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Type » Animal: Biped
Temperament » Neutral to Aggressive. Tend not to attack unless directly provoked but outliers of the species will murder for economic incentive, out of desperation or psychosis.
Sapience » Complex. Constructs and preserves information outside of the self. High degree of organization and development of physical, mental, and social networks. Understanding of abstract concepts and creation of complex tools. 
Size » Medium; 5-7 feet
Weight » 90-300 lbs
Habitat » Extremely adaptable. Have been seen living in mountain ranges, deserts, forests, and cities.
Location » Terrenus
Organization » Extremely adaptable. Major population centers range in the millions but instances can be observed of smaller chiefdoms and tribes with own culture, language, religion, magic, and scientific understanding. 
Special Abilities » Enhanced physical attributes (compared to mundane mortal); innate magic  (5% of the species capable of casting innately); external magic (learned through books, training, insight, etc).

Terrans are physically robust, comparable in physical ability to professional athletes and perhaps explaining why such a high percentage of the population is employed in high-risk physical labor (smithing, mining, dungeoneering, mercenary work, etc and so on). This is in part due to a diet whose food sources are maintained and augmented through magic, in part to the required military service to become a citizen, and in part to the demands of survival in and out of the heavily constructed mega-cities, i.e. when demon attacks are a regular occurrence, you pick up a thing or two.

The common language is Terric, with different dialects and pidgin languages in isolated pockets of the continent whose influence can be seen in the names of certain locations or historical events, such as Last Chance's native name of La Ultimate Opportunidad. 

The life span is 100 for men and 110 for women. Unlike other hominid species, the disparity in physical strength between men and women is extant but borderline insignificant; women are more or less comparable to men in this regard. Most Terrans are Gaianist in religion, philosophy, or worldview, and this is salient in their implementation of biomimicry in their architecture and green engineering. Two-thirds of the population are citizens, which requires two years of military service in order to hold property and vote, and which establishes a basic minimum combat readiness for most men and women[1].

1: In short the average Terran citizen is strong, smart, and capable. They're not all perfect and if you need an NPC mook, you can use them for that but that type is the exception and not the standard.

To quote another player looking for a place to commit consequence-free murder after meeting canon intervention:


I now realize if I want to find an easy target for killing people I should go elsewhere.


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