little? Even an additional kite per passenger would relieve us quite a bit.” Allen sighed. “We’ve been over this Sebastian. My father promised quality transport for the common folk at affordable prices. Increasing them would go against that promise. You know this.” “I understand Master Dorian. And I respect your father’s wish greatly as well.” The butler patted his ward’s shoulder encouragingly. “But if we keep this up soon enough the entire ship and crew would be running on fumes. Even Theresa can’t cook anything when there’s no ingredients to speak of. Think about it, your father wouldn’t want anything bad happen to the Kingfisher. The company is nothing without its ship. If we want to continue providing this service to the masses then we have to make sure we survive at the very least.” Allen pinched his nose in mild frustration. He couldn’t help it though. Sebastian was right on all accounts as usual. He didn’t want to burden the lower-class passengers with any more costs if necessary. But the Dorian family’s wealth could only sustain their business model so far. Most likely he would have to increase the prices for the express and special skills passengers on the next voyage. “Alright, I understand. I’ll review the prices again when we reach Aelindra. A kite or two shouldn’t dent their pockets too much.” “That’s all everyone’s asking for Master Dorian.” Sebastian smiled. “Everyone trusts you to make the right decision.” “Thanks Sebastian.” Allen replied. Together they made their way into the Kingfisher’s lower decks. “Wow something smells great in here!” Allen poked his head into the kitchen. “What’s on the menu this time Theresa?” Theresa Vellheim, the head chef of the ship, didn’t bother to turn towards the sound of Allen’s voice as she continued stirring the simmering pot she was working on before bringing the ladle to her lips and giving her dish a small sip. “It’s a surprise Allen. All I can say is that I had to improvise since we only had basic ingredients to work on, but this should keep the passengers and crew happy.” The blonde, short-haired woman’s accusatory tone sent a small shiver down his spine and a trickle of cold sweat down his forehead. And it wasn’t the good kind. “Eheheh! I know the ship’s been a little crunched on finances. I’ll make sure to get quality ingredients for the kitchen on our next stopover. Promise!” Theresa turned to stare at her Captain, then gave a good-natured chuckle. “Sebastian kicked your head in a little didn’t he?” Allen let out a sigh. At least he wasn’t going to be served water and gruel again. That was not a pleasant memory he wanted to remember. He laughed nervously as he absentmindedly scratched the back of his head. “Yeah you could say that. Heheh! I’ll leave you to it then. See you at lunch!” Quickly exiting the kitchen, Allen continued his rounds as he bade his crew good day and kept himself up to speed on the preparations for the next voyage. Finally, he passed by the entry hatch and stopped to observe the small but slowly increasing crowd that was waiting to board the Kingfisher from the bottom of the plank. “Attention ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!” One of the crew’s attendants called out. “The Kingfisher is now ready for boarding! Please present your tickets and line up according to your classes. Economy class passengers please line up on my left, Express class passengers on my right. Special Skills ticket holders may board first. Our attendants will bring your luggage to your designated cabins and then bring you to the top deck to meet our Captain personally where he will provide you with a special welcome!” As he looked out into the crowd, he could already spot at least five unique looking individuals making their way towards the front. Smiling and nodding to himself, he decided to make his way to the top deck and make ready for their departure.
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    It's that time of year again! Port Caelum is hosting its annual Spring Festival to attract visitors from all over Valucre. Finally, spring is among us and the Regent of Port Caelum is hosting a flower viewing festival in celebration. Come walk the gardens of her estate, taste sweet delicacies inspired by the variety of blooms, and enjoy sweet wines and yokai sake. Political figures across each continent received personal invitations to attend the event. In addition, word was sent in mass to the citizens of Valucre that held no title to speak of. It is a casual event to include fireworks, tea ceremonies, and other localized events within the port. There will also be vendor stands outside the Lady’s estate where you can buy demonic trinkets and souvenirs. Join the festivities to celebrate the arrival of the new season. See the regent in person and the yokai in her care. Enjoy the atmosphere and treats that will be offered for free. Rules: - + This event will be hosted in one thread for the most part. Other threads can be created for the event, but please make sure to include [Hanami] after the title and tag me in the first post so I can follow along. - + Please adhere to posting order within your group. Also, be sure to communicate with other role players to make sure that you can join groups that are already interacting to find a good time to step in. - + As per usual, do not engage in violence without permission from other users. - + If you are planning to up-end my event, talk to me first. Depending on purpose and plot points, we may reach an agreement. Although keep in mind there will be several beings at this event that allied and will be hard to overcome if they ban together. Character deaths aren’t permitted without consent as well. - + Most importantly, have fun. The thread will be posted on Saturday, May 4th. Look forward to playing with all of you!
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    Lagrimosa Materials List - Detailed

    Will be posting materials as I fill out a template and update this post with an index. Terrenus Material List (condensed) Status Government: Government regulated and inaccessible to regular player characters unless part of the military or completing a government related thread. New - Player characters can steal Government items so long as each active character rolls for damage on the Narrative Damage System New - Any transports or storage would be accompanied by military trained personnel and any heist, caper, bribe, etc should reflect the difficulty appropriately Black Market: Regulated, rare or illegal items. Come at a higher price, which is 1.5x the activity; much more difficult to mine than standard materials Standard: Can be bought, stolen, mined or otherwise acquired through roleplay. Pricing Table Rather than trying to fix a price on a per ounce basis, I've suggested a price range to myself and give the player a price depending on what they want to do. So tell me what it is you want and what you want it made of, and I'll try and give you a fair price. Someone that wants to use a material for decoration and another that wants to use it for defense would pay for a different grade, or weight, or type of material and this is the easiest way for me to account for all those things on a case-by-case basis. Materials can also be acquired through roleplay. There is a required amount of posts to be able to obtain a certain amount of raw material or comparable item made of a certain material. The amount rises with each rise in classification. The count is for the thread and not for individual players. ***Can be part of an unrelated thread Trinket: D class (1 post). Consumable items, such as potions and scrolls that can rear a temporary magical effect and is not reusable. Object: C class (5 posts). Items such as amulets, rings and necklaces with larger or more heavily enchanted pendants. Reusable but limited in frequency. ***Requires separate thread OR clearly marked beginnings and ends. Essentially should be a focus of an arc, thread, or plot and not merely incidental to it Weapon: B class (15 posts). Anything that can be used offensively from a sword to a spear to a club or metal knuckles or a grenade. Armor: A class (30 posts). Anything that constitutes a physical defense, from a shield to partial to full plating or headgear. Oversized: S class (60+ posts). Threads which meet this criteria can exceed customary limits of materials to create large items which are a mix of multiple materials. Canonization should be done in-thread for the materials as they are acquired and the final objective should be cleared with supernal before starting the thread. Methods of Acquisition Through roleplay. Materials can be bought, stolen or mined depending on their category. This roleplay can involve other people, as long as you're willing to split the loot or they're willing to give up their share, and can also be part of the reward for completing a Terrenus based quest. Any standard metal with the exception of those used for money (gold, silver, and platinum) is free to access. Metals and materials like lead, steel, copper, iron, titanium, etc, are freely accessible. Those listed below are special materials and metals. Canonization required for tracking purposes. Aquatanium: Originally an import from the now vanished land of Khorvaire, great deposits of this metal were found in the deep sea during the assault against the Siren. With the introduction of the Silveril plant and its unique cloning ability, Aquatanium no longer has to be mined from the depths of the sea. Aquatanium has a natural affinity towards water and manipulating it, obscures sight when submerged (invisible), and does not disrupt the current. Status: Standard Location: Any coasts, in particular Barnstable Coast Auranite: Crystal formed when radioactive elements are subjected to a magic saturated environment. The crystal is pale rose and forms into the shape of a dome. The nature of auranite makes it useful for storing magic energy, capable of absorbing ambient energy passively or the charge of incoming spells actively. The more energy it absorbs the more volatile it becomes. It turns milky white when it is at capacity and about to explode. Status: Standard Location: Hell's Gate | No Man's Land | Chesterfield Auryl: Auryl (ie: Aural Crystals) are a light shade of purple and noted for their sensitive to sound, light and magic. The crystals found under Terran control are inferior clones to the original crystals, of alien an unknown origin. Terran Auryl is capable of converting energy (sound, light, kinetic, heat, and magical) into its various states with minimal loss. Status: Government Dlarun: This metal is polished to a brilliant bone-white and is often mistaken for ivory, though it can be identified by the curious blue sheen it releases when held in the right light. Wielders of this metal are protected from fire as if surrounded by a magical aura, though are still affected by extreme temperatures. A weapon or piece of armor forged from Dlarun inflicts extensive cold damage and can frost upon striking. Status: Standard Location: Shawnee Glacier Ercaniron: Metal that is dark-blue when at rest and becomes ultra-orange when volatile, Ercaniron radiates dangerous amounts of raw enchantment that destablizes structured magical constructs. Ercaniron is not an anti-magic element but one which introduces chaos into the arcane. Status: Standard Location: Hidden Valley | Yh'mi | Ursa Madeum L.R.I (Low-Refractive-Index) Metal: L.R.I is any type of metal treated to an industrial arcane processing and washing that lowers the refractive index of the metal to, for all practical purposes, that of air; the result is a metal that is highly transparent. LRI Iron has seen most industrial use in the windows of skyscraper buildings (like those in Hell's Gate) and the windows of Class M airships; LRI Steel is often used in the viewing platforms of submarines. A few mercenaries and some assassins have been known to use LRI metals for their weaponry, though the transparency can sometimes offer as many complications as advantages. Status: Standard Location: Some instances of naturally occurring LRI metal are Blaurg Mountain, No Man's Land, and Black Range. Negabjurium: This metal was tailor-made for use by the Sea-Reavers (Terran submarines, usually fortified with aquatanium for stealth and propulsion) and represents one of Terrenus's first big successes in the use of Silveril. The process involved a Silveril plant exposed to anti-magic radiation during the germination phase atop a bed of auranite crystals. The resulting material is negabjurium. This green mineral has a strong resistance to abjuration and anti-magic. Status: Government Novonium: Novonium is a metal that becomes extremely malleable when subjected to an electrical current, and in its rest state has an ultimate tensile strength equivalent to titanium. Novonium is a high commodity metal given the easy with which it can be shaped in industrial applications. Novonium has a notable weakness against electricity, becoming utterly disfigured by lightning bolts and hence not used in civil engineering. Status: Standard Location: Weland Gorge Nith (renames 2020): Nith has a very high conductivity rating and the ability to invert gravitational fields on a weak scale. It is dull silver in color, nearing gray and when forged properly allows a person to fly with control and comfort. It has limited resistance to wind and electrical elemental offenses and a weapon made of Nith is lighter and swings faster than normal. Status: Standard Location: Moonwood and a few mountain ranges, in particular Blaurg Mountain and Black Ridge Starmetal: This metal is only found in Ponkapoag Lake - for the purposes of extraction; for the purposes of acqusition by your character you can fight a monster that's eaten the mineral and cut it out, you can steal a family heirloom made of it, etc. It's exact location in the Lake and extraction methods are a closely guarded secret by a large, but little known, family of gypsies scattered all over the lands of Terrenus. It is a secret that they take with them even to death. Starmetalincreases the kinetic energy of any weapon by a factor of five. Status: Black Market Silveril: Silveril is a plant that will absorb nearly any type of element, mineral or metal of oth magical and mundane origins, and transfer those properties into its leaves. The leaves are malleable and easy to forge into weapons or armor. The base material is liquefied in the process, stored in the stalk of the plant, and is capable of being recycled as a base. Silveril is capable of mixing properties into a unified product. Silveril is strictly regulated and available only to Terran military engineers. Status: Government Solabernite: A powerful mineral, solabernite is translucent gold in color and often used by priests of various sun and light gods for spell components or as a divine focus. The crystals are insanely efficient solar harvesters, absorbing the energy of the sun and storing it for later use. When properly harvest, solabernite crystals can be used to generate artificial light, heat or recharge divine or light-based items. When struck at the right frequency, it releases the stored energy as an explosion. When used as a focus, capable of discharging powerful lasers. Status: Standard Location: Great Pine Barrens | Biazo Isle | Coth Sonical (renamed 2018): This metal is found in two forms: Type A (Absorbs sound as a source of energy to strengthen itself) and Type W (Capable of releasing sonic blasts and vibrations). Type A and W cannot be forged together into the same item. Cannot be used to make armor or shields. Status: Government Turu: A highly durable and intractable metal that is very easy to enchant and requires extreme forging methods to shape. Albeit difficult to forge, weapons built with Turu are extremely resilient to physical damage. The most notable property of Turu is its natural affinity to magic and its ability to absorb directed energy blasts and storing it for later release. Status: Standard | Aligoria Vakar: Previously known as Hunter's Steel, this metal is fabled as the ultimate bane of any beast. At a glance it seems little more than tempered steel, but when held in hand it exudes a hue of menacing crimson that hints at more than meets the eye; this effect can be tempered by a matte coating for stealth purposes. When used against beasts or creatures (Suujali are a notable example), it exacerbates damage; when striking a sapient being, damage is equivalent to normal steel. Although outlawed in most of Terrenus, Last Chance has Vakar as a major export, and it is used regularly by the Wastelands Border Patrol. Status: Government | Black Market
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    Ink Fox

    Forget - Me - Not

    A small side story began by @ianthine and myself, Anyone is welcomed to pop in It had been atleast two nights since her fateful meeting with the priest. It was an uneasy feeling to the demi-gorgon having lingered so long in one place. She was used to constantly moving, --always escaping from imagined hunters she anticipated could be after her any day now. --but things were different now, --felt different now. Things had changed inside of her and thoughts of a deity that could watch over and protect her soothed her anxiousness. Still her wandering feet, scarred with miles of dirt road, had taken her to the outstretches of the farmland just at the base of the hill. Her mind and body were at odds, muscle memory compelling her down the long stretch of dirt road. --but she wasn't leaving... she just needed to stretch her legs, didn't she? It was a lie she was telling herself. A sore feeling panged in her chest. She was a coward-- Halting in her mindless walking, her grey eyes caught a speckling of blue in the lush green fields that flanked the road. She crouched near the edge, looking at the tiny cornflower colored buds. Five healthy green sepals held eye fetching blue petals aloft, --bright yellow nestled at the center of each flower like a precious jewel. Slender fingers outstretched to graze the soft foliage. It was simple things in nature that made her feel at home. The rural town she had been staying in was loud with life. People going about their days, hustling and bustling. Xildara felt out of place here, and not only for her startling appearance that overcame her at night. Daytime held some respite for the woman, luckily her features remained humanistic during the day, but there was still an odd animalistic air about her that seemed to draw attention. A soft chiming caught on the breeze drew her attention from the tiny flora. Xildara glanced down the road, intrigued by the soft tingle of metal upon metal. --what she saw made the woman blink in disbelief. Familiar bronzed features and long burgundy hair that fell in dark waves shivered memories to the forefront of Xildara's mind. "Teha...?" The name fell from her lips in a whisper. Down the road, coming towards her sauntered a figure she had seen once before in her life; when things had become their darkest. Golden eyes punctuated a stern yet stunningly beautiful face, which was supported by a strong and graceful frame. Her eyes held the same luster as the golden trinkets decorating the woman's wrists, neck, ears and bottom lip. The woman regarded Xildara with cold eyes and nodded her head in Xildara's direction politely but continued on without an ounce of recognition in her features. Xildara's eyes welled up, hurt at first, but she suddenly realized why Mateja had acted as a stranger. Mateja had never seen Xildara in her human form. --of course she wouldn't recognize her at first glance. Mateja seemed to be headed for the village of Coth, leaving Xildara with an uneasy decision. Staring back at the long lonely road and then towards Mateja's slowly shrinking form; Xildara decided this was a sign and turned to follow after the woman. She wasn't sure what she'd say to Mateja, or even if she should tell the nomadic woman the truth, but Xildara knew she had to meet her again, in some way--
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