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    saga juliet

    nevertheless [request: multiple]

    Nevertheless is a word that I always found to be comforting. I learned that word in the fourth grade, for a spelling bee. Biazo's Second Preparatory, class 2-A. Miss Chambers. We had spelling bee outfits - imagine! Long black robes, I think, partially to inspire a sense of the academic among us snot-nosed brats who never saw the virtue of words by the hand. After all, isn't saying it enough? Didn't they know what we meant, anyway? Not little Isabel. Isabel had always trusted in authority. If they told her to drink her milk, she would. If they told her that she'd succeed Daddy's congregation, she would. And if they told her to spell, why by Gaia, she'd do it. Not fully understanding the consequences of access to the written word, the aftershocks of which reach her even today. She was proud to do it. Higher powers knew best. She got out on the stage and tied it all up, four letters at a time, then five, until the final round had her panting out polysyllabics against that insufferable twat, Roman Payne, from 2-C. Oh, she won in the end - a memory she cherished up until three years ago - between the e's and the v's and the the in the middle of it all. N-e-v-e-r-t-h-e-l-e-s-s. Isabel still remembers that word best of all today, but little Isabel wouldn't know how much trouble that victory would make for her in the end. The auditorium is still standing, right now, about five miles down through the jungle. It's all that remains of that school, and last time I went I saw two Half-men crucified and burnt black in the very middle of it. Memories abound every path I walk through the jungle, because those paths Isabel walked once, too. But now is not then. Then was before now. One only needs to see the fallen buildings and trip over scattered bones once to realize the difference and order of these two eras. Rot proceeds in only one direction. Gaia is back in this land after indefinite hiatus: the Terrans brought her back not because they remembered all the mistakes they had made, but because those mistakes festered like unattended cuts until gangrene had spread. It was a hiatus of convenience, I think. I still think that Gaia is good and that she loves us, but I do not think that the Terrans care one way or another who Gaia loves as long as they are in favor. Nevertheless, Biazo has changed. I am told that it is called Bi'le'ah now, because the weight of that name is too much to bear for Terran sensibilities. I will still call it Biazo, even though it has changed. Even though everything that was once recognizably Biazo has by now been ground into the ground. Even after the pandemics of change, even after the Unnaturals came, more misunderstood than violent, even after the chaos storms swallowed the last of us and spit us out, former identities utterly annihilated. The Terrans make only military incursions anymore. The jungle has eaten so many of them up that I am not surprised, but if only they'd learn that the jungle is not inimical but merely gives in kind. How would they know? The jungle was not a part of the then that the Terrans remember. We ourselves have been marked by every force; first by the Unnatural force, then by Gaia, in every direction, until even the monsters that crawl through the shadows and eat men are more familiar to the Terrans than ourselves. Some of us who remain go mad. We still have sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers in distant lands whom we once resembled. They should shudder to think of the way their mirror has changed now. Biazo, once a gem, is now imperfect. Filth, apparently, has worked its way into the matrix. I think of the half-men on the stage, for all to see, and sometimes I can even understand that perception. That's the production of Biazo. That is what is worthy of display. That is the art and the artifice of this dead country. Nevertheless, we're still here. After all this, and all the things that we are, we're still here. Isabel Payne nee Jacobs, former Gaian Priestess, former believer, current doctor, runs her own uncertified clinic in a village of refugees deep in the Bi'le'an Jungle. The certification office is still open, mind. Just, the bureaucrats that operated it are mostly dead, and those that aren't have been transmogrified by Gaia's woefully underappreciated wit into ratmen that lurk beneath the city. So the clinic goes uncertified. Isabel herself has hardly any real medical training, either. But it's better than what the remnants of Biazo are used to getting, so deep in the jungle. Isabel Payne's full of stories, miseries, and her titular pain, and she has a chip on her left shoulder big enough to weigh her down on that side. Or maybe that's the limp after her leg was transformed into the same leg, minus the foot. (The transmogrification was IED-like in nature.) She offers assistance to travelers, but more often than not it's the travelers that give her assistance. There is very little in the way of supplies in Bi'le'ah, and little in the way of daily happinesses. Nevertheless... Anyway, parties interested in pursuing a small, quiet interaction or a larger character development in the vicinity of the village of Nak'mbu (which I have certifiably just invented) are welcome to list inquiries. Otherwise, come and stop by the clinic to glimpse a course of Isabel's daily pain.
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    slake likes boats @aboleth_eater • 2m ago boyfriend just explained libraries to me. apparently they're like bars, except instead of rum you drink knowledge??? REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE slake likes boats @aboleth_eater • 1m ago read** not drink i mean lol REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE slake likes boats @aboleth_eater • 48s ago just found out fist-fights arent as acceptable in libraries as they are in bars. now banned from arcturons public libraries. thanks myr. REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE
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    The First Feast of Blades

    “Oh…we are informal already then Xartia? Such comfort for someone thrust into this arrangement at the whim of a new acquaintance. Had I an official title worth flaunting I would make sure it escaped your lips many times today but I suppose Ilyana shall suffice.” Once upon a time, Xartia was a man full of hubris; A dangerous amount at that. He used to pride himself on his titles, verbal badges of recognition acknowledging his accomplishments. For better or worst. Most of his titles if not all of them bared a common history of blood and death. All the ones he'd acquired prior to relocating on the face of this very world. While there were far and few individuals that knew him from the past, most of them knew him in good standing. The more rare knew of his dark history, and merely chose not to exploit that against his favor. The rarest forgiving him for past transgressions directly. IT'S ALL TRADITIONAL HUMAN CUISINE! YOU'D THINK THEY'D HAVE SOMETHING EXOTIC, WHAT WITH ALL THEIR SPACESHIPS, LIKE LIVE GAGH OR FIENDISH DIRE RAT SAUTEED IN BUTTER! I PEEKED ON THE WAY OVER, AND IT LOOKS LIKE THEY JUST HAVE ALL THE REALLY POPULAR FOOD TO MATCH THEIR REALLY POPULAR RECTANGULAR TABLES THAT REINFORCE OPPRESSIVE, OUTDATED SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS PROMULGATED BY AUTOCRATS AND A STAGNATING HEGEMONIC CLASS! “Nothing like the food at Club Tablillas and clearly uninspired. Perhaps the Order is low on funding and could not spare spending money on someone anywhere near your caliber Cammy. If we see anyone who can make the appropriate changes we have to let them know what a dire mistake they’ve made…” The cat girl chimed in before he could verbally respond to Ilyana's mildly patronizing remarks. True and unchanged to his nature, the Cambion ultimately felt no burning desire to explain himself. To explain how he'd grown beyond the want to cling to empty titles, as well as the false feelings of import they produced. Xartia had after all only taken his seat on the council as a favor to the Queen herself, for he also no longer desired to lead or rule over any amount of persons. "Transportation and import of specific off-world goods is a an uneconomic affair, especially in the perspective of catering to as broad an audience as possible. Nevertheless, if it would please you, I may be able to ask our kitchen staff to accommodate your requests as closely as possible. I apologize beforehand of course, if it does not meet the approval of your palate, as we receive very few guests of your class here" “Oh look. There she is with such impeccable timing. Isabella! Don’t drag your feet beautiful. Come, join us!” "I do hope she found her friend alright." Speaking of friends, he noticed a couple of his beyond Isabella; Arthur, and Enid. It'd been even longer since he last seen Enid compared to the likes of the Black Mage. Still, they seemed to be enjoying themselves in the wake of what was largely seen as a parade. With his own party just now getting reunited, he'd refrain from separating it again so soon. Perhaps after having a bite to eat he'd go say hi. For now he sufficed by moving to pull out Cammy's chair, one either next to or directly across from Ilyana whom took the liberty of beating him to the punch. Once Isabella drew nearer, he too worked to pull her seat out for her. "Welcome back dear, I take it you're feeling well enough to be trusted with food this time around?" He joked with her about her sickness that followed a heavy breakfast they shared the day before. While Xartia himself was ready too eat, he was all too curious what Cammy might request instead. Since arriving here he'd tried a few dishes exclusive to this world, though nothing so exotic as to be called far fetched. @Dolor Aeternum @The Alexandrian @Pasion Pasiva @Fierach
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    The First Feast of Blades

    @The Alexandrian @Dolor Aeternum A trio of Guardians passing by Cammy took note of her outburst. The leader of whom paused, turning to his subordinates to nod to them and motion for them to continue on their way, that he would join them in a moment. The Custode then leaned in toward Cammy, her halberd at ease at her side in one hand. This soldier was taller then the others, practically towering over the petite catgirl, and bore an ornate-looking variation of the standard Guardian's armor, the original silver steel painted over with ornate blues and black tints. It was also possible to note that the armor was more feminine then that of the others as well, and the voice that came from within the helm lent credence to the notion that the Custode was a she. "Transportation and import of specific off-world goods is a an uneconomic affair, especially in the perspective of catering to as broad an audience as possible. Nevertheless, if it would please you, I may be able to ask our kitchen staff to accommodate your requests as closely as possible. I apologize beforehand of course, if it does not meet the approval of your palate, as we receive very few guests of your class here" came the overruling statement, yet so politely and melodiously delivered. Even through the helmet covering her features, her voice was like the lilting of the wind, a contralto low and rhythmic. She did not engage in the political discourse, the Knights could handle that if they so deigned, although it was more then likely they would not. It was fairly obvious to anybody who thought about it that the battles weren't the point, the networking was. The Order of Force Majeure would ultimately gain many things from the Feast of Blades, insights into the political situations of a fractured continent, the curiosity of those not yet under active surveillance, and the unveiling of those who wished to take a closer look at them, so that the Force Majeure might gaze back through the transparent mirror.
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    ...So, I play the Governor of Totenborough: @ticklefarte meanwhile plays the people behind the city's library (unless you were thinking of a different one, @Jotnotes): And while the latter was last here just before New Year's, I at least would be quite interested in this topic, albeit in a likely oppositional role
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    After all the shit Brett has said, Sers was more or less placated. Her seething anger slowly dissipated and was replaced with a rather awkward smile. "Dumb fucks," the woman spat, "The lot of you." Knees still wobbly, Sers had to grab Khaki's shoulder for support. "So the proposal is time travel. I'll help you if you let us also send some recording of all the shit that happened here because of you dumb fucks. Once everything else is done for good and our final hope is sent back to the past, then this timeline would not exist. Does that mean I get to massacre all remaining VCF retards?"
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    Ivan listened, his anger going to a low simmer as the woman spoke. They were right after all, killing anyone here wouldn't do them any good, they needed to make sure this never happened ever again. His staff disappeared and he stepped up to the monitors. The images were no more disturbing than what'd he'd seen on the outside. Undead roamed ruins and unspeakable monsters flew through the skies. He shook his head, placing a hand on the counter. "So what is the first step, where are we to go, what are we to do?"
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    Time Stone: Acquiesce

    "Did you desire I go around territories enacting favors or deeds for others in exchange for service, land, or an alliance? Has this bloody world only made you weaker?" The Vampires words were personal, more so than anyone present might have known or even suspected. The Cambion's eyes became half lidded, his gaze remaining with Lein's. Over the years, Xartia hadn't grown weaker by any means. Though with power and age came wisdom; Wisdom so deep that he could even understand both why the Vampire would commit himself in such a manner, as well as the fact that he could never succeed. His own son he was discussing with Arthur earlier, Koji, is similar in these regards. The major difference here being interpersonal relationships. Where Koji was a burden he had to bare the weight of, Lein was not. Where he and Koji were enemies, he and Lein were not. Not only did Lein know better than those present of Xartia's extremely bloody history, though he should personally remember not to mistake his lack of sin as weakness. "Weaker? Need I remind you of the day you swore your fealty to me? Fortunately for you, your fealty was never of my desires. It shouldn't have to be said aloud, even if we haven't been around one another in long while...Even without my demonic mutations, do not ever look down your nose at me. Never mistake my restraint and patience for weakness." He more or less spoke just loud enough for Lein to here. Not that he cared if the others heard his words, more so that he wasn't trying to get a rise out of his comrade. As the Vampire resumed his speech, the Cambion was affirmed of his assumptions. Old habits died hard indeed. As much as Xartia wished to blame himself for the Vampires dwelling on this world, he refused to knowing he had nothing to do with his arrival. Besides, Xartia had long forgiven himself of his past transgressions, and had risked his life enough times for any world across the multiverse enough not feel the necessities of playing the hero any longer. Unless of course it was on a more personal level with himself. "Dark dominion if you had yet found out, but if my purging cannot be enough to control the World under a single order. I will be the sole reason the lands remain contaminated and fouled. You see, then will the World seek to find an antidote or a cure to end the affliction and torment endured." "So long as those I treasure remain untouched by your ilk, you need not be concerned with my personal resistance. I won't verbally threaten you directly, but I'm sure you get th -BRACE YOURSELVES!!!" The Cambion suddenly exclaimed as his right hand found the nearest wall. As a precaution, he metaphysically reinforced the presumed impact zone from the impending crash landing. How Xartia could've been so careless as to not notice the dragon and it's rider sooner was a mistake he couldn't afford to make again, especially during this quest. Judging by the landing as he perceived it, it was nothing of an assault, an accident at best. Fortunate for the rider as she made her way to his and Lein's company. Shoving an envelope into the Vampire's chest, his face grew puzzled. How many more humans had Lein been networking with, and how did this one know she could find him here? Her immediate choice to stroll away somewhat casually left him even more certain of his assumptions. Despite what he wanted to say, he bit his tongue and sufficed knowing that nobody was hurt in the crash landing, and that the vessel had sustained minimal damage that was virtually unnoticeable. "Perhaps I stand corrected, looks like you just might be famous already." He mused, refreshing his trademark, Cheshire grin. This hadn't been the first time the two had been mistaken for one another, though without his demonic mutations, it would likely be the last time such a thing occurred. It really was a shame that he hadn't seen Raveena since ridding himself of his mutated appearance completely. @Voldemort @Etched In Stone @Malintzin @Artificer
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    Goodness, this is a lot of replies to wake up to. There will certainly be space for all of you I expect, though I wasn't actually aware there was an interest in opposition. That's a rather unexpected angle to take, I think, but I'm willing to take a shot at it, and see what happens. Given the nature of hiring mercenaries, I imagine M'yr cannot keep his intentions a secret from the authorities for very long at all, which presents @Vilhardt with an opportunity to infiltrate the group. It also gives @Meraxa and possibly @ticklefarte (as well as @Csl) an opportunity to help set up the adventure and opposition in advance. More on that later perhaps. Those fine folks who offered to join; @Fennis Ursai @Mickey Flash @Zashiii @Sanonymous and @The Alexandrian at time of writing, you are all, of course, welcome to dictate your desired role in the thread, be it with or against The Acolytes. Given how many people have expressed an interest, we may need to account for all of you while developing the mission, if you will. More on that later. If you will, make sure any character sheets you'd like to post are in here already, and perhaps give a small blurb about what your character specializes in. In about a weekend's time, or less, we will begin a planning phase, where the Acolyte's plan is developed, as are the counter measures, before the mission begins. Shortly thereafter, the thread will begin in full swing. I'll be checking in all day today, and will probably have time to answer questions in 4 hours or so before work picks up. Ask any questions you may have before we get there.
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    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    Jack hadn’t let out a single word during Capria’s monologue. He knew damn too well how it feels to be cursed by powers that lie beyond one’s comprehension. He gripped the hilt of a sword that carried the name of the sorcerer who stripped him of his natural vision, tainted his soul and erased his past. However, the mention of Witch King did not ring any bells in Jack’s mind. He usually pays little attention to high politics and legends of the past… unless it was among customer’s concerns, which was very rare. Nonetheless, Capria’s answer had satisfied Jack’s curiosity to a certain degree, and they could finally get back to the point. “…We still have a mission to complete.” – Capria stated. - ”Right yourselves and prepare to clear the area and get that damn elevator back online.” “No.” – Jack replied harshly. – “There’s still one thing that remained. Or rather... one man.” He paused for a moment to give his groupmates enough time to remember yet another reason to venture into the abandoned outpost. The boy. The one who met them near the fence and helped them descent. The one who disappeared due to strange circumstances, right before the encounter with zombie monkeys. He continued: “First and foremost, we should find him and take any means necessary if he would be a threat to us. Next…” – he pulled out the outpost map and put it under the light, - "We should traverse toward the building on the other side where the backup elevator resides.” “After that…” – he slid his finger from one edge of a map to another. – “Either we make haste toward the elevator, ignoring everything else, or---” Suddenly Jack fell silent. He held his breath briefly so nothing but his own heartbeat and the breath of Capria and Raven could be heard. It was extremely hard to pick out any suspicious noises, yet Jack’s keen hearing helped him to notice multiple footsteps that were resounding across the hospital’s desolate corridor. He gave both Capria and Raven a sign to speak no more and grabbed his bow. “I don’t think we’re dealing with monkeys anymore.” – Jack thought, while processing Raven's words. – “A bad time for a talk about firepower, lady.”
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    [Port Kyros] It's Alive

    The makeup-clad singer bowed politely at her joke, but didn't do much else. She wasn't fooled, though. She flashed him a confident grin as he looked her over quickly, going from her head to her toe. He didn't linger on her much, but not because she didn't try. As his gaze roamed across her, she gave her chest a small puff, and put on a little pout for him, cocking her head and staring at him through a lidded gaze. She flinched a bit, taken aback by the unexpected shouting, and glanced towards whoever screeched at them. The angry woman was leaning forward, hands on her hips, obviously furious. However, she did look familiar. The Goblin attempted to lean around her, glancing towards the building she came from, but had no such luck, because other noisy people showed up. From the murmuring crowd, somebody else said spoke up, slicing through the general lull of the other spectators. Then, a heavy weight on her head, suddenly weighing her down. Her blood turned cold, then hot and hotter, as she felt a man's elbow did into her skull. She glanced up, just barely able to make him out. He extended his hand in greeting to the street performer. "Oh, you really think so?" She growled under her breath. She was, somehow, completely unnoticed by him, the lumbering, stupid-talking twink. She glanced at her guitar-gun-axe, but voted against butchering him in the street. Sides, she couldn't reach it from here, anyway. The hot one acknowledged Leon's greeting, and shook his hand. Ooooh, he talks cute, too! She grinned to herself as she reached down and plucked one of her shoelaces free, and quickly wrapped it around Leon's ankles. Deft and soft, he couldn't feel a thing. Satisfied with her work quickly, she reached up, and grabbed his elbow, and darted out from under him, pulling him forward by the elbow. Any attempt to catch himself, to recover or get his balance back, was met immediately by his feet being bound up, and he toppled to the ground. Once he was down, she rested an elbow on the top of his head, and hissed down at him. "You're lucky I didn't bite your fingers off, pretty boy." She growled. "I don't like being ignored, and I don't like being used as an armrest." Artamese wasn't waitng around, though, and now that she was free to check out the store, she recognized the name of it immediately. "Oh, this is the place!" She exclaimed, hopping away from Leon. She hustled past the others, right up to the door, and hurried inside, disappearing within.
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    Heyy, As you probably have guessed, I'm a new user here and I'm kind of hyped for this new sort of roleplay theme(?). I don't exactly know how to end this, so uh, yeah...
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    Hey, thanks for the welcome! I've never really explored types of plot, so I'll probably have to do that while I'm here. I'll make sure to ask questions when I need to!
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    General chat thread

    I’ll probably make a new one yearly to keep things from bloating with bloat Enjoy!
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    @King Orisia. The tropical island that was home to so many people that enjoyed the life there. Away from the technology in the other parts of the world that caused countless wars. The dragon hybrid wasn't here for the life of luxury however or some sort of retirement. No, she was here for the Fire Blade, Solarijos, the one that can create flames. At least to get herself a better weapon and to become stronger. The Crimson Dragon walked down the street in pitch-black armour that covered her whole body, tail with a black helmet. Various townspeople came to look and stare at her in absolute fear as she walked past like she was sort of feared knight. "Hey, is that?" One of the townspeople said as the watched the hybrid walk past. "No way, what is one of the Black Knights doing out here?" "You've got to be kidding me. Are they here to kill someone?" Came the voices of the local townspeople. Disgust and fear was all they knew around the supposed Black Knights of Orisia. Arashi however, didn't know what on earth they were talking about. She was heading torwards the tavern and opening the door. Inside the tavern was lively as usual, patrons going about and the bar staff serving drinks and food. Arashi went to sit at the bar, going to ask the bartender a question. "So what brings a knight like you into here?" He said with obvious fear on his face. "I'm not one of those Black Knights. I'm looking for the Fire Sword of legend. You know anything about it?" Arashi asked. "Well, no, nothing exactly...I heard there's somebody maybe in town knows however. That's just a rumor though." He said, giving a sigh of relief as Arashi explained she wasn't one of those Orisian Black Knights. "Thank you. I shall go look for this guy...but first. May I have a drink of beer?" Arashi asked, handing over the sufficient coin and well getting her drink after the bartender gave it. If only she had some degree of help to find this dratted thing... @Zashiii @Twitterpated @Meraxa @Djinn&Juice
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    More Than a Bounty IC Thread

    OOC Thread The light of the morning was burning bright, but the shine of dusk was always comforting. Perhaps because the night brought a stillness with it, one that Ketania enjoyed. Or, perhaps, it was simply because the best bar fights always broke out once everyone was good and drunk. Not that she ever got involved. The free entertainment was more than enough for her as she browsed the board at the far end of the inn, the one she'd found just south of the city of Joran, situated in a little village she was passing through. One poster caught her eye; a rather elegantly written one for a small village, with maybe less than ten who could read, let alone write. Ripping it down from the board, she mused over the writing, meandering back to her table in the far corner as she lifted her mug of ale to take a sip. It certainly explained why the market had been barren when she arrived in the village. WYVERN: reward to those who slay the creature plaguing this village from the West. A wyvern. When had they ever chosen to stray that far from the Shienvar Mountains? She knew how they thought. This wasn't their territory, was it? The simple answer was no. So why was there a wyvern making an effort to come this far away from where it likely lived, just to interrupt trade along a well-used road to bigger cities? Something was amiss. Her tail flicked under her cloak. Maybe she was putting too much thought into this-she wasn't much of a thinker usually-but it just didn't feel quite right. She had to make her choice, then. Pinning the poster back up on the board, she stared at it a moment longer, muttering to herself over her decision. Go after a creature that was practically half her species, or leave it just to being the natural order? Ketania shook her head, placing her empty mug down on the table next to her. Trade couldn't be ground to a halt just to spare the life of a creature vaguely similar to her. She needed those supplies brought by trade herself. If it was plaguing the village outside of its territory, then something had to be done. She couldn't see anyone else willing to.
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    Good evening!!! Of course I’m a newbie here. I have been searching for a decent site with good RPGs. I’m hoping I’ll be accepted here. So, hello to everyone!!
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    “Gather away,” Arthur replied to the pink-haired witch, his eyes rolling slightly in the darkness at the harsh tone that she spoke in. The mage wasn’t particularly upset by Iona, though neither did he enjoy being spoken down to, nor was he used to such treatment. Most would take one glance at his fiery set of orange eyes and realize that it would prove better for their health not to aggravate Arthur. In that sense, the mage was both annoyed and impressed by the witch. “I’ll keep watch while you do. No sense being ambushed while you play with the vegetation.” The black mage nodded as the cloaked woman agreed to travel over the rock field, choosing the dangers of the crevasses in exchange for the shorter route. Such daring stoked Arthur’s sense of adventure and brought a wolffish grin to his lips. Arthur watched Iona while she worked her magic, staring with awed interest as shadowy clawed hands lashed out from the confines of her cloak and gripped onto the stone. When she was pulled upwards onto the natural platform, the mage grinned and followed suit. However, he gripped onto the edge of the boulder with his gloved hands and lifted himself onto the boulder with a single flexing of his muscular arms. “For future reference, I’ll make this sign if I sense others,” Arthur instructed, moving his fingers into the shape of the rune of Egoth. It would be effective for the mage’s devices as none of his magic required such a hand sign. “I’d hate for you to get scared,” the mutant teased as he hopped across a five foot gap and landed on a smaller boulder. He hopped to the next jutting stone, giving Iona the opportunity to leap onto the stone he’d just departed. “Keep up though I doubt you’ll have any issues with that impressive magic of yours.” @Akako Akari
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    Battle of Forsthaven OOC

    Post is about done! Just gotta get to a library, so....Tuesday! Tuesday I’m gonna have a lot coming in.
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    General chat thread

    I shall bless the first page with this dancing ferret
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    Pets ?

    *laughs*. That’s a lot of love!!
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    Pets ?

    What a cute kitty!!
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    General chat thread

    Threads in the chat board are generally open to anyone who isn't OOC restricted, so you 100000000% can! As the title suggests you can talk about whatever
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    General chat thread

    May I enter this thread??
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    M'yr might recognize her facade of innocence quickly. She isn't the only one to wear a mask. She'll be a fine addition to the group.
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    "Wonderful! This way!" The first and last time prior to this experience that Xartia had visited the city, is was to meet, ironically with some fellows in kind that wished to undertake this very quest he seemed to have stumbled into. Rookhelm was the tavern they'd met in, in which the motley crew easily drew the attention of the locals, and at the brink of the civil war that ushered in the safeguard act, the quartet easily ended their experience here poorly. Despite his demonic mutations having completely subsided, Xartia wished to avoid bringing such a notable location any unnecessary, unwanted attention. For that reason, the Cambion led them to a smaller, more quaint location to regroup. The Purple Axe. While he hadn't yet experienced the location himself, whispers on the wind told him of them infamous import, Biazo's Volcanic Wine. Xartia was sure to slow his pace soon enough between alley ways to catch his breath. As he walked still somewhat briskly, he smoother out the fabrics of his clothes. Fortunately, the cooler season kept him from perspiring; and thanks to his active lifestyle, his legs were far from tired. His lungs far from exhausted, even after his little scuffle. Once they rounded the corner, Xartia's hands found his pockets and fished out his soft pack of LongStride 100s. His personal brand of tobacco. Shaking the pack he applied a slight grip, leaving a single filtered tip ejected from the small opening in the top of the pack. Placing it twixt his lips, he took a reassuring drag in which the opposing end seemed to ignite into the perfect cherry of it's own accord. Where they some sort of magic smokes that self lit, or did he in fact light the cigarette in his own discreet way? Either way, they soon found themselves entering the establishment he'd determined a kosher spot to plot in, he held the door open for Noah and anyone else still with them. The young elf wouldn't be much more help to them at this point in time, the best they could do was make her comfortable in a booth. Once seated, the Magician wasted no time in requesting service. "Could a get a few glasses and a chilled bottle of your most mature Volcanic Vino de Biazo? Much obliged." The half orc bar keep seemed confused by the speech if only for a brief moment. There was literally only one drink the strange, beautiful gentleman could be speaking of. It didn't take long at all for him to bring them a total of four glasses for now, and a buck of ice complete with a bottle of Volcanic Wine. Xartia mouthed his gratitude and smiled charmingly until they were left to their own company. Looking to Noah, the Cambion gestured with a single hand to a glass, silently asking him if he'd like one as his words spoke completely of the more pressing topic. "Noah was it? Tell me, can your surveillance determine approximately how many bodies we face in opposition? Also, how well do you know if this old boss and his cronies? If we remove the head, will the body fall...Or will we be facing some wild tantrum of vengeance so long as the lot of them breathe?" @danzilla3 @Zashiii
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    Can't join but if needed I'm willing to help with answering background lore things or logistical stuff related to Taen! @danzilla3's also the main contact for Totenborough and should be able to better answer lore stuff for that city specifically. Looking forward to seeing this plot unfold ? edit- I'm going to drop a two relevant threads here for reference also - Totenborough lore and the Arcturon thread which involved the ringing of the bell.
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    I too have cultists! I recently unveiled that they worship the Elder God Bast, which isn't super surprising given that they're exclusively catfolk. I considered sending them to the Low Tide Festival, but I decided against it since that seemed like an introductory event and their leadership is busy preparing to exterminate the Enrele. The Acolytes of the Coiled Beast may be somewhat aware of this other cult's presence in Fracture. They may have sent correspondence to one another, if that helps with worldbuilding, and a small number of them may be available to assist in translating the documents mercenaries pilfer over the course of this thread. Their backgrounds doubtlessly differ as do their reference materials, so it might be to the Acolytes of the Coiled Beast's advantage to request they lend a hand if this matter is time-sensitive. If they do assist, there will be a price to pay, but the Hermetic Order of the Elder God Bast will accept felines, domesticated or wild, and catfolk refugees as payment.
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    Mickey Flash

    The Rise of Saint Reverie [Part 1]

    I have a few characters that can be guards. Is there still room in the thread? I can send a PM with characters to choose from, if you’d like.
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    Welcome again! Have you done roleplaying on different platforms (like discord or google docs, maybe?) or is your background more story writing? We've got a What is Roleplay guide for those new to forum roleplay And don't feel intimidated, Valucre has a really friendly community ^_^ Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
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    Welcome to Valucre!

    Welcome to Valucre!
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    Thanks! I don't really have a favourite roleplay, but since I really enjoy writing, I love RPs with a good and interesting plotline.
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    Sounds like fun. Been needing an excuse to work in my less worked characters. My former sky captain, "Glee" would work in well enough.
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    Ami was awakened by the anguished yowls of a DAICHON in the grip of the first transformation. Then Ben jumped over her and cotton came out along the ceiling path. Ami bolted down the corridors with them, arriving in time for cotton to begin that spells to control Fowler's first transformation. Zostrix came in shortly thereafter, and his poor jaw nearly hit the floor as he watched Cotton light up. Ami just sat there and watched, this time. Cotton needed to know how to do these things, and it was just as much a father daughter moment, as it was a huge step for Fowler. When she snipped at ben, Ami slowly stood, but made no other moves, her gaze intent on Stephanie as the glows faded to reveal what would now be her True form. Being a Doctor, it was only fitting that her fur be stark white, like the lab coat she had worn in her human form, with black streaks around her eyes and back to her ears, almost like glasses. At the tips of her two long tails were twin flames, one black, one gold, they flashed in rhythm with Fowler's heartbeat. Ami noted that, and given the proper instruction, Fowler could use that talent for so much more. Ami then wondered what her powers would be like, besides that nose of hers. At his request, Ami effortlessly shifted into her thirteen foot tall Anthropedic form, her long silky mane decorated with braids and precious gems instead of Dredlochs and cowry or conch shells. A thick brush seemed to come out of nowhere and Ami crouched down to begin brushing through Fowler's magnificcen white fur. From the pockets of her robe, she produced little white cowry shells that held hints of pinks and purples, and braided them into her mane. She was finished within moments, and step back, still crouched rather low, and stow the brush and remaining shells she had back into her pockets. "Welcome to the world of what we all deal with, Darling." She said, laughing slightly as she looked at Ben. "What do you think, my prince?" She asked, indicating her handiwork with her mane. "You should quit being so sullen and compliment the poor woman, and you, doctor fowler, here let me help you out." Ami continued, shifting back into her four legged form and sitting next to Stephanie. "To get up, lean your head forward, like so, so that your center of gravity, shifts, and then push up with your hind legs, be sure to keep your tails slightly lifted and then boom! Look at you, your standing!" She would nod approvingly. "Now, it's much easier in this form than you might think. Whichever forepaw you step off with, simultaneously step off with the opposite rear paw." She would take a step to demonstrate. "Keep your tails lifted for balance, and if you begin to lean one way or the other, use your ears to counter balance your tail, like so." And would demonstrate. "When you learn to move at higher speeds, your ears and tails will be your greatest aerodynamic advantage, just the twitch of an ear can send you shooting off in another direction entirely..." Ami trailed off as cotton spoke, feeling the same thing she was. And she cocked her head to the side, letting her ears flop as cotton referred to her as Teacher. Well, that was definitely a quick change, but she wasn't going to question it. Ami would nod, knowing whom was approaching. She was a bit surprised at Cotton's sudden eagerness to fight and have her there, but it excited her as well. "Of course, Cotton." She said, nodding once Ben was finished releasing the commands for her to fight. "Let us go and meet them. Feels like we have very little time to prepare." She said, leaving the office with Cotton. "Now, listen carefully. I have faced these four before. They will not fight fair, so you must throw chivalry out the window." She said. "From what I saw earlier, your endurance isn't very high, yet, I will change that in the very near future, but we havent the time for that kind of training just yet. So you will have to use your brain too, Cotton. I feel like a broken record here, but its not always about power. I agree you must establish your place amidst the Brood, that is unquestionable, but you must push that from your mind and focus on the task at hand." There were several good reasons why Ami was Chief Commander of several factions of the DAICHON militia. Including the Defence team Special Operations, second in command of their army, and in charge of strategic defence. Her observational skills, being one thing on the list, were comparable to none, thus why she was also Ben's number one spy. "If they fight together, you must take out Viscous first. He was always the strongest amongst them." She continued, looking at Cotton, who was probably staring at her, wide eyed from all of this information Ami was giving her. Good thing for Cotton, Ami had trained many a DAICHON before, and was pretty damn good at making sure her students stayed alive. They would reach the courtyard and Ami would deviate and lead them the opposite direction of the energies they felt. "In time," She said, looking back to cotton. "You'll learn to tell the difference between real energy, and a decoy signature. They want us to think they're coming from the front, when in reality, they are right behind the bath house." She said, having already pinpointed the intruders. "It's a diversionary tactic, that I'm sure would have worked, had I not been here. They must not be aware of my presence here yet. Oh well, no matter." She said, once again effortlessly shifting into her upright form, her royal blue Elder Council robe standing out starkly against her crimson and white fur, the gemstones in her mane glinting and glittering in the light. She had been a DAICHON for so long now, that she could shift into whichever form she wished whenever she so chose. That, and spending most of her time in her Brood forms made her comfortable in them. She liked them a lot more than her human form. It had it's restrictions, so did her other two forms, but nothing like her human form. She would stop and cross her arms, looking down to Cotton. "Do not go into this fight in your human form." She said. "and do not reveal your upright form until necessary to do so. Keep an element of surprise up your sleeve. Make sure your regeneration crest is working properly, and there is an old command, it's not been used in a long time. It's a refresh command for the crests, all you do is command of them REFRESH! Through it, the ancestral pattern can touch you, and heal you back to peak condition, but they can only do it once in so many days, so save that until you need it, and whatever you do, and I cannot emphasize this enough, DO NOT GO IN AT FULL POWER. If you do, it will be your downfall, and you must not let them strike you." Ami would look towards the bath house, then down at cotton. "I believe in you, you can do this, and you can win. I will be right here the entire time. Do not be afraid, my dear Cotton, for fear will only cripple us. Keep your head up high, and show them that we are the pride of the DAICHONS!" She was always so good with inspirational speeches. She had full faith in the girl's capabilities, but after what happened earlier, Ami knew she had a long way to go with this one, and she would be taking on Dr. Fowler now too, it seemed. That was fine with her. At least then Ben knew they would be trained properly and quite possibly excel under her guidance. But that would be later. Now, it was time to get serious, and for Ami to see what she was really working with here, but even though he told her to supervise only, she would not stand by and let them kill her. If it became apparent that she needed help, Ami would step in, despite Ben's orders.
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    No worries, while Val does have a lot of lore it's not required to read everything. You can do something as simple as reading up the page of a city, then starting an rp in said city right away! For the interest check supernal linked, for example, the minimum you'd have to read is the Nymeria Lore Article. The World overview is a good place to start if you want to get the big picture of Valucre as a setting. It also serves as an index for the different continent lore, but there's always the AMA (ask me anything) threads by the board leaders if you're looking for something specific ^_^
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    (OOC: This was EDITED to slow things down, as there are THREE fights left until the Repair of Abraxis... Cotton is going to fight FOUR former members of DCN's "The Prestige." They WERE some of the BADDEST assassins for DCN back in the day: And I RP'ed ALL of them with different abilities: just read along please!!..Benny, OOC)
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    other worlds???

    Thank you @supernal, exactly the answer I was looking for!
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    Public Notice: Request of Goods Contacting: Any local church near Sidereal Lake that would be able to provide steady deliveries of water that was blessed or sanctified by a priest of their faith. Not a cleric, cannot do on own. To be used for sanctifying cloth.
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    Welcome to Valucre! A lot of the stuff on site is fantasy so you're in good company! Check out the New Member Guide at the top of the page if you haven't yet - the World Overview will give you an idea of the kinds of settings Val has. Any specific kind of plot you're into? Slice of life, adventure, thriller, that kinda thing? Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any ^_^
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    "Drink's on us, boy!" Kurush wasn't sure if he'd take up the offer, though he'd admit, it was tempting to consider it. He was almost 18 now - at least by his counting - so he wasn't far off being able to try a proper beverage of his own accord. If he was to ever have the money for one, at any rate. Which admittedly, he might not do after tonight. So... "I'll think about it." He answered the rough and tumble gang of men with whom he had entered the establishment, the spirits high, and their coin purses stuffed. Unreasonably so, for men of their visible stature and class. It was in realising this that Kurush had ultimately given himself an opt out from drinking - and thus being associated - with them. His own pouch was only modestly full, jangling with a few high value coins, jewels, and trinkets that were more... concentrated in their value. Leave it to the men who valued mass over... well, value, to get eventually caught for their heist, when the city vanguard might hear through the grapevine of some idiots in roughspun wool having enough on their persons to buy up half of... Half of... Kurush looked upward, stopped just in front of a stool on the far end of the counter. It was annoying him that he couldn't think of an apt comparison for this now. Versilla? Seemed like too big and too rich a city for that to work out. But he'd never been outside Versilla, so... Kurush shook it off with a grunt, a dirty clump of a dark fringe falling over his eyes before he brushed it aside, and took his seat. He withdrew one of the many trinkets he had acquired as a result of today's 'work', a most unusual locket, an amber-like resin sealed in a band of silver. Even at a glance, Kurush could tell it wasn't real amber, and so would argue as much to anyone that might question how he came into its ownership. Add in a sob story of it as a possession of his dearly departed mother or some such, and he should be fine. Although... "Huh." He muttered under his breath, at a most peculiar feeling. He felt as though he... recognised the lizard man that just walked in. Or that otherwise they were 'familiar' somehow. It made absolutely little sense at all, yet the momentarily not so impoverished lad could not help but find himself staring a bit. A stare that shifted, he realised, to another person in the tavern. A woman, most certainly human, and still most certainly not related to him. Yet there was something tugging from inside him as he laid eyes on her, and he was pretty sure that was nothing to do with puberty; he recognised that feeling well enough. "...Tea." Kurush ordered of the barkeep at last, deciding he'd take fancy over risky tonight. An urge that help vindicated as the doors swung open, and approximately five, lightly armoured members of the City Vanguard - bearing the Orisian Moondrop as something akin to a city crest, though he wasn't sure how official that was - entered in. And, of course, they immediately spied out the men with far too much coin for it to make sense. Just had to keep his head down now, and hope no-one was stupid enough to try and pick a fight - or drag him into it. Just keep calm, and keep fiddling with that trinket, and its... unusual warmth, he realised.
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    kick names, take ass [Airship]

    While easy for Ankou to track down Barlova, the task was not much harder for Lilith who'd marked the Captain's soul with her own stone. But, still, the actual airship was only something she'd decided to get on the side. As opposed to all her goals before, this was more about the journey than the destination. After all she didn't know when her thoughts would be locked again. After they'd defeated the Wyrms, the remainder of her stretch to Strider City was quick and uneventful. Thirty minutes later she arrived at the city gate where a guard stopped her and asked for ID. While Lilith had vague memories have what an "ID" was, she hadn't suspected it was an actual object. She blinked and thought for a moment before shrugging at the guard and started to walk passed him. Before she could, however, the guard reached out and placed a heavy hand on her shoulder; an attempt to stop her movement, Lilith supposed. Normally she would have instantly killed the man, but considering the situation a less bloody solution might works best. Instead of sticking her hand through his head, Lilith simply blew a breath toward him as if sighing. The breath, laced with soul energy, washed over the guard and he dropped like a rock. She'd extinguished his soul like a candle. "He's collapsed," Lilith shouted, doing her best to imitate the worry and fear mortals around her generally spoke with. She even tried to copy the quiver in their voice, though she wasn't confident the imitation was accurate.
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    Yes, I have used 2 sites previously. I've only ever used fantasy as a genre, so I think that's basically my favorite.
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    I’m a fellow newbie who is just experiencing the vastness of Valucre!!
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    The Heavy Hand (Outpost 4?)

    "Right behind you." Vito followed Caden through the alleys and a few blocks down the road, being lead to a hotel. Heading up the stairs and to a private room, Caden began sealing it. "I should let you know, I'm not cheap." Vito joked, trying to break the mood. With the flick of a match the room was lit up, spreading symbols across the walls. His partner proceeded to tell him of potential spies, being watched by other and the reasons why. "Being watched? No doubt. By The Dead? Potentially. We aren't exactly subtle with our movements, we'll need to consider aiming towards that department with future investments. Me and Ivan smell of necromancy, so trying to hide is a little pointless. Once we're done here, we'll head out and talk about this further. Without more knowledge on the maybe there is little I can do, other than put my guards on maximum alert. " #### Back at the ship, Vito continued organizing movements of goods. Keeping things in order wasn't hard, as most crew were well trained and loyal. It wasn't long before everything was in place, ready for the grand opening. Vito took to the top deck, ensuring all musketeers were on high alert. The top deck gave a perfect birds eye view of the market, showing the layout and best areas to stalk out potential clients. Two kobold dropped a banner from the side of the ship, promoting the market. A kraul officer approached Vito, reporting in on security. With all things set, the raider left to find his accomplices. "Ships checked and secured, market area as well, everything is set up and things looking pretty. How's everything on your end?"
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    Clubs and currency?

    Lol iirc means "if I recall correctly" haha Also, after a bit of searching, here's the proper thread for info on clubs. Whatever Carlos said in this thread regarding clubs should, naturally, supercede whatever I vaguely recalled above.
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    Sleeping Knight

    Princess Vermilion

    [BASICS]Name: Alexandria VermilionTitle: PrincessAlignment: Race:Marital Status: UnwedGender: FemaleAge: 21[PHYSICAL]Voice: Soft and empatheticEyes: Bright BlueComplexion: Pale, frecklesHeight: 5'1Weight: 90 lbsBuild: hourglassHair: Long, shiny, deep redTattoos/markings: none[MENTAL]Demeanor: Reserved, focusedHopes: PeaceFears: LonelinessLikes: Flowers, meat and sweets, weapons, readingDislikes: Mud, carrots, crowds, overbearing people[GEAR] Dress, Torn Boots, Muddy Pack, heavy[WEAPONS] Longsword, Stolen[STRENGTHS] Intelligent, quick witted Determined, focused Patient[WEAKNESSES] Naive, Trusting[SKILLS] Speaking, debating, politics Flower Arrangement Dancing[FAMILY] King and Queen Vermilion[Deceased] Four years she waited. Four years, confined to a tower. She'd become a living trophy of conquest, and would forever remain so. Until he would come. Her valiant knight, her most trusted companion, surely he would save her. He'd sworn as much, and his word was as good as reality in her eyes. Four years of hope laden with tears. But, the day of her 4 year anniversary, the tears dried. She would wait no more. If he did not come to her, then surely that meant he needed her to come to him. The princess carried out her long prepared plan, and soon slipped from the tower with a blood dagger, a pilfered sword, and a torn dress.
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    More Than a Bounty IC Thread

    cue evil music As the morning light crept over treetops the peaceful silence of the cave, barring the scratching of a quill on parchment, was interrupted by the rhythmic clanking of metal. The shadow of the soldier was visible before they appeared at the mouth of the cave, their silhouette blocking the warm morning glow as they pushed aside the shrubbery that partially concealed the entrance. With a final metallic clank, the solider stepped out of the sunlight, hastily standing to attention with a salute. "Sorry for being late, Sir." she spoke, her voice muffled slightly by the metal face guard of her helmet. The quill ceased scrawling as the elderly human gentleman who held it slowly raised his gaze from his small desk, improvised from several wooden crates, to meet the eyes of the soldier. "What part of return before sunrise did you fail to understand?" He calmly replied, seeming taking great pleasure in holding each syllable on his tongue for several moments. "A-again, I apologise Sir." The soldier said, a shiver rattling her armour slightly as it traveled down her spine. "I couldn't keep up my speed, I don't have the, erm, stamina that I used to." The old man chuckled, tracing his fingers over his sharp jawbone, where a beard may have once been but had been lost to reveal pale skin that clung tightly over his facial features. "You will get used to your new limits, and will find that they quickly exceed what you used to be capable of." spoke the man, his voice sliding into a whisper as he leaned forward in his seat, a glint of excitement in his eyes before quickly returning to his original posture and speech. "Even if you feel weak now, at least you don't need to worry about running out of breath." He began to chuckle again at this last remark. The soldier, uncomfortably and halfheartedly, joining in before it was ended by a bout of coughing. "Forgive me." he said after clearing his throat. "I couldn't help myself, now, do you have anything useful tell me from your overnight visit?" "Yes Sir. I spotted several posters around town offering a reward for the wyvern's head. The most popular was the poster in the tavern, although it was mostly drunkards claiming they could defeat it with their bare hands at that hour." "Now that is good news." he said, leaning back into his wooden chair with a sigh. "I was getting worried that the wyvern was doing too much damage and the townsfolk had either starved or fled. Anything else?" "No Sir, that is all." "Then you are dismissed until this evening. I might sent you out on more regular patrols to keep me up to date on who might've taken up this bounty, so rest and regain your strength." With a final salute, the soldier marched into the musky darkness of the cave's rear seated herself on an old bearskin, and without removing any of her armour, became motionless in a matter of seconds. The old man, seemingly content with what he saw, turned back to his desk and began muttering to himself as he wrote. "Strong, very strong she is... she will go far with what I have given her." He remained focused on his work, pausing only for a moment as a shrill, reptilian shriek was carried into the cave by morning air, echoing for a few seconds among the craggy walls. ooc: Just a reminder not to wait for me if I'm next in the posting order, unless I'm present in the scene doing evil things muhahahaaaa
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    Watson was just looking around, getting used to the wrath that would envelope his wretched heart and mind. The site would look like any other site before the apocalypse, but, of course, the apocalyptic props were added, so they could add to the drama. Watson facepalmed slowly, wondering what the hell could have been going on and why the hell they would want a suicide squad to solve their god damn issue. "And to get it out of the way, yes. We opened pandora's box, yes." Blue, combined with orange electricity was flowing around Watson, showing his pure wrath, towards the one message Brett had said, even though he already knew who opened it and was already done with it. But who, in their mind, would have forgiven his coworkers after they'd blow up the whole planet, just because of someone who was stupid enough to peek their head inside a stupid box? You guessed it... "Now, I know that I have been part of VCF, but I had the common sense to not open a god damned box which has weird, cryptic things on it. I kept it inside of me, not to swear at you and forgive you, but who... THE FUCK...!" More electricity would be flowing around him, "Would look inside a FUCKING MYSTERY BOX! YOU HAD YOUR OWN LABELS ON IT AND YOU IGNORED THEM LIKE SOME FUCKING IDIOTS! I AM OUT HERE IN THE FIELD, FIGHTING THE STUPID, MAGIC UNDEAD AND YOU DECIDE TO SPICE THINGS UP BY OPENING THAT GOD DAMNED THING!" Watson sighed heavily, taking in some air after he screamed at Dr. Brett and made himself sure everyone around could understand his frustration. "Now, tell me why the hell I, I mean... We... Should come back and clean up the whole mess! Do not tell me you have a time machine and we can play around with it, screw a few things and come back to normal." He crossed his arms, his eyes sparking with electricity, his sceptre flowing around, as he was using his Magnetic Levitation passively, shortened to MagLev, waiting for an answer. "I could just kill you here, right now, and then wait to be squished by a Titan. But I'll wait for a valid reason from you. And a very, very long apology letter, regarding the dead from Valucre, post Apocalypse."
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    Morning. That only ever meant one thing to Him — food. Odd as it was, he preferred to harvest his own in fields and wherever else he might happen along. Grasses, tall or small, were reaped with a one handed sickle, cut from the lowest point possible and stuffed into a cloth satchel. The behemoth knelt for this and quietly thanked the earth. Ballard Bay afforded a fine degree of lush vegetation to the foot hills leading into the Shienvar mountains. All was good and well until a reptilian shriek drew him from his idle thought. It was nowhere immediately close, but it caused him to reminisce on his parting through Joran. Honeyed Gold eyes stared at the peaks that decorated the upper elevations due south; his mind was on the sound and the poster he had seen moving through the settlement regarding a... ”Wyvern; too shrill for a dragon. A bit close, too..” He’d mutter to himself. Dark chestnut fur caught the wind and billowed against the exposed and fairly scarred physique of the bovine. Fur fringed and hung from all over, though he was relatively groomed. He stood right around twenty two and a half hands high. Any hair long enough was tied back, and there was plenty. Armor and equipment sat aside with a series of weapons tailored to his every day life and his own benefit. The freshly laundered gear was pulled back on over the washed and air dried fur he bore. The decision to look into the wyvern situation befell him; curiosity nagging at him like a horse fly. “Can’t hurt.” Radiant eyes looked to his belongings as he equipped himself in cloth and plate. Various hides were used to hide and insulate his massive form, offering layering as well as protection. Strong hands tidied a chain bound to a hook meant for holding animals and machines of grand proportion. Afterward, the sickle he had been using to harvest with was slipped into his layers. His personal weapon of choice was swaddled like an infant and sling over his back. He was intent on keeping such a thing in pristine conditions. Armor-clad hooves dug into the earth as he stepped his way up the hill of the embankment, a hand shoveling segments of cut grass and vegetation into his maw — one must never forget to eat, lest they find themselves weak and useless in the face of destiny or danger, whichever came first. Another shriek caught his ears as the sun rose over the peaks, instigating the male to press on and find just what was happening. He moved with a conservative stride, preferring to keep it in a low gear until he had to climb, hunt, or kill something.
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    (OOC: apologies everyone I got ahead of myself and had to remove my post, but it shall return!)
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