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    As some of you may know, I’ve been discussing the possibility of a retcon to my character’s story, resulting in the death of her child Philippe (per the witch’s prophecy). I’ve decided to put that in effect as of today. In short, rather than having survived the traumatic nature of his birth, despite the best efforts of those who tried to intervene (Marigold and Rodan), the newborn will have succumbed to injuries sustained while in utero (compliments of Lunara) and died shortly after birth. While my reasons are my own, I know that this may affect some of your stories, and I apologize for any inconveniences that might come from this. I will do whatever I can to make things work with this new story line. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me on the forum or reach out to me on Discord, I am more than willing to work with you if this decision somehow directly affects one of your characters.
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    Death Riding an Elephant @Blackbirdmotel, DeviantArt
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    The gate opened, and Leo watched stoically as the hellhounds rushed towards the group. The smallest one towered above him; it's slavering jaws could swallow his whole head in a single bite. Even still, the halfling remained in place; he spread his feet and hefted his hammer, waiting for the crucial moment. The moment... of.... commitment! As soon as the beast committed to its lunge, Leo dropped and rolled underneath it, using his small size to his advantage and coming in under its guard. He had slightly mis-timed, however; the hot breath and searing pain of teeth on his shoulder brought forth a grimace, but he held to his course. He came up behind the beast with his hammer in one hand, and the creature's leg in the other. With a quick flex of muscle, his grip tightened on the hellhound's ankle, eliciting both a crack of delicate bone and a yelp of pain and anger. Before it could turn on him, Leo swung his hammer one-handed, landing two solid blows to the big dog's ribs. "May your soul find mercy with Gaia!" he thundered as he dropped the hellhound's leg and stepped back again into a defensive position. "For you shall find none from me!"
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    I like this one 'cause it looks like a third grader did it on first glance, but is more and more complicated the more you look at it.
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    Link Link Link Link I'm a sucker for fantasy scenery.
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    Talk dirty about these-I mean tell me about these flutes >_> Nah I kid. However, as a rough analogy, this would less be the differences between flutes, and more so the difference between a flute and a recorder, or an oboe. And that guy in the corner with the trombone is a greatsword, while my walkman is a pistol. Sword forms and analogues developed similarly in many places though, of course with deviations accounting for culture and surroundings. The principles that go into the act of sticking the other guy with the pointy end remain the same all over. With all else being equal, if one person has a longer sword the other, that guy will have an advantage when trying to stab (and if you guys are going down to the raw inches on this you're not having fun nor are you making it fun). I'll continue when I get home. I've been ill over the weekend, but I'm glad to see nothings on fire yet.
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    It had been months since Ami had smelled the fresh air of earth, and Dr. Fowlers...Healthy...Idea of cooking. The evening air felt wonderful as she stood outside the mansion, listening to the commotion going on inside and shaking her head, her keen hearing picking up on the conversations. Thrax and Abraxis? Those two names had come up in her travels. She had information concerning those two that Ben would be most pleased to hear. For just a moment more, she watched the sky darken. By now, Ben likely had sensed her arrival, so she just opened the door and walked into the foyer, its vaulted ceiling giving it the effect of being a massive room. In her human form, she took off her long black trench coat and hung it on the coat rack near the doors. Looking across the foyer and down a long hallway, she could hear voices echoing. Something strange just occurred to her. Everything she had learned led back to Ben and this double entity. She winced as she followed the voices. They definitely did not want to know what she had to do to aquire the information she had. Some of it was painful for her, deadly for others, and her line of work was definitely in the high risk category. But thats what she lived for. A slight limp was all there was to tell of her injuries though. She was healing fine. She found them tucked away in a room full of books. She recognized the Holy Tomes on the shelves and tables. At this still, eh? It was begining to look like she had again arrived at just the right time. She shook her head then stepped in. "My Prince." She said, bowing low at the waist. She grunted softly as she returned to her erect posture. That smarted. "I've returned, and I bring you news, among other things." She continued, reaching into one of the pockets on her loose cargos and pulling out a small square of paper. "Where is this Dual?" She asked, referring to Thrax and Abraxis. "My Prince, I have located the body of the one you name Thrax." She began unfolding the square, and it became a sheet of paper so large it touched the floor and wilted at the sides. "It is inside ASCAB LABORATORY, in the lower levels. They're keeping it preserved in some sort of chryogenic sleep, similar to the Conversion Sleep." She continued to explain as she used and empty chair and draped the large paper over it so everyone could see the front of it. "And this, is a map of ASCAB and all its levels and security measures, checkpoints, cameras, lasers are marked. This will allow us access." She said, then motioned towards the top with the surface floor. "Cant just transport in, they've found a way to block us, in, once we are inside. So it will allow a Daichon through it, but not out it." She paused, and looked at Ben. "And something that was recurring in everything was a Doctor Ray Blotch. Who is he?" And then as if it dawned on her that there were actually others in the room, she looked around and then laughed a little. "Pardon me, everyone, where are my manners. Ami Mizuno, at your service."
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    Slime Mother

    Fallng Down the Rabbit Hole

    The needle was pointing back to the cathedral while you were thinking about who did all of this but then stopped,returning to lazilly spinning...perhaps this compass pointed to whatever you were thinking about or needed. It would be pretty cool. Unfortunetly,you werent hallucinating.the both of you were still stuck here in this place with no way out,no recollection of how you got here and no idea what to do next.
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    Slime Mother

    Fallng Down the Rabbit Hole

    (Oh,its sunny everywhere,sorry.) A part of you feels like its the most normal thing,the sun grinning at you from a perfect sky,much like that of a child's drawing of an idealic world.here in this.....place,its anything but.
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    The amount of force that Joker employed was superfluous in the eyes of Luz but given it was a child employing it she didn’t expect anything less. In a normal circumstances she would have refrained from encouraging the boy any further but given she was caring less and less about whether or not this ‘6’ remained alive she decidedly turned a blind eye. This exact predicament was why she was growing to detest living in this world with people truly believing they had the right to meddle in Illyrian affairs. Her silver eyes glared with blooming hatred now; the type of hatred that is so volatile it does not discriminate when released. As Joker made his demands, Luz didn’t even scrutinize the child’s words or what it meant for her fate. Her concern just shifted to making sure that Baiden complied and that this mission that she had come up with did not fail. The reluctance on the part of the Soldier to obey the order had been noted but the fact that he eventually complied and enforced authority helped Luz stand with just a bit more confidence. Turning to the agent with a look of disdain, Luz listened to him lay out his terms. The fact that he wanted whatever data they collected concerning the being made her lips part as she looked at him incredulously for a few seconds. If it was data they wanted then he could have simply asked instead of surreptitiously boarding the ship and harming them. Luz could care less if any outside organization held data for a beast that rarely surfaced and held such a powerful connection to the annoyance that was La’Ruta that any of their attempts to harm it or manipulate it in any negative fashion would spell their doom. Disgust bubbled within her and only became exacerbated when he mentioned wanting a meeting with their Light. She had been about to speak but the brash saboteur decided to attempt to coax her by appealing to her desire to survive which only made Luz even more angry. “So this organization of yours believes that illegally boarding a foreign vessel and threatening a foreign government is part of a normal code of conduct?! What unbridled foolishness to believe that any good could come from starting a relationship with blackmail and sabotage. I will give you this, however. You have already been more assistant than hinderer for me already. You’ve helped me confirm my belief that this world is simply full of abominable people that think force will make something as bright as the Illyrian will dim.” The thing about anger was that it made her blood pump that much faster and whatever toxin she had been injected with course through her system more easily. The effects caused her knees to buckle and everyone would see her stumble and fall to a sit. This didn’t prevent her from looking at the agent with a defiance that burned from those silver pools. “I’d sooner die than help someone like you come anywhere close to my Light. This realm aims to corrupt him and it is my job as an Illyrian to be the shield he needs against whatever darkness this realm tries to lunge itself at him.” She struggled to keep talking but was slowly attempting to pull herself up again. The device along her wrist made a distinct ping noise and started to glow with green light as it began using all of its resources toward combating whatever this toxin was. It would seem the agent’s opening gambit failed miserably and it was unlikely he could convince Luz to comply, especially when he was the reason she now practically slumped against a railing along this vessel. Meanwhile, several Illyrian soldiers all followed the Soldier hesitantly. The few who lagged behind and heard Luz’s words, however, felt bolstered to complete their mission. Coming off of the vessel, their feet stepped on to the sleek black skin of the creature though there was some vegetation that sprouted from cracks all around them. Many of their jaws dropped at the sight of a valley in the distance, covered almost entirely with trees that were black but were practically pulsating with a violet energy that was ominous yet alluring. The valley was half full of ocean water. Around the valley were thick vines that were embedded into the Ancient One’s skin but seemed to undulate when the creature moved. There was a mixture of excitement and dread within the Illyrian group that followed Baiden then but they prepared their gear all the same, some focusing more on their protection and others fine tuning their scanning/containment devices. Baiden might not have an elite group joining him to complete the task given to him by Luz but they were capable. Waiting for further orders from the Soldier, they stood firm atop the massive behemoth that was the Ancient One, ready to complete their mission in honor of their director.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Every post made in this thread will automatically roll all dice, so just use the one that's relevant to your purposes. It is not necessary to enter a command into the post text field in order to generate a roll. Any post in this thread will automatically generate one roll for D2, D3, D4, etc. The text matter in your post should detail what the roll was for. Keep any OOC not tied to a needed roll out of this thread. If you're on mobile, I recommend bookmarking this thread so you don't have to find it when making a roll. For example If I am rolling to see if I can kill that knight over there, my post in this thread would read simply: "Roll to kill that knight over there." Rolls are posted outside of the content box and cannot be edited. Use the content box to indicate what your roll is for. Only use this thread to roll dice. Bugs or questions can be made in Help or with a PM to staff. It is strongly suggested that you roll without editing the post. Members can't edit the rolls but might edit the content to confuse what the roll is for Ideas for use D1E Terrenus Dice System Bi'le'ah Narrative Damage System Changelog 2019-10-01: made new dice rolling thread 2018-12-05: added usage clarification and narrative damage system to original post 2018-01-11: added d100 2017-11-04: added links to places one can use the dice system; "ideas for use" 2017-10-29: added d4 and d6
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    I’m looking to broaden my horizons and am putting a call out to people to share their favorite pieces of art
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    Okay, I'll post something more "classy" now...
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    Slime Mother

    Fallng Down the Rabbit Hole

    Indeed.nothing had entered the courtyard save the group of the Uselessness but theybhad been quickly ushered away by their duty.
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    Vineyard OOC

    I had kinda left that to shaddow to figure out, buuuuut... I'd say a day to three. Like, their hosts had been hoping to deal with all this after the party, vs Amira turning up early just to make sure the family they were marrying one of theirs off to was legit and stuff. So she's been a guest for those few days, to her hosts' annoyance.
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    Bar at the Folies Bergere - Edouard Manet - one of the earliest examples of trademark use, the red triangle of Bass Ale Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - George's Seurat The Garden of Earthly Delights - Hieronymous Bosch - this one requires closer inspection. It can be looked upon for hours and you still find interesting little scenes within the painting. Painted as a church altar piece - triptych. The Knight, Death, and the Devil - Albrect Durer - was a reknowned printmaker but his paintings are also exquisite. This is just my favorite of his pieces. On the note of print makers, I would also chime in about the poet/painter/printmaker, William Blake. He has some great artwork out there. There is some speculation as to whether or not the heavy chemicals used in early printmaking helped to fuel his 'madness' and imagination. Depending on your tastes, I highly recommended some of the more graphic design intensive artists such as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Alphonse Mucha (gorgeous organic lines), and H.R. Giger (the quote 'father' of the xenomorphs a la the Alien series). I can go on a little too long about this subject ?
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    Still looking around for the arrows she misplaced, Aryssin did not realise there were monsters rushing at her until they were a little too close. Whipping out her sword and slashing in a quick sweep, Aryssin caught the Hellhound in a wide arc, causing blood and fire to rain everywhere and veer off course from her. However, in her sweep, her sword contacted with bone, and refused to budge. Letting go of the sword, she quickly rolled in the opposite direction of the crashing Hellhound, and stared as it ran off, her sword still hanging from the rib of the creature. "Oh no," she thought, as her only other form of defence was now taken from her. It was time she improvised. Running to the closest other person to her, she yelled and waved hysterically to catch the person's attention, but noticed that blood was pouring from his shoulder. Determination overtook her hysteria, and she ran as hard as she could while intoning a chant of healing. Reaching the man, she lightly touched his shoulder where the bleeding was the worst, and allowed the healing spell to transfer from her finger to the wound. Slowly the wisps of light gathered at the wound and closed it up, leaving nothing more than the blood that had already spilled. "You're fine," she shouted over the commotion that had now hit the rest of the arena, and the rancorous roar that filled it. "Wait there," she shouted to the guy again, before doing a quick chant. Touching the weapon of the man, this time crags upheaved from the floor, coating the blunt instrument with stone and metal. The exterior of the gun began to glow yellow, giving it a rugged feel pulsing with power. Quickly scooting over to the man to stop shouting, Aryssin explained. "Your hammer will be Earth Aspected for the next few shots! I've added a little heft to it so that it should hurt those beast a little more!" "My name is Aryssin by the way. Also I accidentally lodged my sword in the Hellhound over there," Aryssin continued, pointing in the direction of the creature with her sword lodged deeply in it. "So, until I can retrieve it, could you help me kill mine?"
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    Your favorite pieces of art

    I like them all but that second and third one give me world build feels
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    Daily Weekly Newsletter - 2019-10-01

    @The Alexandrian @Dolor Aeternum Note: Pages 3 and 4 don't actually exist
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    Time Stone: Acquiesce

    He was late. The mage knew that much and he couldn’t quite blame it on it being his first time in the sprawling Port Kyros. At least not entirely. Arthur had gotten lost as he made his way towards the port where Xartia awaited his arrival, and had stopped to ask locals for directions but only managed to get himself even more lost. The mage sighed and scratched his head, making his way to the ledge of the uphill avenue he was traversing, and looked down over the rest of the city as he attempted to figure out where he was and where he needed to go. Arthur could not. He could see the port from his vantage but couldn’t figure out what route to take. It was starting to become frustrating when, as fortune would have it, the mage’s eyes scanned over the sea wall that bordered a section of the coast. Something clicked in Arthur’s mind and the mutant made his way downhill. The path was far easier to navigate, the sea wall looming higher as the black mage descended. Arthur found himself under the shadow of the sea wall and climbed the steps to the elevated path that overlooked the ocean. The mage figured he could simply follow the wall, or rather the coastline itself, to the port. A sound plan. However, Arthur delayed his urban adventure further, leaning against the parapets and peered down at the crashing waves of the ocean. The mage breathed in the salt air, assuaging the frustrations he’d been feeling while frantically navigating the maze-like streets. So much so that Arthur ended up relaxing upon the parapets, watching the tide roll in for longer than he’d spent lost. It was another hour before the mutant made his way across the sea wall, descended a set of stairs and walked the rest of the way to Xartia’s vessel. Ascending the gangplank, he stepped onto the deck, his orange, wolfish gaze surveyed his surroundings, and spotted his fellow magician pacing along the deck. Arthur looked the part of a tourist backpacker. He wore a dark blue short-sleeved button up with a pattern of red palm trees printed across its surface, a grey set of shorts, and blue-and-black trail running shoes. But, despite their destination, Arthur also looked every part the adventuring wizard as well. The mage’s black robes rested upon his broad shoulders, its tail which reached just past his hips, and its sleeves that hung emptily at his sides both swayed in the breeze as Arthur walked on the deck. Underneath his robes, Arthur wore a pair of crisscrossing baldrics of brown leather and a harness around his hips of the same material. They contained his occult vestments. Narrow slots for small scrolls, packs and pouches for reagents and alchemical ingredients, several occult fetishes were pinned arbitrarily across both his baldrics, vials in small bandolier-like holsters, and larger flasks were leather wrapped and hung from the belt around his hips. A larger pack was strapped to the bottom of the baldric which hung from his left shoulder and settled on his right hip, carrying his explosives and related materials, but also home to his set of chakrams. He carried visible weapons as well. The bottom of each baldric was the home of a sheathed weapon, his long sword (Bogatyr) on his left hip and a rondel dagger on the right. Meanwhile, the mutant carried his brown wax canvas rucksack on his back, its straps looping through inserts in his robes. A pair of objects were lashed by long stretches of cordage to the pack. His thick bedroll on top and a brass scrying bowl on the back of the pack. “Xartia,” Arthur called out from afar, making his way over as the wind tossed his slicked back hair. “It’s been a long time.” ((What a crap post lol)) @Twitterpated @Malintzin @The Courier
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    Die Shize

    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    Are you doing another post? Also, apologies on my part if I took things too forward too quickly! I was crossing OOC with IC and was convinced enough by both that I didn't think to ask, as twice I thought that the battle was over and then that we were all moving into the village come each of my posts, but it looks like you've had to backtrack for your parts... Though maybe I'm off with that observation lol
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    O_O Ben stopped what he was doing as the room grew quite silent. Ami had returned and had more information on this entire matter. Rebecca and Dr. Fowler then walked in as Ami was trying to explain what she had discovered. Ben smirked in glee though: Ami was alaways there to bail him out, no matter how much trouble he had gotten himself into. Abraxis was going to need some serious help if all of this was going to be solved without blood shed. "Uhm....Ben, this is the Ace that you spoke of right? Well, it's a FINAL Pleasure to MEET you!!! My name is Lady Argon, Ben's child hood friend from way back. We never got the chance to see much of each other since I was always moving from place to place." Argon smiled a bit, now taking a few steps back. "As soon as.......oh great....MORE people just keep WALKING into my House.....Hey Ami.......Please, let yourself in, hehehehe... You hungry? Got plenty of food." Said Dr. Fowler, who seemed a bit off so to speak, but she was glad to see a familiar face as well. "Ami dear........what a surprise young whipper-snapper!! Have you also come to help translate more of the Holy Tomes? You should be able to. I taught you the incantations to do as such dear." Said Orlouge, who just smiled at her. She remembered training Ami as the Great Librarian a very LONG time ago. Ben then stood up fully, pointing to Xylex, "Uhm, Ami, this is a good friend of mines and sometimes a clueless one as well, Xylex. I called on HIM to help solve this case so that we can get back to focus on The Rembrandt Project. Xylex, this is a very, very GOOD friend of mines. She's like a sister, Mother-figure, Cousin, Guard, Protector, Investigator and Grand Librarian all wrapped up into one, Ami Mizuno of the DAICHON race. Okay....uhm...Ami, it's good to see ya dear friend!! I would've called on you sooner, but your Energy Signature is quite hard to pick up on, even for ME. Okay, so................slow down first.....Uhm, You already know Avus Ace; and that woman over there with the purple hair is Avus' BIOLOGICAL Mother Lady Avixis Invectium. Uhm, this sweet-looking lady is my Charge and Cousin, Lady Ptera Invectium. Lady Luminous is around here somewhere as well. A-hem, so yeah....ASCAB Laboratories....uhm...this is a bit difficult to explain but I'll try to be as concise and I will try to keep things short people. ASCAB Laboratories is a very LARGE Company capable of experimentation, Research and Development, Real Estate, Microbiological Technology, enhanced mutation, and many other terrible things that I dare not mention. They were financed by other Corporations who saw it beneficial for a large Pharmaceutical Company to try to lead the World in Medicine and what have you...blah, blah, blah. They have Three Houses for different types of Experimentation, Registration and Research. Of the Three Houses, the House Of Magnus is the most sought-after section. It houses some 3, 450 mutations, experiments and other things that I just would not rather reminisce about. It seems that the Asylum that Lady Abraxis was being held in is ALSO owned by ASCAB Laboratories and someone is trying to either cover their tracks or are interested in what is going on in this Mansion.. Dr. Ray Blotch contaminated my blood and that's how I got in deep trouble with ASCAB until a good friend got me out of that mess and re-united me with my mom and dad. But that's another story that I dare no dive into for now. Let's just eat and get some rest for now everyone. I'm sure that a good night's rest will perk up some inspiration in the morning alright?" Abraxis and Graymite had finally entered the room after hearing Ami walk in and speak about breaking into the House of Magnus. She immediately ran over to Ami, literally TACKLING her, knocking her to the floor with hugs and kisses!!! O_O Graymite just laughed loudly; Abraxis knew people and loved them, but this Ami Mizuno person was a HOOT indeed. Ben then giggled to himself, "I guess she's got a new friend HUH Ace? Allow me to introduce you to Lady Abraxis Jenee Invectium, suspected age of 17-24. She is capable of just about anything that you can think of. She's my trainee in Gorre`: The Secret Art of Dismemberment. She's very affectionate, but can't seem to get a grasp on how things go sometimes and gets frustrated about it. She hates being picked on and will NOT fight back. She just cries and pisses on herself. THAT means that something is wrong Ace. Something is scaring the living shit out of her and she is far too afraid to talk about it. And Uhm, do NOT try to link with her mind if you know what's good for you. Even I won't try that. You should know her Conduit or Caretaker, Lord Graymite Anthine Jones IV; he IS the son of that arrogant son of a bitch and kidnapped my Gimmie a long time ago and tried to kill me, Anthine Jones III. Anyways, let's just eat and relax for now; we've plenty of time to discuss more of this in details."
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    Pirate Booty

    Steel parted spectral flesh as Eiji whipped his sword through the air in scything arcs. One after another apparitions were dispersed into clouds of vapor as he carved a trail through the horde to the docks. He came upon the edge of the land so suddenly that he almost plunged into the water. Gazing out into the harbor, he saw the Captain on his boat, giving the order to fire. Cannon fire thundered as shot after shot went off. Time seemed to freeze. Benjamin. I know. I need your help. Of course. Power flowed through Eiji, and in the instant that had passed while he communicated with the Entity, the cannonballs had soared closer. Reaching out with a hand, he seized the metal spheres in midair. The sensation was like he had grasped each one with a thousand different hands. After halting their advance, he began to compress them together until they were just a formless blob of metal. With a thought he shaped it into a great spear, and flung it back at the ship with great force. The sphere smashed the ship into two halves, each of which began to sink below the waters surface. As his ship went down, the last Eiji saw of the Captain was the specter staring at him as he disappeared. Job done, he started making his way toward his comrades.
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    There And Back Again OOC

    Well Immie is safe and the pirates have been beaten back thanks to Allen's personal intervention. So she can reappear anywhere inside the ship. ? However, this journey might not last long as I intend to close this leg of the journey at the next city cuz real life is gonna hit hard with my twin babies being born in 2 weeks time.
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    A Lost World

    What caused the destruction had become apparent to the young scientist, before her were two titans. One feasted upon the other, spilling enormous amounts of blood onto the soil. The carnivore seemed a lot like the other predators, a bipedal reptile with a seemingly powerful set of jaws. One main difference, it was far far larger. Whilst the dead one appeared to be yet unseen prior by the group, an extraordinarily long and bulky quadrupedal like creature. Bringing out her camera, Asura began taking pictures. She did her best to get pictures of both the dead and alive. "The size of these guys, no wonder they could cause all this. The one with the long neck, his carcass could easily feed anything for weeks on end."
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    Of course you can use Jon @Cheezeegriff. I was wondering if you wanted to join the thread too @princeben07 @danzilla3 and @Thotification? And if you have a character sheet or some detailed descriptions of your character, I'd appreciate it.
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    A Fool's Errand

    Tana grunted as she leapt out of the way of a horizontal slash with a club. The bastards were working together. Whenever she went in close to score a hit on one, the other was there, swinging wildly at her face. She was spending more energy than she should on not getting hit, and not enough on finding a weak spot. The gaunt gangster rushed her right side. Tana turned, slipped under the outstretched pipe, and sliced her knife in a shallow arc across the gangster’s side. The gaunt gangster stumbled, hissing at her. From her left, the oaf swung the club again. She sprang back and flung a knife at the giant’s forehead. The blade sunk hilt deep into his eye. Tana ran forward, planted her foot on the club in the floor, and sprang up. The Oaf was clutching his bleeding eye and brought up a meaty fist too late to stop her. Her feet hit his chest and her momentum carried the both of them to the floor. With a swift motion, she jerked the knife from his eye socket and slammed it into his throat, holding it there until his body stopped moving. The pipe hit her solidly across the back a second later. A grunt of pain escaped Tana’s lips as she tumbled to the floor. The gaunt gangster was on top of her before she could get her bearings. He pinned her to the ground and slammed his forehead into hers so hard she saw stars. She flailed with her fists and caught him on the side of his temple. The rest of their fight was quick and dirty. Tana got in a lucky punch, pulled a knife, and ended the tussle in the shadow of a crate tower. She staggered to her feet. Adrenaline was keeping the worst of the pain away, but her eye was already starting to swell and she tasted copper. The three armed one was still standing. Tana readied her last two knives, cursed whatever god was relevant to the situation, and rushed forward.
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    Fallng Down the Rabbit Hole

    "Okay, this is bananas." I wheeze and double over, still trying to recover from the uncharacteristic exertion of running. Weird, 2-D sun aside, I need a minute to collect myself. I don't know why he thinks the claim that the blood isn't his should reassure me, but he seems to think it should, so I don't comment beyond quirking an eyebrow. I mull over his name, and it draws a parallel blank in my mind where my own name should rest with reasonable certainty. "Um, I seem to have a slight case of retrograde amnesia? Or something? I...I don't remember my name or who I am, exactly. I guess you can call me --" I take a minute to riffle through my mental baby names book. "Sophie? Sophie. It'll do for a placeholder, I guess." When I recover my breath, my hands start to fidget with anxiety, and once I notice, I tuck them into my hoodie's front pouch self-consciously. I look back up at his perplexed tone and shuffle closer to regard the device in his hand. "What is that? Where did you get it from?"
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    Battle in the Silent Depths

    The mortal plane had brought with it it's own troubling realities compared to the hells he had been accustomed to...but never in his days had he tasted such potent fear than those who fear death. Demons were far too arrogant and powerful to feel what they would consider a 'mortal condition'. It was the essence he had been made upon, and even his creators hadn't foreseen the value of fear as a physical resource. The legion had given him such access to mortal terror that it allowed his powers to manifest and grow. It was a freedom no demon lord would keep from him any longer. Shawnee had been such a devastating trophy on The Legion's wall and even after such a massacre had long since passed...he could still smell the blood soaked deep into the frigid snow. Kru'Gorah stood atop a glacial outcropping as he sniffed for any survivors. The chance was low, but fear was like any wound. If you fester it would eventually reopen. His tail probing the air as it had a much better sense for his main resource than his own nose did. "A shame The mistress had betrayed us and chose to die here, even in her last moments...I did not sense fear" He said, thinking of the events that transpired here as he looked upon Shawnee in it's glacial glory A ping causing his tail to jolt and shake with spurned intrigue; Something was close. He snapped his head toward the ocean where he could smell a vast presence of terror. It seemed as though a large creature was escaping with instinctual fear. What an unfortunate being as it now had two pursuers instead of one. The demon crouching low before flying into the air and immediately falling directly into the ocean. The demon using his tail to adjust his position in the water as he fired forth with unnatural speed toward the presence of this fear, feasting upon it deliciously as his tail continued to launch him forth toward his next meal. He only hoped it put up some fight. The terror already beginning to course through his form and exaggerate his excitement.
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    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed

    Combat had been swift and bloody; it was nearly over, now. It had taken minutes--not hours--for the Iron Spears to crumble under the twin strike. The Skaven horde before them, soft as it might have been, had pushed back ruthlessly. Their numbers suffered, but they'd held. Then, Veron's calvary surged in from behind, hacking the remainder of their kin to pieces. In a frothing mess of hair and blood, they'd broken the defenders. The Grey Seer approached then. His garbs were, unsuprisingly, unbloodied. He'd never made it to the front line, or the back line for that matter, remaining by his siege engine. Now, that Veron had taken helm again, and the enemy had broken, he saw fit to move forward, and address the situation. Bodies would pile high like sandbags later that day, he was certain. Even now, the fractured earth was littered with the dead; a haphazard scramble of bloodied, beaten soldiers, and slaughtered Skaven. His men, those rats under his authority, were harder to seperate from the battle than the man-things on the other side. He intervened on that regard, by approaching one of them in particular, and yanking the standard from his hand while the bloodlusted rat tried to spur himself to greater violence. Khrol hoisted the flag above his head. Behind him, green flames danced in the dying daylight, as ugly dark smoke billowed into the horizon. "Clan-rats of Nesthome, hear me!" He cried into the wounded sky. They mostly listened. The scent of blood permeated the senses. He lowered the flag slowly, and glanced at the rat that had held it prior. He reached down, and yanked him up by his wrist. Zhot yelped, and dropped his glaive, glancing around as if he'd been caught in a trap. "See this rat?" He intoned, holding him higher. "This is what we need! This is what your King-King wants! What we want! Skaven are the strongest, the boldest and deadliest! Our resolve never fails!" He thrust the flag back into Zhot's hand. Zhot stumbled a bit, confused. The Seer leaned in and sneered at him. "Wave at them, idiot-rat." Zhot blinked and, did as he was told. Khrol held his hand into the air. "I tell you this now, clans-rats! Rats like this are the backbone of our army! As long as this one does not die, we can never lose!" That was stirring enough. Even through the blood-drunken stupor they'd whipped themselves into, the Skaven responded positively to this declaration. But the Seer wasn't done yet. He let his arms drop, and glared over them all. "Now, we must make good on our promises. Look at your weapons." He shouted a bit louder. "Look over your neighbor's weapons, your family's weapons. If they did not draw blood, drag them forward! We have no place for cowards in our midst." He let them deal with that for a moment, and only a smattering of Skaven were dragged forward. He hadn't anticipated too many to be pulled forward; either his kin were more bloodthirsty than he'd expected, and were more willing to betray each other at his request, or the combat had involved more of them than he'd expected. There were still many of them, after all. Nearly three quarters of their kin had survived. That made it easier for Khrol to pick up a foreign blade from the ground--some heavy, ugly thing the man-things had dropped, and use it to efficiently murder those brought before him. When the bloody work was done, he tossed the weapon aside. His robes were stained an ugly mud-red, now. "Clan-rats! To the victor, the spoils!" He declared, pointing towards the town. The rats picked up on his intention immediately, and made their way over. "Take everything we can!" He shouted. "Burn everything else down! Leave nothing behind!" Under Khrol's direct instruction, the Skaven horde made their way into town and, with some help from the Scions, began a deliberate and brutal clear of every building they came across. The Skaven trashed houses looking for food, and those they found in their way were often slain where they stood, unless otherwise stopped from doing so. Food supplies were raided, but other things of value were found, too. Over time, the wagons they used to pilfer goods were stacked high with salt, seeds, implements and whatever else they could get their hands on. At Khrol's demand, they also saved books, which were graciously stowed away upon another wagon, for his own use. Beyond that, houses began to burn not long after. An estimated thirty skaven perished during this raid as well, from the remnants of the defenders, or simply poor timing and mistakes on their part. They, too, were added to the meat pile.
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    Kru'Gorah had only recently started to understand battle as a form of understanding and strategy; Perceiving his opponents as prey was ineffective. It left him far too open for those with actual skill to put him down swiftly. This is what his trainers had called 'overpowering' the enemy. What this maneuver didn't account for however...was versatility. His agony beam being countered with a similar counterattack. The demon clenched his jaws as he was forced to enter the second state of terror feast. The radius of his feast increasing now as The Cripple heard shouts of fear and chaos as more of the orcs and inhuman races were plagues with The demon's terrifying aura as it increased in power. The stump of an arm emanating a powerful aura of darkness as he narrowly dodged his tail and flung forward with a potent counterattack. The momentum of his tail still aiming forward and on a trajectory to hit Kru'Gorah from the front. A spark of that tactical font being drawn forth as he allowed his tail to betray it's master The tail shot forth underneath the blast as it connected to the demon's clavicle; The tail's speed smashing into him within moments of the blast impact and causing him to fly back into the cavernous walls. The tail saving him from only the most direct impact, it had still connected and caused rocks to collide from the ceiling and break up debris around where Kru'Gorah had been implanted onto the ground and obscuring view of his form. A few uncertain moments passing before a blast of rock was heard. Kru'Gorah using the debris to slither into the hole his tail had created...only this time emerging directly underneath him as two sets of claws exhumed around his feet and attempted to pull him underneath. It seemed he could dodge a great deal of his attacks in the opponent so what would attacking from the ground do? His tail piercing through the caverns below and feeding off latent terror. This one was worthy indeed. Should he finally show dredge the third stage of Terror Feast? This combatant was certainly formidable enough for such a celebration. @The Courier
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    Posts will return to semi-regularity once my internet is installed on the 8th. Regularity will return once I have finished remodeling my new place.
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    Fallng Down the Rabbit Hole

    “I’m-“ I pause, an unfamiliar emptiness sitting on my tongue where a name should be. My brows scrunch as I think for longer than I should for an answer. It was a short name. I had a short name with a sharp end- something you could say quickly. “...Jack?” I said with reasonable certainty. “I’m normal, I swear. The blood isn’t mine.” I see the other person cringe and I put my hands out in a gesture of peace, though I stay my ground. She hasn’t told me anything about herself and for all I know, she could be the reason for all the bloody horrors I’d seen today. I follow her gaze. “What,” I echo. I drop my guard and rub my eyes. I was hallucinating. I had to be. I pull the compass out of my pocket and look at it again. Was the needle still spinning? “What the hell,” I breathe.
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    That crafty Alistair tripped her to gain an unfair start! The thought didn't even register until she was nearly flat on her ass from the surprise at being shoved over with that foot behind her heel. Catching herself at the last minute Quin darted forward, relishing in the speed in which she gained as she used those powerful legs of hers. Old man needed the head start just for it to be fair. It wouldn't take her long to catch up - and then surpass him in the maze. Otto even decided to join in the fun, crashing and howling as he wove a path of destruction far behind them. It was amazing really, she could run and never need to catch her breath. In fact she could taunt her competition as she passed him - and in fact did. "Try and keep up old man." She shot over her shoulder as she left him in her dust. Quin used the briefest moment of her time to wonder if she would stay this fast or if eventually she too would become slower. In the mean time, it was an advantage to be able to out run him - that way he couldn't get his hands on her if she misbehaved. Not that she was planning to ..... immediately..... Quin was likely to weave a path of destruction in discovering herself. A venture she never bothered with as a human, why even try when reduced to a nameless number after being an exulted war hero. The tent city loomed ahead and grew larger with every step she took. Colors upon colors of mismatched tents stood in a haphazard pattern, circling outwards from a big open ring in the center of them all. A haze of fog hovered just above the ground, obscuring the tents and people in a eerie glow. The sounds of laughing, shouting, talking echoed around the glen. Pots and pans clanked, horses whinnied, children screamed and yelled. But above it all was the most wonderful smells - blood. Lots of it - so much of it Quin's jaw hurt from the lowering of fangs in her mouth. Initially she planned to saunter in pretending to be a doctor, secure herself a tent and let the carnage begin. All simple, easy, quick....but now she wasn't so sure. Hunger ate at her with desperation, she felt starved and all she could think about was easing it - making it better. Quin dug her heels into the ground and skidded to a halt as she neared the tent city. Close enough to observe, but far enough away to not be noticed. Trepidation twisted her mind and her stomach threatened to revolt out of hunger. There was no way she wasn't going to get caught - how could she when she could barely control herself? Squaring her shoulders the Doctor steeled herself the way she always did when faced with a near impossible task. Quin my dear girl, you are going to keep a tight leash on yourself. For one -you are hungry and if they all run away you wont fix that, for two - beating Alistair would be just so damn satisfying.
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    Fallng Down the Rabbit Hole

    I see that, reassuringly, no cultists have broken off to follow me when I glance back. I think I may hear something to the side of me, but I can't pick out distinct words. My heart races, spurring me on, until a figure manages to overtake me and block my path. I stop short, my arms windmilling to keep my balance. I have to blink a few times to adjust to the direct sunlight beating down here so I can drink in the worrying details I see on their person. They look wild, their facial hair unkept and clothing splattered with blood. I cringe, and worry about its source. I'm on my guard immediately. I bite back a hysterical giggle. I have no answer to that last point, obviously, so I counter with my own interrogation: "W-Who are you? Whose blood is that?" I gesture to their shirtfront. I smoothe my hair back in a nervous gesture, and my hand brushes against greasy caramel-colored strands. I cringe in disgust, wondering if I look as bedraggled as they do. I pass a hand over my leg where my capris cut off at the knee, and notice some hair growth there. I could swear I had shaved that morning. Keeping an eye on them, I scan the periphery for more useful details, noting the landscape is particularly strange and unreal here. Something in the sky catches my eye, and I do a doubletake that nearly gives me whiplash. The sun looks like a cartoon depiction, like a child's bad fridge drawing. I point dumbly at it with a flat, "What."
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    I am 100% still alive! We are currently in the middle of our move (yaaay!) and I will have posts out for you peeps on Wednesday.
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    That was reassuring, Priscilla supposed. If the explosives were in good condition, perhaps they'd be safe for use, or at the very least safe enough to throw before they exploded. She set the box aside for now. Nearby, a few of the kobolds eyed the box curiously, but didn't move all that much. They stood where they were, eyeing everybody. There was also the matter that the kobolds weren't really that armed. Would Shank and his merry crew be safe if things turned ugly? Did she have an obligation to make sure they were protected? Torie had already laid out a plan for resolving this issue as safely as possible, but there were always drawbacks. The kobolds seemingly took this into consideration, and moved far enough away to talk in their gravelly, gutteral tones. She didn't understand any of it, but they seemed animate. Following that, they gave a fierce, if small battle cry and brandished various weapons. Priscilla blinked. Were they carrying those the whole time? She didn't recall, but hey, at least they were armed. That was good. Torie turned back to Priscilla. "Right. I don't know what you're up to, but I'll keep an eye on you if I can." She promised. Priscilla turned back towards the other building, the one Aaric had entered prior. She darted on over to it, the weight of her crossbow slapping against her back, a familiar pressure that was equal parts comforting and distressing. The weight would be lifted, and her skills put to the test, most likely. She'd need to shoot true, if she could. The runesmith climbed to the top of the roof easily enough, and walked over the crest of the roof before laying down. She unslung the weapon, and steadied her hands against the point where both roofs met. It was a good spot to watch from, and it hid most of her. She didn't have terribly much ammo, but if she was a good shot, it might last her until this entire ordeal was over.
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    The second cutlass above is a work of fantasy based on older styles like this scimitar here It's highly stylized, meant as a work of novelty more than a depiction of historical fact. They're sometimes called Arabian cutlasses but again, they're fiction. It is good that you pointed out that cutlasses are almost short sabres, in fact that's closer to the truth than you might expect. Cutlasses are contemporary to the military sabre in Western Europe and they are designed for the tight quarters of ship combat. What you'll find in antique examples of cutlasses is that they weight just about the same as a cavalry Sabre but are significantly shorter with stockier blades. You'll also find that they have metal grips and fittings, as well as metal scabbards because of how fast wood and leather rot from salt air. This has been your daily sword lesson from a huge sword dork.
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    Die Shize

    Heroes and Villains

    ...And all that said, this would be my plan, some of it mentioned before: I close the current IC thread with a single post to wrap up that episode; I post an interest check, summarizing the last episode with and the new episode; I post the new IC thread and OOC thread. One thing I would encourage new folk to do is read all of episode one. Not a requirement but under the circumstances it might help get a better context apart from a condensed version. And indeed that’s why summaries exist but digging into the meat and potatoes can only benefit the new folk. It’s starting a show two episodes in versus from the beginning. So maybe the IC thread won’t take off until X many days (less than a month) after the interest check is posted. That would give those who want to and have time to read up on the last episode and me a little more time to finalize preparations based on who would have signed up by then. Just my thoughts.
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    There And Back Again

    Jenny was taken aback at Grovel's explanation and even more so when he showed her his numerous scars across his arms. She noted some heavy bruising at his neck and felt a bit guilty at having him take those injuries for her, even if he was used to it. Whoever Grovel's previous master was, it wasn't right for him or her to treat Grovel as such. The chief mechanic was glad that his master had passed on. Payment in bread in exchange of sacrificing one's body for another? Preposterous! As the trio neared the Captain's bridge, Jenny thought whether Allen would let him stay on the ship at least for the time being. Jenny chuckled at Grovel's questions. It seemed he was simple-minded and easily satisfied. No wonder his master had abused his trust. "No, Grovel. You're silly too! I don't have any powers. I just like airships and I use tools to fix them." When they reached the entry hatch, Jenny swung the door open and Allen spun round to see her safe and sound. "Jenny!" The captain rushed forward and grabbed his chief mechanic in a bear hug. "By the stars, I'm so glad you're safe!" Said mechanic blushed furiously as she wriggled free of his grasp and started beating on his chest. "You're horrible! Incorrigible! When the alarm sounded I was so worried. I tried to get through to you via the intercom but you didn't respond!" "I'm sorry! I was busy fighting off pirates. If they managed to get below deck everyone would be in danger. Including you." Allen quickly explained. "And this person is...?" "His name's Grovel. And... I was giving him a tour of the engine room when the alarm sounded." "Right... and the man currently bound on the floor?" "He's one of the passengers. But when I let him in the engine room thinking he was seeking shelter, he attacked me." "What?!" "But I'm fine! Grovel saved me and we managed to subdue him and interrogate him." The Captain turned towards the hunched man and gave a weathered smile. "Looks like I owe you a great deal, Grovel. Jenny... she's like family to me. I'm grateful that you saved her. If there's anything you want in return, I will grant it within reason."
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    Aaric took a quick look at the explosives. Other than having a layer of dirt on top of them, it seemed that they were kept dry. "The fuses on the explosives should work as long as they've been kept dry. I've got a fire-starter that can help light them fairly quickly." "Sure thing." The wayfarer gave a foxy grin. "Keeping to the shadows is my specialty after all." As the kobolds started their incursion into the mine, Aaric followed behind a certain distance away from the group. If they were lucky, the whole plan would go off without a hitch and everyone would survive. If not, he was sure some of the kobolds might not make it out alive. Then again, the three of them were simply duping the kobolds for their own purposes. Within seconds, the shadows enveloped the former assassin and Aaric melted into the darkness.
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 1)

    The subtle shift of tone in Eve's tone did not escape Wymp's attention. Neither did her shift from averting her gaze to making eye contact and then back. Followed by the chuckle out of what seemed to the soldier like nowhere... there was silence for a bit as Wymp pondered. Could she possibly have been possessed by a demon? If she was, well... it would likely be suicidal to confront her here, especially without any backup. Probably best to change the subject and break the silence, then. "... So, ah, I do think I should clarify what I meant when I said the Exarch's armor is like a beacon. While one could argue it is a detriment that attracts enemies... it is more like a beacon of hope. The Exarch is the greatest warrior of Isore, and I would daresay that he has no equal in all of Erasmia. That armor, and the man within it... seeing that is what inspires us surviving Isorians to greater survival, and strikes fear in the hearts of our enemies." He paused for a few moments, then looked back toward Eve. "And it's alright that you don't know me, or remember be. I will hold no grudge over it. Us of the Exarch's guard can be hard to distinguish to someone who hasn't gotten to know us, especially if we're in our armor. We weren't even introduced at that time atop the palace roof. I just simply saw you in passing and remembered your, ah, rather distinct look." Wymp then turned away, facing back toward the Valley before beginning to walk. "Follow me, then, and I will lead you to Madon. Try to stick close, the crowds within The Valley are large, and I would hate for you to get lost along the way."
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    Tenkai Matsumoto

    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    Even as the beastman made his charge, Tenkai did not falter from his posture, standing in the way of what would surely end up trampling him if he did not act. The menacing flail threatened to dash him to pieces if he didn't move out of the way, and yet the beast was expecting him to do just that. With his axe poised to strike Tenkai the moment he sought to maneuver around the flail, one would think that despite the berserk nature of the charge, the Chieftain had put Tenkai in check. But the beastman had gravely underestimated just how much the swordsman was capable of. With a step forward to his right, Tenkai did just as the beastman expected. He stepped past the angled arc of the flail as if he was trying to step around a shield, right towards the creature's left side where the axe would surely come down to smite him. But the size differential between the two of them and the sheer amount of reach the Chieftain possessed in his arm left Tenkai with more room to advance into the strike, and more areas to cut. The sword held over his shoulder in a high hasso-no-kamae transitioned over his left shoulder as he stepped in, and as the beast brought his mighty axe forward, he struck. Releasing the pent-up aetherial force he had stored while waiting to receive the charge, Tenkai swung his blade downward at an angle to intersect the axe swing from the inside, meeting it at the elbow. Unlike the first time he struck the aberration's arm, the power behind this strike would be enough to sever the forearm clean from the rest of the limb, sending both it and the axe spinning off to the right side away from Tenkai. This was immediately followed up by another stroke as his blade wound around into an angled horizontal swing, and from that into an upswing from the left. And so it would continue with great rapidity, a barrage of cuts that flashed across the massive form of the beast like brief streaks of light. Each stroke was enhanced to the point that even the tough, mutated hide of the Cheiftain wouldn't be able to withstand it. Each cut sheared through his body with such unnatural cleanliness that it almost looked as if Tenkai wasn't cutting him at all, save the arm that had already been in motion. Still, the attack itself was enough to halt the berserk charge of the beastman, for even he would realize that he was already dead. The storm of cuts halted for just a moment as Tenkai brought his blade low, finishing with a heavy upswing that released the remainder of his stored-up power in an overwhelming wave of force. It would split the Chieftain down the middle, blowing him away as he broke apart into several chunks from where the monk had cut through him. The final wave also split through the device that had been maintaining the shield on the beastmen's siege weapon, the sudden disruption causing it to explode as it was blown backward by the force of Tenkai's attack. With a whip of his arm, Tenkai briefly flourished his Muramasa in chiburi fashion before returning it to its sheath, having been sated with the blood of the Chaos champion. With their chieftain slain and the shield disrupted, there was only one thing left to do in order to bring this battle to a close. All James needed to do now was give the order. @Fierach
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    A Lost World

    "Those theories seem likely." Now Sebastian was faced with a choice about whether to keep going, or turn back. On the one hand, they had more than enough photographic evidence to prove the existence of the sauropods. Besides, the evidence of a fight up ahead troubled him. An injured creature would be far more dangerous to be around it normally would. The same was true if they came upon a predator defending a fresh kill. But his curiosity was driving him forward; wanting to find this last creature before they headed back. So he led the party forward, all of them being careful to make as little noise as possible. Soon the scent of blood was thick in the air, and the sound of growling and tearing flesh could be heard. Not long after, they came upon a terrible sight. There was a massive sauropod on the ground, its blood soaking the ground beneath it. Standing over it, face buried in the fallen creatures torn open abdominal cavity; gouging mouthfuls of flesh and viscera out of its victim. The Governor turned back to his companions, "Get some photos, but be careful."
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 1)

    Wymp did not immediately respond to Eve, instead looking past her to the slain soldiers of Byrn. He clutched his crucifix in hand and murmured a short prayer, before turning his attention back to the girl once again. "Though they were our enemies... I still wish that they find rest. Do we curse the body of the serpent for following the directions of the serpent's head? It was not from malice that I took their lives, but from necessity. But... I suppose that's enough of that. I recognize you from the defense of the roof of Isore's palace, but we are not properly acquainted. I am Wymp, one of the elite guards of Exarch Madon Galen Ingeram. My liege is currently within the Valley, along with several companions. As for why I'm out here and not with him, well... I am in search of one of our companions. A girl with blue hair, you couldn't possibly miss her if you've seen her." He paused for a moment, his gaze scanning around the area before he refocused on Eve. "If you have not seen her, then that is alright, I came out here on a whim anyways. Or perhaps it was providence that brought me here in time to save you. Either way, I am sure that Madon would be pleased to know that you still yet live. I could lead you to him, if you'd like? I don't know his current, exact location, but it should not take me overlong to locate him. The armor is almost like a beacon, as Judas has pointed out to Madon on several occasions." Wymp smiled slightly out of amusement as he said that last sentence.
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    She was wise for figuring out just how poor of an idea trying to jump on him would have been. Between his enhanced hearing, and what was essentially bat like sonar, sneaking up on him was nigh impossible. Even with invisibility, a keen vampire could easily detect what wished not to be. Especially another Vampire. She was still adjusting to her new senses. By the time she finished her first meal, she'd be keen on that which eluded her still in this moment. She'd also come to notice that the more well fed she was, the closer she was to her personal peak condition. Likewise, that a lack of sustenance warrants a severe dampening of said condition. “Shall we go?” "We shall...I'll race you!" Swiftly he place his foot behind her heel and shoved his hand into her shoulder to knock her off balance, likely before she could even register that he was in such a playful mood and challenging her to a race! Regardless of how she received his attempt to trip her and get an unfair head start, he dashed off into the labyrinth; Due West-Northwest. While several miles by the dozens separated them from the refugee camp at the edge of the Glen, these preternatural creatures should easily arrive their in a matter of minutes as opposed to a human taking hours or days to traverse such a great distance by foot. The good doctor wanted a good chance to stretch and burn some energy, and now was her chance to do just that. He couldn't imagine how she'd react when she realized the lack of natural reactions from her body that came with her new lifestyle.
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 1)

    Philosophical discourse has been had many a time over the difference between Fate and Coincidence. The pious tended to believe in the strong influence of the former, in the form of a deity guiding and protecting their creations in order to create and maintain a greater good. The strong-willed and perhaps all too prideful tended to believe in the latter, in the strength of man, of people forging their own path through their own means and not beholden to some higher power. Wymp was reminded of Rejek as he thought of this discourse. A fond friend despite their philosophical differences, Rejek would assuredly have called what Wymp was witnessing coincidence. Well, perhaps they were only bound together by their loyalty to the Exarch. But Wymp liked to think that the each of them appreciated the opposing viewpoint that the other embodied, different perspectives to situations that gave Madon a greater picture of what was going on whenever they advised him. Or he just turned to Severus and Auffle instead, maybe. Severus... they had lost him in that forest. The closest friend of the Exarch, the head of the Engineer's Guild, the greatest mind within Isore. He was sorely missed and would be sorely missed in the future, for things both personal and tactical. The loss of a friend was at the forefront, but they would also feel the loss of Severus' inventions and his strategical knowledge. Madon was a bit bullheaded at times, the members of his Guard would freely admit, and Severus' levelheadedness always served as a balance to that. Wymp rolled around a firebomb in his hand as he combed through the forest, searching for any sign of Lily. Or, rather, any sign of a camp full of Byrn troops. He would have to be careful with the explosive in his hand, starting an out-of-control forest fire would prove detrimental to the refugees in The Valley, especially if the smoke would be pushed downwind and downhill toward them, where they gathered before venturing to the western shores and boarding the boats that would take them away from Erasmia and to lands not plagued by war and impending doom. The pious soldier supposed he couldn't blame them, if they had been willing to stand and fight they would have taken up arms along with the many mercenaries that had also flooded into The Valley. It was neutral ground, where no sway was held by the mighty City-States that ruled the land. Perhaps they believed that the Sages would put their fighting strength to use, perhaps they had somehow caught wind of the continued survival of Isore's Exarch and thought that he would pay well for their aid. He would, but that was beside the poi- Wymp's attention was drawn to a commotion at the forest's edge, and he quickly moved forward to get a better view. Those were... soldiers of Byrn! And they were chasing after... a girl! Had Fate smiled upon him? Had God guided him to the object of his search? Perhaps, but... no. That hair wasn't blue. But black, and red. And the other features he could make out... this wasn't Lily, but he knew this girl. The archer that Madon had sent to guard the prototype ballista, that he had fought alongside for a time before he had followed after Madon in his departure from Isore. She was in a bad state, outnumbered to where she would be overwhelmed even if she could find a spot to turn and fire arrows at her pursuers. She rushed out towards the open sands, and fell flat on her face, her pursuers closing in... Wymp was not one given to taking the lives of others, if he could so help it. It wasn't a matter of weak will, but of a belief that it should not fall to one such as him to decide who would should live and who should die. But when it came to war, he knew there was often no choice. And here, there would be no negotiation. Inaction would likely to lead to the death of this girl, and though she was not the one he was searching for... what would Madon say if he knew Wymp had left to her die? No, he could not disappoint his liege like that, perhaps even drive him to rage. The Exarch had to have some trust in this girl, and it was Wymp's duty as his sworn soldier to repay that trust. Hopefully Severus' inventions would prove handy now. Wymp pressed the button on the firebomb he held in his hand and, rushing forward, tossed it into the group of Byrn soldiers pursing Eve. It struck the sand in the middle of the group and a wave of raging fire burst forth, catching several of them aflame and sending the cohesion and focus of the whole group awry. The pious soldier slid to a stop in the sands as he drew an oddly-designed crossbow from his back. Aiming for a few brief moments, he fired, three bolts in rapid succession that punched through the chestplates of three Byrnese soldiers and struck their hearts, sending them collapsing to the ground with blood flowing forth from their chests. Eve would find that the attention of the remaining soldiers had been torn away from her and to the newcomer, leaving her an opening if she was able to take advantage of it.
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    Baiden Oor frowned at Luz' command. She spoke with authority, a trait she'd long since adopted and he'd long since gotten used to. Still, that didn't stop him from hesitating. It didn't stop him from shaking his head. His will was stone, but her's was iron. Indeed he'd found that to resist was possible, yet he found that he didn't want to. Not this time. Curious. Still, a few moments later he grunted his affirmation. "As you command," he murmured. The impact of the order could be felt on the vessel. With Luz getting rid of her Illyrian defender, she was now at the mercy of two foreigners. What did that mean? It was possible that she was making a mistake. That she'd succumbed to the poison and wasn't thinking rationally, mind abuzz with machinations of decay and madness. He recognized the possibility of that, but didn't feel satisfied. Likewise, if the crew and security were truly of Illyria, they'd discount such a scenario immediately. Luz Yllende didn't make such errors. She was too smart for that. So... Whatever is on the Ancient One is important. Important enough to call me away from her side. Baiden accepted this clause with a brisk nod. He passed Luz to a nearby crewman and whirled around, facing the railing. His coat flapped with the motion as he shouted his own set of orders. "All relevant personnel are with me! Get your supplies and meet me down there. You all know what to do. You've all been trained for this. Trust in our commander and trust in the Light." He hesitated, then turned to gaze at the man named G. "And" he spat, "trust in me, your Soldier, to take care of this pest. Now. Move." There was a pause, then a tide of Illyrians followed Baiden over the railing. Where they rappelled down, he vaulted over in a fluid motion. His arms pulsed with innate energy as he fell through the air. At the last moment he seized a rope at his side from one of the previous squads, clutching it tightly to slow his fall. The thread grew hot from friction, but pain didn't register through the magitech. Soon he was on the ground, adjusting his glasses and venturing forward. Luz hadn't been clear so...what exactly was so strange that it would stand out? The Ancient One itself was an oddity to him.
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Learning The Ulway

    Heron reinforced his barrier as soon as he felt the volatile energy surge from Abe’s form. Illyrians all had a knack for sensing the flow of energy and that coupled with their analytical minds allowed them to understand quite a lot from just observing. The Illyrian elder watched as the electricity arced viciously throughout the area, licking his barrier menacingly at times. The fact that Abe could not truly control it was saddening as such a gift deserved to be honed and studied. The sight of his electrifying companion only reinforced the blooming notion that perhaps Illyria had much to offer to help those that called this realm home. He was already conjuring possible ideas that could perhaps aid the boy in making sure he could use his abilities to their full potential. All of those ideas would be stashed away for now, though, as he assessed the situation and noticed that the millibytes stood no chance, their circuits overloaded by the surge of energy. Many of their frail little bodies popped and splattered against his barrier, while others were burned by Asura’s skill with her weaponry. He didn’t really know much about the smaller Illyrian but she had already proven herself an asset so that was enough for him at this time. As things died down, he let his barrier down and surveyed the area. Two of the Illyrian soldiers were unlucky enough that they suffered from both the biological toxin and Abe’s charged response. They were barely breathing, having passed out from the dual impact. Heron was visibly saddened by the sight of them but turned to Linda Linda briefly. “Thank you for saving whoever you could. Please tend to their wounds if you can.” Kneeling down to look at the incapacitated Illyrians, his hand slides along their bodies, the sight of a sliding light visible along cuff like device attached to his wrist. Taking a few seconds to look at the device, he sighed audibly. “We will not be able to take them with us unless we give them some time to rest.” He was about to come to a stand but noticed some shuffling in the distance. A small diminutive looking figure darted across a clearing several feet in the distance and then disappeared into the shelter of the trees. It moved in paths that made it difficult to track visibly. Heron could only deduce that it knew its surroundings well. The elder assumed the creature was a scout of some sort as its humanoid figure and movements were in line with the small morsels of knowledge he had acquired concerning the island’s inhabitants. Arching a brow, he quickly piped up. “Looks like we were being watched the entire time.” Addressing two of the Illyrian soldiers that had been near him the entire time his barrier had been placed, he continued. “You need to bring those afflicted back to the vessel. I will continue forward with my new companions” “But sir, that that means you will be alone with…them…” “I’ll be fine. Our Light would want to make sure we do not lose any more than we already have.” The two looked reluctant but then responded. “Understood. Pick them up. We will be waiting for you when you return director.” The men started to carry the injured ones away gingerly, leaving Heron by himself with no other Illyrian other than Asura which did not seem to bother the elder one bit. “So is anyone here adept at tracking? Speak up now before we start to wander aimlessly into more lively encounters” Heron waited for anyone to respond, but if he was met with silence he would simply pivot and begin heading in the direction of their small spy.
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