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    Just in case people miss this by jumping to page 2 without back reading. Which is super common I imagine Next month or the month after I’ll do a sponsored month. I used to do them for much longer blocks but since they’re cheater cheater pumpkin eaters I now like to limit the funds that go over there and am happy with wherever we place organically most of the time
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    The sight of the Twistlings, the creatures who had killed his first squad, was not something that did any favors for Jack's mental condition. In fact, it threatened to drive him over the deep end again, forcing Scoot and Chief to continue trying to hold him down, as he scratched and clawed for his revolver to try and do Gaia-knows-what. As the two men tried to slap some sense into Jack, Melanie stepped in front of them and raised her flamethrower. "Don't'cha worry boys, I got you covered while you have your therapy session! I know all about those, they can be intense," she winked at them, before bracing herself for the impending attack.
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    No worries, no worries. I've sent you a PM summary, so it should be hopefully easier to handle than reading either this thread or the main thread. If need be I can do similar summaries going forward.
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    The Lengths We Go To

    This is the OOC for The Lengths We Go To, and the space to put character sheets, ask questions out of character and whatever else may be necessary. I would ask everyone involved to introduce their characters here with a link to their character sheet, and a small blurb about them. It can be as simple as 'They are just visiting Hyperion' or as complex as 'They are a warrior, come to Hyperion in order to try and pick up a contract with the local authority.' Up to you really, and there are no real requirements. To answer a few questions we may have early on: This thread will involve the party's efforts to help Eryel find her belongings, recover them, and then use her recovered wealth to finance an attempt to get her father medicine to save his life. It will involve elements of investigation, burglary, detective work and combat of varying kinds. Everybody has a week to post, with the timer beginning for the next person immediately after the person before them posts. You can try and @ the person after you so that they know they can post, if you like. I will send out messages reminding folks if they have not posted by the 6th day waiting on them, and if we wait more than 7 days we will skip that person until they return. I expect this thread to take some time to finish, and you are, of course, welcome to drop out at will, if something comes up, or it becomes impossible to continue. You should want to post with us because you're having fun, not out of obligation. With that in mind, take some time to read the first post, and introduce your character to the scene when you are available. @vielle @Zashiii @Sanonymous @squid peanut @Peach
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    Alright, working on a post to move is ahead with the story.
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    I apologize if this seems like a rude request, but my dyslexia's acting up again and I put what that means at the bottom of this post. So, the situation that I can understand since my last post... • We landed • Put on some disguises to get past some guards • Cae was already split from the group for a while before that • Emile, Elizabeth, and Shihi & her "companion" split off to do their own thing • Argi, Dauner, and Aya were intercepted by Dauner's fiance/wife • Dauner, Gozen, and Dauner's S-O split off to have their own misadventure • Something to do with Jason, who's got an aura similar to the goddess-person, and is in a carriage/wagon with Cae having an argument... Can someone summarize what events are happening in this cycle? Preferably as concise spark-notes? Here's what I know. • Something happened that resulted in Emile firing shots at Jason[NPC]. • Shishi & Co. are sitting this one out to keep their cover (I think that's the reason?) • (**^1) Dauner dealt with something that involved his S-O and is nowhere near the action • (**^1) Vildhart's post • (**^1) Alexandrian's post Note: (**^1) means that hard as I tried, I simply could not read/interpret the post. My Dyslexia, if you could even call it that since I don't have money to see a doctor about it because of America's illustrious healthcare system, makes it so I can't read walls of text. Whenever I read something that has a lot of words (my own posts, long-winded rules, textbooks, other people's long posts, etc...) my eyes can't focus on a single line. My eyes focus on the entire page, and try to interpret all of it at once, which results in me reading the same line twice, or reading 4 lines down and realizing a continuity error and having to go back, or words switching places, and eventually I get a ridiculous headache.
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    The room slowly caved in the rampant energy Xylex was emitting in small controlled bursts was more than the steel room could withstand. Guards slowly swarmed in and surrounded Xylex and Thrax but did not fire for Thrax was a more than valuable weapon if she was damaged they’d most likely get turned into minced meat. “Mmmmmm minced meat.” Xylex drooled a little apparently caught up in some extended fantasy about food before snapping out of it and shaking his head. The demon enraged at this wolf’s foolishness charged at Xylex full force. Xylex within an instant transformed his own body into metal and moved out of the way at blinding speed. Attack after attack strike after strike, Xylex dodged with great ease and grace. “You know I thought a demon like you would be really cool to fight, but in reality you’ve been a massive disappointment. I’ve been trying to gauge your strength this entire battle, but you’ve yet to show me anything that shows you’re truly a great demon. Can’t you shoot an energy beam or something?” Just then a beam of dark energy came blasting forth at Xylex, however he simply swiped his hand and it was deflected. “Oh... that wasn’t bad. Maybe I’ll take my time with this fight instead of going to challenge the strange energy signal that I’m sensing near Ben. Ben himself is too level headed to get into things like sparing, but this one seems Like they enjoy combat.” The demon made another full power charge at Xylex but this time things were different there was a strong serious air around Xylex now. Within an instant, faster than anyone could see, the demon was in thousands of pieces and Xylex was in a strange stance that looked as if he drew a sword or something and then there was a sonic boom. The fight was over settled with the exchange of a few blows as most true fights were. Xylex could bow see it Thrax’s mind was being flooded with her consciousness. He came back to his own body only to find he was surrounded by guards. He tried to move but found the Repercussions of allowing the demon to have so many strikes to have done some serious damage even if it was only a battle of the mind. “OI OI OI! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! I’m Francis Draskill, I’m the maintenance guy around here I’ve been told by upper management to wake up this ice sickle. Didn’t you get word from the superiors? We have a powerful invader that we need powerful weapons to fight against.” The guards scratched there heads pondering if what Xylex said was even true, just then there was an explosion, he had used his powers to damage some nearby property. ”WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING AROUND FOR THE INTRUDER MUST BE THAT WAY!” The guards ran off in search of this infamous intruder. Xylex on the other hand was busy with the machine Thrax was unthawed but she still wasn’t moving perhaps some parts were still missing. He kept using his powers repairing part after part. ”MAN THIS THING IS OLD! WHO THE HELL NEGLECTS MAINTENANCE ON SUCH AN IMPORTANT DEVICE TO THIS DEGREE?!”
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    Obelus Index

    Where is Obelus? We have been searching for millennia. Where are the Obeli? We are everywhere. — overview — The Obelus Canon is a site-wide metaplot built on the premise that nearly every single individual instrumental in shaping human history on Valucre are descendants of four siblings: Davant, Nomalis, Ingsol, and Malark. The aim of the Obelus Canon is threefold: first, to explore genres that subvert the largely fantasy/adventure themes of Valucre such as sci-fi, superhero, speculative fiction, mystery, and psychological thriller. second, to facilitate a long-term, interconnected, character-driven international plot involving as much of the original lore of Valucre as possible, giving these more depth through character actions and player contributions. third, to create a hybrid roleplay-ARG experience through OOC and IC puzzles, riddles, codes and ciphers. The Obelus Canon aims to be player-driven, with OBELUS in a facilitator role. Integration of existing plots and lore into the Obelus Canon is encouraged. Collaboration is key. — the premise — Three hundred years ago, two brothers and two sisters ran away from home, hearts heavy with resentment and impossible dreams. Wandering the Great Pine Barrens, the four watched a star fall from the sky. It called itself Obelus. In their sleep, it searched their minds. It found their deepest desires and detestations. It gifted each child what they needed — to make their dreams reality, to annihilate what they loathed. Three hundred years hence, those of the Obeli bloodline number among the most influential individuals in human history. The knowledge of their ancestry is largely forgotten, but for a select few who guard their bloodlines’ secrets. Most only know glimpses of the Lachalom, the subconscious dream-realm shared by all of the bloodline. Their stories are many, their lives varied. But one thing remains true; to be Obeli is to be extraordinary. — the bloodlines — DAVANT —acta non verba— The Superhumans NOMALIS INGSOL MALARK — the story thus far — Prologue → What came before → The Death of Elendaron → September 20, WTA 597 → What do they know? → What will you learn? → Where are the Obeli? Chapter 1: The Sancturion and the Enlightened → The Problem Nexus → The Mezthaluen Tabloids → Rings of Fire → Blacksmith's Daughter → Missing Person Sovereign must pay for his sins.
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    Last Magician

    Order for Holy Water

    Public Notice: Request of GoodsContacting: Any local church near Sidereal Lake that would be able to provide steady deliveries of water that was blessed or sanctified by a priest of their faith. Not a cleric, cannot do on own. To be used for sanctifying cloth.
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    saga juliet

    nevertheless [request: multiple]

    Nevertheless is a word that I always found to be comforting. I learned that word in the fourth grade, for a spelling bee. Biazo's Second Preparatory, class 2-A. Miss Chambers. We had spelling bee outfits - imagine! Long black robes, I think, partially to inspire a sense of the academic among us snot-nosed brats who never saw the virtue of words by the hand. After all, isn't saying it enough? Didn't they know what we meant, anyway? Not little Isabel. Isabel had always trusted in authority. If they told her to drink her milk, she would. If they told her that she'd succeed Daddy's congregation, she would. And if they told her to spell, why by Gaia, she'd do it. Not fully understanding the consequences of access to the written word, the aftershocks of which reach her even today. She was proud to do it. Higher powers knew best. She got out on the stage and tied it all up, four letters at a time, then five, until the final round had her panting out polysyllabics against that insufferable twat, Roman Payne, from 2-C. Oh, she won in the end - a memory she cherished up until three years ago - between the e's and the v's and the the in the middle of it all. N-e-v-e-r-t-h-e-l-e-s-s. Isabel still remembers that word best of all today, but little Isabel wouldn't know how much trouble that victory would make for her in the end. The auditorium is still standing, right now, about five miles down through the jungle. It's all that remains of that school, and last time I went I saw two Half-men crucified and burnt black in the very middle of it. Memories abound every path I walk through the jungle, because those paths Isabel walked once, too. But now is not then. Then was before now. One only needs to see the fallen buildings and trip over scattered bones once to realize the difference and order of these two eras. Rot proceeds in only one direction. Gaia is back in this land after indefinite hiatus: the Terrans brought her back not because they remembered all the mistakes they had made, but because those mistakes festered like unattended cuts until gangrene had spread. It was a hiatus of convenience, I think. I still think that Gaia is good and that she loves us, but I do not think that the Terrans care one way or another who Gaia loves as long as they are in favor. Nevertheless, Biazo has changed. I am told that it is called Bi'le'ah now, because the weight of that name is too much to bear for Terran sensibilities. I will still call it Biazo, even though it has changed. Even though everything that was once recognizably Biazo has by now been ground into the ground. Even after the pandemics of change, even after the Unnaturals came, more misunderstood than violent, even after the chaos storms swallowed the last of us and spit us out, former identities utterly annihilated. The Terrans make only military incursions anymore. The jungle has eaten so many of them up that I am not surprised, but if only they'd learn that the jungle is not inimical but merely gives in kind. How would they know? The jungle was not a part of the then that the Terrans remember. We ourselves have been marked by every force; first by the Unnatural force, then by Gaia, in every direction, until even the monsters that crawl through the shadows and eat men are more familiar to the Terrans than ourselves. Some of us who remain go mad. We still have sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers in distant lands whom we once resembled. They should shudder to think of the way their mirror has changed now. Biazo, once a gem, is now imperfect. Filth, apparently, has worked its way into the matrix. I think of the half-men on the stage, for all to see, and sometimes I can even understand that perception. That's the production of Biazo. That is what is worthy of display. That is the art and the artifice of this dead country. Nevertheless, we're still here. After all this, and all the things that we are, we're still here. Isabel Payne nee Jacobs, former Gaian Priestess, former believer, current doctor, runs her own uncertified clinic in a village of refugees deep in the Bi'le'an Jungle. The certification office is still open, mind. Just, the bureaucrats that operated it are mostly dead, and those that aren't have been transmogrified by Gaia's woefully underappreciated wit into ratmen that lurk beneath the city. So the clinic goes uncertified. Isabel herself has hardly any real medical training, either. But it's better than what the remnants of Biazo are used to getting, so deep in the jungle. Isabel Payne's full of stories, miseries, and her titular pain, and she has a chip on her left shoulder big enough to weigh her down on that side. Or maybe that's the limp after her leg was transformed into the same leg, minus the foot. (The transmogrification was IED-like in nature.) She offers assistance to travelers, but more often than not it's the travelers that give her assistance. There is very little in the way of supplies in Bi'le'ah, and little in the way of daily happinesses. Nevertheless... Anyway, parties interested in pursuing a small, quiet interaction or a larger character development in the vicinity of the village of Nak'mbu (which I have certifiably just invented) are welcome to list inquiries. Otherwise, come and stop by the clinic to glimpse a course of Isabel's daily pain.
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    More Than a Bounty OOC Thread

    I don’t know about the others, but it may be best to stick to the posting order so everyone can respond in the order that stuff is written out in. I don’t mind, though, as long as we don’t end up with a long chain of just two people responding before others can lol!
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    ? I have no idea how that happens...When I made the post in my laptop the blank space never existed....
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    Nucleur Compound Tests

    "The UDD stands for United Defense Division." Sara sits on the bed nest to Alken, careful not to touch the woman. "We aren't a part of the government though." Sara sighed before pulling a device out of her pocket. Turning it on, she swiped the screen and an image appeared on the wall in front of them. It was Samuel. He was clean, fresh clothes were on his body, eyes closed, chest going up and down in a steady rhythm. "There he is. The sedative we gave you all takes a heavier toll on smaller people, plus the kid was banged up pretty bad. Our healer shooed death away, but he needs the sleep." Another swipe and the image is gone. She puts the device back into her pocket. "Alken I'm about to tell you somethings that you may find unbelievable, but they're true." She sits back. "Trillions of years ago the earth was nothing like it was today. I don't mean what they tell you in science class about early flora and fauna and all that other bullshit. Humans thrived on that earth and had abilities like you do. The flora and fauna were much different also. You know dinosaurs, well they were weaker cousins of what walked the earth back then." She stands up and began to pace. "Something, and we don't know what is was, caused all of those things to go away, including our intelligent human ancestors. A few years ago records of that society was discovered and scientist reverted a gnat into a super bug by by throwing its cellular structures back to those prehistoric times. How? I don't know. All I know is that the fools released those bombs in an effort to revert all of humanity into super beings. What they didn't anticipate was everything else on earth reverting too." A beep chimes from her pocket and she groans. "I have to go. You are free to roam the compound, if you'd like you can also see Samuel. I have more information for you, but that only comes with a promise of you staying and helping our cause." @AngryCacti
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    @notmuch_23 Knightess Sheryl Wainwright was a beautiful young woman, fair of hair, noble in stance and bearing. Her outfit was a cross between that of a military uniform and a religious habit, and the serenity in her eyes masked a wild streak, the madness that all OFM Knights had to pursue such a path of service and battle. After a brief introduction and welcome, she dug right into matters. Sheryl was sure that the Singlances had much to do, as did she, and would appreciate expeditious and straight-forward aid with their cause. A skilled organizer, first Sheryl would ask the duo a set of questions to better tailor any training regime they would create. Such questions varied, if this was to be more tailored for a counter-insurgency role, or a battlefield role. If their squad had any prior training in close-quarters combat, and if they had any standard of equipment or weaponry to facilitate the role. What their overall battle-gear was to look like, to account for maneuverability, weight-distribution that might help or hinder CQC. The types of threats they were expected to face. The eventual outline would likely include lessons on "point-shooting", or a method of shooting a firearm quickly and accurately that does not rely on the use of the sights in close quarters, to incorporate their existing weapon systems into melee.
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    The Heavy Hand (Outpost 4?)

    "...gets up to after the market." Ivan nodded, turning to look at the scenery around them. It was nearing dusk. Clouds kissed the top of the mountain, an orange glow lighting their underbellies. It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful place could harbor such evil. The world was cruel, yes, but also curious. You found evil and ally alike in places you would never expect. He would never have imagined joining up with drug dealers to find his lover and slowly growing a fondness for their presence. "Yup, I hear you loud and clear Caden." He turns back to his friend. "But I can't promise that if he indeed is connected, he won't mysteriously disappear forever." He looked at Caden a moment before walking off. As dusk turned to night he helped pack up shop for the night. Many of the crew weren't familiar with the new guy, but they gladly excepted the help. Packing boxes, stuffing crates, putting everything all back on the ship; It was a lot of work. Ivan made a mental note to look up some spells that may make the job easier. Fire lights the night as the last crate is packed and secured on ship. Many of the crew go off into town to spend their wage recklessly of drink and companion. A few stay a board, relaxing on crates and various other items piled on the ship. Caden sits on one, drinking something dark from a glass. Ivan walks over, saying nothing, and sits down next to him. This took him back a bit, startled his very being. Could she have left him for some rich priest in Behods? He got up pacing for a moment. No, that women loved her research too much to be tied down to anyone, that's the reason she left in the first place. His panic subsided, replaced by a mild irritation at Caden's nonsense. "She isn't." He sat back down. "She's a researcher, a scientific investigator is what she liked to call it." A slight smile curled on his lips at the memory. "She went wherever the clues led and they led here. She found something that someone didn't want her to find and I'm going to find out what."
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    This is very true! I used that same site to find Val, but I had to scroll down a ways because all those "niche" sites did not appeal to me. Although it would at least be nice to stay on the first page. lol
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    squid peanut

    The Lengths We Go To

    Oops, I forgot a blurb. Blurb: Spear Thistle has been spending the last month or two being a pest, a nuisance, and a boon to the people of Hyperion. Rates of people getting splinters has gone up, privacy is being invaded, and bacon is vanishing mid meal. No one has yet to realize that these are the acts of a fairy, as Spear Thistle has yet to reveal herself to people. Even more Recently, Thistle has taken up residence in the home of Eryel and her dad. Here Thistle steels food from them, but also is deeply invested in the family’s plight. fixing the sink, relocating rats to other residences, and mending worn down clothes
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    Erin Hale

    Erin Hale Assassin Birth Year 18,572 WT (age 26) Species Human Ethnicity European American Gender Female Height 5' 9" Weight 140 lbs Hair Color Dark Brown Eye Color Hazel Skin Color Fair Voice Low, Dull "Shit, that's coming out of my paycheck..." ―Erin Hale Biography Erin originates from the planet Earth, in an alternate universe from Valucre. Her life there was relatively unremarkable, but happy, though she speaks little of it now. Somewhere along the line, she unwillingly passed through a rift into another world, where she found herself in a cold, mountainous country with technology equivalent to Earth's Dark Ages. Here she was forced into desperate measures to survive, though over time this resulted in her becoming skilled with a bow and knife, as well developing impressive stealth skills and even dappling in alchemy. Erin eventually began to take jobs as a burglar, mercenary and assassin, briefly becoming a valued underworld contractor. However, the law inevitably caught onto her actions, and after having lived in the mountain country for a little over two years, she was forced to flee in haste. Her attempt to escape the mountainous country led to her passing through another rift by accident, eventually dropping her into Elendaron on Valucre. The bounty hunters never caught up to her, and so she settled in Elendaron, taking a cushy job as a royal guard for the queen there. However, she only held that position for a few month before disaster struck, and the entire nation was annihilated in by a chaotic mass-magical event. After helping a group of Renovatio soldiers and scientists escape a pocket dimension created by the event, Erin found herself on Terrenus, where she wandered for a time in search of a new place to call home. She now lives in Casper and takes on mercenary missions throughout Terrenus. Personality Erin generally conveys a sense of disinterest or lack of empathy, due to her harsh years in the mountain country. But while she has no problem with murdering other people if necessary, and often talks like she only looks out for her own skin, she generally is loyal to her employers and fellow party members. She can on occasion, reluctantly, perform deeds that may be considered heroic, though this often goes against her own desire to avoid risking herself unnecessarily. Not surprisingly, Erin is impulsive and often short-tempered, and her decision-making when under stress or when angered is very suspect at best. Skills Archery — Accurate with a shortbow and able to perform some trick shots Marksmanship — Able to handle and accurately fire most standard firearms Stealth — Possesses good sneaking ability and can move relatively quickly without being detected Survival — Experienced in hunting, foraging and tracking Alchemy — Able to brew a limited number of potions, particularly invisibility potions Powers None — Has no magical abilities
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    Erin Hale

    GALLERY by Me by @zackrobbman (drawing) and me (coloring) by @Csl BEHIND THE SCENES Erin's skills and backstory are based on my Skyrim character of the same name. Erin's appearance and personality are based on myself.
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    Probably. I'm just being facetious, as I always am.
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    "Good," Mara nodded at Sera, "Then let's have some fun." She stopped when Sera addressed Shane, which prompted Mara to turn and size-up the younger woman more closely. Shane was actually taller than Mara, but she didn't feel it, not when looking at Mara's imposing physique and intimidating demeanor. The bounty hunter finished examining Shane, feeling like there was something familiar about her, before turning back toward Sera. "Yeah, I guess. Sure," Shane nodded nervously. "Is she capable?" Mara head-gestured at Shane, while still looking at Sera, "Or is she going to be a liability?" "I am capable!" Shane spoke in a more clear and authoritative voice, "This won't be my first dangerous mission!" Mara looked back at Shane and took a couple steps toward her. "You have a distinct accent, girl... Norkotian?" Shane twitched a little, then nodded. "Yeah." "Aw, ain't that sweet? Maybe we used to be neighbors!" Mara burst-out laughing, pulling Shane into an exaggerated side-hug, "Maybe we're even cousins, who knows?" She released Shane, then flicked away her spent cigarette as she stepped away from the group. "So, is this job just us four?"
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    The round of questionably unavoidable and extremely overpowered attacks assaulted Middy. The poor woman once known as the Mistress could not even muster the strength to protect her self, much less strike back at her assailants. To her dismay, her two companions did not even give her a glance as the duo had other problems to face. The most she could do was lie down on her back and pull out a another stick of cigar hoping a brief smoke would give her the strength to combat this realm's powers. Apparently smoking heals, both mentally and physically, as healing energy coursed through her body repairing her wounds and assisting in pushing back the ensuing madness that plagued her innocent mind. It seemed that Sera took the least amount of damage but she was the one who screamed the most. Mostly out of frustration because her enemies are dumb enough to attack her. A series of curses streamed out of her mouth, the act itself somewhat healing her body. Then she charged at her attacker, Erudition, and delivered a mean punch into the bastard's gut with her lightning charged fist. "You motherfucker! You don't fucking mess with me! I will fuck you up for that!" Despite the enemy assault, Khaki held her ground and just a sip from her flask of alcohol and the insanity creeping in her thoughts are easily pushed back. Determined, she launches herself at Sera's attacker. Long coat fluttering, unsheathed swords gripped in reverse within each tiny hand, the little girl reached Erudition as soon as Sera steered clear of the enemy. Yellow eyes glowing with killing intent, both her blades glowed crimson as each pointy object was stabbed into Erudition's chest. "Time to die, you big meanie!" Khakina squealed.
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    Fennis Ursai

    Silver Ticket Calling

    Lexicus took in a deep breath. Irritation had set in him. Some of his suppliers had tried to gip him on the goods, it did not go over well for them, however he now has to deal with the excess in time constraints. Once the blonde merchant looked up to see Jaw Finder and the woman who he swore was half giant, there was some relief. "Scaled one, this soft body is relieved to see your presence again. Preparations have been completed and movement towards destination is ready." Lexicus bore his gaze towards the large woman again. "I never did ask you name ma'am. Seeing you are still here than I should at least ask for a name." It was good to see two of the people Lexicus had started with. Though he was still hoping the third among them was running late. "Everything is ready and the trip will begin in a few minutes. I trust both of you are have completed what you will need to be ready for the trip." It was nearly time to leave, Lexicus was waiting on a signal from his companion before he left out with the cart and the supplies. "If you both are prepared we can make for the cart out by the west gate. Get aquatinted with my cart and my beast of burden. I plan on a moderate trip with a few stops to camp for the night."
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    My pa is dyslexic, so I've got no problems in trying to help you make sense of the text. I'm at work right now for another 4 hours. I'll make a short recap for you when I get home.
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    squid peanut

    The Lengths We Go To

    so it's like a sad perpetual yard sale under a tarp.
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    When your sanity goes from 5 to 0 real quick...
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    Pets ?

    I have a cat and two dogs. One of the dogs was a rescue from an abusive home; he still had a fresh wound on his backside when we got him, deathly afraid of males too. If we're talking exotic though, I once had a monkey ?
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    I'm good with that ? I'm still a learning writer, I really still am learning how to pace the story well, not going too fast nor too slow, so any help doing so will be absolutely appreciated.
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    Alara acted before he could react, asking the Ancient One her presumptuous question. Baiden whirled around with wide eyes and prepared his magitech arms for an attack. His heart thudded like a drum in his chest, kicked to life as he envisioned himself going against the terrifying creature. Beating ferociously as he understood that he would not win such a battle, but would fight anyway. He could feel the limbs warm up, then immediately shut down. He cursed his luck and clenched his hands tightly. Damn. If this primordial being decided that the woman was being greedy, there wasn't a thing he could do but draw symbols in the dirt. His people could very well be destroyed right here. Lucky, then, that the Ancient One appreciated Alara's ambition. He blinked and breathed out loudly, pulling himself together. The Ancient One seemed to look at him for a heartbeat, though he couldn't see eyes to be sure, then seemed to look away. He cleared his throat and began listening in on the conversation, keen on understanding the group's mindset. From what he heard, Alara seemed to be driving the discussion based on findings from Luz's reports. When the girl looked at him, he stared back with unreadable eyes. "I haven't read the reports, myself, but it seems you're our best bet of understanding what Luz Yllende would want. That will be our second gift, then." Baiden glanced at the others. "Silvio, you'd do well to follow your friend's lead. Ambition is at the core of Illyria, you know. I'll be sure to mention to Luz that, while you drowned, Alara proved crucial to this operation." He paused to think. "Pallis, you will come with me to retrieve the egg. Silvio and Alara will search for this rumored artifact with the foreigner. Make sure to be respectful and do not overstep." The Soldier made sure to look at Alara to make sure she got the message, his voice edged and firm. When the foreigner spoke up, Baiden turned to him and sighed. He looked at the man, then back at the Ancient pair. He opened his mouth to address the concerns, but was interrupted by a voice in his head. They could all hear it, as the Ancient One replied to the foreigner's introduction. Curious. You are not Illyrian are you? Nor are you Valucrean. Baiden Oor, can you explain this? After a moment's hesitation: "He was contracted by my superior, Ancient One. Tasked with aiding our expedition. I hear that he helped protect us from a threat aboard our very own ship." Threat? "Another foreigner. Dealt with, now, and not a danger to you either." I see. Well then, I am pleased to meet you too. Please be assuaged of any worries. It is customary among my kind to separate around this time. This child has been with me for at least a century. It is about time they were allowed to see the world for themselves. The smaller figure branched off from the larger one and approached Baiden. He fought the urge to back away and instead looked down at it with caution. It stopped suddenly and pointed back at the pit of treasures. No, not just the pit, but more specifically the egg. He nodded his understanding. "Foreigner," Baiden called, "I don't know how you do things but I think that after a century a little independence is in order." He gestured to his troupe to get moving. "If you still live with your parents, that's fine, but I'm sorry to inform you that you don't have a say in this decision. Still, I am grateful for you saving Silvio. If this is too much for you, hang back and wait for our return." He began to move toward the pit with Pallis, though he made sure to give the Ancient Pair a wide berth. He wanted to get off this island. Not being able to use his magitech made him feel weak.
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    "Oh thank you. I like how I think as well." The sincerity of his tone here revealed that Adam was no less flawed than any other man or woman; his enthusiasm and aptitude for the work was not enough to completely efface the rippling aftermath of ego. These ripples stilled when Dr. Gomez touched on the matter of the Mork'Outh. That sparked something in Adam more akin to hunger than curiosity. The aspects of him allowed activity here, and now, did not know it, but they had dreamed of a thing greater and more magnificent than a single entity could ever aspire to surmount. And that sublime entity understood something about those native creatures which had not yet dawned on those other entities a little less splendid and noble than itself; what those creatures could do with this wildlight in this place of Taen was something – "Impossible to overestimate or understate. Swaying the Mork'Outh in any capacity would result in . . . incalculable benefit. What little insight one might be able to wick from them on the Xer’Orians for example – need I even finish the thought? Truly a project worth the entire investment of your empire, but perhaps another time." Locke leads Kripph, Hanson and Dozhen to their rooms. In that order, leaving Dr. Gomez and Adam . . . not quite alone, for the Arcturon's footprint was small and even this, their largest building, was cramped with scientists and security, but as near to isolated as two people might get. "Doctor, you said something interesting before. From the Gaian Academy, of course it isn't odd to think of building down into the earth for living space. Often in these arrangements I see facilities expand out. It is sensible. This includes energy source, which is of course often geothermal. But for Arcturon I think different. For Arcturon I think we build the battery up, because this battery I think, will also filter the gas. "If you will allow me an expedition that will occupy just one day's worth of Arcturon's resources," A heavy ask. "I think there is a basidiomycota species you will find most interesting. It is late, and yet, we can go even tonight!"
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    The Lengths We Go To

    The thread is up, and this space is no longer necessary. Those involved, feel free to head here and introduce your characters, and get comfortable.
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    I'm not saying it'd succeed off the bat or anything! Just that that's what he'd be trying to do basically So to feed more into your post - this person is wearing similar robes to the husk body you all found earlier, has no interest in stopping, and by the time he gets close enough to try and juke around William, you can tell there's about half a dozen vague shapes further back and running towards you as well
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    @supernal Whoa! Let's not get hasty. No one needs to die, or get run through with a toothpick. Haha I'll just have Will impede his path. Like a crossing guard. Or Gandalf.
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    Auspicious Link

    A Fool's Errand

    With the benefit of hindsight, Khada figured that using his arm to keep Tana from being swept away wasn't the smartest idea after all. The sudden jarring motion of Tana grabbing on was agony on his injured joints. He would've screamed, but, again, he probably would've ended up biting his own tongue off. He was being jostled around by the water as well. Luckily, the wave of water was gone almost as soon as it had arrived. Unfortunately, though, Tana seemed to have lost her grip during the water's recede. Khada yelped, turning to see where she'd gone. Luckily, she hadn't been swept straight out of the city like the rest of the water. . . still, she was rather far away. That was far enough to the point that she might've been injured during the process. He needed to make sure that she wasn't dead or something - Wait, wait. Why did he care? He'd only met the woman today. It had to be her likeness to his sister that was driving these thoughts. Reis would've ignored them, but that felt like turning his back on his sister somehow, and he couldn't bear that. She's lucky that she has such traits. Otherwise, she'd still be fighting those goons - or dead. With a groan, Khada leapt down from where he'd perched to avoid as much of the water as possible, before dashing over to where Tana was, holding his shoulder. Now he was truly soaked. The look on his face said that he was just about done with today - maybe with this week. Still, he'd be damned if he left the city empty-handed. He still needed this place - and, by extension, he still needed Tana. He put out his good arm, raising it in a wave. "My, my, did your mother never tell you to watch your language?" The amount of swears she'd released just in the past couple of hour beat the amount Reis had ever said in a month or so. "And, um. . . you okay?" he added slowly, gaze drifting away. The kobold looked around wearily, trying to spot some sort of jackpot. Surely no one went through this and got nothing, right? Where was the reward? There was always a reward. "Have you decided on a building yet?" he murmured, shoving his clwas into his soaking pockets and shivering. Reis. . . actually wasn't sure what was wrong with him. He suddenly felt rather drowsy, and very, very cold. "You, uh. . ." he swayed a little. Damn this water, and this place. . . "I could go for anywhere at this point. s long as it's warm and has lights, it's good enough for me. We can worry about finding the treasure or something once we're sure we won't be drowned by another wave, hmm?"
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    The First Feast of Blades

    “Oh…we are informal already then Xartia? Such comfort for someone thrust into this arrangement at the whim of a new acquaintance. Had I an official title worth flaunting I would make sure it escaped your lips many times today but I suppose Ilyana shall suffice.” Once upon a time, Xartia was a man full of hubris; A dangerous amount at that. He used to pride himself on his titles, verbal badges of recognition acknowledging his accomplishments. For better or worst. Most of his titles if not all of them bared a common history of blood and death. All the ones he'd acquired prior to relocating on the face of this very world. While there were far and few individuals that knew him from the past, most of them knew him in good standing. The more rare knew of his dark history, and merely chose not to exploit that against his favor. The rarest forgiving him for past transgressions directly. IT'S ALL TRADITIONAL HUMAN CUISINE! YOU'D THINK THEY'D HAVE SOMETHING EXOTIC, WHAT WITH ALL THEIR SPACESHIPS, LIKE LIVE GAGH OR FIENDISH DIRE RAT SAUTEED IN BUTTER! I PEEKED ON THE WAY OVER, AND IT LOOKS LIKE THEY JUST HAVE ALL THE REALLY POPULAR FOOD TO MATCH THEIR REALLY POPULAR RECTANGULAR TABLES THAT REINFORCE OPPRESSIVE, OUTDATED SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS PROMULGATED BY AUTOCRATS AND A STAGNATING HEGEMONIC CLASS! “Nothing like the food at Club Tablillas and clearly uninspired. Perhaps the Order is low on funding and could not spare spending money on someone anywhere near your caliber Cammy. If we see anyone who can make the appropriate changes we have to let them know what a dire mistake they’ve made…” The cat girl chimed in before he could verbally respond to Ilyana's mildly patronizing remarks. True and unchanged to his nature, the Cambion ultimately felt no burning desire to explain himself. To explain how he'd grown beyond the want to cling to empty titles, as well as the false feelings of import they produced. Xartia had after all only taken his seat on the council as a favor to the Queen herself, for he also no longer desired to lead or rule over any amount of persons. "Transportation and import of specific off-world goods is a an uneconomic affair, especially in the perspective of catering to as broad an audience as possible. Nevertheless, if it would please you, I may be able to ask our kitchen staff to accommodate your requests as closely as possible. I apologize beforehand of course, if it does not meet the approval of your palate, as we receive very few guests of your class here" “Oh look. There she is with such impeccable timing. Isabella! Don’t drag your feet beautiful. Come, join us!” "I do hope she found her friend alright." Speaking of friends, he noticed a couple of his beyond Isabella; Arthur, and Enid. It'd been even longer since he last seen Enid compared to the likes of the Black Mage. Still, they seemed to be enjoying themselves in the wake of what was largely seen as a parade. With his own party just now getting reunited, he'd refrain from separating it again so soon. Perhaps after having a bite to eat he'd go say hi. For now he sufficed by moving to pull out Cammy's chair, one either next to or directly across from Ilyana whom took the liberty of beating him to the punch. Once Isabella drew nearer, he too worked to pull her seat out for her. "Welcome back dear, I take it you're feeling well enough to be trusted with food this time around?" He joked with her about her sickness that followed a heavy breakfast they shared the day before. While Xartia himself was ready too eat, he was all too curious what Cammy might request instead. Since arriving here he'd tried a few dishes exclusive to this world, though nothing so exotic as to be called far fetched. @Dolor Aeternum @The Alexandrian @Pasion Pasiva @Fierach
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    An earth-shattering explosion rocked the cave. Priscilla stumbled, the blast of air buffeting her onto her heels. She gripped her knife tightly, gritting her teeth as she fought to keep her balance. Torie was on her feet, but nearly bowled over again after the blast, and the runesmith wondered only briefly what the hell happened. She wasn't looking at them when it happened, but when she glanced towards the Kobolds, she realized they'd been hit. Thrown askance, tossed asunder, broken. She didn't see where they landed; didn't see if they were okay. That's because shortly afterward, she saw the water coming, and her heart stopped cold. The sudden surge of water was visible from several meters away, and she had time, eventually, to spin and attempt to flee; but the water had already blocked her way out of the cave, and there was no where else to go. Out of impulse, she looked around, and grabbed the nearest support. She wrapped her hands around the buttress, knife still clutched in her hands. She glanced back towards Torie, who scrambled towards her, trying to reach the pole as well. Priscilla reached for her with one hand, but the water struck them both then. Priscilla managed to keep her grip on the pole at first, managing to overcome the shock of the cold water blasting her down. This wasn't a mere deluge, however--metric tonnes of water overtook them all, threatening to pull them down deeper into the cave. Eventually, her fingers grew numb, and she too was pulled free from her safe place. Immediately after letting go, Priscilla was plunged beneath the water. Although there was much to push them by, it wasn't deep, and more than once she struck her elbow, and then her hip, on the walls and ground as she struggled to remain above water.It took her some doing, but she managed to pull herself to the surface of the roaring water, gasping for breath, only to be pushed below again. Then, freefall. For a few moments. Shortly afterward, she crashed onto the loose gravel floor, knocking the air out of her. She swore she felt a rib crack. "Fuck me," She wheezed, before falling into a coughing fit. The water surrounding her continued to crash for a while thereafter. Eventually, she got to her feet--slipped once--and moved away from the rolling waters. She blinked; her vision was blurry, with runes dashing around in her vision again, making it even harder to see. Assuming she could see afterward, which she couldn't. Wherever she was, there was no sunlight, or any visible light close by. Beyond the sound of water, and the crunching of gravel underfoot, she couldn't see anything of note, at all. She was cold. Was Torie okay? Aaric? Did he escape the blast? "Torie! Aaric!" She shouted, glancing around. Her jacket was soaked through and through, but there was no wind to chill her. She took it off anyway, but it didn't do much for her; her clothes were all soggy. She glanced around, looking for any sign of the tigress, or the little ninja boy. Or the kobolds! "Torie! Shank!" Where were they? Her voice bounced off the walls, and reverberated down halls she couldn't see. She frowned. She could hear, at least. She started walking, uncertainly, towards where her echoes had traveled. Her feet shuffled against the gravel, and she paused, and frowned. Then, she ducked down and grabbed a few pebbles. She chucked one in front of her. It clacked against the gravel. Great. She proceeded forward, then paused to throw another pebble. Again and again, hoping to avoid falling to her death. "Torie? Aaric!" She cried again. "I can't see in the dark, you guys!"
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    Public Notice: Request of Goods Contacting: Any local church near Sidereal Lake that would be able to provide steady deliveries of water that was blessed or sanctified by a priest of their faith. Not a cleric, cannot do on own. To be used for sanctifying cloth.
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    "Drink's on us, boy!" Kurush wasn't sure if he'd take up the offer, though he'd admit, it was tempting to consider it. He was almost 18 now - at least by his counting - so he wasn't far off being able to try a proper beverage of his own accord. If he was to ever have the money for one, at any rate. Which admittedly, he might not do after tonight. So... "I'll think about it." He answered the rough and tumble gang of men with whom he had entered the establishment, the spirits high, and their coin purses stuffed. Unreasonably so, for men of their visible stature and class. It was in realising this that Kurush had ultimately given himself an opt out from drinking - and thus being associated - with them. His own pouch was only modestly full, jangling with a few high value coins, jewels, and trinkets that were more... concentrated in their value. Leave it to the men who valued mass over... well, value, to get eventually caught for their heist, when the city vanguard might hear through the grapevine of some idiots in roughspun wool having enough on their persons to buy up half of... Half of... Kurush looked upward, stopped just in front of a stool on the far end of the counter. It was annoying him that he couldn't think of an apt comparison for this now. Versilla? Seemed like too big and too rich a city for that to work out. But he'd never been outside Versilla, so... Kurush shook it off with a grunt, a dirty clump of a dark fringe falling over his eyes before he brushed it aside, and took his seat. He withdrew one of the many trinkets he had acquired as a result of today's 'work', a most unusual locket, an amber-like resin sealed in a band of silver. Even at a glance, Kurush could tell it wasn't real amber, and so would argue as much to anyone that might question how he came into its ownership. Add in a sob story of it as a possession of his dearly departed mother or some such, and he should be fine. Although... "Huh." He muttered under his breath, at a most peculiar feeling. He felt as though he... recognised the lizard man that just walked in. Or that otherwise they were 'familiar' somehow. It made absolutely little sense at all, yet the momentarily not so impoverished lad could not help but find himself staring a bit. A stare that shifted, he realised, to another person in the tavern. A woman, most certainly human, and still most certainly not related to him. Yet there was something tugging from inside him as he laid eyes on her, and he was pretty sure that was nothing to do with puberty; he recognised that feeling well enough. "...Tea." Kurush ordered of the barkeep at last, deciding he'd take fancy over risky tonight. An urge that help vindicated as the doors swung open, and approximately five, lightly armoured members of the City Vanguard - bearing the Orisian Moondrop as something akin to a city crest, though he wasn't sure how official that was - entered in. And, of course, they immediately spied out the men with far too much coin for it to make sense. Just had to keep his head down now, and hope no-one was stupid enough to try and pick a fight - or drag him into it. Just keep calm, and keep fiddling with that trinket, and its... unusual warmth, he realised.
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    The Lengths We Go To

    If it's investigation, Alexander Rookstone has uncovered many things in his lifetime ? I'm sure the recovery of some goods would be rather routine Combat on the other hand... Unless he has his gun, he's restricted to a knife and his fists. Not the best of defense ?
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    Acies ab Vesania

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    There were two days that Z held in great disdain. The first was the day that he fell in with those Dragon Cultists, who used a combination of honeyed words, manipulation, and enchantment-based magic to convince him and his fellow brethren to take up their cause of usurping power and world domination. It all sounded well and good at the time, but during battle, Z had a change of heart and was lucky enough to have been on the right side of the battlefield when their controller decided to siphon off the remains of his army to empower himself. Had Z been standing on the wrong side of the shield put up by Ghallen, he would never have survived and thus missed out on his chance at redemption. Looking back, the day he fell for those words and let his mind and soul fall under the control of that tyrant is the one day he regrets above all others. But there is one that comes in as a close second. Chili Day. As the Tavern’s designated Privy detail, Z had the least desirable job around the Tavern, but damn if he wasn’t going to ensure that he was the best toilet scrubber that the Tavern ever had. Z was never going to let someone say he didn’t earn his keep or that he proved to be untrustworthy—no sir! Even Hand, the most cynical and least trusting member of that core team had started to come around, once commenting, “That lizard isn’t doing half bad.” Ha! Coming from Hand, that might as well have been one of the highest praises ever afforded Z. He beamed with pride that entire day, and it felt like he was truly on the path to earning the trust of others and perhaps repaying the kindness shown to him by Ghallen. At least, it felt like that, right up until today’s special. Chili. It always had to be that damn chili. Z wasn’t sure what Ghallen put in it. It tasted great and it had quite a kick to it as well. Some liked to eat it as it was, while others tried to temper its spiciness with a bit of cheese and sour cream. Z liked to eat it with some extra peppers spread atop, and he had to admit it was a fine bowl of chili. A wonderful dish that really hit the spot on cold winter days. It was one of Ghallen’s most popular orders, and the Tavern was always packed on Chili day. Packed full of people with weaker stomach’s and sensitive digestive tracts, apparently. Because by the end of Chili day, there was not a toilet to be found without an accompanying backside firmly planted, lighting up the bathrooms with a mess that could smelled miles out from the Tavern. And Z had to clean all of them. He really hated Chili day.
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    A dollar for your sword

    Up ahead is a curious glint, and visible signs of movement. Soon the dim movement is accompanied by loud splashing. Regular, increasing in volume; the sound of footfalls working through the ankle-deep water, and then that sound multiplied by a dozen, the sound of many footfalls giving chase. The glint was light. Proper, focused light, not the soft, ambiance of the bioluminescence they've encountered throughout their adventure in Gon's plumbing. As the echoes grow loud enough to confuse, the light reveals its holder to be a man in robes, roughly cut at the hem so as to allow him to run unimpeded, and holding up a crystal torch. It threw light in every direction and cast the tired, bruised expression on his face in stark, shadowy relief. "Run! Back, back! We've got to get out of their border!"
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    Alright. Happy New Years Everyone. Current status of the two threads: 1. Learning the Ulway - @Zashiii [177013] Waiting on you to post a response to the Ulway questioning Linda. 2. Sinking Island - @ticklefarte You're still up with Baiden ?
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    Round 2 will be posted sometime Saturday. New Years is a thing some people get dragged off to celebrate and I'd rather start a bit later and keep the deadlines spot on. Welp, I'll take the time to read through and figure out who forgot to write that their characters walked through the doors. Because first glance seems to be a non-zero number.
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    Hold Your Vines (OOC)

    so uhh let this slip my mind, then Christmas and all came up whoops post however you want at this point, I'll re-establish the order based off of this round @Trexasle @ticklefarte @Zashiii
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    Die Shize

    A dollar for your sword

    Ambience Hand over hand, the woman shifted up the makeshift rope in tow behind the crossbowman named Will. He was a decent climber, if a little slow, also he had a firm rear and he smelled damp. Kinda musky. Manly though. All in all, the two’s adrenaline, amalgamated with a need to escape from being drowned, boosted them upward. The woman pursed her lips at Will’s request for some storytelling after settling down for marriage. What is my story? At the top, she released the rope from her grip and let it dangle beneath. It was unlikely that either of them had any intention on going for a swim but she had long since learned to leave every way open in a place like this (unless a monster was trying to climb up said rope; then it was cool to cut it). Standing with a dark tunnel stretching before her, she followed suit with her partner and retrieved her walking stick. “I thought you are Will? Oh,” She clicked her tongue. “You are Will Stuck! Well, Will Stuck, I am Kaori Tongwa! Gwaaaa!” With that, Kaori slapped a hand atop his shoulder and squeezed. “Will and Kaori! Kaori and Will! HUMMMMM. The Fates are kind! Sometimes.” With quivering lips caught in a smile-frown battle, she mumbled murder beneath her breath, poked the pointed base of her toothpick on the ugly floor, and walked forth. This tunnel was like the other tunnel, and the tunnel before that, and the tunnel before that, and the tunnel before that, with goop and goo and crust and rust, dark and cold and scary. The darkness, though, was broken at least in part by her party-light-makeshift-lamp hanging from shoulder to hip, painting the gloomy sewer in a purple tint as they traversed. Fortunately/unfortunately, the glow revealed a pile of foamy white stuff that Kaori had narrowly avoided stepping into with a grimace. It looked like congealed shaving cream. Or cappa-coopa, who knows-knows? Onward, the couple marched, and Kaori found little around them to talk about unless Will had a particular fondness for sewer pipes. One hand on her broken toothpick, another hand around the hilt of her sheathed sword, she drummed her fingers against it with newfound fondness. “Your friend...the sword-thief...I hope he’s okay… Maybe he made it?” She sighed. Gooze-things and ooze-things were among those things that had no real right to exist but exist they did until they did not. No soul should have to suffer on account of a gooctopus. Nope, not even sword-thieves. “What was his name? Was he your brother? Did you both get lost in these sewers too? Did you find any food? Any idea how long we’ve been walking?”
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    [Dead] Alignak Simalucrum

    "Hmm." Was all Darah replied in acknowledgement to Cain's explanation of his goals. She was built as a tool, and a tool did not question the motives of its owner, only caring that they maintained and used their tool well. A sentient tool would move in search of another master if the current one did not satisfy that need. She was satisfied with Cain so far, but the trust he talked about with such import remained to be built up on both their ends. Darah was constructed of flesh, and was subject to many of the same limitations that living beings had. Her eyes still needed to adjust to the change in lighting when they rounded the corner. When the unfamiliar shapes resolved in the blinding chamber, what she saw was unexpected, but did not serve to break Darah's stoic expression. It would be logical to conclude that the tortured figure hanging in the centre was Cain's twin, but the expression on Cain's face together with his words, hinted otherwise. "So, this is your blood bank. He is the original?" Darah asked, suddenly understanding. The walking, talking Cain standing beside her was not so different from herself, except he was a puppet of his own making. She walked around the figure, her heels clicking on the floor, tracing with her eyes the various wires and tubes that extended from him. "Such... power," she commented, "And such vulnerability. Ingenuity, and yet such cruelty." "Have you ever regretted it?" Darah looked at Cain when she said that, but the question should perhaps be directed at the suspended figure that could hardly be called a man. She closed the distance between them. "You asked me what I wanted. No one has done this before, and neither have I ever thought of it. Medeave is gone. Mister Brecht is missing. I have only served, and it is the only reason I exist. But perhaps I want to yearn. I want to have this very expression," She reached up and brushed her fingers lightly across Cain's face. "To have something that would be worth sacrificing for."
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    A Fool's Errand

    The sudden flood slammed into Tana like a ton of bricks. The water was freezing cold and the impact forced the air out of her lungs. In an instant, her feet were swept out from underneath her and Tana pitched forward. She flailed at the air and caught hold of Khada’s outstretched arm. Her gloved fingers dug into his scales. Most of Tana’s body was still submerged in the water and at the mercy of the current. The flood tugged at her and threatened to pull her under. The flood seemed to last for hours. In reality, it lasted for less than a minute. As quickly as it came, it disappeared. Tana’s grip loosened with the final surge of the flood. Her head slipped below the water’s surface and the current swept her down the street. She struck a curb and braced as the floodwaters drained throughout the city. The remaining water was no more than a foot at its deepest point. Tana lay still for a moment. Her body jerked as a fit of coughing forced an accidental mouthful of water out of her lungs. The thief rolled to her knees and spat onto the street. Her coughs gradually turned into a hacking laughter. “Gods, I hate this fucking place,” she said hoarsely. “Take some time off, they said. Best to keep a low profile for a while, they said. Terrenus is nice this time of year, they said.” Tana struggled upright and swayed on her feet. She was completely soaked. She pushed a strand of wet hair out of her face and narrowed her eyes. “Next time,” she grumbled, “I’m going to Orisa. Hamlin can pay me on company time and deal with it.” She glanced around for the other thief. “You still here?” She called. While she waited for an answer, Tana glanced at the building behind her. The flood had swept her close enough she could see the details of the facade. It looked promising. Though, if the amulet wasn’t inside, Tana wasn’t sure if she would continue the search. She was searching for a needle in a magical haystack. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping her standing at this point. At what point was this all a waste of energy?
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    Interlude I The Binding Pallas let his last breath slip from his lungs. His senses dulled. His thoughts grew slow, sluggish like flies in amber. Numbness replaced the searing pain in his shoulder. Suddenly he felt his stomach drop, felt disorienting sensation of tipping backwards, then falling down, down, down. Pallas found himself submerged in a deep, lightless sea. It place between, betwixt, a bridge - between what or who, he could not tell. It was a dream. It was a mirage. It was a realm that stirred beneath the skin of the worlds while the ants walked unwondering above its abyssal depths. It was one of many cracks in the walls. It was the shore. Bubbles permeated the dark waters, glimmering in swells of near-invisible foam. Microscopic, tendrilled creatures flowed about him, rippling flagella and cilia. A current tugged him somewhere, but a voice held him in place. Pallas. He unraveled his consciousness, a fragile, feathered thing. This was him: a fact he took in with dull, distant realization. A hundred hands, a hundred eyes. Crippled, a third of it's form cleaved from it's core. Torn from the mortal coil, this was the fragment of his mother that he had grown into- a new creature grown from a limb sliced off. Instinctively, he reached for his brother - and found nothing. Pallas. He turned. A thousand hands, a thousand eyes. She had told them what she'd done to herself, to grant herself agency. Pallas saw it , for the first time - the eyes stitched shut, hands severed at the wrist, finger-feathers pinioned. They reached for each other, felt the gentle feather-touch of their forms. In a moment within moments, a conversation formed, and the raw reality the ocean melted away. A mother and a son stood on a grey beach, the waves crashing into the shoreline. Her hand brushed his cheek: a gentle caress on the gaping wounds that did not bleed. He leaned into her touch, squeezing his eyes shut, felt tears trace cold fingers down his face. Felt the ache in his chest, the months of waiting, the emptiness of her absence. He took a step forward, then another. Why did you leave? He felt her sigh on the wind. You know part of it. You needed to stand on your own, stand apart from me. Tear off every shackle. If I had left any dependencies in you, any desire to serve me not of your own, they needed to go. And the rest? A thumb wiped an errant tear from his cheek. I knew I couldn't protect you. Not after what I did. I sought contingencies. I stole the remnants of a dying god and bound it to its own sword, made it Unukalhai. It seeks retribution, even now, and I use its power sparingly. Embodied, I become Rasalhague. In his mind's eye, in the ocean, he could see it. Vestiges of a different power, slim strands of white coiled around her wrist. Why didn't you come back? I was spent after defeating Ophiuchus. I hid myself, slept as I walked as another form. By the time I'd regained my strength, Asterion had arrived. He tensed, recoiling from her touch. You could've told us about him. There was no use. I cast him out at creation, broke the bridge between our beings as soon as I left him. I made him to kill, and then to die. I abandoned him. I didn't know he’d survive. You're not the same. We would've understood. You would. And you do. But all the same, you fear me now. I do. There were no lies here, not now, not in this space. She grieved this, the distance that suddenly yawned between them. His fear, his sorrow, as he finally understood. Would you have left us too? If you'd never cut yourself off. If you finished what you were meant to do in this world. Yes. You would've become kings and emperors. But yes, if I had been called, I would've left. She took him by the shoulders, pulled back to look into his eyes. But I made you differently than him. He was to be a weapon, made to destroy those that pursued me. You were to be my hands and feet, my helpers as I ruled. I saw through your eyes. I chose to stay. I can't change who I was, but I chose to become this, chose you. There is no use mulling over what could have been. This is the path my choices have placed us on. None of that excuses what you did to him. No. Behind him, the sea had crept closer. He could feel the spray against his back, the waves lapping at his ankles. Pallas stepped backwards, out of her arms. She let him. He studied his mother for a long moment. How strange it was to know someone so well, to understand every thought and reason of their being. And yet, to see how distant, how alien they were. His mother regarded her past as a thing unchangeable, as actions and decisions that simply were. There was no regret for what she’d done, only acknowledgement. There was no remorse, no rumination on how things would have been, no guilt over what could have been. In that way, she was more power than person; as a hurricane did not contemplate its path, as stars falter not in their flight. Why didn't you stop him? I was too weak to use my own power. I would have had to use Rasalhague, and there is no precision with the godsword. I can't hurt him. Not any more than I already have. Because- With a sinking feeling, Pallas knew the answer even before she spoke. Because he is your son. She closed her eyes. Bowed her head. Because he is my son, and I love him. The waves crashed against the shore, whitecaps towering taller with every breeze. Pallas saw her helplessness, her anguish, even as she stood, frigid in the stillness of the ocean. She offered him a choice. I can save you now. Replace the lost wing with my own, bring you back. They both knew knew what it would entail. Another breaking. Another blow to splinter her already-shattered being. No. A memory stirred in his mind. Pallas thought back to a song he’d near-forgotten. A little rhyme, something he’d picked up from his wanderings in the woods in the months she’d been gone. A promise. I can find my way back, on my own. This is what you wanted, wasn't it? For us to stand apart from you. You don't need to suffer any more for me. Rozharon was silent. She understood. Acquiesced. There was a distance between them now, his fear and distrust, her pain at his rejection. They knew. They saw. It was what it was, and there was nothing more to say. So be it. Pallas turned towards the sea. The roar of the ocean filled his head, and the waves surged forward to swallow him.
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    squid peanut

    Silver Ticket Calling

    Jaw Finder had been watching from town rooftops as the yellow furred soft body took all sorts of objects to a wooden cart. Did they not know that herbs, and wood, and stones could be found out in the wilderness? There was also quite a lot of talking and signing between yellow fur and the other soft bodies. It was a wonder any of them had the energy to do anything with how much noise they had to make and preparations to take for even a simple trip. There were probably few other creatures that could afford such ridiculousness. Jaw Finder made no sizable effort to hid their presence, but they had no desire to waste there time with soft bodies in bloated preparation. Seeing Yellow Fur return to the 'tavern', the giant lizard pursued, stalking silently above the streets. Jaw Finder entered into the Tavern not long after the one who they had followed there. Unlike this time, the creature walked through the main entrance, with no torrent of wind to speak of. a number of patrons however could not help but be alarmed by a lizard the size of a bear, quickly flowing towards a large table further in. Jaw Finder sat on the floor, as it put them at eye level with Lexicus. "required amount of time understandable. Soft body preparation is slow process."
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