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Gwanu Umuir



Tar | Gwanu Umuir





Size and Weight

4 to 7 feet, 1.21 to 2.1 meters | 70 to 240lbs, 32 to 110 kg | Average 5’5 feet, 150 lbs


A relative newcomer to the lands of Terrenus, commonly known as the Tar, with individuals called Tar, these humanoid figures reflect common Terrenus humanoid races in their build and appearance. Their disfigurement is noticeable, and they are hostile toward foreigners. They form their tribes all over Terrenus in scant but growing numbers.


Build: They are typically gaunt, lacking fat, though commonly strong. Their appearance can vary wildly, though some consistencies are that they are usually noticeably disfigured, have colorless, coarse hair, their eyes are typically blue, colorless, or a uniform, matte, red. Because they do not feel pain, and their bodies do not heal, their wounds must be sewn, clamped, or burnt shut, giving them a leprous appearance.

Depending on where they are found, their appearance varies. Typically, they appear pale and anemic with patches of colorless skin, but when found somewhere cold, their skin appears rough and black, the victims of frostbite.

Lifespan: They live for a paltry 15 years on average. In actuality, a Tar could live forever. In practice, wounds from hard lives cripple them so drastically that their bodies cannot hold on to their limited blood, and they die. They do not regenerate in any way, and must harvest blood from others, even animals, if they lose their own blood.

Abilities: The Tar possess only a fractional connection to the spirit of Gaia, much like an unnatural, and so despite their natural bodies possess marginal powers. They do not feel pain, can control their fear with ease, and can intuitively communicate rudimentary notions through glances.


They live in large tribal groups and speak the Common tongue, and so are able to communicate. Though able to teach and build, their tribes vary in scope, with some being sedentary, others nomadic, and a few rife with scavengers. Towns and farms are as much the norm as pillaging hordes, with small communities making up the bulk of their numbers.

They are generally hostile to outsiders, and extremely loyal to each other, regardless of originating tribe. Tar behave in a simple, humanoid manner in most situations, innovating and adapting their efforts to suit their environments. Their social world closely mimics any other tribe, with some successful friendships and relationships and some not. Their main difference is that they all seem to carry a ‘higher’ purpose in mind, focusing their efforts, though on what is unclear.

All Gwanu babies are stillborn, only the tribe’s shaman - of which their can be many - can bestow their child with life. This is the case for all Tar, expanding their numbers at a considerable rate using the stolen souls of the dead, split into fragments. A single, basic, human soul can create 4-8 Tar.


As an exception to the rule, a very small portion of Tar - 1 or 2 per village - are manufactured from entire souls. Further modified, however, they have no arms and still lack the ability to heal. Due to their complete souls, they have access to magic, and use that magic to harvest the souls of the dead to create new Tar in abundance.

Due to their value, the community goes through more efforts to painstakingly stitch and mend their bodies together, and so the older among them sometimes have their bodies completely wrapped in fur or bandages. They are the leaders of the camps, and called either Shaman, or Chieftain.

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