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    Dragons, gods, relic hunts and more dragons are very common things seen in fantasy settings and roleplay. By no means am I complaining about this, they're commonly used for the simple reason that they're fun! But what're some creatures and concepts that you'd like to see more often in RP threads and fantasy settings in general? And have you ever tried to start a thread with that concept, but never got enough interest?
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    The Tide Calls (The Heist)

    M'yr, and the crew survived their trip, despite the Widow's best efforts to the contrary. The longer the voyage went on, the acolyte found himself not necessarily growing 'used' to the constant, carnivorous pain the Widow afflicted on him, but perhaps nostalgic. M'yr had admitted it out loud before, and there was plenty of evidence to back his words, he firmly believed that he deserved the pain the world chose to inflict on him, and after a while, the terrible ship's malice and hate were no different than the hate he felt at home. Like so many violent thoughts, and horrific memories, he was used to being unwanted. It didn't mean he had to go anywhere. Through the rest of the trip, he clung tight to the rails as he moved around the deck, seeing if anything needed to be done, though there wasn't much for him to help with, and before he knew it, one of Slake's crewmates--he couldn't see what they looked like from here, but M'yr thought he saw shark teeth at one point, and chose to go with it instead of asking questions--bellowed at journey's end. "Land Ho, Cap'n!" Its voice was a gargled mess of bloated flesh and malformed tissue. The fact that M'yr could hear it as well as he could from down here sucked. The crew assembled on the top deck, and M'yr adjusted his bandanna somewhat as they gathered around, loosening it somewhat. "Everybody still in one piece?" He asked. Nobody told him otherwise, but they all seemed in varying degrees of duress. He sincerely hoped their nerves were intact. Behind them all, M'yr swore he saw himself, wearing the mask and nothing else. Tentacles writhed across his scarred, naked form, and he pointed accusingly past everyone, towards himself. Perturbed, M'yr glanced down and away. When the other M'yr was gone, so too was the sea. It needs to be said, once again, that there was no sea for the Constellation of the Black Widow to dock at in Totenborough, and there certainly wasn't the peculiar wharfside community for them to step out into. As each of them disembarked from the vessel, they were quickly awash in the sounds and smells of the bloody, fish gut-soaked docks that awaited them. M'yr took a second to take it all in. Once more, there was nobody to be seen here, but there was constant music and sounds of all kinds. Immediately close to them, M'yr heard the noise of flesh being unzipped with a gutting knife, somewhere next to the ancient, long-rotten fish corpse hanging above the dock. It was easily twice the size of any tuna, perhaps big enough to swallow a boy like M'yr whole. It had barbed whiskers along the entirety of its spine, all of which hang uselessly towards the earth. The only thing that remained of its innards was a greasy pile of unmoving rot on the deck. M'yr quietly moved past the fish, as the noises shifted from cutting to packing as some unseen force began piling the innards into an unseen chum bucket. The rest of the docks, which were approximately 100 yards in length, from shore to sea, sported similar events of varying disquieting nature. Though the party couldn't see whatever made the noises, there were constant, informative sounds just about everywhere, as if the crew were ghosts, unable to see the still-living vagabonds on the docks, instead of the other way around. On the ground, using an overturned barrel as a table, the sound of clattering dice and clinking coin accompanied an abandoned wooden cup, and a single miserable gold piece. Elsewhere, somebody gasped in shock, as a knife was pulled from between their ribs, and their body was dumped into the sea. Looking into the water, one could still see a few ragged scraps of cloth clinging to the docks. M'yr picked up speed as he moved, and as he did, his sense of panic only grew, until his heart hammered in his ears and he sprinted out of the ghostly wharf entirely. No sooner had he escaped that place, and sprinted down a few winding roads, did he suddenly, unexpectedly arrive at the Bastion. The Bastion, as far as M'yr could see and remember, was part of a massive wall, a huge rampart large enough to house various buildings and barracks within. It was supposedly here long before anybody else in Taen was, if the stories he was told were correct, which didn't exactly ease his paranoia. Such a massive structure wasn't just built for nothing, right? Who even had the power and resources to build something like this? That is, he only could see part of it from here. While M'yr wasn't certain where they'd come from anymore, it seemed like he and his companions had passed through the winding walls of the Bastion, and come out somewhere near the base of the structure. Overhead, it stretched on higher than he could reliably see, and the architecture still stunned him. He stared upwards for a long time, gazing at the enormity of it all. It wasn't just the size that bothered him. It was that in his dreams, the Coiled Beast, sleeping and drowning in its sea of Grey dreams, was definitely bigger. This site, right here, put so much into perspective that it immediately terrified him. His friends were close by, and he put his mask into place. Oh wait. He reached up, and pulled the mask from his face. It glinted cruelly at him as he did so, but he ignored it, and put on his bandanna instead. "Okay, let's get a move on." Finding the library wasn't difficult, but the streets were hard to navigate with their party. The small cluster of masked strangers, their camera crew, and the odd collection of catgirls brandishing explosives and military grade firepower were somewhat easy to spot, and finding places out of the way to travel was difficult. Nobody seemed to see them, however, and before long they found the library. It was exceedingly taller than M'yr had been led to believe by his notes he'd gathered, which almost made him doubt his goals right away. It was a fine piece of ancient architecture, mercifully protected from the elements by the bastion, and as a result, almost totally intact. Gazing upon it made it quite clear how much effort had gone into building the place ages ago. It certainly gave the impression of a library; with pillars on the front facade, symbolic of how knowledge could hold up the world, and with its clean, sheer indents and outcroppings. From here, a fair distance away, M'yr could also see the steps leading up to the front door, and the security checkpoint and tall gates put in place to keep the building safe. He strained to look up at the top portion of the building, and saw the windows the second party would be breaking in through. He couldn't tell if the windows were open or not; they might be forced to go in loud. He checked his bag--and moved the mask again--and looked through his belongings. In order for M'yr to get up, he'd need to get right against the building to use his grappling hook, but perhaps one of his companions had a grappling gun, or something similar to ease transportation. Barring that, they would need to bypass security, neutralize any potential guards, and carefully make their way up onto the roof and second floor. "It's go time," M'yr pulled the grappling hook from his bag, and slung it over his shoulder. He left everything else in there, but looked towards his party. "First of all, we need to get to the roof. If any of you can get us there faster, figure it out quickly. Otherwise, we're going to go over the fence." He pointed at the fence portion closest to them, by the tents he'd noted earlier. Researcher's tents, he supposed. "Once we're over the fence, we'll need to make sure no guards catch us on our way up. If that means knocking them out, we do it. If we can get away with not touching anyone, we should try that first." He paused, then waved his hands at them, somewhat manically. "Go! Let's get this going! I didn't offer to pay you so I could do all the work!"
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    I want to see more language barriers being worked through. We made Unii as the functional equivalent of Common because not every thread needs to or should revolve around miscommunications. But I’d like to see more of it! I had a character with an awkward phrasing and an accent become progressively more fluent over threads for example
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    More weird humanoids - for me that’s my six eyed mouthless Gaian priest and my reptilian theater manager More non-humanoids - for me that’s my psychic bubble. This one is harder but still cool
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    The Fall and Defeat of Lilith Reiter

    The attack and domination of Nu Martyr by the Cult of Power has grabbed the attention of many world powers that hadn't reacted during the initial invasion of the province. A global military power formed in the wake of Lilith's attack known as the International Police Program (IPP). In a recent interaction between the IPP and Lilith Reiter, it was discovered that the leader of the Cult, previously titled the Commander, was actually Lilith under a pseudonym. Due to the Victory AI reprogrammed into a Trojan paragon, IPP has also discovered that every Paragon is marked with a lunar moon somewhere on their body. This has spurred the IPP to put pressure on governments around the world to take a serious stance on the Cult of Power and its Paragons; to classify belonging to the group as a crime in and of itself. From the smallest village to the largest mega city-state to federal governments, a purge of any person with a lunar tattoo marking is on the rise- regardless of whether the person has actually committed a crime or not. The International Police Program is pushing forth a stance of non-tolerance for any connection to a known tier 1 criminal organizations, currently: the Cult of Power, the Dead, and the Legion of Doom. There are further suspected organizations being classified as tier 2 and tier 3, and others are unclassified due to lack of information. (Let me know if you want your org or group to be added!) Gathering its own forces and reaching out to other judicial forces around Valucre, IPP has begun to make a physical counter move on Nu Martyr in order to free it from the hold of the Cult of Power and its Paragons. Although initially hard to step into the province without massive return fire and destruction, IPP has made contact with Aedos Chanaril, a high ranking member of an old noble house of Renovatio who has connections within the Cult itself but who is not subservient to it. With him as their essential "in," IPP and the other global forces will be making a large and final move into Nu Martyr to upend the current Cult leadership. Meanwhile within Nu Martyr, Lilith is uncovering an enormous power source hidden beneath the land. Connected to the core of Renovatio's encompassing loci, if she manages to harness that power using the combined force of two Genesari cornerstones, the Crown of Asteria, and a handful of Fracture S-class artifacts, it has the potential to cause a global earthquake leading to randomly placed tsunami all across Valucre. Such a catastrophe has the potential lead to millions more deaths. A call to the world and a call to the pure. Save the world. Couple words to anyone reading this who might feel a twinge of interest! There is no current ETA and this is simply an interest check for a potential plot idea that I've been mulling about My character, Lilith Reiter, will not be killed in this event. She will be defeated/ captured. I know there are people who would love to have the pleasure of killing the character, but I'm fairly attached to the character and I don't believe her story to be over. So tough lol The method of Lilith's capture, beyond the actions I described above, is almost completely dependent on who joins. If not enough major characters join, I likely end up doing this. Lilith is supposed to be sort of like "the final boss" so having two level 1 characters beat her would harm the story I'm driving. "Major" characters is subjective. I'm mainly speaking about characters that players have put effort into developing. When/ if this goes through, it won't be a "stomp" if that's what you have in mind. Each side will take major losses. If anyone has character(s) they'd like to sacrifice (harm or death) for the greater good, that would be much appreciated as well. While the "main" thread will occur in Nu Martyr since that's where Lilith will be, the actual event is global. You have permission to involve this event in any thread, any org, in any place (unless the involvement is rejected by a person who controls that lore). Just try to play on the fact that most Paragons world wide are not "evil" and may have done a bad thing for a good reason. Conflict, both on the outside and on the inside is key here. You might be wondering "why" I'm doing this, and the reason is that Lilith has some major personal issues that I can only really play with and dive into when she's in a vulnerable position And finally, NO you can't have my artifacts and relics. Don't even ask lmfao have other plans for them. Timeline: When/ if this goes into motion, it will be after the Nede thread. I want Lilith to take over a demon tower first since it's part of another idea I have for future stuff. I also might have Lilith take a detour back into Terrenus to speak with Alexander Endriel and the Black Queen, though that's dependent on general availability of players involved. Potential Groups Against Lilith International Police Program @amenities Officer-in-charge @paradigm @Veloci-Rapture @Ataraxy (Alexander Hawk) (limited capacity) @supernal (??? prob not but he seems interested!) VCF @Metty @Sanonymous Force Majeure ??? @Fierach ??? @Tenkai Matsumoto House Chanaril Me again lol (limited capacity) Alterion @Meraxa ??? Genesaris @King ??? @Pasion Pasiva ??? @Malintzin ??? Renovatio @Aleksei ??? (she gonezo atm so probs not) @Twitterpated ??? Fracture @notmuch_23 Third Party @Sir Nathaniel @ anyone else I missed? Potential Groups With Lilith Cult of Power Me for a third time, with Lilith! @danzilla3 @Zashiii ??? @AngryCacti ???
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    Worldbuilders of Fracture 2020 Q1

    Vielle is a mitochondria power house of worldbuilding and I think Svanhild is a great index of the various estates, cities, holdings, etc.
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    My child has learned to pee for the first time. #proudmothermoments
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    Crowdsourcing: Foods of Valucre

    Off the top of my head: Aspyn Wine Dark red, bitter then sweet taste , made from Phoenix Grapes which were named as they were one of the only foods to survive untouched through the attack of Biazo Fillet Chimère Delicious classical Chimera meat with a buttery after taste reminiscent of a fillet mignon. Rather expensive, but is a natural mixture of goat, lion, and snake meat boiled with its magic blood to produce a taste out of this world. Nehalen Beer Cheap and often compared to watered down piss, but nonetheless a popular choice among the dirtier crowd such as mercenaries and adventurers. A true warrior's drink for it'll put hairs on your chest and straighten your spine. Les Ailes Des Fae Illegal in most areas of the world as Fae and Fairy hunting has been shut down by national policies world wide. However, it's still a popular choice among the black market crowd. When fried, these Fairy Wings are said to be the most delectable snack known to Valucre. Due to the glamour magic of the species, the food takes the taste of whatever is most desirable to the eater. Nahkuns A type of fruit found only on the island of Orisia where the magic is richest and the pollution of technology is non-existence. It's small and brown with a seed at its core, similar to a date. It's taste is like a swirl of caramel and raspberries, always just the right mixture. When chopped into bits and added to Nehalen Beer, it overpowers the taste of the beer making it much more drinkable; only children and those new to drinking mix the two as it has a very child like connotation to it. Kind of like adding milk to coffee. Mellow Juice An extremely rare and potent liquid found only in the semi-sentient cacti located in the hottest areas of a desert. When refined and properly fermented, it can turn into one of Valucre's strongest liquors. Generally only for the rich, this liquor is saved for special occasional and those moments where you just want to get absolutely shit faced. Many simply refer to Mellow Juice as Mel since the name doesn't provide quite the same zing that the juice itself contains. Can also be added to Fillet Chimère for a particularly exotic taste. The combination of the two produces a mild aphrodisiac effect similar to clams and oysters. Darth Lager A beer-like substance which, when swallowed, inebriates its drinker to such an extent that they can be easily persuaded to do nearly anything. Come to the dark side of the force indeed!
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    Isabella Morcia Marque Although she spoke, although she laughed, and although she shared the glory of her honey-colored eyes with those around her, those who craved her -- never did her focus waver from the shy creature that was Shanna. Perhaps, their brief interaction had not been meaningful enough to constitute a commitment to memory or perhaps it had to do with the fact that she had been a vampyre then and the memory persisted now as vividly as ever in her human mind, whatever the case, Gabriela knew exactly who Shanna was. A deeply devoted child who could not begin to understand the depth of darkness upon which she built the foundation of her faith. She was good, pure, and kind -- Shanna was gentle. Of this, there was no doubt in Gabriela’s mind, for her heart still ached with the memory of the young woman’s gift -- the bits of softened sea wood, the smooth and foggy pieces of sea glass, the seagull feathers, the strings of twine that held it all together -- the beautiful baby mobile that she had built for Philippe. But misguided or not, Shanna was a follower of the Blood God -- a faithful maiden of his shame of a religion. A bubble of laughter escaped her lips like a curse, and she acted like it had been a curse, for her eyes widened and a hand came up to cover her mouth. Caught off guard by the sound of her own laughter, and found to be utterly charming by what appeared to be nothing more than girlish bashfulness, Gabriela and her audience were at an inter-cross. They laughed with her, and looked to her for an explanation, but she could only wonder where her hatred had gone. And so much like a woman whose sight had just been taken, she felt her way across her soul seeking out the comforting anger only to find it gone, and replaced instead, by a giddiness that made her feel utterly stupid. The opposite of fear was courage -- and fear was the thing that gripped her most tightly around the neck when she first saw Shanna, but it was not courage that replaced the anguish and worry that should have been building. Rather, it was bubbly, fizzy, everesent -- happiness. And as Shanna turned away, even after giving her one last long, narrowed look of suspicion, Gabriela could only stand there with a hand over her mouth trying to hide the full expression of her laughter. “So what’s so funny?” asked the young man with the dark eyes, the blond-woman’s companion. “Yes, let us in on the joke….” said the curly-blond, who was pouting, rather ridiculously, at the man who was clearly her junior in age. “The utter absurdity of this moment,” came Isabella’s reply, as her eyes cast a long glance across the room to find Shanna. But she was gone -- lost among the crowded bar. She should have seen him there and then -- that finely dressed devil with the broken-hearted look on his face. But he was hidden behind the wide girth of a woman dressed in a lovely shawl. Gabriela, who was beginning to tremble from the essence that had spiked her drink, did not seek more beyond the obvious sight. “That’s not nice,” that sassy, green-eyed woman said, turning her grown-woman pout on Isabella. “I am certainly not absurd.” “Of course you’re not,” Isabella offered, leaning forward to pat the blond woman on the cheek -- it would have been a painfully condescending gesture for anyone watching. But Gabriela had a way of doing things, where she would smile or offer the most subtle of touches, and that would ease the bite of even her most miserable attacks. “You’re precious, beautiful, and absolutely not at all absurd.” This time the laughter broke past her last defenses, and soon enough she was just standing there laughing so freely and so genuinely that it wasn’t long before her sides began to ache. By then she had been abandoned by the blond and the brown-eyed man, both of whom had had just about enough of Isabella’s teasing. She watched them go, wondering vaguely if she had had anything to do with it. And then she was off. She may have no longer been a vampyre, and the obvious grace that came with it was gone, but she still managed to move like a dream. She had her human legs now, she understood a little better how to sway her arms to balance, how to control the length of her step so she didn’t risk toppling over like a toddler. But she was very much like a toddler, for it was the sight of Xartia sitting and lounging at the very back of the open gallery that sent her bounding over like a little bubbling force of energy. “You came!” she called, almost before being in polite range of conversation. She got a few curious looks for it, but she shrugged them off and finished with a smile. No invitation was needed, and so she did not wait for one. She fell onto the bench with him, keeping a respectable distance, though she leaned closer to him than she had ever before, and even went so far as to rest a small hand on his knee. “I thought you were far too busy for these sort of things,” she teased him before sliding her hand off his knee and leaving the impression of a soft and warm human touch. Isabella was not herself, and perhaps Xartia would notice it. Gone was the somber darkness of her eyes when they were cast to the shadows of her dark thoughts. For the first time since he’d laid eyes on her, Xartia would see the ease that came with a clear conscience, or with the utter lack of concern for responsibility, or perhaps more importantly, with a deeply felt comfort in oneself. Though she was petite to begin with, she looked lighter. It had everything to do with that light, bubbly laugh of hers, which she was having a hard time controlling as she settled into her seat besides the rather glum looking Xartia. “Look at what you’ve done. Your small investment in me has paid off -- or it will, sooner than you think.”
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    Crowley @COYCROWLEY234 • 20m ago Finally decided to put Orenmir down and give myself some time to relax! Headed to my favourite cafe, can't wait! #Blessed REPLY GRUMBLE LIKED BY @EMPRESSOFFICAL SHARE Crowley @COYCROWLEY234 • 19m ago @COYCROWLEY234 Has just entered the: Redstar Café and Bistro! REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE Crowley @COYCROWLEY234 • 18m ago This is great! I really needed this, makes all the stress and turmoil seem so distant now! REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE lanius @LARGELADLANIUS • 16m ago @LARGELADLANIUS Has just entered the: Redstar Café and Bistro! REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE Crowley @COYCROWLEY234 • 15m ago @COYCROWLEY234 Has just left the: Redstar Café and Bistro! REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE Crowley @COYCROWLEY234 • 10m ago @COYCROWLEY234 Has just entered the: Stalwart Heart Public Hospital, Emergency Ward! REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE Rozharon Paralios @EmpressOfficial • 1m ago @LARGELADLANIUS Hands off my man or I'm conquering the islands again, starting with Noviria. 1 REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE lanius @LARGELADLANIUS • 30s ago @EmpressOfficial kjadfoir cfalskdsadlkh alkdashnaslkd KJADSHFBASLK.ASKJASD 1 REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE Adrya @ADRYAACROSXVII • 1s ago I'd translate for you @EmpressOfficial but literally nothing in that message is allowed past the profanity filter. REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE
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    Mickey Flash

    The Tide Calls (The Heist)

    Shalana spent the majority of the time on the ship holed up in her room. She made spells from wounds she'd cut on herself, and ingredients she'd carried in her magic satchel. The wounds healed up almost instantly, only leaving feint scars. The whole experience was depressing and lonely. Usually when she went somewhere she had many new people to meet, laugh at, cause trouble with, or fight. This trip there wasn't much communication at all. The crew of the ship were depressing to watch. They were dead and rotting before her very eyes, and it just reminded her of a possible death in her future. She hadn't thought about it before, because she had a long life ahead of her before she was old enough to weaken and die. And if she died in battle then, oh well. It wasn't something she had to face everyday. Now she was facing their rotting corpses walking around and working on the ship. The ship seemed to hate.... everything. She could feel the darkness surrounding her. And to top it off, everyone else was feeling the unease as well. The ones in charge were strange and introverted. They seemed to be obsessed with the mission. She just wanted to get the job done and leave. She felt trapped on the ship, and lonely. It wasn't a feeling she appreciated. She was used to her brother being with her. He usually criticized her, laughed at her, or did his best to trip her up. When she left on her own she felt free of his ridicule. She was also free of the obligation of watching his back. She had felt mainly good about being on her own. Now for the first time she felt the loss of him being by her side. He would have never gotten on the ship in the first place, and would have said that M'yr looked sketchy as Hades. She couldn't even communicate with him through the crystal, since it wasn't working on the ship. She was second guessing doing this job and being on the ship at all. As soon as the ship docked and she was able to get away from it she felt better. Her legs were a bit wobbly, because she still felt like she had to balance as if on a ship. Soon she felt that disappear too. She could have kissed the ground she was standing on. The air seemed fresher, or it might have been because she wasn't around the crew and docks now. She smiled for the first time since boarding the ship, and as soon as her legs became more sturdy under her she walked cockily behind M'yr as she followed his lead. She remembered feeling like he was a bit of a worm when she first met him, and her feelings hadn't changed. He seemed weak, vomiting, looking scared and shaky on a regular basis. She couldn't bring herself to respect him. She knew she had a job to do, but she didn't like taking orders from him. She snorted as the thought entered her head that she didn't like taking orders from anyone. Still, his comments rubbed her the wrong way, especially when he mentioned pay. She hadn't been paid as of yet. All she had was a few bits of herbs from the crate offered to her when she first agreed to take on the job. She was doing this all for free in her estimation. Shalana shook her head. She'd believed that Slake was M'yr's right hand. Here the woman was undermining his authority by saying Jack was the one to follow. Shalana didn't know if that was because Slake had a thing for Jack, or because she didn't trust M'yr to lead, but neither reason was good enough to change the groups direction on who was in charge. And though Shalana didn't respect M'yr, she didn't want to be working for a group that didn't work well together or have direction. That could end up being a dangerous situation to find oneself. She looked straight at Slake, a female she found a bit creepy with her insane comments, and said, "I plan to follow the instructions of the person who is paying me." Then she looked straight at M'yr, "You are planning to pay me right? Because I don't plan to do this shit for free." She pulled a knife from her satchel and pricked a spot of blood on each of her fingers. She did a chant and waited a moment. She could feel the power of the spell in her fingers, as she walked up to the fence. The spell was to make her fingers strong and sticky for her to be able to just use her fingers to support her body as she climbed up the fence. She placed her knife back in her satchel, and quickly climbed up to the top of the fence. While she was up there she looked over the area to see if there were any guards. She didn't see any. She swung her leg over the side of the fence and jumped to the other side. "Hurry up!" she whispered loudly, as she waited for the others to follow after her.
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    "Another riddle... I'm getting tired of those damned riddles." Vlad kept his gun pointed at the ratkin, attempting to find the true meaning behind the vague words within his mind and the visages before his gaze. Neither side had made any move against another. Now that the connection between those monsters and people up here was acknowledge, Vlad started thinking about how he could communicate with them. Then he noticed some changes on both sides. On ratkin' side, the visages of Frederick and his knights flickered and slowly faded away, their monstrous counterparts had taken a somewhat solid form. The same happened to Charlie, when his grin was shapeshifted into an animalistic scowl. On Vlad's side, the knights' bodies and Tim's transformed carcass became blurry and lost some opacity. It was not like they were going to take a beastly form, no: they were slowly dissolving into the air. Vlad was bewildered by this transfigurations, yet his mind was still processing the riddle. "The game... Those without self will fade... None may prevent those that loot?" The engineer took a quick glance at solidified ratkin, then looked behind at his soon-to-be-ghostly companions. His inquisitive mind, almost untouched by Yh'mi curse, had helped him come to a definitive conclusion. "Two souls lost, two souls gained... A zero-sum game. It's a zero-sum game!" But before he could announce his findings, one of the knights raised her crossbow and shot at the ratkin. Even though her target was somehow unharmed, the entire monster family was obviously not happy with this act of aggression. "What in Mother Gaia's name did I just said?!" - Vlad shouted at her. - "These are not just monsters, these are--" Vlad wasn't able to finish his rant, for the retaliation came swiftly. A female rat from the group of three stepped forward and exhaled a large cloud of raging fire at the group. They were all completely engulfed in flames, their skin and metal completely exposed. Once the fire has settled, however, Vlad noticed he and his companions were left untouched. He picked a faint smell of burned chemicals - a sign that Tim's protective coating had done it's job fairly well. [1]. Vlad attempted to figure out the solution for this sticky situation. Alas, he could not think of it, for the alpha male beast had just jumped on him and ripped and teared his chest without any ceremonies [2]. The overall pain was sharp enough for Vlad to lose consciousness... --- Tim might tell Vlad he warned him about the ratkin, but he possessed neither the character nor the voice to do that. But as soon as the ratkin rushed at the group, the golem reacted accordingly. A pair of turret barrels went full speed ahead, and soon the den was illuminated with muzzle flashes and filled with fire shots. Tim moved his arm through the entire family (save for the smallest one) and gave each one a fair share of lead. The golem did not relent, for the only mortal who had power over him was already dead... --- The twistling, whom Frederick and his Subversors had struck down before, suddenly raised before them despite of its injuries and burns provided by Melanie. It raised its hands holding fully-loaded norkotian SMGs. Then, without a single word spoken, it pulled the trigger. Bullets flied across the chamber, hitting almost everyone who stood in their way. The barrier raised by Frederick was not fully formed at the moment of attack, and all the party members under it felt the bullets tearing up their flesh [3]. To make things worse, another twistling supposedly killed by Frederick himself stood slowly on its feet... --- ...The golem did not relent, for the only mortal who had power over him was already dead. But the latter statement might be a bit exaggerated. Vlad slowly came to his senses. His body was once again unbearably aching. Gathering all the energy he had left, he rose back and walked slowly toward the alpha male. Not paying attention to his shotgun lying nearby, he instinctively picked his artifact spear on his back. This time, however, its threads did not seep under his skin as before, for the bearer's intentions were opposite. "I... I did not start this..." - Vlad wheezed as he retracted his hand for a precise thrust. --- To make things worse, another twistling supposedly killed by Frederick himself stood slowly on its feet. Despite bleeding as hell, it stood firmly and gazed upon the knight with a malicious intent. From its right wrist an onyx spear grew out right into its grasp. An attentive observer might notice it was exactly the same spear that engineer from Patia brought to Yh'mi. The Subversors were gravely wounded during the bullet barrage, and Frederick had to face it alone (if the others wouldn't react, of course.) But before the aligorian could raise his weapon, the twistling thrust the spear toward him and pierced his throat. The strike was so powerful that the spear went through his armor as easily as a knife goes through melted butter [4]. The spear itself reacted instantly: two batches of onyx threads shoot themselves from it. One batch raised toward his skull, consuming the flesh in process. while another one descends under the body armor, rushing down Frederick's heart [5]. The same mysterious force that healed them in the beginning was about to kill the knight in the end. "We... We will finish this..." - the twistling whispered maliciously, then started twisting the spear along Frederick's head counter-clockwise. A few more turns - and everyone would hear a loud, bone-chilling-- ~snap~ Damage distribution below:
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    Hunting an Apostate

    "Are you prepared for what might happen? I sense...a strong amount of danger in this mission." Lancellar said, just before Phillip connected his CROOK device into a public terminal. They had traveled all the way here to act upon a bounty for a dangerous criminal known as the Apostate. If what the rumors said were true, then they were in for a dangerous hunt. Phillip Komar thought for a moment, hesitating in his decision. Someone could die on this mission, even him, but the gold was just too damned good for him to resist. "With this reward money, we'll be able to expand the Shields a hundred fold, maybe even more. Whatever happens, I'll accept the consequences." Placing the device into the machine, it gave a chirrup, then connected them with the military organization known as FIST. "This is Phillip Komar, Commander of the Shields of Valor mercenary group, requesting to speak to Alexander Hawk about either capturing or killing the Appstate." There was no going back from this, and he suspected he wasn't going to like the outcome, no matter what. @Ataraxy
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    Worldbuilders of Fracture 2020 Q1

    Similar to dangerous criminals, except rather than focusing on opposition dynamics, I want to focus on world building and lore creation dynamics, as closely tied to IC events as possible Worldbuilder is the best word I could think of because I'm not sure how else to get Construction of some kind across but it doesn't have to be on an epic scale or anything Am taking feedback and suggestions here:
  15. 4 points

    Worldbuilders of Fracture 2020 Q1

    You could throw a dart at Tyler' profile and hit something that he's built but I wanted to highlight BlackBlood, mostly because Norkotia has been archived or that would have gotten a shout out too. This is something that was a part of Norkotia but has since become its own hearty organization with a presence in Last Chance The character proper would be, I think, Joseph Tynes
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    Hey, is that spotlight an artifact? Can I have that one instead?
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    ... or do I? ; >
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    The Fall and Defeat of Lilith Reiter

    I agree with you there. I don't know if you saw this but I edited in my post above after taking a minute to think about the fact that you were basically tagged into a check with zero context, hence the "???" next to your name on the tag. You were basically saying "here's what I'm seeing and if this is accurate then here's what I'm saying" Fair enough. If I had kept that in mind when making my reply I'd probably have used less questions and more informative statements lol So when IPP was becoming a thing we talked to the top level board leaders to make sure we weren't off our rockers, anticipated not everyone would want to be involved (some territory leaders are "evil" after all) but that it should suffice for most use cases. A lot has happened before, during, and after that. I think the "Era of Kingdoms" announcement came out at like exactly the same time we started discussing IPP, so maybe while I thought King would be letting people know, he thought we would be getting opt in from the individual kingdoms, and then ofc the world began having a seizure. Let's chalk it up as a breakdown as you said and know there was never an intent to keep any territories out or make them feel they didn't have a choice in the matter! That's key for me to get across
  19. 4 points

    Hello, everyone!

    Ugh, I'm terrible at titling things. Hello, Valucre community! I'm Ami, and rather new to all this roleplaying thing. I dipped my toes on some RP forums some eight years ago, but I never stuck around (mostly because, for some reason, the ones I was interested in were either already dead or dying *is sad*). So I'll be hanging out at the Tavern of Legend until I get more comfortable. That said, I'm not new to writing; I've been writing fanfiction for ten years or so, and lately I'm trying my hand at original fiction, too. I've been exploring the New Member Guide and I have an idea for some characters already, so hopefully I can get started once I choose one to begin with. (The site is huge and a little intimidating, but it sounds like so much fun!) I'm glad to be here! *waves*
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    Writing is tough

    Writing is tough
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    The Things we Do

    Through a bit of investigative journalism, Addison got to know of a up and coming researcher by the name of Athena. Locating this individual was challenging enough as it was, given that information about her was scarce and largely useless. All she could make out from the articles was that she was the CEO of a profit oriented company with an undisclosed base of operations. There was no option for a face-to-face meeting; only a small link with an email address and a chat bot. For months, the Master Knight sat on this piece of information, gradually seeking out other sources for the materials she needed, until one day, she came to learn of Khan Asparuh's affiliation with the woman that she had for many months, since forgotten about. With renewed interest, she pursued this lead, tracking the group down to a small mining outpost in Genesaris. She cleared her throat loudly and abruptly from a distance. She spotted no more than a dozen people gathered around the opening of some sort of ore deposit. "I'm looking for an Athena Romanov," she declared, gradually making her way down a small descent in the ground elevation and stopping several metres away. @Ataraxy
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    Good and evil? - A discussion.

    "So from what I'm getting is, there's no good nor bad. Too much of an umbrella term, too broad of a spectrum." What you keep doing is getting drawn into philosophical arguments about what good and evil are and what those look like in real life to the players rather than the practical consequences of the actions and aftermath of the characters. Like "does end justify the means" or "Does intend change the nature of the action". Those are great arguments to be had to advance stories, not to stop them. Have you seen Inglorious Basterds? Landa wasn't suddenly a hero because he betrayed the bad guys at the end, and Lt. Aldo wasn't suddenly a villain because he stopped to carve a little something on Landa, even though traditionally you'd associate these things with clearly good or clearly bad actions. The whole argument of complexity and nuance and subtlety is something to be had IN THE STORY. You don't argue about the moral complexity of a character before the reveal of what makes them complex. Someone can say "actually they aren't really evil" all they want but if that person is spreading disease and fire bombing cities that's close enough for practical purposes (maybe not for a philosophy class but the point is that this is not that). Until the OMG Mega Reveal that actually they're taking vengeance on the people who bombed their village by bombing them back so are they really etc etc etc - but that reveal should be happening at the end of a story, not at the beginning, a story which cements person X as evil and not until moment Y gives you a reason to question this; you don't start off by ascribing universally flexible morality to all characters or there's no point in using morality to begin with and you may as well focus on Newtonian "action-reaction" motivation - which is fine because that's what the Law and Chaos axis is for. You don't need to be a good guy to stop a bad guy - you can just be a lawful person who wants to stop chaos (per Akiris's example) Your example of Shield and Hydra? All of that was for dramatic reveal. For the first half they were distinctly made to look like good guys so that the reveal that they are being shadow-controlled by bad guys has impact, is a climax rather than a rest stop. It doesn't have impact if you start off by saying "Yes they're good guys but a core of them are bad guys so they do bad things too, keep that in mind as we go along and try to distribute medicine and stuff" "it's much easier to wound than to heal, much easier to kill than to resurrect, much easier to destroy than to repair" - agree, path of least resistance Since you're just asking about story elements now I'll switch to commenting on story structure "Given @amenities gives the VCF permission to research about her, what's the line here?" - you don't need to settle that now. You can settle that IC. First finding the line can be done IC, and then whether the VCF stays on the right side or crosses to the wrong side can be done IC. Whatever the line is, Ataraxy has been adamant about the fact that Lilith is a higher being, she just happens to look exactly like a human, so whatever PETA or Geneva Conventions rules exists probably don't apply to her (is that wrong? if you aren't an absolute pacifist like the Buddha are you automatically a devil?). That's something that can be handled IC as well, and maybe what was Morally Righteous in the capture of an international terrorist becomes Morally Gray when it comes to getting intel from them, which is a very common moral standoff You can see a great example of this in the movie Prisoners with Jake G. and and Hugh Jackman. An ostensibly good man captures someone who he thinks is responsible for kidnapping his daughter. What this good man is willing to do to get his daughter back is the dramatic moral argument, and it plays out in story, and is illustrated by his actual actions for the audience to decide and feel that conflict - not the writer's arguments about whether what he does is good or bad But yes, you are right in that there is always the option for someone to explore the nuance of your actions (and vice versa). A very great example of this is the Dungeons and Dragons trope universe. In early versions, orcs and goblins were unequivocally bad creatures. They were put in place to be stock villain beasts and no one had a problem with it. Somewhere around 3.5 or 4, this isn't written in the creator lore or anything to my knowledge but is just how the stories have changed, just timing wise players started asking questions like "Dang, what if that was just a chill goblin village and they're just fishing and hunting, and the player characters come through and destroy their whole town for loot? Doesn't that make our . . . characters . . . the bad guys?!". Same action (raid and loot), but as motivations and consequences are explored and unpacked, the needle moves. The guy you thought was a good guy turns out to be a bad guy (Frozen). The guy you thought was at least a decent human being turns out to be a fucking monster (Castlevania S3). It's all about the "turns out" in those cases, the dramatic reveal,, and how that is explored in the story itself So for right now focus on the core and cut through the noise: "help the weak". And just see where the story takes you from there
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    The Dead

    I am always willing to update and renovate if spoken to by the right parties with the right reasons. The Dead is as flexible as it is pervasive. On top of everyone who continually contributes to the Dead, I extend credit both credit and an invitation for edit ideas to the following users for their composition and input on what we have here. @supernal @Noko @Aleksei
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    No need to introduce yourself 😄 I've seen you so much, your presence is always visible. Glad to see staff that actually interacts with the community and partakes in RPs! (Unlike my last RP site). And that sounds fair! I just really, REALLY want to label Lilith as a CS (With @Ataraxy's permission of course), and perform some experiments, so that slowly but surely she may develop a grudge against the VCF. Because I'm a glutton for punishment 😄
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    If there's still room on the roster, the Watchers will definitely be involved in this conflict. Their leader Nathan has a chip on his shoulder towards the cult and he's gone through some special training to prepare for a confrontation with Lilith. Since the war, they fled with a number of Nu Martyr citizens to Genesaris to found their own land. Real soon, they'll be rechristened the Freedom Fighters. Though admittedly, Nathan probably wouldn't mind settling for a rematch with Khaedal. 😉
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    I’m planning on staying involved.
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    My character Amraphensbane (profile, favor dark theme for this) has received contact from a scientist (@supernal) in possession of a specialized chemical weapon. Said weapon will cause wide spread destruction of a specific resource in the city of Arcturon, located in the strange land of Taen, that keeps the city safe from the swamp miasma. Although known to not be lethal any longer, the swamp miasma causes hallucinations and assuredly makes an area unlivable. In this particular scenario, we’re doing this aware that Arcturon is a city with a population of three hundred thousand, mostly composed of the well off, and magically or scientifically inclined minds. Most of which are scholars with no real battle experience and rumors are abound that they’re developing terrifying and dangerous weapons in the glass depths of the wetlands which the city sinks into. Diffusion of said nerve gas will be done through a series of spray canister administered to the glass itself. The dead (@amenities) will be sifting through potential applicants, and only taking one on this highly dangerous mission which they will not be briefed about until just before mission start. Location and intent will both be veiled until then to said applicant. The expectation is that once the dead operatives have evacuated from the area, the nerve gas will begin flooding the city before they have time to study it, though there is a possibility the dead operatives won’t get out before the resulting chaos from the destruction caused by three hundred thousand people hallucinating. And they themselves may become a victim of it, though they will be coming in carrying concealed gas masks in fanny packs. Our goal is to cause enough of a diversion that they believe our intent is direct bloodshed. The truth of the matter is we are targeting the glass city itself, not the people with our gas attack. We will either have two teams, one focused on distraction while one infiltrates, or a unified force that takes over the upper region of the city by surprise and all at once, then we break out from there. The panic will begin in earnest when we release the nerve gas. Defenders, citizens, and scientists alike will believe we are gassing them when in reality, it is the fungi that coats the lucental glass. They will not have time to study it properly before the madness from the depths of the research facilities where the miasma is likely to pool first reaches up its tendrils to choke out the rest of the city through their own air filtration system. Once a team is assembled, there will be an OOC thread separate from this for discussion and a high likelihood we will face resistance from those player characters who support Taen. We're leaving the decision on defenders, NPC or otherwise in the hands of @Csl, so feel free to discuss your character being there at the time of the attack.
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    Valucre humor (and memes) thread

    @danzilla3 @Zashiii @AngryCacti
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    New Member Pool Party!

    I want to leave it to Ataraxy to answer in depth because he really does have the practical experience and I'd love to see his take on it, but I will say one thing A fundamental shift in perspective will make things a lot easier, and that's approaching games collaboratively vs competitively. I think both can be fun and both have their respective perks, both are games I engage in, but that when you're being competitive you have to be much more worried about slipping up, because those mistakes are part of how other people win, perhaps even the result of your opponent(s) strategy. When you're being collaborative on the other hand, everyone is rowing in the same direction, and anything you make a mistake on is something people will want to help fix rather than capitalize on because that's what the "win conditions" support. They look similar but it really is a different kind of game There's no unequivocal axiomatic truth here but I'll say with great comfort that for the majority of cases collaboration leads to greater, easier successes, in no small part because your successes won't always be at the cost of someone else's
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    Terrenus / Fracture AMA 2.0

    I would assume that because it is a land inhabited by all manner of creature, to include some without any genitalia, and that fact that spirits of any gender could posses pretty much anything and anyone of any gender/biological sex/whatever, that there are undoubtedly sentient creatures that have nonstandard sex/genders because reproduction can be as weird as you want, that the novelty of a biological man identifying as a woman or vice versa, isn't anything that the general population would find abnormal or interesting. Like, think about the setting, and then think about how insignificant that would seem compared to all the other weird shit going on.
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    beautiful art by GUWEIZ "𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕚𝕣 𝕨𝕙𝕚𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕔𝕒𝕝𝕝 𝕥𝕠 𝕞𝕖 𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕝, 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕀 𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕨𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕝𝕪 𝕒𝕣𝕖. 𝕀 𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕜𝕟𝕠𝕨 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕕𝕖𝕔𝕖𝕡𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 𝕚𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕌𝕥𝕠𝕡𝕚𝕒 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕒𝕜 𝕠𝕗." ( 𝒲𝐼𝒫) ~ GENERAL ~ Age: 22 Years Race: Human, but is aware of some elven lineage. Place of Birth: A small village in the wilds of Fracture (No longer lives there) ~ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS ~ Height: 5'7'' Weight: 120 lbs Hair Color: Platinum blonde Hair style: Usually kept undone and messy; reaches halfway down her back Eye Color: Blue-grey Skin Tone: Pale, appears flushed when overwhelmed ~ SKILLS / ABILITIES ~ Lumina possesses novice magical abilities in the form of light manipulation. She attributes her power to her heavily religious upbringing and seeks to develop it further. Her abilities, while lacking in offensive capabilities, protect and heal those around her. This can range from constructing a barrier to shield herself and others to using a warm, inviting glow to help soothe injuries.
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    Map of Arcturon btw -- as requested by @Shatter Edit-- pertinent notes: Government, commercial, and residential districts are primarily lucentglass skyrises. Public areas within them such as Icarius Square and Talos Park are also enclosed in Lucentglass domes. R&D and manufacturing district were built prior to the invention of lucentglass. Half of the infrastructure here is underground, and those that are aboveground are equipped with air filtration systems. City Guard Barracks are of similar make as the R&D/manufacturing district.
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    (ARTIFACT) A Master of Space and Self

    "Just pick em off," Knight-Initiate Shishi spoke to the custodes. "One by one." Shouting their assent, the custodes continued shooting at the approaching crystal enemis giving priority to those that got too close or those that got pass through larger guns' reach. Any more closer and Shishi Ravenbush would have to take action. Moving forward, she made use of her naturally fast body to close the distance and then ram into their enemies. The crash would push the enemies back directly into the larger guns' line of fire. It was boring and monotonous but the method was working. She did not stay idle for too long either, Shishi was also storing up energy in case the crystalline creatures would bring out something larger. For every moment she can stand in place, Shishi can manage to bring out one shining wisp of light. So far there are already six of them, trailing in her wake and circling around her when she's on standby. That said, she did busy herself during those times by shooting at the crystalline soldiers. Using her hands, she mimicked the shape of a pistol with her index and middle fingers extended then shot beams of concentrated magical light bullets that hit like artillery and exploded like grenades upon contact. "That's it boys! Just keep 'em far away from us as much as possible!"
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    i mean i meant like player character mercenaries, not a whole child army to begin with...
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    This character is currently without a thread to rp. And I'm searching for one. Ideally I'm thinking of something with action/adventure themes. I'm excited to talk to people. And chat. And plan something out. Some things to keep in mind, are that I'm not interested in making her smarter. So she won't be learning to drive, shoot, or anything beyond basic motor control etc, so sorry bout that. >.<
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    Forced Interruptions

    /holds up Pardon my misnomer. No one should confuse Cae for Allmight! You were being an antagonist to an antagonist and I wasn't sure how to describe her other than a hero for that reason. If you give me a single word designator I can use to describe her I'll do that going forward but I think the great bulk of my point remains unchanged "Let's say I've got a villain and I want this villain to feel special. Oh, my villain could rob banks, but no, I need a James Bond villain so others will take notice. Anyone can rob a bank or steal ice cream from an ice cream parlor." This is very funny because of how different the two are in terms of degree. I actually mentioned in a previous post that robbing a bank is exactly what my villains did for a plot, and by making a concerted effort to draw attention to it and court opposition, I got that in the way of the sheriff showing up and a government response from csl. I did have James Bond aspirations that I seeded in there for later follow up but it didn't go nowhere is what I'm trying to get at. I think your other points about "if you're doing things and having things and getting things, you should expect some level of interaction from people who may want to do and have and get things also", to paraphrase, are solid You're not going to find people to stop you from taking spare change out of the grocer's till unless you find a way to make that matter. It's called a "petty" crime for a reason! You turn that into "grand" theft and embezzlement and things might change. The former sounds like a situation you want to setup a slice-of-life arc for, not something to which you'd (or at least me) expect an organized and dramatic response. I'm hoping that threads like police radio helps people interact more, though, at the budding level instead of waiting for things things to become Critical Mass: https://www.valucre.com/topic/43582-police-radio/ Plz other people use it. I'm the only one who seems to care about supplying that kind of information right now and I don't intend to be the only one screaming into the void for long! "For instance, if I obtain a +5 Magitech Lockpick of Unlocking in Terrenus, it won't work in Genesaris so I might as well make an entirely new character for Genesaris and I need to study the lore for Genesaris and I need to study the lore for particular cities in Genesaris and oh that pet isn't native to Genesaris so I need a new pet and a new character and new equipment and an understanding of different tech and different politics. " I'm not sure that this was ever true but given the layered management that can occur, that is that something could be fine to use in greater Genesaris but maybe not in Orisia (Orisia specifically has a magic system that interferes with higher level tech, so would affect a "magitech lockpick"), I'll give the benefit of the doubt that you've encountered something like that specifically. It can happen, but I wouldn't say it's the standard mode. I'll say that relatively recently, as Ataraxy has mentioned, things are much more interconnected (standardized quest and artifact rules for example). The magitech lockpick and Orisia example still hold true but at the very least artifacts hold up across boards, there’s the site wide laws of magic (which are admittedly pretty general, by design), there's a new international police program to facilitate chasing border hopping criminals; this was always possible but by making it an explicit thing, it hopefully drives the point home better But even before that, in 2018, my Terrenus based vigilante character went over to Izral for several multi-page threads to interrupt the human trafficking industry there. Part of this arc was a thread which saw my character return to Terrenus to acquire a shipping company so he could arrange a meeting with his target and go back to Izral. I did need to read the lore for the areas I was working in but that . . . I don't understand how that's a barrier to play other than in the literal “this is a new place and so requires new information to be learned” kind of way. Which might be the barrier you mean and if so that’s all good because it’s true that’s a barrier that exists which wouldn’t if it was a single setting, but is a different barrier than “this thing won’t work at all here” so I wanted to get a better grasp on it Lilith is herself a good example of this migratory capability, as she's a villain who started in Fracture, went through Genesaris, and is now in Renovatio
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    Stay safe and healthy everyone. More time at home means more time to post and also spend time with your fam.
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    To be clear, the Renovation God slaying event should have an asterisk to it. To be more clear, the gods are essentially fragments of themselves in the same way anyone who uses Zengi uses on a small part of him/ his power. The threads are basically slaying ex-gods brought to the mortal plane with extremely limited powers so as to make them on the lvl of 1-3 player characters. Plus, there are planned consequences for Reno losing its Gods, socio, political, economic, even geographic changes are in coming. The appearance of the Garden of Nede is only one of the first. Just seems a bit long since the BL had irl stuff the deal with. Not saying your point is incorrect, but since you mentioned this particular event, I wanted to clarify.
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    Arachnophobia [Class B Quest]

    " Pfft. Me? Killed? Funny joke. " Masuda said in response, grinning sinisterly. " Ninety to a hundred by hand and blade. Otherwise I could settle for chakra techniques and cap one-hundred-fifty before needing to take a break. " He explained. " If we're facing swarms, I plan on using a rebound-like tactic. Slice through the group, make it to the back, and travel back to your original spot. " He added. " If the time is right, I'll span out and flare away with fire and lightning techniques. I could also travel between them and round them up with silk. " He remarked, having already thought up a plan for dealing with these spiders. Masuda was a guy that didn't need much information. He's been in countless battles, against monsters, people, animals, you name it. He had a set catalog of ready-made strategies in his mind. All he needed was the current situation to conjure up a solution. That's the kind of skill you get when you're a Shinobi, afterall. " Maybe I could even try explosions for the first time! " He exclaimed. There it is. His childish recklessness. One of the many things keeping him from becoming a lord-like fighter. Well, everyone's got ups and downs, don't they? @Phoebe
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    Seeing the rush of bayonets rushing directly toward himself, he turned and ran, madly firing behind him in hopes that a stray bullet would land lethally. "Platoon B, fall back!" he roared as the line behind him instantly shattered and broke into a hasty retreat. Meanwhile, the carelessly and overly zealous fishmongers broke into the townhall easily, their momentum carrying them through the building and beyond. However, their reckless advance left them unsupported and precarious, a weakness which the remaining three units deployed on the flanks immediately took advantage of. In a coordinated pincer attack, both the left and right flanking units converged on the rushing pirates, aiming their rifles downward and filling their foes with gunpowder and lead. The downward angle ensured that misfires would not end up hurting their allies on the other side. As a result, most of Chamberlius's reckless charge would have been disabled by the legs, though many of them would have been spared their lives due to the lack of any severe torso or upper body injuries. @DocterDuck
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    Lucinda stumbled a little not expecting the sudden take off. Her hair danced in the wind. She then turned and waved a hand in front of her face. It prevented more smoke from being inhaled. Her eyes then fell on Addison and then she glanced over at Anna. “Hey Addy! So um what’s the plan?” @Phoebe@PrettyCuteAnna
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    Wow, alot of content. Hello all!

    Alright, so I make a character sheet that tailors to the Mild Powers rules, and then I can start getting shape in the little newbie spot called The Tavern of Lengend right? I read what I could from those guides
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    @amenities As much as I enjoyed the surprise of your post and seeing the IPP in action (which I really did, no sarcasm, was hella surprised haha), I'm gonna request a little more "effort" be put into getting through the monster wave. Lilith and co. only fought their way through- there's still thousands of them guarding the island. Invisibility is a cheap hand-wave and you know it lol iirc I explained in one of my posts that you can't simply "go above the clouds" I also stated that in this round each poster needed to take some kind of "damage." Even though you're a newcomer to the thread, I still gotta ask you follow the thread rules like everyone else! You probably just didn't know there was an OOC for the thread so it's nbd Welcome to the thread though! Let's see how the Reno IPP branch flexes lol
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    Valucre humor (and memes) thread

    On the topic of sustainability~~
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    Minerva pushed her way to the front of the crowd and stood up facing the angelic humanoid. She glared up at him, the demonic seal on her left eye glowing slightly. The girl looked to be in her teens and she easily looked to stand zero chance in any fight. "I'm only here to save books. Your holy righteousness can stay in it's filthy mouth angel." Her tone made it very obvious she had a distaste for angels. The alliance of holy and unholy would have to be allowed for the sake of knowledge and entertainment. Even if the angeloid were to try and smite her right now he'd understand, the presence of a demonic seal on her body, marked that she belonged to an unholy being of importance. Minerva understood this well and stood in front of the angeloid with high confidence.
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    Rabat when evil begins planning more misdeeds.
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    A Matter of Amenities

    “For every Lilith and Dredge," Yates clapped his free hand on Michael's shoulder. "One of these. Salud!" Michael stared at the corner of Hela’s desk with Yates’ hand on his shoulder, the smile from earlier frozen on his face. His hands still cupped the first, mostly emptied drink, but after Hela’s sentiments he no longer felt like celebrating. "After all that, then perhaps we worry about the men like Kares, simple men with simple wants who are misguided and mislead. If they followed the example that Odin left for us in deed and the path he wrote for us in word, they would know a little more about the burdens of courage and strength. Merely the opinion of one humble . . . drunk, priest, who has seen . . . done something of darkness in his day." Michael stepped forward out of Yates’ grasp. Not suddenly and without any particular emotion, like his expression, but out of it. This was no slight against the priest but a preference of personal space born of Michael's early years. He took one more sip from his drink— one that could only pool on his tongue and spread bitterness through his mouth— before placing the amber crystal on the desk. Surely Yates must know, maybe even Hela knew, that her words had touched a nerve. His oceanically turquoise irises bore down on her. “Odin doesn’t have to be here for his will to remain.” The words came with an unexpectedly conversational ring, not a critical one. This indicated both that Michael was better at controlling his words than his expressions and that he was invested in what she had said. He gestured to everything around them. “He wasn’t so much the possessor of all this but the gatekeeper. I met him a couple times and he never struck me as the controlling, owning type. He gives you the tools to do the thing yourself. He fought the good fight when it was needed, as Yates said, but we can’t linger on that past anymore.” The corner of Hela’s desk had been nestled in the palm of Michael’s right hand, and now he slid the hand away and returned to his seat, leaving the glass. All that was left of his drink was a fine layer along the bottom of the glass. It showed that he didn’t have as much a taste for the alcohol as the precursors of its influence. “I think he instilled the faith in Gaia in all of us once by commanding a victory against the Desecrators. I think, now, it might be on people like you and me to carry on that faith. I don’t know if you know,” he said, looking out the nearest window or at the nearest door. “But I had a lot to do with establishing Aspyn after Biazo fell. I was in Biazo when that happened and I just, I couldn’t tear myself away. These people— like you said everyone needs help. I think instead of being angry about Odin’s disappearance, we have to pick up what we have and make the most of it. Maybe even more of it than we had. The truth is that these people are here because they have nowhere else to go. People from Casper, Ashville, Tia, all over the world are coming here because this is one of the only places that even tries to promise safe haven. This military base is going to protect that promise. "I’ll see to it myself.”
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    Arthur grinned wolfishly as Bogatyr’s blade wobbled in his hands in response to its pommel colliding with Caecelia’s head. The woman dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, her body going limp as she lost consciousness. The mage had been prepared to celebrate, to give off a triumphant roar that would echo off the walls of the training tunnel. However, Arthur wasn’t given any such luxury, and he didn’t take any as he felt the fluctuations of power keenly. Chaos ensued as preternatural energies built up subconsciously around the heiress, beginning to cause destruction all around the mutant. Chunks of the surrounding layout began to crunch and tear away, enveloping Caecelia in a dangerous barrier of floating debris that threatened to destroy any who came too close. Reflexively, the black mage undid the work of Occultation around him, unleashing his Resonance in full. His aura wrapped around the mutant like a cloak of white and black flames; Arthur’s body seemingly igniting like the wick of a candle. The flames seemed to wave about in an unfelt breeze, his power filling the narrow corridor with an unseen pressure of his own. Arthur felt the unconscious Caecelia siphon off the arcane energies of his Resonance, though fortunately draining the mage was a slow process indeed. At first, Arthur began to back away from Caecelia, especially as the armored escorts bellowed for him to leave. The mage wondered about his opponent’s arrogance, having joined the tournament despite being afflicted in such a manner. What? Did she really expect to breeze through the competition? His mind also drifted towards what would happen if he just allowed the Order to take care of things. He was sure they could handle it just fine, but arguably even better if Arthur helped as well. The mutant maneuvered Bogatyr to the side of his head, and slowly drew the edge over the top of the enlarged bump that was forming on his scalp. Blood and pus escaped the wound instantly and Arthur used his free hand to collect the blood onto the surface of his gauntlet. Utilizing the bodily fluid as a reagent, Arthur worked his will, beginning to recite the words of an incantation. It was by no means the black mage’s specialty, but he was no slouch either. His mind split into two, then four, then eight as Arthur levied a psychic onslaught of his own on the unconscious Caecelia. The mage applied thought ward after thought ward on the heiress’ no longer slumbering power, attempting to seal away her beastly subconscious. For now, anyways. The wards being cast came in three varieties. Firstly, some of the wards simply functioned as barriers, attempting to imprison the encroaching force. Secondly, when a dam broke down, it was followed up with a psychic shunt that rerouted excess energies through the firmament and back into the Empyrean. And lastly, the mage used the kind of spells one would use to disarm or charm another, but repurposed the magic so it placated Caecelia’s Id. It would give the heiress’ instinctual mind the impression that she was no longer under threat. Arthur piled the wards on thick, his partitioned minds working individually and rapidly to seal Caecelia’s hidden potential away. Of course, such an effort came at a cost. As he worked his willpower over the unconscious woman, blood was siphoned from the wound on his head. It floated through the air like a red string that coalesced in front of Arthur’s outstretched hand before being expended as fuel. Then, a pair of similar strings of blood poured from his nostrils; his magic threatening to drain the mage of blood if he persisted for far too long. Hopefully, his spell work would bear fruit. And soon. @The Alexandrian
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    Inb4 the VCF rep has no idea why a white-haired woman has been staring down his soul across the event hall 😄
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