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    V.C.F Recruitment Page Good day lady/gentlemen, this message has reached you because you are the best of the best, the top of the shelf, the crème de la crème of Valucrean society. Be it for your martial prowess, your vast intellect, your practical specificality or your resourcefulness on the field, we could not have asked for better men and women to protect the life of those weak and innocent around us. We are the Valucrean Containment Foundation. We revel in death to uphold life. We wage wars to maintain peace. We thrive in chaos so that the world remains orderly. We are the bastions that protect. Of course, our history streches far and wide, and our influence vast and powerful, but you may satisfy your curiosity in your own time. Today, you have been called. This is your opportunity to be one of the sentinels of civilization, the torch of society. We are inviting you to become a VCF operative. Consider it well, we await your arrival. -Overseer council [648]th wave of invitation. Good evening! Hopefully you are doing well. I've been here for give or take, half a year, but ever since I returned I really wanted to establish myself as a presence that can be felt in Valucre, to a point where at least if I went AFV, someone would ask "Oh hey where's that anonymous guy?" and of course my first stage of this plan is site-wide domination >:) So I decided I would love to connect and establish relationships with the lot of you Valucrean community, by way of this organization! I made this as a dead ringer of the SCP foundation, and of course thanks to the vortex at the center and implications of a multiverse far before that, it is connected somewhat to the VCF 😄 The VCF acts as a valucrean-wide organization that is essentially a "we do bad stuff for good things, end justify the means" kinda organization. A few weeks/months ago, two people established interest in being a part of the VCF, and I thought to myself that a Foundation without it's representatives is rather just dull and boring 😄 So thanks to Supernal's helpfulness, coupled with @Metty and @The Fire Heart's enthusiasm, I got a club made under the VCF banner and am inviting anyone interested to join. With plenty of jobs like Agents, Special agents, Researchers, etc", your characters can be virtually anything they want and more! Of course, I am all for creative writing and I absolutely HATE when people restrict a person's writing, so if there is a character under the VCF lore, they are free to do as they please 😄 A good example of this is @Metty's Arashi who has been on multiple RPs either representing the VCF, or doing her own gig 😄 Your character could very much be a VCF agent as a part time job! So, if you have a little bit of good in your heart and a whole lot of evil to project onto the bad guys, come join us! Be those new or old on the site, we accept all and discriminate none 🙂
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    New era, new guidelines! If you're interested in medieval fantasy and wild adventures, check out Ursa Madeum! 😍 (And maybe swing by the Queendom of Svanhild for funsies? 😉)
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    Annoying I kinda have to refrain from active planning because I already know potential answers and shit. You guys seem like you're having fun
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    This is my apology to all you folk. I said I wouldn't disappear again, then I got my first teaching position and it completely took over my life. :( Regrets! I'm sorry.
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    desolate milkshake

    Favorite dragon?

    Fire Emblem. For one, the Wyvern Lord class is OP. In terms of unique design, I'm partial to Grima and the Manaketes in Awakening, though Fae's design in Binding Blade is interesting. Honorable mentions to Dragon Tribe Laguz.
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    A Cure For What Aleth You

    As Argi hauled off, Elizabeth pulled something from her garments, an arcane eye. She lifted her blindfold, socketing the orb securely. It synchronized with her conscious will, animating, assuming normality in appearance. This wasn't meant as a means to see, moreso, a way to convert arcane information between her mind and body. In a sense, she was preparing to defend herself, tethering her body directly to her spirit; although she had hoped that she could've avoided such. Her annoying assistant hadn't gotten her attention, but instead the Cardinal's. His old brain wracked over the information Emile had obtained, not able to discern anything from it. He was a fantastic mercenary, but didn't know anything about structured design, any topography or the like. Still, his dull mind took in what it could, and he shared a bit of his snack with the air as he spit out the info. "You might want to see this. Something about the granaries and the Enrele." Elizabeth raised a brow, taking the documents and browsing them for a moment. No, they didn't make sense to her either; at least not at first. Nothing added up, Argi had disclosed that Aleth was somewhere underground. Other evidence suggested that it resided near the granary. Below the granary then, seemed logical in thought. Perhaps in the sewer, but that seemed a bit beyond the people of Dougton, to structure intelligent design and maximize their crop growth with sewage. Yet, they did yield plentiful crops so. Who or what, where, when, why, and how; all without an answer. The questions remained up in the air for a moment, before the answer came crashing into epiphany. It was a strange instinct, a feeling, which she was familiar with. Not the same as the other before it. Perhaps this one would be more perceptive of that which Meryam was not, or perhaps neither cared at all. Those feint, creeping threads of energy, this time crawling from the scientist herself. More vibrant and discernable as she focused, tethering to her body, trailing from Casper. The coils turned inward, drawing slowly toward the hilltop, in a process which would take some time to give definition. The Ventrix Mind had suspected foul play of sorts, from the beginning. She had expected to walk into a trap at some point, no doubt. What she couldn't account for was time and happenstance, neither which seemed on her side now. She was certain, however, that Dougton was much more than it had seemed. It was a place of power which housed a mundane people, and Patton realized why Aleth would be underground. In the sewers, the ground, it mattered not, there was still the consistent theme between. Water. The question of 'Why would Aleth be in Dougton?' drew her speculation once. The Enrele in Casper wanted water too, so they took to the ocean. Then why not Aleth? Power, of sorts. A dreadful thought which brought drawls of doubt about her allies. They were all strong, different, but disorganized. Aleth was like her, smart, collected, but a step ahead of herself. Here among the ley lines, she wondered for a moment, why they had even come at all. Was it all too late?
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    Aya's been fairly cryptic about her abilities. She only said that she could heal and use blessings, and she said that there's some individuals it simply wouldn't work on, Dauner being one of them. She hasn't really said *why* it doesn't work on him and I doubt Dauner knows, either. She also mentioned that her source of power doesn't originate from the planet itself, so OC's can take that how they will. As for what she's shown IC... She used a single spell to disable the Yuuja temporarily, so an observant type could assume she can divide the same spell among a large number of smaller opponents. The same person could also realize that Aya said she could only use blessings and healing, but that kind of spell is clearly a curse, or a form of crowd control. It'd be safe to assume she has more tricks up her sleeve than just that 1 spell. She's also displayed telepathy and empathy, and Argi exposed that she can use telekinesis by means of throwing minors at her. Ira just displayed enchanting and destructive AoE spells in the last couple posts, assuming anyone saw that. Myuil showed his ability to get larger and his breath attack in the fight with the Yuuja, though, he's with Dauner at present.
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    A repository for all my fumblings! *Under indefinite construction Character profiles! Fracture: DESIGNATION: BANDIT Taen: Slake, the Aboleth Eater Danava Ursa Madeum: The Chimaera of Thrace Lore! Taen: Lizardfolk of Taen
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    Fundamentally speaking, I'm apparently missing something here. Wouldn't falling back and hunkering down be in an attempt to 'hold the line' which you stated you didn't see as a viable option? Inducing harmonic resonance very much seems like a way to do as I suggested, and beat Aleth to the punch before it does the same; and becomes the influence that would surround us. I hadn't suggested that we exceed or raise the bar of an MP setting, rather escalate to the top of that precipice of power. As a general example, with the maximum output of power being compared to a single grenade blast (which mostly everyone has exceeded at this point in one way or another regardless) we wouldn't be amplifying that blast, but rather, holding MORE explosives to continue to achieve the same means, if that makes sense to anyone. In a time of crisis, emotion runs high, and by having everyone connect to a spiritual medium (imagine that we have psionics in our group capable of empathetic ability) we'd be able to attach them to a construct (we have one of those.) If everyone was emotionally displaying a sense of Purpose (to defeat Aleth) which is an emotion of the highest frequency, we could flow that through Pelduin as a sort of beacon, regardless of "interfering forces" as long as they really put their cause into the fight. I'd also advise falling back to an advantageous position. In short, it's either fight, or flight; and they'll want to get it figured out very quickly. The group is standing on a landmine, like literally, so it's about time to diffuse the situation, or gtfo before it explodes. Their IC time is ticking.
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    Claustrophobia: This stage takes advantage of the options within Force Majeure’s training arenas to the fullest. A set of narrow corridors barely six feet across, linking nine small rooms that are nine by nine feet, all arranged in in a square. The ceiling is 11 feet high, but it’d do you little good as you navigate the tight environments and attempt to best your foe. The Custode escorting you to the arena tells you that the place was built to simulate for battles in tunnels, or aboard airships, places of limited movement and fierce close-range combat. There would be indeed be fierce close-range combat here. Both parties start in one of the square rooms on the far opposite side, in direct sight of the other, separated by two corridors and one room. Round 3: Arthur Uskglass (Player: @Voldemort) versus Caeceila Glasmann (Player: @The Alexandrian) Battles begin 1/20/2020 and will run until 2/23/2020 WEAPON CONDITIONS: Only two weapons may be brought. Dual swords count as two. Shields are banned. Polearms are banned.
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    Argentspire II: Escort

    As Mathias pulled swathes of the swarm into his flame the others continued to be attacked. It was quickly becoming apparent that he didn't have a strong enough gravity well to exorcise the mass of deadly insects. Realizing that his options were dwindling down to one, he braced himself to ignite the airspace, and burn away all the immediate oxygen in the air. The ramifications could not be anticipated with little time to think, but he knew the damage would be immense if he followed through. Extinguishing the flame and gravity well, he preps the energy he had to begin a chain reaction, cringing at the thought of the impact from the impending explosion... When Mara called out to them, he gasped a sigh of relief only to suffer the pain of insects entering his throat. As he scrambled into the bag, he dropped the contents to the ground. Blood welled up on the damaged pores in his skin as he extracted a laser from its case. With little time to attach a power source he swung his arm to the side, throwing off a gauntlet, and proceeded to jam his hand into the power casing of the laser. Tattoos on his arm ignited in a silver glow as he powered it. Using the last of his willpower to ignore the pain and focus, Mathias aimed the laser into the swarm. With the pull of the trigger the laser bursted out in a vertical line to ignite the swarm. If it didn't do the job, he'd have only one course of action.
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    The Claws Estate

    It was a striking change from recent experience for Shane Haydes, who found herself being practically given the red carpet treatment as a guest of honor, rather than being viewed as a filthy peon like always seemed to be the case otherwise. This was her first job since she had been baptized into the Blackspear Cartel during their joint expedition with House Karradeen, many months ago, and she was more than a little nervous. There was nobody to back her up, and what's more, the Mistress had entrusted her with secretly protecting her sister, who was one of the other guests. As Shane stepped off of the carriage and was escorted toward the mansion, she spotted the blond-haired woman that she presumed to be Middy's little sister, though she quickly averted her eyes to avoid staring. Glancing around at the servants, the decorum, and finally, the woman who was to be their host, Shane suddenly got that distinct feeling like she had come underdressed. She was wearing nothing more than blue jeans (albeit, nice-looking brand-new ones) and a dark green sweater with white and scarlet patterns, as well as plain brown work boots. She did also have a black coat, ostensibly to keep out the winter cold, though the actual reason for her possessing it was because it was the standard cartel uniform (though this coat was absent the cartel's emblem, for the sake of anonymity during this mission). Although she didn't anticipate trouble, she did have a gun hidden under her sweater. Their host spoke, calling the group a "lovely bunch", fitting given that all the guests were women it appeared. Even so, being referred to like that made Shane turn a bit red, as she was not used to being referred to as such, even indirectly. She twitched a little upon realizing that she was probably blushing in front of everyone, and quickly straightened herself out. She was internally cursing her own idiocy as their host led them to the warming room, when suddenly the declaration that introductions were in order reached her ears. That sent Shane into a brief, internal panic, as the sudden stress made her forgot her plan on how to handle her own introduction. "Oh right, I wasn't actually going to try and hide it... sheesh..." she thought to herself in annoyance, before forcing a smile and responding to Ms. Luna Claws, "My name is Shane Haydes, though people just call me Shae. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, uh... ma'am."
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    Fennis Ursai

    Silver Ticket Calling

    Lexicus had gathered the last of his things, he would wait no longer for last minute entries. "Jaw finder, madame, it is time." The merchant rose from his chair and walked for the door. He gave a light nod towards the tavern keep and would begin his path towards the cart. The large beast of burden was more than ready to get the move on. Lexicus took his position at the front of the cart, taking the reigns in hand. "I regret to inform you both that being the cart is laden with quite a burden I cannot take on more weight, however there are horses for rent if you would rather ride on a beast than walk. The journey will take some time, however my old pull is more than capable to bare this weight for a long time to come." Lexicus would flick the reigns, giving a quick whistle to signal to his beast he was ready. It took the message and shook off the feeling of restlessness. The beast was large enough to bare Anna's weight easily for long distances, however it was to only thing to pull the cart. Unhitched, the beast was a danger to anyone foolish enough to give it a fight. The best description of this beast was that it was a mass of muscle and fat reserves looking akin to a buffalo only larger and with horns akin to Water Buffalo with thick hide that most weapons had a had difficult time penetrating. To top it off, this one was laden with a few enchants to make it even tougher, harder to pierce it's flesh. It'd seen combat more than once, being a descendant from many different species of cattle. The beast was a species known as Agroks, commonly used by a tribe of orcs and their ogre allies of the Tishnagal tribe...off world beast. The pace was not very quick, but it was sluggish either. Faster enough to be quicker than regular walking speed, more like a jogging speed. Had the cart not been weighed down with supplies, the Agrok would been able to move nearly double the speed. Lexicus would slow the pace if need be but not by much. "Plenty of ground to cover today." The weather was agreeable enough, partly cloudy with the sunshine owning a majority of the land. There was a light breeze as well, crisp air, fresh from a night rain. Grasslands with splotches of trees and some wildlife grazing. Some adolescent deer showing off their dominance to one another, quiet overall.
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    Argentspire Expedition Hub OOC

    Go for it! It's made to cut through rock and metal and carve out tunnels, so I suggest not pointing it at the other members of the party, lol. The beam can be modified to be a single point or a line like so: https://giphy.com/gifs/laser-cleaning-rust-KKpiJO1Piov16
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    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    @-Lilium- The demonic imps screeched as they crawled upon Eshara. Jagged blackened blades glinted in their hands as they stabbed at the Greatsword. Despite their size, these were unholy weapons capable of scourging gouges even in his thick, powered plate, but with Selene's help he defended himself from the worst of it and pulled one off, then again, throwing them back against the oncoming swarm. The screaming little monsters were swallowed up by the rushing tide of its comrades, but that short delay allowed Eshara to bring up his gun anew and open fire, blasting through several of the miniature beasts with each shot, and holding them back. In the front of the column, gunfire continued to rain down upon James and the Guardians, steadily absorbed by the thick riot shields the latter carried. With the Sunsphere formed in his hand, James leaned from his alcove and hurled down the corridor, yelling a warning for the others to cover up. It was as if the sun burned forth from the ball of fire, exploding down the hallway amidst the enemy defensive position with a thunderclap of sound and a flash of blinding light. James sped down the hallway. The majority of the incoming fire was cut to nil as the defenders struggled with having their senses overwhelmed, and sight blinded, and what stray bullets did reach the Daemonslayer cratered harmlessly off his armor. As James reached them, he slew the defenders in a rather one-sided struggle. With pistol in one hand and sword in the other, each blow was a precisely judged killing stroke, the brains and blood of the defenders scattered across the airship’s interior. In the rear, the horde of imps were thinning out. Many of them lost heart at their slaughter, and inability to get past Selene and Eshara. A small remainder of them threw themselves at the two as the last of them turned and fled. With the sheer bulk and power of his armor Eshara crushed them, swatting them aside with a fist and crushing another imp’s head by bringing his gun down upon it, while Selene no doubt handled the others, likely with more grace. He turned and nodded to her his thanks for her support with a polite, if short “My thanks. Lady Belfried”, even as the call came in from ahead that all was clear, and that they could keep moving. They had to keep moving. This location had been only one of many strongpoints that were setup strategically to find, and slow down the boarders. From the crackling of a nearby comm unit on one of the corpses, James knew that they had gotten off a warning message before they were killed, and the Daemonslayer had no doubt that enemy reinforcements were now making their way to their location. Things could get truly dangerous if they got surrounded and were bogged down, but luckily they were close now. Five more minutes of travel and tromping through the decks of the airship brought them to the reinforced bulkhead that separated the ship’s bridge from the rest of the warped vessel. Even in its descrecrated state, with Kadian markings blemished and the skulls and souls of damned men embedded into its surface, it was a sturdy obstacle, but James didn’t wish to take the risk to use what explosives they had on them to blow the door through. As this barrier was a new intersection, the Master Knight ordered the Guardians to take up covering positions, with the Greatsword in their center. Holstering his pistol, he brought up his tachi instead, channeling his aura of flame through it. Slowly the blade began to burn, growing in intensity until it was more akin to a laser cutter then a torch in focus and power. With his other hand, the Daemonslayer etched a set of arcane, unknowable runes across the door in crimson flame, light tracing off a gauntleted finger. The metal of the bulkhead groaned as the symbols were completed, the curse weakening it on a metaphysical level, and the Daemonslayer slammed his sword straight through at a corner, beginning the arduous task of cutting through several layers of bulwark designed to keep people like him out. This would take time. The Guardians, Greatsword, and Selene would have to buy them that time. From three hallways, three directions, came a howling fresh horde of attackers. The enlisted dredges of humanity bore autoguns and other projectile firearms and they stalked alongside the daemonic imps from earlier. They were now however, were now accompanied by much larger cousins. Standing at over seven feet tall, the largest of the new daemons re hunched over as they approached through the corridors, and wore even uglier, bastardized visages of the beastmen that were assailing the city below. In their hands they held glowing swords that constantly dripped with blood, evidence of high, or at least higher favor with their dark gods. The very first of them that saw the boarding party seemed to grow enraged, and burst forward with a sudden vigor, smashing aside any lesser unfortunate servant that happened to be in its path in attempt to come to grips with the Custodes, Selene, and James. Its charge was halted by the sudden appearance of a great number of holes cratered across its upper body as Eshara gave the order to open fire, but even as this monster’s corpse toppled back, the ones behind it came on just as quickly and fiercely. “Buy me time” James growled back as he continued to carve through the nearly-meter thick bulkhead that lead to the bridge.
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    Argentspire Expedition Hub OOC

    Also, would igniting all the oxygen in the space be acceptable? @Csl, because it is looking more and more like a good idea. Could use the energy from one of the batteries as a quick jumpstarter. Since there's a cutting laser how effective would it be at dealing with the swarm?
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    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    Alexa's mask began pumping and filtering oxygen to her as the smoke began to blanket the area, the air heavy with a supernatural quantity of ashen substance and detritus. It became clear to her that something was amiss... The imps had fallen, some of them turning craven and escaping back into the confines of the ship, and as the team trudged deeper into the bowels of the massive daemon cruiser, the more unnatural their path became. It was like walking on the blood stream of a gigantic, infected creature, their presence a virus the body would work savagely to purge off it's twisted insides. It was no surprise they did not see it coming until it was too late. The Inquisitor felt the pull of the knight's aura like an animal would react to pure survival instinct. She had felt it before, like every sense in her body shooting into a maximum alert, ready to fight, flee... or die. She tried to warn them... To tell them of their impending doom at the blood-soaked claws of the Blackened beast. But she was too slow, or the knight too fast, or perhaps both. It would not matter, as his presence would send those unaware of his unholy influence into a reckless rage. They did not stand a chance. She just began to shoot it, yelling a futile retreat to the Guardians, falling unheard on the fevered pitch of battle. Lena began to advance as well, her weapons ready to meet against the daemon. "No!!" The Inquisitor yelled, however, as her mask's lenses sparked in a teal glow and her hand shot into the air, grabbing Lena with her powers and pulling her back from the daemon's reach. "No! Inquisitor! Release me now! I must... I must go! My brothers!" She screamed in response. But it was over in a heartbeat. The broken warriors at the feet of the towering facsimile of a knight, his maw consuming their flesh at the same time he spoke his vicious taunts towards the survivors. Alexa stepped back... Her trembling hands holding her head in exhasperation, her weapons still firmly gripped and shaking along. She felt so much sadness, so much fear, a tidal wave of emotions. The warp was so deafening in there... Every pulse and every crunch the ship made, every crack and gulp the foe's feeding caused, a festering fear she had felt so many times before and never failed to reel it's head back into her mind... But in this cacophony, a sudden realization came... The Inquisitor, in her state, found one emotion she had rarely faced... Rage. Anger... No... It was more... Stronger, intense. FURY. It was not the bloodcurling, senseless anger of battle. It was not the dark, giddy pleasure of the crimson spectacle before her. It was beyond such low, base emotions, the anathema of the ruinous filth the Dark Gods fed from. She raised her head high, the glow in her visor an intense, shimmering azure as she holstered her pistol and leveled her arm towards the monster. With a modulated scream, her hand balled into a fist, the movement of her fingers followed by the rippling crunch of metal, the inner "bones" of the ship swinging towards the beast like jagged spears. Would it fell the beast? Hardly. But she was ready to meet the bloodletter with all her might, a moment of valor shining in the backdrop of despair.
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    Deleting old character sheets

    This caught a fair bit of people off guard despite the announcement. I plan to make an archive temporarily available in 2020 to allow people to grab / repost their sheets
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    General chat thread

    I saw an episode of Elementary about a formula used to calculate that kind of number Bar exam, here I come
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    Fracture Interactions

    So Michael is batman now with the secret identity? Don't kill me pls
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    [Port Kyros] Finally?

    [ I. Phänomenologie des Geistes ] The Man of Many Masks smiled at his own reflection in the glass of the tower, owing his self-admiration to its translucency. Arduous must the primogenitors have been when constructing the spectral tower— a masterpiece that was both artless and incandescent. There was little in the way of intricacy, and that fascinated someone such as Abbot Knight who made it a point to study architecture in all of the realms he beckoned passage to. While the twelve ascetics chanted around the ancient runeology situated in the middle of the circular, opaque floor, Abbot Knight stood still, grinning self-assuredly. A single break in concentration on his behalf or that of the channelers could result in mutually assured destruction but he didn't seem the least bit concerned. After-all, they were hand selected from across Valucre, brought to this world solely to perform these rites of worship. Each word enervated them, and it showed in the desiccation of their bodies practically rotting from the bone. This in-fact betrayed the will of their spirits however, which existed in this strange demi plane separated from the material. “That’s cheating…” a voice echoed beyond existence itself, coming from all and no directions at once. “Should you be here right now? I'm almost back to Valucre. You could...I'unno, die?” Abbot questioned the mysterious presence, though he seemed as aloof as he was before. “This was your plan all along was it not?” <???> “Hmmmmmmmmm?! I have no idea what you're talking about!” <Abbot> “Abbot!” <???> Like glass everything around him ignited and shattered, becoming imperceptibly bright light that marked the change of planar lines. When his eyes finally snapped too, the sight of the natural sun through the Renaissance window to his left was all he needed to confirm he was back “home”. They say home is where the heart is, and Abbot certainly felt his heart was tied to what little family remained. The Knight surname was a complicated one, and of all of the Knight's, he was certainly the most enigmatic and perhaps the most dangerous. Many found this to be hyperbolic especially when compared to his younger brother who was still in his restless slumber, but very few knew just how Abbot managed to acquire the resources and underworld connections that he had. Lifting his pale right hand upward, he flicked his black tresses from his eyes and smirked quietly. The same royal room designated to himself by the Queen, meaning the transference had completed itself without a hitch...of course, it seemed to be a one way trip, but Abbot wasn't all that concerned about leaving as he'd done a lot of work just to get back. “...why am I naked...” he spoke aloud, processing his statement in the same breath. Huh? Son of a bitch. Flipping the four layers of covers off of his bed with a single flick and his fears were confirmed. His body hit the floor in a military roll in the very next second, and a second after that? He'd managed to crawl his way across the crimson and golden trimmed carpet to the closet in the back of the room, and all before a maid managed to knock on his door, inquiring as to the noticeably large thud she'd heard from downstairs. “Is everything okay sir?” “Y-yes- wait what the hell? What did I tell you about calling me that!” “S-sir Abbot, you're back?!” The door swung open and well...she caught a half-dressed man. You can guess which half was dressed and which one wasn't. In-fact...who dresses themselves from the head down? Only a lunatic who had no idea what it truly meant to be human. “S-S-OH MY GOODNESS I PLEAD FOR YOUR APOLOGY SIR!” the maid yelled slamming the door shut and dropping to her knees in the next second. All she got was a boisterous laugh from the other side. “BAHAHAHAHA WANTED SOME OF THE GOOD OL' ABBY EH?!” “S-s...sir?” Why is he acting so different was all the maid could think. The Abbot Knight that the world knew was cold, apathetic, devoid of empathy or understanding of others. He was a shrewd man who cared only for results and the bigger picture, showing an interest in erudition and discarding anything deemed inconsequential. Something was much different about him now. A few seconds later and the door swung open, revealing the casually dressed royal with a mischievous smirk on his face. “Do you think I'm cute Millia?” “I...s-s...” Abbot, standing six foot and five inches, squatted infront of her and stared into her fluffy pink eyes with his own coarse, gunmetal gaze. “Let's go on a date sometime yeah? I'll let you tour one of my cottages.” Millia, a golden-haired maid of the the Nova Citadel, was utterly speechless. Aside from blushing almost uncontrollably, she turned her gaze away and did her best to regain her bearings in a fluster. Abbot all the while stood up and dusted his sable slacks, adjusted his massive midnight black collar, and turned left and right. How much time has passed since I was last here he wondered to himself, losing himself in some kind of deep, methodical processing. “Where is my violent sister-in-law? I hope I'm not too late...”
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    Hail to the Queen (Viridis)

    Rufus sipped from his cup as he thought over the Queen's proposition. This was going considerably better than he had ever dared to hope. Svanhild seemed like a natural fit for his family, and he had hoped to broach the subject of a potential alliance with Varda during this meeting. It seemed that she was just as eager as he to gain an ally. Of course, by doing so he would make relations with the UM Alliance difficult. But the Alliance had barely acknowledged the existence of Viridis. By comparison, Svanhild had not only welcomed them, but even came to meet them. It seemed clear to him which side he should choose. He smiled at Varda, "I find your proposal quite agreeable your Highness. With your help, Viridis will reclaim what it has lost, and more besides. I look forward to a long, fruitful partnership." Clinking his glass against her's, he drained his glass and then asked, "It so happens that my father had plans to build a port city to the north of here, with our estate on the outer edge. What do you think?" @vielle
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    Dredge has sucked me into trying DnD for the first time ever (oh god). While it was meant to be a mild joke, I am going to be a French-Speaking Elf Bard named Lyra. She will kill you with sex appeal and swords. En francaise.
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    Free HTML Templates

    Organization Code Example: Code:
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    ? Liz is prolly recording as we speak...so the Mistress would not want to tarnish her reputation...
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    @ticklefarte @HollowCipher It can be assumed that during your posts our characters manage to return to the vessel barring any other ideas you have. A good stopping point seems to be approaching soon as well so we are on the last leg of this journey it seems. @Zashiii you're still up in Learning.
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    Dolor Aeternum

    For Your Own Good

    Luz could sense the tension diminishing around her as she listened to Arashi’s response but made no visible reaction to the girl’s words. The Illyrian was known for her cold expression, unwilling to provide more than her trademark looks of annoyance and anger that many of her peers feared throughout the division for it usually was a portent to suffering for them. The admission of guilt that came concerning Arashi’s actions concerning someone named Dredge and the unfortunate returns that came from her attempting to be heroic caused Luz to snap her gaze on to the girl with an intensity that signaled she had an immediate response. “Many notable accomplishments have been forged from suffering and loss Arashi. Mistakes are a part of science..a part of life. I am not your mother nor am I someone credible enough for you to take my word as law but I opine that you need to stop running away from your own abilities. What you need is a place like the one around us for you to learn how to hone your powers.” On the inside, Luz was genuinely curious what this child’s limits truly were and if she extract something out of this whole ordeal that will help her people gain a foothold in this new world but her face would never betray her as she plainly continued. “My king is trying to make us play well with all of you foreigners, afraid that attempting to assert our dominance will only end in the demise of many. I do not agree but he has kept us thriving for so long that I feel compelled to test his theory.” Luz shifted her entire body and then moved to kneel so that she was at eye level with Arashi then. “So I will amend my proposal. I will fashion something to monitor you and your level of energy output that will do its best to keep your youthful vigor in check. I will also offer you shelter here where you can spend your time training without worrying about harming others. Once both of us feel comfortable we will slowly shed the sealing magic I intend to infuse into my creation until you are free to do as you please. I will send someone to you to periodically provide maintenance should you not return here in a predetermined amount of time. All I want from you during your visits is the occasional scan and for you to allow us to monitor your progress and how you come to achieve it. I fear my home will have to build its defenses sooner rather than later.” Luz extended her hand toward Arashi then before continuing. “You seem like you have traveled around this world quite a bit so anything you can tell us about where you have been and who you have seen will also help my king find a place for our people in this new world. Sound agreeable to you? Remember this is all your decision and you are free to counter should you have a requirement you feel I can satisfy.” Luz’s tone was amicable enough throughout all of this but she wasn’t about to sugar coat or provide any sort of inflections to try and sway the girl before her. The deal seemed generous enough that she did not feel the need to try and convince with anything other than the truth.
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    Die Shize

    [Skarr Clan] Mouths to Feed OOC

    It was fun. I am just struggling with roleplay in general, definitely not just this particular roleplay. Wanted to clarify that up front xD
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    the shrike to your thorn

    My price is this hand I hold now. It is strange, how the words seem to come to her like scattered dust mites, how they do not register and instead float about the room in disjointed fragments. My price, Varda, is you as my wife. I will accept nothing less. She does not think she’s heard Quinton right, at first. And then he draws her close, hand wrapped around her waist like a honeyed vise, and all thoughts fly out the windows, lost to the expansive greenery beyond. Varda gapes at him for quite a considerable amount of time, and with no other forthcoming words to further explain the declaration he has just placed upon her shoulders, she begins to tremble within his grasp. “You—you would—ask for my hand?” Personal self-doubts aside, she’s long known the costs of leadership are the choices she makes for her own self, that she might marry for benefits and not for love. But—she might learn to love Quinton Swan, might learn to cherish him and hold him for her own. As it stands now, she is fascinated by him and overly so, but this does not immediately mean she can build a lifetime on fleeting bouts of mystique. She cannot be too sure of this match’s ultimate survival, not while she has not yet been given a chance to understand this man. However: this bride price he offers can be a great boon for the betterment and advancement of her fledgling queendom. That is not something she can easily ignore, not when her house’s coffers continue to dwindle by the day as they build up their cities and roads. Her position as royalty might mean more strategy is needed to decide the future lord prince of the realm, but it’ll benefit from a suitor with his pockets lined to the brim. This will require some deliberation, then. “Allow me to think on this, sir,” Varda breathes, quietly disentangling herself from his grasp, taking a proprietary step backward in case someone walks in on such intimate behavior. “I—I cannot give you an answer today. This is all—very sudden, and forgive me, I’ve been left reeling in the wake of your request.”
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    She nearly went cross eyed looking at his hand on the tip of her snout as he hushed her, and she was sure it probably looked quite comical, as most DAICHONs couldn't see their noses. Her gaze would travel back to him though, as he reprimanded her for pushing herself so hard, her ears laying back when he berated her for the possibility of nearly dying. To which she would sigh. She viewed near death experiences as part of the job description now, she'd nearly died so many times, but her refusal to stay down was legendary. She came down off the table when he asked her to, and sat still and straight so he could groom her. When he was finished she got up on all fours again and passed her length before a tall, wide mirror in the exam room. She could hardly recognize herself. In addition to the blazing reds and crimsons of her fur there were now golden highlights that made her fur glow like living flame every which way she turned, and little silver streaks in the white of her under fur. She no longer had her white tiger striping, instead she was a solid coat of the reds and golds that shimmered and sparked even in the dim lighting of the exam room. She was taller, longer, and more compact, like her speed crest had not deactivated, her dense muscles rippling magnificently beneath her shimmering coat. She would nod in agreement with Ben after a moment more of listening. "Indeed, I was sacrificing brute strength for speed, but the sonic booms i can create on a whim carried a pretty good punch. However, that will prove to come in quite handy." She said, turning to look her other side over, and then she sat, and that was when she saw it. Between her shoulders set a group of crests etched into her fur in white, like an oddball marking they were patterned into her fur. It was her Guardian crest. But there was something slightly different about it...Where it was three crests stamped over one larger one, now...the Royal Crest was stamped on top of that to total five crests that together made One. When she saw that, Ben and the entire room faded out of view and was replaced by a wide gently rolling field surrounded by trees, and in the distance she could see the Geostratum's Ivory and gold gates glittering in the sun. She almost cried. Home. As she had once remembered it. The Geostratum at the height of it's glory in the beauty of nature, where the DAICHON's belonged. She heard laughter, and a group of pups zoomed past her, unable to see her, and their trainer following behind them in a liesurely stroll. It was Ami herself! But there was something very very different about her. She was getting old, for one thing, her crimson fur a mere faded out shadow of the glory it once held. But she still walked with her head high and her prideful gait. With her, instead of running with the other pups, was a young broodling with jet black fur, ember colored eyes, crimson streaks and highlights in his mane and down his back that reminded her quite vividly of her own coat color. He was asking her all sorts of questions and the older version of herself was laughing, and answering his rapid fire questioning with rapid fire answers of her own. Then, suddenly, Ami found herself staring at, well, Ami. The older version of her sensed an anomaly in the air near her and the pups, and ever on guard, she had found herself, even invisible and not really there. "I know your there." She said to the younger version. "I have the same gift as you, but I have learned to look whenever I please. In time you too will reach here." And the older version would look down at the young broodling beside her looking at her in confusion. "Ryuu, call your others. Just like we practiced." The young broodling stepped up in front of the older Ami, and took a stance she knew all too well. It was roll call time! Ami's chest suddenly filled with pride as the youngster's howl lifted into the winds and carried. The five that had bounded away previously, suddenly came running back and it was then that Ami noticed all six of the broodlings had black fur. That was not a common coloring amidst the Brood, and she watched in awe as the youngster braced himself, spacing his paws apart and fanning his tails out to counter balance, and one by one, the other five leaped INTO him! He could split himself, HIMSELF! "Well done, honey! Your father is going to be so proud when he returns and see's what you've been working on!" The older ami playfully nudged the broodling, who grew in size as his other forms rejoined him, and as the fifth became one, he was suddenly taller than Ami. He was massive. "Thank you, Mother!" And at that particular point, she was taken back to the present, around the time Ben was telling her that he was apologizing for the way he acted with Ursula. She contemplated telling him of her vision, but then decided to keep it to herself for now. She joined him in checking in with the guards and making the rounds. She had been asleep for more than half a day, she needed to catch up on what she had missed, although it seemed as if it had been relatively quiet while she had rested. She shook her head slightly as her ears began to ring and she looked at ben. "Yes, I hear it, my prince." She said, looking down a long hallway towards Ursula's rooms. "Of course." She continued, and followed him quickly, barely trotting to keep up. When they arrived, Cotton was in turmoil over something Ami had already told her, that she was now being told by the oldest DAICHON cotton had ever met. To just let go and have no fear. "Indeed, Darling. Your turn. I believe i heard you spew something about vengeance for your teacher? Well, here is your chance." She said. "And Ursula is right. You should not fear the beast within. It is part of you, it is the real you, this humanistic form you insist on triapsing around in, is the fakest thing I have ever seen someone try to pull off..." She was interrupted by D'Thur's voice booming down the hallway, summoning her to show herself, and so she would. Her newly evolved magnificence emerged through the doorway and for only a second, D'Thur faltered, then came at her full force, only to get his tails stomped into the floor by Cotton, whom he severely underestimated. Ami would swell with pride at Cotton's admission of her admiration of Ami, and smile her fanged grin as Cotton was suddenly between she and D'Thur again. Not that Ami needed it, persay, but she let Cotton have this, and she was very much enjoying watching D'Thur get a thrashing. "My prince." Ami said, when he got over excited and uppity with Phlegathon. "Do not forget, my prince, Phlegathon has a paw on my lifes thread just as much as you do. He was complimenting you, sarcastically, I might add, but my master is a dick." She shrugged and laughed as she felt a twinge inside her skull. The equivalent of Phlegathon thumping her on the head. "As for you, Master Phlegathon, go watch the Dark Terror multiply and let me play a while." And Ami was indeed proud of her student, as she beamed and glowed, showering her with praise. "Well done, Darling! Fantastic work. And I'm glad to see you've gained more confidence in your abilities, that's a wonderful step forward, even if it was against D'Thur." She said, and then she caught a whiff of it. The vials that Mortar had dropped that contained a stronger version of whatever it was they had shot her with before. "I know that scent..." She said, and followed it to the broken vials. "Nobody touch it. Someone call Stephanie, have her get bio contamination over here." She lifted her head. "Or I could just eat it." She twitched an ear, dead serious. "If this is what they got me with earlier, I wasn't going to die. It's just been a long time since my body has come in contact with the Black Lake Virus. Remember, I'm the only one immune to it? it would have filtered out within a matter of hours." D'Thur gargled something from the stretcher he was being carried away on and Ami looked at him. "Yes, D'Thur, i have secrets that even YOU don't know. Attacking me with any version of the BL Virus is completely useless unless your only trying to buy time." The poor brutalized bastard would groan at his own stupidity as he was carried away to containment. Ami would go with Ben, after inviting Cotton and Ursula to join them in their investigation. They would return to the bathroom where the first attack had been, and Ami showed them the portal that was supposed to have been investigated days ago. "What I want to know, is why this is STILL here?" Ami asked, turning her massive head to Ben. "I suppose I will just have to close it. You should send someone down to question Mortar, my prince. Seems like she can answer questions quite a bit easier than D'Thur can right now, and likely quite a bit more willing to share information with her hide on the line. Stand back whilst I fix this problem." She would snarl, her fur begining to glow as her bright golden antennae came away from her mane, and sprang forward to attention. The room went dark around her, as she brightened and it extended up her antennae, that was reaching for the burned spot in the ceiling where the portal had opened. Upon contacting the curface, it melted away to reveal the still open portal there. It had never closed, just whoever hid it was horrible at hiding portals. "And my best guess is that this was D'Thur's portal." She said as the golden light wove a net not unlike a spider's web in the gaping maw of the portal and then it was gone in a flash of light, seeing nothing there now but what should be behind the wall; pipes and wires. "Which means that he let the first contaminant in. The question isn't about him, its about who the hell is he working with. He had to get the BL Virus from somewhere, after all." She continued, the glow fading and her antennae returning to their disguise as twin streaks of gold fur through the reds and golds. She sighed, and there in front of Ursula and Cotton, she nuzzled Ben again and sat back. "I owe you an apology, my prince. And not a word, you two!" She shot at Ursula and Cotton. "For now this stays in this bathroom. Ironic. Proceeding!" She said and took a deep, shaky breath before regaling the three of them with the story of her mate, Belgorion. Of how he gained her trust, then her affection, then shattered it all when he betrayed her to her greatest enemy of the time, a foul creature that wanted her for his collection of oddly powerful things he could always come up with new ways to restrain without killing. She told them of the broken misery, and of how Phlegathon pulled her from that, and took her into his dominion, where he placed her in stasis for three hundred years in the realm of himself, but only fifty had passed back in the earthian realm he had pulled her from. She told them of the nightmares and the hellish days of being pierced by Dark Terror, until Phlegathon broke her again, but this time it was to a purpose, not just to see how much she could take before she did break. She told them of Phlegathon piecing back together the shattered puzzle of her mind as she slept all that time. Then she told them of how she had been called forth from the Dimentional being by Ben's voice, screaming in her head that he wished Ami were there, and that was all it took for her to burst free of Phlegathon. When she finished telling a few of the horrors of her past, she grew silent for a moment then looked at Ben. "I know I should be more open, my prince, but that is much easier said than done." She heaved a great sigh again. Not many knew how hard it really was for Ami to be surrounded by all these unfamiliar persons and beings, and Ben was just lucky she hadn't gone off on someone yet. He knew she and large crowds did not mix well at all, but she had been on her best behaviour towards the guests. Except the uninvited ones that she and a few of the others had stomped. "And now you all know why it is that I have such a hard time trusting anyone. Just like respect, trust has to be earned, and though many place their trust and faith in me, there are very few i place my trust in." She looked at Ursula. "Do I trust you? Hell no. I feel a strange connection to you that you have yet to explain. It also links you and I to Cotton, and don't tell me you dont know what I'm talking about, Ancient one, I can SEE the threads!"
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    Argentspire Expedition Hub OOC

    I basically knew what was coming, I just didn't figure my character would know, or be able to do much about it if she did. ? Will post if I get a chance today.
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    Almost certainly. How many are 'people' though is, well...
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    [GS] Aquarius.

    Damien had already turned invisible and dashed away, Alejandra and Veronica were waving back at Khaki and Teresa felt the lunar energy before laughing. "Don't know who Lilith is but that moon energy radiating off you feels amazing." The blue haired pirate began stomping her foot over and over. "Don't care how you fell but get up back in the sky, Come on, come on, come on!" Alroy looked over at the two females and smiled devilishly. "Get te feck up in te sky! Now!" The cards bundled together, circling the ship as the god's serpent body tried wrapping around before being pushed away. In the crow's nest the Tiefling fired off her shots before channeling a spell. "Three." She looked as more flying women were heading towards the serpent god. "Two." Then the serpent looked directly at her, the left eye in the cross hairs. "One." A silent shot went off that pierced directly in the eye, a massive explosion going inside the eyeball.
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    @Waking_Warrior Cadriel pursed his lips, eyeing the girl before him. What a change in tone. "Well, you're getting it." He gestured to the doorway. Night didn't bother replying to the smaller man. He snapped his fingers once, then twice, then thrice. Bubbles of shadow engulfed three Knight, muffling whatever noise they made. As quick as they appeared, each sphere of darkness blinked out of existence. The magic swallowed another Knight, then another, then another -- and lastly, a wave of pitch black washed over the Advisor, and he was gone. "Don't worry, he didn't kill them." Cadriel said cheerfully. "They're just dumped outside the Tavern, into the snow, and they won't be able to come in again!" He clapped politely. Night gave him an irritated look. Cadriel stopped, then twisted back in his chair to face Nilan. "Now, you've proven you can speak." He said, pulling out his lyre once more. "Tell me. I don't wish to talk to a wall - which, no offense, you're like one, as a conversationalist - and if you turn out to not prefer the company of my entertaining self, I'll be on my way." Cadriel leaned back in his chair, strumming a chord on his lyre.
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    • • • The gentlemouse cannot help the astonished gasp that crawls up his throat and out into the musty air of the tavern around them. Demonic magic, indeed! How strange. Some might even call it dangerous, according to his readings: something to be feared and rejected whenever it is encountered. However: the red-skinned lady has been kind to him, has even offered him the courtesy of feeding him bits from her meal, and so Garrow shall reserve making any sort of judgement for later. He opts instead to nod thoughtfully, quill tip flying across the parchment as he scribbles down Nima’s explanation. This shall make for a good topic to write about for his village’s collection of tomes. “Interesting! You must be quite the warrior, then?” He cocks his head to the side, humming as he stares at her lean arms, as if he’s trying to picture out how she might move when using her abilities. “I’m very curious how this magic works—we mousefolk do not have the capacity to wield magic, sadly. We are a very common sort of race.”He has crossed paths with many wizards in the past, and the faint curl of envy never ceases to appear in his gut. “Ah, well. So, this Demon Wolf’s bone you mentioned—is this like a deity that walks the earth? There are plenty of those around here.” Garrow taps the quill’s feather against his chin. “Or perhaps a normal wolf infused with demon energy? Ah, my imagination is running wild, and so is my fear!” He chuckles amusedly, motioning with a hand to let Nima explain, if she so wished. @? ????
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    Hail to the Queen (Viridis)

    At the mention of the newly-crowned king her house has recently forsaken to crown her instead, Varda hums, a faint undertone of anxiety simmering in her voice. She’d rather not discuss anything related to the other kingdom who shares Ursa Madeum with her own realm, and so when Lord Rufus continues on, there is a curl of relief in her stomach. “Perhaps they’ll come around and pay you due respect, soon enough,” she murmurs lowly, as much of a reminder to herself of the other noble contenders in the islands as it is to her companion. The Viridis estate rises high and proud amidst the craggy landscape of Misral, and despite the telltale signs of recent reconstruction along its stone-brick face, it speaks of experience and power. She does not yet know if the Viridis family has come into wealth in their time away from the islands, but with the efforts made to rebuild themselves in their homeland once more, it is a likely assumption. One that is to be the driving force for her visit today. “I see,” she replies to Lord Rufus, smiling gratefully for his apparent honesty with her despite their recent acquaintance. “I’d very much like to meet the rest of your house soon. Perhaps a bigger audience—and more authoritative figures to witness—will be beneficial for the discussion I’ll be having with you.” @danzilla3
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    Etched In Stone

    Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

    The Imperial City though what had seemed to steady from it’s growing dynasty calmed to a quiet nation of residence for Genesaris. However, it’s people were at a constant strive to ascend their martial prowess year long. After Tsukimi events for the recruitment of students seeking to learn the ways of the Rising Sun each Moon was given briefings to complete once their basic three-months finished as further hands-on-training, (various scrolls containing missions assigned by the Ookami) grouped into packs of three according skill/individual talents supervised by a Senior Full Moon or Ookami elite. Mikazuki, Ozu, and Akira were one anticipated of greatness as they’d become a trio essentially working as a unit to achieve excellence. Students fresh from the Dojo received the lowest D-level consisting of odd jobs such as farming, babysitting, assisting the elderly in Jigoku. The highest ranking mission was the S-level assigned strictly to the elite students and other Ookami clansmen to carry out VIP assassination's for the Province, to transporting highly classified documents across the region to and fro proper ranking officials. New Moon disciples were challenged with understanding the concepts of their own true self, awakening their Aura through meditation, while eagerly learning to control their unique life energies over the span of three months. In the first and only known exercise of this phase, students were to place their hands in front of their chest and imagine forming a ball between them every day for five hours a day for sixty consecutive days. This exercise was intended to develop the ability to feel one's own aura, to grasp an awareness of the life energy circulating their internal meridian systems, essentially produced by their one mass and focus. Then, only truly able to sense and perceive the leakage from these pressure points escaping the body and feel it's presence without being aware of it's existence. Students should have been somewhat capable of maintaining their auras temporarily both defensively and offensive with basic Kuji-in handseals in their instructed lessons. Time had pass a course of maybe a month since the unexpected forfeit in the Feast of Blades tournament. The Soke's word inviting Arthur to the Dojo for a rematch waited to see itself be answered. While having finally touched down home soils again Kenshi dedicated to his own practices in his temple the last few weeks, secluding himself from the rest of the world whilst training, consisting of push-ups and situps of almost five thousand daily. Meditation for the mind of the spiritual warrior was a countless ritual in his unwavering state of Mushin for the mind, soul and body. Having the eye of a heart and the mind of a god. No mindness meant one was not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion, thus allowing oneself to be open to everything. When the eye of the heart is blinded by egoism, vanity, jealousy, money and ignorance, one's true path can never be found. There is an absence of discursive thought and judgment, free to act and react towards an opponent without hesitation or disturbance from such thoughts. At this point, a person relies not on what they think should be the next move, but what is their trained natural reaction (or instinct) or what is felt intuitively. It is not a state of relaxed, near-sleepfulness, however. The mind could be said to be working at a very high speed, but with no intention, plan or direction. It was this philosophy instilled by teachers of the ascetic mountains that drove Hinode no Gakko and it's pupils to the peak of their fighting abilities. Exercising day in and out to sustain one's mushin was key to every Swordslayer, Shugenja, every Wolf of Jigoku. Kenshi honed this mentality, his entire life's working at a time ago was solely to improve, to become the greatest, to reach nirvana in his pilgrimage. However, this was a life long journey for the Ookami hanyo. Kenshi stood smaller in build an ectomorphic up-close and even with age of nearly 200 odd years, his countenance remained very youthful. Stepping towards the sixty New Moons scheduled to gather in the grassy fields, the peachy sun kissed the earth radiantly across the Imperial City. Without the company of artic wolves this new day, donning himself in the carmine red and black Akatsukizikiyo summer robes of the Okami. The blind wolf gazed briefly at the twenty groups before his presence gauging their auras from the distance for the slightest of change and growth from those whom improved at the top of their class, while others were taking baby steps towards progression. Raven tendrils cascaded down the back in abundance with all the shorter hairs falling across the face as bangs. In particular, his dilated bereft of sight orbs concentrated on the adolescent pups his nephew and younger Cousin in company with the hopeful Akira. Deciphering from nearing into the plains with his acute sense of smell, the familiar approach of each one of their auras willingly expressive as they'd no clue he was observing them they remained composed and steady in their reading. As he’d come to discover the progresses of their individual training on a separate occasion from the last three months the confidence amongst them, how they've matured and disciplined he'd perceive it with his blindsight. Stopping short before them gracing them with his excellence, his lips parted kindly and his oriental eyes squinted. "You've all grown quite adept over the course of your training, haven't you? Furthermore, seems that your aura has much to express." @Twitterpated@Hani
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    Terran military chatter v.2

    I lost some sheets too. It's because in my head, I took my sheets as current content, since I do edit my character sheets, even though I read the announcement. Also, my sheets were less than a decade old XD. I didn't expect that the deletion would be going by date created rather than date edited. Lesson learnt, a suggestion - perhaps next time, make it clear that people will have to make a post to bump their sheets to make it current!
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    More Than a Bounty OOC Thread

    @Peach it’s your turn on the IC thread ?
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    Favorite dragon?

    I like the dragons portrayed in GATE. They require like rpgs and extremely strong weaponry to even hurt them as bullets don't even harm them. That's also the way I see dragons being portrayed on Valucre
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    The Thunder Tyrant

    Favorite dragon?

    The Last Dragon, Bruce Leeroy.* *not an actual dragon, but the only one that comes to mind.
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    Back to Square One

    Will do. Instead of having Priscilla wander in the dark forever, I'll have her find a way to Torie quickly enough, and from there we can continue on
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    Venus Sprite

    Back to Square One

    Sorry my post is short. It turns out it is hard to work with your last post :). But I'm happy for you to elaborate in your next post, rather than rewrite the other.
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    The Dead of Winter

    Kosvo was already embroiled in battle. Facing two snarling wolves as they advanced on him warily. They were cunning beasts, capable of recognizing a shield, and death when it looked them back in the eye. At Marcellus’s warning, a lesser-experienced warrior might’ve simply turned, blankly, and faced their death, but the young knight recognized the alarm in the tone, and acted instantly, exploding forth from his readied stance like a cannon shot. The two wolves were been waiting for their compatriots to get in position for the perfect takedown would be surprised, one of them stunned with a heavy shield bash to the snout. The other leapt aside, but not far enough as Kosvo reached out with his axe, hammering it down on the creature’s neck. The weapon cut through hide, resilient sinew and muscle and lodged deep into its vertebra, killing the beast outright. With a roar of effort, he flung the body around at the end of his axe back behind him, flicking his wrist so that the axehead came free in a spray of blood and bone, and the body was flung into the two wolves that approached his back, barring their path and stalling their way. And then he was upon them. Not many mortal men could move with the speed that Kosvo possessed, stepping across the snow as if he had ample experience with the frosty terrain himself. His next strike split one of the beasts’ head, laying the steaming cranium open to the chilling air, while its comrade counterattacked, and was received by the shield. With powerful jaws clamped on the shield wrestling to try and pin down his limb, the knight awaited his moment and twisted along in the direction of one particularly violent movement, flipping the wolf onto its back and exposing its vulnerable belly, the animal ended in the next overhead swing buried into its guts. The blood spray gushed into the air, a strange crimson miasma wafting about Kosvo before being blown away by the wind as he looked in the direction of the first creature, surely recovered from its stun and any fresh wolves that might have joined with it. It may have been the adrenaline of combat, the rush of battle, or may have been something else, but the way Kosvo “Haft” Hoss’s eyes dilated, the hiss of his breathe amidst the blood mist was most unnatural. A passing moment, invisible to all but the most observant.
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    Soryn was genuinely surprised at the hug from Vlad, unaware of the affect he may have had on the man throughout this whole ordeal. A hesitant hand moved to pat his back while he went through the flurry of emotions that coursed through him. The reminder about the harpies, the beasts, and the dragons from the dreamscape they had just escaped from forced Soryn to remember the once dormant sensations that had caused him to lose some of his lucidity. He had thought this change of scenery had shaken him out of the feverish trance but now he could still see the caked blood along his hands and the cuts along his face. “Right…together…” The reporter wasn’t all there it seems as he was herded somewhat by those who had the common sense to decisively move through the door but once he reached the threshold before the other room he abruptly stopped and felt himself shake with a mixture of regret and shame. It was only a few moments but that was all it took to make him an obstacle for those behind him as they crashed against him and he felt himself stumble then felt the cold floor press against his cheek. An odd comfort washed over him in that moment but Celene’s voice brought him out of his brief daze. “Hostile threats detected. Analyzing….” The feminine voice echoed in this room and was enough to motivate Soryn to stand. His heart raced at being thrust once again into a scenario where he needed to defend himself. Soryn’s eyes scanned the four twistlings that had appeared, zeroing in on the one that held a ranged weapon. Noticing the formation established by Frederick and his crew, he moves behind the shields and then uses his jeweled scimitar to shoot out a stream of lightning at the gunner while he eventually stands right next to Frederick.[1] Celene hovers near Frederic and sprays some more restorative spray to heal the man completely before continuing to analyze its surroundings to determine its next actions. [2][3]
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    Twistlings. The Subversor commander readied his sword and prepared for a charge, with his two subordinates following suit. But... no. Frederick shook his head for a moment, then gestured for Bors and Oswin to form up in a shield wall. They stepped forward and did so. While someone like Gormaric or Ilene's Shadow Guards would take a more offensive approach, Subversor tactics were built on taking blows with their Uru-forged armor and shields, and then dishing out damage in retaliation when, for the most part, said attacks bounced off ineffectually. Even still, Frederick wondered where the other Aligorians had gotten off to. Gormaric, Ilene and the Shadow Guards, even the war elephant Surus. Their reliable aid would have been much appreciated in this place, but he supposed he would just have to rely on the others here for the time being. This was the way.
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    "Wonderful! This way!" The first and last time prior to this experience that Xartia had visited the city, is was to meet, ironically with some fellows in kind that wished to undertake this very quest he seemed to have stumbled into. Rookhelm was the tavern they'd met in, in which the motley crew easily drew the attention of the locals, and at the brink of the civil war that ushered in the safeguard act, the quartet easily ended their experience here poorly. Despite his demonic mutations having completely subsided, Xartia wished to avoid bringing such a notable location any unnecessary, unwanted attention. For that reason, the Cambion led them to a smaller, more quaint location to regroup. The Purple Axe. While he hadn't yet experienced the location himself, whispers on the wind told him of them infamous import, Biazo's Volcanic Wine. Xartia was sure to slow his pace soon enough between alley ways to catch his breath. As he walked still somewhat briskly, he smoother out the fabrics of his clothes. Fortunately, the cooler season kept him from perspiring; and thanks to his active lifestyle, his legs were far from tired. His lungs far from exhausted, even after his little scuffle. Once they rounded the corner, Xartia's hands found his pockets and fished out his soft pack of LongStride 100s. His personal brand of tobacco. Shaking the pack he applied a slight grip, leaving a single filtered tip ejected from the small opening in the top of the pack. Placing it twixt his lips, he took a reassuring drag in which the opposing end seemed to ignite into the perfect cherry of it's own accord. Where they some sort of magic smokes that self lit, or did he in fact light the cigarette in his own discreet way? Either way, they soon found themselves entering the establishment he'd determined a kosher spot to plot in, he held the door open for Noah and anyone else still with them. The young elf wouldn't be much more help to them at this point in time, the best they could do was make her comfortable in a booth. Once seated, the Magician wasted no time in requesting service. "Could a get a few glasses and a chilled bottle of your most mature Volcanic Vino de Biazo? Much obliged." The half orc bar keep seemed confused by the speech if only for a brief moment. There was literally only one drink the strange, beautiful gentleman could be speaking of. It didn't take long at all for him to bring them a total of four glasses for now, and a buck of ice complete with a bottle of Volcanic Wine. Xartia mouthed his gratitude and smiled charmingly until they were left to their own company. Looking to Noah, the Cambion gestured with a single hand to a glass, silently asking him if he'd like one as his words spoke completely of the more pressing topic. "Noah was it? Tell me, can your surveillance determine approximately how many bodies we face in opposition? Also, how well do you know if this old boss and his cronies? If we remove the head, will the body fall...Or will we be facing some wild tantrum of vengeance so long as the lot of them breathe?" @danzilla3 @Zashiii
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    JAGDHUNDE An empath’s touch is a lure on a line. Cast it into the murk without looking, and something might just take a bite. Raven’s reckless interest for The Hunter was endearing — her presence so sweet like honey. It was only a matter of time before her needless concerns had roused that which lied deeper within — that which claimed sole dominion — that which had been searching, searching for her. Searching for Raven. And they knew it was her — knew by the way she pried. By her touch. By the faint scent of her skin. It was the carelessness of an empress that woke they who slept within, and my, have they grown. At her call, they reached out. They cared not if it broke the contract they had made with The Hunter, that compromise for peaceful coexistence. Yes, they could feel their consciousness on the fringe of emergence, slowly boiling over and into control. They felt the touch of the woman’s cool hand cupping their chin — ah, there was no forgetting her touch. They savored it, they reveled in it, they longed for it. Everything about the woman was so addicting. It had only taken one, fateful encounter to plant the seeds of obsession. Never before had one been able to understand, sympathize, empathize... never before Raven. They had a taste of her kindness once, and it seduced them from their shell. Who would have known that a single woman would have the ability to ease their hatred, their self-loathing. They just needed to open their eyes — see her eyes with theirs — see those hazel eyes, flecked with gold. What emotions would they be able to feast on this time? What emotions would she assuage in them? Inflame in them? Yes, Welfrick wouldn’t mind if they took over. It was for good reason. Then again, The Hunter didn’t mind anything, not anymore at least. When eyes opened, they opened wide. Even if the world’s harsh radiance would try to blind them, they wanted to see her in full. There would be no waiting for moonrise. It was then that the irises of emerald were swept away, washed over by a sea of chartreuse. Unnatural. Monstrous. Luminescent. Insane. Their eyes. The Beasts’ eyes. Their voice came out almost a purr, almost a warble. “Raven,” they sung — no breaks, no guttural utterance. Well-practiced... all for her sake. “Of course we remember you.” One step closer. One step forward for every step she took back. “We really missed you, Raven.” With smooth stride, they sauntered forward towards their sweet Raven, caring not for the guards around. Jagdhunde could smell the fear — the apprehension in her men. The guards could not fathom their queen's interest, fathom what they meant to her, the hunter and beast. And what was that? Another scent they recognized — female — one who knew what they were. Ah, they remembered how she trembled at Raven’s side the first night. A pittance of pity for that wavering soul. For the Jagdhunde, there was no need to worry. Any hunter whose heart lacked resolve was just prey for those who had it. And The Beasts had resolve, so their concerns were not of the sheep. No... Jagdhunde would finally claim the shepherd — that which was theirs. Of course, it was impossible to see their quarry, not in the light. The world was pure white for them — the pain of a thousand daggers stabbing at their sight. Still, they would move forward, undaunted. They cupped her cheek in hand and smiled. Jagdhunde could just barely see that same, familiar gold in her eyes. They sucked in that sense of loneliness from her — tasted it. So similar in its bitter, somber flavor. “No need to be alone anymore, my sweet, sweet Raven.” Tendrils of shadow crept from their hand and onto the empath’s cheek — crept from their own shadow and wrapped around her ankles. There would be no taking any other answer. She had dared them once: Hunt the hunter. This was that promised hunt. Their voice was barely a whisper. “Come with me....” “End my solitude.” @Malintzin
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    The Dead of Winter

    SCENE: NIGHT IN THE FROZEN TUNDRA MARCELLUS L.H. Heavy linen, weighted layer upon layer, whipped wildly along the beast’s fur. The wicked winds picked and dragged what they could, trying to rip the very clothes from Marcellus’s frame. Still, the werewolf trekked forth with stalwart resolution — even if the sails of his clothing pulled in the opposite direction. Their destination was the Southern Coast of the Cold South. Towards the ruined harbor. Cobran. The four had been traveling through the frozen wastes for less than half a day, and the weather had started to take a turn for the worst. What was once a gentle falling of ice and snow had suddenly transformed into a raging squall. The group could have turned back, but it was unknown when the storm would stop. If the flurry evolved into a full blizzard, then there would be no telling when there would be “good-conditions” to try making the trek once more. It was now or never. Most people thought it foolish to leave on such a dangerous journey during the winter. They thought the danger of both beasts and forecast were too great for such a journey to be worthwhile. What point would there be to leave during a blizzard — during the season of endless night? Would it not be better to go forth in the spring, where weather was mild and one only needed to worry about the hunt? No. To go in the spring — to go in the summer — would be suicide. A fool’s errand. As Marcellus explained to the other three, if one wanted to hunt the warpacks in their home, one went during winter. In times of abundance — of light and warmth —, the herds would be back grazing the untamed forests, and there would be plenty of food to sustain the thousands of wolves in Cobran. When the herds retreated away in the autumn, the warpacks would go hungry, and would need to scatter out in search of sustenance. For this, the population of beasts thinned in the city during the winter. Less wolves meant less adversaries, and less adversaries meant less casualties. — And Marcellus would be damned if he let another soul fall to those monsters. Every failed expedition made towards Cobran was a successful expedition for the traveling warpacks. It was winter that the white wolves hunted their favorite quarry: man. The wolves which left Cobran chose their food from settlements all across the Imperial spread, wiping out small towns in the span of single nights. Yes, while desperate adventurers may have hunted for the alphas in Cobran, the wolves would hunt for women, children, elderly, infirm — any sack of meat they could get their teeth in. Whole villages would be wiped from the maps — not a bone left behind. Some guessed the victims were all devoured, but Marcellus knew the truth was far worse. Those missing would be turned — minds erased — transformed into thrall for the growing army in The South. Join. The. Pack. Marcellus shook his head, and sucked in another bitter breath of cold air. He had discussed the entirety of the truth with the rest of the group — save for that single, damning fact. Sooner or later, they would find out. When would be the best time to admit to his deceit? Would any time be appropriate? Could he trust them not to stab their swords into his back once the truth was out? His glamour his the fact then, but hiding it would be impossible. Did they see the tracks he left behind as they trudged through the snow? They already knew the general premise of the quest as to its urgency — wasn’t that enough for now? The goal of the expedition was simple. Discover who or what was behind the mass organization of the warpacks and find a way to stop them. How they were going to achieve that was another matter entirely. The problem was information: there was little to none on the state of The Ruins of Cobran. How the packs organized, where they had their patrols — there was nothing. All that Marcellus knew was that there was a great, malevolent entity within that great hall within the cylindrical spire of undaunted stone smack in the center of the city. A Demon in The Castle. He was certain that creature was responsible for turning people into monsters. After all, Marcellus bore witness to the whole thing first hand. Barely audible over the roaring winds, there was the faint sound of howling in the distance. A pack was on their trail. “Sikkoran! Kosvo! Kassandra! Steel yourselves,” he growled towards the rear. “We may have unwelcome company very soon.” Clipping the lantern to his pack, Marcellus strung his bow. Despite the distance, the wolves would arrive at any moment. @TheElementHunter @Fierach @The Hummingbird Reference for Cobran Town
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    "Ordo Contra Furor" -Valucrean Containment Foundation motto The VCF is a foundation that is tasked with the containment and if need be, concealment, of any mystical, physical, supernatural and/or anomalous objects, beings, artifacts, relics, weapons, creatures, fauna, flora, etc that may/will/has the potential to harm any living sentient being to a catastrophic degree, directly or indirectly. The Foundation protects the Valucrean world from dangerous things, ranging from the individually dangerous to end of the world extinction threats. The foundation records state it's founding around the great calamity, where [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Founder: [REDACTED] [REDACTED], circa [REDACTED] - Present day (Age known to be +800 years old in the lower bounds) Current Leader: [REDACTED] [REDACTED] Total personel count: +- 598 000 (Terrenus) +- 674 000 (Genessaris) +- 356 000 (Renovatio) +- [REDACTED] (Alterion) Sites Each site has a similar layout to assist in constant transfers of staff members throughout different sites but is built differently to contain the threats within said sites. The sites are all of the same layout except for a key few (Namely Site-19, site-239 and site-876). They all are built as a groundscraper, reaching a depth of 1.5 km, divided to the HCU, LCU, and CCU which takes up 20%, 70% and 10% of the depth of the groundscraper respectively. For more information, refer to the spoiler below. Background: [REDACTED] See incident OS-92
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