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    SM-6366-472 "Illyrian Expedition Infiltration" Mission Log: Day [1] Assessment: Initial scouting concluded, suspicions averted, 2 disguises acquired. That damn kid. What a thorn in his side. He couldn't let his emotions get the best of him, and so he kept his composure. Of course, these symbols are unexplainable and unique, a secret language VCF SA use. "T-these are some new theories I'm working at, s-sir..." he said, slouching his body, looking at the floor. He could play off being extremely passive and submissive well, such as the nature of his job. Once the focus was averted off of him, he started to wander around the ship. He sketched diagrams and notes, guard names, routines and such. Because of his docile appearance and relative similarity to the other researchers onboard, the guards paid no attention to him. A grave mistake on their part, who thought that letting a researcher enter the engine room was a good idea? Indeed, he assessed the guards were incompetent, if not green. He faced tougher security within the brothels of Palgard, this would be a cake-walk for him. "What a hassle, damn Orisian tech..." an overall-wearing man spoke to himself. He was holding a magi-tech wrench as he pondered upon the engine itself. He shut off the engine to conserve energy and turned on the magi-tech engine, an air-powered propellant that was somewhat slower than the main engine. Of course, it's this Engineer's job to find out what's wrong, but he's a mechanical engineer, not a Magi-tech one. If he doesn't find out what's wrong, he fears the worst. He can't afford to lose his job, lest his daughter stays hungry back home. But the worst is yet to come. If only the Engineer saw the frail, weak scientist sneak up behind him. The scientist took him by surprise, and the engineer, a bulky man himself, was terrified and confused as to how this frail, tooth-pick limbed scientist somehow manage to hold him down. Without warning, a warm, damp cloth wrapped itself around the Engineer's mouth. Some muffled, barely audible screaming later, the Engineer's fast asleep, his body stuffed within the waste chute only moments later. Soon though, no one would be the wiser, as the now frail scientist suddenly started to disappear. He started to somewhat glow, and just like that the frail scientist transformed into the now unconscious engineer; holographic disguising at it's finest. He pulled out a dark, metallic box, and put it up to the Magi-tech engine. The box worked perfectly, the light at the centre blinking after magnetically sticking onto the engine. He now has complete control over the engine, something he'll need later on. But when he thought everything was going smoothly, he accidentally bumped the table of tools beside him, dropping the magi-tech wrench on said table. Unluckily, a guard who was patrolling the ship heard the noise. He rushed into the room, baton in hand. "What was that noise" "Just dropped my wrench is all, don't worry 'bout it." "Jeffrey, are you feeling ok?" They know each other "Oh yeah, just feelin' drowsy is all, seasickness." He hoped "Jeffrey" got seasick frequently "You love the sea." Fuck. The guard put two and two together, with the disappearance of the researcher who entered the engine room a mere few minutes ago. He pulled on the radio on his chest, speaking a coded message quickly into it, but before he could finish the message the engineer pulled out a dart gun and silence ensued. Who knew horse tranquillizer would work so well on humans? The "engineer" would then disappear, the guard taking his place where he stood. The "guard" would then drag his doppelganger and stuff it within the waste chute. Would be a shame if these were emptied, but it was clear what he needed to do; no witnesses. He took the guard's baton, badge and radio, and left the room. He waited in front of the engine room, hoping the radio message didn't get through. He was sure if more people started dissapearing, it wouldn't be long before his cover was blown. Directed: @Dolor Aeternum @HollowCipher Mentioned: @ticklefarte
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    General chat thread

    1K+ visits to the new member guide after putting it on the forum index /confetti
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    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    @Jotnotes Vito appearance- The raider always wears his bone white mask, which meets his white eyes. The only color on his mask is two blue marks, almost like the markings of a jester. His attire is leather padded armor along with a tattered leather hooded cloak, all mixed grey/navy blue in color with various properties. He wear multiple pouches and enchanted pieces of jewelry, talk to him if you want to know more. His weapon of choice is his swordstaff, giving off a red aura, which is sheathed by his right hip. His appearance is pretty dull, but functional.
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    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed

    No more questions came up. Satisfied, the Grey Seer glanced towards the cart they were expected to pilot, and the few other vehicles other raiders had brought with them. Between the lot of them, their little caravan was small and functional, some pieces moreso than others. Not that the wagon they were bringing was meant for the troops, of course. Instead, the misshapen machine was meant only to carry their signals, and later on carry the food that they'd send back to Nesthome. With little else to do now, he gestured for the party to prepare to leave. The rats all climbed aboard the same wagon, as did the little human-thing they'd acquired. Zhot had to sit next to her on board the wagon, and he gave her lots of space. Opposite him in the wagon sat the crossbow-rat, still toying with his weapon. The Grey Seer Krohl elected not to climb aboard the wagon at all, comfortable to walk alongside the vessel. Thril didn't go to the wagon right away, but instead looked back at Vito, the mysterious and dark figure she'd encountered on her way in. Perhaps it was just the way he was dressed, or the way he addressed her, but the man-thing made her feel much more self-aware than she'd normally be. After all, Gutter instructions would have her stay off the wagon and a fair distance from the group, should she need to quickly evade attack. But now she was lost; did she climb on the wagon with the others, or walk like the Grey Seer? She didn't really know or want to do any of that, for some reason. Instead, the Gutter Rat turned to Vito, and asked, as politely and sweetly as her scratch voice might allow. "Following Gutters is not smart-plan. But maybe Vee-Toe would let Thril walk next to him, yes?" She asked eagerly. "Gutter Rat can always leave if danger-sense arrives." Once the party was prepared to move, the wagon was pushed onward, and the solitary march out of the city began. The rickety old rat-wagon helmed the pecking order, with the other vehicles falling in line as they saw fit, bristling with warriors and weapons and all sorts of clinking, clanking parts. The Grey Seer started their travel adjacent to the wagons, but once they left the sights of Nesthome, slowed down briefly as he surveyed their team of would-be raiders. He passed by Zhot and Skritch with little more than a passing glance, that neither of them shared. He took a longer moment to look at Aoura, and her little spear, before giving a toothy grin--or perhaps a sneer. "Man-things send their young to die for food as well?" He prompted, before nodding at her spear. "Weapon is well-worked. Rats will keep girl-thing and family fed if she can work-use it well." Elsewhere, Thril attempted to make conversation with 'Vee-Toe', on her current object of fascination: his attire. "This rat thinks that dark clothes are very useful," She told him in all seriousness. "Makes rats like Thril look sneaky and dangerous."
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    Unfortunately, I cannot use that buff. It was an advanced buff which cannot be used on a special action (which my Area Attack is). And even if I could use it, it would technically be a damage buff not a roll buff (but then I would just have used it on the first Area Attack, but it's irrelevant either way). It's a shame to let it go to waste, but my choice was either buff a regular attack and only kill one zombie, or go for the gold and try both my remaining area attacks and see if I can't kill ALL the zombies! Naturally I went for the more reckless one.
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    It seemed to be the end of the line. The zombies were drawing in, and each member of the Norko team was desperately trying to reload their various weapons. The slimy remnants of Grunt were dripping off many of them, and poor Private Knox was quaking in fear at an almost comical level. Yet, all was not lost just yet. The zombies were moving slowly, perhaps briefly stunned by their previous attacks against them. "Okay knuckleheads, I'm in change again!" Deckel declared, "Let's do dis! Load and fire!" As if they needed him to tell them what to do. But at least at first, it appeared that their revived efforts were bearing fruit, as their repeated fire continued to slow down and weaken the sturdy zombies, most of which now looked like it would take only a single good blow to finish them off. But their looseness with their ammunition now had some of the members running dry, and requests from one man to another for a few spare rounds soon began to fly more than the lead did. This seemed hopeless, and the Norkotians were on the verge of despair, when a voice called to them from the hallway behind them. Were they to look back, they'd see the halfling standing beyond the zombie that blocked the door, flexing his impressive muscular physique. "Let the beauty of Gaia inspire you!" were his words, though the handful of Norkos who did believe in Gaia believed in a much different one than Leo believed in, and the rest were godless heathens who had abandoned faith and morality for the sake of their own selfish ends. Even so, what was being displayed to them was a very impressive muscle-per-inch-of-height ratio, and this prompted a variety of responses from the Norkos. Some was jealousy, some was inspiration, some of the female persuasion was just a little bit of something else we won't describe here. But regardless of whether the emotions it evoked were negative, positive or provocative, it was what SQUAAAD needed. The men (and women) steeled themselves, those who had close range weapons drew them out, and those who didn't prepared to use their guns as clubs, or their fists in the old-fashioned way. But whether they knew it or not, another form of aid had come their way, in the form of Ed's shadows. They wrapped around the battlefield, slowing and sapping at the zombies, or curling around the arms of the Norkotians and enhancing the strength with which their blows were delivered. Rotten heads, arms and legs were hacked or bashed off, while the hot, flaming bodies were beaten down into submission. To their great surprise (and probably everyone else's too), the Norkotians found themselves to be the last ones standing, while all around them was strewn gore and ash. Some of the Norko's were too dense to realize Ed's contribution, like Deckel who promptly began flexing (his non-existent muscles), but others did, and as the shadows retracted they traced the source back to Ed. They'd owe him a drink or fifty after this was all over. If they ever all got out of this hellish place alive, that is.
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    Another raid OOC

    By the way, I will continue to watch the thread to stay updated on the progress, but I'm going to officially consider my posting involvement done, I think. Whatever handful of mutants are there can be considered flavor text for whomever wants to add them to their posts (they can ask the specifics on their capabilities if they wish, but it's primarily physical ability and durability, and natural regeneration). Anyway, have fun the rest of the way!
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    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Enid enumerated her skillset; Halisera nodded along, fitting the little nodes of information into an ever-expanding mind map of people, circumstances, and goal. A few more pleasantries and light exchanges propelled them out of the office, out of the building, off of Raider grounds. In ambling through a restaurant peopled with aberrant biologies, Halisera's expression remained surprisingly balanced. Her house was quiet on the matter of Damien's hatred towards non-humans, a silence for which some people condemned them, but which was the result of strategic intent – they were saving their breath for the chain of covert operations which steadily hobbled the Tyrant through his reign. Halisera herself had no strong feelings one way or the other for non-humans, as it was even for humans outside her web of concerns. This translated into remote amusement dancing lights behind her eyes. Amusement not entirely appropriate or diplomatic perhaps, but lacking any trace of anxiety, any semblance of hostility. A bit of contempt tinged the edges of her smile as she sat, but the distance in her gaze suggested it was for a matter beyond anyone or anything before her. "I noticed nothing of the sort I'm afraid captain, but am happy to oblige mutual benefit. If these . . . brumark shells are of use to the Raiders, which are of use to Vanora, House Dali is delighted to offer it as a gift. And pay full price for your services – I have three children of my own and won't take the food out of anyone else's." Halisera sipped at her drink, a spritzer of carbonated water with fruit chunks at the bottom, meanwhile Eli explored the merits of Enid's history and capabilities. "If you'll pardon me," Halisera interjected, just after Enid sipped at her tea, just before Eli could respond in kind. "I rather think Eli is being polite and extending the interest that I've shown in taking you with. For my part, I must say that if an intelligent and capable woman would like to risk her life for my cause, why, is that not within her agency? I believe in you exactly as much as you believe in yourself. At best you will be a true boon, and there is plenty to you that makes me think so. At worst, a pool of manpower and mental resource we can tap on demand. Or I suppose you could be entirely useless, in which case you would cease to be my concern altogether." It was a casual, velvet sentence wrapped around a leaden sentiment. Halisera was a champion, not a hero, with no qualms about leaving Enid to die if she couldn't carry her own weight and expected someone else to make up the difference. "if I were paying you or expecting anything at all it would be worth the cost of bird feed to vet you but as it stands, I'd save more money simply doing without your assistance. But you offer it for free. And I am not entirely a stranger to what it looks and feels like to have the gods meddle in one's life. In my shoes, or rather," Halisera wriggled her toes in the water beneath the table, the feasting fish startled by the sudden movement but quick to return. "In my place, what would you do?" She switched her gaze from Enid to Eli and back, opening the question to them both.
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    So, question... I have a +1 Buff from Leo I can use, and I realized I still have the two Area Attacks left since failures don't count as expending them... One roll was good. The other... uh... is another crit fail. So my question is do I have to call which roll I use the buff on before I can apply it, or can I apply to any of the rolls I choose within the round? Because if I apply it to the one I would have "called", it just means I'll buff a roll of 8 to 9, and it means nothing. If I can apply it to either, I'd apply it to the 1 and at least avoid the crit fail. Really technical question, I know. lol
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    Regarding A Long Way Down thread... I am actually waiting for an opening in Group 3's route because otherwise my character would definitely die this round (skeleton+furnace+tentacle hand+furnace again... you get the point). Not blaming anyone in my group, though. As for Acrophobia thread, I shall stay on the plateau, feeding bird girls with lead, because... y'know... beep boop and no wheels to move with...
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    Three years ago today this tiny, helpless, adorable little butt butt came into my life. Happy Gotcha Day, Kojak! xO Show me your furry, feathery, scaly bebs!
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    Places where people didn't look at Ouros funny were few and far between. Especially when he happened to be hauling his full field alchemy testing set on his back in a pack almost as big as he was. But it seemed that this Hydra's Haven place was quite welcoming of outcasts like him...and he got to meet so many interesting folk around here, too! The kraul were especially fun to talk with when he had the chance, at least before he inevitably ended up killing the conversation by asking them if they had any spare bodies of their kind lying around that he could dissect post-mortem. And the kobolds, they reminded the scientist of himself in miniature! He honestly wanted to take one home to adopt it for companionship's sake. But, interests both childish and scientific aside, Ouros was here for a reason beyond sightseeing or speaking to locals. A call had rung out across Terrenus concerning a research expedition somewhere in the curious land of Taen, and Ouros just so happened to be in the area. As such, today was strictly business for him; he was to meet up with a crew of explorers at an airship. He had no idea what the Valley of Elemental Stone was, but it sounded quite interesting based on what little he had heard. Hopefully an interesting creature or two would pop up for him to study...every new instance of fauna and flora uncovered led to new discoveries in his own field of alchemy. Eventually, the half-dragon-looking adventurer would find his way to the airship he sought, setting down his gear with a sigh of relief. Surveying those present, which currently included a man he guessed was some sort of authority figure on the airship, and a sturdy-looking dwarf, both of whom he'd offer a cheerful smile and a greeting between breaths. "Top of the day!...huff...hmmf...should've paid extra for the holding enchantment on this thing...I'm Dr. Ouros Lugoff, pleased to make your acquaintances. Should be a fun little exploratory venture, hmm?"
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    Mickey Flash

    There And Back Again OOC

    I’m sorry @Vetanoob. It’s not your fault. I post my AFV in my status because I’m in quite a few threads, and honestly... I’m lazy and don’t want to post in all the OOC threads. I’ve been super busy recently, and overwhelmed. I love to write, but have been feeling writers block (or life block) due to feeling overwhelmed. I’m working, going to school, and a single parent. I also have a big family and I’m happy to say a few friends (though I’ve been flaky from lack of extra time to spend with them). This Fall semester starts in a week, and I haven’t been to college in a long while. It’s new, nerve wrecking, exciting, and time consuming. I’m afraid I’ll be even more flaky in the future. This in no way is your fault. I apologize for being scarce and shady.
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    How unfortunate, another man blighted by a heart of vengeance. At least Alistair had no chance of regaining that which he'd lost, and Leinhart himself had already slain his and his lost love's persecutors. While he had learned to let go of such harsh emotions, it took him longer than a human's lifetime to do so. If he had to guess, Ira would either die fighting the demons that haunted him, or he'd die with his heart full of hatred and regret; Regret that he had failed to avenge his losses, and also that he'd neglected to live his life prior to dying. Unless he too decided to join the ranks of the Undead like Alistair himself. "I propose we let Quinn here enjoy her delightful looking bath, instead of having the two of us here to give her all kinds of distress. lets go somewhere else in the castle." "I propose you remember your place. The way I see it, you have two options: Return to your cell in the dungeon, and await one of my ranks to bring some supplies for you to clean it; Or, run. Either way, you have approximately 10 minutes to decide." His expression grew solemn, his eyes coruscated ominously as he delivered his speech. Turning his gaze back to Quinn now that she'd calmed herself a requested a change of conversation. She'd partially get her wish, but at what cost? Surely she didn't think that Alistair would leave her as is. He wasn't quite done with her yet. "The window is there, or you have the door you entered. I'm sure you remember the way out." Reaching into the tub, Alistair began draining it. He needed to give her fresh water for her to truly be able to enjoy it. Though he'd be in trouble, part of him sincerely hoped the lad would simply run off at this first given opportunity. Part of him doubted however, that the man was truly in any condition to attempt a full escape. Especially with only ten minutes as a head start, running from a variety of undead and preternatural creatures. Either way, the choice was his.
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    What tangled webs

    Dierdre Marish was proud. She was proud of her family. Her sister-in-law was addressing the guests, introducing the reason for the evening, even though they already knew what the reason was. Then her niece, who was being introduced as a women for the first time, descended down the stairs on her fathers arm. She looked radiant in her pure white dress as several young men prepared to receive her. Diedre watched as her two sons mingled with the other young ladies in the crowd, both those of age and those whose time had not yet come, dancing with them and offering to bring them refreshments like the fine young men they are. Diedre Marish only frowns when her gaze lands on her daughter who stands at her side. Go make small talk. Dance if a young man asks you. Try to be pleasant for the gods’ sakes. She says none of this aloud. Now is not the time, nor the place. She has already voiced this advice to her daughter many times. Instead she simply says, “Te’a! Smile! Try to look as though you’re happy!” She wishes that there was a young man here that would be so inclined as to woo her poor daughter. It would have made for a better impression where Te’a was concerned. Diedre would have slept better at night. Knowing that her duty as Te’a’s mother was fulfilled. Dylan Marish had grown tired of the young ladies he had been entertaining. All they spoke of was the pretty dresses, and the pretty flowers, and all the other small pretty things that delighted them. It seemed as though Magnus would never grow tired of the young ladies, but Dylan was ready to move on. He began to search for someone a little older, a little less giddy, someone calm and reserved who did not want to be the center of attention. His eyes landed on a beautiful women wearing a simple black dress and a purple cloth that was draped over her shoulder. “May I have this dance, my lady?”
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    Die Shize

    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    Veron "Cat's Eye" Blacktear The image betrays how Veron really looks, described below, but it gives an idea. Veron Blacktear is a Shkei, basically a healthier, larger and stronger breed of Skaven or Rat-folk. As such, he looks different than most Skaven, standing at six feet, with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He is black of fur and black of eye, with an eyepatch over his left eye. Veron doesn't go out of his way to validate, but rumor has it that his left eye is intact but is covered because of the malice stored within, with a burning red iris and a black pupil shaped like a cat's, earning Veron the nickname "Cat's Eye" that stuck with him ever since he left Nesthome years ago. Maroon horns grow atop his skull, pulling backward a little behind his head. He has a head of long silver hair. Veron attires himself in mostly travel-ready garments, sporting a red cloak, a grey duster and black leather beneath in the form of a padded gambeson, pants and boots, though he carries light, medium and heavy armor. As a Shkei, he is considered handsome among his species, and even some members of other species could consider his looks to be appealing. Like the company he keeps, he is well-armed, carrying a longbow, glaive, two scimitars and a variety of knives and grenades. Once a member of the Skaven of Nesthome, Veron was exiled years ago for reasons that few know why, and fewer now that the population of Nesthome was greatly diminished after the catastrophe in the caves and the war with the Fae of the Forgotten Wood. Rumor has it that Veron had succeeded or failed in seducing a broodmother, or at least a female that could have become one, with or without her will. Then there are rumors that he helped lead or chiefly led a rebellion against King-King during the latter's campaign to unite the Skaven. There is another notion that Veron had failed to defeat a great foe of the Skarr Clan, resulting in heavy losses of the Skarr. Whatever the truth, only Veron knows why Veron was banished, save for any soul still alive to speak of that truth. Ever since, Veron has spent his years roaming Terrenus. He formed the mercenary company the Lost Scions. They consist of members from various races and backgrounds, though all have a shared penchant for cruelty, prize and plunder. They are sellswords as much as they are brigands, not needing a mission to raid and ruin in order to do so out of their own accord. Veron leads them, using his armored wagon, the Scourge, and a contingent of mounted troops and officers' steeds. Over time, the Lost Scions have earned their fair share of dread and the nicknames to spell it, as has their leader, the Black Captain.
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    There And Back Again OOC

    As the leader for this thread, I want to apologise to everyone for the delay in the progression of the story so far. ?‍♂️ I believe I have not done enough to ensure that the posts are steady and I hope that no one has been irked a little by how slow progress has been for this week or so. There are times which I should have skipped, but have not done so as I thought that more time was needed to post. In some cases, I did not keep track of everyone's status and missed out on one or two RP-ers being AFV. I foolishly thought that if anyone would do so, he/she would have mentioned it in the OOC thread. Please don't take this as a me trying to poke at anyone here. I sincerely believe it is due to my negligence that the story has not progressed as much as it should. Thus, I would like to reassure everyone that I will double my efforts in the upkeep of this thread and story so that everyone can enjoy.
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    Garden of Nede

    -:- Geography -:- Nede is a floating island divided into 5 sections with four of them making up the outer shores of the island, while the fifth is landlocked at its center. Each section maintains a separate environment that is dictated by the Demon Tower. The River of Eden flows throughout the entire island, dropping off in a waterfall fashion down to mix back into the ocean below. No one as of yet understand where the water in the river originates from, but myths of the island say it is from the well of eternal youth. Section 1 - Desolation: The first second is a barren wasteland containing nothing but small mountains and burnt forests. When one arrives in the land of Desolation, all you see is sand for miles on end. It was once the home of Dazir, the god of destruction and creation. The one who rules the Demon Tower of Desolation will be able to use those powers to take and add to this divine desert. Section 2 - Oceania: The second section of Nede is a large lake with multiple small islands spanning it's length. Underneath is the lake is a maze of tunnels that lead to and around the section's Demon Lord Tower. Sea Monsters of varying strength live in the large lake, with increasing strength the closer you get to the Demon Lord Tower. Section 3 - Ice Nation: The third section is an arctic with no living creatures in its territory. The creatures that wander the land are all undead, corrupted by powerful ice magic. The closer you get to the section's Demon Lord Tower, the cold it becomes until finally hitting -80 degrees Celsius. It's rumored that roars can be heard from those who tempt the Ice Nation of extraordinarily strong Ice Demons that hunt, kill, and then eat any intruders. Section 4 - Draconia: The land of ancient demon dragons. Although the land itself is rather normal, maintaining environments you'd see in every day life, in this section it's the creatures themselves that try to kill you. At the top of the food chain is the Demon Dragon Lord, the one who rules and executes. Both of it's mountain ranges, the north and the south, are home to thousands of dragons, all waiting to feast upon the flesh of mortals trespassing on the divine lands. Section 5 - Avarice: The King's Land. While the other sections have a Demon Lord Tower, Avarice has the Demon King's Tower. Them who rules the King's Tower, becomes the Divine Land's Avarice; "the creator" in the language of the divine. It's unknown what lies in the King's Tower, but in order to enter it, one must have obtained control over at least one Demon Lord Tower. South of the Demon King's Tower is an old city, now ruins, that used to be the home of gods and goddesses long before Tellus Mater and Gaianism were thoughts. There many suspect lay the homes of equally ancient artifacts and weapons, though none of have been discovered as of yet. Nede is located a few hundred miles north of Nehalen, hovering above the oceans at approximately the same height as the country. Although it is roughly a fifth the size of Nehalen, it is completely empty of mortal life. The only signature coming off the island, is that of divinity and undead. *Disclaimer: The size of Nede is currently undefined, but is considered to be part of Renovatio. Also Nede is not to scale. Just general placement. -:- Religion -:- Avarism: The belief that the Avarice is the one true God and that the Avarice is somewhere among the populace of Nede. They simply must be found. Many prayers will also go to Abel, the one God thought to have survived the divine massacre eons ago. Some, though rarer, will still pray to Adam and Eve, believing them to still rule and watch over them in a world above even the upper worlds. Government -:- Avarice: The Demon King or Queen. The Creator. The one who stands above all others. The one who controls the Demon King's Tower has override control of the Demon Lord Towers and has full control over Nede to do with it what they will. In other words, a God. Demon Lord: The second most powerful beings in Nede, Demon Lords are either generals to the Demon King or are candidate Demon Kings. A third is possible, though unlikely, where someone becomes a Demon Lord in order to destroy the other Demon Lords. This third option is only possible while the Avarice Seat is empty. Demon Seconds: The right hands of the active Demon Lords and the ones who inherit the Demon Lord throne under any circumstance in which the Demon Lord is no longer able to maintain their position. This can be a son, daughter, friend, stranger, anyone they choose. The Avarice does not get a Demon Second. -:- History -:- In a time before recordings or memory, Nede was a continent millions of acres long. It stood in its own plane, Gods and Goddesses moving in and out of dimensions in order to manipulate and rule lesser beings as they pleased. It was considered Divine. Untainted and incorruptible. Two beings ruled above the rest; beings of power so mighty that their existence shaped the workings of billions of lower world faiths. The God was Adam and the Goddess was Eve. Adam and Eve had three children: Cain, Abel, and Lilith. One of the Gods, Michael, was jealous of Adam as he'd long since coveted Eve for her power of creation. In anger he attacked their children, but failed in his attempt to kill them. Instead Lilith and Cain were launched out of Nede and into a lower world, never to be seen from again. Abel, on the other hand, grew in the shadow of Michael's hatred. In the presence of a tainted, mortal emotion. As he grew into his immortal power, his mind was corrupted into that of a mortal and the distinction forced him into madness. The Gods and Goddesses of Nede were killed off one at a time by the hatred in Abel, until finally there was no one left in Nede except for Demons- malevolent entities which bore existence from the hatred of Abel and the terror of the dead divinity. Then, recently, the Grand Kommadant of Renovatio declared an evisceration of all their gods and goddesses. An ambitious goal. A difficult goal. But one that she accomplished nonetheless. However, the Universe must have a balance of good and evil. Of right and wrong. Of weak and powerful. So what happens when a world loses its gods and goddesses? Something equally dangerous comes to town.
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    Kalleth Tzreera

    Kalleth Tzreera The Rose of Darkbriar Theme The dark elves still make their home hidden among the wild and dark places of Valucre, living secluded lives and shutting out the world around them, as they have for centuries since their resolution to separate themselves from the madness they perceived in their surroundings. But every now and then, a dissenter leaves the secluded lands they once called home. Kalleth Tzreera of the mysterious village of Darkbriar just so happens to be one of them. A century old, but barely a young adult to his elven kin, Kalleth lives in a world that partially regards him with curiosity, and partially with fear. His people are known for dark rituals, perhaps unrightfully so. It was the actions of one particularly loathsome cult of these dark elves, which nearly wiped out an entire town for the purpose of sacrificial rites, that stained the reputation of the entire, reclusive race. Many years later, the entire species still bears the burden of the sins that were never truly theirs. Though they are creatures of shadow and magic, they are not inherently evil, often content to live long, yet somehow fleeting existences on the outskirts of the world, keeping to themselves. Kalleth Tzreera, a particularly stubborn boy in his youth, wasn't enjoying this demure existence that he had been brought into. He ended up leaving as soon as he was ready...though to do what, he wasn't entirely sure. Until he found his calling. Until he understood just what his heart hungered for after he had saved the life of some mayor's daughter he had forgotten the name of. That recognition he had received in return fulfilled him. It was something he was often denied at home, that he often sought for with his various antics, just someone hearing and acknowledging the simple declaration of his soul: I AM. Now, he wanted the world to hear that declaration. He would not allow his existence to fade quietly into the night. Somehow, someway, his name would be on the tongue of every man and woman and beast that called Valucre home. His image would be in the darkest fantasies of its dreamers, and at the tip of the pen of every artist and writer. The world would be at his feet out of its own free will. And it'd be loving every second of it. Pesonality: Kalleth is a narcissistic anti-hero at his core. Though he possesses some empathy and morals, he is ultimately quite selfish. What he does for the forces of good is simply to make himself look good. And while he is not bloodthirsty or murderous, he also doesn't care who he hurts in the process of fulfilling his desires. He's also quite flirtatious with pretty much any being that strikes his fancy, both male and female. Such trysts are often a product of lust only, however, as he has not yet found anyone he truly loves. While he doesn't seem worthy of it, surprisingly, all Kalleth truly wants is love in any form, romantic or platonic. His selfish desires stem from this one need, this one thing that he was deprived of whilst living with the emotionally-repressed denizens of Darkbriar, especially since among the dark elves, family is a near-nonexistent structure. Though his Byronic pride leaves Kalleth refusing to admit it up front to most. Abilities: Talented Swordsman: Kalleth prefers the use of his rapier over any other weapon, as its swift strikes can make mincemeat of the slow and unwary. He wishes to emulate the swashbuckling heroes he had read about in books of epic tales that he had smuggled into Darkbriar during his youth. Decent Shot: He can work with crossbows or magitech pistols, though the latter he has little experience with and currently does not carry any. Just a Touch of Magic: Kalleth knows some magic, both from training innate elven abilities at home, while picking up useful enchantments and evocations here and there during his travels. With a combination of innate ability and a magical trinket or two, he has command over small-scale illusions, shadow, and elemental manipulation, which he mainly uses to disguise himself, skulk around, or aid himself in combat when needed. Spry: He's an acrobatic sort, learned from his training as a child to be a ranger-guard of sorts for Darkbriar. Whether clearing gaps between rooftops or running through a forest at night, he's quite agile. Charismatic: Turning on the charm isn't just a skill for Kalleth, it's a pastime. Weaknesses: Low Stamina: It's hard for him to take much of a beating, so he prefers to fight evasively if he's outnumbered or outmatched. Immature: He can be led astray with ease, as though he is a century old, he has the mentality of a 20 something and the worldly experience of a toddler, as he has spent most of his days in Darkbriar. Lack of Foresight: Kalleth lives in the now. Which means that whatever risks his actions have now that might impact the future, he pays them little regard. Racial Stigma: Some older fellows in Valucre still remember the uproar the dark elves once caused, and treat them with disdain accordingly, mainly in Terrenus where the aforementioned sacrifice cult was once routed. It has given Kalleth a "me vs the world" mentality, and any jabs at his ancestry will probably get him fuming. Dark Desires: To acquire fame, many choose to first acquire power. Though the power aspect is not necessarily on Kalleth's radar quite yet, he's certainly found some tempting leads on some very interesting, and probably very corrupt, magical artifacts that could help him on his quest. (Cheeky drow boi that could be a hero or a villain, depending on how his story unfolds. Based on about 70-80% of an old DnD character of mine that unfortunately got perma-killed before I had a chance to explore his story further, that I may or may not have an unhealthy affinity for RPing as since I pretty much spent a year in his shoes <.<)
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    The Growing Moss - Totenborough

    Lukas stirred slowly as he came to his senses waking up to only remember the events of last night as he slipped from underneath a young maiden laid on top of him, she was a hybrid her slick skin coming from a deep primal lizard ancestor her bare skin underneath the sheets held more resemblance to her human side with the feint pattern of scales one of the bartenders in the southernmost section of the city, residential. Her name was Trish and she and Lukas normally ended up on the second level of the city drinking to hell as some sort of a time passer the Totesbier they drank abnormally strong and the young lady being one of the best knew just where to find the best spots and just what to mix it with for every time Lukas had come to town which slowly became more frequently. He stood up carefully, slowly to give his senses and himself a second to fully wake. He'd just got back into town yesterday after a loose lead to an foreign artifact came us as nothing more than a goose chase, he recalled the memories as he searched the room for his clothes a simple black shirt and blue jeans eventually finding them hastily thrown onto the dresser. Having spent a lot of his time in cities his clothing usually matched the same tastes no matter where he was. Grabbing his shirt he threw it over his shoulder and started to put on the rest of his clothes as just behind him he heard the almost silent shift of covers behind him. She must have woken up he thought to himself as he pulled his pants to his waist and just as soft arms slid down his own from behind him caressing his forearms and a soft voice in his ear. Sweet nothings "Well isn't this nice? Morning, you're usually gone by now" she cooed laying her head on his back her soft and curly black hair tickling his back, he chuckled and responded "Well your usually not up this early, its a business day" she laughed a little before kissing the nape of his neck "Well the area around the bar has been a little dangerous lately so I figure I'd get some things done earlier than usual " she released him, picking up her own clothing that was scatter on the floor "And everyday is a buisness day for you. I can only imagine what you really do but you always seem to busy, if you just moved here we could find more time like this " Now released he slipped his shirt on, it still smelled like ale and her " What? blacking out?" he smirked turning around to face her as she finished picking up her clothes and for the first time in what seemed like forever, he gazed on her body a slim figure with soft curves shoulder length black hair and hazel marbles for eyes with a large scar in the shape of an asterisk above her right side pelvis and a head smaller, he'd come to the city just because she was the few people left in the world that tolerated him in one of the fewer places he wasn't wanted or in an abnormal amount of danger which in itself is a feat. She pouted slightly "You came here from all the way over in predators keep, you know exactly what I mean, even more so now" the room took a serious shade for a moment, a secret hidden behind their lips. Distilling the situation Lukas sighed "I guess you might be right, it could get dangerous" without missing a beat the girl piped up " Yeah so how about you handle the creepys around the bar today for me and then we can converse more about this....transaction" she scoffed and smiled "I'll be doing this for what again?" he grinned and protested lightly, taking a step forward lazily placing a hand on her hip "My love to keep you from leaving, I think that's a deal I can agree on" her cheeks grew peach as she tip toed and kissed his cheek before brushing past him and into the bathroom. Turning he left the small room, into the hallway, and out of the place He'd handle his business like always with as lease shit as possible, though before hand he did have somethings he wanted to get out of the way. One in particular would lead him to the bastion, he had heard some interesting things from the part of the city with the most historical value that he wouldn't mind checking out and while he had the tendency of running into bandits and the like who mistake him for their own, the information to come from these encounters were an amazing and mostly useful. Since coming to the city Lukas was almost in awe by the sheer diversity of the cave carved nook. As he walked he couldn't help but notice not only various types of humans like makeshift nephlin, hybrids of animals with dominate human genetics, half demons, half faye, and lots of other breeds that showed beings across the lands were in a forever heat but also humanoid beings and the rare intelligent beast with the blessing of a god. He could catch each of them in his sights as he walked threw the district with speed befitting a person with no important task at hand, not that he did anyway. The part of the area he had spent the night at was fairly safe, one of the better areas in the district, as he lead deeper into the outskirts though he could see more struggle and less joy of life. Every so often a beggar on the corner of a goods stall, people walking by with such little body mass they looked like they would fall over any moment, drunks and merry men that only seemed to react to nothing if anything at all they'd straighten slightly at the signs of the gatekeepers wandering threw on their daily routes. It couldn't be helped and inevitably as the size of the city grows more fools looking to earn a living or backed into a corner would try their hands and fail becoming the all too common corpse rotting away in the ally ways of a the slums. It reminded him of home, his days struggling to survive. There wasn't even enough food in the city for him to steal, no clean water for him to grow, nor any crumbs to inspire to taste. That was in the past, he'd neer live like that again and that city, it was gone by his own hands.
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Learning The Ulway

    Heron was appreciative of the enthusiasm he could sense off of Asura, restoring a little bit of hope that those of her generation would continue to fuel the ambition of Illyria’s brightest minds. Heron’s face brightened up a bit once Asura decided to chime in with a question of her own, taking it as a sign of attentiveness as well as a desire to be prepared. All good qualities of someone he could recommend on future expeditions. “..Do we have any more info on the environment and its inhabitants or just those basics mentioned before?” “Excellent question. For the most part we have gathered they are a peaceful sort but do hold quite a few things sacred so it is best to give them some ample space and time to assess us. As for the environment, we have no real details other than that there is a large mountain where these small people reside and several gardens, one of which houses the glowing crystals you can see in the distance as we approach. That is all our preliminary data and research has given us at this time though.” Heron turned to Abe soon after, the pacifist nature of the man’s words reminding him briefly of the warning his Light had offered him before he had departed. This same warning was what was given in response. “Any Illyrian representative will avoid participating in or influencing any conflict with the native population of where they visit. This is not a mission to conquer their lands, but to gather information about this realm that is new to many of us. That being said, coaxing them to aid us in our expedition will just make things that much easier for us which is why I will be spearheading any potential negotiations while you will be assisting us with collection and/or protection. That answer satisfactory enough for you?” Heron smiled while turning to look in the distance at a glowing island. The A.R.V.’s own glow paled in comparison to the collective light of the trees in the distance and that distracted the Illyrian elder for some moments before he’d speak again. “I urge everyone to take some time to rest until sunrise once we reach land. There are some rooms in the lower level of this vessel that should suffice. We will be leaving first thing tomorrow toward the base of that tall mountain over there” Heron couldn’t hold back his own excitement in his tone. He’d wait to see if there was any more dialogue he’d need to be a part of but if not he’d retire for the evening and leave the wary Illyrians to usher those in need of it.
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    "Gimme a sec." Three sounds of Gore’s respective shots clicked on the bar as Adime ventured toward the gents. Gore turned his head at an awkward angle to watch until Adime and his next surrogate went into the washroom. Gore knew Adime in the same way Nica Sero had once known a man named Braykel. Now, with a nominally greater understanding between the two, when their motives could be sewn together, why shouldn’t they be? While the guys a few tables down waited to congratulate their friend, Gore turned back to his drinks. Grabbing all three between his four fingers, he poured an impressive waterfall of tequila into his mouth. Guess we start now, he thought as the new Adime met his old friends with an unconvincing wave before returning to sit beside one of two men who had just challenged their buddy. Half curious, half suspicious, the group rose from the table in various forms and degrees of conjecture with their friend’s new gait, and his new friend. The bruiser seated himself beside Gore, whose chin dripped with liquor while he felt his bomber assumably for the tab for his drinks, bartender standing in anticipation for this tab across the counter. "I don't think they got any autowagons around here. Real bummer,” he said as some of the bruiser’s old friends got the cajones to see what was up. Little did they know, Gore imagined, they would probably soon resemble the crumpled drunk in the bathroom with cheesesteak on his face. “Th-a-a-at is a bummer, ah-ha!” belched Gore, homing in on the spot he was looking for and reaching into his bomber. “Maybe we just saddle up on the sleekest looking steeds or? I dunno. Maybe we just start right here?" “I reck’n that’s the way to do it.” Now the bruiser’s friends had gathered behind Adime. One tapped him on the shoulder, not too aggressively. “Buddy, what’s up? What happened in there?” In front of Adime, Gore withdrew not the tab for his drinks but a sawed-off Mossburg 500. Thunking it on the table pointed toward the bartender, Gore pulled the trigger and blasted the barkeep 2 feet backward into the glass shelves of drinks on the back wall of the bar. He had never been feeling for cash— after all, dead men pay no sales (or something like that).
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    Die Shize

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    Cruel, cruel world, must I go on Cruel, cruel world, I’m moving on I’ve been living too fast I’ve been living to wrong Cruel, cruel world, must I go on This big old world, sure got me running round I heard a voice, it said just settle down So with the moonlight as my guide and with this feeling deep inside I know now that I am homeward bound yeehaw
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    Well on a re-read I suppose he used an advanced buff there. But at face value it looked more like he intended to give you that saved up buff he had for SQUAAAAAD to use. ? I don't feel like he'd give you the advanced buff knowing you can't use it on the area attack, and that's a boost to effect/damage and not the roll anyways. So, anyways, Ed giving the buff *does* mean it's not free and he couldn't bank that saved action, but... @Akiris clarification?
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    @P.N.See Dohoho, but who needs wheels when you'll be mounted upon an elephant? We've got a bridge to secure and hold, my friend.
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    Aislyn was starting to regain some semblance of comfort as she took her seat and then started to listen to Ilyana speak. At the sight of Ilyana pouring some of the Liquid Agony and actually enjoying it, Aislyn looked at the bottle for a few seconds as she contemplated whether to take a sip as well. The prospect of downing some alcohol after what she just went through felt enticing but she decided to wait until Ilyana finished speaking to rise slightly to reach for the bottle. It wasn’t about a need for permission more than it was respect for what her boss had set out to do for this meeting. She felt Nines’ inspection on her form offering a reserved smile now though she still found it a bit off-putting. The drow would not be able to discern anything otherworldly but plain Aislyn was not. Ilyana’s companion would soon find herself scanning her surroundings in a methodical manner, occasionally looking behind both her and her boss as if gauging possible exists or maneuvers. This became all the more evident the more Caeceila began to immerse herself in that almost palpable rage. Her analytical mind, driven by the fear caused by those around her, caused her to grip on to her conjured seat as if she was prepared to run, her expression shifting from one of incredulity concerning Caeceila’s tone to one of anger as if she had been the one that was slighted. Meanwhile Ilyana sensed Cae’s mood shift almost immediately, frowning in response as this sort of change was something that she had wanted to avoid upon coming here. She had believed herself careful with her words but now knew that it mattered little when faced with someone so volatile. The Redeemer had meant no offense and had tried to open with an approach that did not make things so hardline but here Caecelia was openly insulting her and perhaps all of Hell’s Gate. Lips quivered as the cracks in Ilyana’s otherwise steely composure began to surface. This did not help her efforts to quell Obtenebra either as the dress that she wore would ripple along her abdomen subtly. The raw emotion battered both Aislyn and Ilyana, beckoning a rebuttal that at first both women seemed unwilling to give. As soon as Caeceila decided to pick up her high frequency blade and then advance upon Ilyana, both women stood from their seats, eyes widened and muscles tensed as they considered the Heiress’ threatening approach unwarranted. Both Caeceila and Nines would notice how Ilyana’s outfit seemed to lose its tight fit if not distracted by the purity of emotions that now emanated from everyone involved. Ilyana was prepared for some sort of defensive countermeasure not caring for the fact that the blade that was now thrust in her direction came grip-first. Ilyana quickly moved to grab hold of it, the right hand holding tight to the weapon. Ilyana’s black eyes stared fiercely into Cae’s now, narrowing as soon as the woman ended with a request to end her there. “This bitch is crazier than we thought…….but please don’t fight.” Aislyn let her response start with a hint of anger before a softer tone delivered the end. Cae would find that Ilyana gripped the weapon offered to her very tightly, so much that it might begin to shake in her grip as she clearly took offense to something spouted by the Lady Glasmann. Staring hard at the Heiress, Aislyn’s soft tone seemed to pacify the Redeemer just a bit but not nearly enough for the next words to leave her lips calmly. “What a mess you are Caeceila. I can see why some might consider you an abomination or maybe a liability that deserves to be snuffed before they are burned by your fire. You clearly know how unique you are and seem to hate yourself for it.” Ilyana sighed audibly and then continued. “I might be executing a much needed service to the world by killing you here but who am I to decide your fate? That would imply that I am any better than you. Sadly I am not.” She loosened her grip on the weapon then, not caring if it fell to the ground or somehow got back into Caeceila’s hands. “I have seen the agony of loss and helplessness far too many times both in myself and others. These backwards ingrates suffer no less than the monster of the Glasmann family! You are not the only one that has watched people suffer, seen innocent lives extinguished by those…” She raises a brow and then has a look of resignation before continuing. “…more evil than we could have been at the time.” Aislyn had inched closer to Ilyana throughout all of this, her gaze looking at Nines through her movement until she fixes her gaze on Caeceila again and speaks. “So you don’t have any right to condemn us either Lady Glasmann. Let us stop criticizing one another and do something constructive now yes?” Aislyn's lips quivered and her body shakes slightly given she knew who she was talking to but she stood firm. Ilyana now finally turned her gaze away from Caeceila to look at Aislyn in surprise. The seriousness in her face soon softens and the Redeemer looks somewhat impressed and then very appreciative. She knew she did well to bring Aislyn along. Ilyana grabs some of the Liquid Agony and pours some for herself and for Aislyn, eyeing the Heiress closely to see if they can shift into much more amicable dialogue.
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    Another raid OOC

    Prae confirmed he'll be back at it Friday so we should be fine expecting a post by / around the weekend
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    Legacy of the Void OOC

    That's fine. I believe a change in how this RP is managed is in order. Due to this RPs rocky and slow start, it is my opinion that instead of constricting everyone here to "1 post & 3 days limit", I think it would be best for everyone to abolish this rule and keep the limit open. Thus, we will still follow the posting order but there will be no limit as to how long one has to take before posting. If you think your turn needs to be skipped, please say it here in the OOC thread so the next person in line can continue the story. If you feel that you can post, go right on ahead and take however much time you need to post. It's better to have quality posts than a quantity of short ones. Please let me know if you guys are alright with it or have any suggestions.
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    It's kinda disheartening when you feel like you're nobody.
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    The Hummingbird

    Public AFV Thread

    Back, I see nothing happened. Reckon I'll post soon.
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    "Hmm.....this is very difficult to determine Doc. Without Graymite around, she is s nervous wreck. I wonder if it WOULD be a good idea to have him around her again. Oh I don't know....She seems to have her faith in humanity shattered when Gray isn't around," Rebecca began, now pouring herself some Ambrosia as well. She continued on, "Graymite is my brother and I've always known him for doing the right thing, such as helping little old ladies cross the street, then having to come BACK to get lady Abraxis ehehehe.....He is a pleasant one to be around; always full of concern, brightness and cheer. it's almost as if he isn't human at times, but he has a Heart bigger than this house at times. I just hope we can cure her once and for all and try to get her back into Society or whatever. I don't know......" She then sighed, turning her head to look at the young girl sleeping peacefully. "I am not going to assume that having Graymite around her is a bad idea though. Although she IS my cousin, I've only known her for a few months now since we just recently met. Mother Unit usually helps her bathe an the like, since I am always out of the house often running errands for family. But I do believe that having Graymite around would raise her spirits much more than right now. Whatever it is that is making her emotions unstable, I'm sure that with time, Graymite is going to begin to question his loyalty to her is all. Let's see what we know thus far; Something scared the hell out of her while she was at that God-forsaken Asylum; something to the point that it keeps playing over and over again in the recesses of her mind to the point that she keeps lashing out, not being able to fully determine friend from foe obviously. That is a given. Next up, all of these abilities that aren't even listed in her report keep manifesting themselves to the surface and we don't have a clue as to what all she is capable of performing or demonstrating on the fly. I can remember her sniffing at one of the Company's Employees, telling this person that he smelled of Anti-matter. The Furball took her into the kitchen to scold her, telling her that she was NOT some kind of a hound and that she did not have to sniff at people so rudely. What else does she know that she is not telling us to the full extent so that we can properly diagnose her afflictions? Hmmm...." Avus said, as IT fixed the sheets on Abraxis to keep her as comfortable as possible. Suddenly, some shouting could be heard downstairs.... a few voices....three male and two female. "You CAN'T go UP there!!!!! STOP!!" yelled out Argon. Two rather large men in White Lab Coats came rushing in to the bedroom, armed with Syringes and Medical tools of some kind. Avus was to stand up, placing ITS Arm out in both directions, dropping his drink immediately. "Now WAIT just a minute!!! What is all of this about? My cousin is tired and is asleep!! Who ARE you anyways?" Avus snapped out in a most hateful tone. "We are here for the girl; we represent the Vistage Neurological Treatment and Facility. We detected a strange anomaly coming from this home and were sent to aquire the girl for further testing. Now stand aside!!!" said the larger man in the White Lab Coat. "You WANT to die up here? My Cousin is NOT going ANYWHERE!!! She has someone to help treat her already!! Tell them Dr. Ouros!!!" Avus exclaimed loudly. IT wasn't about to lose ITS Cousin to some maniacs...not again. "That will be QUITE enough everyone!!!" Said a very calming voice from behind the two men. He was dressed in a Gray cloak with a hood on the back. On the upper right corner of the Cloak read the words, "Level R-1: Graymite Anthine Jones IV." It was Lord Graymite finally and he had arrived much earlier than anticipated!!! The two men in White backed up in utter FEAR; Graymite Anthine Jones IV was no one people wanted to question nor disrespect in any shape, form or fashion. He was known in many places, especially in the Earthian Realms. "Abraxis is MY charge Gentlemen, and she needs treatment right here at home. She will not be leaving these premises on any requests. Rebecca, be a dear and get some sign-out sheets from the other room across the hall so that I can sign these two out please, would you? Avus, put your arms down; she is not going anywhere on that medication that you gave her. To move her will cause more damage than good. Dr. Ouros, could you be a God-send and check her vitals for me please? We have to keep track on her Heart rate in all to make sure that she is resting up as best as we can provide for her. Avus is my assistant Medical Officer, as well as Rebecca. Dr. Ouros here is Abraxis' NEW Therapist and only HE can determine what is BEST for my Charge Gentlemen. Vistage Treatment Facility has no business interfering with Outpatient Therapy. As an individual Occupational Therapist and a Conduit that represents Saint Claire Medical Center, I cannot allow for the two of you to disturb this young girl's sleep. She is very tired and has had a very trying day for her first day of School. Thank you Rebecca. Alright David, you sign off here, and you Sign off on that line Richard. Everything is under control over here. Dr. Ouros is just making some new observations before he can do a full set of Diagnostics, isn't that RIGHT DOC?" Graymite turned to him, now WINKING once at Dr. Ouros, expecting for him to respond exactly how he had set the entire conversation up in the first place. Rebecca interjected with her answer as well, "Uhm, yes that's right!! Dr. Ouros is briefing everyone about what the next set of tests will be to properly diagnose the patient. Trauma like this doesn't happen often, but I'm sure that Dr. Ouros can come up with a fine solution for as much as he is charging us that is!!! I'll go and check on the other Data sheets downstairs Graymite; they should be done printing out." Avus sighed a big relief; Graymite had returned to take charge and to help everyone find out what the hell could be bothering Abraxis. "Well, since you are here Lord Graymite, we will make the proper reports as a false alarm then sir. Dr. Ouros, we sure hope you can come up with a powerful Diagnostic test for the girl. We are very sorry; please excuse us while we return to the main Office then." Said David, who seemed to be quite embarrassed as it were. Avus walked over to Graymite, shaking his hand in thanks, then blerting out, "You are ONE hell of a Bullshitter you know that Gray?" Graymite giggled, "I wasn't bullshitting; I got you a job as my Medical Officer. Your kit is on the way tonight by Express mail. Got Rebecca a job as well with Dr. Ouros. If we are going to fix Abraxis, we all may as well get paid for it. Don't you think that's a bit better? Master Benaires set everything up months ago. Now why don't we let Lady Abraxis rest and go on down to the Den and have something to eat while I finish breaking things down to Dr. Ouros here. As these two can vouch for me, I AM the original Sin of the hate, Lord Perry Axis Graymite Anthine Jones the fourth. I was trained to be Lady Abraxis Conduit and Caretaker ever since I was only eight years old. I'm seventeen nowadays, or however I decide to age myself. there is much to talk about Dr. Ouros; I am sure that you are quite curious as to why she is having these violent episodes and what we all can do to finally alleviate them. I was almost in the process of helping for her to over come this, but alas I was called away for other matters, as ordered by Master Benaires. he will be here soon to check on Abraxis as well. This is rather complicated, as we really don't know just when she is going to lose it again. Alas, I blame myself for being gone away from her for so many months that she really cannot function without me. Co-dependency is quite the issue at hand here, but Abraxis always finds a way to snap back in her own little way somehow. Come, let's allow for her to recuperate her energy. I'm sure that many of you have a ton of questions and I will do my best to try to fully answer them." Graymite leaned over to touch Abraxis' forehead, now chanting something to her that was quite unintelligible. Abraxis' face changed from worry to a slight HINT of a smile!!! "Holy shit, she smiled Gray!!! That's creepy as fuck!!!" Said Rebecca, as she was to begin to head down the stairs and towards the Den. "Hey....Gray, what did you JUST say to her? Even with MY hearing, I couldn't make things out....come out with it man!!!" IT demanded. "Huh? oh, I simply told her how long was she planning on being a spoiled brat now that I have returned? it's an inside joke that tends to make her try to smile...nothing major to worry about. People......Let's go and have something to eat, I'm FAMISHED!!! Being a Conduit is tough!!!"
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    There’s a sense of guilt and regret when life gets busy and takes you away from threads. Anyone who’s ever unintentionally flaked out on a thread knows what I mean. I’m sorry for not being here. Life is getting super busy, and taking me away. I miss having the creative freedom that makes me happy. I plan to make it back here on Val as soon as things settle down a little. For those that are patient and understanding, thank you.
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    I really just wrote a four page (personal) essay about why I have little-to-no interest in love and sex.
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    Die Shize

    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    all good!
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    Tsukimi Ceremony

    "Come, let us commune with our other leaders. I'm sure they grow restless as we continue to banter away from them." "I am proud of your progressions, Mika. As I'm sure your father would’ve been, as well." "Domo artigato, Kenshi-sama" Mikazuki stated plainly as her right fist closed before pressing its knuckles into the left palm of the open fist, a bow afforded in order to show respect in completing a traditional, martial salute. Leaving Kaori in the care of Ozu as arranged, Koji sought to return to the remaining clan leaders and the Shogun with Kenshi in tow. As always, the Inari clan leader was reserved of emotion, though he knew deep down inside that the Inari was just as weary and nervous of the Okami as its allies. Otomatsu, leader of the Owari clan, though veiled beyond a menacing mask harbored a thick energy of contempt with him. The two of them along with the Kaminari head were mostly only here due to formalities, out of respect for their Emperor. For none of the three contributed to the numbers of the new students entering the school of the Rising Sun. As the Emperor returned to them with Kenshinobu, he maintained his default face. Devoid of any one emotion, with half lidded indigo eyes staring lazily at the three other leaders and the Shogun; His Draconic hand lifting and signaling reassurance for Kenshinobu to stand with him directly as opposed to a step behind as all the others, save for the Empress. "Of course you are all aware of your Imperial General; Momoku, Kenshinobu. Kenshi-dono, it is my pleasure to formally introduce you Inari Yoko, Owari Otomatsu, and Kaminari Aoi. Of course, I'm sure you remember the Lady Koharu's endearing words whilst we celebrated our Empress." He paused, allowing the trio to suck in the envy before driving yet another nail into their respective coffins. "It has been brought to my attention that it would please the Shogun for you to extend a branch of the school in the New Union City." Silently, Otomatsu rose from his seat and took a silent, casual stride out and away from not only the group, but the school over all. He'd had enough of these shenanigans for the evening. It was best he left before he was forced to do something foolish, or remain to appear as a coward for allowing any man the chance to continuously and blatantly patronize him in front of an audience regardless of it's size. "Forgive him my Emperor, perhaps his mind is beginning to fail in his old age." Yoko spoke with a spot of wisdom, regardless of his personal feelings. "Gomen, pardon me. Well wishes to you all, especially to you, my Emperor." Aoi left shortly after, following after Otomatsu partially to console him, and partially to confide in him perhaps. After all, the Yanaihara threatened the balance of power the Kaminari possessed simply by erecting one of their own as a Shogun of the Empire. Though they didn't have the same blight, the fact that they were both blighted perhaps gave room to relate if nothing else. Yoko on the other hand was more interested in watching the meeting play out to form more strong of an opinion about everything. After all, her duty was to her clan first; Unless compared to the likes of the Dynasty over all. @Etched In Stone@Hani@vielle@The Rabbit Emperor@Armada@Aleksei
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    Heaven, Hell, and Nede

    @Ataraxy I think Hain will work under @Infernal 's Lancelot. It would be an interesting relationship
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    Heaven, Hell, and Nede

    Aight, added! You got a character sheet for me? Dope dope dope, you got a section in mind? Any particular Demon Lord Candidate you're interested in connecting to? Added ur boi
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    The runesmith glanced at their kobold companions. It was kind of odd--when they weren't out trying to hurt anybody, it was almost difficult to believe that they were a dangerous group. They looked like small, almost childish lizard people; for all of Shank's unpleasantness and age, even his eyes looked like finely polished bronze in the right lighting, the intellect behind those eyes glittering like precious metal. Yet, the majority of Kobolds were dangerous creatures--even violent creatures to the majority of the civilized world. It wasn't unsurprising that they might have a criminal history of sacking farms. Letting them take the long way around seemed wise enough, she supposed, but she still doubted their loyalty. What if, while wandering through the corn, they stopped to grab something to eat? What if they encountered a farmhand, and had to attack him? Maybe the kobolds would just decide, once out of earshot, to abandon the party altogether and go their own way? It wasn't outside the realm of possibilities, certainly. The alternative, then, was walking everybody through the cornfields, which the party was certainly opposed to. She glanced back at the kobolds, trying to gauge their usefulness. "Look, Shank! I can fit in the spokes!" One of them announced. The runesmith looked on as the raspy kobold youth tucked herself neatly into one of the carriage's wheels, her tail and limbs tucked in, braced against the rim of the wheel as if she expected to go for a tumble. The titular Shank looked on, not amused. Eventually, she got out, and the others took turns trying to do the same, Most of them couldn't do as she did, but it was entertaining to watch them try. She turned to the rest of the group. "It's really hard to believe these guys are actually dangerous, you know? Maybe there was some kind of mixup. We got the wrong batch of 'bolds."
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    Back to Square One

    Sorry folks, I was supposed to post earlier, but got wrapped up in stuff. Posting now!
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    Arturo's effort hadn't gone unnoticed, before being swept from his feet the Half Elf decided to ditch his shield entirely and take hold of his club with both hands, swinging desperately as he fell backwards. The Lizardman was in the process of back peddling as the swing commenced, which created a small enough gap for the club to miss its mark, but it did connect with his shield with a clang. Surprisingly enough the Lizard wouldn't take advantage of his downed foe, instead, he waited for him to get back to his feet. Taking those moments to get back into position and prepare for another engagement. "Gets upsssss~" It hissed. Mythandriel on the other hand, was just full of surprises, she decided to stay in the tree as it hastily engulfed. Flames licked at her and threatened to singe her flesh, but she was dedicated to hitting her mark. That dedication paid off. An arrow struck the Sorcerer right in the chest, piercing its robe and managing to penetrate his scales, which forced yet another hiss. It obviously didn't feel too good. Mythandriel's successful attack also made the Lizard even angrier, so it prepared to throw another fireball at her. This time directly at her. If the burning tree didn't make her flee from her high ground, perhaps a fireball aimed in her general vicinity would. "Takes this!" He shouted as his hand ignited and he overhand threw the spell at her. She had time to avoid it, very little time, but time. If not, the force from the blow would likely knock her from the tree itself, on top of catching her clothes on fire. But that was probably the least of her worries, for her skin would also likely be drastically burned. --- Previously... Weeks had gone by without so much of a word from Zanzarog; whereas it had been against his will, all of the answers he had about his past were cleared up. Nisnav was behind it all, every memory, every motion, the Wizard was the puppeteer, pulling strings he had weaved and making the Half Orc dance. Zanzarog honestly couldn't tell the difference between what was factual and what Nisnav had fabricated, or if any of it was real to begin with. Whatever the case may have been, one thing was certain, Nisnav built the Half Orc to succeed where he had failed. Zanzarog's destiny was to oversee the inevitable downfall of Coth and all who inhabit it. But he wouldn't stop there, Zanzarog's intentions were far more malicious than that, the newfound Necromancer would see to it that anyone who praised or worshiped their false deity would renounce their religion entirely and raise the banner of the one true God, Nisnav. Zanzarog spent days on end being tortured, both mentally and physically. When Nisnav tired of tearing through his mind, he turned to instruments that the Half Orc never knew existed. Prodded with red hot pokers, carved with knifes, waterboarded, worked over past the point of shock. Nisnav aimed to kill Zanzarog's personality so that he could rebuild him into the monster he was intended to be. Torturing him until his mind and body became fragments of their former self. Zanzarog became nothing more than an animal, cries for help had been replaced with incoherent babbling and monstrous roars. Just when Zanzarog believed the torment had come to an end, the mending process began. Nisnav went back to work on his conscience, filling it with memories to mask the trauma and to mold him into the perfect successor. Zanzarog was no more, what stood in front of the Wizard was now the perfect solider. Emotionless, fearless and above all else... merciless. Yet for some reason unbeknownst to him, Nisnav kept his memories of Coth and his time spent with Mythandriel intact, perhaps a test of will? Would Zanzarog forsake those he loved in order to carry out his Master's orders? That much wasn't yet evident, only time would tell. "Oh?" --- "Conshanns?" @Opaquely Translucent & @Witches Brew
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    Don't Drink the Punch!

    It all seemed to have occurred in a flash. Taking in every word of Hain's tale as well as Liam's words, partial but they were meaningful. She didn't have any hatred for Liam, as opposed to previous toxic views of human's she too can learn to forgive. It was the past and so there allows for change. Once she had caught wind of the flying object within their general direction she couldn't help but instinctively pivot backwards the moment the lamp was struck. "By the Fury-" She exclaimed, jumping several feet backwards in hopes of limiting the contact with the explosion. She tail swished violently to the side as she swiftly turned her head in inspection of surroundings. "Who goes there!" She yelled in frustration. The last thing she would expect is to be attacked outright in the midst of the dark in such a place. She would swiftly draw upon her weapon. By counting the tenth of her heart beat and extending her right hand, a. object in the shape of a sword would begin to materialize encased in a transmuting, deep blue, radiating mist. She was shaping her Incarnum to bring forth her soulmeld within the chakra in her hand. The blue mist would swiftly dissipate revealing a broad bladed and glyphed rapier that illuminates crimson upon its edges. Along side the rapier a sizable mana crystal encased in ornate metal frames would beat like a heart of magical continuity as it pulsated magical power. Yeul would swiftly morph into a battle-ready stance. Brandishing her sword in one hand as she would shift backwards her other hand that's raised upward as the mana crystal seemed to harmonize with her every moment as it would float aimlessly above her hand. Her eyes would gleam a faint blue radiance as enmity filled her person.
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    Learning The Ulway

    Abe stood and watched in wonder as the small old man comanded the attention of the entire ship. Where he was from, there were very few who were able to hold the attention of such a tense group of strangers. At one point, in another life, Abe had been one of those people. Seeing Director Heron stand where he would have stood sent a curious pang of rage shooting up his spine. The emotion was fleeting as, once again, Abe had to remind himself that it wasn't him in those memories. In fact, he doubted that his will mattered at all back then. Regardless, he began to tale a closer look at the unique spread of adventurers onboard the ship. One of them in particular caught his attention. She looked almost Ziq herself, save for her fair skin. Still, the resemblance to his own people was shocking. Abe made a note to himself to speak with her about it later. The smaller, more excited looking woman, was also familiar to him. Again, he took a mental note of the existence of halflings on this plane. The way she was regarded by Director Heron, as well as previously by the various guards on the ship, suggested that she may be Illyrian herself. Again, it was something to return to later. Abe listened attentively as the Director addressed the group for the first time. He could not help but feel a slight, comforting kinship between them. The task itself was simple enough, it was more or less what Abe had been doing since he arrived on Valucre, with the exception of harvesting specimens. His home was nowhere near this advanced technologically, and he had no clue how he would go about this testing. Regardless, Abe sat back on his heels in the safety that he would most likely function as a deterrent on this trip anyway. When the time came for questions, Abe let the other two speak before raising his own voice. "Director, you said that we are going to attempt a peaceful arrangement with the native population. What should we do if that is not possible? Not that I would be much help in the negotiations, but I would like to avoid active conflict with these strangers if possible."
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    The Trouble with Travelers

    The longer that Arturo spoke, the more Vice looked down and away - though his expression wasn't anger or even unease at being in such close quarters with someone who perhaps wasn't entirely right in the head. To be honest, the way Arturo was speaking was... almost a bit too easy for him to relate to. It did make him feel some spark of kinship with the other elf... but at the same time he wasn't willing to trust such a thing. Especially since it also made him feel very... exposed. Korben, for his part, just gave Arturo a wide doggy smile at the pats, but stayed cuddled up to Vice, who was still stroking his ears absently. "I think... you make entirely too much sense..." Vice said slowly, after a long moment of consideration. "...perhaps eventually I will understand it better, but for now... I think I don't live quite as far away from it as you." The fact he was willing to admit that much was frankly miraculous, but again... Arturo was so damned genuine when he spoke that even Vice was having a hard time doubting his intentions. It was more... everything else that he didn't trust. @Opaquely Translucent
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