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Jesus Negro

The Golden Dragon is approximately 560 miles West (30min/airship) of La Guardia. Oo`xora is a rather unique destination, for she is nothing like its elder sisters. The heart of the mega-capitol city is very advanced and constantly bringing about evolution to a point that some scientist/alchemist felt the Renovatian race would soon exhaust all its potential and opportunities. The more rural areas outside of the capitol resemble Edo times with very little technological advancements only favored in few arbitrary locations. According to the Renovatian Census Bureau, the population of the Oo`Xora province is around 15,000,000 (capital: 1.3 million); 90% of the people being Renovatian and Damiryans as the minority at 10%.

Oo`Xora is known as the Golden Dragon because of a single wonder that can only be observed from outer space. Satellite imagery revealed to the public by the Accademia showed that there are massive intricate line systems spanning across the land that takes the shape of a grand dragon chasing the setting sun.

Might be cloudy with chances of rain TBA.


Chinese Japanese shit TBA.

Major Companies & Institutions
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Parks & Recreation

Landmarks & Monuments

The Temple of Ventus. Enigmatic and mysterious, the temple of Ventus acts as a Primal crown sitting high above the beautiful land of Oo`Xora. In the day its All-seeing eye (the pyramid's tip) casts a vibrant golden hue over all, sparkling like a gem in the sky that could be seen from a thousand miles away, and strangely, dulls in the ambiance of moon light. Ancient scriptures explain that the temple is in fact a ship piloted by none other than the Herald, Ventus. To this day, archaeologist discover hidden areas within this colossal structure, though the bridge remains hidden for the temples complexity and puzzles have yet to be mastered. There are four airship docking stations on the north face allowing tourists to explore the ancient megalithic spacecraft, which has actually helped the economy tremendously, generating substantial income annually.

The Cosmic Dragon is one of the most famous restaurants in Renovatio, if not the greatest. Specializing in orient and Latin cuisine, exotic cocktails, and entertainment, many of age scholars start their weekends off right here. There are several floors that host parties/raves and other unique club and lounge atmospheres all day, everyday.

Government & National Security

Predecessors: TBA.

200,000 3rd Class SOLDAT, 40,000 2nd Class SOLDAT, and 500 1st Class SOLDAT uphold the law in Oo`Xora, receiving their orders directly from the Prime SOLDAT.

The Celestial Guard
The idea of this organization became reality, conceived by way of the Enforcement Act passed shortly after the Cialo event. Both air and space are better protected, and has been as safe as it has ever been.

Zodiac Knights
A sacred society of unique Renovatian warriors tasked with protecting their home-front and foreign affairs. There are usually only a handful [~6] of Zodiac Knights watching over cities outside of the capitol.



  • Roads, Expressways & Autobahns. (in the Capitol)
  • Train stations & Subways.
  • Ports, Piers, & Riverways.
  • Horses & Chariots (outside the Capitol)
  • Air stations.

Notable Residents
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