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    What's Your Worst RP Experiance?

    Dumb shit from previous sites, let’s see. *plops brick of a file on desk* That one comp fight where every single one of their posts began with ‘I heal, then....’ no exceptions. I go to bed and wake up to the thread push almost 20 posts and marked concluded. Then they try to get me to accept that my character has been blasted into space. Get a character entered into a tourney without me volunteering. Decided fuck it, let’s see where it goes. Lose in judgement with the stated reason being shit I did in a previous tourney. *Flips through the rest of brick* Yeah, at this point I’d rather just beat people and their peanut gallery over the head with the AMP. It’s just more fun with a target rich environment.
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    What's Your Worst RP Experiance?

    With myself, because of my mental problems I have had some people on other sites react REALLY wrong towards me. Instead of showing patience and understanding on a certain other site I was like basically exiled. I ended up leaving that site over a long series of really negative run ins with basically rogue staffers. Main problems with SOME of the smaller rp sites is there is no staff over sight so they can just get away with whatever. (Yes even harassment in some extreme cases) My situation was unique to me though because I have a tendency to defend myself as a grown man and as an adult. I have gotten a lot better about how I react to certain things though, in a purely text based format it is nearly impossible to read if someone behind the wall text is legit angry or calm. In my case was not a single experience but rather a bunch of them that lead to me leaving the site and becoming far more active on here. I have no ill will towards anyone on that other site by the way I just am mentioning my own experiences. I noticed with people who go through really awful stuff it's usually on smaller site and more "tightly knit" communities. I use air quotes there very loosely too. I have stuck with V as a result of the experiences I have been through. I have been working on gauging my own reactions to some stuff, and I know like I can improve myself quite a bit...hey I am human I also make mistakes from time to time. But yeah hopefully my thoughts here add something good to the conversation. I know in situations with people like myself who DO have very serious mental problems stuff is already difficult. I know in my case specifically I have to try that much harder in social situations which is why I hope people can respect me (At least) just a little more after reading about some of my experiences. I know we are often our own most harshest judges as artist, but when you have mental problem other people can be unkind and often cruel to us. I hope to be on V for another 20+ years this all being said though. It's nice to have someplace to call home now.
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    >mfw I finally learned how to use the office microwave after nine months of pre-cooked, cold meals. I feel like a caveman who just discovered fire. Literally. Oooga Booga! Good morning to you, fine fellows~.
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    "I don't know why we take our worst moods so much more seriously than our best, crediting depression with more clarity than euphoria. We dismiss peak moments and passionate love affairs as an ephemeral chemical buzz, just endorphins or hormones, but accept those 3 A.M. bouts of despair as unsentimental insights into the truth about our lives." (Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing)
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    Got pitted to back to back Death matches and forfeited my character to a clan hunting me and the boys. Was shit at t1 no real forum experience. Kept me from forum stuff for years tbh. I didn’t know no better tho
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    From beyond the stars

    Hmmm...so I did make one of these a year ago but as I've decided to try my hand at this site again I figured I'd make a new one...fufufufufu. Hai domo~
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    What's Your Worst RP Experiance?

    Overall, my RP experience has generally been mild in comparison to some stories I've heard. I've had some good times and some bad, with a fair few cringe inducing moments here and there. But my overall experience definitely leans much farther into the positive end, with few note worthy bad times worth a story telling. So, just curious if anyone has any stories of there bad RP experiences. Online or in person, anything goes.
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    A long time ago a few member joined and started spamming people to get them to join another site. Turns out they were all the same member. I brought it to the attention of the admin of the other site. Turns out, this was the same person too! The admin was the person who joined Valucre to spam members! They called me a bunch of names and banned me from their site. They did this on a bunch of other websites too In the scope of things it's a pretty funny-absurd story but not one I'd like to repeat
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    Pulse is dope

    Pulse is dope
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    Hello Strangers!

    For dark fantasy I recommend Nehalen in Renovatio and Yh’mi in Lagrimosa. The latter has some Lovecraftian type themes to it as well For regulated medieval type fantasy, Ursa Madeum is rock solid Welcome to the site!
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    Hello Strangers!

    Thank you! I truly appreciate it. I have read over the guide but will likely go back to look into all its details in more depth. I've tried my hand at dabbling in modern mystery and suspense but my personal favorite genres that I always finding myself working on are fantasy and dark fantasy.
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    Thanks for the kind words buddy yeah one particular mod was getting exceedingly hostile towards me and I was just like cringe worthy not comfortable at points. hahah but yeah like sometimes just stepping away from the situation is the best response rather than like adding fuel to the fire as they say. I am someone who WILL defend myself but the person started bringing up past stuff from like years ago and I was like...really? But yeah sometimes stepping away from a confrontation is the more mature response. It sometimes takes people in my situation to remind other people of this sort of response. But yeah like I know I have been far from a saint in my life but I have improved TONS because I got help for my situation. But yeah it tends to be the smaller sites with less over sites and that sort of thing. I've also heard far worse stories than what I been through tends to happen when a staffer THINKS they are in love with someone for example and the feelings are not mutual. Yeah that sort of stuff gets ugly. But yeah my situation was not as bad as it could have been probably cause I stepped away from the whole thing. Thing in confrontations becomes like knowing yourself and knowing how you are going to react. Sometimes taking that moment to like look besides yourself makes all the difference.
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    From beyond the stars

    Welcome (back?) to the site ^_^ New Member's Guide is always a good place to start out. Don't hesitate to ask questions, community's very helpful as a whole
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    (Moving towards the great hall) "It would appear our child does not share my harsh opinions of its father." Grant put one arm around his fiancees shoulder and placed the other on her stomach, "I'll take all the help I can get." The feeling of his child moving inside its mothers womb filled the prince with joy, tinged slightly with terror. Just a few years ago he had been a wandering mercenary, never sure where his next bed or meal was going to be. Fatherhood had never even been in the realm of possibility for him. Even when he had found love in the arms of his previous paramour, he had resigned himself to the reality that children were not a possibility. Now he was only weeks away from the most monumental event of his life. His good fortune awed him. But the responsibility that came with it humbled him. “We must find someplace comfortable for Lady Delphine!” Raveena had been less than thrilled when he had revealed to her that not only did he have a lover, but that she was pregnant. Rae being Rae however, she had gotten over it faster than most people. The prospect of being a grandmother obviously excited her, and Grant was excited for her. His child would be surrounded by loving family as it grew up, and he was glad to have them all in their lives. "Indeed, we shall find her somewhere to sit. Lean on me until then, my love." Next his father playfully chided him over his supposed lack of respect, and Grant had to marvel at the change in the man. The relationship between father and son had been a strained on for a time after their reunion. Eventually they had managed to reconcile... only for Rowan to become comatose not long after. But now he had awoken, a very different man. This new Rowan was more openly affectionate, more relaxed, more willing to trust. Father and son spent more time together than ever; talking, drinking, playing more chess than he could keep track of. Grant approved of this new side of his father, and couldn't help but wonder if this was how he had been when he was growing up. "Father knows best," Grant scoffed, "I know that's not true; since I'm about to be one and I feel my intellect is not up to the job." @Malintzin @Aleksei @The Hound
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    If you ever wonder who's the most powerful person in the room, see who controls the TV remote.
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    Member of the Month

    My recommendation is the "be super helpful to new (and old) members" route!
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    My newest household members:

    My newest household members:
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Word And Law

    @Tyros@Shal She was merely thinking about what she just finished saying, spacing out during her own thoughts, when the Baron grabbed the cat sitting on his lap and threw it off the building, over the fence of the roof. This comical scene sets in her mind, making her get a grin on her face, but still rising up. Not long passes that she starts laughing hard, looking at the cat falling down while it mews the last time, conscious that Shal wouldn't die anyway, just enjoying the whole funny scene. A really long time has passed since she laughed so wholeheartedly, and even more from the last time someone saw her doing so. Surely, that's the first time both the Baron and the Spirit Cat has seen her normal, laughing face. Anyone would wonder if the person laughing so much in front of them is actually the same that was there a few seconds ago. There is a clear difference from the idea both of them have of Frederika and the one laughing in front of them. She just seems a girl laughing and enjoying the moment, at all effects. During her laughter, she still listens to the Baron's words, without a reply. She still laughs when the cat comes back, hovering in the air and circling around them. It takes a while for her laughter to die off, as when she would raise her glance to the two, she would start laughing once again. At some point she raised her hand, signaling to wait a bit, as she couldn't hold herself back from laughing more. When she finally calmed down, she ends with a satisfied sigh, leaning back on the chair she sits on, also taking another sip from the pipe in her hand, which seems to be smoking less and less. Feeling like something is wrong, she checks the burner of it, noticing that the herb has completely vanished. She sighs again, this time with a bit of disappointment as smoke comes out together with the sigh. Looking to the baron with eyes that became serious once again, proper for her, she opens her mouth to speak, her tone is slightly mocking, a smug on her face. "Rhean Rhean~ I know you're quite the grumpy and angry guy, but not even tolerating a cat on your lap~? Seems like you're more pissed off than usual. I wonder why." Her eyes look lower, pointing at the man's chest like she saw something inside his heart. "Something surely has happened. *Chuckles* No. It's yet to happen." She stops talking, just to resume a couple of seconds later. "I find it strange that you come to me today, after yesterday's request. Thought you said all you had to say, you know what i mean? So now i ask you. What exactly happened that it brought you to me again so soon?"
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    What's Your Worst RP Experiance?

    Any and all.
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    Public AFV Thread

    Extending to perhaps July - I now rule a nation of 69 people (Nice) and I have made so much of an impact, I can't leave. I do miss you all, I miss Valucre and it's community. I will never forget this place, I'll come back one day 😄 Once either my nation is big enough to run itself without my intervention, or when I can comfortably leave once the server dies down or I lose my influence. Until then, stay safe folks.
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    Notable movie you’ve seen YTD?

    Watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Initially skeptical about the premise but watched it bc Taika Waititi and I liked What We Do in the Shadows. It was hilarious and heartwarming and I think Kiwi humor is one of my favorite things now.
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    The Reclamation: The Turbines

    The Turbine’s namesake was the entire reason for its existence. As such, it didn’t make sense not to make use of what was provided to their advantage. Although Callum Alfren had left the windmill city with hardly a working part, it wasn’t a problem which a few dedicated engineers couldn’t fix. After an intense afternoon of re-wiring, the generator present in each of the windmills was successfully connected to a main outage plug, from which a wire ran into the main power storage. As the sun began to set, the group returned once more to the sweet embrace of Anna’s makeshift rugs in hopes that the night would be more pleasant than the last.
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    (I am lifting the play write format for this project and I want to make another community effort here. ALL are welcome. I'm going to try to make most of my development projects be inclusive to everyone or as many people who wish to join. If the party gets big enough at some point I am going to follow a very loose turn order. Note upon thinking about things from a progression/personal lore stand point this thread takes place AFTER the one I just finished so I don't drive my head canon too batty. The thread that takes place before this current project is linked here: And yeah now we got a chronology going yo LOL.) Day 1- The house was run down at one point. Velindrel and Magdalene helped rebuild the house with their own hands, keeping busy, finding the parts and pieces they needed from the wild lands around Casper proper. Velindrel's blacksmith arts came into full use there. He made the various things with his own hands that were needed at his wife's guidance. They were both hard workers, most of Casper's citizens were. He looked at the house for a long moment, it had come a long way since Magdalene had returned to him that day. He nodded in approval. Velindrel: It has been a long time indeed. But it's nice to have some place to call home...our home. He rubbed his chin for a thoughtful moment. Magdalene, we've cleaned the place up really well. Our daughter would have liked living here. Magdalene: She looked up towards her taller husband, her companion. We have done well. She would have liked it here, I agree with you. I have also been working on my own studies. Velindrel: There is plenty to do here in Casper. I think you have found a good calling at the hospital especially with people arriving from Aspyn. Reminds me, I will like to explore the ruins someday. He found for a moment as he considered the possibility of looting the ruins. Would that make me any different than a common thief? He shook his head. No...that will be a journey for another time. Magdalene: Let us establish ourselves here in Casper first. We'll have other times to travel. Velindrel: He nodded towards her. Home. He said for no reason at all. Magdalene: You know that's the first time I have heard you call anywhere "Home" and mean it. Velindrel: It is the first time in a long time I have thought of as anywhere being home. The shadow passed across his face again. Magdalene: That's happening far more often now. She suddenly said. Velindrel: What do you mean? Magdalene: She touched his face calmly. There is a shadow in there my love, that was not there before. I am going to help you someday be rid of it...as long that takes to do so. I don't like to know that you are suffering especially if I can do something about it. He considered carefully what he was hearing. He had not been aware that it was affecting him that much...their daughter's murder. (This project is a primarily a social thread BUT we can take the change to use The Star Forge ESPECIALLY if I beat the odds here and it becomes canon. Thank you to all who decide to participate and help me out. You guys are a great bunch.)
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    GENERAL BACKSTORY Zachariah Gest is a man who’s renown is known by many socialites and inner circles of higher class within Coastal Grande. A shadow whose story is little known, but intriguing by any who listen. A distant cousin to nobility, he was the pride of the Gest family. His mother (Mariah) bore the Gest name, as his father (Jean) was willing to put past his. As he grew, he became quickly attuned to the expectations placed upon his shoulders. But his eagerness to impress pressed him forward, finding comfort from others and his orchestrated destiny. His younger brother Timothy, on the other hand, would see to his doom. Born when Zachariah was 6, Timothy became the center of attention. He was gifted, and in more ways than one. He quickly began to outshine Zachariah. Studying years above his age, Timothy had incredible retention. He studied multiple languages and even attuned to magic leagues above Zachariah. Zachariah was in the shadows of his brother but was determined to return to the spotlight once more. Lady luck had always been kind to him. And in open arms, he fully submerged into her embrace. Though he quickly began to suffocate as his losses piled high, and in desperation to save his name. With help, he paid off all debts but was forced to walk away from his family. For his shame and regret cost him the very thing he wanted so dearly. BASIC INFORMATION Moniker: Zachariah Alias(es): “Zach” Sobriquet(s): Gest Gender: Male Age: 26 Race: Human Orientation: Straight Profession: Gambler/Lock Picker PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 6’0’’ Weight: 170 Figure: Slim/Toned Complexion: White with a light brown tone Facial Hair: 12 o clock shadow Hair: Black / Touches Shoulders lightly Eyes: Brown Tattoos/Brands: Family Seal tattooed behind his ear MENTAL STATE Demeanour: Confident, with good posture when standing idle. Likes: Gambling, Philosophy Books, Adventure, Cats Dislikes: Pompous Individuals, Liars, And Bugs Desires: Wealth and Leisure Phobias: Dikephobia (Fear of Justice/Karma) Motivations: Make karma amends Quirks: Bad at gambling (Luck not on his side) Hobbies: Logical Games / Running / Open Discussions Magical Talent: Emit heat through his palms to an object he is touching. Growing in heat the longer he touches/concentrates. TYPICAL ATTIRE AND ARMAMENTS Casual Headwear: A Cowl Protective Headwear: None Casual Upper Body: A leather jerkin, simple in design but made with high quality materials. Protective Upper Body: A black leather coat, lined with gray fox fur inside.And a matching set of gloves. Casual Lower Body: Fitted brown leather leggings. Protective Lower Body: None Protective Footwear: Knee high leather boots that sport three belt devices to fasten low-mid-high sections. Typical Armaments: A simple short sword, and to match scabbard. Accessories: Glasses BACKGROUND INFORMATION Father: Jean Mother: Mariah Siblings: Timothy Other Significant Relatives: "Gest" Family Tree Hometown: Coastal Grande
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    The First Congregation

    @HyoDoin After getting back on his feet, the armor is interested with the young man with the nodachi, seeing he is one with the least armor of the whole crowd he looked at him and enters his head once more "You are a bold one, I like that bravery leaving armor and protection for mobility and speed, daring and dangerous.... The towering armor is me, Maelstrom I am sorry if I have disturbed you with my intrusion but I cannot speak" Don't want to bore his talking partner he ended it with a simple sentence "Your name, may I know?" The armor turns back heading where he headed before as if he only checked if something is behind him
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    The Rise of an Empire

    The subsequent debate was one that would be known across history as the moment which decided a name. A name which would turn heads at political discussions. A name which would make warlords hesitate to advance and countries reluctant to move. A name which would bring vast amounts of trade and economic returns. A name which as of the moment, was 'New Atlas'. The collective booing in the room was audible as people began to groan about the cheesiness of the name. "Well, if you don't like it, do any of you have better ideas?" Addison grumbled. @Twitterpated @Fierach @Priestess @Hawk @Jack Howard @Xoco @Lucinda Valentine @kriistiinii @DistantArrow @Shanty @Sanonymous @Diremast @Kyoku @DaiPie @Truthless @Tozwad @Heroshima @Toast @PrettyCuteAnna @Elle @Emm @Evelynn Serana Nightmoor @The North Wind @Peter @Zashiii
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    Member of the Month

    I'll try this for a little while and see how it goes / how tedious it becomes but! Using the leader board, I'll announce the leaders of the month every month (which anyone can verify by doing a custom date sort on the leader board) Gold gets a use-it-or-lose-it custom user title! (unless it's me, in which case it goes to the next member) Every quarter I’ll take the 3 members of the month and randomly roll for a winner. Winner gets Reroll pixel art https://www.valucre.com/leaderboard Csl - Jan 2020 Phoebe - Feb 2020 Ataraxy - Mar 2020 Vielle - Apr 2020 Tyros - May 2020
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    Two Flufflebutts

    "Not earned Lexa trust."
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    Blood Ties (Port Mars)

    "Am... I gonna make it.. doc?" the thief asked, as blood pooled around the metal table in the secret basement room of the apothecary. The ostensible doctor, a tall redhead with her sleeves rolled up past her elbows, bore down hard on the folded cloth that was currently holding thief's guts in... mostly. Thunder rumbled outside and the heavy rain striking the apothecary's roof was audible even down here. "Unlikely," she replied, "But I have been surprised before." Her free hand reached into a jar sitting on a rolling cart positioned next to the operating table; it emerged with a copious wad of some sort of shredded, dried plant which she stuffed into the thief's mouth. "Swallow," she directed. The thief swallowed, albeit with much difficulty. "Doc F, I gotta... I gotta see my little girl again..." The doctor placed a fresh cloth on top of the blood-soaked one and pressed down hard again. The flow was beginning to subside, but 'Doc F' wasn't sure how much good that would do him at this point. He'd been fairly gutted by a guardman's halberd, and such a mishap rarely ended well. If his intestines were by and large intact, and his liver and spleen were undamaged, he might have a chance, but the stone-faced woman wouldn't have put a bet on it. She unscrewed the top off of a dropper bottle and brought the glass applicator over the wound. Her movements were terse but smooth, and her hands did not tremble. "This will sting," she said, and squeezed the bulb between her fingers. The thief screamed as the solution landed on his flesh; it foamed like a well-brewed beer and a horrible, decaying scent wafted from his skin. But between the herbs and the liquid and the pressure, she'd managed to reduce his bleeding to a trickle. She carefully lifted one corner of the dressing to take a peek at his squirming insides; her cold eyes assessed the wound as if she were reading an anatomy book. She looked up at the thief and smiled; her face looked like it was so unused to the expression that it might shatter for the effort. "You're lucky," she said, reaching for another bottle. "I... I am?" The thief gasped, his eyes lighting with hope. "Extremely." The doctor opened another jar and shook a few drops of a thick black liquid into a dosing spoon. She put it to his lips. "Swallow." The thief swallowed. He smiled. His eyes glazed over. "You're extremely lucky I still had some of this potassium nightshade reduction left. You get to die painlessly." His breathing slowed, then stopped altogether. She threw the empty bottle into a waste bin and grimaced. "The next thief who comes in here in your condition is likely to be extremely unlucky. But I have been surprised before." Only the pounding rain and moaning wind outside mourned the death of the thief; with neither a sigh nor a tear, Brigid began rummaging through his pockets. The Guild only covered the bills of living thieves; dead thieves were all self-pay. A few minutes of searching, including ripping open the lining of his jacket and the seams on his pants to hunt for hidden compartments, netted her an odd assortment of gold coins, a mostly-complete set of mechanical lockpicks, and... "What's this?" She pulled a small, heavy, oiled pouch from a secret pocket concealed in the armpit of the thief's shirt. It was a standard-issue dead-drop pouch, meant to be left in a specific location in the city to which the thief would have returned the next night for his payment. It was obvious that the contents of the pouch where what the thief had died for; the only question was how many pieces of new lab equipment would she be able to buy with it. Brigid put down the rest of her findings and picked up an ornate cane, beautifully carved from rare black oak. The textured steel-clad tip clicked on the stone floor as she carried the pouch to another table on the other side of the room, this one equipped with all manner of scientific equipment. These pouches were usually warded, enchanted, trapped, or all three, but the quality of their defenses tended to be cheap in order to keep overhead low. She put on a pair of elbow-length gloves and lit two of the oil lanterns before swinging a large magnifying glass on a hinged arm over her prize. She studied the pouch with the patience of a marble statue until she determined the safest, quickest way to bypass its shoddy but vicious magic. She held it at arm's length with one hand while drawing the blade of a surgical scalpel across the bottom. There was a hiss as a puff of presumably-poisoned gas wafted up towards the ceiling, and a thump as the object in the pouch landed heavily on the desk. It was a compass. Brigid picked it up and looked it over. It wasn't plated in gold or covered in jewels, nor did it sport runes or glyphs that would indicate a magical nature. For all she could tell, it was just an old compass. She scowled in disappointment. Obviously someone had hired the Guild to settle some sort of petty grudge by stealing a worthless, sentimental heirloom. But sentiment could still be expensive, she reasoned; the owner of this item might yet see fit to compensate her commensurate to her efforts tonight. There would be some legwork involved, of course, but that shouldn't be too arduous. She dropped the compass into the pocket of her apron as she clicked her way over to the cabinet of cleaning supplies. A long night loomed ahead of her; she still had blood to remove and a body to properly dispose of. She could think about how she was going to get paid tomorrow.
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    It’s been so hot and miserable, and with packing for the move and work being so busy, I am so sorry I haven’t posted. I’m planning on posting sometime tomorrow after work. hopefully the air conditioning gets fixed soon so I can give this 90 degree weather the middle finger
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    Lucinda Valentine

    The Reclamation: Roselen

    Luca slowly approached the barbed wire and leaned over afraid to touch it. What was it with this more modern way of thinking...It seemed so...unfamiliar. What in the world was that thing...’I’ve never seen this in Atlas....maybe it’s something from this world like that light machine....’ ”What is this..? Does it have repellent magic of some sort...? Maybe to keep the animals out of our fields...? It seems rather dangerous....So prickly....” She then stood back up to look over the large field. Never in her life had she seen so much land dedicated to growing food. It was also unfamiliar and fascinating. @Phoebe
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    Breaking News From Hasturia

    Breaking News From Hasturia It was just a few days ago that the formation of the kingdom of Hasturia was announced throwing every nearby city, town and village into a frenzy. The declaration of Dauner A. Light as king of Hasturia only made things louder with celebrations everywhere. However, this celebratory mood would not last long. Why? Yesterday, a letter which has been confirmed to have been written by Lady Shelly Kuanji of Hasturia was released to the public. The letter which was intended to be read only by its intended recipient seemed to have gotten into the hands of some shady figures, who didn’t waste time to make it public. A copy of the letter can be found below. Ranger, We are once again in need of your assistance. Two nights ago, Dauner went missing from the city. We have searched everywhere but to no avail. As the best tracker I have had to pleasure of knowing since I arrived in this world, I have no other option but to plead for your assistance. I know you decided to live in seclusion and away from the world, but I believe you will honor your word, and come to our aid. Please come to Hikari Palace in Jiyū as soon as possible so we can discuss this in more detail. Shelly Kuanji From what we can determine from this letter, instead of the intended recipient, it was rather the whole of Lagrimosa and beyond that got to read this. Stay with us, because we’ll be bringing you the latest news on the case
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    “Move your weight to the right side,” Arthur called out to Saul, keeping his hands on the dinghy’s controls before seating himself on the gunwale to the mutant’s right. Winds breezed past his ears, singing songs of invigoration as the dinghy moved through the water. At the sound of Arthur's beckon, Saul's attention returned to the present. Those dark eyes found the Mutant's, gleaming into one another through the excitement in a look of acknowledgment. The Ouread Lads seemed to work in harmony. He moved about nimbly as Arthur toiled in the rear, shifting the weight of the dinghy. The result was a fine bout of boating skill; redirection and weight distribution. What would come next was unexpected, but all-the-while exciting! The incantation riled Saul with horripilation, feeling the arcana express itself in the area as he brewed a spell to life. The Witchwynd proved to be as flavorful as the spellwork, leaving Saul to bear witness in momentary awe. As it were, though, he was on business: there was no room to stand around like a child watching a street performer. As Arthur's form reconfigured to "normalcy", Saul took watch of the vessel they now came upon the starboard side. “YOU BASTARDS!” Thwak! The sailor fired the crossbow, sending its bolt hurtling towards Elias. Lowering himself in the nest, the man called towards the guard captain. A boarding hook attached to a rope was taken up by the mage, who cast it not long after. A squint to keep the sun from blinding him assured a fine throw was underway. The result was a damn fine throw, hunkered down along the woodwork toward the top of the massive ship. "Time to move, Arthur!" He exclaimed, his vitae riled with anticipation beneath his flesh. He found it only mildly unsettling at this point.. but it was not right, after all. Nothing was since returning from the Deep Dark Black, as his mind so leisurely tagged the plane he had found himself in. It was not enough to distract him, yet it always drew curiosity in its most earnest form. His blended forms of perception ramped up in a sort of predatory way, with his eyes scanning the ship as he tethered the dinghy to it. His palm struck the mast, which dispensed a spell that burned its matrices into the wood. The response would be a pulse that would dissuade projectiles while they steadied for boarding. "Take out that dinghy." His mind took note of those in active engagements, settling to bypass the sedentary entities on board and fixate on the opposition at hand. The force of the hammer drew his attention, as if the voice did not already set him off. Men now careened over the edge, setting upon the command of their Guard Captain. In no time at all, His eyes blackened, finally spilling over. Arcana flooded his body much like adrenaline as his mind found purpose. He looked to Arthur and grinned, bowing his head before leaping from the dinghy and finding a foothold above an oar's port hole. Shattered spires glistened in the sky above from the ruined traps, to which Saul willed them to halt and follow him as he boarded. His movements were calculated, swift, and consolidated. As if perusing a craggy rock face, he made his way up the side of the ship; his grip was bolstered by every inkling that flowed through his meridians, which ushered him along smoothly. In no time, he was rolling onto the deck, pulling forth his blade as his free hand became entangled in a mess of black. It crept through his very pores now, coating him like steel fit to his flesh. With time and exasperation, and it would reduce to naught, but that is all he truly needed with it. A clench and yank of his hand through the air brought the stone fragments down in clumped mass. Stones pelted two men who turned from attacking the dinghy to pressing the Mage. they crumpled, soundly resting with minor concussions. In that moment, burst into action, pushing off of the very air beneath his raised back foot. A sword swing in motion. A man(?) in motion. Saul placed his sword in the path of the other, parrying in a winding motion to open the man up; as it stood, he was not even ready for the mage's speed and size. He whirled through the air, jawing the remaining man with the blackened fist. Saul moved toward the points of action, keeping a mind for the Captain as he made his blackened hand's coverage to protect his arm in the near future. A stray bolt of energy found his direction, which drew him toward them. Where they looked up to attack the winged mage, he blew through one of them -- the one who had a piss poor shot from not looking while he cast the shot. Saul found himself defending with his blade and striking more with his hardened limb. Cut hands and bruised bodies would be the result if they kept up with him, or if he had enough time with them. He sought to disarm and disperse their fighting force, as well as open up the sky for safe use and safe landings.
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    Lucinda Valentine

    Custom title raffle 24

    Oh damn, he actually won, well victory goes to the trooper
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    Custom title raffle 24

    Man, I was so close. Welp, better luck next time, ha ha ha. Gratz Hawk
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    Nothing was really alarming to Tenkai about Addison's words. He didn't care one way or the other. There was a difference between an empty threat and a figure of speech. Even if it was serious, he probably would not have blamed her for doing something so drastic after being lied to. Tenkai was actually rather pleased that James didn't react to it poorly, because that would have just been embarrassing for him. Well, at least he was pleased, until James went ahead and responded to it. After having to stand there through the impromptu yet undeniably informative history lesson of Valucre, their very much second adopted home, something about the quippy hidden meanings behind their confusing back and forth actually made the impatient swordsman cringe. Inwardly, at least. He swallowed his exasperation and exhaled it out his nostrils in a sigh, unfolding his arms and sitting up in the seat he had taken. His mind was hit immediately by the question "how the hell is James going to explain all of this to Selene when we get back?" He wouldn't dare mention that now, of course. Besides adding more confusion, it would likely achieve nothing but offending the Master Knight. Perhaps he intended to have the two of them meet immediately to avoid causing any confusion. The last thing James needed was for Selene to see him showing another woman around without any context to the situation. Of course, if Tenkai continued to keep quiet any longer, things would continue to get awkward. "Not to interrupt," Tenkai interrupted, "but as grateful as we are to be your guests, I should probably point out that there are still several Custodes and a handful of Knights back on the other side of the portal who likely have no idea what happened to us. Perhaps we should inform them that the situation is clear before someone jumps to conclusions? If we're to spend the day here, we should make sure everything else is set straight first." @Fierach@Phoebe
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    The First Congregation

    "Soker Kidwt, jurisdiction of Dougton, and I'm pretty damn sure nobody's going to claim my body," she says, glad to see that another woman is in charge around here. Yes, she's from Terrenus Fracture Lagrimosa whatever the continent's name will be next week, and got sent to Genesaris because the drow colony she came from really did not want her there anymore. But to say that colony isn't as misandrist as most other drow colonies is like saying that a theofacist regime isn't as bad as a totalitarian dictator. It is, but not by much. Sokker was taught that men are only good for three things: sacrificial sword/cannon fodder, manual labor, and sex. The fact that they've managed to occupy leadership positions is not a testament to the strength of men, but the weakness of women at large. "No, but i don't have an answer."
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    Valucre humor (and memes) thread

    Me after being here for like, three years:
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    Valucre humor (and memes) thread

    Me after reaching a modest 1000 reputation points.
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    Wings of Steel [Airship]

    " What the hell- You should've told me you idiot! " Houghton pushed himself up off the ground as he booked it to the nearest cover, a simple tree with a few shards of the grenade stuck within it. He slid behind the tree, he took the grenade from his cloak which hadn't blown surprisingly and grasped it in his metallic hand. He repeated Phil's process but faster, throwing the pin and pulling the lever almost immediately. He hesitated for a second, something floated in his mind yet not wasn't the time for it. So he threw the grenade in the same general direction, curling his arm as he threw it far.
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    The First Congregation

    I’d been about to reply to the armored man however as the women spoke up I’d torn my attention from the Goliath of metal, looking to her. I nodded to her as I finally uttered some words, “Ah, thank you. I hope I can live up to the expectations you have for me.” I had a rather calm and silent voice for such a large person. I’d had a deep get young voice, I couldn’t have been over the age of 23. My voice was what one could describe as a wind, it came by silently yet seemed to move the leaves upon even the tallest of trees, my few words seemingly held much more meaning than they actually had.
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    Member of the Month

    I'm sort of doubtful if I deserve this. Oh, what am I saying? Of course, I do! Thank you~.
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    With a little help from his friend(s) The particular character I have in mind was rendered unconscious through their allergy to sirens, basically went into a coma when one tried to seduce him. A friend fished him out of that boiling water
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Word And Law

    Loud laughter resounds among the house. It seems to come from all sides. This impression goes away when Shal, hovering in the air, returns to the roof of Frederika's house. When they appear, it is obvious that the sound comes from them. "I was going to throw a thousand dead mice on your head for what you did." The cat lies in the air. "But you said something very interesting." Shal turns to Frederika. "And you could defend me, as befits a friend! Check the pillows before sleeping so that you don't wake up with the mouse in your hair!" The Cat Spirit is spinning in the air. Circling the talking two. "You don't need laws here. Vytar needs to be uprooted, and her bunch will disperse itself. The rest of the dryads are also suitable for weeding! You heard about the last slaughter in Vitas Village?"
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    Alright, so where to even begin? The name is Leonard, though you can just call me L for short. I am one of the leaders of a community of RPers from 9gag Anime and Manga community. Due to the site being absolutely toxic to everything rp related, from invisible comments, posts and threads to shadowbanning and random removal of old posts containing thousands upon thousands of paragraphs of character lore that took months or even years to build, we have decided to begin scouting potential sites to migrate to. Initial scouting has revealed that Valucre may just be the site we are looking for! But enough about the OOC, lets get to the fun part, the roleplay! Of which I understand absolutely nothing here and would love to get a simplistic crackdown from anyone willing to spare the time. Now, I have spent some time reading up on the New Members Guide, which is wonderfully constructed, but I can't say that I understand everything quite yet. I also hope that I am not inconveniencing anyone by posting this here. I've also set up an extremely preliminary Character Sheet for you all to browse through, laugh at and critique. -- [Rhean "Tyros" Ryszard-Mayne] statistics Epithet: Null Moniker: Tyros Title: Hemoknight Visual Age: 20 Birth Place: Unknown Race: Self-Augmented Human Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Male (feminine male – ie Astolfo/Mordred from the Fate series) Class: Berserker Spellsword physiology – Alexythymic Parent Hair: Gold Eyes: Gold Height: 150cm Weight: 50kg Voice: Commanding/Eerie/Cruel/Patronizing Build: Lithe, Highly Muscular Condition: Heavily wounded, seemingly unfazed though clearly weakened clothing - Red silk undergarments, pants, shirt, gloves underneath a full set of silvery plate armor. skills – Unnatural Strength, moderate speed, unsettling aura, Berserk Revelry (faster the more blood he spills, Blood magic healing (only usable on others), Blood Regeneration (healing physical wounds in exchange for mana) and Boil Blood (used on enemies as a damaging spell or on allies as a form of buff). MOST IMPORTANT – Is capable of using blood magic to augment his own body provided he has the right ingredients on hand. (Dragon blood, for instance) inventory – A Golden Crusader's Cross with a blood-red diamond as its heart. (Tyros' magical focus) Credits: Character is heavily inspired by Mordred Pendragon (Fate; Apocrypha), alongside my OC form of said character which I RP as on 9gag. -- P-S A short explanation on how to actually begin roleplaying or create a solitary RP with which to introduce our group of 40+ people to this strange new world would be wonderful and appreciated!
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    I wrote a (if I do say so myself) pretty damn baller section for James on tricking fate, and somehow dying and surviving both at once to obtain the Genesar Cornerstone of Space. As a Stone-Wielder, this puts James Eredas on a pretty legendary standing in the world gives the Order of Force Majeure more influence throughout all the continents, and puts opponents and allies on edge alike.
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    [Nu Sicily] that's gonna hurt.

    Nunzio shrugged and sat down, allowing Isadora to pour him a drink. "I wasn't gonna say that, exactly. I mean, maybe it was a little, but I get it." He sipped his bourbon, briefly glad that the Fedeles were more free with the top-shelf stuff than Don Centanni tended to be. "The way I figure it, the best way to get to the perps here is to put pressure on the community. This kind of op ain't a one- or two-man operation; they gotta have support, logistics, gear, a safehouse, and those all probably come from the people they trust. Other teeth. Start leaning on the teeth, and somebody is gonna crack; if only to keep their kids or their husbands from ending up in a silver coffin at the bottom of the harbor." The ice in Nunzio's drink clinked against the edge of the glass as he lightly swirled it. "Only problem with your way was, a blanket bounty like that makes 'em think they ain't got a chance to negotiate with you. The head honchos might go to another family for protection; I don't know if Don Salvatore or Don Gualtiero would cross us like that, but I don't like those kinda gambles." He held up a hand. "I ain't sayin' I'm against you, so we're clear. I've got a list of troublemakers; I've put my boys to figuring out which of those lowlifes are also teeth, and then we're gonna start balancing the books with them. Make it all look like legitimate family business, when everyone knows what we're really looking for. If that don't work, we'll start shaking down their businesses and upping protection fees, calling it 'kidnapping insurance'. And when we come up with something, I'll bring it straight to you and let you make the calls." Nunzio glanced around the room, wondering how far his newfound authority went in terms of talking to the other Dons. "So look, ain't nobody here asked me for my advice, and I don't wanna sound like I'm tellin' you how to run your business," he began, his confidence wavering slightly, "But if yous did ask my advice, I'd say maybe take the bounty back; the fact you put it out there and were serious, all by its lonesome, might scare up a few defectors. Leave the rumor that you could, at any point, say 'Fuck it, I'm done playin' detective, take 'em all down.'" He cleared his throat and took another sip, then continued. "Right now, they've got two areas of the city that are about to be no-go zones. Maybe more, depending on what the other Dons do. I don't think we're gonna have to work that hard, or spend that much cash, to ferret out the guys who did this. And then they're literally gonna be walking dead men."
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    [Nu Sicily] make one's bones

    Nunzio ignored Isadora's pokes; he barely felt them, and they did nothing to damped his wry grin. "I'll say yes, but you're gonna end up regretting it," he laughed. At her request for an escort, Nunzio offered his arm without hesitation; he had the sudden feeling that as soon as Isadora left his sight, the party would be over and all that was left was the imagining of "could have beens" and the cleanup. That was the downside of parties; they ended, and the world kept turning in the background behind them. Two-by understood why some people never bothered to swim out from the depths of a bottle, even if he considered staying there to be an essentially cowardly act. He let Isadora lead him towards the front door; on the doorstep, the doorman who'd taken his brass knuckles and his piece (@Darthgamer101) was still holding his vigil, although now the enormous man had some smaller company. While it was possible Isadora's "business" was with the goliath on the stoop, Nunzio felt it was more likely that she was here to see the other woman. Her comely face did little to hide her capability, in Nunzio's expert appraisal. Something about her mannerisms put him on edge; on his own recognizance, Nunzio would have no sooner engaged this person in social discourse than he would have had a friendly chat with a asp, and for the same reasons. Nunzio let this strange woman size him up without comment. Isadora might introduce them, or she might not, but he would leave that to be her call. Knowledge was power, and Nunzio wasn't entirely sure he was willing to give up the little nugget of power that was his identity without further need, or at least without further prompting. A looming shadow always inspired more caution than a man with a name. He returned her gaze silently, letting the question bounce, unanswered, between them. Riforte. Two-by couldn't say he'd heard the name before, but then he also couldn't say he hadn't; maybe he'd read it in one of the Consigliere's lists. He'd have to check when he got home. He leaned against the doorframe, listening to Isadora speak while wondering what business these two would have together. There was no point in asking questions; all the information he needed would come on its own, or it wouldn't.
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    "Not Yet." Alastaire answered to the other flier of the group. He hadn't really had any time to get to know this man, since it's been strict business since they linked up with Arthur. Even now, alone on this cliff side, Alastaire's demeanor led him only to communicate the bare necessities. He kept his eyes on the sandbar down below for the most part but he couldn't help but look to the horizon every now and again. It didn't take very long for the ship in question to appear. Alastaire looked to the sandbar and saw the alchemist waving his hands frantically. The sorcerer couldn't help himself but chuckle. Was this the big signal? It served him well enough. "Now." His voice remained even and calm. He took in a deep breath after he spoke and spread his wings to their full breadth. Each limb was as long as he was tall, reaching into the air and flexing. The slender digit portions of his wings belied the powerful muscles underneath. With little more than a grunt and a leap, Alastaire beat his wings with force, blasting the space where he previously stood with a gust of wind that could knock a man clean off his feet if he wasn't careful. This shot the sorcerer high, his legs curling in under his body and his tail whipping in a spiral for stability. He caught a draft of ocean breeze and allowed it to carry him as it would for the time being. They had a game plan. He wasn't here to take the ship all on his lonesome. No heroic drop onto the deck with a fancy pose. No, indeed, his preparations would be put to work in the next moments. The guards on the deck would no doubt aim to shoot down any would-be bandits such as himself, and so he sought to keep his position far away and in the sun to make this more difficult. From the cloth roll he drew the first of his seven stone daggers. He spoke words that few today would understand, but which could be recognized as some dialect of draconic. "Throden makaidic." His crystallized blood answered some ancestral call, shimmering with arcane machination. He tossed the stone haphazardly and yet it flew in a nearly straight line towards the ship below a loud whistle. This object was not aimed at anyone in particular. Instead it sought to sink itself into the deck surface, burying the tip in for just a moment. Then, after that moment, the arcana gathered within the blood coating erupted from within the stone knife. The object burst into a dozen small razors of flint, scattering at upward angles towards anyone foolish enough to remain near it. The ship was valuable, it's crew not so much, and while these were unlikely to kill they were excellent for wounding. Over the next moments, Alastaire would spend his attention throwing the remaining six while evading. The Guard Captain left the Captain's Quarters, his armor donned and his hammer in hand. He gripped the haft with his right hand, letting the weight of the hammer rest across his shoulders. As a sailor, this man's hammer was modified in such a way as to make the weapon useful for more than just hitting stuff. While the hammer face would usually be opposite to a spike or an axe blade, this hammer sported a hook and a spade-point tip. It looked like a boarding hook with a four point hammer bit attached. It didn't take long for his nerves to be confirmed. His premonition of danger revealed itself as a figure from the nearby cliffs. Some winged beast. "What is that?!" He shouted to the crows nest, demanding a reply from the man with the spyglass. "I-i'ts a man! With wings!" The scout shouted back. "Is he stupid?" The Guard Captain mused aloud, wondering what kind of ploy this figure planned. When he threw his dagger, it whistled towards the boat with a bright red glow. The projectile was swift, and yet it struck no one in particular. It didn't take a genius to figure it was dangerous, but just in case. "Cover!" The Captain barked, pointing his hammer towards the group of guards nearest the stone knife. "Volley!" He continued, pointing to a different group of five. Each guard only had two charges. There wasn't much sense having all fifteen shoot at a single man.
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    The Frontier

    Pulse: Hub of the Frontier Canyon City, Tu Bui The Frontier is a civilian, Terran-based project created to send scientists, explorers, and colonists to settle in Taen. Tracing its roots back to a powerful business syndicate, the initiative derives most of its funding from a tightly-knit group of privately held corporations. Its ultimate goal is to establish a permanent presence in Taen as a means of capitalizing on its resources and studying its interdimensional nature. Geography Topography Directly to the north of Pulse lies one end of the mountain quadrant, host to a vast subterranean network that remains largely unexplored. To the south and west stretch miles of vibrant jungle, with generous quantities to the east bordering the edge of Taen. Cityscape Pulse is a bustling city despite its relative infancy, nestled in a jungle plain near the southern end of Taen’s mountain range. Thick, armoured walls, roughly fifty feet in height, surround it on all fronts with the exception of the mountainside acting as a natural blockade. A singularly monolithic tower, which can be seen scraping the sky from miles away, resides at the city’s core while functioning as the Frontier’s main base of operations. Known as the Sanctum, it was modelled after the colossal micro-cities of Hell’s Gate, being internally self-sustaining with regards to energy, food, water, and waste disposal. The majority of its facilities are purely utilitarian, being dedicated to industry and scientific research rather than entertainment and leisure. A heavily-guarded mining district controls the northern section of Pulse, regulating access to the underground highway leading directly beneath the mountains. Expeditions haven’t ventured far but what’s been explored of the cave network has been appropriated by the Frontier. Fungi farms have been especially successful, in addition to fisheries built along subterranean lakes. Pulse isn’t large enough to warrant too many roadways, so it relies on a rail and shuttle system for public transportation throughout the city. The Sanctum, likewise, operates on elevators and automated walkways, with security and maintenance staff getting access to carts and freight shafts. Colonial One, Adriaan224 Climate Pulse enjoys a tropical climate, remaining comfortably warm throughout the year. Peak temperatures occur during the summer with heavy rainfalls frequenting the winter. Depending on the time of day, certain parts of the city will experience cooler temperatures, as the Sanctum’s shadow is so utterly massive that it can blanket entire districts for hours at a time. Culture The first settlers of the Frontier were recruited from the best and brightest Terrenus had to offer. Combined with the regimented nature of their environment, they developed a society that values efficiency and solidarity. Residents are typically passionate about their work, drawn by the promise of adventure in an alien world, with unemployment being virtually nonexistent due to the Frontier’s meticulous handle over its own resources. Newcomers tend to be of a similarly high caliber, since the organization relies on a stringent screening process upon immigration. It’s also wary of third-party businesses, allowing few to set up shop without strict supervision. Crime is extremely low but has seen a minor spike as of late, likely as a result of a rapidly-expanding infrastructure offering more wiggle room in terms of deviance. There is a general air of caution concerning Taen’s native population. This is primarily due to tensions between the Frontier and the Veluriyam Empire threatening to boil over into hostility. The Director of Colonial Affairs has made an effort to quell any feelings of animosity, having recently launched a campaign to foster better relationships with outsiders. Limited work opportunities are not uncommon as a result, with benefits including free education and temporary housing. The public’s reaction has been mostly positive so far, though a clear sense of division still lingers in the air, making it difficult for outsiders to truly fit in or feel like they belong. Racial Demographic (Population of 250,000) Human: 70% Elf: 10% Robotic: 10% Draconian: 5% Other: 5% Economy Pulse is entirely self-sufficient and continues to grow at a staggering rate, thanks to the Sanctum’s vast array of facilities and the abundance of materials found in the local environment. The city is not infinitely wealthy, however, and has to be careful about how to manage its resources. Ventures beyond the walls tend to be far and few in between but with fairly high profit margins to offset their scarcity. Lab-grown food remains a staple in most diets. High-yield carbohydrates and textured proteins are especially prevalent. Pulse’s farming industry is still young and learning how to properly harvest from the environment, so natural ingredients are rare and, more often than not, fairly expensive. As the central hub of the Frontier, Pulse is also responsible for many of the initiative’s smaller settlements. Trade occurs almost exclusively on this level without touching the Veluriyam Empire whatsoever. Business with Terrenus is sporadic due to the impractical nature of warp travel. This usually manifests in the form of a rare supply shipment at important junctures to cultiave Pulse's continued growth. Frontier technology is easily the most advanced in all of Taen. Even by Terran standards, the project could be considered cutting edge to the point of fantasy. Recyclers, devices capable of breaking down materials into their raw, individual components, are the unsung heroes of the current generation. Fusion power and AI are just as important in the maintenance of infrastructure, while breakthroughs in medicine have radicalized developments in the average citizen’s health. Currently, the city’s biggest endeavour is learning how to master worldrift energy. Credit: Kenneth Fairclough, Fred Augis, Oliver Guiney Government For all intents and purposes, Pulse’s government is the Frontier’s government. It is run by Director Richard Tanenbaum with the aid of a small council comprised of Pulse’s departmental heads. Council: Director, Richard Tanenbaum Superintendent, Luyn Kaigal Head of Research and Development, Mark Chowdhurry Chief of Security, Javier Ibaka Director of Colonial Affairs, Eileen Zhang Security The Frontier came to Taen with its own privately funded military, a small force that makes up for its size with state-of-the-art technology. Soldiers both protect the city from exterior threats and police it from within. Anyone entering or exiting the city must pass through quarantine and security without exception. 6000 soldiers 30 destroyer-class airships 20 Ogre Assault Mechs 50 suits of power armour Notable Locations Within the Sanctum > The Lift – the largest and most central set of elevators. Authorization, often presented in the form of a security pass, is required to access certain floors. > Residential Blocks A, B, C, D, E – living quarters clustered in densely populated common areas. They come in a variety of pods, cabins, or luxury apartments depending on a person’s rank within the Sanctum. > Skywalk – located near the upper floors, Skywalk is essentially a giant balcony protruding from the microcity’s trunk. All manner of entertainment is found here, as the area is solely recreational. Invisible forcefields prevent people from falling over the railing and down a kilometre-long drop. They also help to maintain a comfortable temperature at an altitude that would otherwise be considered freezing. Artists: Gary Inloes, Kory Lynn Hubbel Outside the Sanctum > Miru Highway – a guarded thoroughfare located within the northern mining district, extending two miles beneath the mountains with several branching pathways along its length. The subterranean portion is lit by a mixture of artificial and natural lighting, the latter existing in the form of lightstones and bioluminescent flora. Fungi and fish farms can be found here. > Arboretum – a small patch of jungle preserved during Pulse’s construction, and a hotspot among locals looking for a quiet escape from the city's hustle and bustle. It is located directly beside the southern section of the walls. There’s been talk about potentially doubling the area as an open zoo. > Saiko District – a flashy commercial and business centre with a strong sense of cultural diversity. Widely regarded as the best place to go for food, shopping, leisure and entertainment. History Beginning in mid 595 WTA, Richard Tannenbaum sent agents to investigate the portals leading to Taen through the Blue Hills. One of these portals was discovered to be stable, remaining active for a set few hours during the day. It opened onto a wide open plain straddling the line between Taen’s jungle and mountain quadrants. Tannenbaum hired a select few companies to go there in secret and begin construction of a massive warp pad, while development of the Sanctum took place in an isolated corner of Hell’s Gate. In 597 WTA, the warp pad was used to teleport the now-completed Sanctum to its location, anchoring the micro-city in place after expending its single-use charge. From there, the Sanctum was able to start building the wall that would cement its foothold in Taen. The territory was later renamed as Pulse once the community outside the Sanctum had grown to a significant size. Lunaris took notice of Pulse’s presence when scouts reported the sudden appearance of a massive tower overnight. Many believed the Frontier to be an extended arm of the Terran military. Suspicions, despite a few lackluster efforts, have not been put to rest since, and the Frontier's unapologetic efforts at expansion have left the Veluriyam Empire concerned. Potential WIP
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