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    Rozharon Paralios @EmpressOfficial • 2 hours Visited #Norkotia to finalize trading agreements (thanks @GrandExecutor!) Decided to try the local cuisine afterwards 🍔🥤 REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE plz note this tweet is not canon, not even soft canon lololol. though roz has definitely visited norkotia at some point to try out a burger.
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    Slowly becoming wary this is how the thread is gonna end:
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    Houndy Poochykins

    The Hiring Process.

    Pyrrah was a unique breed of hound girl. Her dark skin, fierce eyes, and wild hair, all uncommon, especially as far into the lands she hailed from. Pyrrahs story was simple. She was at some point taken into captivity. In this phase of her life, she was eventually sold, or if she was being honest she was stolen, considering the poor bastard never got his coin. An undisclosed round later, as there was little if any paper trail on her ave for the records Celine had. She ended up in the care of one tycoon who if asked what he did for a living, it would be easier to ask what he didn't do. As this woman she'd come to know just now was named 'Suh leen' sat down. Her ears were kept low, a sign of submission among canines. Pyrrah had little to her name save for the iron top that held her large breasts up, and a matching piece of armor just below it. In addition, there were shackles around her writs and ankles. As she sat in the car then entire back in dipped as if a man 3 times her size sat. She did also have a brown shawl on for decency. Pyrrah had strictly been kept 'untouched' for the sole purpose of reselling. As it went, something in good condition only appreciated. The last freedom afforded to her was that she kept her name long ago. As the woman spoke. Pyrrah looked over briefly, the words were not uncommon. She wanted so bad to exclaim that she was a proud hound from places this human would die. But instead of doing so she nodded silently before muttering a single "U-understood ma'am". She silently mouthed the words upon arrival. 'fah tall see duck shun'. Pyrrah unfortunately never learned to read very well. Hardly at a childs level if one was honest. But, a guard dog, a dancer, a stripper, a pet, or just a warm body for relief... none of those required you to do anything with reading. Only use her body in various ways. As the pulled up, she'd look up at the clubs doors from the car. Her collar and leash taken by one of the womans apparent employees. She was led inside, and quietly behaved. A bouncer would come out, quickly greet them with that businessmans smile. Of course, Pyrrah quickly followed after. The employee left her leash in the hands of one of Rykers men, as this was not his business, it was for Celine, Ryker, and anyone Ryker wanted involved. The hound had a bad feeling. She didn't sit, she'd been taught it was rude to sit without being offered and even then... she didn't know Celine or how she would feel about that. @Witches Brew @Better Than Gore @Tenkai Matsumoto
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    I am enjoying reading this thread so far. Keep it up folks. With this Enrele thing gaining traction, I wonder if she should have some central area where we can link to all of the threads pertaining to the Enrele threat that has a list sorted chronologically so we can see all of the wonderful effort that has gone in to building this thing. 👀
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    A Breath of Fresh Air

    Summary: Seeking to clear her property of hostile fauna, Halisera Dali requests the services of the Naho Raiders. A witch named Enid approaches Halisera and volunteers her aid in the process, believing the matriarch will help her find the object of her divinations. Together, with the help of Captain Elliot Kessler, they venture into the Dali caves to dispatch the Brumak nesting in its depths. A furious battle ensues, quick but not without peril, and the trio manage to drive away the Brumak after sufficiently wounding it. With the job completed, the group decides to return to the surface. Halisera grants Enid further access to the tunnels for future investigation. @Csl @supernal @Gil
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    Bloodsport OOC

    lol I'm playing final fantasy 14 so I totally get this, but tbf this thread had not been designed around having 'tanks' and 'healers'. If it was so I would have set a requirement on the number of people who would take either role. It's more of individually and ability-wise, what skillsets your characters would have, allowing a degree of customization (coming out from the first thread where everyone is homogeneous).
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    Yes! The final round! Commence fictional child abuse! Time to slap some naughty kids...
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    Die Shize

    A dollar for your sword

    OOC Music [Recurring] CRACK! “NOOO MY STICK OF TRUTH!” She screamed in horror like in one of those horror films where the murder-man kills the girl’s boyfriend in front of her eyes by gouging his eyes out with a toothpick before cutting his head off with a toothbrush. Well, the gooze had done something not entirely too dissimilar when it grabbed a hold of her own half of a toothpick and broke it in half so that it became a quarter of a toothpick and toothpick. “WHYYYYYYYYY” She received no answer, not from the gooze or the Fates or the two men who were too busy dancing in the air or waddling on the ground to worry about her stick of truth. One of them, for sure, had even since stolen her sword, so that kind of said something about the kind of people that she kept company with and weren’t no mistake. Of which, that man was no longer airborne but had decided to go for a swim, and her observer could only ogle in horror as she spotted her sword float and sink like in one of those Doby-Mick films about the oversized dolphin and the harpoon that pierced its belly and brought Doby-Mick into the water all wiggly-wiggly. Still my chap a silver ticket of a film if ever I saw one old boy I do so say OH MY GOSH She couldn’t complete the thought, a thousand walnuts of worries plaguing her brain as the gooctopus’ tentacle sprang forth toward the sick man to slap some sense into his sluggish form. Well, it might have done him some good, alongside some much needed oatmeal to settle his stomach, but the dismay lay in the gooze’s own gooey brain as it received the sensations of acid eating away at its...gooze? The woman clapped her hands in glee. She didn’t know these pools, hadn’t bathed in them, didn’t see a lifeguard, packed no bikini, but it was evident that where that tentacle had splashed it had in turn splattered itself with the kind of liquid that would make a perfect prop for a horror movie. The sick man, meanwhile, appeared to be loading his crossbow with these-and-those and things in between. Suddenly, it all clicked! just like her stick of truth had cracked! That man was coating his bolts in the acid. The other man was...swimming or something but otherwise doing something useful. The crossbowman was on the other side from where the woman was standing, still a prime target for the gooctopus, and there that woman was, without sword and without stick. So, she resolved to do the only thing that she knew to do in this situation. Her phallic counterparts seemed to have more knowledge about their enemy and their environment than she did, and both of them were armed with crossbow and stolen sword where all she had was a makeshift lamp slung over her shoulder. Aghhhhh gaga-pa-dooda-gup “FUGGABUH!” She exclaimed toward the gooze. If it had ears then “had” was the keyword because clearly they had long since melted away. So, she tightened one boot and pulled a knife from the other, brandishing its twinkling point toward the gooze. “YOU’RE JUST A BIG FAT GOOZER-MOOZER WITH SLUDGE FOR BRAINS AND I WANT A REFUND!” With that, the woman dashed toward the very edge of the pool and lunged. A blindly flailing tentacle was moved away just in time. She stabbed again. Another miss. KAI-AY-PA! This sucked. Stabby-stabby-stabby— “FUMOFFU!” She sliced the air and a tentacle swinging within it. The gooctopus shuddered. At last, its attacker had attention, for however long it might last. It shifted through its gooey water, shooting a tentacle for her face. She dodged. Another for her leg. She skipped. The third punched her stomach and she “Oof!”d before falling backwards. All in all, though, the distraction might have been all the time that the crossbowman would need to load his weapon of acidic destruction and for his best friend to do...whatever he was doing all this time. As for the woman, well, she was beginning to regret the squid that she had for elevenses. Fumoffu...
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    Child's Play [Nightmare Descends] OOC

    Let's see... Mother's HP is 6, 1 dmg goes from Challara, 2 dmg from Barristan, 3 dmg from Mistress... Ladies and gentlemen... We got her.
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    The Alexandrian

    Pereat Mundus OOC

    Whichever would work better for your narrative. In the original post, she was only asking for people from Hell's Gate, but we could easily swing it so she also asked Emile to assist at the end of their escapades in Dougton.
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    I haven't been keeping pace per say but notice how much care you're giving to Ventrix and hey that's shout out worthy Whoo high five!
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    Alright, so a few more bits of timeskipping that can of course be narrated for your own purposes - especially the standoff at the checkpoint, which you guys are free to resolve however you want - to get to the juicy bits: Negotiating with a being that claims to be a goddess. @Vilhardt @Priestess @Thotification @The Alexandrian @Dauner Light @danzilla3 @Rabbit too if you want since this is on your ship
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    The black mage continued to pace from side to side, getting his blood pumping as he watched Kenshi make his approach and step onto the stone arena. Arthur was ready to fight, his anticipation almost too much to bear as he settled in the center, and stood defiantly fifteen feet from his opponent. If the martial artist from Jigoku wanted to advance to the next round, he would have to destroy the mutant, so powerful was his desire to prove victorious. Of course, nothing particular about his current opponent caused Arthur to act in such a way; the mage hadn't done any research on any of his competition and only knew Artanthos. Had he, he would have found out that Kenshi was from the court of Xartia's son, making the match-up quite personal as they were both fighting men with diametrically opposed allegiances. Arthur, however, entered the bout as ignorant to his opponent's identity, and perhaps wouldn't have cared much if he did know. It didn't change what the mutant was going to do to him. Arthur turned towards his fur-clad robes he had left upon the sands after Kenshi had asked his question. The look upon the mage's wolfish features was confused, unsure as to the point of his opponent's line of inquiry, or what it had to do with their fight. The mutant shrugged his shoulders, deciding not to ponder on the subject and instead chose to respond. "A dire wolf," the black mage replied matter-of-a-factly, "But we're not here to yap about wildlife..." Swiftly, the mutant wasted little time as he advanced on his opponent. He held the seven foot long wooden pole of his pollaxe in both hands, his right hand nearer to the head whilst his left was positioned closer to the weapon's spiked queue. Arthur carried the pollaxe perpendicular to his torso, taking purposeful steps towards his opponent and closing the distance between them quickly. However, while Kenshi's naginata was surprisingly short, the mage's pollaxe (or his wizard's staff as he liked to call it) could strike at his opponent from quite a ways away. Planting his left leg forward (eight feet remaining between them), he rapidly transitioned his pollaxe into a high guard, holding the entire polearm over his head and roared thunderously as he delivered a downwards chop towards the top of Kenshi's head. The attack cut the air asunder with a great WHOOSH, displaying Arthur's lack of concern for the damage he'd wrought if the axe head connected. @Etched In Stone
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    CENTAURS Dan's centaurs were less than happy. One couldnt see out of one of his eyes, the other had a friend that couldnt see out of one of his eyes. So, they decided to shoot the flying boy out of the air. @Akiris Ed's centaurs were considerably less happy than Dans. And everyone else's, really. Thankfully, the dragon in question had no appetite for eating things that were non-bipedal and so, he flicked his head, and chucked the centaurs across the arena. The Furies followed, but stopped themselves in the air. @P.N.See Vlad Dracula's centaur was understandably upset by him casually swatting one of the duo aside like he was nothing, and decided that maybe this person should not be alive anymore. And so, like any decent person, he decided to rid the world of Vlad. Or, at the very least, hurt him very badly. He galloped toward him, holding his spear out like a lance, preparing to skewer him. @Dolor Aeternum Same vampire species, different name, the centaur still alive fighting Soryn Markov was equally upset. At Soryn, of course, but also at Megaera for muscling in on his fight. Though this was quickly remedied. So, he lined up a shot, took careful aim, and fired. @Tyler The centaurs, having been successful in their endeavor to exterminate the Narkotian Brigade that has another name with infinite 'a's, then converged onto Jack, who was the nearest to them. Conveniently, he already dealt with his two centaurs, so now he has two more. Joy. They both fired twice rapidly, aiming to severely injure Jack. @Fierach Due to Sheryl's broken nonsense, four centaurs were wounded. The two focused on her found that being wounded wasn't fun, so they decided to make this as quick as possible for her. They both aimed, and fired two shots in rapid succession. @EpicRome23 Ilene, though having defeated one of the centaurs, was not finished yet. She had the second to deal with, and was not very happy with her. Maybe the adventurers would notice a pattern here. The centaur aimed carefully, and fired on her, intent on killing her outright if he could. The ones fighting Surus were equally irritated. They lived for hunting large, stupid animals. Why was this one being such a pain? One got up from being knocked down. The other got up, aimed carefully, and fired. Charlie's Centaurs started to go and attack someone, but for some reason they couldnt decide on who to attack. So they spend the turn deliberating. The Furies Megaera and Alecto were flung from the Dragon's mouth, and stopped in the air. The both glared at Ed with the most malicious hatred many of the crowd had ever seen. Alecto flew at Ed, screeching with an ear-shattering pitch, with speed close to Dan's, and extended her hand. Alecto gripped Ed by the throat, and carried him into the air, almost 30 feet in the air. She point blank shrieked at him, wearing at his sanity if he could not resist her influence. After which, she would toss Ed into the air, and flip in the air, building up force, and axe-kicking him in the gut, and sending him careening back down. Megaera simply waited her turn. Though, not happily. Why the hell did Alecto get first dibs? But, after the attack, success or fail, Megaera did the same. She flew at Ed, hand outstretched. Tisiphone, pleased with Charlie's demise looked for a new victim. She decided on Vlad. She flew to him at great speed, and attacked, coming in close to latch her fangs into his neck. Good Gods the irony. Alvumaar The dragon did NOT like being force fed. It hurled the contents out of its mouth, not particularly caring one way or another about what happened to them. He looked at the combatants, to see who looked the most appetizing. One was really short. Not much more than a light hors d'oeurve. One, was a barefooted flying boy. He seemed interesting, but looking closer, Alvumaar found that he was quite skinny. Not an incredible amount of meat, and even less fat for flavor. Then he saw someone. Someone with a shotgun. THAT one would be who he chose. Alvumaar raised his massive hand, and brought it down on Vlad.
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    hello!! newb comin' through!

    hi! name's Garlic! This is really my first time on valucre but not my first time rping,, although I haven't rped in a long while so I'm rusty as hell! I like making up critters and taking badly timed naps. Nice to meet ya!
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    squid peanut

    Temple City take 2 [now closed]

    I was thinking we could have their diet be based around vegetables and the like grown artificially through druidic magic. maybe the temple itself can have the core framework of a normal temple, but could be covered in expansions as new places need to be added via geomancy to better serve a growing population who sees what was once the jewel of a nation as the place they all call home, demonstrating an abandonment of ancient decadence while still clinging onto its framework to facilitate an isolated, condensed lifestyle. we can definitely turn this place into a thematically strong location.
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    The longer he persisted himself to gander Martis felt inclined to believe this bloody place was uninhabited by earthly beings. In fact with the Chthonic energy he could feel the night creatures of the region scrutinize him, recognizing his half tainted vampiric blood and fearing it. The spruce varon scanned the vicinity from behind the cover of an overgrown pine throughout the lushness of what seemed nearly a hundred trees in a twenty foot radius. Only the peaking rays of the moon find itself exposing the backside of his blue tailcoat and his golden cascading hair. He was wronged. Splitting the airy silence of night was a woman's voice, a natural heir for leadership as she questioned the noble Keeper. The mysteriousness from the forest no longer felt foreboding in it's brokenness. Cervantes had been discovered conviently on his own lack in this moment of time, the predator became the prey or was it vice-versa? Bat-like sonar felt almost everything in his radius scanning as far vision permitted him the details around from what little to no light couldn't provide. However, he seemed to have missed the scent of blood blossoming into the air shortly after his shadow-step. Chasing the sound of the voice almost concomitantly, the spirit of the woman erected from her conjuration. The glimmering man seemed compelled to this calling, some eerie coldness that crawled human men spines however, this particular authority felt to be no threat persay. Not to a Dhampir. "I am. Martis Cervantes, may you call me. " He spoke, so eloquently and confident. Beyond the mortal intelligence of man and in his own sense of pride. It was then staring into the ghostly image of her sage tresses and carmine changing eyes, he found himself listening far more than intended, coming to grips he truly had just begun his journey. In between her breaths he went following in his slight not so perfected Spanish-English accent. "Then it is for you, I've traveled from the Glen in search of. Four witches? A banshee spirit" As she bled her words further for the need of his help, fruition struck. She was the beacon. Now in front of him she was, resting against the very base of the tree he sought coverage behind his golden eyes conspired with her own, his angular expressions denoting an agreement words no needed to openly express. The supernatural stared further into her plume eyes, their need of urgency and his existence there with her was nonetheless reassuring. He was not a Pureblood as he served his master, but surely there was something the Keeper could do in his mind control and art of suggestion. "I am glad, the hiding and seek is now over. Don’t worry, I do intend on giving you my full aid from hereoin, Luna. Representing in the behalf of the Choisel vampires." As she shifted her direction speaking on reward he nudged himself from the tree and began to follow slowly in step and into the darker bowels of the forest. Pointing in the way of the West beyond what his eyes could see, soaking as much information into his memory storing it as it was received. Finding an inscription was next if he'd wish to seek any more clues on discovering the Sisters whereabouts, or atleast he assumed it to be the way. One step closer he felt more obligated than ever to seeing this through.
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    Amira had seen the stranger coming out of the corner of her eye. Even with her current state, the sort of attention to detail she paid to her surroundings meant that she most certainly could not miss something of such fervently bright hair as the one that just waltzed right up to her. She... didn't recognise them, and after blinking a few times - something she could pass off as batting her eyes, surely - she was fairly certain that was an acceptable outcome in this case. If there was a name of any notoriety to go with the face, it was one outside of Ursa Madeum; given the nature of the festivities, it was not at all unexpected. "It can. Though I wouldn't especially count this among them." Amira answered the stranger's opening remark, as she plopped a lemon cake in her mouth - seized when the blonde had extended her reach without thinking. The answer was quite curt for Amira, who with rosy cheeks, smirked to say, "The best affairs are private in nature." Regardless, it would seem that the woman had a similar eye for detail that Amira had, and upon realising that, Amira's smirk softened into a more neutral, curious look. Responding to the inquiry, she raised one arm, and said, "A sip of your drink, and I'll tell you." Whether because the blonde had actually acquiesced to the request, or because she had held out long enough that Amira simply grew bored of playing coy, she ultimately confessed, "I don't actually know who that is, but I can tell you what she is. Because in a party where the dress code is masks," She said, briefly realising that her new, unclear companion had no such mask herself, "And where actual monarchy is present, only a few would get to wear a crown freely. And I know enough of the royalty in and around these islands, even the new ones, that I can tell you... she's not from around here. So congrats, you're ogling a foreign princess. The red hair especially is quite exotic, I should think." It was at that moment, as if something somewhere had decided to flip a coin, that a woman suddenly flung herself through the air, passing over the bar from which the dwarves had procured so much wine. Tilting her head that way, Amira had initially considered ignoring the matter and moving on, only for the subject to re-emerge, permit a better assessment of who they actually were, and just what it was that had made them commit so daring - or deranged - a stunt. "Well, if it isn't the prodigal daughter of the Carthrage family." She mused, rising from her seat and sauntering - if not entirely steadily - across to the bar. Leaning over the counter, a mess of her falling about her face, Amira giggled. "That's a mourning fairy, though I suppose in some parts they might be known as 'misery' fairies. Significantly overlap to an observer." Revealing that she could in fact see the little critter - and even giving it a few playful flicks to the head, retracting her finger whenever it so even thought to try and bite her in response - when the bartender had found themselves a spare jar with which to contain the creature, Amira watched as the younger woman contained it. "Unless you're keen to have a pet, I could make use of it. Powerful extracts to be had from a creature as this..." She murmured, leaning in closer, not entirely ignorant of - or much caring for - the perspective she might be creating for observer's behind her. "Perhaps I could owe you? One disparaged daughter to another." "Amira Spidervalley," She introduced herself at last. @Csl @DarkHorse
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    Shadow King Neque @UmbraRegem • 10 seconds ago Replying to @LenoreParalios Friends are very valuable indeed. Would definitely be interested in further correspondence. Am ready to discuss prevalent details at your earliest convenience. REPLY GRUMBLE LIKE SHARE
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    Koltira smiled at the Spunky human, Amelia may despise them given her past but He had always admired how brilliantly their Flame burned for such a short life spans. He looked down as he heard Cadence remark about Amelia as he said, "Aye she has temper that matches her actual strength. Luckily she only gets upset when things try to mess with the Captain. And then her focus isn't on us but on the Nuisance. " Kotlria nodded as the Airship landed and he joined Cadence on the ground. Amelia smirked at Koltira as pointed at the Campfire as she said, "You two get to prepare dinner tonight. I hope you know some Homemaking Skills Hume. Because If you make the Captain sick I'll make sure you have a Very long night~" Koltira glared at Amelia as he said, "Leave the lad be Amelia. And Dinner will be fine as I'll do the cooking. Cadence if you have any issues in what must be done let me know." The Red mage turned to lead the human lad to the Campfire to prepare their meal.
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    The Alexandrian

    Pereat Mundus OOC

    The day after the Dougton raid, regardless of the outcome. I do not believe Caeceila will be captured/killed in that thread due to her mastery of the ultimate technique, and I suspect the same is true of most, if not all, of the characters involved.
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    Thought it was semi-useful and it costs only the time it takes me to copy and paste to capture it in archival form Csl Today 9:06 AM is the storage movement basically the internet? supernal Today 9:08 AM Not quite. That’s more the Crook which is more closely like the TCP/IP stack desolate milkshake Today 9:08 AM i dont think there's necessarily a "the internet" like IRL, but most magitek can be networked supernal Today 9:08 AM TSM is more “like” a Wikipedia. A centralized info store Csl Today 9:08 AM ahhhhh supernal Today 9:09 AM Crook allows for ad hoc creation of inter and intra nets but there isn’t a “world wide web” supernal Today 9:09 AM Unless you ask the weaver 😉 Csl Today 9:09 AM time to make a world wide web then! Csl Today 9:09 AM the Weaver? desolate milkshake Today 9:09 AM Grumble would sort of be like a private network accessed via a Crook widget or something Csl Today 9:11 AM so looking at it as hard Canon, it'd be limited to terrenus magitek/magitek with a crook widget? supernal Today 9:13 AM hmmm. youd be limited to magitek, not necessarily terrenus brand magitek desolate milkshake Today 9:13 AM IIRC the holoarrays were also network-capable before the Crook was invented supernal Today 9:14 AM they were but they were limited to the main stations / main cities. the crook "democratized" the ability for consumer "electronics" to network supernal Today 9:14 AM (was the idea anyway) desolate milkshake Today 9:15 AM in terms of "hard canon" networking sounds like it'd mostly be using the Law of Contagion / contagion links, instead of something like fiber optic cables desolate milkshake Today 9:15 AM someone could probably lay cables if they could avoid getting killed by all those monsters out there Die Shize Today 9:15 AM pew pew supernal Today 9:16 AM lol a yuuja comes across the cable just casually cuts it, brings down the internet Csl Today 9:17 AM oooh. this is super helpful for wrapping my ict-ignorant head around the concepts Csl Today 9:17 AM seems like the faux tons could solve the problem of needing wires tho, if they work at near-lightspeed? Csl Today 9:18 AM also whales already do that irl and cause internet problems iirc supernal Today 9:19 AM they dont work at near light speed, but they are pretty fast supernal Today 9:19 AM yeah but whales dont have sickle claws is what i'm getting at! desolate milkshake Today 9:19 AM imo it would be a different technology, but the idea of faux-ton "posts" is similar to cell towers desolate milkshake Today 9:20 AM its like a step in that direction supernal Today 9:20 AM yeah but not super because its LOS limited vs waves that can propogate omnidirectionally supernal Today 9:20 AM and their radition goes through walls. FT specifically will materialize data if they hit a physical barrier supernal Today 9:20 AM someone could look at that and come up with a related tech but i think itd be different too Csl Today 9:21 AM 🤔👀 Csl Today 9:21 AM this is giving me ideas supernal Today 9:22 AM good! Csl Today 9:23 AM so magitek)crook networks = wireless contagion (magic) links, but no established www yet, and FT= LOS cell towers, kinda supernal shout out to @Csl and @desolate milkshake
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    squid peanut

    Silver Ticket Calling

    Jaw Finder sat at the table, over hearing the soft bodies talk back and forth about nothing important, at least as far as Jaw Finder was concerned. This amount of thinking and noise making about something that is so simple otherwise wouldn't go anywhere except for these nests and colonies that soft bodies build where everything grinds to a halt from constant pointlessness. eventually food came, alongside some that came for the green chested soft body. Jaw Finder knew that soft bodies heated things to make food soft like they are, which was just sad, but gave unique scents to taste. Jaw Finder's tongue was taking the opportunity to taste the smells of the breakfast, extended and hovering over the food and then quickly wrapping around the trout. The whole fish then shot into Jaw Finder's mouth and was tasted and eaten in a matter of seconds. The rest of the meal did not fare better as Jaw Finder pretty much inhaled each and every part of the meal as the soft bodies around them went on about semantics. How ever, despite how quickly jaw Finder was eating, there was remarkably little mess as things were just going quickly from table to mouth. "soft bodies following of 'ideals' unnecessary burden. action with instinct and survival yields greater efficiency. unlike Soft bodies, I does not need to be given 'ideals' only understanding of the identification of 'evils'" Jaw Finder snatched a fly out of the air with their tongue.
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    Dauner Light

    A Cure For What Aleth You

    Flying straight towards the Yuuja's chest, Dauner loaded his magic into his right sword causing statics to build up around his right hand the sword it held. When he was close enough to the Yuuja, he thrust his sword at the beast yelling, "Demon magnum". The tip of his sword hit the Yuuja's chest causing a blast as the force caused some extra damage to it's chest breaking off the piece of it's skin that had been hit. The Yuuja's body eventually bent backwards as it attempted to return into the deep. Argi fell into its mouth finding his way down into its stomach. Dauner then landed on the water as he kept his speed up until he reached the ground. Gozen followed him back to shore. Not too long after the Yuuja had gone deep, Dauner noticed its aura disappear. "Seems like it's dead now" he said to himself. Argi came swimming onto the ground shortly after that. There was a strange bird that seemed to have come with Argi and just like a few creatures that roamed Valucre, this one was strange. It could speak human language. Dauner walked towards it as it conversed with Argi, only managing to hear the final words they exchanged before the bird flew off. The bird later return with the others right behind it and arriving one at a time. Finally it seemed like it was time to set out for Dougton on their adventure to take down the enrele hivemind, Aleth. After Paul was done talking, Dauner clenched his fist in front of him with a grin on his face. "Ok. Let's go beat the enrals" he said raising his arm with his fist still clenched. "This is gonna be fun!"
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    I'm brand new, and willing to talk over Discord. Heckapupper#0261
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    Lol, poor Erin. When you have an average bust in a fiction setting everyone makes fun of you for being "flat". 😆
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    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    I underestimated college...so much. Anyways, I finally got enough time to post something. I hope you are still around. Next time, just skip my turn after 2 weeks, honestly
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    Walking down the main street of the Jovial Flats, Fadil's disguise seemed to be working rather well, the guards and people going around their business didn't seem to pay them any heed, also somewhat because any heed that they did pay was directed upward, looking at the tall Lizard and not the child-sized tapestry pile. Jaw Finder was busy, tasting the air for Shanna's scent in a hope to find her that way. There was still a lot of new scents from the bustling streets, but it was becoming less overwhelming and easier to pick stuff out. in this searching, a strange scent peeked Jaw Finder's interest, it was a scent of another person, Jaw Finder hadn't smelled a person in years, and here, in this soft body nest in the middle of the desert, there was definitely one other than them. Jaw Finder stopped and looked around, ignoring Fadil's questions of if something was going on. then, on a roof overlooking the street, somewhat obscured by the angle and a couple of colorful tents, Jaw Finder saw a large dark Figure, staring down with yellow eyes peering through bronze lenses. Jaw Finder stared at this Figure as both stood motionless, Jaw Finder was giving whatever it was their full attention. "Jaw Finder!" Suddenly Jaw Finder was hit with a pretty meaty tackle, the weight wasn't too much but with the backpack setting off their center of mass and being caught completely by surprise, they were sort of tipping over. looking down, they quickly realized this assailant was Shanna, who started talking super fast about weird soft body emotions and wanting to leave, seemingly oblivious that Jaw Finder was trying really hard to keep the two of them from falling over. it didn't help either when midway through, she moved in closer to whisper the last part. thanks to their tail Jaw Finder was able to hold themselves up long enough to get their feet firmly planted and use their muscles and wind to push themself back up, meanwhile grabbing Shanna's shoulders so she wouldn't go flying from the inertia. Back up straight, Jaw Finder shot a look back up to the building roof, but the figure was now gone, and the scent was no longer on the air. "Mage" Jaw Finder said looking back at Shanna. "much of spoken talk not make much sense but urgency comprehend-able, additionally, sibling was found" Jaw Finder pointed with their tongue over at Fadil " congratulations on gaining title of brother again, clapping and holding impossible action." Jaw Finder felt that leaving soon would be good if the person was confrontational. Fadil was nervous about how to convince Shanna to take them along, and if they could convince her to stay because they still needed to find their brother, however it was hard to see this past their disguise (but should be clear to people other than Jaw Finder in the voice). "Y-yeah, Jaw Finder saved me from a bad situation and it's a long story but I can explain what's going on somewhere else, please trust me on this and, and-" Fadil looks over and notices a boy wearing headgear that is too big for him, approaching 'Mage' and Jaw Finder cautiously. Fadil looks over and thinks 'no, it can't be can it, that's just way to lucky for someone like me'. But says nothing for now. Jaw Finder is a bit occupied looking to see if the shadowy figure is anywhere and lets go of Shanna's arms when she stops the hug.
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    Reminder just as we head into the weekend @Die Shize
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    Bloodsport OOC

    That could be one way, it puts even more things for the GM to do, but that could be one way. Or maybe to designate a person to control these characters. (Less conflict of interest for the GMs) Possibly! But you wouldn't really 'know' that they are inactive until the end of the round, so the action will have to be applied to the next round.
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    She could hear the commotion going on inside the bath house as Cotton introduced herself, then berated her father and was pounced on by Abraxis, much like Ami was, but Ami was very glad Abraxis did NOT take the same intrest in her as she did poor Cotton. That was definitely going to be a handful for Cotton to handle, and Ami wondered if Ben knew that Abraxis went both ways? It was hilarious to listen to Cotton stammer on and on as a curious Abraxis took advantage of her chance in the bath house. Ami, on the other hand, had shifted into the form she now sat in not long after she had met the girl, and stayed in this form. For quite a few reasons. For one, it kept Abraxis, as well as many others, from getting too friendly or close to her. She turned her gaze skywards again, feeling the warm breeze ruffle her long silky crimson mane. Where many DAICHONs preferred to wear their manes in dreaded lochs hung with conch shells and coral, Ami preferred her mane to flow, and it did naturally, much like a wolf's, but much longer, the crimson fur striking against the silver tones of moonlight that danced in her white chest and under-fur, and lit up the near tiger striping of white that ran down her shoulders, ribs and hips. She truly was an excellent specimen of their species. She sat with her two flame tipped tails neatly folded over her forepaws, staring at the moon as it rose over the line of trees on the other side of the wall that surrounded the mansion grounds. After a moment, she was lost in the moon, her gaze fixed on the celestial orb that seemed so close tonight. Watching it rise was one of very few things that gave her a sense of peace, and the serene activity of watching it rise provided her mind with a small amount of time where everything was clear, and she could just..Breathe, for a moment. She heard him clear his throat, and her massive head turned slightly to see Ben standing there. "Your right, my Prince, we haven't watched the moon rise in a very long time." She replied, shifting into her much smaller human form. She appeared to only be in her early twenties, dressed in loose fitting black pants, a form fitting top, and a sleeveless trench coat that hung to her kness. Her long hair was quite the contrast to her fur, as it was a pale silvery blue color, and hung over one shoulder in a long braid. Her eyes remained the same ember color however, the only give away that she was the DAICHON that had just been standing before him. She watched as he spread the blanket, then she did sit with him, rather rigidly, even when he hugged her. How could he expect her to relax when she knew she had been played, for one, and that there was something afoot that she was at the center of, and she had completely missed it. She wasn't trusting anyone at this point, but then, she hadn't trusted anyone in quite a long time, her guard constantly up, ever since and incident she didn't really want to think about at that present time. She sat and listened quietly to Ben's story, explaining how Cotton came to be, and who Myta was. Sounded to her like he'd gotten in way over his head before Ami came into the picture to keep him out of trouble. But then again she'd only known him for a short amount of time, considering the life span of a DAICHON, and the things that happened before the two had met and she had accepted his dare. Seemed like that was a pretty popular way to get Converted. Get wasted and play truth or dare with magical beasts capable of who knows what. Ami spent a week as a frog once thanks to that game. Nobody thought she'd do it. She told the witch to do it. It. Was. Hilarious. When he finished, she nodded, and the two sat there watching the moon rise for a moment of peace, before she would move out of his embrace and turn to face him. She sighed. "My Prince, there are other things that are happening at present that we need to discuss." She said. "D'Thur sent me after Barron. I know you likely dont know the answer to this but I am asking anyway. Why? And why was it I that he wanted to retrienve him?" She continued. "Something's not right here, my Prince. What happened earlier could very well have been avoided, and I wouldn't have trashed the place, if I didn't think they were the enemy." She coninued, explaining what had happened at ASCAB when she retrieved her brother. "If the Princess had not arrived, things could have gotten much worse." She said. "Luckily for all of us I was aware of myself enough not to cause any injuries or casualties. Just damage to the building and Parking lot." It was then that she reached into her pocket and produced the map of ASCAB laboratory she had been holding onto. "Here, I won't be needing this, if they are not the enemy, I have no need to infiltrate unless they refuse to cooperate with your requests, of course." She handed the folded paper to him, but that was alright, she had already memorized the map. Paws make it hard to interact with paper things, and shifting forms takes too much time, so she just commited it to memory. She had quite a few maps memorized. She knew He'd probably misplace the map before long anyway. ******** No one seemed to notice the tall slender woman with pale skin and jet black hair following behind AVUS and Barron as he showed him to his temporary quarters. A beautiful large bedroom with its own bathroom off one side and a balcony window that opened up to the wide courtyard and gardens behind the mansion. Ironically, Ami and Ben were in the yard beneath the balcony, watching the moon rise as they listened to the bustle and banter inside the large structure near the rear of the courtyard that served as the bath house. Aanai slipped past Ptera and AVUS, getting about as much attention as a stray beam of moonlight in the shadows. Once they had left Barron alone, Aanai giggled, alerting him to her presence there as she seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Thus was one gift of her Moon Magic. She wasn't called the Lunar DAICHON for nothing. Eerie white eyes stared out of her young human form's face, very striking against her long black, free flowing hair that trailed down her back in a straight sheet. "Good evening." She said, bowing low at the waist. "You must be Barron." She continued, standing again. "I, am Aanai, a child of the night and the moon. Ami and I once shared her body, for almost three centuries she and I were housed in the same physical form as what has become known as a Duality, as the condition seems to have gained popularity over the centuries. As luck would have it, the Ancestral Pattern were merciful and gave me my own DAICHON body to inhabit during the conversion." Aanai loved to talk, and talk, and talk, and before long she would likely have the poor boys' head spinning, regaling him of tales from her and Ami's past. "Oh, and before I forget, if you hear any disembodied voices, ignore them and tell them to go away, it has no business with you." She was quite serious as she looked him dead in the eye. "D'Thur, if you are unaware, is the former conduit voice for Phlegathon, and he is up to something. Before Ami came to 'rescue' you from ASCAB, D'Thur tricked her into thinking that they are the enemy. Thus the unwarranted destruction of seven or eight levels. Thankfully she wasn't quite seeing red, so there were no casualties, except maybe to the wiring for the lights." She laughed, trying to make light of a rather serious situation. "As to what was said to her, I am not certain, but I'm sure Ami can fill you in more on that when our prince gets done fawning over her. Poor Ami, the brute is in love with her, you know. But she has never returned his affections in the same manner. Thats professional. " She shook her head. "She finds it hard to trust after what happened nearly a century ago. Oh my I've said too much again! So tell me about how you came to be? I didn't know Ami had any siblings, her family are all looong gone by now."
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    Bloodsport OOC

    There is that. Ed has one more area defense. If there's another round I'd literally be trolling by not throwing it, but if there isn't I'd be wasting it.
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    Hey @EpicRome23. If you plan to thrash Dark Whispers, keep in mind that I managed to get successful rolls for my Area Attack. So, y'know, we could both thrash 'em.
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    If you find yourself at a loss for anything consider me a resource
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    Taen OOC

    Hey everyone, I was taking a look through the available quests for Taen, and two struck my interest: Both look like fun, though I am feeling a bit more biased towards En Passant. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'd love to do either of these with someone. For reference the character I will be using is Mathias, in case anyone is curious.
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    Tenkai Matsumoto

    The Harrowing | Kadia Event

    Tenkai did not know what to expect once they pierced through the Harrowing. After all that time spent surrounded by a warp storm, it was bound to be blasted beyond all recognition. Yet try as he might to picture in his head what could have been, nothing seemed to come close to the true vision of Chaos that finally stretched out before them. It was far more than just the corruption of the land itself and the myriad perils of the Warp running rampant. It was the anarchy and unrest that followed in its wake that struck Tenkai the most. Ever since that day when Tenkai first set foot in Kadia, exposed to its strict laws and customs and the uncomfortable tenuousness of an exceedingly pious society, he knew that eventually things would end up poorly for the nation. But he could never have imagined just how bad it could possibly get. The Harrowing itself was the sum of all the worst possible outcomes. "How terrible..." said Tenkai as he looked upon the ruins of Parime with a cold feeling of disquiet upon his features, "To think that things could have gotten this bad..." Such was the horrendous awe of the Warp. Yet clearly this was not the worst of it. No, the worst possible thing would be for Kadia's own vaunted military technology, the very same that the Order itself now used, to become corrupted by Chaos as well. Such was the case with that massive, mutated ship that burst forth from the smoke and ash like an atrocious whale breaching the surface. It was a truly massive thing, the sort of ship that could break a siege with a single salvo of its weapons batteries. James was absolutely right; it needed to die. "If we attack it head on with the ship, we'll be obliterated. We're completely outgunned," said Tenkai. "I say we use evasive maneuvers to get around its weaponry and commence a boarding action. Get me inside that ship and I'll send it to the ground." Had the ship been smaller than the Imperator Bellum, Tenkai would have opted to just cut it down himself, but such an act would have required them to get closer anyway. It was also not a very practical use of energy, especially when odds were good that it wasn't the only ship. Gutting the ship from the inside was a far better choice. @Fierach
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    What do we know? [Elendaron]

    Short on my part, for which I apologise. @Sanonymous @Thotification @Die Shize have fun picking out your answer here, and deciding what you want to do from here
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    A Crowning Achievement [Artifact]

    Shane looked up at the white-haired woman, upon being poked. She wasn't sure how to answer the first question, as everything just felt wrong, yet the overall state-of-being was not that much different. It was hard to fathom being grateful for it, but when she thought back to those vague, foggy memories of the endless fall to hell, she realized that it would be wrong not to express gratitude. "I'm sorry, I've just been... overwhelmed. Thank you for saving me," she said softly. She shivered as a gust of cool wind blew by, and she glanced longingly at the cabin that Abigail and Holly had entered. "I didn't deserve a second chance," she added, looking down again. * * * "Oh, of course..." Abigail realized at once that she had made a small error in not ordering one of her servants to follow them in. It was a mistake she promptly corrected by heading back to the door and calling out to one of the lower-ranking marines. He entered, and she instructed him to locate some tea and prepare a pot for herself and the Lady Sheathe. Though it was outside his regular realm of duty, the soldier obeyed. "Now then," the duchess sat down across a small table from Holly, "We may speak more comfortably then. In reference to your remark, while you have the disposition of a commoner, you have at least taken to your duties as a noble with responsibility. The same cannot be said for others of less-than-sophisticated dispositions." Her thoughts were immediately drawn to a pair of recently deposed drow who had no business being considered nobles, but who had somehow obtained the title under Taen's rule. "And you have performed your part of this expedition admirably thusfar. I respect that."
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    Ruin (Thread)

    The Prince caught the female knights blade in one hand, not even looking at his assailant as he did so. Only once it was clear that her attack had failed did he spare her a glance, and a feral grin. "If you're going to join the fun, you need to be much stronger than this!" He lashed out with a devastating side kick that would send the young woman flying; potentially through a few buildings. Once that distraction was done with, he turned his attention back to Claudette. "Now let the games begin!"
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    The Low-Tide Festival! (Open Event!)

    Visions seemed to buffet the stranger, slamming across him like waves against a vessel in a storm. Pallas watched the masked man's eyes dart to and fro, focusing on things which were not there - or perhaps were there, just not on the same plane as was most of what one would call reality. Or perhaps he had some way of seeing his starlings? Outside, a small flock of black birds beat their wings against the walls of the city. Pallas' vision fractured, forming a composite of the views through a dozen golden eyes. Whatever was happening, it didn't seem to be affecting the birds. They saw nothing but the old glass buildings which housed smaller buildings. Lights within boxes within boxes. He broke the contact, returning to the present. The stranger wasn't looking too well. Curiosity got the better of him. Pallas held himself carefully on the saner side of perception, but dared to peek through the thoughtstream, through the stranger's eyes. This man had been in Taen for months; wildlight had suffused his body like any other person, and its influence threaded through his skeleton. Pallas placed an intangible finger on the wildlight cords binding the acolyte and tugged on the wisps of excess stimuli. He glimpsed a sun, and the sea, and the harsh cry of seagulls. He withdrew back into his head. "The birds are mine," he added helpfully, attempting to reassure the trembling man as he put his mask back on. The stranger gave his name. "M'yr." Oh. There was a moment of silence as Pallas realized who he was talking to. At M'yr's next words, her decided to comment nothing further, simply replying, "I'm Pallas." Nobody special either... not when facing whatever it is we're facing, that is. As he stepped outside, a starling alighted on his shoulder. Pallas stroked the bird's head with a finger as its siblings remained aloft, circling above him. He held his staff loosely, swinging it casually. He strolled out into the street, eyeing the other acolytes and the ongoing festivities. So, a bell. He took a few steps down the street. A bird swooped ahead of him, through the corridors of the glass-walled city. Another flitted in the opposite direction. Pallas turned back to Myr. "Where's this bell you have to ring?"
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    The article for Dougton mentions nothing of such things, and also mentions that the police force may be corrupt. I think it's safe to assume that someone may have been paid off to allow you through the checkpoint. Also mentions a PK who was the first national Cosmonaut, so you would assume she has been nixed out of the city as Government personnel. Might come in handy in our effort. Food for thought.
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    me thinks there be 9 of us folks
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    Catapulting is free, airships and tunnels may cost ya, dragons are currently all booked and their are plenty of other methods. If you want drugs or smuggling somewhere then don't be afraid to give Vito a shout, he runs a fair few businesses so him being around random areas wouldn't be out of character.
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    Mi'khael's Character Collection

    Persona: Born: Oo'Xora - Renovatio Name: Mathias Anak Aurelius Nicknames: None (currently) Legacy: Nationality: Oo'Xoran, Renovation Genus: Hume (modified) Parents: Cassius and Yuki Aurelius Siblings: (None, or None Currently aware of) Partner: Single Features & Physique: Height and Weight: [6' 6"] [250 lbs.] Age: Physical - [25] Biological - [25] Spiritual/Mental - [25] Sex: Male General: Complexion: Peach/White, light gray flecks/freckles spread across body/face Eyes: Gray with specks of dark gray/black Hair: Ash Blonde Build: Athletic in proportion with his height, not overly bulky but is defined. Tattoos: Extremely faint tattoos in the colors of black and silver. Made from concentrated ferro dust and concentrated graviton dust. Large ornate tree on his back with branches and roots that stretch to his corresponding extremities. Two thin lines that also extend up his neck and into his mouth on each side. Incredibly hard to see thanks to his skin tone, it was done deep within the skin, with functionality in mind over visibility. They become easily visible when energy is being channeled or absorbed producing, silver and black light. Vocational Skills: Ore and Metal analysis Device/Weapon crafting Chemical/Biological and Plant Analysis Tattoo Artistry Singing Tailoring Hand to Hand Combat Small Blade Combat Personality: Interests: Tattoo Artwork Technology Philosophy Desserts - Tea - Coffee Mountains/Cold Weather Disinterests: Incompetent professionals Arachnids (Pure Insectoids big or small, with a disdain for hybrid species) Hot Weather/Deserts People with a lack of self-awareness People named Carl Impractical Action People that are all talk/no action Motivations: Magic/Tech/Spirituality Sense of Discovery Want's to eventually establish a series of [XXXXXXX] Desire for knowledge Morality: Individualism over conformity Needs to have a rational reason to harm/protect others Believes that merit and action form an individual's worth Good and evil are strictly perspective Inventory: Tattoo Materials [Inks, Dyes, Needles, Misc. necessities] Basic Camping Supplies Clothes - Typical Renovation Clothing [White/Blue detailing/Silver trim] Protective Refined Ferro plate pads to cover shoulder, neck, knees, elbows, and boots (generally concealed beneath the clothing itself) Offensive Equipment: Hand to hand combat gauntlets [Light ferro alloy] - (Can also serve as capacitors for energy) 2 small ferro allow ice picks - (Can also serve as capacitors for energy) Biology: A designer baby genetically modified by his parents. His parents designed him with a touch of a few foreign genetic traits, and introduced a ferro and graviton organic compound into his bloodstream and tweaked his genetics to be more receptive to the compound. The introduction of the compound into his blood and genetics allowed for a natural affinity to the materials, preventing organic rejection and fostering natural low level production of it directly in his body. Graviton allowed for muscle development to become much denser in the same occupied space, and traces of seraphim genetic markers might indicate why his physical form is so large for a hume. Ferro organic compound in his blood has also allowed his body to channel energy at a much greater capacity than normal organic standards. While the basic organic level of energy manipulation is nothing too substantial, it does allow him to absorb energy from the environment to sustain bodily function when meditating for a certain amount of time. The future potential of the compound produced naturally within his body remains to be seen. The only other oddity to note is, that thanks to the compounds within his blood, that Mathias emits a unique radiological signature that is easier to detect. With an active mental or material effort the signature can be lowered or mostly concealed. Abilities: Ferro/Graviton Dust Tattoos: Allow for the manipulation of energy [Kinetic, Thermal, Potential] and gravitational energy. Self enhancement, contact with matter [animate and inanimate], environmental contact, Up to a radius of [unknown/undetermined]. It can be applied as different forms of force to multiple mediums. The gravity/mass of an object can be manipulated to be much denser or lighter than its natural state. Though completely removing the density or lightening it can cause all sorts of odd issues when used improperly. Natural: Increased muscle density resulting in enhanced strength and physical speed. Organic ferro and graviton compounds allow for a higher level of energy usage though the full capabilities remain to be seen or tapped into. Natural Energy/Gravitational Manipulation: Currently derived from the compounds and altered genetic base of Mathias. It is at a much lower level than when channeled through his tattoos, however still much higher than natural levels of an average individual without the use of magic, or technology. It allows for the absorption of energy from the environment to sustain bodily function, as well as allowing for lighter modification of actions or ability. Generally not considered combat capable due to its current lack of development, more minor things are possible. Voice projection, temperature control, charging of devices that require any form of energy. It relies only on the user's creativity for how it can be applied. Time can be required for greater tasks when only using the innate level of influence, but does not emit as large of an energy signature compared to usage of the tattoos. Personal History: As of now, all that has been shared is that his father is an ex-researcher in the field of energy from Nu Martyr, and that his mother is a geneticist from Oo'Xora. Mathias knows he's a bit different, but his parents never revealed to him how much of a science experiment he really is. It would be fair to say there were quite a few experiments that never made it past the initial stages of research before Mathias was conceived. While his early childhood was spent normally, his parents put him through extremely strenuous education before sending him to study further in Nu Martyr on his own in his early adulthood. Currently Mathias is traveling the world in search of knowledge, technology, magic, and whatever else leads him down the path of self-enlightenment. His upbringing has made him a bit intense, but he is eager to experience the world nonetheless. For better or worse. [I have quite a bit of his backstory written, but I think the short summary is best for now]
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    Standardized equipment is the way to go if you want to emphasize skill. Otherwise, who swiped the hardest for gear becomes a point of contention. If u no pay, u no win.
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    Drainage man

    𝑭𝒊𝒓𝒔𝒕 𝑮𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆 First name: Starts with a D... Surname: Starts with a T... Monicker(s): The Man in The Drains, Drainage man, Drainy, Drain Race/ species: Clump of moist hair possessed by a vengeful spirit Gender: Male. Age: Unknown but has been haunting drains for at least four years. Occupation: None. Alignment: Chaotic neutral 𝑨 𝑪𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒆𝒓 𝑳𝒐𝒐𝒌 Appearance/ physiology: Drainy’s physical body is primarily comprised of wet matted hair held together into a roughly humanoid shape by that special gunk you find in shower drains, trace remains of blood, and ectoplasmic matter. On the front of what passes as his head is a pale, hole-ridden plate resembling a shower drain cover. This plate is made entirely of flexible ectoplasm and can be bent and squished as Drainy squeezes through narrow spaces. Every single hole of this plate serves as eyeholes, unblinking but twinkling with an odd vigor. Loose strands of hair fall over and cling to their face plate. The number of digits on his extremities vary but usually number at 2-3 for convenience. The thicker the strand, the easier it is to control. However, too many different appendages is, of course, confusing to consciously control for a ghost that can barely remember their own name. Through the hair, one may spot flashes of red - the dried blood of a dying man which forms the “heart” of this being. Typical Attire: Naked in the drains but will don a dirty oversized raincoat and black rain boots when traversing outside of the drainage system. 𝘼𝙨 𝘼 𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣 Personality: Although Drainy was born from a thirst for vengeance, he does not remember who (or what) caused his death aside from the fact that he died cursing powers above. All he recalls of his life are his initials (D.T), the fact that he was a dude, and vague recollections of various moments spent with faceless friends and family. As such, all the bitterness and hatred that holds together this spirit ends up being directed at ...anything. He is simply an angry little mess. Distrust and skepticism, especially towards religious organisations, dominates his disposition towards others. Drainy does not make friends. Doesn’t matter that maybe he might want a few… but he would never admit that! Never! Drainy believes in divine powers, gods and demons, and he will try to pick fights with them if possible. Not a wise choice, but then again he literally does not have a brain. When given something to be angry towards, reasonable or otherwise, he loses whatever common sense he has and tends to act brashly. That and his pettiness knows no bounds. When calm, however, he does appear to have some sense of strategy and often plans out his haunts beforehand. Despite his openness in expressing anger, Drainy has difficulty expressing other emotions. To show sadness or remorse is to show weakness, or so he believes. And thus Drainy bottles up all his emotions into a molotov cocktail of feelings that he throws when provoked. Of course, that's not exactly his kneejerk reaction to all other beings dead or alive. He has a soft spot for bugs and smaller critters. Likes: Dark, narrow spaces. Bugs. Piano music. Dislikes: Blinding light. Dry spaces. High temperatures. If you pee in the shower, he will personally strangle you to death. Abilities: Flexible and able to squeeze through tight spaces. Able to form additional prehensile appendages of hair. Already dead and thus cannot be killed, only exorcised. Can reform out of any wet clump of hair. Crawls and slides very fast. Weaknesses: Easily flustered by nudity (which sucks when one haunts bathroom drains). Weak kicks and punches. Clumsy feet. Stench can easily be detected from 2 metres away. Flammable. Overly rash at times History: — to be added — Current goal: To find who or what killed him as well as to fulfill whatever new grudges ends up holding along the way. 𝑷𝒐𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 Equipment: A plastic knife and fury. A lead pipe, 1.2 metre in length, that he uses as both a weapon and a place to stuff himself into when needed Inventory: Indefinite number of cockroaches that live inside him. Chunks of mould.
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    Die Shize

    The First Feast of Blades

    OOC Music The Iron Wolf Black holes where eyes should have been gazed out from a steel skull, two slits of darkness above a snout forever sealed, beneath pointed ears that never heard a beat. The helmet was a poor imitation of the real thing, truth be told, where what was real was bone and flesh and fur that breathed with life in a forest that teemed with it, but the symbolism was not lost on the beholder. Hands warmed by beating blood held the cold metal between them, and above them were amber eyes that gazed with longing to see. Man and wolf stared each other down, two heads that could become one in a moment, with one movement of slipping helmet around hair, but that moment was not to be. Not now. Not yet. For now, it was all Vadrian Dawnwood could do to see his soul reflected right back at him from the darkness of two holes where eyes should have been. The Wolfshelm was as much a helmet as it was an heirloom, carried through the generations of House Dawnwood, worn by the Iron Wolf, who today was the very man that cradled the helm in his lap at the edge of his bed. He had worn it a number of times before, gazing at himself in the mirror, trying to figure out if it were man or beast gazing back at him. He had worn it for ceremony, greeting the peoples of Tryhold as their patron animal that went far beyond mere motif. He had worn it for combat, leading the forces of House Dawnwood into battle against those of House Cardell. He would not wear it today, but it might yet still wear him. The Wolfshelm had been a gift from the Wolves of Wolfwood Forest all those years ago. The Goran had settled within the trees, those who walked on two legs to keep the four legs in check, and then came the men of the realm, House Talus, to threaten both Wolf and Goran. The Wolves could not leave their forest, their place there was too paramount, too important, and the Goran were not yet ready to venture much farther from the wood they watched. All too fitting, then, that the Knights of the Dawn had decided to defend the forest and its people from those bent on conquest. The Goran’s leader and the leader of the Dawn Knights met on the battlefield for the first time, yet it was not their blades that joined but their hearts. Myra Wood was her name, chief of the Goran and Warden of Wolfwood. Ser Lanias Dawn, Grand Master of the Order of the Dawn and Baronet of the Dawn's Keep, was his, but he thereby left his hold and settled in the lands that adjoined with Wolfwood Forest, and he and his people became the Dawnmen. Through the marriage of Myra and Lanias, the Goran and the Dawnmen formed a union, the new House Dawnwood was conceived, the seat of Dawnwatch built and the lands of Tryhold established. And all had lasted up to this day. As he sat there staring at empty sockets, Vadrian cracked a smile, recalling those words like his father had spoken them yesterday. The son had learned much of what he knew from the stories of the father, ones that were never just stories. As the Blade of the Dawn, Vadrian wielded Daybreak, the ancestral longsword of the Knights of the Dawn. Yet, he also held Wolfshelm, the ancestral helmet of House Dawnwood. With this helm in his hands, the Dawnwoods carried the spirit of the Wolves wherever they went, and when a Dawnwood wore this helm he became the wolf. The Iron Wolf. He had to be more than that, he knew. He also had to be the Earl of Tryhold, the Lord of Dawnwatch and the Seigneur of House Dawnwood. He had to serve as a regent of Orisia, the Island of Summer, with all the strength and honor that flowed through the veins of a Dawn Knight—or else his titles and names would mean little and less. With a deep sigh that settled some nerves, Vadrian let the reminiscing lead his mind to the mission. From the Feast of Blades, his father might recall the Blade of the Dawn soon enough, one would hope, and the Iron Wolf would in turn be brought to mind by consequence. Would it be enough? I know who I am, Father. Do you? Do you remember your position? Do you remember yorur people? Do you remember your place? Do you remember Orisia? Do you remember your words? ‘A New Dawn Rises’. So where have you fallen, Fendrin Dawnwood? The steel helmet in his hands was as still as stone as Vadrian shook his own head, remembering the last words that his father had given him: “The people of this island are bred and built for summer, for warmth and sun, for swimming in the lakes and toiling in the fields, as you were bred and built to be my son. But a father must take his leave like the leaves from the tree that holds them, and though this island and its people may know their summer like the sons they seeded, little do they know that soon the sun will set, that dawn will turn to dusk, and winter is coming.” The curtain rippled against the wind just then, a chill creeping in from the outside, sweeping over Vadrian’s shirtless body as he searched Wolfshelm for an answer. After the wind blows and the rain falls and the sky crackles, the dawn cracks and the sun rises, and what was once so dark a night becomes a new day as bright as a fire fed by wood. Vadrian rose from his bed, set the helmet upon the stand that held the rest of his armor, and paced over to the window, drawing the drapes. The day greeted him, a cool breeze tickling his face and hair. Predator’s Keep was a forest of wood and metal viewed from the Dawn Komturie that rose above. Farther off, the world was a silent mystery, horizons dangling from cloudy skies, as cold and distant as a father who had abandoned his son. Bring on your winter, my lord—and recall, if you do, the name of our island. With that, Vadrian closed the drapes and got dressed in attire that did not quite warrant a suit of armor. He slipped on a long-sleeved shirt of orange linen over gray trousers, pulled on boots of black leather and locked the door on his way out. The wolf within would wait, silent and still, while the man ventured throughout the keep of another predator to listen, to learn and to live.
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    A half-pint of a girl slipped into the tavern. She looked no more than twelve though indeed she was quite older. If anyone knew the race well enough they'd realize that she was a halfling and clearly older than she looked, based off how she carried herself. She didn't scurry, she creeped, as if quiet not to be unseen but to see u bothered by attention from others. The girl cared not for anyone else's opinions, glares, or interests, she was there for her own. Reasons beyond what anyone could—or would—understand. Tella, crouched underneath a table, lifted her arm, revealing a large watch so big it dangled from her wrist. It was pure gold but she had caked it with mud so it wouldn't draw attention. But apparently it was worthless anyway, at least if she needed to know the time, because it showed that it was hours passed what it currently was. She frowned deeply and buried herself deep into her cloak, which was similarly covered in mud but this time it wasn't intentional. It was the result of her clumsiness. Tella usually looked decent, with her long, brown hair twisted into dreads, which she currently has tied into a rough bun at the back of her neck. Her skin was light brown and her eyes dark as soot, as if it absorbed any light that tried to go through. She was so thin that her skin pinched at her corners and curves, that latter very numbered. She was usually mistaken for a boy until she began to speak, which is why she didn't often. The less vulnerable you were and trouble you brewed gave the you a decent chance at life, or at least the one she was living. The halfling pulled the hood down, almost covering her eyes. It was better that way, less to see her more to see, in her standpoint. She liked using her eyes but wanted to see less of other ones. Tella noticed that there was a glass on the table above her, which had a quarter left of whiskey in it. She snatched the glass, so quickly the liquid didn't even have time to move, and swallowed it all, feeling it swish down her parched throat. She set the glass down beside her and waited, curling into a smaller ball, getting smaller and smaller.
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    PERSONAL INFO: First name: Caeruleus Surname: Viridis Nicknames: Kai Alignment: Neutral Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 21 Role/Class: Rogue PHYSICAL INFO: Voice: deep Eyes: Brown Complexion: light Height: 5"11 Weight: 160 lbs Build: muscular Hair: brown Markings: none MENTAL INFO: Hopes: Freedom, Fortune, Fun Fears: Dying alone, *REDACTED* Likes: Wine Dislikes: candy POSSESSIONS: fathers sword (Cerulean Night) 12 bottles of the finest wine from his father's cellar WEAPONS: Cerulean Night STRENGTHS: Loyalty, Swordplay, (hardcore) Parkour WEAKNESSES: Brutal Honesty, Idealistic ASSOCIATES:
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    Caiman, Airship. (WIP)

    Caiman Specifications Owner - Vito Capacity - 300 Minimum Crew Requirement - 30 Length - 100m Width - 20m Depth - 35m Decks - 4 Speed - 80 knots Max Speed - 100 knots Cargo Capacity - 40 Tons Description Originally a cargo ship, the Caiman was modified and improved by slavers. The airship now boasts greater combat, speed and stealth capabilities. Acting more as a blockade runner, it was used by slavers as a means to transport ‘goods’ across Renovatio. However, after a successful raider the ship has now fallen into the hands of Vito and is currently used as a transport ship used by Hyrda's Haven. Moving from it's original purpose for transporting slaves, the interior has received recent renovation to allow it to cater to a comfortable space for crew members and passengers. Layout First floor is storage, engine room and entrance. Engine room, tho bottom deck, is accessed through third deck. Storage ranges from basic to high spec security, customers having the option to purchase as they see fit. Second floor has crafting facilities, training areas, armaments/security and canteen. Crafting facilities, whilst basic, still give crew a chance to modify and craft items as they see fit. Training areas are primarily combat related, but a small gym can also be found. Armaments/security are off-limits to none security personal. Canteen can hold up to 200 people at a time, meals varying from day to day. Third floor is cabins, varying recreational areas and sick bay. Sixty regular cabins, holding four bunks each. Forty private cabins, one bunk each. Fifty security cabins, for the transportation of special special passengers. Four specialist, able to be modified at a moments notice. Recreational areas are library, bar, meeting room, crew kitchen and viewing bay. Sick bay offers high class medical treatment, able to hold up to 40 patients at a time. Fourth floor, or top deck, has cabins quarters and control room. Top deck utilizes special airstones (elemental stones) to block and redirect heavy winds around the ship, so even when travelling at full speed it is safe to be atop. Top deck does not have much to offer beyond a nice view and place to relax. Both captains cabin and control room and off-limites, only certain crew have access to either. Capabilities Medium Armor Plating - The Caiman boasts medium armor plating, allowing it to tank a good sum of damage before giving in. Speed - With a max speed of 100 knots, the Caiman out-speeds most ships it comes across. This is partially thanks to the airstones, allowing the ship to reduce resistance whilst travelling. Anit-gravity - Using lazurum, the ship has developed prototype anti-gravity capabilities, which have so far been used in aiding with stealth and efficient long distance travel. Tho so far successful, its high energy activation cost makes it a last ditch effort. Stealth - The Caimans shape, material and systems allow for hard detection by radar systems. The only downside is the airships size itself. Long Distance Travel - Adjusted design and internal systems have increased fuel efficiency, allowing for greater distance without fuel stops. The ship, being heavily modified and built for battle, is extremely sturdy. Able to take most barrages head on and keep going, along with its speed allows it to break through most lines of defense. The heavy plating shields it from forms of attacks, such as EMP and electric, that may interfere with internal systems. Ship systems and design allows for enhanced stealth from most radars, unfortunately let down by its size. As well energy detection systems, it offers a diverse range of options. With these factors combine, the choice to use this ship as a blockade runner has been a major reason for its success. Combat Capabilities Lazurum Railgun - Railguns with lazurum powered rails allow for extreme long range combat capabilities. Heavy Siege Ballistae - Heavy ballistae, primarily used for sieging cities and heavy foes. One forward mounted, one rear mounted and four side mounted. Combat capabilities are not major, as the ship is primarily defensive. However, improvements have been made for offensive capabilities. It now features heavy siege ballistae and lazurum railguns, each of which offer good offense against both heavy and light opponents. With a total of six ballistae and 10 railguns, prior battles has shown these weapons to be effective in both long range and close quarters combat. Modifications are still ongoing to improve and expand Caiman's offense, but are not considered priority. Systems TBA Notable Crew TBA
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