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Aelindra City Capital

The Hummingbird

"As long as Mankind lives, he lives in a Golden Age."

"Those skyscrapers are compensating, eh?" -Southern Civilian

Western Capital: Aelindra City


Regent: A council of the Seven City Lords

Flag: Twin golden hawks suspended against a blue sky

Contact: The Hummingbird

Shining with splendor and awash in a variety of culture and traditions, Aelindra City is an artistic masterpiece. Architects of fame have erected massive skyscrapers, dwarfing even the greatest of residential mansions, and have spared nothing in accommodations and luxuries inside and out. Never taken by force, Aelindra City is acceptable of every race, intimidating by sight only.

As the Grand Capital of Genesaris, Aelindra City holds high expectations for its youth. Education systems strive to bring out perfection in every pupil, challenging them in their chosen career paths and encouraging learning and risk-taking. The arts and sciences in magic, magi-tech and pure technology are encouraged; it is such studies that form the very foundation of Aelindra. This is where magic and technology are fused seamlessly, eventually spreading to the farthest corners of Genesaris.



Aelindra is seated between the two branches of the Norallus River, sprawling languorously out between a port and the flowing stream from which it swells. The ground itself is a flat plain of grass, providing a firm foundation for the grandiose city and the citizens that make their living there. A lush, tranquil forest spreads to beyond the eastern river, conveniently hiding the uncomfortably close territory of Reyer City Prison.

Beyond the western branch of Norallus River, grasslands and woods alike blend into one another, barely concealing the high mountains bordering the ominous Wicker Town. But as with many unsightly things, the foreboding presence of such a place remains largely hidden and thus ignored.

To the close north, the Bloodstone Marsh swells in softly rolling hills, and though this palce is known for its dangers, none of the beasts and strange creatures here have ever made threat to the city and all its well-trained guards and great structures. Instead, the marsh is rather a scenic view, providing a lovely sight and lush smells of the wilds. Rivers and geographically altered lands from the marsh have been funneled under and over ground into Aelindra City, providing water and food for animals and humans alike.

While seemingly a quiet, glowing jewel in the northwestern lands of Genesaris, Aelindra City is awash in liveliness and sound, and sophisticated architecture only one of the brilliances the city has to offer. Mighty trees, parks, and flowers grow from the earth, promoting the natural beauty of the Nature and the willingness to preserve its limited resources. Even in the heart of the city, the citizens have not forgotten what they have taken to build Aelindra Capital.


As a gathering place of many races and promoting understanding, equality, and educated foresight, Aelindra is largely a peaceful place filled with history and wonders to explore. Naturally, due to the large population and expectations of any capital city, Aelindra strives to provide all sorts of luxuries to the people, which include running water, heated rooms and houses, and even electricity powered by ingenious magitech and natural resources such as lightning stones.

Architecture in Aelindra is truly magnificent, pillars of shining gold and gleaming metal bound together to form mighty towers and skyscrapers rivaling the heights of heaven. Massive banks, convenience stores, smaller local shops, and central magitech centers line the streets of Aelindra, reminding the populace that they are not and never will be without service for any needs they might have.


Due to the warm climate of the north and the decidedly calm climate of the west, Aelindra, seated between both, suffers no extreme weather conditions. The weather is decidedly pleasant year-round, never too hot or too warm so long as the Velhatien Desert remains peaceful and the rest of Genesaris remains stable.

Winter can be chilly, with snow sometimes falling to blanket the streets and allowing frost to build on the skyscrapers, but such things as blizzards and catastrophic hurricanes have never roughened the farthest edges of Aelindra Capital City.

Flora and Fauna

Like all of Genesaris, the grounds of Aelindra City shares a lot of flora and fauna with Earth. The below are just a few of the notable exceptions.

Heavenwing Butterfly (Insect): Though naturally found outside anywhere, these friendly insects are often found in the greenhouses, sometimes in surprisingly large numbers pollinating the flowers. Their large wing is about a handspan long, bright blue with flecks that resemble a starry sky. Often released during weddings and celebrations, it is considered a good omen if one lands on you.

Highsky Hawk (Avian): this bird is a native of Bloodstone Marsh, but can be seen riding the skies over Aelindra City. They love to make their nests on the skyscraper and rooftops of high buildings, raising their chicks that often number two to three. They have grown used to humans who sometimes feed them their favorite snacks – berries, despite the birds’ usual appetite for succulent mice and squirrels.

Flameleaf (Shrub): Flameleaf is commonly found in the thick of the jungle's shady ground terrain. It grows small, spiny leaves with red tips and blossoms in the late spring. Its bright yellow blossoms form pebble-sized, round berries that are crimson in color—these appear in the late autumn. These berries are simply called fire berries, and have a highly acidic and vinegar-like taste. They are known to cause stomach upset in large quantities, but are sometimes added in salads and dressings to add color and flavor. Dried, ground up leaves tend to have a similar texture and taste as basil, but must be strenuously boiled first to remove its natural oily coat that is known to cause bright pink skin rashes. Without being first treated, the leaves are naturally poisonous and cause swelling in the nose, throat, and tongue. Their stringent taste is popular in Aelindra restaurants and are grown locally in greenhouses.



Often well-educated and open-minded, the common citizen is friendly and welcoming to the city, always excited about news from other cities and faraway lands. The populace is very patient with newcomers and cultural mistakes made from strangers, and are willing to help recitify these mistakes and integrate the new into the traditional. However, they are also willing to accept new ideas and technology, pleased to “keep up with the times”.

Civilian Population: 12,500,000

  • Minors (Under 16): 3,125,000
  • Elderly (Over 60): 1,962,500
  • Male/Female Ratio: 49.8%/50.2%


Aelindra’s economy is and always has been strong, stable, and thriving. They are large exporters of magitech and household technology and a good amount of income comes from the selling of these luxuries. They are also large sellers and employers of books and scholars, as well as architects and local mages who find no lack of work or need for their skill in one of the largest cities in all of Genesaris.

Major Companies and Institutions

Arcana Private School: The largest school in the Northwest prides itself in the number of professors and unique attentions each of its students receives. There are special programs for every subject imaginable, divided to challenge and inspire the students and even offering training to those gifted or interested in magic. This school tends to turn out many local mages and airship builders, as well as the best scholars in the world.

Institute of Brilliance: this is essentially a large, citywide club dedicated to the conception, invention, and creation of magitech, from the mundance to the magnificent, form the smallest computer to the greatest airship. All those of gifted minds or even just creative, insane ideas are welcomed into the club. All members are dedicated to spreading technology across Genesaris… and they are being invariably successful.

Parks and Recreation

Landmarks and monuments

The Monument Library: Aelindra has devoted itself to producing books and educated scholars in plenty, and this library is no small part of that. A great storage of ancient texts and scrolls, this library is one of the largest, if not the largest, in Genesaris. Anyone who comes here to learn, whether it be about history or legendary artifacts, is almost guaranteed to find something. Over five stories tall and stacked with books of all kinds and of all ages, this glorious library resonates with knowledge and wisdom.

Yum Janus Tavern: a famous tavern that lies in nearly every large city of Genesaris, the Yum Janus Tavern is shaped like a large cross, with one side devoted to a casual setting while the other half is devoted to the formal and grandiose. With rooms and music and exceptional service, the Yum Janus tavern is, while quite popular still among one of many establishments willing to offer room and board for visitors and guests.

Aelindra Airship Base: the advent of airships found Aelindra resting at six airships: now, there are thirty, armed and ready for war and other service. On the outskirts of Aelindra the base is a mass of concrete buildings and stone barracks, guarded by highly trained individuals to see that no airship can be stolen or hijacked.


Agency Overview

Regent: Council of Seven

Miltiary:Troop of the Golden Hawks: Armed with mana blade, caster guns, horses and the occasional commanding officer riding a spellcycle, a Golden Hawk is no one to trifled with. They are highly trained with their own special intelligence operatives for extreme cases, and are intolerant of crime.

City Guard Total: 12,850

  • High Ranking Officers: 85
  • Jail Workers: 700
  • Capital Guards: 360
  • Special Assignments Officers: 43

Military: Houses 25% of The Rising West's Army, about 250,000-350,000 troops.

  • Territory Coverage: About 300mi Radius
  • Estimated Number of Forts (Contains a brigade): 100
  • Troops able to defend city within 1 day: 50,000-54,000
  • Time to gather entire army: 4-8 days.

These numbers do not account for mercenaries, assassins, or Edgemasters who might work within the city. These numbers fluctuate on a daily basis and cannot be accurately counted due to government secrecy.


The Monument Library and Arcana School work together to turn out clever, highly educated students, and even the smaller public students have a high graduation rate with degrees, diplomas, certificates, awards, and scholarships in plenty. Geniuses of the modern age often can trance their beginnings to Aelindra City, and those who do not often make at least a visit, learning what cannot be learned anywhere else but Aelindra City.


Roads and Highways: Most roads and highways are meant for walking with wider paths used for horses and carriages.

Crossroads Gate: Placed on the outskirts of the western side of the city, several crossroads gates lie transporting people to and from corresponding cities, such as Union Capital, Shrine City, Coastal Grande, Ballard Bay, and more. For a reasonable fee, it is the quickest way to and from the city, and smaller gates offer transportation close to the heart of the city.

Public Airships: small airships are available for use when traveling across or touring the city. These airships usually carry around 20 to 30 passengers seated, and provide cubbards for luggage and smaller loads. These travel in the sky along carefully charted routes, landing on small bays located throughout the city.

Private Airships: these private airships travel back and forth from city to city out of the Aelindra Airship Base. Next to the Crossroads, these airships, for a reasonable fee, are the most popular way to travel, and often the most exciting.

Notable Residents

The Council of Seven: the council is chosen annually by the votes of residents, a small democracy with power tempered by the residents themselves and the power of Union City.



Will you fill this?


Founded by Lord Aelindra of Stonehaven Island, Aelindra City started out small, quickly expanding under Aelindra’s ambition to form a great and mighty city able to stand on its own, away from other, lesser towns and villages that at that time covered most of the Northwest.

Aelindra valued education, knowledge and truth. In his travels he had gathered a large following who treasured the same, and with them he found a suitable plot of land between a branch and body of a river, and there began to build. He began first with a small library and array of tents, a small camp where people could come and share their knowledge with one another. In time, a few buildings were raised, and the rest began from there.

The first skyscraper was raised, with the help of magic and architectural genius, within two years of nonstop work. Set in the heart of the city, Aelindra chose six elders to govern the structure of the rest of his city declaring that to rule alone and isolated would be foolish and a folly. It would be this law of the council that other cities would soon follow after the rulership of Kings and Queens. When Aelindra died from a mysterious cancer, his son took his place, then that son’s daughter, and so forth, down the line to today, with a distanced grandson, a niece, and a distant cousin sitting on the council with the descendants of those first chosen.

According to Aelindra’s wishes, the library and schools continue to grow in size and quality, and his influence continues to expand even beyond his death.

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