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    Public AFV Thread

    Taking a semi-AFV while I sort out my hectic schedule and mental state; will probably be back by the weekend or next week. Hoping for your patience and understanding in regards to my owed posts. Thank you all. 🙏
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    Let’s go over the points real quick: There’s a war going on in Ursa Madeum King Milorian recently got kidnapped by pirates, making the Kingdom of Ursa Madeum monarch-less and run by the royal council This is a really good opportunity for noble houses to gain power, glory, and potentially aim for the throne. We’re opening slots for Ursa Madeum noble houses again! An empty Throne What’s this about? Ursa Madeum, a medieval island chain located in the Southern Sea, has always been ripe with conflict. Pirates plague its seas, and the noble houses’ scheming are kept in check only by the monarch. When its last queen disappeared, a noble named Damien Gillick usurped the throne. The Tyrant-King ruled for six years, bleeding the islands dry as he abused his powers and ordered the eradication of all non-human races - elves, shifters, and pereds. Gillick was only killed when a foreign empire invaded the islands, and Ursa Madeum exchanged one conqueror for another. Upon the foreign empire’s departure, the kingdom became independent once more. A new king was appointed, a royal council formed to lead beside him. A new queendom was formed by a former noble house. It seemed like peace was finally returning to the islands. Then House Arcos, one of the Tyrant-King’s former allies, reclaimed its old seat of power and turned its eyes towards Andelusia. War befell the Kingdom. The king was captured by pirates. Amidst the chaos, with an empty throne and more battle lines drawn, the time is ripe for noble houses to make their moves -- whether they wish to support the Kingdom, ally with House Arcos, or claim the throne, only time will tell. So, want to make a noble house for Ursa Madeum? How do I make a noble house? PM @Csl, @Wade, and @Samø with the following information. You can use the other noble houses as reference. You can create either of the two: An aristocratic house - a prominent family that holds significant social and economic power in the islands. You may eventually gain noble status. A noble house - a house that holds considerable land and authority and functions as the Kingdom’s ruling class. Noble houses may choose representatives for the Royal Council, which currently rules the Kingdom in the king’s absence. Things to keep in mind Ursa Madeum is a very lore-centric board and has certain limits to retain the consistency of the setting. Please read the full Ursa Madeum Roleplay Guide and at minimum, the main Ursa Madeum Lore. A certain degree of activity will be expected from noble house players. Nothing unrealistic - you’re not required to post every day or anything, but everything in Ursa Madeum is connected, and your absence may delay other players’ plots. At minimum, keep in touch and let us know if you need to take an AFV. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any ^_^ There’s a fair bit of Ursa Madeum lore, but it’s fairly simple and like all of Valucre we’re very helpful Why should I make a noble house? Generally this is a good way to get established in Ursa Madeum. By default, you get: Land - mansion(s), estates A military force Immediate Notable Person status Direct influence on Ursa Madeum lore Specific plot opportunities Expand your house’s domain through conquering land. Help the Kingdom squash House Arcos’ rebellion and bring honor to your name. (Also you get to flex your military, that’s always fun) Help House Arcos overthrow the Kingdom and take your place along the new empire built on glory in blood. (You can also flex your military here) Build alliances with other noble houses. Build rivalries with other noble houses. Scheme to claim the recently-vacated throne. If you like strictly medieval fantasy settings (with no laser guns, crystal teleporters, or cellphones to break the immersion), Ursa Madeum is the place for that. Also you get to interact with the other juicy Ursa Madeum plots and lore. Some of the notable examples: Blood and Fire: the Ursa Madeum war arc The Gillick Children plot Oathblades Sirens of Ursa Madeum If war and scheming isn’t your thing and you’re more into more chill, medieval fantasy adventuring, you should check out Ursa Madeum’s other kingdom, the Queendom of Svanhild!
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    Greetings! My name is SomSom, I have been playing recently over Discord and Chat. I have come here seeking a home for Myself and maybe a few others. I play and have played this character for 15 years. She is a one eyed, one armed, one legged Kitsune monster hunter(Wounds from previous war campaigns, CRP and tourneys). Hailing from a land of white sands, her severed appendages have a magical cannon and a clockwork prosthetic attached to them. I am looking forward to starting some new RPs, making friends and forging fresh stories, be it long term or short term. While my character has her own home and lore (Check link in signature for details if interested) , I can however bring her into your own setting as long as it doesn’t grievously violate her as a character. Regardless, I look forward to meeting you all soon, and perhaps even composing an epic tale or two. ❤️ -Yips!-
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    [GS] Taurus

    Had he not forsaken his physical form, he assuredly would have passed out ages ago from his cries of rage. Though he couldn't breath right now even if he tried to. As his sword cut across Taurus' chest, Jinsoku chose to leap to his blade in which he was tethered to by his affinity. Upon impact with the God, the blade discharged a return of four bolts of lighning, and four crashes of thunder to boot, in which Jinsoku in this state was making himself the fifth of each feat. Screaming through the air, the bright streak shot towards the Sword. By the time he reached it, the blade had already traveled about half way across the God's chest. Being semi-corporeal made grasping his sword a choice he refused to commit to. Instead he stalled out among the God's torso; A storm within the storm. The storm intensified before Taurus, a cluster of lightning of burning, brilliant white, which dimmed in a flash with the loudest crash of thunder anyone had heard hear tonight. A crash so grandiose that the heavens shook, and perhaps even Taurus was forced to flinch. As he burst up and out of the storm, his form suddenly became physical once more. His more or less naked form rising up as his boy grew erect, his right fist extending into the mightiest uppercut he could muster. There wasn't enough time to buffer his entire body in this risky maneuver, and so the Knight chose to focus his Iron Shell on just his offending limb. By the time he came crashing into Taurus' chin, Jinsoku was fully committed despite what the cost there of might be. There was no question of whether or not he'd be hurt, only how hurt he would be. Regardless of if he could donate enough mustered force to knock this would be God on his ass or not, Jinsoku was certainly putting his mind, spirit, and body through the ringer. Rei was relieved that Jin had returned to his physical form, though it's relief was short lived as he committed to his continued assault.
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    OKAY, I'M HERE. So I'm in my fourth run with work today, tomorrow being my fifth (WOOOO!), and that's why I've basically been MIA. I am slowly catching up! I will touch on some posts tonight (6/2), and I will get to the pm's I've received over the last few days. Thanks for your patience with me, I greatly appreciate it ❤️
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    It's kinda difficult for me to escape into another world when my own is in chaos like this.
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    Hunting Ghosts (Aphelion)

    Draskovic's office had been a bust. By the time Mal and Teddy got there local law enforcement was just about ready to swarm the place. Some smooth talking on his part had gotten them out of there without arousing suspicion, but also without any evidence that might have been there. It had been quite a blow. The dead businessman had been their best lead so far on the Assassin's Guild, and there was no telling what they might have found there. Anything mentioning the guild would be crucial to their efforts, and one way or another they would need to find a way to get to it. Luckily, Adaanai and Pavel had been far more successful in their mission to infiltrate Night Rhythm, a club owned by a local gang, the Dead Eyes, Draskovic was known to have ties to. The pair had managed to copy the club bosses hard drive, and even magically bug the entire building. While the drive was taking some time to decrypt, but the bug was already baring fruit. Currently Mal was sitting at the kitchen table of the groups safe house, listening to a conversation between two high-ranking Dead Eyes members. "We're fucked! You hear me? D-O-N-E Fucked!" "Calm down." "You fuckin calm down! Draskovic is dead! We both know what that means!" "Yes, his contingency; I'm well aware." "Then why ain't you freaking out?! He's got enough dirt in that fucking file to bury us ten times over, and it's set to be released in the event of his untimely death. Which you may have noticed just happened!" "Then why haven't we heard anything? It's been three days since he bought it, but there's been nothing; no news coverage, no cops knocking on our door, not a damn thing." "What are you saying?" "I got a hunch... that whoever bumped Draskovic off is trying to get to us through him. Like, he managed to get that file, and he's sitting on it." "Assuming this is true, why ain't they contacted us? I mean they got us by the short hairs here." "I dunno... but we better find out." Mal paused the recording there, and regarded the assembled members of his team. "You heard 'em. Somebody's putting the squeeze to the organized crime in the city, and they're using the Assassin's guild to do it. If this is true, we need to know more." With a few taps, he pulled up a map of the city, "Besides the Dead Eyes, there are three other major gangs in the city. The Black Knife Boys, The Day Walkers, and the Red Phantoms. Adaanai, Teddy, and Pavel, each of you pick a gang, and get me eyes, ears, or both inside their operation. Elekteri, you keep monitoring the Dead Eyes bug and let me know if anyone gets in contact with them. I'll be making a some plans for our next move." "Let's get to work, folks." @Zashiii @L E V I A T H A N @ODSTDRAGON @Laughingmad
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    @Tyros@Myrinda There were some presences inside the library, other than the two and the librarians. People. People looking, keeping focus on their surroundings, even in a public place where privacy should be at its top. Most were there just to read and relax after work, or to know more. All that is common to the people in this building is just one thing. Curiosity. Someone was curious about something different though. They didn't much care about the book they held in their hand, laying back on the wooden chair while listening and looking around, merely faking to be interested in the book, even if occasionally glancing and reading a few passages. The presence was interested in the two. It observed them the whole time, picking up on their manners and behaviours. The presence knew that the two weren't commoners, their actions screamed that so clearly... When the Baron and the Witch left the building, the presence slowly crawled into their shadows, following them from a distance and being really cautious, so cautious that it almost escaped the attention of Tyros. As a soldier used to war, he knew how to keep attention to his surroundings. It became an habit, and almost involuntarily, he picked up on the presence of people following him. The intentions weren't clear, but he wasn't panicking. The Witch instead, seems to not have noticed such a presence, more focused on keeping sane due to her own internal problems. @Shal@Phosfasium@Dray The three arrive to Port Reach, the city of merchants and trades, within the island. The night has ended, without them even noticing. The city greets them with the gates, where guards stood. The protectors of justice didn't even notice the trio, which passed through without the slightest effort. Once inside, the glorious buildings around are quite the sight to take. That's the rich part of the city, the one where the fewer wealthy people rule over the others. That's the part of the town you have to be in. Walking along the stone streets, taking deep breaths of the salty smell all around, while hearing the sea, the cat looks towards the top part of the little hill the city is built on. The last building high up there was the destination. A flower shop, surrounded by flowers. Out of every building around, that one is completely different, like it was taken from somewhere else and carried there.
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    The wheels squeaked, creaking and clacking. The groans of protest from the wagon echoed down the cavern halls in both directions. As he pushed it along, Scrap only had one thing on his mind as the object before him bounced along. He really, really hoped that Meddle was steering them away from walls and holes. "Are we outside yet?" He squawked in protest, his shrill tones drifting down the halls. "Not yet. I'm just trying to...get us around this...rock." Meddle replied slowly, thoughtfully. The side of the wagon screeched as it scraped against a stalagmite, causing both kobolds to wince. They froze in place, covering their ears, awaiting the inevitable explosion. However, despite it's name, the Great Exploder did not explode. Yet. Scrap's arms dropped in relief, and he gave the wagon a nudge away from the rocky outcropping. Meddle looked over the burlap-covered weapon, then pulled away again. "Looks good?" He asked. "Looks good!" She said, chipper as if nothing had happened. Scrap and Meddle moved the wagon, and the Exploder outside of the cave eventually, pushing through the heavy wooden doors that hid the cave, and into the sunlight. Immediately, both of them winced, and let go of the wagon, but it thankfully didn't roll anywhere. The duo were tasked with a job a bit more unorthodox than they were typically entrusted with. Scrap, being more of the smithing type, preferred to make things with his hand, and would have rather been in the workshop watching Wijit do her thing. Instead, he was out here, with Meddle, who preferred to dig and mess around in the mines with the other miners. Instead, they were moving Wijit's latest, greatest, perhaps most explody-est invention yet. The invention, currently covered in a large burlap tarp, was gingerly moved from the little wagon into the bigger covered wagon they'd left out here, with the help of one of the scouts that had to hang out in the trenches outside. It didn't explode--thankfully--and once it was loaded up both Scrap and Meddle found themselves at a loss for action. Sort of. Scrap climbed onto the wagon, and sat down. He kicked his legs idly, and checked his belongings. Broadsword: Check. Bits of plate mail, fastened to his body with leather straps: Check. He glanced behind him, and peered inside of the covered wagon. Big, explosive weapon, stored in an unsteady, rickety wagon: Check. "What are we doing, again?" He wanted to ask, but before he could, Meddle hushed him, waving her hands at him to quiet him down. "Shh!" She hissed, peering out down the road from the top of their wagon. "I hear something coming!" The road up to the kobold's lair, the Infinite Magmaworks, wasn't easy to find, necessarily. Due North from Vdara, just before the mountain range began, the mouth of their cave was tucked away up a hill surrounded by dense trees. Travelling up the path to visit the cave was difficult to do quietly, with little chimes and crafts made from bird bones, dangling from many branches along the path. Unseen to most visitors, a long, winding trench snaked down from the mouth of the cave down the path, and was hidden by dense undergrowth and partially buried in dirt. Somewhere, in one of the taller trees, another kobold was always watching from safety. None of them moved as they watched a pocketful of newcomers come up the road, towards the Magmaworks. @ReachForStars @Silent Sword
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    What is the most significant challenge your characters have overcome and how did your characters overcome it? How did this challenge affect your characters, other characters, and the setting?
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    This will be brief but this is a subsidiary interest check, and I'll try to keep it from being too complex. So here's the rigamarole- Basically, @supernal tossed out a thread asking for new recruits for the Terran military. He also extended this offer to contractors, and mercenaries. Then, he created an interest check for repairs and military investigations in Ignatz that actually was in response to a CANONIZED(!!) thread. This means that that the follow up thread- This one Here is the OOC This will also strive to be canonized, and your participation here will therefore have a real impact on the lore (and Ignatz itself). The actual marching orders read as follows It will vary by person, but any who are interested will receive a missive that directs them to rendezvous at the Ignatz, specifically The Purple Axe Tavern and Inn. So essentially, people are being hired by the Terran Military to come help investigate recent demonic/cult activities here in the religious capital of Terrenus L A g R i M o S a. I would love any help with this, as I feel it has the potential to go from a slow, intense, investigation; and transform into an action packed, high octane, violent lecture on the finer points of Terran litigation to the unwashed cult masses. It'll be a blast! So hit me up here, and pitch a character, and we'll start running.
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    Lucinda Valentine

    [GS] Taurus

    >Base Camp Near the queen’s tent, there was another, also green. It belonged to Luca who laid In between 2 layers of fur. In her undergarments, she was unconscious, preparing for a predicted wave of injured soldiers. On each side of her, was a row of blood bags. Parts of her body all along her sides reformed into roots with the purpose of pumping the blood into her body. There was a bucket of hot water with a couple of cloths. One rested on her forehead. It had been a while since in battle, and the governess was prepared for the absolute worst. Her face looked pale, and almost dead. A suit and jacket rested of a box away from her. Because of her vulnerability during this process, she ordered her personal guards to stay near her. They all wore their uniforms but also had blankets wrapped around them. It had been hours as her body slowly took in the blood. It would be converted into compact energy and this process could take half a day but she was going as fast as possible. The bags slowly emptied and when the last drops were gone, the ground started to shake beneath her. The roots detached from the blood bags and dug into the ground and shot back out of the surface around the tent. They twirled and shot up climbing the sides of the tent almost causing it to collapse in on itself. They then shot up into the air. Before they could crush the tent, they hardened and froze. This sight was most likely visible from most areas of the camp, though the magic would have been recognizable not posing any threat. Luca awoke and sat up leaning forward gasping for air. One hand gripped the fur blanket on top of her. It was a relief that the process was finally completed and she grinned moving a strand of her hair behind one of her long elven ears. “It’s been a while.....I can’t get too ahead of myself, this is for the injured after all....As much as I’d like to show off in front of all these lovely people...now really isn’t the time....” She stood up wrapping the fur blanket around herself. The soldiers stationed outside came running in “M’lady?! Are you alright?!l” ”I’m fine....I’m going to go find the Queen...you can all go check on other parts of the camp to make sure everyone is alright. For some that must have caused quite the fright.....Off then, you’re dismissed...” Her words were soft and soothing as they rolled off her tongue. When the soldiers had finally left her tent, she got dressed, and grabbed her signature scarlet red lipstick putting some on, and left the tent. “Minori...?Syn...?Mmm...” @Mackenzie Rose @Emm
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    Lucinda Valentine

    The Rise of an Empire

    Luca sat in a chair with her legs crossed and hands on her lap. She looked at Addison with a goofy grin and a raised brow. At the sound of her friend’s tone, she couldn’t help but chuckle. The name was so pitiful that it was hard to keep a straight face, at least in her opinion. Remake a dead country in another world? Why? It was a joke. The name needed to be meaningful. ”Oh my, that won’t do, we can’t have a sob story being relived. I won’t allow that to happen.” She leaned forward, earrings hanging from her long ears dangling making a metallic chime. ”We need something powerful like Verena, which means to fear and to respect. We, together, are a force not to be messed with, and the other nations of this world should feel our power. No no, I don’t mean violence. I almost started a war once, and that wasn’t very pleasant, but they need to see that we won’t allow ourselves to fall as an Empire. Also kyoku, what does culmination have to do with an entire empire” @Phoebe @Kyoku
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    I know I've been a bit MIA for a while. I'm dealing with some stuff irl relating to law school internships and it's making me really tired. I'll try to start writing more again Wednesday at the latest, hopefully sooner.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    @Tyros@Myrinda "You know well that not much is gonna be left from these coins, after i'm done recruiting. That's the value of your change~" She then stands up from her chair. "I'll take my leave now. Have letters to write and flowers to take care of, before they wither~ *She chuckles* See you two lovebirds~" She moves from the table and walks up to the door, ready to leave. As her hand goes towards the handle, she stops. "Oh~" She turns around, showing only the profile of her face as her deep red eye looks towards the Baron. "I'd also advice you to come pick your son and his tutor, at my shop, before i decide to close the door of the slave room~" She chuckles evily while facing the door once again, opening it and going away closing it behind her. On the room falls a complete silence as the butler and maid remain completely speechless while looking at the entrance door, wondering what has just happened here in this room in the few past minutes.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    @Tyros@Myrinda She slowly walks to a seat before setting on it. "Hypocrite~" She says with a bit of laughter to follow her words towards Tyros. Listening to both of them while pouring herself a cup of the tea on the table, but also putting a flower grown on her hand into it before sipping. Listening to Tyros first and the Myrinda second, she couldn't help to make her eyes roll when the Witch went for the purely logical explanation. Taking a few seconds to gather her thoughts about the matter, while sipping from the teacup, she turns towards the Witch. They barely met at the manor, only occasional glances in the halls while they were walking around. While the witch barely remembered her due to the very few encounters and lack of care, she knew more about the Witch. That's what her behavior is, after all. She informed herself on the both of them, the two sitting at the same table she's in. Looking to the Witch and understanding her point of view, she lightly chuckles, mocking her. Her tone is cold and cynical, contrary to her previous words towards Tyros. "If it was merely people, they wouldn't have acted now. There is no timing behind it, it's too much of a random occurrence. People need something or someone to lead them, even through rebellion. An ideal, a person... " She takes a sip, closing her eyes and interrupting her speech, before resuming as she doesn't look at the witch anymore. Just staring into the middle as she keeps her eyes closed. "But there were no leaders or ideals behind that. You don't take down a figure of power if you have nothing to replace it with." Taking her time once again before continuing... "I do know someone that has those, Tyros. But i believe this person isn't foolish enough to bring you down without an exact plan on how to do before, during, and after that." "It wasn't just one of them. The people or the Will of the Island. It was both. The Will of the Island merely made realize the few people that harbored those feelings and wishes to overthrow the current system that they could act. The Will of the Island is the one with the true timing behind it, not the people. That, unfortunately.. goes beyond my comprehension, for now."
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    not dropping his guard yet. he moves a bit closer to the camp. the moment he is sure that they are gone he climbs a nearby tree, moving from branch to branch until he is back at the son. "phew, it would've been faster if i had taken care of them. hey, cat. can you check where they went? it would be bad if they returned. if so, i'll have to kill them next time."
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    So, it was official: Crowley was a general of the Corinthian Alliance. That meant more work, which in turn translated into less time for himself. He practiced in the courtyard; he trained with Rue; he regularly checked in on the spymaster for news from Noviria. Military tactics were all he ever talked about, and when they weren’t, it always had something to do with the war. The Legion has a kraken that can’t be killed. We’re losing more ground on Thraece than we had previously anticipated. Where in god’s name are the rest of the Oathblades? Do you really think we’re going to win? It had all, very quickly, begun to wear him down. Especially how Milorian had been kidnapped right here in the kingdom’s capital, not by masters of the night, but by pirates. Crowley wasn’t sure how they had even managed it. The mere thought of the fiasco made his head spin. To think they couldn’t protect the king—the single most important person in the entire country—from a band of common criminals? There wasn’t a bigger fuck-up in all of history. But it was the aftermath that really bugged him. The council had elected two officials to take the king’s place. The first, well, Crowley couldn’t exactly place his name, they hadn’t spoken much since either of them had been promoted—though people occasionally called him Dave, and that was how Crowley had had come to remember the man ever since. Dave was in charge of internal affairs and everything that kept the kingdom in a state of functional prosperity. He seemed like a nice enough guy from the brief time they’d spent together, so Crowley’s opinion of the politician was positively lukewarm. Then there was Lupercarl. An old acquaintance. The former Lord-Commander of the Black Knights. Damien’s right hand, a heartless beast of a man, and the understated mastermind behind the Tyrant King’s success. It was Lupercarl who had orchestrated the in-and-outs of the eradication of the nonhumans. The plan to unleash all ten Oathsworn upon countless thousands of innocents. To say Crowley hated the man would have been an understatement. Just knowing he was alive made his teeth ache. Sometimes, when he was alone, when his mind wandered into places it never should, he dreamt of putting Lupercarl in the ground. In fact, he was dreaming now. “. . . we should go . . .” Orenmir said. They stood alone at the center of a vaulted mausoleum. Towering bronze statues, separated by pillars, ringed an inner wall lit by gemstones. There were nine of them. Each one depicted a knight, sword thrust into the smooth, polished stone at their feet. They stared ahead in stoic silence, though their faces were hidden beneath the death masks they’d worn in battle. Jor. Thel. Syrah. Theodal. Linovale. Noriok. Elyse. Ingrid. Dridak. The remaining nine Oathsworn: each and every one of them dead. Some at Crowley’s hands. He remembered killing them. In each statue lay a single kernel of memory. Watching the light leave Syrah’s eyes as he cradled her broken body. The way he turned Jor to literal ribbons. Theodal drowning in his own blood. For a moment he was held captive to them, in mute horror of the night that had shattered his will to fight. The Break, as some people called it. He couldn’t have come up with a better name himself. “. . . Crowley . . .” There were more to memories than just sadness. Wrapped around them was a bone-deep anger, vast and pitiless. He blamed Lupercarl for the death of his friends as much as he blamed himself. And now he had to treat with the bastard—again—as if they were old friends. “Right,” Crowley said. “The meeting.” He forced himself to look up at the statues one last time. As he turned to leave, he couldn’t but feel like the mausoleum was missing one last knight to complete the ten. Crowley made his way back to the castle, into the broad daylight of the afternoon. The sun was just reaching its afternoon peak, making the sky shimmer like a sheet of hammered metal. It might have only been the first week of May, but the heat was already building, the air thick as ever with pollen and the occasional stench of rotting garbage. At the gate, he found himself behind a line—dozens of citizens bringing their problems to the court—and suffered a handful of menacing glares as he cut ahead and spoke to the guard, who waved him through. “Welcome home, sir.” After a few years of living away from Andelusia, Crowley had almost felt like an outsider coming back. Not much had changed, or at least not enough to be jarring, though time had a way of magnifying even the subtlest of differences until they couldn’t have been more obvious. The idea that he belonged here no longer seemed to apply. While he’d been hiding in Misral, the world kept on spinning without him. It was both a comforting and disconcerting thought, and he had to wonder how much of himself had changed as well. I miss Roz. That was, perhaps, the biggest difference. That he didn’t have anyone to talk to whom he considered a friend. Rue was the closest thing he had to the description, though ever since the start of her lessons, their dynamic had shifted to that of a teacher and his student. Then there was Orenmir. His Oathblade. Crowley liked to think it belonged in a category of its own. The relationship between the two of them of was… complicated. A man and his shadow, forever bound to one another, nearly one and the same and yet worlds apart. They were inseparable. And yet he couldn’t say they were particularly close. There was still so much about the demon that he didn’t know. “. . . you’re stalling . . .” it said. “I am.” He’d been avoiding the foyer where Lupercarl was waiting for nearly half an hour. He’d made a round to the kitchens, gotten himself a cup of coffee, and was now aimlessly wandering through the castle’s various hallways. “You know what’s weird?” he said. Orenmir didn’t bite. “I could have sworn there were more noble houses kicking around. People too, I mean. The really important ones. It’s like they all up and vanished the moment everything went to shit.” His shadow sighed. “. . . maybe you could start one with that harpy . . .” “You mean a House Crowley? With Rozharon? Our creed could be ‘caw caw, I shout into the wind!’” “. . . truly, i wonder what she sees in you . . .” “Probably the same thing you see in me,” he said. “And I have no idea what that is.” Crowley rounded a corner—and there was the foyer. Somehow, while trying to avoid Lupercarl, he’d walked right up to his door. Already he could hear the dogs on the other side, scratching and whining and sniffing, though something quickly silenced them. Or rather Lupercarl himself did. “. . . think you can hold it together . . ?” “Don’t have much of a choice.” Crowley didn’t think the words carried any real weight, but he knocked anyway. A moment passed. The door swung open. Standing on the other side was a hairy, feral-looking man who was just as tall as he was. He looked thirty pounds heavier, maybe a little more, had a punchable face, and- “Are you wearing perfume?”
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    Dead God's Inheritance

    Maat glanced backwards, out of the small room and towards the courtyard. Beyond the red-tinted metal walls of the shack, the corridor was inky black, slick with rain and mud. In this moment, it looked as if they were in the jaws of a terrible beast, gazing down its awaiting gullet. He could almost imagine teeth slowly closing around them, pushing down through the ceiling, trapping them in the building. Maat stopped himself, and took a big, slow breath, and huffed a bit. "Really? I must have walked past it more than once." He noted with a small laugh. This place was pretty uncomfortable, but they'd been through worse so far. Maat elected to keep on a brave face, in case those around him couldn't. Hopefully it'd lift the mood. When he glanced back, Lumina had moved towards the hatch in the corner, and he decided to walk over as well, kneeling to investigate it with her, only to back up when she spoke up again. The half-elf covered his eyes with his sleeve, and glanced elsewhere. Even so, the arcing light from the lock sizzling in Lumina's hands glowed orange against the corners of his eyelids. Sizzling and zapping reached his ears, and he smelled the scent of burning metal for a short while. It reminded him, actually, of that shop he'd passed through to get in here. Maat recognized Cecil's voice, but not the way he was talking. The octave of his voice was higher, as if hitched, his words hushed, as if whispering a secret to the rusty walls around him. That reminded him, of how Cecil had appeared outside, that manic look in his eyes, that desperation in his face. What was Cecil so frightened of? Pushing that aside, he waited and reflected in the dingy, rusted shed. The gentle hiss of Lumina's arclight slicing through the lock served as a comfortable backdrop to the metallic taste of the air around them. Metallic and...fishy? Hm, that reminded him. They needed parts to get the generator working, and fuel to restore power to the buildings. He'd go find fuel first, but the sooner they found the pieces they needed, the sooner they could get that ferry powered. Lumina finished frying the lock, and he lowered his hands and glanced at the hatch. She pulled it open. It screeched on its hinges, making Maat's teeth feel funny for a second as if someone had scratched a plate. He ran his tongue across his teeth in order to alleviate the sensation while she glanced inside. Within the hatch was water. He wasn't certain how much, and how deep the hole was, but there was definitely a ladder there. A ladder that lead to what, he couldn't say. The dim light made it harder to see into it as well, and gazing into the muddy, deep water was like gazing into the depths of a muddy lake on a moonless night. Maat gazed into its depths, lost for a few moments. There was nothing in there at all, just an empty hold that went on forever, seemingly. "What even is supposed to be down here?" Maat asked, realizing with a start just why the hole bothered him so much. "A hole like this really shouldn't be here, unless they have some sort of underground space. But where this building is, this hole would probably end up too close to...the river." He glanced outside, into the rain, and that long, wide river that seperated them from the town in question. A town that was apparently flourishing under their fishing trade. Cecil stepped into the meager light from the outside world, blotting it out. Maat stared at him, his wide-eyed, pale-faced, heavy-breathing figure, and felt a chill creep down his spine. Cecil stammered, then stepped outside into the rain. The already drenched lad was immediately plunged back into the sopping wetness of the freak storm. Maat stared at him in confusion, then glanced back towards the pit, and Lumina. This only kept getting weirder. Maat steadied himself, and shook his head, before giving Lumina a pat. "Alright, that's enough." He said gently. He didn't look at the walls, didn't look at whatever Lumina thought she saw. Instead, he reached up and gently closed the lid. "We're getting a little carried away in our fantasies, I think. Let's focus on what's really happening., okay?" He sat back, and glanced at the two of them.. Lumina looked unnerved. He wanted to help her as well, but refrained from doing so for now. She'd be okay without him trying to Dad her. Cecil on the other hand, was conjuring a kind of magic on his own, and Maat paused to watch. The world around him, the dark greens of the muted earth were sapped slowly, creeping towards the strange man. It crept up, as if he snatched the life from the ground beneath them. If he were closer, Maat would have been concerned for his own safety. Instead, right now he was concerned for the peculiar young man, who returned with a rope made of...grass? He had no idea. He stepped back, as Cecil stepped forward and tied the hatch shut again. It squealed as it was shut again, more of a keening wail, like a dying beast this time. Then it was shut, and the river was sealed off again. Maat didn't know what to make of this, but he mostly understood Cecil's concern. "We should go together, tell everyone else what we've found out, and see if we can scrounge together some fuel." He said, mostly calm. "We'll get that ferry working, we'll head into town, and we'll bunk down in a diner or something with a hot meal and a change of clothes, while Quill and I try to call an owner." He glanced at the two of them, and offered a smile. "The worst thing we can do when we're scared is freak out, and overthink things. There's nothing to be--" There was an unmistakable sound then, a shriek that he could hear through the walls of the shack, and through the door of the convenience store. Maat sat bolt upright, and got to his feet in an instant. "I'm going to check it out." Maat decided. He was already on his feet, and headed for the door, before he paused, and looked back. He didn't know what to expect, and suddenly the idea of leaving anyone alone seemed unwise. "You two had better come with me." While Quill had backed off from the darkened hall, no more than a minute later Taylor shrieked loud enough to cause the felinid to cover her ears as the terrified girl stumbled away from the bathroom and crashed into one of the displays. Snacks and cardboard went flying; part of a speech bubble broke off of the stand and skidded across the ground. The ad once said 'Time to try diet chips!' The snapped off bit read, rather ominously: 'Time to Chips!' June had cleared the room quicker than she could, but Quill hurried over as well, carefully avoiding stepping on anything that had been sent flying. As she neared the terrified, on-the-verge-of-tears girl, she paused, and nearly gagged as a horrible stench hit her senses. Once it'd struck her, it seemed to only grow stronger, and the felinid covered her mouth and noise, eyes watering a bit. She glanced from the frightened girl on the ground and her friend reassuring her, towards the open door. Taylor spoke up quickly enough to keep Quill from glancing through the door without steeling herself. Quill glanced towards the door, and slowly edged closer to it while keeping her mouth and nose covered, she peered in. There, she saw the body. The bathroom was dark, just as dark as the rest of the building, so Quill's own flashlight only cast beams across the darkened figure, shadows playing off the filthy, grimy bathroom walls, sink and mirror as she slowly panned over the body. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked it over, for just a second. What the fuck? Quill wasn't an expert on dead bodies, wasn't a forensics geek, or a true crime junkie, so the crime scene was largely just a filthy display of grotesque violence to her. The bloated, rotting body seemed wet, as if they'd been soaked in the rain, or dragged through a puddle. The knife driven through the neck was so small, she could scarcely see the hole it'd produced. Only, the victim had apparently tried to struggle, carving up his own windpipe even more in the process, from the jagged wounds around it. Beyond that, she had no idea what she was looking at. A murder, clearly. A recent one, surely. Quill reached forward and closed the door again, and sighed in relief once she could no longer see or smell the body. Her shoulders visibly loosened, and she quickly leaned down next to Taylor and June. "We're going to wait here until Maat comes back in," She said to both of them. Unlike her partner, Quill wasn't exactly the soothing type, but she managed to keep her cool, and she supposed that was worth something. She considered running out to find Maat right away, but both girls looked horrified. June had even said out loud that she didn't want to leave the larger group until it was safe. Leaving them alone in here seemed like a good way to upset them further. She sort of stood, sort of knelt next to them, staying close and keeping watch over them. Her gaze flicked from the bathroom door, to the door leading into the courtyard where Maat had gone, to that hallway behind the counter. Outside, the storm carried on, pelting the window, like little fingertaps, like somebody trying to get inside, rapping on the window desperately trying to get their attention in the dark. She glanced backwards, and saw nothing. Only the foggy glass of the windows, and the lights of the rollerbus out in the dark. The door swung open, and Maat walked in, flanked by both Cecil and Lumina. He glanced around, the shop was dark, but somebody somewhere was crying softly. Quill appeared next to them, seemingly out of nowhere, causing Maat to start for a moment. "Hey, we have a problem." She told him, dead serious. Maat examined the body with a wrinkled nose. It didn't show much, but his heart was pounding out of his chest, his entire body called on him to run, but he stayed in place while he investigated the bathroom. As they'd made room for him to check the bathroom out, he'd accepted a flashlight from Quill, and borrowed a cheap umbrella from a nearby stand. Maat wasn't a big fan of forensic studies himself, but for a little bit had been friends with a coroner's son, who was rather fascinated by crime scenes. This mostly seemed like the sort of thing a coroner would do, maybe. Obviously he was most interested in the knife wound. Maat used the umbrella to life up the head, to get a closer look at the wound. "Well," He said loud enough for anyone who cared enough to hear. "Whoever did this, was apparently strong enough to stick the guy into a ceramic wall. The tile behind it is split and everything." He noted as he attempted to wiggle the knife. He didn't know how long it was, but he figured it didn't need to be terribly long to cut through fish. He let the head drop back down, and examined the rest of the body. He was wearing clothes, though you couldn't really make them out through the mud and filth. He tried to wipe some off with the end of the umbrella, and found the ghostly traces of bloody embroidering. "Looks like we found the guy who works here." He announced, squinting to read the label. "Says here his name is--was 'Ernest.'" He dropped the umbrella to his side. "Sorry about this Ernest." "Are you done poking it?" Quill called from across the store. Maat glanced back and gave her a pained expression. "Almost. Just looking to see if I missed anything." "Missed what, exactly?" She asked. "We should just pile everyone into the rollerbus and go." Matt poked at the corpse's key ring, and with a jangle the keys landed into some slowly drying gore. He slowly scraped it out of the mess, and onto the floor outside the bathroom. "We can't just leave now," He told her. "We don't have that much room in the bus, and besides." He closed the door. "I wouldn't feel right about leaving any of these people behind after finding this. It's not safe." "Neither is hanging around a store with a murderer." She told him. Once the door was closed, she strode up and picked up the key ring. It looked like he had a copy of the bathroom key, some yellow-painted key and a key clearly marked 'Back Office.' "We don't know if they're still around," He countered. However, the response to that statement was implicit. Neither he, nor she knew that they weren't around, either. "Okay, all of you, listen up." Maat tossed the umbrella away, and wiped his grimy hands on his pants. "Until we sort things out, nobody goes anywhere alone anymore. Stick with at least one other person, and tell everyone where you're going." He pointed towards all of them. "We figured out that the generator to get the power on needs to be fueled up, and so does the Ferry. I'm going to look around in the shop with Lumina and Iohmar...Oh, wait, Iohmar's alone." He glanced towards the door, and started walking towards it. "He has no idea what we've found yet!" The shop is dark and shadowy, and the light of the floodlight only helps to cast shadows over everything around it. The storm outside continues, heavy and wailing--is that the wind, or a distant scream? The shop interior, however, is quite still, and silent. But Iohmar is not alone. It makes no sound as it approaches, and yet its stench is unmistakable. As soon as it's reek can reach the tabaxi, it's standing there, on the fringes of his little floodlight. A towering mountain of muscles and bloated flesh, wrapped in sea shells, bits of splintered wood and mud. Jagged fish hooks have dug into the skin and refused to let go. Its boots, rubbery and ancient, are overladen with barnacles and seaweed. Before he can attempt to make it past the towering attacker, it grabs at him, trying to nab him by the neck. In its free hand, a long, thin fishing knife glints in the light.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Word And Law

    He sighs. "If it let you do something, this is likely because it still feels that it has the upper hand, somehow." Looking at the cat in his lap, he promptly grabbed it by the back of its throat and then threw it off, beyond the fence. "Pest. You are no cat of mine." Cleaning himself up from the cat's fur with a grimace, he continued with disdain. "Alas, I am not here to imagine the far future just yet." With another sigh, he looked Frederika directly in the eye, his golden orbs turning red ever so slightly. "I'm here to talk Law. More specifically, what laws do you think I should install in order to passively limit the powers of the factions. Vytar's little cult, in particular." His right fist was pressed onto his cheek, the baron looking decidedly annoyed.
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    Silence pulled out a rolled up flier of his own as Meddle drew hers, and gave it a little shake to indicate that he too was most definitely here for the job, but otherwise he stayed... well, silent and listened. When Scrap asked what they could do to help them, Silence looked at Kaila to see if she would go first. If not, he shrugged, and pointed at himself. Stepping to the side for some space, he drew his sword with a flourish, spinning it across his body as if it were a fan or cheese wheel and he some circus performer with freakish dexterity. With an audible ring, the sword was sheathed just as abruptly as it was drawn, and he flicked off his cloak, turning it inside out, and then disappeared from view in a shimmer of light. If his audience looked very closely, they might notice hints of Silence's whereabouts, as he trod upon the ground with light steps, and the air seemed to blur wherever he went. He would reappear near to Scrap, shucking off his cloak and turning it back inside out again, and give a theatrical-looking bow as if having come off a grand performance. Surely a being with that sort of skill or ability could prove useful in many ventures.
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    Somber "Stranger in a strange land." The realm of rolling blanched gnolls, where the land flowed not with milk and honey, but the blood and fire that is tribulation. The domain of her forefathers testing the mettle of those that called grainy bosom home, showing no clemency from that inferno toward all inauspiciously caught in its melancholy song. The dirge of those unworthy, deemed unfit to survive by the will of the sands ringing in the back of mind. Their silence was proving daunting, as the insipid chords from this cushiony kingdom birthed with it solely impuissance. The vapid inhabitants were woefully ignorant, going about their mundane affairs, blissfully accepting the deception that had woven like a beautiful tapestry. The obfuscation serving their ruler well, a monstrosity, an abomination wearing the disguise of their queen, yet was anything but benevolent. A contract, signed in blood and gold, had brought the kitsune out from the warm belly of her maiden land. She was traversing the labyrinth of tall oak trees, rich fauna, and enriched resources. Yet vigilant eyes, an inquisitive nature, successfully thwarting off complacency, the greatest bane to wilt away at one’s roots. The illusion of peace, the falsehood that is tranquility, needed to be fended off constantly. The universe by its nature was hostile, a truth though somber, was all but prevalent no matter one’s home. Yet the severity of strife, the extent of the wolf at the gate varied. Frivolously the monster hunter carried out her contract, attempt to fell the beast, hubris proving her undoing as the darkness overpowered her. The guards were hastily whisking the fox away from their regal ruler, unaware of the insidious agenda and maleficent nature in stupor behind elegantly poised visage. She was carried off first by carriage, then by boat, across the crashing waves of the sea, eventually reaching the remote island that housed the nation’s prisoners. The katana vanished, it form long dissipated into nothingness, causing many queries, though her watchers were now assuming answers can be harvested later. As the samurai refused to talk, the soldiers concluded her to be ignorant of their flavorless dialect, in truth, their tongue's perniciousness proved far too belittling. Meriting the void that greeted them, yet the foreigner understood what was soon to transpire. Pondering out loud whether she was sent by a foreign government to destabilize their pitiable way of life. The truth seldom so whimsical, often ignorance aspiring such grandiose fears and conjecture. Yet stoicism was all the greeted them, the discipline, battle hardened soul in absolute control of their emotions, knowing the next play to unfurl due to prior experiences. The black and white cloak that shielded ample form now rend from body. The golden clasp supporting it tearing free, as one of the soldiers would send a punch toward their captives abdomen. The blow landing, as the fox leaned forward, smirking as she strived her best not to display any visible signs of pain. The men, a bit taken back, as they’d brush it off, pushing her forward as iron shackles collided with one another. The friction of their force piercing the ambiance one might expect, as the kitsune had being led through the gaped maw of the prison. The pallidly lit heartless stone walls reeking of blood and humidity, the lamentations of those unfortunate to call this hell home, like an orchestra bellowed forth. Yet their torment did not bring with it a gelid realization, nor did it vex weathered soul, rather, a sense of serenity. Luscious lips bending into a smile, as the pure husk of this land gave way to its true inner swarthy form. Finding relief in finally penetrating the lie, seeing their world for what it truly was, the devil tucked away from the privileged prying eyes of the commonfolk. The soldier gossiped amongst one another, waiting for one of the wardens to figure out what they should do with her. The stubby ears flicking behind wild cherry blossom mane, as the idle banter of her captures amused the samurai. They were speculating on why she had a missing arm and leg. As well as how those metallic prosthetics had been designed and fitted for such a small frame. Her appearance the source for much befuddlement, as it’s unique and battered nature proved beguiling to one’s curiosity. The sounds of boots rhythmically colliding with grime covered floor, as the warden with a few guards, would relieve the tiny fighter from the soldier’s charge. The armored clad knight saluting the clear leader, before the maestro of that song would grasp the chains, dragging the kitsune forward. Somber lumbering behind rather clumsily, feigning a lack of grace, while maintaining the sense of fragility throughout their little march. All the while, thinking to herself how much she will enjoy killing this smug human once the timing was right. The knob of rust coated iron turning, as wooden barricade would be pushed open, the captive being shoved inside as one of the torturers had been waiting. The warden was conversing with the fellow for a bit, as the guards fastened the restraints onto the oddly complacent prisoner, tying her to a frigid stone slab. Once the lot had departed, and the door slammed shut, a soft sigh would escape from the fox’s moist lips. The interrogator stepping forward, slapping a wrinkly, leathery bag onto a nearby surface, rummaging about as various tools of his trade placed into her peripheral. The instruments not even clean, as the dried, crusted remnant of blood still stained the metal devices. The man was humming away rather gleefully, showing unbridled acceptance with enthusiasm as the rare sight of a foxkin like a muse. Various questions would be asked, yet nothing would greet those ears, mulishness inspiring a wide, near toothless grin. The man finding it best to do it his way as is, yet the work now delayed, as the warden intruded once more. Befuddlement staining the artist face. The authority figure snatched her wooden pipe, satchel, and a large jug of Sake, shaking the worldly possessions in the face of the kitsune. Demeaning her, in some clever misplaced attempt at psychological warfare, displeased it elicited no outward response, he gave the interrogator a nod of affirmation. Stepping beyond the threshold, as the door closed shut once more. The flickering orange hue, of a nearby flame from within a glass lantern perforating the shade, as the professional would get to work. Mentioning how much he would enjoy eviscerating her body, enthralled by the prospect of working on a canvas so unique. For an hour, he would make incisions, pour water over her face, grind salt into wound, and send a flurry of punches her way. Resolve did wane, as a few grunts of pain, finally departed from formerly sealed lips. The first session proved uneventful, bearing not the fruit they had desired. The body often proved rather resilient in the torturer’s eyes, but the mind was rarely so imperishable. Opening the door as he would cry for the guards, the men undoing the bindings as they would carry the bleeding woman from the room, dragging feet across the filthy ground. They led her to a nearby cell as they would pin her to an adjacent wall, shackling arm and cannon to the contraption, so her back was forced to rest uncomfortably against the wet surface. The men of this realm ignorant of her magic, unaware of her craft, assuming even the cannon couldn’t function without gunpowder or some iron balls as ammunition. The fox left in silence, refusing to speak even as the other prisoners cried about their fate, finding their pity anything but admirable. Eye rolling, as time and it’s passage seemed to have little context within the cell, yet she didn’t intend to stay for long.
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    Terran military chatter v.2

    We could have like, an oversight committee. Maybe characters from Aleth can show up to testify?
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    The Rise of an Empire

    "Perhaps we ought to bear the name of The Final Bastion once more. After all, we are all united under The Bastion's cause. Many of you in this room, if not all, ventured into this foreign dimension in the name of The Bastion," He'd pause, looking over the crowd for dramatic effect, "The Final Bastion is not just a name. It is the culmination of our hopes, aspirations, and ideals - that is why I deem it to be the best fit for the establishment of our new empire."
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    She looked at him and smiled. She noticed how he tried to change the subject. The urge to tease him grew stronger, "Oh come on now~ The big brave knight should be able to tell what my favourite colour is~"
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    @Tyros "The Heartweald. You think you can control something even though you have no proof that it is possible to in the first place. Now I am not saying I believe in it, what I'm saying is that fonts of immense magical power are unpredictable." She sat back in her chair opening her grimoire to glance through its pages.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    @Frederika Tyros nodded at her with a shrug. "That is no surprise. The island had a tendency to throw tantrums every so often and you've likely saved more than one of the resulting, *motions quotations* villains, during your time here. You are useful to it, maybe it even considers you cool." He let out a laugh as he turned towards @Myrinda . "But I can understand not believing in it. After all, I've been off the island for most of my life and have never seen or felt any of its like." A maid walked into the room to refill the barons drink, with nary a single toll of the bell. "Knowing how to make use of the Heartweald can be very rewarding. For instance, I don't even have to explain what I want to these fine individuals for it to be brought." With a smile, the maid from before unveiled a blood-red wine and poured him a glass. He grinned. "You see, the mind control works both ways, if you know how to exploit it. And considering your enemy has the intelligence of a child, its not that difficult." The old butler quickly returned with a freshly killed duck, presented on a silvery platter alongside an assortment of vegetables and other edibles.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    "Frederika Blackrose. Never thought i would actually meet again. although i don't think passing by each other in a hallway counts as meeting." They wait outside. Looking around to make sure nobody bothers them. But that is just wishful thinking. It's not often that someone with tattered clothing just walks around in the city together with a well dressed kid. Even though most guards ignored them. there were still a few that tried their luck. approaching the two who are waiting for their guide and contact. "Beggars aren't supposed to be here, go back to the other side you poor bastard. Or are you just here to rob this kid." One of the guards shouts to them. clearly ready to get some coin.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    @Tyros "Aww~" She patted the small child's head. Now believing it's ready for a higher level of communication she asked it, "Tell me: what do you think about mana transference from master to slave?"
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    War Discussion

    Anyway, here's Dave I'm very pleased with the fact that the UM kingdom's currently headed by two dudes whose names can be shortened to Carl and Dave.
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    Eridianus AMA

    I remember talking to you about the Saungai artifact but not so sure if we've discussed this. Can you elaborate on that? If you're asking if it's possible to canonize wildlight-manipulating items (wands, staffs, scepters, etc.) then yup! You're free to come up with something as long as you keep in mind the Laws of Wildlight.
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    Igni spent the majority of the day ploughing a path through the thick undergrowth. It would have been more sensible for her to walk ahead of the group, but she didn’t want to impose on their stoic elven leader’s leadership. And it was fun to watch the small races. They could move so fast, so quickly, darting here and there, sliding around trees and branches and over stones to cut along game trails or follow creeks up hillsides. Igni just ploughed ahead. All but mature and sturdy trees bent out of her way. The rest snapped, and she shrugged them aside with her wings so they wouldn’t fall on her or her new companions. She’d never walked under forest canopies before, and it was quite beautiful. The light shining through the canopy, the little animals sniffing about that her large ears could pick up, and the birds. The birds were wonderful. What wasn’t wonderful was the bracken and bushes and dirt. But it was worth it for new experiences. Variety was the spice of life, after all. By the end of the day she was filthy. As Skacharm declared they’d stop for the night she produced a set of combs and a few silver coins from the pocket plane accessible via the portal in her mouth, which she gave to her demon worshippers (or whatever they were) that had followed the group from the village. They spent a good hour picking brambles and branches and leaves from her thick fur, and did their best to brush out the mud that had dried to dirt. By the time they’d finished everyone was sitting around the fire and the moon was up. Igni lay on the thickest patch of bracken nearby the camp, stretched out onto her back, long tail disappearing into the darkness. Her wings were outfolded like a couple of deconstructed tents, and her body was a mountain behind her comparatively dainty head. Through mostly-closed eyes she watched the small ones prepare camp, arrange watches and work out who was hunting game for supper. The thought of food made her salivate, but she could do with a night without. Or two. Or ten if need be. Skacharm was interesting. He sat watching everyone. As did Rysorian though with twice as much hostility. She wished she could read there minds but contented herself with reading their faces. Skacharm had differing opinions of everyone, even Igni. He was wary in most cases but looked at the pretty blind one with affection. Rysorian treated everyone the same, like a dog guarding a bone. Definitely a challenge if ever she saw one.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    She gasped insulted when he mentioned the library, "Why do you need to go to the library? I have an entire one dangling from my hip!" But she quickly calmed down when he mentioned food, "But sure. Let's get something to eat." She started walking towards the exit of the bank but mistook the staff door as the exit. Embarrassed she walked back to Rhean, "Where's the exit again?"
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    Custom title raffle 24

    I would like to join too, If I'm allowed of course
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    She smirked and replied, "Sorry but I only give private lessons to those who show talent~" She saw the number morph into 1 and nudged Rhean, "Is it our turn now?"
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    "And it looks like your more than comfortable embarrassing me." She grudgingly spoke. She tilted her wizard hat lower to cover her eyes and blushing red cheeks from the crowd. But through it she saw everyone passing by them. "Why is everyone staring?" She asked with worry fearing that something might happen.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    "N-No! That's not it!" She shouted defensively. Her sudden outburst attracted more attention from others. She hid her face behind her hand. "Let's just get to bank..." She mumbled.
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    First Days Are The Worst

    It was going to snow again, but the cold hadn't set in just yet. That made everything muddy and difficult to traverse, but the Shields did their best. "All right, recruits, this is the day you prove yourselves to the shields." Eric stated, wearing his full armor and sporting a helmet that resembled a bear. There were five in all, ready to prove themselves, and prove themselves they would. Gear was being shoved into the recruits hands, chainmail armor and a weapon of their choice. "I will be joining you as we travel up this path that leads into a goblin den that's been harassing a supply chain. We've been hired to clear them out, so we figured this would be a perfect teaching opportunity for the lot of you." The snow had begun to fall now, the skies a dark grey. "I hope you're ready, because this is going to be a true crucible for you all." @ZachGreedy
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    Thank you, maybe we can work on a narrative together one day. ❤️ Yeah, I am gonna be digging through that soon, gotta see how badly I have to tweak her for the setting. Because every chat, group and discord has their own rules it seems. If there an OOC section I can request a partner at?
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    The Reclamation: The Turbines

    Anna was quite shocked at how Nelson cut her off and basically yelled at Addison. When he turned to her, she was so kinda shocked, but Anna listened to what he had to say about Cal. She kept eye contact as he spoke, she wasn't afraid of his voice raised and she wanted to make sure she got the whole message about Cal. She heard the story a little bit during the trip here, but hearing the whole story is honestly disturbing. She really needed to send Howard a letter when she had a chance. . . "Nel--" She attempted to talk to him, but he had already walked off to the side. She thought he didn't time for a few moments so she left him to do his thing. He must have gone through a good bit for him to get all angry. Anna always saw Nelson to be quiet during the ride here and even walking to the Turbines. He didn't say much, and usually only about business. She did want to make a friendship by the end of this, since they were going to work together for quite some time. Anna sighed before she spoke to Addison, "are you alright? I don't believe he meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I can tell Howard and him are close.. I heard the story on the boat here, but it's honestly horrible on what Cal did.. -Besides that, again, what should we start working on first? I believe we can do much better than Cal. And, we won't be behind on payments for supplies." She smiled kindly at Addison. Her eyes showed compassion as she spoke, after speaking - she looked toward Nelson. She felt awful on how he must of felt to hear about his friend trying to shot himself... Cal will pay when they see him, it's already awful enough he abandoned this project. . . @Phoebe @Jack Howard
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    Aliester knew that he isn't strong enough to stop her, yet, he did not give up. However, not giving up was not enough as his life force is still drained as they keep fighting. "The villagers finally managed to bring the dried wood, but, at this rate, I would need a miracle to survive this.". He muttered to himself while fighting the dryad as few scars from the dryad could be seen on his face.
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    The Extermination

    Wanna join the convo @Darthgamer101?
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    L E V I A T H A N

    Fracture Interactions

    I just meant the ooc thread I’m so sorry. Every chapter or segment can get its own thread ICly 🤑🤗
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    Its a me, the new guy!

    Was recommended this site by a friend and decided to give it a look. I think this place will really help with my writing, and as a bonus have some really fun times. My few years of role-play give me some experience in the art form. Just excuse my cynicism, and super sarcastic tone. I don't mean it in any bad way. It's just part of my nature
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    Hello, another immigrant here.

    Once in my life I wrote a detective story in junior high school when I was 14 years old. I will leave it to people who are smarter than me. I haven't tried horror, although sometimes I try to get a similar atmosphere. To be honest, I'm more a reader than a writer.
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    Looking for: Whispernight Survivors

    Already got him signed up C;
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    He knows that this was the best chance for him to see her so he lands on the ground and transforms back to normal. He approaches her as she can be seen near the shrine. With determination in his eyes, the young knight draws closer to the dryad. He knows what he has to do.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    She couldn't help but giggle, "No. I don't think I will~" She said that out of fear for the stink he made earlier sticking to his lips. It sounded immensely grotesque which made her think the the smell would have been just as bad. The thought of coming into contact with it disgusted her.
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    Rath Lux - Quests: Principium

    An exasperated sigh escaped Rhean as he left the toilet stall and walked over to Witts, pretending that this never happened. "Good morning to you too." Groaning deeply, he asked the man. "How much do we owe you?" "Twenty coppers, good madam." Witts replied, causing Rhean to recall having been named Rose by Myrinda and sigh."Twenty?.." He blinked with a questioning glance."You were asleep for two days." Rhean nearly slammed his head against a wall."Wanderberry poisoning, I assume?" The tavernkeeper laughed lightly."Yup. The blacks under your eyes were quite staggering." His laughter turned into a chuckle as he continued. "Must've been more than three or four dilluted berries in the water." It was at this point that Rhean remembers shoving an entire sack of berries into the cooking pot and hoping for the best. He may very well be lucky he is still alive, rather than just struck with a massive hangover.
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    Drug dealing raider father of two. Harley Quinn with slightly better makeup. Vegan chick who likes shooting people. Puss in Boots starts taking steroids. Failed experiment both IC and OOC.
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