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    Burning Bright (Ad/OOC) (Open)

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! May your turkey be forever moist.
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    Burning Bright (Ad/OOC) (Open)

    This isn’t me complaining by any means just so you guys know. Just me laughing at the absurdity of the entire situation. Just imagine this tiny remote village with like a population of under a hundred people in the most harsh and rugged environment that the continent has to offer, and just coincidentally powerful people just happen to be there to help in the defense against the enemies of the people who watch over you. Truly it is a magical thing that breaks all suspension of disbelief yet we’re all like “yeah my character has a reason to be there.” Despite knowing deep down it’s probably bull shit myself included. ? again this isn’t complaining or throwing any shade as they say. Just how we all just go along with it. You gotta admit it’s pretty funny. ?
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    Mac n Cheese Dressing Stuffing Apple Pie Pumpkin Pie Idk a cake? Turkey Some other meats Mash Potatoes Regular Potatoes Gravy Yams w/ Marshmellows That's all I remember. I've got a big family so I'm sure this least us quite inadequate lol
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    Burning Bright (Ad/OOC) (Open)

    This should be an unwritten rule in Val... Pc attract other pcs?
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    I will be making my owed posts over time. I am still grieving the loss of my father, but more so dealing with a huge storm of family drama that arose since his passing. I appreciate all you wonderful people I write with being so patient with me. You are a type of support I need, and I thank you.
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    Araborn Kirom

    [Quest] En Passant

    Araborn gazed farther up, "let us continue on, if the sheep and there Shepard is any hint this white...stuff is not good for the mind, I would prefer to be as alert as possible as we trek" Araborn said then thought of something he'd been meaning to ask "I was in the village and people spoke of strange bug creatures, would any of you be able to shed light on the subject?" He asked
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    [Quest] En Passant

    Upon seeing the rock, excitement filled Linda's pasty face. For someone as educated and well-versed in both technological and magical stuffs, the rock is a wonderful discovery. "I suggest you leave it alone," she said as she took the rock away from Dauner and set it on the ground. "A very interesting find, actually." A meticulous person like Linda would not miss the rock's special properties especially after briefly touching it. Her sense that can perceive both waves and magical energy has warned her about the dangers of such an object and she found it prudent to caution others about it as well. "A weird rock. It has its own electromagnetic field which I presume would be very dangerous to the person's mind. It does remind me of the EM fields me and my friend Sera used back in the days when playing with other people's minds. Then there's the rather disgusting taint. So similar to my friend Khaki whenever she goes in her eldritch state." "I think we should leave this rock for now and come back later when we are better equipped to study it."
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    Hey guys! I got a day off, well more like a few hours and I'm sorry fro leaving the last placement as a kinda loose end! I liked how supernatural made it out to be ! So I have about six weeks left and I wanted to let you guys know that every chance I'll have I'll be reading along! Stay good and make a lot for me to come back to read.
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    Feast of Blades: Land Bridge: OoC

    On the subject of the shield I'm sure the gods can replace it with a near identical OFM replacement with the heraldry painted on precisely by means unknown. Or it can stay, if it adheres to the same baseline as all the other equipment.
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    Volentia had swivelled to her side while dodging Dauner’s previous attack, which meant she was in prime position to block his rightward sweeps. The force pressing against her shield did not relent. Instead of following through with her kick, Volentia used her already-turning momentum to plant her right foot forward and back down into the soft ground. With that movement, her body (and shield) turned towards the left, so that Dauner’s upward-moving left arm would glance against the shield at an angle to reduce its impact. At the same time Volentia moved her left arm to bring the shield upwards. Dauner’s shifting of his right arm from a forward thrust to a sideward sweep meant that there hadn’t been much space for him to build up speed. She would knock the tip of his sword upwards to miss her face. If executed correctly, both of Dauner’s arms would now be positioned towards her left. Continuing from the momentum from her swivelling motion, Volentia thrust her sword forward from her right side, aiming at Dauner’s left shoulder, to injure and weaken his sword arm.
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    Noah sipped the tea, finding the flavor pleasant. "What you see before you is the product of a thousand years of continuous self-improvement. By a strange quirk of destiny, I am able to recall every previous life that I have lived in perfect detail. Through this, I have spent a millennia learning; medicine, biology, physics, engineering, anything and everything that I could. Recently I decided that my knowledge had taken me to the point where the cycle of death and rebirth was more hindrance than help." He raised his hand and allowed the clothing and flesh to unravel briefly to show the android form underneath. "This body is a vessel of my own creation. One that will never tire, needs no sustenance, and will never grow weaker with age. With it, I will continue my journey to learn and experience all that I can." The android raised the cup back to his lips, "But what about you? You speak as though you've met one like me before."
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    Burning Bright (Ad/OOC) (Open)

    I haven't yet, but that is VERY Good to know. Hope you point it to the performance then.
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    The hotheadedness of the military commander was simply charming. Maxwell loved watching him struggle with boiling over at words Maxwell would hardly qualify as infuriating. Perhaps he should tell the Khafre about the incident that had occurred in just the past month, where a privately owned Airship landed but an hour away from the city, and may have been the primary suspects in the brutal murder of a well regarded slave trainer. But it seemed pointing out the weakness of Dairut's current military would get Maxwell nowhere. Perhaps it would be better to have the councilman defend the shortsightedness of his strategy. Maxwell spoke with not a hint of fear or resignation in his voice. "This is completely true, councilman Khafre and councilman Kayan, Dairut is truly the pearl resting in the shell of the mighty Velhatien Desert and the mystical powers that protect these lands from unwanted attention. However, a nation is more than Just a single city. As it stands the safety of the villages and tribes that provide Dairut with its riches and resources are under threat. As airships become resistant to the desert heat, the plague of air pirates that torment the rest of the continent will flock to prey on our mines and caravans. Current events are leading to the formation of empires and kingdoms seeking to spread their sphere of influence. The Carmine Empire is already looking to expand with their vassal of Port Caelum having financed expeditions into the Velhatien desert and Bloodstone Marsh with the intention of establishing colonies. Besides the intent of foreign powers there is still the increasing number of bloodgears forming herds and threatening mining operations. Without Dairut taking a larger presence financially and militaristically, we will see our territory reduced and our livelihoods threatened. This project can give Dairut the means to prevent these things." Maxwell wanted the threats that existed to be known to the council. He sighed and shrugged with his hands. "The world has become a very dangerous place recently." "still!" He clapped his hands together and showed the biggest and brightest smile yet. Maxwell looked to the Lamia as she spoke. Such a fine specimen, Maxwell had always been rather fond of Lamias, it always felt that they had been cut from the same passionate cloth. This one seemed particularly 'fun', there were clear hints in the body language alone. But was it a test, a game, or flirtation. "Lady Eirene, it is as one who has visited many of the cities of Genesaris that I stand before you today. I have not built an airship with my own two hands as I haven't the time, but I have ridden in many over my travels and investigated the businesses that do construct them. If this project is approved, I am in contact with a number of experienced Airship engineers, willing to immigrate to Dairut to assist in developing airships and training our artisans in how to build them. Of course I've taken the time to make sure their complete loyalty can be expected. Beyond that I have acquired through various means a number of blueprints used in foreign Sky ports. I've had a private architectural firm create a preliminary blueprint, a mock up, and generate an overhead for the project. The cost isn't that much more than the canal system for a larger port, given the local abundance of metal. on that topic, with the nearing completion of the city wide canal system. A new civil project will allow us to keep the engineers and laborers that the city already has hired. which will save money from having to renegotiate Hiring, and give a boon to firms that can also help with airship development. It is sure to be something that notable merchants, guilds, and mining companies will quickly come to support, as it represents a boom in foreign trade both in variety and quantity. As stated before, it will also allow for Dairut to more actively protect its territory and resources. Particularly The Vehatien Desert's deposits of Exalta crystals and the numerous metals used in modern airships. Dairut stands to be self sufficient in providing most materials for airship construction, Something that even some whole countries struggle with. This port will pay for itself in taxing ships alone, and make the city unprecedented wealth by increasing the volume that our merchants can participate in foreign trade as well as the security we can provide for our territory." Maxwell wondered if any of the council had expected him to be this prepared. The months it took for them to accept him for an audience had given him plenty of time to get a head start on things.
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    Musical Healing

    Exhausted would be a nice word for the way Ann felt when she woke up that morning. She didn't open her eyes, instead choosing to lay in plushness of the sheets and bask in the warmth of Noel's arms. Noel's arms! Ann sits up with a start, rolling of the bed and landing, feet first, onto the ground. He groans, sitting up and looking at her through slit eyes. "Woah, what is the matter? Jumpy much?" He yawns, swiping at the cow lick atop his head. His shirt was off revealing, not thick abs as one might imagine in a story such as this, but instead a flat chest and two pink nipples tight with the chill of the room. She looks down at herself, breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of her fully clothed body. Normally they didn't sleep together, in either sense, but the ride and the jet lag and the darkness that enveloped the sky when they arrived made the one bed very inviting, even if Noel was in it. "No, just... it's late. Your going to be late for your first masterclass." She was pretty sure that was the truth, though the clouds in the sky didn't help in the guessing. She walks over to the balcony opening the sliding glass door and stepping out into the cool London air. Fog hung low, hugging the flowers in the garden below with tight droplets of dew. The gardener, an old man with tufts of white fluff on both sides of his head, shuffled across the space, hunching every now and then to prune various bushes and flowers. Noel cursed behind her before running into the bathroom. The sound of singing and running water fills her ears as she straightens up the room, putting their clothes in drawers and straightening the bed. According to google the school was only a five minute walk and they, in fact, had at least an hour before they actually had to be there. Never mind getting him up a bit earlier never hurts. "Really? Oh, thank god!" This was his response once he told him. "We'll have time to get some breakfast then." He motions towards the door, grabbing his coat. "C'mon, I looked at a place that isn't too far from here. The reviews were pretty good too." After a five minute walk and a ten minutes wait, two plates of steaming eggs and golden pancakes are put in front of them. The thank the waiter before digging in. Noel groans. "Ahhh, man I've been starving! These are so good." Ann nods, wiping her mouth. "Since we don't know how long it'll take to check in, we should be there at eleven, no later. Masterclass starts at twelve and you've got to warm up." "We'll have plenty of time, don't worry." "Yes, we'll have plenty of time if we stick to my schedule." She takes another bite, chewing slowly before speaking again. "Do you plan on going to a few classes or just visiting the concert venue?" "Neither." "What? Why?""Because we're going to visit a few spots around this lovely city. You're always keeping me on track when it comes to this type of stuff, that stops, for one night. For one night we are both going to be free, explore, do something crazy! I've never seen you do anything crazy.." "You're not going to see me do anything crazy, but okay." She suppresses the urge to explain to him how much of a bad idea that is, especially with the concert a mere 3 days away. The two finish there meal with small talk and banter before walking the ten minutes to the school. Noel leaves Ann at the front, going into a practice room, mind abuzz with pre-performance nerves. Taking out his violin he plays a few chords, tuning to the nearby piano and then playing his usual routine of Bach sonatas. At twelve he walks into a room full of clapping students and gives a performance most would call "stunning" or "extraordinary". "If any of you have any questions I'll be in room 103 until three o clock."
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    Public AFV Thread

    No worries here. Gives me more time to plan evil lol But hope things go well still
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    Public AFV Thread

    Not really afv AFV, but just a notice that 1x1 threads will be slow for me due to other social commitments taking up some of my posting time. I might still post at leisure, but will take more time than usual. This will probably last till the new year. No change to my group threads and Feast of Blades. Affected threads: Alignak Simulcrum @amenities The Crucible Study @supernal The See-All @Dolor Aeternum Serphus Alumna @Rin
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    It seemed that he chose a very terrible time to try and actually visit somewhere new. Leon had been walking through the town, probably just as a means to get where he needed to go, which was home. He was actually a bit late and he would be certain the missus would kill him if he didn’t show up for dinner. Lord knows that he wouldn’t want to fuel her wrath, he had already dealt with the likes of it before recently for his constant travel and wandering. No Matter, food had to be placed on the table and his job required him to travel, Leon have a shrug and a sigh and would attempted to continue forward. However it would seems someone else's wrath would keep him from making that meeting tonight. Citizens seemed to actually be running AWAY from the location, or at least trying to. The chaos was very hard to ignore, especially the very clear soldiers that were now running about the town. It would seem that the town was now overrun with them. The body of many citizens were already claimed by the creatures, whoever remained in the land of the living already set to be evacuated. The town lit ablaze by the soldiers that seemed to have been attacking the small area. This was something that the man could not ignore. That and the clear and pleasant negative vibe that the area was now giving. Even with the fire and brimstone it was chilly and cold. It would seem that he was on call for another show. The traveler ran toward the crowd of running people and toward the danger, which seemed to be emanating from the center of the town square. He was going to have to cut through a few soldiers to do so however. He gripped onto the load on his back, which was covered in what seemed to be a large black travel bag. Usually he didn’t need it but today he had to keep up appearances. While he was far from being shy about his occupation of being a bard, he wasn’t one to show his accouterments so easily and no so quickly either.
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    Darth Lager

    The Stronghold of Storms

    In the event that one ever had to choose between being assaulted by a war hammer, or being a cushion for the mountain man Argi, it was after this day in which the white haired warlock would advise the former. Argi's ignorantly thick rear crushed the pilot, flattening cheeks between stone. Everything went white for a moment, sound dimming before everything faded straight to black. The poor fellow rested their for a moment, just kind of staring between the cracks of light and shadow around him before coming around. Everything was muffled, generally without discernment except for the changes of pitch before Argi got up; at which part he heard clear mention of the undead. Argi and another brushed by the mage as he began to rise onto his feet, struggling a bit in disorientation still. He could make out the silhouette of a doorway which they had headed for, pushing his palms into the ground and pulling his right leg beneath him in an attempt to follow; only to be doubly halted. In the resulting scuffle, an unexpected gathering of spiritual energy surfaced, pulsing from a vibrant pink bubble which exuded an auric light. In instinct, Josh held a hand before his face, blocking the warmth of the rays. What had happened next then, seemed just as instinctive. Something man handled the confused mage, literally pulling him into the air from behind. It restrained his free hand, the other stopping the light from the opposite side from assaulting his eyes, and barricaded Josh between the two forces. A moment later, his nerves ruptured with a visceral pain which spread immediately from his neck outward. His collar throbbed, tightening in response, and he clenched his jaw in madness. His body was beginning to give into something which had entered into his system. A contagion of sorts, or, perhaps a result of such laws of magic. It wasn't a one way affair however, the vampire coming to an obvious conclusion that whatever was within that man, was fiendish. The very nature of his black blood cells seethed with a desire to assimilate the structure of both the living and the dead. The mundane, and the supernatural. The oldest of the alchemists, and those studied in the spiritual aspects of the mind, body, or soul had no definite way of categorizing such a thing, divulging them as a source for all crafts in a pure or entropic state; Prana. What exactly the undead woman had done was immediately unapparent, but it seemed to have been successful. There was no resistance, no adaptive response or feedback in an attempt to counteract the vampires measures. Only acceptance of the work at hand. Josh remained within the woman's clutches, blocking the blinding light from his eyes for the moment.
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    At this juncture, Caeceila hit upon an earth-shattering revelation. The Feast of Blades is the tournament of choice for Level 1 Paladins. Caeceila isn't a fan of tabletop roleplaying. She tested it a couple of times at Iolanda's urging, but she quickly developed a middling distaste for systems akin to D&D. Knowing little of the game mechanics, she dumped Charisma and Intelligence so she could invest more points in Strength, for Plate Armor, Dexterity, for that sweet, sweet homebrewed Shield Master variant, Wisdom, for the saves, and Constitution, for HP. Then, she botched her rolls again and again and again. She rolled critical failures like her dice were weighted. The group was sizable, and Caeceila decided to read up on the classes the other player characters had taken levels in. Now, she remembers the class features granted to Paladins at Level 1. Proficiency with all armor, including shields. Check. Proficiency with all melee weapons. Check. Inability to wield ranged weapons. Check. No spellcasting at Level 1. Check. Lay on Hands. Nope. And, of course, low-cost starting armor because full plate is hella expensive. Thanks to low-cost armor, Lay on Hands wouldn't go amiss right now. Caeceila grits her teeth and grimaces as the tip of Vadrian's arming sword cuts through her thigh, but she does not cry out in pain. The resultant wound is deep. With any luck, it missed the femoral vein. Blood oozes down her skin, pouring over her right kneecap in tapering rivulets. Spurred on by her opinion of the Order of Force Majeure's misbegotten conception of proper protection for bloody tournaments in which sodding combatants are armed with blumming martial weapons and the pissing laceration Vadrian has inflicted, which he, besmirching his honor by sullying his word, didn't even try to avoid, Caeceila's rage builds in crescendo. Caeceila and Vadrian were not far from each other when Vadrian attempted to dodge her. A military step is approximately 30". Vadrian was about 54" from Caeceila and, at the outset of his turn, parallel and squared up to her. Therefore, Caeceila would have been upon him in two military steps. Like Caeceila's charge (straight, two-steps), Vadrian's dodge revolves around a two-step motion (one lateral step from circling to Caeceila's right, twist 90 degrees, plant right foot) ending with his body oriented perpendicular to Caeceila's. Both Vadrian and Caeceila are equally encumbered. Caeceila launched her charge and Vadrian attempted to dodge in reaction to Caeceila's movement. Furthermore, he dropped his left arm so his shield would deflect Caeceila's attack, pushed forward with his shield, and whipped his sword out to his right. If Vadrian managed to elude Caeceila, it was only by a hair's breadth. Additionally, Vadrian had dedicated attention to attacking Caeceila, moving, and positioning his shield so Caeceila's war hammer, a blunt weapon, not a bladed weapon, "would slide across the surface of the shield" before giving "his shield a bit of a push [ . . . ] against the curved spike of the warhammer's head." This could not be classified as a mean feat; he was pushing, specifically, against a spike, which is not, contrary to Vadrian's perception, steeply curved since it was never designed to remove nails from boards of wood! If Caeceila "was in utterly no position to block the sword coming toward her right leg," nothing short of a miracle (or a grotesque deformity) would spare Vadrian from Caeceila's elbow, which rocketed toward Vadrian's nose as Caeceila ground to a halt in quarters too close for Vadrian to properly wield his sword, as originally intended. Caeceila had, after all, expected Vadrian to dodge to the right and hadn't planned to show her unarmored back to him. Vadrian had split his attention between his actions (dodging, slicing/hacking, and blocking/glancing). He had dropped his shield from a relatively high position ("closer to the left side of his head, as though from here he might in turn raise it to absorb arrows") to a decidedly low position ("lowered his shield and pressed it against his torso"), which signaled to Caeceila that she needed to switch things up. His lower body was visible to her, given that they were within 54" of each other, and she rolled with Vadrian's push, bending her right arm at the elbow to compensate for the push as she sent that same elbow to wipe a presumably smug expression off of Vadrian's face. Assuming he was able, somehow, to complete his reaction before Caeceila took two steps forward, her target, the nose of his completely unarmored head, would be exposed to her strike and he could not reasonably step back or duck fast enough to avoid Caeceila's premiere as an unlicensed rhinoplastician and, potentially, a dentist because she would likely catch him as he is still recovering from his dodge.
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    [Quest] En Passant

    Considering what some of the others could do , Drain was surprised anyone would find his flexibility notable at all. To his relief, they didn't really pry into what he actually was. They probably would find out sooner or later. For now, this group he had found himself in seemed good enough. He didn't trust them as yet but he didn't outright hate them yet either. Okay, maybe Matthias' words about bugs rubbed him the wrong way but he kept quiet for now, bottling up his irritation for later. They continued down the river until a pale mineral was encountered. As the being of hair approached the rock, he could feel a subtle tingle - not the type of tingle that one feels on his skin, for he had no skin, but one that touched his very core. It was the tell-tale tingle of magical energy. "If you mean the energy around it, yes," he answered Matthias. He knelt down by the rock as well but didn't touch it. Instead he just peered at it in scrutiny. This matches the description , alright. And it's odd enough to boot. "We aren't going to have to taste test this, are we ?"
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    Although putting a scratch on Volentia was the primary reason for launching his sword, that was not his main objective. Just as his sword had touched Volentia with her trying to dodge, Dauner changed the swords trajectory from straight forward to towards the right where she had shifted to swaying his sword wildly in that direction. Holding his left sword still at his right from the first strike, Dauner swayed it towards the right too giving very little time for reaction. The sword would have bounce of the shield but had Volentia indeed tried to kick Dauner's knee, she would have been left standing on only one leg giving her very few options with the sword coming for her face and the other tried to destabilize her by hitting hard against the shield. Plan ahead of time, and while your opponent tries to be a step ahead of you, be 10 steps ahead of them. These are the words that had been hammered into him by Rameshi during his training. The force on his right sword would be enough for him to keep pushing while recovering his left sword from the earlier sway at Volentia's face. A hit would have meant a clean cut across her face so while she would have tried moving backwards to dodge, Dauner would pull the sword backwards by a bit so that the tip would only scratch her nose a little. Taking advantage of her destabilized state, Dauner would then kick hard on her shield in a effort to make her lose her footing and fall to the ground.
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    Lacernella Rubra

    The Red Tower.

    “Well, I don’t know if it’s harder, but it’s probably different.” Shanna explains. “But my magic tends to go wrong anyway. Sometimes it blows up in my face, literally!” A laugh follows the explanation, before she cants her head and watches Jaw Finder for a moment, her eyes going crosseyed as they pointed at her nose. She gasped and clutched the thing, before grinning as she drops her hand. “Maybe you’re smelling Jaro. He’s magical too, and he lives here! He’s around sometimes, but I’m not sure where he is at the moment.” She taps her chin as contemplation settles before she gasps at Jaw Finders suggestion of a second familiar. “But that’s unlikely, witches tend to only have one familiar, and I’ve got Brutus. I can’t think of anyone I’ve been around recently that would fit that description…” She taps her chin again, before shrugging as it is quickly forgotten. As Jaw Finder consumes what is left on their plate, Shanna wiggles in her seat before throwing her hands up. “Do you like books? I can show you the library, and then the garden! Then we can sleep and set off for Port Kyros tomorrow or something. I’ll need to get rations, so we have enough food to last the trip.” She nods to this, and Hannah peers at her. “We’ll make sure you have enough, Lady Shanna.” She offers with a smile, showing a few blackened teeth. “Just leave it to us to stock the airship.” “Ah, thank you!” Shanna chirps before grasping Jaw Finders’ rather large hand and tugging the being away towards the lift once more. Shanna pulls a lever and they find themselves ascending once more. As it ceases movement, she moves to open the large doors for Jaw Finder, noting that the doors can easily accommodate its’ large size. Inside the Library was a roaring fire place in the back – and rows upon rows of books. It was filled with dusty tomes and various scrolls, each one labelled meticulously along the walls and bookshelves. A few of them were even encased in glass. Near the fireplace was a long table filled with large, comfortable chairs that would even be large enough for Jaw Finder to comfortably sit upon. It was filled with various scents of all those of the tower, as well as whatever extra scents they had brought in with them to begin with.
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    Reminder just as we head into the weekend @Die Shize
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    Here are the changes I'd like to make which I think could preserve most of everyone's posts and have things come together quite nicely The potion already has a specific effect and that's spider climb. Luke would be able to drink it and fill it with acid still he would just have this benefit, or more accurately said, the other characters would be "robbed" of the chance (hey luke is saving their lives, small price to pay) The acid rains down on the slime as indicated by Luke I do like the sudden flood from the storm going down the pipe and think it's a well timed use of a piece of information that was embedded in the roleplay so I want to keep it. Rather than Luke's blue mist being the water that mixes with the acid, it DRAWS the water coming down the pipe towards them in a specific arrangement, to mix with the acid - even the diluted acid can have an effect on the slime that it wouldn't on the people This causes the flood water to go towards Luke and the slime, and partially away from ticke's and die's character. Luke gets flooded down the pipe and can likely save himself with the spider climb effect by clinging to a pipe wall. This would be a good justification for the team stumbling upon him later IF the timing works out that way but no big deal if it doesn't So this keeps the integrity of the initial potion, keeps the flood that tickle cued, keeps the destruction of the slime in such a way that it's a great final act for Luke and also conveniently exits him from the thread How's that strike everyone? Also am fine with the PC to PC enchantment!
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