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    Acrophobia (Nightmare Realm 2:2B)

    Fidelitas did not back away from Barristan’s challenge; in fact, he leaned closer and glowered at the other man. “Can you fly?” he spoke, in a mocking voice. “How about you?” The second statement was issued to Murray. “No? I reckon not.” He snapped his head back towards Barristan. “You didn’t see how closely they were barricading the other end of the bridge,” he said. “It would have taken seconds for them to cut the rope. Seconds.You kill one, another two would take its place. You’d be dead even before you had a chance to reach the last man there,” he pointed at the Norkotian who had brought up the rear of his squad. “And what could you do if you reached? Throw your sword twenty feet at them?” It was ridiculous for them to accuse that he had ruined their chances. They had none in the first place. “I would think I have ensured your standing here right now rather than lying in pieces at the bottom of the valley.” Did they think he liked to negotiate with the foul creatures? It was to give them a possible way out than to condemn them all to wasteful deaths. He would have said more, but Ilene’s rational voice cutting in had a somewhat calming effect. “I doubt they would have waited for us to send an arsenal over,” Fidelitas replied, “but I agree that I could have sent the message earlier.” The shimmering in the air, and the fact that the harpies did not respond to Ilene’s plan, indicated that Volke’s magic seemed to be working. Fidelitas nodded to Ilene. “Exactly. I was thinking that whoever is allowed to cross the bridge goes back to bring help, but if your war elephant and Shadow Guards make it across, it will be ideal if we can end this now.” The thought did briefly cross his mind that Ilene might abandon them once she crossed the bridge, but he shook the thought away. Gormaric was trustworthy, and his associates must be so by extension. Nevertheless, he turned to Murray. Whatever the cowboy was, a disloyal leader he was not. “Murray, I would like you to go with her. Fight for your men; fight for all of us.” Next, the paladin motioned Charlie over. “You’re going to be useful now. Go with me to as the ‘tribute’, and we’ll burn down their precious nests.” His gaze then fell on Barristan. “You wanted to charge them? Now, I’m giving you an opportunity to prove yourself. Come with us, and we’ll see how much of a fighter you are.” “Dan Palmer,” he addressed the young man, “I’ll be counting on you to find another way out if we fail. The rest of you, standby for a signal to cross the bridge to join us in battle.” “I have one more request,” Fidelitas’ eyes swept over all of those present until he found the machine that followed Soryn. “You, journalist - sorry I forgot your name - will you let your robot follow us across and record everything? I will find an opportunity to open the door on the other side to let it through. In the case that none of us make it..” he paused gravely. “At least someone who finds it will be warned about what happened today.” “Any objections?” he asked.
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    Is Valucre Flat?

    So you are in fact suggesting that it is currently hollow. That there is some sort of secondary, internal layer to this world. A cavernous space which, in order to make the world above it count as 'hollow', requires it is an enclosed space. Whether you take this to mean that the surface we know is but one of many faces atop a cuboid, or wrappings of a mighty sphere, or any other sufficiently three dimensional body that could have such an interior, this admission by you requires, by definition, one thing...! IT'S NOT FLAT!
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    Spooky Mittens

    Well hello there

    One of us! One of us! One of us!
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    @supernal !!!! The hype is strong in you, I like it. I am super DUPER EXTRA HOPING YES PLEASE that there will be some amazing ramifications behind the Gods being killed, especially because Renovatio has some heavily religious roots that are deeply embedded into its history. I hope there are some people who go all angry because of it and try to do something about the loss of the Gods. What is being done is not a small thing! So if there is a group of people who want to come on out and defend the the memory of the Gods then please do. I am sure that there will be all kinds of Zodiac Knights very unappreciative of what is happening ;x BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY, all the Gods are gonna be dead and/or cut off. So no more of these Gods, they gone, done did in, ded, pushed away, etcetc. Yes you may! I will lock your thread and get the Cancer thread up and ready for you! Let me know when your current thread is over and you may have Pisces if no one has claimed them before you finish!
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    Acies ab Vesania

    Is Valucre Flat?

    I am disappointed by how much traction this thread has received.
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    Well hello there

    @supernal Shhh, it's just very advanced renaissance tech.
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    Well hello there

    @Frostwyrm Hiya! I'm one of the newbies in Coth, but it's been a lot of fun so far! We should get you set up on a test thread with somebody ? I think Spooky or Better Than Gore will prolly rope you in, they're kinda in charge right now. EDIT Speak of the devil, he beat me!
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    Taen OOC

    omg you're right, I've seen these lil dudes in ice age too they're technically glyptodonts according to wikipedia but I like them. They shall dwell amongst the velociraptors. I remember something about there being no grass in the dinosaur ages so the undergrowth was mostly ferns, which is a pretty cool detail imo. Also, @Monoxide proposed something very similar to your idea, except that it's a "reverse" dungeon that spirals upwards into a mountain. Maybe you two would like to collaborate?
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    Taen OOC

    The Doedicurus is a pretty cool dinosaur, it's so cute! I'm looking to make a quest inspired by the manga Made In Abyss, basically a layered/tiered underground system. Adventures will have to explore, secure and research each layer one by one. It'll be done 5-10 layers per quest and adventurers involved will be able to contribute to each layers environment, such as plant species and encounters. It'll be more of a community project rather than me pushing any specific narrative, so everyone involved will have a say on what happens. I've got the location down, just need to write it up and get the people.
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    Taen OOC

    Nice. I'm looking for prospective places to send in my new adventurers for some good wholesome fun.
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    The Alexandrian

    God Slayers [OOC]

    Some of them might be violently psychotic, but I don't think all of them would be. Some of them might act as though they are afflicted by schizophrenia. I wonder if some of them would actually exhibit a greater dependence on their worshipers, given that they are vulnerable and might view their worshipers as their children.
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    Do it. Do it super much
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    You're not forgotten everyone. Work got me good today...still recovering. Hope to dole out posts tomorrow for both threads.
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    The Neverending Challenge

    Michael's Peachy Keen was an incredible weapon, capable of turning any tide of battle with its flexibility and power, but James had an ace up his sleeve, as he expelled his energy from the palm of his left hand. The technique was actually akin to Michael's Explaudere, except much more focused. Whereas Michael had emanated his burst off his whole body, James channeled his through the palm of his hand, in a powerful point-blank blast that would blow and wound the Peacekeeper's wrist away even more surely then the other man did James's spear earlier. It was not the sort of attack like that of a physical blade that could be more easily turned aside by armor, but blunt force trauma like that of a mace, capable of inflicting injury through armor. The maneuver had a bonus in sending Michael's sword arm flying, effectively mitigating the effects of curving energy blade, As much as the living energy blade bent and arched it would succeed not in cutting off James's left arm, but badly maim it instead, carving deeply through armor to bleed heavy crimson. As the Peacekeeper staggered away, James stepped back as well on his left foot, seemingly creating a step or two more distance between them to avoid any more retaliation from the arching energy blade, but Michael was not free from another attack in kind. The same motion saw James whipping around the advantageous length of spear in his right hand, coming into Michael's left in a sharp diagonal arc, to strike down at the younger man's feet with the spearhead. It was not a powerful attack, but it was fast, using the spear's brace on his rolling shoulders and neck as he had stepped back, to sling it around with speed. The Daemonslayer's raw physicality was on display, his mastery of several martial disciplines and weapons allowing him to push the Peacekeeper relentlessly with an inspired combination in conjunction with his powers, always ready to follow up with another technique. The pain in his arm seethed, and he'd have reduced power in his left arm for now, but it did not prevent him from pressing an assault. Infact, the pain fueled James.
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    Valley of Elemental Stone, Taen

    Valley of Elemental Stone Sat on the edge of Yi’mi mountains, nestled between the gloomy peaks is The Valley of Elemental Stone. Despite Yi’mi’s atmosphere, the valley is anything but depressing. The high concentration of elemental stone has created an extremely anomalous terrain, where physics seemingly has little say in what happens. This beautiful place was only recently discovered, already considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Taen. The high concentration of elemental stones is believed to be caused by the combination of large pockets of auranite and elemental storms blown in from Yi’mi, the high concentration of magic is believed to have caused the auranite to become volatile and explode. The resulting explosion created the valley, spreading shards of radioactive magic material across the crater which later formed the elemental stones. Earthstones cause an ever shifting ground, slowly molding itself in random and unorthodox ways. Airstones raise large masses of earth, causing islands to float and become their own small paradise. Waterfalls endlessly pour from these islands and floating streams weave around, a result of waterstones. Random fires will break out, scorching large portions of the valley as a result of firestones. As destructive as this is, it makes way for newer creations to form. Occasionally fusions will occurs, the results of which can be unpredictable. Firestones and waterstones might create hot springs, waterstones and airstones could create small tsunamis, etc. Tho incredible, these are considered unstable combinations. The flora and fauna has fully embraced the unique landscape, using it to their advantage. Vines connect the floating islands together and to the ground, preventing them from just floating away. Trees and bushes grow from the side of islands, as well as on top. Beautiful flowers and undergrowth cover most surfaces, strong enough to survive the ever shifting ground. Many unique and undiscovered plants grow here, the fruit they bare untouched by most. Aquatic life swims through the floating streams, trying to find a place to settle. Most predators are airborne, able to use the floating terrain to their advantage. So little is know about this valley and what it has to offer.
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    Well hello there

    Welcome! Valucre's freedom basically means there are very few places your character can't go, I'd personally recommend Union Capital. Most of Genesaris is renaissance level tech, so he should fit in there.
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    Well hello there

    @Vansin I'll make sure to brush up on as much as I can then! Read a couple of threads no less. @Spooky Mittens We all become one with the massive luddite herd, inevitably.
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    Well hello there

    Well hard work shows! You're welcome @supernal Its just been that, in my experience, poor website design usually symbolizes a lack of interest by users/staff. A forum that functions well is a good sign of activity and engagement, and of course keeps new people around. Speaking of keeping new people around, I can't say this'll mean as much as my last statement, but I do appreciate Valcure's more customized format, I've also run into a lot of forums that use very standardized, or pre-made layouts, which aren't as engaging as a website that is very custom made. (And this is not to dissuade anyone reading these posts from making a forum of their own with a pre-made format! I'm no programmer or website designer, I can't criticize others too hard!) @Better Than Gore & @Revvys Ah ha, didn't know if other people were inhabiting Coth as well! Depends on the plans and whats going on, but thank you nonetheless! I'll see about getting your discord Gore. @Vansin Thank you! I hope so, still have to brush up on more of the lore, but I do hope they're a fitting addition to everything going around Coth and Terrenus as well.
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    Well hello there

    First and foremost thank you very much! The positive feedback has been very bolstering and second doesn’t sound snarky at all! That’s some great validation on the user experience side. I’ve spent the last 1-2 years putting a special emphasis on pruning inactive and underutilized content for that specific reason so now I can print, frame and then pass this around to all of the doubters
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    Well hello there

    Even the tech advanced continents offer locations that would be a good fit for your character. A perfect example of this is coth. Although it exists in Terrenus which is science fantasy (heavy on the magitech) those are in isolated pockets and the greater continent isn’t quite so cutting edge. Coth in particular has a special emphasis on keeping the tech low and the fantasy high And similar is true for the other continents. But I recommend Coth ?. If you need a link let me know. I also suggest checking out the new member guide. And am able to provide a link for that too! But am hoping the layout is easy enough to navigate that it doesn’t take you more than a minute to find either Welcome!
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    Witches Brew

    The House that Zan built.

    Myth continued to put away some of the things she had in the boxes. Soon though, she was finished, there was nothing else for her to pull out and put away. She sunk into a chair, and put her head in her hands. She was hungry, and yet, she felt ill. Tamlen was laying down by her feet, chewing on his paws. Myth stood suddenly, and she started to walk towards the bedroom. She removed the tunic, and her leggings, placing them on the bed. She stood in the center of her room, in nothing but some plain underwear. She dug the piece of ribbon out of her hair, her thick silver tendrils falling back over her shoulders, and over her breasts. She didn’t know what was going on with her lately. She’s been so tired and emotional, it made no sense. She ran her fingers through her hair, and then she started to unweave her braid. Once all her hair was down, she headed into the bathroom. The bathroom was a good size, with a large copper tub and a chamber pot. There was also a wash basin, and nice tile flooring. It was very clean and simple. Myth entered the bathroom wordlessly, and she removed her underpants, and climbed into the tub, with each foot on either side of Zan. She lowered herself so that she was sitting on his lap, and her legs wrapped around his waist, and her arms wrapping around his neck. She laid her head on his pecs, and she snuggled into him, and she closed her eyes. Tamlen wandered into the bathroom also, sitting by the tub, staring up at Myth and Zan, his tail wagging rapidly. She was so tired, she just wanted to lay on top of him for a while. “I love you.” She said softly, and she cuddled closer up to him.
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    Taen OOC

    you're giving me lots of cool words to google, please continue, this is neat. tepuis are neat. Taen's mountains don't always follow the laws of physics (or geometry) so it's pretty doable! Also, beehives/anthills with entrances at the bottom and tunnels spiraling up-- definitely interesting when paired with psionic wasp-people
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    Taen OOC

    Go up? ARE YOU MADE!?! Then again, I remember learning about hidden forests, like Tepui, on top of mountains that had never been touched. Might make for an interesting thread.
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    Naughty or Nice? [Finished]

    "Looks like it's down to you and me, doggo!" Alice Prime remarked as only one dog was left, gesturing for the rest of the Alice's to stand down so that she could finish it one on one. The two would lock eyes with each other, and at the same time as the canine leaped at the cat girl to deliver a desperate final attack she too would dash past the dog to perform an X-shaped double slash with her claws. The two combatant would pass each other, coming to a stop several metres apart, back facing back. Alice Prime would bear a set of bite marks on her right shoulder, just barely missing her neck. Her canine opponent would remain still, but a couple of seconds would pass before four sets of slash marks would appear on both sides of its neck, before two geysers of crimson erupted from the marks made by Alice's claws slicing into its arteries. It was almost like a scene from a chanbara film being played out, only minus the katanas. "Nya, I think of myself as more of a shinobi than a samurai anyway," Alice Prime commented., flicking the dog blood off her claws as she turned around to face the rest of the Alice's. "Wait, you actually heard the narrator?" Alice Beta interjected. "You do not speak about the fourth wall, nya!" Alice Gamma retorted, delivering a smack to the back of Alice Beta's head. "Well, then let's help some of our allies, shall we?" Alice Prime added, getting back on the subject. "Or, it would seem like they too have cleaned house as well," the cat girl mused, brushing pieces of thot out of her hair. @Thotification @HollowCipher
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    I was reading some prompts and it looks like one of the gods is being defended by warriors, but they're being mind controlled (I think...?) so I guess that's not the same as crazy paladins. Would be interesting though
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    The Doctor iS in

    I'm gonna need someone to make like Malone's first name and Post.
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    No doubt, which is why I think a lot of people have talked to the gods before killing them as they aren't completely gone. It's just as an explanation it would be hard to follow round and defend a rampaging psychotic god, especially those at sea or that fly.
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    That would be a fun thing for afterwards, where there are still a lot of religious extremist cells out in Reno determined to avenge their gods and try to make the Kommandant regret trying to remove the gods.
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    Is Valucre Flat?

    It's truly appalling. "Is Valucre flat?" "Yes." Thread over. What is wrong with people?
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    Battle of Forsthaven OOC

    Okay maybe not today. Not gonna get home till 8 or 9 am, which is passed their closing time.? But the CL post is done.
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    My summary is complete, once you've approved of it could I please take on Cancer?
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    Oathsworn (Oathblade)

    SUMMARY: During an autopsy/anatomy lesson, Dr. Silas Harriden, Varda Hildebrand, and her sister and brother are interrupted by a geological event. Upon stepping outside, they find a massive stone tower jutting out of the middle of the field. Feeling compelled to enter, the Doctor and Varda go inside. The two navigate the narrow hallways until they come upon an underground forest. Following the path laid out before them, they are eventually ambushed and captured by a mysterious spirit. The spirit strips Silas of his glamour; revealing his physical and mental scars. Varda defends the doctor, asserting that his past does not define him. Inspired by her words, the Doctor commands the spirit to release them. The spirit complies, then shapes itself into it's true form, the Oathblade Abettor; offering to help him heal from his past trauma if he will help it to defend Ursa Madeum. He accepts, and later asks Varda on a date, which she accepts. SHORT SUMMARY: Dr. Silas Harriden and Lady Varda Hildebrand investigate a strange structure in the middle of a field. They find an Oathblade, and Silas becomes its wielder. @Csl @Wade
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    Oathsworn (Oathblade)

    Varda is no stranger to the presence of an Oathblade; she would know one should she see one, and the sword that had manifested in the wake of the strange creature’s disappearance is most definitely one of the famed weapons. She watches from the sidelines as Silas glows, blade in hand and facade returned to its original appearance, the tangible weight of magic heavy around his being. It’s the same sort of aura she had experienced within close proximity of the female Oathsworn her House shelters. The thought of wielding so much power on one’s shoulders is almost unthinkable, in her current sterile state, and so there is nothing left to do but gaze upon the Doctor and observe in silence. That is, until he poses the query about having dinner together. With their return to the sun-warmed surface of the plains, her modesty comes in rolling waves, infusing her cheeks with pink-blossom tint. Varda takes a subtle step backward in an effort to preserve formality, but the smile that tugs at her mouth is gentle, acquiescing. “I’d be most delighted to accompany you to dinner, good sir. Consider it recompense for not abandoning me within the tower.”
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    The Sacrifice of Others (Dead)

    "For such a fine offering, I could give you power on par with a Gaian archbishop." Cain’s body lurched forward at the words, digits clawing into the earth so that he crawled on hands and feet toward Faust. He did so with.. Unnatural speed, unnatural movements. If a human could be a spider in the multifaceted movement of its limbs, so was Cain. He had sideled to the edge of the light, the edge of the dark, the edge of the stage with disturbing speed. His fingers slithered over its edges, eyes wide with cretinous, devilish desire. Suddenly a clawed hand wretched forth into the light that clothed Faust, protecting Faust; and in turn Cain, from whatever retaliation the man’s foray into Cain’s dark might render. Cain doled out respect on a per-instance basis. Today, with coin, he would allow you to live. Tomorrow he might not come; but in a week when perchance he did, without coin you were a whole new prospect. A… bodily prospect. Iblis was of the cloth that Cain would certainly regret muddling with, but in another scenario he might be foolish enough to try the devil. Not today though. Today, Cain held forth a plasm of green energy. It was all of Alignak that he had gathered on the fateful night when he had killed a religious cult and taken its god into his stomach. Now, he offered it to Iblis as both wares and payment. The fact of the matter was, no matter how skilled or how arcane, one could never come in touch with such a volatile and dense mixture of power without forever being affected. When Iblis, the eternal mind touched the orb, his mind would plunge through arctic seas and the bellies of whales, piercing the hearts of giants and underwater leviathan, encapsulating the life of seals and ice mongrels, polar bears and Ice Suujali. Iblis would suddenly understand all that the god Alignak ever had, discovering all the knowledge of the ancient Shawnee Glacier; its borders with the sea and the Wastelands; the history and secrets of its kingdoms. When the microchosm of energy closed in Faust’s grasp, when the blue light subsided, he would see Cain standing at the foot of the stage with both arms extended into the light, his hands cupped. “I give these lives unto you, Iblis Faust,” he said, golden eyes gleaming in the stark night. “That you might place the earth in my hands.” “How long, Faust? What besides the lives?" He said it as if the lives of a thousand fathers and sons were nothing. Such was the irreverence of Cain.
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    Thread will be going up tomorrow evening, after I return home from work. By then, we'll have the party finalized and alchemized. It'll be fun!
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    Rat-fighters no-need dumb paper-things! Hail-Hail!
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    Breaking Ground (Wild Hearts)

    It would appear that the whole operation has gone without a single bump in the road. She was a little awkward in some places and could work on her presentation, but so far she has meshed in well with others who have done this more than a few times. Sincerely speaking, it was a wonder watching how Jack and Cerebri worked the room with so much calm. Eliza had put little thought behind her actions, only going with the flow of the room and adjusting to the atmosphere as needed. Her lack of tact appears to have worked well enough, but she hopes to reach the level the other two are at. As the tavern moved to celebrate the couple's fake engagement, Eliza caught her faux husband's smile, and it made her laugh loudly. Such a brooding man shouldn't smile so sincerely, how a man shouldn't easily slip his charm into a natural conversation. Something was endearing about his slip-ups; it made her want to get to know what else he is hiding under his brooding demeanor and why. Though that would mean she would have to confide in him and she's not entirely sure that is safe; being so careless could be hurtful to them both. "Well, another round before we leave or should we pocket this for later?" She picked up the money with a smile spread across her face. Their little charade had almost distracted her of the real reason why they're here; Jack providing them money, the tavern giving them congratulations, and Cerebri fitting the mold of the perfect husband-to-be, how could she not forget what they're doing? Her naivety peeked through, and she wasn't quick enough to suppress it; thus, she was a victim to the entire mood, and it made her blush a bit to be so transparent. Scooting the money towards her partner, she grabs her mug and slowly sips her drink while she gets her ducks in a row. "You should probably smile more often. I think it would make you a little less, mm, frightening? I guess is the word I'm looking for." Her compliment was meant to help herself get through the strange awkwardness she had created. Plus, she wanted to make sure he knew she was there with him, paying attention to what he was doing and saying. The last thing she needs is him thinking she is not capable of doing this job or that her head is always in the clouds. She can be serious, and she can be very aware.
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    Raid-fight? Kill-kill? Take-take food for home-home? EAT-BITE MORE BLOOD-MEAT AND MAKE ENEMIES DIE-DIE! You take Verd Blackfang. He'll stab-kill dirty man-thing, elf-thing or dwarf-thing. Also will drip-dry them for wall-trophy. Skrrrrt! (I have no character sheet tho)
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    Branching Out (Wild Hearts)

    Eliza took a moment to properly look over the notes and such, an attempt to see if there were any specific clues as to why the District was a point of interest. By its name alone, she can see how come anyone would find it to be an exciting place, but there was nothing within the notes that struck her odd or unique. That only made her more curious. "I don't think it would hurt to get a peek at this place." Initially, she had openly worried that going near the area would be bad for business, but perhaps they can carve out a niche there. Not many people in this world are scared of ghosts, goblins, and all other forms of unnatural beings. She can't say she is ultimately one of those people, but she is far too curious to worry much about such things. Having lived in a world that shunned the abnormal, she can't help but be drawn to the intricacies of spells, hexes, and the creatures that often hone them. Already her mind begins to work how they can associate such an area with their current dealings. Maybe they will be able to rope in a few lingering spirits to join them or perhaps wrangle a couple of specters to keep the place civil. Perhaps they could be led to unique treasures or other little trinkets that could be useful to them. "Maybe we'll find something interesting?" The elf guides her employer outside and locks the door before they begin their little walk towards the mysterious district. "How are the rest of the crew doing?"
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    Long Roads Ahead (Back to Square One)

    As the young adventurer listened to her story, he couldn't help but emphathize with her plight. She once had everything, but now was reduced to almost nothing. Having the ability was useless if the correct tools weren't on hand. Much like how a woodsman was useless without his axe. "Yeah, I think I got an idea of what you're going through right now." Aaric replied. "But no worries! Torie and I can help you with that. That's what party members and friends are for right?" He flashed a confident smile, hoping his optimism could lighten Priscilla's mood a little. "I'm pretty sure we'll earn enough money together to at least procure some basic smithing tools for yourself. Just let us know what you need and we'll get through this together. Anyway, I'm in here for the long haul and for the adventure. Money's not much a problem for me anyway." As dusk settled outside the carriage, the rogue decided to end the conversation there and get some rest. "Well, I won't keep the both of you up any longer. If you don't mind I'll just doze off right here. I'm a light sleeper, so if there's anything off I'll wake up right away. You two go ahead and have your snooze!"
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    Sheltered from the bitter wind that plagued the Cold Mountains, Rin was eager to return home, and thus she continually prodded at the captain – much to his dismay. Her persistence paid off, however, when they arrived two hours earlier than planned in the Port City of Caleum. As soon as she was allowed to deboard the ship, Rin was off and headed to find Akako. Flute held tightly in her grasp, and covered in the silky fabric of the now tattered kimono, Rin moved through the halls with an almost eager look before pausing at the door in which led her ot Akako. Perhaps the woman was busy… But no, this was worth interrupting. Rin knocked twice, two sharp knocks, before she opened the door quickly. “Akako-sama, I have the flute.” She states quickly, neverminding what she might be interrupting as it is offered at arms length to the woman.
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    Each slow movement became more hesitant than the last. The snowfall was heavy and thick on almost bare feet. Shivering loudly, Rin takes a moment to perch on a fallen log that has been cleared off. Sitting for a moment, hands reach down in an effort to rub feeling back into her extremities. A frown settles on her visage but she doesn’t complain further than she already has. There is no point to it. Fortunately for her, the Airship is within her range of vision. Since she can see it, Rin hops up to continue her trek. A few more moments of trudging through the snow, Rin finally comes upon the airship and lets out a relieved noise. “Thank goodness.” She murmurs quietly as she climbs the rope ladder rather stiffly to the deck. Once onboard, she stretches and accepts a mug of something warm. Gulping it down quickly, Rin sighs as warmth tingles through her body and settles in the pit of her stomach. “Thank you.” She offers before moving to grasp a blanket, draping it over herself.
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    Lirrey Lines

    Never in Karuna's wildest dreams would she ever find herself stepping through a portal. And though little is to be expected at this point, she was surely alarmed by the helplessness she felt as she was being thrown into this eldritch surrealistic landscape. It was hard to comprehend, perhaps even impossible to for mere mortals. The helpless young lady felt sick to her stomach, as if being pulled in multiple directions at once- a constant state of disorientation, that which would give rise to vomiting in normal circumstances. Yet her helpless body refused to void a single drop of it's content for her slender body felt just as interdimensionally foreign to her as the river in which she flowed through and on. Though perhaps it were an instance, it felt an eternity, passive in her plights to simply get to wherever she needs to. Perhaps the experience was worsened due to her naturally empathetic nature whose attempts to comprehend only threw her in for a loop 10 fold. Just as she were about to loose consciousness, she bore witness to the scenario of two scientists and a little girl, and the tragedy in which she beheld. Reality felt subjective at this point, up until the creature which grew in size measured the helpless Karuna, though there would have been nothing she could do to stop it. Luckily it had more pressing matters, and soon found itself fleeing at the realization of Lunara, who Karuna hadn't realized was even here. Was this not a dream? The creature left the girl to sob alone in the void beyond Space-Time. And despite the young woman's current condition, she could not help but feel sorry for her. But that moment almost immediately passed as they stepped out of the portal. In attempts to adapt to a plane of existence, she fell to a knee, once again dropping her books. She refused to vomit, but held a hand to her mouth just in case. She heard the man speak, but refused to reply until she were certain she could contain herself. She gathered her books into a stack on the floor shortly after. "I..." She looked back at Sasha with furrowed brows. That couldn't be the little girl could it? And that man's voice. What was this all for? Anger flowed through her as she felt the helplessness of ignorance, from her Journey through Lirrey to her passage through the portal she has felt helpless. And for some reason, through this feeling, a distant, yet unforgettable memory resurfaced, remembering looking directly into the sky, the air engulfed in heat and fire, the clouds daunting and screams of the innocent deafening, and seeing a weapon unlike any a poor farmer girl has ever seen heading straight for her. She returned to reality once more. "Give my portion of the gold to them. I don't need it." Just before rising from her kneel, she noticed a small but noticeable greenish imprint on her poncho, that which resembled the same greenish flame from the man they encountered. This resulted in a slight pause in her ascent to her feet. "I have a pretty strong imprint on all of your spiritual essence. Hopefully we can keep in touch, but we must part ways for now." She coughed in her shoulder. "I'll be heading to the Gaian Academy to continue my studies. For the next couple of months, if you ever need to find me, that would be the place. But-" with her magic, she pulls out a small crystal orb which expanded in her hand to a full sized crystal ball. she pulled a chip of crystal from it with relative ease and the mass seemed to acclimate for the missing space. She gave the chipped crystal to Lunara. "For those more magically inclined. You have that too. it's magically attracted to me. It should activate when you need it to. Until we meet again." She gives a warm, yet smile as she takes another look around, her smile fading to stoicism. She starts towards a rather rough looking man with a stable of horses in which it seems a negotiation for one of the houses is taking place. Though no money was transacted She ends up purchasing a horse and leaves with it, looking back at the group for a moment as the horse galloped away. At closer inspection one may notice the man seemed to be sleeping deeply in the same chair he rocked in. One thing was certain. Her pursuit for knowledge, and by association, power, was insatiable.
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    The trek back to the airship was tedious at best. Surely it was nothing more than spite that the weather sent a cold chill. Rin shivered beneath the minimal protection of her tattered clothes, momentarily cursing her shortsightedness in activating the lightning that had been so beneficial. In the woman’s wake, only grudging footsteps. Her teeth chattered loudly as arms wrapped around herself in attempt to stave off the chill once more. “This is ridiculous.” She states, glaring at the sky as though some entity above is to blame for her shit luck. Unfortunately, this movement turns her attention from where her feet will fall, and the woman stumbles, before slipping and faceplanting into the snow. To the average eye, it would appear as though the ground has simply swallowed her entirely. Remaining in this position for a moment, Rin sighs before finding the gumption to lift herself from the snowy depths as she groans. “I hate this place.” Traces of a pout begin to form before they are pushed aside in favor of determination. Surely such a simple quest cannot be so difficult. Rin takes one step, and then another as her lips start to shade in blue. “I. Am. Not. Letting. Some. Snow. Stop. Me.” Each word is punctuated with a foot fall, perhaps a tad harsher than the last.
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    Legacy of the Void

    Connor nodded in agreement with his newfound party members and let them find their own quarters to sleep in. The town wouldn't hurt them physically. Then again, anything might happen should they attempt to leave. For all he knew, the inhabitants may try to ensure no one ever left Lirrey. "Sure thing." The inventor replied. His encounter with the bat-like creatures had taken a toll on him. It seemed that no matter how long he stayed in this place, there would always be something that would catch him offguard no matter how prepared he was. He thought he could get used to it. But it never seemed to come to that. All he could do now was bide his time, prepare for as many scenarios as he can, and hope the gods were on his side... whether or not they still cared about this hell-on-this-earth. Within a few minutes, he fell asleep. Morning of the next day... A couple of hours later, he was woken up by Arthur and took over his shift while he slept. There was no need to do so if he were honest with himself. But this was the day they set off for the unknown. They had best be prepared for anything. While his new party member slept, he double checked and triple checked his equipment and supplies. He surmised that he would have enough Auranite and Solabernite for his equipment to last the entire journey. Hopefully, the skies around the portal would be clear and he could recharge the solar crystals for the journey back... if they ever made it at all. Fishing out a handheld device, he flipped a switch and the contraption whirred to life. Two analog indicators showed the direction and power output of the portal's wavelength respectively. For now, this would be their sole instrument in navigating the narrow peaks. If they ever lost it, they might not make it at all. He was already fully suited up and equipped by the time Arthur wake up. Together, they met at the centre of town where a bustling morning market was located. Patiently, the pair waited for the other two to arrive and begin their journey.
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    Taen Quests and Opportunities

    Taen Quest Index Remember to read the Veluriyam Canonization and the Standardized Quest Rules before starting a quest! City-specific quests ▸Totenborough → Totenborough Quests ▸Hydra's Haven → Hydra's Haven Quest Board Repeatable quests ▸The hollow lands Enter the hydra scar-- a ravine in the Moss Forest -- and explore the tunnels that lead eastward underneath Taen. Requirement: 1+ pages (16+ posts), 1+ players Reward: Negotiable. PM Csl for details Status: Available Narrative quests These quests further long-term storylines for Taen. to be updated, come back later! General quests ▸Lapis stellatus An unusually large worldrift portal has been sighted on a mountaintop. Climb the mountain and report back on your findings. Requirements: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 1+ players Reward: A significant amount of a new metamaterial, lazulum. Further rewards negotiable - PM Csl for details. Status: Ongoing ▸Suspended in resin A half-submerged mound of amber has been discovered deep in the Wetlands. Peering into the golden rock reveals unnerving shadows trapped within. The Taen Exploration Committee is paying adventurers willing to unearth the amber secrets. Requirements: 1+ page (16+ posts), 1+ player Reward: Obtain a significant amount of a new metamaterial, mycenic amber. Further rewards negotiable - PM Csl for details. Status: Available History Suspended in Resin (Forfeit; 60 days without post) Generated Opportunities Writing prompts generated from canonized threads. August 2019 ▸ What's Past is Present With the appointment of a proper Governor, one may now seek their approval and support for expeditions, studies, and other opportunities within the area of Totenborough. With the new mine, the Gravekeepers Legion begins to equip itself with new armour and weapons. A good opportunity to test their mettle. ▸ It's gettin' hot down here... also sweaty and hairy... The Mil Dot Lunaris will soon be holding a massive jungle pig hunt massacre genocide management program. → Interest check No other species in Taen have been known to grow this large of a population so fast. Why these pigs? → Investigate why the wild pigs population have grown so fast ▸ What's the difference between love and fun? Join the local police force Exploit the chaos and commit your own crimes Join Taen's R&D to learn from the slug sample taken at the scene of the crime with one of the bank robbers
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    Rin narrowly avoids being catch by the claws of a wolf, and she scowls. Why are they so intent on protecting the flute? What about it is driving them to behave this way? Rumor has it that certain songs played by the flute would bring mythical creatures to heel - but she could not remember it ever saying anything about them attacking someone who has possession of the flute. Rin draws back the fan and swings it forward, clearing a path before her. Not wanting to let go of such a chance, she bolts for it. Once through the great clearing, she hopes to be free of the strange behaving wildlife. It seems, for now, nothing is in pursuit. After getting some distance away, Rin pauses to catch her breath as deft fingertips pluck the flute from between the folds of clothes. It is scrutinized with a harsh look before Rin carefully tears a piece of the kimono off at the bottom and wraps the flute securely, tying it with a satisfied look. “That should prevent you from making noise until I get back to Akako.” The nin offers before re-tucking the flute back into the folds of her clothes, behind the Obi.
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    Justiciar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down

    Manah had been lost in her thoughts as she trained. Though the knight had been through a lot, being tainted by some creature she knew nothing about and survived--meant she could tackle a lot. But she felt she wasn't strong enough yet. Holding her sword, it trembled in her hand. Would her father be proud she was here helping people? The Yellow Leaf brigade proud how far she had gotten? Would she falter again in the end? Manah didn't know as she stared at the dummy frustrated. "I don't understand! I came this far and there's nothing to show that I'm better!" She threw her sword at the dummy. Frustrated by all the events that led up to this point. Manah didn't feel proud. Didn't feel good enough to be here which wasn't the point, because she did. She had done so much to help the Justicar be repaired. Yet she oddly felt defeated. Picking up her sword she looked at it. It was the last thing her father gave her before he died. She felt bad to have it yet proud at the same time. An heirloom that got her through most of her battles. An hour or two passed before she eyed the young man standing there watching her. How long had he been there? Did he see her outburst? Manah didn't know. She walked out of the training area nodding silently. It was time to get the adventure started. Hopefully it wouldn't go wrong this time like so many have before her.
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    The Land of Taen

    [ Best viewed on desktop ] The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. —Robert Frost Welcome, stranger There are two paths you could have taken to arrive here. Most take the first— walking into the Blue Hills until the sun splits into two and those rings of sapphire light flicker in and out like will-o'-the-wisps. At the end of a well-known, well-trodden road, a stone arch marks the boundary between the Hills and the pocket dimension. It - and the road beyond it - is a beacon for refugees, an escape route from the scorched cities, murderous cabals, and plagues of the mainland. If you’ve taken the second, why, you are a long, long way from home. Those who come by the second path find themselves tumbling through the void between worlds, torn from their homes, their lands, their worlds. The same blinding blue light greets them as it hurls you into this realm, unceremoniously flinging you out of its maw. Now, here you stand: may it be amidst mossy forest, foggy marshland, hollow mountain, or barren desert. Step carefully, stranger. The forest paths double in on themselves, and the trees change places when you blink. Take a shovel to the desert sands and you’ll soon hit spacecraft metal. There are dead stars in the mountains and sleeping behemoths in the swamps. Remember: this is the corpse of an old world. Its dreams are wild, hungry creatures. Its whispers call forth feral things from beyond reality’s horizons. This is the crossroads of the wild and wondrous, a convergence for all things strange and surreal. And still, for many, it is home. Welcome to Taen. Navigation Lore Article Otherworlder's Guides Local Legends Bestiary and Botany The Three Sisters Totenborough The Frontier neatia Quests & Opportunities AMA OOC Discussion Eridianus and now, the weather ▷ scntfc - Beacon Bay ▷ scntfc - Lantern ▷ Connor Sherlock - Blasted Heath ▷ Connor Sherlock - Myth-born Dreams ▷ Connor Sherlock - Daemon Soul of An Unhallowed Thing
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