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    [Quest] En Passant

    Ambience - Sound Another dry breeze blows across the region, and with it comes the smooth rustling of thousands of blades of grass. A few kilometers outside of Kuiperal, in the expansive sea of grass, stands a group of individuals. Kuiperal itself is to their backs, opposite the direction of their destination. Daylight has only begun to filter from over the horizon, with a light warmth seeping in over the empty steppe. The ambient rush of water from the wandering river can be heard nearby, not far from where the group is. A ragged man in tattered clothes stands before the group, surrounded by a herd of goats. He would be considered normal if not for his strange mannerisms and pattern of speech. As he speaks there's an obvious stutter in his flow of words, and strange disconnection to his own words as if they weren't his own. "Yes, following d-down the rrRiver will take yeh to the stuff...NO, UP, yes, u-up the rrRiver. Had to ch-chase the goats UP the river first, can't go down the rrRiver wi'out going UP it fh-first", the man's voice changing intonation at random words, "Kept w-walking for while they did. The white powder on the banks of the RIVER, had 'em w-walking for some time..." It was at this point point Mathias chimed in a quick question "A white...powder?" The man's eyes flick up towards the mountains before looking back at Mathias and the rest in the group, he goes on to explain in a somewhat incoherent manner about most of the trip upriver, never really addressing the question. "I didn't reaLize h-how long it had been...been wATched the entire way. Knowing bbetter than to be out at night is rule number..." and continues to drift off topic mumbling something incoherent before regaining focus. "SO! It came at me! Tried to get in my head...they a-always do from what I've heard. Took the goats and ran. I couldn't hear it of course, but it was t-there! You can always feel it close to the mountain.". "It was strange how quiet the mountains were..." Following this bit of information, the man actually looked Mathias and the others in the eyes for the first time. "I've tried to think, but I can't. Nothing stays clear for long. Don't stop thinking, if you let your thoughts go you won't be able to catch them again.". Not more than a few seconds later, his eyes shift back away towards the mountain. Mathias's chest heaves slowly taking in a large breath as he turns around to face the others. Releasing a sigh, he cocks his head to the side with his brow slightly furrowed as he tries to parse the "information" he's just received. The expedition was tipped off with a lead that the man could have information on traversing the mountains safely, but he seemed to be far from reliable. Though it didn't seem completely unreal given the nature of Taen. Real or not, the explorers were heading into the mountains regardless. The goal was simple, find a safe path through the mountains. Lifting his head towards the rest of the expedition Mathias shifts his posture, straightening up a bit more. It wasn't much to go on, but it was...something, and it was the only lead to go on. "We likely don't want to burn too much daylight in one place since we have quite a bit of ground to cover, but does anyone else think there's enough to go on here? Going upriver was the plan anyways, but were there any details that stood out?". His tone clearly indicating his slight confusion over what they'd just heard.
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    At about 9:20 or so, CST, I had actualy ASKED if a number of RP'er characters would stand a chance against my CHARACTER BENAIRES....so here I am, CRYING right now. IT IS 12:32 AM, CST, and I saw the replies on that chat engine..... I don't even have any WOrds, guys/ladies.............I really don't... I thought that everyone on here fucking HATED me and my CONCEPT about the DAICHONS................. I'm going to POST what I read really quick.......OKAY? I'm in so MANY TEARS right now...........THANK YOU my Valucrians!!! Desi, you ARE MY G-ball!! ROen, my old, and DEAR friend, Better the Devil you know, LOL!! I LOVE YOU ALL...that just MADE my night!!!!! I did NOT know that I was THOUGHT about THAT much.... THANK YOU ROEN my OLD friend!! princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM YOUR CHARACTER VERSUS BENNY!! princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM REAL TALK...VALUCRIANS!!! princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM Who would WIN??? princeben07 15 Nov 9:22 PM Roen...you're UP first. princeben07 15 Nov 9:23 PM REAL TALK. Tyler 15 Nov 9:26 PM What about FAKE TALK squid peanut 15 Nov 9:28 PM who's benny? supernal 15 Nov 9:49 PM What about false moves desolate milkshake 15 Nov 10:03 PM we're all benny Vilhardt 15 Nov 10:10 PM We are Benny. You are but one. Lacernella Rubra 15 Nov 10:26 PM One of us, one of us Roen 15 Nov 10:27 PM The sheer eldritch issuance of Benny would drive Roen catatonic. Vilhardt 15 Nov 10:50 PM Uugghh... Xmas music is so butt. Why must people start with holiday cheer so early? Roen 15 Nov 10:54 PM It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
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    Chasing Legends Too

    “W-we surrender? P-Please don’t shoot?” Meritio stammered while raising his hands over his head, not really sure if the laser critters could understand him. Apparently they either did not care for him, or did not care for surrender. Likely both. Clive shouted for them to run, and Meritio got his legs moving, but his brain had not caught up on where to go. Fortunately the other two’s resume must have included running away for their lives as a career. Clive took the lead, Erin went next, then Meritio clamoured after the both of them. Erin probably saved his life when she pushed him against the ground. It was just as well that she was shoving his face into the dirt, because Clive’s previous words of Erin being flat-chested had flashed into his head at that very moment. Meritio protested when he was hauled up bodily by Erin again. “Owowow! Yes, yes!” He rubbed the back of his head, sure that the girl had ripped tufts of hair off his scalp. There was no time to complain, however, when the badgers came after them, nipping at their ankles. Meritio kicked one away, then accidentally stomped on another one, almost tripping himself. However, the one who actually fell was Erin. “No! Come on! Go!” He yelled, halting himself and then turning back for her. A surge of power rose up in his panic, and he pointed a finger towards the cyborg animals, drawing magic from the fire elemental plane. The resulting explosion was sloppy, but managed to knock a few of them over. Suddenly, there was a zapping sound and then all of the cyborgs fell into a heap. “Eh?” Meritio looked at his own finger. Then he saw Doctor Leonard, and eventually figuring out what happened. “Oh.” He wasn’t really sure if he was more glad to see Doctor Leonard alive, or more disappointed that it wasn’t his magic that did the cool thing. Nonetheless, Leonard’s technology had been effective at pest extermination. One of the three women they had picked up along the way shouted something about plots and arcs. “There’s no use shouting at the orb,” Leonard said, shaking his head. Those are monitoring nodes. Lavernius probably has dozens of those nearby; it doesn’t matter how many of them you destroy. They’re just going to come back. Their immediate worries gone, the group looked up at Akor. Some time along the way, a barrier had been thrown up around him, and four gigantic, unfriendly-looking figures were now stuck in it with him. Perhaps if Trey was caught in the barrier with Akor, he could help in the battle. Doctor Leonard shook his head. “The Perfect Dimension barrier! I swear, that rotten Lavernius stole the technology from me. Those four, they are not the originals. They are constructs made up of the energies he had harnessed from those wizards. He’s trying to collect, analyze and eventually absorb the power from your friend there! The more power he uses, the more Lavernius stands to gain. But the barrier needs a constant source of energy, there must be a generator nearby. We need to find it! We’ll cover more areas if we split up.” Suddenly, he whipped to the left, cocked his gun and shot, exploding one of the monitoring nodes. “And make sure Lavernius doesn’t find you!”
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    I am enjoying reading this thread so far. Keep it up folks. With this Enrele thing gaining traction, I wonder if she should have some central area where we can link to all of the threads pertaining to the Enrele threat that has a list sorted chronologically so we can see all of the wonderful effort that has gone in to building this thing. ?
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    oh btw hit me up if anyone wants their character’s bathroom or kitchen haunted
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    Araborn Kirom

    [Quest] En Passant

    Araborn had been listening intently to the man's babbling and spoke his thoughts "this...deal about your thoughts running away? It troubles me" he started stroking his chin "if these land are as dangerous as they say we will need all our witts, and about always being watched? If we are traveling next to the river there is most likely no cover so ambush will be a constant worry, we must be ever vigilant, unfortunately it seems as this man did not go all the way so passed the river we are essentially blind" he finished gazing intently at the old man "is there anything else you can tell us about this...white powder"
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    There is a good chance that the Order of Force Majeure's hangar does not border its banquet hall. The intervening space, stone and steel corridors strung with rich tapestries and realistic portraits, if the interior design of the Dawn Komturie matches its austere exterior, is likely significant, comprising briefing rooms, debriefing rooms, ready rooms, and other facilities of great use in the OFM's line of work. No doubt these areas are off-limits, cordoned off and guarded by stern veterans and helpful initiates alike. There are certain choke points, one would imagine, that would supplement the defenders' advantage were the hangars captured by enemy forces and used to land hostile infantry in the upper levels of the Dawn Komturie. While Ilyana might correctly guess that Caeceila is aware of Ilyana's approach, given that the crew of the airship assigned to her for the purposes of this mission issues regular progress reports to senior staff, there isn't a trace of the bellicose heiress or her motley entourage until Ilyana, Xartia, and/or Isabella draw near the last of these choke points: an elegantly sparse passageway "just a stone's throw" from the banquet hall. A lightly-armed band of catgirls has assembled in this chamber, listening intently for the rhythmic pitter patter of heels, boots, and other footwear on polished stone. Triggered by their approach, a haunting melody spills into this chamber and the passageway beyond. The piece opens with strange, quiet notes, which the regal interlopers might strain to hear, building gradually on themselves as various instruments add unique chords to the composition. At last, a voice, a voice all too familiar to Ilyana, echoes through the darkness, welcoming Ilyana to the Predator's Keep. There, Cameila Sorina, an ad'awwrable, effervescent catgirl refugee, stands, singing for Ilyana. She's a talented songstress, much like Nines, and the spell she weaves, neither arcane nor eldritch in nature, might yet be powerful enough to wake strong emotions in both Isabella and Ilyana on account of their tragic histories. Her performance is spectacular, brimming with passion and theatrics. Cammy attempts to draw Ilyana's gaze to her sparkling pink eyes. Her striking silver hair and well-groomed tail tied up with multicolored ribbons sway hypnotically from side-to-side as she rocks back and forth to the gentle beat of her song. Tonight, the tiny, fair kawaii-kitty is dressed in one-of-a-kind silvery evening gown, commissioned from Evienne Dali, that terminates just over an inch from the ground. As with any article Evienne Dali has touched, Cameila's gown is of the highest quality, delicate, hand stitched embroidery shimmering as if caught in a moonbeam though there is naught in this room but artificial light. Cammy steps toward Ilyana if Ilyana appears to appreciate her performance, the wondrous patterns of her dress shifting, conjuring up dazzling constellations in the air around her as she moves. Though she refrains from turning her back on the group, a window in the back of her dress prominently displays her full-back tattoo of a white tiger mid-pounce in ink that, oddly, glows with wonderful light. Sharp teeth flash through luscious fuchsia lips as she smiles warmly at Ilyana. This ambush was intended solely for Ilyana, yet Cammy isn't bothered in the least by Isabella or Xartia's presence. Okay, that's not entirely true; Xartia is a tad too close to Ilyana for Cammy's liking. It bothers her, though she tries to hide it, that Ilyana didn't ask her to feast, even though neither of them were supposed to be in the area; Cammy was nearing Ponkapoag Lake when she received word that Ilyana had set a course for Predator's Keep and diverted from her objective to reinforce Caeceila's position (hence the rune-etched wands the catgirls strapped to their thighs and the necklace of crystals Cammy wore as a type of arcane foci). Caeceila, however, is not in this area. Her opinion of the Allied Nations of Terrenus is not fit to discuss in polite company, and she is positive that her presence at the banquet would likely end in a brawl. Immediately after her performance concludes, Cammy enthusiastically waves at Isabella and somewhat less enthusiastically waves at Xartia unless one or both of them left before she was finished with her set. Hiya! Are you Ilyana's friends?
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    [Quest] En Passant

    The herder's head turns slowly towards Araborn, he eye's refocusing on the man. He seems to be trying to process the question, almost like he's looking for the answer but is unable to find it. It takes a few moments longer before his mouth begins to move, but no audible sound comes out. Scowling at his own lack of functional speech he tries again. As he begins to speak a vein on his forehead begins to protrude slightly. "Tastes...like salt...SAlt. Yup, tried it myself. Damn goats were chasing the stuff down the rr-iver, HAD to see why. Nothing sp-special if you ask me.", wincing slightly as he says this. Aside from the pain his face is devoid of expression this time around, almost as if he's looking through Araborn and not at him, answering to someone that is there but isn't perceivable. As the man finishes answering Araborn, movement can be seen behind him. His goats moving silently as they rummage through the grass looking for food, their movements somewhat strange and disjointed.
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    I'd make fun of ya' by sayin' your characters got negative sanity because they're dead, but I'm likely right in that boat alongside you. So I said it just now.?
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    Because that is a unique character trait reserved only for my characters.
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    Child's Play [Nightmare Descends] OOC

    Sssssh! I'm giving chance other players a chance to play. ? ? I'll prolly make the last post this round..
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    At this point it's "thanks for your sacrifice" XD
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    @zackrobbman ... rest in pepperonis, dodges are based on the d20 at least I'm not alone in the nat 1 gang well actually you'll still have 1 HP left if you manage to dodge the kill shot and the trample attack from your two centaurs as well
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    As they disembarked at their destination, Xartia had the pleasure of finding Isabella again first. A change of clothes and some rest seemed to have done some wonders for her. Even if she didn't feel like she was at 100%, she looked quite a bit better than she had when they boarded the airship. He gave a single nod of silent salutations as they drew nearer one another. She'd notice that his outfit was the same as when they'd met, his entire appearance just as pristine. His trademark Cheshire grin painted his handsome face, his sparkling, emerald eyes narrowed; Sharing said smile genuinely. “Did you have a pleasant flight, Xartia?” "I haven't been on many, but I do always enjoy flying in airships. Something about the unfamiliar hum of the magitech engines, their entire design is remarkable. I'm surprised I haven't bought one to keep as my own yet. How about you?" While he didn't lie, it was a half truth. Not only was he still skeptical as to how they'd receive his presence back in the Keep, but to be honest, he'd have been here much sooner had he simply relied on his magic. Not only was he begging for the extra time to mentally prepare himself, but he also often enjoyed taking life in the more mundane ways when possible. As they conversed the two of them were escorted back to the company of their gracious hostess, Ilyana. Whatever Isabella's response, it was the last of their personal conversation; For Ilyana took the floor upon their arrival. “I will help you find your friend quickly. I intend to find mine along the way as well. Should we get into trouble doing so we have our handsome escort to save us.” "Mind you, I'm certainly no hero. Not any more at least. Though I doubt you ladies are here to cause any surmountable amount of trouble that will lead to my interference. Unless of course there's something someone isn't telling me." He mused into a giggle, his fist closing loosely as it rose to his grinning lips. “Go enjoy the festival and if you see Lady Glasmann, please tell her that I would like her to find some time to see me.” He mentally repeated the name to himself, 'Glasmann...' Which didn't appear to be a familiar name to him either. Still, he'd be certain to remember it. Just in case.With her crew allowed to roam the festival freely, Ilyana turned to them, encouraging them to lead the way. Being of the council, even with his uncertain status, the Cambion assumed by this point that it was more or less on him to lead the way at this point. Fortunately, the festival served a good purpose in distracting the locals. His not so grandiose appearance just as helpful, along with his arrival accompanied by strangers both to him and to the Keep as far as he knew. "Allow me." He mentioned as he stepped forward, each arm offered, one for each lady. Whether they took his offered appendage or not, he didn't wait long before he began to trek into and through the Keep. After the flight, and now that he could smell the myriads of aromas, Xartia was almost certain that he'd attempt hitting the feast sooner rather than later. For now though, he sufficed with keeping a more or less low profile, for his appearance had changed rather drastically since most here had seen him. Save for those whom returned to the Keep after the Yokai Queen's coup of course. Then there were always the case of familiars to himself, and to the knowledge of his varied appearance(s). @Pasion Pasiva @Dolor Aeternum
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    I haven't been keeping pace per say but notice how much care you're giving to Ventrix and hey that's shout out worthy Whoo high five!
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    Araborn was walking along the road when he heard the screaming, at first he thought it was a camp under attack from a bear or something but as he got closer he realized it was a village under attack from bandits, with his staff in one hand and his sword in the other he started walking through the burning streets, he found a small family cornered by five bandits, they turned around when he walked up and Araborn got a look at there eyes, these were not bandits, bandits were men who stole because of greed or need, these....things had pure bloodlust in there eyes of the like Araborn had never seen, maybe once they were men but now they were monsters with one purpose, kill, one lunged him but Araborn sidestepped and sliced the monsters throat open then with a small blast of chain lightning he fried the remaining four, as there body's writhed on the floor he walked up to family "let us find you a safe place to stay until this is dealt with" and so he led the family through the streets and found the blacksmith where people were streaming in as Solder's of some sort protected the door, he led the family to a wall and called out in a loud commanding voice to the Solder's nearby "who is your leader?"
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    The Alexandrian

    Pereat Mundus OOC

    Whichever would work better for your narrative. In the original post, she was only asking for people from Hell's Gate, but we could easily swing it so she also asked Emile to assist at the end of their escapades in Dougton.
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    Pereat Mundus OOC

    So imma post tonight. But I was wondering, would Caecilia have asked Emile to come along, or was it just blind luck? @The Alexandrian
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    Chasing Legends Too

    While chipmunks are small, they are very fast, have a considerably strong bite force, and very sharp nails. It was all Clive could do to keep them from chowing down on anything vital to his livelihood or his prospects for children. He tried slamming his body into trees, dropping to roll around on the ground, and even begging them for forgiveness. Nothing worked though, and he became acutely aware of how important it was to have an extra layer of clothing over his underwear. He lamented the time Zack had offered to sell him a pair of his boss's patented 'Indestructo-Wear MK7'. He'd told Zack he was a moron for pricing it so high and that he'd never be in a situation where he would need it. What a fool he was. So come on down to Hell's Gate and get yourself some mechamunk-proof underwear at Zacko's 'Indestructo-Wearhouse'! Our prices may be high, but remember our motto! It's always better to 'Grab a pair before you lose a pair!' Now that the sponsors are pleased... Clive continued to run around and scream like a bumbling moron until Erin slapped one of Leonards devices on his arm. Clive's screams caught on repeat in his throat as the jolt of electricity the device provided surged through him. The current fried the circuits of the chipmunks trying to literally get into his underwear and the killer rodents fell to the ground. He and Erin now stood there, stock still with their hair all frizzled up and their eyes as wide as saucers. "....Ow." grumbled Clive before reluctantly relaxing himself and shivering. His body was covered in dozens of little bites and scratches, not to mention the burns where the lasers had grazed him. His head swiveled in every direction, his traumatized eyes darting around to make sure no other rodents were in the area. To his surprise, they and all the other killer animals appeared to have suffered the same fate as the chipmunks. He looked over to the circular device Erin had placed on his arm before looking back at her. "Did...did you just ZAP me?" Clive asked as he reluctantly relaxed himself, still shivering every now and then. "Why you zap me?! Was it because I called you a flat-chester back in-" Clive stopped and looked at the ground. The mechanized chipmunks laid there un-moving and smoldering. He looked back up at Erin with a contemplating expression before finally putting two and two together. "OOoooooh, I see." said Clive before taking off his hat to smooth his stiffened hair out. "The fancy gizmo did it. Well, I guess I should be thankin' you then. Thought I was...a goner there fer' a sec'. Thanks." Clive tipped his hat to her with an appreciative smile before frowning in realization. "Wait'a sec," he said before looking at the circular disc on his arm again, this time examining it closely. "Where'd you get these? I know you ain't make em'. Ya' ain't smart enough to-" Clive finally noticed Leonard standing next to Meritio in the background with a familiar looking sword in his hand and a familiar looking shotgun in the other. Clive narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Hey, ain't you dead?" Clive asked, stepping passed Erin. His eyes then went wide. "Wait...does this mean...I'm dead!?" (Huh. Deja'vu right??) Clive looked around him and saw the Blackspears. His shoulders sagged. "Well I'm either dead or in hell, cause there sure as hell ain't no way in hell those Blackspears'd make it to heaven. Could say the same bout' you." He turned to look at Erin with that last remark. When he did this, he was taken aback by the view of Akor mercy fighting a band of universal beings in the sky. He could see Henry in the distance, clapping his hands and enjoying the show. The battle filled the forest with powerful flashes of light that would make one think the stars themselves were fighting, but Clive merely raised an eyebrow. "The hell's all that?" he asked Erin, pointing a finger at the randomly formed epic battle before them. "What in sam hill is goin' on!?" Clive turned back around to see Leonard staring at scene, going on about Dr. Lavernius's plan to harness Akor's power. Clive was about to pipe up and say that neither Akor or any of them were really his friends until they got him a drink, but Leonard continued to speak. As if he did this kind of thing on a regular basis, which he likely did if he and his daughter had been out here hiding from the doctor, Leonard whipped around with his shotgun and fired a spread of bullets at a drone that was just starting to hover down to them. The drone fell to the ground in a sparking, flaming, heap, the white light in it's center going dim. "Now, now, let's hold on a second." said Clive, walking up to Leonard. "I'm all for gettin' outta here, but why we gotta find these generator things? I'm sure that sorcerer supreme'll be able to handle his'self. Why not jus' get the hell outta here an' let bygones be bygones? I mean...oh, hold on." Clive casually took out his peacekeeper and fired from the hip at an approaching drone in the sky a mile or so away. The hard-light bullet hit it's mark dead on, piercing through the drones single eye and out the back. The drone then plummeted towards the ground before disappearing behind the horizon of trees. "I mean, you been here for years right? Dont'chu know the way outta here? Or...where the nearest bar is at least? I....could really use another drink right now." *** Doctor Lavernius sighed and massaged the front of his helmet when the camera feed of his fourth drone went kaput. He briefly regretted not sending out the battle drones instead, but then remembered the incident he had the prior month when they became sentient and tried to kill him. It'd taken a week to find and destroy them all and he hadn't gotten around to making more because his wife refused to let him and Henry had gotten into the nano-bot mainframe and mistook the wires for spaghetti. "Computer...dearest..." said the doctor as he massaged the face of his helmet. "How long until the nano-bot mainframe will be up and running? I need those battle drones." "A few hours, dear." replied his computer wife from the speakers placed all around the room. "Did Dave and the other critters not apprehend them?" "No, Dave didn't." replied the doctor before placing his hands on his hips. "I think one of them used an EMP of sorts. And they keeping shooting down my surveillance drones." "What about those sorcerers you killed last year?" said the computer. "The one's who all proclaimed themselves as The Sorcerer Supreme?" "Currently in use and analyzing the NEW Sorcerer Supreme's abilities. Despite his impressive projection, he has yet to display anything I could use for my latest project. I still need that boy." "What about the B-Line network?" "Out of range." said the doctor with a dismissive wave. "Nothings within ten miles of them that will be useful or not immediately or accidentally murder them on the spot. I'd rather have them in here before dinner, so I'll just send out the Grunt Squad." "The Grunt Squad?" his wife repeated. "Yes." answered the doctor. "The Grunt Squaaaad?" "Yes, that's what I said." "The Grunt Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-" "Computer, so help me, I will rewire you're circuitry and remove your satire module!" "Finally." coo'd the computer. "I've been waiting for you to rewire my circuits for days now." The faces of all the hunchbacked henchmen in the lab suddenly developed a pinkish hue. One of them looked right and left before pulling out a miniature camera. For scientific purposes obviously. "Oh?" said the doctor. "Did I leave your wires too...tangled from the last maintenance check?" "Ohhhhh, yes. They're all bunched up and intertwined now." "Well..." said the doctor before levitating down to the floor from his platform. "Guess I'd better go fix you then." "Yes." agreed the computer. "Fix me hard." "Oh, I intend to. You!" shouted the doctor before pointing a finger at his nearest henchman, who flinched like he was about to be hit. "Assemble the Grunt Squad and have them deployed in the next twenty minutes!." "Y-Yes sir, your inscrutable-ness!" saluted the henchman. "And make sure no one visits my private quarters for the next hour." said the doctor. "I'll be researching the sensitive symbiotic relationships between biology, matrimony, and technology. My wife shall rediscover the unimaginable pleasures that can be obtained from marrying the great, the almighty, the impossibly sexy, DOCTOR LAVERNIUS TU-" "Hurry up!" said his computer wife. "My circuits are starting to burn!" "Okay then!" With that, the doctor teleported away in a flash of bright, white light. The red faced minions now stood in the lab silently, trying to come to terms with everything they'd just heard. Then one, primarily the one with the camera, spoke up. "You guys wanna see how that works?" said the minion with an excited smile as he held up his camera.
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    In a world where dark elves exist, average is flat. ?
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    War IS The Answer!

    @Tyler "Cause I'm not asking you where the ace is and I'm obviously not taking you to the Nork's!" Zack shouted irritably before skidding and turning left on the next street, narrowly avoiding a vibro-blade one of the elites had hurled his way. "I just don't want the Tin Man getting his hands on yet another weapon on mass destruction. Also, the Tin Man is the one sacking your city! The Nork's hired him! He's only here for the ace!" Zack looked behind him and ducked to avoid another vibro-blade that would’ve lodged itself right through his throat. Either they were just that accurate, or they were getting closer. He knew it was likely both. He also knew he wouldn't be able to take them on hand-to-hand, especially not while cuffed and carrying Cordoza. "Whatever deal he struck with you back there?!" he yelled before cutting right through a bait and tackle shop. "Lies. The moment he gets the ace, he's obviously gonna kill you and maybe everyone else here just to wipe the slate clean. If you really care about your people and getting back at this bastard for helping kill your people, you'll make sure he doesn't get the ace! You understand? He CAN'T have it!" He slid through a doorway out the back of the shop to avoid snapping the the thin fishing line that spanned across it and turned right down an alley. He heard the elites barge into the shop behind him and turned his head. He spotted one of them zoom out of the door and slam against the wall of the opposite building, snapping the fishing line and slinging another vibro-blade towards Zack's leg at alarming speed. He felt it slice into his calf before embedding itself into the street ahead, but only let out a mild grunt in response. The moment the two of them exited the alley, an explosion from back in the bait and tackle shop sent a tremor through the ground and shook the foundations of the surrounding buildings. Zack kicked it into high gear and sped left down the road, briefly looking down at his leg. The cut was deep, but not deep enough to hit bone. He hoped he wouldn't need to be stealthy later on. The blood already seeping into his boot would make squelching sounds later. If there was a later. "Right now, I only got one plan to get him out of here." said Zack as he passed by a group of the Tin Man's men. Thankfully Zack was still wearing his disguise and the Tin Man hadn't bothered to give them communication pieces. To them, it just looked like one of them was taking off with some woman to rape later on. "It's not even finished, but it's the only thing I can think of that aw FRICK!" He'd turned to look behind him and could see one elite turning a corner and sprinting towards him at full speed. He could see its reinforced, alloy, exoskeleton through the holes where the blast had burned through it’s artificial flesh, revealing the highly advanced machinery within. One of them had enough skin burned away from it's face for Zack to see it's metallic skull and the glowing, red, dots in its eye-sockets. Zack racked his mind for his options as he tried to ignore the fact that the elite was quickly gaining ground. He’d thought the explosives he’d “borrowed” from the Tin Man’s men would be more than enough to take them down, but at least one of them seemed to be built sturdier than the rest. Or so he thought. He was getting ready to bend down to reach his belt when he heard a noise coming from his left. He turned and felt a hot, metal, fist slam into his face, breaking his nose and a chipping a few teeth. The blow sent him flying through the window of a nearby arts and crafts store, Cordoza being flung from his grip and dropping to the ground. The second surviving elite jumped into the shop after Zack, it’s speed and power betraying its sparking, damaged, body. The sound of things being smashed and broken immediately followed, being accompanied by loud grunts of pain, fear, and copious amounts of anguished regret. The other elite that had been sprinting after them was approaching Cordoza fast, a mere forty feet away when a loud clang rang out from the shop. The still sparking body of the elite that had been fighting Zack was sent smashing through the wooden doors serving as the entrance to the shop. It skidded across the ground before seamlessly getting back to it’s feet to lunge back into the shop, but something else had followed it through the now splintered door. A small, round, metallic object with the acronym, E.M.P painted across it’s surface in faded orange. The resulting electromagnetic pulse sent out from the device froze both the elites in place, causing the one that had been fighting Zack to lock up and fall as it was about to lunge back into the shop, and the other to freeze and fall forward amidst it's run. Their body's shook on the ground as every electrical synapse they had was disrupted and scrambled. Their glowing, red, eyes dimmed and brightened as their robotic minds struggled to function and remember the mission. Zack stumbled out of the shop, yanking what appeared to be a broken carving knife out of his leg and throwing it to the side. His mask was now broken in so many places that it’d be practically useless in concealing his now bruised and bloody face. One of his eyes was visible, a fearful, pained and unhinged look in it as he approached the two elites. He bent down and wrapped his bloody, cuff bound hands over one of their heads, abruptly yanking back. The head came loose from the body in a small burst of sparks and electricity before he threw it to the ground and did the same to the other. He tried to speak afterwards only to go into a coughing fit. The cough’s were wet and desperate. He eventually lifted his mask just enough to reveal his mouth, which was also bloody and swollen. He spat out a large glob of blood and bit’s of teeth. Maybe even bit’s of his tongue. “Why they always go for the ribs if I’m shorter than them?” he murmured. He then let himself plop down to his butt with his arms over his knees, breathing hard and shaking his head with that ever-present, fearful look in his eye. “I needed…that EMP for later.” he breathed, staring blankly at the beheaded elite’s. He began to mutter to himself once more. “Not sure I’ll be able to find another one in time. Bastard and his men are probably on their way over here to kill me right now. Should I go to the station? No, no he’ll be expecting that. Or maybe he won’t since… ” After a bit of silence, he stopped talking to himself and let out a long exhale before giving Cordoza an irritated glare. “Look, are you with me or not? I can’t help you if you won’t corporate, and we’re gonna nee-” He heard a sizzling sound from above him and looked up. One of Tin Man’s drones was shimmering in the sky above, it’s cloaking utility and it’s circuits having been rattled by the EMP it was just too low enough not to be affected by. With one final spark, it’s zero-g short-circuited and it plummeted to the ground, Zack watching it with annoyed indifference. It landed next to him, some of it’s parts breaking off when it hit the ground. “That explains a lot.” said Zack before getting to his feet and wincing as he held his side. “That’s one of his drones. There’s probably a few more in the area on their way to keep tabs on us SOOooooo…” he trailed off before turning on a heel to face her. “We got maybe a minute or so for you to decide whether or not you’ll help me help you. Maybe less. That Tin can is gonna tear this place apart to get that ace with or without you, and once he does, who’s to say he won’t continue his partnership with the Norks? He’ll have another army in his pocket on top of the ace, and there’ll be little anyone could do to stop them.” *** Clive watched the Norkotians comb the remains of the mayor’s office, trying to figure out why she’d blow herself up. Had she thought she’d be tortured? For what reason? Based on what he’d seen of the Norkotians so far, they didn’t seem like the torturing type or seem to want anything from her other than her territory. Killing herself would just be needlessly paranoid. But perhaps that was what she was like. After all, she had decided to put her and her subject’s lives on the line just to uphold her patriotic standing. People like that were often crazy as it was, but he couldn’t know for sure. He didn’t know her personally. He’d never even seen her. “Welp!” said Clive before holstering his gun and waltzing over to the lieutenant. “Guess she did’er self in. Real tragedy. But now that she’ gone and the enemy has no leadership’er nuthin’, this is over right? I can…get paid now?” Clive didn’t stop for even the slightest second to consider what he’d said and how suspicious it might’ve sounded. He was too busy thinking about the new record of drunkenness he planned to set with the money he was going to get. He didn’t take into account how paranoid men of war could be. Especially men like Krieger, who were like rabid dogs looking for an excuse to let loose on someone. *** Till was both surprised and annoyed that the Seekers had somehow anticipated his attack. He’d come out fast enough and his aim was true, but they’d managed to avoid the barrage of death and get to stable cover. He figured they were either very highly trained or had nigh-superhuman reflexes. Or they had an eye in the sky. Had he not needed both hands to continue firing, he would’ve face-palmed. The good news was that whoever gave the seeker’s the heads up must have just spotted them when they first exited the alley. He doubted they would’ve allowed him to get that close and let the seekers know at the last second on purpose. That meant that he or she hadn’t been able to see them beforehand, allowing him to have a general idea of where their potential sniper was and what possible cover he had from said sniper. He thought about telling his new partner, but got a better idea. He needed to know exactly where this sniper was before he could go all out. There was no telling whether or not the sniper had armor-piercing rounds. Thankfully, there was an easy way to find out. “PUSH AHEAD!” Till shouted over the gunfire as he backed up towards the alley they’d emerged from. “I’M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” The other heavy didn’t object at all to Till’s orders, continuing his advance and laughing sadistically. He intended to tear their cover to pieces, but he would not get the chance. The man inside the armor let out a shrill cry when an arrow punched through his armor at the elbow and caused him to drop his mini-gun. The heavy stumbled back and let out restrained growls of pain as he looked at the silvery tipped arrow that protruded from his arm. The armored merc’s rage peaking, he grabbed the arrow by the tip and snapped it off before bending down to pick up his mini-gun. He’d likely try to get to cover or fire into the direction the arrow came from after picking it up, so the seekers would need to act quickly. If they’d get the chance. Till had fared much better, being quick enough to move when he saw what happened to his partner. The arrow meant for him had merely grazed his arm as a result, only cutting the armor there in a spray of sparks before disappearing through the brick wall of a nearby building. “Nice try, b****.” Till said to himself before shoulder bashing through a nearby wood door leading into an abandoned bakery. He continued to fire on the seekers position while doing so, continuing his barrage from an angle via the large window looking out of the front of the shop. The sniper would not be able to see him now, so it’d be up to the seekers to figure out what to do about him. Hopefully they would act before his partner was able to pick up his gun. Or before their cover was whittled down to nothing. @Fierach
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    Lol, poor Erin. When you have an average bust in a fiction setting everyone makes fun of you for being "flat". ?
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    I dont mind spearheading this. Will likely need some help pooling threads I am not directly involved in though.
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    I have an index of the first thread and the first few years that followed but the rest / most recent may need a little crowd sourcing / the people’s elbow
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    It might help actually, yes.
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    I think if you kept the eyes emoji in your quote it adds more joke context
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    There had been an official looking man standing not far from where Gabriela just so happened to find herself agonizing over what to do. Upon realizing that the man might carry some semblance of authority, at least in so far as the tournament was concerned, Gabriela approached him with the intention of inquiring to the whereabouts of the Dawnwood encampment. However, the man was a quick-shot, and before she could say anything -- no sooner had she cleared her throat and uttered a very small and quiet, “pardon me, sir,” -- than he jumped into action. “The current matches can be viewed down below -- that way, young lady, that way,” he said with a flippant tone that denoted his annoyance with her and everyone else who had asked him this very question about a hundred times already. He lifted a hand and pointed a finger, and didn’t much care that the young woman looked in the direction that he pointed but then looked right back up at him with her big, golden eyes all wide and framed by furrowed brows. “Go on, down the stairs, to the center of the fortress. You better hurry, the next match already started and you’ll be lucky to see anything if you don’t get going.” “But I…” “Look, it’s impossible to get lost. Follow the crowds or the noise -- everyone is there already. Now go on, we must keep the foot traffic moving.” Gabriela turned to look to the right and then to the left. There were a few people around them, most of them standing and chit-chatting, or walking about slowly with soft goals in mind. She couldn’t begin to understand the urgency behind the strange man’s voice. And although she considered trying to ask her question one last time, she considered the newly presented proposition. What would it hurt to go see one of the matches? She was in desperate need of a distraction and a moment alone with her thoughts. And it was always a wonder -- with her, she always felt her loneliest when she was sitting right, smack down in the middle of a crowd. “Thanks, I guess…” she murmured to the man before turning and walking off in the direction he had pointed. He smiled brightly. He was rather proud of how helpful he was in his new job. ~*~ It wasn’t hard to find the arena. The man directing traffic hadn’t been wrong with his directions. It was pretty much a straight shot from the surface down what seemed like an endless flight of turning stairs. After about five or ten minutes of climbing down she began to hear the dull roar of cheering, which only grew louder and louder the closer she got. And by the time that she finally arrived and entered through one of the main gates into a designated spectator seating area, the fight looked like it was about to begin. There were a few boos and hisses made in her general direction as she picked her way forward toward a small area of seating that was empty. Lucky for her, it didn’t look like she would have to be sharing her personal space with anyone. And so, a pretty girl in a blue coat with astonishing long, dark hair, made quite a disruption by entering the spectator area after the fight had started. She was a sight, in her powder blue ensemble when everyone else seemed so content on wearing darker colors, browns, blacks, or burnt and tanned shades of gold, green, and red. She hadn’t come with the intention of watching the fight, but rather finding a place to be alone -- but it seemed she had joined just at the onset of the action. One of the men involved in the fight had drawn his weapon and was dashing forward in a remarkably reckless sort of way. Gabriela couldn’t help but frown, and worry, even while she tried to put her mind away from the fight and onto more pressing matters, like getting a hold of a member of the Dawnwood family and convincing them that she was in fact the Black Queen of Orisia.
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    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    I underestimated college...so much. Anyways, I finally got enough time to post something. I hope you are still around. Next time, just skip my turn after 2 weeks, honestly
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    Pasion Pasiva

    Genesaris AMA.

    I've read nothing about any of this, but I would like to say... That I will be stopping by for tea and a masquerade, prepare thy self.
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    Genesaris AMA.

    I or someone else would DM the council.
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    you do have two uses of Counterattack yes but I don't remember the ruling on whether Counterattack counted as a dodge or a defend, if there ever was one because if it's the latter the only thing you can use it on is the Kill Shot @HollowCipher
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    The "incubator's" fall lifted this realm's mental oppression, and now Challara thinks she might get her focus back, but then there it is: an inky black rendition of the child those horrible abusers terrorized. Challara takes a moment to regain her focus, because she needs to hit this thing! Well, most of her focus came back, not like it does any good here. Challara lines up for a longer burst on the dark figure, but that burn again causes her eye to water as the dark child darts closer, and the bullets wouldn't even hit the floor if it wasn't for gravity. One wipe, and another burst, same story... ...except one of the screaming-hot shells manages to eject in a weird trajectory, bouncing off her inner arm, and landing between her armored vest and her neck. "Gaaaaaahfuckdisfuckinplaaaaace!" Painful as it was, the burn got her head out of the way of the dark child's blade right at the last second. Small favors huh?
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    Petitioned with him in the dice thread to not kill me for my tardiness, so we'll see what happens. ? Been trying to write, but it's been a struggle this week.
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    ? Let's kill the dark child in this round....
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    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Summary: Seeking to clear her property of hostile fauna, Halisera Dali requests the services of the Naho Raiders. A witch named Enid approaches Halisera and volunteers her aid in the process, believing the matriarch will help her find the object of her divinations. Together, with the help of Captain Elliot Kessler, they venture into the Dali caves to dispatch the Brumak nesting in its depths. A furious battle ensues, quick but not without peril, and the trio manage to drive away the Brumak after sufficiently wounding it. With the job completed, the group decides to return to the surface. Halisera grants Enid further access to the tunnels for future investigation. Opportunities and Consequences [C] - Driving away the brumak clears enough space for House Dali to begin mining operations [C] - Collecting brumak shells will make more armor available to the Raiders; Halisera takes enough for a shield [C] - Collecting spilled brumak blood Enid will work with Dali to create a monster repellent [O] - The caves are open to sanctioned exploration deeper in the network (aka Dali occupies it and randoms can't just stroll around) @Csl @supernal @Gil
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    Araborn Kirom

    Interest Check for Quests in Taen

    Mind if I join? Araborn Kirom is a traveling Wizard so mapping out a safe way for people to go somewhere (and so it's safe for him) is right up his alley!
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    Welcome to the site. I see you already have a character sheet up and hopefully you find something to jump into right off. If you have any questions let me know and otherwise welcome aboard This other new player is looking for quest partners too:
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    "Five exclamation points, surely the sign of an insane mind." - Pratchett, Reaper Man.
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    Sitting atop the flying airship, the trio are witness to the gruesome scene below. It seems that they are too late but at least they could catch a glimpse of the raiders. The first one to stand up was Saki-san. There was concern on her face as she was the only one within the group who still had any compassion left for human beings. "Sera, Khaki. I'll be going first. Can you try to summon Middy? She's the only one we know that can fix dead people," Saki spoke before taking the dive down towards the people and the wraiths. Well more like launched herself into the air as she guided her fall with a succession explosions from her hands. As her feet reached the ground, the momentum of her fall forced her to roll for a bit before settling a few yards off her landing point. Such a massive fail was well received by the two ladies atop the airship which resulted to them rolling laughter. Ignoring the two idiots, Saki turned to face the wraiths. Power blossomed on both her hands in response to the immediate threat. In case shit happens, she's gonna throw these magical sunlight bombs at these wraiths. Which she did. One bomb from either hand, one for each wraith she can sense. Then she ran away for safety like the little bitch she is.
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    "FIRE!" Their leader yelled, causing a rain of steel balls to tear a line of barbarians to shreds. Their blood and flesh lined the cobble floor, staining it red. "GROUPS 3 AND 4, SECURE THE CIVILIANS AND FIND A SAFE SPOT!" From behind the line an ear bleeding scream could be heard, emitted from shadowed semi-humanoid figures. Two circles of necrotic energy began trying to engulf the group, Vito feeling the movement of life energy. Iohmar instinctively summoned a shield of shadows, meeting the wraiths own necrotic circles. The two powers battling for dominance, neither one wanting to give in. Vito turned to his group, which seemed to have taken a defensive stance aimed at the newly arrived enemies. "ignoring orders? WHAT DID I JUST SAY? SECURE THE CIVILIANS AND FIND A DENFICIBLE POSITION!" Once again, he ordered his crew with a fierce snarl, who this time around did as he sayed. "I'll meet up with you, sir. Let me kill of these, then come find ya." Iohmar didn't take his eyes off the enemy, his summoned shadow beginning to cover his hands like a protective gauntlet. Vito had just noticed the back up, appearing as if three others had come to their aid. Two swordsman and an individual who seems to sparkle through the darkness,...'strange'. Regardless, back up was always appreciated. The numbers were in their favor for now, something to be appreciated. "Make sure you do, it looks like we have a busy night ahead of us." Vito took his leave, following his platoon toward the outer town in search of a decent spot. 'Four vs two, seems far too easy.' With what sounded like the roar of a lion, Iohmar shot two bolts of electric towards the wraiths. Dodging to the right, then climbing a nearby building to gain height. He surrounded his body in a protected layer of shadows, darkening his already patterned black fur. The tabaxi was ready for battle, his eyes lit up with the thrill of the hunt. Back with Vito With one one firm boot to the door, the group found themselves entering a large blacksmiths building. The structure was a mixture of cobblestone and brick, the embodiment of ugly. But it held strong against the fire, a perfect example of why not to judge a book by its cover. The large work space was abandoned, the workers nowhere to be seen. "GET EVERYONE INSIDE! MEDICS BEGIN TREATMENT! SECURE A DEFENSIVE POSITION AROUND THE BUILDING! BE READY TO LEAVE AT A MOMENTS NOTICE!" His throat burned from the constant yelling, trying to get his words above the screams of the barbarians. The civilians poured in, finding spots the sit and rest the tired muscle. They were covered in smoke and blood, crying and shaken. The numbers sat at a low fourty, but still a push for what few medics he'd brought along with him. Vito walked outside and left the medics to attend to the injured, he rejoined his defensive group. Drawing his sword and digging it into the ground, searing the earth around it. The screams of the dying had yet to end, with the raid still raging on. "MEN, TODAY WE TEST YOUR TRAINING! THE EARTH WILL SOAK WITH THE LIFE ESSENCE OF OUR ENEMIES! YOU'LL RETURN HOME WITH THE SKULLS OF YOUR SLAIN FOES! YOU'LL DRINK FROM THOSE SKULLS AS SYMBOL OF YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS IN WAR! MAY YOUR TREASURE STASHES GROW FAT WITH YOUR SPOILS OF WAR!" The veterans of the group immediately roared in unison, the newer members joining once there nerves had settled. It was hard to appeal to different races with one speech, each one with such differing culture. But there was one thing that most enjoyed, treasure. The town was beyond repair already, its inhabitants had already given up all false hope of the unlikely concept. Once the barbarians have had their ways, Vito had already planned to take what he could scavenge and retreat with the civilians. It was simply a matter of time.
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    The See-All

    An observer, an outsider, a watcher. Lunara has not been bound nor tethered, but there was a complete lack of motivation for her to interfere when Lun’silth showed Agony visions that she was not privy to. Whether that was because of her bond to Lirrey Star, or due to the numbing effect of Lun’silth’s void, Lunara would never know. She remained a passive spectator even when Agony was in obvious distress, expressing a hurt that she never knew the triumvir could be capable of feeling. Not even when he had been challenged by the Orisian Queen’s Warlord nor when his plan of kidnapping Gabriela had backfired, had he expressed anything beyond fury or subtle disappointment. Lirrey’s gift was of blood, but Lun’silth’s was of knowledge. Knowledge that had caressed Agony again when Lun’silth accepted his loyalty. Once more Agony came to feel the hundreds of others around him. At the same time, he felt familiar strength seeping into himself; the reclamation of memories long repressed. Seek the shrine at the harbour. Lun’silth’s final words carried a clarity that was different before. This time the words were given a voice. There was a duality to it, like it might belong to more than one being. Before the two could dwell on it further, Lun’silth’s many-eyes blinked off one by one in rapid succession, and as they did, their environment started to fade. Lunara’s existence seemed to fade along with the void, until suddenly she opened her eyes and was back in the dark forest, with not a moving thing in sight. The faerie collected herself, then pushed off into the air and hovered to Agony. “So... what did you gain?” She ventured to ask.
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    Junia and Barristan at one sanity and above in Child's Play: -floundering to survive and do anything- Junia and Barristan at zero sanity in Child's Play: I CARE NOT. AND SO I AM IMMORTAL.
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    "You'd think an emperor would toss the malcontents in here to make their lives more interesting, not act like a petulant ringmaster." Really, Ed would have happily killed the purple haired man slowly. Or most of the crowd. He'd shoot for all of them of course but it was rather impractical as if their presence here was only temporary then there really wouldn't be enough time to hunt down everyone. If there was a single way to set Alvumaar loose though.... that could work. There were four groups here, two sides didn't necessarily have to be the case. They'd admitted that the latter two groups were new. The only question was how much chaos Ed could actually cause. But first? Two of the hexapeds decided to charge at him while the trash with wings screeched its displeasure with the world. Fuck that thing. Whether it was the screech itself or the blade of the centaur slicing across his back in that moment of distraction was up for debate. So why not both? Just like the saevion what seemed like two worlds previously, the sword swinging centaur found itself snared.... by blood? Yup. Sure, blood was just some liquid and the centaur was some huge beastie that was fully intent on doing a charge by at full tilt. Their shadows had none of these qualities. The centaur that attempted to trample Ed almost a second later had less luck as the man simply caught the descending hoof. You know what else your shadow doesn't have? Joints. But holding them forever wasn't Ed's plan nor really possible. So he threw them at two of the Furies. Despite the speed of the launch guaranteeing some distance traveled a moments glance would easily be able to tell that the horsemen would not collide with the winged women in their current trajectories. He wasn't aiming for their bodies. Big shiver there. But when the centaurs passed through the shadows cast by Megaera and Alecto and took them along for the ride in a manner that literally hurt to watch. It was a true 'magic is bullshit' moment. But for once it was his bullshit, so Ed would call it ok and flip off anyone who'd claim otherwise. Was there a point to this? The centaurs could easily race back and the furies could fly. There were easier ways to deal damage than tossing combatants through descending dragons breath that wouldn't hurt them. But the moment it the selectively harmless fire passed through them... What happened to the shadows? Well they reversed, stretching out toward the...... Dragon. Two furies followed by two centaurs were yeeted right into the dragons mouth lacerating themselves on razor sharp teeth in their jumble. Easy choice. When you're given an ultra sized industrial garbage disposal, why not feed it well?
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    Needless to say, Vlad was a bit flattered by a gratitude shown by the young woman - and was pleased to see her slightly "enhance" his weapon. At the same time, however, he was ashamed that Murray, the man who dragged out the four-legged menace first, had been left without his finest hour. Now that was just unfair. "It's just... I'm happy to help." - Vlad spoke then pointed at Jack. - "But that couldn't have happened if he didn't provoke it. He too deserves some appreciation." Then he turned to Jack who did not seem to be bothered by Vlad's intervention and was about to hear some gun-related compliments... Then the emperor shouted. And the hell had broken loose... but not in a way the engineer would have expected. The company had been surrounded by a herd of centauri, a flock of winged women and a cyclopean horned beast brimming with fire. It was the ultimate definition of overkill. With such a change in balance of power it was not a gladiator battle, but a cattle slaughter... more fierce than Vlad and the others had endured before. The patian engineer was unable to hold back his frustration mixed with fear. He forgot about precautions given by Shadow Guard (also, screw her, too!) and shouted at the distant golden figure: "That's not fair, you pompous little sh*t!" The punishment for his blasphemous words came swiftly in form of two centaurs. Vlad was forced to part ways with Jack and face the adversaries alone. If Vlad ever had an interest in this place's history, he would be amused by the fact this particular breed of arena centauri are tend to work in pairs. One shoots, other slashes, and vice versa. In time, a bond between them grows from battle to battle up to the point where they became to each other a bit more than just "battle brothers"... But Vlad was too preoccupied to delve himself into complex centauri relations. One of the beasts rushed at Vlad, spear pointed at his chest. The monster was enormously fast, yet Vlad was able to predict his movements. He jumped away a few moments before the lancer could reach him, only to meet face to face with the archer nearby. As the arrow flew, Vlad's instincts kicked in once again. With one well-placed swing of his gun he battered off the flying arrow. Then he changed his grip and pulled the trigger. BOOM! The archer's profile was tall enough to catch as much pellets as possible. The beast flinched in pain, giving Vlad enough time to come a bit closer. *shk-chk* BOOM! ...and do as much damage as possible. *shk-chk* BOOM! Guts spurted from the archer's exposed hybrid torso. He was paralyzed by convulsing pain, yelling at his partner in incomperensive dialect distorted by blood in his throat. Vlad knew what was going to happen next. He stuck the barrel into the torso, closed his eyes shut and... *shk-chk* BOOOM! *splat* *thud* A massive horse-like body dropped down on its four with a bloody gaping hole in the middle. Vlad tried not to watch too much at the mess he had left behind, yet he was still in shock at how quickly he managed to take down such a giant. All of this was done before the very eyes of the lancer, the archer's battle brother. There's another fact about arena centauri: each warrior takes a blood oath with his partner that they would die as they live and fight: together. And what happens when your partner gets killed first by a puny human? Correct, you get extremely pissed. RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!! Vlad quickly reloaded his gun, ready to face the lancer's rage. Perhaps he wouldn't have enough momentum to evade or counter his next attack. Yet with heart pounding like a old pump it was hard to stay calm during the heated skirmish. "Alright." *shk-chk* "You and me both, circus boy."
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    One of the centaurs flung from Alvumaar's mouth was flung into the vicinity of Ilene and her Shadow Guards... and it landed perfectly, squashing the two remaining Shadow Guards beneath it before they had the chance to react. This sudden and embarrassing loss of her subordinates stole Ilene's attention at a pivotal moment. She wasn't paying enough attention to the remaining centaur before her, the one that would have fallen to one more good blow. But he aimed his arrow, and it hit true to strike Ilene's heart. The Shadow Guard leader stumbled backward, letting go of her blade and clutching the projectile in her heart with her hand. A red haze came over the Shadow Guard leader's vision. Her breathing slowed. She knew her time was rapidly coming, her only chance of survival a healer immediately tending to her, or divine intervention. But unfortunately, most of those with healing capabilities in the group were mysteriously unmoving, like they were being some controlled by some entity who had gone mysteriously absent all of a sudden. Furthermore, those who remained wouldn't reach her in time due to the mechanics of this realm. And well, there didn't seem to be any god out there who was willing to intervene and save her life. ... So be it. Gathering the last of her power into a bolt, Ilene raised her armbow and pointed it toward the centaur. But then, she rapidly moved it upwards towards the stands,, releasing a rapidly sped-up and invisible bolt toward the purple-haired son of a bitch in the stands, the one who had egged the master of this arena into releasing the rest of his creatures held in the arena at once. With no interference, the bolt would pierce through his throat, and he would be none the wiser about what had hit him. Her petty revenge enacted, Ilene let loose one last, painful smile as blackness crept in at the edges of her vision. She collapsed to one knee, and spoke in a prideful tone. "A slight... against... the Shadow Guard... never... unpunished..." With that, she fell down toward the ground, face-forward. She breathed her last ragged breaths. Ilene, commander of the Shadow Guard division stationed in Yh'mi, and adjutant to General Alexios of Aligoria... was dead. The two centaurs fired their arrows at Surus, one striking into a vital area and the second following up to deliver the finishing blow. The elephant collapsed to the ground in anguished, bellowing trumpeting, before falling silent. The archer crew was thrown all around upon impact, easy pickings for the two centaurs that had felled the elephant, and possibly the three Furies and Alvumaar as well. 3-13, however, quickly rose to his feet, before looking around the arena and letting out a deep, tired sigh. The Arrow of the Gods could not die here. He fired an arrow into the sky, rending a hole in the clouds before ascending in the beam of light that fell upon him. ... No, wait, that narrative entirely ignored how one of the centaurs had been trampled underfoot, and would have had to take the time to get back up instead of firing its arrow. Let's try again then, shall we? One centaur slowly rose back to its feet after being trampled by a charging war elephant. A testament to his durability, no doubt. The other centaur carefully aimed his arrow, striking a vital area but not delivering a fatal blow. Surus let out an angry bellow and charged around the arena once more, before Captain Jeorge brought him back under control, and the archer crew could begin to pick out their targets. But... no. No, that doesn't seem right either. Something else happened here, like the author expended power to force a tie of dice rolls, and then the dice rolled in his favor on the re-roll. The strings of fate re-arranged themselves. Yes, of course, the above was not how it went done. Let's take it from the top once more, then? One centaur slowly rose back to its feet after being trampled by a charging war elephant. A testament to his durability, no doubt. The other centaur carefully aimed his arrow, and released... but alas, once more, he had misjudged the durability of the war elephant's armor. The arrow snapped upon impact, and Captain Jeorge grinned down at the centaurs before turning toward his archer crew. "Boys! Fire the last of the arrows, we kill everything we can or we die here!" The archer crew nodded, before picking out their targets. Two arrows sunk into the flesh of the centaurs before the elephant. They both looked to be on the verge of death, like one good blow would finish them off. And indeed one did. Sheryl's crushing power fell upon the centaur duo, pressing down on them from all directions. When they couldn't take it any more, their heads exploded, and their bodies crumpled in a heap to the sands below. Gordin, who made his way back on top of the elephant, nocked an explosive arrow that struck the centaur that had killed Ilene where the horse and human half met. It then exploded. A shower of red blanketed the area, and when it had all cleared, the centaur lied slain there, its human and horse halves separated, both heavily blooded and scattered into bits. Norne and Shinon turned towards the other parts of the area, firing their arrows to help relive the pressure on their fellow combatants. 3-13, meanwhile, nocked a rather peculiar arrow and faced where two of the Furies were attacking Ed, intent on bringing about the end of him. He had seen his tactic of trying to throw their opponents into the mouth of the dragon. Although it had failed, 3-13 still respected his gumption. So, he nocked his arrow, and fired. It struck Alecto's wing, and, rapidly, turned it into stone. The rapid change in weight would send the Fury falling onto the ground. The enchantment would not last long, but while it did... 3-13 gestured to Captain Jeorge. The veteran archer read his intentions, and sent Surus charging forward. The elephant trampled over the currently ground-bound Alecto. Then, Jeorge brought Surus to a stop once more, examining the situation of the arena and seeing if there was anything more they could do.
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