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Reno Calendar: The current year is 135 AC = 599 WTA. All new threads happen during the current year unless otherwise stated by the creator. 

Nehalen canon update thread

Terre d'Hume

rVRzi5P.pngNehalen, known as Terre d'Hume, translated as "The Land of Man,"  is the largest Kingdom of Cierno. The people are known as Stellaris. The flag consists of three moons (two crescent, one full) representing Primera Cartyr's phases as a ruler. Atop the three moons is an elaborate crown, representing Primera's lineage and reign. These symbols are gold, pressed on a green background.

Nehalen is a floating kingdom that casts shadows across Valucre from the sky.

GRCUDxl.pngNehalen, as a whole, is a very mountainous region. It's said that the mountains are created by the shifting and colliding masses of earth; often smaller islands are formed by this dance, leaving them to float lazily above or below the main island. Flatland is nearly nonexistent, making travel in the more rural areas to be extremely difficult for even the most seasoned traveler. Earthquakes still shake through the island, they are infrequent and hardly anything to worry about, but they can be frightening if you're not prepared for them.

Due to its unique location, seldom does it snow or rain. Winters are chilly, with temperatures dropping as low as -20(F); the winds make some areas of Nehalen hard to reach or dangerous to even be around. Summer, spring, and fall temperatures shift between 30(°F)-70(°F). Humidity can be an issue if you're not used to it, some aren't even able to breathe being so high up in the air.

Denizens often warn wanderers to be prepared for inclement weather depending on where they choose to travel to. Also, the threat of beasts and playful creatures wandering along unpaved paths can be detrimental to the unprepared.

An expansive variety of flora and fauna can be found around the island. Most dangerous to even look at and some just pure, their beauty only marked by their ability to grow in the most random of places. You have no warning on what is what, thus you're left to discover for yourself if what you pick and eat or smell will be terrible for your health.


Nehalen is divided into four provinces:
La Guardia (wip)
Nu Martyr - Capital
Oo'Xora (wip)

A monarchy rules Nehalen. The royal family is House Cartyr; both men and women may inherit the throne. The heir is called Grand  Kommadant.

There is a legislature, in the form of Parliament. Several different political factions occupy these seats in Nehalen: imperialists, aristocrats, neutral, and other. The largest groups are the imperialists and aristocrats; the imperialists pledge loyalty to the Grand Kommadant and their family while the aristocrats face off against them for the right of nobility.

Nehalen has a court system that is similar to modern-day judicial systems. Appeals may be brought directly to the monarch, who may choose to hear the case or decide that the previous judgment was appropriate and refuse to. The torture of prisoners is not practiced,  and prisons usually have humane conditions. However, public floggings may be given as a punishment. The death penalty is the sentence for high crimes such as treason, though convicts may be given a choice of how they wish to die.

Each province follows the same feudal hierarchy and is ruled by a sovereign Duke or Duchess. The ruling noble houses of the provinces are called the Great Houses.

The Great Houses

La Guardia


Nu Martyr

Duke:  Aedos Chanaril
House:  Chanaril




Duchess:  Belah Lark
House:  Lark


The Imperialists support the Grand Kommadant and their family. They believe that magic should not be restricted and individuals who are touched by magic should live freely, be treated fairly, and be allowed to operate in society with everyone else without being judged for their abilities.


The Aristocrats are known to not be friendly towards Imperialists and the royal family; they are always facing off against the Imperialists and the royal family for the right of nobility. They believe that magic should be restricted and individuals touched by magic should be treated as objects, not as people.

The appropriate titles in which certain individuals are called.

Grand Kommadant: Your Majesty
Sovereign (or individuals related to the GK by blood): Your Highness
Dukes/Duchesses: Your Grace
Lower Nobles (individuals in the House of Lord's/Parliament): Lord/Lady
Aristocracy (also in the House of Lord's/Parliament): Lord/Lady
Knights: Sir/Dame

The People

Come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and culture but what they all share in common is their Nehalen Pride. Stellaris are a hard-working folk producing superb masons, exceptional warriors, and most importantly, beautiful denizens. It's said that all Stellaris are descendants of their former God, Primus and thus their relation to him is shown through their incredible beauty. Unlike the Zodiacs, their association with the God and his offspring are softer and more acceptable in the eyes of society.

Many Stellaris think quite highly of themselves and have a tendency to be snobby and isolationist toward other peoples. This has caused immense friction between the people of Nehalen as some see themselves better than others, especially those with and without magical abilities.

To disassociate with Primus, many of the Stellaris claim to come from Her Prime, Primera. Their reasoning is that Primera had come from the first line of man shaped by the hand of Primus himself, and thus their blood is that of Primera's and none other. They have created a minor religion towards the former Grand Kommadant, though not every Stellaris follows its teachings or even acknowledges it.


Many species from different walks of life have come to claim Nehalen as their own whether it was by force having become conquered species, or by choice in the search for game-filled lands, majestic jungles, and woodlands. Asterits are a mix of man, bestial, and elven roots and are often seen worshipping the Tree of Life that's seen as the pillar of balance and life in Nehalen.

These individuals have no permanent home, for in their beliefs they must travel the long road in order to obtain spiritual balance. The small traveling groups are called a kumpania usually made up of those in an extended family, the Asterits Collection. These small groups have a leader whom they call the Empyrean, and this leader is chosen from a group of four men (the Body) known to be the mightiest of the Asterits Collection.

Asterits are often looked to for their minds have been touched with divinity - or so they say. Asterit women have the ability to see into the future and the past; these women carry their wealth in Asterit gall, coin-wrought jewelry. Many wear an elaborate affair of gold coins strung together around their neck and wrists, even coins dangling from their ears.

Seen as thieves and liars, the Asterits are mostly ignored by higher society, though they are often employed as entertainment.

Zodiacs (Nelrosis)

During an era long forgotten, the White Knight conquered many nations in the name of the All-Father, Primus. Despite the King's successful conquests, Primus felt like the King lacked ambition and cursed his people with a disease similar to cancer. Such causing men, women, and their offspring to look like Fallen Gods.

It is dangerous to openly approach the Zodiacs because you'll either be attacked or be kicked from society for associating with them. As far as it's known, there is no clear structure to the Zodiacs way of life, and in truth, no one really cares to delve into their history any more than what's been said.

These individuals are often shunned and deemed as bad omens in Nehalen due their appearance being similar to the Gods who are no longer in Nehalen. They are used as examples as to what happens when one worships Gods instead of worshiping the teachings of Man. Because of their circumstances, the Zodiacs are known for their temperament and untrust towards anyone outside their groups.

Seen as barbarians and bad luck, the Zodiacs are often employed to less than savory work because they are dispensable.



"But does man not bear in mind that She have created him aforetime while at one point they were nothing?"

Stellaris worship Her Prime, Primera. Primera can be considered the supreme deity, and she gave her followers only one precept: Do What  Thou Wilt. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt; love is the law, love under will. This statement forms the basis of Nehalen religion and society.

The Primier Cycle

The Primier Cycle is a sacred scripture that tells of the travels of Primera and how it was through her that the universe was formed from the ocean of chaos. From this ocean, the Will of Nehalen had been pulled from, and with its mighty power, the grand Nehalen was born.

"The Prime is She of the heavens and the earth: and when She wills a thing to be, She but says unto it, 'Be' - and it is."

Primera was born from the blood of Primus, the All-Father, the son of the One God Tellus Mater, mixed with the tears of the One God and nurtured in the womb of the earth. Ignored by Primus and turned away by the One God, Primera took to wandering but she did not find welcome  anywhere. Eventually, she ended up in Nu Martyr, where she was imprisoned by the Titan, Cialo.

This caught the attention of Primus, who sent a God to aid Primera and take pity on her. This God, E'na the Glorifier, came to earth to free her,  offering herself to the Titan in exchange for Primera's freedom, to which he accepted. The next morning, when the door to Primera's cell was  opened, it was found to be filled with flowers, a common sign of freedom in Nehalen now. However, in his greed Cialo went back on the bargain, and banished E'na and Primera, sending them across the heavens in a ship fashioned from stars and constellations.

This ship came to shore in La Guardia. The people did not wish to turn away from their many gods, but they saw the divinity in Primera and did not harm her. E'na lay with strangers in the streets so Primera could eat, one of many sacrifices the lowly God had made. Gradually the pair  moved west, where they found the edge of Avylon. There, the tribes shouted and shook their weapons, calling on their Gods who savored iron and blood, Baal and Cancer. Shunned away, the two continued on and found no place to call home, until they arrived in what would become  Oo'Xora. The people welcomed them with open arms and they fell in love with the land. The Gods looked down upon E'na and Primera, seeing them as mere insects invading a world that had been made only for them by the hands of Primus.  

Many years after their arrival in Oo'Xora, the One God finally turned and noticed what Primera and E'na were doing. Tellus sent Primus to summon Primera, but he came back empty-handed. The One God then sent his arch-herald, Ezekial, asking for forgiveness and offering her a  place in the heavens. Primera borrowed Ynliss' dagger and cut her palm. Refusing the offer, saying:

"Tellus Mater, your Heaven is bloodless and I am not. Offer a better place, where we may love and sing and grow as we are wont, where our children and our children's children may join us, and I will go."

The One God answered that such a place did not exist, and thus again, Tellus turned away from Primera, leaving her to the wake of the Gods wrath against her. For Eons the Gods tore away at Primera's soul, while E'na waited and watched, unable to move against her brethren in fear of being banished from the heavens. Her fears mar her as a traitor.

Drawing from the chaos surrounding her, Primera prays to her own strength and will, drawing for the Will of Nehalen. This powerful source made of Her Prime's tenacity drawn from the pleas of man took the grand mass of Cierno from the sea, shoving it into the sky where it  currently hovers above all the rest. This disconnection from the ocean and seas of life, the Gods of Nehalen were imprisoned on the island, no longer allowed to mingle amongst the stars in their full forms.

The punishment for going against Primera and her divinity. The Gods were stuck to wander about Nehalen, twisting the minds of man to beg and offer blessings to their false protectors. For eons they were worshiped, feeding off the prayers of man and their feeble greeds. Unable to watch her people bend to the wills of the Gods, Primera calls upon the Will for one final act of sacrifice. Primera shatters the Will by erecting the coverture; she passes in the process, cleansing the lands of their Gods touch and releasing man from their shackles.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law - adherents of the Primier Cycle should seek out and follow their true path. Just as Primera had done by not taking the hand of the One God.

Love is the law, love under will.  - the nature of the Primier Cycle is love; but love itself is subsidiary to finding and manifesting one's authentic purpose or mission. Just as Primera chose to love all things - God and man - she had chosen the righteous path of man.

Do What Thou Wilt forms the basis of the Stellaris religious belief. Because of this, Stellaris are quite accepting of all types of romantic relationships, be they heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Do What Thou Wilt does not refer to hedonism, fulfilling everyday desires, but to  acting in response to the calling of one’s desires.

It is believed that in order to discover one's true purpose or mission, one had to free the desires of the subconscious mind from the control of the conscious mind, especially the restrictions placed on sexual expression. This representation is in tune with how Primera had disassociated from the  One God and her kin. She was capable of finding her mission and found her purpose while doing so.

Because of E'na giving her body to obtain safety for Primera, prostitution is highly revered in Nehalen and considered sacred. Prostitutes are referred to as Glorifiers.

Primera's body is encased in a crystal coffin and is kept in a temple found in Nu Martyr. This temple has its own clergy, and offerings may be made in the temple, often involving incense or other sacred items. There are no religious services.

Rites & Rituals
Rhadine is celebrated by holding a masked ball, called the Prime Masque. Every year the Grand Kommadant holds the masque in Oo'Xora,  where everyone is invited to join, allowing individuals of a variety of backgrounds to mingle without worrying about underlying repercussions. The theme changes every year and is voted on by the Great Houses; the masque is always an extravagant affair.

The holiday centers around the celebration of Primera's rebuff to the One God and obtaining her divinity. Traditionally, two people always play the part of Primera and E'na at the masque. The individual playing as Primera (be it man or woman) is clad in rags, stooped, and hobbling with a  cane. E'na is dressed all in gold and enters when someone calls the hour of E'na's arrival to save Primera from Cialo's grasp. Upon E'na's arrival,  all lights are extinguished, and E'na taps Primera on the shoulder. Primera then lifts off her rags, appearing as a young woman dressed in all her glory, a sign that her divinity had been reached. When doing so, the lights return, and the two are seen standing side-by-side before E'na is then "banished" from the masque to signify E'na's betrayal.

The individuals chosen to play the part of Primera and E'na come from a long list of names, all of which are from Imperialist houses. Female or male, it does not matter; the person picked is a way for the Grand Kommadant to show favoritism towards that particular house. Countless  names are always given, and it takes the Grand Kommadant weeks to pick individuals to play the roles.


“The world was once nothing, but silence and thought. Onto the word of the Creator everything was thus borne into being. Darkness became Light and Light became Darkness as the thoughts of Man filled with Knowledge.”

Brought to Nehalen from the City of Angels, known as Grad na Ang’eli in the language of its inhabitants, Creationism has been spreading like wildfire throughout the lands in the wake of Grand Kommadant Primera casting away the Old Gods of Nehalen. The belief is being spread by the Creator’s Saints, led by Saint Reverie herself.

Unlike the Old Cierno Religion, Creationism does not believe in multiple Gods. Nor is it like Primier Cycle, which worships a being who walked the lands among them. Rather Creationism focuses on the Creator, the one True Divinity, and acquiring His blessing for Eternal Life after one ceases to be in the Mortal Plane. It is said that those mortals who attain His blessings, will be reborn as an Angel within the Divine Plane of Grad na Ang’eli, who have recently entered the Mortal Plane to spread His teachings.

The Creator is not a Man or Woman, nor is He mortal or ascended. The Creator is no one and everyone, nothing and everything. All around you and nowhere. As an existence beyond the mere understandings of persons within the Mortal Plane of existence, everything simply is to the Creator and mortals must follow His Will for eternal peace. To reject His Will and do upon the world what must not be done is blasphemous and treasonous to Divinity. Those of blasphemy, upon ceasing life in the Mortal Plane, are said to be banished for eternity from the cycle of rebirth and to forever live their nightmare in Limbo.

“The scriptures are key and the key is law. Follow His Will to forever right the path of Destiny. Never break such a path for fear and consequence, know no bounds or limits to cast pain upon one’s self.”

Unlike Primier Cycle, Creationism believes that everything was made into existence by the Creator. This belief doesn’t squander evolutionism as Angels believe themselves to have evolved from mortals through the Creator’s Blessing. And, yet, everything is by His Will.

It was His Will for magic to be Divine and to Holy, left only to those with His blessings. The destruction by Primera of the Old Gods’ Wills has spread magic throughout Nehalen and out of the realm of the Holy and Blessed. The Church of Creationism believes this to be an act of heresy, as are those who worship the sacrificed Grand Kommadant and those who spread or teach magic to those without a blessing.

Despite the original faith of Creationism binding blessings only to those of Grad na Ang’eli with wings, for mortals to acquire a Blessing it needs only to be granted by a Creator’s Saint. A blessing is recorded within the Book of Divine Will and those mortals are joined and backed by the Church itself.


The Nehalen Federal Military is split into three general groups: the army, the navy, and the airforce. All three categories are directly under the Nehalen Monarchy, with the Grand Kommadant as their Commander and Chief. Regardless of rank, disobeying an order from the GK results in Military Treason and a high chance of execution.

The Navy is split into three subsections:

  • Oceana Corp
  • Requin
  • Sigillum

Oceana are naval infantrymen. The make up the majority of Nehalen’s Navy, nearly ninety-five percent. The next four percent are Requin. A Requin designation is solely for those of noble birth and allows them to immediately rank above any Oceana. The top one percent of naval infantrymen are trained into one of the ten Sigillum Teams. These Oceana are elites and nearly unmatched in military prowess. Sigillum members are chosen by the respective team’s Team Leader and are unbiased in terms of birth. Only skill, potential, and personality are factored into the recruitment decision. The Sigillum is considered by some to be even more powerful than Rangers, especially on the sea. Used both nationally and internationally, but generally only in silent missions whereas the Rangers are loud in actions, Sigillum can change a Kingdom’s leaders without anyone the wiser.

The Army is likewise classified into three subsections:

  • Infantry
  • Lions
  • Rangers

Infantrymen make up nearly seventy percent of the army. The following approximately thirty-nine percent are the Lions. Similar to Requins, these are military members of Noble birth. Considered to be more honorable and forthright than Requins, Lions tend to be the highest-ranked nobility members. In terms of military authority, only team leaders of elite teams and generals outrank them. Rangers are the top one percent of the army. Chosen from anyone and everyone, Rangers are trained to the point of death and healed with magic on repeat. Wars and battles going badly on land can be flipped by a single Ranger team.  

The Airforce is split into four subcategories:

  • Airmen
  • Cloud-Riders
  • Valkyries
  • Dragons

Although the smallest branch of the military in quantity, the airforce maintains a reputation of being the highest in quality. The Airmen make up about ninety-five percent of all Airforce members. These are your general mechanics, crews, pilots, and navigators. Cloud-Riders are noble airmen, who have gained the reputation of believing themselves superior to all other Noble military classes due to literally looking down on the world each day and makeup three and a half percent of the military. They are highly trained in maneuvering airships and air strategy. Although they are less trained in gun or sword warfare and hand to hand combat, they make it up in the sheer overpowering presence of Nehalen airships.

The Valkyries is a coveted position among noble ladies. Despite other branches and classes in the military allowing women to join, as the Nehalnen courts ruled years ago that if war doesn’t discriminate then neither should the military, the Valkyries is a solely women classification. Whereas Cloud-Riders is an only men group, it’s reputation doesn’t necessarily outshine the noble sons who reign over the Lions or the Requins groups. Belonging to the Valkyries, however, is one of the largest honors a noble lady can bring to her family and instantly labels her as one of the most powerful women in the world. The Valkyries make up 1 percent of the Airforce. Finally, the Dragons. Unanimously termed the most powerful branch of the Nehalen Military, Dragons make up not even half a percent of the airforce. These are Nehalen men and women who have reached the epitome of strength, prestige, and knowledge. Dragons operate independently of all military branches are carry out missions assigned directly from the GK or the Sovereign. The identity of the Dragons are not announced and kept extremely classified, known only to the Grand Kommadant, the Sovereign, and the Dukes and Duchesses of the Great Houses if given permission by the GK.

The Loci Pulse particles in Nehalen extend over a hundred miles outward from the floating landmasses. Due to this, Nehalen has military outposts established beyond the particle border where technology provided by cities like Haven protect the continent. Within the borders, themselves, Airships, military grounds transports, and Gearboats protect the inhabitants. Although restricted by the pulse particles, the Steampunk military inventions of Nehalen are not to be underestimated. In a land where most villages and people are kept at a medieval level of technology and access, steam engines are multiple levels above. Especially when combined with the overabundance of magic.

In this way, because the Federal Empirical military is fully formed, Great Houses, Lower Houses, and the aristocracy wouldn't be allowed to maintain their own military. Rather they would likely have a rank within the military (or their children would/ family members), but instead they would have Knight Orders. And those Knight Orders, while technically part of the Empire's Military, would be controlled and handled by the House it serves. This way there'd be no real threat to the Federal Military of some sort of coup d'etats and would be more aligned with classical medieval war hierarchies. The size of one's Knightly Order would be naturally dependent on the House's wealth and prestige. So although some Houses may have an Order that challenges those above them, the Duchies would have the largest and finest as their wealth casts a shadow on even the wealthiest of merchants.

Colloquially, the Army are called Soldiers, the Navy are called Swimmers, and the Airforce are called Eagles. Mixing up the names can be taken as something fairly insulting (like calling a Marine a soldier iirc).


A major effect of Grand Kommadant Primera ordering the destruction of the Old Gods and forcing them into the mortal plane did more than simply allow magic to run amok and summon the Garden of Nede from the divine realm. At the exact moment that the final Old God had their will destroyed and was banished from Nehalen, a massive pulse went out disrupting the continent on a massive scale. The forceful separation of the Will from Nehalen’s Loci result in a near-catastrophic upheaval of technology.

Cars ceased to work. Trains sputtered to a stop. Airplanes nose-dived from the air stopped only by preinstalled safety magic. Cell phones, laptops, smart devices; everything was burnt by the Loci Pulse. Although unknown, it seems to have contained similar qualities to an electromagnetic pulse. The largest difference, however, was that the substance it released made it so that technology could not progress. Only in the areas were such Loci Pulse substances are most thin, such as Haven, can technology be used and developed.

Now, Nehalen maintains a mix of Steampunk and Medieval technological narratives. Instead of planes, Airships cloud the skies built from the combined prowess of steam engines and magic. Carriages fixed with magnificent gears twirled and clinked, moving the transport forward with mechanical power. In some ways, adding magic to the steam engines has resulted in speeds rivaling those of areas full of technological advancement. For those of lesser wealth, horses and gear assisted carriages are the main methods of transportation.

Saved from the majority of Loci Pulse particles, the rare city like Haven, however, continues to enjoy the full benefits of advanced sciences and futuristic technologies. Researchers are working hard in developing a method to allow the transport of advanced technologies without them being destroyed by the Loci Pulse particles.


1 Platinum = 1,000 Gold
1 Gold = 100 Silvers
1 Silver = 10 Bronze
1 Bronze = 10 Coppers


All public schools secular by design and hold no religious affiliations. Private schools, however, are allowed to imbibe whatever amount of religion they desire so long as they continue to meet the standard educational requirements set by the Royal Administration.

Basic courses include standard courses such as math, sciences, history, foreign languages, local languages, and others. There are also courses in various hand to hand combats, armed combats, magic runes, spell casting, alchemy, close quarters magic combat, and practical training where students are take into the wilds of Nehalen. When they graduate, they're assigned to their first adventure, supervised by a professor a guest professor.

College is split into Military College, Magic Application College, and Scholar College. Military College doesn't necessarily be mean you'll join the military, but does make access to higher ranks much easier. MA College is how to best utilize magic in various ways. Scholar College is more about creating new magic, spells, runes, magic theories, etc.

The brightest minds within the field of magic generally head toward the Nehalen Tower of Magic, the most prestigious magical institute on the continent.

Although education passed 8th grade isn't mandatory for children in the outskirt villages, it's expected that even the most country bumpkin has at least an 8th grade education. And children in the higher populated cities are required to get a full 12 years of education, exceptions provided by local courts case by case situations.

It's further expected that all nobility graduate from a College. Lower education can be dealt with through tutors, but they're all expected to attend a college after graduating from lower education. Although private schools are allowed to manage their students with noble rankings and commoner bloodlines in mind, public schools and the colleges are required by the Cartyr Royal Family to be discrimination free, so that the best of the best will always thrive regardless of birth origin. Punishment for trying to bully through ranks or taking favors because of your house is severe and dealt with very strictly.


New Cierno - The current language spoken by those who live in Nehalen. In a real life comparison, New Cierno sounds like french. Depending on the area of Nehalen, the dialect may change.

Old Cierno -  Not spoken by the large majority, old Cierno is relied upon almost solely for powerful spell casting. Though many in Nehalen may know the occasional word, it is becoming more and more difficult to find two people who can converse fluently in the old language. In a real life comparison, Old Cierno sounds like latin.

For the most part, magic now works the same in Nehalen as it does throughout the rest of Valucre, post god slaying. With one exception. The use of Old Cierno during spell casting results in much greater magic than through New Cierno or Unni. However, this magic comes at a great personal cost. If the caster is lucky, the spell may only take an abundance of personal energy or a nail. If the caster is unlucky, an eye or an ear. If really unlucky, even the caster's life may be taken.

Although the caster can recover the cost through various forms of healing magic, it can only be done through great effort. And, when healed, this causes the next Old Cierno spell to take double the cost it would have otherwise.

The power cap for Nehalen is currently placed at building destroying capacity at a maximum. Anything larger requires board leader permission.


The Gods of Nehalen are no longer, having been killed and banished from the lands. The Stellaris are no longer bound by their religion and are allowed to live their lives free from the oppressive Gods.

Note - recent events listed at the top. Also make sure to visit the Nehalen canon update thread.

Romilly Reid Cartyr crowned as Grand Kommadant
After many arguments from both sides of the political field, Romilly Reid Cartyr is crowned as the new Grand Kommadant of Nehalen. He officially announces his sister, Areille as Sovereign and completely removes the rest of his siblings from their political seats. This drastic move has made him appear as some kind of tyrant too afraid to share his power, and such is he painted.
Great House of Chanaril
In a surprising change of power, House Chanaril, led by Duke Aedos Chanaril,  is given authority over Nu Martyr by The Commander. In exchange, Duke Aedos is to allow Paragons to move freely in and out of Nu Martyr under certain restrictions. The Kingdom of Ascension collapses as Duke Aedos Chanaril pushes his Duchy to the forefront of Nu Martyr's power matrix.

Houses on the rise
Royal Houses that had long been removed from the political systems of Nehalen are now reappearing. Individuals in need of power and stability believe it is their responsibility to ensure that the age of man is incorporated in their vision. The Great Houses mainly  consist of Imperialists, as they are noble individuals who can trace their roots back to noble individuals who've done great deeds in Nehalen's history. Aristocrats are against this value as they believe their houses are just as great and deserve just as much recognition even if their bloodlines can't be directly followed to anyone specific in Nehalen's history. They are constantly fighting against the crown and the Imperialists to obtain nobility.

Fall of PRIMES
The invasion of Nu Martyr resulted in the first death of the Nehalen PRIMES. During a peace meeting between the La Guardia  PRIME and Avylon PRIME, the two PRIMES were assassinated by unknown forces. Since both PRIMES were attempting to create an alliance against Nu Martyr and The Commander, it's suspected to somehow be tied back to House Chanaril but there lacks even a shred of evidence to substantiate the claim. With Oo'xora being ruled by an emperor rather than a PRIME, the provinces are leaderless and a power vacuum is formed. Thus enter the Great Houses.  

Magic now reigns supreme
Magic had always been something restricted either to the higher nobility or the Gods themselves. It was an anomaly in Nehalen as individuals relied on their prayers and blessings from the Gods to do great and wondrous things. Now, without the Gods and without the need for prayer, magic has surged through the veins of Nehalen, affecting those once blessed by their Gods. No longer needing to rely on specific items to wield magic or wish for it, denizens of Nehalen are now capable of using their magic in however way it pleases them. This has caused conflict among political parties as some see magic as a gift while others see it as trouble.

Creationism Takes Hold
A new religion is quickly sweeping across Nehalen, filling in the gap that was voided by the death of Reno divinity and the sacrifice of Grand Kommadant Primera. In many cities and towns throughout all four provinces, Creationism has established an existence known as the Church. Believing magic to be sacred, the Church advocates against the free use of magic and pushes for strict regulations.  There is a split, however, between those of the Church who side with Saint Reverie and don't believe in extremism and those that believe only an extremely harsh form of theocracy will prevent those against the Creator from having their soul tortured for eternity.

Primera Cartyr is laid to rest
With the destruction of the Will, Grand Kommadant Primera sacrifices herself to ensure that the island of Nehalen remains in the sky,  keeping her people's home safe from falling. Using her own divinity, Primera's soul is the sole source keeping the island in place, not the Will or the works of outside Gods and their need for prayer and sacrifice. The former Grand Kommadant's body is encased in crystal and kept safely inside a cathedral where it is openly worshiped.

The Will of Nehalen is destroyed
In order to ensure that all Gods are completely eradicated from Nehalen and there is no longer a connection between her people and the All-Father Primus, Primera destroys the Will of Nehalen, the power source to Nehalen's stability. The island is no longer under  the control of the Gods and their leader; the people are free humans allowed to freely express themselves, though that leaves them with no true spiritual leadership. No longer dependent on the Gods and with no Will to act as a spiritual compass, Nehalen is ushered into the age of man.

Due to the Will being destroyed, a million pieces of it are spread across Nehalen.

Primera creates the coverture
Any surviving Gods are banished from Nehalen. The coverture cuts them off from Nehalen, which in turn cuts them off from the prayer of the people. The coverture hides the Gods from the eyes of all; their world is now completely separated from Nehalen, and the only individual to control this new world is Primera. She ensures the surviving Gods will never return to Nehalen and due to this change worshiping of the old Gods is strictly forbidden. All who dare to continue to pray to the demolished gods will be punished -  severely.

Garden of Nede Appears
As a consequence arising from Grand Kommadant Primera's uprising against the gods and goddesses of old, a new land appeared north of Nehalen. Previously home to other divine existences, the Garden of Nede is now barren of all human life.  All that exists on this floating island are demons and eldritch beasts. Heroes, villains, and adventurers of all kinds make their way to Nede for whatever secrets it holds.

Destruction of Nu Martyr
In a battle pitting the Cult of Power against Nu Martyr and heroes from around Valucre, the Cult of Power came out victorious. In a  path of utter destruction, the Paragons of CoP rampage throughout the province bringing nothing but death and destruction  wherever they go. The Kingdom of Ascension is thereby established by the Paragons in charge.

Heroes to all
Heroes from all over Valucre come to Nehalen's aid and begin to dispose of the rampaging Gods. With the help of these kind strangers, a majority of the Gods have been dealt with while the rest have been banished from Nehalen forever.

The Gods begin to fall
The Gods of Nehalen have gone wild on power and began to run rampant, hurting the people who had once worshiped them. It is rumored the Gods had fallen from the grace of the All-Father, Primus, who had disappeared from the land he once called home. Without such grace, they began to run wild across Nehalen, killing and destroying everywhere they went in hopes to regain their foothold in the backs of the people. The real reason is known to a very select few. 

Creators: Aleksei and Ataraxy
Editors: supernal and Csl

Edited by supernal

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