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    Copyright and You

    We were recently contacted for a copyright claim and removed the allegedly infringing material. Per our terms of service members agree "not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this bulletin board". We take claims of infringement seriously and will respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or other applicable legislation or laws. Responses may include removing/blocking/disabling access to the material and/or suspending/terminating the user's access and/or all of the above. All third-party material posted to this website is copyright the respective owners and/or authors and Valucre makes no claim of copyright on such material. As an author you are fully responsible and liable for all content you post and we may release identifying information about you to authorities when required by law if your post is in violation of legislation. To avoid copyright infringements and potential lawsuits we recommend you use your own photos or photos licensed (or other content, as applicable) for free use such as Wikimedia Commons, Flickr Creative Commons, and so on.
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    Lagrimosa Landing Page

    Terran Calendar: The current year is 30 AO = 598 WTA. All new threads happen during the current year unless otherwise stated by the creator. Setting elements cannot be ignored or manipulated City maps are guides and not authoritative sources ✪ = City | ✦ = Landmark | ✿ = Independent territory ✪ Casper (Primary sea port) ✪ Dougton ✪ Ignatz ✪ Blairville (Secondary sky port) ✪ Hell's Gate (Primary sky Port) | Langley Keep ✪ Martial Town ✪ Last Chance (Secondary sea port) ✦ Biazo Isle | Bi'le'ah | ✪ Aspyn ✦ Weland Gorge; Day River ✦ Scudder Forests ✦ Hills of Noddendody ✦ Blue Hills ✦ Moonwood ✦ Ponkapoag Lake | Gaian Academy; Haunted Glen ✦ Timber Creek ✦ Great Pine Barrens | No Man's Land; Witch's Cave; Herbie's Bed; Peaceful Woods ✦ Sidereal Lake | Zuhl Plateau ✦ Forgotten Wood ✦ Black Ridge ✦ Hidden Valley ✦ Dark Forest | The Cedars ✦ Forbidding Hills ✦ Shawnee Glacier ✦ The Wastelands | Badlands; High Desert; Dead Peaks ✦ Blaurg Mountain ✦ Coconino Marsh | Labyrinth Forest; Coconino Creek ✦ Hills of Lost Hearts ✦ Barnstable Coast ✦ Southern Sea ✿ Predator's Keep ✿ Amalia ✿ Yh'mi ✿ Eridianus | Taen | Ursa Madeum ✿ Absalom | Béhods ✿ Chesterfield | Aligoria ✿ Nesthome | Anima ✿ Everrun Announcements Newer information at the top; keep up with the latest in the Updates thread. Lightning Rail infrastructure between the major cities of the Terran Empire have been replaced with MagVac Train technology. Terrenus rename to Lagrimosa. During the events of Civil War - Phase 3, a number of those factions which established themselves in the Wilds have grown in size and successfully established sovereignty over their lands. Notable stewards of their respective regions are Chesterfield and Absalom Breaking news from the Symposium Against Doom - body snatchers and volatile loci Visible to the entire continent, the sun burns green for ten minutes. During the events of the Civil War - Phase 2, a number of different factions have established themselves in the greater Wilds of Lagrimosa and are poised to become enclaves with sovereign leadership. This has added new territories to the map: Aligoria, Chesterfield, Everrun, COTH, Temple City, Nesthome, Anima. Due to the events of the Civil War - Phase 1, transportation across the nation of Lagrimosa has been crippled and magical availability has been concentrated in the Shawnee Wastelands. Geography Located in the north-east of planet Valucre, Lagrimosa is approximately twice the size of the North American continent and has a citizen population of approximately 300,000,000 (three-hundred million) as of 24 AO. Climate A dense arcanosphere has resulted in sections of unpredictable climate and terrain. The fluctuating levels of magic also lead to random side effects on plant and animal life, and has been noted to render gunpowder unreliable in greater Lagrimosa (this is meant to prompt creative alternatives to basic firearms). The tip of Ponkapoag Lake will be used as the central marker for description purposes. The area enveloping Ponkapoag Lake and Coconino Marsh is characterized by warm, dry summers which average 66°F with low precipitation and cool, wet winters which average 25°F and moderate precipitation. Evergreen and deciduous trees, fig, walnut and citrus trees, and bay rosemary herbs thrive in the area. North of the central marker the weather increases sharply in temperature and vegetation becomes sparse as grassland and forest biomes turn into desert, which average around 100°F with pronounced dry periods. The desert biome is expansive but is at its north-eastern section is abruptly interrupted by arctic tundra. South of the central marker, the climate features warm summers and cool winters with a narrow annual temperature range. There is no dry season in this section, precipitation ranging from moderate to heavy, and the forests are temperate, especially in the Great Pine Barrens. In Amalia, Ursa Madeum and Biazo Isle, year round temperatures are consistently a humid 75°F and are dominated by precipitation, especially during monsoon season. Flora and Fauna Lagrimosa has plant and animal life recognizable to most characters, such as: flowers, trees, dogs, horses, crabs, salmon, etc. and so on. In addition to this standard there are a number of animals and plants unique to Lagrimosa. You can read more in the Lagrimosa section of the Terran Creature Codex, the Terran Herbology Index and Herbalism 202. Note that users aren't limited to what's included in the present material and are free/encouraged to come up with plant and animal life as long as they adhere to the Mild Powers rules. Users can also make bestiary submissions if they want to formalize information about their creations and make them available for public use. Cities, Provinces, Territories The Terran Empire has a handful of megacities (with numbers in flux due to magical and political unrest) and numerous villages, towns, and enclaves around the nation. The major cities are population dense and, thanks to magi-tech introduced with Odin Haze's sweeping regime, vary wildly in setting and tone. Outside of the major cities Lagrimosa's wilderness is mystical, savage and untamed. It is not uncommon for the citizen or amateur adventurer striking out on their own between the cities to find death as to find fortune. Culture Terrenus Quest Index Terrenus Artifact List A citizen living within one of the megacities is literate, adequately versed in magical theory to make use of Terran magi-tech, is aware of common metaphysical phenomena (ghosts, rituals, telepathy, charms, hexes, etc), and is often capable of using magic as a result of scholarly pursuit and understanding. A native from one of the towns or villages is less likely to be literate and have empirical insight into arcana and magical phenomena. Instead, their knowledge of ability to use magic is a result of hereditary traditions and cultural myths. Their understanding of magic is intuitive rather than logical, making them more susceptible to charlatans and superstitious fears. But, with generations of experience springing from tradition, the villages produce more young people capable of wielding powerful, ancient magic. A Terran from any part of the nation tends to be physically robust due to Gaian religious practices and Terran diet. They have a special love for music, having considered music the universal language before they discovered mathematics and magic, and as a consequence also enjoy indulging lavishly in food and dance. Terrans celebrate not just their history, but their art throughout their ages as well. Language Terric is the primary language of the Terran Empire. It is spoken in all megacities and most towns, though becomes rare in isolated villages and islands, where a pidgin form of modified Terric of varying names (Terril, Terrin, Terrie, etc) is usually the norm. Terric's primary dialects sounds like Spanish (users should treat this as a plot device and are not expected to learn how to write Spanish). Other dialects sound close to Romance-influenced language, such as Italian and French, but will also deviate into Germanic-influenced languages. The rarest language in Lagrimosa is Oldspeak, which is practiced by less than 1% of the population. The language requires line of sight and has no verbal components, instead communicating complete ideas between speaker and receiver. Magic The Terran federal government has published a white paper on the Terran laws of magic, an authoritative perspective on the laws, principles and terminology of magic as they apply in Lagrimosa. Also note that with events between the Wastelands and Shawnee loci during the Safeguard riots, magical availability in Lagrimosa has been reduced everywhere except the new boundaries of the Shawnee itself. Religion Gaianism: Quick Reference Guide Bible of Gaia The Gaian Church Gaianism is the Lagrimosa's largest religion, constituting approximately 70% (down from 79%) of the total population. Gaianists consider nature, the universe, reality, magic and mathematics to be mortally comprehensible expressions of an inconceivable deific form. Gaianism advocates peace but not blind pacifism, leaving violence as a final solution and a mechanism for self-defense. The notable exception of this rule are Unnatural (any offspring of dark necromancy, such as vampires, zombies, liches, and occasionally Outsiders). Gaians attack Unnaturals on principle unless the Unnatural has taken pains to prove themselves righteous. Cuisine As a whole the food produced by Empire trends towards the utilitarian. Three primary staples are high-yield disease resistant wheat varieties, a sub-species of rice engineered to biosynthesize beta-carotene, and a hardy cabbage variant which can grow in nearly any biome. This has led to a staggeringly robust ability for Empire to produce food for its citizens, making political inequality and the dangers of transporting food through the savage Wilds the primary drivers behind widespread hunger. In its parts, Empire's cuisine can be extravagant to the point of pedantry. Dougton, for example, produces over 100 varieties of cheeses, Casper's array of seafood dishes are second to none (with a special emphasis on snapper, octopus and squid, lobster, and salmon), and Ashville's long-standing traditions for pâtissiers remains alive even when the city is defunct, moving its pastry-making locus to Aspyn. With the vineyard in full production in Biazo Isle, Empire is also becoming known for its wines. Fashion Co-authoring credit to Csl Thanks primarily to a largely isolationist government much of Terran fashion has been insular, known to and satisfying the needs mostly of the continent's inhabitants. This trend has changed in the last few years as Dali Fashions, based out of Ursa Madeum, builds international recognition for itself but that is the rare exception - much of Terran fashion is tribal. The innate dangers presented by the Wilds has guided Terran design to favor pragmatics over aesthetics. Though these vary by culture or region, garments are made for durability, mobility, and protection from the elements. Enhancing clothing and gear is a common practice as well, with both magical and technological methods; more arcane locations like Blairville specialize in enchantments, while Hell’s Gate integrates magitech in adventurer gear. At a national level, one of the early and most persistent waves of vogue design are what is known as "dungeon couture", whose designs and specifications align themselves with the long-standing tradition of adventure economics through the continent's history. Lagrimosa, then Terrenus, has innovated and mass-produced fireproof cloaks and hoodies, suits with hand stitched invisibility runes for slinky thieves, autoswords, and hosts an annual convention of mages and engineers known as StabCon to discuss new enchantments, meta-materials, or machining techniques. Technology and Development Technology in Lagrimosa is highly advanced, arguably some of the most advanced on the planet. Although this fact not immediately grasped by foreigners accustomed to development in the form of electrical and mechanical contrivances, the Terran Empire is the historical pioneer of magi-technology on Valucre, democratizing and automating a great deal of otherwise obscure and hidden knowledge. Terran tech is rooted in cores of abstract knowledge, interlacing philosophy, natural and conceptual science, and magical theory to pioneer the current paragon of magi-tech in Valucre. Lagrimosa has sentient golems where another country might have "robots", rock satellites powered by runes and divination lattices, and crystal-based tactile computing systems instead of console based computers one might find elsewhere. In this sense "technology" is something learned and understood rather than picked up and used. For this reason education, especially developmental and postgraduate education, is of vital importance to the government. The newest generations of children show an adept knowledge of magical theory, a strong grasp of complex mathematical concepts and explore unconventional modes of thought. Like with telecom availability (see below), technology and magi-tech is the most advanced in the cities and attenuates as one goes into towns and then villages. Author's note: My fellow board leader captured it best when he said "Lagrimosa uses magic to achieve modern results". This can be used as a handy rule of thumb. Communications General Information Following the introduction and proliferation of magi-tech in Lagrimosa, economic concerns shifted to prioritize three new markets: Energy, Information and Transportation. With the explosion of communication methods, primarily in the form of crystal storage devices and photonic relays, came the immediate concern over authentication (assurance of claimed identity), integrity (assurance data has not been altered), and confidentiality (assurance that none but specified parties can read a piece of data). To those ends, Empire also pioneered the fields of encryption and hash algorithms, non-repudiation practices with digital signatures, and now with the advent of the Crook, the Public Encryption Cipher System (PECS) to allow civilians and citizens the same capabilities. Military technology and ciphers are known to be highly advanced, though private and public technology is catching up as corporations invest in the Information market. Terran military-grade communication systems use quantum entangled encryption to prevent interception. Systems create entangled photons, beaming one half of each pair to the receiving system, and made secure because the "observer effect" will change the quantum state of the key pair. This would make any interception obvious and also would modify the key, making it useless. A notable outlier demographic to the conventional communication methods in Lagrimosa are those that are fluent in Oldspeak (.7% of the population), who are limited by line-of-sight but require no material channels for relay. OOC discussion about some of this technology Telecom Availability As with other gifts of the Empire, the most sophisticated technology and methods tend to exist in the megacities and attenuates as one radiates outwards towards the smaller, more numerous towns and villages. One notable exception are the twinned crystal relays created and distributed by the government to any signification population center. These allow for easy, long-distance audio communication between any parties with properly tuned crystal fragments and without the need for complicated training. These simple but effective radios have drastically reduced missing persons reports and increased cultural exchange. Villages: Tribes and villages use magical means to communicate where possible. Examples of this include telepathy, oneiromancy (dream-walking), divinatory practices with water, smoke and mirrors, and shamanistic practices like reading tea leaves and animal guts or bones. Where these means are not available, visual communications rely heavily on beacons, smoke signals, and flags and audio communications rely on coded drumbeats and whistles. Towns: Towns use copper and nth wires run over natural ley-lines, piggy-backing on their natural radiation to power the communications. With this method towns are able to communicate with equivalents to telegraphs and telephones. With the advent of Tia's faux-ton relay system, towns are now able to communicate with line-of-sight-limited laser communications at millisecond speeds. Cities: Communication systems in the megacities make full use of magical theory and the technological capabilities of the nation. Three-dimensional holographic arrays (holo-arrays for short) are used primarily for relay on politics, economics, weather, and criminal activity. These relay systems make use of the military satellites and are capable of radiation communication (radio and microwave). The World Fair introduced three new pieces of technology which greatly influence communications in Lagrimosa. The first is the LIES (Luminal Illusion Entertainment System), an immersive storytelling platform which is having a notable growth effect on the Entertainment sector. The second is the 'logical' Crook technology, which allows for lossless connection between legacy crystal computing systems. This allows for the creation of ad-hoc, large-scale networks and what is being termed 'nebulous' storage. In tandem with The Storage Movement's efforts to digitize all written information, the Crook is widening information availability and increasing literacy. The third is the Faux-Ton, a materials transportation system invented by the Tia government which allows for the movement of objects at speeds many multiple that of the Lightning Rails, but limited by line-of-sight. Transportation Transportation varies between cities depending on their magi-tech saturation and biomimicry level. Below are standards found across the nation. Animal Propulsion Often used for inter-city travel. Often ridden alone or attached to a cabby. The maintenance and upkeep of a living transport makes this a largely inefficient form of inner city travel, but because a large percentage of a given city's population are short-term travelers from abroad (international foreigners, inter-city adventurers, non-natives that live elsewhere on the nation, etc), animal propulsion is still fairly common. A lot of infrastructure continues to supports this form of travel. Horses (ground), Imperial Drae (aerial) and Rider Dragons (aerial) are common mounts. Mechanical Propulsion Often used for inner city travel. Automatic wagons with steam-engines produced in Tia and gyroscopically rotating spheres with a stable core produced by Gaian engineers in Hell's Gate are the two most common examples. In densely packed city infrastructure, powered zip-lines are occasionally employed between buildings. Sea-ships and air-ships are common for travel around and between nations. Submarines, which Empire invented and introduced into the world as a counter to the Siren menace, are predominantly used to the military but are becoming more popular among wealthier merchants. Magical Propulsion Inter-city travel used to be served primarily via Rail and Gate, until consequences of the civil war combined with supernatural phenomena to cause catastrophic damage to both and bring them offline for several years. Tia's Faux-ton system is growing in popularity but has limited application until more pylons are built, able to serve only Tia and Biazo Isle at the moment. Lightning Rails - used to be magnetically propelled trains capable of traveling several hundred miles an hour. Currently offline. Tracks are used by slower, simpler, privately owned carts and trolleys for now. New - Rail services between Casper, Hell's Gate and Ignatz has been restored. New - Lightning Rail infrastructure between the major cities of the Terran Empire have been replaced with MagVac Train technology. Warp Gates - used to be stabilized portals and the only reliable method of teleportation in Lagrimosa. Currently offline. Faux-ton System - Tia patented technology that converts matter to energy to achieve subliminal travel speeds. Currently online but limited in presence. Government and Politics Odin Haze is recognized as the Saint of Gaianism and King of the Terran Empire. Odin's rule is one of enlightened absolute monarchy, and his administration embraces logic and expertise as the driving force for fiats and policy. The arts, sciences, education and social welfare all flourish under Odin's regime, a near polar opposite to the dark ages of King Levas and Zengi. Though Odin Haze rules Lagrimosa as a whole, the megacities under him are ruled over by individual regents that interpret federal law and administer local policy. Some are federally appointed, some are democratically elected, some are rulers by heritage; political states are a very fluid dynamic in the megacities. Each megacity also has a PeaceKeeper, a high-ranking military official to add balance and division of labor. There are also present in the massive Terran continent enclave baronies and kingdoms, which are independent governments. Examples include Taen, Predator's Keep, and Amalia. The Gaian Academy is a national research university located on Deepview Island, an inland island and part of the Ponkapoag Lake Archipelago. It is the premier education center in the nation, some say even globally, and has also begun to establish itself as a competitive research facility. Law Author's note: I don't have a full legal system written out and likely never will because the complexity of that endeavor doesn't interest me. In terms of what's legal reference real bodies of law for basics, so imagine that things like theft, assault, perjury, slavery, murder and so on are illegal. Each city has a local police force to operate within its limits and the military employs federal investigators who are able to enforce law anywhere in the nation. The Safeguard Act - Prohibits the use of unlicensed magic in specific cities. In each city there's a congress, which is made up of majority and minority leaders from each city. The majority leader is the elected official of a city (usually but not always), and the minority leader is usually the one who lost the elections but still represents a significant portion of the electorate. The king decides on issues which affect everyone. If regents are in conflict about any change, the king is the final word and can supersede any motion. The king also appoints chief of staff for various departments, such as the head of the military, the bureau of science, internal investigations, as well as determines who makes up the supreme court out of nominees put forward by the congress. In criminal investigations Empire's law enforcement makes use of various forms of divination, in particular retrocognition and psychometry, as well as Gaian candles of truth and clergy to compel honesty. Each megacity has at least one maximum security prison to house the most dangerous local criminals, such as terrorists, political prisoners, the excessively violent or those with gang affiliations. With Empire penology skewing towards rehabilitation rather than deterrence or retribution and treating most criminal offenses as mental health issues, the megacities also have a larger distribution of minimum security prisons for non-violent offenders. Minimum security prisons populate the city at the ratio of 1:15 compared to libraries, hospitals, and schools. Lagrimosa also has one super-max prison in the Dead Peaks, aptly titled the Dead Peaks Prison. The Dead Peaks Prison is the most secure level of custody in the nation, purpose-built towards providing long term, segregated housing for inmates classified as posing a threat to national health (a classification that designates one a danger to people or life rather than to information or infrastructure) or international security risks. Recently the Dead Peaks Prison has gone offline with the loci event that saw the Shawnee Glacier covering most of the Wasteland. Empire exercises capital punishment nationwide for criminals that pose an unmanageable threat or show no potential for reform. Military Terran Military (Overview and Information) Terran Military is made up of ~2% of the population (approximately 6 million). Odin Haze, as King of the Terran Empire, is also its Commander-in-Chief, exercising total authority over the military. Edward Brown (5-star General and PeaceKeeper handler) is Odin's right hand man and adviser, the highest military authority other than the King himself. He is involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining the military, government, and nation. The complex that stores and relays information, innovates military technology and strategy, and is responsible for national security is known as Central. Despite its name Central has no central location. It has a manifold presence throughout the nation, and those few offices that are permanently stationed and open to the public are often underground. Note that this enigmatic and transient nature applies to the most secure aspects of Central and do not apply to the various local agencies found in the cities such as Immigration, Sanitation, Education, local Law enforcement, and so on. The path to citizenship in Empire requires a 2 year service in the military (or ranking to Sergeant) and bestows the ability to vote for officials and own and pass down land. Foreign Relations In regards to foreign policy Empire is an autarky and practices a modified form of isolationism, declining to enter into alliances and international agreements, and generally attempting to make their economy as self-reliant as possible. Where Empire deviates from traditional isolationism is in their support of free trade, travel, and certain, limited, trade agreements with other kingdoms and nations. You can read more about Empire's political relations in Terran Military - Allies and Enemies. Economy A large part of Empire's internal economy is dungeon based (see: professional adventures), with adventurers taking on the high-risk work of crawling dungeons for the high reward of prized cultural artifacts and items of power; although this has led to some legal conflicts regarding ownership of artifacts, these disputes are generally handled in the courts after the adventurer has been paid for his or her legal reclamation efforts. Some towns and cities pivot around this, specializing in crafted weaponry, armor, and healing potions. Others are known to offer tours through cleared levels of dungeons and vaults for tourists. Because the task of increasing the nation's food security was the first and foremost priority of the Haze regime, understanding that one cannot create if one is starving, Empire focused its considerable resources on agronomy and crafted several techniques and tools for high-yield farming. This has greatly increased Empire's ability to self-sustain without foreign aid even when its economy falls. Empire exports a great deal of utility (i.e. non-combat) magi-tech and magical and scientific knowledge to other countries, and supplements its national income with submarine exploration of natural resources throughout the large tracts of Valucre which are underwater. Empire's economic and market systems revolve around precious metals. Crystals and other minerals are valuable as spell components but are not fungible. Copper, silver, gold, and platinum are the most common precious metals traded and used for purchase. Value is determined by weight and type, not by design or origin, allowing travelers and immigrants from other countries to more easily integrate. 1 oz of Tin = .25 USD 1 oz of Copper = 2 USD 1 oz of Silver = 10 USD 1 oz of Gold = 50 USD 1 oz of Platinum = 100 USD 1 oz of Rhodium = 500 USD. Each metal currency comes in fractions as well, such as half-ounce and quarter-ounce coins. These prices are not an accurate reflection of real world costs. You can read more about special metals and materials in the Terran Materials List. Terran population demographics Teran religion demographics History Condensed Terran Timeline Major Historical Periods These events are from most recent to oldest.
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    The Reclamation & The Era of Kingdoms

    The Reclamation and the Era of Kingdoms The Reclamation is a period in Genesarian history marked by social upheaval, political and governmental revitalization, brief flashes of military conflict, and a nation-wide restructuring and redistribution of resources and wealth. It was initiated by the Southern Schism, which collapsed the Imperial South’s violent and highly unpopular xenophobic systems on the Southern Swell and Cold South, and came to an end with the formal dissolution of the Carmine Dominion. This transitional period cemented the end of the Age of Empires and brought on the beginning of the current Age of Kingdoms. Significant Events The Southern Schism refers to a series of rebellions, skirmishes, and eventually open-conflicts between Imperial Corvinite forces and various separatist factions. While the majority of these conflicts transpired in the lands between the cities of Stormward and Valjer, a number of insurgent-led attacks were later launched on Shrine City proper, to great success. Historians are unable to pinpoint any single event in particular that led to the rise in social discord, though it is universally believed that lack of presence by the imperial family served as a breeding ground for a number of new issues, while strengthening those that had long-since plagued the regime’s oftentimes brutal regime. With a great deal of the regime’s resources invested in the off-continent realm of Kadia, and nearly all of the royal family dwelling there as well, separatists and non-human sympathizers were able to brazenly protest without fear of punishment, and likewise arm themselves. Over the next several years, the Imperial South was embroiled in a state of constant unrest, marked by open rebellion. While the smaller, poorer villages and towns found themselves unable to resist loyalist rule, the more prosperous cities of the former Southern Swell declared themselves independent entities and waged bloody battles against Corvinite forces. With assistance from factions already present within the city, they were able to further destabilizing imperial control and shrink Shrine City’s sphere of influence, until the last of the loyalists were forced to flee. In the wake of the imperial excursion, regional lords rose to fill the vacuum left behind. Well-establishment noble families, who had ruled as minor lords beneath the Imperial regime, were able to rapidly expand their spheres of influence, rallying displaced refugees their cause and swiftly collecting resources. These men and women fashioned themselves as the new kings and queens of the realm, leading to a number of kingdoms rising and falling overnight as those whose wealth and positions eroded, leading to their quick usurping by more capable underlings. One of the most dramatic results of the Schism and the ensuing kingdoms it produced was, for the first time in recent history, regional control was abolished. Shrine City, which once controlled the entirety of the Cold South (and the Southern Swell during the Imperial South era), was reduced to possessing city proper, and the immediate lands surrounding it. Even the cities of the Southern Swell that had banded together to oust the Corvinite loyalists dismantled their alliance at the end of the war, instead focusing on how to better their own ends. Following the Schism, whispers of separation began circulating through the Carmine Dominion. The embers of these rumors burned hottest in the lands connecting the Great North to the Arcane East, as many of the nobles in those lands had originally opposed unification. A number of noble families had unsuccessfully waged militant campaigns against Umbral rule, and while their defeat had silenced any further discussion of rebellion, the brutality they faced was not forgotten. Separatist victory in the south renewed talks of secession, and soon tension was rising again. It is widely believed that the separatists were only successful in the south due to the imperial family’s absence, and had they been more involved, a loyalist victory was almost guaranteed. Having no investments abroad, the entirety of the Umbral host resided in the empire proper; separatists would not have the same luck as their southern counterparts. If they wished to be free of imperial rule, they would battle in council chambers, weighing the pros and cons of such a dramatic move. One boon for the separatists, however, was the absence of the emperor and empress, Rafael and Irene Bartolome. While there are few details regarding the situation, a growing many people took note of the empress' disappearance, and the deep, brooding depression that the emperor sank into in the aftermath. A number of small skirmishes erupted along the borders of the two regions, mostly between regional lords and imperial platoons deployed to the area. While the majority of these were relatively bloodless conflicts resulting in only a handful of fatalities, the battles of Yvia, Lypa, and Reddington, referred to as the Trinity Massacres, saw an escalation of Umbral brutality against separatist factions. And while a number of the individuals responsible for these unnaturally horrific battles were tried and convicted for war crimes, the reality of these battles hastened lawmakers to find a mutually beneficial solution to a seemingly endless list of issues. After a little more than a year of deliberation, the Great North was once again an independent region by way of the Lord Imperator's edict. However, it too had changed, as the nobles—unwilling to risk Coastal Grande speaking for them ever again—struck out on their own, carving out large swaths of territory for themselves. This trend trickled down throughout the remaining lands of the Dominion as other prominent families used the confusion and chaos of the separation to gather resources, military might, and prominence. However, despite its dissolution as a total empire, the Umbral regime was able to retain a significant portion of its influence and control, mostly in massive island chain of Arlais, the uninhabited northern regions closest to the Cold Mountains, and also the city of Mageside. Aftermath The dismantling of the regional control in the imperial south and carmine dominion spread to the far corners of Genesaris, shrinking the influence and involvement of the prime cities in the affairs of the region. This vacuum promoted a free-for-all power grab, with a number of prominent families ruthlessly seeking to further establish themselves. While some have managed to survive this harsher political climate, where kingdoms rise and fall overnight, many others have been crushed beneath the ambition of their neighbors. OOC: I'll be updating this thread with more information as time goes on, so be sure to keep an eye out. What's written above is essentially the story in-character for the upcoming changes to Genesaris. It is universal knowledge, so all players on the continent should be aware of it, and any characters beyond the continent's borders can be aware of the information should their writers desire it. As far as a timeline goes, there will not be a major timeskip. At most, it will be several months (4-5). To that end, it would be more accurate to state that kingdom/rulers that were fashioned from this dismantling of the Imperial South and the separation Carmine Dominion are still very young. Keep that mind if you're looking to start something up. On that note, if you would like to grab some of this "new land" and start your own kingdom or queendom, please get in touch with me via Discord or the forum's PM system. Welcome to the Era of Kingdoms.
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    Hello everyone, vielle here (again)! ? So: I'm a prodigal daughter on her way back home. I just wanted to apologize to everyone for ghosting all those months ago—it's as @Csl has said: I've taken a leave of absence because I had to focus on stuff irl and also my mental health. Things haven't been the best in that latter aspect, but methinks I'm doing better nowadays. It's kinda tough, having to learn some things the hard way, but that's life for you! Now, I've kinda gotten better at handling my stressors now. ? Which leads me to that elephant in the room: I'm dropping out of past threads, cutting down on new threads, and focusing more on personal plots this time around. Taking up all those past threads and keeping up with them was in fact doable, truly, but I unfortunately overestimated my capacity to stay interested in all the things. It's not that those plots weren't interesting; don't get me wrong! It's just that there's only so much my writing muse can do for me, and though some once thought it of me, I'm not a machine. ? So, as I make my slow return, I'll be more particular about the future plots and threads I'll be engaging in, so I can give them my utmost writing efforts to the best of my ability. It's the least I can do for my writing partners; you all deserve the best I can give. ❤️ By the way, I have not checked Discord yet and probably will continue not checking Discord for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry if anyone sent me any messages over there; I haven't opened it at all over these past few months! ? But please know, whatever you may have sent me, I appreciate that you have thought to interact with me at all, even when I was, y'know, away. ? Overly sentimental stuff aside: I'm (omw) back! I've missed you all dearly. If you would have me back in your good graces, I'd be happy to write with you all again. Gonna do some spring cleaning on my thread tracker (it's a little dusty in there!) and take over handling that character/lore garage sale @Csl was doing for me (thank you so much, bestie!), and then maybe I'll have a cup of tea and look around what's changed here in my absence some more. It's kinda great to be back here. ❤️
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    The C in Csl stands for Coding (Tutorial)

    A short tutorial on how to make simple HTML tables in the Valucre editor. I came from an html-enabled jcink forum before I came to val and I am here to spread a tiny bit of coding knowledge. Disclaimer: Am not professional coder. In any way. Note: I normally use Chrome for this, but I believe this also works in Firefox 1. Start a new post/thread OR edit an existing post. Leave one line of text in the editor. 2. Right click, then click "Inspect" OR hit Ctrl+shift+I 3. This window will pop up on the right side of the screen. Click the icon that looks like a box with a cursor on it (highlighted) 4. Click the line of text in the Valucre editor. You'll see the devtools jump to the <p>text</p> element. 5. Right-click the <p>text</p> element and click "Edit as HTML" 6. Edit the HTML. Or, paste one of the simple premade codes I've posted below! After you're done, press Ctrl+Enter and the Val editor will display the code you've inputted! After this simply click Save or Post and the post will retain the formatting you've given it via devtools. Yay! I'll add more tables later but here are a few super-simple ones. <div style="width:75%; margin:auto; border-top: 1px solid; border-bottom:1px solid;"> <p>This is a table with 75% width for skinny posts. It also has borders at the top and bottom.</p> </div> <div style="letter-spacing:2px; font-family:Georgia;"> <p>This table has a e s t h e t i c letter spacing</p> </div> <div style="background: pink; color:white; margin:auto; width:75%;"> <p>This table has a pink background and white text because reasons, I guess.</p> </div> Feel free to ask questions below and/or test tables!
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    Ursa Madeum, 598 WTA. The age of scheming nobles and conspiracies for the throne has come to a quiet close, the distant backdrop of the new era of adventures amidst the commonfolk. The Kingdom of Ursa Madeum and the Queendom of Svanhild have settled into their own establishments in the wake of the empire's withdrawal from the islands, and with this comes a wealth of opportunities. The cities are ripe with daring exploits, the wildlands are fraught with dangerous quests, and in the midst of it all, there are whispers: the Old Magic is awakening. . . WELCOME TO THE QUEENDOM OF SVANHILD! Hello everyone! ❤️ It's your exhausted friendly lorebuilder Vielle again, introducing a brand new sandbox I hope will spark your interests and storytelling senses! (Feel that tingle yet? 😂) Born from the egress of the Veluriyam Empire from the islands and the subsequent reorganization of power in the aftermath, the Queendom of Svanhild stands as the setting for a new era in Ursa Madeum: one that is rife with magic and quests. Shape the Queendom, or let it shape you—adventure is in the wind, and it looks to all who are willing to answer its call. So: what will you find in Svanhild? ADVENTURE! Nothing beats the insatiable desire to explore the world and discover all the wonders it has to offer, and going off the beaten path will always be rewarded here in Svanhild. With five new adventuring locales and two more on the way, the Queendom is ripe for the growth of new characters, stories, and tales to be told for generations to come. Check the Locales list here! QUESTS! There's a sparkling new quest list with multi-thread arcs in play over at the Svanhild Quest Board! If the listed quests don't quite satisfy that appetite for adventure, make your own quests (if applicable; PM me first, please!) and pursue your dreams! Don't let anyone hinder you from them. 😉 NEW LORE & LORE MAKING! With the new lore of the Queendom comes the opportunity to make your own creations. Wanna make something new you haven’t currently seen around that could fit right into the Svanhild setting, like wondrous flora or fauna the world has yet to see, or strange locations to tempt bumbling adventurers to explore? All ideas are welcome here; we need only discuss it and/or check it for approval, and then it’s off and canon to the Queendom lore. You craft the world you write in! ROLEPLAYING OPPORTUNITIES! Looking for artifacts to employ in your personal plots, or an organization to build up or dismantle, or for a place to play out that medieval pirate plot you can't stop thinking about? Svanhild is open for all sorts of roleplaying opportunities; just jump in (with prior permission; collaboration is important!) and you're good to go! NEW STORYLINES! Long-term, inter-connected, and persistent plotlines that can ultimately shape the face of cities, regions, and even the very foundations of the Queendom itself: those are the kind of stories we want to tell in Svanhild. I am very interested in exploring locale-centric roleplaying, which makes for a more intimate, collaborative space. No stories exist in a vacuum in Svanhild! EVENTS! Events in Svanhild are queendom-wide, affecting everyone. There will usually be at least one event in play that has wide-reaching effects on everyone in the Queendom; participating in these events can grant boons and generate new plotlines—there is never a dull moment in Svanhild! Check the Queedom's Bulletin every now and then for the schedule of current and upcoming events within Svanhild. NO MATTER THE STORIES YOU LIVE OUT, THEY'LL BE WRITING TALES ABOUT YOU. . . And that's that! If you find yourself looking for a new sandbox to play in, please don’t hesitate to stop by and look around—maybe you’ll find something you like! 👀 Let me know of your interest here or in a PM! ❤️ WHERE TO, NEXT? SOME SVANHILD QUICK LINKS: • LANDING PAGE • GUIDE TO SVANHILD (RECOMMENDED!) • ARTIFACTS • TIMELINE • LORE INDEX • QUEENDOM'S BULLETIN • AMA • CLUB OOC • CLUB FORUM •
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    Csl's Art Box (2019)

    In the rare moments between the drudgery of college requirements and frantic post/lore writing, I, Csl, do art. Here is a thread for me to stack them all up and display to the Valucre community. Might do commissions in the future if people are interested ^_^ House C'zirqonia Family Portraits Finished the base drawings in the blessed school-less days of Christmas break, cleaned up and added backgrounds this week. Krita + Photoshop. 2-3 hours each for the base drawings. Base drawings Final output Carina and Rozharon WIPS Titus Rozharon Carina Cassandra / Gestalt Erin
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    The Realm of the Crystal

    New lore article: https://www.valucre.com/lore.html/tellusmater/alterion/alterion-overview-r738/ Please see Alterion Snap-Shot for a more condensed informational. Expect Heavy Updates and formatting in the months to come. Alterion is a nation in Tellus Mater, a continent in the southeast region of Valucre. At approximately 3.7 Million square miles, Alterion is roughly the size of China. It shares Elendaron's southern border via land bridge and is a short airship voyage to Renovatio. Unlike most nations in Valucre, Alterion does not have a single ruling body, but rather possess three city states that regulate, maintain, provide for and protect the populace. The only uniting factor shared by the souls that rule these cities, aside from greed, is their strict adherence to the Masonic Faith. From an outsider's perspective the nation of Alterion is a theocracy with the High Mason as it's ruler, but only the very foolish believe this to be true. Despite all claims to the contrary, Alterion is an oligarchy. The High Mason has very little power and instead defers all matters of National Security to the Four Companies. Daius Industries, Proteus Enterprises, Aureus Labs and Magnus Corp all play a critical role in the nation and they all scheme to gain the strongest hold over the High Mason, rather that was the case before Magnus Corp fell apart. In a ruthless move to seize control, Daius Industries asserts it's will over the High Mason, threatening to end the struggle for power that has existed since the founding of the nation. Founded as a theocracy under Riva, the Masonress, Alterion soon fell prey to the iron grip of the Four Merchant Companies, MaGNUS, Proteus, Daius and Aureus. Note: The leader of Daius Industries, Ocelot Royce, has seized command of the Church and now sits as the High Mason. Through his restructuring policies he now rules Alterion as Prime Minister of Commerce, and has exerted full authority over the remaining city states. With Ocelot Royce now sitting as High Mason and the CEO of Daius Industries, Proteus Enterprises and Aureus Labs, Alterion is fully under the control of the current High Mason. Notice: The cities and locations listed below are major locations. Not represented on this list are a number/hundreds, if not thousands of smaller kingdoms, fiefdoms, outlying villages, smaller towns, meadows, etc which users are free to make up and exploit for their own dramatic purposes. The three Major cities are extremely well fortified and overpopulated. Your character or ragtag group of misfits won't be able to do much damage to a major city as a whole, at least not without a great amount of effort. Consider each Major city as Kingdoms of their own right, with all paying tribute to the High Mason. Cosanastre Region The Holy Cities Arkadia Prime Region The Cities of Tomorrow Izral Region The Free Cities Xaengri-La The Celestial Realm Cosanastre (Proper) 1 1 1 Chamre 2 2 2 Kageroth 3 3 3 Opharion 4 4 4 Vysroth 5 5 5 Setroth 6 6 6 Arysene 7 7 7 Zompoc 8 8 8 Brummagen 9 9 9 - - - - G E O G R A P H Y Climate During the reign of MaGNUS Corp, the Alterian people learned how to manipulate the atmosphere via technologikal and Alchemical means. Alterion receives all four seasons, but is known to have very mild winters, being a land of spring storms and fall rains more than winter and cold. The people believe that the Crystal helps keep the weather in check and this has largely proven to be true. Most hurricanes and storms that build off the coast of Alterion rarely make landfall and those that do, leave few casualties in their wake. Overall, Alterion can have it’s sweltering days in the summer, but is largely a pleasant and mild locale. It’s snow capped peaks are known for their cold bite, however, and its coasts are known to have creeping tides that can pull an unsuspecting soul out to sea, at times. Topography Alterion is slightly a mountainous region, with the Kageroth Mountains stretching across it’s center. It is largely a land of forests, plains and meadows, however. Surrounded by water on three sides, it’s coasts and beaches are some of the most romantic locations in all of the known world and also possess some of the most dangerous creatures in its depths. Flora and Fauna I intend to leave plant life at the player’s discretion. Having said the only lore I’ve toyed with of note regarding fauna and agriculture thus far is detailed below. Alterion is flush with various types of plants, many of which are used in alchemic concoctions and various other chemicals. As the player, feel free to create your own type of plants and creatures. Notify me of their creation and I’ll add them to the Lore page. You can read more in the Alterion section of the Bestiary and Race Codex Despite its vast urban city-scapes, Alterion is quite rich in agriculture. Though, Izral specializes in genetically modifying and distributing produce, Alterion as whole can provide for itself. Alterion's coastal regions, with their sandy, soft soil terrain are ideal for fruit and vegetable growth. Alterion is the largest producer of citrus in the known world and has cross bred a particular hybrid known as the Cosa Blood Orange—named so due to the Crimson color of the orange's pulp. Alterion does have difficulty cultivating a lasting row crop, however, these crops usually see a boom in production thanks to genetic engineering. Cities, Provinces, Territories Alterion is a booming hub of technology, with it’s primary Regions all having access to advanced technology. For a more detailed look at the individual regions and their varying designs please visit the links provided above in the introduction. Alterion has three massive regions and numerous disparate villages, towns, baronies and lordships around the nation. The three major regions are population dense and, thanks to advanced technology and spell crystals vary in tone and design. Outside of the major cities the Alterion wilderness is horrific, wild and unbroken. It is not uncommon for the merchant or fool hardy hunter to venture on their on beyond the protected regions and wind up dead. Alterion is scattered with ‘unaffiliated cities.’ (disparate villages, towns, baronies and lordships that do not adhere to the Masonic Faith). These small towns and villages have limited to no technology and range from rural, feudal villages, to lower steam punk tech. They’re referred to as ‘unaffiliated’ since they have not sworn fealty to the Masons and, as such, are not always afforded protection from bandits, rebels and monsters. C U L T U R E · Alterion is flush with cultural stemming from a blend of multiple locales and time periods, one such as Victorian London/America and its reliance on corporations during its industrial revolution. As well as Chinese culture due to long periods of trade with the outside world, but its systematic reliance on a caste system and honor bound code of conduct. Alterion was designed to allow players to write whatever they desire without searching various subforums for a specific genre. The City-States allow a rich modern/steam punk/sci fi culture, along with its affiliated cities, while the unaffiliated cities and unconquered realms allow for any other genre ranging from fantasy to cyberrpunk, pending your desire. A citizen living within one of the mega cities, or an affiliated city, is literate, adequately versed in alchemic theory to make use ofAlterion crystals and technology, is aware of common metaphysical phenomena (ghosts, rituals, telepathy, charms, hexes, etc), and is often capable of using Alchemy (“magic”) as a result of scholarly pursuit and understanding. A native from one of the unaffiliated towns or unconquered regions is less likely to be literate and have empirical insight into Alchemy and metaphysical phenomena. Instead, their ability to use metaphysica is a result of hereditary traditions and cultural myths. Their understanding of alchemy is intuitive rather than logical, making them more susceptible to charlatans and superstitious fears. But, steeped in tradition and removing empirical observation as an obstacle, more young tend to be able to wield powerful, ancient abilities. An Alterian from any part of the nation tends to be robust due to exposure to the Crystal’s energy and Masonic religious practices and have a strong fortitude and charisma about them. Language The Primary spoken language of Alterion is Alterrin. It can be compared to Chinese and its multiple dialects. It has various dialects (well over 200), but the best known in order of use. 1) Indigenous; the standard dialect, very proper lots of honorifics. Used exclusively by the uppers with other uppers or with those they are showing a high regard for. 2) Lesser; bastardization of the first. very gruff, very urban. 3) Muhiran dialect, a blend of 1 and the muhiran tongue. Most common amongst the merchant and lower classes. 4) Rosinderian dialect; a blend of 1 and the rosinderian tongue. Most common amongst the uppers and middle class. Politics & Religion Political Turmoil and Affiliation ; The Crystal ; Masonism: The Clergy ; The Rebellion, Alterion Religion and Mythology Politics and religion in Alterion are largely one and the same, with the nations largest religious body, The Masons, also being the dominant political force in the realm. The dominant religion of Alterion is Masonism. It is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Riva the Masonress as presented in canonical gospels and other writings. Adherents of the Masonic faith are known as Masons.Masonism advocates acceptance of all beings, but not at the cost of its tenants, violence is not encouraged, but accepted as a means of furthering the faith and promoting safety. Masons are accepting of every faith, creed, ideology and race believing all stem from the Crystal. This also includes Unnaturals and Outsiders provided their existence promotes the greater good. If determined otherwise, Masons eradicate Unnaturals, Outsiders and Xenos with unparalleled righteous fury. The Masons have been warring with a faction of fanatics known as The Rebellion since the founding of the church. Alterians believe in an afterlife and in the existence of alternate planes of existence. The Alterion refer to the realm of their Archon's as Valholl (the hall of heroes). It is considered to be similar to Renovatio's realm of Qua'Xar. Alterion's also recognize the existence of Inferno and utilizes their own version of Heaven's Gate called Xaengri-La for entering and travel between the realms. The celestial plane that encompasses all these realms is referred to as Xaengri-La, as well. Government Alterion is unique in that it can fit a multitude of definitions. To the outside world, it’s a Theocracy with the Masons ruling over the people by divine right of the Crystal. Those within the nation itself, Alterion very much appears an Oligarchy, with a select few (Regents, CEOs, Crime Bosses) working together to rule over the populace. To those who fill these shoes, Alterion is known as an Autocracy with the High Mason, Ocelot Royce having absolute authority over the nation, as a whole. Alterion is composed of three Regions, each the size of a small nation in their own right. All three Regions now operate at the pleasure of the Masons, but have been broken up into different Province's with each Province being ruled by a Regent. As the largest region, Cosanastre is split into the most Province, and is Alterion's capitol city. Each Province's Regent is granted authority over their Province(city/kingdom) and granted the right to rule as they see fit, provided they follow two basic tenants. First, they must continuously pay taxes to the Mason's, for protection both physical and spiritual and second, they must swear fealty to the High Mason. Though Ocelot rarely calls upon his Regents, he expects loyalty from all of his citizens. Education The Masons provide an education for every man woman and child at their various temples and chapter houses scattered throughout Alterion. The Uppers often hire tutors for their children and their are private academies and universities available for those who can afford them. There is public education, as funded by the Masons for all children in Alterion, regardless of age or station (though children of the Uppers/the Nobility often receive private schooling to prevent them from mixing with undesirables.) The Masonic Clergy also provide schooling to any who seek knowledge, but reserve the secrets of their Alchemy for those who have earned the privilege. I N F R A S T R U C T U R E National Flag Law and Order The Poors Sons; The Justicar The Masons are the ruling political body of Alterion. They are represented in the Alterion Justice system by two separate, yet equally important groups: The Poor Sons who attempt to stop and apprehend criminals and the Justicar who wage righteous justice on those who have offended the state. Certain members of the Masonic Clergy may pass judgement as well, but the Justicar corps often serve as judge, jury and executioner. It is not uncommon, however, to see a Justicar apprehend criminals. It’s worth nothing the Masons maintain national oversight, but individual Regents reserve the right to rule their Province/Kingdom as they see fit. The Poor Sons and The Justicar still have authority, but will (almost always) defer to the Regent’s government in matters of the Provincial Courts. So essentially, you have the Masonic Courts and the Provincial Courts. The same applies for Provincial defense. It’s safe to assume there will always be Poor Sons and Justicar stationed somewhere in all the Province’s but, again, they will (almost always) defer to whoever the Regent places in charge of their Province’s security. Foreign relations Alterion is far from an isolationist nation, but it primarily deals in exports, feeling it can provide for its people. Certain imports are permitted, provided they come through Masonic sanctioned vendors, but overall Alterion prefers to operate as an intermediary, moving what would be their imports to a third party before it touches Alterion soil. It's a poorly kept secret that the Masons and Daius Industries are large supporters of piracy/privateers , particularly Sky Pirates, and pay decent and fair wages to those who provide consistent service. Alterion has signed no official treaty's with any foreign body's but remain on good terms with most nations. | Terrenus Alterion holds Terrenus in what regard it's due for its 'World Superpower' status. That being said, Alterion is not overly fond of Terrenus' lax view of invaders in its own territory, nor is it particularly fond of its high non-hume population. Alterion maintains a small amount of trade, for appearance sake, but prefers to remain out of Terrenite affairs. | Genesaris Alterion does not deal with Genesaris, as a whole. Aside from the vast diverse races and religions, Alterion prefers to deal with some of Genesaris' smaller nations. Alterion's dislike of Genesaris stems more from Xenophobia than anything else. | Cold South / Kadia Alterion is on good terms with the Cold South and considers the nation its closest trading partner aside from Renovatio. In addition to shared values, the two nations are known to fulfill various work contracts for mutual benefit. | Rising West --Aelindra City Much like the Cold South, Alterion is on good terms with Aelindra City, but the relationship is more tenuous. Whereas the Cold South and Alterion are bound politically, Aelindra and Alterion are bound only by business. Mostly, Alterion waits to see if Aelindra will adopt the Xenophobic values of the Cold South before it will commit more of its resources. | Orisia As a city run by an unnatural (specifically one not motivated by greed), Orisia is seen as a nation that must be conquered and cleansed. | Muhir Alterion is on neutral terms with Muhir. Given that both nations pay tribute to Tellus (albeit in different ways), Alterion does not view Muhir as a heretic, merely misguided. As such it maintains regular trade routes with the nation. | Renovatio Renovatio is Alterion's closest trading partner. As the two largest technological powerhouses of Valucre, Renovatio and Alterion keep a steady peace, but have yet to official declare one another as allies. Recently, each nations premier shinobi clan have formed an alliance and held a joint examination for students, making strides towards a better tomorrow. | Rosinder Prior to its abrupt disappearance, Rosinder was Alterions most frequent antagonist. The highly religious technophobic Kingdom was constantly at odds with Alterion. Despite its vehement stance towards Rosinder Alterion’s view the nation as their honored enemy. To this end they view Elandaron with a great deal of disdain and hatred. National Defense The Royal Alterion Military; The Masonic Imperial Family ; Alterion Mecha The Nation of Alterion is defended by the Masons, in conjunction with multiple Businesses and Private Military Companies. Much like the King would press his Nobles into service, any PMC or Weapons Manufacturer that wishes to continue doing business in Alterion (or continue living) are required to assist the Masons in all matters of National Defense. Ocelot Royce, as High Mason, serves as Supreme Leader of Alterion and is also its Commander-in-Chief, exercising total authority over the military. Enacting a practice wherein all students must complete military training prior to graduation, Ocelot has raised the number of military participation from 15% to 60%. A majority of the Alterion populace serves the military in one capacity or another. The Royal Alterion Military of the Masons is broken down into Multiple Branches: Branches Sanctum—The High Mason’s personal soldiers. An elite subset within RioT. COMMANDER: HIGH MASON RioT—Genetically modified super soldiers, beholden to the High Mason. COMMANDER: HIGH MARSHSALL Justicar- Holy Knights of the church. COMMANDER: HIGH INQUISITOR ARMADA—Heavy Artillery. Maintains and pilots Alterion's massive war machines. COMMANDER: HIGH FIST Radicals—Black Ops Intelligence Agency COMMANDER: HIGH KING, PRINCE SEER—Alterion’s version of a Mage Council. Made up of Alchemists and the brightest minds of Alterion. COMMANDER: HIGH OVERSEER Poor Sons & Proteus-- Weapon Masters and foot soldiers. The general military of the Masons. The Regents sit on the High Mason’s Council and have a voice in matters of War, but final say is ultimately the High Mason’s.Ocelot's Council consists of his personally appointed Ministers, The Cabinet (Any and all Regents of Alterion, including Cosanastre, Ark Prime and Izral), Military High Command and the Royal Family.  The Rebellion The ever present enemy to all Crystal fearing Alterians. To those who serve the Masons they are seen as pirates and terrorists. To those who will not suffer the yolk of Masonic rule they are freedom fighters and revolutionaries. Economy Currency Despite dealing heavily in crystals, Alterion currency is known as Notes. A note may be transcribed via alchemic sigil on special alchemic paper (this is the most common form of currency among the populace) but the more tech savvy traders are capable of transferring Notes through specialized alchemic crystals (all managed and monitored by the Masons.) The particular brand of alchemic paper, the specialized and treated ink, and the specialized sigils used are closely guarded secretes of the masons, making counter fitting a nigh impossible task from outside of the organization. Exchange Rate: A Note may be loaded with any specific type of currency. Given that most of the world trades in precious metals, (ie. Tin Copper SIlver Gold Platinum, Rhodium, etc) Alterion notes typically reference these. (ie. a 10 Gold Note, exchanges for 10 oz of Gold. ) Alterion's wealth of precious crystals and jewels and its booming alchemical prowess means the nation is usually able to create, trade or (thanks to the booming sky pirate trade) steal almost every known currency. Magic and Technology Crystallyns, Tellyns and other Preternaturals; Tellus Seeds Alterion doesn't practice traditional magic, viewing magic unaided by the Crystal as of questionable means. The closest thing to Mages Alterion has would be the Alchemists. While Alterion does practice traditional alchemy and chemistry, the term has become something of a catch all for abilities granted via the Crystal.Other forms of magic exist and are practiced in secret within, Alterion—but it's not something the populace likes acknowledging.The most common forms of Alchemy (Magic) within Alterion follows and are in order from Common to Exceptional. Please note: that the order does not dictate supremacy over the other, merely the level of exposure. Common Knowledge Alteria/Alterna— Imbued with the power of the Crystal these manufactured crystals come in all shapes and sizes and grant individuals abilities and powers they might not otherwise have, and/or enhance current abilities/powers. Crystallyn—Crystallyns are individuals infused with the Crystal's power, either by genetic enchantment or by virtue of birth (given that the Crystals power literally infects the land it resides in, it's very common for children to be born with preternatural abilities.) They can be considered something of a demi-god. Masonic Alchemy —Just as the Runemaster serves as the jack-of-all-trades for the magical community, so too does the Alchemist serve the psionic/scientific. The alchemist uses scientific knowledge and complex formulae in conjunction with Alchemic symbols to unleash devastating attacks. Just as a Runemaster studies spells and their workings, an alchemist studies the world and it's compounds in order to manipulate it. There are numerous schools of Alchemy each of which differ in their results, but all operate off of the same principle of equivalent exchange. Many practice the basics of Masonic Alchemy, but few can claim to be a master of a specific School. Tellyn—the term reserved for individuals who have consumed a Tellus Seed and gained supernatural abilities as a result. Considered a lower level demi-god. Rare Knowledge Althane—a race of greater demigods resulting from the breeding of the The Guild with the indigenous people of Alterion. They left Alterion when the Alteri and the Guild fled, but unlike their ancestors have been known to visit the mortal realm from time-to-time. The Guild—a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are descended from the Alteri. They are sometimes referred to as Archons and High Archons by Renovatians and the Altarr, by Alterians. The Alteri— The primordial deities spawned from the Crystal during its descent into the Alterion landmass. They were exceptionally powerful beings revered as nature spirits and elementals. They birthed the Altarr, the gods and goddeses of the Guild. Technology and Setting From a technological standpoint Alterion is on par, if not a small step ahead of Renovatio—if only in regards to biotechnology. Alterion is a blend of dark science fantasy and horror. There are certainly modern and futuristic elements, at play. You'll see motor cars, you'll also see horse(and various other creature)drawn carriages. You'll see men in doublets and men in jerkins alongside men in business suits. You'll see a man in a suit of armor. It's common for people to utilize swords and other bladed weaponry as guns (as is the case with most RP) aren't tried and true methods of stopping an attacker. Older sections of certain Provinces may have archaic temples and castles with vaulted skyscrapers looming over them. How is Alterion tech affected elsewhere? Alterion technology operates via crystal energy from synthetic crystals. Unless you are in close proximity to the Crystal or crystal reactors (ie. if you’re not in Alterion and there are no sources of Crystal energynear ) then your power is finite. Alterion tech can usually function in other realms, but since it operates on auxiliary energy it is only as powerful as that land can provide (ieAlterion weapons in Terrenus are bound by that boards limitations, but function normally in Alterion. Political Climate & Important Events Political Turmoil & Affiliations Alterion has three distinct and powerful political factions at play: The Masons, The Hunters and the Rebellion. These three groups represent the greatest military forces on Alterion, and their relations are very vital to the balance of power and maintaining the Alterion Nation. The three powers exist in a delicate balance of power, not all the details of which are known. It is however known that only the other two organizations are equivalent to the Masons' military might. While there are certainly more than three organization at the end of the day, a player/groups alliance will fall into one of these three Categories. Heroes have emerged within all three factions, and infighting is common among them, but full out war has been averted for a number of years. H I S T O R Y Condensed Alterion Timeline Major Historical Periods These events are from oldest to most recent. The Republic of Alterion Settlers from the Muhir and Rosinder regions, fled their homelands for various reasons and commingled with the native Alterian's, who revered the Crystal as a god. They eventually established a thriving republic, wherein the wealthiest individuals made up a senatorial body, contingent upon election by the people. Dependent upon a patron-client relationship, the republic thrived and spread across Alterian, forming a vast merchant empire. During the Republic's reign a number of slave revolts occurred, leading to what would become the First Rebellion. Claiming the Crystal was not a true Deity but a malevolent entity from another world, the rebellion was subsequently crushed by the republic forces, but not before it destabilized the republic. Era of the Winter King The republic attempted to stay strong for a multitude of years, but eventually lost its waning stability to a warlord called The Winter King. The Winter King reigned for a very short decade before being deposed and the republic took control again. Vowing not to repeat it's mistakes, the republic reformed into a genuine merchant Empire with the most prosperous family serving as Emperor. It was during the reign of the Empire that a young woman stepped forward claiming to be the Crystal incarnate, Riva the Masonress. The Age of Riva and the Rebirth of Rebellion Riva rose up against the empire and spoke out against the corruption in the senate. Calling for lighter tax on free merchants and stricter regulations on the slave trade, Riva soon made allies within the Merchant Guild and used these contacts to build her army and eventually overthrow the republic/empire. The remnants of the original Empire scattered across Alterion, going on to reform into several rebellious factions that plague the Masons and the Corporations, to this day. The Masonic Theocracy Upon seizing control, Riva began the arduous process of building her church, the Cathedral, around the Crystal itself. Riva's design of the monolithic temple and further blueprints for her ideal city were used throughout the years to expand Cosanastre—building the new world atop the ashes of the old.Of all the merchant families and allied organizations that followed her, the four most powerful ruled alongside the young Madonress and eventually spread to found the remaining cities of Alterion.The MaGNUS collective of merchants, the Proteus Company Caravan Guard, The Daius Syndicate of Pirates and the Aureus School of Scholars and learned men—these Titans of industry founded the four ruling companies and oversaw the protection of Riva and her Masons, long after her death. The Hidden Oligarchy Riva soon died and her body disappeared, leaving the Corporations to elect a puppet High Mason. For the next several generations Alterion saw the nation ruled by a collective of four corporations—each vying for control of the High Mason, while the people prospered or suffered as the ruling company deemed fitting. Within the last generation MaGNUS Corp gained control and maintained their position, but Alterion was destined to never know peace or stability. The Royce Conspiracy MaGNUS fell, under mysterious means, though many believed a young Daius Operative, Ocelot Royce responsible for the act. As was the case, the corporations began their quiet power struggle and Daius rose to the top, their CEO and High King Long Tom Gallin claiming superiority and control of the High Mason. Long Tom was eventually betrayed and replaced by his adoptive son, Ocelot Royce. In a move, as rash as it was daring, Ocelot also assassinated the High Mason and seemingly merged with the Crystal, claiming his actions guided by the deity's divine will. Resurgence of the Winter King In an unprecedented move, Ocelot Royce named himself High Mason and CEO of Daius Industries (High King of the Daius Syndicate). In order to secure his power, Ocelot moved against Proteus and Aureus, engaging the rival companies in a successful hostile takeover, adding Proteus Enterprises and Aureus Labs as subsidiaries of Daius Industries. Though the Rebellion remains an ever present threat in Izral, it remains the sole city not officially under Ocelot Royce's purview.
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    Hi. I’m Csl. I’m looking for players to create characters for Significant, Important Canon Positions for two cities in Taen, essentially acting as OOC and IC lieutenants for these places in the board + a handful of other opportunities for this newly-revamped location. This is Taen: Taen is a world within a world, a spatial peculiarity tucked among the folds of Terrenus’ Blue Hills. It is a land of unknowns, a paradoxical mingling of strange, old magic and new phenomena from distant, alien worlds. This vastness of untamed, unmapped wilderness is rife with mystery. The forest paths double in on themselves, and the trees change places when you blink. Take a shovel to the desert sands and you’ll soon hit spacecraft metal. There are dead stars in the mountains and sleeping behemoths in the swamps. This is the corpse of an old world. Its dreams are wild, hungry creatures. Its whispers call forth feral things from beyond reality’s horizons. This is the crossroads of the wild and wondrous, a convergence for all things strange and surreal. Taen’s settlements resemble frontier towns in form and culture— small bubbles of civilization surrounded by the wilderness of a new world. Travel is rare (and often dangerous), and it’s necessary to band together against Taen’s dangers, creating tight-knit communities (Think Stranger Things crossed with Gravity Falls, Welcome to Nightvale, and a heavy dose of the Cthulhu Mythos.) Taen just got a brand new lore article, four brand new cities, and several boatloads of fresh, delicious opportunities waiting to be snapped up by eager writers. Let’s get to the specifics. Canon Positions There are three "major" cities in Taen: Lunaris, Arcturon, and Kuiperal. While under the authority of the Veluriyam Empire, each is ruled independently by a governor. I’m looking for players to play the Governors of Arcturon and Kuiperal. This will entail some IC and OOC responsibilities, but also carry a few perks! The governor character should be a resident of their city. Arcturon is your typical urban metropolis with a Suspicious Science Research Facilty at its outskirts. Designed to be Taen's main research hub, Arcturon became a haven for scientists, inventors and other like-minded individuals. Opportunity abounds for those who seek to understand the land’s strange phenomena and develop technology — organic, modern and magical — to benefit its inhabitants. Kuiperal is a small military outpost-turned-adventurer-town. It was founded as a lookout for Xer’Orians and other dangers originating in the mountains. Over time, a small town developed around the outpost: a rest stop for adventurers and explorers heading westward. Playing a governor character would entail the following perks and responsibilities IC Your character gets included as a Notable Individual in the lore article of their city You’ll be able to build and create on the foundations of the city’s lore - holding events, passing laws, etc. Post your own quests Character becomes a notable individual in the Veluriyam Empire OOC, you’ll be partially responsible for driving activity in your city. I’m looking for someone who’s (reasonably) active, proactive and very open to collaborating with others. Post below or PM me if you’re interested. New and old members alike are welcome to apply! I may update this with some sort of audition system, such as posting a one-page thread with your governor candidate, depending on the response this check gets. not interested in becoming a Governor? Worry not, dear friend, for there are plenty of Other things you can do in Taen See Opportunities in Taen for a full list of things to do. I like long-term storylines and player involvement- if you have any ideas, don’t be shy to reach out! Find refuge from the chaos plaguing mainland Terrenus! Plagues, the destruction of entire megacities, body-snatching aliens-- Terrenus isn’t a great place to live in, these days. Migrate to Taen, where refugees are welcomed with open arms, food shortages are nonexistent, and the government is headed by a black-eyed Empress who may be more ancient and horrifying than the land itself. SUGGESTED ROLES → Explorers pursuing knowledge of the land → Mercenaries, sellswords, and soldiers → Merchants, entrepreneurs and establishment owners → Organic technology mages and engineers Start a coffee shop in Lunaris! Murder some psionic wasp-men in Kuiperal! Join the City Watch and take on quests, keeping your hometown safe from the faceless dangers that lurk in the woods! You can also take things to the next level and create an organization/establishment such as the firearms shop Mil Dot Lunaris and the drug-dealing crime group, the Wild Hearts. Explore and discover lore! Taen is an open-world setting designed to support nearly any lore element-- just make sure to run ideas through me before trying to canonize anything huge! Trek to the blank places across the map, push the boundaries of our knowledge, and have your name written in history. Examples of setting elements you can canonize include: → Landmarks and geological features - Taen is full of mysterious, marvelous places. → Cities, settlements, and buildings - build them, found them, discover them, drag them in from other worlds → Plant and animal species - Include your findings in the Taen Book of Beasts → Metamaterials - alien ores, fossilized skeletons, magic-infused minerals, dangerous glowing rocks, and more. Get funding for your research project of questionable ethics! Khartes is the Veluriyam Empire’s research and development institution. Their headquarters, Site Coeus, is located in Taen’s Arcturon city. They’re quite generous with research grants, backing everything from moss processing techniques to solar-powered weapon systems. Site Coeus currently houses the following research centers: → Sansiuk Research Center (SaRC) – studies worldrift magic phenomenon, currently running a project that aims to develop a program that can predict the appearance of worldrift portals. → Talika Technology Development Center (TalDev) – aims to further understand the mechanisms of creating organic technology through wildlight. → Taen Exploration Committee (TEC) – a group that facilitates expeditions to properly map Taen, catalogue its flora and fauna, and understand its anomalous properties. It also promotes understanding of Taen’s Genius Loci. Have a research project you want canonized? Want a scientist character to work for a mildly threatening government research facility? Reply below with your ideas, or pm me for more private conniving :)) Start a plot! Have some grand, long-term storyline you’d like to set in motion? Want Taen as the background of a lovecraftian nightmare, an alien invasion, or the return of an ancient civilization? Taen is a setting that can support nearly any genre and storyline, from sci-fi to steampunk to dark fantasy. Plots have a better chance of approval if they: Encourage user participation (e.g., it gives other players roles to fill and events to join) Generate opportunities Does not conflict too greatly with Taen’s existing lore Take up a Quest! Check the Taen Quest Index for a list of spicy new quests. Here’s a few particularly interesting ones: ▸Age of the Triassic Reports have surfaced about reptilian behemoths living in a rocky fernland in the north, between Sierra Ossa and the Wetlands. Investigate, catalogue whatever species you encounter, and report back to Khartes. Requirements: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 1+ players Reward: Be the first to discover a new creature-- Saurians. Further rewards negotiable - PM Csl for details. Status: Available ▸Suspended in resin A half-submerged mound of amber has been discovered deep in the Wetlands. Peering into the golden rock reveals unnerving shadows trapped within. The Taen Exploration Committee is paying adventurers willing to unearth the amber secrets. Requirements: 1+ page (16+ posts), 1+ player Reward: Obtain a significant amount of a new metamaterial, mycenic amber. Further rewards negotiable - PM Csl for details. Status: Claimed by @Godspell Feel free to drop any questions or PM me about any of the above ^_^ Make sure to include @danzilla3 in any pms that are to be sent. EDIT: Danzilla has added an addendum about Totenborough below --> click here to be redirected to his reply or read the quote below.
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    sweet as cherry wine ; The wedding ceremony is one to be remembered for all who attend. It comes from the old traditions of the royal house, one taken from their roots as a family forged from war, and even from those distant ancestors beyond the shimmering seas. The vows were taken from a time when they had to raise warriors, and so marriage is to be a union that shares all. Marriage is to be celebrated through three aspects: mind, body, and soul. Here is the joining; here is where two become one. The soul speaks, bringing forth life and death in equal measure. Love is nothing without the capacity to share what is within. They speak promises, first. The Queen takes her husband’s hands in her own, clasped together as they declare their ties to one another, what the inner core within has to say for everyone around to hear. He tells her he adores her in all the languages he knows, some foreign even to her own cultured ears, and that vulnerable heart in her chest clutches tight, hard enough to squeeze the air out of her lungs. She repays in kind, in full, in counterpart. She may not be able to speak all the words heard around the world, but she can tell him she loves him. Even something as simple as that. It is no hardship. The mind deliberates, solving all problems it encounters. Love is nothing without the wits to understand and to adapt. Here, the couple presents each other a conundrum of their own making, one for the other to solve in their own time. It has been prepared long before the ceremony, these puzzles borne as products of their own thinking and devising, and the moment is merely a formality to be shown to the rest of the world. The Queen cannot help her smile when her husband reveals he has solved hers from the moment she had given it to him; she has long conceded that he is a more worldly soul than she will ever be. They are of one mind, of one will, of one judgment now. Where one’s thoughts go, the other follows; there can be no misgivings where there is an all-encompassing virtue of understanding. The body overcomes, thriving against all odds. Love is nothing without a vessel to have and to hold. The Queen places her hands on her husband’s shoulders, shivers when he drags his fingers up her arm to mirror her: slowly, teasingly. As practiced many times before, they kneel down on their knees, bowing before each other as lovers, as equals. They will share in all and may share of themselves to others, but in this aspect, the body can be devoted to only their other half, in this lifetime and whatever may be to come. Amidst the quiet murmurings of blessings and oaths spoken in their honor, they touch their foreheads together, and in the final echoes of the last words, they bind themselves with the final act of a kiss. They have shared many kisses before this moment, but here: here is a kiss that feels like a beginning, or the first rays of sunshine, or a brand new dawn. They are man and wife. Queen and her King Consort. Varda places the raven crown twin of her own coronet upon her husband’s brow and names him her right hand, her master and servant in equal measure. She looks on into the deafening crowd—and holds on to Quinton’s hand just a little bit tighter than before. BRIGHTSTONE MANOR > CAL ETERIS click to enlarge. map credits to @Csl a little night music ; Brightstone Manor is a stunning sight in the cool spring evening, glittering lanterns and elaborate glass chandeliers brightening up the night as a sea of visitors come to the shores of the wedding party grounds. It has only been newly opened to the public as a luxurious event center, its opulent space inaugurated by the extravagant banquet of the Queen herself, of all people, and so the staff of the castle are at their very best behavior. Every speck of dust is banished to the ether, every piece of silverware polished to shining glory, and the food and drink are served in a generous overflow. The dining room is full of tables laden with plates filled to the brim with delicious food: prime fare for any food lover’s tastes, both gourmet and gourmand alike. Sweet music fills the halls, an underlying backdrop to harmonize well with the constant bouts of conversation flitting in the air. The Queen and her husband are happily welcomed by the crowd upon their arrival to the castle, taking their place at the head of the Great Hall where they greet guests and thank them for attending. The siblings of House Hildebrand flit around the halls in scattered groups: Jasper and his family are in the study, Aspen and Esme are dancing joyously in the Great Hall, and Nairne and Merel are playing chess together in the game room. It has been an eventful long day, and yet, the clock has yet to strike seven in the evening. The night is young, and so there is more that remains to be seen in the hours to come. . . • • •
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    House Hildebrand of Ursa Madeum

    HOUSE HILDEBRAND OF URSA MADEUM the royal house of svanhild Contact: @vielle Table of Contents i. overview ii. members iii. estate iv. vassals & arborum v. threads
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    Where are the Obeli?

    The world as you know it is a lie. Ever since that star fell three centuries ago, the course of human history has been driven by the few who know the truth. Four wishes for four children, it made their deepest desires into reality. It told them their destiny was to have their fingers wrapped around the throat of the world. We roam the face of your planet, as numerous as grains of sand. We united Genesaris when the five lands were locked in war. We've built airships to conquer the skies. We've sent a metropolis to swim among the stars. We've held the line against the mind-rending beings that claw at the rips in reality. We were the ones to lay down the foundations of all that you know. You're welcome. We’ve watched the turns of the centuries pass us by. We've watched you grow, and learn, and build your towers of wealth and opulence. We've watched you construct cities around your ignorance, cathedrals to power and ambition and influence. We watch you gloat at your achievements, and laugh. Don't you know? We are the strings that make you dance. You have all been blinded to the truth of this world. Your petty squabbles and worthless wars pale in comparison to what sleeps within your empires. It's time to wake up, all you who slumber. Our influence is inevitable. Where is Obelus? We have been searching for millennia. Where are the Obeli? Everywhere. We are here. We have always been here. The Obelus Canon is a site-wide metaplot built on the premise that nearly every single individual instrumental in shaping human history are descendants of four siblings: Malark, Ingsol, Nomalis, and Davant. The aim of the Obelus Canon is threefold: first, to explore genres that subvert the largely fantasy/adventure themes of Valucre such as sci-fi, superhero, speculative fiction, mystery, and psychological thriller. second, to facilitate a long-term, interconnected, character-driven international plot involving as much of the original lore of Valucre as possible, giving these more depth through character actions and player contributions. third, to create a hybrid roleplay-ARG experience through OOC and IC puzzles, riddles, codes and ciphers. The Obelus Canon aims to be player-driven, with OBELUS in a facilitator role. Integration of existing plots and lore into the Obelus Canon is encouraged. Collaboration is key. Primers for each of the four bloodlines will be published soon. OBELUS is now open to collaborations with other ARG accounts. OBELUS admires all your work. Non-Terrenus board leaders not already in communication with OBELUS are also welcome to message OBELUS to discuss possibly shared storylines in their territories. The New Sanctorium rises in Genesaris.
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    Valucre humor (and memes) thread

    Writing solo threads be like
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    ALTERION As I am sure you all have already seen, Alterion is going through some grueling renovations and the content is being refurbished and tidied up. If only to add some flare. Needless to say, I am about to wreck some...spit. Some time ago I placed a ‘Canon Collecting’ post to engage those RPers who worked on content in Alterion that requires notice by us (the board members) to which I only received one request/remembrance of canon. That’s why this is now here. With that in mind this thread is for gathering members who would like to own land in Alterion. Some areas already have lore, others do not… Please feel free to do with it as you'd like. Please make sure to read over the main lore page for Alterion to get an idea of its theme and content. (It will be changing soon into a more wild and natural region...) That way, when you start creating, you don’t have to hold back. Food for Thought...: The Hollow is going to be a destructive event used to tear Alterion down so that it can be used as a fresh foundation to build upon. Participate in the upcoming event to claim land and/or loot? Join in the rebuild of civilizations after the event? Sectors/Areas up for grabs (or if you just have an idea and need a place to bring it to life but don’t want to be in complete control of it, we’re always open to that) : Cosanastre: @Aleksei as Nadia Royce will become the new Ruler of Cosanastre and its people. Sector 1: Kageroth Province Sector 3: Opharion Province Sector 4: Vysroth Province Sector 5: Seroth Province Sector 6: Arysene Province Greater Arkadia: @Meraxa Arkadia Prime (Momar) MaGNUS Forest Izral Each of these areas can be renamed and have new lore attached to them. Facility-05 @Sanonymous Luka'reccia Kitashiobara Minaiki Kimpusen-ji Devla (formerly known as Devla Desert): @-Lilium- Devla Desert Vysroth Peak Daius Industry Conservatory Fantas-Menagerie HQ KetaKutan Archipelago Babel Corporation Subsidiary Port Tauranga Pijesak Peninsula Lands of Alterion Please take a look at the Bestiary both for Alterion and Fantas-Menagerie and feel free to incorporate any of the creatures there if you so wish. And always feel free to create your own and send them to me so I can add them to the master list as well! Create your own area in the free lands? MaGNUS Forest Kageroth Mountains What does this mean? You can read over the ones that already have lore and send me your own version should you choose to rewrite it. Keep it as it is and roll with it. Take the opportunity to write and build your own little megalopolis within Alterion. What do we need from you, should you choose to accept this offer? Write lore. Dedicate some(not necessarily every living moment) time to your sector to keep up with the changing world of Valucre and the lands of Nehalen that we now fall under. Pay attention to updates, the Alterion lore as a whole, as well as that of Kadia and Nehalen to make sure you know what’s going on around your area and how it may affect your lore. Be active in special events we(the board members) create, create your own events(submit for approval beforehand), engage with other sector members to make alliances/civil war/etc. And never be afraid to ask questions! If you are concerned, have questions, don’t understand something...just ask! Last but not least, we need your understanding. As you can see paradigm is currently away due to real life and I cannot always be around either. If you need some help, drop me a line in a Valucre PM and I will respond as quickly as I am able. What I will do for you: Review & read your content. Make approvals as quickly as possible and as necessary. Collaborate with you if you need a hand. Write with you if you need an extra body in a thread. Request tags for your area(s) from our overload supernal for you. Be there for you when you need me, within reason. What am I up to in Alterion and on Valucre? Upcoming: The Hollow [Event] Coming soon to the Alterion near you...(very soon) Daius Industries merger with Babel Corporation of Nehalen Grand Opening of Fantas-Menagerie Unveiling of the new Daius Industries Conservatory of Izral World Technology Summit that will be held in Nehalen Catered by Precious Pastries (of course) Currently: Organizing/Refurbishing/Adding Content & Flare to Alterion Prepping all the information for Upcoming Events Other RP stuff all over Valucre.
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    If you find yourself at a point in a shared story where an NPC reaction can make a difference and want to do something other "the usual", or the obvious direction the story so far is leading, you can use the below to surprise yourself. Since this could end up throwing a huge curve at you I recommend only doing so when you really want to invite the risk. Why RNG? While people can be pretty consistent in their traits, how they respond can vary widely on little things like whether it rained, if they've had their coffee, if they got to use the bathroom, had an argument last night, etc. The reason why doesn't really matter, you can explore it in as much or little detail as you want but what really matters is the end result and this is just one more way to let the story surprise you. You can use the dice roller for this Why OCEAN? Because it's what I use for the character creation guide. Posted in water cooler for visibility but will probably end up in my board's RP Info Roll for a primary trait 1-5, then roll for an end of the spectrum, 1-2. Openness to experience inventive/curious consistent/cautious Conscientiousness efficient/organized easy-going/careless Extraversion outgoing/energetic solitary/reserved Agreeableness friendly/compassionate analytical/detached Neuroticism sensitive/nervous secure/confident
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    Necessity and a healthy dose of ambition are driving Akako, the current Regent of Port Caelum, to expand her territory. With the immediate threat that the Datsuzoku Empire presents, Akako is amassing power and allies to take down the potential threat. Beyond that, she seeks to spread her influence far beyond the Port City she currently governs. Since arriving in Valucre, the daiyokai had been satisfied to take a supporting role; however, everything has changed with long-standing allies failing her by either neglecting their duties to lead appropriately or by betraying her trust on a more personal level. It is finally time for the rumored Yokai Queen to solidify her status and rise to power befitting someone of her station. Upon joining Akako’s ranks, you will be exposed to a roleplay experience that is unlike any other offered in Valucre. What we offer is a unique prestige rank and influence tier system that will reflect upon in-character accomplishments, which will allow you to earn character and player privileges respectively. I am currently looking for a group of dedicated long-term players that are ready and eager to be involved in both PVP and PVE conflicts in the forms of espionage, diplomacy, war, and much more. Q&A Section: 1. What do you mean be "earn character and player privileges?" There are roles that I have already set, however, they are NPCs which can be controlled by people within the organization depending on what influential tier and prestige ranking you've acquired. Basically, it isn't the position that is of interest to you or any other RPer, but the authority to use a certain level of power within the empire as it expands. For instance, say a higher ranked RPer was writing with a lower ranked RPer, the higher ranked RPer would be able to exercise the most influence over the NPC's regardless of who owns the thread. So, when you first start you would be tier 0, so you have no control over any of the NPC's, but as you rise in ranks you basically have access to more. That being said, there is a cap on how many "cooks" there will be in the kitchen. And to get to the highest tier, there needs to be a substantial amount of work put in.The reason for that is the influence tier system is basically a symbol of trust in you (or another player). Basically, if I am going to let you drive my car, I need to trust that you're dedicated to my cause. 2. Can you explain a little more about the influential tier, and prestige ranking? Like how do you earn them, which one does what, and what exactly I would need to do to increase either? The influential tiers are the overall control you will have in a setting over NPC's, so this is for the player. The prestige ranking basically is how much sway you will have with Akako ICly with your OC. An OC with higher prestige will have an easier time asking her for something or making suggestions than someone that doesn't have that prestige. Prestige rankings can pretty much give an OC minor celebrity status which can be used in other ways aside from how they interact with Akako. So, someone with a high enough prestige ranking could theoretically get a guard to overlook them committing a minor crime or they might be able to eat at places for free. I know a lot of tabletop games and even video games include a Charisma stat. I would think of prestige as something akin to that. So influence tiers are for the player, while each OC has its own prestige rank. (Ex. A tier 5 player may have one OC with 30 prestige points and another OC with only 10.) So here is how the Tier system looks and the requirements per tier. Influential Tiers: Tier 0 - No special privileges Requirement: N/A Tier 1 - Minor control over basic NPCs and some guards. (Ex. If you're following Hanami, I am doing just that when we see some of those staffed by Akako coming and going from the estate and when they watch the interaction between Koji and Akako. You will notice that they do not directly interact with anyone at this point.) Requirement: 350 points, 10 prestige points Tier 2 - Control over basic NPCs and some guards. At this point, you can control them to interact with others aside from your character. That means, you can have them interact with other OC's at this point. Requirement: 700 points, 15 prestige points Tier 3 - Can control mid-level diplomats. Requirement: 1050 points, 30 prestige points Tier 4 - Basically control anyone within the town/city that is under Akako's influence. Requirement: 1400 points, 50 prestige points Tier 5 - Able to declare war and broker peace treaties. Requirement: 1750 points, 100 prestige points The point system comes in two parts, points earned by completing quests and earning “extra credit based on the amount of work and thought put into the quest. The second part is prestige points awarded by the class of quests completed. Obviously, the harder the quest, the more prestige points you can earn. Again, the point requirement to move up in tier includes the prestige points earned. (ex. 345 accumulated quest completion points + 15 prestige points = 360 points)
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    NOTICE! This location is no longer playable on Valcure. This article is for legacy reference only. NORKOTIA INDEX Directivism Security Technology Regent: Joseph Tynes Contact: Tyler AMA Artifacts Geography Topography Norkotia is located on the northeastern border of the Plateau of Zühl, a large, flat highland region in Terrenus's heartland. Most of the land is exceptionally flat, with the main exception coming in the form of artificial lakes and depressions that are the result of strip mining operations. Most of Norkotia's major cities are situated on the shores of Garrison Bay, a large, natural harbor connected to the larger Sidereal Lake. Natural resources are abundant in the region, particularly fossil fuels. Oil drilling has gradually become more and more common, as its uses and benefits have expanded with time. While most of the land is used for farming, strip mines for coal and minerals are fairly common in the outlying areas, while oil derricks and pumps can be found nearly anywhere. Magic is weak in the region, previously only about a quarter as strong as the Terran average, but even weaker now thanks to the changes in the Shawnee loci. The reason for this magical scarcity is unknown. Regardless, the local impotence of magic has caused the natives to invest deeply in fossil fuel and mechanical technology, instead of magictech as is found elsewhere. Likewise, the magic sensitivity of most of the citizenry is far below the Terrenus average, possibly thanks to years of being raised in an area so devoid of it. Below is a list of nearby locations and their approximate distances East: ~1050 miles to Hell’s Gate South-East: ~650 miles to Langley Keep West: ~950 miles to Blaurg Mountain Cityscape While officially considered a single city, Norkotia can be more accurately described as a sprawling, but sparsely populated conglomerate of several smaller towns, connected by a sturdy system of roads and railways. There are a few relatively tall buildings, but not as many as one would find in most major cities, as expansion of the city has traditionally gone outward rather than upward. Most of the citizens live in houses rather than apartments, with brick structures being the most common, though wood, concrete, and metal buildings also exist. The "Metro" is the most densely populated region within Norkotia, consisting of Norkotia City itself and four smaller, but adjacent towns. The largest of these is Stahlburg, where much of Norkotia's industrial power is concentrated. On the opposite end of Norkotia City from Stahlberg is Millersburg, the primary center of agricultural commerce. Outside of the metro area, the population density declines rapidly, with most cities possessing populations of less than five thousand people, many only totaling in the hundreds. The largest of Norkotia's outer cities is Arkholm, a port located several miles north of the metro along the Garrison Bay coastline. If any town in Norkotia has a reputation for hosting magic or the supernatural, it would be haunted Arkholm, which carries a long, strange history of witchcraft, occultism and unexplained occurrences. Climate At the height the summer months, the Norkotian region traditionally reached semi-arid conditions, while the dead of winter could feature brief periods of severe cold. Most of the year, the region is temperate, though dry, with drinking and irrigation water being primarily provided by the nearby Garrison Bay. However, following the expansion of the Shawnee Glacier, the heat of the mid-summer has lessened, resulting in a reduction of water shortages. This has come at the cost of the growing season's length, as well as even colder spells during the winter months. Flora and Fauna While there are few forests on the Norkotian plain, scattered tree groves can be found amidst the fields and farmland. These groves include a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees, along with numerous common types of underbrush. A particularly woody shrub grows wild in the unshaded fields and is commonly used to make paper products, reducing the need to cut down the scarce trees in the area. Most animals in Norkotia are relatively docile, with several types of deer, antelope and undomesticated cattle being common. Predators usually come in the form of roving bands of coyotes or wild dogs, though a large species of predatory cat, known as the Plains Prowler, occasionally appears in the regions outside the larger towns. On very rare occasion, the feared Green Bear has been spotted in the countryside, though these usually stick to the less inhabited coasts and oases elsewhere on the plateau. Despite the presence of these creatures, the most dangerous animal in Norkotia is the venomous rattlesnake, whose deadly bite is known to kill predator and prey alike. Some rumors exist of more monstrous species existing throughout the plateau. The most prominent one in Norkotia itself is an old legend of a sea monster in the depths of Sidereal Lake, which people have claimed to have seen in Garrison Bay from time to time. Demographics Culture The majority of Norkotian natives follow a quasi-Gaianist faith called Directivism. According to this religion, Gaia had given the Earth to mankind as a vast wilderness to tame and conquer, rather than to tend and nurture as mainstream Gaianists believe. This line of thought originates from several local scriptures not included in the Gaian Bible, though whether Odin Haze had rejected these stories from his compilation, or simply had never heard of them, remains unknown. Regardless, the local religion encourages the exploitation of natural resources, such as fossil fuels, as part of humanity’s Divine Directive to tame the world. Another element of Directivist religion is a strong stance on sexuality and marriage. Directivists believe in a strict adherence to marriage vows, with all intercourse outside of this context being considered animalistic and sinful; a violation of the Directive for humanity to transcend the tendencies of the wild. Despite this, a significant secular movement, encouraged by certain corporations and intellectuals, began to weaken the Directivist influence on Norkotian society. This resulted in a spike of infidelity and promiscuity, along with the unpopular legalization of prostitution and other unscrupulous businesses. This movement is now in rapid remission, thanks to the efforts of Joseph Tynes and the Norkotian Nationalists, though at least 35% of the population could still be considered atheist or non-practicing. Norkotian accents are generally Germanic in nature, deviating from the traditionally Romance-based dialects throughout the rest of the continent. However, these accents can also vary drastically depending on whether the speaker lives in one of the towns or in the countryside. The most common accent is the "Metro" accent, which sounds like a Midwestern American accent. Second most common is the "Frontier" accent, though some call it the "Redneck" or "Cowboy" accent, which sounds like an American Southern accent. A smaller minority possess the "Norkic" accent, which sounds like a German accent. Most who speak this way are migrants from outlying towns who still speak the old Norkic language, which may or may not be descended from a prehistoric Genesarian tongue. Economy For many years, the Norkotian economy was primarily agricultural, but innovations in the use of the region’s vast petroleum reserves has caused a gradual shift toward industry. Still, thanks to the development of the local road and rail infrastructure, and the further development of mechanized farming methods, farming has remained competitive and increasingly efficient. Despite the improvements in farming, the industrial elements of the Norkotian economy are seeing the greatest advancements. Petrogel, a semi-solid form of refined petroleum, has become a popular bullet propellant, replacing dangerous gunpowder and its expensive alternatives. Another petroleum product, plastic, has become an incredibly popular material for use in manufactured products. A hardened plastic alloy armor, petrosteel, was recently invented and is starting to see use as body armor for soldiers, as well as for aircraft construction. Companies and institutions BlackBlood Energy Incorporated: Works with petroleum and coal exploitation and refining. Officially the largest private company in Norkotia, though it is ultimately not much larger than the most of its rivals. Schmidt Arms Company: Provides popular weapons and gear to hunters, survivalists, corporate security and law enforcement throughout the area. It also holds the most government contracts of any company for military development and production. Norkotian News Corporation: Largest media conglomerate in Norkotia. Operates a TV channel, radio station and newspaper, in addition to other mediums. Most of its leadership was arrested or fired after a major corruption scandal. Government Local government In the past, most Norkic towns followed a long-standing system of having an elected mayor and appointed sheriff, with the former acting as the political leader and the latter providing for law enforcement and security needs. Towns also had their own militias, which usually included, and were led by, the sheriff and his deputies. However, this system often resulted in many of the larger landowners, energy corporation leaders and mining guild bosses taking control of the towns through threats or bribery. After the formation of the Norkotian Union, local sovereignty was reduced in order to better combat corruption and encourage cultural unity. While mayors remained an elected official, the old sheriff departments were merged into the Internal Security Bureau, or InterSec, Norkotia's new national police force. This allowed for better coordination of security and defense against the growing threats emerging across Terrenus. Federal government Just as with the preceding Norkotian Confederation, the current Norkotian Union is ruled by a council of elected members, with a chairman acting as the de jure leader of the government. The council includs multiple members from Norkotia City proper, along with at least one member from all the surrounding towns under its influence. The chairman is elected separately from the remainder of the council and is expected to mediate disagreements on the council and further balance the needs of the both the central city and the outlying towns. Following former chairman Joseph Tynes's assumption of the office of Grand Executor, the balance of power within Norkotia began to shift. The position of chairman, filled by Roland Stracht, one of Tynes's supporters, became more of a liaison between the Executor and the lawmakers on the council, while the council itself maintained legislative and budgetary powers. However, all military and police authority came under the executive branch's jurisdiction, and with exception of project funding, the Executor was no longer subject to the processes of democracy. This, in effect, made the Grand Executor the de facto ruler of Norkotia. Education Education up through high school is paid for and managed primarily by officials within the school’s immediate locality. Only the Norkotian University, the lone higher education institute in the region, receives direct funding from the central government. Higher education is not emphasized as much as life skills, and such, many children and young are allowed to pursue trade apprenticeships or on-the-job education, rather than continue through high school or college. Transportation Roads and Highways: Norkotia has a sprawling system of paved roads connecting all the towns within the greater city’s influence. The well-developed infrastructure is designed to allow the general citizenry easy travel with motorized vehicles, which are the primary means of personal transport. However, horses are still often used by those in the outer regions. Rails: A system of railways, built largely before motor vehicles became popular, weaves through the numerous towns and mining facilities, allowing for larger bulk transport of materials. Thanks to the rise of motor vehicles, its usage has declined in recent years. Shipping: Iron ore is largely shipped into Norkotia from neighboring villages on the far side of Sidereal Lake, in exchange for food and fuel. Airports: Initially, most aircraft were used either for crop spraying or specialty transport for wealthy citizens. However, advancements made thanks to military research, along with the expansion of Norkotian influence across larger swaths of territory, have made both the capability and necessity of public airlines more vital. Even so, civilian flight remains expensive, and is rarely utilized by the lower and middle-classes. Notable Residents Joseph Tynes: Youngest man elected to Chairman of the Norkotian Council. Now holds the title of Grand Executor, giving him supreme power over all Norkotian security and defense forces. Diric Redbridge: Chief advisor to Chairman Tynes. First Vulk to hold a position in the Norkotian government. Stephan Schmidt: Heir to Schmidt Arms Company and noted philanthropist. His late father was noted for inventing many popular firearm designs, a legacy he has proudly continued. Kersh Engel: Eccentric surgeon and cybernetic enthusiast. Was exiled for his unethical experiments and later arrested in Port Caelum for kidnapping and murder. He was eventually rescued and assigned to military research by the Norkotian government. (Formerly) Shane Haydes: Wanted arsonist and murderer. Fell-in with a band of pirates in Casper, but now lives as a criminal and terrorist in Last Chance. Mara Mercer: Cyborg and bounty hunter. Was among Kersh Engel's illegal experiments following a traffic accident. History Canon Past
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    Original interest check Mechanics 1) Health Points (HP) When a character suffers physical damage, their HP is lowered. At tip top condition, they are able to perform 3 actions in a turn. As they get injured, their movements slow and they get less and less actions. Your number of actions for the turn is based on your HP at the start of your turn. You don't immediately gain an extra action after healing, only on the next turn. Every character starts with 5 HP. 2) Sanity Sanity affects your character's state of mind. The less sane you are, the more likely you are to miss or damage yourself, or even attack your team mates. I leave it to each of you as to what low sanity means for your character. Sanity rolls are applied per action, so if you use your first action to increase your sanity, you can use the improved sanity for the next action. Characters who participated in the first arc starts from sanity of 4 due to mental exhaustion from the previous failure and prolonged stay in Yh'mi. Fresh characters start with sanity of 5. 3) Skills Unlike the previous round, your character has a set of skills that they draw from, which differs from character to character. Each character will choose a set of skills from the skills list below. This will form the list of actions that your character gets to choose from every turn. Everyone will get 3 normal skills. On top of that, characters from the first thread will get 3 special skills, and new characters only get 2 special skill. The extra 1 special skill represents the characters gaining experience from the last battle and being able to form a better strategy for this fight. Movement does not require an action, but the distance you can move per turn should make narrative sense. Choose the actions that fit your character's fighting style the most! Support characters (heal, buff etc) could be as useful as offensive characters. Normal skills (choose 3 for your character) - Has no usage limit. Can be stacked in that turn (e.g. attack 3 times). You can delay 1 action over to the next turn (e.g. if you have 3 actions, you can delay 1 action so you have 4 the next turn). Special skills (existing characters choose 3, new characters choose 2) - Each one of these actions can only be used 3 times throughout this whole Furthest Point Part 2 arc. These actions are still affected by sanity, but if they miss or backfire, then they are not considered to be used. Use them wisely! Q: Can I choose an action not on the list when building my character's skills? A: Yes, but run your idea by me for approval please! Q: Can I change my skills halfway through the thread? A: I have no plans to allow for that right now, but if we find any of the skills problematic later on, I may allow a change. Put your characters here!: IC thread:
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    ~*~ A rising star in the tumultuous political scene of Fracture, Isabella Morcia Marquez is young, beautiful, and highly ambitious. But beyond her political aspirations, which seem benevolent in nature, very little is known about this woman -- save that she shares an uncanny resemblance to the Black Queen of Orisia. There are whispers that she might indeed be the Orisian Monarch, who is rarely seen these days, but the one difference between them is undeniable -- Gabriela is a vampyre and Isabella is a human. Perhaps, in a desire to dispel the rumors of her true identity or as a way to continue rallying support for her charitable work for Yh’mi, supporters of the young politician have decided to publicly celebrate her birthday (a tradition that’s almost unheard of in vampyric culture). The venue for the celebration seems questionable, a place that has only been whispered about, and not in the friendliest of circles -- Club Tablillas in Hell’s Gate. But as is the case with youth, Isabella seems intent on the ‘wow factor’ and what better way to get people to talk about her than by opening up a bridge between the mainstream human world she is trying to serve and the underground world of the Outsiders, whom she knows holds most of the power. Most civilians in attendance will not know what they’re walking into -- the near blinding, neon lights that decorate the front of the building, blinking and dancing against the black of night, seem commonplace on the busy street, and no different than any other nightclub hangout. Once inside, the more sheltered of her human guests, might find themselves a little shell shocked as they become part of the unnaturals world. And for those, of exotic lineages, who find themselves in attendance, comfort and relief may be foremost on their mind when they discover the true nature of Club Tabililas. Whatever the case, the food will be superb and the drinks free-flowing, a good time is guaranteed to be had by all. That is until… As is the case with all the things that Gabriela touches, chaos and tragedy are also guaranteed to unfold during this event. The Floor Plan The first floor is a swanky restaurant surrounded by private karaoke rooms. The basement, which is the main floor, is an exotic nightclub. The sub-basement is a small arena surrounded by arcade machines. The level beneath the sub-basement is a restricted zone. Down to the Nitty Gritty This is an open event -- everyone and anyone can participate. Flyers, commercials, and announcements in the local newspapers of the most prominent cities of Fracture would all have advertised the event. There is a list of specific individuals who would have received a handwritten invitation by Isabella herself. Some of these individuals might be totally surprised by the invitation, or might not even remember who Isabella is -- however, each and every individual noted here, has potential business with Isabella, which is why she invited them. @The Alexandrian -- Cammy and Cae @The Hummingbird -- Duncan @Csl -- Pallas @Twitterpated -- Xartia @Dolor Aeternum -- Ilyana @Voldemort -- Arthur @L E V I A T H A N -- Saul There will be no posting order for this event, outside of established groups who are interacting. Come and be a social butterfly or just write by yourself as a wallflower. At some point, early in the thread, the club will be closed and everyone inside will become trapped -- at this point, no new writers will be able to join. The cause of the entrapment will remain a mystery until someone discovers the reason why and can somehow find a solution. More will be revealed during the event. By joining this event you agree to having your character become a potential target for The Cursor ( @Tyler) -- a cocky and obnoxious man who seems less than impressed with Isabella’s political agenda, or perhaps, is just not fond of how seriously the people in attendance of the party take themselves. The Cursor will select, at random, individuals to antagonize. You can learn more about the curses he will use and how long the curses will last by checking out his profile. You really have to be a good sport about this since this isn’t so much about a character being weak or strong, but caught off guard. Your character will not be killed off unless you want them to be killed off -- and even then, it’s up to you to set up the parameters with your writing partners to have that happen. Likewise, the Cursor will not be losing his life in this event. Curses will be selected at random, and so will their duration (1,2,3… posts and so on). Here are some examples of potential curses: Character shrinks, Character blows away like a balloon, Character's body falls apart at the joints (character remains alive), Character swaps body with the nearest player character, and so on -- you can find a full list of curses on his profile. The setting cannot be destroyed -- you may be able to break a few tables, chairs, and maybe ruin some of the drywall, but the building should be kept intact. ~*~ I cannot stress enough that you have to be a good sport about this. If you participate in the event, you are agreeing to potentially becoming a target -- and that might mean you don’t like the curse, or the duration of it. But nothing here is permanent. And if the sound of relinquishing so much power over your character does not sound fun, then this event is probably not for you. The primary goal of the individuals trapped inside the building should be to try and escape -- now, whether you only care about saving your own skin or you decide to play savior to everyone else is totally up to you. Update -- Thread is now Live
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    INCOMING MESSAGE FROM ://ERRORERRORERR Hello, and thank you for participating in our exciting and experimental test trials! By now, you're probably already on your way to testing, where you'll witness firsthand our state of the art facility! Keep in mind that while the hydraulic blast doors may be eight inches thick, tampering or knocking on them is against your contract, under User Argreement Stipulation 31, Addendum 3a. Soon, you'll be participating in real science--and testing one of our proudest products! Your muscles will be stronger than ever. Your bones will be stronger than ever. Your heart will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind will be stronger than ever. Your mind ERROR: AUDIO TO TEXT PRINTER FAILURE. PLEASE CONSULT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR FOR TROUBLE SHOOTING. ERROR LOG: HTTP//CLANDESTINE.INFO.14467 Are you sick of playing it tame? Has recent events begun to weigh in on your psyche, making it difficult to find things to focus on at home? Are you sick of checking for new threads, only for the nothing to change? Are you sick? Perhaps the cure you're looking for is...Ultraviolence. What is Ultraviolence? Ultraviolence is an upcoming thread in which three to four unwilling test subjects are subjugated to horrific experiments, involving the injection of a terrifying super drug. This drug accelerates the growth of cancers throughout the body, while also placing strict genetic coding inside the growths. The results include enhanced senses, development of new, previously unnamed organs, biotic reconfiguration, and perhaps most importantly: blind rage. How does Ultraviolence work? Ultraviolence involves the participants slugging, slashing and slaying everything in their path. The thread is seperated into three acts: each act offers a unique visceral experience to sink your claws into. I intend for this thread to be reactive: the violence directly responds to your ability to commit violence. The more aggressive and dangerous you can be, the more the violence ups the ante. You push hard, and the baddies push back harder. You may have heard me say 'Mutants'. This is because your character will be mutated based on two large tables of mutations, one 'good' and one 'bad'. These will shape how your character looks, performs and, of course, commits Ultraviolence. Those tables will be put up once things get in motion, but feel free to imagine and dream up your mutations in advance! Odds are your mutations will appear on the list anyway, and if they don't, you can bargain for them. Who can participate in Ultraviolence? Ultraviolence, as you can imagine, calls for folks willing to write at length. If you're particularly fond of writing graphic depictions of horrible mutant on robot murder, you came to the right place. Additionally, Ultraviolence isn't looking for 'edge'. There's a fine line between being blinded by fury, and being the lead singer of a boy band. Please find it. Lastly, Ultraviolence is not a canon thread, and as a result, I would ask that you start with a unique character, or even a throwaway character. In Ultraviolence, your mutations, and how you wield them, matters more than who you are. Where does Ultraviolence take place? Ultraviolence takes place in Neo-Lagrimosa (is that what we're calling it now?) Specifically in The Cell, a massive underground bioweapons research facility owned by Clandestine Industrial. Clandestine is not known for their strong ethics, but instead their willingness to ask the big questions. Questions like "Can you rip a tank in half?" And "How much ammunition do you need to burn in order to reduce a mutant into pulp?" Starting in their state of the art testing facilities, then slugging your way through the civilian-filled labs and offices, then mashing your way to the facility's nuclear reactor, the only thing standing between you and revenge is a legion of biologically engineered soldiers, machines and weapons of mass destruction. When does the Ultraviolence start? Ultraviolence begins exactly 10 days from now. If we get 4 volunteers sooner than that, the Violence starts sooner. Why? F̶̨̧̧̡̨̛̛̘̖̼̖̱̺̼̗̗͙̹̻̠̼͉̼̤͙̞̣͖̖̳̯͇͙̺̯͎̪͇͔̹̻͈̣̭̬͎̳̪̰̦̝̭͙̪̯͓̠͍̜̦͔̀̈́̆̓̈́̇̄̾́̈́͑̆́̾̀̅̃͋̎̉̂͛̾̎̓̓͂̓̃͌͛̎̾̑̍͒́̀̌̐̇̓̔̈́̇̓̀̈́̈́̎̌̾̐̍̏̽͗̕͘̕͘̚͘̚͘͜͝͝ͅo̵̧̢̮̰͉͎̥̯̫̻̞̭̯͇̥̻̝̱͖͍̮̦͓͔̝͔̯͍̱̳̳̪̳̻͔̖̦͕̙̬͚̻͎̥̘̝͉͓̼͈̫̠̯̠̭̬͛͑̋͋̽͒͋̄̐́͐͂̈́̎̆̐͂͐̉̅̒̓̓͗̊̀̿͌̍̓̓̀̈́̾̐͌̋̌͑͑́͐̇̈̌̊̓̏̂̀͆͗̈̊͊̇͌͆̆̐́͆͒͋͋̌̉̈͑͛͛̔͂̏͗̀͆̊̾̒͐̀͆̂̕̚̚͘͠͠͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͠͝ͅͅͅr̵̢̡̢̢̡̢̡̖̱̙̟̺̣̺̦̖̞̺͍̗͚̖̗̼͇̯̹̤̣̠̤̫̘̩̼̹͈̻̣̹̜͎̫͍͖͚̠̳̝̤̫̪̝̜̙̘̫̺̖̭͎͖͓̫̳͍͙͚͈̼͓̭͚̮͚̻̮̹̙̬̲͔̭̩̫̈́́̐̐̋̉̈̾͊͑̐͋̍̓̏̌̀͆̓͋̓́̂͌̀̀̓̄̃̈́͋̽̑̂̎͐̾̾̊̿̓̌̀̿̃̒͑͗̀̑̎͆̇̉̃͒̆̇̍̇̌̋̂̔͐̕͘̚̚͜͝͠ͅͅ ̷̧̢̧̢̼̘͚͉̠̱̩̜͈̜̤͇̞͈͍̫͙̲͓̠̭̮̩͚͙̖̠̹̗̥̲̪̘̞̥̯̺͙͓͔̪͖̗̳̘͍̼̯̰̼͕̹̲͚͈͖̜̦̖͇͎̙͖̆̌̆̈̃̍̅͌͊̎̆̅̓̓̏̅̈́̉́̄̈́̿͑͋̒̔͠ͅͅͅF̶̨̡̨̡̡̧̛̛̛̖̥̬̮͇̞͕̺͙̫͖̯̺͙̬͎̘̰̥̪̯͔̻͚͕̰̝̗̬̳͔̀͐̽̓͋̒̂͒̂̃̾͛̿̑́̽̄̉̆̌̀͆͂͆̅̈́̍͐̐̈̿̇͑̈́̽͗̆͑̊́͊́̍͌̊̈́́̈́̂̽̑̑̐̔̊̎̋̈́͊̈́̕͘͘̚̕̕͜͜͝ͅͅư̶̧̢̝̱̗̠̗̱͑̔̋̅͒͗̌̈́͛̑̿̊́̏͊̈́̽̈́͂̆̾͌͋͂͑̄̽̒̂̏͘͝͠n̶̨̨̡̢̛̛̜̦̖̮̮̬̻̼̣̮͖̖̰̰͙̬̺̜͙͔̥̹̳͖̲̰̦̤͍͋̂́̓̌͒̂͒͌̓̄̇̿̉͗̍̈͛̏̎́̿̈͊̃̀̓̑̏̐̀̅̍̔̔͒̀̏͑͋̽̈̎̉͘̕̚͠͠ͅͅͅ
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    Akako Akari

    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    Flower Festival - OPEN It was that time of year again and the city was alive with activity even as the sun had barely peeked over the horizon, painting the port in a pretty display of warm colors. There was no need for decorations as the port seemed to be cascaded in pink and white flower petals from various blooms. The Regent's presence could easily be felt anywhere within the city; her yoki thrumming gently, coaxing flowers to blossom in the morning light with celestial magic. Lanterns were hung throughout Caelum in anticipation of nightfall because the festival would not end until warmed sake was sipped and the sun fell behind the horizon again. The streets were filled with vendors sporting various goods to sell that ranged from fruit to weaponry. Outside Lady Akari’s estate, there were yokai vendors with specialized items. Kitsune had toys for children that could either play music, perform some magical trick, or be manipulated with their yoki (yokai spirit energy) or chi (spirit energy). In addition, moth yokai had demonic silk and thread for sale, and next to them was a spider yokai with kimonos woven from that same thread. It was sturdier than the human stuff and self-repairing. There was also a vendor with demonic armor; however, the person manning that cart was human. Within the estate, servants moved about setting tables outside while the kitchen was in overdrive. Desserts made to look like art were being prepared for the day and left the estate smelling sweet with an obvious floral aroma. There seemed to be a parade of demons and humans alike that came into the large estate to set up for various things ranging from tea ceremonies to traditional arts. Dancers, singers, and storytellers were all making their way into the demoness’s home ready to perform for thousands of curious citizens. This was only the second year that the daiyokai hosted this event. The entire purpose was to force her kind to interact with other species and vise-versa. With recent happenings, Akako had was even more determined to show various other creatures that yokai weren't necessarily frightening, and coexisting was feasible. In addition, the Regent wanted to build relationships with various other nations to increase trade that would boost the economy. This festival wasn't intended for business though. It was intended to build something grand. The festival was a time to learn and build foundations of friendship. Beverages: - Hibiscus tea - Jasmine tea - Green tea - Oolong tea - Rose tea - Peach wine - Plum wine - Blackberry wine - Moscato - Chardonnay - Sake (warm or cold) - Yokai sake (warm or cold) Desserts: - Variety plate (Strawberry pudding, hibiscus-infused mousse, vanilla cupcake) - Blossom mochi - Éclair - Cherry blossom mousse - Raindrop cake - Matcha mushipan Activities: - Sword Dancing - Drum Dancing - The Art of Storytelling - Floating lanterns: This is a city-wide event that will start an hour after sun-down where everyone writes down what they wish for on their lantern then lite the wick and let it float into the sky.
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    The Uaos Compendium.

    Table of Contents First Volume, Creation Second Volume, Formation Third Volume, Ruin Fourth Volume, Cosmic Peace The Beginning Boljimir, the All-Creator Lailah's Demise Rumination Foreword Habitation O████ Incineration Expansion Glossary Iao, the First Ojurian Speech Eclipsed Nurture Sacraments Karael League Sofiel’s Awakening Elysium Welcome, reader. Call me Evalise. I am knowledge and history in its comprehensible form, and I am the creator of this compendium. Here you will find all there is to know about us, the [REDACTED]. Please be advised that whilst we coexist with other divinities in this vast universe, they will not be mentioned in this collection. We respect their creation, theologies and followers. They have their own domains, and this is ours. Reader, this compendium is to help you understand us. My precursors are not easily fathomable, and therefore, I will make them as such with the best of my ability. My fellow kin is complex but soon you will learn that we not enigmatical as some claim us to be. You shall see that our tales parallel your own. Clarity: this is my gift to you.
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    "I will show you how the mighty fall." ☾ The Grand Kommadant of Nehalen has begun the process of removing the mighty Gods of her land. The balance between these Gods of the people of Nehalen is being disrupted by the Kommadant's blasphemous actions. By erecting a nullifier in the form of an invisible veil, Primera begins the process of pushing these powerful beings back into their own world, sundering them from the land they have called home for eons. An action done to protect her people from the Gods who have all been disruptive before the nullifier had been put in place. The veil is simply the tipping point; it is believed this action to protect her people from the Gods is what has sent the Gods into a frenzy. Their powers are being siphoned from them the more they fight against the push, weakening them immensely, and their minds have begun to dwindle into psychosis. Once revered and fondly feared, the Gods are now looked upon as a disease in the eyes of the Grand Kommadant's followers who believe the time of Man has finally come. ☽ Welcome! I'm glad you all could drop on by to my little event I've got here. Things are pretty straight forward around these parts: Nehalen (formerly Renovatio) is going through some changes and this event will be the spark to said changes. I'm asking you all to affect my lore by joining the threads offered to kill a God and properly canonize them. The Gods are scattered across Nehalen and I will provide you those locations. Kill a God, become a hero (or villian)! Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? I am looking for at least two pages. Can always be more but can't be less! How many Gods can I kill? As many as you want but you can only go after one at a time. Can I do this alone? Absolutely! If you want to solo kill a God, I see no issue with that. Do I need to use a specific character? No. You can use whatever character you want but I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please keep to mild powers associated with the forum. Do I need to use a specific combat system? No. I am allowing everyone to go kill crazy with this but, again, I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please realize this isn't supposed to be easy; I expect damage not only to the area(s) you are fighting the Gods in but also damage to your character. Can I contain a God? Go right ahead! Contain it however you want, doing whatever you want, just keep in mind that it is a lesser, weaker version and it will be that way forever due to my character cutting said God's will off. Can I absorb the spirit/essence of the God? Of course! Do I need to use a storyteller? If you feel it is necessary, go right ahead! I don't know how to start? No worries! I will be creating prompts for all the Gods that need to be killed and you can follow that prompt however you wish. Just post in the thread and have fun. How long do I have once I start? I would appreciate 1 post per 3 days. This will keep the thread going with hopes it'll be finished at an appropriate time. If I see a thread has stalled for more than two weeks, I will assume that God is up for grabs again. If you need more time, reach out to me! I understand how life can be a bit hectic. I'm done, now what? Tag me in your summary for the thread with opportunities (example: killed the God, ended up destroying a city/village/town, how will this affect the area? Was something unleashed during this? etc.) for future role-players. I need some extra help! Never hesitate to reach out to me. I am constantly available on Discord, making it the quickest way to get answers. No Discord? That's okay, just send me a pm or tag me in the OOC for this event. How long is this event? Until all the Gods are killed off or just enough of them are killed. Gods & Their Threads: Titans Cialo ∾ Montis Maximus — Seraphim/Archon/Enigmas Enoch ∾ Liarae ∾ Sarandriel ∾ Ezekiel ┌────┬────┴┬───┴┐ Ynliss Nahum ∾ Vita ∾ Aestus ∾ Ventus ∾ Ophiuchus ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Baal ∾ E`na the Glorifier Libra, Sagittarius ↲ ┊ ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Aries, Gemini, Taurus ↲iiiiiiii iiiii ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Cancer, Leo, Virgo ↲ ┊ Aquarius, Pisces ↲ Rifornire - Cialo: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Montis Maximus: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 & @Zashiii » Completed - Vita: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Saggitarus: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Aries: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Gemini: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy & @Hydrangeas » Completed - Aquarius: THREAD » Claimed @SteamWarden & @Zashiii » Completed - Ynliss: THREAD » Claimed @Malintzin » Completed - Nahum: THREAD » Claimed » Completed - Aestus: THREAD » Claimed @King » Completed - Taurus: THREAD » Claimed @ticklefarte » Completed - Cancer: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated & @Aleksei » Completed - Leo: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Virgo: THREAD » Claimed @-Lilium- & @Zashiii » Completed - Ventus: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated » Completed - Ophiuchus: THREAD » Claimed @Csl » Completed - Baal: THREAD » Claimed @Fierach » Completed - E'na: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy » Completed - Libra: THREAD » Claimed @vielle & @Zashiii » Completed - Pisces: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 & @Zashiii » Completed - Rifornire: THREAD » Claimed @Metty & @Zashiii » Completed Please let me know which God you would like to go after so I can put your name next to it to keep everything orderly. 
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    On Fears and the Heroes We Need: the Fall of Biazo and Michael Commager Biazo City, 22 AO / 590 WTA Have you seen it? The crumbling of the Terran way of life? The peace and quiet evaporating in your very hands? This reporter sees it, and the feeling is gutwrenching sometimes. The kingdom has lost many of its greatest assets, security at the forefront. It is hard to look at the kingdom's suffering and come up with anything good, but for us to get better that is what we must. Maybe by looking at that suffering closely enough will show us the way out. Any perspective must be explored. So to do that, we must start at the beginning, or at least in the early stages of this great chasm that still grows between our lands. We start here. With the fall of Biazo City. Four years ago the once, if only briefly stalwart kingdom of Terrenus, lost Biazo City. This reporter is sad for the loss of so many Biazans even to this day. But that isn't where this all started. No. To truly understand what happened to this beloved Terran land, we have to go back six years into the past. Back to 24 AO, or 592 WTA. Biazo City was a prosperous realm, as you can see, but one surrounded by wilds. When they weren't dealing with mutant fish invading their shores, its citizens were forced to cope with encroaching hordes of bloodthirsty unnaturals. Since it was a hotspot for their kind, an unnatural organization bent toward capitalizing on the existing attraction of their kind planted a seed of unnatural energy in Biazo City. Little by little, more and more, a trickle became a flowing river. One day, unnaturals swarmed the City wholesale. It was a slaughter. The city was leveled by covens of vampyr leading other unnaturals like rabid dogs into the homes of the innocent. All good seemed driven from Biazo, darkness pervading. Until the Terran military arrived. Until the Gaian clergy arrived. These two righteous forces converged on Biazo City, crashed down like the very Hammer of Gaia on the skulls of those who smote her realm. Vampyr and Unnaturals were both leveled by the light and destroyed with extreme prejudice by the combined forces of the indomitable Terran military and Gaia's noble clergy. At first. This reporter recalls following the event live with bated breath! It was truly a defining moment for the Terran kingdoms. Truly a devastating time to be a Terran. Citizens of the city were evacuating, but not fast enough. Despite the power of the Terrans, the numbers were visibly stacked against them. Despite the strategy of the military, and despite the dedication of the clergy, the people of Biazo were in need of something extraordinary to rescue them. They were in need of a true hero. They needed somebody like Michael Commager. Average people lock themselves into doing things one way, but this reporter remembers hearing the news of his arrival on the scene like a surprise entrance in an Izrali cage fight. It was the most punk thing ever to happen in the military! Even if the kid died, this reporter was ready to follow him through the whole Biazo story. Thing is, he didn't die. Not at all. He crushed his foes. Chasing the devils into their own nest, Michael Commager beat them down and saved dozens of Terran soldiers who are still alive to tell the tale today. He killed probably hundreds of those dirty scum. He must still be cleaning that undead blood from under his fingernails. He was a perfect instrument in guiding the Biazans to freedom. Archbishop Twizzen and the Gaian clergy created a seed that would grow a tree of holy energy. Lt. Commager's assistance allowed the clergy to place the seed, growing a massive tree of divine energy. It would be a good thing, offsetting the magnetism of evil creatures that already existed there. Unfortunately it rendered all of the City a chaotic ruin now refereed to as Bi''le'ah, but it is one that no longer draws in swarms of unnaturals. There was no saving Biazo, but its people had two options. Salvation, or likely death. Terrenus required a hero that day. All of them got Michael Commager, and they needed him! Michael was made Peacekeeper from the whole venture. Word is he's established a new colony on the northern coast of Biazo called Aspyn, and it's making a killing! Citizens from other cities who share fates like Biazo City are crowding there in hopes of a better tomorrow. Some are crowding there just to see the man responsible for saving so many people from the fated City. If I were a gambling man (I am some Saturdays), I would bet my chips on this man in almost any situation. That's all for now! More on Heroes We Need later. ~ Quill D. Penderghast
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    Wall of Champions

    This is an experiment based off Ayden's wall of heroes, and is designed to pay homage to characters who perform great feats regardless of alignment. The people in this thread and their accomplishments are considered public knowledge IC and can be used as a fame/infamy meter. Criteria are loose for now but I'm thinking 2+ threads showcasing their contribution/presence, so they aren't just random people. Wall of Champions Invarti Sabiya Noel Trasimene Tancred Takeda Ethen Lor Tekka Dove
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    Character Sheet Templates

    Blank sheet templates available for copy and pasting to anyone who wants them. Modify these as you wish. [noparse] statistics Epithet: Moniker: Title: Visual Age: Birth Place: Race: Alignment: Gender: Class: physiology Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Voice: Build: Condition: clothing • skills • inventory • Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.
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    Ursa Madeum has made its decision, a new King sits on the throne. To celebrate this momentous event, you are invited to mingle, drink, and be merry. There are no restrictions as to who can come! Commoners and nobles of all varieties are welcome to enjoy this celebration in comfort and peace. The Castle of Andelusia and its King hopes to see new and familiar faces. Thread: Masquerade! Every face a different shade! Where: Andelusia, UM. What: Masquerade ball open to the public! Posting Expectations: This event has the potential of getting large, so the posting order is pretty open! Tag all the peeps you're talking with to make things less confusing. If an order is needed for your group, then discuss that among yourselves. The Deets: This is a party for everyone to come in and have a good time! I expect some people will want to talk politics, and Milorian is open to entertaining those kinds of talks, but that's not what this ball is all about. This is an opportunity for the new King to get to know everyone and vice-versa. I'm all for shenanigans, but I will lay down the law if things get a little outta hand - please don't break the castle. The Castle: Red is off-limits; green is open. MAP BY @Ataraxy SO HE FEELS GOOD. Things to Note: A Council of Dryads from the Free Marches are holding a meeting in the garden to discuss the current state of nature of Ursa Madeum. They are open to inquiries and are partial to acorns. The Lounge has been occupied by a group of dwarves who are far into their cups for the night. They are holding an arm-wrestling competition; the winner gets a prize. Participants: Open How-to: Dice Rolling Thread - Look at the result for the D2. If a 1 is rolled, you won! If a 2 is rolled, then you lose that round. There will be 3 rounds per-participant. You need a 2/3 win to get the prize. A mourning fairy has taken advantage of the famous festivities. Its victims experience sudden feelings of grief, and if the fairy is not caught, the grief can turn one mad. Catch the fairy and receive a reward. A witch is dropping elemental rune stones around the castle! These stones can be used to enchant weapons, armor, or yourself; only two stones per participant, please. Stones: wind, water, fire, earth
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    Have I got the roleplay for you! So, as an over-arching plot, I've had these body snatching aliens cooking in Terrenus for a while. I'm happy to go into the details of what they've gotten up to in the last few years, and how much of a threat a recent symposium has classified them as, but that's peripheral to what's going on here And what's going on here is that they're branching out. I'm too busy to individually follow these things through but that's the whole point of collaboration right?! It doesn't have to be just me!? So there's two things: 1. Grow an already established presence in Norkotia. This is a slow burn. The thread that comes out of this should be another step, another brick, and not a sudden eruption of ALIENS. Since snatched citizens are already seeded its about establishing and growing a political presence. You can think of this as playing a character with a dark secret, as opposed to a scifi alien plot. This shouldn't be a solo thread although only one of the players needs to be a snatched citizen 2. Establish a presence in another location - specifically Veluriyam empire (wherever their seat is which I believe is Taen), Hyperion, or Predator's Keep. This should be as close to a citizen or vassal or lord as the structure allows; we want to belong to their charter or institution whatever the case may be. There's oodles more locations to pick from but those are the three I want to focus on now. This can be a solo thread (such as the one I did for Norkotia) or a collective effort. Anyone interested? Note for emphasis - I won't be able to join personally but will organize and guide efforts
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    The C in Csl stands for Coding (Tutorial)

    Valucre-compatible fonts that aren't in the editor! Code for changing the fonts is below. Just insert the font name exactly as it's written in the 'Font Name Here' and use the HTML guide above! Edit: this doesn't seem to work on mobile or occasionally goes wonky. <div style="font-family:Font Name Here"> <p>text here</p> </div> Palatino Linotype The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Book Antiqua The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Arial Narrow The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Garamond The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Century Gothic The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Segoe UI The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Perpetua The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Rockwell The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Papyrus The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. of all the web safe fonts it had to be this Monotype Corsiva The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Brush Script MT The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. calligraphy yo Goudy Old Style The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps. Bodoni MT The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This is italics This is bold This is italics and bold This is small caps.
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    Acies ab Vesania

    The Valucre Photo Album

    Since the old one got locked... Here is where Valucre members can show off pictures of themselves, or their wee ones, as so many of us now have made those. To kick it off, here's an old goofy pic of me.
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    Good god. Every now and then I would come back here, read a bit, and then click off again. It's been a long time since I've posted here and even longer since I posted consistently. I'm sure everyone says that. Hell I remember saying that when I *was* posting regularly. There are strong memories of putting off threads, and generally procrastinating that still haunt me. When I wrote here last, genuinely wrote, I- there is no way to really articulate exactly how different I was then. Like let me explain as best I can. If you meander to my profile you'll see the last time I "Won the day," was sometime in 2014. That was around the time I was writing most. Following that, in my activity feed, you'll see content begin to taper over the next few years. I plow through 2015 and 2016 with a few neat ideas, coupled with two intro threads about things I have poor feelings about but even poorer memories of. Next in 2018 there's a short story I think? After that it's radio silence. I wanna break some of that down. So we know I wrote most in a period of two years between 2014-2015/2016ish. Six years ago, when I landed here in the summer at my father's house in Myrtle Beach- I was 15. There was some rule about posting under or over a certain age and I for the life of me don't remember what it was so I fudged my birthday, because being 16 definitely changed things drastically (lol). At this time I had just finished freshman, and was about to go back home from Myrtle to start my sophomore year. That year was a blur, like I imagine everyone else's was. It wasn't a nice year, but Valucre helped a lot. Got me through it, if I'm honest. 2015 and 2016 were the ass end of my sophomore year, and the beginning of (I am positive there is a donkey joke in here somewhere, I will edit this post to shoehorn it in) my junior year respectively. Times got a little better and then a little worse and blah blah they weren't remarkable years but they sure made a hell of an impact on me. After that it was as is written, Darthgamer went and Darthgamed somewhere else. So I started here as a 15 year old brat, and now, I'm posting again as a college junior. I can drink now. That's nice. That is a huge sum of time. So what's the take away? This site had an incredible impact on my formative years, and without it I probably would suck big dick at writing (maybe I still do? (that is a rhetorical question no one is allowed to answer)). They taught me lessons in procrastination my final exam grades would be proud of, and gave me the quintessential online forum board experience of the middle 2010's. It also taught me to put my money where my mouth is, in a forgiving community. To say I am shocked this community is still here is a bald faced lie, corona-virus seems to have been unanimously agreed upon as the great rebirth of the AIM/yahoomessenger born shitposts roleplay forum. Even without COVID this community is and was fantastic. I have no idea who here remembers me other than Supernal (who, as of yesterday, I learned to pronounce correctly). But that's not really the point. I'd like to write again. And I would doubly like to write here. So that's why I've decided to come back. I think I'm going to take it slow. Consolidate characters, visit daily, and attempt to just get something done. Eventually I'll post. Maybe I'll murder Sharps, maybe not. TLDR; small man beeg now. rest of post is one big shrug accompanied by a very vague 'idunnomanmaybe' EDIT: I am also back for those red notification dopamine hits
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    Polls are now open for all candidates!
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    The Problem Nexus

    THE PROBLEM NEXUS An index of OBELUS' puzzles Begin to see with eyes wide shut All is not as it seems. I. The Mezthaluen Tabloids Once, there was a boy who thought he could save the world. PUZZLE PROGRESS OUTPUT Rings of Fire Solved by @Zigzag [1: Sovereign's Choice] Blacksmith's Daughter Solved by @Malintzin [2.1 Gyrum] Missing Person Solved by @Ampersand [ 2.2 Upsilon ] Silver Cloud Solved by @Ampersand [ 2.3 Blind Sight ] █████ ███ ███████ 0% [ locked ] ██ ████ 0% [ locked ] II. Davant Declassified Begin to see with eyes wide shut. PUZZLE PROGRESS OUTPUT Terminology Solved by @Csl [ 1/6 ] The Crossbow Analogy Solved by @The Alexandrian [ 2/6 ] Power Classes Solved by @Csl [ 3/6 ] History Solved by @Csl [ 4/6 ] Authority Structure 0% [ LOCKED ] Input passcodes below. Use closing angle bracket (>) as prefix. >passcode
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    *drags feet in* Hello everyone, it's vielle (again again)! 🙈 So, I disappeared again, and it's only been a month or so, but it feels ten times more depressing because I thought I wouldn't have to do it a second time, but. . . life is life. Still, there's no excuse for not informing people earlier and ironing out plots before I yeeted, so again, I very sincerely apologize for ghosting on threads and leaving. If I need to take an extended break again, I promise I'll be responsible and let people know properly next time (and not just through my mediator-not-an-owl @Csl, who continues to be amazing). Yaay for character development. 😂 In the meantime, I'd like to make up for my absence with a flurry of activity as well as gradually posting to all the threads that are waiting on me within the week. It shall commence now. 🙏 Again, I'm sorry for leaving, but I'm ecstatic to be back around. 💖
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    House Gillick of Ursa Madeum

    House Gillick Blood binds us all House Gillick was one of Ursa Madeum’s oldest noble houses—once, a great warrior house, even the royalty of Ursa Madeum. Its last lord now lies buried beneath the ruins of his castle. With no known heirs, its reign as nobility seems to have come to an end. History It began, as it ended, in blood. Centuries hence, Sarcan Gillick forges a pact with the Fair Folk. A blade kisses the palm of a hand, then drips crimson. Sacran’s bloodline is bound with a portion of power: dominion over flesh. By this power, House Gillick grinds its enemies under its heel. The house rises in prominence. All rumors of their dark powers are silenced, and more blood stains House Gillick's hands. The power seeps down the next generation. It spreads thin with every son and daughter, grows weak with every child. Sacran fears the power slipping through his fingers. He thinks of the portion parted time and time again, growing weaker with every Gillick's beating heart. It is a simple choice; a little more blood lost to keep the blood magic's full power. The surviving son becomes the heir. At Sacran's death, he inherits the full portion of the power at Sacran's death. Centuries pass. The tradition continues. Each generation, one son lives to rule with the full portion of Gillick's blood magic. Each generation, the children fight amongst themselves for this honor. Ursa Madeum's kings and queens rise and fall, yet House Gillick retains its power and place amongst the nobility, its bloody feuds hidden from the rest of the kingdom. Six years hence, Damien Gillick sits at the head of House Gillick. He becomes unsatisfied with his place among the nobility. He tires of the traditions. He tires of concealing his family's true might. He wishes to become king. It is all too easy to take the throne. Damien rules for six years. Around the kingdom, he erects a barrier fueled by blood. He drains beings gifted with magic, taking their power for his own. He fills his knights' veins with otherworldly strength. He bleeds to death from a blade of a foreign sword. Two years hence, the Fae rise from their centuries-old slumber. They remember the pact. Magic stirs in the blood of Damien's spawn, eight bastard children sired in his youth, scattered across the islands. It begins, as it once ended, in blood. Lineage Damien Gillick Siegfried Magnus Gillick (@danzilla3) Vasen Galaeron (@Jiv'undus) Suzie Gillick (@saga juliet) Brigid Fitch (@Veloci-Rapture) Amira Spidervalley (@Meraxa) Damea Gillick (@Samø) Jack Sunflower (@Shatter) Eldridge Gillick (@Rabbit ) The Eight Dominions The power to command the actions of others through their wounds. The power to raise corpses infused with one's blood. The power to command the actions of any being within which one's blood flows. The power to raise barricades from spilled blood that no being may cross. The power to give and take gifts through the transfer of blood. The power to control the pain of oneself and of others. The power to putrefy flesh and reduce to dust all things through touch The power to sculpt flesh and bone like clay.
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    The missing piece behind Biazo's golem crisis. Where did they go? ANTONIA PHAM FEB. 20, 30 AO Former Regent Vrischikam, 20 AO Deceased 24 AO NEW BLAURG, BLAIRVILLEーLeading Blairville prosthetist Pobea Hearn recently slammed the city's regency on Grumble for failure to follow up on displaced residents of the Biazo City catastrophe. Following the tragic events that led to the destruction of Biazo City six years ago by the necromancer-led Dominion, its residents were trapped in artificial bodies by late Regent Vrischikam as an Unnatural prevention measure. At the time, it was considered the humane alternative to mass zombification. In the years following, Biazans were lured by a number of over-optimistic panaceas and false promises. Among them were experimental studies on full body regeneration from companies specializing in techniques related to homunculus growth, such as the now bankrupt Forty Days Inc. A record number of desperate refugees moved to Blairville seeking such a treatment. After the passage of the Safeguard Act, funding dried up for many controversial and cutting-edge programs. Most Biazans had already established thriving new lives when Safeguard hit. But the scene in New Blaurg today, famous for its rowdy golem community, is silent: abandoned storefronts and empty condominiums fill once lively blocks. Where did the Biazans go? Blairville guards and Federal Investigative Services of Terrenus (FIST) have no records of Biazans leaving Blairville. Engineers have theorized the bindings to their artificial bodies simply expired. But in that case, where are the bodies? It's troubling in light of news of a heretofore unheard of lawsuit: Biazan Recovery Group v Interactive Bionics LLC, the latter of which The Monroe Foundation has a controlling interest. Attorney Yi Meisu representing BRG contacted us after Judge Afric lifted the gag order, "Interactive Bionics was lobbying for riders to the Safeguard Act, among other backroom deals. Studies into Vrischikam's unknown methodology for golem binding and advancements in homunculus creation were the casualties of cruel, profit-driven corporatism." The BRG alleged the Monroe Foundation funneled money through Interactive Bionics into the hands of Blairville legislators to stop such studies from cutting into their bottom line following a breakthrough in robotics, specifically the artificial super-intelligence (ASI) Victory. "They want a monopoly," according to Meisu. "Total control over the Empire. No wonder everyone wants to leave." Anti-automation hacktivist group BOTCLIP has leaked files from the Safeguard Act repository that show attempts to wipe license data after the lawsuit was filed. They claim the same technique was used in the Yellow Measure incident and further proof that ASI mechanization is a menace. In the face of record numbers of unemployment, Hell's Gate is the poster child for technological social problems. The Office of the Blairville Regency and the Monroe Foundation have yet to respond to requests for comment. Investigations into the whereabouts of thousands of missing Biazans is ongoing.
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    Happy New Year from our side of the world, everyone! Hope y'all are enjoying the festivities as we welcome a brand new decade. ? In the spirit of the season, I present my masterclass on how to run away from fireworks lit 10ft away from you. ?
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    Naho Raiders

    "I don't understand your specific kind of crazy but I do admire your total commitment to it." - Walter Crowley, potentially on the wrong end of a spear DESIGNATION Currently operating in the city of Vanora, the Naho Raiders are a mercantile company of elite soldiers-for-hire. They were formed in the days of Queen Analea, originally comprised of five local mercenaries, and made a name for themselves when they cleared the Naho Bay region of a Brumak infestation. Using the shells of the monstrous crabs to fashion their own weapons and armour, they can be identified by their crustacean-like apparel and the faint golden sheen it produces. The Raiders are generally well-respected throughout Vanora and many other parts of Thraece, having amassed a reputation for their skill, integrity, and hot-blooded tenaciousness, in addition to a long list of outstanding achievements reeking of suicidal bravery. Leadership is fairly selective of the jobs the company undertakes, preferring to operate on the right side of the law, or at the very least on the moral side of a conflict, such as when they fought in the rebellion against the Tyrant King. PERSONNEL The Naho Raiders consist of roughly 300 individuals. Members are grouped into squadrons of five, with each one being led by a single captain. Members are outfitted with a choice of light, medium, or heavy Brumak armour, and are trained to use a spear and shield, though they may use whatever weapon they’re most comfortable with in the field. War beasts are occasionally employed depending on the job, many of them being aquatic in nature. The Raiders also make use of horses when they need to travel beyond Vanora's borders. ESTATE The Naho Raiders occupy a fort known as Angler's Rest, which is built in a cliffside located on the outskirts of Vanora. A handful of guards watch over the drawbridge at all times, and visitors are escorted upon entry once they've been appropriately questioned and searched. The fort contains a spacious courtyard where members perform most of their training, in addition to barracks, stables, an armoury housing their prized Brumak gear, a feast hall, a notorious game room, and an assortment of offices. SQUADRONS Seventh Squadron Elliot Kessler (Captain and newly appointed head of the company) Daghi Atawahi Cormac Turnberry Boone Simeon Baxter
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    The Land of Taen

    [ Best viewed on desktop ] The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. —Robert Frost Welcome, stranger There are two paths you could have taken to arrive here. Most take the first— walking into the Blue Hills until the sun splits into two and those rings of sapphire light flicker in and out like will-o'-the-wisps. At the end of a well-known, well-trodden road, a stone arch marks the boundary between the Hills and the pocket dimension. It - and the road beyond it - is a beacon for refugees, an escape route from the scorched cities, murderous cabals, and plagues of the mainland. If you’ve taken the second, why, you are a long, long way from home. Those who come by the second path find themselves tumbling through the void between worlds, torn from their homes, their lands, their worlds. The same blinding blue light greets them as it hurls you into this realm, unceremoniously flinging you out of its maw. Now, here you stand: may it be amidst mossy forest, foggy marshland, hollow mountain, or barren desert. Step carefully, stranger. The forest paths double in on themselves, and the trees change places when you blink. Take a shovel to the desert sands and you’ll soon hit spacecraft metal. There are dead stars in the mountains and sleeping behemoths in the swamps. Remember: this is the corpse of an old world. Its dreams are wild, hungry creatures. Its whispers call forth feral things from beyond reality’s horizons. This is the crossroads of the wild and wondrous, a convergence for all things strange and surreal. And still, for many, it is home. Welcome to Taen. Navigation Lore Article Otherworlder's Guides Local Legends Bestiary and Botany The Three Sisters Totenborough The Frontier neatia Quests & Opportunities AMA OOC Discussion Eridianus and now, the weather ▷ scntfc - Beacon Bay ▷ scntfc - Lantern ▷ Connor Sherlock - Blasted Heath ▷ Connor Sherlock - Myth-born Dreams ▷ Connor Sherlock - Daemon Soul of An Unhallowed Thing
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    Vanora Rising

    Art by Joon Ahn A new world rises on the shores of Thraece. . . Hello everyone, it’s ya girl Vielle here ❤️ A new city rises, brimming with promise: a coastal paradise on the shores of Thraece, one of the three islands that make up Ursa Madeum. With the arrival of House Hildebrand, the once-sleepy fishing village has turned into a bustling hub of commerce and potential, ripe for new stories and adventures to take root in. Shape this city, or let it shape you—either way, Vanora is open for business! A foreword of sorts: So what does Vanora have to offer? ► Business Opportunities! — Wanna get rich? (Spoiler: of course you do; don’t fight it ? ) Take up the helm of preexisting businesses in Vanora or make your own, and watch that sweet savory pile of gold flow through your bathroom pipes and into your shiny tub. What’s money for if not to swim in? ► Notable People (that could be you!) — Become the stuff legends are made of: take up a preexisting NPC or work your way up to fame (or infamacy) as your own character! Either way, they’ll be writing tales about you for centuries to come. ► Exotic Adventuring Locales! — Exploration is the name of the game here; there is so much to discover not only within the borders of Vanora, but outwards to the sprawling wildlands and turbulent waters beyond. You never know what you’ll find hiding around the next corner! Just be sure to take a map: we won’t be responsible for any gruesome unfortunate incidents that may occur lest you get lost. Don’t say we didn’t warn you ? ► Quests Ahoy! — Urban navigating? Treasure hunting? Seashell collecting? Giant crab wrangling? Deep sea diving? Religious scheming? Seaweed socializing? Vanora has got tons of adventures coming up soon, with many quests building on prior IC events! Make your own quests (if applicable) or pursue any listed on the Vanora Quest List. @Wade and I are brainstorming up a multi-chapter quest line coming out very soon that would hopefully whet some appetites looking for some good ‘ol dungeon delving amongst other things ? ► Loremaking! — Wanna make something new you haven’t currently seen around that could fit right into Vanora, like wondrous flora or fauna the world has yet to see, or strange locations to tempt bumbling adventurers to explore? All ideas are welcome here; we need only discuss it and/or check it for approval, and then it’s off and canon to the city lore! ► Persistent Plotlines! — When I say persistent, I mean long-term, inter-connected, and consistent plotlines that can ultimately shape the face of the city, the region, and even the very oceans of UM. We’ve got heavy storm clouds of ideas rumbling in the horizon we hope to bring about, and hopefully you all will love them as much as we do ❤️ Last, but most certainly not least: ► Coconut People! — Sentient tribal coconuts, guys, come on! 'nuff said, says Moana. If you find yourself looking for a new sandbox to play in (with some waves thrown in for good measure), don’t hesitate to stop by and look around: maybe you’ll find something you like ? Let me know if you’re up for some coastal livin’ and beach lovin’ here or in a PM! ❤️
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    Magic complexity ladder

    I read an article about a study which looked at how people rank complexity of magic / spells. With some minor modifications suited more to my taste for Terrenus I thought having something like this would make for a useful and neat reference. Consider this loose canon, meaning more guideline than hard and fast rule, and also subject to modification or being discarded Keep in mind this is about complexity, not strength From least to most complex: Color / aesthetic changes Think 5e Prestidigitation - harmless sensory affects, small marks, slight chill or warmth Levitation Transport I generally don't allow teleportation but accelerated travel, things like Haste or shadow-porting, would fall within this parameter Enlarge / shrink Invisible This kind of thing will vary with story needs, where invisible might just be to the eyes or it might need to involve other or multiple senses, but the gist is 'removing from perception' Petrify Split / duplicate Transform Destroy Create / conjure
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    The Low-Tide Festival! (Open Event!)

    The Year is 18,598 Arcturon, Taen, Terrenus M'yr furrowed his brow, his concentration hidden behind the mask. His breath steamed across his face, dampening the skin that was already so beaded with sweat. His hands were trembling; noticeably so. He clung to the delicate strands before him, gripping them tightly even as the sea rocked the vessel he rested upon, the heavy boards beneath his feet groaning in protest against the sea. Yet, the smell of salt and brine, and the sound of the sea was distant, nowhere close, for now. Steeling himself, he committed to the task; M'yr's hands deftly fixed the knot in the string at long last, and he let go, gasping with relief. The paper lanterns floated upward, but stopped before scraping the roof of the gazebo. He looked up at them, candlelight flickering against the driftwood mask that hid him away from the world. He breathed. The sea receded. "Is that the last of them?" Somebody else asked. M'yr glanced over, and saw her there. Her. Another in a mask. Not his mask, but hers. Pretty and painted and taken care of. But it was from the sea, of that there as no doubt. They all were, tonight. From its ancient slumber, the Serpent continued to provide. The mask affirmed that, the hooks and bangles around his wrists, his neck, and his waist affirmed that. Always there. Always calling. Driving him towards the serpent, and away from the sea. "Yeah." He managed to say. The lanterns bounced about merrily, and he handed them off to her. She accepted them, and she took them away. M'yr stood still, for a moment. The world was still, the sea gone. He breathed, again. Hosting this event was exhausting, and he continued to doubt its efficacy. This festival had blown up, rapidly, their influence over Taen had developed surprisingly quickly, and now M'yr was left to pick up the pieces, and put them together, here, of all places. The Acolytes of the Coiled Beast were not quite as influential as they would have liked, but their hard work, and their dedication to the safety of Taen, had given them a certain amount of intrigue. The people trusted them, and this was a chance to make themselves known. It was, above all else, a chance to unite the people, in the face of the coming tides. Arcturon, in all her beauty, stood in frigid silence that night. As the sun began to fade, and artificial light replaced the natural, the streets came to life with the sound of music and lights. The main streets of Arcturon formed a long, well-lit pathway of carnival games and attractions, as multiple members of the Acolytes roamed about helping set up decor and arrange lanterns and stands for the folk to enjoy. Coaxed out by the smell of cooking shellfish, the sound of tankards being filled, and the harsh percussion of street performers, the citizens and travelers made for the roads, and quickly became swept up in the sensation of Low-Tide. This was a first. For Taen, and for Arcturon, festivals like this weren't common yet. Festivals celebrating the local haul of fresh fish, and returning voyages, however? Those were even more rare, given that Arcturon was landlocked. Most of Taen was landlocked, in fact. There were little to no sources of salt-water fish to be had anywhere. Yet, this didn't stop the celebrating masses. Heading from the Northernmost road down to the Southernmost road, one could experience every attraction and appeal the festival had to offer. Diners, bars and some shops directly along the path stayed open later to accomodate for prospect customers, and some even offered 'happy-hour' discounts. Their wares, though sold on the eve of the festival, lacked any kind of 'seaside' influence, and yet once swept into one such establishment, the sound of the murring crowds might be replaced from time to time with the creaking of timbers, and the roaring of the sea. It made for a fine opportunity to step in for a pint, or a hot meal, or stock up on anything a passerby might covet. Further down the road, things quickly grew peppered with partygoers. Food and drink stands littered the edges of the streets, selling nearly everything one could think of. One particular stand offered saltwater taffy; locally flavored, pulled right before your eyes for a meager 25 credits apiece. Another sold fried pickles, and further along, another offered fried haddock on a stick. Things only grew more flavorful as the road continued onward. Games lined these streets, too. Masked men and women supervised while games of chance and skill were played on quickly-made stands and tables. Men played dead man's hand as if they'd been playing the card game every day of their lives, while others attempted to draw blood in short, visceral bowie-knife fights, while a paramedic looked on. A few simpler, childlike games of chance took place as well along the road. Ring toss and bottle-toppling seemed to be popular. More than a few folk lined up to try their luck at a firing range, where rusted flintlocks took aim at battered ships in bottles. Further along, a massive fish of indiscernable size rested atop a massive hook, a short distance above the passerby's head. Next to it, a hunched, yet tall man that reeked of the sea tried to goad folks into guessing its weight. And, of course, the deeper you went, the better the music became. Street bands and performers dominated the scene, and no sooner could you enter Arcturon before being swept away in a sea of shanties, and a jury of jigs. People danced and drank everywhere you went, and even attempting to pass some of them was grounds for them to try and invite you to join. Perhaps the most exciting event at that point in the evening was a grog-drinking contest, set to being just a short time later that evening. From the sound of things, a few places in the roster were still open.
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    Le roi est mort, vive la reine

    Aveline was still crying when the soldiers of Force Majeure carried Titus' casket to its final resting place. Thurgood stood still and stoic: he will need to be a firm rock for Aveline and likely others, and hugged her tight as the elder Mork'Outh made the marker tree sprout. Thurgood Singlance respects Emperor Titus Demetrius deeply; not for what the Emperor did for him, that's not how one earns that much of his respect, but what the Emperor did for Aveline: give her a home. That's something neither of them ever truly had before. In the drawing room, Aveline just ordered a full cup of black espresso while Thurgood got the two some snacks. Both sat down and remain silent for now.
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    The Valucre Photo Album

    Conversely, the other way round..
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