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    Thanks you kindly, sir! Definitely hoping to start focusing on adding depth to my work and less time grinding solo threads... Also thanks! Might have to update Abby a little in the coming months, but I'll get to it when I get to it. Excelleeeeent. ? And thank you! More stuff! So this is my own drawing "style", or whatever the hell passes for a drawing style. To be fair to myself, I was drawing without any references, but doesn't change the fact that the proportions and shit suck. But whatever, was just looking for a quick depiction of the cast of cretins I threw to their doom in Yh'mi: Now, this next one I can only claim partial credit for. The art itself was done by the ever hilarious @zackrobbman, I just made a colored vector version of it. What you see here is the finale of Chasing Legends, a super fun RP organized by the also super fun @jaistlyn . From top left to right and then down: The Cursor (me), Trey Tyrrell (@Laughingmad), Clive McTeague (Zack), Erin Hale (me), Ignus (@Hurttoto) and Meritio Rivas (Jaistlyn). Of course, outside of those of us in that RP, none of you people are gonna understand what the heck the context of all this is, but trust me, it's weirder than you think. Disclaimer: Clive is wearing underwear under there, thank goodness. Zack's original art: Also a JoJo reference:
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    It was hard not to notice a man of the robe approaching him. Even more rare, Koji didn't typically recall Monks traveling seemingly alone with a sword and an eye patch. Though it was nothing like his own, Koji senses an immense pressure contained within the man approaching. Though his robes were large and somewhat loose, Koji's keen senses allowed him to perceive his rather impressive physique. While he had heard Katiya just fine, his entire demeanor shifted to the more recluse one he held in front of Xartia and Akako. He refrained from responding in anticipation of the approaching man to speak. “Seems a bit hazardous to traipse about while possessing that kind of aura.” "Then you understand why I keep it suppressed." Initially when he was born, he was given a power limiter in the form of a color, just like the one his mother used to wear. Akako however, decided to grant him the gift of removing it; A feat he'd always view in a much better light than her history of torturing him, and his late Empress before his very eyes...Only to cast him into the infinite void and leave him for death. When the Monk spoke again his mask cracked, a cheeky grin reminiscent of his father's. Generally speaking, where he'd correct most on referring to him as Tenno, there was something musing about it coming from a Holy man. “Still, I would say it’s an unmistakable aura at that. You are the Datsuzoku-tennō, Datsuzoku Koji, are you not?” "I am...How might I be of service to you?" His amusement could easily be read as a malicious, though he meant no harm to the Monk. Though he was a bit informal with his manners, Koji seemed to be much more tolerant outside of the image made for him in his own nation. Whether his entourage caught on to his veiled sarcasm or not was on them, but for those that did a laugh was sure to be shared. Still, his words were somewhat genuine. He was certainly curious as to why someone actually decided to approach them, in a place where they seemed to be perpetually shunned. @dvsn @Aleksei @Etched in Stone @Chappu @Dreamer @Akako Akari @Voldemort @Damnatus @Tenkai Matsumoto
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    OOC Nightmare realm 2A (zack's)

    Battle doesn't need a purpose; the battle is its own purpose. You don't ask why a plague spreads or a field burns. Don't ask why I destroy sticks. ?
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    supernal art showcase

    These aren't my works but works produced for me. I don't have very many because I don't commission art for my characters. These few have been gifts from people wanting to practice or wanting to flex and for which I'm most appreciative. Since I've seen a few of these types of threads I figured I'd join in Edward Brown Jericho Joshua Jordan Twizzen
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    Shi’s gaze drifts from monster to monster, finally landing on the djinn, only to follow the flight path of the bird it releases. The display is probably meant to be a peace gesture or maybe a gift, however what Shi sees is a spy. If he were to put money on it, the bird is familiar or something similar. Something that could be used to remotely view and collect information and overhear conversations. If he had any say in the matter or concern for the port, he would have promptly killed the thing. Of course, whatever treachery and espionage is happening between these frenemies, is well beyond the scope of his concern. Speaking of concerns, Shi’s intuition about opportunity is spot on, and his patience is rewarded in the most wonderful way. The initial recommendation that Dredge should meet with Akako in her private estate is by all means lucrative. A little breaking and entering, frosted with a bit of premeditated homicide has a nice flavor to it. However, the counter proposal to meet at the pier…. Well that’s damn right delicious. While there would undoubtedly be security present, the fact of the matter is that the pier would afford him unparalleled freedom to approach the situation however he pleased. Satisfied with what he’s learned, the assassin drops from the lighting fixture near the back of the building. With the bulk of the focus elsewhere, and people cheering and clapping, his descent is largely unnoticed. Although, there are no doubts that those on the stage have seen him. But what were they going to do? Sitting on a chandelier isn’t a crime! He’s just an eccentric man with odd tastes. Folding his hands together, into the small of his back, he negotiates around the few people standing near him, and exits the building. There is a murder cake to be made, and he has a lot of prep work before he can get to baking.
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    yanaihara kōharu It does not take long before someone takes pity on their plight and their lost pilgrimage about the expansive gardens; she would have never admitted to being lost before Jun had materialized before them and had ultimately guided their way at last. The party follows Akako’s second familiar, an avian yokai with glimmering feathers Kōharu finds quite distracting on the short journey through the estate to where the Regent has positioned herself in, overlooking the crowd and the performances on the lawn. Amidst polite greetings and formal bows, Kōharu presents the gift they’ve prepared for the Lady of Port Caelum without further delay, and it is thus accepted with due haste as is proprietary. She does not dwell too long on the interactions that occur; it does not take much to understand that Akako seems—tense, if that is indeed the right word for it. She could venture to say that the Lady is unnerved, even, although Kōharu does not know why exactly. Perhaps it is because the Emperor himself is here. That particular thought, she decides, is a rather dire one. Shortly after the group had moved away from the Regent and her associates seated beside her, Kōharu senses a dark presence flit by her, a disturbance in the natural order of things. It is beyond her ability to determine its precise nature, but the feeling persists: it heralds a somber omen she cannot quite easily shake. Even in the midst of such revelry and joy in the day’s celebrations, the coastal air is cold and just a touch bitter—almost ominous, if one were to think upon it deeply. Kōharu wraps her arms tighter around herself as she leads her retainers towards the docks, and whatever sort of festivities lie beyond for the night. There is something that promises change in the wind, something heavy and tangible enough to be felt. All one can do is to be prepared for it, and in this, Kōharu decides, she will be ready. exit right.
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    Soon you'll see

    @Tyler "Soon, I will witness my people withdraw from their religious beliefs and be limited to perform immense magical feats." Primera allowed the conversation to idle there when the ruckus down below picked up in tempo. Relaxing a bit, she tips her head to the side to listen in on what is being proposed between the individuals at the table. This kind of drama is fascinating to her as it kept you on your toes, you don't know if someone is going to concede peacefully or if someone is going to end up getting shot in the end. Her council was not as lively as this one, and it made her wonder why. In the end, Milorian's proposal had her turning her blind gaze downwards. The body of government he had suggested was painfully close to what Renovatio has. It has always been that way back home; they were never given a reason to change the government, especially since none of the bodies on the council have done anything against the people. Well, there was that one time, but it was that one person some years ago and they had been acting mostly alone. Other than that small blemish, the sovereign and council have worked together seamlessly, giving her a somewhat privileged life. "I can praise such a system," she said, tapping her chin. "Though, Renovatio has never had a situation where a Grand Kommadant, Sovereign, or council member needed to be removed from power." Not until herself, that is. She understands her plans mean going against the very heart of what keeps her people functioning, and it will mar her name further, but the benefits outweigh the risk. "Well, things have certainly taken a turn." Her comment was on the gentleman leaving the council with all the flare and kindness of a gentleman. "What do you think of this meeting so far, Joseph?"
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    The North Wind

    On Far Away Shores (Open)

    Power and rage fueled her fighting spirit against these foes. She struggled to keep her sanity in this battle stupor, as instinct fought tooth and nail to grip her mind. She could hear little over the roar of flame and the ringing of her rage in her ears. But Blondes voice managed to reach her in the chaos. ”EVERYONE BACK ON THE SKIFFS!! NOC!! GET EVERYONE ELSE TO SAFETY AND MEET ME AT RECLAIMER!” Chaos that soon revealed itself as danger she attempted to start the transformation just before hearing the screaming TIE fighters enter the area. Their wail reminding her of the damage that manshapes could inflict upon each other. Flashbacks of burning plasma being thrown at her body the scars they left and how she eventually became nearly invulnerable to small plasma weapons through forced metamorphosis. Her transformation stopped midway between a draconic and a human shape. A flight capable armored tank but misshapen into a monstrous form. Her body cried out in pain as bones were caught midway through a shift. Agony pushed her forward with her wings maxing out their capabilities. Into the cover of buildings . Pained hissing as she fell from the skies. Her wings while powerful were nearly locked into a closed position. Barely able to propel her forward. She was slow enough now to be hit by the barrage of blaster fire. Black smoke and half formed scales went flying. The pain bringing her back into the moment. A fire blast loosed from her maw into the side of one of the many buildings blasting a set of double doors from their setting. She would retreat into the building to heal her wounds and drop the transformation. Into the center of the tower into the safety of solitude. The black scales melting from her body and bones realigned into shape. However she could feel the cracked ribs beneath her skin. She tried her best to heal the wounds but further attempts seemed fruitless. She would need to perform a full transformation to correct the damage. And this was no place. Hopefully someone would see her as she tried to move forward on foot. And hopefully soon. If it came down to a wounded fight or putting a potential target on her back to heal....she would choose the transformation.
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    You can call me Deus if it's easier. Malintzin is a name for a character I created off Val that I'll introduce. My friends started calling me Linty so now it feels weird not to be Malintzin or Linty. xD We will have all the time in the warudo to get some RPing in! Based on yours and Tyler's art ya'll are in good RP company as is! I'm seriously envious of anyone who can do any sort of digital art. @_@ I am so bad at it. Ya'll are awesome!
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    A curious individual Dredge was, arriving in a full set of armor, not even bothering to remove his helm, with the intent to casually relax on the beach while negotiating terms of this relationship between her people and his. It made her wonder why he hadn't come more comfortably. Did he expect her to appear ready to fight him? Was he prepared for an attack? Perhaps it was foolish for Akako to have arrived without that intention, but she was confident that he wasn't here to start a war. They were not so different, after all. Surely he knew this, could deduce that she and hers were also creatures that weren't well loved by the nations scattered across Valucre, that they too were prosecuted out of ignorance of what was different. There were, of course, radicals among yokai, those that believed they were the superior race and in turn made those of similar ilk appear to be the same. Dangerous and loathsome creatures that could not be trusted. Fear bred hatred, and it was something that Akako wanted to correct. Perhaps Dredge was of the same mindset. When he produced folding chairs and a bottle of wine and no glasses, Akako nearly scoffed in amazement, though while her mind reacted, she did not. The vixen remained with a glimmer of amusement in her eyes and that fox-like smile that barely titled her pretty red lips. She followed him silently, standing just out of reach and waiting as he set up. Even if Xartia were to be on his way now, the scene of the pair of rulers idly sitting would surely calm his frayed nerves. For this reason, the demoness decided to play along and move at his pace. While Dredge dropped into his chair and expressed his opinion of taking a position of leadership, one of Akako's nine tails lifted and wrapped around her waist, her hands unfolded from beneath the sleeves of her kimono, and she slid her slender digits over the soft fur before plucking a gold strand. Her tail returned to its place behind her, swaying lazily while Akako's gold eyes lowered to the golden strand in the palm of her hand. Her yoki unfurled, and she lowered her lips to the unassuming strand of gold before pursing her lips and blowing gently on it. The air warmed as her magic went to work, transforming the single strand of hair in her palm into a small white and gold saucer that appeared made of porcelain. "There is no such thing as perfection, certainly not leading people that may or may not be predictable. One thing is sure, the only consistency among all creatures is inconsistency." Moving to the seat at his side, the Yokai Queen lowered herself, sitting partially on her hips so she may face Dredge. Her kimono parted at her upper thighs allowing the sun to warm her milky skin. Her tails draped over the opposing armrest and her gaze averted to gaze at the ocean a moment, her eyes locating the dot on the horizon that was the ship that led the Forgotten Fleet. The silence between them was a comfortable one as they both likely considered the possible outcomes of this meeting. It could either be a catalyst for terrible hardship for her people and his, or perhaps the opposite. His voice broke her from her reverie, and her golden eyes turned to peer at him before lowering to the bottle of wine placed in the sand between them. Akako smiled before leaning down and plucking it from the sand to fill her little glass, watching as the deep burgundy liquid swirled before returning the bottle to its place. Bringing the saucer to her lips, Akako listened as Dredge spoke, her eyes returning to the horizon and watching as the sun continued to ascend into the sky lighting up her little corner of Genesaris. Dredge didn't phrase anything as a question or request. Like her, he assumed authority on the matter, and that amused her. Bringing the saucer back down to a neutral position, the woman at his side wet her lips as she allowed the wine's flavor to settle fully on her tongue. Akako looked back to the monster at her side, the murderer, the terrorist, and she considered him for a moment. Considered his plight for his people and the demands he placed before her. As silly as he had been a moment before, he certainly knew when to reign it in and be sober. He didn't appear to be a monster at that moment. Whatever his transgressions were in the past, they weren't mindless actions, not of a sociopath at least. There was motivation behind the things he did. He was waging war much as she would. Her gaze narrowed on him, inspecting him, and his worn armor that was in desperate need of repair. He also could do with a proper shower she realized, and Akako let out a soft puff of air. "Citizenship is something earned, not something This One can offer with my word alone. This One can provide land and work; however, all you are offering me is your word. This One will need more than that to reassure my people that you and your men will not lay waste to my city." Her lips turned down as she continued, her full attention on him. "This One is not blind to the horrors that have been committed by adventurers. Your war is one that is personal for me and mine. I do not condone needless bloodshed as it is a waste of valuable resources, but I do know the necessity of it." "Will yours respect orders This One provides? Will they follow me into battle even if you are not at the lead? How can I trust that you will be true to me and my cause?" Many were concerned about this. Xartia didn't trust that Dredge wasn't merely after the port and this was all a ruse. Akako could see the point, and it was the very reason she needed something to tell any that doubted the legitimacy of the alliance between Legion and Port Caelum. @Dredge
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    Tsukimi Ceremony

    As she spoke, Koji was reassured once again of his choice for Shogun to rule over the council of the New Union City. Young, beautiful, smart. this precious jewel courtesy of the Yanaihara proved itself more priceless with each passing day. He had no doubt that they'd continue to thrive, and he even anticipated that they would outgrow their paternal clan at that, The Kaminari. While the Clan leader of the Kaminari didn't seem concerned in the least, one might beg the question of if he felt superior to Koharu, or if he respected Koharu's rank as a Shogun of the Empire. Only time would tell, either way, Koji refused to meddle. He wished to see what sort of ambitions were held by each side, and just what they might be willing to do to obtain those ambitions. “Is that a satisfactory plan, my Lord?” "Indeed, almost as much as your self Lady Koharu." Shortly after his remark, it seemed that Kenshinobu was finally prepared to deliver his speech commemorating the public opening of the dojo. Already, the school had gained enough attention to draw the attention of two figure heads of greater importance than the cast of clan leaders; The Shogun of New Union City, and the Emperor of the Dynasty himself. "No animal is as frightening as the Wolf that can hide where a single reed is present. Today marks the day, that from hereon in the entire World will witness our might as Wolves of Jigoku. Not only, but our brotherhood and sisterhood under the father clan Datsuzoku. My people, I give you the most powerful warriors the land of this World has to offer in blessing as the Daiokami of the Okami clan. What has only began as seven of us, I have transcended numbers into the thousands in the influences of many that has stood against the Imperial Nation. My great Emperor, this is mostly out of dedication for you." "Pèrtè!" Even Kaori had grown to enjoy the students and instructors, as well as the actual display of their martial way. Her interest warmed him, for this meant she was about ready herself to participate in becoming educated in the arts herself. He did something most never got to see him do as she shouted his personal title and climb her way into his lap. He refused to assist her, as she had been coddled plenty in her short life. Now was the time to build strength! While most of those closest to the Emperor spoke to him in his preferred tongue, his native tongue, he allowed Kaori the same courtesy he afforded himself. To speak however she wished to. Renovatian, Genesaran, Common, Draconic, to him it mattered not. So long as she was happy. His draconic hand came to rest over her legs as she got comfy and sat up to watch the on goings with him. As Kenshi continued, the Emperor afforded the man his gaze once more, especially as he'd just been given the honor of Kenshi's shameless dedication. "You have given me light in the darkness of my past, a chance to restore my honor by your side. I was a lone Wolf without direction, a Tsujigiri in search of my own death. In building this School I found redemption...I have served this country diligently with my heart, soul, and sword and for that; I give the People the Wolves of Jigoku!" The crowds viewing both near and far erupted with applause, cheering and jeering with excitement over the announcement marking the obvious end of the concise, formal speech. "Ozu! Ozu!" Kaori called out. The Heika watched intently to see if or how the boy would respond. Perhaps little Kaori was enough to distract him from the negative emotions produced by his absent father, and an apparent hater among the students. From the escort mission to Port Caelum's Hanami festival, Koji had learned that Ozu seemed rather fond of Celine and opened up to her slowly but surely as the trip progressed. Was that enough to also hold interest in entertaining the woman's daughter with the Emperor? Still smiling, he looked to Kenshinobu with a nod of silent gratitude, the crowds still going wild until their hands grew tired and their throats horse from the all the shouting. Rising to his feet, Koji hoisted little Kaori up and sat her upon his shoulder before making his way out of the comfort of his seat and out to the presence of the Soke and those beneath him being honored today. As he walked, he kept a single hand touching the top of Kaori's legs to ensure she remained balanced.
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    Arun was always happy to run into a friend; though the look on her face suggested that she hadn't expected to run into him. Such was the nature of things however; and he had to remember that while Shikai might know her, to his current persona she was little more than a stranger. So with a wink, opened the files in front of him. Most interesting to him was CS-0053. as he too was able to raise the dead. He wondered if the man would be willing to compare notes. One-eighty-five was another dead person, albeit with a strange twist. One-seventy-3 was quite bizarre, but he had certainly seen stranger. He looked up from the files when a gregarious man with a growling coat walked in, and assured them that the creatures would not bite. In response, he seemed to work something in his mouth for a moment before smiling to reveal sharp teeth. "I do."
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    Hold Your Vines

    A bit of music always made the mood for Sinder just right however with the current location she was at she didn't have access to something more ominous like a pipe organ. With her guitar on her back and her shirt tied around her waist, she made her way to the gates she was supposed to be at. Whether she was late or early she'd find out soon enough. "How long have I even been walking?" The girl had walked for what seemed like days, weeks even, but she was determined to make it to the place she was supposed to be at. "Gotta go do this stuff, and that stuff and little bit of that too." As she heard the sounds of hooves from an animal she walked towards it, completely forgetting her current objective. Upon arriving at the location she saw the gates and a few other. 'I think I made it. That's good news I think.' She felt so out of place with her attire compared to the rest. She wore a red flannel shirt and some jeans she had from back home and that was all she could ever wear because she never had money to afford armor or even more clothes. It was always spent on a place to sleep and food and drink. With a quiet clear of her throat she slowly huddled into the group with a nervous look on her face. "Sorry I'm late. Got lost."
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    Well, well, well. Turns out his filthy language has proven to be useful in some scenarios. His mother can forgive him for the sudden slip. Valiantly ignoring the shoulder that had been grazed—’tis nothing but a mere scratch, some distant part of his mind quips—by the wayward spear, Iomhar adjusts his stance to better channel his powers. This time, unlike the first opportunity to strike, he is ready. “Now, take this, miscreants,” the tabaxi yells, calling upon the power of lightning once more to course through his veins, his arms, his paws. The air crackles and bites with the force of electricity arcing through the distance between himself and the cultists in front of him. This time, his attack hits home. The one wielding the spear jolts midstep and falls to the ground lifeless, weapon clattering over the rocks. Another cries out in pain, staggering onto his knees as he takes his final breath. The other two cultists tumble down, swept off their feet with great force. Iomhar can’t quite keep the smirk from his lips as he straightens himself, readying for another attack on his enemies.
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    Lilith watched as her comrades left the town meeting her demon sense of hearing feeling the sting of words from a less than happy @Twitterpated . She eyed him with a look that could melt permafrost but bit her tongue. However it was less than ladylike to bother herself with testosterone fueled ignorant thralls such as this. She instead would turn her attention to the queen who had yet to address the man at her side, Lilith could understand the kitsune's position however. To speak out against her (what Lilith assumed was an adviser) would give the impression of instability in the court. Something that no leader could afford, and yet to agree with them would certainly offend a possible ally or even worse create a new powerful enemy. That being said she was not here on their accord, but on her masters. Altre had given clear instructions to avoid confrontation at all costs. This was a commercial trip not some diplomatic mission. The air was tense as the seconds dragged on she could feel the burning of mana within the fire ruby that was inlaid in her ebony golden choker. Her master was listening, and something had struck a chord. All the better she had been sent, while her master was indeed a powerful mage he had little control of his temper. She was a better choice for this voyage in all senses of the idea and she knew this. She would focus her calming aura within her breast as to boost her cool and controlled demeanor to all that would be soon to see her. Waves of serenity washed over her like a blade quenched in oil her anger would be quelled to a non existence. She would accidentally begin to exude the aura outwards, she was not used to the influx of magical energy in the land of Genesaris. The soft invisible aura of tranquility would begin to infect those around her if they were not properly fortified against this, not that it was particularly harmful. Calmness wasnt really an affliction after all. @Djinn&Juice @Akako Akari @Infernal @Dredge@Akako Akari
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    Ira passed the time keeping Quinn alive by seizing the opportunity to tell her 10 years worth of stories. In between the puking, the pounding on her back to try and keep the breathing steady, and the incessant coughing, it had been a miserable night. Ira was exhausted as well, but Quinn was alive, and he was happy to have an old friend back. "So there we were. Dead bodies all around us, but we are officially hero's for once. The caravan of medicines, potions and elixirs made it to that backwoods town, and it only cost some twenty men guarding the caravan their lives, and probably double that number who attacked it. But we have bigger issues - we need to get paid, because we still need to make sure Olaf gets his money." Ira looked down at her as she kept coughing and writhing. He decided to continue on. "So the rest of us go into the mayors office who is supposedly is in charge of this entire operation, and we had been told he'd pay us afterwards. Keep in mind, after what we had been through, we expected to see gold coins stacked up for us from the floor to the ceiling. We get there, and he says, 'Thanks boys, I got ten gold coins for each of you!' Ira slammed his fist down on the stone bed, bad memories had never been easy for him to give up. "So naturally we damn near rioted. I was hoping to hire an entire company with the payout from just this mission, and this ass is offering 10 gold coins! The repairs to the equipment alone was 15 gold coins! We were told it would be a vast and immeasurable reward if we got that caravan there, and I obviously knew that was probably false, but I was still ready for a princely sum. But this mayor, he looks like he just offered us the chicken the laid the golden eggs itself. After the shouting calmed down a bit, this guy leans over, and whispers to us, 'Oh, and by the way boys, some of the medicine is for the local brothel, its a potent cure for any spreadable disease you can think of . And the Madame said that she was so grateful, anything you need is on the house, free of charge for the next 3 days.' Ira looked down at Quinn whose coughing finally seemed better. She wasn't vomiting anymore. She just looked tired and bruised. "Aidan and I were saddling up to ride back, when he turned to me and said, 'Look, I know you are big on paying your debts, and all that fancy equipment is scheduled to be paid back two days from now. Now, we can ride back, and make it to him on time, or we be 3 days late, and give him your ten coins, 5 of mine, and spend the rest on food and wine in town. If you were Olaf, what would you rather have, 10 or 15?' Ira looked down and saw Quinn twitching as she fell asleep. He tried to set her up so she was as comfortable as possible, and lied down next to her. He closed his eyes, and drifted off as well.
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    Stealth and Strength

    For three days and three nights, Ioreth had been absent from the little cabin nestled at the edge of town. While it centered around church business, her “trip” was less of an evangelical mission and more of a struggle against demons. Literal demons. The personal sort often fell quiet when surrounded by vengeful strigoi that had been stirred from their graves by the recent influx of supernatural activity out in the wilds. It had precisely been why she warned Mythandriel to stay within the boundaries of the forest set by Viscerex’s men and the other hunters. Viscerex could concern himself with their stores of wild game, as he seemed to insist upon doing, and Mythandriel could frolic, or whatever it was that she insisted upon doing, in woodlands that were considered secure. Mythandriel, however, did not typically heed her warnings. For instance, her concerns over Mythandriel’s budding relationship with Zanzarog went entirely ignored, if one were to judge by the rapid pace in which Myth placed her trust in the hands of someone that recently held a debate with a cow. Ioreth did not spend the first waking hours of the morning with pancakes and soft kisses. She stood over a warg’s fresh corpse, wearing the combination of a scowl and a grimace. Even with the immediate source of the dark magic interfering with Coth’s forests removed, something odd was causing the creatures of the forest to behave in an uncharacteristic manner. A warg would have ran at her with a pack, and would have shown more cunning than pure violent antagonism. Wiping the blade of her staff clean, Ioreth longed for three things: answers, a hot bath, and a day’s worth of uninterrupted sleep out of the light mail she wore beneath her traveling garb. As fate would have it, Ioreth’s journey home coincided with Mythandriel’s return. A collection of details overtook the drive for an emotional reaction—dried blood smeared across the bridge of Zanzarog’s nose, the set line of his jaw, Myth in his arms, her brow knitted, eyes weary, bandages, sweat. Ioreth swung down from her saddle and rested a hand upon the gray mare’s dappled neck. One thousand teeth cloaked in the form of one thousand words threatened to spill from her lips like acid, yet she held each bitter phrase back as she crossed the distance between them. Initial churning anger, encouraged by worry, settled for a look of icy steel. The only outward indication of Ioreth’s inner turmoil could be seen at her feet; one shadow mirrored herself, spine straight and chin angled, while another in the form of a beast shifted and flexed its talons. “Mythandriel, this is becoming a habit. What are you to do if no man is around to carry you home after you rush headfirst into danger? You wish to be a warrior? Try to learn a little discipline.” She tossed her braided hair over her shoulder and unclasped the chain she wore around her neck that held her key for the cabin’s door. After it was unlocked and open, she glanced dismissively at Zanzarog. “Bring her inside,” she said. “I expect to know the full truth of what happened, unless you managed to forget the details.”
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    Xartia was never an easy man to deal with. He was particularly noisy when it came to matters regarding Akako, and despite knowing her for several years, it still somehow escaped him that she was wild, untamable, and attempting to control her was futile. While it never came from a bad place, it irked the daiyokai regardless. It was for this reason that she had created a decoy of herself which stood at the docks presently. Meanwhile, the true vixen cloaked her yoki entirely, including her scent making it next to impossible to track her. The beacon of power that Xartia recognized was far enough away to buy her time before he could realize what she'd done. It was thrilling - like sneaking out past curfew. Though, he wasn't the only one she had to fool. It was better that no one knew what she was up to, so Aiyoku, her serpent familiar, was also at the dock waiting for an envoy that would never come. At the coast, the Lady of the Void stood in her more natural form. Unlike how adorned her hair had been at the Festival, Akako's long gold, and white tresses cascaded down her back in a curtain of silk that shimmered free of any jingling trinkets. However, she did wear another elegant kimono with layers of crimson beneath white embroidered with gold and black koi fish that trailed down to the sand hiding her dainty bare feet. The silk robes were secured more casually, hanging just off her shoulders, baring her collarbones. Around her waist was a black and gold obi and tucked into the obi dangled the red tassel of her fan. Her hands were tucked into the sleeves of her silk robes as she watched the horizon expectantly. It was hard to know what to expect. Akako had read the many reports of his countless number of crimes and most recently the siege on Last Chance. There were many that she knew who fought on the opposing side, individuals that she called allies, but they accepted her despite her many indiscretions. She was by every definition a "bad guy". Could they not accept him like they did her? Akako could empathize to their plight, and that was the reason why she ignored all warnings and did as she pleased. She always did as she wanted. Vulpine ears twitched as a cry broke the silence, and the vixen lifted her gaze to the sky. Lips painted red tilted up into a ghost of a smile before she stepped forward, closer to the cracking waves of the ocean. He was coming alone, just as they had agreed to and that pleased her immensely. If nothing else, this Lord of Darkness was true to his word. They landed, and Akako remained silent, watching, observing him and his mannerisms. There was no fear despite how she paled in size in comparison. She was a petite thing, barely over five feet tall and lithe. Even so, she seemed perfectly content, like the cat who ate the canary, or perhaps the fox that ate the hen. Her human residents would likely fear him; however, they feared her when she first showed her true form to them. They would adapt as they always did. Thousands of years taught her that no matter race, change was possible. It was this reason that she was inclined to meet with a fugitive. The demoness's brows rose towards her hairline, watching the interaction between master and beast. That wasn't in the report, this personality quirk that she had in no way anticipated. Fascinating. The vixen composed herself and schooled her expression back into a neutral one, undisturbed by the limb tossed like a bone to a dog. As the Wyvern flew off, Akako's gaze remained on him as he turned to face her and offer an introduction. "Akako Akari," she replied, her voice modulated and silvery. "This One has many names, more than I care to recite." The demoness allowed her lips to curl into a pleasant smile as she returned the greeting. Her nose twitched as she sniffed the air, taking in his scent and emotions so that one, she would recognize him even without seeing him; two, to get a read on how he possibly felt. While she sifted through the new sensory information, the daiyokai nodded. "Certainly. This One does abhor wasting time." @Dredge
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    Fierach's Art Showcase

    Vehicles and Airships for the Order of Force Majeure: Single/Dual Seat hover bike for Force Majeure Knights and veteran Custodes. Reverse engineered and designed from a Kadian courier craft, it is rugged, and handles well, with aesthetics tossed away in favor of performance. A typical airship, the Belisarius class frigate, base model. Fast, and well-armed, and carrying ample shielding. Designed to outgun what it can't outrun and outrun what it can't outgun. Very few of these around, as these ships tend to be commandeered by particular Knights as personal ships, and are thusly modified to suit their needs. An airship, the Imperator Bellum. Belisarius class frigates that are modified gain the Sinistrum designation. Arguably defacto flagship of the fleet, due to it being the personal vessel of Master Knight James Eredas. It features advanced shielding, a more powerful energy-based main gun, an experimental propulsion system for travel to different planes of existence, and an armored prow. Because nothing is typically more "James Eredas" then ramming an enemy airship so he can board it and punch it in person.
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    Csl's Art Box (2019)

    Both types of maps have a place!! The top down one is more scientific/good for navigation, but I love the hand drawn style of the first one!! It gives a good idea of the appearances of the lands.
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    A First Time For Everything (Open)

    When one thinks of dirty work, one might normally think of being murder-for-hire... except that in the case of one Alice Schrodinger, that wasn't the case most of the time. Or at least, not here in Valucre - where she once was sent to take down bosses of rival megacorps, politicians or basically anyone that Hinode wanted to disappear off the face of the earth, here much of her work turned out to be running errands for small-time criminals, or being paid to snoop around to uncover evidence of cheating spouses... generally small potatoes. The nature of the jobs she took meant two things - firstly, they don't pay well; and secondly, she can't be picky about the jobs she'd been offered. And that was what brought the cat girl from Casper to Ignatz; some folks had apparently been coveting Flame-Burst fruits for their ability to grant temporarily pyrokinetic abilities to whoever ingest the fruit, and Alice had been hired to smuggle a batch of the fruit out of town. Alice would try to maintain a low profile as she walked on by nonchalantly, a gunmetal-gray greatcoat covering much of her body and her face partially obscured by the coat's hood that had been pulled up to ensure her cat ears stay hidden, while carrying a large attache case with her containing the precious cargo. "Having some kind of transport out of this place would be helpful, nya," she thought. If she could slip onto a vehicle that's headed out of Ignatz, then she should be out of town in no time! And perhaps, what she was looking for might be right in front of her eyes - as she caught sight of an altercation outside the hospital; a young man with a mule-pulled cart, sporting an outfit that was clear that he wasn't a resident of Ignatz, with what appeared to be another man lying on the wagon. Maybe, the cat girl thought - she could play this to her advantage by helping out this young man, then he could hitch a ride out of Ignatz on his wagon. "Sounds like a plan," she remarked under her breath as she approached him. "Run into trouble, sir?" Alice asked as she approached the young man from behind giving him a tap on the shoulder. @Meraxa
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    He grinned, white teeth splitting a dark complexion. Did they send the letter to the right guy? Didn't matter. The amount of units being offered had been too large, and he was in need of too large sums of money. They'd have to settle with him. Ohhh this should be interesting. The worst part of these calls was the people a person got saddled with. The usual issues of strategy, leadership, and greed would present themselves eventually. Each had the power to destroy the efficiency of a group, but in those cases he was used to surviving the fallout. Swift was his name and he wore it well. His movement wasn't fast, but it flowed rather smoothly. Better than expected of a man with his large physique. He ignored the stares as he trudged through the dank and wet veil that was the air today. His hat was soaked, water streaming off the brim. On top of that, the trench coat was keeping the rain out, but wasn't so great for the humidity. That was fine. He wore it to keep the Haila out of sight, anyway. The way he was moving, it didn't take long for him to be approached by a few unhappy men. He paused, looking each of them in the eye. What he saw was concerning. "Hello, sirs. I'm hear for the party?" Swift paused. "You see, I got this invitation. Really ominous, talking about violence. Violence and money. My two favorite things." He was greeted with the sound of rain, and little to no movement. A moment passed before he had thought about pulling the black envelope, now folded and wrinkled, from his pocket it and presenting it to the weary men. Another moment later and he was in a room with...them. Three girls and a man. He eyed them cautiously, then scoffed at the ridiculously clean room. HIs boots were a muddy mess. Swift almost felt bad before remembering that this was the Foundation, and they could absolutely afford the stain. His new companions were quiet, so he took off his hat and supplied another smile. "My name is Swift. In the interest of saving time, should we introduce ourselves and specializations?" He hesitated, then sighed before undoing his coat. From the inner pockets there was squirming, then two distinct growls. "Like I said, my name is Swift. I am a beast tamer." The Haila escaped their confines as glowing masses. One took to the air and grew into the form of an eagle. That would be Inda, and she held her iridescent blue with pride. Aeco settled on the ground in the form of a strange hound-like creature as his crimson light shone brighter than his sister. Both quickly took off to roam around the room, but Swift made sure they stayed far from the others. "Don't worry," he said. "They won't bite."
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    The Vagrant Queen, flagship of The Forgotten Fleet. It’s massive size and frame appeared on the horizon in the waters outside of Port Caelum, and aboard it was the one and only Dredge. The Nightmare King and Dark Lord of Legion. He who had brought ruin and death to countless lives. But today wasn’t about ruin and destruction, quite the opposite really. Since the battle of Last Chance, Dredge had time to think while sailing the seas. It wasn’t brought on by losing a battle, Dredge had lost battles in the past. His thoughts were that of his people for once, not the selfishness and desire to conquer, not the need to bend the dark races of the world to his service and throw their lives away as if they were nothing. For this first time in forever, he found himself giving a damn about the goblins, trolls, and orcs he took in. He cared for their well-being and today would prove it. Living out at sea was not sustainable for them. They needed land, resources, and the ability to live peacefully. Or at least as relatively peacefully as a nation of monsters and beasts could. From the beach anyone staring could see the blackened leathery wings of a massive beast open up. Letting loose a deep and sharp ear piercing scream, the monster took flight and made its way to the sands outside the port. Riding atop a truly gargantuan bull wyvern was the dark overlord, he had finally arrived to get the measure of Akako. His emissaries had given their reports of the woman, his walk about her town during the festival gave him some insight on the woman and how she ruled, now it was time to see if all of what he heard lived up to the real deal. Quickly locating where the lone Queen of Port Caelum stood, the Wyvern made haste to approach. Another ear piercing shriek filled the skies above and descending from the air the wyvern bared its gleaming rows of fangs at the Queen. Lowering it’s long head and neck, the beast went silent as the loud thump of metal hitting sand sounded off at his side. Standing there in all his unholy glory was Dredge. Blackened war torn armor covered his body from head to toe. At his back was a jagged blade formed of bone from what one could only imagine to be a true horror. With every step the man took power and darkness radiated off of him in spades, a true dark lord to command the forces of evil. But what caused chills to roll down the spines of men were his eyes, two burning red points that shined brightly through a Stygian abyss of blackness that shrouded all other features of his face that the faceplate did not. Those eyes reduced even the bravest of men to nothing. So what would the dark lord do now that he was face to face with the true Queen of Yokai? Simple. He turned around, looked to his wyvern and spoke. ”Whose a good boy, Jeremy?!Whose a good boy?! You’re a good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!” lovingly petting the wyvern, the beast returned the favor by nuzzling into his master and extending its slimy disgusting tongue to lick the helmet of his blackened armor. ”You want a treat?! Yeah you do!” letting down one of the large leather sacks attached to the wyvern, Dredge reached in and pulled from it the entire severed leg of a goblin who most likely died in an industrial accident. Taking the limb and throwing it into the air the wyvern flew up and caught it in its mouth only to devour it whole. From there the Wyvern would fly back to the ship and remain until the meeting was over. Turning to face Akako, Dredge smiled a wicked toothy grin beneath his helmet before his next move. Which was of course this. ”Hey, I’m Dredge. It’s so nice to meet you. My people call me the Nightmare King, Lord of Fire and Ash, Slayer of Men, and Dark Lord of Legion. But you can just call me Dredge. Easier that way.” Dredge said in a very casual and friendly tone. ”So let’s get these negotiations started! Again super nice to meet you.” With the snap of his fingers the man transitioned into full on finger guns before giving a slight bow at the waist and moved to rustle through the leather sack he dropped from the wyvern. @Akako Akari
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    The Doctor iS in

    1. Eat Mans' throat. 2. Say "Bye Felicia" and leave. 3. Go Fuck up the raiders. 4. Negotiate terms in order to ascertain relevant information about the physical security of the building. 5. Try to kill everyone. 6. Sit around and do nothing while everything goes to shit. (Future dice roll, while I wait on Amenities reply, subject to change based on how he responds.)
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    Priscilla smiled, and laughed a little. Their little group was feeling more and more like a group of close friends with each little encounter! Among the smokey scent of the fire close by, the sizzling meat, and the pleasant chatter of the little kobolds milling around the fire, things were getting a bit cozy on the side of the road. She sat back down, next to Torie. She nodded. "He's a talented kid." She acknowledged. "I sort of wish I could do half of the stuff he could. Climbing up and off of stuff, disappearing in a puff of smoke." Being willing to walk into danger at a moment's notice, pursuing what he pleased. She added privately. There was enough meat for everyone, really, so of course Priscilla found herself with a plate. She sat quietly, eating quickly, listening to the chatter of the kobolds nearby. They were pretty animate, once the work was done. They all talked among themselves quickly, in a rapid, snapping language she couldn't really understand. They appeared to be in good spirits, however. Shank, however, was rather silent about the whole ordeal. He sat and ate his own food, once everyone else had a plate, and even then made sure he had less than the rest of them, saving a gracious amount, lest Torie demand more.
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    @Akako Akari Dredge was happy to hear that Queen Akako understood his methods as bloody and destructive as they were. When he first arrived on this strange world after being thrown into an inter-dimensional portal and being ripped from his galactic nation. The plan was simply to return home, get some revenge, glass a few planets, and genocide a few species. But he didn’t feel that way anymore, being here on this planet caused a deep and fundamental change to the very core of his being. For him evil used to just be burning, killing, and unbridled destruction for the fun of it. Spending time with the downtrodden and monsters of this world and helping them to organize and rise to power to take revenge. It made him not want to go home, that maybe perhaps this world could be such a place. But he was getting ahead of himself. There was still much work to do, and starting with that were these negotiations. With a wave of his hand and another deep and soft chuckle, more wine from the bottle cantrip’d up and into the dark abyss of his helmet where he presumably drank it. After an audible gulp of wine, Dredge crossed one leg over the other and put his hands behind his head in a relaxed position. ”If I wanted to burn your town to the ground. One. We wouldn’t be having this conversation. And two, if I truly wanted to lay waste to this place the best option would of been to attack during the night of the festival. Sure there would be increased security, but with the amount of people packing the streets, guards who are probably drunk as well. All I would of needed to do was firebomb the place from the sea with my fleet, send in the wyverns and raiders to pillage and kill. The amount of chaos and panic would of made mounting any kind of meaningful defense impossible.” It was true, if Dredge truly wanted to destroy everything this woman had worked for. It wouldn’t of been difficult at all. ”But I understand your apprehension and skepticism to not trust us. Hell, I wouldn’t trust me either in your position. So here’s what I’m going to do. I will give to you a colony’s worth of three thousand civilians with zero military men for you to establish within any part of your growing nation. I will of course leave a capable lieutenant of mine there to lead them as they will most likely not follow anyone you appoint to do so. Your people can guard them and provide security, and should I betray you or fail you. You have what I care for most, my people.” Dredge was essentially giving Akako hostages. The man was serious about this deal and he was willing to pay it forward in order to make the woman comfortable with it. ”I am also willing to donate half of my treasury to your nation. In return since citizenship shall not be granted immediately, my people will be given the status of lawful residency and will be shown the same amount of respect when it comes to their need and potential welfare. They will never again be treated like second class citizens or sport for governments and adventurers to hunt and kill. Furthermore not only will we be allowed to build our own settlement, any wild monstrous people found in the wilds of your new nation are not to be killed without absolute necessity and authorization of lethal force. Legion will send it’s diplomats to bring them into the fold of your nation. So to answer your question.” Dredge paused and turned his head to Akako. His arms came back down to his side and one glowing red eye shined at the woman from beneath the helmet. ”Yes. I will respect your orders and come to your aid so long as it does not cause me to choose between you and my people. Because it’s them every time. When it comes to battle though, I will exclusively lead my forces. They would never listen to anyone whose not me or someone I’ve deputized. I’ll stick to whatever it is your battle plan might be, but you know how battles go and the chaos within.” Dredge made sure that he kept his bases covered. The dark lord much rather preferred if this worked out for the best. His demands were reasonable and what he was willing to sacrifice was more than fair.
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    Better Than Gore

    Stealth and Strength

    Zanzarog chose to ignore Mythandriel for the most part; she certainly could have walked, but at what cost? Had she fallen there was a risk of injuring herself further and that was the last thing he wanted to happen. Upon reaching the halfway mark between Dale Thimmick’s farm and Ioreth’s humble abode, Mythandriel spoke of having to tend to Dorian and her garden, which raised an eyebrow. “Dorian and I are well acquainted, I’ll make sure she doesn’t starve, and your garden can wait.” His tone was stern, Zanzarog would see to it that she rested, whether she liked it or not. “We’ll have to change your bandages before you turn in for the night.” He added, his gaze drifted onto her to gauge a reaction. “Oh boy,” Zanzarog mumbled under his breath, had Mythandriel been paying attention, she too would have spotted Ioreth’s approach. She closed what distance they had between one another in a matter of seconds, giving the Orc little to no time to react. He managed to keep his mouth shut while Ioreth lectured Myth, it wasn’t his place to interject. But then he was the target of her condescending tone, which didn’t sit well with him. Had she forgot who and what she had been talking to? Talking down to an Orc wasn’t the brightest idea---it took every fiber of his being not to retort, at least not in a way Mythandriel could understand. “Watch that vile tongue of yours, Elf. Lest I remove it.” His nostrils flared and his brow furrowed. Ioreth was upset, sure. But did that give her a reason to insult him? Perhaps. Ioreth probably wouldn’t have taken his comment too kindly if she understood it, to be perfectly honest, he didn’t care how she took it. She insulted him and he responded the only way he knew how, did she expect him to bow down? Carrying Mythandriel inside, he would carefully lay her down atop her cot and tuck her in snug. “We were ambushed by a grizzly. Mythandriel caught the brunt of it, as you can see. Dale treated and sealed her wounds. You can be disappointed, that’s fine. But you would be mourning had I not been there. Your squabble isn’t with me, Ioreth. Despite how you may feel about Mythandriel and I’s relationship, I would never do anything to harm her, what occurred in that forest is something you have probably experienced firsthand. The wildlife here is acting maliciously, which is unusual. I’m starting to wonder if my village’s destruction was just the beginning of things to come.” His tone had changed for the better it seemed, but he assumed that Ioreth didn’t care what explanation he had, especially after what he had said prior. Zanzarog had prepared himself for the worst, but if it did come down to that, he wouldn’t back down. @KittyvonCupcake @Witches Brew
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    I suppose that I should mention that in a few week's time, I'll be DMing some 4th Edition with some friends. If you've wondered why my posting times have deteriorated, that's why! I'll try my hest to keep my posting more regular, as best as I can, but a lot of my focus has shifted away from Valucre temporarily. Hopefully, I'll return in full force later!
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    Valucre music thread

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    Legacy of the Void

    Undir nodded at the conclusion of Connor’s statements. “I’ll spend the night at the inn,” he said, trying to sound formal, “I’ll see you all at noon tomorrow.” He left the room quickly (perhaps a little too quickly) and sought out the inn Connor had mentioned. Connor had indicated multiple times that there was something wrong about Lirrey, though it seemed that the village was relatively normal. Come to think of it, the degree of normality that pervaded the village was rather unsettling. Such things might be considered quaint outside of Yh’mi, but given that they were surrounded by barren, monster-infested wasteland, Lirrey was decidedly out of place. It was probably best not to dwell on such thoughts, Undir supposed—after all, Lirrey provided safety and relative comfort, luxuries he wouldn’t have access to once the expedition really began. The inn wasn’t hard to find, as it was one of the largest buildings in town and the townspeople were happy to help. There was absolutely nothing remarkable about the inn’s interior. After getting a room from the innkeep, he proceeded upstairs to an entirely average bedroom. Finding himself suddenly tired, he went to sleep in an orthodox, generic bed. Undir dreamt of Lirrey.
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    “...You don’t know the value you have, not just in the small things like politics, but in the grander scheme of things as well.” Gabriela regarded him again with that same weighted and thoughtful expression. Once more, there was that edge of study behind her sharp expression. Her thoughts, though private and unreadable, seemed to play across her face in a breathtaking display of consideration. It was truly a wonder to see this woman think, to watch her reason, and in turn, examine the subtle changes in her countenance as she weighed his words. Finally she released him from her arresting gaze and turned her sights toward that wall of death. Skull by skull, and bone by bone, she took in the macabre sight of this display of death and the worship made unto it. “I’ve been hearing that all of my life, but this is the first time I believe it. Maybe I am finally ready. Maybe I just want to believe it.” Her small shoulders shrugged. “I am yours, Your Grace. As both mentor and servant, I will do all that I can to ensure the prosperity of both our houses, this I swear to you.” “Get your affairs in order, Jericho. Ensure your house is settled and under your control -- fully. When you are ready, present yourself in the capital and we will get started. I must return, I cannot be long away from my son.”
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    You can envy Tyler. He put the work in and actually went to college. I just doodled a lot in math class. Did so much I started getting proficient with it.? ... I hate math.
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    The Mistress nodded. "Very well. I am glad you accepted my selfish reasons." Chuckling, the woman moved back a bit as if keeping a safe distance away from the Fire King. "I'm going to start the search. No need to be alarmed. It doesn't hurt but can be quite flashy." Power blossomed within her, rising higher and higher. Like a newly burst dam, the pent-up energy burst out of her. It was a brilliant wave of light which spread outward on all directions and briefly swallowing the buildings and streets in its radiance. All she needed was a few seconds. Her search wave would soom pick up traces of supernatural signature which are similar to Baeoi. Just a tiny sense of familiarity would be enough. "Found it," the Mistress spoke after a while. She snapped with her dainty hands and a small magical wisp of light appeared before her. "Let us follow the wisp. It will lead us to our destination." With that, the wisp took the lead, it's tiny sparkly body sending trails of glittering motes of light on its wake.
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    The Moon Bog [Artifact]

    Linda looked away. Somehow, is so inquisitive today. Any more and she might out Erin's life in danger. "Yes," Linda replied, "A mercenary group. But that was long gone now. Once I took over, I made sure of its dissolution. Now it's more of a whisper or a gossip than an actual threat." She sighed at that. The split happened not because of the government's threats but because Linda wanted to free her friends from the chains of the Blackhead's curse. The same reason she took over the position to let her mother finally rest in peace and her younger sister to not carry the burden. It was never meant to be her, but she took it anyway. Was it worth it? "It was worth it.," she spoke with a bitter chuckle, "The change was made because the head must always be a woman. Part of its duty is to bear the next successor and only those of direct blood can become heirs." "Nowadays, I just don't mind it."
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    Akako Akari

    Zephyr | Port Caelum

    Akako snorted and rolled her eyes at his obvious statement. "It would take lifetimes to tell you everything about me." She understood his reputation better now than she had when they first met, but the demoness knew that there was much more about Xartia that was still undiscovered. Akako wondered if she would still hold the affection she did for him upon learning more; instead, the kitsune wondered if she was capable of loving anyone for more than a blink in her lifetime. It was the most extended conversation the pair had ever shared without Akako growing furious with the Cambion over something foolish that he said or did. Time lost meaning as they shared little pieces of themselves, little anecdotes that built their histories. They likely could have continued their conversation late into the evening or early hours of the following morning; however, Akako had plenty that she needed to do to reacclimate herself to the port city. At the door, Akako allowed him to pull her into an embrace, and she returned the gesture despite the unease it caused in her. The vixen pulled away and forced her lips to upturn into a smile as she nodded in response, never speaking the word goodbye. Then she watched him go before disappearing back into her office, determined to read every report in full from her time away. @Twitterpated [END]
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    Hantei | Judgement

    Suddenly, they stopped. Koji's preternatural senses tipped him off that something was amiss, that Kimiko had fallen into a patch of gravity; Unless she'd lunged or thrown herself upon the Empress intentionally which was wildly unlikely. He was in fact fast enough to have stopped the even from happening as it just had, though accidents were the best of teachers. Katiya's emotional endurance, and sympathy for the blind woman was endearing to a point. Though he couldn't help but think how Kimi herself would have reacted in this situation. In comparison she was much more severe, strict. A quality acquired from her mother. While he is a rather healthy fan of chaos, he could appreciate the less human touch to it that much more. That and he was thankful of how tolerant Katiya was being of Kimiko. Not only did she help her up, but she even gave her even the slightest of affection. She touched her more at this point than Koji has managed to. "Truly uncanny, as if you were a sculpted piece of artwork." He made no verbal remark, though his mind continued to scrutinize Kimiko. He couldn't disagree that she heavily resembled Kimi. However, there were still a few major differences that kept him from being as impressed as Katiya seemed. With the arrival of a hand maiden, Kimiko was passed off to be escorted. Assistance hadn't crossed his mind simply because she'd managed to find her way to them all by herself. Walking from one building to the next shouldn't be so difficult, right? Likewise, he was less human than he appeared. Coddling never made the weak strong. In finding a weakness through blinding, Kimiko had to find the strengths necessary to compensate. Something only she could manage to do on her own. Still, perhaps a mentor could be beneficial. He'd have to talk to Kenshinobu about coaching her into being more aware without being able to see. Continuing their walk, Katiya finally answered his question. "I would have to agree, an old wives tale I read about suggested the way a woman's stomach is shaped. Either way, I can only assume the child will have a fighting spirit like it's mother." "He will be a monster like his father as well. She looks pretty human because of her magics and modifications, though Noi is still Nelrosis at the core. I'm eager to see how her cursed lineage mixes with my Demonic and Draconic respectively. She's nowhere near showing yet, though we suspect that Celine is next to have a son after Noi. It has been foreseen, and she is in the early stages of her second pregnancy already. They already worry over things like names, though I'm certain I'll know what to call them when I see them. Just like I've done with Kaori, and the Prince Akui."
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    Hanami - Flower Festival | Paradox

    A growl, snicker hybrid escaped him in response to his Empress' remark delivered in his native tongue. A smirk claiming his face. In that same instance of the slip of his mask, it seemed that a pair that was rather persistent remained more or less in their path. Taking good notice, one looked familiar. Rafael himself. He hadn't laid eyes on the man since the day he saw him in Kadia, when Celine had once told Koji that Rafael was a great friend to have, and perhaps one's worst enemy. While there was more he didn't know, he knew enough about the Elder to know that he was a man of desires and personal gain. Things he afforded those he chose to include. Perhaps that is the legacy of being a Purebred in a man's society, just as Akako, Rafael had lost sight of his ways. Instead he too was a a proprietor of the grey evils of man. Then again, what did he really know? For the briefest of moments, Koji's indigo optics aligned with Rafael's blue ones. That smirk on his face persisting, and his lazy, half lidded eyes becoming more sharp about the edges as if he were suddenly alert. Placing his closed draconic fist and pressing the knuckles into the opposing (left) palm, Koji afforded the man a slight bow in passing. Soon the festivities would commence, and with that in mind the Heika saw it within great reason to seek refreshments prior to the grand entertainment to come. He was just about to ask the others if they desired anything, even knowing well how sensitive Katiya's pallet was. Before they could however, the familiar presence of Ydris was appraoching, and with an unfamiliar at that. He wasn't sure it they were passing by one another or if Ydris was in fact seeking him out until he'd managed to reach the party once more. With the low bow he was afforded, Koji returned with a slight bow of his own, though certainly nowhere near as low as the one he received. "Lord Koji. There is someone I believe you'd be interested to meet." "It's always nice to make new acquaintances." He stated rather plainly, his face having defaulted to his mask by now; A blank canvas with a half lidded, uninterested gaze. This should not reflect on his words, though Alfonso would have to learn that on his own. Still, his indigo eyes settled on Alfonso's. If they were paying attention, they might have noticed his reptilian slits for pupils thinning to the likeness of a single strand of hair before a blink occurred with the nictitating membrane, his third eyelid. @King @The Hummingbird @dvsn @Aleksei @Etched In Stone @Dreamer @danzilla3 @Chappu @Garion
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    Misral on Fire

    The next moments are a blur of explosions and the breaking of the world under her feet, and it is all Shirin can do to remain calm in the center of the storm she had taken part of to brew. She forces herself to hold the man’s electric-blue gaze as steadily as she can. Do you see it now? Gentle laughter like the tinkling trickle of water over smoothened pebbles washes over her as she stands in the aftermath, a soothing balm after witnessing such destruction up so close. The fear rises again, not quite like a thunderous roar but rather a slow-creeping chill, but then the Oathblade comes and speaks— You need not be afraid ever again. —straight to the heart of the matter, as it were. With that, she allows herself to return the other Oathsworn’s words of encouragement with a firm nod of gratitude. With the disappearance of the stranger clothed in Kholin’s bearing who had wielded lightning, Shirin is left wordlessly gazing upon the rock he had sent tumbling at her feet; she picks it up and tucks it away within the depths of her cloak. She turns away from the silent corpse of the volcano’s spirit, leaves to take her place at her brother’s side without nary a sound in the wind to punctuate her departure. —exit right.
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    Winds of Plague.

    As soon as the Captain called out, he got a response... though possibly not the one he was expecting. "BOOF!!! BOOWOOOWOOOWOOWOOWOOF!!!" As if being answered with booming barks wasn't surreal enough, the sound was emanating from within the offending tree! And just over the din, an actual voice. "Gods, Korben! You could wake the dead!!" The barking continued for a moment after the exclamation, then suddenly cut off with a plaintive whine before the voice came again. "No speak." Inside the tree, Vice had clapped his hands around the giant mutt's muzzle in reproach of his racket. The pup was giving him his shiniest sad-puppy-eyes for the reprimand, but was quiet now. With a sigh, the elf pulled on his traveling cloak again, though he left the hood off. He had expected they would have visitors... but perhaps not quite this soon. He'd hoped to at least get a nap in first... So he was a bit surly as he trudged up the stairs, and pushed open the door to be greeted by the sight of armed guardsmen, pointing their swords at him. Though, rather than surprise or alarm, his expression showed only vague irritation. "...yes?" Admittedly, his nonchalance was likely undermined slightly by the huge dog behind him, which was doing a little toe-tappy dance upon seeing new faces. Though the mutt didn't try to push past his master - he was at least well enough trained for that. @Better Than Gore
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    silver seas; the rise of vanora

    Despite his consistent performance as Hildebrand’s bursar and external emissary with a trophy room of successes to show for it, the feeling of satisfied triumph never fails to bloom within his chest upon seeing his work acknowledged. It hadn’t really taken much to wordlessly persuade the other noble into this transaction, and he plans to take full advantage of this opportunity. “I would be willing to name any generous amount that would suit your wishes on this subject. However, rather than having the compensation be made up entirely of a monetary sum, I suggest we use more flexible means of trade.” Jasper hums, rubbing his chin as he thinks on the matter at hand. “I suggest an ample portion of goods and raw materials to be periodically delivered to Senaria from this new city, with the establishment of farms and fisheries dedicated to provide for not only its citizens but for those across the face of the island. We believe we can encourage economic growth here, which could uplift the Thracian ways of living more effectively than any sum of money.” He drums his fingers against the desk to punctuate his point. “What do you think?”
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    Hold Your Vines

    Minutes Later... The clop of horse shoes could be heard approaching just as one or two Shadow Guard began to converge upon the gates, and with them came the volunteers in tow. The group that had gathered thus far was already beginning to look a bit... motley, to say the least, something that hadn't gone unnoticed by the two men on mounted approach. One of these men was obviously a Paladin of the Order here in Inns'th, Daggot Albus, now covered head to toe in what might have been gleaming armor once, save for his helm which hung at his side. Now the ornate plating had become dull and scuffed from a number of battles, and the once pristine white cloak adorning his frame ragged and dirtied. His sword hung at his side, while his shield hung secure on his horse. Despite the worn appearance of his equipment, it was apparent that the Paladin took pride in his appearance by his well groomed visage, right down to the neatly trimmed mustache anointing his smile lines. To his left was a man of an obviously different stride judging from appearance alone. While the Paladin clad himself in the traditional vestments of his Order and thus possessed an air of some nobility, this man seemed to be enraptured in a dismal cloud of foreboding. Gaunt and grave in disposition, it seemed he hadn't shaved in some days based on the shadow of a beard beginning to grow on his face. He wore a coifed chainmail shirt with sparse plating for protection, along with a simple buckler. A small cape was affixed underneath his right pauldron, bearing faded remnants of an unknown symbol. A mace hung from his waste, and a well-used halberd was strapped to his horse. While his armor was no more dingy than the Paladin he rode with, his melancholy countenance seemed to draw attention to these features, making him seem a ragged and loathsome figure at first glance. And yet a dangerous aspect seemed to linger about his personage as well, made more apparent by the dead look in his eyes, akin to a starved animal now unafraid of men. The Shadow Guard that had accompanied these two men as far as the Chapel doors before rushing ahead had already found her way to the gate and her commander. With a quick bow the Shadow Guard delivered the special gloves, courtesy of the Order of the White Hand, to her commander, the red haired Aligorian they called Umbra. However, the Aligorians weren't alone at the gate now, as a couple of volunteers has already set about introducing themselves. Malus looked over the faces gathered, "Well this looks like a joyous bunch. Outside of the Aligorians, I might say they're not exactly what I would have expected, but since when does Inns'th ever attract normal?" "You're no exception to that rule Malus." Daggot whispered back as they finally came upon the group. Looking about at all the faces which had gathered there, Daggot gave a warm smile, "Salutations. My name is Daggot Albus, Paladin of the White Hand. My companion goes by Sir Malus Galfaux, though I'm sure he'd prefer Malus. We've come by request of the Order to assist all of your... uh..." Daggot hesitated for a moment as he glimpsed and lingered upon the strange man that had yet to name himself. "All of your efforts," Malus finished, the interruption pulling Daggot's attention from the stranger as the Knight Errant he accompanied spoke, "Or rather I am, on behalf of the Order's well wishes, or something vaguely along those lines. But the Paladin is just playing chaperone today I'm afraid." The Paladin puffed in annoyance at Malus' comment as the both of them dismounted, the former wincing and stumbling a bit as he came to the ground.
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    “Everyone makes assumptions? No one’s ever just flat out asked me. I don’t like it.” “Assumptions are made for a reason, Gabriela. Your behavior is oddly repetitious.” “It all comes down to a serious lack of me underestimating situations. When I first met the devil, when I first crossed paths with my cousin again, when I first met up with the Warlord that took your life… I thought myself capable, absolutely and completely capable, of handling the situation. I had no idea, just— absolutely no idea how in over my head I was. From there it was just a snowball effect. They took more power, more control over things I loved, and I loved a great many things and people.” Kalicity raised her left brow. While some memories have been lost, others had been restored by chance encounters. “Did you, Gabriela?” Blush colored lips pursed together in irritation as the Dark Goddess pulled away from the Black Queen and moved towards the opposite side of the sarcophagus. The flats of her palms landed firmly onto the hard, cold stone and the tips of her fingers dug deep into the smooth surface. With her grip one could hear the subtle cracks of the stone being broken beneath her touch as she took a breath, closing her eyes while attempting to recompose herself. “It was not that you underestimated yourself, you failed to acknowledge the warnings that were given to you by those who loved you and wanted to protect you.” Standing up, hands slid off the stone leaving crumbles and dust in its wake, her orbs pierced through the darkness as she stared down her daughter. “I’m very confident that I warned you about Malice, and you chose not to listen. He made me who I was, why would you doubt me then? “And you could have the power to smite these men if you chose to do so. All you had to do was ask but you chose not. You seem to have forgotten your siblings, potential allies that you have clearly written off. You are the reason you are in this predicament. You continue to choose this life for yourself.” Pausing for a moment, Kalicity listened to her closing statement. “If you think that Raphael will grant you power in this so called game, you are fooling yourself. You are a marionette and he has hold of the strings.” Did Kalicity approve of this behavior? In truth, she was indifferent. If this and her previous life had taught her anything, it was that she could not force anyone to do anything unless it was from brute force and horror. Kalicity Darkbane lived for that kind of life; the very thought that nations could be brought to their knees by the swing of her sword, and enemies would tremble with fright at the sound of her name. Cities would evacuate if they knew she was coming, simply because they did not want to face her battle. To wield and maintain that type of power must have been liberating. But she could not live up to a legend and had little desire to rewrite an already flawless story, for she chose to be a different type of fairytale. If Gabriela wanted her mother’s approval.. all she had to do.. Was ask.
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    The Neverending Challenge

    Fast. That was James's first impression of Michael's projection. His second impression was that even so, it just wasn't fast enough. Though he was caught out having just transferred his spear to his right hand for throwing, the Daemonslayer did not miss a beat, instead lashing out with his left hand with a fierce straight into the center mass of the oncoming projection. His would strike first, for it was not only the direct path, through the arms attempting to throw themselves around him, but he had a subtle extra advantage of reach. For as his punch neared the apex, a surge of energy rolled off his fist, manifesting as a brilliant short-ranged detonation of crimson flame, a powerful double-strike rolled into one blow. Had it been Michael himself there, he might have been sent flying. The projection would not fare any better, although it stopped him from throwing his spear. It seemed Michael was using his ample ranged abilities to try and mark and constrict James’s movement. "Not interested in the disabled. I apologize, if that’s all whom your charms work on" Ruthlessness took many forms, it was not just savagery or merciless in combat. Until the Peacekeeper got into close combat with James, the Daemonslayer would have to content himself with some verbal shredding instead. The air seemed to grow leaden, and his very presence in the world seemed to swell, evidence that he was welling forth more power for the fight. If the projection had not been shattered by his counter-strike, but knocked down, he'd make to lunge and destroy it with a stomp to the head. If not, James would simply advance again at speed, his spear at his side.
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    A Friend in The Ouread

    "Let's not give it to 'em all at once. I don't want them to know just how much product we can move or they may start getting ideas of killing the goose to get to its eggs. I ain't got no problem laying a fat old woman flat on her back sans a coupla teeth . . . but I want to save my punches for when they count the most. I'm thinking we buy us a little middle-man to serve Mamma's gang in discrete units, so they keep a steady supply but always wanting for more. We give 'em a little off the top. Sure it cuts into our margins a little but our time's worth more than babysitting." Although he felt he had made a strong case, Caden looked Vito straight in the divots in his masked which passed for eyes; he wanted to show the man in no uncertain terms that he considered their partnership sacrosanct, and had no intention of making moves without Vito's blessing. # # # Caden pressed his body firmly against the curve of Floki's scaled spine. Part of it was for aerodynamics, creating as small of a drag on Floki's glide as possible. Another part of it was, admittedly, base animal instinct; a reflexive response to the fact that he was moving through the air without wings of his own. He had come to appreciate Floki's man-sized intellect. He knew the creature capable of understanding and executing on complex instructions. But he lacked Vito's connection with the mount. His own communications with Floki were decidedly unilateral and unavoidably ambiguous. The most he could hope for was a binary yes/no, and half the time Caden felt that Floki was teasing him. Nonetheless he trusted the mount when it clucked in the agreed upon fashion, signaling that their target was just beneath them. It was a small convoy of trucks, numbering less than half a dozen, and a smaller number still had what Caden prized. He had managed to wheedle the trade route and the specific trucks for a considerable amount of their gangs' return-on-investment in Norkotia. But Caden had promised the op would pay them back four times over. The rat was very likely going to be dead within weeks. The Dead were efficient about that sort of thing. But Caden knew weaknesses of the mind, and used a combination of confirmation bias and regret aversion to convince the rat to think in short-term reward rather than long-term punishment. And so here he was – dropped from hundreds of meters in the sky, curled into a ball with his knees out so that his body made a point, and covered in a metallic shell. He was on track to punch a man-sized hole clean through the target truck's engine block, stopping it dead in its tracks. In the confusion Floki was to cloud the immediate area in a venomous cloud to bolster Caden's chances of a clean escape.
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    Witches Brew

    Drown With Me.

    "Okay, okay okay okay okay." Myth whispered, and she placed her elbow on his opposite shoulder. and she grabbed the back of his head. She then wrapped her other arm around his neck, and grabbed her bicep. She didn't squeeze yet though. She didn't want to hurt him, but she had to learn how to do this correctly. "Okay, I'm going to apply pressure now, and I just want you to know it's not because I'm angry or anything, I just love you very very much, and I'm only trying to do what you told me too." She said, and she took in a deep breath, and she hesitated again. "I really don't want to hurt you." She said, and she took her arms from around his neck, and instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck to hug him. She nuzzled his cheek, and hugged him tightly. "I can't do this, I don't want to hurt you." She said softly, whining. "I just love you so much."
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    Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia OOC

    Working on my reply!
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    “Oh!” Coco squeaked, as he was pulled into the tempest. He strolled into the meeting hall with a hint of hesitation, while several men were escorted out by the man called Gustav. What a nice name. Coco saw several familiar faces, the now ex-members of the board passed by him. He thought to offer candy but truly they needed ice, for the fiery exchange had left them burnt. Unfortunately, Coco didn’t have ice, but surely a dose of bliss could help, he mused. His thoughts trailed off, as he now stood amongst an audience. The meeting room held several new faces, and several old ones. “Good evening” He chimed at the strangers and as his eyes met Liz, he offered her a quiet smile. His gait was lazy, and he took his sweet time to settle himself down next to his old friend. Coco inhaled deeply, looking around. His hands ran through his hair as he placed the file on the table. “I’m Dr Coco, and I handle innovation and research.” He offered to the new faces, “though I tend to stay away from places like these,” Coco waved his hands at the surroundings, “I’ll try my best.” He smiled, and proceeded to snatch the snacks and drinks that lined the huge meeting table. As he munched on a cookie, he slid the file he had brought along towards Liz. The file held no titles, no text on it’s cover except for a large, solid, red triangle. One could search both the digital and physical archives endlessly, and would fail to discover something akin to it. After all this was Coco’s and Liz’s pet project, meant for the greater good of society through science. “We’ve been experimenting.” Coco said, as he sipped on the fizzy Cola, it tasted wonderful than it had ever before, thanks to Bliss, of course. The pleasure that spread through his body was completely visible on his face. “Ferociously”, he uttered, with difficulty, as he tried to fight the intensity of it all. “To drive Ventrix Industries past it’s current failings. I do not know of things on the business end, but with Patton’s dedication we can make the world a much better place, with less pain and more joy, for everyone.” At times Coco had role-played official meetings with Liz as they worked long hours in the labs, but it seemed all the juvenile mockery of the board meetings had served him well otherwise too. He was impressed with his entrance, and to celebrate he took another sip of the cola, letting the joy spread once again.
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    The Moon Bog [Artifact]

    Mediocre. Erin couldn't help but feel hurt by that insinuation, but it was fortunate for Linda that something else she said overshadowed that remark; something she said just before. "Wait, did you say you weren't always female?" she inquired in confusion. Before Linda could answer, Rizzio, who had apparently not been sitting with them at that point, appeared with his tin plate in hand to grab more of the meat. And he had already had a pretty health portion of it too... But without any means of preserving it, whatever they didn't eat would just go to waste anyway, Erin supposed. "Ah, this horse meat is surprisingly good. I might have to consider having it served back at my mansion in Casper." he remarked with a hearty laugh. After he grabbed his new portions though, he left again to sit and eat by himself, leaving Linda and Erin some privacy once more. At this point, Erin just stared at Linda, expecting an answer to her inquiry.
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    The Stronghold of Storms (Quest - OOC)

    Well, I've gotten more than I even hoped for with this. Kinda excited, so gonna try and see if we can actually make this work with a party of 5 (6, with Shishi and Linda together). Probably means I can afford to escalate things without worrying about being overwhelming.
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    Shishi Ravenbush frowned as she finished reading the letter. "We've got another weird job, sis. Should we accept it?" Linda, the older sister, peered over Shishi's shoulder with a rather bored look. "Eh? Too cryptic and extremely suspicious. I like it." Chuckling, Linda Linda lead the way towards their destined coordinates. Soon the sisters within their destination and talking to the man-in-charge. There was a brief dialogue between the sisters and the man and then a private was leading them what appears to be stairs to an underground section of the trenches and barricades. The two were ushered into another room, only to find that two others were already there. And one of them was definitely not someone Linda Linda expected to see. Instead she strode towards the table and pick-up one of the files and began reading. Shishi, on the other hand, just took a seat and patiently waited for the others to talk first.
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