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Ballard Bay

The Hummingbird

Southern Swell Capital: Ballard Bay


As the capital for the Southern Swell, Ballard Bay has risen to great levels of prosperity, through a combination of heavy commercial trading on the sea and major advancements in the field of magic. Ballard Bay values education for all, and thus they host three different academies. One is strictly focused on magical pursuits, and while not as highly regarded as Mageside city, they are considered the best magic campus on the western half of Genesaris. The second academy focuses on the science of magic and ways to infuse it with modern technology, with more emphasis on creating effective researchers than the actual technology themselves; many from The Rising West come down to Ballard Bay to obtain an education from this facility. The last is the all-purpose academy, with advanced education available in a number of academic subjects, as well as vocational programs.

Situated comfortably in a large bay, Ballard Bay serves as a major trading hub for shipments coming in via the sea. They process a great deal of the imports for the rest of the Southern Swell, as well as parts of the Cold South. While work on the docks seems menial and a task for the less educated, the docks workers are actually required to go through a one-year training course on navigation, advanced mathematics, ethics, and management skills. Given the high demand for education and the low cost to the citizens- as most of the cost is covered through trade taxes and private taxes- very few people forgo the opportunity to take a schooling program beyond the initial 10yr program taken from 6 to 16.

Flag: Light purple flag with a golden, open book.

Ruler: Council of 8

Prime Military: The Learned Swords

All soldiers are academically versed in the art of warfare, including strategies, history, and theory. Soldier recruits are required to go through a two-year academic program before they can begin their actual training with weapons and fieldwork, although they are given rigorous physical education in the interim to prepare for their training. About one quarter of the soldiers choose to become Arcane Warriors, combining magic and light magitech with their sword play. While one quarter of the infantry is made up of these specialized soldiers, about 10% of the entire military is comprised of spell casting specialized units.

Citywide Landmarks

The Silver Scroll Academy

Principal location for major magic study for those with no access to the Great North. This academy focuses on the study of magic for the sake of it, with some choosing to focus on the study and history of magic, while others become adept casters who may or may not join the military.

The Futuresight Academy

This is the foremost place to head when trying to break into the world of magitech. While the Southern Swell focuses more on the magic aspects and less so on the tech, their educational foundations serve as a major cornerstone of all academic programs in all Western Cities, with many from the north and south coming to get into the highly competitive program. Here, they study the finer points of magic and its roots, application to magitech, history, and research methods.

The Guildsmen Academy

This academy serves as the catch-all for the rest of the academic programs available to the people, ranging from arts, writing, sciences (unrelated to tech and engineering), medicine, artisanship, and more.

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