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Name: Figwidgett 

Type » Equine
Temperament » Passive- Figwidgett are calm and peaceful. They never attack, and are mostly incapable of defending themselves, except by fleeing.

Sapience » Constructed

Size »

Height » 2” 
Weight » 0.01 ounce 

Environment » Forests or prairies 

Location» Terrenus (very rare)

Organization » Solitary

Special Abilities » Psychic camouflage, flight (Figwidgett)

Depending on the stage of its life-cycle, the Figwidgett’s appearance can vary greatly. 

At the earlier stage of its life, which under the right conditions can last its entire life, the Figwidgett has the appearance of a two inch tall fairy woman. To be clear, the Figwidgett is not humanoid in any regard, except appearance. 

While the Figwidgett usually appears to be wearing clothing, this is actually an illusion generated in the minds of humans and other humanoids. The Figwidgett takes on traits of the creature that sees it. If a fox is looking at it, the Figwidgett might have red fur, if an owl sees it, the Figwidgett might have big eyes and feathers... You get the idea.

After a transformation, the Figwidgett grows and takes on a the more fitting appearance of a large horse. They may or may not retain their wings, but the transformed Figwidgett cannot fly either way. Usually a transformed Figwidgett, which is actually called a Widgett, has varying characteristics that look like metallic armor, but these are actually organic in nature.

The Figwidgett is not useful in combat, and has no magic to speak of, other than its instinctive camouflage described in their appearance. They do make loyal and affectionate pets. 



Name: Widgett 

Type: Equine 

Temperment:  Neutral- As a Widgett, they are mostly tame and passive, but can and will defend themselves if threatened.

Sapience » Constructed

Size »

Height » 8’

Weight » 2500 lbs

Special Abilities »

Organic armor- The armor worn by the Widgett is not actually metal or leather, as it appears, but organic tissue as hard as steel. It is actually part of the Widgetts body, and does not come off. The color and design of the armor varies and is distinct in every Widgett.

High and long jump/glide- Though the Widgetts wings do not enable it to fly, it is able to use them to gain extra height or distance in a jump, as high as 20 feet, and as far as 50 feet. It can also glide safely down from great heights. Not all Widgetts have wings.

The Widgett is a large and powerful mount. The organic “armor” makes them surprisingly tanky, and they can keep pace with a standard horse. If they have wings, they can be used for long jumps, and to glide safely from high places.

Transformation is only possible if the Figwidgett is touched with the blood of a “living martyr”. The meaning behind that is unclear.


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