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4Yxo5xx.png'The Beacon of Light.'

Avylon is the capital of its province located west of Renovatio. A city that was built on the ridge of the mountains that surround it, keeping it safe from would-be invaders and most of the outside world. It is said that Avylon is one of the earliest establishments of civilization, one which the Herald's of Primus favored and shared their ancient knowledge (Zodiac Arts and Spirituality). 

Wandering the streets you see scholars arguing with one another and students of the great academy fraternizing with one another. Wanderers and adventurers are given safe passage through, allowed to work for their room and board, and never turned away. The people of Avylon believe that it is through their kind actions greatness will come; it is extremely rare to be turned away or confronted in a hateful manner. This creates an obvious peaceful air you will instantly feel once traversing the mountain to get to the city's gates. 


The capital city was carved out of the mountain it rests atop, giving it a rather rustic and aged look in compared to the other capital cities. There are still villages at the base of the city, where no technology resides and the people live peacefully on the land. Within the city, technology is apparent but not overpowering. While the buildings are tall and marbled, you could assume that these were simply manufactured, in actuality they were made by the hands of volunteers, keeping true to the roots Avylon had grown over the centuries.

Gardens providing food for nature and the people of the city are tended to in the early morning and nights by low hanging clouds. Such a sigh is said to rival that of the Essence, something to discover for yourself. Greenery of any kind can be seen within the city, but a majority of such beauty is kept outside the walls. This is to keep the simplistic look of the city and also because in such a harsh terrain it is difficult to keep up with the growing foliage. 


Winters are extremely harsh, limiting travel to and from the city - the only time the reliance on technology of any kind comes into play. Airships dock at the base of the mountain, where supplies and such are then delivered by volunteers earning their keep and seasoned adventurers that live in Avylon. Mighty winds strong enough to carry a person if they are ever so unlucky and frosty mornings freezing streets and water create interesting dangers. 

Spring is a reprieve, a time where the city is most busy thanks to the cooling air and refreshing change. Summer's are rather similar to spring, with only an incremental change in the heat, but the lack of humidity makes for comfortable travel. Fall is chilly, the nip in the air reminding the denizens that it is time to prepare for the winter to come. 


At first glance, it is clear that the people of Avylon are very kind and generous, things that often make it easy to ignore how stalwart they truly are. Their kindness can easily be taken as weakness, but if you were to ask anyone would be willing to show you that their hunger for knowledge has not weakened their body.

Here, children are raised to brandish Renovatian blades in the name of Tellus Mater. When the boys and girls mature into men and women, inevitably crave for a beautiful death from a worthy adversary as did their fathers and their fathers before them. Warriors bred to eventually filter into the hierarchy of the greatest kind - Zodiac Knights. From children the people are raised to never allow their burdens to be known, carrying them as a testament to their strength. Not the sort to ever complain or show signs of discomfort, the people of Avylon take their lifestyle extremely seriously.

People come to the city to find their center and often their reason. The Religion of the Heavenly Mother is prominent, even though the name of Steorra has touched every corner of Renovatio, the Goddess has yet to find her place in the city of Avylon. The crystals jutting through the city is a sign she has been there, but hardly anyone speaks of her or acknowledges her existence. It's believed that if one is to become a Zodiac Knight, they must be strictly devout to Tellus Mater and no other.


Avylon relies solely on the amount of trade that is done between its people and others. The wealth people show is often through their actions and the small inklings of growth - new buildings, expansions on others, and so forth. 

Various stores of all kinds snake down the sides of the mountainous city, where the ones lower to the base are far more successful due to people traveling up more often than down. Nonetheless, there has been a recent boom in activity with people, their needs varying but being met by what Avylon has to offer. This keeps the economy steady and substantial enough to keep the people happy and content with their home. There hasn't been any recorded event where Avylon has been in trouble; mysteriously enough, the city is in healthy economically.


The Grand Trine

Displays works from the immense collection amassed through the centuries including some of the most renowned classical sculptures and most important masterpieces of the ancient art in the entirety of Renovatio. The museums are said to contain roughly 70,000 works, of which 20,000 are on display, and currently employ approximately 600+ people who work in various administrative, scholarly, and restoration departments.

Grand Trine II

This particular museum houses various manuscripts saved and restored from multiple periods in Renovatio's history. The archives also contain state papers, correspondence, and account books, and many other documents that have been accumulated over the years. 

Visitors are allowed to enter the museum on a casual basis. Scholars and the interested pursuing certain researches may apply for an entry card. The application process is easy and only used as a safeguard in case certain bits of knowledge gained from the manuscripts and such are used maliciously. If this application is not agreed upon then the researcher is not allowed to have access to the resources.

Parks & Recreation

A simplistic city that uses it's surroundings as decoration. Surrounded by mountains and carved out of a mountain itself, Avylon is sharp and jagged, foreboding even. Wildlife is hardly seen, save for various birds passing through or a beast coming out of the mountains. 

Landmarks & Monuments

Ms7VqMU.pngStar Gate

Star Gates are portals that open to specific stars that burn beyond the gates pearly exterior. Each of the four main cities of Renovatio has a Star Gate: Avylon, New Martyr, Oo’Xora, La Guardia. 

The stars are the once fabled Manabai’wok in their natural form; each star represents the Manabai'wok given to the human man she had loved long ago. With their discovery, Renovatio was kept from falling out of the sky during the Halcyon; they still support the large island, making the Will of Renovatio unnecessary in that regard. 

Visitors are welcomed and even encouraged to visit the gates, for they are indeed a sight to see! There are a few shrines beneath each one where people have paid their respects for the Goddess Steorra and her blessings since it's through her aid that Renovatio is still in place and that Primera can rule as she does.

Rigel Star Gate

The Rigel Star Gate inhabits the center of Avylon, making it the very watchful guardian. Many come here to pay homage to the bright star, which is said to prompt the star to give one a blessing a protection.

Tellus Colosseum


Resting at the highest point of Avylon, the Tellus Colosseum acts as the crown of the city. This monolithic structure was once a place where sacrificial rituals were carried out on a daily basis in a time long forgotten. Ever since the beginning of man's reign, archaic scriptures revealed the children of Avylon traveling up and down the wintry mountain and surviving the wild as a rite of passage and later becoming Warriors of Tellus (Zodiac Knight).

The Colosseum used to be used for certain events, but due to the Halycon, it had been used as an infirmary and then abandoned afterward. Still resting in silence, you can still see various students going up the mountain to see the Colosseum, carrying out the pilgrimage others before them had done. Slowly, more and more go to occupy the grand structure; there have been various others working hard to repair the withering creation due to years of neglect.

Temple of Aestus


As one travels up the mountain of Avylon, between it and the Crown is a temple that often gets mistaken as a place of righteous worship. There was no commandant concerning adultery in Recreation and so Renovatian lore also depicts Aestus housing enough beautiful women to quench any man's thirst, and Her presence induced an irrepressible sexual desire within all of the women who entered the temple.

In modern times, in the deepest chambers within the bowels of this extraterrestrial sanctuary, where only those unified by the stars (married couples) are allowed, fountains spit stardust into a jade reservoirs providing subtle lighting for several open areas-- the Heart of Aestus. It was within the Heart did Aestus bed her first Hume, and the seed she planted after devouring the father had become a champion of Avylon-- like most of her seeds always do. 

Such has become a ritual amongst Renovatians, and so many couples come to this place to conceive a child blessed by Aestus, which actually seems to happen as often as an orgy. The Heart of Aestus is a giant sauna with seven master rooms, and peppered throughout each room are golden contemporary tables adorned by pyramids of white towels and face cloths.

Government & National Security 

PRIME (An individual who is the ruler of their city. They answer to the Grand Kommadant.)


Marcellus, the Wise - Having served Renovatio for nearly two decades as a decorated Holy Order Knight, Marcellus was blessed with the rank PRIME. Soon after Exus Prime's disappearance, Marcellus died of natural causes.

The Celestial Guard
The idea of this organization became a reality, conceived by way of the Enforcement Act passed shortly after the Cialo event. Both air and space are better protected and has been as safe as it has ever been since the Halcyon Event.

Zodiac Knights
A sacred society of unique Renovatian warriors tasked with protecting their home-front and foreign affairs. There are usually only a handful [~6] of Zodiac Knights watching over cities outside of the capital.


GBYYEmt.png The Accademia is the largest institute in all of Renovatio and is located at the base of Avylon and still, it resides thousands of feet above Reno-sea level. Etched into the side of a mountain allowing only for aerial entry, it also has one of the largest ports outside of La Guardia, suitable to bring in and dispatch students from all over Renovatio.

Prior to the teachings of Recreation, ancient Renovatian literature illustrates how GOD governs the universe via the constellations. The noetic scriptures were discovered and guarded closely by the Zodiac Templar, which ultimately became an adamant foundation for their brotherhood. With the aid of Primus' Heralds, the Zodiac Templar have solidified their place in the annals of Renovatio. To this day, their Zen- esque philosophies bring vision to the blind, breath to the hopeless and peace of mind. Very much like PRIDE, the Zodiac Templar are commonly seen in pairs-- a Templar and a Warmage. While the two primary classes supplement each other exceptionally well, it should also be noted that the terms used to define said classes, within this society, could represent many classes (i.e; paladin/monk, archer/black/white mage), each primary class possessing its own unique set of abilities.


  • Roads, Expressways & Autobahns. (outside the Capitol)
  • Train stations & Subways.
  • Ports, Piers, & Riverways.
  • Horses & Chariots (in the Capitol)
  • Air stations.

Notable Residents



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