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    Elendaron changes - a spiritual death

    Elendaron’s genius loci has perished in spiritual warfare against the rest of Tellus Mater in its bid for dominance. This catastrophic event manifests in the following ways: Aesthetic Elendaron bleeds color and slides towards grayscale Elendaron has physically fractured into the spirit world. Part of it remains visible, but more of it is being consumed by black and gray vortexes pockmarking the landscape These vortexes do not draw matter in but any matter which passes through their event horizon fails to return Environment The floating islands of Athentha are pushed into Renovatio airspace Spontaneous, intense, and long-lived natural disasters: tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes rampage the countryside Crops wither and buildings erode with no apparent cause Effects Magically induced mutations - Infants and the elderly are the most affected. Effects range from the odd and relatively benign, horns and transparent skin, to the dangerous, spontaneous combustion, uncontrollable teleportation, and an outpouring of prophets so seized with the power of their visions they go comatose Spontaneous animism - everyday objects come g to life. People are killed by hordes of scarecrows, eaten by their houses, and giant amalgamations of metal equipment roam the countryside Major Arcs What do you know? OOC What do they know? OOC
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    Destruction des morts

    Thickly gauzed between wake and sleep, Tia tossed in tense slumber. In the way one does the night before their death sentence, in the way an insect does on the spider's axis, it turned. Leather gloves groaned over thick hands and in bands around bridles and the horse’s quiet blow. Some smatterings of dusty shops and barns on the outskirts of Tia formed a desolate ghost town in the advent of its war. All that traveled here were scavengers and those in a hurry to get out. From afar, the village could be assumed haunted with the specters of future and present. Venture closer in the silent dusk, within a grey barn, and a specter from the past could be found. Clouds of dirt strayed from one of many paths to Tia and lurked among the bobbing cattails; among the buildings; among the Dead. Within the barn there were four carriages, black shawls concealing the eight heads of their steeds. One carriage would be a little cramped. The others, not so much. Cain was wearing a black jumper with several loops and pockets and had two backpacks strung over each shoulder, but no mask. Tossing back half of a potion and slipping its vial into a pocket, he turned to address the Dead. Had he become something less human yet, in the span of a million stolen experiences? More? Times like this, when pins and needles danced down his desensitized spine, made him wonder. He unshouldered the bags and placed them before him, appraising all the masked figures before him with a subtly pleased expression. All of the masked figures had a black circular sticker planted somewhere on their bodies which allowed telepathic communication between the circles. The doors to a carriage behind Cain swung open to reveal the barrels from nights before. “The fact that they don't know we're coming does not make you impervious. The masks are important. Concealing your identity is important. Victory, is important. Each bag has a Maleficence antidote in a syringe for each of you, one faux-ton pair and one MAL bomb. Hope you’re not scared of needles. Inject like so,” he stabbed a needle into his forearm and squeezed in the plunger with his thumb, throwing the needle aside. "We're the only ones with this antidote, so the waterborne illness won't get you. The plant's pheromone is stronger though; it will start to affect you after a few hours. Make you crazy. “Remember, plant one half of your faux-ton receiver at the shaft control center when you first arrive. Descend to the negative fifth level and find the incision vent to secure your charge to. When you receive the signal that Schrei and I have unloaded our barrels into the WAK irrigator, you get back to the elevator shaft, faux-ton yourself back up to the control center and get the hell out of there. If for some reason we fail, I will tell you, in which case we’ll make a scene at the WAK so you can still get into the shafts where security is minimal. I’ll remotely blow your charges when everyone is clear or they’ll blow themselves after a three minute timer. Make sure you beat that. Any problems are to be reported immediately, as I will you, though if we get off two of the charges we’ll still meet quota.” Members of the respective teams had been shown diagrams of the shafts they would infiltrate, so with rigorous studying their knowledge of entry and exit would be about two-thirds as thorough as a shaft employee. The features of the red-haired First Officer began to warp as he spoke via telepathic connection, gesturing in odd quiet at this and that. They never stopped warping, causing his face to become a constantly shifting anomaly. Eye color, jaw shape, nose, always different than the prior moment, turned from the line of individuals. “Schrei, you’re with me. We’ll go on ahead, the rest of you should leave in five minutes.” He paused while getting into his carriage, looking back on all of them. Though his features were in a constant state of melding into something else, one thing was uniform across all of the features. Concern. “Today is a terrible day. Be cautious.” In a black tower outside of Tia, where fateful happenings had once unseated Cain, sat a jagged throne of animal horns and hides. Upon it sat the Patriarch of Tia, Serafino Dolos. Some twenty-four feet to his left sat a giant cage embedded into the wall. Inside that, on a scraggly tweed chair, sat a perfect likeness of Cain; Nica Sero, the self-aware clone he’d once used to lord over Tia. Serafino didn’t sweat; his stomach didn’t churn; but he felt off. Aside from the dress, which could be reasonably mistaken for part of a funeral procession or just some emo, horsedrawn carriages without drivers were quite common in Tia. As a matter of fact, some high-faluters used mechanical horses powered by steam to drive their vehicles. As their two-horse carriage pulled into Tia amid the waking yawn of the kingdom, the Cain of many faces looked at a masked Schrei. “Are you ready?” he asked as the carriage rolled along with eerie smoothness down the WAK avenue. There were two other masked figures in the carriage who sat silently.
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    The C in Csl stands for Coding (Tutorial)

    A short tutorial on how to make simple HTML tables in the Valucre editor. I came from an html-enabled jcink forum before I came to val and I am here to spread a tiny bit of coding knowledge. Disclaimer: Am not professional coder. In any way. Note: I normally use Chrome for this, but I believe this also works in Firefox 1. Start a new post/thread OR edit an existing post. Leave one line of text in the editor. 2. Right click, then click "Inspect" OR hit Ctrl+shift+I 3. This window will pop up on the right side of the screen. Click the icon that looks like a box with a cursor on it (highlighted) 4. Click the line of text in the Valucre editor. You'll see the devtools jump to the <p>text</p> element. 5. Right-click the <p>text</p> element and click "Edit as HTML" 6. Edit the HTML. Or, paste one of the simple premade codes I've posted below! After you're done, press Ctrl+Enter and the Val editor will display the code you've inputted! After this simply click Save or Post and the post will retain the formatting you've given it via devtools. Yay! I'll add more tables later but here are a few super-simple ones. <div style="width:75%; margin:auto; border-top: 1px solid; border-bottom:1px solid;"> <p>This is a table with 75% width for skinny posts. It also has borders at the top and bottom.</p> </div> <div style="letter-spacing:2px; font-family:Georgia;"> <p>This table has a e s t h e t i c letter spacing</p> </div> <div style="background: pink; color:white; margin:auto; width:75%;"> <p>This table has a pink background and white text because reasons, I guess.</p> </div> Feel free to ask questions below and/or test tables!
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    Necessity and a healthy dose of ambition are driving Akako, the current Regent of Port Caelum, to expand her territory. With the immediate threat that the Datsuzoku Empire presents, Akako is amassing power and allies to take down the potential threat. Beyond that, she seeks to spread her influence far beyond the Port City she currently governs. Since arriving in Valucre, the daiyokai had been satisfied to take a supporting role; however, everything has changed with long-standing allies failing her by either neglecting their duties to lead appropriately or by betraying her trust on a more personal level. It is finally time for the rumored Yokai Queen to solidify her status and rise to power befitting someone of her station. Upon joining Akako’s ranks, you will be exposed to a roleplay experience that is unlike any other offered in Valucre. What we offer is a unique prestige rank and influence tier system that will reflect upon in-character accomplishments, which will allow you to earn character and player privileges respectively. I am currently looking for a group of dedicated long-term players that are ready and eager to be involved in both PVP and PVE conflicts in the forms of espionage, diplomacy, war, and much more. Q&A Section: 1. What do you mean be "earn character and player privileges?" There are roles that I have already set, however, they are NPCs which can be controlled by people within the organization depending on what influential tier and prestige ranking you've acquired. Basically, it isn't the position that is of interest to you or any other RPer, but the authority to use a certain level of power within the empire as it expands. For instance, say a higher ranked RPer was writing with a lower ranked RPer, the higher ranked RPer would be able to exercise the most influence over the NPC's regardless of who owns the thread. So, when you first start you would be tier 0, so you have no control over any of the NPC's, but as you rise in ranks you basically have access to more. That being said, there is a cap on how many "cooks" there will be in the kitchen. And to get to the highest tier, there needs to be a substantial amount of work put in.The reason for that is the influence tier system is basically a symbol of trust in you (or another player). Basically, if I am going to let you drive my car, I need to trust that you're dedicated to my cause. 2. Can you explain a little more about the influential tier, and prestige ranking? Like how do you earn them, which one does what, and what exactly I would need to do to increase either? The influential tiers are the overall control you will have in a setting over NPC's, so this is for the player. The prestige ranking basically is how much sway you will have with Akako ICly with your OC. An OC with higher prestige will have an easier time asking her for something or making suggestions than someone that doesn't have that prestige. Prestige rankings can pretty much give an OC minor celebrity status which can be used in other ways aside from how they interact with Akako. So, someone with a high enough prestige ranking could theoretically get a guard to overlook them committing a minor crime or they might be able to eat at places for free. I know a lot of tabletop games and even video games include a Charisma stat. I would think of prestige as something akin to that. So influence tiers are for the player, while each OC has its own prestige rank. (Ex. A tier 5 player may have one OC with 30 prestige points and another OC with only 10.) So here is how the Tier system looks and the requirements per tier. Influential Tiers: Tier 0 - No special privileges Requirement: N/A Tier 1 - Minor control over basic NPCs and some guards. (Ex. If you're following Hanami, I am doing just that when we see some of those staffed by Akako coming and going from the estate and when they watch the interaction between Koji and Akako. You will notice that they do not directly interact with anyone at this point.) Requirement: 350 points, 10 prestige points Tier 2 - Control over basic NPCs and some guards. At this point, you can control them to interact with others aside from your character. That means, you can have them interact with other OC's at this point. Requirement: 700 points, 15 prestige points Tier 3 - Can control mid-level diplomats. Requirement: 1050 points, 30 prestige points Tier 4 - Basically control anyone within the town/city that is under Akako's influence. Requirement: 1400 points, 50 prestige points Tier 5 - Able to declare war and broker peace treaties. Requirement: 1750 points, 100 prestige points The point system comes in two parts, points earned by completing quests and earning “extra credit based on the amount of work and thought put into the quest. The second part is prestige points awarded by the class of quests completed. Obviously, the harder the quest, the more prestige points you can earn. Again, the point requirement to move up in tier includes the prestige points earned. (ex. 345 accumulated quest completion points + 15 prestige points = 360 points)
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    Summarized results from RP Survey

    Let me start off by thanking everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Thank you Internally we're still discussing some of the finer points of the data, and I've separated the long form text responses into a separate discussion which involves more standardization so as to make the data anonymous (or near enough) as well as easily digestible (more signal, less noise) You'll see more updates on that, and the graphs for the below will be released separately to increase engagement, but here are the summarized results to share a great deal of the data in a fashion (I think) conducive to conversation (without the burden of expectation to engage in conversation) Based off 42 responses Most people (41%) take 30 minutes to post; the second largest group (26%) takes 1 hour Most people (29%) come here for the IC (a 1); the second largest group (21%) come more for the IC but also lean OOC (a 4) Most people (50%) access the site on PC; the second largest group (45%) on mobile Most people (98%) think Valucre loads quickly (according to their subjective experience) Most people (62%) find Valucre's lore has the answers but requires effort to get to those answers; the second largest group (38%) finds the answers easily Most people (52%) think Valucre's lore is unique; the second largest group (38%) think Valucre's lore is familiar but uncommon Most people (60%) like to read fantasy; the second largest (14%) like to read sci-fi Most people (62%) like to write fantasy; the second largest (12%) like to write sci-fi Most people (67%) prefer groups 3-5 in size; the second largest (26%) prefer one-on-one Most people (75%) have roleplayed on forums/bulletin boards for more than 2 years; the second largest (10%) for 1-2 years Most people (52%) have roleplayed on Valucre for more than 2 years; the second largest (16.7%) for 1-2 years Most people (69%) prefer collaborative combat; the second largest group (24%) prefer turn-based combat Most people (83%) enjoy character interaction the most; the second largest (14%) prefer exploration Most people (36%) heard about valucre through word of mouth; the second largest groups tie at 26% and are Search Engine and Topsite list
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    The Andelusian High Tea Society

    ► NAME The Andelusian High Tea Society ► LOCATION Andelusia, Ursa Madeum, Terrenus ► DESIGNATION A teahouse in Andelusia that caters to all walks of life, including the noble elite to which they provide seclusion and luxury within the city. Despite being a friend and partner of House Hildebrand (in particular, as the house provides uncommon herbs and plants for the teahouse’s special brews), the Andelusian High Tea Society is ultimately considered neutral ground, where commoners and adventurers can enjoy a little of that magic liquid goodness, and where the nobles can meet with each other somewhere they are considered equals. ► AFFILIATIONS Small local businesses in Andelusia House Hildebrand // business partner ► HISTORY The Andelusian High Tea Society originated from humble beginnings: the dream of a once-young mechanic who fell in love with the green things of the earth, the way that water and leaves come together to blend in luscious harmony, the magic that sparks through living things. Thus, the teahouse has passed down the Chamelis family for generations, from the prosperity of the Queendom to the rise of Damien Gillick. After the teahouse was forced to shut down during the rule of the Tyrant King, the Andelusian High Tea Society is now reopening with bigger, better, and more elaborate facilities—thus, they'll be needing new baristas to replace those who have relocated to foreign countries when the teahouse shut down. Under the direction of Dahlia Chamelis, the teahouse opens its doors once more to the general public, ready to usher in a new rebirth through the power of tea and pastries, no matter the occasion. ► HUB THREAD | HERE | i. current staff ii. the establishment iii. teahouse menu iv. special items + requests v. quests
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    The Uaos Compendium.

    Table of Contents First Volume, Creation Second Volume, Formation Third Volume, Ruin Fourth Volume, Cosmic Peace The Beginning Boljimir, the All-Creator Lailah's Demise Rumination Foreword Habitation O████ Incineration Expansion Glossary Iao, the First Ojurian Speech Eclipsed Nurture Sacraments Karael League Sofiel’s Awakening Elysium Welcome, reader. Call me Evalise. I am knowledge and history in its comprehensible form, and I am the creator of this compendium. Here you will find all there is to know about us, the [REDACTED]. Please be advised that whilst we coexist with other divinities in this vast universe, they will not be mentioned in this collection. We respect their creation, theologies and followers. They have their own domains, and this is ours. Reader, this compendium is to help you understand us. My precursors are not easily fathomable, and therefore, I will make them as such with the best of my ability. My fellow kin is complex but soon you will learn that we not enigmatical as some claim us to be. You shall see that our tales parallel your own. Clarity: this is my gift to you.
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    Have I got the roleplay for you! So, as an over-arching plot, I've had these body snatching aliens cooking in Terrenus for a while. I'm happy to go into the details of what they've gotten up to in the last few years, and how much of a threat a recent symposium has classified them as, but that's peripheral to what's going on here And what's going on here is that they're branching out. I'm too busy to individually follow these things through but that's the whole point of collaboration right?! It doesn't have to be just me!? So there's two things: 1. Grow an already established presence in Norkotia. This is a slow burn. The thread that comes out of this should be another step, another brick, and not a sudden eruption of ALIENS. Since snatched citizens are already seeded its about establishing and growing a political presence. You can think of this as playing a character with a dark secret, as opposed to a scifi alien plot. This shouldn't be a solo thread although only one of the players needs to be a snatched citizen 2. Establish a presence in another location - specifically Veluriyam empire (wherever their seat is which I believe is Taen), Hyperion, or Predator's Keep. This should be as close to a citizen or vassal or lord as the structure allows; we want to belong to their charter or institution whatever the case may be. There's oodles more locations to pick from but those are the three I want to focus on now. This can be a solo thread (such as the one I did for Norkotia) or a collective effort. Anyone interested? Note for emphasis - I won't be able to join personally but will organize and guide efforts
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    God Slayers [OOC]

    "I will show you how the mighty fall." ☾ The Grand Kommadant of Nehalen has begun the process of removing the mighty Gods of her land. The balance between these Gods of the people of Nehalen is being disrupted by the Kommadant's blasphemous actions. By erecting a nullifier in the form of an invisible veil, Primera begins the process of pushing these powerful beings back into their own world, sundering them from the land they have called home for eons. This has sent the Gods into a frenzy, their powers are being siphoned from them the more they fight against the push, weakening them immensely, and their minds have begun to dwindle into psychosis. Once revered and fondly feared, the Gods are now looked upon as a disease in the eyes of the Grand Kommadant's followers who believe the time of Man has finally come. ☽ Welcome! I'm glad you all could drop on by to my little event I've got here. Things are pretty straight forward around these parts: Nehalen (formerly Renovatio) is going through some changes and this event will be the spark to said changes. I'm asking you all to affect my lore by joining the threads offered to kill a God and properly canonize them. The Gods are scattered across Nehalen and I will provide you those locations. Kill a God, become a hero (or villian)! Q&A: How many pages do the threads need to be? I am looking for at least two pages. Can always be more but can't be less! How many Gods can I kill? As many as you want but you can only go after one at a time. Can I do this alone? Absolutely! If you want to solo kill a God, I see no issue with that. Do I need to use a specific character? No. You can use whatever character you want but I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please keep to mild powers associated with the forum. Do I need to use a specific combat system? No. I am allowing everyone to go kill crazy with this but, again, I do expect some sort of fairness from you all. Please realize this isn't supposed to be easy; I expect damage not only to the area(s) you are fighting the Gods in but also damage to your character. Can I contain a God? Go right ahead! Contain it however you want, doing whatever you want, just keep in mind that it is a lesser, weaker version and it will be that way forever due to my character cutting said God's will off. Can I absorb the spirit/essence of the God? Of course! Do I need to use a storyteller? If you feel it is necessary, go right ahead! I don't know how to start? No worries! I will be creating prompts for all the Gods that need to be killed and you can follow that prompt however you wish. Just post in the thread and have fun. How long do I have once I start? I would appreciate 1 post per 3 days. This will keep the thread going with hopes it'll be finished at an appropriate time. If I see a thread has stalled for more than two weeks, I will assume that God is up for grabs again. If you need more time, reach out to me! I understand how life can be a bit hectic. I'm done, now what? Tag me in your summary for the thread with opportunities (example: killed the God, ended up destroying a city/village/town, how will this affect the area? Was something unleashed during this? etc.) for future role-players. I need some extra help! Never hesitate to reach out to me. I am constantly available on Discord, making it the quickest way to get answers. No Discord? That's okay, just send me a pm or tag me in the OOC for this event. How long is this event? Until all the Gods are killed off or just enough of them are killed. Gods & Their Threads: Titans Cialo ∾ Montis Maximus — Seraphim/Archon/Enigmas Enoch ∾ Liarae ∾ Sarandriel ∾ Ezekiel ┌────┬────┴┬───┴┐ Ynliss Nahum ∾ Vita ∾ Aestus ∾ Ventus ∾ Ophiuchus ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Baal ∾ E`na the Glorifier Libra, Sagittarius ↲ ┊ ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Aries, Gemini, Taurus ↲iiiiiiii iiiii ┊iiiiiiiiiiiiiii┊ Cancer, Leo, Virgo ↲ ┊ Aquarius, Pisces ↲ Rifornire - Cialo: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Montis Maximus: THREAD » Claimed @danzilla3 » Completed - Vita: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Saggitarus: THREAD » Claimed @Thotification » Completed - Aries: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Gemini: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Aquarius: THREAD » Claimed @SteamWarden » Completed - Ynliss: THREAD » Claimed @Infernal » Completed - Nahum: THREAD » Claimed @Etched In Stone » Completed - Aestus: THREAD » Claimed @Alexei » Completed - Taurus: THREAD » Claimed @ticklefarte » Completed - Cancer: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Leo: THREAD » Claimed @Rabbit » Completed - Virgo: THREAD » Claimed @-Lilium- » Completed - Ventus: THREAD » Claimed @Twitterpated » Completed - Ophiuchus: THREAD » Claimed @Csl » Completed - Baal: THREAD » Claimed @Fierach » Completed - E'na: THREAD » Claimed @Ataraxy » Completed - Libra: THREAD » Claimed @vielle » Completed - Pisces: THREAD » Claimed (@) » Completed - Rifornire: THREAD » Claimed @Metty » Completed Please let me know which God you would like to go after so I can put your name next to it to keep everything orderly. 
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    Hi! I'm Asphodel, I just signed up and I'm still kinda getting used to how things are set up here. I've been roleplaying on forums for the better part of 8-9 years now, and while I love the other sites I inhabit I was really itching for a new community and a new setting. To say a few things about myself; I'm a self taught artist, I'm a hardcore introvert, I go by they/them and generally I'm a very private person when first meeting people, if that explains a bit of my hesitance here. Still! I don't bite, at worst I'll get anxious and not reply for a day lol. Anyways, I'm excited to dive into this world! If anybody wants to help show me the ropes, I'd be really appreciative.
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    Die Shize

    Sounds of Stories

    Hello, Valucre! I had this wacky idea just now that came to me after gallivanting on what I've since brought forth as a fellow writing resource for fellow Valucreans. The idea is about getting an idea of what to write about. As some of you may know, I tend to write with music and/or ambience in my ears. More often than not, I find myself quite unable to write without something coming out of my speakers. Well, my idea surely does involve music and ambience when it comes to writing and roleplaying, so here we go: https://tabletopaudio.com/ That link will take you to a site which offers quite an extensive list of music and ambience tracks focusing on atmospheric settings, like dungeons, forests and cities, to immerse oneself in a given activity. In our case, that's roleplay. I propose this as a general writing resource for those among us who like to and are able to write with noise, because not everyone is that person and what works for me may not work for you. That being said, the Water Cooler idea here is that you pick a track from the site and make a roleplay out of it. You can either have a setting in mind and select the appropriate track or the other way around. Once selected, pop a notice in this thread of what the track is and a link to the IC thread, if for no other reason than reference purposes. Then, get to roleplaying! Tell us how you got on and share your experience! If you are like me and you listen to stuff when you write, then you're all set. If you've never tried it before, give it a go! We're all different so we write in different real life atmospheres so it may not be your thing. However, even if you can't write with noise in your ears, you can still find a track's setting, read its synopsis and, if it appeals to you, well there's an idea for a new roleplay! Or go crazy and pick a track/setting at random. An example of all this nonsense is the first track on the top row from the left called "Waterkeep". The track's image shows a beautiful castle described as "the fabled jeweled city of the north, a hub for trade, commerce and culture". So, there's your setting, all you have to do is make a roleplay out of it—listen to the track as you write or don't! If this idea gets enough attention, then later I could even make a game/challenge out of it, assigning a track/setting randomly to individuals/pairs/groups for them to only then make a roleplay out of it. So what do you all think? (Rest assured that I will edit this OP as my awfully verbose self just can't seem to properly translate my ideas half of the time. By all means, you won't insult or embarrass me by replying to the thread with advice on how to better articulate this idea and clean up the OP. In fact, I might just buy you a drink for it, pardner.) (Also, did I post on the right board..?) THANKS MISTER
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    Destruction des morts

    There were good days, when things went right and everyone responded “good” to the question “how was your day?” Then there were bad days. Everything would go wrong; the flat tire, the garbage bag ripping, the randomly inescapable stuffy feeling in your sinuses or the bad weather. You could even get robbed blind or murdered. Being one such terrible day, the underbelly of Terrenus must have felt rubbed in the wrong way. Under the blanket of confidentiality that often accompanied disastrous intel, some gathered at chimichanga stinking water coolers in the stuffy back offices of government buildings. Some marched through the corridors of black towers or shifted on their thrones, eyeballing their officials like, ‘do something!’ Some, leering with giants and fire over the blushing horizon, took a more direct approach. Among all the things Schrei heard en route, something distinct she would not discern was the thud of a heartbeat coming from the First Officer. Instead of ears that could hear all it would take eyes that could see magic. Eyes that could see that his heart had become an elaborate encasement of seals. More than just a body run by the mind of Cain, this was a body that had once died, entirely held upright by the magic of Cain. He made use of, among other types of enchanted ink, a moving tattoo on his body (the Troll) to paint a library of runic language on himself and, when necessary, in the very air around him, that allowed him to tug this body and a vast variety of others without thought. Such required and sustainable equity of power could only come from compounding that of everyone he had gained control of and consolidating it in the most secretive of places. It was toward that Amalian consolidation that Cain, who owed to this the accumulation of his present personal magic, often gazed when he was caught staring into the distance; but this time he didn’t miss Schrei’s subtle nod or the quaking impact of the Kriegsreise landing on the outskirts of Tia. As the carriage slowed and they neared the Water Ablution Kormoir (WAK), she conveyed raw data in a way Cain had never seen the telepathic circles made use of before. She would receive a return stream of thought flowing from him that was impressed with her information retrieval and articulation capabilities by these means. Simultaneously, the First’s pupils dilated toward her at the actual contents of this data. “A distraction for our distraction! Beautiful,” he grinned with sharp canines. Schrei would begin to feel the rumble of something else than the fire king’s giants. Shortly after that, everyone would feel the rumblings. As if a portion of the city were possessed, or not a portion of city at all; as if it had been configured or disguised in the preceding of giant figures approaching the city. The spooling up of a massive faux-toin receiver also whined through the sky in the discomforting likeness of a tornado siren. As all of this occurred, the carriage pulled up beside a check-in station before the WAK. The door cracked as a distracted guard leaned forward. “ID please,” he said, head turned away from the carriage toward the source of the giant that had just apparently plowed through a section of city. He grabbed the black card protruding from the door almost without even looking before realizing it was black, instead of the uniform navy blue. That was when a spine of black lanced out and pierced his eyeball diagonally upward. It elicited a tiny pinprick of blood from the back of his head as he slumped back from the carriage. Cain leaned out of the door briefly, reaching through the window and pressing a red button to lower three pilons between them and the WAK. The horses marched forward, arching into the parking circle before the single story facility and stopping before the main doors. One guard armed with a phaser and radio exited the main door as everyone disembarked from the back of the stuffed carriage. It was immediately clear when at least three of the figures from the carriage— masked in the deathly guise of skeletons— marched swiftly straight for him what was happening. There was only time for one motion, the grabbing of his gun, or the pressing of a button that fizzled his comms mic to life. “ATTACK ON THE WAK! I REPEAT, THE WAK IS UNDER—” his radio transmission was cut short as his head rolled, a scythe-like arm extending from one of the two Dead Skeletons accompanying Cain. It didn’t matter though. If the arrival of the Kriegsreise hadn’t alerted all of Tia that shit had gone upside down, this transmission was the first official acknowledgement that the kingdom was under attack on multiple fronts. The facility’s door hadn’t been locked, as typical protocol dictated a warning from the gate if anything was awry. Cain and the Skeletons entered, two more guards with their weapons drawn in wait standing ten feet away when they rounded the corner. "Freeze!" @Mag @bfc @SweetCyanide @Stumbler @Wade
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    Sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps (caps with bunny ears preferred)! It's time to start planning your entry into Valucre's first annual Spring Writing Contest! This year's topic, as determined by popular vote, is: REDEMPTION! Someone please tell me how to make that bigger. Anyway. What does that mean? Here you go! Redemption doesn't have to be big or totally transformative, but it does imply a moral shift in behavior or perspective. Your main character doesn't have to go from being a devil to an angel in 2000 words, but someone should probably become at least a little less awful for at least a small, significant moment. The rules for submissions are as follows! 1) Submissions will not be accepted until April 1st, and the deadline is April 29th at midnight (EDT)! You have plenty of time to plan and perfect your story! 2) Maximum length is 2000 words. There is no minimum requirement; if you have a killer redemption haiku send it on in! 3) I really hoped that "Humor" would win the vote, but it didn't. So the stories don't have to be funny. However, if you want to make your story funny, please do! 4) Entries must be original, unused work. Do not plagiarize, and definitely don't plagiarize yourself! Why? Because you've probably become a better writer than you were when you wrote that other redemption story you posted on your MySpace or BlogSpot back in 2006! Don't handicap yourself! (Plus, there's no good way for me to prove you're the real author when I stumble onto the same story on a GeoCities website from the Dark Ages.) 5) YOU ARE SWORN TO SECRECY! Don't tell anyone else what you're entering! Your submission needs to be a secret shared only between you, me, and the fence post. I mean, honestly, do you really want your "friends" to vote for a story just because you wrote it, rather than because they actually liked it? They wouldn't do that, you say? Are you sure? Can you ever be sure? Really, really sure? Do you really want to lay awake at night for the rest of your life wondering if you're really a good writer, or if people just like your personality? Of course not. Don't risk it. 6) You get ONE submission. You can revise it right up to the due date, or even switch it out for a different story if you really want to change horses in mid-race, but you only get one story. 7) Please double-check your formatting. I'm not going to edit your work for you, I'm only going to try to fix those weird copy/paste errors that sometimes crop up. 8 ) NO SOONER THAN APRIL FIRST, submit your work via PM to me. Put "Tales of Redemption" in the subject line so it doesn't get lost in my in-box. I will respond when I have seen it (probably within 24 hours, but life being what it is, please don't pester me until it's been at least 72). PRIZES: The prizes are still yet to be determined, but they're going to be based on the number of entries. The more people who submit, the more prizes there will be! Details on prizes will be available on the day the contest opens (April 1st! and no, I'm not going to April Fools you about the prizes, cuz that's super mean). If anyone has anything they'd like to donate for a prize (a character sketch, editing services for a story, or some suchlike thing), please PM me. If it's just up to me, I'll probably be putting a couple Amazon gift cards in the pot and calling it a day (because I have no cool skills). But again, details will be announced on April 1st in the official contest opening post. WORKSHOP THREAD: I'll be opening up a workshop thread here in the next couple days, where hopeful participants can share writing knowledge and tips and work on polishing the edges of their skill in the days leading up to the contest. Don't ask for opinions on specific passages (that'd violate rule 5), but I (and hopefully others) will help with questions or confusions about general things like dialogue, describing action sequences, sentence structure, and suchlike. Look for that thread round about Monday or Tuesday, in this subforum, wherein I will have a more detailed list of DO's and DON'T's in the opening post.
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    There was nothing about the next few moments that one can consider to be objectively good. All anyone can say was that within the events of the night, tragedy compounded tragedy, as the spectacle of the looming calamity. None knew more about this terrible sadness than the one at the very center of this raging vortex, the man who had caused as much of his own heartache as well as others. He has felt the fiery cut of many names, but will always be first known as Oscar Uldwar. Standing there, with his feet on the ground and the stars above him, he could feel the weight of his actions crashing down around him. There was no escape from this, no getting away from it, all he had now was himself, and the cold steel he had brought to this damnable party. It alone could provide him comfort in this time of confusion and chaos, the only ally in a sea full of enemies. "Father?" "Luis" Turning, he saw his son, wand at the ready, but confusion clouding his face. "What are you doing out here?" He took a step forward, but found his own son held fear for him and tentatively stepped back. "Why do you have that dagger?" He asked, and Oscar finally realized he was now holding it in his hands. The weight was perfectly balanced, a simple design, with a well sharpened blade and a comfortable leather handle. At times he loved his weapons more than his wife, more than his children, even more than himself even. Oscar could relate to a weapon, he could feel comfortable around it, for it did not require anything from him, except for the requirement for blood. Perhaps tonight this one would be lucky enough to give the cold kiss of death to his own throat, before he was to face the consequences of his actions. All thoughts were swept away when he looked once more to his son. "The same reason you have your wand, my son. Neither of us can be without our weapons, it's just who we are." With a sigh, he looked to him, and said. "Do you know why I'm here?" "I thought someone hurt mother, and you were chasing them, but there is no one else out here, is there?" Oscar looked to one side, then the other, the answer as plain as the moon above them. "What did you do to mother?" "She said she wanted to leave me, so I threatened to gut your little sister like a fish if she did." The sheer shock upon his son's face, contrasted with the cold exterior of his father, was disturbing to say the least. "I thought you wanted to be a man, Luis. Men speak freely with one another, they aren't afraid of the truth, and the truth is, without my family, I fear being lonely, so very lonely." Taking another step, he found the wand his son held pointed straight at him. "One of the first things you learn as a man, Luis, is that you never hold a weapon you aren't ready to kill with." Before Luis could even speak, his father was right in front of him, with a flash of gray following. His arm erupted in terrible pain, and he screamed out, trying to pull back his arm, but not before Oscar took hold of it. "Let go of me!" "Look at it. LOOK AT IT!" The sleeve fell, and to his horror, Luis noticed the magic seal keeping the black mana in check was broken by a red cut. "They want to lock you away from your darkness, but you are an Uldwar, and an Uldwar always faces his darkness." Whimpering in pain, Luis tried with all his might to wrench his arm free, the whispers invading his mind as his father spoke of things he didn't understand. "Our family is cursed, Luis. So long as the blood of our founder runs through your veins, you will always be cursed." "Let go of me!" Shutting his eyes tight, Luis tried to block out the rising orchestra of aberrant thoughts and feelings. "I don't want this!" "None of us wanted this, my child. I had dreams of becoming one of the greatest archers in history, but the curse took that from me. It's all in the curse." It was almost as if he were preparing him for something, trying to teach him some eldritch piece of knowledge that didn't make any sense. "An Uldwar will always hold power, an Uldwar will always hold the sword they stole, and an Uldwar will always hold suffering in their heart. You've heard it, haven't you, son? That one word which guides you to the worst possible outcome, causing you nothing but pain and hardship. We can't run from it, we can't lock it away, and we can't hide from it. Sooner or later, it comes for all of us, and it will take all of us to our graves. Luis I'm so-" "I said let go!" With so much blood coming from the wound on his arm, Luis was able to slip free of his father's grasp, with just enough space to hurl a spell straight at his own father. There was a blinding light, then the whole world went into darkness. Luis was unconscious, laying down with a deep cut in his arm, next to a tree that was not there just a moment ago. It was a gnarled, black husk of what might have been a great and powerful oak once, but now it stood just outside the palace, forlorn and silent. If one were to stare within the knotted hole in the middle of the leafless tree, one could almost swear they heard the tortured screams of a man in that oppressive darkness. Vesper would arrive just as a group of Imperial Guards did, the scene looking odd, yet telling of what happened. "The boy's been cut." One of the guards said. "Lord Uldwar must have done it before running off. We need to find him, and quickly." "Wouldn't the wards have caught him before he made it off the palace grounds?" "In theory, yes, but he likely has something that negates the effects of the magic, which means he has to be armed with more than just a blade." It was the only logical thing they could think of, even in a world full of magic and oddities. "You two, report to the Emperor what happened, another two will head into the woods to search for Lord Uldwar while I keep watch of his son." As the guards went about their work, the lead guard looked to Vesper. "There's nothing else for you to see here. Head on back to the party." He said casually, unaware of her true reason for being there, he turned his back on the sea witch, keeping watch for anything suspicious coming his way. @KittyvonCupcake
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    I just want to reach out and thank everyone I am writing with to let you know a few things. Firstly, how much I appreciate you. Your continued patience with my slow-moving writing whilst I chase my career dream, leaves me eternally grateful to you all. School is getting tougher by the week, which means more hours of homework and studying. Truly, I thank you and hope you know how much I appreciate you and your support. Secondly, due to an unfortunate act of nature in the real world of life, I will be gone from Dec 26th until Jan 2nd. That, of course, doesn't include Christmas Eve and Day. I will not be reachable by phone, email, discord, or Valucre PM during that period of time. We will be taking a very necessary trip to visit family and will be spending every available moment with them. Thank you guys for your understanding. ♥️Lili P.S. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!!! XOXOXO
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    Legion of Doom S2 Legion of Doom Season 2 is here! I first want to apologize for the delay. Our promo artist was swamped with work, and I went from working 30 or so hours a week to 50 plus. But we’re out here now! So without any further adieu, here is Legion of Doom Season 2. Months have passed since the sacking of Last Chance. While the bodies of those lost have been buried and now lay cold in the earth and ocean, the war is not over. Dredge and the remaining army and civilians of Legion have taken to the sea and have vowed to return and raise Armageddon once more. A thick blanket of fog consumes and shrouds the seas surrounding Terrenus. Slicing through the fog there sails a massive ship. Adorning its sides with gruesome and vile decorations were the corpses of the fallen and captured. Humans, elves, dwarves, all those who dared to hold themselves hire than what Legion comprised itself of. At the forward bow of the ship stood Dredge. Armor beaten and scarred from the previous battle with a mix matched piece of enchanted iron where the original left side of his helmet’s faceplate once was. Rage burned inside the man and even the frigid and cold air around him could not quell the heat that boiled off his form. ”My Lord. We’re a day out from our target. Shall we ready the men?” Approaching the overlord was a spindly drow dressed in a thick winter jacket with ritual scars in honor of various demons of the nine hells covering his face. ”Prepare the men and have them fed with the remaining rations and be ready for battle.” Dredge’s voice was absolute and his resolve was unshakable. ”Yes My Lord.” The drow said with a deep bow afterwards. ”It’s going to be a red Life Day- wait. What do you people celebrate?” Stern deliverance was now replaced by uncertainty as to what this region celebrated as their winter holiday. ”Well my people celebrate the rising of-“ The drow would prattle on some long and unpronounceable name of some patron saint of demons as Dredge would rather of listened to nails on a chalkboard. ”Oh thank god it’s over” He said under his breath only for the Drow to list a following holiday that proceeded after the original one. ”You know what? It doesn’t matter, the point is we’re going to kill a lot of people.” Dredge said in a hurried manner to shut the drow up. ”Of course my lord. I’ll prepare the men.” and that was it. War is coming once again. War that would not only consume the land in darkness, but test the resolve of Terrenus. Seas will bubble. Cities shall burn. The civilized races of Terrenus shall be slain, and a new age of monstrous races will reign supreme. Probably. As the fog begins to clear, and light upon a frozen shore start to shine. They have returned. We have returned. We are Legion. Details! Legion of Doom Season 2 has been a challenge for us and especially me! Deciding what to do and how we can make a fantastic sweeping story as we did the last go around. We’ve debated and we’ve discussed at length how we can make the most interactive fan and community based event that we can. I feel as if we have landed on something that gives us a lot more free reign to tell a large and sweeping plot without sticking our fingers in the pies of too many people and their stuff. I do need to promptly apologize for the delay once again, I was hit with a crazy amount of hours and it’s killed my motivation to do much of anything. However the show must go on! So Legion of Doom Season 2 will be held at Shawnee! Yes, that’s right! The frozen north of Terrenus. There will be all the normal actions taken by legion that you have grown to enjoy, senseless slaughter, emotional moments of loss and heartbreak, and growth of characters through the lens of interactive storytelling. We encourage everyone to get involved be it for or against Legion and just have fun with the whole affair. We don’t take ourselves very seriously over here and if you want to kick back and watch for the luls or get invested in the story. Hard Release Date 11/25/18
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    something heinous a w a k e n s. . . Hello everyone, Vielle here (representing @Wade too!) ❤️ Anyone up for a little D&D-style dungeon delving? As stated before, I’ve made quests for Vanora and wanted to try my hand at GM-ing some of them. After bouncing ideas back and forth with Wade, I figured this particular quest would be the one to start things out, and so here’s a quest to be co-GMed by myself and Wade ? I won’t lie—I’ve been greatly inspired by @OBELUS's CYOA-esque thread and its story mechanics, and also by @Jotnotes’ fabulous dungeon-threads, and so will be borrowing some elements from them as well as from the love of my gaming life Dungeons & Dragons in order to create this system of play-writing. The premise: A collapse in the streets of Vanora reveal a hidden underwater grotto with an extensive cave network. City officials are willing to pay for the exploration of the caves after an initial search of the shallow areas has recovered some long lost treasure from the era of the Queendom. The party’s objective is to explore the grotto and bring back whatever treasures and information they can find. But of course, nothing valuable is so easily given, and something is stirring in that musty darkness. . . The rules are simple: Speed is da wae. Brevity rules ftw! I don’t mind if people take some time to post, but I’d definitely appreciate a little more speed for this one ? Two days before skipping is in play here, unless circumstances prevent posting, in which case let us know in the OOC thread! Be curious. This is most definitely an exploration-focused adventure quest (with a dash of combat on the side). We won’t be giving up clues all willy-nilly, and so proactive interaction with each other and the environment is key to success. Who knows what mysteries and shiny things you’ll find? ? Roll to determine success. When it comes to traps, perception checks, and certain event triggers/prompts, we’ll be asking for dice rolls to determine what happens to your characters. Fate is unpredictably fun that way ? One last thing: This quest is part one of the A Darkness Beneath narrative questline, and so the events of this thread will be the foundation for the upcoming quests and plotlines that will spawn from its completion. You can choose to stick around for whatever comes next, or go on to continue your tales elsewhere: whichever floats your boat! ? Optimally, we’re looking for 2-4 writers to join us! The IC and OOC thread will be up by Wednesday next week, after which recruitment will be closed. If anyone is interested, please let us know here or in a PM! ❤️ . . . in the darkened world b e l o w.
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    Hello Friends!! You've read the subject line correctly!! Queen Aurora of Crystallo Stella will be opening up the mines for the pubilc! What does that mean you ask? Well once I get the official template out there will be special gems that can be mined that have certain abilities that are desirable, many of which can be used in an apothecary scenario. Which stems to the school that sits in Obsidian Isle a mining location, a great place to check out for secondary plots with the mining. As I was saying, I will be putting out an official listing of available gemstones and minerals that can be mined in the several locations in Crystallo Stella. Each of the the minerals and gemstones will be listed with a rarity, and the miners will pay a fee based on what they're able to get mined out. Granted I will be requiring participants who venture the mines to use a dice system to determine what are gemstones they have dug up. In this list that I will put out will have all attributes of the minerals listed among other things, so I hope that you keep an eye out for the opening of these amazing landmarks of interest in Crystallo Stella. As I finish the codex for this, I will post an update here! -Eternity
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    The Concubine was swathed in the memories of yesterday when she had worn the armor of a SoulSeeker with pride and held the teachings of the God-Emporer close. Those times feel so long ago, the memories frayed on the ends and distorted from the regular visits she pays during times of brief loneliness. It was a life she was sure she'd be satisfied with, but fate can be a little cruel with the hand it deals those that are poisoned by complacency. Even now the black sludge trailed through her veins, weighing her down as she walks the halls of pasts gone by. Being so close to abominations made the skin on her arms rise, the doctrine to be so distrustful towards such creations singing to her like a siren to a weary ship. When her God-Emporer finally wed his Goddess, a variety of individuals attended the nuptials and sifting through the more critical faces had been Raphael. Vividly, the scene projects itself before the once SoulSeeker, showing her how the man had presented a golden unicorn horn as a present to her Goddess. Never had the Goddess Leoa hidden her disdain towards horses and Raphael, ever the twisted snake, showed a peaceful weakness when he represented the gift. She thinks of this time now as they saunter upon land donning the name of the man who had killed a whole herd of horses and one unicorn with only the thought of the foreign Goddess in mind. Dangerously unnerving. Or, at least, that is what the Celine had thought of at the time. The poison from her blood is slowly wicked away; what she thinks now is they are not safe, but entirely for different reasons. Displaced due to some unfortunate circumstances, it has taken her time to become acclimated to her life as a Concubine and as a mother within the harem. This would be the first significant event outside their own homeland that she has walked silently at the Emporer's side, and she is toeing the line of SoulSeeker and Concubine minted in confusion. Being away (amongst other turmoils) has undoubtedly made her awkward. "In Renovatio, we have a celebration that is relatively similar," she said to Ozu. The walk down memory was diverted to the reality of the day. "Every spring the Grand Kommadant holds a huge event that's dragged out for an entire week." When speaking, the Concubine would punctuate her soft speech with flourishes of the hands. "Flowers from far and wide cover the streets of our capital city; song fills the air, and the sounds of people make the earth hum beneath your feet." Being excitable is not an air the woman usually wears, but to better ease Ozu into the fold she felt it was a purposeful move - for them both, truthfully. She wore this persona well, the warmth of her words and actions making her glow; the swiftness of her flamboyant gestures causing the light to be captured in the redness of her hair. Golden hues twinkled, her youth exasperated by their eagerness to see, to watch. The easy conversation made the lilt of her accent high and sweet, her Renovatian roots finally showing. "It's a celebration for our goddess Apocrapha and her loved one - Roscephon. Theirs is a love story that gives reason to the Tree of Life and the remaking of our home," a laugh tickled her final sentence. "A week-long excuse to drink, dance, and be merry if I'm to be honest." "Now they celebrate something similar, for a different goddess and her creations. The manabai'wok are ginormous creatures that look like wild wolves; you would appreciate these creatures Ozu." Celine spoke not only to Ozu, but also the gentleman close by. "As would you, I think. You seem the sort to enjoy the exotic." @dvsn @Twitterpated @Etched in Stone
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    Salutations ^-^

    Nice to meet everyone! My name is Emily, and I'm 22. I love to watch movies/shows/anime, and I'm also big into reading. I perform Improv comedy, and have been for a few years now. I'm ridiculously socially-awkward, but I'm really easy-going once you get to know me. I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons and GURPS since I was 13 or 14, but this is the first time I've ever tried any sort of online roleplay. I was invited here by a super cool new friend of mine, and I'm really looking forward to getting started! Feel free to ask me any questions!
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    Alright, after that lengthy disappearance and all.... I will be dropping a few severely owed posts later on this morning, and from then on will be Sunday nights and Thursdays for my posting days until after finals (May 1st). (My class schedule changes every 5 weeks). If I owe you some writing, please send me a PM if you would like me to continue there. I do have a list, but it's going to take me some time to go down it and read every thread it contains to see how things are going in them. Thank you guys.
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    Mr. E General Discussion

    It’s not exactly encryption, it’s hexadecimal encoding (hence 6). Encryption is used to hide, but encoding is just used to represent, as well as to compress data at times. It’s a more human-readable way of representing data presented to the computer, including letters (which otherwise, 'a' looks like 01100001). Each character is represented by 2 digits (0 to F). The message is ominous: How did I know this: I've just seen enough undecoded text in my work to suspect hexadecimal when I see it. Still have no idea what the keys are though.
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    There was not an ounce of remorse in Lord Uldwar's eyes. Another Lord might've blushed, humbled by the disproving stares aimed at him from so many. But Oscar was no such noble, and instead of humiliation- he returned to her, the same contempt she offered to him, but with substance behind that could only come from a man who has killed. And isn't afraid to do it again. There they stood, refusing to back down from the other. Trading such hideous looks her dangersense made the hairs on the back of her neck rise, and sweat to pool in her palms. In the end, Oscar moved first, growling out his reply- and knocking into her with such force, Evienne was sent sprawling. And then he was gone, treating nobles in his path as a toddle would do in a childish tirade. The marble was cold enough to make her spine hurt, and her pride stung from the blow. But, enough stupid choices had been made enough for her to recover quickly, lest it be bruised more, rising to her feet with as much poise and she could muster. Surely, if her Father had known of her actions, Evienne would've gotten a tight slap for her efforts. And, surely, her ears burnt so fiercely from it- everyone in the damned room could see the tell tale red. Still, she grit her teeth, and marched into the washroom; making sure to shut the door behind her. There needn't be any more witnesses to such a humiliation. "My husband has lost his mind, he...he...he means to kill our own children, and me too, if I ever told anyone." Tragedy flavored the Lady's words, who looked as though she would break from the force of the sobs being wrenched from her chest. The Young Lady from Hildebrand was trying to wipe off some of the other's tears; succeeding only in smudging the black and white make up further. The child clung close to her mother's skirts- confused, Evienne smiled easily at her, only to grimace at the state of Lady Cassandra Uldwar. It was disconcerting, to watch such a composed woman break. She reached out, slowly, tenderly grasping the matriarch's shoulders- urging her to get back on her feet. Context, only fueled her hatred, and her lip curled into a sneer. But, anger was dangerous- it made people stupid. Evienne wouldn't be angry anymore. "Come now," she murmured, softly. "Come now, surely, you won't let them see you like this." "Please, summon the guards, summon anyone who can apprehend him. My son and daughter are at this very ball, tonight, I fear for their lives, please help me keep them safe." There was fear, certainly, and sorrow in her face and words, but danger glinted in her eyes. Vengeance screamed out of her body as much as she grieved for what was being lost. "The Guards shall be notified, as soon as we can." Evienne couldn't betray the traitorous suspicions that plaqued her. Instead, she peered at the Hildebrand Lady, racking her brains for a name that she wasn't quite sure was correct. "Lady Kalika Hildebrand? Would you mind?" And, before anymore could be said, Evienne was out the washroom. Daze from how the opulence of the room in dire contrast of the tragedy behind her. Evienne wasn't qualified enough to deal with the machinations of security, but Vesper was; she approached her, fingers digging into the grain of her fan in such a frenzy her nails hurt. Divulging the state of the matriarch, offered her such relief; it terrified Evienne. She tried to fan herself, trying to calm her frantic thoughts, logic. She need only be logical, one of the Dali trio, the most vulnerable of the Dali trio were missing. It made most sense to try and seek her out from the crowd of merrymakers. But, Evienne felt dazed and disoriented, she could only try to make out the shock of vibrant red from the gaggle of nobles and commoners alike. Truly, her actions towards the Uldwars had been utterly stupid. @Grubbistch @vielle @KittyvonCupcake @Witches Brew
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    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    Prelude A man screamed and a fiend laughed. Bound to a wooden post, a POW of the Terrenus military was stripped down to his undergarments and left bare chested. Surrounding him were the uniform and blank emotionless helmets of Legion soldiers, yet underneath lay the faces of monsters eager for revenge. Revenge for their fallen brothers and sisters, and revenge for the loss they had faced down at the hands of men such as the officer now being tormented and tortured. Sitting only a few feet away on a large supply crate, the rolling chuckle of Dredge could be heard after the screams of soldier died down. ”You’re fairing so much better than your friends. The woman, what was her name again?” He asked out of a near rapturous glee, knowing full well who those people were. ”Go fuck yoursel-“ The buttstock of a magictech rifle promptly interrupted the man when it found home in his gut, a large and burly orc has buried it there with full force. The choking gasps and coughs of a man on the verge of breaking were then cut short by a thunderous crack across the face as an iron gauntlet met spongy bruised and bleeding flesh. ”First Lieutenant Ileana Winterblade. That was it. You know, I’ve never understood the tropes of elf, dwarf, and gnome names. Admittedly I’m still new to this world, yet you people have the oddest way of doing things. You add verbs, adjectives, and nouns then just smash them all together and that’s your name.” Something would them rattle and clink in Dredge’s hands. ”Captain Elendor Skyhelm, Warrant Officer Faldan Amberthorn. Oh here’s a good one Garnul Ravenstrike.” One by one the dog tags of captured officers hit the cold metallic floor of the deck until they were no more. ”Personally I’ve always enjoyed the simplicity of my name. Just, Dredge.” Rising from his seat as if he were cobra poised to strike at its prey, he slow began to slink his way over to the dazed man. ”But do you know what they all have in common? Your friends.” The dark iron of his gauntlet grabbed the poor soul’s face by his cheeks and forced him to look to his own deep red eyes. ”They’re all making wonderful decorations for my boat.” That Cheshire grin of illuminated white fangs spread onto the dark abyss that was beneath his helmet’s faceplate. ”You’ll pay for this.” The officer said weakly. ”Maybe. But you won’t be around for it.” There was a quick jab followed by the wet sounds of liquid spilling and dripping onto the ground below. With his free hand, the sharp claws of his armor hand made their way into the man’s gut before retracting. ”Feed him to the dire wolves with what life he still has.” Turning around, Dredge faced the crowd of Legion troops and thrusted his bloody hand into the air. Roars and cheers rose up and Dredge had spurred his men into a frenzy for the coming attack. War would soon return to Terrenus. Revival Revival will be the opening thread to Legion of Doom Season 2. I pondered a lot on how Legion could make a fresh and engaging thread, and I came to the conclusion that plot lines involving political intrigue, betrayal, and schemes could wait until chapter two of this series. While there is a grand yet somewhat fluid narrative planned, I decided that opening up we should stick to our strengths. And what might those strengths be as villains? Slaughter. Legion and our forces will be occupying, slaughtering, consuming, and raiding a coastal town on Shawnee. While the thread will have a fair amount of violence, it will also feature very dialogue heavy scenes that will lay the foundation for the season. Friction between Legion members, establishing a foothold into the frozen north, and other more secretive things. Joining Revival If you front Legion, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just show up on the day in question and we got you. However, as this will be an open thread and you wish to join as opposition to Legion, there are some conditions that need to be met or at least understood. Legion is in Shawnee, the last place anyone in Terrenus would expect them to be. The military has zero idea that they are coming and this town has no military presence or radio communications with Hells Gate or any other major city to the south. While I’d love to talk radio communications with all of you, getting a long range signal around or over a super massive magic glacier isn’t a thing that’s going to happen much less any form of magical communication because of the glacier ‘s magic and the distance. So if your character happens to be there, you’re on your own. No one is coming for you, and the next thread or two for Legion we’ll gladly devote subplots to your characters escaping, fighting, and trying to get word to the military about Dredge and Legion. Essentially it boils down to us wanting to build a large and interconnected multi arc story and not just have some guy be like “Lol I join and now the armies is here to crush you with our weapons.” You get what I mean. Shawnee is such a great location in terms of not only having to battle legion but the environment and elements themselves. So if you decide to join, just know you’re gonna have to get creative. Start Date: 11/25/18
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    Destruction des morts

    First evacuees coming from the Problem Solver stations were now leaving Tia. Some were sent to safer locations to maintain the ruse, but all of Tia must have forgotten that the Problem Solvers were not held to account by Tia— they were held to account by Cain. One in every three evacuation vessels, especially those carrying women and children, were taken instead of to safety to the cover of the Haunted Glen, where they were beginning to be loaded into pop-up detention facilities. On this fateful anniversary of the night when all of vampiric Tia burst into an uproar, now the entirety of the very kingdom itself heaved in hunger for chaos. The living moved like dead through the streets, hordes exiting sporting arenas and schools and prisons and government facilities— exiting the supposed safety of their very homes— targeting the innocent and mauling them into a pulp. One small girl heading a mob of infected tackled a large man, gnawing on his arm as he flailed her this way and that. As her saliva entered his bloodstream and Maleficence set in with extreme prejudice on his neural system, his flailing became less about relinquishing his arm of the girl and more about slamming her into the road with each lunge. Before her incensed body could go limp, the pair was overrun with the mob. Doors were broken down and homes invaded; teargas began issuing from fearful Watchmen. The Problem Solvers, however, remained resolute. Within moments, the entire neighborhood found itself in upheaval, and the drug had only been administered by water supply. Meanwhile the Dead flew like crows to the dying. The head of the crow aimed to pierce the heart, aimed for Black Tower. A guard outside the back of the WAK had seen them take off and reported wildly across Tia that bogies were headed for Shaft A and the Watch Fort. Their steed was a naked platform framed in wooden splinters; their driver a hooded figure with the chin of a skeleton protruding from the dark. Schrei was masked in the skeletal guise, as was another, and the face of the First was still under the dying influence of his transmutation potion. As the wheels tore them across the underbelly of Tia, Cain looked at Schrei. Her audiomancy impressed him— inspired the quashing of suspicious skepticism in lieu of trustful respect— and it showed on his face. Features morphing to less and less and less, Cain’s true face came to gaze on Schrei as their ride clattered through the city. His brow and mouth hardened into respective lines of greater seriousness and attentiveness than was usual for the lackadaisical crimelord. They plowed down the closing pathway in the midle of the street, undead-seeming people pinged off the sides of the carriage with arms reaching only to be gnawed off by a snarl of wood extending from the speeding carriage. The messages were clear and the time had run out. Without taking his eyes off of Schrei, as if in this moment he wished for support in the duty he was about to fulfill, he procured the detonator. This expression, this drug, these people, these bombs; all of it for this single moment and all the horrible things that would come after. The Dead, he could not have done this without. Cain looked up at Ozymandias, the surreally mountainous golem towering over all of Tia with a tiny old man on its shoulder on his way to Black Tower. House sized globs of dirt and entire trees with their root systems sloughed off of Ozy, pluming over the city or trashing down on building tops. Cain held the receiver before his face and pressed the button with his thumb. --- Everything I recall is through vectors of broken glass and skull, reflected on the sheen of my brain as it floods now over the pavement. I was in the bathroom at the control center of the Aidni Oil Shaft. When I came out to resume post, there was just.. Something from a nightmare. Blood, black ooze everywhere. My partner for 10 years, who’d survived the first Tia incident with me, was laying in a pool of the stuff, bleeding black from all the openings on his face. Horror, just terror in his eyes. I wept for him, and while I was weeping the elevator dinged. When I looked over, I saw a woman with an umbrella walk out as calm as could be. She had a pointed mask on her face and that was when I was positive. This wasn’t an accident. We were under attack. Something was horribly wrong. As she left, as the door closed behind her and her shadow moved further and further away in the foggy glass, I felt it. The ground swelled up beneath me as if the linoleum had become a balloon. I felt the heat, heard the rumbling. I thought, this must be the apocalypse, and utter and complete static confusion roared devastation into my ears. The entire world was upended, and I as one despairing microcosm of millions spiraled through the twinkling glass of the control center. I flew with such grace and ease as I have never felt before, freed of my very human bounds, over the head of the girl with the umbrella. Fire, debris and furniture, glass, one of my severed fingers, danced in the air around my pirouetting form as I arced over her. And then, with all the tearful impact of falling from heaven into the very basement of hell, I skidded across gravelly cement that rendered flesh and ligament from bone. I bounced and lay crumpled, surely dead already. That was when a carriage pulled up in my peripheral-most sight. A redhaired man jumped out and looked at the masked woman with the umbrella, pulling the wrinkles out of his lapel. Two more I had not seen emerged beside the umbrella woman. “Well done,” he said flatly as my vision began to dim. And then he looked at me. He knelt, green eyes probing for life in mine. Then they probed deeper, deeper, into my very soul. I remember.. Iciness. --- All of Tia shook as shafts A, R, an O all quaked with a momentous explosion beneath the city’s surface. Maleficence spores mutated into all species of invasive plant had been pumped into the undercity by detonating those three charges at the three ventilation shafts. Now, germinating and populating with mad productivity and efficacy, was a biomass of Maleficence underground. The security guard missing half his face stood up beside Cain as Cain addressed the Apprentice, watching as Ai and Shikai undoubtably took to looting in the name of the Dead. “Come with us,” Cain said, embarking the carriage as its undead horses took off for the Watch Fort. “I’m going to jump off at the Watch Fort, but I leave it to you two to take down Black Tower,” he said, unshouldering his backpack and putting it down between them. Inside were antidotes to Maleficence, several Maleficence grenades, and another bomb like the one they had planted in the shafts. “Do what you have to to blow that tower with this charge and take out every noble in sight. You’re going to see someone when you get in there who looks like… well, he looks just like me. Nica. Evacuate him if you can and if you can’t, well tell him I said hi.” While this message was imparted unto the two skeletons, Schrei, and the Apprentice, another went out to all those who had just concluded their shaft objectives. “Focus on acquisition of the city’s industry and government assets and focus on evacuating the children to our Haunted Glen site,” he said to the rest, his masterful Architect excluded. Her motives and his were as inhale and exhale. They were the two sides to the coin of success, and the artful skeletons beneath them were the ones who flipped it. “I have someone to take care of at the Watch Fort.” Fuererkonig, at the Watch Fort, would sense in his infiltration of the Tian Titans, that the source of their power was drawing closer and closer to him. He would even be able to feel the spider centered on the web of control as it drew nearer. @bfc @Mag @SweetCyanide @Grubbistch @-Lilium- @Aleksei @Stumbler
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    Míra Andronov

    KNOWN INFORMATION Author’s Note: All the information in this profile are things that can be deduced either by looking at Míra, speaking with her, or reading the Daily Weekly: Business. This is not an all-inclusive profile. Alias: Dranamíra “Míra” Andronov Moniker: Crow, the Height: 5’11” Weight: 141 lbs Age: seemingly in her late 20’s Eye Color: Ashen brown Hair Color: Light blonde Skin Color: Fair Facial Hair: N/A Scars: None noticeable to an observer. Tattoo: A geometric snake around her left thigh. Style of Dress: Dark lacy dresses and sharply-cut business suits. Ornaments: Golden ring with an elaborate skull design. Three silver helix piercings and two silver-and-emerald orbital piercings on her right ear. Occupation: entrepreneur, handler, investor, wine connoisseur Holdings & Investments: I – The Navire, Casper, Terrenus H – L'Obsidienne, Last Chance, Terrenus [Owner] H – Datura Innoxia, Last Chance, Terrenus [Owner/Handler] H – Ópera tou Moirai, Blairville, Terrenus [Owner] H – Ópera ston Aéra, Coth, Terrenus [Owner] SUPERNATURAL DEALINGS As the headmistress of the Toxicant and its poison princesses, some believe that Míra’s proximity to blood’s bane has begun to transform her into something else entirely. The most notable of these strange changes is the fact that it has become impossible to recall any of her features once she has left a person’s line of sight. This “forgetfulness” is immediate. While individuals can recall their interaction with Míra in perfect clarity, it is the finer details such as her physical appearance, smell, or the sound of her voice that are affected. When viewing memories through magical or occult means (psionics included), Míra is viewed as a shroud of smoke with a distorted voice. SIGHTINGS & INTERACTIONS [Chronological] 1. ouverture de corbeau // Míra acquires her inheritance at the event of her parents' death and revitalizes her family's ailing opera house, renaming it Ópera tou Moirai. 2. the devil you know // Míra meets with a small council of like-minded individuals — a Chameleon and a Wolf — and accepts a gift and a business proposition from the Spider. 3. strangers in the night // Míra fraternizes with the guests of the Glasmann party in Hell's Gate, acquiring social connections brimming with potential. 4. such shaping fantasies // Míra sets a meeting with Walmart Pentium Amazon of the Silver Spoons concerning their partnership with Ópera ston Aéra.
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    desolate milkshake

    Is Valucre Flat?

    No, it's flat. Don't listen to this Rounder propaganda.
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    What will you learn?

    HELLO. Hover over highlighted text for more details. Ask questions in this thread when instructions are unclear. What do they know? @Wade @SweetCyanide @vielle @jaistlyn
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    Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

    he Pale Admonisher observed the festival and the weather with complete alertness. Any transgression on the watch of the restless swordsman could only be reconciled one way. It was not servitude, but loyalty. Understanding. The length of his broadsword glinted with the ominous aura of incandescent blood, a murky scarlet that simmered the fringes of its edge. It burnt the air like a hot iron, but upon his back it didn't seem so ludicrous. Some would figure it hyperbole, but his facade was that of a starving wolf , abstemious and apathetic— both of which betrayed the true nuances of his character. Evaristus was truly a man of empathy and frequently trended towards the morality of what many would find admirable: but there was a line to be drawn. Just as before he had died, there were times of irrational hate. Moments where balance was abandoned and murderous rage possessed him. At some point he diverged from the morality that acted as a seal upon his power, he had found that by appeasing his inner psychosis, he could achieve a new form of power at the cost of his sanity. Was it worth it? His eyes said no, but the pride of his walk and his stature said otherwise. There were a few variables of note worth keeping a record of as formalities took place. The first that he noticed was the presence of more than a few people incredibly familiar to him. Since the designation of his contract he had steered clear of any public locations and had only reported directly to The Empror himself. As an enigma shrouded in more mystery than the shinobi of surrounding lands, very few knew of his life and that of his apprentice. This was the first time they were seen publicly, so it was no surprise that he wasn't aware of the others who existed within the hiearchy and among their ranks. Celine, an acquaintance of his lost beloved. They were once both Soulseeker's while he one of the coveted throne numbering less than a handful, Celine was remarkably formidable and possessed her own array of specialized abilities that allowed her to be equally recognized. “So it's you...” he muttered, but realized that there was a place and a time. There was much he wanted to discuss, but this wasn't the place. His eyes widened for a fraction of a second before the surprise of the moment passed. Jackson approached immediately thereafter, reporting on the security of the festival. “Excellent. Get yourself a drink, you look tired kid,” Evaristus smiled softly, though it looked wicked in the moment. “Grab me one too. You know what I like.” Watching the interaction between The Emperor and The Empresss wasn't so strange when he considered his last interaction with them before he died. He did so in silence however, seeming to also ignore Ozu's predatory reaction to his presence. The truth is that the amalgamation of variables that was experience among other things made it impossible for an immature youngster to understand his perspective, especially at a glance. Evaristus had zero intention of appealing to him either. Instead his focus was solely on entering the city and the security of those charged in due. Unfolding his thick arms crossed over his chest like bags of muscle his cloak fell over his sharp shoulders and elongated quadriceps covering the entirety of his body aside from his luminous broadsword. Moving with such silence that one would argue he wasn't even there, the sun subverted his nature into that of the night and loomed in the shadows, preparing for anything worthy of grabbing his attention. To the eye Evaristus stood as still as a statue were one to search for him, and most would think he lifeless as none could feel his aura or soul. The truth was far more elaborate, an impregnable forest of intricacies that was his hyperawareness and advanced sensory perceptions. While Evaristus appeared to be standing still in one particular place, the truth was that he had scattered the little ether/lifeforce that comprised his soul through into the world into various locations, allowing them to take intangible forms of spiritual projection faint enough to pass over as residual ether in the wind but puissant enough to relay multiple forms of spatial feedback back to Evaristus himself. This was a powerful utility of power learned in his time away from Valucre, one that while limited, was effective in providing security. While there was no way to hear words, and many shapes were unclear in the world of blinding white and convoluted spiritual auras, he could detect threats by erratic movements and the fluctuations of their aura. On arrival Evaristus instantly recognized that someone familiar (Halvar) was fighting someone unfamiliar and strange. It seemed like an isolated incident but one worth monitoring, which was something no doubt Jackson would have already noticed. So he remained still in the night as the other strange oddities of the festival unraveled and he kept eclectic eyes of spirit throughout the port. @Aleksei @Twitterpated @Etched in Stone @Chappu @Dreamer @danzilla3 @ShogiJesus
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    Back in Business

    Finals? Done. Semester? Over. Graduation? Pushed to next semester due to a fatal flaw on my counselor's end. No biggie! Jordancon? A blast. Back to RP? Ooooh yeh. I didn't think I'd get a chance to return because I was fairly certain that after I graduated, I'd head to Houston and do the work thing and simply wouldn't have time. But alas, things happen the way they do, and here I am. The past is behind me, and it's time to move on to better writing things. If we fell out, I'd enjoy reconnecting! If we lost touch, here I am! I've had a massive list of To-Do things I've been working on slowly but surely to lead up to the next few weeks so gird your loins. I just accepted an offer for a very life-changing job that I am super excited about, so my posting will likely be in the evenings hence forth as I get started on the career. Biggest and bestest thanks to @danzilla3 @Grubbistch @Twitterpated @vielle @Csl @The Houndand @King for their activity, creative advice and support in helping me through the rough patches. School nearly killed me but I'm almost done! If I missed anyone, I'm sorry, you rock and you know that! Lets do the thing.
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    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    Chloe waited and waited for what seemed like hours until she heard a loud, but small, explosion come from the heavily barricaded door that blocked the emergency entrance to the floor. "Fuck!" She quickly broke off the loose binding around her wrists and grabbed her pistols before hiding behind the nurses station only peeking over to unload the clips she had. A flood of enemy gangsters rushed in and started firing. Then her phone rang. "Are you kidding me!?" She pulled it out and saw it was her Aunt, which she quickly answered. "You got twenty seconds. Speak fast." She put one pistol on the ground and worked with one while she held the phone in her other hand. "I got nothing on the bugs except of what everyone who's dealt with them personally would know. The parasites control the minds of the host they're attached to and after awhile whoever attached it will gain full control of said host." She was about to hang up when she quickly remembered something else. "Oh and I got information on Steve King, I sent it to your email but I think you should know he's in Palgard General defending the staff who work there on the first floor." Chloe heard that Steve was in the hospital and took this as her chance. "Thanks Auntie." She quickly hung up and pocketed her phone before running to the elevator shaft. She knew she couldn't go back down the way she came as it was currently being sieged so she figured the only way down was through the elevator. Holstering her pistols, she started to pry open the doors, eventually she gets it open and starts her descent. As she reaches the bottom she hears some thugs say something about a mask and the sounds of many people running. Quickly prying open the elevator doors, she quietly ran to the sound of lone footsteps and when she reached them she saw Steve King walking the hallways. Slowly creeping up to him while aiming her pistol at him, she sees a grenade of some sort roll towards Steve. This was the moment she knew she'd regret. Rushing over to help him she had a few options. Tackle him, somehow get the grenade away, or let him die. The last option already being null and void. Instead of using any of those options she does something stupid and not any option she had. Standing in front of him, she quickly shoots the grenade. Where the grenade was positioned the explosion wouldn't hit the two but the force and everything else might. @Sanonymous
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    She opened her mouth again to give back another retort, but in that moment she stopped, and realized her position in this argument. If she kept on like this, she may just lose favor with Teresa and embarrass herself and her faith. "You are right, My Lady." She bowed her head respectfully at Reyna, continuing. "While I don't agree with your opinion, you have every right to express it here. I can't imagine the things you have seen or lived through to form such feelings towards Gaianism, but I will not fault you for them. There's no such thing as a perfect person, and I am certainly not one of them. From the deepest part of my heart, I love and accept you for who you are, no matter what." With that, she felt the need to reconnect with her family once again, knowing that she had taken an honorable and respectful approach away from such a turbulent topic, and to hopeful help promote a better image of her beloved Goddess. "Excuse me, Your Highness, I need to see my mother and family, and see how they are doing." With a curtsy and a smile, Illyana made her way towards where she last saw her mother. All too soon she would find her, just now being introduced to the horror of the events that happened during her political maneuvering. Cassandra considered the offers, finally putting herself back together enough to make a decision. Even as her world was falling apart, it was best she at least try to remain strong in her behavior and dignity. "Thank you, everyone for your offers. Lady Evienne." She said, looking to her young rival. "It would be an honor to take refuge in your home, so that I may keep my children safe from the madness my hushed suffers from." "Mother, what's going on?" Illyana asked, having entered the vicinity of the others. "Where is father, and Luis? What happened to you?" "Oh my precious daughter." She hugged her deeply, fresh tears rushing out of her eyes. "Your father has lost his senses, we must leave Misral before he finds us. Come, we'll get Luis and send for our things once we have settled into the home of House Dali." Grabbing her hand, she tried to pull Illyana into going with her, but she would not budge. "Wait...so father is on the run now...he's forfeited the throne, and even you wouldn't enforce the laws of succession upon us..." Her mind was working a mile a minute, and it was then that she knew what she had to do. "The sword." She whispered, right before running off towards the exit. "Illyana wait!" Cassandra called. "Just leave it, it's not worth destroying yourself!" She knew just what her philanthropic daughter was up to, and felt despair tugging at her heart. House Uldwar had been built around many traditions, but the most important one being centered around the very symbol of their authority. The black blade known as Destiny's Bane, an ancient sword that acts as a constant reminder of who is in charge of House Uldwar, and who holds power. "If you have any mercy, Gaia, stop my daughter from acquiring that sword at any cost...please..."
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    There was one person that Cassandra truly wanted to see, who she wanted to bare witness to what she had to bring to this event. Ever since the news had gone out about that little Dali upstart coming into her territory, Cassandra wanted to size her up for herself. Many sources pointed to her being true competition, but the Matriarch refused to believe as such. No one was going to get in the way of her legacy, of her rightful place in this kingdom. "Let's go, there is someone that I wish to meet here. I know she has already arrived." said Cassandra, leading her husband and children to the soon to be verbal battleground of her new feud. Illyana however did not wish to join in on her mother's petty rivalry with the other fashion monger. In her heart she knew it would bring nothing but pain to both of them, but there was nothing that she could do to stop it. All she could truly do was be there, ready to offer the love of Gaia, their Goddess, to whoever wishes to seek it out. Even if it pained her to do so, she could not interfere, especially when there was so much she could do here at this lavish party. "My word, I had no idea you would be here, Priestess Uldwar." A knight said, bowing to her and offering his gratitude to her in the form of his hand. Gently she touched it, allowing her fingers to brush the gloved knuckle of her admirer. "I am no priestess, fair knight. That honor must be bestowed upon me, after I have performed the rites, and earned them myself." Pride bloomed in her chest at the thought of having converted so many through the miracle witnessed on Misral Isle. Every time she thought of that little girl and how she was healed, she felt true in her belief in the Goddess. Retracting his hand, it curled slightly, the warrior cherishing the feeling of such a holy figure gracing him with physical contact. "But that is what the people have been calling you. Your works are talked about by the common folk all over the islands. There are even some who say you should be Queen-" She silenced him by a simple cupping of her hand on his cheek, feeling the warm fire of lifeblood flowing so freely in his sun kissed skin. "Sometimes the truth is a quiet thing, oft not spoken of, but it is the truth nonetheless." As she spoke, a smile curved on her face, and the knight beamed back to her, filled with light and faith. "What can I do?" "Devote yourself to Gaia, to Her love, and to bringing goodness into the world. That is all that I ask." "Then you shall have it, Lady Uldwar." The knight rejoining the party, and Illyana continued mingling with the other guests. Many held great respect for her faith, others for her station as a daughter of a powerful lord. Any glory she was given, the young Lady made sure that it was redirected to Gaia, for none of this would have been possible without Her. In the time that Illyana was speaking with the knight, Cassandra had finally caught up with her rival. "Hello, Lady Evienne, it is so good to see you. Your dress looks wonderful." She said with a smile, looking over what she could of it. "This is my husband, Lord Uldwar, and our son, Luis." Oscar gave a slight nod, his eyes looking around them, scanning for something, though he was not sure what it was. Luis on the other hand gave a more respectful bow. "Good to see you." He said cordially, though he felt more than a little uncomfortable in such a formal setting. It was yet another reminder that this world just wasn't what he wanted, yet he would be stuck with it eventually.
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    Moon Owl

    An evening to remember

    Upon the stage Arnau stood, about ready to give performance for the eager crowd. The tavern was packed and the patrons rowdy with drinks in their hands, singing and cheering. Some were dancing already, knocking over chairs and tables. It was an evening of celebration and he had been hired to provide these restless souls entertainment. He swept the reminder of his mug in one swoop and then wiped his mouth with his sleeve as he cleared his throat. The wine was cheap but it served as fuel for the artist. “This one is called; The age of the Tyrant. Enjoy.” Arnau presented as he took hold his instrument, looking back over his shoulder he threw a graceful nod to the band. In his hand a beautiful guitar rested while he gestured the crowd to be silent. --- Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead May the crows feast upon his corpse Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead The valiant knight cut off his head Our bodies and minds may be broken Our judgement shall not be left unheard Tattered, though we remain soft spoken Whispered in the night, was a single word Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead May the crows feast upon his corpse Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead The valiant knight cut off his head Let our voices echo through the darkness of the night This is our call to arms, for a better tomorrow Let us take a stand, united to bring an end to our blight Never again, shall we wallow in our sorrow Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead May the crows feast upon his corpse Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead The valiant knight cut off his head Beloved children of High Corinth Fear not, lay your heads down and rest For the night is always darkest just before the sunrise Prepare well, this shall be our final test Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead May the crows feast upon his corpse Rejoice, the Tyrant-King is dead The valiant knight cut off his head --- He finished his performance with a graceful bow and gestured towards the band behind him. He noticed that he had caught the fancy of a few of the younger maidens, to the obvious discontent of their aspiring suitors. He smiled playfully as he stepped down from the stage to mingle with the crowds until he would again be called upon the stage. Some of the women were quick to approach and almost surround him. “Ladies, ladies there is no need to fight over me. I’ll be here all week, there is plenty of time!” He commented with a passing laugh when he became confronted by furious individual, pushing his though the crowd that had formed around him. He assumed the man was one of the women's husbands trying to defend his honor, or perhaps father trying to ensure the honor of his daughter. The man was so old and ugly it was impossible for Aranu to tell. “I’m sorry but I don’t swing that way, old man.” He spoke with a sarcastic tone but quickly regretted his words. For you see, this establishment was one of the few remaining where he was still welcomed. As you can image this wasn’t the first time he found himself at odds with other men over his natural charms when it comes to women. The problem with old people was that they have had their whole lives to build their influence and all it took was a few complains to have him blacklisted from most of the popular taverns. Something that had caused problems for Arnau in the past. Long story short, it was incidents just like this one that had left him broke.
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    Symposium Against Doom

    In the remembrance of previous endeavors, Capria finds herself selfishly grateful that the currently gathered have been fortunate enough not to have their minds overthrown. Then again… When a pamphlet is given she tends to it. Ambered globes reviewing it detail by detail whilst listening to others speak in turn. An ample amount of the information provided is raised into consideration. The addition of visual schematics via the illustrative diagrams bringing about more self-reflective questioning. Why Doughton and Tia…? What do these two cities have in common? And what do the populations infected have in common? Which sex of each species is most affected or is there a balance between them? Retrospective review commences, nearly incumbent upon silent thought. Her vacant expression knitting together something more furrowed in the process. And it isn't until the chilled end of the baton makes contact with the flesh of her palm that she opens her mouth. “To build on the statements of all, maybe...we should treat them like a virus. Granted the information may be tainted, each hive should technically continue to spread by the same means and is consistently physiologically weak. Were we to somehow disrupt their ability to reproduce, it is possible to lower their rate of population growth to a significant degree. Instead of infiltrating the unpredictable terrain of such a vast hive mind. It may be better to cut them off by more physical means than mental or magical. If we can use VICTORY (a respectful nod of appreciative recognition to Audric) to figure out the physical states of the affected populations and find out what they have in common compared to those still uninfected by them...maybe we can produce a trend that tells us who is more or less likely to be infected and why? To better explain, some hosts are more applicable to particular viruses and symbiotes than others. With information like this, we may possibly use it-to add upon what that gentleman and Lady Renata suggest-to conquer one hive mind over another. Maybe even by more than one specific option. Sterilization of and a potential vaccination against.” The baton is momentarily used as a pointer dedicated to Evelyn/Erol's direction. The words spoken by the being linger at the forefront of her mind ‘your star system’, 'your', 'your', 'your'… then suddenly 'I' and 'we'… It isn't unusual to come across otherworldly beings in this day and age... and rather than allow any illumination of such thoughts to grace her once more empty expression, she turns to another. Passing the baton.
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    [A.N.T.] Main Thread 2: The Treaty of 597

    Tynes had simply leaned back in his chair, propping his right arm under his left so he could continue holding his left hand under his chin in a prototypical thoughtful pose. His attempt to draw out anti-Terran Government sentiment had failed thanks to Titus's prompt and definitive response. That was annoying, though at least it showed that the Taen Emperor didn't fear or respect the Odin Haze regime himself. The topic continued on, with most of the table weighing-in or committing resources. Oscar Uldwar continued to be the most controversial voice among them, though his proposals were smart in principal. However, they were not something Joseph Tynes intended to subject his own nation to. He would only sign this treaty if the matters involved were kept loosely enforced and did not impede upon Norkotia's sovereignty or Tynes's own future plans. Most of the Yh'mi items brought up for discussion were of little concern in that regard, with the exception of Oscar's suggestions. Ironic that the man Tynes was eyeing as a future ally would be the one to suggest the things the chairman would not be willing to sign on for. His eyes shifted to his left slightly, as he watched Oscar and his wife exchange hushed whispers. He couldn't be sure what the two were saying, but the image of the leader confiding in his wife brought to mind the realization that Emperor Titus had permitted the spouses of certain leaders into the room for "support", yet had denied access to other advisors. Perhaps Titus didn't realize the hypocrisy of permitting Oscar to bring his wife, Roen to bring his consort, or Titus himself to bring his empress, yet deny others the right to bring a trusted advisor or aid. Tynes would have liked to have his advisor Diric Redbridge here to observe, as the Vulk's encyclopedia-like mind would have been a great asset in this venue. In any case though, the chairman shifted his attention to the Crimson King as he began to speak. It was curious that Roen turned out to be the first, and so far only, one willing to offer support for the proposed tax, a dramatic shift from a few moments ago when the devil was threatening bodily harm upon Uldwar's patriarch. But clearly that animosity didn't effect the Patian lord's judgement when it came to the issues. Tynes may have even supported the idea of the taxes as well, as certainly he would want all the signers to actually contribute their fair share rather than merely allow the richest or boldest of nations to shoulder the burden. But on that same token, he was not about to saddle his people with a new tax for a foreign venture when most of the population was so worried about the threats closer to home. He needed to take care of those issues first, which would mean abstaining from signing the treaty if it included such a tax. Any support he'd offer Yh'mi would be provided independently at a later date. This was probably wiser anyway, since the distance between Yh'mi and Norkotia was considerable, and almost entirely by land, and also almost entirely through Terran government territory. The logistics were a nightmare, which meant Tynes needed to send experts ahead to estimate the cost before he dared to commit anything. As the checked-and-balanced leader of a currently democratic nation, his hands were considerably more tied than his autocratic peers. Still, the thought of using Yh'mi as a training ground for Norkotia's future army, much as Oscar Uldwar desired to use it as a proving ground for his Dogs of War, was an appealing concept. Of course, it might still be years before Tynes could gather the political capital to push for the creation of an army. The need to gather the support of the council and the public was a frustrating roadblock, especially when an army was needed more than ever in the current political climate. But he would see it through eventually, not matter how long it took. But he determined that he would approach Sir Chastity and offer assistance in the Yh'mi campaigns once he had that army, whenever it was he could finally form it. He had no way of knowing it would be sooner than he could possibly have hoped...
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    The Return of Zengi the Witch-King

    It's an interest check people, not a disinterest check!
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    It was dangerous to let a powerful Empath in a room with so many volatile emotions. Raveena remained silent, and at James’ quiet spurring, shut her eyes. She remained a still and beautiful creature, poised calmly between regent and ruler. It was difficult to tell of the Emperor was a sadist, or if she bore the makings of a masochist. She would have been mistaken for sleeping, but behind the veil of lashes and closed lids, her eyes followed the conversation. Lady Irene had finally become wise to her lonely father’s antics and united with the father of their son—and that was for the better. Like Raveena, she was an oddity in the room, but had every right to be there as Roen had stated—this much she agreed to. The pads of her fingers settled on her temple, the cheek resting in the palm of her hand and Raveena leaned left in her seating. She exhaled a sigh, easing to relax in her seating. More requests. More accusations. Words, words, words. For a moment, she couldn’t discern between voice. For a moment, their voices died down—and only the facts remained: Yh’mi and its war. A war that threatened to envelop Terrenus. A plea for help. Resources, offered. Aid, acquired. Unions and alliances, forged. Dissent. “No.” She spoke above the dissent clearly, authoritatively. Rousing from her peaceful lull—the Empath pulled herself from the quaint meditative state to address the misguided notion of House Uldwar. She eased forward and sat primly at the edge of her seat. Dainty hands laced together as her elbows propped themselves on the table. She rest her chin on the shelf and leveled her piercing gaze at Oscar. “The Carmine Empire will not invade Terrenus on my authority, and mine alone.” Her gaze cut to the Lord and Lady of Patia, nodding respectfully, “I was tasked along with others to thwart a war campaign directed at Patia. The Carmine Empire does not take to those of power seeking to abuse it to settle old scores. My father may have a distaste for Terran politics, but he does not meddle in their affairs unless it affects the Empire directly.” You're welcome, she added silently. She turned her gaze to Chastity and softened with sympathy, “You feel weary, Ser Chastity. We are here for you.” Raveena, petite and entirely too small for the seat she sat in, leaned back and let her feet dangle casually while nodding thoughtfully, “I will happily clear my schedule and visit the lands and commune with the western leyline before my return overseas. It may be poisoned.” “I would send my Peacekeeper to assist your warriors—for she is formidable as a war mage specializing in Earth. Unfortunately, she is working with my Hyperian regent on an emergency crisis relief project I will touch on more, later.” She narrowed her gaze thoughtfully, her dark brows knitting together as she thought her options through carefully. When she was sure she had a viable contribution, she regarded Chastity thoughtfully again. “Instead, I will assemble a team from the newly minted Thrive Conservation to assess the lands and assist in creating some stability while the western front is quiet. They consist of many experts in science, magic and magitech to assist in rehabilitating the land until it is arable again. It isn’t much at all, but it is there for you to utilize.” Raveena’s clasped hands had landed in her lap through her proposal, but they pulled apart again as she sank into her seat, the tension of discord grating across her skin, leaving her discomforted. The Sefirot Queen was still a mere ethereal sponge, soaking up the emotions of those around her—a metaphorical net that she had not had to deal with for some time. Rowan’s ability to buffer against these things had given her a measure of comfort and freedom. To read a book without inheriting the emotions poured into its contents, to press a palm to a tree without doubling over, writhing with slow agony, weariness and sadness. Rowan could offer no such peace to her now, and so she suffered with grace and dignity. Satisfied that she had cleared the air of that grievous misinformation on House Uldwar’s part and offered her aid to Ser Chastity, Raveena lapsed into comfortable silence. Her meditation would be the singular buffer against the onslaught of insufferable hubris. @jaistlyn @Fierach @Roen @Grubbistch
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    Csl's Art Box

    to be honest I'm procrastinating on the Taen cities lore article while listening to musical soundtracks but look, more art! A more cartoony style here. Turned out pretty good. Finished considerably quicker too! This is Yau Maksur, magitech prodigy, former Tia resident.
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    Clan Shokan

    CLAN SHOKAN The Shokan clan was created by Shokan Eiji. a former mercenary who fought beside the Emperor; displaying great loyalty and courage. As gratitude, the Emperor has made him nobility, and given him permission to assemble his own clan. Shokan welcomes all who wish to join, so long as they pledge loyalty to the Datsuzoku. Even those who have known dishonor; ronin, disgraced nobles, bandits, can all find a new start under the banner of the Shokan. Clan Shokan only has one goal; to further the interests of the Datsuzoku Empire in any way that they can. Acting as soldiers, diplomats, and assassins, they will do whatever it takes to ensure that the nation that has become their home thrives. Shokan is always willing to help other clans, as they view them as fellow servants to the Emperor. To this end, they are willing to teach their diverse array of skills to all who serve him. |Heraldry| The Lotus is the symbol of the Shokan clan. As it symbolizes rebirth, the members of the clan are reborn from their past lives into their new ones in service to the Empire. |Credo| "Redemption through service." |Organization| The Clan is made up of three branches; Sento (Warefare), Surveillance (Kanshi), and Diplomacy (Gaiko). Each branch has a leader who oversees their division's operation, and reports back to the leader of the clan. All branches have a school that teaches their particular skills to others. Sento is responsible for the clans military duties. Kanshi handles covert operations such as spying and assassination. Gaiko trains their diplomats who interact with other clans, and on behalf of the Datsuzoku. |Divisions and Offices| SENTO (Warfare) The Sento branch is responsible for training and managing the clans samurai and other warriors. In addition to multiple martial disciplines, this branch also is responsible for teaching things like strategy and tactics, as well as battlefield medicine. In short, if a skill could be considered vital to surviving on the battlefield, it is taught here. KANSHI (Surveillance) The Kanshi branch mages the clans intelligence operations, and trains and manages the clans shinobi. Here members and allies can learn spycraft, assassination, and other covert arts. While all branches are open to any who would join, potential members of Kanshi are scrutinized more harshly then candidates for other prospective branches. GAIKO (Diplomacy) The Gaiko branch houses the clans diplomats known as Daijin (Ministers), and are responsible for relations with the other clans. Like the other branches, they teach diplomatic skills to other members of the clan as well as its allies. |Rank, Reputation, & Advancement| CLAN HEAD The leader of the clan. All other members report to him Currently held by: Shokan Eiji BRANCH HEAD The leader of one of the Branches, responsible for overseeing their Branch. SENTO (The General): Aegis Rishagi KANSHI (The Spymaster): So Chan GAIKO: (The Ambassador): Odokizashi Saki SAMURAI/SHINOBI/DAIJIN The most experienced and skilled members of the Branches. They are often put in charge of squads of apprentices (Minarai) SENSEI The rank given to the instructors at the three schools. This rank is equal to that of any of the three ranks above. MINARAI An apprentice, the foot soldiers of each branch. They have gained enough skill to no longer be considered a mere student, but are not skilled enough to be a Samurai/Shinobi/Daijin. Minarai Kanshi: Shi Ku STUDENT The lowest rank. Every new member starts out here, unless they can present a reason why they should be allowed to skip ahead. |Indoctrination| Message danzilla3 |Allies and Enemies|Primary Location:Affiliations:— Allies: N/A— Enemies: N/A— Neutral Parties: N/AGoals and Activities TBA Accomplishments TBA Current Plans TBA
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    Nightmare Descends [Furthest Point 2:1]

    Current day... The squad was fairly spread-out once again, save for one major change that had been implemented on Lieutenant Precht's orders (which were orders relayed down from Major Krieger, the man in overall command of Norkotian forces in Yh'mi). All Norkotian soldiers were now required to operate in a buddy system at all times, and were only allowed to go outside of secured zones in groups of four or more. This was in order to combat future Twistling infiltration, which Krieger would not tolerate happening in the future. Murray's squad had drawn straws to see who went with who, since most of them didn't really like each-other enough to give a shit. So when Charlie decided to make his move on Melanie Winter, she was not alone. Sitting across from her was one of the non-criminal Rangers, a rather boisterous ex-mercenary named Hudson. He appeared to be the most battle-read, with a suit of some sort of armor (likely acquired outside of Norkotia) one of those nasty Jorgerson Submachineguns (one of which had been used to great effect against the wagons by the twistlings days ago). Though he didn't actually try to stop Charlie's approach or anything, perhaps being as curious as Ed was about how badly this exchange could go... "Hm?" Melanie turned around, a certain wild, but oddly innocent curiosity in her eyes, "Wha--- Oh! You are on fire!" She smiled broadly as she stood up and snatched her flamethrower from where it was leaning against a crate. A couple flicks of switches and a small, blue pilot light appeared at the end of one of the tubes, which was there to ignite the flammable vapors when they were expelled through the main tube. "And you're not screaming in horror! Are you immune to fire? Is that even possible? Can I test it? Can I set you on fire? Will you let me set you on fire? I think I'm gonna set you on fire!" She babbled on in an almost childishly excited voice, before activating her looks-like-it-was-made-by-a-Canadian-redneck-with-ducttape-flamethrower and attempting to set Charlie on fire. Guess this relationship was off to a roaring start. Very steamy indeed. I mean the heat between them is almost tangible. Actually it is. It just melts the heart, doesn't it? Meanwhile, in the food tent... Somehow, Scoot had either gotten to be the luckiest (or least luckiest) man in the camp, having gotten paired off with one of the most attractive women in the camp. Unfortunately, she was also one of the woman most likely to end the manhood (if she's feeling generous) of any given man in the camp. But the draw (and your humble author would like to emphasize that it was a legitimately random pairing) had put the two of them together, which meant... well... maybe fate was trying to tell Scoot something? "So uh... Jessica..." "Don't call me that. I fucking hate that name, I much prefer Jessie." the ex-hitwoman replied, not even looking up from her rations. "Oh-uh, okay. So, Jessie..." "First name basis is a little too familiar, don't you think, Corporal Deckel?" she retorted. "Uhhh... okay, Ms. Briggs..." "Please refer to me by my rank, Corporal. I understand you outrank me, but I insist upon being afforded the title I am owed. Just because I am a woman does not mean you can disregard it." Jessie stated, still not looking up from her food. "Duh... so... Private Briggs--" "Private First Class." "Huggh... Private First Class Jessica--" "Jessie." "Private First Class Jessie Briggs!" Scoot practically shouted, slamming his palm against the table. Jessie finally looked up. "Yes sir, corporal?" "..." "..." "Uhhhhhh... I gotta tray of chicken...?"
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    Cup Noodles & Tears [Year 1]

    frey soloveiv Frey Soloviev is a fucking champ at beer pong but is quite sadly a bloody lightweight, by college-student-standards. It has its uses: mainly employed to immediately forget whatever shitty thing is happening in the series of unfortunate events that is his life, wrenched hangovers and morning-afters aside. Curse his genes, really, but not really, at least not out loud; his old folks are spectres now, but it doesn’t mean they can’t hear him. Especially when he's drunk and high off his rocker on a weekday, because fuck weekdays. “Go away, Ghost,” he waves his hands, shooing something unseen away from his immediate vicinity as he crawls on the floor, trying to get his bearings. The world wobbles—or is it himself; he’s not quite sure, but self-shifting floors are Not To Be Trusted at any moment in the history of the world and the universe, blah-di-dah-di-dah—as Frey rights himself up to stand, and he surveys the room he has fallen asleep in: Elias’ dorm room, which, fine, is one of the few safe places at this point in time at Bronte, never mind that he just got here, like, yesterday. He stumbles over to the glass tank and wriggles his fingers in front of the self-dubbed Tongue Plant Elias is growing, wincing a bit when it lashes its tendril at him in a chastising way, most likely due to his current fucked-up state. “Sauriel on a pike, that hurts,” he complains, but really, he’s touched in a weird way; trust a Soloviev to make an uneasy friendship with a peculiar plant, of all things. So, after a few moments of standing around like a dumbass trying to ward off the worst of his hangover-slash-comedown, Frey decides to make a list, because lists are wonderful things. An assorted list of things currently on Frey Soloveiv’s person as of Monday, 8:32am: A pack of high-end Rotrio cigars, stolen from a professor’s coat yesterday. Handcuffs. Don’t ask. Twelve bobby pins. A crumpled suit-and-tie ensemble, sleek and dark, one sleeve stained blue with Gaia-knows-what. Tattoos all over, because he has to keep track of them; can’t have his tattoos running off onto someone else’s skin now, can he? Satisfied with the list, he huffs and salutes the glass tank before moving away, intending to get to his own dorm room before Elias notices him hanging around like a fool all over his rug. He still can’t help but swipe a jar of slugs, though, because fuck Elias; his recent transaction with Frey had been a complete disaster on account of that vampire girl he had brought along to taste-test the merchandise. Stupid vampires. On second thought, Elias’ fuck shall be rescinded and given to the vampire girl instead. Just as he gets to the door, he absentmindedly pats himself down to check his pockets—and freezes, suddenly furious. An assorted list of things currently not on Frey Soloveiv’s person as of Monday, 8:32am: His fucking bag of Amarancht weed. “Elias?” The query is met with silence, and a deep grimace carves itself above Frey’s rather pointy jawline. “Where the fuck—Elias?” Again, he is unanswered, and after a shared commiserating glance with the Tongue Plant, he pushes out the door. The sudden hasty movements drum up an aching throb in his head, and Frey just barely manages to catch himself on the wall, idiotic dunce that he is. He has found Elias, but at what cost? “Hey, hey,” he manages, looking up to glare daggers at the back of Elias’ head before the man thinks to turn and look over to him. “Where’s my Amarancht, hey?” Whether the other door opens or not is none of Frey’s concern; he just wants his fucking weed.
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    Project Destroy Tia

    To save Tia, or let it burn. The cards will soon be on the table... Like the breaths of a slumbering titan, vampire and human Reichs rise and fall on Tian soil. The process seems doomed to repeat forever, the burning wheel rolling on and on to flatten the lives drawn to Tia’s cursed grounds. I have a character who seeks to break that wheel. He has planned in the darkness, with nothing other than Tia’s current social temperature as an indicator that the city’s razing looms just over the horizon, so defenses will be relegated to on-the-spot response. Cain Rose, First Officer of the Dead, has served as a human-favoring regent of Tia under the guise of a man known as Nica Sero for the last decade. On the surface, vampires agreed to step into smaller noble roles and mount fewer attacks on humans. However, about a year ago it was found out that Cain started up underground human trafficking rings in order to feed blood to the vampires and keep them politically civil. Cain was ousted as a result, and turned from the guise of humanity he had maintained in order to rule Tia. Now in an act of revenge, Cain will strike down on Tia with all the might of the Dead who once placed him at Tia’s head in the first place. Some contextual information: Maleficence is a synthesis of a drug the Dead has made use of for ages called Bliss. Unlike Bliss, which lured those who ingested it into bloodlust for specific races, Maleficence drives people into a blood crazed frenzy. They'll kill friends, family, and when they run out of other things, themselves. There are three mine shafts. Two are named after the former Tian Titans who disappeared in the civil war that displaced Cain. Shaft Ramesses and Shaft Ozymandias. The third, an unknown allusion to some, is called Shaft Aidni. There is a water purification center called Water Ablution Kormoir (WAK) through which all water in Tia passes before being distributed throughout the city. The Tia attack will have three objectives: 1. Infiltrate WAK, clear security there, and dump 4 barrels of Maleficence into a large vat called the Tia irrigator. 2. Three groups infiltrate the Ramesses, Ozymandias, and Aidni shafts with Maleficence-infused bombs. Once the -5th level has been infiltrated, the bombs will be planted beside the shafts’ main ventilators. Once Maleficence charges explode, a gargantuan plant infused with the poison that feeds on Tia’s steamy atmosphere and the loamy topsoil just beneath city streets and infrastructure burst to life, growing an accelerated chain of the Maleficence flower invasively throughout the city. 3. While the initial shock of Maleficence washes over the city and three teams cause some commotion making their way into the shafts, one group of highly skilled individuals will make their way for the group of vampire nobles who runs Tia (the Dolos and Matton clans.) in an attempt to unseat them. Roster: Attackers @Aleksei @danzilla3 @ourlachesism @-Lilium- @amenities @bfc @PandaHat @spacegy4 @Hurttoto Defenders @Ataraxy @Wade @SweetCyanide @Roen @Tyler @Mag @Twitterpated @Metty @Zashiii @paradigm Unknown @Dolor Aeternum @Grubbistch @Stumbler 1) WAK attack/Nobles and surrounding fighting @amenities @Wade @Mag @Stumbler @bfc @SweetCyanide 2) Shaft @Grubbistch @danzilla3 @spacegy4 @-Lilium- @Hurttoto 3) Shaft R @Dolor Aeternum @ourlachesism @Zashiii 4) Shaft O @Roen @Aleksei @paradigm @PandaHat 5) General Evac and surrounding fighting @Tyler @Metty @Ataraxy @Twitterpated *Looking to get started in the military by helping people evacuate to safety? Looking to cut your vigilante justice group's teeth by getting a taste of what some big criminal orgs are like? Maybe even join the organization by proving yourself? Then this thread is for you!* Registration for Defenders and Attackers is open now. Feel free to join on either side, just say which in your request. Final Clarifications: 1) Tia ends as a breeding ground for Maleficence. There's just plum no saving the place. The people, however, and the chaos-imbued location that remains afterward, are workable. 2) This is a COLLABORATIVE PIECE. Interaction with other characters, even on the other team should be planned unless otherwise stated. 3) Any armies or significant forces accompanying your character need to be listed here, like what Grubbitsch did 3 posts down. Good job @Grubbistch
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    A good yet unnecessary roll Luis gripped her hand, guiding her through the maze, and he blew off her suggestion of going back with not even a second thought. “It’s okay Merida, I know where I’m going,” He told her, “Just a little bit longer, trust me.” She did. She had never had any reason to doubt Luis Uldwar, he had done no wrong to her or her family personally, and he was very nice to her when they spoke at the Ball. As Luis held her hand, she could feel his arm shake, like he was laughing, and the sharp exhales through his nose confirmed that for her. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. Our esteemed Emperor made this labyrinth too easy. I could do this in my sleep if I wanted.” “Oh, seems like you’re having an easier time than e-everyone else then,Luis.” Merida said with a soft smile as she continued to trust in his guidance. Maybe when she got back with Aunt Vesper and Evienne, she’d tell them about how kind and helpful Luis was to her here, and maybe that would lighten up some of the darker events that took place with the Uldwars tonight. “Here, I think we’ve finally made it. Just through this doorway is out ticket out of here.” Merida couldn’t help but feel relieved to be out of the maze. It was claustrophobic in there, and Alistair seemed to have vanished entirely, so she was scared to be all alone. As Luis worked out the door, she squeezed his hand gently and smiled at him. “Thank you Luis, for helping me.” She said, but he didn’t seem to hear him. Instead, she felt him turn, and he stepped down, making her raise a brow. “Watch your step, Merida, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt trying to get out of here.” His arm lowered, more towards the ground, helping her guide herself off the small ledge and onto the grassy exit. “Besides,” he paused as they continued to walk, her hand still in his. “The journey's just begun.” A sharp pain ran up her arm as it was harshly yanked backwards, and she felt herself falling towards, she didn’t even have time to yelp as she felt her body falling hard onto a wooden surface. Her face hit the bottom of the trunk, and as she moved to sit herself up, her other arm was yanked behind her by a second set of hands, her palms facing outwards. “L-Luis!” She gasped as her face was shoved down harder into the bottom of the wooden trunk, and she felt the sharp, cold tip of a blade pressing into the back of her neck, Luis’ breath hot on her skin. She whimpered, her eyes tearing up as his voice hissed threats in her ear. “One scream, one move, and I end you here, and bury you in the ground where no one can find you.” He hissed. Tears spilled over, falling over her freckled cheeks, and spilling onto the wooden floor of the trunk. “Now my associates are going to make sure you don’t try anything cute to make an escape, all right?” He spoke again, his voice had lost all the softness she had heard earlier. It was sinister and sharp, like the blade pressed against her neck. She didn’t make a sound, she tried not too. She didn’t dare sob for fear of losing her life. “Just remember.” She squeaked in pain as the tip of the blade easily cut her skin, a small pool of blood dripping down the back of her neck, her eyes shut tightly as she tired to block out everything around her. She was so scared.She wanted her Aunt, she wanted her Aunt Vesper badly to come and rescue her. Where was she? Why had she left? That’s all that ran through Merida’s head as footsteps approached the trunk, her body trembling in fear. Her wrists hurt badly, the hands clutching them pinched her skin, and she tried not to squirm, for fear of her life. But, during this fear, an idea spread through her head like wildfire. She wore a ring on her left hand, on her ring finger. It was a thin golden band, with the etching of a spider scrawled across it. However, if she was quick enough, she could etch a message just inside the band, so it wouldn't be seen. If her body was ever found, or if something were to happen to her, they could break open her ring, and see the secret message she was now hiding inside. She didn't have her chalk, but if she focused hard enough, she could manipulate the composition of the metal, so that her message could be understood. Hopefully, her family would find it, and it would come out legible enough for them to understand.. Meanwhile, Alistair was watching Evienne Goldcourt intensely. She was acting strangely, and she seemed like she was in pain. “Lady Goldcourt…?” He asked meekly, looking at the noble woman as she tried to compose herself. Her hand was on his shoulder, but she looked like she was about to barf yet again. He stepped back, wanting to avoid another attack from the bile that could possibly erupt from the lady’s mouth. Evienne looked at him once she recovered, and told him that his jacket would need to be removed, and his face and hands scrubbed. “A cleric?” Alistair asked her as he removed his coat jacket, and he placed it on the ground, and he began to rub his face with his shirt sleeves. The way Evienne said Merida’s name made him shudder. She was really upset, but he had a reason, he really did! He watched with wide eyes as Evienne plucked a few flowers from the walls, their deadly purple shade shining in the shattered glass that lay in their metal rims. She put one in the bodice of her dress, and then handed him the other. He looked at her shocked as he took his deadly flower, and he shook his head as she spoke to him. “With all due r-respect, Lady Goldcourt, I-I’ll take my chances with Lady Moontraveler.” He said, and he dropped the deadly plant, and wiped his hands on his pants. Lady Goldcourt didn’t say anything then, and he felt his soul rise from his body a bit as he realized he just spoke back to a noble woman. If his father were here, there would probably be a lecture about how Mosgrove men didn’t speak to any lady like he just did, and blah blah blah. When she started to move, so did he. He followed Evienne around like a lost puppy, but a puppy that was kicked multiple times, so he hung back a bit from the irate noblewoman. When she turned back to glare at him coldly, he nearly jumped out of his skin. “Well, are you doing to tell me what happened or do I have to feed you to the damn plant before you talk, Lad?” She sneered at him, and he took a deep breath, and followed after her. “Lord Luis Uldwar w-was calling for her when I got caught by the Devil’s Snare. He sounded d-desperate, and Mer- Lady Merida lost her cane, and I couldn’t get to her, s-so she left to find him.” He told her, and he clenched his fists. “She left with Luis Uldwar."
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    H&V Episode 1: A City Abandoned

    Chloe woke up rather abruptly as she had fallen onto the floor from her bed, a thing that only happens when she has a bad dream. She slowly gets up and dusts herself off while yawning loudly. Deciding what to do she goes to her kitchen to make breakfast. Opening her fridge she grabs a couple eggs and some bacon before slowly going to make them. She sets the eggs on the counter as she reaches for a pan however one of the eggs rolls off the counter and onto the floor. An annoyed sigh escapes her and she goes to cleaning up the broken egg. After she starts to cook the bacon and eggs together, the bacon in the pan and the eggs to be scrambled. As she starts to wander around in her thoughts, letting her body auto-pilot to cook. "When will I go out and do the things that father and I did when I was a child? Have fun? Not the fun that involves beating people up but the fun that involves past times and hobbies. Maybe I'll go find something to do. It shouldn't be too hard to find something to do in this broken city. Or... is it? I haven't done this kind of things in almost twenty years. My life's been so shit and messed up ever since father died that I haven't had time for fun. I've been trying my best to survive and not die while also working on my plan to be a bigger name than father." She stops and finishes her food, putting it on a plate and eating it slowly. Eventually finishing her food, she goes to her room to get dressed but as she sees the dragon tattoo that cover her right arm like a sleeve she smirks. She stops her tracks and grabs her bowie knife and unsheathes it, staring at the dragon on the blade. "I will be a bigger name than my father. I will be a bigger name than Dragon's Fury. I will not be respected solely for being his daughter. I will be respected because I will make the people believe that my father has risen from the grave and went back to doing what he started. I will make the people here fear the dark corners and fear the shadowy alleyways. My father may be dead but I will make the people fear me without ever knowing. They will fear that the Dragon who struck the night has returned." She stares at herself in the mirror with a devilish smirk. "Night Dragon sounds fitting." She finishes getting dressed in her usual one sleeved jacket and chained skinny jeans before walking out of her house, bowie knife strapped to her side. "Time to be bigger than my father."
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    The air was cold, and Kaare’s breathe came out in plumes of steam. He adjusted his jacket, pulling it down at the edges, while looking up at the stairs into the front entrance. He had made it. Into the heart of the Veluriyam Empire, and presently to the Reverie Ball. He had not received an invitation directly from anyone, but had understood the rumors to be more of an open invitation. He jumped at the chance. Just to think of the shoulders he would be rubbing with, and the possibility of some business networking — and the FASHION. That was the element that perhaps got him the most giddy. He actually felt butterflies in his stomach over the idea of being surrounded by some of the best dressed in the region. He was a tailor and designer by profession, and tonight’s festivities were sure to be a treasure trove of inspiration and good taste. Plus, there was always the possibility of bringing one of these delicately dressed creatures home with him tonight. He smiled to himself. Still, he was not without trepidation. He was a newcomer to Ursa Madeum, and did not have many connections or friends in the neighborhood. He brushed off his pants again. It was a nervous tick. As he assessed his cleanliness and appearance, he caught something in the corner of his eye. Scanning his surroundings, he saw what appeared to be dark figures searching around the edge of the property. Strange, he thought, perhaps I better get inside. Giving himself the one-over one last time, he skipped the front steps, taking two at once, before passing briskly into the entry. Tonight he was clean shaven, and he had made a point of shaving right before he came so he smelled pleasantly of lavender and a subtle musk. This was a special occasion too, so he pulled his rusty brown hair back. Normally, it was a mop of loose curls on top of his head. Tonight, however, he pulled as much as he could into a small tuft of sorts at the back of his head. He remaining half of his hair curled gently behind his ears and over his neck. His jacket and slacks were a dark navy, and the front of his jacket buttoned low in the font, revealing a bright white cotton shirt underneath with the top couple buttons undone, and a dark emerald ascot tucked in. He intentionally made his outfit a nod to the customary holiday colors. Perhaps, he thought, he was trying too hard. But it was no matter, he at least knew that he looked good. Once inside, he was enthralled. Warm light filled the foyer, and Kaare was taken aback by the opulence of the foyer. Stunning stone floors, exquisite crown molding. True, he dealt with fabric goods in his line of work, but he was still one to know good design when he saw it. His grayish blue eyes sparkled in the lamplight, and he slowly moved forward through the foyer, up a staircase and into the grand room. He began to notice, something, however. A tension hung in the air. Had he missed something? Could it have anything to do with the men searching about in the bushes outside? He supposed it was none of his business. He would forego too much concern over the tension. Whatever drama happened in the life of the nobles of Ursa Madeum or Veluriyam Empire could hardly be considered any of his business. What was his business, however, was to gravitate towards the alcohol. There appeared to be a bar at one corner of the room from what he could see, or in the very least, a table at which a staff member was pouring wine. Wine would certainly do, especially if the local vintage lived up to the rumors. He had heard a lot of things since coming here. Most of the information contradicted itself, so he really didn’t feel much the wiser despite receiving much town gossip. Nevertheless, the reputation of the Castle of Andelusia was certainly living up to himself. This structure seemed to open up, blooming from the inside out, like a gilded flower. He was enamored. The architecture was absolutely riveting — as were some of the guests. He guessed he would just have to see how many of the rumors were actually true, and sometimes personal experience was the only way to have valid evidence. After slowly mingling through the crowd, and giving some brief, but polite greetings, he made it to the table with the wine. He may have imagined it, but he could smell the fragrant notes before he even got within 3 paces. “Wine, sir?” the sommelier asked. “Yes, thank you,” responded Kaare, with a nod of thanks to the man. This was quite the splendid affair. Kaare lifted the wine to his lips, and took his first sip. They weren’t lying about the wine, he decided before moving off. He wandered through the crowd momentarily before he found a pillar he could nonchalantly lean against while sipping his wine, and watching the menagerie of people in front of him. They were quite a varied sort, and most, if not all, were splendidly dressed. He watched the swirl of colors blending before him, bolts of color on sashaying bodies that interwove and intermingled amidst the cacophony of a thousand different conversations. The din, try as it might, did not drown out the elegant sound of string music playing somewhere in the distance, and from where he was standing, he could hear the music blending together with another melody. A good party was always so chaotic. Kaare folded his arm at his side, and leaned his shoulder against the pillar. He held his glass in front of him in the same hand at about mouth height. He smiled as he looked over the top of his glass. Tonight was going to be a good night.
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    Ursa Madeum OOC

    Something about balls and galas makes them wildly popular. Orisia always made dozen page threads based off that, it’s crazy Something about UM or maybe game of thrones type noble houses is also super popular. It isn’t just noble houses cause Eternity wasn’t able to hit these marks but maybe it’s cause you did first or maybe it’s just your secret recipe. Either way UM recent activity outranks even its taen progenitor despite relative “lifespans” of each (in terms of Vel related activity) Whatever the fk you all are doing = ???
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    It had been a difficult couple of weeks for the Grand Executor of the Norkotian Union. What had initially been a jovial and pleasant visit with House Hildebrand had turned into a bloody assassination attempt, which left Lady Varda, Lord Jasper, and even Joseph Tynes himself, all suffering from significant injury. This did not include the men who died trying to defend them, as the assassins showed no mercy to those who had tried to stand in their path. Though he had been poisoned in his left arm, Tynes's life had been saved by the quick work of Nairne Hildebrand, even if the arm itself suffered severe nerve damage in the process. Even so, the pain was far more bearable than the guilt of knowing it was his own carelessness that nearly cost him his own life, and the lives of the Hildebrand siblings. If he had only brought his guards on their sight-seeing tour from the beginning, the assassins might have been defeated sooner, or perhaps deterred from attacking entirely. It was why he insisted they be here tonight. Two men remained outside with the drivers to guard the cars, while two others remained at the executor's flanks, ever on alert for signs of hostility. If a third assassination attempt were to be launched, it would be met with the roar of machinegun fire. Still, Tynes's mood was not the upbeat, optimistic attitude he normally held. The poison that made it into his system had left him violently sick for well over a week, forcing him to stay in Nairne's care at the Hildebrand estate. As a result, he missed his scheduled departure date to return to Norkotia, meaning he would also miss Kerzentag, his homeland's winter holiday. He was subsequently invited to attend the Reverie Ball if he managed to recover in time, which he did, which was why he was present on this night. His advisor, Diric Redbridge, was not present, having claimed to have other business to attend to. While it was possible he was raiding the local libraries to satisfy his insatiable desire for information and historical knowledge, Joseph suspected the Vulkish man was actually conducting clandestine meetings with his ever-expanding spy network. If anyone could track down and identify the people who put the hit out on the Grand Executor and the nobles of House Hildebrand, it was Redbridge and his agents. Thus, for the second time this year, Joseph had entered the imperial mansion without the benefit of his right-hand man. He remembered the buildings layout from his last visit, during the A.N.T. Conference, though obviously the decorum had changed. Many of the faces were also familiar, though there were new ones as well. But after straying slightly from the Hildebrands upon arrival, it wound up being one of the most familiar faces that approached him first. "Mister Tynes, what are your thoughts on the extravagance of Reverie thus far?" Varda asks. Since they first met at this very location back in August, Joseph had found that, when it came to the political leaders he had encountered in his time as Norkotia's leader, Varda was possibly the one he was most comfortable around. She was not consumed by ambition or power-hunger like Lord Uldwar, nor with a cold-blooded desire for profit like Abigail, nor obsessed with petty politics like many of the councilmen back in Norkotia were. She was genuine, honest, real. Her and her siblings, though amusingly naive at times, were endearing to him, and that made him all the more regretful that he had unnecessarily put them in harm's way. "I can say with confidence that I have never seen anything quite like it." he commented, "Emperor Titus has certainly spared no expense." In a way, the excess and extravagance struck him as a bit wasteful, a sign of the indulgence and decadency of the wealthy elite. But he could not deny that the splendor of it all was pleasing to see. Of course, much like Varda, he was also conscious that amidst this display of prosperity, and among the throngs of nobles, foreign dignitaries and the imperial family itself, he must not show any sign of weakness. Both his arms were now damaged severely, his right with join pain and stiffness from a bullet wound that never healed correctly, his left with numbness and nerve pain thanks to the poison. He wore a long-sleeved dress uniform, with black gloves to cover his hands and disguise his stiffness as much as possible. It was one thing to have scars, it was another to have clear disability. "So, this is the first Reverie Ball, is it?" he said, more as an observation than a question. @vielle
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    The Cothic Church The Cothic Church, also called The New Religion or sometimes the Church of the Green Fire God, is a Terran breakaway sect of Gaianism focused on the worship of a new deity who manifests in sacred green fire. This deity, as of yet unnamed, vaulted itself into public prominence during the catastrophic Terran Civil War by containing a Gaian priest, Constans, in a miraculous, towering vortex of green fire and subjecting him to hours of prophetic revelations (while nearly obliterating the Gaian Church he resided in). This miracle, symbolic of the new god’s awesome power, immediately attracted the attention of curious onlookers near and far. Upon investigation, these scared folk found a serene Constans waiting to accept them. He preached of his visions to any who would hear them, telling of a new god and a new world, one where the profligate and inconstant governments of men would be replaced by an eternal kingdom of god— and not in some illusory afterlife but here, now. The new god, he explained, entreated all men to be equals united by a common understanding that mankind’s weaknesses could only be tempered by piety to a truly divine overlord, an unlimited god whose steady hand could guarentee an end to the perils inherent in mortal rulers. Bowing to this god, and seeing his power again and again through his chosen conduit Constans, the people who had gathered around the ruined church, the site of Constans’ holy revelation, began to feverishly construct their promised kingdom. Church on the Hill, which was colloquially called Coth, grew from a collection of tents into a proper village with alarming speed. Under Constans’ inspired guidance the village grew into a town and, because the citizenry of this town was made almost exclusively of crafters and farmers and laborers, it became relatively self sustaining within a season. And so the Cothic Church was born. Where it will go is not difficult to imagine. The dogma of the new god demands restitution from the great cities of Terrenus, bulging as they are with the stolen prosperity of the common folk. The god demands the crowns of their kings and nobles submitted to him, and has decreed that no mortal authority is legitimate unless it bends its knee before his altar. There can be only one course for this new religion. Like the fire that immolates and renews the fields of grain, the faith must rid Terrenus of its decaying institutions before the kingdom of god can be made real. Claiming a great swathe of Terrenus’s heartland, Constans and his church are poised to expand rapidly with a message that appeals to the vast hordes of under-served common folk. It is a message of liberation from a world that is so willing to take from them, but is never willing to give.
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