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    These weren't mere run of the mill heroes he had added to the vast tapestry of tortured souls he had grown accustomed to. A curious interference severing some of his tethers and causing animated corpses to lose their leashes. A whistle from their abhorrent master causing the rest of the tethers to be released; the undead becoming far less sedated and clawing their wretched fingers against the solid shields of their defenders. His influence over them broken and only adding to their collecting defense. The unfortunate soul however, used up a great deal of might in mitigating his master's work. The wave of terror this unleashed might brought upon was nearly as potent as his displays at Last Chance. He could feel the disguise wane and crack as eyes of putrescent orange broke through the surface of his face as he tasted upon the monk's terrified chasms of immeasurable sorrow. The cataclysm of mountainous rocks cratering the grounds around them as ally and foe were crushed alike. A shadow visage slashing behind the 'necromancer' and splitting a boulder in twain; each chunk hurtling into the grounds on either side of his stride as he made his way toward courageous prey who dared take his loyalty for desperation. The blur of movement behind him vanishing amidst the continuing hoards. Pillars of magma snaking forth and consuming his unholy horde in terrible ashen agony. The form Kru'Gorah had taken beginning to creak and groan as bone broke through skin; the terror he was breathing in as such destruction laid waste to the monastery. The bandit shaking off this wave of over-stimulation and raised his blackening hands; his disguise was failing because his body's natural response to it's food source. If all he had to do was keep any evidence of his faction out of this then perhaps he could put some of that cunning he had learned from Dredge to work. The blackening hands reducing to bony fingers that produced a terrible visage. The head of a billowing dracolich firing from the flesh sloughed hands of the bandit and careening into the dirt; it's snout plowing a cascade of corpses and dirt into the volatile snakes of magma. Vito' eyes catching the uprooting of ground scouring the earth next to the caster; an attack launching from their side flank as the ground gave way to something that split into one of their shields and reeled back with unnatural strength. An attack from multiple sides as the bandit focused upon the dracolich advance from the front. A squadron of bandits attempting to take advantage of this opening despite the danger of the magma; The dragon freezing the corpses and earth into a frigid mass that wrught massive pyres of steam. Kru'gorah knew that he would have to keep his physicality in check otherwise he would be made out and fail his god king, but they could not credit evidence of his involvement based solely on the work of...his tail could they? The tail a wide spaded masterpiece of destruction with metallic, chitounous material making it's guillotine edge a deadly adversary. The tail continuing to hide underneath the bed of blood soaked earth as it flung forward again and rammed into another proud shield. "It is easy to fight for those already dead; To protect those still alive brings true dread" He cackled with a strained voice of choking restraint, a weak body such as this beginning to crack at the seems against his corruption. The bandit snapping his leg bones back and swinging a heavy kick into the dracolich's skull and smashed it against the wall of ice it was creating; shattering the ice into a razor hail that created a concussive wave around the snakes themselves. "Am I not what you train for? An ultimate terror smashing upon your door? what are YOU WAITING FOR?" @Rabbit
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    Vito witnessed the ricosha of musket balls fly back, deflected by some sort of orange. They made their way back towards the firing lining, bouncing off the shield wall or imbedding themselves with the scales of the kobold. The veteran shield was stood strong, whilst two adapt musketeers fell back onto the ground with a hard thud. A sudden explosion followed shortly, the devilish eye detonated and turned the mountain top to ash. The tremor made its way down the mountain, rocking the already destroyed town. Thankfully, the outskirts of the town did not receive the brunt of the force. It seemed a battle of patience was not going to happen. 'Sorry, it appears the world won't be taking it easy on you once again.' 'When would I ever be that lucky?' The shambling corpses that rose from the turned earth, whispering tales of guilt, seemed to be acting as a blockade to a spotted pelt bandit. With plenty of experience in necromancy, many kobold and kraul having religious beliefs surrounding it, the shield wall was left unfaced and held its place firm. With one raise of a hand, the musketeers retreated back and were replaced with spears. The group formed a phalanx like formation around the building, bellicose making his way back inside the building. Vito pointed his sword towards the bandit, who stood behind the marching dead. "You, pelt guy. I can't tell whether you've been divorced three times or just like cheetah pelts, but regardless. What's it that you seek? A group far more threatening march towards whoever's in charge, yet you play around with fodder and refugees? Are you low ranking and looking to make a name for yourself or just enjoying preying on the weak who are trying to run?" Vito focused his mind on the ground, casting fire to it, raising snakes of magma which danced around and acted as guard dogs and threatened any they dare the cross their line. "I will be leaving here and these people will be coming with me." Iohmer could sense an object pierce his back, but felt no pain. Turning his head, he saw the figure of an undead shamble in an attempt to kill him. But unfortunately for the dead, no physical force could damage him in this state. Turning his back, he assessed the damage with his summoned spirits. "?¿¿???¿¿¿¿?" @Djinn&Juice
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    Foreword: The town of Blesselbrook is hardly a place you can find on maps, its quaint, generic, and may or may not exist. However its a place people sort of end up in every now and again, with no idea how they got there and feeling that a strange air is about the place, these travelers who appear are said to be not quite the same, sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes in extreme ways. Regardless, travelers are welcome to spend whatever coin they have and help around before they appear back where they came from. hard working people always need help and Blesselbrook is not without its dangers. The town is under frequent threat from things such as witches, goblin towers, and the dreaded Blesselhog. A new group of travelers are sure to appear soon! OOC: Allow me to introduce to you all a new idea. Valucre's first ever character potluck, something that I have no idea if anyone has done this before. I have no idea how this will go How the potluck works is that everyone involved submits a character that they own/control. it can be a pre-existing character, or a new one if you want to. once a sufficient number of characters are submitted by a certain date. Each character will be randomly assigned to a participant to RP as, in a non-canon, open ended, RP in the town of Blesselbrook, which I just made up. The idea of this is to have fun and try to play someone else's character as authentically as possible, or with your own little spin. You can try to go just off the character sheet, or try to get a deeper impression from RPs that character has been in. The only rule is that you are respectful of the character you got and their creator, this is hopefully supposed to be fun. If you want to participate comment a character and check in here. Understand that you can get literally any character submitted and you character can end up with literally any participant. with luck this can be a great opportunity to play a character you wouldn't otherwise ever play as. Hope you guys are interested! current deadline for submissions is Friday the 13th, guess what, It's closed now Edit: suggestions for activities are also welcome Participants: (there will be more than 4 slots) -Squid peanut - The Ash Keeper -Thotification (Zashii) - Shakka-Mienza-Zuluro -Fennis Ursai - Xyros -Gr8ves! - Jaw Finder -Djinn&Juice - Linda Linda Submitted Characters -Jaw Finder (don't feel like you have to put in weird characters) -Linda Linda (The chance to become a big meme!) -Shakka-mienza-zuluro -Xyros (This character sheet is currently bare bones, this will only be a problem if it is this way by the deadline.) - The ash keeper (I should remember to add a link) The thread.
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    Maxwell stopped gathering power to observe the giant eye sore, soar into something on the side of a nearby mountain. "Well now, it seems there's more to this pyromancer than just potency, I wonder what was up there that had them go to such lengths to see it erased. humph, I can hardly forgive pulling one over on me or slaughtering innocent people, both at once is certainly getting mister Big Ego my undisputed attention here." Maxwell turned back to the sizable spell he had amassed. "what a shame that I hardly had the chance to have this flower bloom, the greatest slight against me all night for sure. I certainly can't throw this in a random direction and hope it hits something of value." The sparkling man struck a fabulous pose for no one but himself. "of course, there's more than one way to cook a toad." With a series of sweeping and swooping hand movements, Maxwell unwound a fiery thread from the red flower and began weaving and twisting it around, contorting the growing bulb into the shape of an egg. whispers left Maxwell's mouth in the form of flowing alien runes embroidered along threads of flame that wrapped around the egg, imprinting textures and patterns onto the red egg. Busy with his work, Maxwell payed little heed to the hostile chill that swept through the land, or the cascade of stones from the destroyed temple. Up until he heard someone proclaim his safety, casually looking around to see a number of rocks piling on an ethereal shield, being projected by a man who was surely quite handsome if not looking that he just sprinted a long distance and was straining under the weight. "oh ho ho, it so warms my heart to see that there are people with good intentions and actual spines, although yours looks like it is about to break, one moment, and then introductions are in order." Maxwell flicked a white flame from his left index finger into the egg as the whole thing cracked "O' spirit of flame both new and old, rise to my service, as I am your master who gives you form. And as your master I command you to do away with this abundant rubble!" the egg shattered in a brilliant light that gave way to a massive figure that could easily see into second story windows. The being looked mildly humanoid save the lower half of a snake that coiled around where the circular sigil once was, and had two bat like wings behind sizable arms. the entire creature was composed of flame that seemed to solidify into a body of stained glass. The creature had a man's face made of fire and glass but with jagged uneven teeth and a white gem embedded in his forehead. it looked at Maxwell with eyes that looked to be made of engraved brass with glowing lights set in the center. The Monster struck away at the Rubble covering Dreamer's shield with remarkable strength. The area, which had recently grown cold, grew hot and invigorating. In case Dreamer was about to offer thanks to Maxwell with the rocks deposed of, Maxwell held up a finger and continued instructing his creation. "Young brother, I name you Garlung, and with that name a larger task to pursue. seek out the pyromancer who's stench of misery permeates this land and enact the vengeance of the people who's passion fuels your form. use the Wings I have given you to seek this transgressor from the sky, and the voice I have given you to proclaim your intent to friend and foe alike. Do this so you may be granted peace and discontinuity." The Devil of flame Looked at Maxwell and spoke in a crackling burning voice. "I am Garlung, Flame of vengeance! Brother and servant to the wise Djinn Rubicante, I shall seek the death of the one who spreads misery across this land, so that I too may flicker and fade!" Garlung than flew into the sky, a burning winged serpent gazing towards Dredge with incandescent eyes and soaring towards him amidst the sounds of breaking glass and crackling fire. Maxwell spun around to Dreamer with a shining smile and proceeded to pat the man on his shoulders. "I am so very thankful for your assistance, I was much too busy to pay attention to things such as falling rocks, although if not for you they would have done quite a number on me. Your actions are truly heroic and deserve to be treated as such." Maxwell stepped back and struck a pose *sparkle* *sparkle*. "I am Maxwell Rubicante, a man of great wealth and power. My heart holds an endless sea of passion and ambition, it is through this abundance that it beats strong." Maxwell put his hands over his chest with a big show of it. "You certainly are an interesting one, with lovely eyes if you don't mind me saying." "once you have caught your breath I would love to hear who you are, I hope you intend to go fight the one responsible for all of this, as then we can join in that endeavor." Maxwell readily awaited this man's answer.
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    Hmm? I have an anti-magic/abjuration character (Delistair), and I deem him as one of my characters with most interesting powers. He deals in mostly shields, traps, magic defences and enchantments. (so it’s preventive, set up beforehand.) No one has any complaints about his skills so far, and the best and most epic magic battle I’ve written on Valucre is using this character. I think it’s just, like all other powers, how you set limits and how you want to interact with other characters’ powers.
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    It does boil down to context, and I think we are envisioning different definitions of anti-magic. To use a past action I've been in, lets say an enemy used magical fire on me. If I had some sort of antimagic, I could nullify, or compromise the effects of the attack so that it doesn't hurt me (or doesn't hurt as much, I usually opt for "resistance" over "immunity"). If I had similar powers that granted me fire resistance, I can also nullify or compromise the effects of the attack, albeit in a somewhat different manner. Badly written, both can be "no u". To use Arashi's character for example, some characters have different magic/energy/supernatural-energy-name-of-choice-insert here systems. Lets say somebody devised an antimagic system that targeted more traditional magic users who rely on mana. Yes, Arashi would not be as affected, if at all. What if another antimagic system was devised that targeted those who used spiritual energy and auras? That would surely be effective. To be, its sort of like, if I had a sword. Sword’s nice. Kill plenty of people with it. Except there’s this guy who wears well-crafted, fluted plate armor that’s all but impenetrable to the sword. So instead of the sword, I get a mace, or a war hammer. It is more effective against the plate armor. I digress. Antimagic is a sort of power. Powers can be extraordinarily varied. And of course, powers can be abused.
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    For roleplaying in a general sense, anti-magic does not tend to be dramatically interesting because it falls into the "no u" category of powers. We should be following improv rules and saying "yes, and" instead of "no u" whenever possible. For fantasy terminology, anti-magic is lame in a funny way. It's like calling an insulator anti-electricity. No dude, that's rubber. For roleplaying in the world of Valucre, it's like spending hours of your life to watch MCU films and not see superpowers, except you're spending months of your life to not have fun playing your super wizard. Embrace being a snowflake. For the lore of Valucre, if you follow the laws of magic, then magic happens. Genii loci > someone saying "no u."
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    Just as a heads up, Vito's role here is complete. So I'll be leaving it there for now, but if you want something to push plot along or need a method of escape then feel free to tag me or just use the ship however you like.
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    Discussion. The problem with relying on 'anti-magic' is that everyone is a special snowflake that it won't work on. They're not wrong. Unless canonized by whatever setting you're in, saying 'uhm anti-magic your powers don't work now' is very lazy writing. Flesh out your skills and properly explain why they should work.
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    squid peanut

    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    I agree with this. Anti-magic as something that negates and lessens magic doesn't produce interesting situations, it shuts them down. PvP combat in Valucre is often a question of can you create something that your opponent does not have a good answer for. If Anti-magic works, it is functionally an answer to all magic, everything would have to be made to specifically counter or ignore ant-magic, or be completely wrecked by it. It's too efficient
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    From Ashes (Viridis)

    "HUUUH! Awww, so cute! They're just like mommy and daddy! I'm sure we'll get along just fine." She said with glee, her words reaching levels of squeakiness that should never be met. Her eyes brightened as she stared into the forest from a distance, trying to catch a glimpse of the potential cuddle monsters. She'd only met bugbears in combat, having never actually spoken to one. Were they loud? Angry? So many questions ran through her mind, her inner child trying to break free. But at last, she could see little. 'Where's the puppy!?' "Fiiiiine." Jester continued her peering, just hoping for one little glimpse.
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    ? This is fun...I will definitely put in weird characters... I'll go with my Linda Linda...
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    An Imperial Message

    Alfonso would give the man a polite nod as he bowed, one could say that the man displayed proper etiquette if not slightly archaic in nature. He did find the dress of the man odd, if not slightly out of style in the Midlands former mode of clothing. Still, he would not begrudge a burgining culture from his small understanding of it. What his Councilmen apprised him in the changes of Union City were vague at best, he knew some of the policies but still it was not enough for him to make any real judgements on the matter. As the man introduced himself he would find that al the eyes were on him, the senate all had curious expressions that were plain to see. “Greetings mister Owari. On behalf of the Aelindra Council, senate and citizenry of our fair city I welcome you.” As he listened, his affable smile never faded from the corner of his lips. Alfonso listened intently and with great interest. The man’s speech was certainly interesting, through it he gleaned more about their new ruler’s disposition. He nodded when the man mentioned his brief meeting with his Emperor during the festival but maintained his silence so as to fully absorb what the man was saying. The emissary spoke of his lords vision yet his face and body language still seemed to show nothing, instead the gears began to turn as he listened. Truly the Western members of Union City’s council had told him of the surprising events, as well as the speed in which the man took claim over the city. It was quite fast, and the events leading up to it were suspicious, ones that he felt strongly that the Heika had manipulated the events from the background. Though he could not blame the man. Union City had grown soft, much to the chagrin of the Western members and if anything the greedy members of the council would carry much of the blame. When the emissary spoke of the attachment his master had for the land Alfonso did not chuckle nor show any disbelief or unnatural expression he merely kept that ever present smile as he nodded, listening intently. Whether he believed it or not remained to be seen yet the politeness he displayed was perhaps the most telling of his prowess in politics. Eery was how easily he hid his thoughts, his smile was natural and seemed to come easily. When he heard the Emperor’s desire for unity he mused about such a fallacy, the people of Genesaris were separated not by simple borders but by culture. The west valued self determination and governance, the rest are subservient to governmental powers, thus the rise of the multitude of empires. The west remained the only place in which a free people ruled themselves, a place where the city states held the ideals of a republic to its core. Unifying Genesaris into one group even through the use of force would only set the smoldering flames of rebellion. The man spoke of paradise, a utopia but the Councilman knew that such a thing could never exist. Conflict was human nature and any utopia would ultimately fall. People who choose safety and happiness over liberty deserve neither. A utopia would only flounder in corruption and stagnate, there would be no innovation as conflict ultimately spurs the creative mind. What ran through his mind never touched his countenance, he still remained as ever attentive to the man’s words. The smissary spoke honeyed words full of a promised paradise, but peace and happiness can never be obtained through the ideals of global unity. The man’s next words sparked a few murmurs from the seated senators, holding up a hand they quieted down as he allowed the man to continue. Alfonso had already predicted the direction the man was going. The Midland’s Emperor wanted to unify the whole world. Such a thing was not possible, not even a god or devil could do it. Terrenus and Genesaris had vastly different cultures, not to mention the people remember the invasion of the Saint King’s. Renovation too was vastly different, though the relationship was not sour like with Terrenus they were in effect wholly incompatible. Alliances could be formed, even friendly relations but never true union. Still he did not dismiss the man he simply listened and waited. As the man spoke of Oracles and Seers, these were things Alfonso did not put much stock in. Seers and Oracles could be wrong as the future is always changing only the past was set in stone. As the man paused Alfonso simply digested the speech. Then he continued. The relations between the Midlands and the Carmine empire were certainly neutral, but who knew how long that would last. The South was already an ally of the West, along with Renovatio, Kadia and the Force Majeure. He already had a great understanding of his continent geopolitical issues both positive and negative. Still he listened quietly as the man gave more detail to the relations between them and the other nations. Most was what he already knew, especially the sour relationship between the Cold South and the Midlands. The relationship between Hyperion and the Midlands was new information, one he would keep a keen eye on. He already knew of the self styled Queen Raveena and he lustful desire over the West. One he was keen on thwarting if the need arises. Once the man finished it was now Alfonso’s turn. “That is quite a lot of information my friend, one I and my compatriots will have to digest in the coming days, as well as deliberate. We will certainly accept the alliance between the Midlands and the West. Since the days of the Civil War we fought alongside the Cold South before the Southern Empire arose. Tensions between us, the East and North have persisted since all those decades ago. We know well the all consuming desire of the Carmine Empire’s need to rule. Our eyes have been ever watchful over Hyperion, they are new and though they hold the monarchical system we do not interfere with their internal politics, nor have any desire to. As to your explanation of your Emperor’s intentions I will personally visit Union City to speak with your master. In fact I shall be ready to head there within the hour, there is much you explained but I feel it best to meet him and speak to him in more detail as our encounter was brief. If you would like, you may take the journey with me, my Airship could have us there within a few hours.” He was brief but he made the offer, within the hour he could speak to the council and be ready to leave immediately. “Of course you are welcome to stay for as long as you like, and even send word of my intention to journey there post haste.” @Twitterpated
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    "The Star of Death... thus being a mere tool of taking lifes, its true use was to destroy all of our hopes." The Star, consuming the hate, regrets and dread, expanded, slowly, until it became one of their own. Its gravity would pull roofs, severed arms, heads and weapons. Nothing would stop its deathly rise, but the next thing no one would have expected. And then, there was an explosion. An explosion of all the hate that a human could feel. Tens, maybe hundreds of people died today in the village, but it wasn't enough for the Dark Lord. His insatiable hunger for blood, scorn and selfishness has caused him to destroy the monastery on the top of the mountain. Memories of his past, after he got his powers, came back. Flashing memories, which would hurt The Dreamer, reminded him of his miserable life, that one would deserve, for the powers they had. But one image stood, imprinted in his mind. The image of an eldritch monstrosity, with its teeth, clearly visible, as its stenching breath could be sensed from meters away. He lost control of his body, shocked by this sudden, morbid appearance of the unknown monster, before regaining consciousness. The rocky debris was falling on the ground, in a rain of deadly boulders, who would destroy anyone unlucky enough to be in their way. Dreamer cast a few shields, putting them in front of him or wherever, trying to smash the boulders with them or rather deflect them. Some rocks would cause the shields to disappear, tiring the creator of phantasms, but he wouldn't have any choice. He had. To keep. Moving. Not only for himself, but also for the man who would dance in the town square, the man who tried battling the Star of Death and Sorrow but failed. He had to protect him, thus his efforts had to be rewarded. The rush wasn't a long one, though he had a few close calls which he was not entirely proud of, but he managed to reach the place. "Dancer! Your efforts have been seen and you shall be protected!" He shouted at the glowing man, as he was sliding under a fence, which resulted in being a few meters from him. He closed off the distance, as he was casting now a small dome of shields, meant to not break after the consecutive efforts of the rain of rocks to smash the two heroes. It was a huge effort for the man with the silver hair, as the shields became true, one by one, forming the desired dome. It was made at the right time, as a medium sized boulder broke to bits due to the contact with it. The debris kept going, as his stamina was fading. He had to hold on to it, otherwise both of them would be dead. "If you can help, I'd advise you to do it! I can't hold this for much longer!"
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    I feel like ideally, 'anti-magic' as a concept - one I'm actually largely averse to anyway - should be fairly literal. That is to say, it is a specific counter to magic, disrupting that stuff specifically but not necessarily other means of using absurd abilities. Like using water to put out a fire - pretty effective at that task, but not always the thing you'll wanna use. Meanwhile, if someone wants to say 'Ah, but my thing is not magic!' they should in turn ideally specify what alternative system their character's abilities belong to, so that one can plan and build around such as well. Sure, a giant's strength may not be 'magic' in nature, but as a biological mechanism, that can mean that crippling 'em the good old fashioned way renders a more permanent effect on their ability to punch stuff. Trade offs for how you do it. Thing is, in practise, the various mentions of anti-magic - and magic scaling - in the setting - emphasis setting, not specific characters - are often more meant to be practical in an OOC way. That is, a simple means of explaining or enforcing why people can't just do X, like break out of supers prison or the like, in the knowledge that this is a site that deliberately attracts a wide range of audiences genre wise, and yes, will pick up players that are likely to rules lawyer their way out of a situation if allowed. So stuff like the genius loci bringing down the general availability of 'magic' in Fracture is just a functional handwave for a player restriction of lowered abilities generally, rather than as a specific challenge to spellcasters. Really, check with who you're playing with more than anything else and how they feel.
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    Magic rock<sealing paper<shotgun<(magic rock again and repeat) What you need to avoid is 'my speciul powah>everything else.' I'd say the goal is to figure out a chain of what would counter what and if you think you end up at a power that seems invincible you either missed something or broke the anti-munch project (also known as insisting you can do something so dickish that other people will refuse to play with you.... And have a point.) At least I find the theory crafting fun, even if I don't get to employ most of what I come up with.
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    Sigil Warden

    Absalom, the Arcology.

    Depths The rogue tensed up in the duct, immediately understanding on an intuitive level what was happening. Whatever malevolent force animated the alien devices down here, it was both pervasive and inevitable, consuming and re-appropriating flesh and tech alike into some hideous amalgam. A writhing, slithering, uncanny approximation of life. Were Unity of a more philosophical bent, she might have pondered if this was the same road she was headed down. Instead, she only felt the crushing grip of despair. How does one fight that which will not stay dead? A corpse had no business moving of its own accord. Her hands clenched and unclenched, torn between proceeding with the mission at her own peril, or the equally terrifying thought of facing her 'handlers' empty-handed. The scrambling cadaver had almost reached her by the time the drip of calming fire raced through her veins. Eyes widening once again, this time in hyper-acuity, the thief leapt into action. She darted into the room headfirst, her powerful legs uncoiling like a spring. Hardly feeling the impact onto the floor as she tucked over her own shoulder, she rolled and was already up on her feet once more, taking center stage in the midst of the room. Before the technozombie even managed to fully haul itself around, the whine of an electric motor signaled the cocking of Premiere - its tiny, pinpoint lenses in empty sockets likely to only comprehend an instant of a single red eye framed in black and white behind the laser sight - before a steel penetrator a foot long nailed its head to the wall in a burst of sparks and a sick crunch. @Spooky Mittens
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    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    That's cool; I can wait 'till then.
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    Last I played which was a while ago I was going through Chapter 4 character stories. I still have to complete the game but others have taken up my gaming time as of late.
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    Nucleur Compound Tests

    Alken turned in horror as Samuel pulled away from her. Her momentum carried her forward a few more feet, her boots skidding on slick mud as she scrambled to stop, to run, to act. Through the gap in the trees, the eye loomed in the sky above them. “Are you crazy?” She yelled above the roar of the storm. She reached for Samuel again as he raised his arms to the sky. The lightning met Samuel with the power of an unstoppable force against an unmovable object. A blinding flash of light ripped through the forest and the noise of the explosion drowned out everything else. The heat and force threw Alken flat on her back and knocked the air from her chest. As she lay breathless, there was a haze of dancing dots in her vision that didn’t clear with blinking and a high pitched ringing in her ears. The air was thick with smoke and rain. It was acrid in her mouth when she coughed air back into her lungs a moment later. She rose unsteadily. Half her face was metallic- an instinctual attempt to shield herself. She took a few faltering steps forward. “Samuel?” She called, voice hoarse. The smoke obscured her vision. Not again. “Kid?” A low terror settled into her gut. Not again. “Samuel!”
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    We may need to compartmentalize! The "no u" category can be broad, and there's a taxonomy of "no u"s. Anti-magic is a "no u" in the sense that it asserts a previous post doesn't happen. I would put it in the same "no u" compartment as reversing time to stop someone from doing something. Contrast with flight, a "no u" in a different compartment. Flying around and chanting "neener neener" while no one can do anything about it is similarly "no u" but in a different way. It's true that a lot of powers can fall into this category.
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    I would disagree with that, because I believe powers can inherently just as easily fall into the category of "no u".
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    I'm game. I'll send in Shakka or Captain 'Glee', they need more development.
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    Fennis Ursai

    Silver Ticket Calling

    Lexicus would leave from the tavern and begin making his final preparations. There was an order of wood which was being set in his cart that the merchant was on route to pay for, nails from the same company being loaded into a box to be placed into his cart, there was an anvil and a small travel sized forge being taken to his cart and loaded up that too he would pay for. A few basic survival supplies, including medical wraps, a few salves and some poultices were being added to a small crate that the blonde merchant would carry back to his cart. Some pickaxes and hammers and a some assorted tools for working metal he'd commissioned had been delivered to his cart and beside them, some feed for his rather large beast of burden. All of this, Lexicus had to go and pay for. Though they were minor business expenses, so far Lexicus had spent more on this little investment that he though he'd need. Lexicus would spend time checking and making sure all stock was accounted for and would dispute the merchants for the errors he found until all was rightly there at his cart. Some time would be need to secure the cargo and make room to carry a few passengers if that was needed. Lexicus had made the cart ready for travel and made sure to check the cart wheels and the pull on his beast was not too great. The large hybrid beast between what would be closely related to an ox and a bison was travel ready as well. He'd been feed adequately. Roughly two hours would pass before the merchant would swing back into the tavern. He was certain this was all that would come in for his inquiry. Lexicus was already a touch late coming back in, which irked him, however he would return back to the table and sit back down acknowledging anyone that was already there and would wait for a bit longer on anyone that was not currently there. He was ready to get underway, it would be the start of a wealth generation if he'd be able to get this building up and running.
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    V.C.F Foundation Security Task Force Mobile Task Force Level-[3] clearance [accepted] A Mobile Task Force is a team of personnel that represents the Foundation's best and most effective field agents and researchers in their respective fields. Mobile Task Forces are sent in when ordinary facility personnel are unable or are ill-prepared to deal with incidents or threats of a particular type. There are currently [04] documents available for review. FSTF Alpha-01 FSTF Beta-04 FSTF Omega-01 FSTF Zeta-04 [Further clearance. . . Accepted] [Loading...]
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    Alright. Thanks for the assist
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    “I do believe your aim has improved Elson, you might even be a cleaner shot than some of our best snipers.” Flashing a quick smile as he watched the eldritch beast fall from the air afame. Turning his gaze from the smoldering carcass he looked out at the city. Ruined building, and the movement of monsters both in the sky and on the streets. It truly looked like one of the paintings of hell had come to life. “A shame this city has fallen into such horror, perhaps I should set about reclaiming what was once lost.” The comment was more to himself than for the others yes he still spoke his mind. Too much had already been lost, it would perhaps do some good to reclaim it from the Whispernight. “Don’t take it too hard Hunter after all you’re used to looking at things on horseback not on a building. Not to mention, the city is in complete ruin much of what we’ve seen on the maps has been changed due to the damage.” Following the man’s gaze to the east he nodded. Certainly the direction was quite close to the area the Airships were stored, and taking out his own binoculars he took a better look at the area. “Indeed old boy, the machinery parts look more akin to our own Airship manufactorums. Putting the binoculars away he turned towards the half ruined stairs they took. “Lets not dally, we may as well check it out. The area is quite close to where our prizes should be.” With that he began to make his way back down, carefully he lead them past the rubble of the ruined building trying not to cause too much of a disturbance. What would seem like hours he picked his and the group’s way through the city. They had so far managed to avoid the undead and other for more insidious creatures. “Let's stop here for a bit.” His instincts told him that they were near, but he dared not directly approach the area without first getting the lay of the land, as well as ensure they did not walk into danger unwittingly. “Hunter, Elson, what do you two think? It seems oddly quiet.” Indeed it was, throughout most of the city they had traversed was filled with groans of the dead, and the screeching and snarls of other more dangerous horrors that lurked in the haze. “Remember when we went hunting as lads? That time were were chasing a large moose when all of a sudden it got silent, not a single bird sang in that clearing. Usually the sign of an apex predator. Though these might be eldritch horrors I suspect this follows the same logic. We must tread carefully from here on out. I would appreciate any and all thoughts on how we should proceed. He could certainly formulate a plan, but as any good leader knows seeking advice from your comrades can be an elucidating experience. “I suspect whatever lurks here it not something we can face on our own, and I doubt once inside the manufactorum we will be in any less danger.” His lips turned downwards as he began to think. “We must conserve our ammunition as best we can, I would rather meet whatever lurks inside with my gun than with my blade.” Caution was the better part of valor after all. @EpicRome23 @Maverick
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    Hello! My name is skylar and this is confusing the frick out of me but nice to meet everyone.
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    You in the right place fam! There's plenty of fantasy on the site and you can check the World Overview for summaries on what kind of genres/themes are dominant on each continent. You can also check Quests (which work like writing prompts) like Genesaris' Quest Hub and Fracture's Quest Index Anything specific you like genre-wise? Stuff on Valucre is pretty varied and we have settings like medieval fantasy, cyberpunk, horror, sci-fi, all the things. If you prefer more character-driven stuff, you can post profiles and lore in User Lore, then put up an interest check/advert in the Water Cooler ^-^
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    Thank you! I usually do a lot of fantasy or supernatural with romance on the side.
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    For Your Own Good [Illyria]

    "Your care?! You think?! You think this is a great idea? I'd much rather be beating you up right now to vent my frustration than actually surrendering my freedom to you. I thought I trusted you but your just like any other scientist. Only interested in this for your own gain. You don't care about the people you hurt with your little science projects! People like you kill others rather than saving them! I've seen people like you create monsters that kill others! What makes you so different?!" Arashi said, as she stepped closer to the scientist, anger in her eyes. She normally wasn't this angry over such things like this, but Arashi wasn't going to let this go either way. She didn't trust scientists, so what was the point of trusting Luz? If the scientist did notice that Arashi seemed to be rebellious, uncontrollable, burden, unpredictable and quite possibly violent and would be a bad idea to let out into the world who she would wreck havoc on unless they have a surefire way of controlling her every move, then Arashi would be a massive threat. "Stupid scientists like you are no better than anybody else! Now die already! I won't let you control me or anybody else for that matter!" Arashi angrily growled as she raised her arm, going to punch Luz directly. She didn't have alot of strength at the moment but it was worth trying. She wasn't going to lay down and be experimented on and be controlled for that matter.
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

    Owend looked up at Tolok's approach and flashed a smile at him. "Ooh, so the new guy is choosing go with little old me, huh? You're a hoot, handsome, and full of spunk too! I think we're going to get along just fine." She turned to one of the nearby Grey Knights and spoke in a stage whisper. "Can you believe Madon? What is he thinking, that he can throw men at me and that one of them will set my heart aflutter? Bah, what a meathead! But then again... with all the women he's been recruiting recently, perhaps that is better than the alternative idea that he's forming a harem. Ponder the feasibility of that one and get back to me later, will you, Vanessa?" Vanessa rolled her eyes as Owend turned back to Tolok. "So, Tolok, right? I have an idea about where Byrn's located their main base. I'll tell you about it when we're in the air, no time to waste! Nodite here will carry you and me both just fine." She gestured to the pegasus gesturing next to her, which she promptly climbed into the saddle of. Then, she reached a hand out toward Tolok, so that he could take it and have her help him up. When they had taken to the air, Owend resumed speaking. "I hope flying doesn't make you sick! If it does, and you end up throwing up, make sure to aim away from me and Nodite! Anyways... if I were a Byrn general, I'd base any operations taking place in The Valley in the southwestern region of Isore. More specifically, there's a fortress along the north road between Cortia and The Valley, one that Isore used to watch over trade and keep bandits under control. Perfect location to coordinate scouting and a possible assault from. That's where we're heading now. If there's anyone there aside from the old garrison, we'll find out quickly. We won't get too close, I'd rather not have to make a fighting retreat with wyvern riders on our tail!"
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    The near faint conversation jolted him awake... Xylex had been distracted with something, he couldn’t quoted remeber what It was though. Even through his husk of a human shell he could sense the far off presence of Ami... ‘why was she here?’ That question resonated with him for a moment before being struck back to the reality that it did not matter. The guards had taken some level of notice and with watchful gazes elsewhere he now had his chance to move his physical location elsewhere. With a thud Xylex disarmed his host and at the same time his seal glowed an errie purple and then snap spactime folded in on itself and both him and his host swapped places leaving his host unconscious where he once stood. The alarms went off, the surge of magic was enough to do so for sure. It mattered not though with attentions split in all directions Xylex could change his approach from stealth to a quick and brief charge. Closing his eyes he got down on all fours, his body and joints lightly crackling as his body warped to allow quadruped mobility, a trait many of his species shared. Then forward, the sound of keratin rhythmically pitterpattered with the hard floors. Then dust came forth from his coat, creating a faint dull rainbow from the overhead light as it glide out in all directions. The hallway, the surrounding rooms and that which was much further ahead was now illuminated to Xyelx who had yet to open his eyes. “I can see. There’s a room with a lot of wires and pipes ahead... oh what’s that?” Xylex sprinted past three guards. “INTRUDER FIRE!” The same bullets that had been used on the group back at the mansion were launched forth then the world slowed down Xylex’s enhanced sense took over and the metal that he kept releasing made small cones about half the size of the bullets and intercepted each one in an almost swiping like fashion. Sparks flew everywhere as the volley bullets stopped a few feet short of there target. Xylex did not stop for them something told him time was of the essence. Following the pipes and wires to their bulk Xylex could tell something odd, the pipes were cold, For what purpose he would soon know as the door to the room was ahead of him and closing. Security obviously trying to end his path, Xylex spead up and Lept through the door just before it closed completely, transforming back into biped form mid air. Landing with a roll Xylex was now in the room. Getting up slowly and opening his eyes Xylex saw his surroundings. It was dark and he was alone but head was a central machine on which all the pipes lead to. Xylex slowly walked up to it and what he saw in there was something that confused him. A lifeform encased in ice he couldn’t quite make out any details but it was rather strange. Perhaps it was this Thrax he was looking for? Looking over the machine he could tell it was missing something a small part of interesting purpose. He couldn’t tell what it did, but it made him curious taking his metal in Its free form he morphed it into the missing area not really quite sure what would happen.
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    The Heavy Hand (Outpost 4?)

    Ivan sits for a few moments, gazing at the other patrons in the tavern. The haphazard, rowdy spirit that usually filled these types of establishments was not present in this one. Everyone seemed to keep there noses close to there heads, except when waving over the blonde waitress that glided across the space. He raises his own hand, mimicking the others, ordering a pitcher of milk and some bacon. "Milk sir?" She cocks an eyebrow, a hint of a smirk on her face. Ivan rolls his eyes. "Yes, is there a problem with that?" She shakes her head before heading behind the bar. She whispers to the bartender, his chest huffing out in a deep bellied laugh before heading to the back. Whatever. Ivan didn't care about what other people thought. He hated alcohol, the sting, the roaring fire in his belly, and how he couldn't think after. And he definitely needed a clear mind for what they were about to do. Vito and Caden walk in before the bacon arrives. He sets down his milk, shaking their hands and motioning for them to sit. He didn't know the two very well, but he liked them and appreciated their work. It wasn't everyday that two criminal undergrounds took a total newbie under their wing. They'd even been a little sympathetic when he told them some of his reason for wanting to tag along on this particular mission to Behods. "I believe you are correct," Ivan moves his cup out of the way as the blonde returns, placing a steaming platter of bacon in front of them. "But politics is going to be the best way. They're not going to let strangers into their dark deeds without an... incentive." He eats a sliver, chewing slowly. "We need dirt on one of them, something that'll bring their empire crumbling down if known by their people. We use that as leverage and how can they say no?" They'd see Ivan's eye glow a deep purple, nearly black, as the stone in his staff and his spell book latched inside his cloak glow.
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    What do we know? [Elendeath]

    SM-2309-500 "[Redacted] expedition" Mission Log: Day [1] Hearing the men talk, indeed he too was curious. The circumstances of her death were all but enticing, and the clues lead a twisting road down a dark forest where some may never leave. What he knew though, was that they couldn't stay. The risks were too high. Going off by logic, a child could deduce that whoever killed Valencia, will want to kill them too for the possession of the box. "Gentlemen, these questions may be answered in due time. Whoever killed the young lady, is willing to kill for that box. The box we happen to hold. I suggest we find a safer place to discuss." He said. Without missing a beat, as his sentence finished, the sound of cars stopping outside the alleyway and men dropping off by the dozen could be heard within earshot. "Rumors got 'em dead here right this alleyway boss" "Cut off the exits, I want them cornered like sitting ducks." Faint words could barely be made out, as men rushed and ran to encircle the investigators. "Make it fast, Mr Ferris," he spoke with urgency, his hand reaching for his coat pocket, finger around the trigger, waiting for the clatter of the Chicago typewriters. Mentioned: @Meraxa @Die Shize @Thotification
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    Outside of the obvious, Shane didn't feel any different, and wasn't sure what vast story of information that Linda was talking about. Her brain seemed just as it always was, maybe even more muddy and less clear rather than enhanced or expanded in any way. And she still didn't want to serve another organization of questionable ethics and purpose, yet a few minutes of thought on the matter left her to conclude that she had no choice. Linda may be "gentle", but that didn't mean she might still force Shane to do what she wanted if she repeatedly refused. And what's more, whether she liked it or not, she owed the continuation of her miserable, unworthy existence to this white-haired woman. Until she had more time to understand what was going on and why, she'd just have to play along. Besides, with her betrayal of Copperbeard, she had nowhere left in the world to go. "I'll... okay... I... yeah, I'll just go do that," she finally stammered, when Linda made the request, "I will report back once I learn something." With that, she exited the "engine room" and proceeded back to the upper deck... * * * However, no sign of Copperbeard had been reported, and none would be reported the entire rest of the night. Even once the nobles finally went to bed, and the ship hovered around the skies between Misral and the cove, still nothing was seen. Shane made several reports to Linda, before finally falling asleep herself. Then, at dawn, the cry came out. A ship had been spotted, heading for the cove from the Northeast, more from the direction of the distant mainland port of Casper than from Port Mars. The command crew was subsequently awoken and brought topside, and Abigail strained with her spyglass to get a look at the ship. "It's a black pirate flag, that much is certain," she said, trying to focus in on it, "The ship's profile matches that of Copperbeard's vessel. Bring us in closer!"
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

    "Impossible, no. Just very unrealistic. But in this strange world, a heavy drinker surely shouldn't surprise you." Tasz took out a large vial, which contained dancing blue orbs, and she began working on it whilst listening to the instructions. Cutting her finger, she added her blood which dripped down the side and formed a pool of red. The blue orbs sat at the bottom of vial, consuming the blood and turning purple in colour. With one final touch, Tasz added clear white liquid, dissolving the orbs and becoming a light purple potion. 'Ehh, not perfect but it'll do.' "I've dabbled in many elemental magics, wind being one of them. I'll tag along, see where we get." Tasz followed behind, somewhat listening to the conversation going on. Continuing her potion work, she made various vials and bottles of random goods. With the knowledge of wing magic playing a part in this little journey, she readied and prepped basic ingredients and mixtures for what could potentially lay ahead.
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    Pasion Pasiva

    The First Feast of Blades

    [So sorry for the long wait! I am making the assumption that some time has passed -- not too long since the fight that Gabriela was watching did end in a forfeit.] Unfortunately she had missed the glorious vocal talents of the strange creature named Cammy. She had been in too much of a rush to escape the overwhelming sense of crowding and the mounting anxiety that was building up just below the surface of the already fractured facade she was barely holding together. Distance -- she had craved it, yearned for it, and in the end, sought it -- regardless of the dirty glare that Ilyana cast in her direction or the small detail of servants sent after her to spy upon her actions. She was tittering a dangerous line, and like a choking-collar around her throat, she could feel how she was starting to strangle herself. Friends or foes? Guardians or jailers… Gabriela had run away from both Xartia and Ilyana the first chance she got, but her final destination had brought her no closer to the peace she so desperately desired. The fight she ended up sitting in on had been pitifully short and had ended in a forfeit. Never in her life had she craved the pointless and barbaric pleasure of violence, but the hot blood in her veins, paired with the open wounds cut across her heart, seemed to call for the blissful release that came from seeing two men hack at each other without the slightest consideration to the heartache they might cause the women who birthed them into the world. Motherhood… was a sentiment that tasted as bitter as it felt settling in her stomach now that she allowed herself to think about it. The whole action of procreation, of carrying a thing so precious and birthing it out through the most despicable sort of violence to a woman’s body -- literally tearing it asunder -- and for what? Life was meaningless. All the hope and love, and the wasted time cherishing the a tiny new spark of life was just a monumental cosmic joke, a dark, cruel, and awful joke. Gabriele was still reeling from her short conversation with Ryzerus and not entirely because of the utterly unpleasant nature of his sheer existence. The things she had said to him, the things she had confessed… He’d been the dark priest whom she whispered her sins to, and now that her awful truths were released from the dungeon cell that was her heart and the inside of her mouth -- given life through words and spoken in a trembling whisper among booing and screaming crowds -- now that it was out in the open, it all felt less sinful and more meaningful. She had been despairing since the moment Philippe died, the moment Roen abandoned her, the moment Raphael claimed her -- the moment he planted his seed inside of her. Despair had filled her heart, her mind, and her soul. And despair had led her to this place, where she had taken the life of her second child and put it on hold for another to carry, for another to love. Supposedly despair was a sin, but she had never felt more free in her life. She hated everything and everyone, and she was certain now that there was nothing good in the world and most certainly nothing worth living for. Innocence, the one true virtue, was simply too good a thing to be brought into this miserable world. And she could stop it. She could put an end to it all. She could stop babes from being born and mothers from suffering the cruel cosmic tragedy of loving and birthing something just for the sake of sacrificing it to death. There stood Gabriela -- Isabella -- returned from the arena. She had not been gone long, and she was an image of human beauty, softness, and charm with her lovely, powder blue coat and her warmed cheeks, rosy pink in color, and lips that attained a shade of rose that she had never managed in her previous life. She stood at a distance, examining the scene set before her -- Ilyana and Xartia -- in the presence of a curious creature, all of them looking chummy as could be. “Hm.” Topaz colored eyes shifted from the three as they disappeared into some great celebration hall, or so she assumed. She was looking around, gathering her bearings before she sought to follow them in. Up, toward the glorious outline of the keep, Gabriela regarded the building with narrowing disdain. “Is this where you were conceived, my darling?” she spoke in a whisper to the memory of her infant son, “It will be the first place that I burn to the ground. The first pile of ashes I devour in your name.”
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    The force from the collision of the impact had knocked the hoods of the two cloaked individuals. One would be surprised to see a pair of identical twins, except for their hair where one sports the white stuff while the other settled for the silky black. The black-haired one, Plushy, help up a delicate arm. Despite the dimissive look on her eyes, anyone could tell that her hand clearly took the brunt of Dauner's heat as it looked like a burned piece of meat. "Interesting," said Plushy as she examined the extent of her hand's damage. "I heard that human bodies break easily but this much from just that? My disappointment is immeasurable." "Pipe down, sis," said Minny, the white-hairer chick. "I think the boy's into you. Like going in so forceful and hot." Lowering her hand down which was already showing signs of healing, Plushy faced Dauner. "Sorry, kid but I prefer taking it slow from the top. At least, I can see why you two boys preferred each other's company." "These boys are so not my type," Minny giggled as her hand pointed at the ground before her. From that finger tip came crackling lightning which hovered in mid-air. It looked like a ball of electricity which started growing until it became turned into another creature, one that shares the same kind of aura the golem Cialo. "I think you boys are way over your heads," Plushy sneered at the two. "Like duh! It's time these two little boys to be given a lesson in proper manners." Minny giggled. "What do you think, sis?" "Spunk, yes."
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    As Leon began to go deeper into the village it was then that he noticed the black star. His eyes lifted toward the air, and his eyes locked onto the Black Hole sun. The Electic eye had already began to eclipse the city gave the horrid feeling of dead and emptiness. He suddenly stopped his eyes locked onto the eclipse his hand shaking violently. The Flames that suddenly shrouded the town, The screams of the villagers and the sense of dread. It all felt too familiar to the alien. The visions of his own past crossing his mind violent at almost a mile a minute. He repeatedly clenched and unclenched his fist as he attempted to gang some sense of his sanity. No he couldn’t let this get to him, not yet. This was nowhere near as catastrophic. Not personally anyway. Suddenly, an explosion. His was knocked out of his shellshock when the explosion hit, It was good that he finally took notice, as a chuck of debris from the mountain itself was closing into him. He had to react quick, he reached into the back of his back, and ripped out the guitar that was in it. It was safe to call it a guitar, in the strangest sense of the word. The body was clearly just an axe, which seemed to glow blue violently as the Guitarist swung it in a vertical slice. The whirling vibration that came from the blade of the guitar made slicing through the flying rock easy. Which luckily split in time for Leon himself to avoid it. It was then that he had enough, whoever was causing this had already split his nerves past the time. He had only managed to stay afront and see what was saw that a nearby mage. "Are you allright?" @Araborn Kirom
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    Dauner hadn't expected a golem to stop his advance towards Dredge. The giant hand that stopped him as he flew towards his target in Gozen's fire fist was an even less expected thing as well as the 2 ladies who seemed to be guarding Dredge from harm who were an even lesser expected thing. He sure had expected to meet strong and tough opponents but... ladies? He didn't want to, in any way, fight against ladies. That was not his style. After hitting the hand, Dauner fell on his back coughing from the dust cloud that had risen because of the collision. He jumped to his feet and repelled the dust with an aura blast from his swords. To his greatest surprise, the hand that had stopped him had suffered little damage. He could understand if something like this could resist the strength behind Gozen's fire fist but how did it not melt from the concentrated heat? This golem looked like it was going to be trouble and Dauner was running out of time. The fireball of doom was still looming over the village and he had to get to Dredge before it dropped. It was at about this time that Dauner witnessed the fireball fly towards the monastery up on the mountain blasting it to ashes and sending a lot of debris their way. Dauner was able to cut all the rock debris the aimed for him while jumping backwards towards Gozen. Gozen too smashed the rocks that headed his way. Dauner was both conflicted and excited. None of the monks up on the mountain could have survived that. Their deaths rung out to Dauner's mind but were ultimately blocked away by the excitement that was building up in him. He smirked as he looked past the golem that stood before him to Dredge. He hadn't witnessed this much power from anyone in ages. Somehow, it reminded him of his adoptive father, Rei. The power being displayed made him look forward to a fight with Dredge ever so eagerly. But for now he had to contend with the interference. At this point, Dauner didn't see Dredge as an enemy but merely as a fun opponent against whom to kill the bore. He turned to Gozen who in turned smiled at him. "I know what you're going to say. I handle the ladies while you take down the golem and fight the boss man behind right?". Dauner grinned widely at Gozen not concealing the excitement. "Exactly." He then turned to the golem swords in hand and ready to slice it to pieces. "My fight's not with you" he said pointing at it despite the fact that it probably couldn't communicate or even act on it's own. "Step aside and i wont have to cut you down" he finished still holding a silly grin on his face.
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    Araborn watched as the dead began to rise and charge towards them, he blocked out there words, these that charged them are not people, they are puppets he told himself, and so it's time to cut the strings, Araborn let out a wave of arcing energy that tore through the strings severing many then continuing and severing more, Araborn was frozen when the Star started to come down, it was all he could do not to crumple with fear, that's when he heard the voice, and the star launched blowing a hole in the mountain, as the explosion sent him to the ground he finally got control of his muscles and stood up as the pieces started to rain down, he took a deep breath and with a tell released a charge once again, but this was much more powerful, he waved his staff and bolts of lightning shot out arcing from Boulder to Boulder blasting them to smaller less dangerous pieces, he stumbled a bit and leaned heavily on his staff almost completely drained
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    Smoke had filled the sky and nearly blotted out the sun overhead as bandits raged in broiling massacre; town's folk suffering at the hands of bloodshed with only their incessant screams to be heard. Their heads being held aloft amidst their very loved one's still vying for escape from this fresh hell that had been released upon them. Heroes of all kinds answered when their senses were assailed with the terror and desperation that clung to the air. Kru'Gorah had felt stunted in their time of transformation; A war machine without war is useless after all. it was only when this plan had come to fruition did he feel that surge of purpose ripple through his very existence. This was what he was made for! He was not allowed to show his presence, least of all his tail...but he would not rest of his laurels at such a chance for pure, untainted carnage. Kru'Gorah disguising himself under the guise of these bandit marauders,and keeping an eye on particular heroes whilst combating the common rabble. Dredge being confronted by two forces that seemed to overestimate their intuition; their was a desire to protect his lord without fail...yet he knew Dredge wasn't helpless in the slightest. His focus instead was on the group of naredowells who were managing to manipulate the earth and cut down their forces with a surprising amount of gunfire. The bandits being dropped atop the very bodies they were creating in a vicious cycle of carnage. He loathed guns, they were a vessel for hollow confidence for in the face of true terror...one's own will was the only worthwhile tool. it appeared he would have to demonstrate such. One of the bandits amidst their line of fire beginning to sprint ahead of the enraged charge, landing ahead of the group and seemingly directly in their line of fire. A bandit dressed in the pelts of a cheetah and adorning a smile that showed far too much teeth. Kru'Gorah could feel the terror in the air and it was almost becoming too intoxicating for him to contain this restraining form. This was going to be quite the delicious challenge for him Vito and Bellicose seeing this strange bandit raise his hand to the sky and with a flourishing bow, cast a tumultuous barrier of sickly orange energy that caused their last volley to ricochet back into their very own firing squad. Corpses now being made at their very feet as the bandit rose to his lowly height of five feet and clicked his heels. The barrier dimishing and being replaced by a sprawl of orange threads that squirmed their way into the bodies the deceased victims. Their bodies beginning to creak and shake as they were lifted onto their blood soaked feet. He did no know who could recognize the curse that plagued his speech so instead...he would just have others speak for him. Women and children beginning to animate with shaky foot steps and wide swings from their arms as their heads rose with dead weight to look at the group of heroes with glassy gazes "You will join us if you do not prostrate yourselves" A boy no older than nine chirped from scarred lips "They let us die" Spoke a woman whose head was held aloft by only a few remaining tendons "Will you bury us under our killers?" Spoke A burly man with his stomach splayed across the cold ground A row of these undead puppets now beginning to march ahead of this charge, absorbing bullet fire and continued to bombard them with whispers of regret, sadness, and despair. The bandit marching behind them with a grin that nearly touched either of his pointed ears. His eyes burning the same orange glow that tethered these poor souls to his will. The tethers beginning to connect with their dead comrades as they too started to sputter and shake, rising from their self inflicted wounds and grabbing at their compatriots with hollow moans. One of these puppets lunging his bayonet forth in attempt to spear the tabaxi. @Rabbit
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    Her guided words traced him to an selcouth bed of orange and white flowers Martis had never once witnessed before. As a Terrenus vampyre he was seldom impressed for lack of better words. Out of all life that grew here in the Dark Forest, he'd produce a wide interested grin at these flowers the only sight to capture amongst this supernatural obscurity. The Dhampir plucked a few of by their purple and green stalks as he produced a small jar from the confinements of his oversized navy blue tailcoat. Popping open the glass jar's cap with a twist of his hand, he stuffed them into the cylindrical container. Luna's phantasm words stuck with him like glue, simple instructions they were. Of course this venture was for the name of Choisel. A good deed from the Keeper it'd seem in the Patriarch's return. As he passed the first checkpoint further into the caligo he stepped a heavy boot into a splattering pile of dark ichor. His eyes narrowed further and he halted observing the area around him. Luna was right, he spotted clearings, more than ever. The scent of burning soot and flesh accompanied his vampiric senses deeper in the corridors of the Dark Forest. He pushed from the ground again until the sight of the moss-covered rock was plain in view radiating with a mystic carmine hue. Propping a foot against the surface he exposed his wrist to his front fangs and sunk them deep a stream of viscous crimson fluid began seeping from the wound. He tilted his wrist so the flowing lifeforces rolled from his hand towards the covered rock. The blood began to course itself into segmented archways up the small boulder, glowing luminously in the effect of the witch's blood magic. Running it's course up the bold rock and glowing a miraculous blinding light appeared almost suddenly, shielding his eyes from the irritant with his arms. Luna remerged from the grandiose array of magic, he listened and nodded carrying himself beyond the pitch black darkness. "You have my attention. You can be certain that there is nothing I fear, dear lady. But thank you, once again." @Fallen Joy @Lacernella Rubra
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    It surely was an interesting outcome of events because Jack never really had women turn him down like that, then again this Gwen wasn't any kind of woman or Demoness to be exact. It did make him wonder why she choose a life such as this one but she could easily ask why would he chose one filled with murder for money, which would be a very interesting counter argument if they ever exchanged those words. Though he could tell that she was behaving herself with him somewhat different, as if she knew something more than he did, which made him question that more. He didn't question her what kind of powers she had and that bothered him right now, he had strongly a magical build but she didn't look like the warrior type, maybe someone who could tell something that not everybody knows...maybe the future? Jack shook his head at how absurd that was, no one can tell the future because it isn't set. The way he learned it and makes perfect sense is that our decisions affect our future and how it will turn out to be and certainly Jack was one of those people who didn't want to know what the future was holding in store for him, because he wouldn't know what to do with himself if it wasn't the ideal future he had hoped or god forbid he may do something stupid to prevent a perfect future by already knowing it. Noticing that the Bath House was already filled with the buy staff moving around and around to appease their guests, serving them up with elaborate trays of breakfast. And the smell of sizzling bacon with eggs that touched the air would find its way towards Jack's nose and god did it smell good, it was simply, nothing to turn your head about it but it is the small things that matter in life, right? When he looked around he didn't even notice the new girl that literally bumped into him, him being stiff as a rock he wouldn't budge but he quickly grabbed her shoulders subconsciously when she did bump into him. "Oh...sorry there." He apologized as the waitress stepped back. The young girl quickly apologized to him and he shook his head. "It's alright, no need to apologize." He said as he continued to smell the aroma and right on time she said that she was here to check in on him to fulfill his wishful needs. "Well...I'm kind of hungry." He started. "So I will have breakfast...on what's on the menu?" He asked. "Because I can smell sizzled bacon with eggs...so that will do and maybe with a multivitamin juice?" He suggested. "If it's possible." He said. @Eternity
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    What do we know? [Elendeath]

    On the talk of isotopes, Middy could not help but butt in. "Ah yes, isotopes. Isotopes, atoms and shit. If I was on the same world as where Valencia was from, it would have been easy to perceive such minuscule objects. Unfortunately, I am just a simple human mortal in this world." "Middy. Middy Ochre," he introduced himself. "I might have been a mysterious figure in the other world but in here, I am just a random individual working for a questionable organization." Inhaling more of that awful smoke, Middy continued talking. "So any leads on how to find this Valencia chick? Or who wants this bloody box?" He might sound impatient but this thing may have cause a lot of deaths already. Now Middy wonders if this phenomenon might be connected to the supernatural realm of Elendaron. His other self in the other world had heard stories and whispers but this is the first time both of them had directly experienced the powers of that place. Oddly enough, the thought excited him. The thrill of learning new things was a trait his other self might have brought into this world. Actually, he did not find the feeling that odd or bad. Not bad at all.
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    Die Shize

    What do we know? [Elendeath]

    OOC Music [Recurring] No, Mr. Ferris. Parean thought as he examined the pretty little ball with his naked eye. This is not what I would normally call an isotope. The other man was right in his assessment of what isotopes look like and do not look like, along with atoms in general, what with the slim to nil chance of actually seeing one with said naked eye. Parean kept his gaze on the ball as he thought about his counterpart’s words, trying to decide in a matter of seconds whether it was noteworthy that this guy knew about atoms and isotopes enough to say so. In the end, it wasn’t all that noteworthy, at least not yet. He blinked at the box as it hissed shut. That, though, was noteworthy. I’m no scientist but I’d say that this box does more than just keep our little ball closed. A moment later and the box and ball disappeared in the depths of Ferris’ coat. The gesture spoke more than a thousand words, though the man’s following ones did everything to confirm his stance. Parean sighed out smoke as he studied the investigator’s eyes, penetrating pupils as far as he could to see whatever rested within. As a misty cloud disappeared into the air of an alien world, he flicked the cigarette butt upon the ground and stuck his hands in his pockets. Here we go. “Valencia is the daughter of a man who tasked me and my associates with finding her. She went missing about a week ago. What this ‘trinket’ is, exactly, we don’t know. We've never seen it until now. What we do know is that Valencia was clearly carrying it for a reason and, based on her encounter with you and her reported death, someone else wanted her or it or both for a reason of their own.” He shrugged, more yielding than nonchalant. “The rest, well, that’s why we’re still here—to figure out what happened, and we’re willing to work together to do that, starting with Valencia.” Parean had almost said “starting with that box in your coat” but, no, that would have been too much. It would have pitted Parean and team as more interested in the object, and objects tended to amount to power or profit, and no investigator would overlook that. No, the value here had to be focused on one dead daughter, which would appeal to any PI's heart. That and Louis Ferris believed himself to be the sole possessor of that box and the ball inside it, either to protect it or for ulterior motives, and it seemed safer to let him believe that he was otherwise in control of the situation. For now.
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    A Black Day (Hyperion)

    Mal hadn't signed up to be the recruiter. Not that he didn't understand how he had wound up with the position. Of the current members of Aphelion he was the one who was least well known by the public, and he was also the least antisocial of them. They were all a bunch of criminals, and they were there to recruit other criminals. A soft touch would be needed if they were to draw more people into the organization. Not to mention that they didn't need the attention that a fight could bring. His latest prospect had been a member of the Blackspear Cartel; a feared organization that had recently disbanded. Mal wasn't sure why she had chosen to come here, but it worked out for him. Lots of these trips required him to travel far from home. When he heard that Black Teddy was hiding out in Hyperion, he knew he could do his job and be home for dinner. At least if things went well. Breaking into the small flat had been easy, and now he sat in plain view of the door; hands splayed in front of him to show he came in peace. @Thotification
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    An Imperial Message

    As he traversed the lavish architecture, he observed his surroundings and the on goings there of. He couldn't help wondering what it was the Emperor wished to accomplish with these people. The differences between their two nations seemed rather vast, and he questioned just how well the two were capable of working together. Regardless, he was here with purpose, purpose that had little to nothing to do with his opinions. Not like he knew much about Aelindra personally. After all, it was easy to get lost in your own country and it's affairs. When he finally reached his ultimate destination, he entered silently. The talks at hand didn't take too terribly long to wrap, in which Alfonso announced that the floor was open to any others that wished to take it. The masked emissary looked to and fro to ensure that no one else was attempting to seize the spotlight. “If any others have something to speak with me about step up, we welcome both the citizenry as well as those foreign visitors gracing us today.” Stepping forth, the shinobi made his way to the forefront. When he came to a halt once more, he took a deep bow, hinging at the waist and pausing in it's apex. With respect properly delivered in kindness to the sort he'd show to his own superiors, government or otherwise, he stood erect once more a cleared is throat with a hand raised to his mask. "My name is Otomaru Owari, Shinobi to the Datsuzoku Dynasty; Though today I am acting as emissary on behalf of the Emperor Koji himself." He paused, his hand clasping before his waist. "Perhaps your council members in the New Union City have kept you up to speed on the ways the nation is changing, as well as the alignment and intent of my Emperor. I'm also told you met with the Heika briefly during his visit to the Hanami festival in the east. However, just in case anything is unclear thus far, I'd like to share his vision with you before proceeding. Genesaris is a country with rich and diverse history. Union City used to be a beacon of unity, though the years have not been kind, and the powers that be have been soft. Coming from a past of greed himself, the Heika feels personally attached to these lands, comparing them to himself. As he has liberated himself, he seeks to liberate the people of Genesaris, and ultimately the peoples of this entire world; He seeks to re-establish true unity, while also breaking the fallacy of order imposed thus far. He wishes to tear down so that he might rebuild a true paradise. One where all can be truly free, where all may live comfortably and pursuit happiness. To those ends, I humbly appear here today to express the Emperor's interest in working with you to see this vision come to fruition. Seers and Oracles tell us of the future, a future in which he succeeds regardless of support or adversity to be faced. He sincerely wished to be here meeting with you himself, though I'm sure you of all persons understand the tole leadership takes on one's personal desires. In the simplest terms permit-able, the Datsuzoku is offering a stance of alliance along side Aelindra. Thus far, the Emperor has managed to align the Datsuzoku with The Grand Kommandant of Renovatio, in which they've afforded us nothing by their undying support; Especially in out expansion throughout Oo'Xora of Nehalen. Likewise, despite the untimely demise of the late Emperor Titus, his Empress has graciously allowed relations between the Taen Empire of Fracture (Terrenus)." Pausing, he allowed the information to be digested a brief moment before continuing. "As far as enemies are concerned, it appears that our presence has gained the ire of a few of our neighbors. While we remain rather neutral to the Carmine, there is little to no doubt in my mind that conflict will arise between them and ourselves. Our history with the Imperial South has proven to be inconsistent, by which I mean that the late God-Emperor as his followers called him graciously gifted the Heika in the beginning, yet sullied any chances of cohesion during his reign. Regardless of if relations between the nations can be salvaged, the Heika perosonally only hold a grudge to Corvinus directly. The Hyperion Empire has had somewhat of a love hate relationship with the Datsuzoku as well, though the Heika too wishes to salvage relations with them. He didn't mention that the Empress Raveena was technically Koji's aunt. Not because he wished to omit any information, yet because he simply didn't see such detail as important to share. Regardless of personal relationships, the Emperor Koji had a plan, and he was sticking to it. Even his own kin technical or even literal was expendable should they oppose his ambitions. With his speech complete for the moment, he let silence take the floor, awaiting Alfonso's response. All the while he studied the mans expressions and body language for any signs of his reception prior to hearing his thoughts.
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