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    Alright, the Grand Emperor felt like that was long enough. He listened to the crowd, to see if they were pumped up enough yet. "Kill them already!!!" "Make them bleed!!!" "Let's see some gore!!!" "Tear them apart!!!" "Entrails! Entrails! Entrails!!!" Yeah, they were pumped enough. "Alright! May the bloodshed begin!!!" After the go ahead was given, the announcer began to speak. "Aaaaalright everyone, let's hear it for our first combatants! Found roaming wild in the Underworld, half-starved and driven to a frenzy just moments before, you know em you love em, its the HEEELLHOUNDS!!!" After the introduction, the gates to the arena opened, and what appeared to be black Mastiffs stampeded out of them. And stampeded was the proper word, as these things were as big as grizzly bears. Their glowing red eyes sparked with near rabid fury, and they tore toward their chosen targets. They each picked one, except for a few. Three unlucky fighters ended p getting two to target them. Or rather, a few unlucky- oh whatever. The hounds closed the distance to the group with startling speed, and attacked viciously.
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    Just as a heads up, I most likely won't be posting until this weekend. Additionally, my posting will probably be limited to just weekends for the next few weeks. I appreciate everyone's patience.
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    The Courier

    A Winter Stroll | Valjier Town

    Valjier was a frozen wasteland. The only things that could thrive were the insects living inside the dead trees and the trees that were slowly dying. And of course the snow mongrels which prowled about in the dead woods, and the pockets of civilisation. Even in such dread circumstances, life seemed to find a way regardless. Aelene had come for the payout and the experience. Money was money, and she quite frankly enjoyed the unpredictability of adventure. Moreover, the nature of this journey was that it allowed plenty of time for her to rest and meditate while the convoy was not under threat. She came equipped with a small satchel containing her wand and various pieces of reading material. Over a layer of tightly woven woolen robes that plastered her skin like bandages, she wore a heavy knee-length snow coat and a full-face snow mask to shield her from the blistering cold. As the various townsfolk were preparing to set off on their journey, she approached the main storage carriage. Peeking inside, she found several rows of peoples’ personal belongings compressed in luggages and boxes. Climbing inside, she weaved between the various items and found the ladder to the roof. With gloved hands wrapped tightly around the cold steel rungs, she climbed up to the top of the carriage. The higher ground gave her a greater view of the entire caravan, something which would come in handy for surveillance. Settling onto a comfortable flat portion of the roof, she crossed her legs and sat, putting her satchel down by her side. She began to meditate. For now, all was at peace in the world around her. She knew with relative certainty that it wouldn’t last, but she relished every second of it nonetheless.
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    The First Feast of Blades

    @jaistlyn "Lady Volentia", the Daemonslayer greeted politely the other Knight, but warmly, standing and giving her his customary salute of one hand clasped over the other before him. "I'm pleased you could make it". James rather liked Volentia, seeing a bit of his own former apprentice Jinsoku in her. They were both young hearts driven to do what was right, full of duty and potential. The incident she referred to was a grim one. All but indestructible, the ghoul was driven off only at combined effort by the entire party acting in concert. James had no doubt it was still alive though, haunting the tainted underground somewhere. James was lucky he survived, although much could also be attributed to emergency aid on the spot in conjunction with his own stubborn refusal to expire. Still... he would head down there once again sometime and find that creature for a proper rematch. He nodded at her request, "If you ask I will give you my advice freely. How goes the endeavor in Yh'mi and the rest of the White Hand?" He indicated a woman on his left, a few seats down, where a familar looking blonde garbed in a ceremonial uniform and hood was conversing quietly with another guest. "As you know, Knight (Sheryl) Wainwright just came back from Yh'mi herself. We are rotating our forces there to keep them fresh and spread knowledge on the experiences there." For that land, the old adage about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure was most definitely true. The slow learners and less savvy fared poorly in Yh'mi.
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    "Just take what you want," Noah said plainly. The mugger scowled and snatched the purse from Aelene's arms; but did not move to leave after he did so. It seemed like the man wasn't sure what to do; perhaps not sure how to respond to someone who was plainly unafraid of him. Noah wasn't good at feigning emotion that he didn't feel, so pretending he was afraid of a man he could kill with no effort. Apparently this was something the criminal just couldn't tolerate. "I'll do whatever I want!" Words were followed up with a backhand across his face that barely registered to Noah, As for the mugger, it seemed to take him a moment before he noticed the pain shooting up his arm. Hissing out a string of expletives, the criminal looked at his victim with confusion. Narrowing his eyes, he grabbed Aelene and yanked her forward. "Bitch, you're coming with me!" Noah stood silently as his companion was dragged away. He figured that if the woman wanted to be rid of the man that she was perfectly capable of dispatching him herself.
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    @Thotification speak up if you’re joining with your 38482729 characters ?
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    In over 300 years of living, this was perhaps the greatest challenge he'd ever faced. Prior to the progression of Quin's transformation to its later stages, he'd never considered how turning her would effect him. The occasional wave of phantom pains associated with more or less sharing a mind with the good Doctor. The more the transformation took, the more consistent their hive mind became. While enduring these random events throughout several hours, he still had the chateau to maintain; While still trying to more or less keep and actual eye on his room to be sure it remained undisturbed. Fortunately he'd been able to function without raising too much suspicion, though he paid himself mind to avoid direct contact with the likes of Martis, or even Ira. Several times had he wanted to enter his room to console her, to coddle her into her final sleep. Several times he denied himself and her by extension, the right. It was better for her to endure this venture alone, or at least seemingly so. Not that he knew that was best from experience outside of his own. The Master having played no part in assisting him until the transformation was complete. Perhaps it was some sort of right of passage. Survive this alone, survive with me for eternity. When the final sleep finally found her, the Majordomo sighed in relief despite not having the ability to actually breath. Adjusting his fine threads, the redhead suddenly made himself scarily available as he tread through the house; If only to take a gander at what the others around the house were up to. Regardless of his findings, Alistair had appropriately planned ahead for Quin's grand awakening. However, it suddenly became abundantly clear that she had found herself awake a couple hours earlier than he'd anticipated. That writhen grin found itself upon his face once more, his scarlet eyes darting to and fro rapidly as he maneuvered his way subtly back to his room. Ascending the awkward stairs beyond his door, the Elder found himself standing over Quin, whom had obviously taken to one of his shirts. His grin remained as he snickered, mostly to himself. His narrowed eyes settled on her, a gentle and unnecessary clearing of his throat came in the wake of their eyes making inevitable contact. "Good morning Doctor. After all you've been through, I trust you've slept well? I must admit, you woke up quite a bit sooner than I'd like to have guessed. Not that I'm complaining." @DarkHorse @Etched In Stone @HumanBean03 @Eternity @Greenmntman
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    Moon Owl

    The First Feast of Blades

    Amidst the crowds bustling with excitement for the upcoming opening ceremony, one white haired elf participant set out to traverse across the monumental bridge that stood to connect the Dawn Komturie to the rest of Predator’s Keep. Other than the strange glowing markings that cowered the majority of his skin, the slender and pale elf seemed fairly unremarkable compared to many others attendees that surrounded him. Larian did his best to not draw attention to himself, even though his appearance served to counteract his efforts. The structure was significant display of craftsmanship and architecture without a doubt, however the elf did not bask in the wondrous view that surrounded him as he walked. It was only when he approached two towering knights that his gaze was diverted from his destination and to their decorated and magnificent brass armor. He contemplated for a brief moment if his smaller frame would be able to house such hulking protection, but he would brush the subject away without giving it too much thought. It was not the time to distract himself with such thoughts and instead he would be wise to remain focused on the task at hand. For the elf had decided to enter the Feast of Blades for a singular purpose, one that should not be forgotten so easily. The anticipation for the ceremony was thing in the air surrounded the crowds. It was clear that many had traveled far to attend and surely expected a grand spectacle. Larian remained silent where he stood, patiently waiting and watching for the ceremony to commence.
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    Vineyard OOC

    I don't mind either way. I realise @Shaddowcat is kinda busy
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    anddddd DONE
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    Kill Them With Kindness (open)

    " So...M'Lady. I know that... you ain't the chief and all... And... ahhh... The chief is out of town.... so we was wonderin'.... since yer all smart..." Two men approached her. Jones seemed nervous as he stood next to her. "Plus, yer good...with the whole... sorcery thing." He wiggled his fingers in the air in front of him to denote what he thought were the motions needed to cast a spell. Gisela folded her arms across her chest, stepping forward as the rest of the village seemed to cower. The trolls that were handing out pamphlets were able to do so without much of a hassle. Normally, there was a slight hustle and bustle during the daytime in the village, but this day, the village was silent. The atmosphere was tense as the visitors were able to easily distribute their materials. The music flooded the entire area. The silent villagers were witness to Gisela's approach to the one dancing. Her eyes caught the new farming equipment. These villagers needed that. It took time, but she was sympathetic to their cause. Everyone had a place in the entire world. This wasn't exactly her place, but this was a good vacation. The wildly unpredictable nurse walked over to the floating gifts and examined everything. "It's your lucky day. I've been nominated as the chief because I know the whole sorcery thing." Her voice lacked emotion. Her face lit up as she began to realize what just happened to her. The tall blonde woman wearing a pristine nurse's uniform grinned from ear to ear. "Was that a mating dance?" She asked with a giggle. "You shouldn't have." A wave of her perfectly manicured hand and she spun around on one heel. The delight she felt was quashed as someone pointed to the sky and let out a scream of terror. The villagers are superstitious. What kind of game is this? Predictably, the villagers scattered, running away and into their homes to hide. From several of the homes, there were sobs of terror. The words "bad harvest" and "misfortune" and "famine" all were screamed at the sight of the black ship. Gisela couldn't hide her fury. She turned to Dredge, violet eyes glowing slightly. "What was that?" It was the most tactful thing she could think to say. She then turned to the entourage, the trolls, the ogres, Rin, the weird familiar, then upwards to the sky. She rolled her eyes, spinning once more. "I haven't had this much fun since Norkotia." She said to herself. "Do what the Welanders do. Bow." She bowed at her waist. Her motions were almost mechanical as the mad nurse rose to stand straight. "Say words of gratitude and flattery." She whispered. "Thank you for the gifts. I will never be as generous and gracious such as yourself, honored guest. My name is Gisela Valance." Her face split into the mad grin once more. Her eyes gave a mischievous glimmer as she asked. "Might I have your name, please?"
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    A Fool's Errand

    There was a ladder leading down to the first floor. Tana tugged her gloves back into place and grabbed the bars. With a deft twist, she hooked her feet around the outside of the rungs and and slid down like it was a pole. Her boots made a soft thud as she hit the ground. The thief pulled her hood off and surveyed the area. The first floor resembled the second. The only difference was that more of the roof was intact on this level. The creature she saw scurry into the building was nowhere in sight. The towers of crates and debris could be hiding anything. Face exposed, the woman was disarmingly human. There were no mystical tattoos, no point to her ears, no whisper of an ancient heritage running through her veins. Her face was dirt common- there must be a thousand girls running around central Genesaris with her shared features. Her nose was small and flat and dotted with the occasional freckle that managed to latch itself to her skin after a glimpse of sunlight. Her mouth was thin with pale lips that had a habit of twisting into a cold, wet smile. It was such a common expression that the right corner of her mouth sat at a permanent angle. Short, black hair hung around her face and shone with a mixture of water and grease. The most remarkable thing about Tana’s face was her eyes. They were slightly angled up and sat deep into her skull. Long eyelashes sat atop a smudged khol lining. The pigment collected in the crevasses of her eyes and gave her the appearance of a fashionable raccoon. And behind everything, under the smeared makeup, beneath the thin, arched brows, sat a pair of irises the color of dirt and black oil. They seemed flat and lifeless until the light hit Tana’s face just right and they gleamed with a toxic smear of reflected malice. Loose tile crunched underfoot as Tana crept through the dim storehouse. She stopped in the center of the room. Piles of junk rose around her. The storm was the only sound that echoed in the stone walls. If there were monsters present, they were showing a sudden aptitude for stealth. In a flash, a knife was between her fingers and held in a defensive position. If she was going to search the building, she wasn’t going to do it with a monster lurking around the corner. Tana shifted on her heels and coiled into herself, muscles tense and ready to spring at the first motion. “Alright, I’m done playing games. Come on out so I can kill you.” She called.
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    Child's Play [Nightmare Descends] OOC

    Just corruption. Cancerous growths that actually turned into half-formed nastiness.
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    A waver, some called it. The beautiful woman whipped upon one between larger vessels, throttling brakes and boosts along her canal like a Mario Kart character through Toad's Turnpike. Water sprayed from the centrifugal force of her scooteresque board over the decks of passenger vehicles who abided by Shrine City's traffic laws, splashing civilians in nice clothes with champagne glasses who expected the typical serene journey down Shrine's winding byways. Where was she headed? Why, none other than the least diviest dive bar near Lion's Square Garden. The beautiful woman walked into a bar and sat at the three-quarters-packed bar in the late afternoon. She got service real fast. "Pour me a double," she said huskily to the 30-some year old behind the counter gilded with taps. "Right away ma'am," he blushed, grabbing her drink. "Make it two," she said before he'd finished pouring the first. "Alright! Comin' right up!" exclaimed the young'un, catching the whiff that the lady could hold her own. Double-fisting and then downing both at the pace of about a gulp each, the beautiful woman's golden eyes flashed something between alcoholism and arousal. The bartender had other customers to tend to, but he would be back soon. Starting this kind of thing at a bar was fun, thought the beautiful woman.
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    Etched In Stone

    The Acquisition I

    "Talix Engine, my Pure Blood master. After a day's travel, we've arrived." The lifeforce drawing him to seek out the lands further, even those glorious eyes stared beyond the glass wind bewildering in slight wonder the entire city that was now beneath and around them and the once endless sea of white sky. This was nothing in comparisons to Tia and the infected, these undead vampires felt of noble life force ... Much as the Dolos were, but in mass numbers. A grand city of ruins so was it overthrown. While there had not been any forward deals cut, a gift from the confidants of Pendragon; the airship descended with it's whirling engine from the great ascension of sky, emerging from a plethora of clouds hundreds of feet from the air to safe land into Talix 's outskirts of the city. The Blood word from Martis's coordinates of the City in mass Chaos and Darkness governed by vampyre deemed worthy once over, the Dark Redeemer sat in rumination of the area in the gracious quarter provided to the Pureblood and Matriarch. Nearly two weeks passed since their sojourn from the Chateau. Spreading, infectious endearment over civilizations across the Nation of Terrenus. In a red tailcoat, slacks and matching cowhide loafers, loose strands of parted obsidian hair and goldenrod colored eyes, the Vampire remained temporarily longer astounded as the territories came more into view. Ran by massive clockwise, and counter-clockwise gears on a wheel of Science and architecture. In the ancient's 10,000 immortal knowledge he had failed to spectate a city so, timeless. “A city raging with claimed vampire nobles. This should be interesting.” @Eternity
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    Break On Through (Cold Mountains)

    A new chapter had begun for Legion. Much like the one before it, it would most likely be written in blood and battle. However unlike the previous chapter, there would be growth as well. Growth that would hopefully involve settling down and having a place to call home. Somewhere both monster and man alike could live in peace to create a world where no human village would be burned to the ground in an Orc raid. A world where entire goblin caves and tribes were not pillaged for treasure or gold, and their entire population slaughtered down to the last child. While creating such a world was beyond the prowess and experience of the Dark Lord Dredge, it was not for the woman he had given his loyalty to. The Yokai Queen Akako. The entire affair was somewhat of an uneasy alliance and agreement, for Dredge it was necessary to put his faith in the woman. The survival of his people had depended on it. For months and months the The Forgotten Fleet had sailed the open oceans to escape Terrenus, yet no where they landed could be considered safe. Word of their exploits had traveled across the world and they were of course considered armed and incredibly dangerous. Only now could they potentially call Genesaris home thanks to Akako, and for that Dredge was grateful. So grateful that when they first laid anchor, he sent the woman a gift. On the outskirts of Port Caelum, the thunder of armored boots struck the ground in unison. The unmistakable sound of military men marching in formation to the cadence of their own steps. When people often thought of Legion, they often pictured hordes of monsters, orcs, and goblins wearing mismatched armor and carrying strange curved blades still wet with the blood of the innocent, and to be fair that was partly true. In the older days, Dredge used the savagery of the more monstrous races to pillage and burn small villages and settlements within the Wilds of Terrenus. But that was the past, before he had set forth to create a proper army and unified force through sheer force of will. Marching towards the gate wasn’t a rabble of mixed fiends and brawlers, but the uniformed, well equipped, and highly trained soldiers of Legion. Each marched in jet black and blood red armor. Its design was sleek, of medium weight, and their helmets covered the entirety of the head and face. Within this armor they were no longer Orcs, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, or Trolls. They were one, and they were bred for combat and war. At the head of the pack a true beast of an Orc rode a massive Siege Owlbear, a mutated and horrific visage of its former bloodline now turned into a tainted and savage monster under the cruel breeding programs of Hobgoblins to power their war machines. Marching up to the city walls, the Legion troops and its lieutenant came to a full stop in unison and assumed a parade rest formation in neat columns and rows. Three hundred men and women, the best infantry and veterans of Last Chance that Legion could spare for the Queen. ”Preukenav!” The helmetless Orc cried out to his men. ”DREPA DREPA DREPA!!!” The force of men shouted back towards their commander and the walls of the port itself. Yet this was only the first part of Dredge’s little gift. Scrambling behind the troops were well over a few thousand civilians. Tengu, Yuan-Ti, Drow, Cyclops, Bullywugs, Githyanki, and the more civilized races of Legion that wouldn’t have issue with assimilation into a more unified lifestyle off the bat. They were what was promised to Akako by Dredge. He did not expect the Queen to let them into the port, but the woman was in charge of where these people would go and how they would establish one of the first colonies in her new and growing empire. The troops that had escorted them from the beach were now hers to command. The Orc Lieutenant has been given the strictest of orders to obey Akako, and to never betray the woman. Just for good measure though, Dredge had assigned a pact-wraith to the commander whose icy fingertips gently wrapped around the heart of the Orc. Should he fail her, he’d be swiftly dealt with. All of this was now hers, but this was just the beginning. To the east of Port Caelum, they had arrived. Under the crack of whips and beastly snarls and roars. The armies and people of Legion had come to the Cold Mountains. A place of rock and ice, evergreen trees and winter life that could be seen in the mostly sparse land. The perfect place to build a new world in which to grow and expand from. The people of Legion had been accustomed to worse biomes and living conditions than these, so adapting and overcoming wouldn’t be an issue. There was however one monumental problem though, and it stared down at them from its towering and almost endless height. The mountains themselves. In order to prove his worth outside of combat and slaughter, Dredge had taken on a Herculean task for the Lady of Port Caelum. To build a reliable and easily accessible tunnel from the east of the mountains that stretched out and into the more fertile lands of the west where ice and snow weren’t the only features year round. While digging through mountains wasn’t the most impossible of tasks due to the races that joined him such as kobolds and goblins, the devil of it all came down to resource management and access to supplies. They had enough food to last them a month and while they could sustain themselves indefinitely with the environment around them, that was if they had just chose to live and let live. A massive public works project such as this was often a drain, and sure Dredge could have the dead and those killed in accidents rounded up and thrown into pots of stew for the workers, but that was a temporary fix. No, what Dredge needed would be a steady flow of supplies to keep things running as efficiently as possible. Normally he’d just pick some of his lieutenants and have them raid and reave up and down the lands from the many villages and settlements they had scouted along the way, but that option wasn’t available to them as Dredge had given his word that they would be peaceful and assimilate into the culture. So as he stood out there in the cold and wind, Dredge looked over to one of his spindly drow lieutenants and called him over. ”Send a wyvern and a rider to the Lady of the Port. Inform her to send one of her confidants and six months worth of supplies and food, so we may set up our infrastructure as quickly as possible.” Dredge said softly to the Drow. ”It shall be done my lord.” With a deep bow, the drow ran off to go and see that their message was sent. As everyone stumbled into the base of the mountain, Dredge took stock of everyone. For the most part everyone was healthy and capable, those who had fallen on their journey here were looked after, and those who had no chance of survival or had died were consumed. It was just the nature of the beast. ”SET UP CAMP!! TOMORROW WE DIG!! IF I CATCH ANY OF YOU TRYING TO TAKE EXTRA RATIONS THEN I’LL HAVE YOUR HEADS AND THE HEADS OF YOUR MATE AND CHILDREN!” Dredge let out a fire filled blast that engulfed the snow above turning it to steam and vapor as his thaumaturgy shook the earth to inspire fear and loyalty in those less convinced about this move. For now, Dredge would let time pass. Days if need be to wait for Akako to deliver what he required to commence such a task. @Akako Akari
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    The Courier

    James Eredas versus New Challenger

    Pain was something that any seasoned warrior would seek to avoid. It was foolish to seek yet cowardly to fear. Yet in this scenario, the Cripple embraced the agony of James' knife, bearing its left bicep to absorb the blow. Its crippled arm was raised quickly in defense, the weapon sinking into the flesh. As the metal sunk into what felt like moist sponge, a surge of blackness burst out of the wound. However many monsters his knife had culled, this would be the final blow it would ever inflict. If James sought to withdraw his blade from the Cripple's flesh, he would find it smothered in a layer of corrosive blackness that ate at the very metal it was made of. Not only that, but the wound that he had inflicted only seemed to make the Cripple more deadly, with dangerous black liquid now oozing out from the gash like pus. And in that moment of aggression, James had sacrificed his control for momentum. Momentum which now carried him over the Cripple's curled right fist, rippling with mind flaying magic. Then came a blast loud enough to match that of an unsilenced shotgun, and a bolt of dark energy wrapped around the Cripple's wrist before passing through and out of James' torso, bursting off into the blackness of the night. With a powerful shove from its right arm, it disentangled itself from the Daemonslayer's bloody tackle, grinning devilishly as the hallucinations began to assail his mind.
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    You think you can use that to analyze the vials and find that the cure doesn't exist so Arsene can bite Agent 69 in half, and turn him into Agent 6?
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    General chat for NOT

    I suggest a “canon” section just above the History section of the same thread
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    Winter Stroll OOC

    Perhaps we should clarify? Are we going by the “3 days to post before you’re skipped rule?” Would something else work better for the group? If there are people who know for sure that real life will prevent them from writing for a long stretch of time, let us know so we can factor that in to the discussion. 🙂 However, at the end of the day, Winter gets the final say in what system we use.
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    General chat for NOT

    Good question! It does not include things like plants which could be turned into drugs or medicine or what have you. The one plant like thing it does have is just an intermediary for more “material” like materials. That said I AM interested in updating / making a new flora index companion piece to the creature codex and this would be a great entry for that
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    Auspicious Link

    A Fool's Errand

    Reis, now lying on his belly while he listened to the potential hostile nearby, rested his chin on his hand, idly trying to catch a glimpse of where they might be. It wasn't all that necessary right then - the woman wasn't making any moves towards him, judging by the distance between the two. His tail waved in amusement as he listened to what she had to say. "Oh, I apologize. In my experience, people only say things like that when they're about to try and kill me. You can understand my skittish attitude, then." Ha. That was a joke. Khada Reis, skittish? He leaped headlong into danger, and usually came out unscathed. Except for recently, when he'd leaped into the lion's den and been polymorphed. Reis's mood dimmed slightly. "And, well. . . I guess it depends on what you consider a 'monster' then, eh? I'm not some sort of crazed beast, if that's what you were implying." Reis continued to watch the storehouse floor for movement, just in case the woman decided to get tricky and tried to jump him. It wasn't paranoia. Reis had been jumped countless times in the past due to not paying enough attention. In fact, folks still tried things like that today, probably because he looked so vulnerable. The lizard didn't waste much time considering the woman's request for him to come out so they could talk face to face. it wasn't as if she could catch him. Not to mention, he could see in the dark and she couldn't. The only thing that worried Reis was the fact that the woman didn't know what he was yet. He had no idea what her reaction could be. Would she attack simply because of his appearance? Again, the thief had a feeling that kobolds weren't the kindest souls around. There was a chance she'd just kill him and be done with it. Of course, to do that, she'd have to catch him first, and Reis didn't plan on going quietly if the woman did prove hostile. Maybe he was just being paranoid again. Best-case scenario, she'd just laugh at him. It only took a few seconds for the thoughts to come and go, and Reis was sliding down the supporting beam of the shelf, dropping down into the darkness. "Sure, why not," He said, shrugging. He did his best to sound nonchalant, but he was idly straightening and flexing his left arm, just in case he had to use his dagger. He wouldn't kill her, of course. He never had to kill anyone. He'd probably just. . . Discourage her. Yes, that was the word. "I'm down now," Reis called out, moving slowly, occasionally crawling on all-fours through the rubble and crates. "You mind making an appearance as well? I'd hate to be the one talking to the shadows." Not like he couldn't see her anyway. If she was nearby, he'd know. Just to fully sell the facade of carelessness, Reis clambered up onto an especially large crate, and sat down cross-legged on top, crossing his arms and curling his tail around him. This could go a few ways. The woman would either attack, thinking Reis was an idiot, or she'd be amused by his apparent stupidity. Then again, if she was a decent rogue, she'd be wondering why he was giving her such an easy target. Either way, Reis was relatively safe.
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    The Courier

    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    This wasn’t the first time someone was being pursued by some bounty hunter from somewhere. Stuff like this happened literally every other week in the Tavern. Perhaps the LEDs just happened to increase the gravity of the situation... Those things are stressful man... ”Mhm,” Amy muttered. While everyone was arguing about the probability of an ‘alien invasion’, Amy backtracked a few steps to grab the teapot and filled two cups. With one in each hand, she went back to the door and offered a cup to Fjorn. “Well I don’t suppose we’re expecting a full scale planetary invasion. I was hoping we could enjoy a nice cup of tea before any sort of shit goes down.” With that, she put her cup to her lips and took a rather obnoxiously loud sip. @jaistlyn
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    (Character: Amagdalum; Artist: Kawacy) (Character: Nobunaga; Artist: Kawacy) They were inseparable: cat and dog. And they got along just as poorly. "Leave me alone, Amag!" 'Course, Nobunaga didn't really mean it. It came out as a panicked scream, but there was nothing on Nobu's face but sheer delight. Flickering sunlight illuminated her sharp teeth at intervals, and her green eyes' pupils had narrowed into deadly slits, as always under situations of high stress. Her ears, matching in color her black hair, made subconscious adjustments as she tore through the jungle vegetation, constantly changing their angle for her auditory advantage. Nobunaga heard Amagdalum laughing behind her as she wove through the dense foliage, trying to lose the dog spirit. Of course, being a cat spirit, Nobunaga was always the prey: the object of the hunt. She moved swiftly through the trees, "swift" being an understatement. Underfoot, she crushed green, leafy plants. Her shoes left deep footprints in the moist soil, and small branches reached out and snagged her clothing, creating tears and leaving sharp cuts on her skin. Interestingly enough, the game of the chase left no room in her awareness for the processing of pain. She'd deal with it later. The jungle was beautiful at this hour, but Nobu had no time for aesthetic appreciation now. Though she knew Amag would never hurt her—their bond was too strong—her body didn't know that. With the surges of adrenaline racing through her, Nobu's body had entered a mode of "fight-or-flight," a product of Nobu's evolutionary heritage. But it had been too long. They'd been fighting for over an hour now, and her muscles screamed with exhaustion. She cursed under her breath, making a decision. Amag wouldn't win this time. She slowed down purposely, enough for the dog to catch up to her— And heard the unmistakable sound of a blade cutting through the air. Thwack! Nobu leapt back from the flash of white dominating her right-field vision. She blinked hard, clearing the sweat that had fallen through her dark lashes, until the figure before her came into focus. There Amagdalum was, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Her dress shirt, having once been a glossy, shiny white, was stained with dirt and blood. The sleeves were ripped and had been rolled above the elbows. It took her only a moment to pull the blade free from the tree, leaving a deep incision in the wood. Her eyes sparkled with primal joy. "Runner's high?" Nobu gasped, acutely aware that Amag had been seconds too late. She stepped further back and reached for her sword's hilt. With a glittering flash of black, the long and thin blade was out of its scabbard and held menacingly before her. She smirked, crouching slightly in a stance reminiscent of a feline, and made a show of protracting her claws. Amagdalum bared her teeth and lunged. Her blade slammed into Nobu's, forcing her backward. She dug her shoes into the ground and leaned forward, trying her best to prevent the dog spirit from overpowering her, but it was impossible. Strong though Nobu was, she was no match for Amag. But whereas Amag had greater strength, Nobu had greater speed. "Something like that." Amag smirked, sensing victory, and leaned in further, forcing the dark blade closer to Nobu's body. Behind the anger, she saw uncertainty in Nobu's eyes; Amagdalum, both taller and stronger, could easily win now. Nobu grit her teeth, her arm muscles aching as she tried to keep the sword distant. But it took all her strength, and Amag knew it. She effortlessly pushed harder still, until they were only inches away. Then Amagdalum grinned, and delivered a hard kick to Nobu's back leg. Yelping in surprise, the cat spirit lost her balance and landed hard on her back. The force of impact knocked the ebony blade from her fingers. Quickly, she reached for the sword, but Amag beat her to it, using her free hand to press Nobu's deep into the ground. She used her other to aim the edge of her sword at Nobu's neck, pressing the blade against her skin. "I've got you now!" Nobu said nothing for a moment, regaining her breath. Her mind was racing. Due to the speed at which she was currently processing information, it seemed that time began to slow down. Her deep, emerald eyes looked up toward Amag's expression of predatory focus. "No way out," Amag continued. "Might as well give up. I win, again." Amagdalum waited for Nobu to say the words of surrender so she could get off and help her up; at the moment, she had all but pinned Nobunaga beneath her. Nobu said nothing. And then the unexpected happened. Nobu's expression became coy. Her eyes shining with a confusing energy, she reached for Amagdalum's sword-hand, lightly resting her fingers over her wrist. Amagdalum flinched at the unexpected touch, feeling a sudden sensation of fear, but for some reason didn't pull away. She wasn't sure what, but something about Nobu's touch made her skin feel electric. She didn't realize she was staring at Nobu's hand. Nobu used her thumb to stroke the back of her hand gently; soothingly. For some reason unbeknownst to her—a reason she was scared to explore—the touch relaxed her. If it had been somebody else, the massage might have caused her heart rate to slow down and her breathing to deepen; but because it was Nobu, she had to remember how to breathe. Still, she tried to meet Nobu's eyes, not wanting to show weakness. Nobu shot her a charming smile. "You always do, don't you?" Nobunaga murmured softly. "What?" Her voice came out sharper than she'd intended. Having been so distracted by... irrelevant stimuli, Amag had completely forgotten what it was she had said. "You always win," Nobu said, amused. "Very impressive." Her eyes lazily studied Amagdalum, who was struggling to keep her expression guarded. Amag suddenly became aware of the sound of her own heartbeat quickening in her ears, and cursed internally the moment she realized the feline would undoubtedly have noticed. After all, she could hear Nobu's heartbeat, which had for a while been slowing down. Amagdalum didn't mean to—her muscles weren't even tired—but her sword-hand trembled involuntarily. Conscious that Nobu must have felt this subtle, almost imperceptible movement, she suddenly couldn't bring herself to meet Nobu's eyes. In the blink of an eye, Nobu gripped Amagdalum's wrist more tightly, and twisted her arm. Her guard having been temporarily lowered, Nobunaga took advantage of the timing to wriggle her pinned-down hand free of Amag's slackening grasp and reach for her ebony sword. She forced Amagdalum to fall backwards, leaping to her feet and leveling the pointed tip at her chest. Amagdalum's eyes were wide and she wore an expression of shocked alarm. Blushing involuntarily, she looked at Nobu with an expression of disbelief. Nobu raised an eyebrow. "I win." It took Amag a moment to grasp what had occurred, but when she did, her expression deepened into a flustered scowl. "D-damn you!" The jungle was dense, and teeming with life. Caught up in the chase, neither had noticed the minute details that might have earned them wonder for their excruciatingly beautiful surroundings. Slipping through gaps in the thick foliage overhead, the sunlight fell in shafts of glittering light. It made its way down Nobu's sword, and glinted off of her belt and uniform buttons. The sunlight also fell on Amag, glistening off her shirt and lighting a fire to her red eyes. Slowly, Nobu's eyes began to return to normal, the slits widening and her face adopting a more human expression. Amagdalum glared murderously as Nobu laughed at her own cleverness. "That was faster than usual." "You were fast," Amagdalum muttered, almost under her breath. Of course, thanks to her superior senses, Nobu had no trouble understanding her words. Nobu retracted her claws and extended her hand, offering to help Amagdalum up. Amagdalum didn't move. She glanced up at Nobunaga's face, which had now adopted a placid and relaxed expression—a trusting and loving expression—but her own expression was guarded. She ignored the kind gesture until Nobu's ebony-colored blade was back in its sheath. Then she reached for her own sword's hilt and stood up on her own. "You're faster than you used to be," Amag stated, crossing her arms before her chest. She was feeling uncomfortable and she couldn't deny it, though not just because she had lost. It also had to do with the way she had. "And you're stronger than you used to be," Nobu pointed out, a smile on her lips. Amagdalum studied Nobu's expression warily, reassessing the person standing in front of her. Emotionally manipulated. She had been emotionally manipulated. Amagdalum shrugged, part of her frustration dissipating as she thought about the truth of what Nobu had said. She had gotten stronger, and that pleased her. More than she would say. But Nobu's words couldn't quiet the unease that lingered in her mind. Just what exactly did Nobu see in me to make her think that would have been effective? What was that about? "Yeah, whatever, fair enough." She put a hand on her hip and began to look around, adopting a neutral facial expression of boredom. "Too bad that's done with—fighting you is one of my favorite things to do." Avoiding the elephant in the room. Unlike Nobu, Amagdalum was actually barefoot, and her claws sunk into the cool and moist soil. Surrounding her feet was a forest of clovers that had cushioned her fall. Nobu laughed, stepping forward and trying to straighten her collar. A lot of good that would do; this was yet another article of clothing they had, in their passion, damaged. The movement startled Amagdalum, who instinctively tried to pull back. However, after a moment, she stopped resisting. "I promise, the feeling's mutual. And don't worry; there will always be a next time. Besides, I think an hour and a half of playing rough is long enough. Let's head back now—what do you say?"
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    Break On Through (Cold Mountains)

    @Akako Akari @The Courier @The North Wind The first thing built in the coming days other than the temporary housing of tents, the timber mill, and of course the tunneling planning center. The thing that dwarfed them by comparison was Dredge’s love for entertainment, after all the man was a lover of the arts. Especially music, the Dark Lord would be nowhere without his love for it. Near the center of the camp, a small clearing of soft grass where fire elementals burned away and melted the snow for people to comfortably sit was made and erected there was a complete amphitheater with a band on stage playing their hearts and souls out for the crowd of workers on break, women and children, and whatever ear was close enough to catch the tune. One often didn’t expect the burly and warlike people of Orcs to be anything but deadly and dangerous brutes who raid villages and slaughter the innocent. Yet that wasn’t what was presented on stage. Where the Red Festival was all about death, the brutal sounds of metal, and giving the beastly creatures of the dark something to rage to. This band of orcs were gentle in nature, for the most part they wore standard civilian clothing. No spiked clothing, no shredded robes, just the standard fashion of the time. At least the majority of them wore that, the singer however was a bit more.... flamboyant. Known as Reggie, the rather slender man of an Orc wore a streak of red paint horizontally across his eyes and a bright floral skirt with a red low cut top. He was indeed gorgeous in his own special little way as he sung his heart out for the overlord and the crowd. The Overlord himself sitting in the far back on a comfy padded lawn chair with a tropical drink in his hand despite how cold it was once anyone took a few steps outside of the camp away from the fire elementals and fiends that provided warmth. All of it was the furthest thing you expected from a group of monsters, but Legion’s time with Dredge had certainly helped round down those rough edges in terms of culture and acceptance. He may of over-exaggerated their condition to Akako, they would still rip someone’s face off and didn’t understand the concept of civilized society. But for the most part in the culture, music, and appreciation for such things department. They were solid and weren’t a horde of shambling monsters. So when the Corren made it to Dredge’s quarters, expecting a potential fight in order to meet the Dark Overlord. He was simply met by a crew of armed death knights that huddled around in a group smoking a few loose cigarettes. ”I keep telling you man, you gotta file that blood and cobweb covered pile of gold pieces under your assets. I mean you’re just leaving money on the blood soaked table come returns time.” The death knight said as he took a drag of his coffin nail. ”I know I know, it’s just become one of those things that you keep saying you’re gonna do then when you get around to it, you’re just like, eh I’ll do it to tomorrow after the shadow hunt for lost souls in the ethereal plane. Then you get home and then- OH SHIT!” The death knight coughed and shuttered in their suit of dark armor as they noticed and turned to face Corren. ”Dude don’t do that. I’m guessing you’re from Port Caelum? If you’re looking for the boss he’s at the amphitheater. Don’t disturb him too much, it’s mostly his time to relax.” The death knight then pointed over to the stage where the music was coming from. Things had certainly changed from their time on Terrenus. Where Dredge had formed an army to crush and kill, a force that had to live in the wilds and scrape and raid every day just to survive. These days, thanks to Queen Akako they had a place they could call home. They could somewhat let their guard down and just breathe and share in their cultures and lives. Quality of life had instantly improved from Terrenus and The Forgotten Fleet. People smiled, families had food to feed their children, and steady work was provided via the public works project of the tunnel and setting up of their foraging and farming industry. Overall Dredge thought that Akako would be pleased with the overall demeanor and happiness that she had brought to these people. But once again, despite the overall peace and love vibe people got from the more tame parts of the camp. There was still a dark side to all of it. Located outside the camps the massive tunnel project moved forward. In the days since Dredge had sent his message the goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, and massive ogres and trolls were hard at work and had already dug fifty meters into the mountains. And this act wasn’t done with the power of music and culture, it was accomplished by doing what these beasts knew best. The crack of whips and the snarls and roses of wargs. ”AAALRIGHT YA MAGGOTS!! DIG! DIG OR YE BE PUT TO THE WARG PITS LIKE THAT SORRY SOUL!” A Goblin Foreman with a whip in one hand and for the other a rusty jagged blade attached where a hand once was pointed over to another goblin who had his mid section crushed by a falling rock. With life still within him the goblin put up as best a fight he could before being dragged over to the warg pits and thrown in for their lunch. The sounds and screams that came from said pit were best to not be described. Work was coming along swiftly and the supplies from Akako would be needed soon. Resources had been split and teams were working overtime. Orc blacksmiths were in constant rush mode to either fix current mining equipment, or forge new ones from the kobolds who dug and scavenged what they could from the surrounding mountains. This was Legion’s ability to build and push while working with shoddy tools and a split workforce. Once Akako’s supplies would arrive everything would run much smoother. All they could do was wait now.
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    The two pathways I have to explore there are 1) take over the character whose primary goal is to become a politician 2) introduce a new character that will amp the chaos in Norkotia, most notably by introducing and extending a drug trade. PM me with your preference and we can expand on some basic goals for a thread
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    Another raid OOC

    If you could link to such a literature it would be cool just for general knowledge, what I've found on the net is a maximum of 500m that I can see. But I'm not an expert, and it's fine, I'll take it.
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling to see if Challara can hit a poor excuse of a """mother"""... (d10)
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    @Dolor Aeternum @Roen @P.N.See @Fierach @notmuch_23 @Thotification I’m going to extend the round till Monday, to keep the same pace as HollowCipher’s realm! Unfortunately vielle is dropping out so we lose Cynthia. But please let me know if any of you need more time, rather than be silent @.@
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    The C in Csl stands for Coding (Tutorial)

    A short tutorial on how to make simple HTML tables in the Valucre editor. I came from an html-enabled jcink forum before I came to val and I am here to spread a tiny bit of coding knowledge. Disclaimer: Am not professional coder. In any way. Note: I normally use Chrome for this, but I believe this also works in Firefox 1. Start a new post/thread OR edit an existing post. Leave one line of text in the editor. 2. Right click, then click "Inspect" OR hit Ctrl+shift+I 3. This window will pop up on the right side of the screen. Click the icon that looks like a box with a cursor on it (highlighted) 4. Click the line of text in the Valucre editor. You'll see the devtools jump to the <p>text</p> element. 5. Right-click the <p>text</p> element and click "Edit as HTML" 6. Edit the HTML. Or, paste one of the simple premade codes I've posted below! After you're done, press Ctrl+Enter and the Val editor will display the code you've inputted! After this simply click Save or Post and the post will retain the formatting you've given it via devtools. Yay! I'll add more tables later but here are a few super-simple ones. <div style="width:75%; margin:auto; border-top: 1px solid; border-bottom:1px solid;"> <p>This is a table with 75% width for skinny posts. It also has borders at the top and bottom.</p> </div> <div style="letter-spacing:2px; font-family:Georgia;"> <p>This table has a e s t h e t i c letter spacing</p> </div> <div style="background: pink; color:white; margin:auto; width:75%;"> <p>This table has a pink background and white text because reasons, I guess.</p> </div> Feel free to ask questions below and/or test tables!
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    My post may be a little bit, my apologies. Tuesday or early Wednesday at the latest.
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    “Hmmph,” she mused to herself. “I don’t suppose you figured that out on the spot,” she teased, before identifying the very real possibility that he had indeed deduced all of it on the spot. “Okay, nevermind...” She walked over to the counter and picked up one of the keycards. “This tells us absolutely nothing. Maybe we’ll have better luck following one of his cronies back to some sort of hideout. Perhaps that could give us more clues.” She turned back to Noah with a playful glint in her eyes, “Up for a little detective work?” @danzilla3
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    “Some things.. are beyond our control,” Videntia said gently. She sensed a pain in Gabriela, a story of trying but barely holding things together. She had a hunch that Gabriela was telling her things she had been keeping away from people around her. That a queen would show such vulnerability to a stranger was humbling, but it also endeared her to Videntia. What Gabriela was hinting at did not get lost on the paladin. Had she said it to someone else, she might have been escorted out of Inns’th immediately. But in a way, Videntia knew exactly what she meant. “Sometimes we need to know our limits. We try our best to push past it, but we have to accept that some things are beyond our power. From there, we have to make a decision. What do we most want to protect and preserve? For some, it’s family. For others, it’s career. Sometimes it’s an ideology. For us, it’s to safeguard a future. To fight for what we believe in, some things have to be sacrificed, no matter how painful it may be.” Her tone turned pensive. “Maybe we’re more aware of our own limits, when we have such short lifespans.” The paladin did not know what plagued Gabriela, but hopefully this would give her something to think about at least. The vampyre might be nigh-immortal, but yet, surely, she had her limits as well. “We seek to understand Yh’mi. We are building the fort in order to support our ventures further into the land. We want to cleanse it, but that does not necessarily mean a massacre of everything. The land is impure, surely you can feel that too in the very air. These are not just.. wild animals. Yh’mi hungers for everything wholesome, and exists to twist them into something unrecognizable. If we are able to fully understand it one day and.. reverse what has been done, then that would be for the best. But if they seek to destroy us...” Videntia’s hand balled into a fist. “...then we have no choice but to destroy them first.” Surely Gabriela could empathize with that, as the ruler of a nation.
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    District 102

    Icona remain slient as she generated a logical choice; the fairly reasonable way, as Roman would surely opted, was to venture the remnants of the experimenting labs and obtain the artifact which reduces her estimated time for this section in half. The escape route will be their secondary challenge though it is not a large burden, she had noted the labyrinth of vents along the halls, enough for a person or persons to squeeze through at single file. She had no doubt that Roman wouldn't strive to do his best especially with this complex task but one cannot be compelled to push the envelope all the time. She had taken a few steps back to study the man before her and his mysterious expression. Sanguine yet guarded, docile but determined, he was willing to launch into himself into danger with no hesitation but clearly avoided fights; These contradicting traits she always found foregin and laborious. Her icy hues narrowed before finally speaking. " Listen Roman..." She paused to convey her thoughts professionally before continuing. " I understand that you are quite ready to be on the defensive if the situation requires...Extreme action...A trait I find admirable but we know nothing of these vile beasts. We have to be prepared for worse circumstances. I propose we go to the Control Room, after that, the Medical Bay not because I dont have faith in your abilities but I am rather overly cautious." She crossed her arms to motion she wasn't backing down. Her persona was and will always be logical, she wasn't the type to beat around the bush, but then again, she haven't found anyone to match or even to challenge her decisions. @Chappu
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    I'm so sorry I haven't been on!

    Welcome back space cowboy
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    I'm so sorry I haven't been on!

    Haven't seen you around before but regardless, welcome back!
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    Shoddy day made better by having lunch with a familiar face. ❤️ Thanks for visiting, Ty!
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    Auspicious Link

    A Fool's Errand

    The storm outside was once more roaring. It was just as well that Reis had scrambled into the building when he did - the rain itself was bad, but the kobold hadn't wanted to take his chances out there for much longer. The tropical weather could grow even more intense - and perhaps fatal - in the blink of an eye. If he didn't become lost in the thick sheets of rain, there was also the very real possibility that a flash flood could occur. Khada had only seen a few in his lifetime, and all of them had been near the shores of Europe, during the Spring and Summer. He'd never seen such a vast amount of vegetation in one place, however. Perhaps this was one of those tropical jungles he'd heard so much about from travelers back home. There was no chance of it being anything else. . . Of course, Reis would have taken his chances with the flood if it meant escaping a constant onslaught of monsters, which seemed to be a common occurrence in Biazo Isle. The kobold shook the water off of his scales like a wet dog, before patting himself down. His long coat was soaked, and the black tunic underneath wasn't in much better condition. Reis was glad that he'd been carrying his essential gear in his waterproofed pack, which he had strapped to his back. That was a precaution he had constantly took, in the past as a human, and now. Reis peeled his goggles off of his face and blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the warehouse. That was a perk that he rather enjoyed about his new form - it was easy to move around in pure darkness. It made things much harder on his eyes in broad daylight, though, hence his eyewear. It took just a few seconds for Reis to get his bearings and begin creeping around the old warehouse. The building wasn't small at all - from where he was, Reis assumed that the building was around 30,000 square feet, with old steel shelves, and many crates and boxes scattered about. It was already clear that this place had been emptied somewhat - lots of the crates and boxes were tipped on their side and/or open. A few crates here and there had been completely destroyed for whatever they had originally held, their frames splintered and ruined. Anything else looked like it was nailed shut. Reis cursed aloud, then covered his mouth. He first berated himself for his lack of cautiousness. He berated himself again for not ever purchasing some sort of crowbar. He had originally been against having one, as one couldn't quietly open something with a crowbar. Now, though, he was regretting that decision. The kobold would just have to do things the hard way. Sighing, he swung his pack off of his back, and to the ground. There was most certainly something else he had that could get one of the large crates open, if need be. Reis was in the process of rummaging through his belongings when he heard a thud. The thief froze. It could have been anything. From where he was, the storm could still be heard going full force. A tree could have fallen, or something could have just been thrown into the wall outside. Perhaps he was just being paranoid. But it had been a long day, and Khada Reis was such a trusting soul. Reis calmly turned his attention back to his pack. He dug through it for a moment longer, before pulling out what looked like a pair of pliers. There was no need for the thief to draw attention to himself by using his industrial - grade drill to bust through one of the crates. Some of the boxes were padlocked, while others required combinations to unlock. He could crack those open first, using his pliers and lock picks. Reis closed his backpack, and slung it back onto his shoulders, before standing up and stretching. His arm involuntarily twitched, allowing the knife he kept hidden in his sleeve to drop down. He closed his paw around the handle, then raised his arm, allowing the knife to slide back into place. He was getting twitchy again. That wouldn't do. The thief hardly ever hurt anyone during his endeavors; It wasn't in his nature to attack others, and he usually used his knives for self-defense. Still, he'd do what he had to do to stay alive. No monster was touching his scales today. Reis walked much slower now, keeping to the darkest parts of the warehouse to minimize his presence. Sure, the howling wind that could be heard from the many broken windows made it difficult for anyone to hear anything so subtle as footsteps, but reis wasn't taking any chances. Not this time, at least. Monsters. . . Scared him. After a few minutes of walking in the dark, Reis came up on a crate that seemed fairly intact. Instead of attempting to open it, though, the thief ducked behind it, holding his pliers at the ready. He wanted to wait a little longer before he went ahead and started his search for objects, magical or not. If there was a a chance that someone else was in the building with him, no matter how little, he would wait until the other made their presence known. One way or another. After all, thieves could only for so long before they decided to begin looting, couldn't they? Yes, the same could be said for Reis, but he liked to think that he had little more control over his impulses. Whoever was potentially inside had apparently already made a little noise on the way in. Anyone who made a mistake like that couldn't be too skilled, then. . .
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    Vlad would swear he hadn't even seen Ilene move before she was suddenly right in front of him, the tip of her dark, wicked curved blade pressed lightly against his throat. She lifted her mask-helm with her free hand just enough to reveal an, eerie, knowing grin... one that screamed that Vlad really should have kept his mouth shut here, or chosen his words more carefully. "You know exactly what I mean by a spectacle. You stab a man and he falls over and bleeds out on the ground, he's dead but it ain't exciting. Add spins and the like to your blows, maybe take the arms or legs off before you get a nice thrust that pins 'em to the sand below and snuffs out their miserable life?" A small laugh escaped for a moment. "Now that's a spectacle. As for hell, one is either forged in the infernal flames or consumed by them. If you're a weak little bastard and your mind can't handle the demons and the heat even after the fact, well, cannon fodder can always be worked into the strategy." Her blade pressed ever so slightly forward, drawing a drop of blood from Vlad. "As for where I've been, I wouldn't say being stuck on a relatively small plateau with a ton of people and a war elephant is any fun. Especially when the only exit was a shitty rope bridge that lead straight into a plateau full of harpies ready and willing to tear all of us to shreds. We only escaped by acquiescing to their demands of sending three people to be their mates and leaving everyone else stuck on the first plateau in order to let a handful of people through a very out-of-place door. I was among the group that went through the door. It showed us an image of the camp, and brought us back there for a moment before indulging in cruelty and bringing us here." "And what you're entitled to is drowning yourself in the delusion that you're leaving this arena the same as you came in. You leave only with a pile of corpses in your wake, or as a corpse yourself. You see Goldy Boy up there? I can tell from here he's an arrogant little shit, but I can also tell that he's got power. Fail to amuse him or the crowd, and I bet he'll ruin your day. He'll hurt you, he'll weaken you, he'll control every damn enemy we're facing to pile onto you, and most certainly kill you if the others don't intervene." She turned her gaze up towards the aforementioned boy and the crowd, lowering her blade from Vlad's throat. "I've been through the likes of this before. Not exactly the same, mind, but these places hit all the same beats. I know enough of what to expect, though Neque knows I would much rather be anywhere else. Hell, I'd take my chances in that 'literal hell' you said you went through. But anyways, follow my lead, and you might just survive. You'll be scarred, bloody, and changed, but alive." (Flavor post)
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    This is just my 2 cp, but if your character is powerful enough to insta two PCs at once, you may want to nerf that character. That aside, I wouldn't underestimate Adime and Gore. They may yet surprise you.
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    On a summer night of a Blood Moon the people of Kabbalat and their leaders burned down every unholy house in the land of Lyon in search of the Lady Phoenix and her vampire. In their cottage away from the dangers of the City, naked in the warmth of satin sheets they romanced endearingly. A longevity seven centuries ago Tatia was in human flesh. and breathing. Now, he found himself staring into the pits of a resurrected woman, his Bride and her gift of Choisel immortality. In a short lived nostalgia away from the apartment and their sojourn, Tatia pursed her lips unto his breaking him free from he recollections of their distant past . The sensations of her drawing, sucking, pulling the sweet nectar from the arteries soon was no longer numb in his left forearm once she stopped drinking and ceased her tongue from prohibiting recovery. The hand upon her cheek glided fingertips down her face, barely breaking into a layer of her skin. Lifting from near her chest he held his tongue beneath her chin to catch the rolling red fluid run down the side of her face. Then the sound of some bolder came crashing from the backroom, abruptly ruining their intimacy. Craning his neck eerily in a final glance abroad the other side of the hall, piercing the the flickering lights with bewilderment, his gaze stretched towards the loud thud that echoed the corridor through the apartment. In her heightened alertness as always, Tatia was first to respond bursting from his lap with phenomenal acceleration until her vibrating form halted by the bedroom, prying the door in her vampiric prowess. "Culpabilities got him before we were able to put them to good use? What a tragedy, no?" In his slightest impressions, the Ancient's presumptions were if ever hardly mistaken. Judging by the young lady’s hysteria and the Countess's insight, some dreadful misfortune had to occur to her lover. Through what his sister witnessed, he didn’t necessarily have to peek into the room to conjure her sightings. Through the Matriarch's mind eye he envisioned the image of the hangman suffocated out of his own accord in the center of the room. Leinhart let out an exasperating sough, porcelain hands cracked together in an unnatural 360' degree rotation, contorting from the wrists and tendons only to sew the damaged ligaments anew in the next seconds that came. He stood up to rise to his full height of nearly 6' 1/2 feet, the natural cast of darkness beneath him from the room retrospectively, reflecting the frightening stature of their Master's in return. In the blink of a second his towering form beneath his vneck and the golden glitters he tried hard not to reveal, cast themselves at the doorway as Tatia moved to unhang the bedsheet from the rafter and so the corpse of the wrangling man that could not bear the burden of death to come. Hanging onto the frame his left arm with the mark from his mistress's fangs, the Ancient traced his eyes over the sound of wailing woman. An aura of unnatural darkness would generate in his manipulation as he chanted an incantation over her mind, obeying his supreme command and enacting service at the end of his words. "Clean this mess up, you will, under obedience of the true Redeemer. See yourself to the Queen once you have finished for a change of clothes. Tonight, we will have a little outing and you'll be at your best behavior as our puppet." One less person to play with was disinteresting. He winked for the hellavit’ a golden eye at Tatia before shifting on the balls of his steel toes, heading back into the shadows of the flickering lights the Choisel went to get ready for the nightclub. @Eternity
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    The glow in Charlies eyes turned from white hot to a sinister shade of orange as his anger reached well beyond his moral threshold, something that wasn't difficult to cause when women were involved. Charlie clenched Deckel's shirt even tighter as his hands glowed orange hot. "RELAY THIS." he stated as he aimed a flaming palm at the man's head. The fire surrounding his hand morphed and shifted unnaturally as it lit up Deckel's face. One might even start to see things in it when they've experienced things like the Norkotian mercenary had previously encountered, but that's not for me to say. Before Charlie could do the deed, he was grabbed from behind in a powerful hug that threatened to squeeze the air out of his lungs. "Hey, what the he-" started Charlie before he noticed something that made his words catch in his throat. Something soft was pressing into his back. No...two soft somethings. Automatically and without the slightest hint of hesitation, he scoured his mind and sifted through the mental catalogue he'd made of over a thousand female, bosoms. He'd committed each and every single one he'd seen to memory in frightening detail, even having near perfect numerical estimates of their varying sizes and dimensions as well as dates and times. His mind ran a few tests to account for how they were being compressed onto his back and came up with numbers that only pointed to one woman. "Oh...Melanie!" said Charlie, his burning anger immediately subsiding with a literal hiss. His eyes were now back to normal, concealed and dark behind the brim of his hat. Charlie looked over to a man who was wielding an unusually jagged and club-like wrench. It could probably be used to fix machinery and such, but he got the feeling that it was seldom used for anything other than busting a structurally superfluous hole in someones skull. He pointed at Charlie with the wrench, making the pyromaniac a little uneasy. Charlie looked at the man for a bit. Then he looked at Deckel. He promptly let go and let the Norkotian fall to the ground face-first. "Right, right." said Charlie before twisting around in Melanie's grasp to look her in the eyes. "Wouldn't want to get that things tiny, smoldering, brains all over that crazy beautiful face, now would we?" He returned Melanie's hug, lingering a bit too long for obvious reasons. He wanted to grab her hind quarters, but he seldom got this close to any woman and didn't want to screw it up. Again. There would be time for that later. If things went as planned, she'd be copping feels on him. He started to snicker as he played out several sexy scenarios in his mind before clearing his throat and refocusing his mind. "By the way!" said Charlie before pulling away and gesturing excitedly. "The way you torched that one harpy chick? Gorgeous! The way you lingered the blast on it's midsection to let it feel it's intestines roasting, the way it screamed as you burned away its wings and made it desperately try to flap them, how you put just enough force into the blast to let it feel the burn without instantly vaporizing her? Brilliance! You know what it's about! We should totally-" A gunshot from Murray's colt echoed throughout the coliseum and made him turn his head to see who fired. Before Charlie could ask the sergeant just how much he valued Deckel's life and if he would miss him later on, Ilene began speaking as well. "A spectacle huh?" said Charlie as he scratched his chin with a shady grin. Showing off was one of his favorite things to do. Especially when it entailed the loss of life. To him, life was only a spectacle when it was burning. And screaming. He looked over to Melanie. "I've got a few ideas. You?" (Just a flavor post)
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    Auspicious Link

    Well Met, Valucre!

    Testing. . . Testing. . . 1, 2, 3, 4. . . . Greetings, fellow roleplayers/D&D fans/Um. . . (I dunno. You like Star Wars too? Fellow Jedi?) Anywho! Greetings, everybody! Auspicious Link (or just "Link") here, an aspiring writer ready to have some fun with this site! Y'see, over here in boring old Ohio, I don't really get to do much in the way of, erm, action. To combat this, I've been retreating to the roleplay world for around three/four years now. I know my stuff, rest assured! This site caught my eye a year back, but I was in a bit of a doozy then. It all seemed like too much for me to hop in and get started. However! I'm here now - and ready to do this thing! All I have to do is get a character sheet up. Soon. . . Soon! Then, it's all systems go. I just gotta get on that. Like, right now. I try to put more detail into those, so this might take a bit. In the meantime, feel free to reach out, new/veteran RPers alike! I'm eager to hear from you all. Maybe we could do a RP together, eh? (I gotta find that part of the site, advertising plots. I think I saw it earlier.) Check out my profile for more! (Y'know, like my Discord. Which I haven't inputted yet. Gah!)
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    Research the Valley of Elemental Stone

    Vito stood at the entrance of the ship eagerly awaiting the outsiders, one of his favorite parts of his job was greeting the strange and random people that came to the small settlement. Encounters were a blessing, one he firmly appreciated. It wasn’t long till a young dwarven girl approached the ship, a large smile on her face. He looked around, examining the kobolds expressions. None looked hostile, thankfully she was tall enough not to be mistaken for a gnome. Something that has unfortunately happened in the past. Regardless, her bubbly nature pushed all of Vito’s worries away. ‘Been a long time since I’ve seen a dwarf, at least one not overly intoxicated.’ “Wendolyn, lovely name. And Rune Hammer? Sounds like an honorable title, you’ll have to teach me its meaning at some point. We’re just waiting for three others, then I can begin the meeting.” It wasn’t long till he was approached by what he thought was a well decorated kobold, in the confusion he almost didn’t realize it was more human in personality. Well, its soul was human, but body was draconic. Tho greatly confused, he ignored his own thoughts. The draconic mans voice full of joy and huffing away, he greeted the two. “Welcome, Dr. Ouros Lugoff. Glad to see someone of scientific prowess, I can assure you there will be plenty of fun and discover ahead. I have my dragon upstairs on top deck, I’m sure you two will have fun conversations.” ‘Hmm, I’ll need to keep track of this dragonic one after this expedition. He’ll be useful for future familiar projects.’ The third to join was a human, or at least looked human. The woman even from a distance had noticeable burn marks that seemed rather severe. But Vito had little care for such things, he fared no better underneath his armor which hid his war wounds. ‘Holly the Farmer, nice and simple. I like it.’ “Welcome aboard Holly, one more person and we’ll begin this meeting. Based on looks, I’d say this man here is our last one.” The last one to arrive was a tall man with white hair, he quickly greeted everyone before giving his name. ‘He lies.’ ‘I’m aware of that.’ When you've been a raider your whole life, over a year of experience in the heavy drug trafficking business and your partner in crime is a master of forgery you learn to pick up on lies quickly. It’s something that has saved the raiders life on multiple occasions. But Vito didn’t care much, people had many reasons to hide their true name. Some good, others bad. With everyone ready, he began the meeting. “Okay, so you all know why you are here. We’re going to a valley east of here, which has been named the Valley of Elemental Stone. Reason for its name is fairly obvious, LOTS of elemental stone which has made the terrain very anomalous. We will be going to research the geography of this valley, this will be a roughly two day trip. From what we know the fauna is relatively tame and not too dangerous, but it’s recommended you still keep your distance if you can. Little is known about the flora, so be wary. It’s the terrain that’ll get you, one minute you’ll be walking on mud then it’ll water. Be cautious, always watch your footing. That’s it for safety.” Vito took a brief pause to catch his breath. “First floor starting from the bottom of the ship is just storage, nothing special. Second floor is crafting facilities and canteen, you’re free to use them at any point. Third floor is the cabins, this is where you can store your gear and rest. Top deck is where I’ll be situated, controls and captains cabin is there. Feel free to relax up there and enjoy the view, Aeris always loves a good conversation.” Vito pulled out his logs and began flicking through the pages. “Wendolyn, your room number is 15. Dr Ouros, room 22. Holly, room 34. Jonathan, room 45. Any issues or questions then come to top deck and speak to me, there are also two kraul guards by every door and entrance so don’t be afraid to request their help. We’ll be leaving in 20 minutes, so get comfortable.” Vito teleported to the top deck and entered the control room, he gave everything another double check and prepared the engines. He looked out to the deck to see Aeris still talking to the kobold, rolling his eyes at the talkative summon. Starting the engines, there was a lovely roar as the ship vibrated. With everyone on board and final preparation complete, he shut all external doors and hatches and began to gain altitude. The ship raised higher and higher, the city and trees merging into one blur, once high enough he began acceleration. The group was now officially on the move. Vito pulled out the speaker and began announcements. “Good morning to all crew on board, this is your captain. We’ll be arriving at our destination in roughly one hour, the expected expedition time is two days and today's dinner choice is fire opal stew or tusken salamander kebab. Dessert will be a mixed fruit bowl, all source from the local forest, or moss goat cheese cake. Thank you all and work safe.” Leaving his co-pilot in charge for a while, Vito went out to the top deck and observed the Taen scenery as it flew by.
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    Seeing them all go for weapons made her smile a little to herself, humans and - fawns - were so jumpy around Vamps. She vaguely remembered her human days, when she was so terrified for her mortal being. The longer she was in this form the hazier the memories of being human became, so much suffering for so little. Her senses could taste the very tension in the air, the ripe smell of fear and uncertainty. Forgetting that things such as blinking and breathing put such weaker creatures at ease she made her chest rise and fall in a false sense of breathing. “Hi Quinn. What the fuck are you doing here?” - his words wounded her more than a little. "I didn't come here to eat you." she found herself teasing, "I came to make sure you weren't followed or killed by the master. That's quite the greeting for the Woman who is the reason you aren't looking a bit more like - well - me." Continuing to note the clear unease she pulled out a syringe of black looking liquid and rolled it across the ground to Ira. "I gorged myself on a bandit camp just south of you. I wont be hungry for a while - I think.." She said, then pointed to the syringe "That's called the goodnight kiss. Its a Vamp Tranquilizer. I used it when I was a human for - insurance against nasty bite wounds." Clearly a little more than distressed of Ira's dismissal of her she let out a sigh and rolled her shoulders in an attempt to push off the unease. Perhaps this is what her master meant by fixing her "human problem," a cruel but important lesson that Ira really did not love her - and could not lover her - especially as she was now. "I'd offer to help but its obvious you don't want it." She was shaking her head and backing away slowly as to not make any of them anymore nervous than they already were.
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    (Grn told me to drop in, hope you don't mind a third) She'd been waiting for the pesky sun to sink low enough for her to leave her hiding in the safety of the shade. Sure she'd brought a parasol to solve the sun problem, but all it took was an open field and a light breeze and she would be cooked like their meal - which smelled disgusting. She'd gorged herself on a bandit camp she came across along the way so she wouldn't loose control around them. The newly blooded vampire still hadn't figured out how to control that yet, one good bloody nose and it would likely be the end of them all. Tracking Ira and Aiden was easy enough once she figured it out, it took a few tries but she got their scent and combined with a little midnight magic - finding them was all too easy. She begged and begged and begged her Master to let her go, just to say "hi," make sure he'd made it out alright. This was her first trip away from the Chateau with the Master's permission, she knew he let her go because he was hoping she'd kill Ira in a flash of blood lust and solve what he considered her "human problem." Super sensitive ears picked up on their conversation and she laughed to herself, a rather sinister sound, even after it all they were still the same old humans. With them was another, a curious sort that had a different smell than a human, even a different pulse and breathing rhythm. She wondered for a moment if it would taste any good before shaking off the notion rather forcefully. Swaying out of the bushes and being sure to stay in the shadows her feet didn't make a sound as she walked. "Still bitching about the same things I see." Her voice was like silk drifting in the wind. If Ira and Aiden looked closely they would know she wasn't the Quinn they used to know. Perhaps they wouldn't even recognize her as she was. No longer haggard and drug addicted, she didn't look emaciated anymore, she was soft and curvy. The fact exacerbated by the clothing she was wearing, simple black pants and shirt. The slave collar that once adorned her neck for the better part of two decades was gone, in its place some very nasty looking scars. Perhaps the most noticeable about the woman was the alabaster white skin with a blue tinge of the undead to it. And if one were to dare get close enough, or even look closely, they would see her silvery eyes had a blood red ring around the edge of them, pupils such a deep red they were nearly black. A trademark of who turned her. Sauntering the rest of the way out of the shadows she curled a lip and bared a pearly white sharp fang, the smells from the fire were just - overwhelming. Those stunningly terrifying eyes looking around and studying their camp, even the trap they were setting. "Hunting something I see." Her voice was a soft purr, "A bear perhaps?"
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    —Beast Title: Sundive Sparrow —Beast Alias: Diver, Fairy —Beast Class: Class I —Familiar?: Yes —Known Locations: ??? —Assumed Locations: Open spaces by lakes, waterfalls, and other bodies of water. —Dimensions: 14—18 centimeters tall —Weight: Around 42 grams —Exterior: Soft feathers, variations of bright and colorful patterns, pink legs. —Temperament: Even-tempered, docile. —Strengths: Speed, flight. —Weaknesses: Small size. —Weapons: Beak, claws. —Items: NA —Drops/Reward: Sundive Sparrow Feathers (x2) » Sundive Sparrow Feathers: Common in enchantment bags and other magic uses. —Observation: "I saw one down by the lake, and the light reflected off its feathers! It was sooo pretty!" - Young Girl OG Creature Creator: Arcanist.
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    —Beast Title: Woodland Crawler —Beast Alias: Sticky, Tree Sucker —Beast Class: Class II —Familiar?: No —Known Locations: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest" —Assumed Locations: Heavily wooded areas —Dimensions: 3"—4" tall | 8"—12" long —Weight: 0.92 oz / 26 g average —Exterior: Slimy, sleek skin of a green hue generally accompanied by varying lighter-colored markings. Skin flaps that resemble leaves. —Temperament: Placid unless attacked. Reacts with flight instincts. —Strengths: Strong suction cups, camouflage abilities, poisonous bite. —Weaknesses: Soft skin, zero natural armoring. —Weapons: Salivary glands loaded with tetrodotoxin-producing bacteria. A bite can paralyze or kill an adult human in a number of minutes. —Items: NA —Drops/Reward: Crawler Toxin (x2), Crawler Eyeball » Crawler Toxin: Deadly, useful for arrow tips and to add an edge to any weapon. » Crawler Eyeball: Common in enchantment bags and other magical uses. —Observation: "At first, I could have sworn they were just leaves, but when I looked closer I noticed they were alive! It was like the whole forest was alive! Their camouflage works marvelously, and they seem to feed off bugs and small birds. They don't really get angry unless you poke them a whole lot." - Biologist Explorer OG Creature Creator: Arcanist.
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    Updates: Canon and General

    Update to Ashville Note1 - as can be seen from the summary a majority of people were able to avoid death because they saw the warning signs and got out while the getting was good. If your character has a stake in Ashville, such as a business or some relation, it's fine to have had them scram earlier on Note2 - Ashville will no longer be a city setting in Terrenus. The tag and map spot are being removed. It can still be played in as a ruin, as described in the canon post linked here Note3 - For continuity purposes, this takes place later in 597 WTA / 29 AO, so as to allow the events in the Raid on Last Chance to resolve neatly where referencing an intact Ashville.
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