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    The competitors were doing quite well. Well, most of them, anyway. There had been several deaths already, which the crowd had openly cheered for whenever they happened. However, not all was well this time. There were audible boos from the crowd at certain points. Vlad, for instance, while he was impaled, and got off of it, all he had done was dodge and gloat about it. The impaling was cool, but Vlad himself was honestly not that interesting this time. Another round of booing came in the direction of Jack Murray. All he had done was dodge. He did nothing interesting except be hit. And that was more due to his opponents than him. Utterly boring to watch. The third set of booing was even louder than the other two, and directed at Ed. Not because it wasn't interesting, but because he seemed to think so little of his opponents. A cocky, and arrogant little thing. And not even to show off to the audience, just to be a knob. Obviously, the Emperor was not about to stand for boring contestants. So, he snapped his fingers, and brought judgement upon Vlad and Jack. All of a sudden, Vlad would feel a searing pain in his insides, as if someone had lit his organs on fire. They hadn't of course, but it sure felt like it. At roughly the same time, Jack Murray would feel as if he'd seen a Lovecraftian god. His mental control started fraying heavily, and he may begin hearing whispers and voices. Ed, on the other hand, had something very odd happen. He countered the attack on him, and threw Megaera into Alecto, launching them with perfect accuracy into the elephant's attack. But then, when he tried to pin them, they were able to somehow leap out of the way of it. Megaera and Alecto let out an earsplitting screech that only Ed seemed to be able to hear. How this was possible was anyone's guess, but it might be because the gods were upset with Ed, over attempting to use mechanics that did not exist, such as 'continuous' attacks, and keeping an opponent pinned to the ground. Right as the monsters were about to attempt to launch more attacks, the air crackled. Electric bolts filled the air in the center of the arena, and hole opened in the air. A hole that led out of the desolate, horrible, madness inducing Coliseum, into the desolate, horrible, madness inducing plains of Yh'mi. Doubtless, everyone would scramble for this portal. The monsters however, weren't all willing to let them leave. As a last ditch move, the three Furies took to the air, and screeched as loud as they could. The triple screech would deal 3 sanity damage to those affected by it. Alvumaar also decided to jump on the final attack train. He opened his mouth and unleashed a sea of fire, engulfing everything on the ground without prejudice. It instantly killed every centaur still alive but would only end up doing 3 damage to those hit by it.
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    Video games are a big one. I also crochet blankets for the elderly through our local Meals on Wheels, and that's a hobby I quite enjoy.
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    What are your other hobbies?

    I play the flute in an orchestra. Been doing so for over 20 years, lol. That’s my main hobby, though Val’s a close second. Also video games are a thing too.
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    What are your other hobbies?

    Drawing is more of a vocation than a hobby, but I do that too. I used to volunteer in the nature science section of the local science museum, and I started collecting bones and insects (for pinning) after working with them there. I learned how to spin yarn at the museum too, but it’s a hobby I haven’t visited in a while. Caring for my plants. I like when they get big enough to propagate, and then I trade the clippings with other plant people. Collecting comics/comics conventions/zine fests @AngryCacti I don’t make costumes, but I enjoy sewing too. I just don’t have a machine, so it takes ages to make small stuff. *and wearing cute shit; it’s a hobby if you do it right
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    What are your other hobbies?

    I like to draw! I also used to like making/designing costumes, but it got expensive and I’ve lost a lot of motivation to upkeep my hobbies over the last year.
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    Dan deftly dodged one arrow, and let loose a gust of wind, blowing the other arrow away, while shredding the centaur that shot it. He had to focus himself. Calm himself. The Furies' aura was beginning to wear on him. He found himself unable to do this, however. Why that was was anyone's guess. Dan had very little awareness of what was happening to the others around him, as he was now fully consumed by the trauma and flashbacks he was having, and now fully convinced he was in the Coliseum from his past. Therefore, he was concerned with only his own survival, and the enjoyment of the crowd. So, he had to make this interesting. So, since apparently no one else was going to, Dan ceased aiming at the centaurs, and aimed his finger gun at the dragon. Clearly taking advantage of the mechanics in this dimension, sudden perfect aim, he loosed a laser blast from his finger, which shot across the entire arena, and nailed the dragon in the eye. The dragon roared, less because it was hurt, and more because it was simply pissed. A lovely spectacle, to be sure. And the roar of the crowd confirmed it.
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    As Leon began to go deeper into the village it was then that he noticed the black star. His eyes lifted toward the air, and his eyes locked onto the Black Hole sun. The Electic eye had already began to eclipse the city gave the horrid feeling of dead and emptiness. He suddenly stopped his eyes locked onto the eclipse his hand shaking violently. The Flames that suddenly shrouded the town, The screams of the villagers and the sense of dread. It all felt too familiar to the alien. The visions of his own past crossing his mind violent at almost a mile a minute. He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fist as he attempted to gang some sense of his sanity. No he couldn’t let this get to him, not yet. This was nowhere near as catastrophic. Not personally anyway. Suddenly, an explosion. His was knocked out of his shellshock when the explosion hit, It was good that he finally took notice, as a chuck of debris from the mountain itself was closing into him. He had to react quick, he reached into the back of his back, and ripped out the guitar that was in it. It was safe to call it a guitar, in the strangest sense of the word. The body was clearly just an axe, which seemed to glow blue violently as the Guitarist swung it in a vertical slice. The whirling vibration that came from the blade of the guitar made slicing through the flying rock easy. Which luckily split in time for Leon himself to avoid it. It was then that he had enough, whoever was causing this had already split his nerves past the time. He had only managed to stay afront and see what was saw that a nearby mage. "Are you allright?" @Araborn Kirom
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    Alright, TIL I never bothered to learn how to link specific comments until now. I will use this newfound knowledge for evil.
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    @Akiris Make a roll for death and link it here. For Ed and Ilene (those dead in the nightmare), you're still in the game and the story continues. I'll make a post involving Ilene and Ed next week. Squaaaaaaaad was dead too but Tyler opted for their rolls to be combined into Murray's instead, because he also wanted to lighten his RP load, so I allowed that. Everyone, new team lineups will be released this weekend.
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    Welcome to the site

    Welcome to the site
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    What are your other hobbies?

    I play video games mostly...like half of the time.
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    OOC Feast of Blades Dark Forest

    I love your post @Dauner Light! Thank you! I’ll put in an ending post. @Fierach Dauner wins the round.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    The Norkotian are out cold too.
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    Dolor Aeternum

    Bloodsport OOC

    The true threat in Yh'mi is the urge to go idle it seems.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    Now we begin writing the final post. Sorry I was late, my internet was out for a bit there. Back now, and preparing to end this nightmare world. Hope ye had fun with it, despite my lateness twice now.
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    WIP X'yros Profile

    ***THIS IS A MAJOR W I P*** SAVING PERIODICALLY [warning: semi-dark content] -> Basic Information Appearance Information <- -> Voice Actor // Theme song Race and Origin <- -> Class, jobs, ranks Accomplishments <- -> Species Special xtras Strengths / Weaknesses <- -> Animal Companions . the hidden raven . "once you commit a crime... you will Never be Free of it." -x n a m e b a s i c s X'yros Vas Vadaam ( Eggs-Zie-dros ) +( Vehs ) +( Veh-dame ) X, X'y -Used by the general public due to complications pronouncing the name properly... or forgetting. Height : Weight : Skin :Hair +The average human height is greatly surpassed by this bear of a man who towers in at 6'7" exactly, or 204 cm. + Like a modern day football player, X'yros is built very fittingly for his height. His muscles are not sinewy, but thick and heavy enough to push his weight to 280lbs. +Born on the hot plains amongst his tribe, his skin color is a cooler earthy mixture of browns with a splash of darker speckling over his face, shoulders, and back. +Not only does his black hair stand up on the top of his head, but it is also flecked with gold on the tips that will grow with his hair naturally. image links are not up-to-date, so suffer with shit art until I can get around to it. Currently completed portrait , Old Outfit Fullbody , Crazy Old without final edits for a few days sorry ❤️ Voice Example Theme Song [Subject to change] race/Species- Sun'Gei - A Dragonborn people World Alignment: +Neutral. He wants nothing to do with nobody to the point of even preferring to sleep out in the woods or anywhere where people aren't. class/job/rank: ----- X'yros has no job besides odd-jobs that farmers or other lower-classed citizens ask of him to do. He accepts their gifts of food or drink, sometimes even lodging as payment, despite not needing any of that. The change of scenery has brought him to Pity the weak and the poor. He is learning a lot about his place in the Universe being out in the World, he still has a respect for his People and Birthright to keep himself human with others, he is learning what it's like to get stepped on and walked over by the rich. Sexuality: Seems to flirt with women a lot... Seems also flirt with men a lot... Bisexual {: Personality: "From Fierce and Stoic... To a drunken loungin' Bear. Yup, he's sleepin' in the Hay pile again." +After being exiled from his Tribes and homeland in Osiris, X'yros has found himself rather grateful to be living a life without responsibility, and takes full advantage of dozing out under the sun whenever he grasps the opportunity. He has turned into a True Neutral, not going out of his way to follow the Laws and yet not going out of his way to break them. If he can't bring himself to respect someone, then he remains quiet or responding in simple words to prevent any arguments. He is more of a thinker and daydreamer unless paired with amusing company, back home he was noted for his Cunning and Intelligence, here people seem to judge his character as aloof. Fighting: +Should it ever be inevitable, X'yros will not hesitate to clash with another person or group of people. X is man, yet not man at the same time. He has a very unique fighting style that is in it's very raw form of fist-to-fist combat with no preferred weapons unless a Spear happens to be handy. He is agile, fast on his feet, quick to react, and fights to maim or Kill. +Small squabbles between some people can be easily broken up or just avoided, but when another person higher up in the social class or has an unfair advantage over another, he will intervene. This leads him into getting into quite a bit of trouble. Strengths Chart: +Here, his strengths at different levels will be measured.
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    Much like how militaries all over the real world call in other special forces like Navy SEALS or S.A.S to train their forces, I would like to propose a deal mein freund ? The VCF has elite task forces that are sent throughout Valucre to contain threats they deem dangerous. Each specialize in a specific field, be it heavy weapons, infiltration and subterfuge, magical and supernatural to even sustained warfare. Even though the VCF is secretive, they know they're not infalliable. Most of their "army" is not even under their employ, rather allied forces led by VCF veterans. This is why they are able to do so much, with their relatively limited numbers (Not even over 5 million personnel Valucre-wide to protect it). So these alliances are important to them, so why not let me send one of my boys? ? I'm sure he'll get into all sorts of mishaps, while supplying new technology and tactics and bringing the protectorate up to par with modern forces Valucre-wide to combat the threats Lunaris faces on the daily. So what do you say?
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    I'll win this time. Exodia... OBLITERATE!!!!
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    H e y o, Legit I have no char sheet or anything atm s o. Sorry :T Here's my potential rp info below! Tried to make it short! For right now, Chillax rp sounds nice bcause I'm new.. Plots aren't necessary but they can be nice depending on the characters personality... Please don't expect me to know anything about the world yet : D I'll do research as I go! [[[ *** JUST A NOTE *** ]]] If your character swings on the Evil side of things, we might need to create a plot that would force both of our characters to have to work together,,,,, Here's my singular boi: X'yros he's tall. kinda spooky looking. ? unless you're very close to X he's,,,,, rather serious usually but lately he's been tired and bummy. He might be way too chill, crack stale stupid jokes or insults, or insist on getting food somewhere... Poke him with a hot iron prod if you need to get him moving idc. idk where i'm going with this so i'll just leave now. "this is what i like, this is the pace that i like, sup" Oh, that's right a pace--------- Whatever you want to post whenever you want to post is fine for now, unless it's a hardcore adventure rp--- i hate cliffhangers ❤️ sorry for the super obnoxious read I'll get more serious when I get a hold of life here
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    What are your other hobbies?

    @AngryCacti idk, it’s a bunch of nerd shit that I cycle through every couple of years. But sewing is fun, just tedious. I mostly make small stuffed animals for for friends and family with small kids. have I seen your drawings?? I wanna see your drawings!
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    What are your other hobbies?

    Your hobbies are so cool! Cute things are 100% a hobby ? You are automatically awesome for handstitching everything! That takes so much patience, I’m impressed.
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    Susan peers at the man before her before managing a careful smile. She had never been part of a family before the orphanage, and to consider herself part of a noble, named family, well, she was practically giddy - though one would be hardpressed to tell. Instead she merely inclines her head towards Rufus. "I'll gather my things." She offers, before disappearing up the stairs. She has little, so it only requires a moment or two. "I am glad. You seem well suited for one another." The Matriarch offers with a kind smile. "I hope you find happiness in each other." At that time, Susan bounds back down the stairs and parks herself in front of Rufus. "I'm ready to go."
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    Bloodsport OOC

    @Akiris ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I tried. Looks like I'm spending Surus' first round next realm on meditating and hoping I don't miss or backfire. deep sigh
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    Bloodsport OOC

    It wasn't meant to be defended against. But it'd stop at 0, ye can't have negative sanity. My merciful side is kicking in, no stop it. In response to Akiris' calculations, a hidden mechanic of the thread was, if we killed the dragon, everyone else would have cowered in fear and refused to follow the emperor's orders.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    We would have had to drop half the centaurs on their arrival round and then the rest the following round. If everyone was active, that would have been doable. So how many of the ghosters are dead? Seeing as they really didn't do much but eat attacks for most of the fight.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    Yh’mi breaks the fourth wall
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    Bloodsport OOC

    Yhmi claimed them in real life. Truly a harrowing experience.
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    Shane finally sat down, so much going through her head as it spun with the realization that she'd gotten sucked into something she had no intention of getting sucked into. So there was a catch to her resurrection after all, and it was apparently to serve this "organization", whatever they were supposed to be. The problem was that she wanted to try and live her life better this time around, yet she knew for a fact that these people had been associated with criminals and terrorists... Just like her. "Is there... is there any way I can be... let out? Or will I just die again then, but permanently?" she asked softly, holding her head in her hands. Whatever the answer, she would just have to endure it, and do the best she could within the confines of whatever she was limited to.
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    Bloodsport OOC

    I think you did a great job of giving us a challenge, which would *not* have been impossible (just very difficult) were it not for all the people who ghosted on us.
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    A long boisterous laugh erupted from Linda Linda's full lips. It took a minute or two before she finay settled down. Wiping the tears off her eyes, she finally addressed Shane. "Shane, sweetie. Calm down. No need to worry about such trivialities. You will learn all this in time. For now, I shall explain your new duties and responsibilities." There was a long pause aftee that as the woman had to loudly slurp a moutfhful of tea. "Reviving you is not a simple task and there are consequences for that. One, your personal death is forfeit. As long as you are under my organization's service, I cannot allow you to rest even in death. Even if you die, I will keep bringing you back." "Two, experience the world. Despite being a mercenary group, my organization's true purpose is the storage and collection of data, knowledge and information. The reason our group is made is because the Blackmaker, our founder, can no longer fit everything he knows in his own head and thus created a network of connected minds to share the burden of carrying such a vast amound of information. It is our duty then to continue his legacy. All I want you to do is go out there and explore. Enjoy and experience. After all, anything you learn will be stored in our mental archive." "Three, family. We treat our other members as our own family. We are all brothers and sisters here. Although, there are a lot of prodigal members so be careful if you meet one. They won't hesitste killing other members they dislike. Of course, you wont stay dead for long but it will still hurt like a bitch."
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    Volentia felt the sting of when Dauner’s sword cut dangerously close to her eye. He was faster than she thought capable. Though the injury was not major, and adrenaline dulled her pain, the worst thing about head wounds was that they bled way out of proportion. Blood dripped into her eye, obscuring her vision. She felt more the shifting pressure against her shield than saw Dauner pulling his left arm towards himself. At the same time, his right hand was on the move as well. Not wanting to allow her opponent the liberty of such movement, and unconfident of executing precise motions to parry while her sight was compromised, Volentia shifted her weight over to her left and pursued Dauner relentlessly with her shield, trying to use brute force to push him back, and to unsteady his aim. The paladin was surprisingly strong, having had ample experience in making full use of her body movements to exert the force of what people could expect from a much larger person. However, at close combat where things happened in mere seconds, she was already at a disadvantaged position.
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    Golden Reaper [CLOSED]

    Really? Arthur sighed at his insane luck. He managed to acquire the scroll case, and at a discount that only he knew about. However, before he knew it, the living dead were attacking Dawic and not just as a generality. They wanted the scroll case in his hand and would rip through the entire town to get it. Of course, the brash mutant would never allow such devastation. He would meet the skeletons in battle if he had to (and it seemed like he did have to), but doing so would put him in a precarious position indeed if his deception at the auction was uncovered. The scroll case grew hotter in his hand, the arcane resonance of the object's aura growing brighter under his ensorcelled gaze. As it did, the skeletons began their advance on the crowd but towards the mage in specific, chanting their demand angrily. "THE SEAL! THE SEAL! THE SEAL!" "Fuck off!" yelled Arthur, gathering his magical energies as the fighting commenced in earnest when the woman from earlier leaped into the fray. She was strong, he quickly realized while her swiping claws began rending the skeletons apart, but also knew that she was becoming overwhelmed. "I bought this! It's mine!" "Move aside," the black mage called out to Jo in an unnaturally booming voice, the energies of his aura whirling around his form and coalescing into a white and black flame. The smoldering sounds of the flames were like dark, alien whispers which reached the ears of everyone in the vicinity in a haunting display. Arthur began to speak in the Tongue of Pandemonium, tapping into the Practice of Fraying as lines of sizzling smoke rose from his mouth as he chanted his incantation. If Jo obliged and turned away, Arthur opened his mouth wide and delivered a blood-curdling roar. The kind of growl one only heard within their worst nightmares. A powerful wind blew out of the mutant's gaping maw, swirling into a vicious cone-shaped torrent that smashed into a group of the skeletons. The arcane breeze knocked the undead creatures to the ground with shattering force, even blowing out their magical flames for a time. While some of the skeletons didn't stand back up, the other half stood back to their feet, bursting back into flames as they brandished their weapons. @Mickey Flash @Cheezeegriff @Dauner Light @Dresdnd
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

    Madon shook his head slightly. "If what I drank wasn't enough to prove that I can keep up, you have impossibly high standards. Don't tempt me to let Amber have at it, and put you in your place. Because God knows, I have better things to do than drink myself to the verge of death." He chuckled for a moment before turning and looking toward everyone in the camp. "At any rate... it seems that you are all ready. Very well, might as well put all of this energy you seem to have pent up to use. So. Byrn could strike at any time, and we've got a few things we need to get out of the way before they arrive. Wymp and I will be heading to the Wizards' archives, to pinpoint the locations of the legendary weapons, the shards of the Dragon Emblem, and anything else that can help us in the fight against Byrn. As for the rest of you... I want you to go out and kill every Byrn scout and patrol that you can find. It will blind their eyes and ears for a time, yes. But most of all... it will catch their attention. I want their attention. The more of Byrn's force we can draw to our trap in The Valley, the easier our journey will be once we part ways with the Wizards." He looked around for a moment, his gaze falling on Mason. "Deadeye. Can you go on ahead? Find the patrols and mark the locations of their camps? Kill any lone scouts that you can kill without being detected?" "Putting a lot of trust in me, huh? Yeah, I can do that. Give me a map and directions, I'll take care of everything." Madon nodded. "Thank you. Owend has the map from her previous patrol, she'll tell you where to start." "Very well. One second, I'm not going out there unarmed." He disappeared into the tent behind him, and a few seconds later there was a loud clack and he emerged carrying a KSG. "When scouting, one must always be prepared to go loud. Being unprepared could mean the difference between life and death." Madon nodded again. "I certainly wouldn't want you to die on such a mission. These patrols shouldn't be enhanced with dragon's blood like the men under Innes and Jill were. My current knowledge indicates that they've only given their more elite forces such enhancements. But if I'm wrong? Amber's wind magic should do well to deal with them. Tasz, Tolok, if either of you happen to know wind magic, it is the type that is most effective against those enhanced troops." He looked around for a moment. "And I think that should be everything. I don't know how long Wymp and I will be. As for the rest of you, you may want to come back to the camp at nightfall. Or, if you want to keep hunting through the night, make sure and prepare for it." With that, the Exarch departed, the phoenix Illumine descending from the sky to land on his shoulder as he made his way toward the Wizards' tower. Wymp followed close behind. Owend, meanwhile, approached Mason with a paper rolled up in hand, which she unfurled in front of him to reveal a map. "Alright, handsome. This map is marked with areas that we spotted from the sky, ones that could hold campsites for Byrn's patrols. The first of them should be just northeast of here, where the sands meet the fertile grounds of The Valley. Ravine there with brush growing around, covering the top. After that, they seem to be set up in a semicircular pattern a good distance away from and around The Valley. As for taking them out... we didn't see how many meatheads were in each patrol. But, they can't be too large. I'm leaving a couple of Grey Knights with you and the two newcomers. The rest of us are on a separate mission to locate the main base Byrn is using, wherever they could be staging a potential assault from. But, if you need more force, like if they're the enhanced clambakes or there's too many of them... we'll be somewhat close by during our search, and you can signal us."
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    Credit to Nintendo/Game Freak for this picture. It's based on the original beefly one. I think that's the original artist, not sure. Credit to whoever made this. Name: Beefly Type: Sentient Flying Insect > Modified Bombylidade Height: 0.2M (0.5M with their 30cm wide wingspan), 50cm Weight: 0.8lbs (0.36kg) Habitat: Every habitat (some more than others) Location: In most Valucre regions Lifespan: 100-200 years Biology Physical Description Beeflies are fairly tiny modified insects with fairly large white wings that are wide, flat, have brown loop markings towards the bottom of their wings. They have different colored bodies with a white face and a tail. As well as it has large eyes with spots in them resembling pixels, a long brown nose/beak of sorts and tiny transparent tufts on their head resembling antennae like ants. As well as a tuft of fur between their wings. Their four spindly black legs are long with round feet. Beeflies are known to have various types of fur colors, noting their elemental powers based on their fur. Lifespan Unlike most insects that don't survive long at all, Beeflies have a remarkable lifespan, living to about 100-200 years of age. Many people don't understand how they survive for so long, as their original genetic ancestors they deprive of, die off fairly fast. One thing that is known for sure is that they age extremely slowly, reaching full size in about twenty years. For the first ten years or so, they seem to be half a meter big, only about half the size of an average human hand. Reproductive Information Beeflies are unique in their biology that they reproduce through eggs, much like a dragon, a lizard or anything of the sort. They are known to lay up to about four eggs at a time, however, it has been seen that they have laid about eight in their history over the time they've been on Valucre. Beeflies are known to mate when they know somebody like a human or sentient animal is not around due to them liking privacy. Temperament Beeflies are very friendly creatures despite the way they were created, in a lab by a mad scientist. They spend most of their days, looking after animals, other insects, humans and humanoid creatures in order to gain companionship and make sure everybody is fine. They love to talk to adventurers about their travels, as they seem fairly interested in learning about the world. However, underneath their friendly interior, is a very scared creature that hates any sign of conflict. Upon seeing conflict, a Beefly will cower and run away to hide until the conflict dies out, due to that, they tend to stay away from known places with a lot of ongoing conflicts. They are known to be extremely loyal to people and animals that they care for. Diet Beeflies have a unique diet consisting of sweet food. Due to that, they mostly bond with humans and such, in order to barge into their food supplies while their eating just to eat food. Who can blame them though? Their too cute to resist. If they live in a rural area, however, they will go to try and find food like fruit in order to survive. The beeflies are intelligent enough to know to not eat things that can possibly harm them after all as they can identify plants from working with them to harvest to help people and so forth. Beeflies are known to absolutely hate meat, vegetables, fish, and anything that's pretty much savory, due to them relying on sweet foods for energy to keep them going. Population There is known to be millions of beeflies in the world from how long they have existed as they breed pretty quickly. Unlike their origins, nobody knows where they came from, but people are thankful for the intelligent creatures that can help them with work and whatnot. Beeflies have known to completely fled from UM and Taen due to the conditions and will not be back there. Powers All Beeflies by default has a bunch of powers that are given to them through the genetic evolution they went through. These are by follows: Telekinesis: Due to genetic modified DNA they have, beeflies have the rare power to move objects with their mind. This is extremely limited to what they can lift, as their only shown to be able to lift small objects such as soda cans, small rocks, and even snowballs. Due to their telekinesis, they are known to be extremely good at snowball fighting and it's why people avoiding having a snowball fight with others if they know they're around. Healing Powder: Beeflies can manifest a healing powder to attempt to heal animals and the like that are near death. This speeds up the targeted regeneration to keep them alive for a few extra hours to save them from the brink of death until the beefly gets some help. Calming Aura: Beeflies have a calming aura that manifests around them at all times, allowing them to calm others in a state of panic or are going to start a fight. This can be useful in a worse case situation, where something is going to happen. The aura makes it so, that people wouldn't want to fight among themselves. Elemental/Kinetic Powers: Due to their genetic modification, Beeflies have been given the abilities to control the elements or kinetic things all around them. This varies on what color their fur actually is, as well as they can have either one power or another even regardless of their fur color. WIP, Redoing it. More to be added. Abilities Telepathy: One of their unique abilities is their telepathy. Unlike how most telepathy works, Beeflies can communicate it to a whole crowd of people instead of one person just hearing it. In most situations, this helps them communicate with others, but in certain situations when they have to flee from combat, it's completely useless, due to the enemy hearing them from their inability to communicate to one person. Expert Healing Factor: Beeflies have the ability to regenerate their limbs and so forth if they become extremely hurt. However, if they get injured in the heart or the brain, it is a certain death for them due to them not being able to regenerate that. Average Intelligence: Beeflies have the average Intelligence of a human being, being able to understand subjects and such on the same scale. This causes them to be extremely useful when even asking for directions because they are literally everywhere. Elemental/Kinetic Resistant: Beeflies possess the resist to their own element they control. Notable Loot Beeflies are known to not be poached very often due to how bad they taste even to predators and humanoid creatures. They are known to be a protected creature over the world of Valucre. They occasionally shed fur, so if you want that to make things with, then go for it. Legends and Rumors Rainbow Colored Beefly (Rumor) There have been rumors of a rainbow-colored beefly being born. There are extremely rare and rarely anybody has ever seen one. Those that have seen one are often told that they are liars due to how rare they are. The "Evil" Beefly (Legend) There have been legends of an evil pitch black beefly that is extremely powerful and that would terrorize the world if it was ever awakened. Nobody knows where this legend came from, or if people even believe the legend. People often laugh it off as they think beeflies are incredibly cute and wouldn't do them any harm. However, the Draconians worship beeflies as a way to prevent the god of all death Beefly to ever appear, time will tell if it works. Affiliations Allies: People that they get attached to, anti-poaching organizations, animal protection organizations, peaceful animals, sheepfly (best buddies) Neutral: Everyone that isn't aggressive Enemies: Monsters, Bandits, Aggressive animals, people, and humanoid creatures, political situations Background Modified Beeflies came into the existence of Valucre one day about fifty years and nobody knew where they came from. People think it's a mad scientist that created the living talking creatures that are extremely useful to all of Valucre, but as for their origins....nobody knows really. Since then, they have almost taken over the world! Not really, they're technically harmless. Notable Beeflies Fluttercup Pootie Unnamed Queen Beeflies Appearances They were in UM for a while but left due to the harsh conditions. Other
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    The Alexandrian

    Pereat Mundus OOC

    I will post again soon. The last two weeks were a little hectic for me, and I ended up falling behind on posts.
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    Hell, Aveline has combat experience; she's even a combat sniper with a necklace of many HOG's teeth (a certain type of sniper trophy). If anything, she would want the VCF to oppose her SOS in chalk-round force-on-force exercises.
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    Going through some stuff IRL, would you guys mind posting before me to keep the flow going?
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    Jack's eyes narrowed as his Alblack sword was blocked by this oar, clearly Rheumial is stronger than he gave him credit for. Maybe he did really underestimated him but Jack didn't unleash his full power either. But then the Shard suddenly spoke saying that he belonged to the Shard as it finished spreading its corruption throughout his body and completely opened, he could feel the tendrils that ripped out go in and out into every part of his body as it said that it was time to give its end of the bargain. His knees were starting to shake, as if Titan Atlas had a problem with supporting the weight of the heavens, his power colliding against the Shards but eventually he fell on his knees as if a Titan fell on the sky as the ground cracked upon his knees hitting the ground. "Sebastian the Demon of Old!" He spoke out as his widened eyes were shaking greatly from the overwhelming power, he had no idea that this shard had a Demon of Old inside of it. He remembered that his Father spoke about these Demon of Old and how powerful they truly are, as powerful as he craves himself to be. "I had no idea...you were him.." He said grinding his teeth from the pressure he was fighting to stand up. As Jack wrapped himself around her, his right arm wrapped around her waist as his he could literally breath against her ear, closing himself on her from behind. Thinking that he saw nothing of this woman but a threat and possibly someone who could betray him but she proved otherwise and with her battle prowess she could become a formidable warrior. He suddenly chuckled. "Well isn't this romantic.." Salsa could feel his breath stain her ear. When Jack took Salsa's left hand towards her torso he looked mischievously towards Rheumial as he watched in horror and so he slammed a huge mirror piece into Salsa, and in doing so transforming her but Jack was quick to react and he blocked the oar that came slamming down over him, staggering slightly back. "Oh an what are you going to do about?" He asked as Rheumial was breaking down in front of him. Suddenly Jack felt the legendary sword and shield into his own hands, claiming him as their owner. He could feel the corruption and corrodeness spread through his body and mind, giving a look to Salsa if she was okay, as she pushed herself up and slowly sat there. Jack had a smirk on his lips as he suddenly charged towards Rheumial with one leap with the legendary sword ready to slash through the Artifact's body. "I'm going to end this! Right here! Right now!" Suddenly the Legendary Sword would be engulfed with black and purple flames, bursting out of energy as Jack gave half of his true powers into this one strike towards Rheumial's body, the overwhelming force would have a concussive and destructive impact behind it, probably too much for him to handle..
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    ... Hi c:

    Thank you!!! Everyone's been really helpful so far, I have a feeling I will xDD Excited to crash the party!!! ?
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    Terrenus / Fracture AMA 2.0

    Snippets of a PM convo with Voldemort on converting an out-of-site character to a Fracture native. Quotes are modified for brevity:
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    Battle of Forsthaven OOC

    @zackrobbman @Fierach Okay guys, thanksgiving is over and we have only about a month (and one that includes another major holiday no less) left before my unofficial deadline. Let's get this ball rolling again, okay!
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    Dauner hadn't expected a golem to stop his advance towards Dredge. The giant hand that stopped him as he flew towards his target in Gozen's fire fist was an even less expected thing as well as the 2 ladies who seemed to be guarding Dredge from harm who were an even lesser expected thing. He sure had expected to meet strong and tough opponents but... ladies? He didn't want to, in any way, fight against ladies. That was not his style. After hitting the hand, Dauner fell on his back coughing from the dust cloud that had risen because of the collision. He jumped to his feet and repelled the dust with an aura blast from his swords. To his greatest surprise, the hand that had stopped him had suffered little damage. He could understand if something like this could resist the strength behind Gozen's fire fist but how did it not melt from the concentrated heat? This golem looked like it was going to be trouble and Dauner was running out of time. The fireball of doom was still looming over the village and he had to get to Dredge before it dropped. It was at about this time that Dauner witnessed the fireball fly towards the monastery up on the mountain blasting it to ashes and sending a lot of debris their way. Dauner was able to cut all the rock debris the aimed for him while jumping backwards towards Gozen. Gozen too smashed the rocks that headed his way. Dauner was both conflicted and excited. None of the monks up on the mountain could have survived that. Their deaths rung out to Dauner's mind but were ultimately blocked away by the excitement that was building up in him. He smirked as he looked past the golem that stood before him to Dredge. He hadn't witnessed this much power from anyone in ages. Somehow, it reminded him of his adoptive father, Rei. The power being displayed made him look forward to a fight with Dredge ever so eagerly. But for now he had to contend with the interference. At this point, Dauner didn't see Dredge as an enemy but merely as a fun opponent against whom to kill the bore. He turned to Gozen who in turned smiled at him. "I know what you're going to say. I handle the ladies while you take down the golem and fight the boss man behind right?". Dauner grinned widely at Gozen not concealing the excitement. "Exactly." He then turned to the golem swords in hand and ready to slice it to pieces. "My fight's not with you" he said pointing at it despite the fact that it probably couldn't communicate or even act on it's own. "Step aside and i wont have to cut you down" he finished still holding a silly grin on his face.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Wanna try again? FALL FOOL. Hm. Play your card
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    Araborn watched as the dead began to rise and charge towards them, he blocked out there words, these that charged them are not people, they are puppets he told himself, and so it's time to cut the strings, Araborn let out a wave of arcing energy that tore through the strings severing many then continuing and severing more, Araborn was frozen when the Star started to come down, it was all he could do not to crumple with fear, that's when he heard the voice, and the star launched blowing a hole in the mountain, as the explosion sent him to the ground he finally got control of his muscles and stood up as the pieces started to rain down, he took a deep breath and with a tell released a charge once again, but this was much more powerful, he waved his staff and bolts of lightning shot out arcing from Boulder to Boulder blasting them to smaller less dangerous pieces, he stumbled a bit and leaned heavily on his staff almost completely drained
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    Although Dauner's shift in action from a thrust to a rightward swing did not have a considerably high amount of speed, It was still fast enough for it to get to Volentia even after being knocked upward. The tip of the sword would now instead of slicing about her nose area would slice diagonally from below her eye up to her forehead leaving a track of blood where blade met flesh. At this point, His right sword would be to his right while his left sword struggle to move over to his left while applying a good deal of force on his opponent's shield. Seeing Volentia's sword arm pull backwards as it prepared for a thrust, Dauner pulled his left sword towards him making it slide off the shield and head for her sword in an effort to stop it before it could reach his shoulder. While carrying out his parry, he would thrust his right sword at the part of Volentia's arm that was beyond the protection of her shield seeking to inflict a blow that would render her unable to continue with that arm. If successful, she'd no longer be able to wield her sword with that arm.
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    Normally the reporter would analyze and assess the situation, coming to the conclusion that it was better for him to go on the defensive and somehow get lost in all of the chaos and survive to report the truth another day. If anything was clear about him now, however, it was that he was not acting normally whatsoever. With silvery hazel eyes widened and burning with fury, he practically bore through the centaur that readied his bow to shoot another arrow that he could feel aimed to pierce through one of his vital organs. With his senses slightly augmented by the intelligence embedded into his right eye, rapid fire calculations had the target of that arrow that pierced through the air along his abdomen but it was that same accelerated thinking that merged with his honed senses to allow him to let out a burst of wind that emanated outward from his sword with enough force that it caused the arrow's trajectory to deviate. The wind burst sliced along the centaur's chest, inspiring a grimace out of his foe and forcing his eyes shut as the dust along the coliseum floor moved into his eyes. [1] The centaur tried to keep his eyes on his target but soon lost sight until he felt the sting of a blade along his side and right leg. [2][3] Before he had a chance to react, he felt a sharp pain along his neck and his gaze fall down to ground level before darkness overtook him and death embraced him. [4] Soryn then lost himself in the frenzy of the battles around him, searching once again for his next victim.
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    At this point Ed could only come to the conclusion that at least two of the furies were hopelessly retarded. Overly critical? Nah. You really have to fuck up if you get ambushed by a goddamn elephant. Or, decide to wait your turn when the one who is supposed to be suppressing your soon to be victim gets ambushed by the goddamn elephant. Surus on the other hand, is a very good boy. Ed tossed Meg Griffin by her shadow onto the awareness challenged Alecto in a vicious downsmash and then would keep it up with the end goal of literally murdering the two on the ground without allowing them to rise. It may have been a bit late to turn things around, but Ed would be damned if he was going to go out quietly like THE ASSHOLES WHO PUT THEM IN THIS SITUATION BY GIVING UP. Spiking his magic, Ed prepared to pull off one last doozy of a trick. Hopefully he wouldn't regret not having it later, but he regretted not being able to save the one person that went down actually fighting now. It would be a near thing, as should his physical condition drop any lower he doubted he'd have the spare focus left over to also suppress the furies. "Thanks." Ed meant it. The furies were as strong as they were stupid. Unfortunately, they were very stupid and he honestly didn't like his odds in a head to head slugfest without some sort of edge to lever the scales. Thanks to the Shadow Guard and Surus, Ed was given the opportunity to turn what should have been a frantic series of hopeful evasions into a definitive retaliation.
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    Whilst Charlie was busy showboating and admiring Melanie’s appreciation for his sick gift, the game master was growing rather impatient. He’d noticed that the hounds hadn’t put up much of a fight at all. If anything, these contestants were just showing off to him and angering those in the audience who were proud supporters of P.E.T.A. No, not the kid from the Hunger Games. So, without the slightest bit of restraint or notion that he was about to do something that was WAY over the top, he opened the gates and let loose everything his vile coliseum had to offer. Centaurs wielding bow’s and arrows. Furious harpies who’s wails scraped at the minds of those hearing them like nails on a chalkboard. And a literal dragon-thing who looked more than strong enough on it’s own to take on every contestant there at least three times over. But Charlie cared little for the humungous beast or the centaurs. His eyes were mainly focused on the harpies. Specifically their breasts and hips. These were not like the one’s he’d seen earlier. These ones appeared to be fully grown. Even as they screeched at him like a pack of unaware animals intent on his violent death, he couldn’t help but marvel at their voluptuous curves. “So you three must be the momma’s!” Charlie shouted out to them as they flew around him. “What’dya say you three take off that armor and-” Charlie noticed that two of the centaurs were running directly at him, one of them readying his bow with the intent to kill on his face. Charlie smirked and briefly dashed to the side in a brief transfiguration of fire to avoid it, but he’d underestimated the centaur’s skill and patience. As soon as Charlie phased back into view seven yards to the left, he felt an arrow pierce right through his shoulder. He yelled out in pain and instinctively reached a hand up to the wound only to nudge the arrow in deeper. Due to his confusion and pain, he didn’t notice the second centaur picking up in speed. It slammed into the young mercenary, sending him flying through the air and into one of the walls of the coliseum. Like a few of his bones, the wall cracked and split from his impact, shaking the seats of the spectators above it. Charlie fell to the ground face-first, his fading consciousness only being brought back by the sensation of him breaking his nose on the hard, dirt floor. As he shakily began to push himself up onto his knees, he looked up to see one of the harpy’s, who looked especially disgruntled at the sight of him, flying towards him. In his dazed state, he imagined that she was coming over to cradle him and offer sexual support. Of course he was wrong. The harpy let out a shrill cry that made Charlie instantly grit his teeth and scramble to cover his already ringing ears. It felt like they were rupturing on the inside, the wail of the vile creature piercing deeper into his mind rattling his bones. He closed his eyes and curled up into a fetal position, waiting for the screaming to stop. It eventually did, but things were different when he opened his eyes. For one of the first times in his life, his eyes opened wide with fear. The fiery rage in his bones that fueled him had run dead cold, leaving him feeling utterly alone and weak as he lay curled up on the ground. He was back in the coliseum now, just like that. But he no longer felt as fearless as he once did. He noticed the area rapidly being engulfed in an orange glow and hoisted himself off the ground to see the cause. A massive ball of flame was hurtling towards him, and he had barely any time to react. He lunged to the side and tried to flame shift out of the way, but something was wrong. His body started to sprout a few plumes of fire, but they went out just as fast. His body didn’t transfigure into flames. While he was able to avoid getting hit by the massive ball of magical fire directly, the explosion that erupted when it hit the wall sent him flying into the air. He yelled out in fear as his flailing body passed over Vlad, trying to flame-shift to avoid the impact. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t feel the heat anymore. He landed just a few yards away from Sergeant Murray, skidding and rolling until he came to a stop at the Norkotian’s feet. The impact compounded the pain he was already feeling from his prior wounds, but he managed to get to his feet quickly. His breathing was rapid as he looked around him at the chaos. The nightmarish creatures, the death, the blood…it was as if he were seeing it all for the first time. He balled his fist and tried to conjure up some heat, but little to nothing would come up. It was as if something kept dousing it the moment it started. “Wh-…what’s going on?!” he shouted, straining as hard as he could to channel some heat. “Where’s my got-damned fire!?” An approaching light from above him made him look up and instinctively step back. A large, flaming, stone boulder that Alvumaar had blasted free from the coliseum wall plummeted to the ground where Charlie was standing and smashed apart on impact. A second boulder had been flung towards Alvumar, smashing apart directly in his open eye. Desperate, Charlie got to his knees and placed his hands in the burning pile of smashed sediment. His hands glowed as he felt the heat being siphoned into his body, healing his broken bones and internal bleeding. The arrow in his shoulder burned up, the now glowing-hot steel tip falling to the ground behind him. His wounds had been healed, but it had taken every ounce of flame he had. The fire in the debris was now extinguished, and he couldn’t muster up any of what he already had in his body to strengthen himself. Something was wrong. Horribly wrong.
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    As expected, the lancer centaur rushed straight toward Vlad, Aware of his running speed, the engineer was waiting for a moment to dodge and fire back as intended. But suddenly the lancer pick up the pace and reached out Vlad before he could react. "What the- GAHHRKKKH!!!" [1] The spear tip sank just under Vlad's chest cavity. He dropped the gun, as a sharp pain jolted his entire body. Then he felt himself getting elevated above the ground. The centaur, greeted by cheers and applause, has raised his spear - and its victim along with it - and started galloping across the arena, outright demonstrating his dominance. Vlad could feel the steel getting deeper inside his flesh with each step. He instinctively grabbed the pommel and tried hard to detach himself. Much to his surprise, that wasn't as hard as he imagined for a split second. The moments later, he had been on the ground, crawling away from the centaur and squeezing the bleeding wound. [2] The injury was indeed nasty, yet Vlad was still able to stand firm on his feet. As he stood up, he pulled out his own onyx spear from his back - not as impressive as centaur's one, yet deadly in its own way. The spear veins instantly dived under his skin, yet not so deep. Vlad hadn't noticed that, though - his senses were solely concentrated on two things - on a bloody hole in upper body and that quadrupedal son of a -- "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGH!!!" Sharp pain in the neck and the sensation of something heavy on the back. The engineer instinctively grabbed something (someone?) and shoved it over his head. But suddenly he had lost the grip, and all he could hear were flapping of wings and feminine giggle. He noticed a winged creature above him, then slid across the neck in the place that was strangely stinging. A smear of his own blood had been left on its palm. And then... He was shaking. His heart throbbed faster. His entire psyche was filled with an uncontrollable rage. [3] He thrust his spear at the fury and shouted: "Is that the best you've got?! You backstabbing tw-". While he was spitting curses at the winged monster, he noticed the giant beast getting suspiciously close to Vlad. As it raised its massive palm above the ground, Vlad realized he should stop cussing for a moment and get his butt away from that stomp that was meant particularly for him. And so he ran, struggling to maintain his breath. Each his step responded with pain under his chest, yet he kept moving until the quake behind him had knocked him down. The dragon's palm had landed just a few feet away from the engineer. The plan of making a meat pancake out of Vlad had been foiled, Gaia be praised. [4] Vlad slowly got himself on his feet and looked around. Then he saw something... peculiar. A person encased in black armor lied down before him. Among other similar bodies he instantly recognized Shadow Guard knight, the one that threatened him before, mocking him, towering above him. And yet... there she was, lying face down, with an arrow stuck in her chest, breathless. And there he was, severely wounded, psychically unstable, yet alive and breathing. Vlad let out a hideous chuckle. Somehow, his twisted wish was granted, and he was the one who laughed in the end. [5] "Too much of a spectacle for you, huh?" - he whispered. - "S-serves you right, b- *cough* *cough*" Vlad's bragging had been abruptly interrupted by blood reaching out his throat. The wound was still reminding of itself. Leaving it without an instant treatment would be a grave mistake. "Shhhhhhoot, that hurts." - he thought. - "I need to find someone who would fix that hole..." A familiar roar and a clatter of hoofs rang out behind him. "And fast."
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