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    Hello everyone, vielle here (again)! ? So: I'm a prodigal daughter on her way back home. I just wanted to apologize to everyone for ghosting all those months ago—it's as @Csl has said: I've taken a leave of absence because I had to focus on stuff irl and also my mental health. Things haven't been the best in that latter aspect, but methinks I'm doing better nowadays. It's kinda tough, having to learn some things the hard way, but that's life for you! Now, I've kinda gotten better at handling my stressors now. ? Which leads me to that elephant in the room: I'm dropping out of past threads, cutting down on new threads, and focusing more on personal plots this time around. Taking up all those past threads and keeping up with them was in fact doable, truly, but I unfortunately overestimated my capacity to stay interested in all the things. It's not that those plots weren't interesting; don't get me wrong! It's just that there's only so much my writing muse can do for me, and though some once thought it of me, I'm not a machine. ? So, as I make my slow return, I'll be more particular about the future plots and threads I'll be engaging in, so I can give them my utmost writing efforts to the best of my ability. It's the least I can do for my writing partners; you all deserve the best I can give. ❤️ By the way, I have not checked Discord yet and probably will continue not checking Discord for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry if anyone sent me any messages over there; I haven't opened it at all over these past few months! ? But please know, whatever you may have sent me, I appreciate that you have thought to interact with me at all, even when I was, y'know, away. ? Overly sentimental stuff aside: I'm (omw) back! I've missed you all dearly. If you would have me back in your good graces, I'd be happy to write with you all again. Gonna do some spring cleaning on my thread tracker (it's a little dusty in there!) and take over handling that character/lore garage sale @Csl was doing for me (thank you so much, bestie!), and then maybe I'll have a cup of tea and look around what's changed here in my absence some more. It's kinda great to be back here. ❤️
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    *sound of police sirens*

    > the apology letter
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    Power interactions can be grouped. I'll call the types: suppression, cancellation, and mitigation. Suppression prevents a character from using a power. Cancellation nullifies a power during or after use. Mitigation acknowledges the power as having been used and manages the effects. Power interactions that fall within the suppression-cancellation spectrum are less likely to be mutually affirming, and that's where anti-magic typically lives. The difference between "no u" and "yes, and" is not about bad vs. good writing, nor is it about nobody vs. everybody complaining. It's about acting in the affirmative. Let's say we define mana one way and define ki another way. Anti-magic that affects mana might not affect ki. That sounds reasonable. I use a ki ability, and Carlos uses anti-magic on me. In response, I direct Carlos to my dissertation on the metaphysical differences between power systems, and I tell him I am unaffected. It's certainly rational, and Carlos will be impressed and grateful because this is good writing and not bad writing. I definitely did not "no u" Carlos. Except I'm not considering the pragmatics. In practical terms, Carlos spent time writing that post, and I reduced his narrative impact to zero and justified it with some technobabble. Really, it's like he never posted at all. I'm not saying it's impossible to act in the affirmative in these situations. If you do, then I'll happily lick your candy cane and call you Santa Claus. What I am saying is that I find affirming the other players' characters as cool and effective more important than how good at writing or how logical I am. Anti-phlebotinum and the differences between devil fruits and kundalini martinis aren't all that important.
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    Hey guys! Not going anywhere, but I do have a bit of an update. I'm settling in to a new freelance job, so if I'm slow to reply, that's why. I'll get in the swing of things soon though! And I'll still be posting, just not necessarily four a night like I used to. I ain't going nowhere. Love you guys!
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    Im back I guess?

    Forgot to put that I came back but here I am anyhow.
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    (ARTIFACT) A Master of Space and Self

    Reinhardt didn’t need to be told twice, with a burst of blue mana coming from the boot like greave he shot through the air and to the side juxtapose to Jame’s position. Unlike the others he didn’t have to traverse the small islands, nor worry too much about the lack of mobility the area gave them. While it certainly was a large area, it was an arena of lava and held its own dangers if one misstepped. He did have to praise Aunoma’s work, the flight gear was a high mobility type of magitech gear. One he took pride in having a seemingly unnatural affinity for. Damn this place isn’t too advantageous, and the elemental might pose more of a problem than we thought[/i. He had to admit that James was certainly holding his own, though he left only shallow wounds on the creature, he was doing a damn fine job avoiding its attacks. The soldier still wondered if that was all the creature could do. He didn’t think so not if what the Academy said about elementals. He suspected the creature’s superficial wounds might not be enough to slow it down. James was certainly a vetran in combat and even Reinhardt could tell he was testing the being. “Well shall we test the new weapon out?” He seemed to have a bad habit of talking to himself. Gaining, what he deemed to be sufficient distance he hovered in the air. The Demonslayer having gained the elemental’s attention sufficiently enough for it to show him its back he took aim. The butt of the gun resting securely against his shoulder, staring down the sights he took a breath and then released it. As all of the air left his lungs he pulled the trigger. BANG. The exalta tipped round shot out the barrel, creating a tracer like streak of bluish light in its wake. Within seconds of the round leaving the barrel it blasted into the back of the beast. BOOM Highly volatile and incredibly deadly could aptly describe the effect of a single round from the new Aelindrian weapon. Tipped in exalta, along with an exalta core in the shell of the round added quite the impact. Hitting the beast it exploded, the heated air rippling outward and the cavern shook sending molten stone splashing out from around the fire elemental. Knowing full well the mass of the being he was certain that with James directly in front of the elemental he would not be hit by the full brunt of the explosion. Smoked roiled around the creature, but even then Reinhardt did not wait to see how severe the damage might be. His countenance like stone, he pulled the bolt back releasing the spent casing into the air. As the casing fell, twirling and spinning in the air he pushed the bolt forwards loading another round. Practiced and with ease he fired three more shots, the speed in which he did so showed how well trained he was with the new weapon. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. In quick succession the exalta tipped rounds exploded into the back of elemental. From his first to his last shot they were only a few seconds apart. Keeping count he knew as of now he only had four rounds left before he would need to reload. His flight gear glowing and letting out its signature soft hum he shot away from his position. Training that had been beaten into him made this a reflexive habit whether the beast would turn to try and find him, or was already flinging another attack his way he would already have vanished from his previous location. Knowing how many rounds were left, he merely observed the roiling smoke caused by his shots, he needed to know how much damage he had caused. This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
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    *sound of police sirens*

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    *sound of police sirens*

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    Heyy, welcome to Valucre!

    Heyy, welcome to Valucre!
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    Mason's group walked along until he suddenly stopped and raised a hand. He then crouched down lower to the ground and advanced towards a small gathering of bushes and a couple trees. From their makeshift cover, a small camp could be seen, just as was marked on the map. "Well, how do we want to do this?" "Well, we could..." Snap. Amber shifting her weight on her feet caused a branch underfoot to snap. "Shit." Two of the soldiers turned to face the noise. "What was that?" "Let's check it out." They started to approach when another popped out of the tent. "Is it the bird?" He called out. "No, it's just DAWN BRIGADE!" one of the soldiers responded back. The third stopped and looked at the one, and then the other. "What drugs are you on?" "I don't know." The one from the tent replied. "Do you have a light?" "NO! GOD! When we report back both your asses are grass from smoking weed again." They were getting closer, and they needed a plan. Mason looked back and motioned that he would get the two, and when he did, to get the others in the camp. He then picked up a rock and tossed it to the side, towards a couple of the trees. "It moved over there." One of the soldiers pointed out and changed direction. Mason slowly crept his way through the small bushes, grabbing another rock in the process. When he had gotten close and the soldiers were already in the bushes, he threw it at a tree. "There! Get him!" They started approaching the tree when Mason jumped out of the bush, machete draw, and plunged it into the back of the closest one. Tossing the man and machete aside, he brought his shotgun to bear and blasted the other one. The twelve gauge buckshot at such close range downed him instantly. Ignoring the ringing in his ears from the blast, he then followed it by wedging his shotgun into the neck of the man he stabbed and twisted it, snapping the man's neck. Amber took her cue to pop up and shout "Elwind!" Green blades of razor wind shot out of her hand and sliced into the third soldier, killing him. Mercifully, there were no other soldiers, being a small camp and all. The battle was over as swiftly as it began.
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    What do we know? [Elendaron]

    So, however you guys make your escape, here's a (mostly) contemporary map of LA, and relevant places to check out plot wise (though I suppose you could go off the beaten track if something takes your fancy): Full size version here because it's a big one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4pzs69mww4wym5m/Los Angeles Elendeath Map 1.png?dl=0 Basically you have: The corner of Wilshire and Berendo, just outside of the Ambassador Hotel - the crime scene where Valencia was murdered The corner of First and Hill, where the LAPD's 'Specialist' Division is supposedly holed up - alongside Valencia's corpse The corner of Sixth and Central, at the headquarters of the Covenant of the Undying Star - where the suspect is hiding out @Thotification @Die Shize @Sanonymous
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    I feel like ideally, 'anti-magic' as a concept - one I'm actually largely averse to anyway - should be fairly literal. That is to say, it is a specific counter to magic, disrupting that stuff specifically but not necessarily other means of using absurd abilities. Like using water to put out a fire - pretty effective at that task, but not always the thing you'll wanna use. Meanwhile, if someone wants to say 'Ah, but my thing is not magic!' they should in turn ideally specify what alternative system their character's abilities belong to, so that one can plan and build around such as well. Sure, a giant's strength may not be 'magic' in nature, but as a biological mechanism, that can mean that crippling 'em the good old fashioned way renders a more permanent effect on their ability to punch stuff. Trade offs for how you do it. Thing is, in practise, the various mentions of anti-magic - and magic scaling - in the setting - emphasis setting, not specific characters - are often more meant to be practical in an OOC way. That is, a simple means of explaining or enforcing why people can't just do X, like break out of supers prison or the like, in the knowledge that this is a site that deliberately attracts a wide range of audiences genre wise, and yes, will pick up players that are likely to rules lawyer their way out of a situation if allowed. So stuff like the genius loci bringing down the general availability of 'magic' in Fracture is just a functional handwave for a player restriction of lowered abilities generally, rather than as a specific challenge to spellcasters. Really, check with who you're playing with more than anything else and how they feel.
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    Ye! Oh, don't worry it'll have.... everything xD
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

    Mason and Amber watched the other patrol land near them as he cleaned his Machete. "Yeah, that's us, what about it? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to not get killed. But we took care of this camp... hopefully they won't miss them. So, find anything on your patrol?" Mason stood with a stoic look on his face as he was informed about what was seen, from the fortress to the Ebon Knight. He put his hand to his chin, thinking it over, then he glanced back at Amber. "I think we need to get a closer look at that fortress Amber." Amber shared the same shock as the others. "Are you insane? There's no way that can end well!" "High risks, high rewards. Besides, I got an idea, and I'm the only one who can pull it off. You can trust me on this or you can stay behind." "You're still insane." "You don't last long in my line of work if you aren't. Point me in the direction of this fortress." After some coaxing, Owend hesitantly pointed it out. "Relax, I'll be fine. I'll come back, just to say 'I told you so.' Now Amber, are you coming or not?" "Yeah, I'll come, if only to watch you get your butt killed because of this madness." He chuckled. "That's fine by me." Mason set off at a quick pace towards the fortress, having a lot of ground to cover, with Amber keeping up behind him. "Seriously, why are you doing this? You're just one man against an entire army? What can you even do?" "Amber, the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. And besides, I'm Spec Ops, situations like this were the norm, not the exception." "This was normal for you? How stupid were your superiors? Why did they make you do this?" "We can question their stupidity another time, but the fact remains sometimes you got to do something that nobody else can do. It wasn't our motto, but the group known as the SAS had a saying: 'Who dares, wins.' Besides, I'm still alive, aren't I? Me and my squad went up against much more impossible odds in the past." "You really are insane." "I know. I love it. As I said, comes with the job." "So what exactly is your brilliant plan?" "Easy, walk right up to them and say hello." At this, Amber grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop. "Ok, you're not insane. You're just plain stupid." "Am I? Amber, when I first came across Madon's little group, did any of you recognize me? Did any of you know where I was from? What I could even do?" "No... what's that got to-" The gears started turning in her head. "That camp was the first time I've seen Byrn soldiers, so what makes you think they'd recognize me?" "So you walk right up to them and act like you don't know anything." "Right. They won't know." "And how do you plan to get away from them eventually?" "I'll think of something. I haven't gotten that far ahead yet." "Really?" Mason started moving again. "No point planning for something when things can radically change. I'm making this up as I go along. No plan survives first contact with the enemy intact." As they approached, they stopped in a small bush patch. "Alright... Amber... I'm going to split ways with you here... see that patrol over there? That's my ticket in. Wait until we're gone and then return to camp and let them know what I'm doing." "Just one thing." Amber grabbed his arm. "If you're betraying us... I'll personally incinerate you with an unrelenting ragnarok." "Amber..." he shook her grip off. "If I end up betraying the group... you won't have to look far for me. I'll come to you myself." He then gave a nod. "Everything will be alright, ok? I know what I'm doing." And with that, he left the bushes. "Remind me again why we're doing this blasted patrol?" "Because Jill... we reprimanded the two for smoking weed and we had nobody to replace them." "Bullshit Innes, there's always someone to take their place. We're better than this." "Hey is that Madon?" "Madon? Where!?" Jill quickly glanced around before Innes chuckled. "Oops, must've been a mirage." "Dammit Innes! Don't do that! I thought we were going to have to fight!" Innes smirked. "Really? It more looked like you wanted to be impaled through your-" SMACK "God damn it Innes enough with that!" They were interrupted by Mason, gun slung on his back, running up to them, waving one hand in the air. "Oh my God... finally! People! I am so glad to come across you two! I haven't seen a friendly face since... well... I don't even know how I got here!"
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    I'm new and have no idea who any of these characters are so. yes please add me !!!LOL Here's X'yros- ^^^ I'll have that completed by the time this event gets to rolling !!!
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    Welcome back. : )

    Welcome back. : )
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    LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

    Owend smiled and laughed as she began to answer Tolok's barrage of questions. "Oh? You think a roadside fortress is impressive? Pffft, what a hoot! You should have seen Isore in its prime, they didn't call it an impregnable bastion for nothing! Well, that... proved to not be so true, since it was sieged and felled. But hey, Monzia's impressive too, and it is still standing! I'll have to show you it sometime. As for Byrn's troops, they're plenty strong. The regular units are well-trained, and those enhanced with dragon's blood have resistance to all but specialized weapons and spells on top of that. They manged to prevail over Isore's garrison, and as of the last reports I've read, they even have the elite forces of Glia and Dodon on the ropes!" She paused, scanning the landscape below before resuming. "Oh, and a surprise? I'll look forward to it then, handsome! As for fighting them... maybe with our full force, supported by mercenaries and those refugees willing to take up arms, we could take out those clambakes. But we'd need to accurately know their numbers, and if they have that black-clad knight I've heard rumors of leading their force... it would be best to pick a god and pray, and have trust in the Exarch's plan to outmaneuver the Byrn troops. If that one's here, I would not directly engage their main force under any circumstance." As she finished saying that last sentence, she spotted something on the ground below, and brought Nodite to a halt. She pointed her hand forward, gesturing to the fortress ahead and below to point it out to Tolok. "Ah, and there's the fortress now. Best not to go closer, but let me get a better look..." Owend reached into her saddlebags, and produced a spyglass which she extended and raised to her eye. She scanned the fortress grounds... then gasped. "Oh, crackers... he is here." Owend held out the spyglass to Tolok. If he looked into it, he would see a black-armored man with a red cape, a rag in hand as he cleaned up his ebon-scaled wyvern. Owend resumed speaking as Tolok looked. "The Ebon Knight. General of Byrn, and supposed right hand of the leader of Byrn. We need to leave, now, and let everyone know what's going on." The Grey Knight captain would let Tolok look for a few more seconds, before taking the spyglass back and putting it away. Then, she whistled, turning Nodite around and speeding back towards the campsite. The Grey Knights swiftly followed suit. As they made their way to the camp, however, a loud blasting noise echoed from nearby. Owend frowned and turned Nodite in that direction to go investigate. She would soon arrive to see Mason and Amber at the cleared out patrol camp. She looked around with slight confusion. "Hey, is it you spongebrains that are setting off explosives around here? Ah, whatever, that's not important. Anyways, I've found Byrn's main base!"
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    squid peanut

    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    This hits the nail right on the head. The most important thing is to encourage a healthy back and forth where players are engaged and have to actually interact with someone's writing and not just the broad idea of an action
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    This COULD be interesting; BUT with the Invectium Species....it could get very, very MORBID. I might submit someone in a few hours...let me DIG up a DATE!! LOL Benny
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    This is excellent!

    This is excellent!
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    Because of nostalgia, i started playing Modern Warfare 2 again, but I installed IW4X just so i don't have to deal with bad hosts or so.The game is still alive and toxic like before!
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    Working on Posts, but will be away from the phone for the weekend and most of monday as its my usual out and about with my mom. Apologies in advance ❤️
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    *sound of police sirens*

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    A Cure For What Aleth You

    The two women were silent as Aya hugged them in succession. The most they gave the woman was a couple of nods and then some shrugs. The meeting with Vito the captain helped ease the tension within Shishi but there was something else. As the two left the meeting room Shishi would drag her companion into the nearby lady's room. "You were awfully silent back there," the older sister blurted out. Shishi did not answer the question but instead moved to lock the door. Before the older sister could as what's up, Shishi swiftly grabbed the sister's neck, lifting her off her feet and slamming her back to the wall. "I've been noticing it for quite a while now," Shishi breathed into her sister's ear. "Whose body are you wearing now?" The older sister fell silent for a moment, her face not unfazed from the increasing pressure on her throat. Shishi wanted to ask more but she knew it was pointless. With a frustrated sigh, she released the woman from her clutches and unceremoniously dropping her sister's body. Unlocking the door, she left without even looking back. Left alone to her devices, the older sister lit another one of her cigars. At times like this, one needs a really good smoke. it did not take too long, however, as she soon stood up to catch up to Shishi. Despite their earlier argument, the two women can be seen walking side by side, with Shishi carrying a rather large luggage bag while the other woman carried the duffel bag that the mysterious individuals gave them earlier. It seemed that whatever transpired between them a couple of minutes ago were all swept under the rug and they are back to their usual attitude. They arrived at the warehouse and waited for the next instructions.
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    Hold Your Vines (OOC)

    I'm on it.
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    Holly peered from down at the pirate ship below. There was no need for any spyglasses, her vision is more than enough. This was perhaps something Shane should first learn. One of the basics of is the augmented senses and probably the most important one. Her eyes alone let her see as far as any military-grade scope can see. "It seems that they outnumber us. I'll let you lead the attack," said Holly as she faced the Duchess. Then she barked to her servants. "Prepare for combat! We'll be aiding the Duchess. Shane summon our healer from the engine room. Khaki, Sera and Teddy. Please cover the Duchess' soldiers while they rappel down our ship." As the airship neared the pirate's vessel. A black sludge would slowly drip down her coat and would slither up to her legs coating. "I guess I'll be join the attack soon."
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    Elson could not help but grin a little wider at Hunter and Alfonso praising his aim. The bottle-shooting competitions he regularly held with Campos had paid off, then. "Have I truly improved that much, Alfonso? I guess Campos has been rubbing off on me in that case. Knew there was a reason we kept him around, heh." With that, Elson turned his gaze outward, searching to see if the winged beast had any buddies out in the gloomy skies above this ruined city. Seeing none, he lowered his caster gun for the moment. He took the binoculars that Hunter had proffered, lowering them after a bit and nodding in agreement with Alfonso as he handed them back to Hunter. "Mmm, definitely looks like the proper place for us to be heading toward. The streets between seem to be mostly clear of those shambling bastards, from what I saw. They've found better prey elsewhere, maybe, or there's something there that's powerful enough to make them stay away. Either way, won't be hard to get there, as long as we keep quiet and don't attract too much attention." Some time later, Alfonso came to a stop, and spoke of how oddly quiet it was. Sizing up the situation himself for a few moments, Elson couldn't help but agree. He began to speak carefully. "So I was right earlier, something here scared the shamblers away. Whatever it may be... I say we show the better part of valor, and take advantage of the alternative routes that the city's fall has opened up. Better that we conserve our strength and ammo for that which may be guarding our prize, instead of wasting it on the unknown threat guarding the quickest route." He, slowly, began to scan the area, looking for anything like a door or a hatch that would indicate a route that wasn't exposed out in the open. Hidden threats could still lurk inside, of course, but they were likely easier to deal with than those that awaited outside. And it wasn't like he could always find a convenient brick with which to bring devastation upon the enemy, like he had earlier.
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    @The Hummingbird @Pasion Pasiva He was a Guardian of the Order of Force Majeure, a superb combatant, elite amongst warriors and hero of the people. Or so he liked to imagine. Only being a Guardian was true, and though he was one of the vaunted Custodes Militant, the paramilitary support for the Knights of the Force Majeure, his true posting was more akin to that of a rank and file grunt. With hard work, training, and diligence he might actually become a great soldier, maybe even make Captain to his peers one day, but as of yet his future was fluid, his task thankless if necessary, and he could only look forward to the glories that may yet come. At least he looked good in his armor. Women loved a man in armor... and speaking of women... He was one among several Guardians tasked to oversee this fight in the underground arena, to make sure there was no foul play in the match, or from the crowd, and to monitor for perhaps other such unsavory activity. Out of the corner of his eye he spied a woman, who seemed to be being manhandled by some ruffian. His eyes narrowed underneath his helm, and he sent a quick coded message to his colleagues over their communication systems with his intentions. The soldier approached the two. She was a comely looking woman, dressed more plainly then the gentleman accosting her, who seemed to have all the bearing of an arrogant nobleman. The upper class preying upon the lower class? Typical. The soldier frowned under his helmet, a stray thought running wild about slapping the uncouth nobleman with a gauntleted fist and carrying the woman off in the manner that befitted a conquering hero. No. He was a Guardian. He would be professional. "Is everything alright here?" he stated softly, but firmly, coming to attention before the two, planting his halberd before him as he stood at ease. "Is he bothering you, miss?"
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    Hold Your Vines (OOC)

    I got tired of waiting, we don't have too much further to go, let's get this done. @ticklefarte @Thotification y'all still in on this?
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    Hold Your Vines

    While Stella and Tenebra waited for responses from the newcomers, Umbra felt an odd sense of foreboding. She looked toward Maric, and the dark mercenary nodded as if sharing the same thought. The duo turned and scanned around the Broken Plain- The roaring sounds of thunder echoed throughout the area. The signs of incoming Saevion. Umbra turned toward the source of the noise and saw seven Saevion cresting the rise, led by a notably large and majestic specimen colored black and gold. Maric grabbed the Shadow Guard leader and took off in a sprint, shouting at Will, Shishi, and Linda Linda as he passed. "Run! To the Whitewoods!" The Warpgolem Anywhere, along with Stella and Tenebra, ran and caught up with Umbra and Maric. The three Shadow Guards, however, cloaked and moved from the path of Saevion. They would separate from the main group to track these Saevion, especially the seeming leader, and lead the others to them when they had acquired the Tempest Vine. The group of Aligorians would only halt their sprint when the Saevion were far behind, and they stared into the mist-shrouded trees of the Whitewoods. Tenebra turned to the others as they arrived. "We're primarily dependent on Anywhere for direction and navigation here in the Whitewoods. The Warpgolem is one of the Shadow King's finest, and if all works as it should, it should resist the effects of the Whitewoods' mist and be able to be lead us back to the Broken Plains after we have acquired the Tempest Vine. But if that fails, let us mark the trees as we pass as a backup. Also, before we enter, do your best to ward against the mind-altering effects of the mist. We'll be heading into the woods where they are thickest, so we must be extremely careful in that regard. Any further questions or concern before we depart?"
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    Though most of his face remained frozen in indifference, one brow rose as Gabriela concluded her words. For whatever she might be now, he saw that she was no longer the small, weak, pathetic creature he only once visited in the cold of night, and tortured in the strange lands far from here. No black tears fell from her honeyed eyes; there was no sadness to be seen. No love for anything, no claim even on sympathy, nothing but what she spoke of – a cold, dark, consuming hate for a world that had betrayed her endlessly. Slowly he removed his arm from her shoulders, his hand coming to rest with its twin on his lap, where his fingers tapped in a rhythmic pattern. The battle waged on the field before him was forgotten, even as one turned to go and the other declined to surrender with any note of grace. People were cheering and cursing and booing all around him, but he gave none of this any notice. All that mattered was this small form of hate sitting at his side, looking into his eyes unflinching, undaunted. Then he inclined his head toward her, in a unexpected sign of what she had never earned before. Respect. “Now you see,” he said, his voice dropped to a venomous whisper, but the fangs dripping with it were not aimed at her. “This world. What is it to you, this place of shame and treachery? What did it ever matter and why? Why did you ever care for it, when it has brought you to this end?” His lips curled in a sneer. “And I will tell you, it gets only worse. Look through yourself beyond this land, and tell me what you see. What? Is it not so easy? Then let me tell you – blood. Blood and betrayal, treason and hypocrisy.” Again his hand shot to her, to seize her chin, forcing her to look at him once more, their eyes matching, one of honey and one of silver-flecked gold. “Hurt, Gabriela? Why are you hurt? Why bother to feel hurt? It does you no good. Hurt is a weakness, which you cannot afford any longer. My dear, you are utterly alone in this world, and I am your only listener. Yes, me, one whom you despise. I am the only who understands your hate for this… realm of atrocity. “You call me a masochist? Why not? This world, Genesaris the heart of it all, sustains me, and I enjoy watching it rot for all it has become. Even this place whose people worship a so-called Saint has wilted in violence and love for bloodshed. Indeed, I am a masochist, and I’m also a sadist, because I enjoy the pain it must endure now, all the killing… for the sake of pain and the sake of killing. For my sake, Gabriela. “I am Ryzerus Ryan Destiny, and the destiny I see, is a vile end that lies in a cold, disdained grave.” His brought his face close to hers. So close. “Show me what you’ve learned, my love. Spit on the grave.”
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    So... @Priestess @The Alexandrian Given you guys both seem to have been occupied off site, would an extension of a day or two be of any benefit? Meanwhile, reminder to @danzilla3 @Vilhardt and @Thotification in case you guys missed it, or have been similarly occupied
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    What do we know? [Elendeath]

    Ferris seems to focus his attentions first and foremost on his fellow detective, eyes occasionally flitting away in some unknown direction, before returning to the man that explains just who exactly - though not what - Valencia was, and admits to just how little he knows with regards to the item she carried. It is a set of answer that draws a few, slow nods from Ferris, hand cupping his chin as he considers it all... And then Middy had to speak. "...You right in the head there? Because you were just talking about... 'other worlds'." Ferris questions the exact turn of phrase on Middy's part, but before they might actually answer, he raises a hand, bitterly realising, "Aw, crap. You're in the occult, aren't you?" It is a conclusion that seems to have significantly lowered what - if any - opinion Ferris has had of the group up until this point, turning his sudden, disappointed frown upon his guests. But in turn, before he might be able to give out a response to Rookstone's suggestions as to the next course of action, there comes the matter of the many men moving to encircle them. Ferris holds up his hand, seeing Rookstone reach for an obvious weapon, stepping forward with a careful, considered step. He raises his head slightly towards a man that towers above them all, as if a brick wall had been given life - not literally, as Ferris' guests might expect. Merely metaphor for the fact that this was one massive man, who might have been sharply dressed if his clothes were five years younger. "Mooch?" "Who else?" Answers the giant of a man, pushing back the sides of his coat as he places his hand in his pockets. "Finally hired on some help?" "You know I couldn't afford it." Ferris tells him, releasing a breath he's been holding on, and then allowing himself a laugh. "So what brings you to my little slice of paradise?" 'Mooch' removes his hat, revealing not much in the way of hair, but apparently enough room to hide a small envelope - minuscule really, in hands like his - that he proceeds to extend to Ferris. "Had a look into that 'business' you were talking about. Cops have a suspect, but they ain't naming 'em." "That in here then?" Ferris wonders briefly, giving the packet a little shake, before he pockets it. Mooch shakes his head, hat held to his chest. "No, that's what you need if you wanna talk to him. Donald here's a 'Baron' of the Covenant of the Undying Star. So you gotta look like you're a Serf at least to get in." "Great, more cultists." Ferris grumbles, giving a glance back to Middy, before rolling his eyes back to Mooch. "Couldn't you make me a Baron or something too?" "Pushing your luck there." Mooch looks down on the man in every sense. "I owed you one, and now I've settled our debt. Although..." "Although... what?" Ferris raises his brow, apparently surprised that Mooch might leave a point to linger. "Consider this a bonus: That dame that got whacked by the Ambassador Hotel? Her corpse is being held up in what the LAPD call their 'Specialist' Division - corner of First and Hill." Mooch tells Ferris, who reacts to that with a look of incredulity. "No such thing." "Yes such a thing." Mooch states bluntly. "Couldn't tell you what it's for, but for whatever reason, they insisted she not just go straight to a Coroner." "...Right..." Ferris mumbles, nodding a bit, before signalling to the others to follow. "Ah, bup-bup-bup." Mooch suddenly extends out his arm, blocking Ferris' path. "I've settled my debt... now settle yours." Ferris blinks, before shrinking in front of Mooch as he tries to say, "M-Mooch, you know I don't have the big man's money. I haven't had work in weeks!" "Yet here you are," Mooch tilts his head, made curious. "Comfortable enough to go on the hunt for some foreigner's killer. One would think you've got money to be sitting pretty if that's the case." "...Oh! I see, I see!" Ferris nods his head with a questionable enthusiasm. "I see what you're saying now! Very much so, ye-" Ferris cuts his own sentence short as he makes an effort to swing out his fist right into Mooch's jaw. Unfortunately for him, it's like hitting a brick wall, and his hand recoils while he lets out a sharp hiss. He has only a moment before Mooch's own clenched hand clocks him right into the concrete. "Anybody else?" Mooch muses as he cracks his now bloodied knuckles. ...Yet, slowly, carefully, Ferris makes a very small gesture, towards the cars parked on the street in the distance behind. If they could just get there...
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    His opponent had erred. If it had been his prerogative to forfeit the match, he should have disengaged and departed. It would have been safest. Arthur’s upbringing among the Ouread Hexblades would have urged the black mage to chase the departing Kenshi out of the chamber like a mad dog. The mutant would have had to control himself, knowing that such conduct would likely see him disciplined by the tournament organizers. However, his opponent had no intention of ending the battle cleanly. Instead, Kenshi chose to persist, stepping forward with his left leg and attempting to grab hold of the mage’s pollaxe. It would prove a grave mistake. With the pole braced against his opponent’s right forearm, the tip of the foot long spike at the top of the axe head was less than a foot away from Kenshi’s face. Simply, with the spiritual warrior’s left hand on his sword’s saya and his left hip rotated away, pulling the scabbard back to draw his sword from his Iaido stance. His hand had to travel much farther to grab the pole than the linear route that the spear needed to travel in order to reach its target. Arthur’s opponent’s advancing step only shortened the distance the spear needed to travel significantly. It also presented the left side of his cheeks as a target. If the spear connected with its target, and it was likely to, the spike would penetrate flesh and travel unimpeded through Kenshi’s mouth (causing damage to gums and teeth) until it exited through the opposite side of his face. Arthur pushed forward on the polearm, aiming to drive Kenshi backwards and to the ground in a dynamic display of strength and technique. @Etched In Stone
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    A Disccusion About Anti-Magic

    Magic rock<sealing paper<shotgun<(magic rock again and repeat) What you need to avoid is 'my speciul powah>everything else.' I'd say the goal is to figure out a chain of what would counter what and if you think you end up at a power that seems invincible you either missed something or broke the anti-munch project (also known as insisting you can do something so dickish that other people will refuse to play with you.... And have a point.) At least I find the theory crafting fun, even if I don't get to employ most of what I come up with.
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    The Fire Heart

    LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

    The sheer excitement and compliments thrown by the lady with blue hair caught Tolok off guard. He was not expecting someone this lively in a camp that was mostly lunging towards an objective they were all sure would never come back. But her? She looked like she was feeding from all this adrenaline. Her next sudden reaction, boasting about how Tolok made her go crazy? This embarassed him for a bit, both Vanessa and Tolok looking at eachother after Owend's audible whisper was over. He advanced, as the pegas landed next to the blue haired woman. As she climbed up, he accepted her help, getting up rather easy. He chose the saddle behind her, finding a comfortable way to stay on it, looking all around him, analysing the whole place. The mighty creature was one he could not get his eyes off, one that made his heart jump, because of its beauty. "Horses with wings. They are so majestic, yet they seem so common to some." "Hey. Thanks for the hand." He said, after smiling to her and looking around more, as he checked his sword and shield, his father's gifts, as sign of memory of his past, which were still in place. During the flight, he felt slightly sick, but he managed to stop that feeling, by not focusing on it. He enjoyed the flight, apparently, smiling and laughing. He felt like a child again; something which would have always made him happy, over anything else. He listened to Owend as she kept explaining: "A fortress you say? Sounds like Byrn has its own fair share of capable people. A building like this placed at the crossroads, watching over trades and bandits? I thought camps and high towers would do just fine, but it seems like you have some overkill measures. Are the Byrn strong, lady? Because you may not worry, We can take care of them if something happens. I can do something they cannot and will surely cause them to fall back. I'll leave it for later, because you know surprises are kept for the best moments!" He giggled, before continuing. "A scout sounds much better than a head on attack. Glad there are people who use their actual brain for strategies and not for being stupid. Do we have any chances to fight them if we are all together and they would launch an attack against us?"
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    Fennis Ursai

    Silver Ticket Calling

    Lexicus would leave from the tavern and begin making his final preparations. There was an order of wood which was being set in his cart that the merchant was on route to pay for, nails from the same company being loaded into a box to be placed into his cart, there was an anvil and a small travel sized forge being taken to his cart and loaded up that too he would pay for. A few basic survival supplies, including medical wraps, a few salves and some poultices were being added to a small crate that the blonde merchant would carry back to his cart. Some pickaxes and hammers and a some assorted tools for working metal he'd commissioned had been delivered to his cart and beside them, some feed for his rather large beast of burden. All of this, Lexicus had to go and pay for. Though they were minor business expenses, so far Lexicus had spent more on this little investment that he though he'd need. Lexicus would spend time checking and making sure all stock was accounted for and would dispute the merchants for the errors he found until all was rightly there at his cart. Some time would be need to secure the cargo and make room to carry a few passengers if that was needed. Lexicus had made the cart ready for travel and made sure to check the cart wheels and the pull on his beast was not too great. The large hybrid beast between what would be closely related to an ox and a bison was travel ready as well. He'd been feed adequately. Roughly two hours would pass before the merchant would swing back into the tavern. He was certain this was all that would come in for his inquiry. Lexicus was already a touch late coming back in, which irked him, however he would return back to the table and sit back down acknowledging anyone that was already there and would wait for a bit longer on anyone that was not currently there. He was ready to get underway, it would be the start of a wealth generation if he'd be able to get this building up and running.
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    Vito witnessed the ricosha of musket balls fly back, deflected by some sort of orange. They made their way back towards the firing lining, bouncing off the shield wall or imbedding themselves with the scales of the kobold. The veteran shield was stood strong, whilst two adapt musketeers fell back onto the ground with a hard thud. A sudden explosion followed shortly, the devilish eye detonated and turned the mountain top to ash. The tremor made its way down the mountain, rocking the already destroyed town. Thankfully, the outskirts of the town did not receive the brunt of the force. It seemed a battle of patience was not going to happen. 'Sorry, it appears the world won't be taking it easy on you once again.' 'When would I ever be that lucky?' The shambling corpses that rose from the turned earth, whispering tales of guilt, seemed to be acting as a blockade to a spotted pelt bandit. With plenty of experience in necromancy, many kobold and kraul having religious beliefs surrounding it, the shield wall was left unfaced and held its place firm. With one raise of a hand, the musketeers retreated back and were replaced with spears. The group formed a phalanx like formation around the building, bellicose making his way back inside the building. Vito pointed his sword towards the bandit, who stood behind the marching dead. "You, pelt guy. I can't tell whether you've been divorced three times or just like cheetah pelts, but regardless. What's it that you seek? A group far more threatening march towards whoever's in charge, yet you play around with fodder and refugees? Are you low ranking and looking to make a name for yourself or just enjoying preying on the weak who are trying to run?" Vito focused his mind on the ground, casting fire to it, raising snakes of magma which danced around and acted as guard dogs and threatened any they dare the cross their line. "I will be leaving here and these people will be coming with me." Iohmer could sense an object pierce his back, but felt no pain. Turning his head, he saw the figure of an undead shamble in an attempt to kill him. But unfortunately for the dead, no physical force could damage him in this state. Turning his back, he assessed the damage with his summoned spirits. "?¿¿???¿¿¿¿?" @Djinn&Juice
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    From Ashes (Viridis)

    "HUUUH! Awww, so cute! They're just like mommy and daddy! I'm sure we'll get along just fine." She said with glee, her words reaching levels of squeakiness that should never be met. Her eyes brightened as she stared into the forest from a distance, trying to catch a glimpse of the potential cuddle monsters. She'd only met bugbears in combat, having never actually spoken to one. Were they loud? Angry? So many questions ran through her mind, her inner child trying to break free. But at last, she could see little. 'Where's the puppy!?' "Fiiiiine." Jester continued her peering, just hoping for one little glimpse.
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    I'm studying for finals right now, you guys. I'll still be watching to see if it's my turn to post. Just trying to make decent grades. ?
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    The Heavy Hand (Outpost 4?)

    Caden was nearby. Across the street, in fact, keeping vigil on the tavern from a short distance. On this occasion he wore a dark brown duster, one the blended him in flawlessly against the darkling ambiance of a rapidly setting sun. He watched Vito in an unguarded moment, and with a little more effort peered through the windows of the tavern into its belly, watching Ivan as well. After a few minutes he was as satisfied as he could be that everything and everyone was what they should be – aside from his underworld worries, Caden now had to concern himself with thoughts of body-snatching parasites. He tapped Vito on the shoulder on his way past the marauder, into the tavern, through the crowd, and to Ivan's booth. He slid into the cushioned seat, removing his trilby hat and letting it rest in his lap, then brought one hand to rest on the table and let the other remain out of sight by his hip. Vito was right to keep his thoughts unuttered. Caden was less fool and more foolhardy, less senseless and more reckless, but was exactly the kind of man to sacrifice his hand if it meant he could punch someone's contempt for him off their face; as Vito cut him a wide berth Caden instead channeled these energies into tripling their business holdings and expanding their trade route. This man had thin white scars on his knuckles, visible by the booth's candlelight, and scars on his arms and face, chipped or missing teeth, puffy ears from relentless pugilism; this guise of a bruiser hid well the honed, predatory instincts of the shark swimming between his ears. "Youse guys finished your laps alright, right? This ain't a party town, they don't hide anything about that. I think we skip past the consumer just like me and V did in Norkotia but here there ain't no underbelly to vampire tap and get our dues. Me, I think we're gonna have to find out what the druids get up to in that temple, and see if there's a space we can fill. What all youse think?"
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    A Cure For What Aleth You

    "That was quite the miss," the older sister blurted out once Meryam is gone. "It appears that we have arrived late to the party." "A good thing we came late," Shishi responded as she walked beside her older sister, "I have no idea how she might react to your existence." "Ah yes," the older sister sighed, "I can't blame her. I worked on both sides of the morality spectrum. That Glasmann bitch knows this but I doubt she'd be that much of a blabbermouth especially when I'm here to help and most likely on her side." The younger sister did not respond to that but merely took off to the side and leaned on wall, arms crossing across her ample chest. Whenever some supernatural happens, it is no longer her concern. Especially gods. Slaying a few is more than enough for her but dealing with one is simply not her specialty. While Shishi took the passive stance, the older sister was the one who grabbed Argi's shoulder from behind. "Argi, honey. Do you trust this goddess?" If she ever gained Argi's attention, the woman would continue speaking. "If you ask me, I would tell you to not trust these gods. I've dealt with the god Havoc and another unkown god during the cataclysm with Ceyana and the Illyrians. I've briefly tangled with the mad god Laughingstock and his vessel, the poor doctor Marigold. I've had tea with the Ginger God of the Ulway. Then I've met many more in Renovatio. With the help of Primera, I have met more gods. Cialo. Sagittarius. Montis Maximus. And more. Even now, another weakened god resides within me, waiting for the right moment to take over my body. With all these experiences, I have learned that our existence have no such importance with these gods." Then she released Argi from her clutches and places a cigar between her full lips. "I've dealt with a couple of these beings that refers to themselves as 'gods' and I haven't met one that is worth pinning my hopes on." That was more than she had expected to say. One could say that was a great risk on her part especially with both Glasmann and the military dude in their little party. It might endanger her later but it is a risk she is willing to take. Call her a sentimental and bitter fool but can't just let poor Argi be affected by the hypocrisy of these 'gods.' Or perhaps her emotions are just clouding her judgement. If her identity would endanger Shishi, then she would have to 'die' again for the greater good.
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    cy's super cool $drawings$

    SUPER COOL VAL DRAWINGS its me cy and i like to draw and i really love everyone's art here ?? commissions: soon?! maybe, yes! more drawings?: hell yeah DOWN BELOW ! ! ! CANDIE & SUNNY SCARBOROUGH: two of the most frequently drawn characters in my files. there's something relaxing abt drawing these two ARES SHEZMU & TOMMY HUDSON: they barely interact, but they're highschool bffsies 4effsies (underage chucklefucks coming through) URSA MADEUM CHARACTERS: a pure golden boi and a filthy pirate man
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    Hold Your Vines (OOC)

    I'm still on...
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    Kenshi's free rosary left hand the instant the slashing of his unconventional Iiajutsu seemed thwarted by the poleaxe's upper shaft (if not mistaken) he became far more aware of the immediate surroundings in the contact of his opponent's defense. His fingers found themselves binding near the upper portion that pressed against his forearm, crossing the air shoving the single grip downward against Arthur's sturdiness. The Practitioner's legs swept from their grounded formation, shifting to the left this time as his hips swung naturally, flowing rhythmically with the rest of his body that danced this battle. In his control and redirection of not only the shaft head but Kenshi's own body weight, Arthur placed his own backfoot to lean away to adjust the distance again, but the poleaxe remained in temporarily tact. By removing his targeted limb from being contacted the foreigner also freed the sword hand and the maneuverability he held over it. In a right-cross motion of his overhanded grip on the Katana bending the elbow and the forearm, contorting the handle of the blade in way so the hilt and his thumb aligned mid-way down at his chest, the Ha edge on his sword erected in a slash perpendicular to the arm to halt with it's tip pressed against the Mage's neck upon the jugular. His blind gaze and wolfish features for the first time took a good look at the man the Swordslayer's mouth opened and he spoke clearly in his intents. If Arthur was an honorable folk, than he'd take the Soke's words with heed, grant passage and without stabbing him in the back first. If some body had to die today in order for that to occur, what choice would the hanyo really have? "Prove me your skills outside of this tournament, Mage man. Celebrate this short victory, however because today you have won. Find me in Jigoku, if you’ve any doubts." Torqueing the shaft head haphazardly in a leftward the opposite direction, releasing his grip of the poleaxe he placed his feet to balance in front staring into Arthur's eyes, he'd take a bow and push off in the direction of the arena doors. Whether the audience felt as if they wasted their funds on such a weak spectacle of a match, which, no doubt some would shew and shout. To the spiritual warrior however, none of that mattered as he head to his quarter in tranquil nonchalant. @Voldemort
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