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    The Renovation Cosa Nostra

    I think what makes most sense is to start from a no council situation, and let the people who want a council RP out it's formation. Considering the effort it takes to uphold order and keep the Paragons out, each Family may want a certain amount of aid from other families but wouldn't want their actions to be dictated in a democratic fashion through voting or w.e. So we can have relations between the families, but Salvatore isn't going to be part of any council. We're Sovereign >:) But don't worry, you'll all be annexed soon enough.
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    Thriving in Struggle

    Hero looked up at Ted and smirked. Seeing his right hand man in the group of fighters gave him a breeze of confidence. Teddy was one of the best shots he knew, putting down a foe in the blink of an eye thousands of meters away. But-- he had also feared for him. This mission was a risky one, and to have one of his best friends put his life on the line to watch for any hostiles was. . . a dangerous task. The man had full confidence in the Dead Eye anyways and nodded to Ted's suggestion. "Glad to have you aboard for this one. You won't be alone, I want a group of four more combatants to be stationed outside with you. We can't have any sudden attacks and the only person outside watching us is taken out. We will all have ear pieces for communication, so make sure to utilize your resources." Esstevan extended his hand over the luminescent map, dropping and ear piece for each and every team member. Montoya proceeded to place one into his ear. He slide his titanium plated arm down to his empty scabbard, Mary's scabbard. The sword which he had lost during the warp surely had to be out there. @Nugget
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    Csl's Art Box (2020)

    Given the position of the clouds and starts, I have to conclude that this is proof that the world is flat... and vertical.
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    Relaxing Roleplay OOC

    I'll post today after my zoom meeting. 😐
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    If she would have turned just a bit further, past her acquaintance Xartia and his many-tailed dancing partner, she would have Marcellus among the thickened crowd, nearly head and shoulder above those that danced around him. He was like a mountain at that moment-- silent, brooding, and ominous, the others thin-limbed trees swaying to the touch and rhythm of the wind at its feet. Yet even as the storm of his emotions brewed on still, all thunder and tempest winds, he moved with speed and grace. The knight couldn’t afford to let her wander off in search of other guests, for he could not risk a confrontation here. This required a careful, more surgical approach; he could only pray to the Dark Father that he possessed such a touch. “Ms. Marquez,” he called out from behind her, close enough that he needn’t raise his voice too high to be heard under the music. There was no weight to the name he spoke, for it was an empty identity, conjured on a capricious whim, and thus it lacked the power her true, shadow-given name. And yet it was venomous to him all the same, tasted of scorching acid and bitter poison, and he nearly spat on the floor to cleanse his palette. But he could not speak of her for who she once was, for the Irene he knew no longer existed as he’d known her. This woman was not the heiress of the noble house he’d sworn to protect centuries ago-- and yet, she was his queen, all the same. Such was the oath he’d taken. “My queen,” he spoke again, deciding that her title would be as good a compromise as he would find in so awful and awkward a situation. He looked at her then, vision no longer clouded by space and lights and dancing guests, and saw clearly now that he’d been right. It was her, but sadly, the confirmation brought about no relief – no sense of peace or filling for the depths of his pitted stomach. Instead, it was irritation that introduced itself to his demeanor, like that of a parent once again stumbling upon their child’s mess. “What have you done?” he asked, the inflection suggesting he sought no true answer at that moment. “What have you done?” he asked again, this time in a threatening hiss. For the first time in his immortal life, Marcellus dared reach out and touch his queen unbidden, arresting her by the wrist in a grip that was careful, but likewise firm and unrelenting. The warmth of her skin was startling, the quick, thumping of her pulse against the tips of his fingers more terrifying than he believed it would be. Yet he held on tight, unwilling to release her. He held her hand up between them, displaying the beautiful, lively skin of her of her slender fingers-- uncaring mutilation of what had once been truly perfect, in the knight’s eyes. “Look,” he demanded. “Look at this!” Marcellus stared for a moment longer in cold, morbid curiosity before pulling Irene along. Their destination wasn’t far, just the nearest corner where they might continue their conversation away from prying eyes and, more importantly, curious ears. The knight posed her between himself and the wall, finally releasing her from his grip. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” he barked, failing to dull the bite of his face. “Do you understand what manner of risk you’ve put our people at with… with this?” he gestured toward her with a frantic, disgusted wave of the hand. “If people find out that there is a virus that can turn us human… it will be the end of our kind as we know it. The council, they will never allow this to be. They can’t. They’ll kill you.” Marcellus began to pace, running both his large hands over the top of his head. “They’ll find you, just like I did… and they’ll kill you. They’ll kill us both, just to make sure I’m not sick. I’ve touched you… Damn it.” Unless… “I have to turn you back,” he said decidedly, unintentionally flashing his short, tapered fangs with the statement. “This can’t be allowed to continue, Gab--” his words fell away, for it was foul and unnatural to call food by his queen’s name. “I’m going to change you back, and then we are going home.”
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    Thriving in Struggle

    Teddy, or Ted for short. Stood within the group of 18 men and women. He was wearing slightly worn out clothing and stood straight and tall. He had a sniper that was slinged onto his back by a vine he managed to dig up around the camp. The sniper seemed slightly worn out, the paint on it and such was starting to fade. His eyes were fixed on the map that Esstevan was pointing to. He nodded when he finished talking. He attempted to not show any fear, trying to show everyone he could handle this kind of thing. But in all honesty, he was worried. He was worried he'd loose more of his comrades, worried he'd die, worried he would never see his family again. Eventually he put that all aside, and looked at the map, proceeding to get an idea. " Sir, I suggest that I take a high post, maybe find a tree or something to sit within. I could use my sniper to view the area and provide cover if required. " He said, looking to Esstevan, awaiting an answer.
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    Sick, Old Man

    Farren had been horrified at the scene of the beasts taking advantage of the weak, even though it had been one of their own. It had been because of her that the creature was being shredded to pieces, her fault that its blood was soaking the earth, watering it with its very essence. It was an enemy; there was no reason to feel remorse towards a creature that certainly did not deserve these kinds of emotions. She couldn't help herself though, ever gnash of snarling teeth, every stream of blood relentlessly stabbed her heart. Green eyes were wide with the horror of the scene and the emotions she had felt prior. She had felt proud, almost thirsty for more, and now that feeling is burned into her senses. Farren felt the shame wash over her, twisting her features into a fearful and confused mask. What had she done? Why had she enjoyed it? How did this happen, and why? Was she becoming some kind of monster? Spiraling down a dangerous path of thinking, Lucas grabbed her before she hit rock bottom. "How?!" She was able to squeak out a pained response, both from the overwhelming ache in her hands and the pulse of her emotional state. "How is this okay?!" Farren held up her hands to show him how they shook, now more than they ever had. Small particles of magic - or whatever you want to call it - jumped from her quivering fingers before she curled them into fists. Unfortunately for herself and him, Lucas held her attention. Though her response had been filled with fear, she could feel herself relax against his reassuring words and his explanations. None of that stilled the pain, but it did calm her enough to think about the now. Against her better judgment, the woman pocketed the fact that she had some kind of power over the man who hadn't been able to look at her until now. Like a cool balm, he soothed her to tears, which now freely fell down her cheeks. She hadn't realized how much the idea of them having an actual conversation really meant to her. Yes, they have traveled together for a while now, and she had grown accustomed to his moodiness, but she hadn't been aware then how much she was the one carrying this weird relationship along. The burden was lifted from her aching shoulders with him now taking a bit of it away from her. Blinded by tears, she reached for her bow, guided only by memory and need - fear. "We have to do something, Lucas," she said between distraught sobs. She couldn't see if anyone really survived this attack, and even if they had all died, they still need to do something about the snacking monsters. Challenged by her raging emotions, the shield she had created around them slowly began to deteriorate. Not knowing what was keeping it there and not knowing how to keep it there, Farren was left to deal with this loss and cry her way to a victory. Knocking an arrow, she shot at the munching beasts, but at their feet. Again she does this, both arrows set side-by-side, she offers a silent prayer for it to happen again. Somehow it does, just this time without all the surprise; she intended to trap the monsters within the shield that was similar to the one disappearing around herself and Lucas. "Can you ... kill them?" Teary eyes looked at Lucas, hopeful that he could because she's sure that whatever is inside her creating the magic was slowly fluttering away.
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    Fennis Ursai

    Warm Hearts (relaxing RP IC)

    The hunt was on, the deer were running right for them. The first one was easy target, a pounce and a catch to his jaw. Kreig lifted the beast up, shook it and snapped down, breaking the neck, killing the beast quickly. There was a loud thud as torie was hit then caught one for herself. The next one managed to get by the great wolf, nothing he could do with the deer in his jaws. However the next one was picked off by another pounce. The deer in the black wolf's jaw dropped before the leap, allowing the wolf to tackle down another deer, this time breaking it's neck with a crush to it's vertebrae, a painful way to go although he was trying to be thorough in this hunt. The next deer was a miss but barely, his claw managed to rake the beast. His shadows were starting to close in, the last deer was being chilled by the freezing effects of the shadows, slow in it's gait. "Torie, last one's yours as well, take it down!" His voice was a snarl, mind completely focused on the hunt for now. Once the last beast would go down, he would have the conversation with the tiger again. For now, everything was focused solely on this moment.
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    To: Clandestine IndustrialSubject: Watch me Whip -- Whip, watch me ... Negative Mutations: 1. Irregular Spine Formation (-2) Spinal torsion caused by unfavorable coding makes standing upright impossible, forcing subject to crawl. Occasional paralysis of limbs possible. 2. Dwarfism Signaller (-1): Signalling of hidden DNA lipid causes the mutant to grow at a reduced 4 meters on average, causing mutant to be roughly the size of an adult man. Does not negatively impact blood flow and organ function, but somewhat diminishes speed and strength. Positive Mutations: 3. Limb extension (+1): Forcible reconstruction of bone structure allows limbs to grow longer, and multi-jointed, allowing for greater reach and more complex limb motions. 4. Vestigial Limb integration (+1) Originally vestigial limbs given proper, and unexpected redevelopment, resulting in massive recombinations of existing muscle structure. Gives the mutant extra, but slightly weaker limbs. 5. Rapid Onset Metabolism (+1) At-will activation of rapid metabolic action in the digestive tract, burning unnecessary calories, lipids and carbohydrates. Raises the surrounding area's ambient temperature to an excess of 120 degrees Celsius, which also rapidly boosting the body's normal repair rate. Causes vapid and uncontrollable cell growth, allowing the mutant to grow unexpectedly and quickly. Neutral Mutations 6. Tentacular Limb Replacement: Forcible Redesignation of a limb into a pelagic pseudopod. Said tentacle may be spiked, have suction cups or be any thickness upon request, and replaces a singular limb. Name: Nae-nae Height: 6’4” BMI: 17 Profile: If subject could stand-up straight the most striking feature would be just how extremely disproportionate its limbs are from the rest of its body. However, due to the irregularly formed spine, it remains in a hunched position crawling on all fours, which makes it look significantly smaller than it really is. Gangly quadrupedal limbs with a hunched frame give it something of a canine aesthetic which is only further supported by the misshapen skull. Although its facial features might better be described as resembling a deer skull than dog or wolf. Although its body is mostly a dull gray, the top of its head is adorned with several thin matte black barbed tendrils that are reminiscent of dreadlocks. Additionally, two larger tentacles are affixed to either side of its spine on the trapezius, their ends terminating in a boney spur that is best described as axe like. Even though the subject boasts an impressive healing factor, excessive wear on the skin of its toes and hands has resulted in phalanges being exposed.
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    Incorporating Solvable Language Barriers

    So, language barriers are something I'm hoping to play around with in group threads once my exams are over. I have used language barriers before, but only in super mild non thread affecting ways. I'm interesting in creating solvable language barriers, so I've been looking around online for guidance on it. I've slowly been thinking up potential ways to do it. I'm just curious to know if others on site have used language barriers in their threads and how did you solve them in RP? I'm also looking into creating a writing system, but it's all still in the works. So far, Artifexian's and David Peterson's youtube channels have been great help with this subject, for anyone else interested.
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    As soon as I type up my next post!
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    Jack Howard

    The Gates of Disorder

    Howard simply remained by Addison for the time, making sure she was alright. However it was clearly out of his power and he wouldn't help. Noticing this and the fact it was something that was out of his mindset he decided to take a few steps back to Hawk, hoping he was equally confused on what the hell was going on. Placing his pith firmly on his head, covering his eyes with a shadow and the back of his head he stood next to Hawk. Like he was selling something questionable he silently tapped Hawk's shoulder and whispered, "I don't know if you feel the same.. But I have no idea on what the bloody hell is happening.. I feel as if I've missed some major plot point out here." He looked around and tried to investigate but still, nothing made sense. He missed out something he needed to work it out but it most likely wasn't going to be given yet. He stood there net to hawk with his hands crossed behind his back and his hat tilted forward. "Jesus Christ this is more chaos than a battle at a coastline.. For god sakes make something out.."
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    The wording of both these posts makes an implied distinction that I think is helpful -- scenes in which a character exists who happens to be a master fencer, and scenes in which that master fencing is called into question, which I think is the rub of it. The native language of Lagrimosa is !Spanish, as I recall, but I don't think anyone's enforcing a Spanish license for every one of the twenty thousand characters trying to pass as Lagrimosan. On the other hand, your Chicano-inspired Lagrimosan boy whose entire character concept and identity revolves around the language barrier in fantastic Genesaris is probably going to have to do better than tossing out Google Translate-isms every time he runs into struggle. Not to mention one would likely want to draw from or tap into extensive research or experience of being an outsider. There are traits inherent to characters that are there, simply as facts to be exerted rather than questions to be asked. Great poets struggling with the dress of fame are not asked in RPs to make great poems - they are asked to struggle with their fame. The poetry is merely window dressing. When Vader meets Rebel the question isn't of whether his lightsabering holds up; rather, we're more interested in the cruelty with which he extracts information from them afterwards. And I think we should respect one anothers' characters when it comes to matters of stated skill. Otherwise, I'd make a hobby of humiliating any goon bold enough to put "hacker" in their character bio. Do you even know every encryption algo off the top of your head, bruv? With regards to the topic at hand, I'll throw my hat in with those who have wanted less combat and more of everything else. I'd like characters that have no abilities, that aren't packing enough firepower to level Detroit, and I'd like to see them fight not for their lives but for a promotion, for unrequited, childish crushes, and for other stupid petty things that people actually get worked up over in a world that's allegedly civilized.
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    After being fed, Adaanai immediately worked to groom himself for the upcoming occasion. His hair was braided back quickly and accurately, keeping it from harm's way or his face in the evening to come. A suit was not donned, but instead a folded tunic(much akin to a Mongol's Deel or a European kontusz) that fell to the knee over fine trousers. Mild covered plate was worn to reinforce him as well as accentuate his natural physique. Deep dark colors decorated his person, as well as a few fineries. An ornate blade hung from his hip - nothing too largre, but definitely something he could work with in tight spaces. It looked like a customary piece, and on top of being "magically sealed" if asked about, it could be obscured. "Doing just fine, Pavel. Grab your jacket; it's time to go." he called out through the doorway, adjusting his garments before grabbing a pair of vials and tucking them within his many layers of a sash he wore. He bore no weaponry, but he had taken the time to focus his own energy for the evening and siphon a bit before he made his way out to Pavel. when in this filled state, his body tended to have a rather charming first glance. Always impressive to come across the Stallion. Once they arrived, Adaanai looked around, minding the air and all of its contents. His Eyes fell on all around, and the very pulse of the air reverberated in his favor. The club was mapped out in his head as each step drank in the information of the area. "Can you dance, Pavel? I'm one of the finest dancers you'll ever meet next to the Empress herself." He tossed banter a bit, hoping to flow organically as he looked for Eyes that would eventually find any man worth his mettle. Only the stupid would fail to observe the fellows if this was their establishment. The Dead Eyes no doubt would see them in the first twenty minutes. Adaanai stayed close to Pavel, but did not fret when it came to mingling during their walk through the main floor. "Basement and an upper level, Pav." He noted, having felt out the edifice at this point.
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    The Genesis...

    Kingdoms, empires, cities, countries...whatever one would use to describe some manner of organized, civilization, once nothing but unmolested bedrock and foundation, and now an abundance of life and prosperity. All came to be through effort. Work. A perpetual drive to see something come to fruition, be that drive be the owned by one or many. Kings, Presidents, dictators, warlords, emperors. Different in their origins and intents, and methods yet the intent is shared. Men driven to be at the head of the ideals. Men driven to drive other men, toward what they believe is the best possible direction. THEIR direction. A selfish aspiration however, the BEST of these men are selfless in their ways. Doing FOR the people they drive for, while yes, some have prospered at the expense of others. Proteus has not yet decided which he will be, but he has decided, as most men coming into their own do, to venture out and create something ANEW. Priscilla was right in the sense that seeking conflict to expand wasn't the only way. The kingdom of Taurus, He as a King, the kingdom and it's people as a whole, could accomplish and acquire without conflict and bloodshed. "If you looked to yourself, before looking to conflict..." Were the words that resonated so soundly within his consciousness that day he had held The Orb of Infinite Knowledge in his hand and began to reap what rewards it had to one capable enough to carry the burden. There was a reason why Thoth merely had it in his possession and never used it. It's said, no, known, that the universe, across infinite expansions has seen it's destruction and rebirth countless times. The forces that be, Like the ancient progenitors, his race, The Celestials, strived to perfect their vision of what life and balance was to be. So as a result of striving for the vision, there in lies many VERSIONS of this same universe, each stricken from existence one after the other, after the other---failures. From each version, the knowledge of the incalculable amount of beings and races, be they mortal or god. Magicians, Mystics, mages, Demons, Devils, Angels, right on down to the common man. What Dieties existed then and faded with that Universes passing. Their knowledge, gifts, and mental potential Stored into the Chrome sphere humming faintly in the center of his palm. What would take one Eons and an Infinity to acquire, can be obtained all at once, at the possible cost of losing ones self within it all and having their mind RIPPED from their lifeless husk and becoming added to the orb. Proteus had accepted a challenge, that many Gods, Nedians, Visirians, and even other Celestials had failed at-------and in nearly ripping the Kingdom of Taurus in half, and succumbing to the Orb's pressure, he instead PREVAILED!!!! AND EMERGED FROM THE DEPTHS OF HIS SHATTERED CHAMBERS A MAN ANEW!!! AN ANCIENT FULLY REALIZED!!!! With the depths of his potential "Unlocked", and his mind functioning as a Spanda would, Proteus saw not JUST the world around him in an entirely new and elevated life, he saw, within HIMSELF things that were before obscured to him. Doubt was removed. Replaced with sureness and unbridled confidence. Questions before unanswered, answered. Problems? Now had clear cut solutions and with the totality of his mental capacity expanded and augmented, elevated so, the body followed suit and even the way he understood and utilized power, had changed. So it was no surprise that his next visit was to The Ancestral Halls. Where there resided the one true token of his people. An Ancient Item, said to be older even the first instance of "Existence". Pre-dating time......itself. As stated with the destruction of each version, and so forth and so forth, Eons and Eons spent in passing, and an utterly unfathomable and incalculable amount of expended energy, this artifact, was the vessel said to contain it all, and Trigger EACH specific instance. THE HAMMER OF PYRON. Pyron. The Eldest Celestial. He who could even challenge The One Above All with hopes of success. Although he failed, he cemented his legacy and assured that his Race would live on, and this hammer, Standing every bit as TALL as Proteus himself, was the only remaining token of his existence. BEFORE, today. Attempting to wield this hammer would have Killed even Proteus. For lack of a better term it contained simply far to much power for even a being of legendary endurance and durability such as himself, to manage. For lack of beading bushes, the last time he attempted what he chose to do now, he was left clinging to life, and semi-charred husk at Priscilla's feet. That was before TODAY.....that was BEFORE he had been Unlocked and Released. Free'd of limitation. Evolved. Made anew. That was before his current purpose. That was before he was motivated to usher in a new age. To Create. To mold and bring into fruition something of his own. So the hammer was seized, and like before the power of Infinite Universes coursed through him trying to tear his very being, every molecule apart from one another. It tried to tear the Ancient Celestial core, his Soul asunder, tried to saturate his body beyond it's limits to find those limits had been pushed well beyond where they were before. He doesn't yield to this power as he did before, no, he commanded it. Because he KNEW this power now. Understood it. Deciphered it and simply COMMANDED it and his body to own it in it's entirety. Once again The Kingdom of Taurus, Suffered, as this struggle released shock waves of epic proportions, and caused ripples in Space Time far and wide through the realm they resided in... ARMED with the knowledge of Infinite Existences having passed, and the corresponding power, Proteus takes on the task of doing something that he has never done before. -------Creation. With every step he took, existence itself shuddered. He ascended. An anomaly. A phenomenon newly born. Hovering there within the heavens over Taurus. He lifts his left hand and with simple wave unravels resonance itself to give way to the Void. The Infinite Blackness. An unclaimed settlement, the likes of which he seeks to set residence on. The VOID hungrily tears at his form, as beggars would a wealthy passerby, denied his prominence. In this darkness, before his ascension he would still prevail, but lack the knowledge, the understanding and the ability to perceive the forces that he now subjects to his will. He orchestrates. He seizes. He begins to horde together forces of incalculable magnitude and prominence where they will be tempered and forged! His hand of creation. A massive hand as black as the void itself, only distinguished due to the power brimming within the palm. It's here that forces of magnitude are heralded. Creating. Quintessential Law is laid down as the foundation for what follows. Time. Space. Air. Energy. Stars. Land. Planets. Specialty domains, the heaven, the hells. The in between. The Architecture in his mind becomes the actuality unfolding in his very hand, and it was at this moment, conducting this great act that actual EFFORT is needed to maintain the heft of an entire plane of existence, an actual reality, It's kick started. And the dynamism of an entire reality made anew is set forth and prospers. Life is made and though new, it's programming isn't nor are the instincts and the mechanics behind it. His creation begins to expand against the void around it. Resonance devouring the dissonance in abundance here. Hungrily, and infinitely this new found creation of his grows into it's own. The void gives underneath the immensity of LIFE! Where there was nothing NOW, exists life! A new Plane! A new realm! A domain of his creation FOR his people and other worldly beings in need! A beacon! An example to be followed! The soapbox in which he will speak and cast his ideals and impose them! A celestial adolescent once a boy, became a MAN, and then a KING, and now takes his mantle as DEITY---THE KING DEITY. Requiring no worship or no belief but merely the understanding and respect that comes with the stature he has not been given but he has EARNED, and an unflinching willingness to make example of those who would find themselves slow to understand! And it is done! And his eyes behold the fruits of divine labor. The entirety of the Kingdom of Taurus by his will and hand moved and established to this new domain, named in Omen to the place where his race originated. One word, sliding free from his lips, cast out into the infinite expanse of this new found realm. "Terrestria..." ~Fin
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    Bird is the word

    At some point Beatrice lost her smoke; which is absolutely a tragedy, but not one that can’t be corrected. Reaching into her inner breast pocket she produces 4” maduro wrapped cigar, which she promptly cuts a portion of the cap from, before surrendering it to Ecks. “You’s can keep it.” She punctuates the statement by with the sharp clap the lid flicking closed on the lighter, snuffing its flame. As Ecks sets about explaining what he remembers, Beatrice starts to stretch and bend, her spine, should, neck, hips, knees, and elbows all cracking and popping with each movement. “Five huh?” She gazes up to the sky and nods in agreement. “Yah, that was muh bad.” Despite the fact she is quick to blame others, she is both capable and willing to admit when she is the sole source of fault. “Anywhoz, I ain’t one to wait. Twilight is witchin’ hour fer me, so I’d rather we’z take advantage of the reduced light.” With her gaze once more skyward, she scans for a vantage point. “I say we’z pick somewhere high, find a light source, and investigate. Beats wandering around aimlessly with LSD bubbles poppin’ up.”
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    Disorganized crime ooc

    Here's that sheet for listing.
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    The Things we Do

    Company. A puzzled and knowing smile etched itself across Addison's lips briefly. Just briefly. "It's a deal then, Miss Romanov," she gripped the woman's palm and gave it a rough shake. "I look forward to working with you. You are doing a great service to this world." After bidding the shrewd businesswoman goodbye and taking a brief walk around the mines to check on her rival, Khan, the Master Knight left the establishment, leaving with Athena the plans and blueprints to the equipment.
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    "...Okay..." Erin agreed after a moment's consideration, realizing she still needed the cash to pay off her rent, and with Da Villa done for, she didn't have time to go job hunting again... And so it was back to port for the ever-growing band of misfit ladies. Well, most of them. "We don't know for sure where this dragon has gone, nor can we say for sure where Da Villa's men are. We will have to ask around the docks to see if anyone knows where their heading was, then perhaps we can track their course from the air and follow them right to this dragon," Abigail mused, "Start spreading out to gather information." Some asking around revealed that one of Da Villa's smaller cargo ships had left port (without taking on cargo) and had gone southwest, hugging the coast. It was the best lead they could come up with, but it sounded promising. And so they all boarded the ship, save for Middy, who had directed Erin to an artifact recovery job for some eccentric collector here in Casper, then followed her to take the same job herself under a different alias, and Sera, Khaki and Mara (who had gone their own ways after returning to normal). But despite missing some of their better mercenary help, Abigail remained determined to get this crown at any cost, and so they were soon in flight again, scanning the sea and coast as they followed it southwestward from Terrenus's largest port city. In the end, their efforts paid-off. A freighter could be seen anchored off the rocky coastline up ahead, and some smaller boats could be seen beached outside a sea-side cave of some sort. "I tire of negotiation," Abigail remarked, "But if there is a dragon to be dealt with, it may be better to make truce with Da Villa's goons, if only temporarily. They can be disposed of afterward."
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    Which prompt were ya interested in? You got it! I have the thread prepared for that, so I can slap it up tonight when I get home from work ❤️
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    Another brief stop, another fight, and another item of presumed importance acquired by The Mistress. He was unsure how any of the trinkets she picked up at each of their stops would lead to this airship that she was after, but he would trust her judgement. Besides, this had hardly been a waste of time for him. The Lich had managed to gain some powerful new servants to add to his legion after all. Plus, if he were honest, he didn't mind spending time in the company of the Inner Circle. Once everyone had taken their place, Ankou opened the portal to Telerian.
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    Holly sighed. "So it is him. Very well. I'll put the bounty up for that blasted Cursor. If you ever managed to capture him, bring him to me and you'll be rewarded handsomely." With that, she turned he wheelchair and headed back towards the ship. "There is," the white-haired woman replied. "Come with me and I'll tell all the details."
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    While Kyoku's magical beams of light did not take the boar down, it did weaken its thick skin for a moment. Right at that moment Irryn's bullet reached the Eldritch adomination right at the weakened part of its body. The projectile pierced through it and dug deep inside its side. The boar stammered from the shot and Shishi found her opportunity. With a grunt, she took advantage of that imbalance in the boar's posture to heave its heave body to the side causing it fall down. "It's not dead yet! Keep on attacking!" Shishi cried as her body also fell from her maneuver. "Kill it before it can stand up again!" @Kyoku @Peter
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    Repeat After Me

    “She smiles,” Dominique offered with a slanted smile of his own, though not quite steep enough to be a smirk. His attention hadn’t wavered from her, and so if she’d intended to hide it, or even make it an ephemeral thing, it was for not. They were newlyweds, and there was hardly anything else in the world more exciting in that moment than learning and understanding the woman who had become his. “It would seem the myths are true.” As if taking offense to her husband’s jest, Rou’s demeanor shifted once again, becoming more soberly—or perhaps somberly—grounded in the reality of the moment. He responded in kind, not one to find too much lightness in the situation. “I’m sure you’ve not had a proper respite from those wolves since you’ve arrived,” he said, a supportive vigor lending its weight to his tone. “It will allow you time to, mm, acclimate to things.” There was a moment of peace between them, but only a moment. She was back on the offensive, though with less enthusiasm than before, and strangely, not entirely toward him. Rou painted an unflattering picture of herself—though she likely believed it to be nothing more than matter of fact—and he could see, with every word and gesture, how the council had weighed on her. “Have you done much traveling in the empire?” he asked rhetorically, the cut of his eyes and tilt of his head making the point clear. “Besides Orisia and the Red City, I mean. Have you been the northern reaches, or the southern outskirts? Have you visited the tribes along the slopes of the Cold Mountains or island peoples along the barriers of Arlais?” This time, he waited a beat, giving her time and space to answer. “The Castelles are, and always have been, a powerful merchant family,” he revealed, letting his gaze wander away from Rou. Reaching across to her side of the curtain and gathering a handful of its dense fabric, he slid it aside just enough for her to gleam dark, shadowy figures passing them by. Tall, thick trees with notably dense leaves. “Olives, mostly, among other things.” Letting the curtain fall back into place, he resumed his sitting across from her, slowly drumming his fingers upon a thigh to a melody only he could hear. “I’ve met a great many people over the years, most of them humans, though not always, and I think you’d be surprised by how positive of a light they shine upon your name, Lady Castelle. “While I don’t doubt there are some that see you as a witch, and yes, perhaps others that see you as a whore—and believe me when I say that I care little as to the validity of either claim—there are those that see you as a beacon of hope,” he revealed to her. “You, an outsider, who came into the empire and rose to one of the most prestigious positions obtainable by man or vampyre. You sit amongst the elders, amongst high lords, and convene with the Lord Father, himself. Can you not see what that might mean to a beggar’s daughter, or a whore’s son, or a tavern maiden or blacksmith? Can you not see what that means to the people of our empire? Say what you will, but more than anything, you are living proof that the system works. That all is obtainable should you desire it and put forth the effort.” Dominique scoffed bitterly, the red of his eyes darkening as thoughts turned to the treacherous nobles skulking about the court. “That’s why they hate you, those miserable curs at court.” The conversation waned in the aftermath, and for a while, the carriage moved along in silence, cutting through the night. But it seemed his earlier confession hadn’t been brushed aside, and Rou’s curiosity peaked with a gentle question. “She was, yes,” he replied, assuming a matter of fact tone that often unveiled the pain surrounding her lost rather than hide it. “Her name was Lisanna, and—well, it was a long time ago. I think it’s been almost two hundred years now.” As if she’d infected him with her downtrodden demeanor, Dominique’s mood sank, slowly but noticeably as his shoulders slumped, eyes lowered, and his left hand reached over to idly fidget with the bracelet encircling his right wrist. “But no, I hadn't the slightest desire to encumber you, as you so eloquently put it. I’m well-aware that you can’t bear children, my lady,” he said all the dryness of the Velhatien desert in his tone. It was the law that any abnormalities or defects the groom might find displeasing be reported to the necessary parties prior to the ceremony. “Had that been my intention, well, we wouldn’t be sitting here, would we?” Looking into the shadows, staring off beyond the fine dark wood, lush curtains, and sea of olive trees beyond, Dominique settled into the comfortable familiarity of his memories. “It does not,” he answered her after a moment, though there was a palpable distance in his voice, far greater than the physical space between them at that moment. “You are now Lady Castelle, yes? Your power is my power, and my power is yours; our power is the power of our house. I have married beneath my station to no detriment, and now, I have married above it, hopefully, to no detriment.” He paused, though not long enough to give her the time to conjure some sleight from his words. “To that end, your power means nothing to me personally. I married you because you have proven yourself to be a highly intelligent woman, you are undeniably gorgeous, and I desired the physical, emotional, and psychological companionship.” Immortality was, after all, a lonely affair. Dominique looked at Rou pointedly. "Does that bother you?"
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    Hail to the Queen (Viridis)

    Aurum's Promise. The name spreads throughout the lands of the Queendom and beyond, and all begin to eagerly await news from its distant shores. Buildings continue to rise high, the rural skyline slowly overshadowed by the advancement of human civilization. Traders and merchants draw plans to establish trade routes leading to and from the city, allying with the business-minded folk of the area to make use of the proliferation of wealth. The Queen herself comes to visit once more in order to bear witness to the maiden voyage of the first ship to be built within the new port city, joining Lord Rufus as he stands high above the crowd gathered in the harbor. This would be the first of many vessels carrying the flag and colors of Aurum's Promise and its presiding noble house. She offers the man a wine bottle, gesturing towards the ship ready to be christened. "Will you do the honors, Lord Viridis?" @danzilla3
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    Let's get on with the building up

    @Venus Spritenever. I'll never let you eat poor Jakie.
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    it really do be like that sometimes

    After being surrounded by the best, it's kind of hard not to pick up a few pointers here and there. While her last crew may not have been the most orderly group of rascals, they were professionals and acted like so when necessary. The very thought of them made her feel nostalgic, remembering the ruckus they had caused, the moments of loss and relief they had all shared, and, most importantly, their familial comfort. If she could just learn how to turn back time, she would undoubtedly twist it to those moments. Oh well. Right now, there's a job that needs to be done, and together they need to work to gain success. When their prey was spotted, Tanner voiced Yonatan's feelings. She's always like drakes and their kind, finding them to be beautiful creatures you don't often see in these here parts of the world. Having spent considerable time in Kalopsia, her joy for drakes and dragons have been exasperated. The land was filled with these fiery creatures, and the people were told they had stemmed from a dragon of some kind. Dragon born are wonderful creatures to behold and rather gracious tippers too. Not the leader of this group, Yonatan took her time to examine the actions of the group. Unfortunately, Lakoti was showing herself to be a bit of a spitfire, useful to have a bit of spunk, but it did little when there was no direction for the rest to follow. As a group, they need to work together, and going after the drake without giving the rest direction (aside from staying still) was a mark against the young lady. Garland will have to deal with the guidance of Lakoti later. "Tanner, be a gem and work to restrain it. Garland and I will do our best to keep it on the ground ... and alive, if possible." She made no move to save Lakoti; in the assassin's opinion, the young lady will have to work with the situation she has been given - just like them. Standing up, she offered Garland her hand, and once he took it, the two would slip into the pooling shadows beneath them. In a few seconds, they'd find each other in the fray - noisy, unruly, and positively thrilling. Letting go of his hand, she evaluated the situation and figured it would be best to control what they could without overworking themselves. "I'll go for its head if you work on its legs. She isn't going to be able to hold on forever, so we need to disable it before then." And so she did. Floating into the crowd of snapping wolves and an angry drake, the courtesan twisted the surrounding shadows into usable appendages. The struggling drake let out a barreling growl, deep and from its chest, signaling that it was gathering steam, and in time it would shoot down its rage upon the intruders. This helped Yonatan a bit as she shaped the shadows and used them to grab at the drake's overflowing maw. Digging her heels into the ground and commanding the shadows into shackles around her ankles, she used this leverage to keep the drake from spitting at them.
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    "Myrlande, et I callsies yu wet I'un wunt." The woman eyed the youngin in front of her, opening evaluating him with undeniable intrigue. He was undoubtedly that child of that woman; there was no denying the scent of 'mind tricksies' embedded in his blood. She wondered when he had been conceived, what kind of man would dare be allowed to touch the person who had once ruled this little bit of land. It was baffling enough she was silent for a time. She knew it had been years since she was last awake. These kinds of things always took that long, and she's never been too unsettled by it - until now, at least. There was a piece of someone she had known so many years ago standing right in front of her, telling her what she can and can't do, telling the people of the Keep how their lives are and aren't. Would things have turned out different if Myrlande had stayed awake? Would this boy be here now? She did indeed wonder that. "Kairos is your name, that's what I will call you. Yes, that's what I will call you." Feeling it would be better to speak the language of the common folk, she spoke to him clearly and without ruse. "Earn the title of Prince, and I'll call you what pleases you. Until then, Kairos you will be called - nothing more, yes." Snapping her fingers, the firefly would return to its master. Copelan enjoyed his playtime with the big kitty! With a few hopeful bounces around Myrlande's face, the two communicated through their bond, in silence. There was so much to catch up, though ... the more she shrugs her sleep off, the less she cares about the past. There's too much to consider, too much to remember, and too much that has nothing to do with her. Toos muk. "What're you going to do about these people? What's your plan? What are you going to do, Kairos?"
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    A Rumble Beneath Vdara IC

    "Lantern head?... that's a new one." The rather snarky remark seemed to bounce off if the bubbly half-demon, his hand pressed to his hips as a quick once around was given during the conversation. His head snapped back at the question, confusion marked his face as he stared towards her. "Not ringing any bells here...-" "Oi, can you explain any more than that?" Confusion changed to a light positivity as he cast a cheery look upwards at the haunting creature. @Dabi @Venus Sprite
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    A lesson on adventures [OOC]

    @ticklefarte tag!
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    Jack Sunflower (Rat)

    anti-tyrant Basics Name: His real name is Jack Sunflower. He is only known by the name Rat right now. Age: 21 Gender: Male Details Appearance: He is equipped with a longbow, miséricorde (dagger, meant for executing knights,) and a longsword. Athletic body with well-balanced muscles. Angular features and sharp, green eyes with a surprisingly pretty face he doesn't like showing. 5'5" Image Credits Personality, Goals, and Motivation: Solemn, socially difficult, introspective. He's a little too thoughtful for a violent isolationist with anti-establishment ideals. He's spent his lonely days riddling away the ideals of rulership and morality, admiring the strength and free ways of Drasir. He believes the whole of the islands could be a unified force, not as bandits, but instead free settlements. He doesn't particularly balk at murder, but he has absolutely no desire to explicitly kill, instead often acting on explosive bouts of rage or other emotions. He has a bad habit of convincing himself into a fight, as he sees himself as a meant to be in a place to bring decay to it and an end to order. He perceives his place in 'the grand order of things' as entirely preordained beyond his control, and as such, he believes that he must kill people, good and bad, or else tyranny will return. Over time, he has gained an affinity for animals, seeking out something to fill in the void left by social isolation all these years. Background Birthplace: Gold Harbour, UM. Current Place of Residence: Andelusia, UM. He is often in the forests/travelling the islands, though he always returns to haunt the shadow of the tyrant king's throne. Current employment / role: Adventurer for hire, slaying monsters, bandits, and collecting herbs/minerals or other ingredients of variety. Refuses things that veer into mercenary work or serving the nobility. He actively spends his time as a city ranger, extremely used to climbing in a variety of environments, as well as mapping regions and memorizing natural pathways with ease. Family / close associates, if any: His mother still works in Gold Harbour. Affiliations (guilds, businesses, noble houses, etc.): City ranger. There is a collaborative effort among nature survivalists and trackers to map all the pathways and update the public maps consistently. Mastery of dominion, or examples of uses of dominion, if any: -̷̮̻̲̗̙͒-̶͔̌-̸͙̗̉͛̉͊͊͋-̵͇͖̣̗̺̩͂̅͑͠-̷̣͗-̷͈͚̆-̴̡͌͋̎͘-̸̢̟͉͖̠͚͝-̴̹̿́̄͐ͅ-̴̤̩̈́̑̉͗̓̑-̵̰̟̀́́-̶̯̞͍̲̎-̵͔̎͋͒-̶͎̝̌̋͠-̵̩̟̺͎̃-̴̡̼̞̮͍̻̆͆̾̃-̴̧̨̳̳͍͆́͋͐̀-̶̹̘̼͂-̴̢̬̘̺͒̒͊̍͗͒-̵̹͓̞̦̳̃̀̃̏̀̉-̸̡̙͙̱̪̲͊͑̾̔-̵̩̞̬̼̂-̶͇̩͔̓̒̏͛͋̕-̵̨̙̣̥̣̿̓-̸̡͙̞͖̩̐̂̌̕-̸̛̙̩̭̅̋͊̕-̸̢̹͈̯̼͌́-̷̰̻͙͑̔́́̈-̴̻͔͔͋̂̚͠-̶̖̀̾̄͠-̴͒̓͜-̴̙̞͆̋͗-̵̛̰̲̒̍̀-̵̤͗̓̂͠-̴̺̼̽-̶̨͕̰̖̭̑̾̐-̸͚͖̙͝͝-̷͙̠̼͋͒-̶̢̫͓̅̉̿̚͜-̴̳̞͍̺͓̀-̶̱͋̂̄̂̌̚-̴͔̯͖̱̦͔̇̃-̴̹̈̀̉͆̽-̷͎̫͆̀-̵̛̥̘͔̣̪̹-̵̡͍͚̦͝-̶̧̮̪̳̚-̶̥̟͊͗̎̈́-̶̜̳̃̌͜-̸̭͔̔̈́̎̈̌͜-̸̮͇͖͙̰͗͐̋̅-̴̦̠͓̝̠̓̑̀-̵̧͚͍̠̆͋-̷̛̤̣̙̦̫͊-̸̨̹͖̼͍̪̽͗͘͘͝-̶̩̮̯̹͈̈́̓̽̉͜͝-̵̡̠͈̫̩̆̈́́͗̒̕-̸̟̈̐̔̇̚-̷͍͐̄̓-̴̯̭̩̝͊͂̎͆̏̐-̵͈̠͕̤͎͕̉̄͝-̷̗̥͈́̔͠-̵͓̯̻̻̑͌̀̉͝͝-̴͓͒͊̑̓͒̈́-̶̨̦͇̗̍̍̂ͅ-̷̺̙̞̗͈͗̃̂́͌-̴̢̙̰̑̑͂-̸̙̣̬̅̓ͅ-̵̢̫̀̒̒̃-̴͕̓̏̋́͝͝-̵̬͙̑͊̀͐͊̋-̸̢̙̆̇͛̿͒͠-̷̰̦̼́̋̒-̴͇͙͍́-̴͇̫̉͗̈́̔̿͊-̸͓̙̰̯̄͂͜͜-̷̧̳̽̑-̴̈́́̑̀̽͜-̶̜͛͝ͅ-̵̰̦͕̠͈̫͋͋-̵̻̦͉̼̳̐̅͗-̷̲̥̜͈̈́̑͐̚͝-̴̘̖̠̇̿͝-̴͓͊́̽͆-̶̧͐̌-̷̤͇̙̻̈́̌ͅ-̴̖̬̘͕̤̒̑̒̋-̷̨̰͚͍͌̊́̄̐̎-̵̙́͂͘-̷̧̣̩͎̣̰̋̐̀̀͘͘-̶̧̥̣̥͔͌͐̐-̷͕̦́̚-̵͕̄̍̆-̷͉̰͑͌̒-̸̦͖̣͍͋̓͐-̵̹͗̈͂͝-̸̹̩̓͜ͅ-̷̛͕̞̩̰͘͜-̶̨̜̰͔͙͋̕-̶̠̝̺̪̏͗-̸̡̬̫̻̥̲̏͘-̸̢̼͎̈̂̃̐̿͆-̶̢̧̘͚̹̲̉-̴̢̺̥̳͑̔͜-̵̨͍͕̰̉̏͝ͅ-̷̡͈̙̋̃-̸̢̜̞̦͕̫͌͋͋-̸̣͕͖̋͜-̸̣̩̹͉͆̔̈́̽̓̈͜-̸̺͎͔̙͔͒̓̽̓̿͆-̷̡̜̯̩̻̋-̴̜̮̱̺̫̽͌́̍̕͝-̸̛̲̠̝̘͂̓̀͗ͅ-̸̩̰͗̀̚-̷̬̯̑̓͆-̶̜̇̄-̷̼̰̭̔-̴̡̭͕̥̺̬̅̓̃͌̓͝-̷̢̿͌-̶̣̋̕-̸̨̣͕̭͒̀̑̈̐̕͜-̶͙̈́̂̔-̷̨̛͇̈́̌̒̈́̀-̷̛̯̦̟̿̃̋-̶̡̛̪̟̮͍͉̈̀̽͘͘-̴̟̭̖̭̝͌̏͊̅̈̌-̵̼̥̼͑͋̍̓͂-̵̯͓͕͍̙͍̒̈́͛͝-̶̨̯͊̃̿̕ͅ-̸̟͐̑̀̔̏̄-̵̘̮̤̭̑̒̍-̷̹̪͒́̂-̶̝̦̭͛̀̌̽-̴̱̭͕̖͈̋́̚-̶̪̥͒̀͐͑-̴̙̿̍̑́̌̔-̴͚̮̋͛͘-̸̡͎̃̐͐̿̚ͅ-̷̛̙̋̾-̸̢͎̱͔͍͉͑͝-̷̹͖̐̎͗-̶̜̓̿̍͝-̴̝̞̠̗͙̇-̷̣͓͕̒͜ͅ-̴̛̖̗̙̜͍̃-̸̧͔̐͛̃̈́͜͝-̵̨̯̗̪̊̔͘-̸̜͊͆̂-̷͙͕̘̜͋͊̅-̶̤̭̟̲̃͊̎́́̋͜-̵̡̹͑̾̄͊-̴̹͔̰̄-̶̛̠̹̠̮̿̓̂-̶̡͎͕͔́̓-̷͕̖̙̭̝̭̍͌-̵̢̹͌̐-̶̧͕̗̬͑̋-̴̧͕͇̭͓̎̿̋̊͝-̶͕͇́̐̾̒̀́-̸̤̮̮̈́̍̊̒̇͋-̴̭̮͕̲͉̉͛̕-̶̠̝͚͈̑̈́̈́̈-̸̧̰͕͓̭͖́̉͒̇-̴̡͕̃̊́͘-̸͔̘͑̇-̷̢͖̤̤͋͆͠-̴̛͕̳̲̯͙̤͑̈-̷̢͍̪͆̑͝ͅ-̸̦̱̝̓͛͑-̷͚́̉̃͘͠-̶̡̖̳̫̖͒͆̊͂͛-̸̦̗̜͇̻͗̚͜-̸̤̤͕͓͝-̵̥̱̀̈́̉̎͑̓-̴̬̟͖͙͌͒̂͝-̵̦̳͕̮̈̐̀̆̒-̷̫̞̼͔̐̃͊̕ͅ-̷͖͕̍͂̈̎̔͠-̵̼̟̫̽̉̌͛̚̕-̴͕̦̦̬̂̄-̸̡̤͉̜͈͒̈́͋̒̕-̷̬̫̳̄͗̅̇̉-̵̧͋̓̈͌̄́-̴̟͕̻̽̃̀-̷̮̮͇̲̓-̵̨̖̭͓̇-̴̭̻̟̭̾̈́̍-̶̧̼͒͐̄͜-̸̯̞̻̮̈́́-̶̧̛̙͕̘͌̂͑̇-̷͚̼̬͉͙̻̌̈́̀̓̕-̸̲̆̕-̶̱̲̥̞͍͙̀̂̽-̶̠͍̅͛̎͂͠͝-̴̡̻̗̿ͅ-̵̧̼̜̪̿̓̈-̸̖̻̂-̶̙̓̊̈́͘͝-̶̛̪̫̐̈́͠͠-̴̥̟̹̟̣̈́̓̈́̏̿-̶̧̖͙̐͛-̴̥͗-̶̛̼͙̹̗͛̍̃-̷̛͖͛̊͆͒-̷̫̩̪̾͝-̵̻͍̬̬̜̔ͅ-̵̤̲̲̮̳͗̚-̸̢̻̯̂͠-̶͔̥͇̬̥͘-̸̻͍̏͛̈̀̕-̷̺̋̋̇-̸̡̰͓̱̆͑̃̿-̷͓̟͈͙́̌͌͝-̸͖̙̽̚-̸̧̒-̵͍͗̅̉̀-̵̱̥̯̮̃̉͋̈́͗̅ͅ-̵̝̞͕͒͊-̸̧̨͉̘̬͉̑-̸̜̪̄͐̔̌-̴̹̮̮̋̉̏̃͘-̷̹̜̑̓-̷̨̈́̆̽͗-̷̱̳͍̟͉̃̓́-̶̞͖̂̐ͅ-̵̨̟͚̺̤͌̈́̅̅-̸̗͕̋͛͋̔-̸̧̺͕̦̑ͅ-̶͉͆̓̌̈-̸͚́̑̅͠-̸͍͋͝-̷̮̩̋̔̚͠-̵̧͙͙̯̼̓͋̅̏̌-̴̜̘̹͑̒-̴̢̼̟͈͔͂͋̉̚͜-̵͉̮̒͌-̷̮̖̤̪̋̀̀̅-̴̗̣̫̼͈̤͆̕-̵̙̺́͂̅-̷̣̏-̵̤̦̘̍̎̈́̉̕͜͝ͅ-̷̨̡͈̀́̏̓-̵̙̪̹̼͇̋̌̿͝-̵͖̗͈̱̈͆͐́͘-̶̳͉̙̾̀̌͝-̶͇̫͙͉͚̈́ͅ-̵̗̼̠͓͐͑-̵̡̮̪̖̼͚̽-̵̯̰͎̽̿̿-̴̤̺̹̺̯̃̈̓-̷̦͂-̵͖̥͗-̵̤͓͋-̵̟̪̼̩̫͌̎̄͊̀̚ͅ-̵̨͚̖̗̳͉̏̋͌̋̆͒-̸̛͙͎̝̟̭́̍-̸̨͉͇̬̭̟́̐̎͘̕-̶͉́̿̈́̂̾-̷̻̠̲̬̹̯̔͌̋-̸̣̀̋̅̽-̸̧̮͍̎̇̃-̴̤̝̟͔̩̉̓̂-̸͎̓͋͊ͅ-̷͙̳͓̘̔́̐̋ͅ-̴͖͖̰͗͛̄-̶̩̥̞͎̰͈́̃̋-̶̧̼̗̞̣̑̿̃̈́͛̚͜-̵̨͕̞̳͍̚-̵͚̌-̷̠͈̩͇̉̓ͅ-̶̟̬̙̻̺͂̈̈́-̸̜̓̓̎͝-̸͔̠̺̠͖͇͗̆͊-̷̧͍͎̩͇̽̆̿͒͒-̴̡͖̼̲̇͊̏̒́͘-̸̦͔̱̫͔̿͋͗̓̓-̵̧̢͈̱͖̆̒-̶̟͕̓ͅ-̶̣̥̖͛̂̂̐ 7. The power to putrefy flesh and reduce to dust all things with a touch. unbound, uncontrolled emotionally invoked destruction of non-organic matter At its current power, he can almost instantly cause the decay of six inches of matter, being enough to effectively take people's limbs off and destroy their weapons. Since a young age, his power has always been active, seeming to react to the spark of life like a fire to gunpowder. He learned to maintain control and restraint it, but fears touching other people as he has never been able to avoid harming a living thing without wearing gloves. Even then, he has a hard time not destroying non-organic matter and has destroyed hundreds of pairs of gloves by this point. Any time he gets angry, he destroys his gloves and whatever he is holding.
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    Venus Sprite

    A Rumble Beneath Vdara IC

    Groggy eyes regarded their individual approach, but the dragon didn’t speak again until they all gathered on the lip of the stone platform. “A lantern-head, a cat and a trio of humans walk into a bar. Thbbt.” The dragon’s forked tongue whipped out of its mouth, waggling back and forth a moment before being sucked in noisily. “This is a bar?” Torie said. “No. An apothecary. But it doesn’t have the same ring. Thbbt.” After the dragon put away its tongue again, it raised its claw, taking another draught from a keg-sized bottle. “What are you doing here?” Torie blinked. It hadn’t occurred to her that they were the ones that were out of place. “Where is here?” she said. “My shop.” “Your shop’s in a cave underneath Vdara city?” “Thbbt. Yes.” The dragon narrowed its eyes, shifting on its haunches and ruffling its wings. “You have no idea where you are, do you?” “Beneath… Vdara city?” Torie ventured. “Thbbt.” “In a cave?” “You’re in the Dragon Grounds,” the dragon said. When Torie gave it nothing but a blank stare, it turned its gaze on the others. “The dragon grounds? Anyone? “Thbbt.”
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    Venus Sprite

    Warm Hearts (relaxing RP IC)

    “Eugh,” Torie said, as Kreigstad’s body convulsed. She cocked her head, watching with morbid fascination as multiple copies emerged from his original form. They were chilly, and sprang after the prey. “All my spells require meditation, and one-ness with the world,” Torie said, as the deer bolted down towards them. Then she turned to Kreigstad. “Hey, maybe you can teach m-“ Smack. A deer barreled into her side. Torie barely moved, aside from a small shudder across her doughy flesh, until she reached out and raked the deer closer with her paw. “Got one!” she said, then bit down on its neck.
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    The Renovation Cosa Nostra

    /looks at thread with the words "cosa nostra" As far as I'm concerned there is no nose
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    Hey thanks for the follow my guy 🤠
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    The Renovation Cosa Nostra

    Hi peeps! I've decided on the new name for Nu Rosinder. Nu Sicily! As for the reason behind the name change, we can just say that Nu Sicily means "Second Chance" in Old Renovatio. I think it works p well, if slightly on the nose. Thoughts?
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    The Renovation Cosa Nostra

    We could do a big combined thread where someone GM's an overboss of everyone who gets mysteriously knocked off, setting up a period where we're all trying to get into that position (or, depending on the temperaments of the families, figure out how to stop the violence and make peace)?
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    The Renovation Cosa Nostra

    Are we looking for peace? 😄
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    The Renovation Cosa Nostra

    I was spending time reading as well about the italian mafia back in the "golden era" as well, and this was a thing indeed. 4 families, one guy tried to be the "Boss of all bosses" and got assassinated, so the council was made for the 4 families to be in relative peace.
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    [GS] Virgo.

    Is it not time yet? It is taking quite a while. While Shishi wanted to complain out loud, she did not have the luxury to do so. It was problematice enough to just dodge the oncoming air stikes but even harder still when she have to protect a static target. As the clock goes on ticking and the seconds pass by (which seemed quite a rather long time), Shishi's armor have finally grown big enough to cover her entire body. For the sake of her femininity, the Heaven's armor had a built-in property of invisible mode which allowed Shishi to still look like a normal persol while offering maximum full-body protection. The first weapon she summoned was Heavenly Virtue. An arming sword gifted to her from her patron, the Nameless Goddess. Unlike regular swords, the blade is not longer visible and only the hilt can be seen. as Shishi used it to slash at the incoming air strikes. Like its sister blade, the edge never dulls and can cut through magic. However it was not enough because it also required her to be in close contact with the air strikes and only left her shaken from the impact of her sword's collision and Virgo's attacks. And yet the goddess always provides. In her dire situation, the energy surged within the blade as Shishi's efforts were finally rewarded. One swing of her sword and the slash seemed to travel further that Shishi would have expected. It cut through one of Virgo's strike, giving her enough time to prepare for the next one.
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    The Gates of Disorder

    ". . . Akimee." She whispered so softly the words which had once bore a far greater meeting. A name drowned with the rest of her traumatizing past., now brought back to the fore as her eyes cleared and her vision sharpened. The man before her was James, yet it wasn't? His shoulders were broader, his skin was darker and on top of the few scars he had were dozens of new ones. His eyes were powerful like she had always remembered, but with them came a newfound intensity and seemingly infinite depth that she had never experienced previously. Their gazes connected, and it was akin to staring into a pair of black holes. "How-" Are you alive? The words were stuck in her throat. A dozen different feelings began to eat away at her constitution from every angle, and as she stared back into the endlessly black pits that were James' eyes, she thought that she could hear the faint laughing of a young boy. "H-How are you alive?" She forced the words out of her lungs breathlessly. The encounter was almost surreal. She had convinced herself decades ago that the boy she had once loved was slain, forgotten, a piece of her past and the eternal flame that burned in her heart. And now, surrounding that flame was a man of flesh and blood, armored from toe to shoulder and returning her look with what seemed to be suppressed disbelief. A louder clatter ensued as White Reflection fell to ground beside her feet. She took a staggered step forward, her hand poised forward limply with uncertainty, fingers curled and hesitant. She felt in that moment that if she didn't reach forward and swipe her hand across the apparition, it would vaporize into mist and seep through her fingers, just as he had before. @Fierach
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    Made my first RP News Article in a while! I've heard it's a good read, check it out below
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    Gaia's;Hand [closed. Gaia]

    It had been way too long. The man once known as Shethid Fakir had been rotting in this prison far too long. Who knows what state the Legion is right now? Or the Blackspear cartel. Should any of it matter at this point? He was just one of the forgotten members but he knew that his legacy would live on. He was one of the foundations of the group. His insights into the realms of time and space were valued highly by the recently deceased Lady Blackbush. He knew that the other members are still using the knowledge he had shared with everyone in his organization. But perhaps it was time to move on. He could no longer feel the network. Perhaps Middy had finally made the right decision. Lady Blackbush fucked up real bad with allying with terrorists and brainwashing everyone to join her in her madness. It has been a while since he felt the network's connection and he wouldn't be surprised if his hypothesis would prove to be true. What he truly wanted right now is a chance to leave this prison. I'll take any chance. As long as I can escape this prison.
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    That's four. Character creation thread goes up afyer work sometime tomorrow, and will include some basic data for you to build off of, some background on your horrible, horrible creations, and a full list of mutations. The thread begins when everybody is accounted for afterward.
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    Pause was brought to their movements as a strange woman came forth, asking who it was that was being so loud. As he was focused on reading this woman and deciding how to respond to her, his feline companion seemed to easily become enthralled with what appeared to be a dragonfly. He'd be none the wiser, though in all his prowess, whatever magic allowed it to appear in such a was was lost unto him. For a gaining prodigy, to learn that it was in fact not a dragonfly would likely kick him in his budding pride. Regardless, what appeared to those looking on as a lion began to prance, hop and prowl around; Pawing playfully at the the thing as it drew closer. The Prince's face twisted into one of distaste, though a deep breath came to pass as he realized that even he couldn't prevent the cat from embracing it's nature. "Yoo don'ts needs'ta yell, ya know. To be heards. Peoples listen wit der ears und eye tew. Mostly wit der eyes though." "Kairos Halcyon Yusuke, Prince of Predator's Keep. You may also call me The Khaliq." The woman was wise beyond a lifetime, definitely more so than himself. Her wellspring of knowledge likely made even his laughable. Though at least in his case he was a child. Still, she was just another example of how much growing he still had to do. He pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind as he fully digested what she'd said. In his immature mind however, he failed to gather what she had meant when she'd mentioned about most people hearing with their eyes. The thought of it sounded ludicrous however, it wasn't the point of this conversation for him to argue. So far he found himself just as intrigued by the woman as he was intimidated by her. His heart-rate subtly climbed as he swallowed hard, failing miserably to cure the drought taking his mouth. Still, he tried his damnedest to appear cool and largely neutral on the outside. Something Sisu was good at. "And you are?" @Aleksei
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    Lucinda Valentine

    Fabric fit for a Lion

    Luca’s cheeks turned slightly pink from embarrassment. She then looked to the side, puffed out her cheeks with a goofy grin, and mumbled in a funny tone.. ”W-well wasn’t like I was actually going to..!“ Her eyes followed Addison’s hand and with a nod, off they went. As they moved into a more populated area, Luca started to see more and more people of difference race. She sniffed and looked around with excitement. Now this was what she had hoped for. “That’s a very good question, and I’ll answer it for you. See, when it comes to designing new types of clothing, inspiration is a big part and the world just happens to have plenty. If it’s a cultural outfit we’re making, then it’ll be the best idea to see what kind of culture these people have. I’ll give you an example. My people wear lots of silk and light clothing because of the heat. This would be the complete opposite of Atlas. They wear full body coverings as a result of the low temperatures in their northern country. Other places may have different gods or religions, so they may wear clothing of their respective faith. The list goes on. I’m not too familiar with the town and the way of life here, so I thought we’d do a little adventuring to find out!” @Phoebe
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    It seemed it was time to move to the last and final location. While they waited for Ankou to prepare the poral leading to the Telerian air base, Natalya could not help but look back at the destruction they had wrought. So much undead constructs dead but at what cost? To satisfy Middy's greed? Such hubis. Still, she made a promise to Middy, before this venture even began. She must see through it to the end. She watched as their airship finally caught up to the group and docked or rather hovered a few meter just outside of Ballard Bay. She on the other had was playing with her newfound pets. Her shadow bears and the undead blood-soaked chain golems. The shadow bear was a fun tank that she could use to plow through her enemies The feat was somewhat similar to a regular charging bear but at a faster, stronger and scarier level. The blood-soaked golem on the other hand allows Natalya to summon blood-soaked shadow chains and have full control over them at her will. Now that she and the others have seated atop the airship, the all waited for Ankou Lethe to bring out the portal they have been waiting. @danzilla3
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    The First Palette

    As Addison talked to the stall owner about this 'rock candy,' she looked at them - trying to figure out how to create it. It could 100% be apart of her decorations. She didn't speak though while Addison order, Addison was always good with talking to anyone - even if she denies it. "Thank youuu" Anna smile as Addison handed her the bag, she took the 'lollipop' out and licked the back of it (where it facing her and not Addison). The candy melted where she licked it, its taste was very sweet. It tasted like sugar, a huge sugar rush. The texture was very nice to the mouth, but it could easily make a cut.. She'll have to adjust that. "It tastes very good, very 'sugary.' Try it! It's really good!" She spoke with a child-is grin on her face as she licked it some more. "This is very interesting honestly, I wonder what else they have here that's like that.." She was still licking her lollipop as she looked around for anything that would be amazing to try. @Phoebe
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    He's terrible at goodbyes...

    One would think after the act of creating an entire Reality, and moving something as vast as an entire Kingdom and expanding on it. He'd rest. Taurus was no longer just lands in a a realm, it was now a Planet within the vastness of a space and existence of his own making. A perfect blend of Quasi Mysticism and technological aspects to construct a central utopia from which he served as it's Core. Proteus had changed to such a staggering degree in a short time, No longer a short sighted Celestial adolescent and King, but now a Deity, a Creator, a Tamer of the forces of Reality itself an here, in THIS place and even outside of it Nigh Omnipotent. His brow had remained furrowed for some time. His stare, fierce. His mind now computed and consciously fathomed, itemized and scrutinized an infinite volume of not just information, but the totality of ALL, at once, across varying instances of Space and time, At ONCE. Some couldn't walk and chew bubble gum, and he manages being omniscient with an almost alarming level of calmness. Perhaps it was fact that he struggled with it at first, and his desire to keep that information to himself, that kept him isolated until he could manage it. For now, the Titan sat at the end of his Throne Room and the only thing he cared to contemplate now, were FACTS that NOW.....he wished he was Ignorant to. Knowing, seeing, feeling, observing all had it's penance and he'd have been better off not knowing that... "Shanna is leaving....." It wasn't an order. It wasn't a command or something he requested, just one iota of fact plucked out of a sea of facts in it's company. His eyes lost their fierceness, dare one say, softening. After hours being still, he had moved, his eyes moving to their corners as if to perceive literally. He shifted in his throne. He looked-----Uncomfortable. Was he struggling this? Was there some emotional anomoly occurring within him? Even prior to his ascension, Proteus was secluded with his feelings, and on the outside looking in, few if anyone could understand the dynamic of their relationship. In truth, Shanna represented something that Proteus has never had. As a Man. A king. As a living being--------She was his friend. The only one he had ever truly had. Wanting nothing of him, taking nothing from him, desiring only his company. Pure of intent. Desiring nothing of him or from him save for his honesty and truth when spoken to. He struggled with this....but held back actions in hopes that these captured instances of fact can possibly be inaccurate....
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