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    Dead God's Inheritance

    It should stay the same, but it's flexible if we need it to be! Interestingly enough, everyone is paired up in a way that puts a bit of space between each partner. This way, your particular adventure is broken up into little piece. Provided we write correctly, this should add to the suspense and lingering dread of the situation. If it doesn't work out, though, we can reorganize to have posts closer together. That said, I believe it's @Tyler 's turn?
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    General chat thread

    Mentally I'm here
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    Externus: The Rising City of Roselen

    Unlike what he had hoped for, Ewyer expectation of mind numbing wok failed to became a reality. Perhaps it was his need for internal resolution, his feelings that he must come to a conclusion on where he stood upon the issue of his former "rivalry" with Lucinda, though he still could not picture it as that. Or perhaps that state of being was only helped by his own physical state. True, he was much stronger than a human due to the extraordinary circumstances that lead to his current form, but in his life, physical labour had never been a strong suit. Thus, in his lack of ability, he found himself acting as an assistant on the most part. This job, was far more suited for his skillset. Quick maneuvers about the worksite was his main focus, essentially moving around supplies as he see fit, whether they be the tools used to construct, the items being utilised to make such framework, or simply attempting to aid when he noticed a lack of help for a specific task. This constant state of movement, however, was not nearly enough for him to focus purely on the task at hand. Thus, as to be expected, his thoughts wandered, having been invaded by the statements Asher had made earlier, and had given birth to emotions of which demanded action. They seemingly battled, these feelings, their need for resolution clouding his train of thought, each trying to take hold and decide the final outcome of what he would do. For he knew it, that with this new revelation, that he could not remain idle upon the issue. For so long had he remained contempt to let his relations with Lucinda stagger, to the point where, instead of being good friends as could have been easily accomplished, the man barely even knew her, could hardly even refer to her as an acquaintance. His honour, so relevant so often, boiled up. It tempted him to go for a blunt confrontation, to prove his suspicions true but way of full frontal barrage. The most honest approach, and truly solidify what was truth, and what was fantasy, to see if he had indeed claimed a victory in the supposed contest for his wife's affection. His fear, of simply playing a fool, and accusing a woman who had done him no wrong of such scandalous intent, called for him to simply ignore the issue, to put it out of his path. For, if he were to truly forget about it, none would be harmed. He had won, after all, and thus, to simply confront her about her failure, would just make things worse. Then, came anger, twisted and burning deep within him. For he remembered so many times in which the two, his wife and his "rival" had met up, and though he knew Addison would never dare do anything that would cause a scandal, he was near certain Lucinda, always the flirt, would have tried to make moves upon one who was already claimed. The three emotions, all convoluted with very different outcomes attached, were too simply temporary. For with each of them, came a shred of something that with all three together, formed anew. Determination. Whether it would be good, or whether it would be bad, Ewyer would see the end of it. No doubts would linger upon his mind, as honour called for him to engage. This was no war, there was nothing to fear. He did not depend on Lucinda, and even if word were to get back to his wife, well, he had always been known for being eccentric. He could simply pin it about lack of rest with all the projects he had taken upon himself. Then, his anger. Well, suffice to say, if Lucinda confirmed that his doubts were all too real. . .she would not be spared from his scrutinizing glare, nor would she get the privilege of consequence-less temptations as she would no doubt have been committing beforehand. However, while all this inner arguing and monologuing would have been occurring, the man still managed to carry out work as if he was fine, though to describe his expression, it was clear something was happening with him. Gone was the blank expression, the cloudy eyes filled with nothing more than the dull blue of a sunny sky. Furrows brow, grimly set mouth, and his eyes, so fierce, that a single glare from could could very well have cut through solid steel. If looks were able to kill, his could very well decimate everything that was caught in its path, a instant sweep of pure devastation. As he heard the call for a lunch break, he stopped in his current task, setting down a tool box he had planned to deliver to some needy fellow. Despite his hard work, he didn't bother getting food from his bag, simply two containers. One, most obviously whiskey by its bottle. The other, a canteen, of which he tossed in the direction of Asher, giving the man a single glance as to see where he should throw. Exiting the construction area, he simply climbed as high as he could manage, scrambling up upon a tree as he clambered skywards. Seemingly, the man must have weighed near to nothing, as despite him getting ever higher, the branches beneath him never broke, the weakest merely bending under his lanky and frail looking body. He paid no mind as to the newcomer which seemed to draw the stares of all who saw her, as he merely looked out over the plain, searching for something which he quite quickly found as he gazed upon the roots working as if they were an entire crew. Of course, while he may not have known a lot about Lucinda, he was fully aware of her magical skillset. As such, as he knew where she was, he knew where he was headed to when his work here would be concluded. Though, he wouldn't bother her while she was working, as to get in the way would not help anyone in the slightest. Eventually, however, he knew the time would come when there would be nothing that could stop the confrontation that would take place, of which would be with a distinct lack of subtly that Ewyer could never manage to use, no matter how hard he tried. He would get the answers he yearned for, whether it would bring an end to any form of relations that he and Lucinda had bother to force, or whether it would end in a way he couldn't expect. Resolution, would be obtained. No matter the cost, no matter whose reputation would be cast downwards into either foolishness of uncalled-for assumption, or into dishonour birthed of temptation.
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    Die Shize

    Born to Be Wild

    They had elected to be as secret as her, then. That was well and good. Tyra could only smile at her companions and their answers, or lack thereof. They all three shared the memory of that falcon from the sky; a bird that fell and landed as if fated to do so without interference. What they did not share was whatever was too intimate to be spoken aloud, whether something seen, something heard or something felt. Of the experience, they had more than memories. Matte has his very own memento in the form of a fallen feather. She sighed like someone crawling out of a hot spring, ready to brave the cold world again while still wrapped in the bliss of the bath. At Yshmael’s gesture, Tyra adjusted her pack. “Yeah…” She hesitated, gazing at the sky as though it were begging her to return to it. Her feet on the land, she was more level with the sea that had once carried her sails, yet the clouds above took on a hundred shapes more akin to an airship. Am I on the right path? Heading in the right direction? Is this where I’m supposed to go? “...Let’s go.” With that, she placed one foot in front of the other and headed off toward De Viento. Music OOC Tyra kept silent on the way to the forest. She might have revisited the falcon and its enigma, and maybe the guys did so between themselves, but she would have been in a world of her own by then and not paying attention. Of all the things she had seen in her years, that tree in her head was quite something else, like roots beneath the ground which took on shapes and colors one could hardly imagine. Later. I’ll figure it out later. She relented as the sun began to fade, but not from the time of day. The enormous luminary was overtaken by the massive towers that loomed over the trio as they approached the tree line of De Viento. Each and every tree was a giant among giants, mighty and magnificent, unmoving and unmoved by the tiny things that stood looking up at the wall of wooden bastions. Two hundred feet high, three hundred—five hundred? Some trees roared over the others, waiting in the woodland depths, while each sentry that served in the front line was easily ten to fifteen feet in diameter. The bark they wore like armor looked thick and ancient; a deep redwood with engravings for carvings, reaching up to dizzying tops where branches curved and spiraled to support crowns of dense green. The large leaves let in just enough light to where golden rays shined like beams upon the earth, as gentle and warm as a mother’s touch. The forest wasn’t just great and gigantic, not merely rich in red brown wood, green vegetation or yellow light. As Tyra stood not but feet away from the coiling roots of the grassy bed, a breeze escaped from between the trees as though De Viento had just exhaled a breath. It was cool as it hugged her body like a blanket, and her only response was to take a breath herself right as a whisper emerged from the depths, though the words were anything but intelligible. “Hear that..?” She asked her partners. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but Tyra was too enticed by the calling to rely on any direction but forward. Going alone or side by side, she ventured forth and crossed the boundary that separated the open plains of the land from the world enclosed within it. She blinked, caught in a daze as she entered the forest to hear its alien noises and secluded silence all at once. There was a stillness in the air even as wind curled around the trees, triggering a rustle of leaves as much as a rattle of branches, with sounds intertwining into chimes or a rainstick. Birds chirped before an elk’s bugle. It felt so close yet so far, like a voice in a cave as it bounced around the walls. I have no idea what to make of that tree in my vision, and not much more an idea of what to make of these trees all around me… Turning to her companions to confirm if they were feeling just as weird as she was, a hand went to her forehead. She had all but forgotten the headache until a throb emerged, as sudden as it was painful before disappearing in a second. She treated her mouth to a water bottle. Her gaze roamed over the woods with admiration and anticipation. Nature’s bounty spread far and wide, the view of the distance hindered only by the very trees that treated the eyes. It looked like any one direction that was not backward could take them anywhere and everywhere. Or nowhere. Where do we go from here? These trees are splendid and swell but it’s the secret buried within them that we’re looking for...and without a map to take us there. “Well…” Tyra started, playing eenie-meenie-miney-mo with a finger. “We could take a straight path forward or split off diagonally, I suppose. At this point, I wager any one direction is as good as the other.” She looked both Yshmael and Matte in the eye. “Unless either of you two have a way to navigate these trees that I don’t?” She shrugged. “Put me on the open water or high in the sky and I’ll find my bearings in a heartbeat. In a forest like this...eh, I’m more lost than a cloud in an ocean.”
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    Firstly, an announcement: Absalom is officially OPEN to all. What does this mean? Well, I'm trying something a little different than the usual fare here, and carving out a comfortable nest among all the tagged quest threads and setting backgrounds. I intend for Absalom to be a roleplay hub that sees activity pushed by its own momentum, just like the fictional arcology itself - with writers and characters in close proximity and actively engaged with each other all in one place, instead of scattered between a dozen threads. Fear not the clutter, but embrace it, as a specific sub-plot or storyline is easily marked with a little text header atop your post - its as easy as that! And if you -don't- have a particular plot in mind, that's fine too! Absalom is as much a setting and story-generating framework as it is a 'real' place, and what good are locations if they aren't used to interact? Do you just want to socialize in-character with no agenda? Head to the clubs, open one of your own... its all possible. It is a sandbox - a gritty, sci-fi sandbox with knives at the bottom. Bring your friends! To put this all into context, I am a refugee from Gaia Online, along with several others that have made Valucre their second home. Some habits die hard, and in the hiatus of a good friend of mine, I have, at supernal's urging, taken over the helm of this project. In that respect, Absalom is a little bit of both schools of thought - I intend for all events that occur within (barring blatant destruction or disrespect to the setting) to be canonical within the city. At the same time, I have several plot threads that can be taken up by creative minds in a more traditional format, albeit posted within the Hub instead of elsewhere. This includes an exciting new prospect: The Ergo Tech Expo, to be hosted in the great arcology! Details are still in-progress and will generate its own separate interest check, but for now, suffice it to say that this event will serve as the capstone of the new stewardship of the location and everyone that roleplays in Lagrimosa is welcome to attend, be it as a vendor, exhibitioner, or merely a tourist or investor. So, what IS Absalom anyway? Well, its your dream come true and your worst nightmare at the same time. Inspired equally by mainstream cyberpunk, the setting also draws heavily on political concepts that I find fascinating to explore, such as anarcho-capitalism, libertarianism, and dark themes such as rampant exploitation, social orders enforced by peer pressure, arms races, lack of morality, and so forth. A much more detailed account is to be found in the Overview thread: here . If futuristic dystopia, or the byzantine contract-bartering of hyper-capitalist bankers sounds like a good time to you, give Absalom a look! And if you are the seedy sort seeking safe haven, noone looks much into the Suburbs... its own little hive of scum and villainy beneath the glistening behemoth above.
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    Announcements for your roleplay

    Anyone been itching a little for a horror or dystopian roleplay? I've got an interest thread here where I list a few alternate settings I'd love to play in. I'm open to hearing other ideas, too!
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    Let's go through the north door.
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    The lion's claw

    Checkpoint Canon Status: Pending. Changes only when everyone has signed off in the OOC. Summary The Heavy Hand group counterattacks members of the Dead just as the Dead has completed their own attack against a local cabal in Martial Town. Long Summary Caden is the deposed 'prince' of a crime family which once operated in Last Chance and were squeezed out of their domain by the Dead. He barely escaped with his life and has been plotting his revenge in the intervening years. His first order of business was to build an army and a war chest. His second order of business was to cast the net and wait. A contact in Martial Town informs Caden of intriguing underworld activity. Caden is perhaps one of the only people alive who saw what the Dead did in Last Chance, and how, and in the communication of what transpired he recognizes the outline of a familiar shadow. He contacts Vito, partner and co-founder of Caden's new Heavy Hand gang, and Liam, cousin who lived through the LC fallout with a scar across his neck as his prize, and mobilized them to Martial Town. The rest transpires over the course of a day and a half, Caden realizing that the ice was thin and that he would need speed to survive. Once in Martial Town Caden immediately reaches out to the local crime family, the Vilads, to pay respects and arrange several meetings. During the first he combined information from their intelligence network with his own to confirm his suspicions. During the second he persuades the Vilads to assist him in eliminating a common enemy before its too late, and leans on their local network to help them avoid law enforcement – during the actual strike this translates to a large volume of confused police reports as the attack played out, and inaccurate descriptions of the participants and the escape. The strike itself sees Caden using his Transmutation expertise to give himself an Iron Body, which is then Rail Gunned into the office he visually confirms Phoebe is occupying, his breach of the perimeter executed before the Dead can erect a proper base and his target can leave for greater things. Phoebe was injured and significantly weakened from executing her coup the previous day, making her viable as a target where she normally wouldn't be. Their fight is a short, brutal, and bitter as they exchange psychic strikes and magical assaults; it ends with Caden's hands around Phoebe's neck seconds before an unseen force smacks him through the second floor and onto the ground. Now unconscious, Liam rescues Caden as Dead skeletons start to converge, working his way through brute enforcers and clouds of venomous miasma (some of which Liam is himself responsible for) as Vito's basic ground forces die even as they kill in service to their escape plan, before Liam is able to get somewhere safe and light a beacon that signals to Vito to ferry them away. Vito arrives in a nimble airship whose forged license and transponder code were handcrafted by Caden and buttressed by Vilad influence. The Heavy Hand gets out of dodge as soon as they can and regroup to consider their next steps. Consequences and Opportunities C1: Phoebe is now aware someone she may have thought was dead is alive, active, organized, and wants to kill her. C2: Phoebe knows about Caden in some detail and can provide physical descriptions of Vito and Liam thanks to a brief connection through blood magic to Vito's flying nymphs. C3: Vito’s flying nymphs ate some bodies and collected some others in an optimistic attempt to analyze these in the future for even partially useful information (this will be worked out with vested parties explicitly when it becomes relevant). O1: All the bedlam around the Red Door attracts law enforcement. There's enough collateral damage and remnant magical traces to resist being brushed off (contact supernal if playing law enforcement) O2: Although the testimony is muddled, it is possible to find more information on the Heavy Hand's airship, flight path, and personnel (contact supernal if playing law enforcement or competing criminal)
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    Dead God's Inheritance

    Not sure. I actually didn't remember there being a set posting order really, so I think I was just going whenever it seemed logical to go. lol Anyway, I'll start working on the post today, but it'll probably be out tomorrow sometime. 👍
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    Sigil Warden

    Absalom Opens Its Gates

    Some minor updates have been added to the landing/info thread. click Mostly just some extra detail concerning supernal's questions above. The currency has been named - EUC or 'Equivalent Usage Credit', and some info about Personal Vaults. Also a new point of interest, and some grammar fixes to the History section. As an aside, I get the feeling while reading through other threads that Absalom's setting is a hard sell to the high fantasy and anime inspired writers here, but I remain optimistic that with sufficient fleshing out of the setting I can slowly endear it to the site at large. Regardless, its a point of pride either way to have stewardship over a creative project so if nothing else I am enjoying that aspect. Here's a roadmap with no particular order of things I wish to add: - A map by zone and sublevel in cross-section of the entire structure - A map of the Suburbs and surrounding industrial wasteland - Character housing/apartments (marked on first map and purchased through RP) - Ownership of establishments/services/businesses as quest rewards instead of or in addition to items/money - 'Exception proves the rule' style character dynamics when relating to the setting; i.e. outsiders becoming embroiled in contract maze but lawyering their way out, female chars flouting the standard of repression, characters trying to corner markets, etc - An energy crisis plot arc, both as a conflict generator with surrounding entities as much as internal struggles. Also because I want to prove I can do 'HARD TIMES' better than that communist Tresondros. - Elon Musk but he's a Holder and he's colonizing the Sarcophagus - Guild of scantily clad cyber ninja babes - A war - Conquer the known universe - Declare grilled cheese sandwiches served with tomato soup a crime against humanity - Transhumanist monks with no legs - Actually interesting meeting locations for RP that aren't a night club, a casino, a bar, or some combination thereof I suppose any suggestions of what people would like to see that would make them interested in joining would help too...
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    The mage was a considerate one. Positive outcome compared to other mages he had met in the past. “My sack will suffice for one night. I appreciate the offer.” Before he could manage to position himself comfortably, Alex and her escapades manifested themselves in the match of a log vs person. She’s not great with directions or coordinated. Glancing at the mage after watching the tumble from Alex, I hope he also knows healing spells. Sleep hadn’t visited Yate immediately. He sprawled out, silently gazing into the abyss of the sky, watching the stars as they illuminated the darkness in the heavens. There was little recognition of constellations, for that moment he felt alone in the world. His old life far removed, somewhere on a separate plane of the cosmos with no hopes of returning. I hope you are alive, his eyes gazing at the specks of light, I will do my best to find you my friend. As Yate drifted into sleep, his dreams streamed vividly from Alex singing her song to the ocean, tears running down her face. In the distance were the silhouettes of who he took to be Kass and himself; the mage was hurling lightning from his fingers into a horde of unknown assailants alongside Yate as he reigned blows into the bodies of shadows. How exciting that looks, he knew that at least the outline of his clone was smiling during the battle. A haze fell upon the scene as the imagery converted to a tranquil garden, reds and yellows sprouted from the ground, shrubbery rising to shape into a natural wall, and sitting in the grass, each partaking in a frothy, gargantuan ale, were the three travelers laughing with one another. Watching this final dream sequence, his subconscious faded into nothing, what did the Mage give me to drink?
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    Morning everyone! I believe Mr Smalls is the next post. Just want to make sure this thread doesn't grow cold. I tend to stick to an order, so things don't get out of order, but I've noticed that this site does a decent job at skipping when necessary. I'm good to give @Biggie_Smalls a few more days in case he is busy with life or etc. Thoughts or suggestions are skipping protocol after a week?
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    [OOC] Born to Be Wild

    "They had elected to be as secret as her, then. That was well and good." Also this line was dope.
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    [OOC] Born to Be Wild

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    Posts coming this week. Mostly by Monday or Tuesday. Weekends are my writing break time ❤️ also if I poof for a couple days ran out of mobile data/hotspot. It returns on the 2-3rd of every month. So just a heads-up
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    I'm really excited that I'm finally going to be getting the chance to show off Dauner's darkest side and I just can't wait. Feels electric. Anyway I'll go ahead and implement the update to his character sheet.
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    Anyone need a guard dog?

    East of Sidereal Lake on map of Lagrimosa. Basically, Dauner is the king of Hasturia, but no one among the common folks know what he looks like. Also, there's no need to know much about the lore here. The important thing is this is a medial fantasy themed setting with tiny blend of modern day theme. Jiyuu IS friendly to newcomers. And it's about as general as a location can get.
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    Aliara Mizuki Blackrose

    adventures of traveling

    ¥ Smiling happily,Celestia nodded enthusiastically.Quite thrilled at the concept of kaia not only,Guiding her on being a proper hunter.But evaluating any skill she may have.Further improving,sharpening,And making celestia better in a whole sense.¥"I'm quite excited,Kaia t'a be guided and taught by...you,A skilled archer and hunter.many would kill,to be trained by such a refined elf.Like ye'r self."¥Placing one palm against his left-jawline.thumb running across his cheek,Celestia's head begun to slightly tilt.Ears rapidly flickering,While dark-pink lips upturned into a warm but flirtatious smile.¥"perhaps...having me'h a loving...man will earn me some points?"¥She teased.Walking out of their secluded area,Celestia went behind a large bush.slipping her trouser,boots,tunic and vest back on.Along with her cloak,Though she had remesnece scents of fresh water,forest and faint perfume from earlier.Taking a seat near the water's edge.Allowing lips to lilt,into a smirk.¥"Now I get t'a watch..me beloved emerge from water,like some form of God's do...before we meet up with the w'ee children and other's....i... shall relish this."¥Raising one golden brow,upwards.glimmers of joy dancing across her purple-Turqoiuse irises.Celestia just waited,palm against cheek.lightly giggling in anticipation,As one ear kept listening to parents tucking away children for bed.and now only a few stragglers remained mostly alert.if half drunk or tired.But her eyes never left kaia's visage or body,Taking in every movement like art work.¥"Ki'sathru'l....love"
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    One of Many (Gillick Child Thread)

    "Gather your courage, crew. Let us plunge into whatever this mist is." The witch began walking, as did Cecco follow closely behind without a word. The walk to the mist took a only few minutes, but felt long and daunting to Eldridge. She had to muster much determination to not look back, seeing her fellow carny slowly get further away would only lessen her courage. A few crows followed closely behind, the only ones willing to also take the plunge. Cecco drew his sword, seemingly both willing and ready for combat. "??? to death ???" Cecco mumbled, handing both Arty and the witch an end of a long piece of rope. "And so let it take us!" The witch responded with eagerness, taking her end. "Isn't that right Arty!?" As the two moved into the mist, a sudden chill and lack of visibility fell over them. There was no adjust time or steady movement into the wall of mist, it was a sudden punch to the senses. The witch gripped the rope tighter, leading the three further and further in. There was no noise, no smell or even any wind movement. It was still. Just ever still. There was a sudden small incline in the terrain, leading them up a hillside path. "Hmm, hold tight and be on the look out for anything. Anything at all, call it out. I remember some of this path, but not all."
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    Dead God's Inheritance

    Iohmar was slouched by the violently shacking engine, both mentally and physically weary. Between the stress of fighting and trying to fix a machine older than himself, he was just about ready for a long evening of drinking. But despite the events and current mood, Iohmar was still driven to get to the other side. It seemed the worst was over, for the time being. He was soon joined by Maat, who'd joined Iohmar's tired slump on the ground. The tabaxi wasn't sure what to say, so was thankful when Maat spoke up first. "Well, you have two choices. You can sit by this warm pipe to dry off, but you'll stink of the fishy fuel. Or you can sit there all wet and smell..." Iomhar took a quick smell of the air. "Relatively better." It was one of the few times Iohmar would joke outside of his usually group, regardless of how mild the joke was. "It's old, I would say comprised of many different brands and parts." Iohmar pointed his claw to the engines hull, what seemed to be there area of an engraved logo now worn beyond recognition. "Years of use and abuse, seems to have slowly been turned into a mish mash of different parts. Who knows, maybe this wasn't even cable engine when it was first purchased." Iohmar gave the machine a quick punch, knocking a belt back into place. Maybe mish mash was an understatement in the tabaxi's eyes. He'd gotten use to machines and instruments created to his exact specification, that such a contraption was an abomination in his eyes. He tutted and sighed, wishing he'd brought another of his clan with him or at least a decent weapon. "A decade of helping to run an airship paid off, you learn to jury rig these sorts of things. It's either that or crash. As for save, I think we all saved each others hides tonight." Iomhar meant what he said. As without running away, few could survive such an ordeal by themselves. "As for the ferry, I couldn't honestly say. My guess is something big, by the way the machine is straining. Despite its crappy appearance, this should be able to haul a light to medium ferry across without issue. If not, then it could just be debri and the weather causing issues." The rain, thunder and rattling engine that once drowned out all other noise was suddenly dwarfed in comparison as distant fog horn could be heard. His mind raced at the thought of there being another on board the ferry, just hoping it wasn't automated. Even with his new acquaintances, he just hoped to see signs of others on the other side. Some survives to ease his worrying mind. "Then let us be ready for the worst and hope for the best." He spoke as if praying. He walked out into harsh rain, each drop stinging his skin as each cold impact threatened to put him down. In the distance, a gargantuan object slowly pushed through the darkness and weather. A ship? A creature? Whatever it was, looked far to big to the tabaxi to be a ferry. He looked back to the shop, thinking of retreating. But it was too late, the earth cracked beneath his feet and everything for Iohmar went black. Upon awakening, he found himself swinging side to side in the strong winds. His body felt numb, shaking and hard to move. Extending his arm, a sharp pain shot through it as his near frozen body struggled to cope with the weathering it had endured. Looking around, he'd found himself in what appeared to be a large net, dangerously hung from the side of the vessel. The net of which, was attached to the lifeboat. The tabaxi tried to sit up, grunting with each painful movement. Pulling out his belt knife, he tried to grip the handle, his cold fingers unable to get a good enough grip on the handle. He held his hands under his armpits, attempting to warm them up. Each breath was short and frigid, his lungs dry. The lifeboat creaked and swayed violently, threatening to drop Iohmar to the waters below. "Fuck...."
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    Shanna smiles at Daemon, offering a small nod to his comment about finding stuff in the forest later. "IF you're sure." She chirps, looking pleased when the mess is cleaned up. Now that, that mess is contained, she returns to pour herself a cup of coffee, finding the caffeine stimulating and joyful. Her attention turned ot the others in the bar, to ensure that they had what they needed.
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    Magnifying glass [military, PETAL]

    Marigold's display of geomancy was quite impressive; although the best thing about it in Emile's opinion was that he wouldn't have to free climb up and try to remove the boulder himself. Offering a nod of appreciation, he almost didn't catch the rod Cadmium threw in his direction. His reflexes were sharp however, and he not only caught the tool, he flipped it around in his hand so that the end emitting light was pointing forward. No harm in showing off a little every now and then. "Yes, sir." Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, the Longshot drew his sidearm and held it in one hand as he crossed the arm holding the flashlight under it. He didn't know if there was anything in the cavern that might be hostile, but he would clear every room they came across just as he had been trained. Protocol was protocol because it worked. Sometimes rules might need to be bent in the field, but generally speaking it was a good idea to follow them. Once inside the cave he quickly looked left, then right, checking his corners before sweeping the rest of the room. In under a minute the space was clear, and he allowed himself to lower his weapon for now. From what he could see, they seemed to be in some kind of antechamber, with one door to the north, and another to the south. There looked to be some kind of platform on the southern wall, but he didn't know what it was. "All clear," he called to his comrades.
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    [Port Kyros] Magic in the Books

    (Ira) When Ira Knelt to the child, the child at first did nothing, the room around them growing silent as the boy simply stood looking at the ground. However, there was another pair of eyes in back of him peeking around the young child’s shoulders. They were very near identical the same light brown skin, almond shaped eyes, that were complimented by the dark pools of their eyes, both wide irises that seemed to give them a sort of innocent. An Innocence completely betrayed by their attire, They smelled of death, but their rags were clean adorned in forest camo jumpsuits. They both gave the same smile, one that was clearly off and fake. Easy to tell when their eyes seemed to be laser focused on the man in front of them. However, then then moved their head away from ira and to their right, toward the back area of the library. Where there was a sudden explosion. Followed by screams. They spoke to each other in a language clearly broken to Ira, as they suddenly pushed them out of the way and toward the source of the explosion. Their rush made clear what exactly they had on their backs. It was an assault rifle. Clearly based off of the M4 but seemed to be horribly put together, the banana clip seemed to be cheap plastic and not even remotely firm, clearly a bootleg model. However, one would not be able to tell very well, as they were already on the run, cheering gleefully as they ran TOWARD the Explosion. (Dreggz) "And you, what's your deal? You trying to smuggle booze into the library in your bra or something? Did you eat your powdered wig on accident?" The crowd of stuffy Europeans gave a hearty gasp as they began to chatter amongst one another. However, the one in the blue dress simply gave a laugh. “Oh Wow, This one has quite the mouth don’t they?” the lady spoke with a grin. Their voice cracking as they spoke clearly hiding frustration and attempting to keep their regal nature. The Taller woman however had a gleam in her eyes. “Oh Poppy cock, she’s just uncomfortable, everyone swarming around her, just give her a little time to get comfortable, Come Little one, Have a drink Be merry!” The Voice was cracking a bit, and the Taller woman definitely seemed to be having fun with the reaction from the goblin. @danzilla3@Jotnotes
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    The lion's claw

    "I'm well aware of your "usage" and it's extremely worrying. There's a border that cannot be crossed, you're stood close enough that you might as well be on a shearminx's most wanted." The raider pointed to his eye, the pure white spheres ever still. "Don't fuck up like I did." Vito's tone had no emotion, a simple warning with no threat. A genuine worry, but one he'd pursue no further. "Hmmm, I'll document this occasion and add it to the Mechanicus Library." Vito jokingly pulled out a journal and began scribbling. It was a moment he'd genuinely never expected, the closest thing they'd get to an apology. "What do you mean 'so'? We're at the border, LET'S JUMP THE FUCKING WALL!" Vito's tone perked up as he reached into his cloak, pulling out a gold threaded canvas bag. Dropping on the table into front, as it landing it let a high pitched chime. "Come on, let's go to depths never reached before." "You wanted stronger, I'll give you stronger. What you see before you is kyuc, ground up with the tusk of the fallen god, Aries. Well known as part of the celestial body and life energy manipulator. Unlike Kyux, this is actually taken by rubbing it behind the eyelids..." Vito left a pause as he awkwardly explained it. "It's also received very little testing...." Another pause. "And killed 95% of all participants." Another one. "By separating their souls from their bodies." Yet another pause. "Separated with such force that not even my shamans could stop nor retrieve them." And another pause. "Like, enough force so that they couldn't even be tracked or find traces of their souls, pretty much to the point that they never existed." The raider let out a quick sigh. 'Maybe I shouldn't have mention that.' "But on the good side, those that survived reached extremely high levels of situational and mental clarity. They returned from the dream realm, knowing everything they needed to know about what they seeked." Vito stopped, allowing the others to take in what he'd presented.
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    [Port Kyros] Magic in the Books

    If you asked Dreggz later on in a bar what riding along on a book cart was like a few seconds after she started, she'd probably compare it to standing up while inside a covered wagon moving at high speeds. A little unstable, certainly, but you're in a covered wagon so if you fell over it wouldn't actually matter too much, and that lack of risk made it good, risk-free fun. The goblin felt the air rushing past her as she scooted past bookshelves, made errant mages and librarians dive for cover. It was awesome--probably the sort of thing worth telling single guys at the bar about. However, if you asked Dreggz about what riding along on a book cart was like about thirty seconds after she started riding it, she'd probably tell you that riding book carts was dumb, a good way to hit your head, and overall, walking this distance would have been more exciting and less painful anyway. The edge of the cart connected with the edge of a nearby table, and the goblin bard was hurled from her mount onto the table. She barely heard, amidst crashing silverware and shattering plates, several gasps and cries of surprise before she skidded to a halt. The air around her went silent. Dreggz' groaned softly. She'd hit her head pretty good on impact, and one of her ribs felt a little bit bruised. However, she could still wiggle her toes and fingers, which was a good sign. It was a shame her speakers got busted again, she noted as she sat up. The rattling of the speaker's inner pieces told her something had undone again, meaning that once again she'd need to have them looked at. Thankfully, her Scrapgun-Tar-Axe hadn't injured her, as far as she could tell. It was still strapped to her back. The goblin sat up. She rubbed her eyes, before glancing at the speaker, or she tried to at least before some other lady got in the way, examining her. She blinked at her for several seconds, before taking in her surroundings a bit more. Powdered wigs and frilly clothes swarmed the goblin on all angles, a sea of makeup and pretense. Right away, Dreggz reflexively looked around for something within reach to defend herself. From experience at school, the stuffy types tended to be fearsome little bastards. The woman examining her up close was probably going to be the first she took a swing at if things went south. Ugh, what exactly was she dealing with here? Without the frilly wig and too much makeup, the blue dress and flashy corset seemed kind of tame in comparison. It wasn't like this lady had any curves to emphasize with a corset either, as she wasn't especially curvy either. She had a pretty mannish face, the Goblin squinted at her, looking at her. She had a strong, wide jaw, which totally could have been avoided with some makeup, or something, but without it, the lady was just kind of ugly. Her white gloves hid her hands, too, as she poked and prodded. Dreggz was half-tempted to take a bite at her. "Child?" The goblin echoed, immediately irked. She sat up and gestured to her body. "Do children have a rack like this where you're from, lady? I should be calling you a child, you flat-chested prep." She waggled a shard of plate at her before glancing around at the rest of the party goers. "What are you all looking at? Food and teas down here, chumps!" She reached down and grabbed a gobful of--what was this, mashed sweet potato? Whatever, she crammed it into her mouth and took in her surroundings. Buncha big wigs, eating food in makeup. SHe guessed this was some kind of old-timey script for a play, or perhaps a historical text. On a whim, she glanced beyond the white-gloved woman at her big-busted counterpart. "And you, what's your deal? You trying to smuggle booze into the library in your bra or something? Did you eat your powdered wig on accident?"
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    Houndy Poochykins

    Evelyn Lonier

    Your sitting in a tavern, when a strange woman walks in, she looks clean, beast races can smell that she’s well kept, but for some reason, she reeks of death, not like a body. But it smells as if countless have perished at her hand. She feeds the grungy looking crow on her shoulder a small piece of what you hope is beef jerky. You nudge the man next to you, asking him if he knows her, to which, no, he does not. But he coughs softly as she passes you, the aura about her is almost enough to make you sick with terror… safe with the woman in her own little corner, meeting a mysterious man, he whispers some information to you, he knows OF her. he explains, but keeps his eyes at her, to make sure she can’t hear the gossip… Her Name is: Evelyne Lonier. But her Monikers are: Dead Queen, Empress of the Dead, Mistress of the undead. Age? She’s only like: 23 She comes from: Felcia, a wealthy city within the Selvarian Continent. She’s clearly: Some kind of elf. Unsatisfied with this, you pry for more, what is her story, what is she all about what- the man calms your approach and starts to get a tad more detailed. Her technical bio: Her story is largely unknown. It is known that she was born into a wealthy family, it is presumed she was cast out, due to refusing an arranged marriage. To put it simply, different mages in her realm, have different kinds of Ether-Mana, allowing or barring certain magics. She has absolutely minescule levels of holy mana, of which her family is known for having high levels of, if not at least respectable, making most, white mages, or healing mages. Her dark ether, and elemental ethers are however, all off modern measurement charts. Mana being a general reserve for magic energy, ether being the specific class. Her family did not approve of her seeking more witchlike, and more wicked magics. The arranged marriage was to be with a man who could be described as the other side of her coin, a man with a high amount of white mana. She had such little interest she didn't even bother killing him. It’s a bit disappointing, but you suppose you don’t have any info for him, how could he for you? You are curious as to if he knows about her abilities… looking over, she’d left with the mysterious man. The fighter your talking to ushers over an archer, a warrior, a mage, and even a healing expert. Explaining that she’s not an uncommon sight in this area, due to its high influx of deep pockets and long arms. Her armament: Two special polearms she wields in each hand. She’d defeated the fighter, and Warrior once before, easily. Named Relayn, and Victayn. “regret and Vanish” respectively. Both are of completely equal length and weight. Relayn has a blade that at the base is one piece but splits into two straight prongs, meant for impaling directly, through even small chinks in armor. Victayn has a single very thin piece the splits into two backswept blades, but retains a point for impaling as well. Both weapons had special grooves, letting blood flow freely, so ‘leaving the blade in’ will in fact not slow blood loss, the instant it pierces the slow tick down to death begins. Each one is a 5.5 foot shaft, with each spearhead being 1.5 feet long. Magic abilities: She is gifted in many forms of necromancy. Blood based magic, Curses, simple Death spells, dead raising, as well as unholy arcanic artes. While her spears are able to act as catalysts, she has no need for either when casting magic. Styles of spells: Blood Magic requires her own blood, but is absolutely lethal when used properly. Death magic: The easiest to cast typically, but with the lowest floor of skill, and a reasonably high ceiling. This type of magic targets the flesh, and life force directly. It can manifest physical forms occasionally. (an easy one is sending a flaming skeleton at her foe) Curses: Curses can require rituals, or not. Typically, they are meant as debilitation and control methods of a magic. Curses, are never instant however. At minimum, a fast incantation. At maximum, days or weeks of preparing with arcane circles and the such. Corpse Mastery: It is one thing in its own, to raise the remains of a dead being. It is another entirely to pervert flesh into your own design. Evelyn is adept and particularly twisted with her schematics. This is also, how she maintains so much, as she has an entire employee workforce, of dead beings. Soul Reaping: The first thing a Necromancer should learn of, the last they should ever attempt to master. One is playing with forces beyond the mortal realm in this case. Forces that even undead warlocks want little part of. Failing a spell can have ramifications of harsh nature. Succeeding can turn the tide of a future endeavor. Voodoo: Voodoo is the reason Evelyn took up Necromancy, as Voodoo is very hard for a selfish person to learn, as it doesn't typically allow you to directly do something for yourself. It is the magic of deal making. You essentially broker a deal between the other side, and another person, taking your cut. But one must beware. The other side, never loses. It will always get its cut, no matter who it is from. Shadow Magic: Evelyn isn't as adept as she'd like to be, as Charles is required. Charles is the catalyst for shadow magic spells. As it directly relies on his unique tie between life and death. Or rather the one Evelyn created for him. Charles: Charles is her zombified, undead avian companion. He is able to transform at her will, and is her extension for shadow magic, and can even act as a delivery for certain unique spells, like a curse of violence. He is a large breed of cross breed Raptor/Corvid that bred out of control for a few years, and starved a small region before they were hunted to extinction. Charles himself, is outlandishly enhanced obviously, as he's capable of speech, and conversing as well as if not better than a human. Common forms he takes aside from his airborne form, are an Arachnid, a serpent, a large water-based reptile resembling an alligator. He is limited to that forms own physical make-up. IE, he couldn't fly as an alligator, or burrow underground as a bird. He is also, the single entity, the only being, that Evelyn cares about. Personality: Evelyn is as one would guess, cold, and unfeeling. She has little mercy, lack of empathy, and her generosity runs dry if misused even slightly. She has a rather expensive taste, traveling everywhere by luxurious, albeit creepy carriage. Her driver, bowman, guards, horses, and servants are all undead skeletons. All of reinforced magic levels, making them on par with basic trained soldiers and bowmen. Minus the fear of death. She is groomed and clothed by servants of the underworld as well. She also offers anyone she kills, a place beneath her heel, in exchange for more time on earth. Which as one may guess, is not a good deal for them. Evelyn does not like taking advice, and is vehemently against taking orders. Charles: Charles is a large black crow she raised while she was a child. He is sort of smarmy and snarky at times, like any good familiar should be. He is often the comedic relief to her day, despite her never laughing or smiling. Charles is also her catalyst and does not require direct physical contact. He can transform into several different monsters, including but not limited to, A dragon, a giant spider, a large serpent, and a wolf. Charles is - unlike most minions - not under any command spells, and could at any feasible moment, simply move on. He is connected to Evelyn, her death would mean his. But, his ability to disagree, and criticize her is unique to him. You had seen she had Pale skin, almost grey. Bright eyes of turquoise that glimmered in the darkness. Her hair was done up in a fancy fashion. Her frame was one of gorgeous figure, if she wasn’t so scary, she’d likely have any man around her finger, or under her high heel. She wore all black. A black corseted dress, with long gloves. She had heeled boots as well. The woman is said to have many tattoos beneath her clothing, not that anyone had ever seen it for sure. Her lips and eyeshadow were colored black.
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