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Cavern of Blades

The Hummingbird


The most famous version of which is located in Sunset Way, Cold South, the Cavern of Blades is a large, well-lit cave holding countless weapons. These weapons, be it swords, spears, or even more unorthodox weapons such as whips, have all been used by legendary heroes. Protected by magic, these marvelous artifacts all have their own history and background, complete with tablets describing the stories of those mythological figures who once held them. The Cavern is guarded by sworn soldiers of Genesaris, for some of these weapons are truly dangerous and not to be held by anyone careless enough to try.

Very rarely, a recognized hero or prophesized figure may be given one of the many heralded weapons, to be returned when that chosen one completes his or her task requiring such power. There are still some empty spaces on the walls, telling that such weapons have been lost time and again. Oddly enough, sometimes a supposedly lost weapon returns back to its original place on the wall, as though it had never been taken down or returned of its own will.

The most famous weapons held in the very back of the Sunset Way Cavern are a set of knives, collectively named the Sacrament, supposedly blessed by a god and enchanted with the blood of an avatar.

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