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    Oh no. This isn't about Ako's war. I've been planning my own war, I've just wanted to finish lorecrafting, first. I'm about 70% done and after today should hopefully be at 90%. Pushing up plans will allow me to be more secure and leave things to my regents while I finish sprucing up this lore and get settled to push everything into action. Law will get two wars out of it, if it falls into place the way I believe it will. That should keep him happy. If not, he'll have to live with one. Either way, Ty will hopefully be spammed with a butt load of content soon.
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    Assassin's Mark OOC

    @Monoxide chad: mistakes lighthearted joke as genuine insult roxanne:
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    Dredge was not phased by the woman’s shift in demeanor. This was far from his first rodeo as well, and back in his home dimension he commanded armies and controlled entire galactic nations. What Akako held was less than nothing to what he once had, and he had faced off against far scarier people than her. However reminiscing the past wouldn’t get anyone anywhere right now. He had hungry mouths to feed and Akako was willing to help in that endeavor. However Dredge was not wrong when he said that these people needed time to adjust to the new world they were entering. Something he would kindly explain to her on why she had to allow this settlement to exist exclusively to his people in terms of civilian populace. ”A little over a year ago. These people were living in caves, holes in the ground, and in the forests and mountains completely exposed to the elements. They were hunted and killed and their way of life was built on strength and arcane prowess. Most of them don’t even know how to read. So what you are essentially saying is you want to put your people into what’s basically a powder keg of different violent people that fight and kill over trivial matters such as someone stealing a loaf of bread. Having your people there would cause what control and fealty they have to a symbol such as a Dark Lord to potentially crumble into anarchy and chaos at the sight of outsiders with a completely different mindset than that of their own.“ Dredge didn’t care if Akako thought she knew best due to her accomplishments. This came down to simply trust. It wasn’t all about her people coming in to integrate and become one. It was about leaving him to his own devices in her land. Something which was wise to veil under the guise of something more uplifting in nature. However they would need to compromise on this issue. Dredge sincerely was not trying to make this about him and being able to be left alone. This issue truly was about how his people needed time to adjust and come to grips with how her empire functioned. Taxes, courts, legislative bodies, civic responsibilities. All those things might of been on the moon for these monsters to try and grasp at it right now. So Dredge would once again be the one willing to make compromises. He could be less of a dick about it earlier, but that just wasn’t Dredge. So the man simply took in a breath of air and tried to continue to rationally explain this to her. ”Our people are very similar in many ways, however they are also very different. You have succeeded in integrating your people into every day society. I won’t deny you your accomplishments, but I imagine that took time, and many of my people aren’t as intelligent as yours. Like I said, it’s just been a little over a year since the were basically living like wild animals. So while I do not agree with your civilians coming to this main settlement, I will agree to any intelligence service agents, merchants, traders, and public lecturers to help them understand this system of economics and government as we move forward. I will also agree to let you station any diplomats and military forces in or around the settlement. We will also use the colonization force I’ve gifted to help serve as a shining example that your people can integrate in time once they understand more.” Dredge would then do his best to reassure Akako of his abilities to lead. What he said was true about his people and how they needed an adjustment period for more complicated and nuanced topics, their ability to rally and follow a Dark Lord was unmatched. ”As for my ability to lead. I plucked these people from a life of misery and squalor. I gave them care and attention to their suffrage under the cruel boot of man. They chose to rally behind me so that we could burn the white cities of man and take revenge upon their oppressors. Then we organized into a kingdom of monsters with a professionally trained and uniformed army. We took that army and sacked Last Chance and stole the Forgotten Fleet so we could leave Terrenus and the oppression Men, elves, and dwarves pushed upon them. So over the course of that year, we have an army, we have a fleet, and we have a people now looking for a home where they can be treated as equals. That will take some time to do, I only speak what is true. I have agreed to all your terms and given you a very sizable offer. I ask that you yield on this provision as I know my people better than you do. Whether we walk away or stay and fight for you is up to you.” Akako was a reasonable woman hopefully. Dredge wanted this deal to work out but if the woman couldn’t continue to extend even the slightest bit of trust like she had shown this day in meeting him, then their relationship couldn’t continue to exist. All Dredge wanted was prosperity for his people. So the ball was in her court. @Akako Akari
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    Lagrimosa Materials List - Detailed

    Uru General Description: Uru is a dark matte grey alloy of Urutrium metal and naturally occurring zinc and carbon. By itself the pure metal has none of the fantastic properties of what is known as Uru Location: Norkotia; Aligoria; Great Pine Barrens; Badlands; all along the eastern and western coasts Properties Physical: Uru is notoriously difficult to bend and shape, requiring extreme forging methods to turn it into usable armor and weapons. Once shaped it is among the most durable metals in the world. It is not naturally magnetic but can be primed under laboratory conditions to take a charge. It tarnishes easily but is also very easy to clean; circuits made with this metal run well with routine maintenance. It has a high tensile strength. Arcane: Uru is most notable for its high rate of arcane absorption, making it among the easiest materials to enchant with high degrees of persistence. Applications Industrial: Use in heavy machinery, energy towers, and infrastructure Consumer: Use in personal vehicles, armor and weapons; of particular use in enchantment trinkets and wands Specialist: Used to store enhancements or redirect directed energy History Social impact: After the discovery of a vein of Uru near Aligoria, the metal has seen widespread incorporation into armor; Aligoria has also used Uru to reinforce the Inns'th's perimter defense. Norkotia mines raw Urutrium and uses it in their own alloy combination, resulting in a variant of Uru which grounds magic rather than storing it; it is deployed as magic-resistant shielding for soldiers, vehicles and buildings. Economic impact: Uru is a major component in buildings, infrastructure, tools, ships, machines, appliances, and weapons. There are over 50,000 Uru workers in Terrenus, down from 100,000 thanks in large part to golem-based automation
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    So I can tell you right now that two of your quests will 100% lead to war with Hyperion. Be wary~
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    Assassin's Mark OOC

    Chad seeks respect through intimidation, but ends up getting memed on and then threatened by a possessed demon girl. cHaD: nope
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    The Brittle King's Tragedy OOC

    I'll be getting to posts this evening.
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    “We’ve never met, Leontias—but I have sat in on many adventures you’ve had with my Ladyship. It will warm her heart to know an old friend has come in this time of need.” “Old Friend?” Leon looked on with a scratch of his head tilting his head slightly to the side, which coincidentally revealed the red eye that was formerly obscured by his messy hair. “I was just passing through when I heard about this gig, Thought I’d come and give a performance.” He leaned back on a nearby pillar his guitar being balanced by the neck, with the body pointing to the floor. He wasn’t sure who gave the job and usually he didn’t care. He wanted that adventure and it was best to go on a whim anyway. Besides, A Performance is at it’s best when you don’t know about the venue. Mister Leontias. You seem vaguely familiar to myself as well, though I'm not sure where your talents best suit you for this operation. I will say though, regardless, I can fit in either equation of this plan. Know that one team will have one more person than the other." “Aye friend, quit with the formalities, you make me sound old, Leon is fine for me.” He chuckled at the thought. “Well we WERE Talking about Slaver collars correct, and a power grid. If it simply there to generate electricity I think I have a way to deal with that.” He tapped his guitar to the ground again and gave a uplifting grin. “Maybe I can do something about that, Nothing like an impromptu performance to…light things up.”
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    Setting: Tazarek, mid afternoon, cloudy day. Objective: Establish trade within Tazarek to Port Caelum, allowing for an opportunity to advance diplomatic ties via trade. Difficulty level: C @Akako Akari And so the story begins... ...It was going to have to be me, Mozcrag thought to himself, stepping through the heavy gates of Tazarek to the interior of the city. Out of all the people in the court, the one with the best shot at making this deal happen was the dwarf, and it was a frustrating notion. He had hoped to get back here with more to his name than simply the chancellor, but he could not refuse when given the order. A deal with a country as prosperous and industrious as Tazarek would be a truly beneficial one to have in your corner. "Greetings, Mozcrag Blasthammer." The voice was one the dwarf knew, but had hoped would not be here at all, or at best just be dead. "Hello Derkolimin Dwed, it is good to see you." Speaking through the Dwarven tongue made it appear more formal, Mozcrag felt a boulder lodged in his stomach, just waiting to crush him. Dwed was one of the biggest and most influential business dwarves in the city, as well as its biggest crime lord. "Now I hear you're having a big meeting with some of my assosciates, but you didn't bother to invite me. That hurts, Mozcrag, right in my heart." He made am exaggerated expression of clutching at his chest, then laughing as he knew Mozcrag wasn't going for the joke. "So how about I give you a ride there in my personal carriage." "Th-thank you, Derkolimin, for the offer. It would be nice to make it there a little early." After getting clapped upon the back, he climbed in after Dwed into his carriage, and they proceeded to a large building in the First Level, where the meeting was to be held. Unfortunately for Mozcrag, things had shifted from a simple meeting, to something that could be the difference between life and death.
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    Mickey Flash

    Assassin's Mark

    Shalana heard the stretch of her leathers as she got down on bended knee in the dirt. She pulled the hood from her plain brown cloak over her head. She was in the middle of a wooded area, not too far from Kinumo. The tiny cauldron she'd brought with her, with only enough room to hold a cup of liquid, was bubbling over the small fire that was set beside her. The stones around the fire prevented the spread of the flame, and she took a small ladle and stirred the tiny contents. After stirring the pot, she brought out a sharp blade from the sheath at her side. She pricked the end of her finger, and dropped a few drops of blood into the cauldron. She stirred again. On her other side chirping, could be heard. She turned to the cage filled with three birds. She opened the cage and reached in for one of the birds, picking a pale brown one. She cooed to it, and then she spooned out some of the concoction she'd been cooking. She blew on the heated liquid, and when it was cool enough she put a few drops on the bird's head. It was a sticky mess, and she crooned to quiet the excited bird. “There, there. It feels better already. Now,” she looked straight into the bird's tiny beady eyes, “see for me.” She released the tiny sparrow, and it flew off into the sky. The bird flew quick and true toward the village of Kinumo. The first thing it saw was the Tree of Memory, which for the bird was interesting only for the branches it offered to rest on. Shalana would have loved to see some of the rare books she'd heard about that rested inside, but to see through the bird's eyes meant that she couldn't read whatever she saw. It was a pity, and she thought about tweaking the spell in the future to allow her to read while in the bird's mind. The bird flew off the branch of the tree, heading upward toward the village. Shalana could see the lifts that they'd have to use to get to the village, and she could see people milling around in the woods outside the lifts. They looked to be trouble, dressed in masks and hooded capes. Bandits? She was unsure. The bird didn't stay long over them, so she couldn't get a better look. Then the bird circled the village full of people. There looked to be more people there than the village could hold, which told Shalana that they were there for the festivities. The bird decided to climb higher, and old decrepit temples could be seen. Shalana was leaning forward, wanting to see more, when the bird started to dive down to the ground. Right before it hit the ground, the sight of a male with a rock in his hand could be seen staring intently at the bird. Shalana pulled away before she was brought into the death throes with the tiny bird. She heard a chuckle and looked around to see her brother, shaving his face with one of his blades. “I thought you were doing one of your spells. Your eyes were rolled back into your head until only the whites were showing. It wasn't a very becoming look for you, sister,” Zeno's tone was amused as he scraped the blade along the skin of his face once again. He didn't want to admit it to her, but her spells made him uneasy. He was used to being around power, and he respected his sister for using what she could to not only survive, but succeed. Still. Creepy bones, and blood, and weird smells... all made him uneasy. “I'm scoping out the place for you, brother,” she huffed, standing up off of her knees and dusting off the dirt. “You don't want to go in unprepared, do you?” “I'm never unprepared,” he scoffed, as he sheathed his blade. “Still, what did you see? Normal townsfolk going about their normal business?” He sneered at her, addressing his belief that she'd wasted her time and blood on the fear that there was danger up ahead. “I saw bandits in the woods, before you get to the lifts to the village. Smartass,” she huffed. “It's a good thing I came along. You might have been walking into an ambush.” She crossed her arms over her chest, a smug look on her face. “It is well known that the lifts are guarded by the Assassins' Guild members. They get tribute before anyone can enter the town. So if you want to follow me on this adventure, sister, you can provide your own tribute. I only brought enough for one.” He didn't like the smug look on her face, and he hadn't asked her to come along anyway. She had goaded him, and told him that she wanted to see him fail. Then when she'd seen that wasn't going to get her anywhere she suggested that she could help him win, like he needed her help in the first place. “Maybe you can join the trials? You are so strong and lethal, you could show them what you got.” He raised one eyebrow in doubt, letting her know he was thinking quite the opposite. “Maybe I shall,” she huffed, getting her ingredients together, and pouring out the liquid from the cauldron. “Someone from the family should at least make it to the finish line.” Honestly, Shalana had all the faith in the world that her brother could become a member of the Assassins' Guild... but she didn't need to let him know that, now did she? The layout of the thread is that first there is the Tree of Memory. It is very large, filled with rooms full of books and maps. The higher level you go up the tree, the more rare the books. The top levels are locked, and only by getting permission from older members of the town can you have access to the upper levels. The older members are retired Assassins' Guild members. Then past the tree there will be a path with woods on both sides. The woods are teaming with Assassins' Guild members. They dress in scary masks and cloaks to hide their identity. The members stop travelers from reaching the lifts, making sure they are not meaning any harm to the village. They also collect tribute, and the amount depends on the good manners of the traveler. The less belligerent the traveler, the less they'll have to pay. The towns people who live there only have to give food or clothing for tribute. The lifts will take you up the mountain. It is a long trip up. Then it stops off at the top of a ledge to the village above. The village isn't very large, but it has all that the residents need. It will be bustling with people because of the trials. Vendors will be preparing their wares, and people will be milling about ready to see the sights. The pubs will be full, especially Snowy's Pub. Most of the drinking, a warm meal, and nighttime entertainment can be found there. There is one tiny brothel located in the back of the village. It is the last building to be seen, before the paths lead up to the mountain tops. All aspiring assassins, or guests, can begin anywhere in these locations, choosing the place you'd most likely see your character. The introduction ceremony will be held in the village's center, which can hold the largest amount of people. The ceremony will be announced by horns to inform of the beginning of the festivities. **I claim no rights to the art used in this post. @The Rabbit Emperor @Baobhan Sith @Monoxide @SteamWarden @Strangeland @Nebula @SweetCyanide @Twitterpated
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    Confused Objectives


    Been awhile. I just finished Stranger Things and it made me think of the good ole days. Oddly enough this place still exists so I figured I would pop in and see what's up.
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    “You talk like one, too.” Kirena commented with a smirk as she slid to sit on the edge of the table. She leaned back to grasp the edges and sighed loudly, “You bore me, talking like that. Do you think I’ve never heard these things before? Whore? Wench? A craven lady of the night?” She rolled her eyes and pressed the heel of her boot against his chest to halt his advance. Tobias did not realize that being a courtesan was one of the highest respectable ranks of a non-noble in Port Kyros and beyond in the Rising West. A dagger popped out and pressed gently to his throat, “Dah’ling,” She mused, “I’m the Mistress of Pleasures. It comes with the name! Sit,” She firmly commanded and crossed her legs. A passing server dropped the tray he carried from staring as he walked and brushed against a corner too quickly. Kirena pursed her lips and made a pitying sound as he scurried to recover himself, beet-red with embarrassment. “Now!” She twisted long enough to tap her heel against the edge of the table, the dagger retracting into its hidey hole. She had begun to answer Jin’s question when Tobias interrupted and spoke instead. Only when he was half way through speaking did her patience wear thin and she cut him off, “I ask—if slaves knew the inner workings of those wretched things, would there be slaves? We knew only what we saw—which was death. I was fortunate enough to be liberated but I am not my Queen—I don’t do technology, and I certainly know very little about magitech beyond certain basics. Such things are beyond me—my skill is in people and the information they give and the magic I use to retrieve this knowledge.” She laced her fingers together and cupped the knee of the crossed leg, “That’s not to say I rely on magic over technology. I had no interest in how the damned things worked—I only wanted it off me as soon as possible. You’d have better luck reaching out to the Imperial Artificer for that. She can dissect magic in real time, but she’s in Crystallo Stella leading an expedition into the mines for my Ladyship. You’ll be hard-pressed to reach her underground. Not even my little rats like it down there.” She sighed softly, turning thoughts over in her head. Tobias was not wrong, technically. Magic was a factor in controlling slaves—but to that end, so too was the technology itself. “Genesaris is a magical land. A land that is brimming with it and the various species that rely on it. It is precisely why magic will not work on the collars…it will affect the slaves.” She had seen what happened to disobedient pleasure slaves who refused their customers. Self preservation was their demise--which is precisely why she embraced her Venusian craft. She frowned for a moment, another thought crossing her mind. “Be careful to pick and choose your battles. Slaver’s Enclave is a vast network—vaster than even I can comprehend—and I lived there most of my life. There are political consequences to your actions—your very presence there. I have dirt on a few—but only a few and I am lucky enough to have even that. It’s still paltry in comparison, dah’ling—you must understand. You will make enemies of other governments. That is why I cannot do much more than give you guidance. Athyon will eradicate for his people, and so too will I.” You may bring war to the entirety of Genesaris. “Aah, miss? Miss—you can’t be on the table like that, ma’am. This is a public restaurant, if my higher ups hear--,” Kirena had been distracted in speaking to the others that she didn’t realize the manager himself had appeared, clearly disapproving of her perched on their table as casually as she was. He was also nervous to speak to her. Kirena uncrossed her legs and stretched her right out. She extended a leg and lifted the man’s chin with the tip of her boot, careful not to trigger the dagger—she giggled at his nervousness and when he stepped away from her, she dropped her leg, “You’re a silly, nervous thing, aren't you? Still, just the man I want to see. I’d like to discuss buying out your winery for my husband. I will inform the Queen personally we’d like to exclusively import your Kyrosian wine to Umbra.” His eyes bulged at out this random news, but he was not yet swayed, “Th-that’s very kind of you miss--,” “Missus.” Kirena sharply corrected. “Missues,” He corrected, “But I must still insist you not sit on the table. P-please.” Kirena tilted her head, her vibrant red lips pursed thoughtfully before she slid from the table’s edge. In her heeled boots, she was nearly the same height. “You’ve had a long day, I’m sure. Come, let me make this right and we can talk business.” She swept fingers under his chin and crooned softly before turning him away, an arm around his shoulder, “I’ll be back, pretties. Tell me more of your ideas when I return, yes? Ciao, dah’lings~!” Business and pleasure were two things Kirena enjoyed. @Twitterpated @ODSTDRAGON @Trexasle @Akako Akari
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    Mickey Flash

    Assassin's Mark OOC

    I will be making a post tonight.
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    Looking for partners

    I don't think you and I have done anything together and I would love to use this oppurtunity to do so! I am always embroiled in too much, but I just can't help myself so count me in! It sounds like the hunting a werewolf/ shape shifter with a friend/lover twist sounds like something you are already interested in so if you want to make that concrete I have characters for either side of the dilemma! Character development and interpersonal relationships are my two favorite things to work on so this is going to be pretty fun. I do my best to reply to my threads once every 1-3 days due to my work schedule( Currently getting to a few threads I nearly forgot about >>). Lets do this thang
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    Liberating The Slaver's Alcove

    Naah. No mad queen for Kirena. She just wants to be a mother and wife for Athyon. She just wants to have fun while doing so. A war here, a war there...meh. As long as she's entertained.
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    She cannot remember how long she lay there in the sun – pale flesh turning pink and then red. Thirst scraped at her throat like a clawed creature seeking escape. Rin’s injuries were too great to move far, but for anyone to say the woman was undetermined, had clearly never met her. Managing to raise to bare feet, she pads along the sandy shores for but a total of fifteen minutes before collapsing against a large boulder that has been worn away by the sea. Panting and in dire need of something for both her stomach and her thirst, the nin turns to find as much shade as possible in hopes of preventing any further damage to the delicate skin that covers her body. Lips are cracked and occasionally bleed from damage and delicate fingers run over the rough skin in disdain, a frown claiming her visage. It is here that Rin nearly succumbs to her wounds and her pain. She closes her eyes in desperate attempt to remember blank faces and names that are yet to elude her. As dawn chases the chill of the night, Rin wakes from her meditation and rest. Though it could hardly be called restful, she knows that any movement forth today is for the best. Gathering her meager supplies, the canvas is wrapped around the rest after being shaken free of the snow that had covered it. Carefully placing it back upon her shoulders, Rin peers at the mountain before her. The snow has let up, but it has hidden all evidence of her trek thus far, and leaves little path to lay before her. Still, to follow the trees and the beasts is what she knows, and thus it is this that she follows. The first few hours are lifeless and boring – not so much as a cheep from a bird dares to hit her ears. It is with this that Rin begins to doubt the validity of the quest. Just what could Akako possibly want with this ridiculous flute, anyhow? To control beasts and creatures of little thought? Well, couldn’t women do that with simply a bat of their eyelashes? She had seen the evidence of such, men turned to simpletons with a coy wave…and yet she understood none of the nuances it took to reach that conclusion. A frustrated noise leaves her throat as a twig snaps particularly loudly beneath a foot. Silent ninja, my butt. Rin huffs to herself but continues forward. The jeering of the birds makes her feet move faster, as if determined to prove to them her determination in this quest. Whatever Akako wants, she will have, Rin will ensure it.
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    True true but couldn't / shouldn't you wait until the quests actually get taken up before throwing your schedule out the window? Just a thought
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    Fleshing out metamaterials

    I am good with it!
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    Soon you'll see

    Joseph found the proceedings interesting, though not entirely desirable. In truth, he would prefer an unfettered monarch who was on good terms with him, but the systems being proposed were not unlike how Norkotia's current system operated. The council and chairman still retained power over laws and bills, while Tynes, as Grand Executor, commanded the security forces and oversaw all the dealings with foreign powers. However, this system was still limited, and Tynes would've loved to be rid of the council and their endless debating, in favor of a group of people who simply got the problem he told them to solve, solved. But men were not perfect, nor was any system created by them. "I believe we are learning how far each house is willing to go to get their way..." he answered Primera's last question. Karradeen and Mythal weren't picky, they both suggested compromises, and in the ensuing vote, Mythal surprisingly decided to agree with Karradeen's suggestion. Even Dali and Kholin, despite their early bluster, effectively submitted acceptance of the comprise system, rather than continue attempting to force the pure republic. Hildebrand and Karradeen were the last up to vote, and while it was likely a given that Abigail would vote for her own proposal, Joseph was curious to see if Varda was willing to go with the compromise or not. If she did, it would more or less leave Uldwar isolated yet again, not that their system was that far off from the Karradeen had suggested and was on the verge of having approved. "This vote could decide it right here." he stated softly, eyeing Varda as everyone remaining in the chamber turned to her to hear her vote. @Aleksei
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    I’m personally super excited to see a war take place and resolve that I don’t have to be a part of. No snark. Genuine excitement
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    I'm aware! ^__^
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    Tobais had pulled Jun over and was intensely staring her down, asking this and that, trying to asses her so the slavers wouldn’t clip her wings. “I’ve noticed you are very bird like. A yokai correct? Does that mean you share in the sharp sight of a bird? You can probably fly near the top of the Enclave. However lower and it would seem very suspicious.” Tobais was ready to continue when a woman told him he reeled of Mercanry. “You aren’t a mercenary but you definitely Wheel and Deal all the same. You’ve sunk into the low areas of society. Hearing and seeing what others don’t want known. Am I right?” Tobais was by know means challenging the woman, but if someone wanted to throw darts at his position, he could play that game. She was probably was in charge of their intelligence. He looked at Jun, “you’ll probably end up in a support role. Now I’ve yet more to explain.” Tobais Stepped up to Jin and the Mistress of secrets. “First off do you or Bishop rely solely on Magic? The collars nullify magical abilities and powers. If our on a spirt I’m sure they’d cease to be. The generic collars have several different failsafes both magical and non magical to make sure they aren’t taken off by the slaves. I’ve heard they sometimes explode, and sometimes they do nothing other than not budge. You’d need someone much more gifted in magic for a exploration on that part.” he stepped back finding his statements sufficient. The only thing he didn’t like was the idea of playing a slaver. Further more a male slaver. Male slaves usually didn’t do well, most of the girls got funneled into the houses and businesses and other unsavory tasks, the men usually put to hard labor. It would be difficult to get the two bought into a house where they could gather intel without being suspicious. Maybe if they were dressed up and changed their looks, they could pass as butlers, men of the soft life and catch the eye of s rich woman.
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    Fleshing out metamaterials

    Here's the "release candidate": https://www.valucre.com/topic/33303-terrenus-materials-list-detailed/?do=findComment&comment=773036 Any further suggestions let me know, any time since it's a living doc so to speak. For now am marking this one done on the first post Who's next?!
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    The Moon Bog [Artifact]

    "Huh... at least you had a choice and did it for a good reason, I guess." Erin fought with herself for a few minutes, not really wanting to reveal this to anyone, as she hadn't in the past two or three years since it happened. But never before had she met someone who actually underwent the same thing she did, which was kind of surprising given the stupid abundance of magic in this world (and in the one she'd come from before). Finally she decided she might as well be honest for once. "I... was never given a choice." she began nervously, glancing over to make sure Rizzio was not nearby, "I went... well, I mean, I was... a guy too. But I didn't change by choice; I used to live in a different world entirely, but one day I just... I don't know, woke up in a mountain valley, as a woman. I've never really gotten over it... any of it." Her face went from nervous to rather annoyed, then outright angry. "All I wanna do is get back to normal and go home, but I don't fucking know where home is anymore." she sighed.
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    Abigail gave a sidelong glare at Enid's sarcasm, but said nothing to it. The two magic-users were soon talking to each-other instead, so she instead focused on their task at hand, which was refilling their water provisions. Suddenly, Arthur rushed off and breathed fire into the woods, while Enid cried out that they were not alone. That was proven true when the screams of a man on fire were soon filling the tiny jungle oasis. Realizing their cover was blown, about a little over a dozen or so pirates immediately emerged from cover, some armed with firearms, some with crossbows, but most with cutlasses or other melee weapons. "'Member, it be fifteen gold a head, mateys! The duchess be worth a hundred alive!" one of the pirates barked, in an effort to motivate his brothers. Abigail promptly drew her revolver and shot one of the charging men, while the marines with them tried to aim their rifles. Unfortunately, the fight was already in close quarters, and the pirates had the advantage in that regard. Of course, there was the aforementioned fact that they weren't expecting Arthur and Enid, who had already sprung their trap early. But not all of the pirates were muggles, for at least a few of them had learned some rudimentary spells. One actually had a wand and appeared to be a novice mage himself. "Alert the caravan!" Abigail barked at one of the marines, who then turned to run back the way they came, before Abigail thought better of it and stopped him, "Wait, they're probably expecting that! Hold here and the sound will alert them." Just as she finished speaking, one of the pirates came flying in and swiped at her head, though she easily ducked under the swing, while lunging forward, bringing herself up right in front of the man as he was still following through. Subsequently, her revolver was easily shoved into the man's gut and fired, before she disengaged and kicked him away. More were still coming though, and it sounded like there were more waiting elsewhere in the trees and underbrush...
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    So, I had to think about this, and while I don't want to appear unreasonable, I think I'm gonna hold at $25 for character art. This is mainly just because of time, which like anyone, I have only a limited amount of (particularly this week, but it holds true at any time). So I guess twenty-five is about what I'm willing to take to put off my own stuff for a time. Sorry if it seems kind of high, 'cuz 15 is probably about right for the image quality itself, but I highly value my time. ? I'd charge less for things like logos and flags though, because those are easier and quicker, and honestly a bit more fun for me to do. lol Speaking of which, does Roen have an emblem/logo/sigil/flag?
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    Pirate Booty

    "Ah yes," the female guide replied, "As long as the original parts are all present and not completely disintegrated. It's a rare skill and the scale is never the problem." The guide chuckled for a bit before pointing to the nearby shore. "There. It's a good place to dock. Past that we might have to fight our way through ranks of spirits and undead." As they docked, Eiji offered his hand to assist Saki which the latter gladly accepted with a snicker. "Thank you, Jiji. At least someone other than me are capable of civilized and impeccable manners. Unlike some people," Saki spat with as much venom lacing her feminine wordd as possible. The guide shrugged in response. She unceremoniously jumped off the port side, her boots splashing upon her landing. Unfazed, she waddled to take point. "Employer, Saki. Welcome to our first fight of the journey." Smirking, the guide slowly backed away. "Bloody ghosts! Stay away from me. Take Saki instead."
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    Pirate Booty

    Eiji was trying his best to reserve judgement of their newly arrived guide; but he had to admit, she was making it difficult. It was like she was a composite of all Saki's worst traits, taken to the extreme, and with new ones added. Her casual attitude about being a noncombatant grated on him as well. None of this was helped by her comment that they would be heading into substantial resistance. But there was little to do about it but sigh and press on. "Very well then," he nodded, "By the way, Saki mentioned you would know something about fixing the ship we're going to?" Not waiting for her answer, he resumed rowing, and once the guide had spoken the quiet would resume. The sensation of surveillance persisted and intensified as they made their way further down the waterway. To his surprise, they soon came across a sort of shore formed from what used to be a street. It seemed to stretch on for miles. Hopping out, he dragged the boat ashore and then offered his hand to Saki. "My lady."
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    @Akako Akari Dredge laughed. He couldn’t help it. He laughed at Akako and her naïveté. The idea that she was going to integrate her people with his more chaotic subjects was something to laugh at. His free hand reached up and the iron covered gauntlet covered his face as he did so. His fears and were confirmed that Akako was out of touch and didn’t understand how his people’s violent culture worked. He wasn’t trying to belittle her in any way but it was more than clear that the woman had spent too much time dealing with the privileged races. She was what, thousands or nigh millennia years old? Yet she could not grasp that the ideology of people that lived across the sea and on a far away continent. ”It’s not you! It’s me! Dredge said as he laughed again in her face. ”No, just no my sweet summer child.” Dredge began to contain his laugher as he spoke. With one last stifle of laughter, took the bottle by hand and drank a good glug of it beneath his darkened faceplate. It was clear that she had focused on Yokai and the citizens she governed, people who were at least somewhat educated, and have had her leadership to guide them into civility and normality in her holdings. ”I know you aren’t stupid, I’ve seen that. However you are far out of touch of these people. Which is why if you need us, you’ll need to understand us.” Dredge then cocked his head and while he was sincere to the woman in what he had said earlier, she simply didn’t understand how the monstrous races of Terrenus operated. ”The first army I acquired was that of Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears that lived in an actual cave outside of every idea of government. Only the strong survived, and murder was an every day part of life. This goes for orc and Kobold army I acquired.” Dredge chuckled once again and let in a deep breath of air once again to calm himself. ”When I say I’ll build my own settlement of my disgruntled people. It’s not for you and yours, it’s for them. It’s to introduce them to the ideas of taxes, government legislative bodies, courts and trials. So your people would be walking into a nightmare scenario where murder, death, and survival of the fittest is an everyday reality. So no, I respectfully decline.” Dredge looked to Akako and she would know that this wasn’t a power move, this wasn’t him trying to gain power. It was simply protecting her people from returning to a more savage nature where their worst impulses to kill, maim, and destroy weren’t fed into by the more evil and horrid races that were brought up in a survival situation where the strong ate the weak. ”So here’s my terms on that matter. We will have our settlement where I will rule and slowly introduce these people to your laws and government over the course of let’s just say two years. This will be an exclusive settlement for monsters that will be of course open to trade and visitations by your people as well as taxation that I will personally generate for you to meet your quotas.” Dredge would then roll his iron covered fingers against his grieves to think. ”As much as I like you and your ideals. You will agree to these terms. This is non negotiable for the safety of your people, not mine. If you deny this then I will take these people and leave. While you are my best choice of a ruler to help lead them, I can’t put these people into a situation that they can’t understand. So time is needed.” Dredge then chuckled and was quite clear. He’d agree to all of Akako’s terms but this. The monstrous wild races needed time to adjust and time to be themselves before adjusting into more civilized life. The Queen wanted unity and for them to wave the flag of peace and harmony, but that wasn’t what Dredge and legion were. He gave her the more civilized people in his nation and she’d need to agree to that. ”If you want to see our people, what they truly are so you can get an better understanding. I’ll summon you a wyvern to ride and see. But if you insist that this settlement I intend to set up for my chaotic people, you’re only hurting yourself. I will fight for you, and I’ll come to your aid. It’s just these people need time to adjust.” While Dredge had laughed at the woman, hopefully she’d see he was right. What she proposed was not feasible and she’d be subjecting her people to an environment that would radicalize them back to their demonic roots that tended to feed into their worst desires. They would no longer be hers, they’d follow a literal dark lord who pulsed evil energy into their very veins. Dredge prayed the woman was smarter than that.
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    Assassin's Mark

    Susie saw the once lone female warrior grow a large crowd and seeing a oddly attractive woman make her sense known, the lone assassin stood from her chair, walked over to the table of the group all the while her cloak changing from white to pitch black and the red eyes come back for a few seconds before faltering to light grey. She heard the man with the ripped trench coat saying he's planning on joining the guild. With a quiet sigh she sat in a chair directly next to the attractive red head and stared the man down. The first voice to speak was a calm and collect voice which spoke to all of those who wished to join the guild. "I highly doubt the Assassin's Guild would have participants actively kill other participants. The whole point of this endeavor is to see who's capable of joining. However if anyone's capable of overcoming the result of killing I'd wager my money on the big girl with the cheese. However..." Quietly she stops speaking and the light grey flicker to red and she stares directly at the trenched man, voice turning easily psychotic. "...if it were to come down to it all I'd chop you up first and leave your putrid flesh out for the ravens to feast upon you dirty sharp toothed fuck." With almost lightning speed a dagger was thrust directly through the table. causing a mug to tip over and fall, and all that could be heard was a quiet cackle. "Watch yourself boy. Each and everyone has their demons. Some more than others." With a quiet chuckle, the demon possessed girl stood up and wandering back to his empty table and sipped on his drink. The dagger was embedded in the table before slowly vanishing from existence, appearing back in the hand of the 'girl' who was just simply waving back at them. @Monoxide
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    Time will tell [UM noble house meeting]

    Anyway, its still no val sunday. Csl out.
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    Let's go!

    Welcome to Valucre! I have a sci-fi-ish board, Taen, you might be interested in. Also for book/movie recommendations, I loved Jeff Vandemeer's Borne. A movie based on his Southern Reach trilogy, Annihilation, is also on Netflix and v v worth checking out.
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    Akako Akari

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    I watch you grow away from me in photographs And memories like spies And salt betrays my eyes again I started losing sleep and gaining weight And wishing I was was ten again So I could be your friend again These days we go to waste like wine That's turned to turpentine It's six AM and I'm all messed up I didn't mean to waste your time So I'll fall back in line But I'm warning you we're growing up
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    Akako Akari

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Slippin' off the edge Out of phase Watchin' you pretend We're okay Every weekend, we hitchhike to hell And you only think of yourself
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    Assassin's Mark

    Chad silently nabbed a hunk of cheese, and took a merciless bite out of it with his deadly jaws. He supposed he might look a bit odd with such sharp teeth, but the plebeians surrounding him appear tough to crack. All must fear his presence, and he'd make that happen with whatever means necessary. The newcomer popped into existence, catching Chad off guard. He didn't flinch. Instead, he emptily stared her down, looking away only when she began to speak to him. He glanced down at her leg, and then shook his head. Every move she made seemed to try and make him show weakness. She asked too many questions, and left no room for answers. Well, except for now. He snorted. "As if you aren't some seductive vigilante yourself. I appreciate the humour you have, however. I happen to like my coat, thank-you-very-much. I'll be taking part in whatever grand charade the guild plans to set us on, as it so happens." Realizing he had complimented the mysterious woman rather than insult her, Chad wanted his position to be clear. His face turned solemn, speaking as if he were talking to the entire population of the pub. "And if you get in my way, any of you lot, I give my word. Your death will be slow, and oh-so painful." Chad grinned sinisterly, and clasped his hands together upon the bar counter. His threat was most definitely not an empty one. "Kinomu is bringing the beast out of me, so no hard feelings if I DO end up killing any of you, though."
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    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Every time I stare into the sun Trying to find a reason to go on All I ever get is burned and blind Until the sky bleeds the pouring rain When you came along the time was right Pulled me like an apple red and ripe Wasn't very long you took a bite
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    Akako Akari

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Can't help wondering What you're thinking Wherever you are Late night movies, Careless drinking To cover these scars And as much as I wanna be with you, I know You and me, we're bumper cars The more I try to get to you The more we crash apart
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    Liberating The Slaver's Alcove

    These two will be so much fun. Also sorry to everyone for the hold up. especially @Twitterpated Was just exploring possible avenues. I’ll try and have a post up latter tonight
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    Conflict Arises! [Alethea]

    A pounding on the door stopped the two in there tracks, the sounds outside getting demonstrably worse. It seemed that the situation had indeed erupted into full scale violence in the streets and the loyalist factions were taking losses, evident in there current plight. However, it seemed rather unlikely that the crisis outside would pause for there safe refuge, making it a rather tall order to open the door right now. After a bout a minute of contemplating, Mae's father bolted the door. "Dad!" The young woman shouted, shocked at her fathers actions. "What the hell are you doing?" Rhyko, meanwhile, backed away from the door, eyes darting back and forth between Mae and her father. The boy was indecisive at the best of times, let alone in such a dangerous situation like this. It was something that plagued him his whole life, possibly a result of his own inadequacies. "Rhyko, go into the back and barricade the door." Called out of his stupor by his employer, the boy shakily nodded at the command and hurried into the back room and began meekly pushing a book shelf in front of the exit, struggling more than one might expect, but ultimately sealing off that door. Back in the front of the shop, he could here the two arguing. "Aren't we gonna let them in?" Mae pleaded to her father, who only shook his head. "I'm not opening this door, not while all that's going on out there. Now get upstairs." As Rhyko came back into the room, it seemed Mae had obeyed her father and gone upstairs, her father now standing next to a large display case by the door. "Help me move this son."
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    In Pursuit of God (Fury)

    Whatever misgivings Eiji has about Shi’s line of thought, are entirely fabrications on his behalf. The current situation is a product of Eiji failing to frontload the assassin with relevant information, leaving Shi to play catch up. Stuck with a mind that relentlessly over analyzes everything, the situation at hand fails to meet his standards for preparation. Presumably Shi is being paid to do his job, and to do it well, and part of doing his job well requires him to dissect the situation and account for as many variables as possible so that he can successfully execute countermeasures to ensure success. And while pessimism might very well be annoying, the truth is that it is more useful than optimism. Expecting and planning for the worst, makes a person more prepared than someone who simply expects the best. Optimism is for fools, and fools end up dead. “Well, that’s really unfortunate. Guess we will have to conscript someone that knows how to fly one.” The comment is made with all of the same stoic emptiness as before, suggesting that he is isn't bothered by the fact that Eiji is sending him into a potential deathtrap. Lacing his fingers together, he extends his arms out in front of him, and rotates his hands so that his palms face out. A series of cracks ripple through his knuckles as he steps over shattered glass and the remains of a door. The distinct crunch of crumbling debris beneath his feet echo through bleak and predominantly empty space. Although streams of light are able to writhe through cracks and holes in the wall and ceiling, the space is largely an abysmal void. It takes Shi’s eyes just a moment to start adjusting, his pupils gradually dilating to consume whatever sparse light is available. His gaze drifts from right to left, working over amorphous shadows that gradually become vague shapes, and eventually materialize as semi-familiar objects. Crushed display cases, bits and pieces of tables, section of ductwork, and mounds of rubble from a variety of locations all litter the ground without rhyme or reason to their distribution. And although he can neither feel nor taste it, there is an undeniably viscous quality to the air that is laden with distinctively earthy staleness. Venturing further into the darkness, his trek takes him to the near dead center of the room, where the ground opens up into a large pit. He can barely make out the shape of a busted waterline, and the lack of sound indicates that it has long since dried up. Nudging a pebble with his foot, sends it tumbling down the side; however it’s so dark at the bottom of the pit that the only hint to its destination is a barely audible splash. Dropping to his haunches, Shi retrieves a larger rock from the ground and then stands back up. Turning in the direction of the display case remains, he chucks the stone. A second later and the silence is replaced by the rock shattering the glass, and the ever-distinctive pattering of shards cascading into and across the ground. The silence returns almost immediately, but is abruptly interrupted by the dullest of whines. “Saaaaaaaaave me, please.” Shi rotates in place, aligning himself with the sound. “Please, save me.” The call, nothing more than a whimper, is louder than the last. “I don’t want to be alone, save me.” The voice gets louder, its pleading tone and higher pitch suggesting a child. A door in the back of the building swings open and then closes, soft and irregular footsteps pitter across the ground. From around the corner of the cashier’s counter, a small child no older than 2 or 3 stumbles out. “Please….. help me.” A mop of dirty blonde hair conceals her eyes, leaving only tattered clothes and marred skin as the other noticeable traits that are readily observable. “Please mister.” The child stumbles toward Shi, its arms held up, reaching out for aid. “Pleeeeeeease.” With the child now halfway to him, Shi starts to walk toward her, only coming to a stop at arm’s length. Extending his left arm out, he places his palm against the top of her head and then locks his elbow. “They say that Drekavac, disguised as children, are death omens.” The words are spoken as Shi drops into a crouch, leveling his face with the child. “But you should know ….” His wrist flexes causing a sharp click. From beneath his forearm a hollow metal spikes slides forward, dressed in gold and silver lattice, and punctures through the front of the child’s skull and then out of base of its neck. The child’s body writhes and smokes, the white skin and dingy clothes peeling away to reveal a pinkish purple leathery hide. The illusion concealing its face melts, revealing a gaping jaw with jagged teeth, oversized compound eyes, two slits for a nose, and segmented horns. “You should know that I am death.” His hand withdraws from the creature, the spike sliding back into place as he does so, and the drekavac’s body drops limply to the ground. Taking a few seconds to study it, there are a few additional notable characteristics. Its hands have three clawed fingers and an opposable thumb. Its legs have reversed knee joints and terminate into a singular claw. And, by all accounts, it is genderless. Coming to a stand he wiggles his foot under the body and then punts it over the edge of the pit, sending it to water and dirt filled grave. “Seems empty.” He finally calls out after a second of waiting. If there are more of them, they aren’t coming just yet. “How far do you want me to go without you?”
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    Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia OOC

    Sorry for the delay. A lot of things came up and I’ve been a bit busy, but I will have my post up before the end of today.
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    I hear Akako is offering free hugs to anyone that joins.
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    Hold Your Vines

    The first of the Shadow Guards returned with a man in tow. Judging by his build, and the crossbow he had in hand, Umbra supposed that he was a hunter. One of the better occupations and skillset to have when venturing into Yh'mi... but one that couldn't quite match up to that of the Aligorian Shadow Guard, as evidenced by the impromptu race between the two of them. She laughed quietly as she watched them. The Shadow Guard approached and bowed to Umbra before stepping into the shadows off of the side. The man with the crossbow then introduced himself to Umbra as Will, and the red-haired and amber-eyed commander nodded at him and smiled. "Welcome, Will. I hope you're a good shot with that crossbow of yours, because Yh'mi doesn't give second chances." She hoped she wouldn't scare him off with that sentence, but it was nothing less than the truth. She thought of saying something more, but her attention was drawn away by the approach of an unkempt man with a strange aura. He spoke with certainty about accompanying her, and she turned her gaze to him for a few long moments, sizing him up. Then, she nodded. "... Very well. I see no reason to object." Or at least, no reason that she could really articulate. The man seemed just a bit... off, but she couldn't see what angle he could have to cause harm to this expedition. Unless he was a Twistling perhaps, but she had devised a way to test that. Just a bit of the poison she had created into his next meal, though she didn't particularly the want to resort to that until Ilene sent word back to her whether her poison was effective or not. Further thoughts on that matter were interrupted by the arrival of the second Shadow Guard, who presented the gloves provided by the Order to her commander before following the example of the first Shadow Guard, bowing and stepping into the shadows. She looked at the two new arrivals. One of the Order's paladins, along with a ragged knight who had an aura of danger about him. Something about the latter man piqued Umbra's interest, but she filed the thought away for later as she looked at the duo of new arrivals. "Well, well. I'm surprised the Order was able to spare anybody for our little expedition, what with all the efforts going towards securing the Furthest Point. But nonetheless, your aid will most certainly be appreciated." She looked around at the assembled group. "With that, we should be ready to go as soon as Stella and Tenebra arrive. With the reduced presence of Yh'mi's creatures on the Broken Plains after Remissio's assault and the later defense of the breach during the repairs, this group should be enough t-" Umbra was interrupted as the third Shadow Guard rushed towards the group. He hastily bowed to his commander, and then pointed out a girl approaching the group. Regular clothes, no armor, and no obvious weapons. Either she was some kind of mage, had some kind of power to her, or she was a full civilian who would be little more than a meatshield out there in Yh'mi. Umbra supposed she'd have to find out, one way or the other. She smiled slightly as the girl apologized for being late. "No, you've arrived at a good time. We're just waiting for the last stragglers to get here before we depart. And one of our Shadow Guards was supposed to escort you here, but I suppose he managed to avoid your attention." She turned a quick and sudden glare to the third Shadow Guard, and he slinked further back into the shadows. When she turned around, she heard heavy footsteps approaching. Stella came into view, with Tenebra and one of Aligoria's vaunted Warpgolems following behind her. When they came close, the white-haired warrior in black and gold armor smiled at her Shadow Guard counterpart, but walked forward to stand next to her without another word. Umbra simply shook her head at Stella for a moment, then turned her attention to Tenebra. "Hmm, you're bringing along one of the Warpgolems?" Tenebra nodded, and Stella turned toward her with a frown. "Why not the other war elephant, Tenebra?" Umbra rolled her eyes at Stella. "I know you Subversors all share a war elephant fetish, but considering our destination is the Whitewoods, and we don't want to trample or burn down all the vines we want to find... the Warpgolem suits our purposes much better." Stella muttered something under her breath as Umbra turned back toward Tenebra. "Alright, Tenebra, you've read the tomes. Before we leave, how do we identify the vines, and where in the Whitewoods should we find them?" Tenebra nodded, and her steel grey eyes seemed to light up for a second as she recalled the information she had read. "The Tempest Vine... green, arrow-shaped leaves. They grow around trees in the parts of the Whitewoods where the mists are the thickest. And the poison they contain means that to handle them without specialized gloves or through other means is to court a slow, agonizing death." Umbra processed the information, and nodded before turning towards the rest of the group. "Well, there you have it. Unless any of you need anything else, we'll depart. Stella and the Warpgolem will take point, and the rest of you can take formation as you see most fit. Though, if I must recommend something... Daggot, Malus. You two should take point as well, or take up the rear if you think that is more prudent." With that, Umbra turned her attention towards the gate, and gestured for the guards there to open it. As it started to raise, Stella and the Warpgolem readied their weapons, and strode to the front of the group before venturing into out into Yh'mi, into the Broken Plains.
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    Time will tell

    Once everybody turns back from Alexandros' quite open departure, there's another empty seat: the one Aveline's ass sat in. Where'd she go? Simply, out... ...to her truck, using the attention focused on Alexandros to slip out as quietly and quickly as she could. It might as well be empty, as none of her input matters, and nobody would listen to her anyways. The stack of paper is still there, if anybody cares to read it. By now the roar of her F-350's methyl-ester-fueled diesel engine signals her rapid departure.
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    Csl's Art Box (2019)

    to be honest I'm procrastinating on the Taen cities lore article while listening to musical soundtracks but look, more art! A more cartoony style here. Turned out pretty good. Finished considerably quicker too! This is Yau Maksur, magitech prodigy, former Tia resident.
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    It didn't take long for the pressure bearing down on Lilith to become unbearable. Even for her, it was tough. What had originally been merely that of a spiritual sense quickly progressed into a pressure effecting her even on the material plane. Like a mountain on her shoulders, both physically and mentally. The Soul Stone's strength was, while not unexpected, both satisfying and annoying. On one hand Lilith was pleased to see that the relic was holding up to its reputation; if it had been weak that wouldn't have been an encouraging show of Genesaris' origins. What it being a cornerstone of the land's creation and all. However, it was proving to be a rather unpleasant obstacle. Her steps quickly became sluggish- even calling it a crawl would be been an overestimation of her speed. She probably would have moved faster at the bottom of an ocean. Or in a pool of liquid cement. A breath here. A breath there. Teeth grinding. Muscles weary. Mental capacity on the verge of collapse. That was when a screen appeared in the distance. A circular existence with an almost reflective surface to it. That's probably the end of this trial, she thought to herself. Albeit slightly bitter at the amount of remaining distance to it. Maybe a dozen yards. Maybe more. It was hard to tell with the pressure continually trying to bow her head. Her vision wasn't exactly trustworthy, much less her depth perception. Sktch sktch. Claws scratched the ground as small insects scattered from every corner of the cavern, scampering toward those who'd crossed the threshold of their territory. It was at that moment Lilith noticed all the chewed and broken bones laying on the floor of the cave, reminiscent of all those who'd tried and failed to grab the stone since it'd been lost to time. Or, as it looked, not so lost as forgotten since everyone who knew about it and went for it, died. Painfully by the look of it. Clenching her jaw, Lilith ignored the tiny creatures and the dozens of painful pinches of little teeth biting into her legs. Stomach. Arms. She ignored them, though momentarily curious at how they moved so fast under such pressure.
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    Tsukimi Ceremony

    As the crowds cheered and the taiko drums rumbled in celebration, Mikazuki took a deep bow of respect, inspiring many of her fellow students to follow suit. Rising to stand erect once more, her eyes immediately cut back to the drama brewing between Ozu and Gin. Likewise, to the one of the New Moons that was trying to return Gin's sword to him. There was no way he left it on the ground by mistake, what was with him? Between laying his sword down and walking away from it, and his range of emotions, she was somewhere between weary of him and feeling sorry for him. Either way, this was hardly the place for either of these knuckle heads to be trying so hard to embarrass themselves. Approaching her cousin, the sharp, narrowed gaze of her eyes locked onto him. "..." Her gaze softened and her tongue steeled as she witness the approach of the Heika himself, and with his daughter no less! Her face flushed, burning pinkish red as she defaulted to respect. Standing stiff before hinging at the waist, she bowed as deep as he flexible body would allow her to. "It is an honor both to be in your presence and to serve you my Lord." A greeting and remark in one, that required no response. Wait, was the Emperor's daughter calling out to Ozu? It was true then, perhaps Kenshinobu-Sama had actually referred his services directly to the Emperor after all. Ozu beat her at being captain, Ozu became one of the Akatsukizukuyo before her, and now he was also working as a direct sword of the Emperor and his family, before her. As jealousy stole her heart, she leered at her cousin briefly once more before ultimately turning sharp and her heals and walking away. Any words she wished to have with him, or fights she wished to pick would have to wait until the crowds were dispersing at the official end of the ceremony and it's extended festivities.
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    Ira passed the time keeping Quinn alive by seizing the opportunity to tell her 10 years worth of stories. In between the puking, the pounding on her back to try and keep the breathing steady, and the incessant coughing, it had been a miserable night. Ira was exhausted as well, but Quinn was alive, and he was happy to have an old friend back. "So there we were. Dead bodies all around us, but we are officially hero's for once. The caravan of medicines, potions and elixirs made it to that backwoods town, and it only cost some twenty men guarding the caravan their lives, and probably double that number who attacked it. But we have bigger issues - we need to get paid, because we still need to make sure Olaf gets his money." Ira looked down at her as she kept coughing and writhing. He decided to continue on. "So the rest of us go into the mayors office who is supposedly is in charge of this entire operation, and we had been told he'd pay us afterwards. Keep in mind, after what we had been through, we expected to see gold coins stacked up for us from the floor to the ceiling. We get there, and he says, 'Thanks boys, I got ten gold coins for each of you!' Ira slammed his fist down on the stone bed, bad memories had never been easy for him to give up. "So naturally we damn near rioted. I was hoping to hire an entire company with the payout from just this mission, and this ass is offering 10 gold coins! The repairs to the equipment alone was 15 gold coins! We were told it would be a vast and immeasurable reward if we got that caravan there, and I obviously knew that was probably false, but I was still ready for a princely sum. But this mayor, he looks like he just offered us the chicken the laid the golden eggs itself. After the shouting calmed down a bit, this guy leans over, and whispers to us, 'Oh, and by the way boys, some of the medicine is for the local brothel, its a potent cure for any spreadable disease you can think of . And the Madame said that she was so grateful, anything you need is on the house, free of charge for the next 3 days.' Ira looked down at Quinn whose coughing finally seemed better. She wasn't vomiting anymore. She just looked tired and bruised. "Aidan and I were saddling up to ride back, when he turned to me and said, 'Look, I know you are big on paying your debts, and all that fancy equipment is scheduled to be paid back two days from now. Now, we can ride back, and make it to him on time, or we be 3 days late, and give him your ten coins, 5 of mine, and spend the rest on food and wine in town. If you were Olaf, what would you rather have, 10 or 15?' Ira looked down and saw Quinn twitching as she fell asleep. He tried to set her up so she was as comfortable as possible, and lied down next to her. He closed his eyes, and drifted off as well.
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