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La Guardia

Jesus Negro



La Guardia
The Bird's Nest is the easternmost city in all of Renovatio. Ancient Renovatian text reference the land mass, now known as La Guardia, to be the birth place of the first Herald, Ventus. Even then the land was a place of transport from earth to the Essence. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the La Guardia province is around 11,000,000 (now: 1.1 million); Renovatian (70%), Damiryan (29%), Rosinderian (1%)

Those who visit Renovatio for the very first time are always shocked when they discover that the capitol is a colossal husk of Exus Prime. It was a ship the All-father piloted as if it were a gigantic mech during his tenure as a warmonger. The city draws energy from the seemingly, infinitely powered reactor, later proven (by HAVEN) to have the lifespan of several suns by.

The Bird's Nest's climate relates best to New England weather all year around. The summers can be temperate with an occasional heatwave. In autumn it is mild at best; never too chilly or warm. The perfect time of the year for a hoody or pea coat. Winters can be brutal but thanks to the ancient generator's of the former craft once belonging to the warmonger Himself, they emit enough heat to prevent snow and ice from ever building up on the capital's surface.


Renovatian pride exists throughout the nation with different flavors from every city and town. Over the years Renovatio was blessed to have encountered and befriended Rosinderians and Damyrians, ultimately enriching their vibrant culture. The minorities share their cuisines, their trades, and talents, creating a new and better Renovatio. A Renovatio old political voices of the past fear and loath.

No longer a warring nation, Renovatio has dedicated its resources to reestablishing it's foothold in the business world of Valucre. Having had years to rebuild despite several terrorist attacks, Renovatians, Rosinderians, and Damyrians have long since united under one banner and has created an economy so strong that no matter what catastrophe the people experienced, all they'd have to do is rebuild their cities and roads and continue on as if nothing ever happened.

Become a chef that fuses all three unique cuisines and revolutionize Valucre when you feel the need to expand. Become an automotive, airship, train, and space craft engineer. There is a wide variety of institutes to educate the people and supply them with careers the moment they graduate.

Major Companies & Institutions
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Parks & Recreation

Landmarks & Monuments



Stardawn - The moment you step foot outside of La Guardia's city limits, green primal blades of grass turn to shimmering grains of sand. Xulu's arid rose-golden hills elegantly roll in to eternity, and at night the sand takes on a crimson hue in the presence of moonlight. Its natural beauty remains praise worthy, but the desert's true beauty rests not too far from a tropical colony of oasis. Three Primal polyhedrons sit in the flats of Xulu, emitting a sound frequency that causes the grains of sand to dance within a mile radius. They are said to be the ships of Aestus, Ventus, and Nahum, and confirmed by HAVEN that they are indeed spacecraft and have been active and sitting for three thousands years. When Barbarus - a renown Empyrean and Alchemist - asked HAVEN if these ships could be piloted by Hume, HAVEN insisted Hume should, but not even it can bypass the security of the ships. HAVEN conveys that a higher power, possibly Primus, remains in control of the spacecraft, protecting the secrets of the universe within them.




Condor Station provides flights to all of the cities within Renovatio with the option of international trips. La Guardia's airspace is heavily guarded by the government, making this station one of the most secure locations across the land.

Government & National Security

Predecessors: TBA.

150,000 3rd Class SOLDAT, 20,000 2nd Class SOLDAT, and 100 1st Class SOLDAT uphold the law in Avylon, receiving their orders directly from the Prime SOLDAT. SOLDAT stationed in Avylon only have jurisdiction in Avylon, unless a 1st Class SOLDAT.

The Celestial Guard
The idea of this organization became reality, conceived by way of the Enforcement Act passed shortly after the Cialo event. Both air and space are better protected, and has been as safe as it has ever been.

Zodiac Knights
A sacred society of unique Renovatian warriors tasked with protecting their home-front and foreign affairs. There are usually only a handful [~6] of Zodiac Knights watching over cities outside of the capitol.

The University of Cosmic Conscience - this university Is the second to have ever been built outside of Avylon, therefore it is much smaller than the original and does not have dorms to house students.

The PRIDE Guild is always accepting pledges who seek to thwart oppression.


  • Roads, Expressways & Autobahns.
  • Train stations & Subways.
  • Horses & Chariots (outside the Capitol)
  • Air stations.

Notable Residents
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As noted above, The Bird's Nest was in fact a vessel Exus Prime once owned. During Primus' cosmic infancy, His overseer, AV went to war. In the end, Primus was only capable of hurting AV enough to hijack one of his many creations to escape. There was no escaping AV, unfortunately. They met again on a nameless world where they fought for years , completely reshaping the planet. Theorist believe that it was because of this battle that life was possible on the planet now known as Renovatio today. Primus ultimately banishes his former Overseer and sheds himself of AV's creation, leaving it to rot (which it would not) for it held no sentimental value to him. It was simply a means to an escape.




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