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Primera Capitol | Nu Martyr


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izx7kur.pngPrimera Capitol City is the shining jewel of Nehalen.

It is the capital of its province, located in the eastern region of Nehalen, south of the capital city La Guardia. Primera Capitol used to be considered the wealthiest locality in all of Nehalen. Every road was paved beautifully with white stones, crystal jut out of any crevice, and most buildings were covered in greenery of all sorts. There was pride in every small touch and it was all taken care of exceptionally well to help preserve the life of the city that has been through so much. However, that beauty and pride was destroyed when the Cult of Power invaded the city. Nothing but destruction and fire was left in their wake. What was once a gorgeous cityscape is now riddled with the marks of war. The roads are shattered and broken while houses hand on single beams. The tallest buildings have fallen, leaving only rubble for shelter to the old inhabitants; those still living.

With House Chanaril taking the reins over the province as a whole, the Duchy has been working to calm the waters. The Kingdom of Ascension which had taken root in Primera Capitol City was destroyed by Duke Chanaril and his Knights, forcing out any and all Cult of Power Paragons from within the city. Paragons have not been banned from entering, but must register there identity before doing so.


The capital city rests at the base of a high mountain, built around the great lake Estrella. Estrella cascades over the cusp of Nehalen like a magnificent waterfall, naturally replenishing the planet below with Life Energy and natural minerals. Within the middle of the lake resides a temple where the Grand Kommadant Primera, whose body is encased in crystal,  resides. The Prayer Bridge connecting the temple and the edge of the city, allowing the people of Nehalen pay their respects through prayer.

Everywhere there are bundles of crystals jutting from the ground, adding a certain flair to the already beautiful city. Each crystal varies in size, and people are welcome to take them and use them however they see fit. Often mined for their beauty, the crystals are also incubators of magic that can be manipulated for enchantments and enhancements.


Time has changed Primera Capitol, making it a somewhat temperamental spot in its province. A variety of lakes and streams surround the city from all sides, making the city a tad cloudier and receive much more snow than average. Though it is not the snow that is the real problem as Nu Martyr will see flurries at most, but temperatures drop substantially, making it dangerous to travel outside the city no matter how adequately prepared one is.

The crystals crushed into the stones warm all roads and walkways; they are activated during the winter, melting away the snow for safer travels within the city. This allows the city to continue it's movement and minimizes the opportunity for any accidents that may occur due to ice and snow. 

Summers are terrible, reaching sweltering and extremely uncomfortable temperatures that are considered not safe for most. The roads and walkways have the opposite effect during the summers, where the streets will feel fresh and comfortable. Though such is not to be considered as fool-proof, the heat and humidity make it uncomfortable to some, so it is suggested that most activity is taken to the later hours of the day when it is safe.


The wealthiest families now reside in the capital, having fled back into the city when Duke Aedos Chanaril retook control from the Kingdom of Ascension.

These families do not represent the entirety of Primera Capitol; at its very core, the city is a gentle place that is tormented by events of the past. Those that have the money to buy influence will and the rest fight their way to the front lines. With the recent events demonstrating the inability of the Cartyr Royal Family to maintain peace throughout the land, whispers of an uprising have been passed through the streets by a group of individuals hoping to revert to the time before Primera took her position as Grand Kommadant and House Chanaril rose back into the centerfold. A large uneasiness can be felt in the air. These are large facets and issues within Primera Capital that are met with heated criticism, even violence from those truly devout.

With the recent influx of wealth pouring into the city, it is quickly becoming once again a place of beauty and wealth; but it will take time to regain the city's former glory.

Primera Capitol is home to some of the most famous art in Renovatio; the Cosmic Library and the collections from the Grand Trine museums are of the highest historical, scientific and cultural importance.

In such troubling times, open-air mass is often held in Stoile Square, where everyone goes to attend, no matter their religious beliefs and background. Such practice, however, is becoming much less often due to the large and recent conflict between magic and the new religions of Nehalen.


With the fall of the short lived Kingdom of Ascension and the continuing raids of Paragons throughout the province, war is Primera Capitol's most lucrative business. Everyone has a job to do, whether that be making the weapons, wielding them, making medicine or something else. Unable to make proper trade with other provinces due to the volatile situation in Nu Martyr, Primera Capitol has become almost completely isolated and independent, only making the occasional trade with Nu Sicily. 

Outside from the major operations, there is a scattering of various smaller shops and markets throughout. Handmade items help support the smaller businesses; the more unique, the better. 

Poverty, once a truly worrying issue in Primera Capitol, has all but been solved. Those too weak to run had been killed during the invasion and those too poor before were recruited into Knight Orders needed to fight off the seemingly endless Paragons.


Ascendant Bank

Ascendant Bank is run by a Board of Superintendence which report to the Grand Kommadant and the Supervisory Board of Renovatio. The AB is regulated by the Grand Kommadan'ts supervisory body: Ephemeris. The creation of the bank was to give the people of Nu Martyr a chance to better monitor their money in a useful and productive manner that will benefit their lives. Ascendant Bank provides safekeeping and administration of movable and immovable property.

Cosmic Library

The Cosmic Library was re-instituted by Primera once she took over Nehalen; the most significant collections of historical texts reside in the library. The Grand Kommadant's vision for the Cosmic Library was to create a public place to house various works, luring pilgrims and scholars to the city to help in its constant growth. It is meant to be seen as an institution for a humanist scholarship.

The Cosmic Library is a research library for history, law, philosophy, science, and theology. It's open to everyone at any time, but it is substantially protected to keep the ancient texts secure and safe. No book is allowed to leave unless approved by Primera, and even then it would take a heavily researched reason as to why something would leave the Cosmic Library. 

There are three sections in addition to the overall library, from bottom to top:

  • Section one: semi-basement is a storage area for manuscripts.
  • Section two: houses the restoration laboratory
  • Section three: houses the photographic archives

The Grand Trine

Displays works from the immense collection amassed through the centuries including some of the most renowned classical sculptures and most important masterpieces of the ancient art in the entirety of Renovatio. The museums are said to contain roughly 70,000 works, of which 20,000 are on display, and currently employ approximately 600+ people who work in various administrative, scholarly, and restoration departments.

Grand Trine I

This particular museum houses various sculptures saved and restored from multiple periods in Renovatio's history. Visitors to the museum will find themselves enraptured by the many galleries inside, one notable gallery being The Floor of Faces, the name coming from the mosaic on the floor which shows ancient theater masks. Another is the gallery of busts where ancient busts are displayed.

Parks & Recreation

Primera Capitol is a wonder in of itself. Built at the base of a grand mountain, it is surrounded by jagged mountain ranges and invading streams pooling into lakes. Wildlife is constantly seen wandering through and outside the city, and foliage is allowed to grow throughout the streets - a mix of nature and technology. Streets paved white and buildings to match, the beautiful city nearly shimmers underneath the hot sun.

Landmarks & Monuments

Star Gate

Ms7VqMU.pngStar Gates are portals that open to specific stars that burn beyond the gates pearly exterior. Each of the four main cities of Nehalen have a Star Gate: Avylon, Primera Capitol (Nu Martyr), Oo’Xora, La Guardia. 

It's said that the stars are the fabled Manabai'wok, creatures who had once inhabited Nehalen in its infancy. Each star represents a Manabai'wok given to the human Steorra (a fabled goddess that's worshiped by those touched with magic) had loved. With their discovery, Nehalen was kept from falling out of the sky during the Halcyon (an event that had happened when Grand Kommadant Merida was killed). No longer used to keep the island in the sky, these gates are now pieces of Nehalen's history.

Visitors are welcomed and even encouraged to visit the gates, for they are indeed a sight to see!

Canopus Star Gate

The Canopus Star Gate inhabits the northern part of Primera Capitol, leaving the city to grow out and around it. Many come here to pay homage to the bright star, which is said to bring good fortune and long, happy life. 

The Statue of Tellus

MMFhhIV.pngPrimera was born from the blood of Primus, the All-Father, the son of the One God Tellus Mater, mixed with the tears of the One God and nurtured in the womb of the earth. Ignored by Primus and turned away by the One God, Primera took to wandering but she did not find welcome  anywhere.

The Statue of the One God Tellus Mater was built in the very spot Primera and her companion E'na landed on. This statue had not been built in reverence, more as a simple reminder of how Primera had stood up against the God. The grandness of the creation puts in perspective how Primera, a simple woman then, had denounced a giant, cosmic being. It's rumored that the Goddess Steorra, another being shunned by Primus and Tellus Mater, had assisted in Primera's growth but there is no proof in the scripts that it was so.

The Statue of Tellus is linked to the Holy Bridge (connected to Primera's temple) where thousands come to pray daily and pay their respects to Primera.

Government & National Security 

Duchy of Nu Martyr - At the top of the hierarchy in Primera Capitol City is House Chanaril, the noble house which rules the entire province.

Marquess of Primera Capitol - Although the Duchy is the overall ruler of Nu Martyr, excluding the Grand Kommadant, the Duke's Household is rarely in Primera Capitol City. In the Duchy's absence, the Marquess' Household is in charge.

County of Primera Capitol - Primera Capitol itself is split into different counties. And, though they might answer to the Marquess, the individual territories are ruled by Counts.


Under the rule of the Nehalen Royal Family, provinces are no longer allowed to maintain independent militaries. Instead they are given permission to control and create a knightly order. The size of the order depends on the power and wealth of the House in question.


All public schools are secular by design and hold no religious affiliations. Private schools, however, are allowed to imbibe whatever amount of religion they desire so long as they continue to meet the standard educational requirements set by the Royal Administration.

Basic courses include standard courses such as math, sciences, history, foreign languages, Renovation, and others. There are also courses in various hand to hand combats, armed combats, magic runes, spell casting, alchemy, close quarters magic combat, and practical training where students are take into the wilds of Nehalen. When they graduate, they're assigned to their first adventure, supervised by a professor a guest professor.

College is split into Military College, Magic Application College, and Scholar College. Military College doesn't necessarily be mean you'll join the military, but does make access to higher ranks much easier. MA College is how to best utilize magic in various ways. Scholar College is more about creating new magic, spells, runes, magic theories, etc.

The brightest minds within the field of magic generally head toward the Nehalen Tower of Magic, the most prestigious magical institute on the continent.

Although education passed 8th grade isn't mandatory for children in the outskirt villages, it's expected that even the most country bumpkin has at least an 8th grade education. And children in the higher populated cities are required to get a full 12 years of education, exceptions provided by local courts case by case situations. 

It's further expected that all nobility graduate from a College. Lower education can be dealt with through tutors, but they're all expected to attend a college after graduating from lower education. Although private schools are allowed to manage their students with noble rankings and commoner bloodlines in mind, public schools and the colleges are required by the Cartyr Royal Family to be discrimination free, so that the best of the best will always thrive regardless of birth origin. Punishment for trying to bully through ranks or taking favors because of your house is severe and dealt with very strictly.


Steam-engine transportation

Horse-drawn carriages

Notable Residents

Aedos Chanaril: Duke of the Great House of Nu Martyr
House Chanaril


The New Ways

Originally Primera Capitol City was named Nu Martyr City, an imitation of the provincial name. That all changed when the province was invaded by a powerful group, the Cult of Power, headed by the Commander. Unable to defend itself from the great magic of the invaders, not only did cities fall but so did the entire province. 

The PRIME was killed, the great artifact of Asteria stolen, and all of those previously wealthy families were uprooted. The poor died while the strong either fought back or joined the Cult's ranks. Rising from where Nu Martyr City fell, the Paragons of the Cult of Power created a new ruling government: the Kingdom of Ascension.

However, even during the Cult's invasion there was an area of land the Paragons avoided. Whether on order of the Commander or not, not a single Paragon stepped foot into the Chanaril Territory. A few months after the invasion and subsequent birth of Ascension, House Chanaril left its territory and began retaking cities throughout Nu Martyr- starting with the Kingdom of Ascension. 

When the Kingdom toppled under the Duchy's might, the Duke Chanaril renamed it to Primera Capitol in honor of the Grand Kommandant Primera who had sacrificed so much for her people.

Now the city is building itself back up, stronger than ever under the lead of the Great House Chanaril.

The Old Ways

Once heavily mana infused in ancient times, the Nu Martyr of today is a Primal city with a marble shell. Reborn within a realm enriched with opportunities, the Grand Capitol stands tall and supreme over her contiguous sisters as Renovatio's first Wonder. By far the wealthiest city in history, despite the hit the economy took during the Halcyon Events.

Primera Capitol, prior to the fall of the gods and the invasion of the Cult of Power, followed a much different hierachy. 

PRIME: An individual who is the ruler of their city. They answer to the Grand Kommadant.


Primeir Cartyr was the second Overlord-Magister in the history of Renovatio. Not only did he serve his city, but he also helped his nation as their Grand Kommandant. Fair and handsome, the sacrifices Primeir's made for his people has immortalized him as an honorable man, and a hero despite his fall from grace. 

His predecessor was his father Lirvyrnius Cartyr, the White King, who was the first to serve as an Overlord and Magister.

Replacing Primeir Cartyr is Merida Persona; she also ruled as Grand Kommandant and Magister of Nu Martyr. She timidly ruled over the people of Renovatio, only replacing Primeir in a hope to bring meaning back to her homeland. Her rule could be described as lackluster and dull; she had allowed the people of Renovatio to do what they wished and only asserted her jurisdiction when necessary, other than that the woman was a silent, devout ruler who loved her people but never had the skill to rule.

After Merida's death, her daughter Primera took the helm as Grand Kommandant overall. She does not reside as Magister over Nu Martyr, leaving the title free for anyone worthy to carry.

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