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    Ilene had been fully ready to give the order to fire, to fire the deadly opening barrage at the harpies and give the others the time needed to cross the bridge. But as she opened her mouth to shout, the door seemed to pull her and her Aligorian troops forward. Unable to muster more than an expression of surprise, she hardly resisted the door's pull. And soon, the thoughts of her and her men and her men alike were overridden with elation, with joy, overriding their logical plan of attack. They were closing in on the door. To escape! They were free, and the Shadow King would award them for their fine performances here... probably. On the other side of the door was a blurry image of the camp, and the Aligorians practically dived through it. For a minute, they seemed to have returned to the camp. Ilene began to lead her troops to the supply tent, intent on breaking out the booze. Then the camp began to fade, the tantalizing image dissappearing before their eyes. By the time the colors faded and the fabric of reality seemed to be stitched back together, Ilene was pissed. Her wicked, curved blade slashed through the air, nearly cleaving one of her allies in half before it came to a stop in the hard dirt below. Her composure began to unravel as she took everything in, and she began to laugh with a tinge of insanity creeping in and intensifying. The secret arena of the Frosts... before Teaville had become Aligoria. This was not that place, but it was enough of a reminder. The Yorks and the Cantus had been pitted against each other, and the last survivors would be spared to work for the Frost regime. Gladiators in all but name, and the females were given no special treatment but what they could win through their own strength. Ilene had only told the Shadow King himself of this part of her past, and he had responded like the great father and great king he was. Volke laid a firm and reassuring hand on Ilene's shoulder, and she shook herself back to reality after a minute. She looked around at the poor saps around her. The elephant and it's archers were still here, good. The turret had disappeared, bad. Fidelitas had also disappeared. More bad, but she guessed she was in 'charge' now, being the highest-ranking overall of those she could see in the group. She recognized some of the rest from the group on the plateau, but the rest were new to her. Maybe they had been at the camp as well, when this all started. She raised her voice, letting it wash over the group. "We seem to have lost Fidelitas. Unfortunate, the paladin was a decent leader for a diverse group like this. That said, I'm going to establish a semblance of order here, in his stead. You don't have to listen to me, though... that is, if you have a strong desire to play the hero and get ripped to shreds when you're surrounded by enemies." "So, the main gist here is to not die. If that was our only concern, I would have us form a defensive line in one of the arena corners, our toughest on the outside and all of us with ranged weapons behind them. But unfortunately, sound, logical, well-executed strategy doesn't generate excitement. Our lives depend on being entertaining, on getting the blood of the crowd and Goldy Boy there pumping. Therefore, each of us must play to their strengths. Stick together for teamwork and a general strategy, yes, but don't keep it practical and boring. Embrace some impracticality, make it awesome, make it a spectacle. We'll coordinate first for whatever they send at us, as it comes. Any questions?" As she finished speaking, Ilene slowly scanned the arena, seeing if she could catch sight of what was about to come and prepare. Her Shadow Guards stode forward and formed a defensive square around her, armbows loaded and at the ready. Meanwhile, on the platform atop Surus, the ten-man archer crew readied their bows and, similarly to Ilene, scanned the arena for incoming threats. 3-13 smiled enigmatically at the sight before him, and Gordin looked over with a raised eyebrow. "What's up with you, 3-13?" "Ah, it's nothing. I'm just recalling the times when I used to frequent arenas like this. Not forced to in order to survive, mind you. But for gold, for experience, and for a bit of fun." "... Is that where they started calling you 'The Arrow of the Gods'?" "Titles are earned, you little vulture, not given. Maybe you can earn one too, someday, when you stop being too slow." "Too slow? You arrogant lug, I-" Captain Jeorge swiftly clamped a hand over Gordin's mouth, leveling a hard gaze at the boisterous archer. Gordin relaxed after a minute, and Jeorge let him go before addressing the archers. "Alright boys, it's almost showtime. The crowd will probably find the elephant more entertaining than we would be, so try not to mess with enemies around Surus unless you're confident in pulling off cool slash tricky shots." He glanced at 3-13 for a moment before speaking again. "In any case, have the pikes at the ready. They hamstring the elephant beneath us, or otherwise take him down, and we're fucking screwed. We'll want to fend off any bastards who get too close and look like they can get past the armor. And whatever you do, remember, the Shadow King must be proud of us."
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    Callsign: Quake

    "...By all accounts, the test model was a success. Our knowledge on the OAM-N's response to Quadrupedal Chassis has helped streamline future development of the OAM-T considerably, and allowed for some choice refinements to the OAM system as a whole." "That test pilot will never use his limbs again. You call that a success?" Personal Information Name: Lukas Durant Nickname: 'Quake' Race: Human, Male. Age: 28 Birthplace: Last Chance, Terrenus Occupation: Terran Military Operative (Private) Branch: Engineers / Ogre Pilot "How are you feeling in there, Lukas?" "Doing alright, Doc. Worst I've felt so far is a light headache." "Neural Feedback is to be expected. Continue when you are ready." Physical Characteristics Height: 6'0 Weight: 180lbs (without prosthesis) Hair: Raven Black Skin: Swarthy Eyes: Light Blue Build: Bulky Voice: Gravelly Mental Characteristics Temperament: Melancholic MBTI: INTJ-T Traits: Reserved, Critical, Blunt, Loyal, Acerbic, Perfectionist. History 22 AO, Finished internship with Argus Incorporated, specializing in Advanced metallurgy and Material Sciences. 23 AO, Inducted into Terrenus Corps of Engineers, 66th Iconoclast Division. 25 AO, Sponsored for R&D participation in the OAM-T Artillery Project. 25 AO, [REDACTED] 28 AO, Reactivated and Re-Enrolled to the Terrenus Armed Forces, Paired with OAM-T/AP-Type Ogre.
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    To Lose A Star

    Arthur sat with his legs folded underneath him in a lotus position, resting atop a grey canvas ground cloth and underneath the shade of a similarly colored tarp. It didn't block out the sun for darkness always fell upon Yh'mi (a fact that the mage was only starting to get used to after a few days in Inns'th), but rather that some sort of makeshift shelter afforded the alchemist a modicum of privacy among the camps that made up a majority of the small settlement. As long as the black mage kept his tarp in a C-wedge as opposed to a lean-to, the various strangers around him wouldn't make the assumption that he was a merchant, or presume that he was willing to share his supplies with others. Arthur was lost in thought, his fiery eyes scanning over his outstretched (yet incomplete) bedroll and the plethora of items that were sprawled across its surface. It was all of his equipment for the coming foray into the untamed wilds of Yh'mi. His sword, Bogatyr, was laid lengthwise across the bedroll, its wicked black blade blending in with the shadows. Next to it was the mage's wizard staff, a long pole of ash with a poleaxe head affixed to one end and a sharp point on the other. Similarly, Arthur's bedroll temporarily housed tools like his hatchet and curved saw, his assortment of cordage of various lengths, food wrapped in ensorcelled paper of preservation, his armor, two sheathed knives, his sizable rucksack laid empty, his cookware (a small pot and frying pan), mess kit, extra clothes, the tent pegs that weren't already in use, fifty feet of rope, a lantern, wax candles, two waterskins, his harness and pouches, supply of magical and alchemical reagents, other miscellaneous items (like his alchemy equipment), and over a dozen bundles of small sticks tied together with cordage. The mage collected the sticks personally outside of Inns'th, knowing that there wouldn't be any way to light a campfire otherwise for much of the journey south, and knowing that there was deadly need for illumination in Yh'mi. Even for those like Arthur who could see perfectly in the darkness. "How long do you think we'll have to wait?" the mage asked his leshen friend with an amused grin, carving a new spoon with one of his knives as his eyes glanced down a distinct piece of parchment. Though it seemed like Arthur wanted to ward away guests, they were actually expecting some unknown employer. The mage and Cabbage had spent their first couple of days gathering information and getting a lay of the land. Today, however, they'd been pointed to the bulletin board and Arthur was drawn to a particular posted note. An anonymous poster was seeking companions to travel to the Whitewoods in search of a runaway sorcerer and a stolen lantern on behalf of the Order of the White Hand. And while the job itself was interesting, what had piqued Arthur's difference had nothing to do with the note itself. Underneath the writing, a magic circle was carefully drawn onto the parchment and the paper seemed to hum minutely with arcane energy. The alchemist took the notice and walked straight back to his and Cabbage's camp, as he knew well that their potential employer could track them via a simple sympathetic binding. "Hopefully soon, I'm running out of things to carve and dead wood to carve with," Arthur added with a low chuckle, focused on shaving away unnecessary parts of his new spoon. @Akako Akari @Spooky Mittens @Fierach
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    Bloodsport OOC

    Well, you can just use one of my slots if you want. I'm using one of Murray's Mass Rallies right now, to get SQUAAAD back to 5/5 (I think, or maybe it's just back to 4/5), since they have no meditate (because I was intentionally stupid with their ability allotments ? ), so I have to have Murray fix that. So you might as well take one of my slots, since they go to waste otherwise.
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    She didn’t know whether it was the alcohol now or just the rhythmic pounding of her heart caused by the music around her but there was a certain sense of calm in this moment that comforted her. She was tempted to turn off her senses then and let whatever tense conversation she had injected herself in just pass while she indulged herself but the pang of remembrance concerning the plight of the city she cared for reeled her attentions back in. Her auditory senses somehow honed themselves spontaneously, the melodic tones of the Black Queen and the inexplicable cadence of the Mutator filling her ears almost as if the three of them were the only ones present here. “Cheers. To charity...May I see it truly and honestly tonight.” “If you’re with me, your chances are undoubtedly high.” She lifted her glass and tipped it slightly toward Gabriela, enhancing the gesture with a playful smirk. Now that Rodan’s words were much clearer, she had begun to understand why the queen seemed so bothered by his presence. There was a knowing quality to his choice of words that spoke of a history that was clearly not welcomed by the golden-eyed beauty beside her. It was when she could make out the name Anima from her fixation upon their dialogue that she raised a brow. Xavier had told her about that whole affair then, having been spared by Raphael and hearing about how her savior had confronted the devil and the emperor and lived. This man couldn’t be talking about that day could he? Gabriela turned and provided her a much better look at Rodan. Still, nothing registered, until she started to speak after. She revealed her relationship to the man beside her and thus revealed the man’s affiliation to Ilyana’s benefit. Yet, the Redeemer did not have any visible reaction to the knowledge. She knew better than to give anything away…to anyone. When the queen challenged the poor bartender’s stock, she felt a small bit of pity for the man but as soon as Gabriela started speaking Ilyana’s attentions were glued to the emotions and the specificity of her words. Something kindred bubbled within Ilyana that forced her to feel a powerful sadness wash over her. Her lips curled into a frown as she overheard Gabriela’s personal accounts of the Carmine Emperor’s treatment of her and the pain caused by the Patian devil. Once she understood that Gabriela was practically sold into her predicament she felt her anger boil, which caused Obtenebra to ripple along her thighs and cling to the supple flesh as it felt its host’s current emotional state. Gabriela’s words resonated so deeply within Ilyana that she felt herself leaning in to the point that her body came close to Gabriela’s once again. The queen had managed to unearth memories that caused her own eyes to well up just then and Ilyana was having trouble recovering. She was about to inject her voice into the conversation until she heard Gabriela explain how the man before them manipulated the flesh of others and solidified her suspicions that she did indeed know who he was. The Mutator was a member of her cherished family. He was a man who allied himself with her savior for the good of the oppressed. Ilyana felt torn then, sympathizing with the queen’s current situation but now also realizing another member of her family was here with her. She felt her desire to help Gabriela somehow and redeem her from the torture she was enduring but did not wish to interfere with whatever reason Rodan had for engaging her either. Thankfully, she didn’t need to make any rash decision then with the Mutator responding to the queen’s exposition. Listening to Rodan speak gave her insight few others could earn given they were not aware of the family that had taken her in. She would not be standing here, free to do as she pleases, were it not for the power she had been gifted that day in Hell’s Gate. What she thought was an abomination ready to end her miserable life had turned out to be the saving grace that freed her from being used and abused much like she understood Gabriela to be. Ilyana was quick to pick up on Rodan’s pitch. Being the astute businesswoman that she was, it was clear he was attempting to sway her into either purchasing his services or bind her into some sort of contract. She didn’t know why or to what end but she took this moment to finally inject herself. “Freedom from the source..or sources of your pain should always be something within our reach. It is a shame if you are ever stuck to the belief that your pain will never end…that you are powerless to free yourself. Such is how many within Terrenus and abroad think which is a travesty. No one should ever feel this way.” She gulps down the last of the Spider’s Bliss that was in her glass before she continued. “That power you need to assert yourself should never be unavailable to those who need it. Whether by fate…destiny…or whatever divinity allows, opportunity should always be found in any circumstance if you truly search for it. I say you humor whatever proposition this man is trying to present with his words. Being the accomplished businesswoman I am, know a potential good deal when I see one even when the source of that opportunity may be from someone you utterly despise. Of course, I can also tell when it is best to simply squash an offer when it threatens to harm you more than it should. If you allow me to, I can consult for you now…free of charge” Ilyana attempted to feign as much impartiality as she could given she was torn in her desires here. She ended up deciding to approach this much like she had approached her acquisition of Ventrix Industries not too long ago. She had much to gain no matter which way this ended so truly all that mattered was that the Redeemer emerges the winner and that everyone was all the better for it.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    Precisely. Oh, and something Hollow forgot to mention, as always Hollow forgot to mention something. ADHD everybody. Blessing and curse. There is a dodge mechanic. You can choose to dodge if you do not have the defend skill. Or if you DO have the defend skill. Either one. Note that some enemy attacks will be unblockable, and will require a dodge attempt. If you choose to dodge, both you AND Hollow will roll in the dice rolling thread. You and me, head to head on the D20. If you roll higher than Hollow, the dodge is successful. If you roll lower than Hollow, Git Gud. Oh and also your dodge fails and you take damage.
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    I would like to build off of this occurrence with Ilyana's recent buy in to a company that is selling products that have injection as a primary method of 'consumption'. I will try and scour through the threads to see if I can find where this occurred but if anyone has a link for me then that would be great.
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    Callsign: Quake

    "The goal of the OAM-T series is to provide a heavily-armored weapons platform for direct fire and artillery support; The goal of the OAM-T-AP project is to stress-test the design to its peak capability as a heavy-weapons artillery platform." "We admit, the design philosophy of the Type-AP Ogre was... excessive. The OAM-T performs its current role quite well, at the added bonus of having a degree of flexibility the AP simply did not possess." Essential Design Specifications: Model: OAM-T-AP-001 Designation: 'Earthshaker' Design: Ogre Assault Mech Manufacturer: TERRENUS MILITARY ARMS/VULCAN ARMS. Operator: Pvt. Lukas 'Quake' Durant Core: Exalta Infernus Power Core Chassis Specifications Height: 10.98 Meters, 36ft. Weight: 113 Tons, 102,512kg Crew: 1 Primary Color: Army Olive Secondary Color: Gunmetal Grey Armament Weapons; Vulcan Arms 160mm Nonlinear Magitech Rifle Undercarriage Mounted Crystallized Shardthrower STA Smart-Guidance Rocket Delivery System[x6] Equipment; Layered Malachite Plating Hull-mounted Chaff Launchers[x5] IR Smoke Grenade Dispensers[x3] High-grade Load-Bearing Pneumatic Limbs. Victory ASI Type Intelligence: Primarily intended to reduce the neural input for the quadruped walker system (and the haptic feedback), 'Earthshaker's' AI module has expanded to constantly record and store telemetry, firing solutions, and optimal geographic positions for user assistance. Due to the unique nature of her pilot, the AI is also in part more responsible for maintaining and advising the Pilot of their physical health, even possessing proper clearances to seize control of the vehicle in the event of perceived ill-action or danger to the Pilot. Much like her handler, she is very soft-spoken, and carries a great deal of guilt for her operator's plight.
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    Ira was thoroughly clean, more so than he had been in weeks actually. He had thought about the situation he was in, and found he was content with the deal he struck. He wasn't elated at either killing or stealing, but it would have been false to say he was greatly bothered by it. For him to do so, in the hopes that he might save the life of the mother of his child would come easier than when had done it for money and glory. He had thought out his prospects and the full measure of his situation until the skin on his toes wrinkled in the warm bathwater. He had always hoped to achieve it, but he knew that the idea of leading a successful invasion of his home land was slim at best. On the other hand, if Quinn could eventually be cured, he could buy a large piece of land or a fine city house. He could hire some men to accompany him to find their child, and retire a rich man from his travels. He might eventually learn to love Quinn ... or he might not. But he had decided that either way, he would likely be happy with Quinn by his side. He got out of the tub, pulling the drain and dried himself. He pilled his dirty clothes into the corner, and walked out into the hallway, looking around to admire the castle once more. He reached out to turn the knob, and found that it was locked. "Only in a towel, my ass" he said, knowing the sure sign of being hazed. He tried again to make sure, this time giving the door a shovel to see if he could drive his way in. No luck. "Look pal, I'm going to get my clothes back on and explore the castle." He yelled at the thick wooden door, hoping that Alistair was listening. "If you wanted to have a private conversation with Quinn, you could have just asked".
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    Kill Them With Kindness (open)

    By the time the entourage had shown up, the Royal Nurse, or the former Royal Nurse, had already had her claws within the citizens of the village. The atmosphere was peaceful and bucolic. Titles didn't matter to her in the long run. She only desired to have fun. Alverton was remote enough, quiet enough, out of the way enough for her to open her small medical practice. For all the knowledge she pretended to possess, she was easily able to convince the elders that they needed a medical practice. They gave that to her. Her days were usually busy, filled with visits for minor ailments and check ups. Gisela certainly did a good job of looking and acting the part of the nurse. The nights were when she had the most fun. Gisela Valance stood in front of her small cottage as she heard the approach of an entourage. From inside of the cottage, a muffled groan could be heard, which slowly died down to a soft whimper. Her violet eyes moved toward the side, as she smirked and walked into the cottage. Her eyes set upon her patient, the village leader's eldest son. The young man calmed down when Gisela pressed a finger to her crimson lips. "The village has a visitor. We don't get very many of those. Now, I am going to give you this medicine..." She lifted a syringe of glowing blue liquid. "Now tell me how this feels. I hate administering this. It pains me more than you will ever know." She injected the substance into the man's arm and unbound him. "But you wanted to be stronger, faster, and longer lasting." She added the last part with a wink. Gisela's back turned to him and she walked out of the cottage. "Too bad my appetite is insatiable." As two of the shamans, older and probably wiser than she was, wandered out of their homes in a befuddled state, Gisela found herself among them. She was not confused and didn't feel the need to flex her authority. The only thing that drew her out aside from the crazy haired troll was curiosity which was often her downfall.
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    The Skarr Clan

    The Verm of Terrenus The Skarr Clan "They kill-kill our families, we burn-burn their homes! Vengeance! Revenge for Rats!" - King-King, Acting Matriarch of Skarr Clan, and head of the Verm Triad. General Overview The Skarr clan, one third of the Skaven Triad, refers to the diminished, but quick on the rebound band of Verm slowly putting their roots down into the Forgotten Woods. Once a single family of the warlike ratmen, the Skarr clan is now composed of multiple smaller families, and is united with two other, currently missing Verm clans to form a single, mighty Triad. Led by their oddly charismatic regent, King-King, the Skarr stand for unity among the multitude Verm clans, and seek to strengthen their numbers as well as their familial ties. Verm are often touted as being cunning, treacherous kin who stab each other in the back as soon as they shake hands, making and breaking alliances constantly. The Skarr--and by extension the Triad--seeks the opposite: Verm united, working towards ever loftier goals. Composition The Skarr clan comprises of the remnants of the former Skarr clan, the smaller family that King-King was born into. Following his ascent to power, and subsequent unification of the clans, he dictated that his element of the Triad would share the same name. Though their numbers once numbered well into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, over ninety percent of the clan's original population is gone. At the time of their arrival in the Forgotten Wood, the Skarr numbered in the hundreds; Seven hundred Verm strong, including their auspicious ruler King-King, and approximately a hundred brood mothers, tended to faithfully by their devoted servants. Through time, however, their numbers will swell rapidly. It will take a mere matter of months before Verm populations outweigh all others, which of course, means an increased demand for space and resources. Verm Brood-mothers are specifically fed and raised to become 'living' nests for their children. As a result of frequent feedings, a very specific diet and rigorous massaging, bathing and grooming, most Brood-mothers are capable of raising a litter of 8-15 pups every two to three weeks. Assuming food is readily available (including the corpses of other pups, dead Brood-mothers and even some deceased Clanrats, the mortality rate is so low that only a handful of Verm pups are lost in a Brood-mother's lifetime. A single Brood-mother raises anywhere between 16 and 30 Verm pups a month, can live for multiple years and typically gives birth to around 2 or 3 new Brood-mothers in her life. Goals The Skarr aim, first and foremost, to recuperate from their grand losses. Following this, they must expand downward yet again, and begin rebuilding their colossal subterranean city Nesthome. Nesthome is---was---the Verm Triad's crown achievement, a grand sign that King-King's vision of a united Verm society could become a reality. Prior to King-King's ascent to power, the Verm were largely at war with themselves. Verm clans were based upon their founding members, the Verm who were strong enough to claim their breeding rights and take several brood-mothers as their own. Even then, their claim was temporary, and Verm clanlords were forced to subjugate the weaker Verm in order to maintain some kind of control, which unfortunately still didn't keep backstabbing and conspiracy from running rampant among the fledgling clans. King-King was born into these circumstances under the name Gnaw Blackrot, another mindless Clanrat of the Skarr clan. Under his father, he served as a warrior, striking down his fellow Verm in merciless civil wars. He learned, firsthand, that the Verm knew only how to stab each other in the back, and seek their own ambitions mindlessly. He could see, even then, that the Verm lived fruitless lives, which prompted him to try and change something. He sought consul with the Verm's blighted omen of a God, the Pale Rat. Blackrot asked for the strength to not only claim the Skarr Clan for his own, but the Strength to claim other clans as his own, without murdering or subjugating any of his kinsmen. He argued that he could change how the Verm behave, and unite them under one name. The Pale Rat, amused with Blackrot's pleas, struck a deal with him. The Pale Rat would offer King-King not only the strength to do all he asked, but also offered him the ability to cheat death. No assassination plot, no matter how devious or cunning, could not be carried out by any Verm from any clan. However, the one catch was that the Pale Rat would come for him, one day. He would be born into the world Blackrot would build for his people, be raised in the streets like the rest of the Clanrats, and he would eventually murder the Verm King, and the peace the Verm once knew would rot, just as Blackrot's body would following that. King-King agreed. What King-King and the Pale Rat never expected, however, was that Nesthome, the grand achievement he'd worked so hard to see bear fruit, would not be destroyed by Verm or the Pale Rat, or King-King's ambitions, but rather the growing tension of a Terrenus bristling, ready for war, claimed the city of Nesthome, and the majority of his people's lives as well. Yet King-King reigns even now, though the terms of his deal have taken on a new meaning. Blackrot cannot be slain by any Verm assassin or coup, but Terrenus is filled with creatures that aren't Verm. Nesthome is far from finished, now, and King-King finds himself leading the Skarr into a world where his blessing may not apply. And, of course, the Pale Rat must surely be out there somewhere, waiting for a chance to strike out. It's only a matter of time before the Rodent King finds himself in danger. Allies King-King, and the rest of the Skarr, have very few friends in Terrenus to date. Their arrival was unexpected and shocking to the nearby factions, and the Verm have yet to make friends--or even acquaintances--with any of them. Once they have expanded their claim, however, surely there will exist the opportunity to trade for goods between neighbors, assuming traders can get past their...intimidating appearance. Prior to their arrival in the Forgotten Woods, the Verm lived much deeper in the earth, in their grand city of Nesthome. Under King-King's guidance, the three great clans that formed the Triad all lived in peace, for a time. However, the ongoing machinations of the world above them had unprecedented effects on the Verm settlement. Mines, dug far too deep, and the shifting of tectonic plates worked in tandem to bring about a cataclysm the Verm could not have predicted. The world crumbled around them--homes and stores and workshops were crushed beneath stone and rubble. Scarce few survivors fled in scattered groups, in all directions. At the present, it is not known what became of the other two Verm clans. Without King-King to guide them, do they still believe in the unity of the Verm? Foes Currently the Skarr face a much more pressing task at hand, however. Namely: the Forgotten Forest, its damnable sorcery and the fae that live within. Before the Skarr clan can continue to grow, the fae and the forest must be dealt with, one way or another. If the Verm can force the fae out, and cleave away the trees around them, perhaps they can establish trade roads through the Woods. This would make it far easier for the Skarr's influence to grow, and give them unique opportunities to make alliances with the factions around them. Before they can do that, however. They need to butcher or drive off the fae of the Forgotten Woods.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    Here is the OOC for the Bloodsport Yh'mi Nightmare World. Here you can discuss strategy, beg for mercy, throw complaints at Hollow, or wail in despair. It's up to you.
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    [GS] Montis Maximus.

    Sera shrugged at Som. The poor dude must have lost it. There's no helping him now. Anyway, she turned her focus towards the little girl and the god. Keep him pinned down , Khaki. While her friend engaged their enemy, Sera prepared herself as well. Electricity surged around her as she raised her right arm as if attempting to throw a spear. The spear in question is the lightning that converged around her raised hand, replicating the faint image of a spear. She waited for the right moment, then let loose.
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    A Lost World

    "Lazy bums," the Lady Sheathe sighed as the group finally encountered this reptilian monstrosity. "Now start working." Chuckling, the two idiots moved forward and took out their note books. The two began furiously jotting notes while the Lady Sheathe just sat back and marvelled at the sight. She rolled to Sebastian's side and spoke "It looks like a dragon except with no wings." Meanwhile the two idiots were busy taking measurements. They could only do so much without the necessary equipment but their sight would have to do. The only problem now is the real predator. Will they ever meet the real one anytime soon?
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Bloodsport OOC

    @P.N.See - Since Soryn will end up taking one of those rally points from Murray, I have edited my post to state Soryn is patching Vlad up (2 x Heal) and delaying an action.
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    Battle of Forsthaven OOC

    Guess I'm a defacto commander of the defense now.
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    Battle of Forsthaven OOC

    @zackrobbman And responded to you, since nobody else has posted. It's a couple shorter responses, so I can addon if you need more to work with. @Fierach Appears to have taken on the role of defender, so he could probably be the best guy to resist your mercenary advance. With Steam and Infernal out, that just leaves @Thotification and @vielle. And I'm not even sure when/if Vi is coming back. So for now, I'm going to proceed on the assumption that she is not (or at least, not soon enough for this thread).
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    War IS The Answer!

    Tynes gritted his teeth at the reckless abandon with which Tin Man's heavies tore up everything in their path. Enough so that when Skull's voice came over the line, Tynes's voice sounded somewhat strained when he responded. "We will proceed straight ahead until we reach the lift. It is on the far side of the old city. Once there, we shall turn east and link-up with our forces approaching from the west. In short, your immediate orders are to continue onward and spot for the tanks," he managed to explain, "And mercenary, remind yourself and your men that we are here to capture this city, not annihilate it. The sector of the city up ahead contains many historical buildings that are important to my people's culture. Let us keep unnecessary collateral damage to a minimum, shall we?" Despite his own words to Cordoza the previous day, Tynes had no intention of destroying Forsthaven. The city was, despite the many refugees and later arrivals, ultimately a Norkic settlement. That meant it belonged in Norkotia, and Tynes did not wish to see it leveled. His hope was a quick and precise war, one that could avoid civilian casualties and minimize damage. Unfortunately, the defenders were making that difficult, but fighting a war they couldn't win and forcing the Norkotian army to destroy more than was necessary because of that. But having trigger-happy mercenaries shredding everything in sight was an even further annoyance, in Tynes's mind. * * * Meanwhile, outside the city, truck loaded with Norkotian soldiers, heading back to the front lines after having been serving escort duty for the numerous refugees that had been following the river road the the camp, were suddenly flagged down by a screaming man in a cowboy hat. The truck stopped and the men filed-out, the sergeant in charge of the leading the way as they moved over the slope to get a look. There were two men below, possibly civilians, possibly mercenaries, one of then unconscious and bleeding. Luckily for Clive, he looked like he was from around here, which seemed to lend credence to the idea that he was "on their side". Even so, several of the men lined up their rifles on him, as the sergeant took a couple men and slide down the slope to reach the riverside. "Ey! What are you two doing over there!?" the sergeant barked across the river, "There ain't a crossing on this river for another three miles!" Given the river was fairly large (though not too large), and had a steady flow, it would be very difficult for Clive to cross by swimming. And that was without having to drag Zack along with. Getting someone onto Clive's side of the river was not simple matter, it seemed. Even so the sergeant continued to shout. "We can send the truck around to get you if you just STAY THERE!" he bellowed across the divide. @zackrobbman
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    A dollar for your sword

    "A magnet," Luke nodded, the thought somehow slipping his mind for a brief moment. Stopping Luke leaned against one of the rusted tunnel walls. "Jelly fish are bigger than this. Did Mone shrink a jellyfish and...lose it in the sink?" The thought lingered in the air for a moment, Luke dismissed it, they never questioned where Mone's moral compass lay and Luke honestly didn't care. "I guess its been a while since I've been straining myself, specally' underwater." He followed a few feet behind his partner as they traveled threw the seemingly ancient pipes. Luke shook his head with a soft smirk as he started his breathing technique, deep breaths birthed the bright, spacial like mist from his core, a brighter light cut threw the tunnel as he relaxed himself. It feels good though, stretching out like this . Their combined light showering the pipe reveling the distant black pit in their path. They both noticed it around the same time, Will making it there a head of him, gazing down into the abyss "Get ready climb down" Luke nodded in agreement watching as Will threw his bundle down over the edge, falling silently Luke caught a glimpse of Wills worried expression before he descended into the abyss. Walking himself to the edge Luke peered over, looking down on to Will scaling down the rustic walls. Below him Luke could vaguely make out a reflective line, a spiders web. Bouncing as will settled on it light bounced off just the same allowing Luke to see the nests on either side. Wait if there are children, I'd hate to see the adults Images of the massive jellies scattered threw Luke's mind, he didn't need any more poison in his system. "Ah," Will called, "Luke. Do you think you could push the thread lower so I can climb down? I'm not sure if your abilities allow for that kind of thing, but if so..." Luke leaned ever so closer to the edge "Yeah, I'll be down in just a sec-" Pain from the rash buckled his knees sharply and suddenly he was falling at the mercy of the abyss. Head first he dove down the pipe lucky enough to hit the webbing head on gathering more in his fall as the nests shook and fell into the depths and all the webbing being torn from its hold by a falling mass they couldn't hold so in stead latched on to freeing Will's descend. "Out of ALL MY LUCK" Luke spat against the wind, ripping that he could of the thread off of him the sticky webbing refusing sticking to him like another layer of skin. Cover, protect, force Luke's right hand glowed as the magical mist revolved into and around it creating a clear gauntlet Float, dig, rise thought the spider webbing did nothing to fully stop Luke they did slow him down enough, with the combined force of the webbing and Lukes own magic he slowed, drifting his fall close to the pipe walling expending a his right hand which touched with sparks, his fingers eating into the wall leaving a fingered marking as he leaned himself onto the fall, the resistance finally stopping him, using the now graved wall as hand placements he lifted his left arm, allowing the bundle of jellyfish flesh to fall on the now in range floor. "HEY WILL SORRY ABOUT THAT" He yelled in the tunnel above himself, slowly sliding down the wall, his magic somewhat controlling his decent as it wasn't strong enough to make him float but helped resist the fall. A bend helping him greatly as the floor closeted Sliding down the grime covered walls urged him,right then and there to empty his stomach but he had to resist and he did, the faster he could reach a shower the better. He continued to slide, carefully, regretfully he slid eliminating more spiders webs that would have gotten in Will's way. In a few minutes he lands, half covered in webs he started to detach them from lower half, which took long enough.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    @HollowCipher Pedantic kind of question here, is the Dodge mechanic an action used the previous turn, akin to Defend, or is it a Counter Attack-esque type of free action where it's used in response to an enemy attack? Also no need for the Aligorians to be rallied, as part of the door gang their sanity is all topped up. ?
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    Like the transporter but cooler? Welcome aboard
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Bloodsport OOC

    Soryn may be able to heal because I think he only lost 1 Sanity last round so only needs one Meditate to fill up. @P.N.See
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    Jack Murray stirred to the sound of a roaring crowd, and the feeling of a hot, desolate sun upon his face. His eyes opened, and he found himself standing in the center of a dusty arena, dry and bright, like the deserts he had grown up in. It was a welcome change from the humid jungle. In addition, he still felt the lingering effects of a strange elation; the joy that had come from escaping through the door of the plateau an uncertain amount of time ago. Then he remembered. The last thing he recalled was looking back, and seeing all those on the plateau, all of his men, plummet to the depths of the jungle. The artificial euphoria instantly evaporated, and the sudden crushing weight of value fell upon him. For a moment, he could feel nothing but dismay, not so much at the deaths themselves, but at how he had failed them. And then... "Ow! Get off me!" "Yer crushin' mah back, pard'ner!" "DAH! OW! HEY! OW!" "Heeeeelp..." Murray whirled around, to find a whole pile of bodies stacked up behind him. Not only were the men (and women) he left behind on the plateau there, but also the missing members of his SQUAAAD, such as Scott Deckel and Jessie Briggs. Or he assumed they were all in there, as it looked like a cross between a football pile-up and what happens if you don't wrap up your garden hose carefully enough. Even so, the sight was quite a relief for the ex-bandit, who had seconds before been staring down the reality of having led two squads in a row to their complete annihilation. "Whoa, I haven't been that dizzy since my sister and I played that drinking game on the County Fair roller coaster!" Melanie was the first one to pop out of the pile, "Hey, wait, where's Charlie? Is he okay? Is he alive? Is he still available? One of those harpy bitches didn't dig her claws into him and drag him off to be married against his will did they? They can't do that! He loves me! I have to go save him!" She reached into her pocket to pull out the burning heart that Charlie had given her as a token of his affection, which had left her speechless at the moment, yet she had kept and cherished the barbecued organ as though it were a gift bought for her at the most expensive of stores. But when her hand emerged, it was covered in nothing by ash, for the heart had smoldered down to nothing since then. "NOOOO!!! Charlie, my love! You have been lost forever!" she fell to her knees wailing. Just then, Charlie brushed literally in front of her face, causing her to blink a moment in confusion. She turned to her left, just in time to see Charlie pull Deckel off the pile and hold him up by the collar. This was naturally rather discombobulating to Scoot, who was still seeing visions of fire and guts dance before his eyes, and the echoes of screams, gunshots and cracking bones echo in his ears. Next thing he knew, he was being hoisted in the air by an angry pyromaniac, railing about hot harpy babes. "Whoa whoa whao!" Scoot pleaded, "I ain't seen any harpy babes! But, duh... if you point me in their direction, I could relay a message for you!" He probably would have been incinerated by Charlie right there, if not for the pyromaniac suddenly getting grabbed from behind by another pyromaniac. "Charlie, you're alive!" Melanie grabbed and hugged him from behind, interfering with Charlie's ability to continue to lift Deckel. But she wasn't the only one interfering, as another Norkotian stepped into the fray, wielding a large, remarkably sharp looking wrench. One was left to wonder what use a wrench of this design was, except for causing gaping gashes in human flesh. "You juss put that thing down, mister," Chief pointed at Charlie, but referring to Scoot, "You dunno where's its been!" Beyond them, the remaining twelve survivors of the two Norkotian squads (this includes five of Chief's men) were untangling themselves from the pile. At the very bottom, having to pull her face out of the dirt with a soft "pop", was Jessie Briggs. The ex-hitwoman was now far too mad to worry about all the ghosts she'd encountered in the previous nightmare. "If I survive this... I'm going to kill every single one of them... every single one... I won't even charge anyone..." she muttered to herself Murray smiled slightly, recognizing that almost everyone was here. Well, everyone except Precht and Grunt, and a few NPCs that nobody except their NPC families care about. It was then that he finally paid closer attention to his surroundings. That's right, they were in the middle of an arena, and not far away, he could see the flying boy, Dan Palmer, on the ground whimpering. Others were also around, in varying degrees of shock, horror, exhaustion or bewilderment. But Murray himself was feeling a bit rejuvenated, so he pulled out one of his pistols and fired it at the sky. The load report caused all the surrounding Norkotians, and probably a few other people nearby, to stop whatever antics they were in the midst of committing, and turn to face the cowboy. "Now listen up, guys and gals! We may have survived the jungle fall, but we ain't outta this hocus-pocus nonsense yet! Git yer asses together and git ready! We don't know what they got in store fer us next!" Whether he did that at the same time as Ilene was speaking, or whether it was just before or after, he did it either way. No mere orders or logic was going to get a rambunctious lot like the Norkotians and Charlie in order, after all. Someone needed to get through their thick skulls first, at the point of a gun if need be, and Jack Murray felt himself the man to do just that.
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    Kill Them With Kindness (open)

    The Cold Mountains were Rin’s least favorite part of this blasted land. Of all the things she had wished for, crossing them again was not on that list. AT least she was not alone this time, though the strange creatures of Dredge’s army did little to provide her with stimulating conversation, they were interesting in their own way. Fascinating, really. Rin found herself drawn to inspecting them when she thought none were looking. Perhaps an arm here, a leg there….they were strong and hardy. Were they that way from birth or was it years of battle-hardening that gave them that edge? Perhaps if one of them died, Dredge would allow her to inspect the body. To satiate her curiosity, of course…but there were more sinister reasons for wanting access to monstrous body parts. “I hate the cold.” Rin murmurs as she approaches the edge of the pass, next to Dredge. Though the man…creature?, if he could be called such, towered over her, Rin did not seem to mind, nor was she bothered by standing in his shadow except that he was blocking the only available sunlight. AS they descended into Alverton, there were many murmurs and a few screams. They were a strange group, afterall, and few had seen creatures like they in a casual lighting. The Whispernight brought about many monsters, were these simply leftovers? Abberations that had come to kill them in their beds? The fact that no weapons were released or threats made gave the people pause enough to consider what they might have to say. Rin’s eyes narrowed a bit as she considered the group that had come to marvel at them, as though in a zoo. “Well, this should be easy…provided none of you accidentally step on someone.” She made a head motion to the Ogres specifically.
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    By the time that Crystal had finished with her story of Leon, Rin was vaguely amused, and confused. She supposed in a way she did not understand how one went from such a strange meeting – to lovers. This was an area of human interaction that Rin did not fully comprehend. Lack of affection had made her ignorant in such matters, but it had also made her strong. There was….something, naggling at the back of her mind…there had been one person…whom she had held above all others. A sudden, sharp pain drilled it’s way behind her right eye, and Rin’s palm moved up to apply pressure with a gentle hiss. Whatever memory lay dormant, did not want to be pried from its box just yet. AS quickly as it had come, it was gone. Rin’s hand moved away from her visage to peer at Crystal for what seemed an eternity. Crystal wouldn’t gain much aside from it being obvious that Rin was not the best suited for this kind of task. This…sitting and talking portion of their mission. She too, felt offense on Akako’s behalf, however. The Daiyokai was a formidable woman, who, in her time as regent had seen the coffers filled and the people fed, as well as numerous other tasks that was befitting not only of her title, but of someone far more fit to rule than the absentee Scarlet Kingdom ruler. Rin only knew a handful of facts about Red Yusuke, but what she knew did not lead her to fondness. “Indeed, I think it is.” Rin murmured as she sipped her water quietly. Her gaze flickered every so often between Crystal and Luiz. Despite the tension in the air, it was several moments later before any of them attempted a pass at the microphone, nearly a half hour! In that time, they had gotten themselves good and drunk on cheap wine and cheaper women. Sam, as he had been called, cheered at Luiz in a slurred drunken manner. “Giv’ ‘em da speech!” He chirped like a parrot, loud and obnoxious and not too bright. The parrot might actually have a larger brain. Despite that, Luiz is goaded to the microphone and he gives a gleeful sort of little grin. “Evening, people of Port Caleum!” He speaks. “I come to you today, to talk of an issue most dear to my heart. The issue of the demons that now stroll our city and call it home.” There was a murmur of agreement through the crowd, most of them human, afterall. Those that weren’t, gave each other nervous looks, afraid of where this might be headed. “Our almighty Daiyokai seems to find it fit to have us….rub shoulders with these creatures. Well, I say no! If we were meant to, it would have already been done before she got here! Now she’s taking us away from stability and the protection of the Scarlet Kingdom! In fact, I Don’t doubt it’ll be long before she expects us to bow before these mongrels….I tell ya what.” Luiz clicks his tongue, there’s an even louder murmur of agreement through the group and Rin moves to stand, finding herself oddly compelled to end the argument before it becomes worse. She does not move, not yet, however. She knows better than to yet draw attention to them. If they wish to placate Luiz and his merry band of followers, it would do best to wait for them to be both sober, and alone. Not in a place where a mob is likely to incite with the wrong words. Her grip on her water does tighten, however.
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    [GS] Ventus.

    Was it intrigue that Ventus felt for Koji as he dared to defy her entombing grasp. The winds and ice did not stop there, instead it shifted shapes turning into a spiral. The spirals opening pulled at the dragon and it’s rider picking up in rotation and suction it closed in on them both. “You seek my power to rule.. Yet you smell of dark works.. I know of you Koji, you existence has been whispered through the Vale by one such as yourself.” Her eyes narrowed the pupils dilated as the spiraling force over took Koji once more threatening to put holes in the beasts wings. If he himself was not careful this time he might end up with a side off of icicles measuring a two feet in length. “I am the Mother, but you all have decided to consume us. How would giving you my power make you any different from these grey evils?” Her piercing gaze seem unconvinced as she watched his progress. @Twitterpated
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    Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia OOC

    Posted! @danzilla3 It's your turn now. As mentioned in the RP thread, the three characters of Hani, The Rabbit Emperor and Steamwarden shall be NPCed by myself, @danzilla3 and @Eternity respectively. When we reach the next stage of the story I'll have the three characters removed from the story by getting them reassigned elsewhere so the four of us can continue.
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    Soryn had watched as Fidelitas and the others who followed the paladin surrendered themselves to the harpies while others were allowed to exit some door in the distance. He had instantly regretted not following then as the vertigo that began and this sudden feeling of falling overwhelmed him for what seemed like an eternity. Flashes of the harpies scraping and manipulating the bodies of Fidelitas and the others flooded his senses until Celene was thrust through the door and he was left to endure the instability. Then he felt his body collide with a sandy floor and the din of the crowd around him fill his ears. Gasping for air as he sat up to a sit, he noticed some familiar faces from the encounter before though there were some he hadn’t had a chance to meet or observe yet. Collecting himself, he listened to the boy announcing their unwilling entry into some sort of coliseum. The feeling of the sand beneath his hands brought back several memories of a past where his blade and not his voice did much of the talking. Turning to see a curled up Dan, he inferred some sort of traumatic trigger had caused the child to react negatively to his surroundings. Moving to a stand, he moved closer to Dan but noticed the resilience of the kid once he began meditating. Jarred from his analysis of Dan by the sound of Charlie yelling, he shook his head and then finally realized that he could not sense Celene nearby. Great, all that investment by the Daily Weekly and he has already lost his companion. The pained expression on his face was visible but he soon recovered and then took his time analyzing his surroundings without the crutch of technology to guide him. Soryn made his way over to the familiar face that was Vlad who seemed the most wounded of everyone here. "Let's get you ready to face whatever this is" A warm light extended from his palm over the more visible wounds the man held to heal him up. This predicament would require everyone to be at their best. Now was when his ability to assess the information at hand would be truly tested.
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    Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia

    Agent Icepick sighed inwardly with relief. He was glad that everyone was agreeable and active so far. But the true test was when all hell broke loose and the bullets started flying. And as they always said: Plans usually never survive first contact. The database access was especially troubling to him. A niggling in the back of his mind told him there as more than just a simple raid going on inside the precinct. No matter... they would find out when they got in. "Good ideas. Let's put that into play." Davis nodded. "Fiver, you and Robin will be Team One. Patch and I will be Team two. Specter, you'll run overwatch with Jackdaw. JTF, you'll stay here in reserve. If we need help we'll call you in. Let's split up, find our entry points and get into position. " It took Davis and Daniela a good few minutes to find a suitable entry point. They waded through the carpark and entered through the sidegate before reaching a shutter door which led to the precinct's garage. Huddling up close to it, Davis took off his backpack and unlatched his drone. Taking out a small tablet, he powered up both the device and the drone which whizzed into the air and flew a good dozen or so meters away from the building. "This is Icepick." Davis radioed in. "Daniela and I are at the side entrance to the precinct's underground garage. I've got my drone up in the sky and syncing it to ISAC now." The drone hovered in a stationary position as it's special cameras combining both infra-red and ISAC's pulse algorithm scanned through the entire building and highlighted its current inhabitants within the area. Most were highlighted red for potential enemies, a couple were colored green for friendlies; most likely hostages. "External device synced. Streaming live data to Local Area Network." ISAC announced. Davis looked around as the highlights came to life before his eyes thanks to the contacts. "Good. I see multiple hostiles on all floors including the rooftop. Got a couple of friendlies on the first floor. Seems like the rioters put them in holding cells of some sort. Wait... there's a faint signal coming from the upper floor. It's kinda flashing for just a moment, but it disappears before an outline of the silhouette can be completed." Tapping on the tablet to keep the drone stationary in it's position, Davis kept his things and drew his MP5. Summoning the overhead map, he saw that Jackdaw and Fiver were in position. "Patch and I will look into that anomaly. The rest of you sweep the floors, clear out the rioters and rescue the hostages. They don't know we're here so we have the element of surprise." "All teams, breach." Davis held his breath and pressed the button next to the shutter door. It slid open with a low hum and the pair stepped inside and strode down into the garage. Rounding a corner, the pair were greeted by a large area filled with police vehicles. A few hooded men were crowding around and milling about the vicinity. There was no way they were going to get past them without a fight. "Tangoes in sight. Engaging in three, two, one..." RATATATAT! And all hell broke loose.
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    All good on my end. Holiday weekends don't generally count on my 3-day timer for posting. Good luck on your exam. Excellent.
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    Die Shize

    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    I was thinking closer to 100 total reinforcements, including the scouts already sent at about 25, as we're also factoring in the small number of convoy rats and the Lost Scions. Part of my strategy includes dividing the force and I was thinking that would work just as well for the main rat force. They don't have to march as an army. They could meet up at the northwest part marked on the map without necessarily coming from the same direction. There's also hills and foliage that might help screen their approach. Those are subtleties and intricacies though. I mean, what's to stop a trader on his way to Kinsmeet spotting even twenty-five rats and thinking it suspicious enough to report it to the village head? I guess that's where some RNG makes sense! Ultimately, though, the plan is to have Kinsmeet recognize the raid. The main force will have their trebuchet to barter a surrender, and failing that they will use it on the village. It will be at a good enough distance that villagers would have to be looking that way to notice it but eventually Kinsmeet will know what's going on. Most of them are written to be happy go lucky villagers though, with some internal watchmen, but their strength really just lies with the mercenary Brave Spears. They fight better shielded up in the streets. We're drawing them out of the village, mostly unhorsed, via the main Skaven force.
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    Crowdsource Cicero, a noir setting

    I was hoping you’d comment! I was going to tag you but I know you’re pulling an Atlas atm and didn’t want to be the final straw I did plan on adding a city map and a few notable locations like I did with Oatpeak. So I put it to you this way - what are good places to note? Just general ideas or titles. They can always be fleshed out later
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    Naughty.... Or Nice? (OOC)

    @Thotification yer up.
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    Sorry for my absence, ran out of mobile data and just gor hotspot back. Writing should commence this week, though behind like always but its going to be this way until I get actual internet back Apologies ❤️
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    The pigs gotta die!

    It was at this point that the sounder knew; they fucked up! These combatants are right now, bar none, the most lethal creatures in the Moss Forest, and now whatever is left of the sounder, which isn't much at this point, trip over themselves, and the moss, to get away from the inferno, and the tornadoes of fire, claws, and teeth. These jungle pigs have truly met something that even the greatest of their combat tactics could not even really hurt. The escaping pigs at the fringe, that really didn't even get to participate in the attack make their way to other groups of jungle pigs, to communicate to them how dangerous threat is, and that they can't take the weretigers, and instead use some other creature to attack them instead. Normally, Gartantahs are quite peaceful hanging out in the trees, but as some of these jungle pigs found out the hard way, they're brutal when you piss a troupe of them off, and thus the pigs have been taking them one at a time as the opportunity arises, which made the Garantahs stay closer together and form bigger troupes, and it's one of these large troupes that the pigs are going to seek out right now.
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    Dan rolled his eyes. Once again, reality was fucking up. That was the last time he let a drink leave his sight with other people around, this was ridiculous. When they arrived, his snarky attitude melted instantly. The sight, the sound, the air... It was all just like... "Oh no... No no no no no no no......." Dan's pupils dilated and he started to hyperventilate. He couldn't be back in the Coliseum. Not again. It burned down when the Lost Regiment rescued him. They destroyed it. But he was CLEARLY there. Everything was the same. Even Kronos was looking the same as always. Dan clutched his head and curled into a ball. Images of past memories that he'd long buried started bubbling back up. How he'd been forced to slaughter other demigods, many his friends. Killing monsters for sport, being chained and beaten if he didn't perform well, simply being chained in a cell if he DID perform well, and when he was forced to kill his- Dan's breathing accelerated. He couldn't think straight. He started shaking. His vision started blurring. Kid. Calm down. It's not the same- "Not again not again not again I cant be here not again anywhere else please anywhere else-" Calm down. Cant do it again not again please I don't want the chains I won't run away no I did the best I could- I said CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!!! Dan was snapped out of his mental crisis by The Other Guy. And upon looking at the facts, he was right. If this were the ACTUAL Coliseum, Kronos wouldn't have him fight, he would have Dan executed on the spot. And the Coliseum wasn't even standing now, it was a pile of rock. This must be another illusion world. Dan crossed his legs, and closed his eyes, breathing slowly. He slowly regained full control of himself, bringing peace of mind and not having a nervous breakdown in front of everyone.
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    The Decision.

    Cadryn looked down at the man swaying in front of him. He smelled like he had slept in an ale barrel, could barely keep his feet. Disgusted Cadryn snorted at the mans suggested. "You think I would need a drunken beggar like yourself to help me quiet down the annoyance over there" He pointed in the direction of the woman still strumming on her instrument. He flicked his fingers in front of the stumbling man and watched his eyes struggle to focus. "I could kill her and you in the time it would take this bar keep to pour me a jug of water." He flicked his fingers at the mans head and sent him flat on his ass. He turned to Mud, "Wrap that up, we'll take leave of this establishment tonight, no point staying when you can't hear yourself think over the racket of a musician who doesn't know how to tune her instruments quickly." He turned away from the stunned man on the floor and started wrapping up the remains of dinner. "Did you hear that drunkard Mud? Poor bastard didn't even know it was time for dinner. Still thought it was time for breakfast. This hear is the reason alcohol is of no use for a fighting man. He looses his senses, his wit and his reaction time. He turned and looked down at the man on the floor. "Too bad for you I don't have the time or the patience to teach you that lesson tonight."
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    The Decision.

    Aidan woke up, face firmly implanted on the drool covered wood of the bar. He could hear the sounds of the city already awakened, worrying about breakfast which was being served around him. He summoned the effort to pick his head up, and start his day. "Coffee", he thought. His head and stomach hurt so badly that it seemed like it was actually spreading to the other parts of his body. The spinning that his eyes showed slowed to a crawl and then stopped after a minute or two. He motioned to the bartender who brought him back his sword and shield - the rest of his supplies and armor were in his room upstairs. "Coffee" he said, "and keep the change for the hassle". He was proud of himself, he only slurred slightly. He looked into the coin purse and threw more than enough to cover the bill on the counter. He had officially spent everything he had earned on his last adventure, and he'd have to find work soon. He heard the sound of annoyance coming from across the bar, and figured this might be an opportunity. He made sure he wasn't going to vomit and then looked across to see what was happening. He saw a large man who he assumed was the one yelling at a tiny woman starting to warm up her instruments. If he wasn't in a mood for making money, he would have taken a pass at her, but first things first. He grabbed his gear, and got off his bar stool, stumbling only slightly. He walked over to the musician and said, "I'll throw you a discount, if you'd like I'll kill them for you for a cheap price." She looked up at him in what he took for utter disgust. "Fine", he said, "I'll deal with them myself". He walked over to the large man doing the yelling, and was slightly surprised how loud the floorboards sounded this morning. He walked straight up to the two men, still looking annoyed. He tried not to slur anymore as he told them, "She won't listen to reason and is going to ruin everyone's day." he tried to think of a price as he said it, "I'll throw you a discount on killing her so we all can enjoy breakfast".
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    Sorry! Got a big exam coming up tomorrow, been studying. Hopefully you guys don't mind waiting another day!
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    Cicero - 1920s Noir

    Image is in public domain This is a realistic setting, which means no magic, meta-materials, or fantasy races. This has no bearing on the realism of plot contrivances or the natures or reactions of characters. I am basing Cicero off Chicago. I want to take an alt. history slant, where we can reference Chicago's history but also do our own thing rather than follow history's drum beat. Cicero, Illinois has a history of organized crime dating back to the mid 1800s and was touched by various arms of the American mafia. The time period for this setting ranges from the 1920s to the mid-1930s and stories can place anywhere in this iconic decade-and-a-half. If you're unfamiliar with what this might look like, think Boardwalk Empire or even Chinatown. Some notable historical events which players can incorporate in their play are: 1920 - Prohibition is in full swing, making this the year that crime surges through the city. In addition to bootleg liquor and speakeasies, rackeetering increases in popularity and houses of prostitution "spread like wildfire" 1921 - The Thompson submachine gun / Tommy gun / "Chicago typewriter", becomes the weapon of choice for at least some of the city's mobster gangs (and there are several). 1923 - Al Capone establishes his headquarters in Lexington Hotel. 1929 - Eliot Ness returns to Chicago as a Prohibition agent under the Treasury Department and creates the "Untouchables" to try and stop the flow of illegal booze and bring down the Capone empire Common plots in this genre/time can include: Work for a gang, rising up through the ranks to gain power or starting off with power and struggling to keep it Start an illegal moonshine operation and speakeasy Work as a police officer, either one that gets caught up in a world of bribery and illegal activities, or one that fights back against it at the risk of everything they have Be a private detective who takes a case and finds themselves in over their heads Literary elements for noir often focus on: the anti-hero protagonist and the femme fatale Technology 1913 - Radio. By the '20s there are radio stations with shows and advertising 1913 - Refrigerator. '23 saw Frigidaire introduce the first self-contained unit 1921 - Drive-in restaurants and in '22 convertible cars. in '23 traffic signals 1925 - Television. '28 saw the first experimental broadcast in the US 1927 - Jukebox and democratized music Firearms include: the Tommy gun, shotguns, and semi-automatic pistols Attire
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    The Alexandrian

    Lagrimosa AMA 2.0

    I am attempting to identify traits/trends/behaviors a reasonable character would associate with the Enrele (not that Caeceila and company are particularly reasonable). I don't believe, from the information provided, that Safeguard would be of use in this regard. Also, I don't believe my characters would reasonably and legally have access to this information. From what I understand, the Enrele possess a Borg-esque ability to adapt to standard detection methods fielded against them. I recall that this was, somewhere, attributed to how quickly they reproduce, but I'm not certain if older generations also "adapt." Erring on the side of caution, I'm guessing that older generations either adapt or are culled and replaced for the sake of whichever hivemind they belong to. That aside, the only solid technique I've come up with is straight up possession of a host body. Note that this would identify most mind controllers not by name but by means of control, and it wouldn't be possible to establish that a person is infected by the Enrele specifically without tracing interference with possession to a biological source. However, if the parasite itself is possessed, a trove of information on the hivemind could, hypothetically, be extracted. I've been discussing the matter with another forum member, who I will refrain from naming because doing so might spoil stuff, via private message. Said forum member posited that Enrele-infected people might behave differently, causing others who have close ties to an infected subject to realize that something is amiss. Said member also mentioned that the Enrele might bond with people of different age-groups, sexes, and species differently. Some infestations, then, might be stronger than others. One of my characters, Caeceila Glasmann, has attempted establish a causal link between suicides in Hell's Gate and the presence of Enrele, perhaps erroneously. She is under the impression that people with a history of depression and/or other mental illness are more likely to commit suicide than those who are more stable. Therefore, people with a history of mental illness who are in a bad way in Hell's Gate and haven't offed themselves are more likely, by her logic, to be Enrele-infected. Caeceila Glasmann is planning an offensive against the Enrele in and around Hell's Gate. After the thread linked in the spoiler has concluded, I'll be posting in the Terrenus Military Chatter thread in an attempt to contact players whose characters are authorized to represent Michael Commager, Victory, "Bubble" from Chasing Damaged Threads, and other individuals who are unlikely to be compromised. I don't know of many characters in Terrenus who possess psychic abilities, which seem to be necessary to combat the Enrele, so my characters are looking to capture Xer'Orian queens and princesses from Taen and tap into their network to contest the Enrele in a psionic battle. The player I am communicating with via private messages is interested in potentially leading what I think is a more conventional assault against a different hivemind, the one that is might displace one of the Genius Loci. One of Dolor Aeternum's characters, Ilyana Sevryn, has asked Caeceila and company how Enrele might be identified. It is likely that the information Caeceila and company provide will, without their knowledge or approval, be relayed to the Abbadon Triumvirate. I've contemplated checking out Yh'mi to determine if there is anything there that might bust an Enrele hivemind, but of late, I haven't done much digging there. I'm assuming contact with an Eldritch mind would scar an Enrele hivemind like it would scar a normal mind. I can source Lovecraftian horrors from my catperson cult, the leader of which has a spell list derived from Call of Cthulhu RPG Sixth Edition, but it would be much cooler to grab a terrorhorror that already exists.
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    Extremis Malis, Extrema Remedia OOC

    Since Hani has been AFV since July, Hani shall be regarded as such and will not be part of the posting cycle until further notice. This means it's my turn. I'll post as soon as possible within the next day or two.
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    Mykur: The thorn imperium

    It may have looked lodged but the legendary artifact Baeoi is quite the contrarian. Like its sister blades, it too can cut through inanimate objects like butter and the white-haired woman only needed to pull it back for a bit in time when the swing came. Mykur connected with the side of Baoi's blade where the woman had one hand on the hilt and the other arm bracing the blade's other side. Her feet however had mostly left the ground in time with the moment of impact lifting her body up and throwing her backward. Her lips peeled back to bare an amused grin. Mykur was no match for Baeoi. This the woman knew right from the start. The only problem here is Cain. Within that brief moment when her body was sent flying, six wisps of light formed around her person and each shot laser beam which are all targeted at her assailant. Her body would then reach the nearest wall and her feet would find purchase at the vertical surface. "Time to bail."
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    And Speaking Of Souls... [S-Class Artifact]

    Minor Summary With the aid of mercenary mages Enid Heks and Arthur Uskglass, Duchess Abigail Karradeen sets out into the wilds of Taen in search of the legendary Soul Speaker. After encountering traps, rogue wizards and pirate ambushes, they finally manage to track down the artifact and recover it. Abigail’s personal ambitions are heightened in light of this newfound power. Summary House Karradeen learns that Maximilian Karval, a young and rising pirate lord, has kidnapped several scholars who recently uncovered the location of the legendary Taen artifact known as the Soul Speaker. Hoping to stop Karval’s men from reaching the artifact, Duchess Karradeen organizes her own expedition, comprised primarily of her house’s merchant marines, but also guided by a pair of mercenary mages, Enid Heks and Arthur Uskglass. The expedition makes its way through the jungle without incident, then reaches a forgotten mountain pass connecting the jungle with the desert beyond. Half-way through the pass, they come across an ancient forge, carved into a cave system within the mountainside itself. Here they are hindered by ancient traps, as well as a renegade wizard calling himself The Cursor, but ultimately they manage to escape the underworld tomb with vital information pertaining to their quest. They then proceed into the desert, where they find an oasis not far from the pass’s exit. However, Karval’s pirates ambush them here, killing many marines and wounding Arthur. Luckily, the assault is repelled, and the pirates suffer far more significant losses. The expedition then moves on, eventually discovering a dig site where the pirates were trying to unearth an ancient obelisk said to contain the Soul Speaker. The brigands are easily chased-off and the Karradeens take control of the site, completing the excavation soon after. The Soul Speaker is discovered in a secret compartment at the base of the obelisk and is taken by Abigail. Upon testing it, she observes its impressive powers, and though she puts it away. After paying the mages who had aided her and setting out on the return trip Gold Harbor, she begins to silently plan how she might use this artifact to further her house in the future.
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    @Darling König Just checking in. I know life and responsibilities are hitting some people this time of year.
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    Aster yelped as the countdown in her head sunk lower and lower, until a sudden force hit the bear from the underside and caught the beast's attention, and it swiped downwards at whoever was clinging on from the bottom. Aster spared a glance down to see a disgusting, revolting river-monster with long, terrifying claws and predatory eyes digging into the bear's flesh and holding it steady. And then it shouted out with a familiar voice, and Aster didn't know if she should feel less scared to know it was Quinn grappling with the bear's underbelly. She let out a curse as the bear swung it's head, her dagger abandoned embedded in it's snout, smacking her own head and nearly throwing her off. All she could do was focus on clinging as suddenly the bear's attention turned to Aidan, and it let out one last roar before collapsing onto the ground. Aster slumped off of the bear, exhaustion feeling like fire in her muscles; the fight with the crows in the tavern earlier felt like a million years ago, even though she knew it'd only been that afternoon. She gulped in a breath and stumbled to her feet, before making her way unsteadily over to Aidan. "That was awesome Aidan. By all that's holy that thing was strong." Aster said breathily, pulling her daggers out of the bear's tough flesh and wincing as she saw both of them had been warped slightly. "Is everyone alright?" Aster questioned, glancing down at her ruined shirt and finally taking note of the potential concussion from when the bear had thrown her- wait, it hadn't just thrown her during the fight. "Where's Ira?"
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    [GS] Ventus.

    "!" The sudden closure of the the ice on the undead dragon's tail did nothing by slow it as it tore and cut into the already deadened flesh and bone. The end of it's tail removed without a drop of blood accounted for. Moving onward at it's slower pace, Koji worked to repair it's damage by channeling negative energy into the beast. Not only did it's tail slowly grow back, but it's tattered body began to mend flesh and bone alike to a more solid appearance reminiscent of the dragon in it's living form. This was taxing, especially with the Mugen-me opened, though the Heika was careful to pace himself as to not make himself any less formidable to Ventus. Typically, this third eye would see veiled threats like the lance in the sheet of ice. However, in this case the lance too was made of the same ice, allowing it to elude his arrogant gaze. The deity spoke of it's blight, which was one not of Koji's directive. Though in retrospect she questioned him rather directly of his desires. An opportunity to stall he dare not pass up so easily. “What do you seek outsider?” "I seek to liberate." He started plainly before pausing to gather his words. "The grey evils of man seek to swallow up any semblance of freedom and righteousness, under the guise of Order as they see fit. The disease that is man has been left to run rampant for far too long, so much so that the less human species have began to mimic the poor behaviors that they once also despised so deeply." Having traveled approximately a quarter of the way to her, the dragon's tail was only about a third of the way reformed. as his third eye continued to watch her, his draconic limb continued pumping his mount with the bane of existence that so eagerly fed one of its kind. "I seek you, your comprehension, your compassion...Most of all your power. I seek to play the games of the grey evils to earn the love and trust of the masses so that they might reap what they sow in the end, and so that I might perfect the work of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and even your mothers and fathers. I will bring ruin to the false facets of order and restore the tarnished paradise that has become existence." Though he spoke with a certain level of pureness in speech, Ventus likely tasted his aura even from this distance, and identified it as the opposite of her own. Their respective differences the polar opposite of one another, the bane of one another even. Her aura even now pushed outwards in waves of peacefulness, or righteousness, or light! His clashing aura while not as grandiose as her's was one of entropy, discord, and chaos! Either she would accept his words as spoken, or she would deny their truth as she remained weary of this stranger that felt nothing like he advertised. Though he did not particularly lie, his methods of achieving will continue to make other's question his motives. Just as any other embodiment of true chaos however, this way always their primary function. To destroy creation, only to create anew. Only in toppling the tarnished paradise could he plant the seed to erect true one. One where all could be truly free, and happy. One where the God's did not have to fight their ungrateful children, and where their children need not continue petty conflicts of greed among one another. @Chappu
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    [Class B] Birds of a feather...

    "Then lets get on out there and find it." Godric said cheerfully, happy to get back on the horse of adventure and ride off into the unknown. "Our best bet is likely one of the more unscrupulous inns in town for information on where the artifact is. Then at least we might be able to get a better sense of where it could be specifically." It wasn't uncommon for shady deals to be talked about and performed within the hole in the wall places of the world. Most people aren't really there for the food and drink anyway, as opposed to the discretion taken towards what they might up doing in there.
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    Apologies again. Spent the day watching my decade-long companion of a dog die in an emergency hospital. Naturally I wasn't quite in the mood to write by the time I got home. I'll try for tomorrow, sorry for prolonging this wait for anyone who's waiting on me.
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